Why would Greg Roman call Sprint Right Option twice?

The 49ers called Sprint Right Option twice in the red zone on Sunday. Kaepernick takes the snap, takes three steps to the right and fires to the flanker, Michael Crabtree, who is sprinting to the sideline.

If the quarterback doesn’t throw it by the third step, the play is over except for the QB’s attempt to run and make something happen, if he can.

The first time the 49ers ran this play in the Super Bowl was at the end of the first half. Kaepernick took three steps, Crabtree wasn’t open, and Kaepernick dropped to the ground and took a sack because there was no other option.

Greg Roman, or whoever calls the red zone plays, came back with the same call again on second and goal from the five yard line at the end of the game, and again it was fruitless. The Ravens had good coverage and knocked the pass away.

If Sprint Right Option didn’t work for the 49ers the first time, what changed to make Roman, or whoever calls the plays in the red zone, think it would work the second time?

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