Who will be the 49ers’ GM?

As you may have heard, the Colts fired their GM and are looking for a new one, just like the 49ers.

Eliot Wolf, Trent Kirchner and Scott Fitterer recently removed themselves from the 49ers’ GM search, and George Paton is scheduled for a second interview with the Niners this week.

Will the 49ers end up with the Colts’ leftovers? Who do you think will be the 49ers’ next GM?

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  1. With this new information I now know as much as I did yesterday; Diddley.

    It does occur to me that comparatively speaking Jed isn’t that much worse as a prospective boss than Irsay, who is a tool. That factor is a wash.

        1. And Paraag Marathe! Which FOOTBALL guy wants to work Paraag? None!

          At least Irsay is smart enough to know that he needs a FOOTBALL guy heading the management team. We get a spreadsheet jockey … and, hence, second-tier GM candidates.

      1. It seems to me a new GM in Indy has to deal with a kind of inverse situation than McK had in Oakland. Indy has neglected their defense and OL (last year they got a 1stRd Center, finally). So the GM has to quickly shore up Luck’s protection while also laying a defensive foundation. Fairly,immediate pressure, and with an inherited HC.
        The Niners present a challenge to build up the core and improve the roster talent level and everyone knows it will take time. Shanny can install and drill his offensive scheme even while they don’t win too many the first year like Walsh did.

          1. you hit the nail on the head, tuna. also the owner of our beloved 49ers absolutely does not know how to run a football orginization, get rid of the cancer… we want you back eddie d.

          2. I don’t know, you probably don’t know, but I think this Paraag is the deal killer is a bit overblown. If someone wants the job and the money they’ll take it. Execs have big egos too, and they all think they can make (the team) great again. Walk away from a resume job because you don’t like one guy? I guess they like egg in their beer too. As Moses said above, there are a whole bunch of Ahos in owners’ boxes; comes with the territory.
            Jamie Collins just signed a four year extension with the Browns. The Browns. The Browns will suck and struggle in their division for all four of those years. Jamie held his nose and grabbed the brass ring.

            1. BroT – Everything you said is true. Someone will take the job. Last I heard we were trying for someone really special though. The best will take into account some things that others will ignore. I said it before, Jed was correct to say everyone in the building was in question. Then, without any explanation, he promoted a person who had been removed and reassigned and made him part of the equation without any consideration from potential candidates. Paraag just keeps getting the benefit of the doubt. No one like in NO ONE, knows exactly what he does and knows but instead everyone just assumes that Jed made the right call. Getting someone to agree to be employed in a critical position is someone that virtually every business can pull off. Getting a person who can make a difference is a whole ‘nother challenge. Jed has hired many people, but the bottom line is that his decisions, which Paraag participated in, have been a disaster. Those are the facts. Right now we have management by stopped watch.

              1. For better or worse, Jed puts his trust in PMarathe. Nixon’s Kissinger. Some say Rasputin. Idk, I’m just not sure that’s a deal-killer for these candidates.

              2. Again you are correct BT. Jed has placed his hope there and no doubt he will stumble across someone who will accept the position. One of my salesmen used to say: “For ever seat there’s an ass and for every ass there’s a seat”. Our hope then is that Jed can match the performance of a stopped watch. I do have to add though, for a person who is not truly accountable (Jed) he goes to extreme lengths to keep someone else around to blame for failure. Just saying.

        1. Bro Tuna

          I like the way you think….my only question is …why wasn’t Çhip’ given ‘that first years grace while having to operate with a tourist class QB ?….That one’s gonna’ come back to bite us….

      2. If they need to interview new GM what do you think of Scott Pioli? He is the assistant GM in Atlanta (and a former GM) so Shanahan may be familiar with him.

  2. Mike Florio reports that the Colts will be interviewing Joan in Payroll on Wednesday. The Colts did not submit a request to the 9ers for this interview because, well, you don’t have to do that to interview accounting professionals. Joan had recently taken herself “out of consideration” for the 9ers GM job, citing “potential for workplace violence exists” if she had to see Parag every day.

            1. Again about you? I’m not sure who is the biggest narcissist. That tub of orange goo in DC could give you a run for your money, but *my* money’s on Seb.

              1. Seb is lonely, seeks attention only. He is fun at playing cat and mouse with. He still hasn’t figured that out.

  3. I don’t know who the next GM will be. But as long as it’s a working relationship between HC and gm, then we should be fine. To many people are fired because of this indifferences.

  4. Grant,

    I am mystified at all the demand for George Paton. Why is that the case? Because two inexperienced and unproven executives who know nothing about football really liked his interview answers?

    Frankly, I think a GMs ability to draft and find free agents should be assessed 99% based on their historical performance results and 1% based on what they say in interviews. Am I wrong?

    If you agree with that logic and look at performance results as the driving factor, doesn’t Terry McDonough of the Cardinals have a much better free agency and draft record? Doesn’t McDonough also bring priceless intra-divisional counter-intelligence to the table as well?

    What am I missing?

    1. I think you have it right. The Vikings, under current management, have been an ok team. But they haven’t really been that great either with a 10-year record of 86-73-1 (54.5%) with quite a few ups-and-downs.

      In AZ, it’s been mostly up. Now a lot of that is coaching. But they haven’t really done much whiffing in the draft or FA. Of the two, I’d take McDonough even though his track record is shorter.

    2. Shemp

      I agree, but does he get along with Kyle ? Is there something in their past that would keep them from working together…? Maybe something with McDonough and Mike S ?

    3. You should listen to the Amy Trask podcast on KNBR. She gives her personal account of being the person Al selected to conduct the HC interviews. She hit a home run selecting her candidate, but Al chose Gruden, who was good, but not a home run. The first thing she remarked about her selection was about how intelligent he was. He did not focus on the exes and ohs. He just had clarity and the proper vision, with shrewd assessment acumen and outstanding organizational skills. Who was the candidate she recommended to AL? Bill Bellichick. Later on, even Al conceded to AMY that she was right and he made a mistake to not listen to good advice.

      So the criteria the Niners should look for is not to only look at past performance, but what that person could do to make the team better, and help establish that winning culture. My recommendation is that they should look for another Bill Bellichick.

      1. Just because it worked for her doesn’t mean it will work for us. The last time we hired someone who didn’t know x’s and o’s but had proper clarity and vision and might I add a hall of fame record to boot, we ended up with Mike Singletary.

        1. She was not impressed by the accomplishments, and BB surely is not a HOF player. She got to the right choice, so no matter what you say, she would have been light years better than Wormtongue.

  5. Shanahan may be one reason some prospective GMs declined the GM job. I think that many just don’t want to work for the Yorks, Jed specifically, As an interview goes both ways. The owner is also being interviewed by the applicant. I appears that the applicants didn’t approve of the owner.

      1. Steel,
        If you were interviewing with the team for the GM position and Paraag, who seems to be a major point of concern for candidates, is there as part of the interviewing process, how would that make you feel? Jed’s an idiot but Paraag is the poison in the well. There have been plenty of leaks about Marathe’s influence, meddling, invasiveness and leaking information to the media.

        What has Jed done that feels differently throughout this interviewing process? Nothing. Their top four or five GM candidates and there top HC candidate bailed on the process. If that doesn’t send a red flag up the pole I don’t know what will. I’ve wanted Shanahan from day one so I’m happy about that but don’t pretend that there aren’t severe reputational, organizational and operational concerns that are turning candidates off to the team. Nobody likes or respects the York’s or Marathe.

        This job would be more desirable if there truly was a clean slate, but there isn’t. It’s more of the same and Shanahan will be in a race against the clock with Marathe for organizational influence the second he signs the contract. Shanahan, like Harbaugh did before him, will bet on himself and eventually butt heads with Marathe. Harbaugh lost that battle despite going to a SB and three NFCCG’S in four years. York’s dumb ass has set the bar so high that he couldn’t reach it if he was standing on Harbaugh’s shoulders.

        He sets the standard at something he’s never accomplished: winning championships. He talks about only hoisting Lombardi’s, yet has never won one. He needs to stop riding his uncles coattails and trying to convince himself that he was ever part of or relevant to the Walsh era SB teams. He talks about owning the team. He doesn’t own the team, his parents do. He needs to stop pretending that people view him as anything other than the owners spoiled, feckless, entitled, delusional and spoiled child. People hate posers and Jed is the biggest poser in the NFL.

        He’s an idiot that has destroyed this franchise, like his father did before him. That is his legacy and his reputation. That is why several candidates have bailed. That is why there will be an inevitable power struggle a few years down the line after Shanahan has turned the corner. Shanahan know it’s coming, he’s just stubborn enough to believe he can defeat it (which he might) or leave the organization after rebuilding it and becoming the HC for a stable team and ownership.

        The truth hurts.

        1. Empty seats and pressure from other owners like Jerrry Jones when Dallas was in SF playing them, quickly helped Jed realizes he needs to get it right.
          I’m confident in saying that Jed knows this hire is the most critical for the franchise for the next 10 years.
          People coming on here saying he wont get it right or cannot learn from his mistakes and that he is a terrible owner and should sell the team, are just creating static.
          Money, the pressure of losing money and making it, as well as peer pressure is what drives these guys. That’s why he will get it right.

          1. They make money whether the people are in the stands or not. The tickets are already paid for. The TV contracts are massive and the main source of revenue. They will never lose money. Never. John fired Mariucci after the playoffs and Jed fired Harbaugh after three NFCCG’S and a SB in four years. They were both adamant that the replacements would be successful. They were both wrong and they both destroyed the winning cultures. Blindly claiming that Jed has learned from his mistakes is embarrassing. They are terrible owners and always have been unless they’re trying to get a new stadium built. That is their local and national reputation and it’s very well deserved.

            1. “They make money whether the people are in the stands or not” Umm, not necessarily. They make more money when the stands are full, people buying merchandise, and when their games are on a national stage. Don’t kid yourself, making more money is how this family became millionaires!

              You are right in that they have been terrible owners. But condemning them for life and not learning from past mistakes is ignorant and little cold. Sure I’m upset how the past 10 years have gone, but it does not mean its going to be like this forever. Kyle Shanahan, if indeed he becomes the next HC, is a great start. Next will be finding a guy he can work with and rebuild this organization. I’m not gonna bury my head in the sand and say Jed can do no right. Ill approach it as, he’s hit rock bottom and now seems to be trying to restore everything 49ers.

              1. Correct Prime. And if it were all about money, why would the 49ers put themselves on the hook for tens of millions of dollars they are paying 2 head coaches to simply go away? Why not just keep Tomsula, a great guy who gets along with everyone, including Jed and Baalke.

                The 49ers were making money hand over fist with Tomsula and Baalke running the show.

                I understand the passion guys but use a little critical thinking. Logic goes a long ways.

              2. Truth, but only if Jed has LEARNED from his mistakes, is open to changing his behavior, then follows through; points we ALL need to consider. However, I am choosing to believe Jed will follow a new path.

              3. And don’t sleep on TOM GAMBLE!

                A successful talent evaluator with a plethora of NFL experience, Tom Gamble returned to the 49ers as the team’s senior personnel executive during the 2015 offseason after spending the previous two seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles as their vice president of player personnel. Gamble’s extensive NFL resume includes work in both college and pro scouting, contract negotiations and a stint in the coaching ranks. During his time in the league, Gamble has helped produce 12 playoff teams, including five with Indianapolis, five with Philadelphia and two with San Francisco.

                In 2012, Gamble oversaw both the college and pro personnel efforts of the 49ers while working closely with general manager Trent Baalke. With assistance from Gamble, the 49ers tied for the NFL-lead with nine Pro Bowl selections and advanced to Super Bowl XLVII.

                Prior to being named director of player personnel, Gamble served as the director of pro personnel for the previous seven seasons in San Francisco. In that role, Gamble monitored every NFL roster with an emphasis on scouting talent of upcoming free agents, while also maintaining continuous depth of personnel of the 49ers roster. In 2010, he was assigned additional responsibilities in collegiate scouting in order to maximize the use of his talent evaluation expertise.

              4. Nobody ever said the York’s were cheap, I certainly haven’t. You said they were motivated to turn it around because of money, which is false. They have, they do and they will continue to make money, regardless of the onfield product because of revenue sharing. That’s how teams like Buffalo and Jacksonville stay viable. It has nothing to do with critical thinking or logic, it has to do with knowing how the revenue sharing system is structured and how the profits are distributed. Revenue sharing goes against the logic of the best business interests for most franchises, but it keeps the league viable and competitive. Critical thinking sounds like a misguided catch phrase when facts and information on the subject are easily obtainable.

                TV contracts, gate sales and merchandise sales are the three main facets of revenue sharing. The Niners sold out their PSL’s, ensuring season ticket sales or forfeiture of PSL fee, which can be substantial. They don’t have a lot of gate sales, but there is a strong secondary market from season ticket holders that the NFL doesn’t benefit from.

                The largest source of NFL revenue, TV contracts, is equally divided amongst the 32 teams. The market size, attendance and quality of play are irrelevant when it comes to the profits each team receives, which are equal.

                Merchandise sales are shared equally amongst the 32 teams with the exception of the Cowboys*, who don’t share merchandise revenue or receive merchandise revenue from the other 31 teams. Whether you’re #1 or #2 in sales, your profit is the same.

                *The Cowboys have substantial gate sales due to the stadium capacity and standing party area. Jerry Jones is required to give their opponent 40% of the gate sales, which infuriates him.

              5. 49 – “And if it were all about money, why would the 49ers put themselves on the hook for tens of millions of dollars they are paying 2 head coaches to simply go away?”

                As usual you have no idea what you are talking about. The amount of money they will have to pay to coaches “who simply went away” is a fraction of what you claim. You obviously have no real world experience with employment contract law in California. I posted what happened to Joe Thomas when Eddie D fired him as GM and the source of my information was Joe Thomas’ lawyer – and in this regard the law governing employment contracts in California has not changed substantially. Don’t make up facts to support your arguments.

            2. Again… Jed didn’t fire anyone. Name me one source that has said Jed fired someone or made any kind of personel move. And not a media or fan opinion. Source me a fact.

              1. On the TK Show Podcast, February 13th, 2015

                Tim Kawasaki: “There’s been so much comment from Jed York that it was a mutual separation between you and the team, that you mutually agreed you wouldn’t be the coach. Is that true? Or were you told that you wouldn’t be the coach any more?”

                Harbaugh: “Yes. I was told I wouldn’t be the coach any more.”

                Measure twice and cut once…

              2. Harbaugh just said he was told he wouldn’t coach the team.. by who? Jed or Trent? Come back when you have the truth, not speculation. Because according to Adam Gase, Trent Balkee did all of that.. now that is a fact. Unless you want to call Gase a liar.

              3. Before they coached their last game, leaks came out saying that JH, Tomsula and Chip would be fired.

                Since they are no longer on the team, they were fired. Jed has his fingerprints all over those facts.

              4. Seb… There is absolutely no fact to the words that came out of your mouth. You just stated absolute opinion.

              5. Balkee didn’t fire chip. He himself was fired. So of course Jed fired chip. He finally opened his eyes and saw what was wrong with this organization. He needs unity not another balkee malfunction.

              6. Well bigp being the only black “dude” on this blog, I dont think the guilt or innocence of oj has anything to do with this conversation.

              7. Also nothing to do with denial, you can’t just assume crap n pass it off as fact. Adam Gase is my fact. Beat it

              8. Steele, glad you were upstanding enough to admit Jed did fire someone. Jed fired both Baalke and Chip, unless you want to believe Paraag did the firing.

              9. Sounds like Steelematic is lobbying for the 49er’s GM job. Dude, stop the public brown nosing – it’s getting embarrassing.

              10. Steele,
                Harbaugh was my fact. I’ll take the word of the coach that was fired over the coach that was never hired. You have this habit of creating your own reality. You sound like a PR person for York.

              11. Big P,

                Can you see any reason for Harbaugh spinning the circumstances surrounding his being fired / leaving the 49ers?

        2. A little mellow dramatic don’t you think? There are only 32 nfl teams in the whole world. Furthermore the 49ers are one of the few storied franchises in the nfl. Its a dream job… Just a couple years ago we were a top the nfl food chain with the same ownership in place. Here is my take, coaching is more important in football than any other sport in the world and it isn’t even close. We saw it with Harbaugh instantly. A fact that I finally think Jed has learned. Balke was the reason for Harbaughs departure and he lost his job as a result of it. It’s also the reason I believe wolf and gute pulled their names from consideration. Because Jed isnt going to make that mistake again and he is going to give full control to his head coach (Shanahan) this time around. Not exactly Ideal for someone who wants to be a GM and run an NFL team. They didn’t want to play second fiddle to the new coach. That is much more plausible than the garbage I hear from 49 fans everyday like this.

        3. What Truth? You just literally stated opinion after opinion. None of what you said has come out of anyone’s mouth but fans, fans that are angry and bitter. You ask me what I would do? If I’m a competitor and they offer me what they offered, or assumed to be offering Shannahan, I run with it. I build this organization from the ground up. And York might not know jack about football, but that’s also why he is not involved in day to day operations. His gm handled all that. He just had to pick a side. But he picked the wrong side. And now look at the franchise. Kill him for choosing balkee but kill him for one iota of this football teams player personnel or staff. He didn’t hire any of them. Now in my opinion, that’s why he is insisting that the GM and HC will work together because he failed in the fact that he had to choose a side. I believe he doesn’t want to be put in that position again. As for Paraag, he might also know nothing about onfield football, but he is the reason the salary cap is what it is. So he deserves praise for that. Should he be in these interviews, no, unless his job title stats it. Going back to your original question, if Paraag was in the room and i was aware that he was going to interfere we other anything that’s to do with my onfield product, then the contract would cease to exist. It would be a deal breaker. It would be a write out clause. But me as a competitor, knowing that I could would jump at the chance to build another legacy to a historic franchise. I’m not a coward, I don’t run because it’s to hard, I don’t run because fans and media say I should. But I do walk away if I smell a rat. There in no shame in that. But I do sit down and make sure there isn’t going to be any of that. But like I said, that’s me. Now the truth hurts!!!

          1. Lol. You just said that you would take the job for the same reasons that I said Shanahan would take the job. I agree with and applaud your mindset.

            Harbaugh had the same mindset and was extremely successful. Mariucci had the same mindset and was successful ten years before that, with both veteran and youthful squads. Both were followed by a string of underqualified and terrible coaches that the York’s had chosen and professed faith in.

            I agree with betting on yourself and believing in your abilities, but the York’s history of screwing up the only good situations they’ve ever had signals to many people that even great success won’t translate to stability or being recognized for their accomplishments. This GM and HC search definitely puts that trepidation on full display.

            1. To be fair Bill Walsh and Terry Donahue pushed John York to fire Mooch. Who wouldn’t listen to their advice? Mooch was problematic and butted heads with current GM Donahue at the time. Just as Mooch had done with Walsh.

              Harbaugh was more of the same. This time with Jed instead of John. But both were green as NFL owners and were just listening to the people they thought they were supposed to listen to. Its definitely not the picture you paint of disasters and failures.

              1. Good memory. Walsh was visibly upset during the playoff loss against TB. Mooch was conservative despite having a talented roster. He was a decent coach, not a great coach. But if you’re going to fire a decent coach you better hire someone that is an upgrade.

              2. Mariucci was fired because he wanted more input into the personnel side and was questioning the performance of Walsh and Donahue because of it. There had been some questionable draft picks and Donahue was unqualified for his position, so in hindsight Mooch was right to question them. I love Bill Walsh, but he was a big part of the problem the second time around.

              3. Yeah Dennis Erickson definitely wasn’t they answer. But he came highly recommended by Walsh and he was killing it in Miami with the hurricanes. Walsh also thought Cade McCown and Jake Plummer where the next coming of Joe Montana. We all know how that all turned out. Nobody is perfect and its not an exact science. Its football. ..

              4. Rocket I agree with 100%. Walsh just gave the keys to his understudy Donahue. He was questionably under qualified but it was also pretty well known that Walsh would still be involved in some small capacity at the very least. But things turned sour and an inexperienced owner was left holding the bag. A owner who didn’t even want an NFLteam in the first place. That wasn’t Johns dream or baby. That was Eddies child. Can you imagine how it would be if Eddie still had the team? How many more rings would we have? Eddie is the one who screwed the 49ers and we are still paying the price today. Thats the truth!!! He can be inducted into the hall of fame but he cant own a team? I know the whole river boat scandal and it had no bearing on the NFL. Its pretty sad actually because I know we would still be great if not for that scandal. The most winningest team in the 80’s and 90’s. Could we have spanned that through 4 decades? I guess we will never know. Im going to go have a good cry now, lol.

              5. Coach Mariucci was fired because he punted on third down with :45 left before half time in a playoff game…

  6. George Paton

    Paton interviewed in Atlanta on 1/6 the same day as Kyle Shanahan.
    Three GMs were asked for second interviews – Wolf, Gutekunst, and Paton
    McDonough was not formally asked to a second interview (but word is that he still in the mix??. Makes no sense.
    1/19 Wolf Drops out, next day Gutekunst drops out – Agents talk to one another
    After Green Bay GMs drop out, there is no urgency to ask McDonough for a second
    interview or anyone new for a first interview as well
    Perhaps there is an informal deal done with 49ers, Paton, and Shanahan (Paton and Shanahan share an agent)..But if that were true, why not just announce he is to be hired as GM? Because Jed made this promise about HC and GM meshing and getting along and maybe we are not supposed to know that Shanahan and Paton already met in Atlanta on Jan. 6 to get something done.

    So what about Paton’s interview with the Colts? If Paton denies the Colt interview request then the media will announce that he pretty much the SF GM without “meeting and meshing” with Shanahan which is what Jed was openly stressing about.

    Also, at this point, the only official known GM interview with Shanahan coming up is with Paton.

    1. I read a few weeks ago that McDonough likes Shanahan. With only two first interviewees left I would have both meet Shanahan on Saturday then leave Shanahan alone until after the Superbowl.

  7. It is my opinion, and I am entitled to it. after years of experience in various fields I have found that to be true. why leave a good position, when where you are being interviewed for is in turmoil because of the owner and his staff.

    1. Because that’s where opportunity lies AND there are low expectations coming into the job. 1979 the crap team of the NFL was San Francisco. A team Walsh rejected once in 1977.

      But after a complete and utter crap-fest/meltdown Thomas (Baalke) was fired and Eddie (Jed) got some humility. (Not saying Shanahan is Walsh, btw.)

      So in a league with 8 entrenched coaches (6+ years) and one-third the rest being fired every three years (or less) Shanahan has more rope to work with. There is no expectation of a quick turn-around and the team needing to be in the playoffs within two years or you’re on the hot seat.

  8. I think we still get end up with Paton, which by process of elimination has to be our top guy. What will be interesting to me is if guys that pulled out (wolf, Gutes) interview for the spot. That would be more telling than anything else.

    1. And there you go:

      Jason La Canfora Verified account 

      Add Eliot Wolf to the candidates Jim Irsay has requested to interview for his GM vacancy. Along w/ Paton, Fitterer, Kirchner, Raye

      1. McDonough is not on this list. Why? What am I missing about him? Seems like the Cardinals have done an outstanding job in FA and the draft for years now.

        1. McDonough was in the list for interviews in Atlanta this coming Saturday that I read.

          “This week in Atlanta, the team will have a second interview with the presumptive next head coach, Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, and two general manager finalists, Terry McDonough of the Arizona Cardinals and George Paton of the Minnesota Vikings.” … Barrows

  9. I have said this before and I will say it again. I would let Shanahan pick a GM he would be comfortable with. We have to go back to the Bill Walsh / John McVey model. Let Shanahan be the head coach as well as the offensive coordinator. Let him have the final say as regards the draft and player personnel. Let the GM be mainly responsible for contracts and financial / salary cap considerations.

    The Yorks have tried all kinds of things since taking over. They tried giving personnel power to a defensive minded head coach (Nolan), they tried making the head coaches subservient to an all powerful GM (Baalke). In the first case we lost Mike McCarthy after just one year and Nolan / Singletary could never get an offensive coordinator to stay more than a year with predictable results. Then when Jed gave all power to Baalke, it led to the inevitable clash with Harbaugh within four years.

    The Shanahan hiring with a GM of Kyle’s choosing would be the closest thing to the Walsh McVey model. It was spectacularly successful once, it can be a winner again.

    1. Rick,

      I agree with some of what you’re saying. However, the situation is not that clear cut with the current 49ers. You say “let the GM be mainly responsible for contracts and financial / salary cap considerations.” That won’t happen with Paraag around.

      I’ve said this before – Paraag is the problem.

      1. Nick, I totally agree.

        Imagine if Jed had walked into those interviews with Eddie and Carmen Policy, instead of Wormtongue and some pencil pusher.

        1. When people age, and get into the later years in life, they become stubborn, crusty and unrelenting in their opinions. In summary, the term old fart seems to define you Seb.

          1. Here we go again. If you want to engage me, do not wuss out. Of course, in the end, I will get you to hurl expletives so I can declare victory and make you apoplectic, but have at it if you want to be a punching bag.

            I see you are starting with the name calling. So predictable. You really need to up your game.

      2. GMs don’t make contracts. They evaluate talent and simply set salary cap figures based on player performance and league trends. Especially with the new cba. There are all kinds of pay structers that need to be followed based on exp, etc, etc. Marthe is the one who drafts the contracts and he is good at it. Kapernicks contract was nothing short of genius. Marthe is a GMs best friend when you consistently make organizational friendly contracts. Teams are even starting to take a page out of his book. How is that a bad thing exactly? He is a specialist. Believe it or not I work with a judge who actually drafted Jim Harbaughs contract fresh out of law school. He worked for a firm and Harbaughs contract landed on his desk. He had to put perfmance incentives in and also pay him based on what other qbs were doing at the time. He sees Harbaugh a few months later at a function and he walked up to him and introduced himself. Told him he was the one who drafted his contract. Harbaugh balked at him and said you left out my rushing stats and walked away. Lol

        Point is Marthe is a specialist and he knows his stuff. He is not just another lawyer.

        1. Wrong. Kaep’s contract was initially hailed as a very team friendly deal, but last season, they were complaining about it. Finally, they had to scrap it and write up a new one before Kaep was allowed to play.

          A poor contract is one where one party gets the short end of the stick. A good contract is fair to all involved, with both sides being happy.

          Paraag is a slime ball, who likes to squeeze players so they are forced to accept contracts that are team friendly, and leaves players unhappy and dissatisfied.

          I thought Paraag was a pencil pusher. When did he pass the Bar?

          Paraag is the leaker, and he is the last man standing, so by default these floods of recent leaks come from him. Paraag is a specialist- In backstabbing. He sure knows his stuff.

          1. Actually they told Kap that he didn’t play up to his contract and he better take a new deal or hit the road. Nobody wanted him in FA so he tucked tail and signed the revised contract. They gave him the opt out clause so he could test FA again when he was healthy.

            Like I said Marthe is good at his job because he understands the team comes first. I think you are bitter and misinformed. Because the way you described it, it sure sounds like he is doing a damn good job to me. His job is to get the best value he can and financially protect the team. In case you didnt know.

              1. Marthe isn’t in the business of football. He is in the business of Money. And last I checked we have a lot of money to fix this broken team.

              2. Paraag is a cancer. So what if he can write up a contract? There are 31 other teams who have quaified people writing contracts, so it is not inconceivable to think that the Niners could write one up without the help of Paraag.

                Paraag is not in the business of making money, he is in the business of making leaks, that backstab and smear his unfortunate targets. Paraag likes to write contrats that are unfair to the players, so decent FAs will not come here, even with a boatload of cap space.

                Like Madden says, suits are cheap, and easily replaceable.

                The making money argument is specious, because if the Niners were doing well and had a full stadium, they would be making a lot more money that that embarrassing empty stadium.

                Any business would want to go to the NFCC 3 times in a row, because the revenue sources would skyrocket compared to a 2-14 irrelevant team that has more visitors than local fans.

                Yes, the NFL is a business, but maybe they should treat the players with respect, instead of treating them like Chattel.

  10. We know how bad Jed is as an owner. However, Irsay is a raging drunk. The Colts are not a well functioning franchise. Irsay may in fact be worse than Jed. Yes, it is hard to comprehend, but it is true.

    1. He’s not the only one.

      Kroenke is horrible and won’t fire his completely inept GM, Les Snead. Since Kroenke took over as the owner of the Rams in 2010, the team has gone 40-71-1 and been hamstrung by poor coaching and mismanagement while now sporting the worst 20-year record in the NFL having taken 32nd away from the Raiders this season.

      Wilf in Minnesota is pretty bad. I know my cousin the Viking’s fan keeps telling me he’s worse than York… Maybe he is. Maybe he isn’t.

      The Yorks have nothing on the Ford family. These the same people who employed Matt Millen as team president for a disastrous seven-year stretch during which the team went 31-81, including a perfect 0-16 in 2008.

      Ross, in Miami, had Parcells quit on him because he’s such a meddlesome owner. He kept the incompetent Jeff Ireland on as GM despite years of fan protests and the lack of success. Ireland was so bad that once he got fired he couldn’t even get a FO job and is now a regional scout for the Saints.

      Jimmy Haslam in Cleveland is easily the worst owner in the NFL. Let’s review some of Haslam’s greatest hits as an owner: A homeless man told him to draft Johnny Manziel, so he traded up for the enormous bust of a quarterback. Hired, then fired Rob Chudzinski as his head coach in the span of one year. Attempted to trade multiple draft picks to the 49ers for Jim Harbaugh and allowed details of the bungled deal to leak to the public. Hired Mike Pettine after several botched interviews with higher-profile candidates. Fired Pettine after just two years, and threw out general manager Ray Farmer with him. Banked the future of his franchise on the unholy trinity of Manziel, Josh Gordon and Justin Gilbert. That trio has been an unmitigated disaster on and off the field. The Browns are 20-60 since he purchased the team.

    1. If the Colts hire one of the GMs candidates from Green Bay, or the guy from the Chiefs (that didn’t interview with the 49ers) it will be one more blow to the current reputation of the 49ers. I don’t think Green Bay is very good at picking players or letting them go. Rodgers is keeping that franchise in the mix. Matthews is a waste of money and should be gone (he wouldn’t be on the Pats at this point in his career).

  11. The Colts job isn’t all that attractive once you get past Luck. The pressure to win quickly is there along with a ton of holes on the Oline and defense. The GM is stuck with a HC he didn’t hire and an owner who isn’t all that stable at times. Luck will draw interest for prospective GM’s but I don’t see it affecting the Niners too much.

    My guess is Jimmy Raye III gets promoted to GM in Indy. George Paton will be hired by the Niners…unless he isn’t.

    1. Sure the owner isn’t all that stable, but you’re franchise QB is set, he has the weapons, and the division is up for grabs. All he would have to do is focus on the defensive side of the ball. And if Pagano has another bad year you’ll be able to bring in your own coach. That’s a way better situation then here.

  12. I don’t know who will be GM. I can guess based on IECR (internet echo chamber rumors), but what value does that have?

    Three Questions:

    1) What do you think of Paton or McDonough?

    2) What was their respective draft records?

    3) Baalke was McCloughan’s top personnel exec. Few give him partial credit for draft picks made during McCloughan’s tenure. Should we even care about the draft records of the Vikings or Cardinals?

    1. December – “Baalke’s influences as scout and personnel exec had nothing to do with McCloughan’s success in San Francisco.”

      January – “We need so-and-so for the new GM based on his teams draft record when he was a scout and personnel exec.”

      1. Funny how people do that… It really pisses me off because, clearly, they’re just saying whatever comes into their heads to denigrate the target of choice in the unfairest way possible. Really bush league.

  13. Kyle Shanahan will be HC/GM and even though his dad won’t have an official title within the organization, he’ll be a primary resource….

  14. At the Chip firing event Jed mentioned the former greats he was in communication with. But no visibility since then. Jed is missing a great opp to show the fan base he is surrounding himself with experts. I sense his ego again is in the way…again… Back to how the warriors recruited KD. Bring out the guys KD respects. Even Lacob, big an ego as he has, smartly stepped back. Why can’t Jed see the obvious opportunity for both PR and expert advice/support he is absolutely squandering. Very frustrating for a long-time fan. Jed needs his Blue Ribbon (sorry) committee.

  15. This being the 49ers, I wouldn’t rule out Paton and McDonough withdrawing, then the Colts hiring Gamble as their GM, leaving Jed with nobody. :-P

  16. That’s when he’ll finally get the experts involved. But as a PR move it will look opportunistic along with awkward timing. Who is advising this guy Jed?

  17. Before the end of last year, I said that Jed would make a poor decision that would bring further humiliation, and counseled him to get help before decent candidates start rejecting him.

    Well, Jed had a brilliant idea to include the leaker in the interviews, and they would start them off by admitting their mistakes. That strategy in retrospect, was about as wise as Custer splitting his forces at the Little Big Horn. No wonder the best candidates did not even allow an interview, because they did not want to lend an air of legitimacy to this farce.

    So, what happened? While Jed was humiliating himself more, other teams were snatching up all the good candidates. Both McVay and Lynn would have been acceptable choices.

    Jed did not think. Jed did not think it through. Jed will continue to flail away because he still does not have a clue. Jed needs to get smarter a whole lot quicker.

    The first thing Jed should realize, is that he is the problem. Until he gets there, nothing will change. The most imbecilic decision he made was to conduct the interviews himself. The second most brain dead decision was to parade the leaker in front of the interviewees. The only way that would have worked is if they wanted to find sycophants and boot lickers. Those interviewees were too polite to snort in derision, but I can only imagine what they were thinking.

    Rule number one in negotiating is not to start from a position of weakness. Jed is the weakest negotiator in the world, because all the interviewees need to ask is- If you, Jed, promised Chip more than one year, but fired him after only one, why should I believe a word you say? Their next question should have been- Jed, you leaked that the last 3 coaches would be fired before they played their last game. Why should I believe otherwise that you will not go 4 for 4?

    Paraag is continuing the leaks because, to him, it is just business as usual. He leaked that Jed was preferring Gamble, in an effort to get more people to heap scorn on Jed in order to try and change his mind. Too bad that had a toxic effect on the process, and people started bailing, because they did not want to participate in the charade.

    Paraag is toxic, and now he has sent out his minions to smear Kaep, so that no one will complain when they cut him. Then he leaks about how they want Cousins, in order to distract people and give the fans some hope. Now the silence is deafening about the Colts situation, and how it might affect the Niner situation.

    In the end, Jed will reel from crisis to crisis, further humiliating himself and dragging this once proud franchise into the gutter. In the end, all good candidates will flee this dysfunctional dumpster fire, and leave Jed with the cast offs, and dregs. In the end, Jed will be forced to just promote Gamble and hire back Chip.

    Many fans are hoping that KS will keep his word and commit to the Niners. Too bad Jed gave him every reason to back out, and KS has not signed anything, so everything may change.

    As a Niner fan, I would love to see KS come to the Niners and rejuvenate Kaep. However, even I will concede that Luck would be even more appealing to KS, and he could do better in a weaker division. If the new Colts GM like Paton , decides that he wants the best person to rejuvenate Luck, he will look at KS, who is red hot.

    Niner fans should just accept the inevitable. I have been resigned to losing KS since Irsay spoke. Heck, KS might even get more than one year if he goes to Indy.

    Gamble will do well. Sounds like he is already doing the job. Gamble will not have a high bar to clear. He will just step over the wreckage of Baalke. Jed will be happy, because Gamble and Chip are friends, and will work together well, be on the same page, with oars pulling in the same direction.

  18. Gamble would be the only potential GM that wouldn’t care about final roster say and not getting to do the contracts. As far as I know he gets along with Jed and Paraag. I think it will be Gamble or full Shanny.

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