Will Chip Kelly coach the 49ers in 2017? “We’ll discuss it after the season.”


This is the transcript of Chip Kelly’s Week 17 Monday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


How was your holiday?



Did you guys have the day off or–?

“Yeah. They had the day off. Everybody came in early this morning.”


What’s the prognosis on RB Carlos Hyde?

“Carlos has an MCL sprain. So, it’s a non-surgical deal, but he’ll be out for a couple weeks. So, he will be unavailable this week.”


Obviously, you wanted him for the final game of the year, but is it a big relief knowing that he’ll be available for the offseason program and this is not a long-term thing?

“Yeah. The fact that it’s a non-surgical thing is the one thing that’s positive. So, it’s unfortunate that we won’t have him for Seattle, but it was good news for Carlos.”


How has he progressed as far as a receiver out of the backfield? I seem to recall in preseason there was some bad chemistry early on. It seemed to get better as the season went on.

“I don’t know about the bad chemistry, but I think he’s done a really nice job catching the ball coming out of the backfield. Obviously, he caught the first touchdown on Saturday for us, did a nice job on his route and a good job with the run after the catch. So, I think he’s done a good job for us in the pass game this year.”


What happened on that play where he got injured? Was the throw where it should have been? Did he turn up field–?

“Well, I think [QB Colin Kaepernick] Kap was pressured a little bit. It was a naked rollout and we slipped Carlos into the flat real quick and I think there was a defensive end up the field a little quick and Kap was just trying to dump it out there quick. I don’t think it was exactly out in front of him. So, he had to kind of turn back to catch it.”


What are you waiting to see from RB Mike Davis to get him on the active roster?

“Well, we can only carry three running backs on the active. So, it’s really not waiting for anything from Mike. It’s just that [RB] Shaun Draughn’s our third down back and then [RB] DuJuan [Harris] gives us more than Mike in special teams. So, there’s no way for us to keep four guys active on game day at the running back spot without hurting ourselves at other positions. So, it’s just really turns into a numbers game.”


So, it’s not anything that you’re seeing from him or need to see from him?

“No. Again, it’s a numbers game. Just like we only dress two quarterbacks. We dress seven offensive linemen. Whoever ends up being out, that’s all you can do. So, if you were to dress the fourth running back, then you’d be short a wide receiver, you’d be short a tight end, you’d be short a quarterback. You’re not always going to dress a backup quarterback. So, it’s just a numbers game with Mike.”


So, with that in mind, you wouldn’t fill Carlos’ spot–?

“We haven’t talked anything about that yet. So, we have a personnel meeting every day at 1:30 when I meet with [vice president of football operations Jeff Ferguson] Ferg to get the rest of the details. But, I was just answering the question on Mike. Mike hasn’t been up just because we’re only going to carry three running backs on the active roster. Now, I don’t know the rest of the who’s up and who’s down this week. So, I can’t say that we wouldn’t carry an extra guy there. It just depends on–.”


Were there any other injuries?

“Not that I’m aware of right now. Again, we meet at 1:30 every day. Carlos got his MRI yesterday. So, we know about that, we had the extra day. But, we didn’t meet yesterday because it was Christmas.”


Are you planning on having T Joe Staley for Sunday or do you feel that he’s–?

“I don’t know that either. So, I’ll get an update on everybody at 1:30 today.”


From a psyche standpoint, what do you think this win on Saturday meant to the team and to the coaching staff?

“Again, the players, I said, have stuck together with each other all year long and I was happy for them. Happy for them that they got a chance to feel what it was like to win again. Obviously, it’s been a long time since the first time and obviously played the Rams in the first one. But, a lot guys played in this game that didn’t play in that first game. It was really kind of a different feel in terms of who was out there. You had a receiving corps without [WR] Torrey [Smith], without [WR] Quinton Patton, without [TE] Vance McDonald and then without Joe and [C Daniel] Kilgore up front. So, really offensively was a totally different look that we had going on there. So, just happy for those guys, how hard they worked and what they’ve put into it so that they get a chance to actually get a tangible win out of it.”


It seems like you don’t really like to talk about yourself too much, but what does it mean to you? You showed some emotion on the sideline in a way that you haven’t this season.

“Well, we haven’t had a lot to show emotion about. Just again, I was happy for our players and excited that all the work they put in had paid off.”


Did chief executive officer Jed York or the Yorks reach out to you after the game to–?

“Yeah. They’re in the locker room after every game. So, I see Jed and [49ers Co-Chairman] John [York] after every game.”


Have you had any discussions with either one of them about 2017 yet?



Expect that to take place next week then?

“You would think that’s when it would happen, right? We’ve said the same thing every week.”


Just checking.



Do you think you’re coming back next year?

“I’m concerned with Seattle. So, that’s not a discussion, shouldn’t be discussed during the season. So, we’ll discuss it after the season.”


You guys play at the same time as the other game that could affect Seattle’s playoff situation. Is that motivation at all for you guys? Do you use that at all to get your players to play the spoiler type of role?

“No, we don’t talk about that at all. We talk about playing a really good Seattle team. That’s motivation enough lining up across from [Seattle Seahawks DE] Michael Bennett and [Seattle Seahawks CB] Richard Sherman and [Seattle Seahawks S] Kam Chancellor and [Seattle Seahawks QB] Russell Wilson is motivation enough to get you ready. Just turn the tape on and you know how good a football team they are and that’ll get you, if you’re a competitor, that’ll get you excited. Whether you’re a spoiler or not a spoiler isn’t any conversation that we have.”


The way Kap played those last two drives, is that the best he’s played all season?

“No, I think there’s other times that I think he’s played well. I think the Miami game he played really well. I think he threw for almost 300 and ran for, almost had 400 yards of total offense himself in that game. So, I think there’s been other games where he’s played well. But, he did a nice job, had a really good command during those last two drives for us.”


G Zane Beadles had a pep talk with the rest of the offensive line with 10 minutes left in the game. Did you know about that?

“No. They’re always having a conversation on the bench. So, they needed to because they weren’t playing very well before that. So, whatever Zane said I think helped them a little bit.”


So, you saw improvement after that?

“Yeah. There was improvement on the last couple of drives with that group.”


How did T John Theus grade out in this game?

“John was OK. First start, a lot of things went on, [G Joshua] Garnett was in, Garnett went out for a little bit, [OL Alex] Balducci came in for a little bit, but John was OK.”


Does he show you signs of a guy who if he continues to develop could be a factor in this league?

“Yeah, we’ll see. Again, it’s the first time he’s ever played. So, hopefully he can build upon that.”


How did T Trent Brown look transitioning over to left tackle?

“Trent did a nice job over there.”


Is that something down the road in his career where he’s probably going to be a left tackle?

“We have a left tackle right now. So, maybe down the road, I don’t know. That’s way down the road I think.”


You have slowed the pace of the offense since the beginning of the year, correct?

“Yeah, we’re not playing as fast as people’s perception is, yeah.”

I guess my question is why did you make the decision to do that?

“Because you’re trying to make sure we have the right look for the right plays so that we can execute offensively.”

Does that mean in the past you weren’t getting the right look?

“No, I wasn’t thinking that. I’m saying, you asked me why people slow down. It’s we check a lot more now. If you watch Kap he’s making a lot more checks up there. So, there’s a lot more where we’re trying to run plays versus different looks.”

It has nothing to do with trying to keep the defense off the field, your own defense off of the field?

“No. We’re just trying to get the right play versus the right look.”

Some would look and say with the number of three-and-outs you guys have had and how your offense has kind of sputtered at times that to take more time off the play clock is giving your own defense an advantage by being able to rest. But, that’s–?

“They still have to go play a play though. So, I think the number of plays are probably still roughly the same. I mean, I’ve had this conversation with people all the time. People run the same amount of plays against us. It’s still right in that 65-75 average of what number of offensive plays people have against you. I don’t think the timing part is, and it’s always been plays and that’s what you always look at, how many plays are they running and how many plays are you running.”

I’m sorry. I could be dim. But, obviously something changed.

“Because of our personnel trying to get matched up with what the right look is and the right plays in terms of who our guys are, what’s available to us from a menu selection of what we can run for plays against them, do we want to locate where their three-technique is, do we want to locate where their one-technique is, do we want to check plays at the line of scrimmage based upon the defense that they’re facing us, if it’s a man look and the rotation is one way, do we want to sit back and see if the rotation is one way so we can slide the protection in a certain direction? Those are all factors that go into us trying to do what we’re trying to do right now.”

I guess what I mean is previously you felt like those things weren’t getting checked off maybe?


I guess, what inspired the change?

“That has nothing to do with it. Because with this group we want to make sure we’re in the right play versus the right front versus the right coverage.”

With this group. What do you mean?

“The San Francisco 49ers. The team we’re coaching. They come out here and practice every day. That’s what I mean by this group.”

But, you were going faster earlier in the season?

“No, I wouldn’t argue that either. But, I don’t think we’ve played fast all year. From game one to game 15, I don’t think we’ve played fast all year.”

OK. Perhaps that’s where the disconnect is. My initial question was you have slowed the pace down as the season’s gone on. I thought you said yes.

“No, I said I don’t think we’ve played fast all year. That’s what I’ve said.”

You complimented your defense after the game. What changed in the defensive scheme that made it such a–?

“I don’t think anything changed in our defensive scheme. I think our players just executed. It’s a lot of the same calls that we really ran in the first game against them. And I thought they did a good job in the first game against, with that team, it starts with shutting down [Los Angeles Rams RB Todd] Gurley. They did a good job, he’s such a talent running back, of not letting him get started and getting him moving. Then, obviously you’ve got to play the weapons of [Los Angeles Rams WR Tavon] Austin and [Los Angeles Rams WR Kenny] Britt at the wide receiver spot. But, I think it was really a similar game plan to what we did in the first game and I think we executed in both those game plans. And I thought we tackled better. It seems like when we tackle well on the defensive side of the ball we play well and I thought we tackled better in this game obviously than we did in the Atlanta game.”

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    1. Ah, Leo Nomellini… I remember when Eddie threw out all of his memorabilia from the 49ers museum. And Perry’s. And St. Claire’s. And everyone else who was a pre-1977 retired 49er. Made the Channel 5 News.

      Fortunately some guy was driving by the 49ers HQ and saw what was going on and managed to save most, but not all, of it. Can’t remember his name anymore. And it’s too ancient history for the Internet to have a clue about it…

      Funny how old memories come back at the oddest times.

      1. I remember the story well and the version I remember had Joe Thomas throwing out all the history. I always thought that Thomas was the worst GM we have had, but Terry Donahue (Bill Walsh’s greatest mistake) gave him a run for his money. Now Baalke is clearly in the running.

  1. I doubt Baalke comes back. Kelly will probably get two more years unless he falls flat on his face next year then it’ll be the axe by Week 14.

    If I were Kelly, I’d hire Greg Williams to take over the defense. Only I’d tell him “no more going prevent with nearly a quarter to play (but thanks for the 2016 mistake).”

  2. Jed will not fire Kelly and pay 3 coaches…book it. Therefore, we are going to be stuck with Kelly and his predictable collegiate offense for another year. AND, we will be stuck with Oneill as well because NO reputable DC will come to Niners with this offense. No outside GM will come to the Niners with this coaching staff right now.

    Kelly HC
    Oneill DC
    Modkins OC
    GM Baalke or Gamble 50/50
    QB ????? Who knows. My bet…if Baalke stays..Kap goes. If Gamble is GM …Kap reworks contract for less money and stays after testing FA market

    1. 2017, let’s look at who we play:
      NFC East, look at the powerhouses in playoffs: Dal, NYG, Wash, even Phil, though they’re out, they did OK. Prediction, 4 losses
      AFC South:
      Indy, Hou, Tenn, Jax, another 4 losses wouldn’t be a surprise if we give Jax the game.
      @ Chi, another December game, book a loss
      Car, loss to them
      Division, who knows?

      Could be a dismal 1 to 3 wins, and the 3 is very generous right now, but I think Wash got better without RG 3, Dal got better without Romo, Phil got better without Foles, and NYG are still tough.

  3. Chip watch- the clock is ticking. When do the rumors and innuendo start creeping into the public domain? I assume if all is quite on the organizational front Baalke is too exhausted for another round of back stabbing. Baalke is going to toss in the bloodied losers towel and resign in a matter of weeks. John Elway is waiting in the wings with open arms. Fly to Mr. Elway Trent on wings of gossamer. There are worse ways of blowing the career hatch. Good luck to you Trent.

  4. Nice. Chip’s PC skills are improving. His answers seemed short and succinct. He did not push back too hard even though the questions were snarky.

  5. Can’t believe that Kelly, at this point in the season, still appears flustered attempting to answer simple questions. Maybe due to his various responses to the same questions, he has forgotten what he said previously. Yes, the offense is playing slower now than it did earlier in the season. Yes, he was criticized earlier for a plethora of 3 and outs, sometimes taking as little as 13 seconds off the game clock. Yes, he is having Kap make more checks at the LOS because earlier in the season the Niners were running too many plays into stacked defenses and the protection was not the best to pick up the stunts and dogs because Chip was guessing wrong and not allowing the QB to put them into a better play or a better protection.

  6. Counting down the days until that big red reset button at 4949 Centennial Blvd is hit… Failure to push that button will just delay the inevitable resulting in more losing seasons.

  7. I’m curious though… John and Jed York meet with Chip on a weekly basis. Would love to be a fly in that room. What could they possibly talk about each week during this disastrous season??

  8. New direction with Wolf heading things hopefully. No matter the GM , he should be determining Kelly’s fate not the owners. This is the problem with the franchise. Just write the checks and move out of the way.

  9. My guess is Kelly is still the HC of the 49ers next season. With that in mind, here is what I would do if I was GM.

    Ideally I would get Garoppolo, but I think he ends up elsewhere. So I’m ruling him out. I would think about Romo, but he’ll likely end up at a playoff contender. So the QB options are a little limited. So I’m looking at a QB in the draft as the long term solution, with a stop gap for now.

    There are also too many holes in this team to fix everything in one offseason. So I am going to prioritise. First and foremost, need to bolster the OL and running game to take pressure off a young QB/ stop gap QB. I think the interior of the OL needs the most work.

    Second, need to bolster the middle of the D to stop the run. A NT and ILB are necessary. So that’s my priority.

    After that, the next most important things are adding a QB of the future and some weapons for him to throw to, and adding to the pass rush.

    So this is what I would do.

    1. Extend contracts of Ward, Lynch, Hyde. These three guys can be solid players for the future.
    2. Re-sign Kerley (1 year), Streator (1 year), Dorsey (2 years), Ponder (1 year). Kerley and Streator provide some depth at WR, but can’t be relied on as the premier targets. Dorsey helps as a DL rotation player. Ponder can add some competition at QB.
    3. Assuming Kaep will exercise his opt out clause, let him go. If he doesn’t, keep him. I’m assuming he will opt outi.
    4. Let Gabbert find pastures new.
    5. Trade Joe Staley. He’s been a stalwart and is still the best OL on the team. But its time to let him go, give him a chance to play on a playoff team. I’m not sure what they could get for him, but I am going to assume a 2nd and a 4th. This seems counter to the idea of building the OL, but I think it needs to be done.
    6. Sign the following FAs as a priority: Brandon Williams, Zach Brown, Stefen Wisniewski. This solidifies the middle of the D and OL. Kilgore can compete at OG/C, but likely becomes the backup. Starters would be Beadles, Wisniewski and Garnett.
    7. Other FAs I would target: Riley Reiff, Brandon LaFell, Alex Okafor, EJ Manuel. Reiff would be the RT, with Brown moving to LT. Theus can compete for a spot. Manuel would compete with Ponder for a backup role. LaFell is a decent big bodied WR to put opposite Smith.
    8. If Kaep exercises his opt out clause, trade for RGIII. Yep, RGIII. I suspect the Browns will be willing to listen to offers (in fact may just release him) and probably won’t cost much. I’m guessing a 5th rounder gets him. Still think he could be a good fit in Kelly’s offense.

    1. I think Garrett will be gone. Allen is a good consolation prize for a team needing a DT, but I don’t like the idea of taking another DL. In a perfect world the 49ers would trade back, but doubt there will be a lot of interest from other teams for this pick. So I take one of the elite prospects at a position that could really use another high end talent – Fournette. Pairing him and Hyde will provide an excellent 1-2 punch, and help mitigate the inevitable injuries at the position.
    2. The 49ers need a QB of the future. After trading Staley they have two 2nd round picks and two 4th round picks. I think they package #34 and their 3rd rounder to move up into the first and grab Deshaun Watson.
    3. With the remaining 2nd rounder, dive into one of the strengths of the draft, and grab the best TE available. David Njoku here would be nice. But you have a few to choose from. Howard, Hodges, Butt, Engram or Leggett would all be fine choices too. Paired with McDonald, the 49ers will have a decent pair of TEs for their young QB to grow with.
    4. After above trades, 49ers have 3 4th rounders (incl. expected comp pick for Boone), 2 6th and 2 7th rounders remaining. I would package a 4th and 6th to move up to the bottom of the 3rd and get Jordan Willis, a nice looking pass rusher from Kansas State.
    5. With the remaining 2 4th rounders, I would take Jon Toth (C from Kentucky) and Damore’ea Stringfellow (WR from Ole Miss).
    6. With the remaining picks, draft an ILB, OT and safety.

    As I said at the start, can’t fix everything in one year. The team is still missing a true #1 WR, and the OL isn’t as strong as I would like it. I’m especially not thrilled with the OTs, but I doubt the 49ers can attract a top OT like Whitworth or Vollmer in FA, and I don’t like the OTs in the draft. I haven’t upgraded the DBs either, so relying on a better front 7 to help out.

    The biggest concern though is at QB. Watson could be a good fit for Kelly, but will be a rookie and likely not be ready to take the reigns. RGIII doesn’t inspire great confidence either, but plays a similar game to Watson and should fit Kelly’s system. Manuel is a bit like Thad Lewis, and may end up being a better stop gap option than RGIII if Watson isn’t ready to start.

    Regardless, I think a lot of the major holes would be filled, to provide a far more competitive team in 2017 and one that can be built upon further in 2018.

      1. Well according to Seb the main criteria is the GM not be Baalke, so I offer my own self first and foremost for the role :-)

        But my expectation is Baalke is let go, and either Gamble or a GM with *full control (* full so long as he keeps Chip and doesn’t force the 49ers to pay for anotther HC) will be hired.

    1. Agree with you on almost all. First I would fix the middle D then the O-line next. What the heck it does not really matter they both need fixing pronto. Fournette was going to be my draft selection if we stayed at two. Only two elite players coming out of college and Fournette and Garrett are the two. Might as well get one or the other.

    2. Good analysis, and you may be right with Kaep.

      Still would wait for Kizer and not move up for Watson, but if Kaep goes, they must draft a QB, even if it means they will miss out on another stud defender.

    3. I said this a couple months back, If Kelly is the coach he is targeting Watson! Perfect fit… Nice job Scooter. Also keep an eye on Louis Riddick for GM. Has a good relationship with Chip.

    4. Scooter- stimulating post
      >RG3 gives me heartburn. Color me skeptical despite your pitch.
      > I wonder if Cook might not be a better compliment to Hyde than Fournette, although there’s an offset in perceived draft position value. If no team wanted to move up 3-4 spots for #2, bite the bullet and pull the trigger, hopefully without blowing off any body parts.
      (Pretty over the top metaphors, eh?)

    5. Interesting plan, Scooter. However, I have OLB as a big priority and you pretty much stated that Garrett is likely gone. Your plan doesn’t seem to put much emphasis on OLB, unless Garrett is available. I’m not up on the OLB prospects outside of Garrett but isn’t there a second best in the draft. To me, RBs are relatively speaking, a dime a dozen.

      1. If Garrett is available I take him, but after that the BPA at a position of need is Fournette. And they need a QB so that relegated pass rusher down the list a bit. There is very good depth at pass rusher though. Willis would be a good pickup in the 3rd.

        1. I beg to differ. The biggest need is defensive help up the middle. DT and ILB. Niners need a stud Bama player.

          Hyde has shown me that he has the burst to get through the holes, and the MCL will not be too serious.

          I would almost prefer WR than a RB, and since this draft is deep in RBs, they should wait until the third or 4th round for one.

          1. I think QB is the biggest need but none of the QBs are worthy of the 2nd pick. DT is the biggest need on D but you can’t pass on Garrett. He’s the best player in the draft and he fills a need.

            If no Garrett trade down and go DT first then IlB, and QB with the first three picks. Sign at least one quality WR. Finish the draft with an OL, WR, OLB. and a CB.

            1. I will want to see Garrett in the combine before declaring him a cant miss pick.

              He might turn out to be another Clowney, who has not produced much since his selection.

              1. Except lead the Watt-less Texans D as their only pro-bowler to be the #1 D based on ypg (they do have 1 alternate) while having to switch to 3-4 DE because of the loss of Watt putting up 6 sacks and 12 tfl thus far.

                Last season he was tied for PFF’s best run grade among OLB’s and had 6 passes defensed in what was basically his rookie season and 1st season coming off of microfracture surgery.

          2. Seb, I have DT and ILB addressed in FA. Fournette is a better RB than any of the edge players or WRs likely to be available at #2.

        2. Well, as you know, I’ve never been a big fan of BPA. To me the 49ers should draft based on need priority not BPA. Besides, I still have a hard time determining BPA across positions.

            1. Cubus
              Follow the money. You can read their value structure, right or wrong, by how they pay the various position groups. Someone who likes to do such could crunch the numbers (not me) to determine that a team or the league in general think the fifth best OLB is worth more than the third best OG just as an example.
              They actually have developed numeric scales that they rate players on 1-10 or 1-100, but that’s confidential. The money can be seen.

              1. That probably has some validity, but a RB as the 2nd best BPA? I’m pretty sure RBs are some of the lowest paid players in the NFL.

              2. Didn’t Zeke poke a whole in that bit of conventional wisdom? I don’t think Cook or Fournette are quite Ezekiel though.
                So I think in Top 10 picks you look for rare talent level with a high likelihood of achieving the Pro Bowl. Even if I needed a 3-technique tackle, I’d usually take Garrett because you don’t get that opportunity often. So this year you might not go that way, because Allen is so good and not much behind Garrett and a need. But it’s rare a GM’s choices are that clear and win/win.
                For instance this year I’d take Garrett over Kiser.

    6. I usually agree with a lot of what you say Scooter, but I disagree with some of what you threw out here. Appreciate the time and effort that went into it, but I’d be really disappointed if they didn’t do more than you have them doing here in FA, and really upset if they took a RB coming off an injury riddled season in a draft deep in RB’s with the first pick. I understand the reluctance to drafting another DL, but you can’t ignore the best player because of the position imo. If Allen is there then you take him. I don’t like Watson’s pro outlook at all. He looks like Vince Young to me. Kelly’s offense or not, I wouldn’t touch him.

      I really think they need to make a concerted effort to get some impact players at need positions in FA. Some of the options you gave were good but I think they need to get a pass rusher first and foremost because that appears to be a strength of this class of FA’s. Melvin Ingram and Chandler Jones would both be players I’d target. I’d also try to fix the ILB slots with Jamie Collins, and/or Lawrence Timmons. If they can’t sign Jeffery, WR is pretty weak so maybe a trade would be the way to go. The Niners really need to upgrade at C and the guy I’d go get is Tretter from GB. Just entering his second contract and has graded out really well this year.

      I haven’t really spent much time looking at all the FA’s available but they need to shop in the higher grade aisle this year. The draft has to result in some blue chip talent being added. I agree the problems are too numerous to fix in one year, but they can upgrade the quality of this team in a big way with the high picks in every round and the huge surplus of cap space.

      1. I think you are kidding yourself if you think any of the top line FAs are going to agree to sign for the 49ers. Plenty of better teams than the 49ers have cap space to spend. The top guys will go where they can get paid AND play for a good team or up and coming team. I think the 49ers need to look at the next tier guys, and accept they will need to overpay to get them.

        As for Allen over Fournette, that would be very disappointing to me. A third DL in three years? No thanks. Fournette is better value for this team. And saying Allen is a better talent than Fournette is BS in my opinion. Fournette is an elite talent. Its just the devaluation of RBs that has you saying Allen is better. At least I imagine it is, unless you believe Allen is an all world talent like Donald (which he isn’t) or that Fournette isn’t an elite talent for a RB (which he is).

        I understand not liking Watson. Feel free to replace him with the QB of your choice. But I do think the 49ers should be aggressive in moving back into the first to get the QB they want.

        1. They are going to have to overpay regardless of who they sign, so might as well overpay for one of the better guys. We’ll see how things go, but money tends to be a great equalizer if you make the offer attractive enough.

          We differ on Allen. You are under rating him imo. He’s a complete DT who can hold the point with ability to push the middle of the pocket. He’s better than both guys they took the past two years imo. Drafting a RB with the second pick would not be an option for me. Fournette is really good, so are a number of others that will be available later on. I also don’t like the fact he suffered from injuries most of the season. That’s not what I want to see if I’m taking a player with the second overall pick.

          I’m not sure there is a QB worth trading back into the first for. We need a QB, but reaching for one simply because of need is a bad move. It will be interesting to see who ends up declaring.

          1. Rocket, if they can get one of the top FAs to sign then fantastic. But honestly, why would they? The one advantage the 49ers have (cap space) isn’t that big an advantage this year because plenty of teams will have lots of cap space, and the 49ers are one of the two least attractive teams to play for right now.

            Like the Browns, the 49ers are going to find it hard to get topline FAs to sign until they turn things around.

            1. Could be Scooter, but Jax has made a big splash the past couple of years signing some of the more sought after players and no one would confuse them with being the most attractive team to play for.

              1. In 2015 they signed Julius Thomas, Jeremy Parnell, Jared Odrick, Davon House, Dan Skuta, Sergio Brown and Bryan Walters. And they overpaid. That is a very similar haul to what I am suggesting for the 49ers this year. The next tier guys.

                Last offseason they were considered an up and coming team. They have been adding high round players for a number of years now, and had their young QB and receivers in place (even if that young QB now looks like he’s regressing). And at that time there weren’t nearly as many teams with so much cap space available. So they were a more attractive proposition than you give them credit for.

                The 49ers are a year or two away from being where the Jags were this past offseason.

            1. I think he is going to be one hell of a DT and far superior to the others in his class at that position. I value that more than a RB who will be sharing time with Hyde in a draft deep in them.

              1. You’re funny.

                On the one hand you talk about how you can’t pass up elite talents when you have a chance at one, and on the other you say you wouldn’t take Fournette because there is depth at the position, so you’d rather take a lesser talent later on and spend that pick elsewhere.

                One one hand you are saying they should take Allen because he’ll be great, despite the fact he’ll be sharing time with two other 1st round DEs, and on the other you don’t want Fournette because he would share time with Hyde.

                Just say what you mean. You really like Allen. Thus you think they should take him. That’s fine. But I disagree with you that Allen is a superior player to Fournette. I also disagree he is better value than Fournette for the 49ers. I think a NT/DT like Brandon Williams is more important than a DE like Allen. He’ll make Buckner and Armstead look better.

              2. Glad I can amuse you.

                A top talent on the Dline is more valuable than a top talent at RB imo. It’s easier to find good RB’s than good DL. Fournette is a talented player, but as I said the draft is deep in quality RB’s and the position itself does not carry the value it once did. Combine that with the fact Fournette missed a lot of games with injuries, and I don’t see how you can take him with the #2 pick.

              3. “A top talent on the Dline is more valuable than a top talent at RB imo.”

                In my opinion value should be based on how much a position and player helps you win. RB is very important for most teams, especially the 49ers. Certainly no less important than DL.

                One of the reasons it has been devalued is because teams started to believe they can grab later round players and they can be just as effective. However, the past few years has seen more and more RBs taken in the first few rounds succeed over lower round picks, and two RBs have been taken top 10 the past two years. It appears to be getting harder to find those gem RBs in later rounds, and teams are starting to put more value in the position again.

                I appreciate that RB is believed to be a deep position this year, but that doesn’t mean you should pass up an elite talent at the position. And given the 49ers already have two first round DEs I really don’t see how DE is more of a need or better value than a RB, if both guys are considered elite prospects at their respective positions.

              4. Scooter,

                An elite DL is harder to find than an elite RB imo. Out of the top 20 RB’s in the NFL this season, 4 were taken in the first round. The rest are anywhere from the second to undrafted. The RB position has been devalued in the draft because it’s been proven you can find good ones beyond the first round every season. With the touches by committee approach that most teams use, and the fact we have Hyde already, I strongly disagree that the need is strong enough for the Niners to use the #2 pick on one.

                I can’t disagree enough about not taking a position simply because you have taken 2 others previously. If those picks were showing blue chip ability and the position was deep, fine I could see a case being made to look elsewhere, but that is not the case at all. Armstead has struggled against the run and is now dealing with shoulder problems and Buckner, while better than Armstead still needs to improve in all areas of his game, especially defending the run. If you can add a DT who can stop the run and rush the passer inside, you don’t dismiss it based on the hope the other two will work out.

                I think we can agree that our first choice is Garrett, but after that I would take Allen or trade down if a team wanted to move up. I just don’t see the value in taking a RB that high, especially with the ones who will be available later on.

              5. Scooter, you tout Fournette as an elite talent, but Dalvin Cook may be even better.

                Also, Mccaffrey may be a better fit for the Niners. He could be a great change of pace RB that could spell Hyde, and his receiving skills are impressive. To top it off, his return skills would add a new dimension to the kick offs and punts.

              6. Seb, Cook may be better than Fournette. If that’s what the team believes I’m fine with taking him instead. I like them both.

                But I think you have it wrong. It isn’t about finding a complement to Hyde. Hyde would be the complementary player. The guy that can come in and spell the #1 RB, and start when there is an injury. For that, Fournette and Cook are far superior than Caff.

              7. Scooter, you are right about them being better RB replacements, but I kinda like Harris, he has quick hips. He should be the number 2 back. They should move back in the draft and target Reuben Foster, instead of a RB, but I could see your arguments for a RB, especially after watching Ezekiel Elliot this year.

                This is, of course, assuming Kaep stays, because otherwise, they may be forced into selecting a QB.

                McCaffrey is another Swiss army knife and would really improve the options on offense. He would also help STs. I hope he falls to the second round, and the Niners could snag him.

              8. Interesting discussion. There is absolutely no doubt the RB position has been devalued. Of the top 5 RBs in terms of rush yards this year, only one of them was drafted in the 1st round. You have a 2nd rounder, two 3rd rounders, and a 5th rounder in the top 5. Teams can find quality RB’s in the lower rounds so picking a RB in the first round makes no sense. I like Leonard Fournette as an NFL RB but the delta between Fournette and someone you can get in the 3rd round isn’t all that huge so take the 3rd rounder or lower for RB. First round should be reserved for lineman on either side of the ball, QB’s, CBs, and elite WR’s.

                My hope for the 49er offseason is to sign quality NT and ILB free agents to go with their young players. In the draft I’d like them to get Myles Garrett if he’s there. If not, an elite WR (I REALLY like Ross from Washington) in the 1st round but #2 is too high to pick him. Trade down if possible. Then go after o-line help I’d like to see them get a quality center in this draft. After that, then they really need to draft some ILB’s in round 2 or lower to accompany the FA ILB. The current LB crew is pathetic and needs to be rebuilt.

        2. Scooter,

          I agree about the top FAs. We’re not a good team and we have that Jed guy poisoning the well. That is why I’ve suggested Teo for ILB depth. Jeffery might have less options because of his off the field stuff. Same with Floyd so those two are options. I would love to sign Bennett but that’s not likely.

        1. What is the average accuracy % for throws of 15+ yards? I know in 2015 on throws of 20+ yards he was accurate on 47.5%, which was a good mark according to the folk at PFF.

          1. I don’t know. He just seems like a scattershot downfield passer who throws up prayers and gets bailed out by good receivers. No precision.

              1. Those are NFL stats. Dak Prescott had an accuracy percentage of 50 percent on passes at least 20 yards downfield at Mississippi State last season and he didn’t have future first-round picks at wide receiver. Watson heaves parachute passes downfield and prays his superior wide outs can go up and get them. You don’t see that?

              2. Funny thing is NOBODY thought highly of Prescott coming into last years draft but all of the sudden NOW he is a great college prospect. What you and Grant are not considering is the Dak plays behind the best O-Line in football not to mention last years best college RB in Elliot and a good WR group.

              3. You put Watson in Dallas and I bet he would have success but you put him on the 49ers well then he won’t duh.

                Talent matters Grant

              4. Seb,

                If he had talent like all these so called experts say NOW he wouldn’t have fallen to the 4th round. No way

              5. Grant, he doesn’t drive his deep balls downfield, that is true. But he has pretty decent accuracy downfield, and throws some pretty catchable balls.

              6. He is not a precise downfield passer. He throws in the general vicinity of his receivers and hopes they make a play. And they often do, because Clemson receivers are terrific. Clemson QBs — not so much.

              7. Truth, just recalling the time before the draft. I really liked him, but once he got that DUI, everyone thought that he was too big of a risk with that red flag.

                With all the headaches the Niners have had with alcohol, Dak was radioactive. Glad he has turned his life around.

              8. Seb,

                Randy Gregory was a projected top 10 pick even top 5 in some mock drafts in 2015. He fell only to the second round even tho he failed a drug test right before the draft and multiple failed drug tests in Nebraska, how do you fail a drug test before the combined knowing you were going to be tested? There’s no bigger red flag then that even Daks DUI.

                My point is that Dak was not high on all the so called experts evaluations but Gregory was and that’s why he didn’t pass the 2nd round but somehow Dak with all these great evaluations NOW went in the 4th.

              9. Truth, every thing has to be taken in context.

                Remember, Johnny Manziel was flaming out spectacularly, so no one wanted to gamble on another QB due to his history.

                Now, RG just failed another drug test, so in hindsight, he may have been a bad choice, because now, he will be suspended for a whole year.

              10. Interesting when compared to Watsons 47.5% They remind me of each other in many ways. The second stat in the post just surprised me and was unrelated.

              11. I just hope they draft a QB atleast in the second round this time unless somebody surprises in the 1st. Trubisky?

              12. Well, they are both mobile QBs who have detractors about their accuracy, and both played well in big games, only to fall a few yards short of winning it all.

              13. top 10 QB prospects February 2016.

                1. Goff
                2. Lynch
                3. Wentz
                4. Prescott
                5. Cook
                6. Jones
                7. Hackenberg
                8. Hogan
                9. Sudfeld
                10. Coker

                The writer was a Mich ST grad, and had Prescott over Cook. He also said that if Prescott fell past the first 3 rounds, he would be a steal.

              14. Based on April articles, Dak was projected in the 2nd tier of QBs with Paxton Lynch on day 2 (Lynch was something of a surprise in the 1st).

                Most of the concerns were on the consistency of his new mechanics. He then got a DUI a few weeks before the draft. Could be that teams that had a high round grade on him took him off their draft board.

              1. If our plan is to Draft a rookie QB and start him we need to majorly upgrade the roster especially in free agency because we can’t put him out there with this current roster. It can be done if Jed opens up the wallet

              2. Good find #80,

                Who ever we Draft we need to surround him with better talent especially the offensive line and we can’t ignore the WR position every year

              1. Sorry, Grant, but Kizer is going to be a good QB in the NFL. He just needs the Aaron Rodgers treatment, and not the Alex Smith treatment.

              2. Not saying Kizer will be a bust, but he is a huge risk whose success depends on where he goes and how he develops.

      1. Watson has a quick release and can run, that fits Kelly’s system. His inaccuracy doesn’t fit. I don’t like his decision making.

        Trubisky has accuracy and some mobility but he is raw and benefits from QB friendly play calling.

        Kizer is the QB I would take a chance on. He has a strong arm with a quick release and he can run. If he cleans up his footwork he could be a more consistent passer.

        1. Kizer is too big a risk to be a top 10 pick so he won’t be available when the 9ers would need to pick him unless they make a deal for their #2 pick and move down in the draft. I would never draft Kizer with the #2 pick. You’ve got to go Myles Garrett if he’s on the board.

    1. It is definately a pro Watson article. Watson has a serious case of the stare downs. As the author stated his reads are often predetermined so he seldom is asked make more than 2 reads. The problem he sits there and glares at the WO he wants to get open… this is a terrible trait as the windows close fast in the NFL.

    1. How about them Cowboys? Don’t you wish the Qb we drafted can put up 42 points like that? We had a WR like Dez Bryant, or the Raider Wrs?

  10. Isn’t there a policy Grant where you should not have to talk to the 49ers coach or players? Tomsula has given poor answers and so has Chip Kelly. Kelly has to be fired, and just to make my 49er friends happy, here are my reasons:
    He lets Kap do his kneel down
    Let special teams play around in teh snow in Chicago, making snow angels
    Gave up in the Jets game
    Team acted childish in LA, should not have gone for 2, should not have made it, win should be taken away for their disrespect
    Kelly has a personal loss in his life and he’s too distracted. Even before the loss, he still looks lost as a coach out there.
    Finally, remember Mike martz and his boy JT O Sullivan? this is the same thing with Kelly and his boy Kaepernick and this needs to stop.
    Kap also needs to go.
    To me, Grant, if the 49ers let KElly come back, Kap come back, Baalke come back, but I doubt seriously Baalke gets fired as this is the York family that would throw out the HC and the Qb before the GM.

    To me, even if the Yorks did throw out Kelly and Kap, I won’t shed a tear at all. I’d be a happy 49er fan.

    And my apologies for my Bad 49er Santa as I feel winning cost us the draft, but maybe unlike years past, if Jax stays at 3, Chi and LA 4, maybe we still might get that 2 spot. I got hope that Seattle will win.

  11. Grant,

    Do you think any of the QBs will be good pros? I think Kizer will be good. Trubisky, Webb, Mahomes, Rudoph, and Kelly maybe? Watson and Kaaya will be duds.

        1. I could see the Cards taking him at 11 to sit behind Palmer for a year. Would still be too high for my taste, but he’d be going to a good situation in AZ.

      1. I like Trubisky, I like his accuracy and I like his ball placement even better. I worry about his experience. He could benefit from being a backup for a year or two.

        Kizer is a project but I think he is more like Wilson and less like Kap. I think he will be coachable and fix his mechanics. If he cuts back on the poor decisions he will be a Pro Bowler.

            1. Kaep was 28 out of 38, and those 2 TD passes looked pretty accurate to me.

              This performance was impressive because he did not throw to his 3 main targets- Smith Patton and Vance, so he did not have the luxury of throwing very many passes to the present receivers, and those receivers were mainly cut players, not first round draft picks.

              1. I’ll be honest Seb Kaep looks like the same player he was when Harbaugh was here the only difference is the team is less talented. People act like Harbaugh had this explosive offense when he was here when the Truth is the defense was the real reason the 49ers were good.

              2. He played more confidently under Harbaugh. Now he looks like he’s trying not to screw up and plays timidly. Last season was a disaster after the offseason coaching in AZ and then the complete meltdown in AZ. He’s playing better than he did last year, but looks nothing like the guy who led them to the SB.

              3. He wasn’t as good as his previous two years, but he wasn’t horrible in 2014. His crash came last year under Geep and Tomsula.

              4. Truth and Rocket, to be honest, I am dismayed at some of the throws he made, but like you said, His confidence was shattered by the benching, and he just has not had the luxury to pass to his receivers from OTAs through TC. Matt Ryan can make passes to Julio Jones in his sleep because they have been together for years. Kaep just needs more reps to sync up, and I have seen some nice passes with touch, too.

                I also excuse Kaep for having been injured, but some do not cut him any slack for that even though one surgery was on his right thumb.

                It sure was nice to see him throw for 400 yards, and he has come through in the clutch this last game, winning it with his arm and his legs.

                I have no doubt in my mind that Kaep will leave if Baalke stays, so Jed will have to choose between a suit and his starting franchise QB. The last QB that has led the Niners to the SB, and was one pass from returning. Jed should remember what happened after JH left, and choose wisely.

              5. Sorry, seb, remember the Saints game I believe against a poor defense, though we lost? Same thing with the Rams, poor defense, bad secondary. It’ll make any QB look like a phony kicking a losing team. Kap has to go.

              6. Darren, you do know our defense has been historically bad right?

                Don’t be like Grant and single out one person for how bad the 49ers are because there’s plenty to go around. I’m not a Kaepernick supporter I’m just saying

            2. Not sure where the Patrick Mahomes love comes from. He’s not very good. Substandard arm. Makes bad decisions. I’d be shocked if he was anything more than a 3rd string QB who never gets a 2nd contract.

          1. Trubisky should play in the Senior Bowl or East/West game, to see him play against quality defenders. If he does well there, he might be a first rounder.

            If not, I could see him falling to the third, because he is kinda raw.

            Kizer may fall to the second, so I think the Niners may grab him, even if Kaep stays.

        1. #80,

          Kizer has the physical tools, but projecting him to be able to fix everything and possibly become a pro bowler is really not supported by how he played this year. He is really in need of development and made a lot of poor decisions. He should have stayed at ND for another season.

          1. rocket,

            I agree that he needs more polishing. I would have liked to see him play better this year too. Getting benched probably shook his confidence, but he was benched for a reason. As far as I know he handled it well.

            Projecting him as a Pro Bowler was a bit much. He could end up in a bad situation. I should have said he has the highest upside.

            As you said he has all the tools. I guess it comes down to his brain. Is he willing to change his mechanics and will he be able to make better decisions. The combine is important for him from a physical and mental standpoint. I think he will be fine but your concerns are certainly valid.

            Projecting is the fun part because I’m not wrong yet.

      2. Apparently Trubisky is a quiet kid. Not a vocal leader. Will be interested to see how he handles the huddle and how he handles bigger personalities in the NFL.

  12. What team has drafted a qb in the first round and bene productive as a result of it that year or the following year? The Colts come to mind, but they were a complete team only missing a QB.
    SF doesn’t need to draft a QB. The team needs to pirate a viable backup off another team. NE has one. Chicago will drop Cutler.
    Drafting a QB is what started this whole mess in 2004

    1. Matt, what part of I don’t want Kap around don’t you get? Fine then, get a free agent QB that can throw the ball, but if you want fans in the stadium, you dump the sorry loser. I’m sorry that this is a bad year for QBing, but it’s really too bad you are asking me to root against the team for yet another year instead of fixing it. You rather let a pipe break and not fix it.

      Baalke made the mistake in 2005 and we made another mistake by NOT giving Alex Smith the Oline, teh Wr, the TE, and a defense. Montana and Young got where they were at with an Oline, TE, WR, and WCO. We have NONE OF IT on the 49ers. I will not put up another year of garbage with Kap as I would personally pay any team to take him out.

    2. “The Colts come to mind, but they were a complete team only missing a QB.”

      Absolutly false. That colts team was bad and is still bad, Luck just props them up.

  13. TomD

    December 27, 2016 at 9:00 am

    I hate to be a downer, Grant (and I agree with your Pioli for GM viewpoint), but the only reason Dr. York was spotted talking with Pioli was not for the 49er GM job–why would he leave ATL to join, as you noted: “the worst organization in sports.”

    No, the reason was to ask for permission to interview Kyle Shanahan.

    Atl, no friends of th 49ers for 20 years of as- kicking, will say something like Bill Parcells and Belichek, for during their 20 years of SuperBowls deprived them by the dynasty 49ers.

    This will be their conversation:

    Dr. York (York): Scott, can we talk with Shanny about our vacant coaching position. We’re looking for a package deal to include his father Mike, but Mike will only come on board if Kyle is hired, because Mike noted that 49er past history showed Jed fires coaches and GM’s who are strong willed (have an opinion of their own).

    Pioli: Absolutely you can talk with Shanny. Give me a few weeks until the season’s over and I’ll get back to you.

    York: Perfect ! This is how we operate anyways, well hidden, nursing the PSL nitwits money and the 240 million in profit sharing from the more successful teams until we make our year end, State of the 49er speech, proclaiming that we only hang championship banners….

    Fast forward a couple of weeks.

    York: Hi, Scott, I thought you said you would get back to me?

    Scott: Sorry, been busy building a team, but I’ll have to decline the talk. We’re not allowing you to interview Shanny.

    York: We’ll, all of the other teams fired their coaches weeks ago and snapped up the remaining quality coaches.

    Pioloi: That’s your problem–should have been more proactive, instead of waiting every year for the last 17 years, until the end of the NFL year to make a move. Don’t you think by now the rest of the NFL knows your M/O ?…Seriously, man, and that outdated run offense with the leather helmets Baalke runs.

    Pioli: Have you ever wondered why you ended up with Baalke in the 1st place ?….Do you recall in your interview with Bill Parcells, he recommened him ?
    Well, I know Parcells and the 49er organization built by Walsh over 20 years of greatness prevented Bill from being the greatest coach in NFL history with that DC, Belichek he had.

    So Bill sought revenge for 20 years of as- kicking and recommended a friend. He knew Baalke was not qualified. Bill just wanted a friend to get an NFL job.

    And, as the long road of history went by, 17 years in a wasteland, all 49er fans are left with nothingness on NFL Sunday’s, either until the York’s sell or a major comet hits the earth.

  14. Regardless of who plays QB next year, the biggest need on this team is the Wide Receiver position. Just take a look at how many times Odell Beckham Jr bails out Eli Manning’s inaccurate throws. This team does not have a legitimate #1 receiver. We need someone like Dez Bryant who can go up and make circus catches on balls chucked up in his vicinity as he did on his two TDs last night.

    I would like to see them draft three wide receivers in the first four rounds. And, they need to go big at the WR position. No more shrimps like Patton or Ellington. Here is my WR wish list.

    1. Mike Williams Clemson.
    2.JuJu Smith-Schuster USC
    3. Corey Davis Western Michigan
    4. Josh Reynolds Texas A & M
    5. Cooper Kupp. Eastern Washington
    5. Isiah Ford. Virginia Tech.

    I would love to get three of the above five in the draft. Unlikely but I hope the new GM gives it his best shot.

    1. That’s three defensive head coaches that has been fired before season end, Fisher, Bradley, now Ryan.. All three are very good DC and would be an upgrade over our current DC.

  15. Cam Inman Verified account 
    Cam Inman Retweeted Mercury News

    Only one franchise in NFL modern era has fired back-to-back coaches after 1-season terms: the 49ers (in 1976-77). Will they do it again?


  16. Joel Knutsen ‏@jrock5158 · 9h9 hours ago

    @CamInman @SexyHype If they get a GM who knows what he is doing then Yes!

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    Will the 49ers fire Chip Kelly?

    Joel Knutsen ‏@jrock5158 · 9h9 hours ago

    @CamInman @SexyHype If they get a GM who knows what he is doing then Yes!

    JdubSF49VA ‏@Jdubsf49Va · 15h15 hours ago

    @CamInman I sure hope so

    Art Spander ‏@artspander · 10h10 hours ago

    @CamInman And ’78 guys, McCulley, O’Connor didn’t last that long.

    Casey Two Bears ‏@caseytb49 · 11h11 hours ago

    @CamInman @mercnews Chip Kelly’s last few seasons in the NFL show he belongs in college. Blow the whole damn thing up.

  17. Master Biter ‏@Go_On_Bite_Me · 10h10 hours ago

    @be_steve82 @CamInman @mercnews Tomsula had less talent to work with than Chip did, and Tomsula won 5 games. Stop making excuses for Chip. He’s garbage. He needs to go.

  18. KNBR

    Baalke admits failures with 49ers QB situation

    Kevin Jones

    Prior to Saturday’s win over the Rams, Ted Robinson asked Baalke to specifically address his strategy in adding quarterbacks throughout the years. Since 2014, only Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert have taken snaps under center for the 49ers. San Francisco is a combined 15-32 the last three seasons and quarterback play has arguably been the team’s most consistent issue.

    “Hindsight is always 20-20,” Baalke said.

  19. Alright I’m going to give it a go on what I would do this off season for the Niners. *Pending Chip returning and Gamble promoted. Don’t get me wrong I prefer to fire everyone but trying to be realistic I guess.

    Free Agency: sign B Williams DT(Ravens) a young Casey Hampton to place in the middle between the twin towers. Sign L Timmons MLB(steelers).. Bowman needs help and Timmons even at 30 years old is balling. This pushes Armstrong as the third MLB and replaces Bow on third downs. Sign Alshon Jeffrey Wr(Bears). We need a #1 Wr.. A great possession receiver who can also make the difficult down the field play. Pairing him with Torrey is big. In Free Agency we improve the middle of the D and add a nice Wr….

    Resign: If Balke is fired and Kelly is retained Kaep will not opt out. NO ONE gives him 14 mil on the open market. Here he is now used as a stop gap for 1 year. Resign Hyde, Ward, Reid. Cut: Brooks, Bethea.

    Draft: 2nd Overall pick Allen DE/DT(Alabama). A blue chip talent who wrecks game plans. A lot people don’t like the idea of drafting a third D lineman in 3 years. I love the idea. To have Allen, Buckner, Armstead going forward is special. A good D coordinator makes it work. If Garrett is there(which I doubt) he is the pick.
    2nd rnd pick: Deshawn Watson: This pick is Kellys dream. A very similar player Mariota who Kelly adores. Watson has his issues but has a lot of talent to work with especially with Chip system. Watson has great leadership abilities. Has knack of bounces back immediately after making a mistake. His mental toughness is off the charts.

    Anyway this is what I can see happening if minor changes are made. If Jed grows a pair all this is mute.

    1. I like your scenario, very realistic. However, Alshon Jeffrey may not want to come here. He may want to go to a playoff team. My best bet would be Cordarelle Patterson. Good skills, but an underachiever.

      1. Fraudnoying, no free agent WR or TE or RB is coming here if old wind up is still in the mix. That would be a career ending decision. See Torrey Smith!

        1. Prime, maybe you are totally clueless, but Kaep was clutch and willed the team to a WIN.

          Personally, I kinda like QBs that lead the Niners to wins.

          Glad they finally took my advice and rolled him out. They even did a misdirection play, so I felt like they showered me with gifts.

          28 for 38 for 266 yards and 2 TDs. Kaep ran for a TD, and ran for that 2 point play. Kaep even made me extremely happy by doing a pump fake. My cup runneth over.

          Sounds like you were disappointed that they won, but you seem destined to be disappointed, especially if Kaep stays. You should be praying that Baalke stays, but to me, Baalke appears to be a dead man walking.

          1. Thanks again for the opportunity to reply to your screed.

            Prime, you must be confused. It is because of Baalke that no decent WRs, TEs or RBs signed with the Niners, and if Baalke controls the draft, he will miss on players like Prosise, who is so good, he made Christine Michael expendable. Remember? he was the guy who ran all over the Niners earlier this season.

            Old wind up? Who is he? Kaep threw well, and he threw quick enough so there were no balls batted down at the line of scrimmage. He is also not old, he is only 29, so he could play for the next 10 years. hopefully, Kaep can win some more rings for the Niners, so you better go root for your new team, the Raiders, or maybe a CFL team. I do not know any of the names of the CFL teams, but since you are such a big fan of the CFL, you probably know them all.

  20. Add a comment…


    Sean O’ Brien · Sacramento, California

    Your problems run deeper than the QB you moron. Like mabey all those draft picks you made for dudes with blown out knees, your failure to produce ANY help at the skill
    positions etc…….

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    Porr As

    The problem is a couple of guys named Balke and Jed

    Like · Reply · 48 · 22 hrs

    Tay Porter

    Not to mention skipping over GOOD players in the draft to draft these rehab players. So many pro bowl players have come thru and were right there for us to draft and Baalke always drafts BS.

  21. Matt Reiter · San Mateo, California

    You left cap money on the table and proved you have no interest in winning. You along with York and Prathe ran one of the best coaches this franchise has seen in a long time out and installed a coach that has never even been a coordinator. You then went after Kelly who was run out of Philly for his incompetence. How many injured players have you drafted when we needed players to play now? Look at the players picked after you drafted those injured players. You sir are terrible and should have been run out of this organization a long time ago.

  22. For those rooting for the San Francisco 49ers to leap into position to obtain the top pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, you will have to wait until Week 17. The Cleveland Browns did their part, beating the San Diego Chargers and winning their first game of the season over the weekend. The 49ers could have jumped into the top spot with a loss to the Los Angeles Rams, but that did not happen. Instead, the 49ers broke their 13-game losing streak and beat the Rams –
    See more at: http://www.49erswebzone.com/articles/101913-2017-nfl-draft-order-following-week/#sthash.HxF1eEju.dpuf

  23. Chip Magnets Fantasy Football League Results:

    1st Place
    Amsterdam Invaders
    Reg. Season: 12-2-0, 1,496.40 Points For
    2nd Place
    Reg. Season: 10-4-0, 1,349.70 Points For
    3rd Place
    Kaepital Punishment
    Reg. Season: 10-4-0, 1,293.32 Points For
    4th Place

    Thanks for everyone’s participation. Hope to see you next year, when MWD will assume his role as commissioner.

    1. “….Hope to see you next year, when MWD will assume his role as commissioner…..”

      Razor …
      sure hope you meant MidWest Dynasty … cuz ..
      I dunno jack about fantasy .. and .. believe me ..

      he’d be a much better pick

  24. I have been a 49er fan for 35 years, but I’m just about giving up on being one. I’ve heard the 49ers feel financially set for the next 15 YEARS. They don’t need to field a winning team. Would be nice, but not necessary. A real fan sticks with his team through thick and thin, but when the management doesn’t care about winning and creates a such a toxic environment that they can’t hire good coaches, does a real fan stick it out through that? I’d rather real fans object so strenously that the Yorks are embarrassed into either selling the team or spending a lot more money than they intended to.

  25. Retired San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman Anthony Davis had some interesting things to say about the organization on Twitter Sunday night.

    Davis started by ripping San Francisco’s Jed York, general manager Trent Baalke and offensive line coach Pat Flaherty. All of these tweets were eventually deleted and the screenshots are courtesy of SB Nation.

    I don’t want to play for Trent, Jed or Pat….They’re full of shi- !!!

    TomD’s Response : If a 49er lineman thinks this, what does Pioli, Shanahan or othe quality coaches think of the front office…

    Better clean house now Dr. York, or start looking for your next Nolan or Tomsula.


  26. What were the major differences between Kelly and Harbaugh (Anthony Davis was asked) ?

    Davis Response: Harbaugh doesn’t need anyone to vouch for him. He wins, period.

  27.  Damon Bruce Retweeted

    Joe Fortenbaugh ‏@JoeFortenbaugh · Dec 24

    Meanwhile, the Niners are foolishly trying to end a 13-game losing streak 3 hours after they were gifted the No. 1 pick.

    1. Merry Freaking Christmas, 49er fans:

      3 Hrs. after the Cleveland Browns giftwrapped the York’s the # 1 pick, not one phone call to the bench from the front office to the bench to substitute the 3rd stringers.

      Dr. York, Jed, Paraag, Team President, Al Guido, Baalke, all NOT taking a leadership role. It’s this type of non action, frivolously throwing away # 1 picks that you’re in this position in the 1st place.

      Good luck with those Championship Banners.

      1. ” ….3 Hrs. after the Cleveland Browns gift wrapped the York’s the # 1 pick,……”

        Correct me if I’m wrong.. here .. but
        haven’t the Browns won … only one game ??

        Niners have won .. u-hhh … TWICE
        as many !!

        How do the Niners get the #1 pick ?

        1. The 49ers are the Charlie Browns of the NFL, they can’t win right and they can’t lose right. Be lucky unlike in year’s past, we barely got the 2 pick, could’ve fallen to like 6 or 7 or even 10.

  28. To me, just beating the Rams should give Kelly the pink slip like Rex Ryan. Ryan had 2 years, 15 and 16 on the Bills. That’s why you fire Kelly, don’t need another year of FAILURE from him or Kap.

      1. Sorry, MWNiner, I was just talking to your daddy and he says that’s the dumbest picture you got up there. That’s clearly not you.
        Oh yeah, and get after your refrigerator as it’s running away.

  29. Why Your Team Sucks 2015: San Francisco 49ers

    Drew Magary
    8/18/15 1:00pm
    · Filed to: Why your team sucks 2016

    In some ways, the death of the Niners coincides with the death of the city they supposedly represent. San Francisco, as it stands now, is no longer a living American Metropolis. Instead, the entire city has been converted into a giant Airbnb rental for tourists and rich foreigners. No one actually LIVES in San Francisco. Don’t be silly. Living on a space station is more feasible for the average American. You wouldn’t actually want to live there anyway. The only people walking around town now are selfish, tech-speak mandroids, each one with the explicit life goal of ascending Amazon’s hallowed Ladder of Triumph.

    Not that Jed York gives a sh-t about any of this. I’m not exaggerating when I say I think the Niners implosion is one of the great crimes in sports history. York brought in Harbaugh, kept him around just as a new stadium was going through, and then let him go when keeping up that facade was no longer necessary. The Niners have let everything go to sh-t simply because they can. They give no f-cks. York will show up at games this year in a bathrobe and slippers and p-ss down your leg. What difference does it make? The Niners are the full and glorious realization of the NFL’s most bloodless ambitions. They force fans to pay the most money possible to go to the least convenient stadium possible, all in service of a team that is now so wealthy, it can afford to s-ck into perpetuity. They don’t even feel obligated to take care of the field anymore. Look at this f-cking sandlot:

    TomD’s Response: Tomsula’s Better than Kelly


    1. Yep Tom, it was the best of times and it was the worse of times. 2017 may promise 3 wins for the 49ers. Better fire Kelly.

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