Will Crabtree play on Sunday? Harbaugh: “Looks that way.”

SANTA CLARA — Jim Harbaugh spoke in the media tent Friday afternoon. Here’s what he said about Michael Crabtree.

Q: What did you see from Crabtree this week  in practice?

HARBAUGH: Good practices.

Q: Is he not on the injury report because he’s totally healthy?

HARBAUGH: I did not see the injury report. Is he on the injury report?

P.R. Director: Nope.

Q: All systems go for Sunday?


HARBAUGH: Looks that way.

Q: What’s a realistic expectation for him?

HARBAUGH: Contribute to the football team by any means necessary. That’s what we’re all looking for out of each other right now.

  1. Is anyone watching Fresno\ San Jose? Carr and Fales are putting on one hell of a show. If you want to see a future 9er QB watch this game. Carr will probably be gone in the 1st half of the 1st rd so the 9ers won’t be drafting him but Fales will most likely last to the mid late 2nd and I can see him in the red and gold next year.

      1. Nick I have money on Fresno but i’m beginning to think SJ might beat them. I like Fales as a late 2nd rd pick for the 9ers in the 14 draft

  2. Coach James (by any means necessary) Harbaw.
    If you end the day at 7-5, please get out your golfclubs
    and take it easy the rest of the year. And no,
    I will not be available to caddie for you at Pebble Beach.

    My name is Alex Smith and I approve of this message.

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