York announces McCloughan’s departure as 49ers GM

Niners team president Jed York announced today what he described as a “mutual parting” with the 49ers and general manager Scot McCloughan. He did not get into reasons for the breakup of the union, citing it as a “private personnel matter.”


Director of player personnel Trent Baalke will take over for McCloughan and lead up the draft. York said he did not know whether the 49ers will hire someone after the draft to take on the role of general manager.

Here is what York, who is in Orlando, Fla., for the annual owners meeting, had to say just moments ago on a conference call with reporters:


–“Scot McCloughan is no longer the general manager of the 49ers,” York said. “This is in the mutual interest of both parties. The 49ers have been prepared for this event. Trent Baalke, our director of player personnel will take over and will lead the draft going forward. He’ll be the point person in the draft. He will be assisted by (director of pro personnel) Tom Gamble, who I feel very comfortable can step up and add a lot to this process.”


–As for reasons for the parting: “It’s a private personnel matter. I’m not going to get into details of a private personnel matter,” York said.


–Baalke will have final say on draft picks and possible trades. “Trent knows the draft better than anybody else, and I have full confidence in him.”


–Is this a huge setback for the 49ers? “Not at all,” York said. “Trent has all the information that we need. I have full confidence in Trent to be able to execute.”


–What will Scot’s legacy be with the 49ers? “You’d have to ask him.”


–“I gave Scot my word that I would not comment on this for five days. . . . because my integrity is more important to me than trying to get out a story. I have Scot five days to think about where we wanted to go. And we decided to have a mutual parting.”


–When asked if there was a settlement reached for McCloughan to leave the team, York said, “It’s a mutual parting in the interest of both the 49ers and Scot.”


–“We’ve been prepared for this. I wanted to make sure Trent was up to speed as possible. He’s taken on more responsibility in the past. I’m confident he can lead us.”


–Will you have a general manager in the future? “Trent is the person who’s going to lead us through the draft. Right now, we’re concentrating on that.”


–Was this a football matter? “I’m not going to get into a private personnel decision.”


–You said it was mutual. Why was it mutual on your end? Did you think he was doing a good job? “Again, that’s a private personnel decision. I understand the question, but we’re not going to get into that.”


–Is there any confidentiality that’s part of the agreement? “Again, that’s a private personnel matter and I can’t go into details on that.”


–Does Mike Singletary take more of a role that he might ordinarily take leading up to the draft? “Mike is concentrating on coaching. No matter who the point person is in the draft, the coach is always going to have a say. There has to be good communication between personnel and coaching. But Trent will be the point person in the draft.”


–The team just raised ticket prices and there’s a stadium vote coming up. Don’t you think the fans deserve more of an explanation? “Again, my integrity means more to me, and I want to respect Scot privacy and I want to make sure that people understand that this was a mutual parting.”


–Will there be a new general manager in place by the time the new football season starts? “I haven’t decided whether we’re going to have a general manager.”


–Is director of college scouting David McCloughan (Scot’s brother) still part of the organization? “Yes. David is a professional, and he’s been great through this process. He’ll continue to be there through the draft.” (After the draft, David McCloughan will be in “the same boat as everybody else,” York said.)


–“I wish nothing but the best for Scot. I think Scot added a lot of good players. But, again, we haven’t made the playoffs yet. We expect to make the playoffs this year and into the future. None of our legacies are set to this point.”


–As far as whether the 49ers will hire a general manager . . . “I’m worried about the draft right now. That’s the only thing the 49ers are focused on. We’ll address that after the draft. . . . Trent is leading us through the draft. I’ve absolutely thought about it, but right now we want to make sure we’re focused and concentrating on the draft.”


–Is there an agreement with Scot so he can’t go to another team before the draft and share secrets? “He wouldn’t be able to do that by his original contract. Even if he went to another team, he wouldn’t be able to share secrets.”


–Does he have the ability to go to another team? “No, not before the draft.”


–“It’s all because I care a lot about Scot. I think a lot of people know how I’ve defended Scot and talked about the things he added to the team. It’s never easy to part ways with somebody you consider as a friend. But, again, this was in the best interest of Scot and the 49ers.”


–Are you angry at the situation? “I wouldn’t say angry. This is part of the business. And unfortunately this is what it came to. But, again, this is mutually what’s best for the 49ers and Scot. . . . I wish nothing but the best for Scot.”


–Was there an event that triggered this outcome? “That’s a private personnel matter.”


–“If Scot wants to talk about personal matters, he’s more than welcomed to do that. But it’s not my place to talk about Scot’s personal matters.”


York said McCloughan would not have been let go if it weren’t for the personal matters.


–What role did executive vice president of football and business operations Paraag Marathe have in the process? “None,” York said. “This was my decision. Scot and I worked this out together.”


–Are you concerned about what this does for the 49ers’ image in the league and in the community? “No, not at all. I’m more concerned – even if this means negative publicity for me personally – that’s part of the job of being the 49ers president. My integrity is more important than what people think in a short term.”


–Jed York said his role does not increase or change in any way. “I’m still the president of the 49ers. And it doesn’t change my role.”


–If somebody around the league called to ask for a recommendation for McCloughan, what would you tell them? “I think Scot is a very good personnel guy. I care about Scot from personal standpoint. I hope Scot gets a job somewhere. I wish for nothing but the best for he and his family.”


–“The integrity is going to any personal matters and any private personnel decisions, which I promised Scot I would not go into.”


–“We’re just focusing on the draft at this point. We want to make sure we have a good draft at (Nos.) 13 and 17, and rather than worrying about roles going forward. Trent will be acting as the point person and he’ll have all the authority. In between now and then, Trent is the guy.”


–Where is the preparation for the draft stand for the 49ers? “I’d say our board is 90-95 percent set. Right now, it’s making sure finalize all your homework. Finalize getting injury reports on folks. There’s not much change to our board at this point. Trent has been intimately involved in putting the board together.”


–Will the philosophy of the kind of players you’re looking for change from McCloughan’s vision to Baalke’s? “Again, it’s about the 49ers. It’s not about one individual. We have to make sure we have people who fit the 49ers.”


–“There’s got to be good communication between the coaching staff, primarily coach Singletary identifying what he wants our team to look like and the personnel department going out and finding guys that fit that philosophy – find guys who fit what the 49ers do. . . . That’s the process we’ve always had in place.”


–What do you see Paraag Marathe’s role being? “Same as it is right now: contract negotiator.”


–Is there any chance he would be a general manager type, even if you don’t give him that title? “The one thing I can promise you is that I will never be the general manager and Paraag is not going to be the general manager.”


–If a team wants to make a trade between now and the draft, whom with the 49ers do they call? “Trent.”


–Does that go for free-agent signings, too? “He (Baalke) is the director of player personnel.”


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