Young, Dilfer and Jaworski debate the 49ers QB change

Former quarterbacks Steve Young, Ron Jaworski and Trent Dilfer just spoke on ESPN about the 49ers recent quarterback change. Here’s what they said.

DILFER: “I’m really wrestling with this decision to go with Colin Kaepernick. I see the splash. I see the athleticism, stature, big arm – adds an element to their team.

“At the same time, I see three decisions he made yesterday against the St. Louis Rams that cost them the game. He takes a safety. He fumbles the ball backed up that turns into a touchdown. And then he stays in bounds with 1:30 left in the game. Otherwise, the Rams never have a chance to get back in that football game.

“70 percent of the job is managing situations. Can he do that?”

YOUNG: “He’s young. He’s played not even a handful of games. We’re expecting him to be great – it’s going to be a process. The only hope that they have is that the team is so strong, so good, that they can win 10-2, and not lose 16-13. That’s the kind of situation that they’ve been put in.

“What is the criteria for picking the quarterback in San Francisco? Is it the hot hand? Well, obviously not, because he didn’t have the hot hand this week and he’s picked again.

“So, I think we need to just say what it is: ‘They’ve been heavily invested in Colin and his success in the future, and we’re going to make the change, and we’re going to make it now, and we’re going to stick with it. And Alex Smith is benched. He’ll stay prepared. He’ll work hard. We wish the best for him.’

“But until they’re really clear about it, it just sounds like a lot of gobble gobble turkey stuffing which, to my mind, doesn’t send the right messages internally or externally.”

JAWORSKI: “There’s no question when you look at Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick, you have two rock solid quarterbacks. You’re not going to be wrong no matter what choice you make, but I do not believe Jim Harbaugh can go back to Alex Smith right now.

“He’s committed to Colin Kaepernick. You start waffling back and forth on your quarterback, teams begin to take a side. Kaepernick is the guy.

“And Trent, I agree, there were three bad plays in that game made by Colin Kaepernick, but also he needs some help as well. There was a potential game-winning touchdown pass that was dropped.

“He’s a young, developing quarterback – there are going to be some highs and some lows, but I think at the end of the day the dimension of the running ability and the deep-ball accuracy that he brings makes him, to me, the unquestioned starter for the 49ers.”

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