Ziggy gets the call to the 53-man roster

Receiver Dominique Zeigler, who dominated on the practice squad like none other the past two seasons, got a much-deserved promotion today.

Zeigler was signed to the 49ers’ 53-man roster. The 49ers waived rookie tackle Kirk Barton to make the roster space available for Zeigler, a first-year player who went undrafted in 2007 out of Baylor.  Zeigler caught 54 passes for 741 yards and three touchdowns as a senior.


Offensive coordinator Mike Martz dropped some hints on Friday that Zeigler would get the promotion. Zeigler said he had heard the whispers, too. But he said he wasn’t going to call his family until he got on a plane to Arizona.


He can make that call now.


Zeigler has been playing X (or split end), as well as the slot position. He distinguished himself last season on the practice squad with what seemed like a weekly highlight-reel catch. He credits playing baseball as a youngster for his good hands.


“You have to catch the ball in baseball or it’ll knock your teeth out,” he said.


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It’s Hill overload here.


I just wrote an article on quarterback Shaun Hill, who is getting ready for his first start of the season. That will be in tomorrow’s paper.


In today’s paper, I wrote primarily about receiver Jason Hill (no relation to Shaun).


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