10 offensive players from the Combine who have talents the 49ers need

UTEP offensive lineman Will Hernandez participates in the 40-yard dash at the 2018 NFL Scouting Combine on Friday, March 2, 2018, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Gregory Payan)

The offensive players finished Saturday, and the defensive players will finish Monday.

The NFL scouting combine is almost over.

Through the first two days of the combine, 10 offensive players emerged as particularly good fits for the 49ers’ offensive scheme. These are those players.

Note: Players who skipped part of the speed testing or agility testing don’t qualify. For the purpose of this exercise, those players still are unknowns. We’ll learn more about them at their Pro Days.

1. Will Hernandez, G, UTEP.

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  1. The 49ers wont be in a position to take players pegged 1rst or early 2nd this draft. If Lynch takes Hernandez or Williams it will be the result of trades up/back.

    It’s a shame because I usually like alot of players pegged 33-40. But we did get Garoppolo. :)

  2. I assume Isaiah Wynn was left off because he didn’t run?

    Connor Williams makes a lot of sense to me. But the lack of pass rusher depth is making me think they will take a DE in the 1st round. They can get an OL later.

      1. Can they though? Pass rushers are at a premium. Obo isn’t great, but he will be one of the better ones available. I highly doubt he gets out of the second round and is probably a top 40 pick.

        1. Pass rushers always are at a premium. NFL.com projects Okoronkwo as a fourth or fifth-round pick. I think he’ll come of the board around pick No. 70.

          1. Yes, exactly. They always get taken early. This year supply of good ones is very low.

            I have seen other sites saying he will be a top 20 pick. CBS for instance. And there are plenty of others that say he will be a first rounder or early second.

            1. That’s an overstatement. When the Pro Days numbers come in, the supply won’t seem so low.

              Okoronkwo is a fourth or fifth-round prospect who will get taken at the beginning of the third round, just like Yannick Ngakoue in 2016.

              1. Really doubt both statements. The supply is low because there just aren’t many good ones available. If pro day #s are making the supply look better its because teams are desperate for edge rushers and convincing themselves the athletic traits of a player are enough.

                Okoronkwo is already being discussed as a first or second round pick in a lot of circles. That is where he will go.

              2. Every year, people say the supply of edge rushers is low. But you can usually find one in the third round.

                Show me a player who fits Okoronwko’s physical profile that went before the third round.

              3. “But you can usually find one in the third round.”

                Or in the fourth round (Carl Lawson).

                Who is this year’s Lawson?

              4. Lawson fell due to a significant injury history. This year’s Lawson will be Josh Sweat.

                Obo won’t be falling.

              5. No, he won’t be falling. He’ll get picked in the third round. He won’t climb any higher, despite what CBS tells you. They told everyone last year Zach Cunningham would be a mid-first-round pick, and you believed them, even though I told you he’d be a late second.

              6. Good call. Sweat tested well today.

                About Okoronkwo, I don’t see 1st round. Mid 2nd to early/mid 3rd.

              7. Sweat is another guy who will be available in the third round. The Niners will have options. They won’t reach for an edge rusher in the first round.

              8. If the 49ers don’t take a DE in round 1 then Sweat is definitely a guy I can see them taking in round 3, so long as his knee checks out.

              9. Middle of the road.


                “Despite his long injury history, Florida State defensive end Josh Sweat has not been given any failing medical grades at combine exams. Sweat has well-documented knee issues which go back several years, but I’ve been informed he’s been stamped with a middle-of-the-road medical grade, which is not a major red flag.”

      2. Dude!!!!!! We are not using a draft pick on a qb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        we already used our 2nd rounder this year on one……(JG)
        and a 3rd rounder last year………CJB
        we have a franchise qb………
        Shanahan is on record saying the only positions he’s NOT looking at out qb and fb……….

        c’mon man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yep. I came to that same conclusion awhile back, mostly because of supply and demand (both the draft and free agency).

      In the previous blog post, Mid posted a PFF analysis of the top 100 draft prospects and they had Chubb (edge rusher) listed at number 21. Landry was first at number 8 followed by Arden Key at number 12. I found that surprising, but I think it is because their analysis of each player includes their entire college career.

      1. I saw that. I believe they are basing their ranking on what each player’s top end level is. Chubb is a consistently good player, but his top end isn’t as dynamic as Landry or Key. I think they said something like Landry and Key were as dominant as anyone not named Bosa or Garrett at their best, while Chubb was never quite as dominant.

  3. It’s interesting that so many fans see Niners drafting a QB next month. I don’t get the logic. With starting QB set, and a backup who has had some game experience, I just don’t see them carrying 3 QBs in the 53. There’s no way they will dump or trade CJB after one year of development. If they need to replace the practice squad guy, then they can get a UDFA. Considering that the draft is a crap shoot, Niners are better off drafting two edge rushers rather than a mid-round QB in this draft.

    1. Mood
      But Grant keeps insisting he’s not a fan.
      I’d guess somebody for the PS as qb3
      I found some of the projections for where guys are drafted surprising. Hernandez and ?Williams will likely go in the 1st. Sutton has some concentration drops but I doubt he lasts until bottom of the 2nd.
      Also, assuming a particular individual at a priority position will be there later is risky bidnez.

      1. Yeah, I wasn’t referring to Grant — he’s too exalted to be a fan, but not too exalted to be a critic.

        I think the Niners realize they cannot plug the pass rush hole with FA because the market is going to be weak. Hence, they brought in a pass rush specialist to focus on coaching up the current players and draft picks.

    2. Yeah Mood. Agree with you on this.

      Nick Mullens is already on the practice squad and they will probably bring in another camp body (UDFA) for competition. No way should they waste a mid-round draft pick again.

  4. Good read.

    3. He’s good at blocking too. I’d be worried about his hammy though, he missed games because of it and tweaked it at the Combine.
    7. I think he’ll end up in the 1st round.

  5. Mulling various possibilities the 49ers could trade up for Chubb. It’s very unlikely. Too many trades and picks would have to fall perfectly picks 1-6. Time for me to make peace with the idea Chubb won’t be a 49er.

    The good news – Trade back opportunities open if there’s no top 8 run on quarterbacks. And the choices at pick 9 are looking good.

  6. I’m thinking they try to address Edge first. Can they get help at CB a bit later? Or CB and OL in FA. A good corner can make pass rush look better, and vice versa.
    D. Armstrong’s 40 time will raise eyebrows, and folks will want him to run again at ProDay or indie workouts. Polian was saying a Wide 9 prospect needs to run a 4.6 or better. I suppose that may hold for Leo position as well.

  7. I always dream big. if Buffalo will give us 21 and 22 for 9. and if Cleveland will give us 35 and 65 for 22. then we can take 21-isaiah oliver cb, 35 braden smith g, 59- Leighton van der esch lb, 65 duke ejiofor de, 70-rb of your choice ( I like chubb and penny), 74- wide receiver of your choice (I like gallup) ,124- Austin Corbett ol , 134 jayln holmes de, 170- andre smith lb, 201-jeremy reaves db, 214- ethan wolf te

    1. One more trade scenario is the Cowboys who desperately want a Safety. They might trade up for Derwin James.

  8. Hey Grant, Interesting approach on the QB. You cherry pick a ‘noodle arm’ QB prospect, add him to your list knowing he has arm issues, then suggest the 9ers will take him–and then throw Shanahan (and CJB) under the bus. What gives with that? Any prospects on the defensive side that you’re down on and wanting to add to your ‘needed talent’ list so you can target Shanahan–the glorified OC as you called him?

  9. http://walterfootball.com/combine2018stockDL.php

    “Dorance Armstrong didn’t get off to a good start Sunday, as he ran a 4.87 with a 1.70 split. Those numbers weren’t great, but he improved from that point onward. Armstrong was stellar in the drills, looking very fluid. Then, he posted a 7.12 3-cone time, which is a strong figure for a 257-pound linebacker.”

    “Teams have had second-round grades on Landry, but I wonder if this will allow him to sneak into Thursday night.”

    “It was disappointing that Josh Sweat didn’t run the 3-cone, but he made up for it elsewhere. He started with a 4.53 40 with a 1.55 10-yard split. He then destroyed the drills, and followed that up with a 10-4 broad jump and a 39.5-inch vertical.”

            1. Me neither. The pass rushers in this class as a whole are not impressive at all. If the 49ers stick to BPA at #9, it won’t be a PR unless a video comes out featuring Chubb with a gas mask right before the draft.

  10. Walter Football needs new sources, lol:

    “Sources” say that Landry is smaller than his listed numbers of 6-foot-3, 250 pounds, too. They believe he is an inch or two shorter and weighs in the 240s, which makes him more of a linebacker’s body type for the NFL.

    Well …. I call BS! Landry came into the combine in great shape, he measured in at 6’3″, and topped the scales over 250 lbs (252), and looked awfully impressive throughout the event. I like this prospect a lot, and had him mocked to the 49ers a month ago. The All-American missed a large portion of the 2017 season due to a severe ankle injury, but he’s as pure of a pass rushing prospect as there is in this years class, IMO.

    1. Maybe 93% game film, 7% combine (2% medical / 2% physical measurements / 2% events / 1% interviews), give or take?

    2. “And I can’t imagine why an offensive lineman would ever need to execute a broad jump…”

      It’s a way to determine lower body strength.

      1. Exactly the Broad Jump and vertical give you an idea of how explosive a player is. This translates into push at the LOS.

  11. Hey Grant, how about that kid out of Texas, ILB Malik Jefferson in the 4th? I remember you mentioning him a while back but I don’t remember the context. He sure delivered at the combine, right? 6’3″, 236 lbs, 4.52 40, 36″ vert, 125″ broad, 25 reps on the bench. I’m not sure he gets out of round 3.

    1. Free agency might not have the glamour of years past, but there could be more surprises. Cap strapped teams could release unexpected free agents, but also offer cheap trade deals like we got with Boldin and Garoppolo.

      1. Yiadom 4.53. Excellent time for a big man that can turn and locate the football. Very rare in today’s corner.

  12. A few things:

    I’m not a Will Hernandez guy at all. I hope the 49ers don’t take this guy.

    I have heard everyone saying Courtland Sutton is a 1st round pick. I personally wouldn’t select him that high but why are you thinking he will drop to the 2nd round?

    Also, another “draft expert” was saying an NFL scout that covered Gesicki says he won’t be able to block anyone in the NFL since he was a terrible blocker in college. He’s the best receiving TE in the draft but supposedly he’s awful in the run game. Not sure where you got your info on his blocking ability but you may want to confirm it.

    Same draft expert says the buzz at the combine was that Orlando Brown had the worst workout they’ve ever seen and he may drop to the middle rounds. Not sure he fits Shanahan’s style but if a guy like that drops to the 4th round don’t you think the 49ers have to take a flyer on him?

    1. Why are you not a Will Hernandez guy?

      Sutton will drop because he’s not fast. Happens to a good receiver every year.

      Gesicki is stronger and longer than Kittle. Has the traits to be a good blocker. Teams will ask him about his blocking during interviews.

      Brown definitely does not fit Shanahan’s system. The Niners shouldn’t take him even with a seventh-round pick.

      1. When it comes to lineman I put a premium on the Power 5 guys. IMO Hernandez looks better than he is because he went against inferior opponents. He also has the death knell for O Lineman – short arms. I’d definitely take the guy but not in the 1st or 2nd round. I think he belongs on an NFL roster. Just don’t think he’s worth a 1st or 2nd round pick. To me, he has valuable reserve written all over him.

    2. I agree Houston, from what I have been taking in is Hernadez is an inside zone power type of player – it doesn’t fit Shanny’s outside zone.

      Also agree that Gesicki cant block anything but air.

    3. Houston:
      * Why will Sutton drop to 2nd Round? This “draft expert’s” analysis explains why
      * Weaknesses:
      Play speed feels non-threatening
      Faster cornerbacks squat on routes and consistently contest his catches
      Route wiggle is average and feel gradual rather than sharp
      Has tendency to coast by on size and scheme over pattern effort and technique
      Defaults to bodying smaller cornerbacks rather than working for cleaner windows
      Doesn’t show much separation burst on first and second levels
      Inconsistent ball skills when adjusting late to throws
      Won’t scare defenses with catch-and-run
      Can’t get it cranked back up for yards after catch if he has to slow feet
      Struggled to get anything going against quality competition like TCU and UCF
      * https://www.nfl.com/prospects/courtland-sutton?id=32462018-0002-5600-18de-e88c26b17c1c

  13. Grant,
    I know you will be covering D tomorrow but I am curious what you think of Shaquem Griffin? As a coach I would love to have this guy on my team, as much for his intangibles as his play. Do you think he can play inside in the NFL? Do you believe his hand or lack there off will hinder him in the NFL?

  14. I think pending what happens in free agency, Ward has officially put himself in the conversation at 5’11 and just ran a 4.32 40. Only an inch shorter then lattimore but more athletic.

  15. Derwin “St.” James, broad 11′ / vert 40″. He runs a 4.40 and the 49ers take him at #9. Ronnie Lott 2.0.

    1. Derwin has great tape. The kid makes very few mistakes and takes great angles to the ball carrier.
      Seeing that he played a lot of snaps close to the LOS, I’m wondering if teams might look at him as a WILL linebacker. He’s only 10lbs lighter than the typical weight for the position

  16. Every year the so called experts say the combine doesn’t affect a players draft stock and then they overreact to workouts and let it affect their opinion on a players draft stock.

  17. Link below to a key paragraph from David Lombardi’s article on Adam Peters in the Athletic about one key way the Niners use analytics for scouting:
    Niners are one of the leading users of analytics-based services in the league. While Marathe started that work a decade ago, then now have multiple analysts looking at both business and football data analytics. Wonder how the Paraag-haters feel about it ;-)

  18. I still think after the dust clears through the first 8 picks, Derwin James will be the bpa at #9, and Lynch pulls the trigger. Over Jackson, Ward, Edmunds, Smith, Landry, Davenport, Williams, or Wynn….

      1. Trumaine Johnson would allow them to take a guy like Holton Hill later on to develop, and add veteran stability to the secondary. A few F/A LB’s available, along with depth at the position in the draft. Getting Norwell would allow you to target a later OL to develop. Pass rusher can be addressed at the top of the 3rd with players like Sweat, Turay or Oko, with the pickings so slim in F/A and at the top of the draft….

          1. Giants can’t really outbid us, MWD. If the 49ers really want him, there’s not a damn thing Gettleman could do about it….

    1. I like James, but I just don’t think the 49ers can use their first round pick on a position they already have a starter they like (Tartt).

      The pick will be an OL or DE, unless they fail to land a top CB in FA in which case they will go CB round 1.

        1. James “can” play FS the same way Tartt and Reid can play FS. He is not the SHS this system needs. He is much better as an in the box safety. 49ers have that spot covered.

              1. His hips were oily during drills. He beat Thomas by nearly 2′ with his broad jump of 11′. James is bigger and stronger, but just as explosive. Probably why he’s compared to Eric Berry….

              2. Watching his tape I came away thinking he looked good, but not as good as Jamal Adams last year (though not much in it). James is more reliant on his athleticism – not syaing he doesn’t have good instincts because he does, but Adams was top notch in this regard. I didn’t see a guy I think would be a great SHS. He would be a good FS in a 2 deep system, but otherwise he is better off playing SS imo.

                I think he would be an absolute beast at SS for the 49ers. To the point they could almost play more dime than nickel if they took him and Foster gets suspended as expected, with Tartt also playing down near the LOS. But in the end I think the presence of Tartt makes James a luxury pick. Much like I think Edmunds is a luxury pick.

              3. James is more athletic than Adams, but he’s still growing as a player. I feel like James is the better player available over Edmunds, combined with position value, not to mention saving the team $8 million….

            1. Dude are you really trying to compare him to Earl Thomas? Lol! Just stop man. By the way Eric Berry is not on the same planet as a healthy Earl Thomas. James is good but it makes no sense for the Niners. They got a very capable box safety in. Tartt. 2 soild options at Free Safety. Edmunds, Smith, Ward, Ridley in that order. Unless by a miracle Nelson is there.

              1. From Mayock. “I look at Derwin James and thought a little of (Chiefs All-Pro) Eric Berry…”

              2. RAW,

                He’s not the same type of player that Thomas and Berry are but he is just as talented. He’s a Strong Safety who can also play the weakside LB spot. He’s going to be a very good pro.

              3. James isn’t at his ceiling. He’s going to grow into something very special. Can’t take Edmunds over him.

              4. James is an Alpha Dog leader in the clubhouse, and a culture changer. Similar to Ronnie Lott.

        2. We already have two starter quality FS’s. James can play single high, but his best position is in the box. I don’t think having James play at single high wouldn’t be enough of an upgrade to justify taking him at #9.

  19. There are not taking James. He is not even in the discussion. Pending how free agency boils down Edmunds, Smith, Ward( This ain’t Balke making the picks regarding shorter arms). If T Johnson goes to SF it eliminates Ward. Edmunds makes WAY too much sense. Can play all 3 different LB spots. Niners are in need of LB help more then ever. James doesn’t even come into the discussion. A wild card could be Ridley if they don’t address Wr in free agency.

    1. Not so fast. James can play LB on 3rd downs for Saleh, and he and Tartt could be interchangeable Safeties. They’re never gonna give Ward a long term contract with his injury history, and that saves them $8 million. Colbert has proven he can be a good backup at safety and in a pinch, cornerback. Best way to build is with bpa, and James was a top 5 pick prior to the injury. He’s a gifted athlete that Zierlein compares to Eric Berry. He’s most assuredly in the conversation….

    2. Only the QB’s are out of the discussion. Every other prospect is in the discussion. Could be Edmunds, James, or anyone else. It’s wide open for this team.

  20. Shocker – The Las Vegas Raiders released Aldon Smith.

    The main concern at this point is the well being of the parties involved. First, the victim. But also Aldon. The longer he’s on the lam, the more I think he will do even more self harm.

    I joke about “Ricky Rivenga” but the big picture shows how tragic the whole substance abuse thing is. His football career was over already. Now it’s a question of his well being. I hope they are both OK, and Aldon finds a healthy path.

    1. To compound the tragedy, I think Aldon was one of the most gifted pass rushers in history.

      People wrongly give 100% of the credit to the T&E stunts with Justin because when Justin got hurt, Aldon’s sacks went way down.

      I’m a huge Justin Smith fan, but if it was all Justin, why didn’t Haralson and all other edge rushers next to him break sack records as well?

      But Aldon badly hurt his shoulder/labrum in that same game vs the Patriots. His hand punch was never the same.

      He had a weird offseason after that. Rumors about re-injury during boxing training and whether or not his surgery was authorized by the team made me wonder if the injury accelerated the substance abuse.

      1. B2W,
        Aldon was a talent with the 49ers but owed a lot of his success to Justin Smith who allowed rushing lanes for AS because he was often double teamed.

        I felt that the sin city raiders would be a good landing spot for Smith, but it’s obvious that he needs a professional mental help.
        That said, some team will feel that Smith is salvageable and sign him.

        1. Justin Smith’s a stud. One of my favorite 49ers ever. Chrystal Ball – If I had to choose between a young Aldon or a young Justin, I’d choose Justin. A player only has value if he’s playing.

          Any DE/OLB playing next to Justin Smith will have bigger sack totals. Those T&E stunts were a work of art. Loved them. I’m not challenging that Aldon (or any edge player) would benefit playing next to Justin Smith.

          But when Justin got hurt in the 2nd half of the Pats game, Aldon’s career changing injury in that same half went relatively unnoticed. Mainly because Aldon played through it for the rest the game, and likely the rest of his career.

          I remember the play. Aldon was trotting off the field with his arm dangling like a rope. Forced himself to return the next series. Brady caught fire. We almost lost. Aldon was a shadow of himself the remainder of the game/season/career.

          It quickly became a league wide fad to attribute 90% of Aldon’s sacks to the T&E stunts with Justin. The distortion is now cemented into NFL history.

          Also overlooked is that T&E stunts take skill from both players. The way Aldon could bend his huge body through cracks in the offensive line was supremely athletic.

          Aldon had a great variety of moves, going back to when he was tearing up college offensive lines at the age of 19. One youtube (since deleted) he abused the entire Colorado line (including Nate Solder) with edge rushes, inside rushes, bull rushes, rip moves, swim moves, hustle sacks. Teenage Aldon looked like a man playing against boys. A pass rush savant.

          Haralson’s Sacks Playing next to Justin Smith
          2008 – 8
          2009 – 5
          2010 – 4
          2011 – 2 part time

          Aldon’s Sacks Playing next to Justin Smith
          2011 – 14 part time
          2012 – 19.5 In only 14 games. No sacks after Aldon’s shoulder/labrum injury.

          1. Thoughts

            – 49ers would have killed the Ravens in the super bowl if Justin/Aldon played with 4 combined arms instead of 2 combined arms.

            – Aldon initially tweaked the shoulder vs Chicago a few weeks before the Pats game. Be he messed it up more in the Pats game.

            – Clearly it’s not just injuries sunk Aldon Smith. Substance abuse became the main problem. But I wonder if the substance abuse intensified in part because of the injury.

  21. Watching the Combine right now. I hope the 49ers pass on McFadden. Slow as me and his hips are as stiff as a china plate.

  22. !@#$!!! Every DB I am wanting to see how they look in the throwing drill keeps getting cut off to instead show Eisen and Mayock running their mouths. 😖 No one gives a rat’s @$$ about seeing how fast their lower jaws can move up and down.

    1. Watching the last few days on live stream. They do their yackity yack or cut to commercial during drills. Then show the drill area during lulls in the action.

      It’s what wrecked Monday Night Football. They talk about everything but what’s happening on the field.

      1. For me, the combine and lead up to the draft is so much fun, and like an oasis in the offseason desert sands.

    1. Doesn’t matter. The combine is about the interviews. The underwear Olympics will have no bearing on where these guys get drafted.

      1. More than just interviews, but I agree that it is only 10% of the evaluation process. I think the teams are 90% set with respect to film and scheme fit evaluations coming into the combine….

      2. “The combine is about the interviews.”

        It certainly helped Foster. His enthusiasm was mentioned.

        “The underwear Olympics will have no bearing on where these guys get drafted.”

        I wouldn’t go that far. An extremely good or bad performance could impact a players stock. Medical tests are important for some players.

        1. Medicals absolutely. Workouts no. The only stock the combine affects is draftniks and fans. I heard Polian laugh at this idea of stock going up and down during workouts. It’s a media made thing that scouts and teams pay no attention too. They scout these guys for months, some years, and a workout that has no relation to football in shorts doesn’t have a bearing on the overall grade these guys get based on the film. All it is along with the pro day, is a way to see if what the player looks like on tape corresponds with the numbers at the combine.

          Good article on it here:


          1. Medicals absolutely. Height, weight measurements too. So many colleges fudge those stats.

            Its sucks to study footage of a player, thinking “he moves great for a guy 6’5″, 270″ and later it turns out he’s 6’3, 255”

      3. “No bearing”” at all? Umm, no. Does game film generally trump the “underwear olympics”? Yes, if your talking about which is more important of the two. Game film is far more important. But that doesn’t mean the combine doesn’t boost some draft stock and hurt others. Trust me, it can, and it does. Every year we see guys rise or fall after the combine. Not everyone mind you, but yes, it has some bearing, the degree of which is up for debate.

        1. No you trust me. The rise and fall is based on people on draft web sites and fans such as yourself, putting too much emphasis on the result of the combine. The combine drills are more important to the media and fans than the teams.

          The only things at the combine that affect a players status within a teams scouting circle are the interviews and medicals. If a player looks good on film but tests badly at the combine, the film will always win out. That’s why as badly as Orlando Brown looked at the combine, he will stay be a day two pick at worst because the kid didn’t allow a sack this year.

      4. Nobody bases their decision on what a guy did in shorts in Indy. It’s game film, interviews and background checks. The only thing anyone takes out of the combine workouts is whether the drills correspond with what they see on film. If the times and drills don’t fit what they are seeing, they will still take the film over the Combine numbers every time.

        1. Nobody bases their decision on what a guy did in shorts in Indy.

          Byron Jones leapt from a Day Three pick to a first round selection after his performance at the Combine.

          1. Not really. He was a good player and well thought of. The problem was his injury the year he declared for the draft.

            In 2015, Byron Jones went viral with his 12-foot-3 broad jump, setting a new world record. Jones, who missed much of his senior year with a shoulder injury, was suddenly being talked about across the country. Jones may have already been worthy of a late first-round selection without his world-record performance, but that gave him even more face time with the national media.

            There are workout warriors who have been chosen based on athleticism. Pretty much all of them have been busts in the NFL.

        2. Anyone who drafts a players solely based on the combine is a fool. Scouts tend to trust what they see on film. But trust me, the combine does hold some weight in that it can “tip the scales’ so to speak, one way or the other. Player HAVE risen and fallen due, in part, to combine performances. That’s simply a fact. And if the combine meant absolutely nothing, these GM’s, HC’s, and scouts would find better things to do with their precious time, than spend an entire week in Indy every year.

          1. Film will always be the most important. But if a player does poorly at a drill, the scouts might go back and rewatch their film with a keen interest in the area that they struggled with.

          2. As I and some others have now mentioned, the workouts give them a chance to see if the athleticism matches what they are seeing on the field. It does not make them change their mind if they like what they see on the film. None of these drills involve football related activities which is why it’s a running commentary that they should change things to incorporate more football centric testing into it.

            The whole “rising and falling stock” nonsense is a media and draftnik creation. Most of the teams have an idea of what they like or don’t like about a player before the combine and running around in shorts doesn’t change that. They are there for many reasons, mostly to meet these players face to face and talk to other people around the league. With pro days on the horizon most of the stuff done at the combine will be irrelevant if a player improves upon his performance.

      1. Bad change of direction and was noticeably stiff in the hips. I thought he did okay in the gauntlet, but he had a couple of body catches.

  23. Marshon Lattimore: 6′, 193 pounds, 31 1/4 arms, 4.36 dash.

    Denzel Ward: 5’11”, 183 pounds, 31 1/4 arms, 4.32 dash.

    Josh Jackson: 6′, 196 pounds, 31 1/8 arms, 4.49 dash.

      1. Still think Jackson is a better fit in press coverage, but Ward is no slouch there. Their height and arm length are closer than I thought they would be pre-Combine.

        Interesting numbers comparison with Ward and Lattimore. Lattimore is everyone’s 2017 redraft darling now, but he didn’t have the desired length.

        With Jackson coming in shorter than expected and looking tight today, I would go with Ward.

            1. He could add 10 pounds of muscle to his frame, but I think he’d be best suited to play his first year at NC until then for us….

        1. Interesting numbers comparison with Ward and Lattimore. Lattimore is everyone’s 2017 redraft darling now, but he didn’t have the desired length.

          Correct and although we feel he would be a good pick in a hypothetical redraft, he doesn’t fit the preferred measurements they are looking for in a CB for this system. That’s why I can see them going hard after Trumaine Johnson in FA. These types of CB’s are hard too find.

            1. No argument and they could go with a CB that doesn’t fit the ideal prototype if the player is just too good to pass up.

          1. How does that happen? Was the first run hand timed? If not, was there an error in the electronics. Was the clock started too late. Did Jackson have a false start.

            1. Apparently the disparity between his two times prompted them to take a second look, and consequently deemed it appropriate to adjust his official time to 4.56.

              1. So there was some kind of error. They should do that for everyone since the goal is to get the most accurate number.

              2. I’m sure they do, it’s just they actually hit on one with Jackson. Most don’t change too much.

  24. Daniel Jeremiah’s top 50 prospects for 2018 NFL Draft
    By Daniel Jeremiah
    NFL Media analyst
    Published: Jan. 23, 2018 at 08:47 a.m.

    1 Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State
    2 Quenton Nelson, OG, Notre Dame
    3 Tremaine Edmunds, LB, Virginia Tech
    4 Bradley Chubb, DE, N.C. State
    5 Minkah Fitzpatrick, S, Alabama
    6 Sam Darnold, QB, USC
    7 Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA
    8 Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio State

    9 Vita Vea, DT, Washington Vea is a massive defensive tackle prospect with remarkable power, quickness and agility. He’s a dominant run defender, routinely resetting the line of scrimmage against both individual blockers and double-teams. He’s quick to shoot his hands, latch on and toss opposing blockers before quickly pursuing the football. He has rare lateral range for a 340-pound defender. He also flashes the ability to use his quickness to split gaps and create negative plays. As a pass rusher, he has a nasty slap/swim move. He can roll his hips and generate pocket push with his power. There are times where he plays too tall and consequently gets controlled. That can be improved. Overall, Vea is a more athletic version of Haloti Ngata and should quickly emerge as a Pro Bowl player.


  25. Jennifer Lee Chan

    Edge rusher 40 yard dash times:

    UTSA Marcus Davenport 4.61
    BC Harold Landry 4.65
    NC State Bradley Chubb 4.66

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    ‏Verified account
    Follow Follow @TBBuccaneers

    Marcus Davenport just posted a 4.59… He could be a top talent that’s still on the board at 7, what do you guys think of him?

    1. You’d be drafting him based entirely on potential. Very risky. I don’t have balls that size to take him top ten.

  26. TomD’s Take: Would love to see him in a 49er uni.

    D.J. Chark – WR, LSU (6’3″, 199)
    Building on an already solid post-season (one of the stars of January’s Senior Bowl), Chark had a fantastic day on Saturday, running fast (4.34), jumping high (40″ vertical), showing smooth route-running ability and displaying great hands. With his unique combination of size, speed, and pass-catching ability, Chark is making a strong case to be considered one of the top 3 receivers in the draft.

    49er Webzone

    1. Trumaine Johnson, Witherspoon, Tartt and James is one hell of a secondary on paper. James can blitz off the edge in a very aggressive nature thanks to his Alpha Dog personality. He’s the perfect blend of talent and culture changing player Lynch needs, and being a former safety, he knows the value of the position. He was very high on Adams, and athletically, James is better. I could be right, but I’m probably wrong. We’ll see. Lots of moving parts coming up soon….

    2. Just my opinion, but we don’t need another”box safety”. Tartt can do it, so can reid if they resign him. We need a ballhawk safety. We haven’t had one of those since Merton Hanks. We have had some thumpers. But hell I want Ed Reid, or Troy P, or Eric Berry. Guys who’s 1st thought is turnover, not kill the pass catcher. Then there is Earl Thomas, who can do both.. but we need a ballhawk. A guy who’s 1st priority is get the ball back to the offense.

        1. In Saleh’s D, how much does he use the safeties as a chess piece? Not much – their roles are pretty fixed. The chess piece is the Leo.

            1. He isn’t going to be the Leo in this D. Reid and Tartt at SS were used to blitz occasionally. That is the role James would play in this D if the 49ers draft him. But I really doubt they will.

              1. Lynch was extremely interested in Adams. Athletically, James is better and I doubt they wouldn’t be interested in him. It would be irresponsible given he’ll probably be the best player available at pick #9….

              2. See razor, that is your opinion of him being the best available at #9. He doesn’t even have the stats of Jackson. Maybe more athletic, but the best athlete isint always the best player.

              3. James is top ten on most draft boards and mocks, and the ones that don’t will be after they make their post combine adjustments….

        2. Razor, I wasn’t viewing him as that. I just read what #80 put and responded. I have completely no idea what James can do. I haven’t watched anything on him. It’s why I’ve never disputed your position. It’s why I only go to bat for my guy Jackson. It’s because I’ve seen some games and you tube video. Good and bad. It would be nice to have a cb who can shut down half the field.

  27. Maiocco – “Source: NFL teams were just sent a memo indicating that the salary cap for the 2018 league year is $177.2 million.

    Up from $167 million. Contrary to popular belief, cap raises are not good for teams with excessive cap space. It diminishes the relative value of their exiting excess cap space, and reduces the number of players cap needy teams are forced to release. It also jacks up the price of the free agents.

    The increases does allow cap short teams to retain players they otherwise would be forced to cut/trade.

  28. I was off by a tenth of a second on Josh Jacksons 40.. Still my guy at cb. There is something about being a ballhawk and potential shutdown nfl corner

      1. I have to disagree. While his performance wasn’t the greatest, it wasn’t bad either. With that said, I think he is a second round option.

        1. Ball skills were there, but movement skills were less than impressive. Looked uncomfortable in hip drills and back pedal transitions, plus he was guilty of being stopped in at least three consecutive exercises, or it sure seemed like it….

  29. For those wanting Denzel Ward or Josh Jackson, the fact the 49ers are reportedly very interested in signing Trumaine Johnson should indicate they don’t intend to use their first round pick on a CB unless they are forced to. I fully expect them to bring in the starter opposite Witherspoon via FA.

      1. Not fast enough? 4.9 40 is faster the Richard Sherman. I’m not saying we will draft him. But I am saying he’s top 15

  30. He didn’t run the 40, but Quenton Meeks showcased some excellent agility in tests for his size. Can see him being of interest in the mid rounds, if he lasts that long.

  31. Should the draft unfold in similar fashion:
    1. Darnold
    2. Barkley
    3. Chubb
    4. Fitzpatrick
    5. Allen
    6. Rosen
    7. Vea
    8. Nelson
    9. ?

    Derwin James is the next best player available. A secondary without a field general, as John Lynch knows all too well, is a recipe for mediocrity….

    1. This will likely change several times between now and the draft, but I’d go for Edmunds at 9.
      If Foster gets his act together, Edmunds moves to Sam. If Foster turns into a pumpkin Edmunds can play other linebacker spots. (James provides flexibility too)

      1. Aren’t you in a way counting on Foster’s leadership if you’re passing on an absolute Alpha in the locker room that can change the entire culture, like James?

        1. I need to know more about James. Sounds like an absolute stud. Look great in today’s drills.


          If Foster settles his private life and has a long career I’m seeing his role as more of an “energizer” than leader. Keeping people upbeat. I hear Foster has good film study and meeting habits. Is a plus in the linebacker room. Not sure about the leader part.

          1. If you’re not sure on Foster’s leader part, it’s no wonder because it’s been on full display this off season.

      1. We can get a LB in a deep class, as well as sign a vet. Edmunds can’t contribute against the pass like James can, and James can lay the wood. There’s nothing Edmunds can do that James can’t. James is a special specimen at a position of hire value in a passing league, plus his intangibles of leadership, culturally changing the locker room with Alpha dog mentality….

        1. “We can get a LB in a deep class, as well as sign a vet.”

          We can get a S or not (already have one).

          “Edmunds can’t contribute against the pass like James can”

          It’s going to be Trumaine and Tremaine.

          1. S/LB/CB actually you can’t find a guy like James later in the draft or in F/A. Ward isn’t the guy. We need a guy back there. A field general. That guy is Derwin James….

    2. I doubt it unfolds that way. Barkley has reportedly ascended to the top of the Browns draft board, and the Broncos are wanting to move up. It wouldn’t shock me if the Browns draft Barkley and then James if they keep both picks.

      1. I think based on James’ Alpha Dog personality, and leadership intangibles in the locker room, the way he delivers the blow, and his size, I think I would take James over Fitzpatrick if it were up to me….

  32. Question to all: If…
    1) The big four non quarterbacks Barkley, Chubb, Fitzpatrick, Nelson are gone by pick 9
    2) Ward, Jackson, Edmunds, R. Smith and James remained on the board

    What’s the minimum it would take to get you to move out of pick 9?

    My minimum is a 2nd rounder. I’m liking the unique athleticism mocked around pick 9. And these are genuine players, not just potential guys. It might look close to us, but I think Lynch/Shanahan will have a favorite among Ward, Jackson, Edmunds, R. Smith and James once free agency settles down.

      1. I have no idea. I haven’t even seen one game breakdown of James. Everything I hear about him is positive. Loved his workout today when you realize how big he is.

      2. Is Derwin James a safety or corner or a safety who can convert to all 4 positions in the secondary?

        They moved me around a lot. I can do it all,” James said. “I can play deep, I can cover a No. 2 (wide receiver), I can cover the tight end, I can play in the box, I can blitz. Whatever you need.”

        As James put it, team’s told him he “plays great” in man-to-man coverage.

      3. His best position is box safety, but he can play FS, slot CB, and possibly CB and ILB when necessary. And you can blitz him occasionally.

    1. I think it boils down to Edmunds or James at pick #9. I don’t see Ward or Jackson as top ten players. I think Lynch with his safety background, and desire to instill the right cultural mentality, makes James the apple of his eye….

        1. Colbert is a good backup, and Ward along with his $8 million would be released. Reid was never coming back.

      1. Thinking it would take more than a 3rd rounder to get Lynch to budge from 9 if his eye apple was on the board?

  33. https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2013/10/1/4787546/the-seahawks-and-multiple-defensive-fronts

    Why Landry doesn’t quite fit.

    “But Clemons can flat-out rush the passer, and Carroll wants a dynamic pass rusher on the field on all three downs, not just third-and-long. The downside is that Carroll has to find a way to protect an undersized pass-rush specialist against the run.”

    Why Chubb fits.

    “It’s really hard to find 4-3 DEs who are stout enough to play the run on first and second down and then get after the QB on third  down”

    “Against San Francisco, Seattle always sent Red Bryant to the weak side of the formation, and lined him up as a five-technique over there (sometimes a 4I, which is on the inside shade of the tackle). That meant that the LEO would have to play the strong side.”

    1. That isn’t a reason why Landry doesn’t fit. He is capable in the run game. It is exactly a tick in the box as to why Landry is a good fit.

      1. Notre Dame owned him in the run game. He will probably get pushed back by larger lineman early in his career. He’s not a 3 down player right now.

          1. There’s a difference between being hurt and being injured. Landry may not have been at his best early in the season, even though he didn’t use it as an excuse, so it couldn’t have been serious. Then he gets injured weeks later. This could suggest that his ankle problems will be chronic (sometimes not too serious, sometimes he will miss games). His burst may have a short shelf life too.

        1. He hurt his ankle against Virginia Tech, then rolled it against Virginia. The Virginia Tech game was on October 7th. The Notre Dame game was on September 16th. And if you don’t beleive me, here’s the man himself.


          “I had five sacks in six games and in the sixth game of the year my ankle got messed up,” he said. “I tried playing through it against Louisville the next week, played through it. Then the next week against Virginia on the first play of the game I rolled it again and they shut me down.”

          Nice try though.

          1. And before you say they didn’t report his injury, why would Landry say his ankle wasn’t messed up before the Tech game? It would be a nice excuse.

          2. Good grief. Just chill. As I have stated several times already, my college studies have cut into my leisure time. Because of that, I haven’t had the time to do to fully assess games or game film as much as I usually do.

        2. I’ve watched that game and saying they owned him in the run game is a bit of a fallacy. He wasn’t good, mostly because he made some mental errors/ lack of discipline setting the edge, but he wasn’t “owned” either except on plays where ND doubled him with their two first round talents.

          Landry would not be drafted to be a top level run defender. He would be drafted to be a pass rusher. He just needs to be competent in run D. I think he has the skills to be competent in that area.

          1. “I think he has the skills to be competent in that area.”

            But how long will that take? And how long will he be able to rely on his speed rushing given his ankle problems? Will he be a 3 down End for only two to five seasons starting in 2019 at the earliest?

            1. If he isn’t capable of being an every down player by year 2 I would be surprised. Beasley is a full time starter for the Falcons.

              Keep in mind that the way the 49ers D works he would have plenty of support against the run, and he would be the weakside DE.

              As for relying on his speed rush, I anticipate his go to rush will revolve around his speed rush his entire career. He will need to develop his hand usage and counter moves, but the same can be said about a lot of pass rush prospects. His speed rush however is elite.

              1. I hope you’re right because as much as I hate to admit it, there’s a chance we take him at #9 or after a trade down.

              2. I initially was not much of a fan, as he lacks refined hand usage (or much of any hand usage half the time), but the more I watched of him the more I started appreciating what he can do. And the more I started thinking about how he would fit in this D, which really allows the Leo to be an attacking player like Harold.

            2. So what if He’s not a 3 down player. Even if He is only a sub package player playing 2 downs, that’s fine. His job would be to get the defense off the field on 3rd down. Ala Charles Haley.
              That is an extremely important skillset and one the team is laking.

              1. He’ll have to be really good at that situational role. NFL.com mentions his effort level not being the same as 2016 and that was before the injury. He’s not a slam dunk prospect.

              2. That situational role puts on the field 60 percent of the time
                Or more. So he has to be a very good as a pass rusher. Which the tape indicates he is when healthy, as he generated pressure against everyone.

          2. ND put McGlinchley and Nelson on Landry because he was getting good pressure against a nobody (sorry Razor). Prior to that adjustment, Landry was getting stood up and pushed out against the run.

          3. I’m a proponent of looking at the entire resume rather than just the latest info. Landry fell off a bit this past season, but the previous year he was a monster. 16.5 sacks and only two games in which he failed to register one. A bad ankle explains the drop off so as long as the medicals show this is not a chronic injury, he has to be in the mix for the Niners at that spot.

  34. Rumor floating as combine disperses is that the 49ers are the favorites to land Trumaine Johnson. Now you add James and all of a sudden that secondary is a paper lion….

    1. What many fail to realize is nowadays most foil hats are made of aluminum. Aluminum only prevents 52% of your thoughts from being stolen by aliens from Tralfamador.

      That’s why people started wearing bell bottoms in the 70s. Bell bottoms were a Tralfamadorian practical joke.

      Workaround is two layers of foil. No holes in the crinkle. Make sure temples are unexposed. Discard for a new foil hat every 7 days. Every five days if your exposed to alot of AM radio.

    1. It’s rumored to be a deep draft. I think teams with older quarterbacks (Chargers, Saints, Patriots, Giants) will try to snag a developmental quarterback later in the draft.

    1. https://247sports.com/nfl/san-francisco-49ers/Bolt/49ers-showing-heavy-interest-in-combine-star-Josh-Sweat-Report-115858128

      Landry wingspan, 78 7/8″
      Sweat wingspan, 84 1/8″(Creates more space against OL)

      Landry Forty 4.64
      Sweat Forty 4.53

      Landry Vert 36″
      Sweat Vert 39 1/2″

      Landry Broad 119″
      Sweat Broad 124″

      Landry 10 yard split 1.59
      Sweat 10 yard split 1.55

      Looking forward to Sweat’s 3 cone drill at his pro day, and go from there. It looks like Sweat should be there at the bottom of the 2nd round, top of the 3rd, and perhaps a player of interest to the 49ers….

      1. Landry is the better pass rusher though. I like Sweat, but he doesn’t play up to those measurables most snaps. And of course there is his knee. If they don’t get Chubb or Landry in round 1, Sweat is the guy I want end of round 2 or early round 3.

        1. If they want Landry, then there’s little difference between 9 and 15. Shouldn’t make a difference to the 49ers, but I wouldn’t take him that high, and certainly not over James. Maybe they do….

        2. Kylie Fitts posted the exact same agility results (3-cone, Short shuttle) as Harold Landry at 11 pounds heavier.

            1. Nope, too many medical issues for him to demonstrate any consistent production level. I’m just pointing out that there are guys with the same physical attributes that will be around in the bottom of the 2nd top of the 3rd round. If they deem Landry worth a top 10 pick, then I’m fully on board….

              1. Yeah the injuries are a huge consideration when looking at the possibility of drafting these guys later on.

                I don’t know how the 49ers feel about Landry, but if he had come out after the 2016 season he likely would have been a lock for the top ten or higher.

              2. Yea, Landry was in the top 10 last year for sure, and I think James was top 5. Key was there too.

          1. The problem with Fitts and Sweat is that they dont have the on field production.
            When healthy, Landry appears to be the best pass rusher in the class, averaging more than a sack a game. The combine numbers showcase why he was so productive.
            Sweat and Fitts have great numbers but “meh” level production. That raises questions on why their production level was so low with that level of athleticism.

            1. They both have had medical issues. Landry was a top pick prior to the 2017 season. I suppose you could do a lot worse at #9, but I’d take James if given the choice between the two….

            2. That raises questions on why their production level was so low with that level of athleticism.

              Because football isn’t played in shorts with no contact.

              1. Yeah, most guys shouldn’t move much on the boards from Pre Combine to now.
                Combine gives opportunities for warnings; medical, interview.
                Physical tests either provide confirmation or Go-backs. That’s when data at the Combine makes the scouts and personnel guys go back and look at the tape again. Or test them again.
                Fans’ boards fluctuate wildly. Media boards do too. Teams’ boards less I think.

              2. Bingo!

                Just looking at the film it is obvious why. Landry has an excellent ability to not only beat the OT to the corner with his speed, but then most importantly turn the corner on a dime while either presenting little surface area for the OT to knock him off course or using his arm and strength to keep the OT off him.

                Basically, what Landry possesses on the field that the tests don’t highlight is balance and coordination as a pass rusher, as well as a highly developed technique in his speed rush.

  35. So the folks at Walter say the arrow is pointing up for Jackson, but they wrote this.


    “Joshua Jackson didn’t have the best testing numbers. His 4.56 wasn’t horrible, but it didn’t help either. His 3-cone time (6.86) was worse. He also didn’t look comfortable at all in the field workouts, as he looked sloppy. I’ve had Jackson in the top 10 of my 2018 NFL Mock Draft, but that won’t be the case anymore starting Tuesday.”

    Should I drop this site?

      1. Probably. That’s the thing though. Their analysis and projection seem right, but they have him trending up. Typo maybe?

            1. Like I said, he was trending up. In other words, that was the way his arrow was pointing before the Combine. Today they may indicate he is trending down.

              1. But it’s a Combine stock report based on his stock after the Combine. The other player’s Combine performances were cited as the reason their stock is up or down. For example.

                Tre Flowers, S, Oklahoma State

                “He’s getting a stock-up arrow because of his field workouts, which were very impressive.”

                Stock down example.

                Mike Hughes

                “The primary reason he’s getting a stock-down arrow is because he struggled in the drills, as he looked pretty stiff.”

                So Jackson’s up arrow has nothing to do with his pre Combine stock.

    1. #80,

      Take Walter Football for what it is, and don’t put much credence into their views on individual players. Draft sites are fun for mock drafts and having a list of players to refer too. They don’t know much more than we do and in this example, they are obviously letting a workout affect their judgement.

  36. http://draftanalyst.com/combine-notes-day-7

    “The belief is that Andrew Norwell to the New York Giants is a “done deal.”

    “The same is being said about Kirk Cousins to the Minnesota Vikings- “done deal.”

    “As previously posted last week, Trumaine Johnson is likely to end up with the San Francisco 49ers.”

      1. Kirk Cousins to the Minnesota Vikings helps us.

        Bummer re Norwell, who would have been a great addition at a need position. An instant improvement in our offense. Interesting the Giants (20th in cap space) can afford Norwell over other teams.

        It makes sense for the Giants. They won’t feel forced to take Nelson over Barkley, Chubb or (hopefully but unlikely) a quarterback. They’re buying draft flexibility with cap space.

        Pure Speculation Warning

        – Maybe Lynch simply doesn’t want to spend the money Norwell’s expecting, which was speculated to be above the franchise tag for offensive linemen at $14 million. At least for the first few years of the contract.

        – Maybe Lynch has a trade back deal in place with the Bills, with the intention of grabbing Isaiah Wynn at 21.

        – Maybe Tony Pauline is doing typical internet echo chamber speculation, just like I am right now.

        1. We might target Pugh.

          Not sure if Richburg would be willing to go to a team that wants him to play G, but he has experience there. That would be a good signing with the idea of Richburg taking over C in the future.


          “As a rookie last year, Richburg started 15 games at left guard.”

          “Richburg played impressively as a rookie, but Flaherty believes he can take a big leap forward as an NFL sophomore.”

          1. I think the team drafts a guard. They have met with Hernandez and several other OL prospects that could start at OG.

            1. They should meet with Nelson. He could fall with all the QBs, Chubb, and Barkley. The Bears could go with Ward to replace Fuller.

              1. Typically teams meet with players they have questions about it are missing some information on.
                I don’t think there are many questions Nelson needs to answer.

  37. Derwin James is a safety (period), sure he can play corner or slot or cover tight end depending on situation. But I seriously doubt he will line up at CB like Ward did. He will excel in a defense that moves safety around a lot like Pitt id with Troy back in the day. Don’t we have 4 decent safeties???

    We don’t need a safety and surprise some on this board carry on about it. We obviously need an edge. But we also need a back up plan at LB. I would take Edmonds assuming his tape matches up and projected to take Eli Harold’s SAM spot

    1. I don’t think it’s aggressively prudent to pay $8 million for a part time player like Ward, and Colbert is a backup safety/cb. I would take Nelson, Chubb or Barkley and then James before I would any other player….

  38. Value wise this draftclass looks better than next year so i would trade up for Nelson if he gets past the top 3 and try to make a deal with the Browns and swap our first rounder with them and give our 3th rounder ,and our next years first rounder.
    This would be a huge addition for our o-line and protection for Jimmy G.

  39. Since watching the combine I am going to pull off my earlier #9 wish of Roquan Smith and start to agree with everyone else that Tre’ Edmunds should be our pick if we stay in the top 10. After watching him in the drills he looked very fluent and athletic where as Smith couldn’t even do the drills after the 40.

    1. Fascinating.
      I thought I was the biggest landry fan here and even I cant justify taking him with both Nelson and Chubb on the board.
      I don’t hate the idea of taking him at 9 but certain players need to be gone for me to agree with the pick.

      1. I am on the Chubby side of the edge rushers. Its really hard for me to get my head around this mock but it does bring an element of surprises.

  40. Since free agency happens before the draft its kind of silly putting much time into mock drafts. For that reason I have put together my mock FA signings.
    #1 Kyle Fuller CB This should be our one and only high priced signing
    #2 Josh Kline G
    #3 Trent Murphy DE\OLB
    #4 DeMario Davis ILB
    If this was our FA class we could zero in on a pass rusher in the 1st Rd of the draft.

    1. Don’t forget it is being reported the 49ers are the favorites to sign Trumaine Johnson. I should also point out that it is probably very unlikely that the 49ers sign Murphy given his four game suspension will start once he is healthy enough to play.

    2. Agreed old coach. I state who I would like them to pick but that’s it. You have an all pro guard who will be hitting the market, so that puts a ? on drafting an o-lineman
      CB’s that are good in free agency.
      That are a need. Who knows, but I hope they go with Edmunds. This guy would be huge for the defense with or without Foster. Gotta grab him if he’s there.

    1. I’ve been saying they needed to look at the WR position for awhile now, so I’d be fine with it. My favorite was Adams from GB but as he is no longer available, Robinson would be a good option. Apparently the Jags have decided not to tag him.

      1. WOrd is he won’t be. Jax is looking to keep their other reciever.
        I just think the cb and O-line would be best for free agency.
        A stud at guard and you have three choices for an upgrade at cb.
        Kids a monster but I think we will be fine next season with the receivers we have. I think it would be worth taking a shot at a big bodied reciever in the draft and hope he pans out.

        1. I don’t think the 49ers pay big money for a WR. I think they’ll devote the big money to Trumaine Johnson, let the dust settle and pick up an OL, LB, RB, etc….

        2. They have the money to sign Johnson and Robinson. Doesn’t have to be one or the other. The FA Oline options are slim, especially if Norwell is going to reunite with Gettleman in NY, but they could sign somebody there too.

    2. If they sign Robinson I will be very curious to see what they do with Garcon. Because that’s the spot Robinson would play I expect.

      I really like Robinson so I will be happy if they get him. But still don’t really see him as a needed pick up.

      1. That’s the beauty of many of the team’s contracts. We have a club option after this season. We’ll have Garcon while Robinson is still adjusting to the offense (Robinson will miss a lot of the off season). Then, if Robinson looks good this year, Garcon will be gone. Garcon is also the kind of guy that could and probably would teach Robinson some tricks of the trade.

        I’m a little concerned throwing big money at Robinson and his knee. But he has huge upside for years to come. I’m on board.

        1. Robinson expects to be good to go by TC. His ACL tear was clean, and early in the season, so he is probably right. I doubt he misses any games due to existing injury concerns.

          I understand Garcon can be let go for minimal cap hit after this year. But I don’t imagine either Garcon or Robinson would be happy being the third outside WR for a year. So that would likely mean Goodwin gets shuffled back to #3, bit then the 49ers won’t have a true deep threat in their standard formation.

          I think it was Biderman that compared Robinson, Garcon and Goodwin to Jones, Sanu and Gabriel. But he is off base. Neither Robinson or Garcon bring the speed element that Jones does. Shanny likes to have a speed guy to stretch the field.

          1. I don’t think Robinson would miss any games barring an unforeseen setback. I was referring to him adjusting to Shanny’s offense without having a full offseason. Agree that Goodwin would be #3.

          2. Not an exact comparison obviously, but there aren’t any Jones’ out there so you try and find the closest alternative available. Robinson, Garcon and Goodwin would be a good group imo and Goodwin in the Gabriel role would be fine with me.

      2. Not needed necessarily but a very talented player they can get in his prime who will be a building block long term. As far as how he fits this coming season, I think he would play the Jones role even though he is obviously not at that level. He was a big play receiver in 2015 and the Niners would probably put him in that position here. 3 WR sets with Robinson, Garcon and Goodwin would be formidable.

        1. I wouldn’t complain with that trio, certainly. But when they go only 2 WRs I think Robinson doesn’t provide the downfield threat Shanny has typically employed.

          1. I don’t know about that. Robinson is a big play guy and made a lot of them a couple of years ago. I think Shanny sees a guy who will win the deep ball battles more often than not.

            1. Well, for what its worth, most reports agree with you regarding Robinson being a downfield threat. But when I watch him he doesn’t get a lot of separation – although he is good in contested situations.

  41. There are going to be some good options at #9. My preference is to trade down, but if they can’t, they’ll have their pick of some pretty good prospects. Landry, James, Jackson, Edmonds, Smith could all be options but I think OT could be the way they go if McGlinchey and Williams are still on the board.

    1. Barrows feels the 49ers pass rushers board looks like this: Bradley Chubb, Davenport, Arden Key/Harold Landry.

        1. Agreed.
          Chubb provides is better all around player and Landry is the best pass rusher in the draft. The problem is I believe there is a big drop from Landry to 3rd best edge rusher.

          Key has character and work ethic issues. Davenport is explosive but not flexible and is a little to raw in my opinion. He needed better combine numbers to move up the board.

    2. I’d like a dramatic trade down like the one Grant mocked. Pick 9 for the Bills 21+3rd+2019 1rst. Then go offensive line at 21.

      I’d shy away from shorter trade downs for an extra 3rd or 4th. I’m really liking the athletic talent that should be at 9. It would take alot to make me want to budge from pick 9.

        1. am with you on the Fuller being the best CB out there…….just wished he was taller……

          .I would move Ward to CB and see how it plays out……instead of investing big $$ in TJ who I think is just above average

  42. Rocket,
    I’m a big fan of Edmunds because he is a very good player already and has a high ceiling. I like that Salah will have the ability to use him in different packages.

    But I tend to agree with you that if either McClinchy or Williams and add Wynn are on the board either of them could immediately help stabilize the O-line.

    Looking at all the possibilities at 9, I would be OK with who we pick. Only thing is, I believe we will trade out with Bills, thereby making the 9th pick a moot point.

    1. AES,

      A trade back would be ideal in this draft. All depends on how the QB’s come off the board. I hope it happens, but if not, there are a number of good players to choose from at #9 as we’ve laid out.

  43. Post combine 4 Rd Mock with trade and FA acquisition of CB Tremaine Johnson.

    SF trades #9 for the #15 & #47 pick. Arizona take Baker Mayfield at #9.

    #15 Marcus Davenport Edge. Hopefully a double digit sack machine
    #47 Equanimeous St. Brown. Plays with equanimity and provides a redzone target and a tough matchup.
    #59 Royce Freeman RB. Workhouse that has speed, size and agility. The 2 guys faster than him in the 20yd shuttle, are 25lbs lighter.
    #70 Austin Corbett 305b G that ran a strong 20 yd shuttle, and fits the mold of a Shanahan OG. Strong intangibles
    #128 Uchenna Nwosu Developmental prospect that will add depth to a thin LB corp

  44. Mike Sando (after speaking with executives at the Combine) mentions Jadeveon Clowney as a player that could be traded.

  45. on the defense we need two starters – a pass rushing OLB on the edges and a CB……..I will take Edmunds in the draft ……….and move Ward to DB…….

  46. Two ESPN writers envision Malcolm Butler landing with 49ers
    1 hour ago • 1 comment
    By David Bonilla

    The latest panel for ESPN NFL Insiders asks writers where New England Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler might land in free agency. Two of the writers predicted he would end up with the San Francisco 49ers. The only other potential destination mentioned multiple times were the Houston Texans — also with two votes.

  47. 49ers expected to target receiver Allen Robinson in free agency, per reports
    5 hours ago • 2 comments
    By David Bonilla

    The San Francisco 49ers are expected to target Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Allen Robinson when he becomes a free agent on March 14, according to multiple sources including our own Al Sacco.

  48. So, w/o hesitation (since the 49ers are taking care of 2 needs CB and WR via free agency) Leo would be the logical draft choice, and since Chubb will be gone there’s more than one way to get to the QB, which I’ve posted before.

    The other way (barring a trade) is to draft Vita Vea, and slide someone else over to the Leo, perhaps Dumerville and Pita could split time there while Vita Vea destroys the interior–he’s also played DE.

    UW’s Vita Vea shows off ‘scary’ explosiveness at NFL Scouting …


  49. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Another impressive guy, @MikeMayock’s top rated interior DL, Vita Vea runs a 5.11u 40-yard dash! Gonna wreck havoc in the backfields. Watch #NFLCombine on @nflnetwork today and tomorrow

    7:49 AM – Mar 4, 2018

  50. https://247sports.com/nfl/san-francisco-49ers/Bolt/Report-49ers-to-target-Allen-Robinson-Sutton-a-draft-option-115902163

    According to this report if the 49ers don’t land Robinson they will target Courtland Sutton in the draft. This tells me they see getting a big WR as a bigger priority than I expected. Makes me wonder if Garcon’s recovery may not be as straight forward as people are expecting. If they want a big WR that badly then they should do whatever it takes to get Robinson.

    Also of note, the articles indicates the 49ers are also very high on Harold Landry.

    1. Garcon may be contemplating retirement. Neck injuries can be complicated, and his position takes big hits. According to Barrows, he has Davenport favored over Key/Landry after Chubb. Out of those three, I’d pick Landry….

      1. It’s possible but everything I’ve heard has been positive regarding Garcon’s recovery and he’s been a vocal recruiter for the team on twitter.

        I think the Niners just want to up the talent quotient and WR is one of the few positions in FA that features a #1 caliber player who is just entering his second contract. Robinson gives them a bigger, big play WR that can also help in the red zone potentially. Will be interesting to see how high they are willing to go.

        I’m not a fan of taking Sutton that high but if they can trade down he’d be an option. Not surprising they’d be interested in Landry as he’s the best fit at that spot to fill the Leo hole.

        Best case scenario for me: They sign Robinson, Johnson and Pugh or Sitton, then get Landry after a small trade down. Not likely I know, but that would be a home run for me.

  51. The 2014 draft is widely considered to have been one of the strongest drafts for WRs in a very long time. And rightly so – it produced a lot of good starting WRs. Yet strangely, 4 years down the track, there is a very real possibility that only 3 of the 12 WRs taken in the first two rounds will be on the same team that drafted them next season. Very strange that teams have been willing to let the likes of Cooks, Benjamin, Watkins and Matthews go already, with Robinson and Landry looking very likely to leave this offseason. Richardson, Lee and Latimer haven’t had as much success, but are also FAs and good chance of leaving.

  52. Top pick should be someone to protect our Jimmy G. If we lose Hyde, I like Sony Michel, 2nd round, Ok. State has a top big guy WR in Ateman I would like to see in red and gold as well might fall to 3rd round.

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