2 Bums in a Pod Episode 1: Assessing the 49ers’ option at pick 13

Check out my new podcast with Ryan Sakamoto: 2 Bums in a Pod. In our first episode, we discuss which player the 49ers should draft with the 13th pick. Enjoy.

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  1. Abbott and Costello. Talk about your overthinking a draft pick. Lamb, Juedy or HR3. Get one of ’em and then trade back at #31. You guys act like it’s rocket science or something….

    1. I love me some Neville Clarke. What does the great Mr. Razor say?

      I can’t find his 40 time which is probably why he is going to be a day 3 pick haha. But is he not Sherman?

      Also UCF been putting out some solid CB’s in recent memory.

      1. Let’s go Mr. Longbottom 4.56 is solid compared to what I was guessing it would be! Thanks Seb where did you find?

    1. Unfortunately my audio was crystal clear well past 12:39, and I imagine it would have been all the way through had I made it to the end….

  2. Yeah, I stopped listening to the podcast after they mocked NYGiants Oline player Will Hernandez’ short arms.
    While they giggled, I thought it was a Beavis and Butthead moment.

  3. Grant, could they do the unthinkable and go back to the well on the D line for a fifth time? A player like Kinkaw perhaps? Also, if so, do you think there is a Buckner type tackle in this draft, how do you see the D line prospects overall?

    1. Raekwon Davis is about as close to Buckner as you could get on day 2, but we’re not a 2 gapping defensive front. We’re looking for penetrators at 3t like Blacklock, or Elliott….

  4. Sakamoto was terrible. Like he was afraid to even answer a question for fear of being contradicted or shown up.
    This was difficult to watch. not informative or entertaining. Just . . . bad.

  5. Did Arik Armstead name your podcast?!??!

    Hahaha…I hope you can laugh at that too! Also I used to read Sakamoto somewhere but he ain’t around anymore?

  6. One thing I heard them talk about, that brought back memories of Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders competing against each other in practice and how it helped push both to be the best, including the 9ers SB win over the the Chargers.
    Rather than trading down with pick #13, draft WR Ruggs. Then use draft pick #31 plus Pettis, Goodwin and if needed, James, to trade up with Mia. for CB CJ Henderson. While I’m not trying to compare either to Sanders, or Rice, it’s possible they could duplicate that same dynamic, and push each other to be the best.
    The questions I ask myself:
    1) In the event of an injury, would the 9er coaching staff feel comfortable putting in either Witherspoon or Reed?
    2) Is there another WR in the 2020 draft that has Ruggs speed, that Shanahan’s system needs, to take the top off the D and open up the middle of the field for the other receivers?

    1. GEEP,
      That thought has good merit – “iron sharpens iron.” Rice and Sanders were the best at their positions, no doubt their practice match-ups were prodigious. But Rice and Sanders were already All-Pro players before they faced each other in practice.

      In Ruggs and Henderson they would be starting their careers. But to your point, they could bring out the best in each other for years to come.
      Who knows, it might just shake out the way.

    2. “Is there another WR in the 2020 draft that has Ruggs speed, that Shanahan’s system needs, to take the top off the D and open up the middle of the field for the other receivers?”

      Yes, any receiver that can run in the low 4.3’s can threaten defenses down the field.

      Also, I think this is a common misnomer. Shanahan’s offense has never really pushed the ball down the field (I also thought it did until looking into it more recently). Instead he prefers to attack with deeper intermediate routes when throwing down the field… this also suits Jimmy’s game better and doesn’t require world class speed.

      1. Don’t even need to run in the 4.3s to threaten deep.

        You are spot on as to how Shanahan likes to attack teams. Not a lot of really deep passes. Usually more than what they threw last year to be sure, but yeah, mostly short and intermediate with guys running into space. But he does like to have guys that scare you a bit deep to open up the short and intermediate areas as well as the run game.

        1. “Yeah, to play in this offense*, you’re going to have to be able to push the ball down the field,” quarterbacks coach Rich Scangarello said.

          *Shanny’s offense.

            1. One of Shanny’s offensive strength’s is in his design of taking those “bomb” or deep shots downfield off of play action to exploit coverages. It opens up those underneath concepts in the passing and running game.

              Shanny’s game plan seems to me to be centered upon forcing the opponent into predictable actions. Once he has you reacting he has you, because he’s able to predict your next move. It quickly becomes a never ending series of unfortunate events for the defensive coordinator….

          1. That sounds good but the numbers don’t bear that out. In terms of deep pass attempts, his offense is routinely in the bottom third or the league. Even his high powered offense in Atlanta didn’t throw that many deep balls.

            1. I’m just telling you that Shanny wants to take his “bomb” or deep shots along the perimeter. Another way he opens that up is by tightening his formations to create that space to go over the top with speed….

      2. Juedy’ route running alone can get him open past the deep coverage.
        He’s not a blazer, but he can get open and past the secondary. He could definitely be a pick to take the top off.
        I doubt he will be there though, he’s got Jon Gruden pick written all over him.
        If Ruggs slips to them and Lamb amd Juedy are gone, and they pick him they should just cut Taylor. No need for a busted up slot that can’t stay healthy sucking up money and time.

        ===Subject change while on talking about injuries===
        Time to trim the fat on this team. Last season they were relatively healthy compared to the past 5 years.
        Goodwin, Perttis, Taylor and JM
        Have got to go, and if Dee Ford doesn’t start all games by the trade deadline ship him off too.
        I’d say Kwon also.
        But I have a feeling his injuries are in the past from now on.

  7. Ever since the super bowl everyone wants Ruggs because 3rd and 15th Tyreek Hill. For some reason people here and at NN think he need to draft a player like Tyreek Hill. Funny how that works.

    I like HG3 but are you going draft a WR1 at #13 that is going to see 75-80 targets a year?

    1. “WR1 at #13 that is going to see 75-80 targets a year?” James

      Absolutely! Because Ruggs opens up the field for other weapons. Ruggs doesn’t need to haul in a boat load of receptions, the attention he receives will allow Deebo and Kittle more opportunities. Our offense is not in the dumpster it was in a few years ago. We no longer need to count on one or a few players to carry the team.
      Ruggs would not need to carry the offense, he just needs to catch a few passes per game to make his presence felt. Even with a few catches, Dcords would still need to account for him at all times.
      I don’t know if the other WR’s in the draft can create that type of attention.

      1. If you draft a guy at #13 overall to be your 3rd or 4th receiving option that is bad value.

        Also a lot of people are thinking Ruggs can make an impact in the extended running game aka short passing game, but we went out of our way to keep McKinnon for that reason.

        1. This offense doesn’t have a bell cow. Even with the best TE in the league.
          This offense is about distribution and what the defense gives, you take and exploit.
          So taking Ruggs wether he catches 80 balls or 300 is a wise thing.
          He’s a prolific playmaker.

          1. i agree prime! james is wrong….as usual. in 2018 TH ( tyreek Hill) had more yards than Micheal Thomas in 40 less receptions! Quality over quantity all day long baby! Ruggs will unlock this offense with out a doubt! Listen to the talking heads talk about why we lost the SB! They will tell you that KC safety playing at the LOS ‘cuz they didnt respect the deep ball! Playing on the LOS to counter our run game….with no fear of anyone going over the top! That is why GK burnt ’em on the deep rout right b4 halftime and ES was open on the long ball JG over threw at the end of the game.
            A guy like Ruggs will make the safety’s back off and respect us more!!! This will help the run game as well as free things up for Deebo and Kittle!!! Not to mention HR is just that……HOME RUN potential every time he touches the ball!!!!
            Pettis runs great routes……look how that played out! We dont need another route runner like JJ or a guy whos only good trait is ” tough after the catch”…….’cuz that is Deebo’s best trait!
            Worst case scenario is HR ONLY replaces Goodwin as the speed guy…..witch this offense does desperately need…..but the best case scenario is he’s Tyreek Hill 2.0!

            JJ and CDL scare me because they dont have any elite physical traits!!! being good at running routes!!!???? Really??! How about catching the ball or running after the catch…..at least CDL is good at that, even though its not in the SEC.
            Weather or not we get HR at 13…….i still like guys like Pittman later and the kid from AZ.
            The filed is clogged up short-medium with rb’s, Kittle, Deebo, KB…….and basically every other wr on our roster….Hurd/TT- slot guys……..what this team is missing is a burner!!!!!! straight up!!!! Id rather go Oline or defense at 13 if its not HR!!! We dont need another guy who plays near the LOS (line of scrimmage) …..it will only clog things up and invite the S’s to play close

            1. Not sure Tyreek Hill would be the same player on Shanahan’s offense. Just because he runs two tenths of a second slower without pads on doesn’t mean he can’t stretch the field.

              Our offense is designed for quick throws. Go look at Jimmy G’a draft profile! What was his best attribute coming out of college?

              You make it seem like Ruggs is going to run a deep route every play and everyone is going to be chasing him and leave Kittle and Deebo open. Shanahan’s offensive genius opens things up. The reason we lost super bowl is because The Chiefs made plays when it mattered most.

              1. you miss the whole poind dude! HR wouldnt have to run deep every play!!!! You clearly dont understand football! The THREAT of him going deep on any given play…..would force DB’s to back off pre snap….Like sherman does every play…..you give space to fast guys…..!!!
                RN, cbs and S’s play up on us…we have no speed, nothing that pumps fear into the D! they attack….I guy with HR speed would would make every play be like play-action…..the D pauses, reads…..THEN reacts. JJ is more a a finesse player…..a top tier slot guy!!!! The only way HR could be more perfect is if he were 6’4 220!!! But we have Hurd, Kittle and KB as big body wrs……we need that speed! Goodwin cant be relied on……and he tips out hand anyway……everyone knows to watch out for him. HR would be on the field more…..so hes more likely to catch the D off guard

              2. Sherman backs off because he plays zone and he sits back and reads the QB and then supports in run if necessary.

                Teams don’t play man every play, it’s a lot of zone coverage and combinations of both.

                “JJ is more of a finesse guy. A top tier slot guy”

                Is that not what Emmanuel Sanders is? Are we not trying to find a player that can make an impact like Sanders?

                Also you keep saying that we need Ruggs to open things up, but the thing is Shanahan’s system, game planning, and playcalling make it so guys are always open.

                I like Ruggs and if we do draft him Shanahan will find ways for him to make an impact. But Jeudy will make a bigger impact from the start and our super bowl window is now.

              3. james, have you ever played sports!About half of what you say is true….but it seems as if you only watch sports….your opinions are from the eyes of someone who watches sports…but never actually played.
                Playing OF in baseball….the first rule is: when the ball is hit …YOUR FIRST STEP IS ALWAYS BACKWARD!!! the only exception is if your %1000 sure it is hit in front of you!!!! The simple reason is that it is much easier to run forward to make up ground! That first step is critical! If you take even half a step forward on a ball that is hit over your head……your in trouble! the odds of you getting under the ball for a catch are dramatically reduced!
                This translates to football…..and basically every sport.

                Elite speed has the secondary and possible LB’s as well on their heels! What you say about Sherm is true….but your ignoring the factor that he’s ALWAYS giving up speed ( meaning the wr is faster) if he wasn’t always giving up speed to the wr…..he’d probably only play 5 yards off instead of 8-10.

                Who was the first wr Shany acquired ???! what was his main asset!!??? It was goodwin and his speed!!!!! A finesse guy who runs good routes was down the line ( Pettis)! Proof of what Shany values most.
                Yes Shanny is good at getting guys open…..so good he made it to the SB! But AR is good too….and he won the SB!!! What was the main difference in those offenses??? TH and his speed!!! In fact, our D was better…..but they still beat us! They crowded the LOS…..stopped the run…..and we got burned by their speed!

              4. Look at my picture. Do I look like someone that played sports?

                The difference in the super bowl was Pat Mahomes.

                Also elite speed does not win Super Bowls. Name me one player on any of the 49ers 5 super bowl teams or any of them Patriots 6 Super Bowls.

              5. James my boy!!! were making progress!! Now your comments are starting to contain SOME truth…..but still half of what you say is BS! It all makes sense now though…..because you never actually played sports…..your opinion is askew!
                The bad- Mahomes was NOT the difference in the SB!!!! JG outplayed him for 3 1/2 quarters! Then 2 things happened…..cris Jones started hitting JG in the head and knocking his passes down! No penalty’s were called…… ( and Pearson, who was responsible to block CJ got cut….and that is why im thinking Shany is gonna go Oline at 13…and wr at 31…especially if Ruggs is gone and/or a top Olinmen is there at 13…..but thats another conversation)
                The 2nd thing that happened was TH and SW burning us on double moves!!!!!! Double moves that worked perfectly and left our cb’s in the dust!!!!!! You see james …….both TH and SW are BLAZING FAST!!
                The good- Ill give you credit….the niners didnt have a true burner in their SB runs….as far as i can remember. John Taylor was fast…..but i dont think he was 4.2-4.3 fast. Maybe Walsh had a burner on the first 2 SB’s…..idk, i was pretty young….too young to remember.

                The pats had some fast rb’s who specialized in catching the ball…..but your right there too…….but your forgetting one key!!!!!!
                Walsh and BB are the 2 greatest coaches ever!!!!! and there old school!!!!!!!!!
                so….back in the olden times……you might not have needed elite speed……..or if your the greatest of all time….you might not need that speed!!!!
                But if your just a good coach in the modern era…….speed is your best friend! :)

          2. 80 grabs for Ruggs? With 75-80 targets that’s maybe 50-55 grabs at best.

            What about taking Ruggs at 13 if he is only going to get 50-55 grabs? Don’t see the value.

        2. James
          McKinnon? How many times did he see the field in the past 2 years? And what makes you believe he’s going to be healthy enough to see it this year?
          Definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting change.

            1. ” I trust Shanahan.”
              Did you trust Shanahan last year James, and the year before? How’d that turn out?
              Remind me again…. How many yards and TD’s did he get on IR?

        3. James,
          We also used 1st rd picks for Buckner (although different regime) and Thomas. Buck is gone and Thomas has been a marginal player. When these players were chosen the team was a dumpster fire bereft of talent.

          We now have substantial talent and whichever players we chose now only need to fill a couple of open positions – WR and DL.
          It would be great if these players can put up extraordinary numbers as rookies, but they don’t necessarily have to because of the good talent surrounding them.
          You already know how I feel about Ruggs. I believe that McKinnon has to earn the FO trust again before he can be considered a viable weapon.

          1. That’s true on McKinnon but the plan is and always has been to use him out of the backfield as a pass catcher.

            But you bring up a good point. He has to earn his spot. Coleman just solidified his spot on the team. Mostert most likely starter. Brieda seems like a trade candidate but who knows. Jeff Wilson earned snaps last year.

    2. James
      1) Did the 9ers trade for Sanders because they believed they needed him to get to the Super bowl?
      2) How many catches did it take KC WR’s to win the Super Bowl?

      1. 1.)Yes which is exactly why Jeudy will be the pick at #13. He can be Jimmy’s security blanket because of his ability to get open.

        Not sure what your asking in question 2?

          1. Pat Mahomes >>>>>> Jimmy G

            Andy Reid offense is way different than Shanahan’s offense. Shanny took his daddies offense from the 90’s and injected it with speed and various modern wrinkles. It’s very unique, you know like misdirection handoffs to your FB with an option pitch.

              1. So your question #2 is implying that one catch won the Chiefs the super bowl? If so you have to take into consideration the QB who dropped back 15 yards and stood up to take a hit while throwing the ball 60 yards. It’s not all Tyreek Hill.

            1. james says-” Shanny took his daddies offense from the ’90’s and injected it with speed”……BOOM!!!! Mic dropped as james makes my point for me …..in an argument………against……wait for it……………………………JAMES!!!

              Hennry Ruggs with the 13th pick!!!

              on a serious note now- wr has question marks for sure…….we will draft at least 1 wr b4 the end of round 3 for sure ( i know we dont have any picks in rnd 2,3 and 4…….trade down is possible)
              But the most glaring hole……the one job that is totally up for grabs with nothing but back ups competing for it as of right now……is right guard!!! If Becton or Wirfs make it to 13……..they will be the pick!!!! If either slips to 10….i could see a trade up!!!
              The key with these 2, and possible the top 4 Olinemen…..is that most believe they could play G/T……and that is huge for us! The biggest hole we have RIGHT NOW is RG ! the biggest hole we will have in the next 2 years will be LT and CB. Getting a starting RG RIGHT NOW…..and a LT of the future would be huge!!! Kills 2 birds with one stone. It would be much easier to replace a RG down the road than it would be to find a franchise LT!!! QB, LT, #1wr, #1 cb are the most valued positions…..and you have to draft em very high! Out of the 4….LT is the least likely to be a bust as well….so its a safe pick.

              I like Rugg’s speed……but a big wr that runs fast would be as good if not better…..and there are guys later, like Pittman.
              Another option would be to keep Goodwin for his speed and get a big body wr at 31 or later if we trade back.
              If its not Ruggs at 13……i hope its because an elite D prospect or Olinemen falls to us. if Okudah is there i take him…..or the Olinemen……or even Kinlaw or Brown wouldnt shock me

          1. Actually Ruggs to Raiders makes sense. Run the ball and play action with Ruggs, Williams, and Waller. Carr has a good arm.

            1. James
              “So your question #2 is implying that one catch won the Chiefs the super bowl?”
              Not even you are that obtuse James. Watch the video of the SB I provided you and count the number of times KC WR Hill burnt the 9ers.
              Glad to know your such a big Raider fan James, so why you wasting your time on a 9er blog?

              1. I counted 1 time Hill burnt the 49ers, which was because of an amazing throw by an MVP and future HOFer. The whole game plan was to keep the WR’s in front of them and it worked until halfway through the 4th quarter.

                Ruggs is a better prospect than Tyreek Hill hands down. But Hill is playing in an offense that tailors to his skill sets.

              2. James
                “I counted 1 time Hill burnt the 49ers, which was because of an amazing throw by an MVP and future HOFer.
                * You just insulted your own intelligence James. Count the number of times Hill moved the chains. Count the number of time he opened up the field for the other KC receivers and RB. As Razor said, “it’s not rocket science.”

                “you have to take into consideration the QB who dropped back 15 yards and stood up to take a hit while throwing the ball 60 yards. It’s not all Tyreek Hill.”
                Thanks James, What an epiphany…..”It’s not all Tyreek Hill.” You’re right James, it’s not all Tyreek Hill. So tell me something I didn’t already know. Then tell me who did your future HOF QB throw the ball to, who caught it and how you just proved my point. If you can figure that out, you’ll also understand what the others on the blog have told you….A receiver with Ruggs III speed hold the DB’s and opens up the field for the other receivers.
                BTW: Can you explain to the rest of us, how JG outplayed your future HOF QB for all but the last few minutes of the SB? Yea, Pat Mahomes is greater than Jimmy G….The same future HOF QB, Pat Mahomes, that LOST THE SB the year before….REMEMBER?

              3. The whole chiefs receiving core is comprised of elite runners. An elite thrower of the football. The NFL has not seen anything like it before. Ruggs would make the Chiefs even better.

                But the 49ers do not run the same offense and they have an entirely different QB. Your trying to argue that because Hill is really good on the Chiefs that Ruggs will be really good on the 49ers. I get that, but it’s not really a strong argument. Also your spending more time trying to insult me than prove your point with facts.

            2. I would disagree here… It would have made sense for the Raiders back in the Al Davis days but that nearly as applicable to these John Gruden WCO Raiders.

        1. James,
          I’d be happy with Jeudy, but can you (anyone) guarantee that he’ll catch more than 55-60 passes in his rookie season?
          We still have Kittle and Deebo that will likely get the lions share of passes. As good as Jeudy, CeeDee and Ruggs are, I don’t see them breaking any rookie receiving records, especially in Shanahan’ offense where he likes to spread the ball around.

    3. James,

      I dont think that is true.
      There are several on the board who have Jeudy and Lamb over Ruggs. In fact I don’t even consider them to be in the same tier.
      I have Ruggs at the top of tier 2 but I think he is fairly interchangeable with a few other receivers depending on what you like. Higgins, Aiyuk, and Jefferson are all fairly close to him IMO.

      Every year after the combine people go nuts for speed.

      1. Speed without a plan won’t get you much. Speed in Shanahan’ scheme can be devastating.
        If we are using Ruggs’ college stats as a barometer to model his pro game he won’t get a high grade. But a Shanahan, Ruggs combination can be pretty special for years to come.

        1. I have yet to see an offense that doesn’t have a plan to utilize speed… its why every year fast players shoot up the draft board.
          Some offenses just throw the ball down the field a lot more.

          1. “Some offenses just throw the ball down the field a lot more.”

            That goes along with what I meant by not having a plan. Shanahan is too creative to only use speed deep down field. Ruggs is a WR that Shanahan would move around on the edges or the backfield to create mismatches that will get him the ball as well as getting the ball to other WR’s. We don’t need a WR that’s going to minimize passes to Kittle and Deebo, just a WR that will be a great complement.

            The last real #1 WR we had was T. O., and it seems that we try to find one every year since. Shanahan is too great an offensive mind to rely on one WR. That would be tantamount to giving a great artist only one paint brush.
            That said, Shanahan will find what he needs in this draft.

    4. James… you make a good point, but Ruggs is fit for this offense. And I think would be a preferred target for Garoppolo.
      The speed and open field moves has YAC written all over it. Something Shanahan lives in his receivers.
      It wouldn’t shock me at all if Ruggs is number one on their list, even if Juedy, Lamb or anyone else is sitting there for the pick
      He liked Taylor for this role, before Hill exploded on the scene.
      It wouldn’t be to copy KC it’s just a player Shanny likes for his offense. Just hasn’t found him yet, or atleast one that can stay healthy.

  8. James,
    Sorry, I didn’t really answer your question. I doubt that any WR sees that many targets. But if any one of these WR’s can make a positive impact on your team, I beli,, ve you take him.
    There are only 3 elite WR’s in this draft, we need to grab one of them even if it’s at #13.

    1. Sorry, I think there are at least 18 WRs in the top 100 picks, and 10 very good WRs in the first 2 rounds.
      However, is there another Calvin Johnson in this draft? No.
      I believe there is a WR in the second round that may be good enough to make a positive impact on the team.

  9. Hey Sakamoto, no other team in their right mind wants Dante Pettis. As inept as the Raiders are, they would never trade their 1.12 for Niners 1.13 + Pettis. And he is not a good punt returner.

    Maiccoo: 49ers Mailbag: Why hasn’t Dante Pettis gotten chance to return punts? Dante Pettis was set to return punts on Monday night, but the 49ers changed their plan and decided to have Richie James active in place of cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon, who was deemed not ready to return. So it’s possible that Pettis, at some point, will be back there. Pettis returned nine punts as a rookie and he fumbled twice. He did not look comfortable catching punts. I’m not sure that his style is a fit for the NFL. Pettis was so good in college because he was a better athlete than almost anyone else on the field. He could dance to avoid tacklers. He returned an NCAA-record nine punts for touchdowns during his career at the University of Washington.

    In the NFL, that style generally does not work. The players are too fast, too agile and too strong. Punt returners have to get up the field and get up the field quickly.

    Richie James has been very good as a punt returner. He’s been one of the best in the league with a 9.3 average and no fumbles on a league-high 25 returns. There has been no reason for the 49ers to make that change.

    1. I doubt it was for criticism.
      There’s been a lot worse from others critiquing his posts and are still here.

      1. ninermd, its pretty weird. I always criticize grant…..because he’s always full of it. He did get his feelings hurt one year when he bet the farm on us drafting a cb in the first round ( harbaugh era) and ban me for rubbing his nose in it.
        He also banned me for telling someone who was talking crap ( bay are fanatic maybe??) that id meet him somewhere of his choice and give him a close up of the back of my hand…
        I did mention NN after telling him how sorry he was though…..maybe that was a trigger or something….idk

  10. Interesting. CJ Henderson or Henry Ruggs. Good arguments for both.
    Another -What if scenario. What if they had put in Richie James instead of Emmanuel Sanders. With his fresh legs, he might have had enough burst to get to the ball.
    Ugh. Baalke. Bet he chooses Kinlaw just so the Niners do not get him. If Wirfs, Lamb, Jeudy, Ruggs and Kinlaw are gone, they should trade back. Instead of getting only a CB and WR in the first 4 rounds, they could get a CB, WR, DT and TE.

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              5. “ I just eviscerated the present President for his incompetence, so do not compare him to me“

                If the shoe fits…..

              6. Exactly. Nice how you portray yourself like your commander and leader. The similarities are uncanny.

  11. Trade Mock

    Trade #13 to Minn. Receive #22, #58 & #132

    #22 Austin Jackson OT
    #31 Henry Ruiz C
    #58 Raekwon Davis DT
    #132 Reggie Robinson CB
    #156 Tyrie Cleveland WR
    #176 Justin Herron OG
    #210 Tanner Muse S
    #217 Charlie Heck OT
    #245 La’Darius Hamilton DE

      1. WR. They want the replacement to Diggs, by getting one of the 3 top prospects.
        However, they also lost Trae Waynes and Mackenzie Alexander, so CJ Henderson may be their target.
        Nice mock. I was going to propose another mock with a trade back with the Vikings, because they have 12 picks, and can afford to move up.

      2. GEEP says:
        April 3, 2020 at 9:54 am
        What player will the Vikings trade the 9ers for with the #13th draft pick? Iowa OT Tristan Wirfs?
        A move up in the first round is certain to be for a player you are counting on starting for you right away. The Vikings have two possibly three positions that fit that bill, CB, WR, and DT. At #13 you have one of the top 3 WR’s that is likely to be there as well as the 2nd best CB. Javon Kinlaw whom I left out of my all 32 mock is someone that I’ll likely include in my next one and would also be a candidate for the Vikings to move up for. I think it’s more likely that they would make the move for a WR or CB. Hard to really be sure which. One can make the case for grabbing the CB early and relying on the deep WR class or grabbing an elite WR prospect and hoping that the drop off from the 2nd to the 3rd, 4th or maybe even 5th CB isn’t that far.

        Gun to my head they go with a WR but ask me tomorrow and I might say CB.

        1. CFC
          CB makes sense, Xavier Rhodes struggled in the Divisional Round against the 9ers. Trae Waynes, Mackensie Alexander, and Marcus Sherels are all scheduled to hit free agency at CB, as well.
          I haven’t followed The Vikings resigning their own players, but if all their CB’s leave, CB looks to be their biggest need.

          1. Also depends on how they feel about the 3rd-5th CB’s, they’ll be there when the Vikings pick again at #25.

            1. No way. They trade away one of their best players to move back in this draft.
              13 will be a pick, unless someone crazy is willing to move back and they move up.

              1. Don’t think of Buckners value as #13, think of it as #22, #58 and #132. It’s the same number draft value wise but now the 49ers have 3 players instead of just one.

              2. Minnesota has 14 picks. They can afford to spend some to move up. The Niners do not have a second, third or 4th round pick to trade up with.
                I would make the deal with different picks. The Niners should trade back 9 spots, and receive pick numbers 22, 58 and 105. The Niner pick at 13 is worth 1150 points. Pick numbers 22, 58 and 105 add up to 1184, which favors the Niners. Pick numbers 22, 58 and 132 add up to 1140, which favors the Vikings by 10. The Vikings should be eager to move up to either get one of the top 3 ranked WRs, or the second best CB in the draft. To them, it should be well worth overspending a little to get the player they covet.
                If the Niners trade for their 22nd, 58th and 105th picks, they might add the Niners’ 5th round pick (156) to sweeten the deal. Then, it would be within 6.2 points of balancing out exactly.

              3. Just like the Donald. Always thinking people will do whatever he suggests.
                Not the slightest awareness that you need two teams willing to trade and make it beneficial for each of them. Nope, Seb just thinks these make belief scenarios are well and good. Just like the 45th!

              4. Just like obama being one of the weakest president’s, along his side Hillary being one of biggest liars around. Both not even in the class of the 45th!

    1. I can’t really get on board with a 49ers draft that has them waiting that long to draft a WR.

      And I don’t see the value in double dipping at both OT and interior OL.

      1. I’m putting out a few themed mocks looking at the draft from different philosophies. The 49ers are returning all of the CB’s and all but one of the WR’s that led them to a SuperBowl. Plus they have two receivers that are returning from IR. Maybe the media and fans think that those two positions are crucial, and Im one of them, but this mock explores the idea that the team thinks they don’t need to use such high draft capital on them and instead want to refurbish an aging and oft-injured offensive line. Staley might be done and if not he’s likely only got one more season left. Richburg will be fighting the odds to return to starting form and they still don’t have great answers at the guard positions.

        Although this is not a sexy mock and it’s not even one that I would offer as a final submission it’s still not one that’s outside the realm of possibility. The team grabs a starting LT and C, a heck of a 3t tackle and a couple of decent options at receiver and corner. Herron has some nice potential and at worst turns out to be better depth then an expensive veteran. The latter round picks are merely camp fodder. Save for Muse who could be a late round sleeper.

        My next mock will entertain the idea of taking a replacement for Buckner with our first selection.

        1. That’s cool, I’m all for people having a bit of fun with the draft. Just my opinion that if the 49ers chose to go this route I would really struggle to get on board with their thinking (well, until the players turn out to be great and the 49ers return to the SB anyway!).

          1. Like I said it’s not a sexy draft but there’s potential for the team to end up significantly stronger overall.

            1. CFC
              If history is prologue, Shana/Lynch have drafted some late round gems. I’ve projected that the 9ers
              draft a couple myself. The worst thing that can happen is you’re wrong….I don’t know about you,
              but that’s happened to me once or twice. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

    2. cfc, not to be a jerk ….but i hate it!!!! you manged to miss out on every good wr prsopect……you got 4 Olinmen…..but none of the top 4. If your not getting one or the top 2 DT’s……your wasting your time!! RD is not beating out Jones, Blair, Thomas etc.
      And you traded w MIN. …..but didnt get their 2 first round picks!!?
      The top 4 Olinmen are athletic enough to play G for a year or 2 then move to OT……
      How do 4 O linemen make this roster???? Its pretty set except for RG…….we need a starter at RG and that is it! we have depth

      1. J
        I’ll disagree with you on the OG being the only OL 9er need, unless you know something I don’t! There’s a real possibility that Weston Richburg’s leg doesn’t recover, or if it does, not until the end of the 2020 season. I see the 9ers trading down with pick #31 and drafting Cesar Ruiz as our long term answer at Center. I see Ben Garland as an adequate short term Center replacement, but not long term.
        With respect to replacing OG Mike Person. IMO Daniel Brunskill will compete with the new F/A Tom Compton and Ross Reynolds for RG and be Person’s replacement . You agree or disagree?
        There’s been some chatter about LT Joe Staley retiring. I see that as a 9er FO Red Herring attempt to disguise their real intentions. They resined F/A Shon Coleman for the 2020 season to see if he’s capable of replacing Staley and there’s also Justin Skule. Not sure what they do with him? Probably a backup in case of injury?

    1. What the Navy secretary might be thinking- ‘I do not want the sailors to be able to tell their loved ones that there is a contagion on this vessel. If that got out in the press, it might demoralize……. Orange Supporters. Better cover it up, and if there are no tests done, we can claim there is no problem. Everything is perfect.’
      ‘A commander of a vessel who is fighting for his sailors must not be tolerated. They just need to obey and die. ‘
      Into the sea of death sailed the 5,000.

      1. What the acting Navy secretary…

        Missed that key adjective Seb. This admin runs off half way competent members like nobody’s business. Soon we’ll have just a two person federal government. Trump and his Ken doll son in law. Can we then drown it in bathtub? Grover, you were so prescient.

        1. Trump is defeating himself.
          Imagine if the impeachment was held now. GOP Senators might be thinking – ‘Holy Sh#t, we gotta get him outa there before more people die!’
          I wonder if the families of the sailors will vote for him now?

          1. GOP Senators might be thinking – ‘Holy Sh#t, we gotta get him outa there before more people die!’

            Not a chance. You’ve seen what some of the posters here have to say, right? Dear leader can do no wrong. It’s reached Peoples Temple, Heaven’s Gate stage for what was once the Republican party.

      2. The Navy brass is not losing sleep over what the sailors loved ones find out….While it’s unfortunate, People die severing in the military, It’s not all that unusual. The US Navy is a part of the US military. The job of the US military, the Navy, it’s ships and sailors is to be prepared to fight the military of hostile countries that would do the US harm. The concern of the Navy brass is one of it’s carriers is projecting an image of a weak US Navy fighting ship, that is not capable of performing its job. Ship’s movement and location, is considered classified by the Navy. The mistake the USS Roosevelt’s Captain made, was not using the carriers classified classified communication equipment to send his message to his superiors. Why? Because the press found out and made classified information public knowledge.

    2. Trump is already at the top of the all time Worst Leaders in history list. Now he’s just padding his lead. The sheep that continue to follow him are cultists who have given up on common sense and logical thinking.

    3. Another idiotic comment.
      The Navy “fires” their own. Not the president.
      If any of you idiots served you would know breaking the chain of command is an offense that can get you removed.
      ESPECIALLY in a time of war or crisis.
      But you clowns go by this column with no research of your own as usual.
      And again want to place the blame on the president.
      Nothing new. And this is why I must practice ignoring you clowns with articles and statements you make.

      And although Trump has put our veterans first and is cleaning up the crooked Vet committee left by the war hawk McCain.
      He’s “disrespected” the military time and time again?
      I’ve seen first hand how these medical facilities have improved dramatically since Trump got into office, I’ve seen benefits and other needs for the vets improve dramatically since he’s been in office. First hand.
      And here you clowns stand getting your weak emotions out and willing to overlook the chain of command and laws I.E rules of the military simply to blame a president you hate and whine about daily.
      And I’ll say it again, if any of you served which I doubt you have, you should be ashamed of yourself for buying into this garbage and simply selling out to what your oath was. Denying the laws of military for your political outlook should NEVER happen!

      But then again this is a site with SJW who post up left leaning articles as facts!
      What a joke!

      1. ninermd
        Thanks for your rant! I’m confident it will help Shana/lynch’s decision on who to draft and no doubt change the minds of those “CLOWNS” who made the ” idiotic comment” you’re so eager to denounce.
        Please, be careful you don’t get a nose bleed while you’re up on your HIGH HORSE SOAP BOX!
        BTW: Would you be so kind, as to provide the information that shows how Trump put our veterans first and cleaned up the crooked Vet committee left by “the war hawk McCain.” No doubt it will eliminate the memory of our President bone spurs, the Chicken Hawk Commander-In-Chief and the number of times he’s insulted not only Military commander (Generals), but Military families also!
        And in the memory of our great President Abraham Lincoln: “it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to talk and remove all doubt.”
        Thanking you in advance ninermd, for your great love for America’s ideals, moral superiority, family values, honoring the rule of law and our Constitution.

      2. The Navy “fires” their own. Not the president.

        md, as commander in chief the president can get anyone up and down the chain of command to do his bidding. If they refuse, they can resign their commission. Or have you conveniently forgotten his meddling in multiple military justice cases, in that Navy SEAL court martial, for instance? If anything, that fit right into your “denying the laws of military for your political outlook”. Should NEVER happen, right? Since you claim expertise, what should be done when it does happen?

      3. Oh, and:

        He’s “disrespected” the military time and time again?

        The Gold Star Khan family would like a word with you.

      4. Ladies and gentlemen
        Let me assure you that tinfoil hat Ninermd does not speak for all military veterans on this or other matters, and he certainly doesn’t speak for me.
        He’s always been a conspiracy theorist, before Trump came along. Hint: DON’T ask him about 9/11 or the JFK assassination; please!

        1. Politics scares the bejesus outta me, and career politicians are the worst. Statesman are what we need, Brotha Tuna. How do we get rid of the politicians and bring in the statesman, you ask? By slashing their salaries to $50,000 a year. Then we will get people in there that really care about America, and not these fat cat, power whores that would pimp out their mom to make a buck….

          1. How do we get rid of the politicians and bring in the statesman, you ask? By slashing their salaries to $50,000 a year.

            That’s adorable Razor. You think a measely salary cap is going to prevent those with power seeking more power?

            In 2015, the most recent year for which Quartz could access this information, the median member of the US Congress was worth at least $1.1 million. That is more than 12 times greater than the net wealth of the median US household. And that doesn’t tell the whole story, since the chambers of congress are not equal in wealth terms. The median net worth of a senator was $3.2 million, versus $900,000 for members of the House of Representatives.

            $50,000?! For them, that’s walking around money

            How about term limits, you say? Once they’ve access to power you think they would relinquish it just like that? Case in point this dispatch from the political swamp:

            A longtime Republican fundraiser sent an email to his clients on Thursday abruptly announcing that he would no longer be working for them.

            The reason: He saw an opportunity to capitalize on the coronavirus response.

            “Over the last 14 days I have built another business outside politics and will be focusing my full attention there,” he wrote in the email, which was obtained by POLITICO.

            The fundraiser, Mike Gula, didn’t specify his new line of work in the email. But in an interview, he said he’d started a new company selling medical equipment that’s been in short supply during the coronavirus pandemic.

            The company, Blue Flame Medical LLC, was formed Monday in Delaware, according to state records. Its website says it sells coronavirus testing kits, N95 respirator masks, “a wide selection” of personal protective equipment and other “hard to find medical supplies to beat the outbreak.”

            Asked how he’d managed to procure such equipment when there are shortages in hospitals across the country, Gula said, “I have relationships with a lot of people.”


            I have relationships with a lot of people???? A political fundraiser? Care to guess who those people might be?

            Back you your original question, how do we get rid of the politicians and bring in the statesman? How about, before voting for them, reviewing their life history? Even before politics. There’s a lot to be learned about the measure of the man, if you know where and how to look.

            1. Not everyone has your expertise, Mr. Roboto. Maybe you should run for office. As for term limits, I’m opposed to them because they would limit the good along with the bad. It’s a complicated problem, but I think my idea would be the closest to solving it. Your expertise notwithstanding….

              1. It’s not expertise, it’s just plain horse sense. When did you ever see an already rich powerful person who was satisfied with the power he had? And furthermore, you don’t think limiting public servant’s wages below the USA median wage wouldn’t open the doors for even more graft and corrupt self-dealing? You are pretty good with analysis of a footballs teams needs and such, why is this a blind spot for you?

              2. Your horse sense in the measures of men could be a litmus test moving forward. It’s your duty as an American to get it in the hands of one of those men you measured, so he can get build bipartisan support for legislation….

        1. What exactly was he preaching? md’s rant was more all over the place than usual for him. That Trump couldn’t have exercised his prerogative as commander in chief in getting the Navy to relieve the captain? Because “chain of command”? Or that he did and people are using it as another excuse to come down on him? AES, I’m curious, what exactly are you praising md for?

  12. If there was a way to wager if the upcoming NFL season was going proceed versus cancelled , I would definitely wager on cancelled.

      1. What are the odds Niners don’t pick a WR with one of their 1st round picks? 50/50? They do like to zag when everyone says zig.

        1. ribico
          What are the odds? My guess….Less than 20%! The 9ers need to replace Sanders with another WR that
          they believe helps them get to another SB.
          This years draft is fill with good receivers, the 9ers need one of the 3 top WR’s. My choice is Riggs III, but
          I’ll be happy with any one of the three.

          1. All this arguing and we agree that any of top 3 make 49ers better haha. I prefer Jeudy and you prefer Ruggs. My thing is the more I think about Ruggs the more I don’t want him at #13.

            1. James
              everyone has their opinion(s)! And we both know what they say about opinions….Right?
              I just happen to think your (( opinion )) stinks…..
              In ~3 weeks we’ll all know who the 9er drafted. Then we’ll have to find something new to disagree about……And I’m confident that we’ll succeed!

  13. Jared Kushner is literally going to get us killed. He is yet another unqualified buffoon making decisions in an utterly incompetent whitehouse.


    According to Sherman, when New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, said that the state would need 30,000 ventilators at the apex of the coronavirus outbreak, Kushner decided that Cuomo was being alarmist. “I have all this data about I.C.U. capacity,” Kushner reportedly said. “I’m doing my own projections, and I’ve gotten a lot smarter about this. New York doesn’t need all the ventilators.” (Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country’s top expert on infectious diseases, has said he trusts Cuomo’s estimate.)
    Kushner has succeeded at exactly three things in his life. He was born to the right parents, married well and learned how to influence his father-in-law.
    It’s hard to overstate the extent to which this confidence is unearned. Kushner was a reportedly mediocre student whose billionaire father appears to have bought him a place at Harvard. Taking over the family real estate company after his father was sent to prison, Kushner paid $1.8 billion — a record, at the time — for a Manhattan skyscraper at the very top of the real estate market in 2007. The debt from that project became a crushing burden for the family business.

  14. I see Grant tweeted he thinks Pittman could be a guy the 49ers target. Not sure if he was joking or not, but if not, I agree with him. I think he (or Edwards) would be a good pick up if they don’t draft a WR with the 13th pick. Would definitely prefer them over Hamler, Reagor or even Justin Jefferson. They are different types of WRs to what they currently have so the offense might need to change a little from what we have seen, but I think the combo of Kittle, Deebo, Taylor and Pittman (or Edwards) would be just fine. The true speed guy can be their 4th WR. They can find a speedy slot WR later in the draft to compete with Benjamin.

    1. …the offense might need to change a little from what we have seen

      Pretty sure Shanny changes up the playbook every week. Cohn seems to be going down Pigeonhole road.

      1. Yeah, that was basically my argument to what Grant was saying regarding Hamler. They don’t need to find an exact replica of Sanders. They just need to put together a group of receivers that complement each other well, and are willing to do some dirty work in the run game.

        It would be awesome to find a guy that does everything really well, like Julio Jones. But that guy isn’t in this draft. Pittman does provide a pretty complete package though (just not elite like Julio) in that he can threaten at all levels of the field, runs good routes for his size, has good hands, is tough over the middle, and is a good blocker. He may not be a blazer, but he is fast enough that with his size and physicality he is very dangerous deep.

        With Pittman and Deebo you would have two tough as nails guys that have the size and athleticism to do a little bit of everything, though also not carbon copies of each other. Pittman is more a legit outside WR that you try and get the ball to down the field a bit more often while Deebo is a moveable piece that you more often try and get the ball in his hands quickly in space and let him run with it.

        1. If Higgins and Pittman are on the board at #31, you’re taking Pittman? I run to the podium for Higgins. He’s what they don’t have, and compliments Samuel much better. If there’s a receiver that tracks the deep ball more reliably, I’d like to know his name….

      1. Yeah, all it takes is one respected person to say it and then that player becomes the new darling. Maybe that’s what will happen now with Pittman for 49ers fans. In this case I think it is warranted; people have been sleeping on Pittman. I rate him very highly, much higher than most.

        If the 49ers don’t go WR at 13, a trade back at 31 and then drafting Pittman or Edwards would make me happy. Heck, even if they take Pittman at 31 I wouldn’t blink, but at this point I still think he can be had mid-2nd round pretty comfortably.

      2. Cosell thinks Pittman is one of the best prospects in the draft. I like the guy but I just haven’t been willing to mock him at #31 to us. I considered him today at #58 but I didn’t want to emphasize the position in that particular mock.

        At #31 I like a few others before Pittman. If we have a pick in the 50-75 range I’d be happier picking him up there.

        1. Cosell is way smarter than me, but I’ve watched Pittman live and recently on tape too. Imho he’s gonna need assistance getting separation off the line. For a timing based offense, he wouldn’t even be a consideration for mine….

    2. A tweet from Grant:

      “I’ve been watching Michael Pittman Jr. all day and I’ve seen him run slants, digs, outs, curls, posts, shallow crosses, deep crosses, end arounds and bubble screens. Seems like Kyle Shanahan’s kind of receiver.”

      One of the things I really like about Pittman is he has demonstrated a good ability to run pretty much any route he would be asked as a 49er. If they miss out on Jeudy I am definitely warming to the idea of using pick 13 on a different position (or trade back) and taking a WR at 31 or after a trade back into the 2nd round.

      Tbh, outside of Jeudy I don’t see any other WR I feel will definitely come in day 1 and be a top WR for the team. But I do see plenty of guys that can be decent to good contributors (and starters) from day 1 and develop into very good starters by year 2. With that in mind I think if they miss out on Jeudy they are probably better off taking advantage of the depth at WR this year.

        1. I should add one proviso. No phone calls would be accepted if CeeDee were still on the board, and Shanny would have a little Lamb with a fleece made out of gold….

          1. Yeah, as you know I am not quite with you on Lamb. Excellent prospect, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think the difference in calibre between him and guys being considered in the 2nd round is large enough for me to feel I couldn’t pass on him if he were available at 13.

        2. I like Higgins, but I am not convinced he is the best fit for the 49ers. He’d be better in an offense that makes more use of contested catch guys on go routes. The Chargers with Phil Rivers would have been ideal – that’s exactly the type of WR they have liked to employ. I can see him being a better version of Tyrell Williams. I think Higgins is a bit like Plax Burress.

          1. I think Higgins would give Shanny’s offense a perfect balance alongside Kittle and Samuel. Day 1 starter.

              1. In a traditional offense he’d be the “x”, but he can play anywhere on the field. That’s why I think he’d be a seamless fit in Shanny positionless offense….

              2. I wasn’t really thinking position so much as utilisation.

                I don’t see Higgins as a great slant or crossing route guy, which are staples in this offense. He’s really more a vertical plane WR. I don’t see that as being a skill set that will entice Shanahan.

              3. He’s scores from the bubble screen. He’s scores on slants. He’s in his element when he’s on the move, so post and go routes as well. He’s played every position, so basically just get the ball in his hands and he’ll do the rest. I’m not seeing this one trick pony your riding on regarding Higgins. With some hard work, he could be the #1 receiver in this offense by next year….

              4. Well, I guess that’s where we differ with regards to Higgins. I think he’s good but is best used in an offense that will emphasize his vertical route tree.

              5. Question for you, Scooter. Do you have any concerns about Pittman’s release from press coverage?

              6. I’m not sure a wr that needs more time to separate off the line is gonna help Jimmy on those intermediate routes. Not gonna get any easier for him against big, physical corners in the NFL. Another concern I have is his college production up to his senior year was less than impressive….

        1. FWIW, Grant was wrong about Bosa but he wasn’t wrong about Allen. He would have been well worth the 2nd overall pick. And my comments about Pittman have nothing to do with Grant’s opinion, I have been saying I liked Pittman for ages. I just have seen a few people now talking him up as a potential 49ers target so thought I would bring it up. I am sure we will be getting an article/ video from Grant before too long breaking down why Pittman isa good fit.

          I take it from this post you don’t agree on Pittman?

          1. Scooter
            I can’t say I don’t like Pittman, he does a lot of good things. Most of them you highlighted. But as
            Razor points out, his release needs work. I’ve seen him play when he attended Oaks Christian High School in Westlake Ca. where he won numerous honors, including Calif. offensive player of the year. Also when he played at USC. He ‘s a big physical presence that over powers most DB’s and will make a good possession receiver if the 9ers draft him. He runs a full route tree and knows how to use his body to box out and highpoint catches, but he lacks speed and separation quickness. I don’t believe he’s had much, if any, experience playing against DB’s that will press him off the LOS. If you can find video of USC VS Stanford, or Utah, see if he went up against the kid from Stanford, Adebo, or Johnson from Utah. That should give you a better idea of his release off the LOS when he goes up against a corner that can press him off the LOS.
            I think you’ll also find the reason for the hype on him, is his Sr. year numbers. He took a big step up.
            IMO: If the 9ers traded down with pick #31 and took him late 2nd Rd. it would be a good draft pick.

  15. So, with the 49ers trying to sign Austin Hooper, talking to Jordan Reed, and having pre draft video chats with at least three tight ends, safe to say the team sees adding a TE as something of a priority.

    The attempt to sign Hooper in particular has me puzzled. He isn’t elite, but he is clearly a starting calibre TE. Why try and sign him? They must have known he wouldn’t be cheap or be keen to play second fiddle.

    We just saw the 49ers trade away a guy nobody really thought the team would let leave because they couldn’t justify the salary he was asking. Makes me wonder if there might be something going on in negotiations with Kittle that has them a bit worried on that front too.

    1. Crossed my mind, but I don’t think so, Scooter. Kittle doesn’t seem to want to be anywhere else, and I’m pretty sure the feeling is reciprocated by the organization….

  16. Hey all! Nice to read some of the best football analysis from some of the best blog commenters on the web!

    Had to take a break from all things football since the heartbreak of the SB. Now that it’s draft time, I’m trying to catch up. Not really sold on Shanny/Lynch going WR at 13 when the draft is so deep at that position. Hope they trade down, maybe a couple of times—perhaps even at 31 too, and stockpile picks. Wouldn’t be surprised to see OL or DL or CB picked before WR either. Have nothing to base this on, just a gut feeling.

    In other news, part of the reason for my absence is also because I’m an ER nurse. Being on the front lines of this thing, let me tell you, please please please take this ‘stay at home’ thing seriously. I’ve never seen anything like this and it’s effecting people of all ages, not just the old or people with immune deficiencies.

    That is all! Stay safe out there folks! And go Niners!

    1. Thank you for fighting the good fight.

      At #13 if there’s not a receiver Shanny loves, OT may very well be the back up plan. It’s one of the positions he does put a premium on.

    2. Alphadux,
      You cannot be thanked enough for your selfless Front Lines work.
      Please stay safe.

      Lynch may go a complete 180 direction from the majority on this blog. If he decides to find a replacement for Buckner as a priority over replacing Sanders, I hope that he is considering Kinlaw who likely steps into the starting role in September.

      A few here like Henderson (CB) at 13, but I see Sherman and Moseley as starters.
      I believe our front 7 is still formidable enough to help our current CB’s by pressuring the QB.
      Also, if Lynch trades out for picks in the 2nd and 3rd rds, I trust that he will find some very good talent.
      Like Maverick (ok, I just dated myself), Lynch is holding a good hand with two selections in the 1st rd.

  17. So, COVID-19 is obviously going to affect training camp. But I’m also wondering if the seniors that will be drafted will finish their final semesters. I don’t know any kids in college any more so I don’t know if colleges are on hiatus or if students are finishing classes online.

    1. All online, won’t affect graduation…….. I also believe they altered the rule last year for those graduating a bit late, ie, Stanford.

  18. ‘ If Wirfs, Lamb, Jeudy, Ruggs and Kinlaw are gone, they should trade back. Instead of getting only a CB and WR in the first 4 rounds, they could get a CB, WR, DT, and TE.’ 4-2- 2020 7:55 pm.
    Matt Maiocco- ‘The value is, since this is such a deep and talented WR class, the 49ers may trade back, get more picks, and still get a good WR that fits their scheme. I would not be surprised if the 49ers come out of this with 4 picks in the first 2 days of the draft.’
    Glad he agrees with me.
    The Mocks are getting adjusted, because the Raiders did not sigh Eli Apple, so CB may be in play with them. Aldon, by signing with the Cowboys, means that they may go with Safeties Mckinney or Delpit, instead of Chaisson, that many mocks have them picking. Brockers, by not going to the ravens, may mean they take a player like Neville Gallimore or Ross Blacklock, instead of a RB, that many mocks project.

    1. Seb today I tuned into President Trump’s daily update press conference. Fittingly he talked about how great a job he is doing. How this was never his fault and that everything he said in the past was all words twisted by the media.
      Sounded eerily similar to your daily horse sh$t.

      1. It is your own fault if you want to throw hissy fits. I just mentioned that Matt Maiocco said what I have been saying, almost word for word, and he is well connected with the team.
        JL himself has surmised that a trade back may be a possibility, so when you diss me, you are also dissing them.
        Trying to associate me with that Buffoon in the Oval Office is trying way too hard. He and I are diametrically opposed on almost everything, just like I am about you.
        You think your snark sounds witty, but it just exposes you. How pathetic.

        1. Trying to associate me with that Buffoon in the Oval Office is trying way too hard. He and I are diametrically opposed on almost everything

          Just a reminder, you tried to pull the same damn thing on me. Given that, and your above statement, it seems you two do have one thing in common – an over abundance of self serving hypocrisy.

          1. I know, he is parroting.
            Gotta admit, it was effective to get you to stop snarking at me, but with Prime,he will just keep looking mean, profane, delusional and petty no matter what.
            Self serving Hypocrisy? OK……Donald.

            1. It’s amazing how Trump and. Seb sound so similar. Two guys looking for consistent praise. Unprecedented!

              1. Yeah but when I call for a Third Down Bomb thrown to the 5 yard line, and see it attempted in the SB, it showed prescience. I just wish they had put in Richie James instead of Sanders, because he had fresh legs and might have had enough burst to get to the ball. Too bad I also said the D linemen should get a hand up to tip the ball, but only saw the Chiefs doing that. I said that having an OC might help with the clock and game management issues. I even said it might make the difference between winning and losing. Who, in hindsight was proved right? Do I crave attention and beg for adulation? No, I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan, writing about a team I love. When I repeatedly tell posters to scroll past, Does that sound like I have as big an ego as you do?
                Trump, on the other hand, thinks he is above the law, and claims no responsibility , when it is all his responsibility. The tragedy of the situation is watching his tardy inept incompetence, knowing more people will die, and he goes golfing.

              2. Egotistical , selfishly unaware, and a overall big mouth know it all. Yup, you are Trump thick and through!

              3. Big mouth know it all’s bet 200 bucks that the Niners would have drafted Trubisky.
                Thanks for defining yourself. Trump is a coward. You welch on bets. The similarities are eerily spot on..

              4. Always talking about things in the past that are falsified, cannot admit fault and deflecting the ignorance at hand.
                You must write the 45th speeches or you have the same genetic makeup. Probably both.

                SEB=Donald Trump

            2. Gotta admit, it was effective to get you…

              Ultimately, what was effective was me not giving a f about your opinions or your annoying little games.

              1. Paul is one of the few people not bummed out about the Shelter In Place Order. He never leaves his keyboard 24/365, let alone his house anyway.

              2. Chuck, that describes many here. However very few, only one in particular, constantly bray “I was right! Look at me! People agree with me! Me! Me!!! ME!!!!!”

              3. Yup, when I called that flea flicker from Emmanuel Sanders I got to crow, and it just burned folks up to no end.
                At least you had enough class to acknowledge my prescience.

              4. Chuckie, I do not exult in schadenfreude.
                This pandemic is serious, and people are dying. You should also be bummed out, resigned to sheltering at home to lower the curve.
                However, it does give me the opportunity to peruse more blog sites, and I Youtube things on different tags, so I am making the best out of a bad situation.
                Why don’t you try to impress me with your own mock.
                I could use a laugh. ;p

  19. I’ve been watching Ruggs on youtube and he is quite versatile. His YAC abilities are phenomenal . If Ruggs is available at 13 it is a no brainer.

    Several anti-science , anti-math and anti-reality Republican Governors are refusing a lockdown order for their states. It looks like a bunch of good-ol-boys are headed for the big trump rally in the sky. Yippee ki-yay MFers.

    1. It looks like a bunch of good-ol-boys are headed for the big trump rally in the sky. Yippee ki-yay MFers.

      Not cool, BruceLee, if only for the collateral damage.

  20. The death and transmission rate in Germany is so much lower than that of the US despite the fact that the outbreak started earlier in Deutchland. What gives? Well, their president has PhD in Chemistry and our president is a lifelong con-artist and reality TV personality.

  21. Thanks for the kind words, folks! The best thing you can do for us Front Liners (besides staying at home) is publicly shame the fools NOT staying at home. They are putting you and your loved ones in danger by exacerbating and extending this pandemic! And this is not an “old person problem”. Half the people that come into my ER and end up in the ICU are between 25-45. Two days ago I watched a 39 year old man with no pre-existing conditions die. His wife and two children were not allowed in to see him. It’s heart-wrenching. Please continue to do your part and pressure those that don’t!

    Enjoy reading everyone’s intel on picks. It’s a great way to forget about this mess for at least a little while. :)

    1. The best thing you can do for us Front Liners (besides staying at home) is publicly shame the fools NOT staying at home.

      Please continue to do your part and pressure those that don’t!

      Mother-effing this! If they don’t, their part of the world will soon look like mine, NYC.

      Alpha, where I am every evening at 7PM people open the windows or go out to their balconies, clap and yell and cheer in praise for the amazing effort you and your colleagues have been doing. Question: do you find such displays helpful, encouraging or just plain annoying and gratuitous?

  22. Today’s mock will be centered around the team replacing Buckner with the pick they received for him.

    #13 Javon Kinlaw DT It’s no fun mocking another DL so early in a 49ers draft but at least this guy is someone to be excited about. Rumored to be the best player at the Senior Bowl the DL should hardly skip a beat with Kinlaw plugged into #99’s old home.

    Trade-49ers send #31 to MIA for #39 & #70.

    #39 Jalen Reagor WR. I’m back on the Reagor wagon. Was hot on him early, cooled off a bit and now I’m back on board. Even though he was used frequently in the slot he was primarily lined up outside. He bombed a couple of the drills at the combine and I still haven’t read any suggestions on why that is but he’s much more athletic then those numbers would suggest. He’s very quick, he’s tough, he has great hands and he’s incredibly versatile. He’s a great prospect to replace Sanders.

    #70 Matt Hennessy C. So what do the 49ers do if Richburg miraculously comes back this season and is 100%? They dump Garland and groom Hennessy, otherwise they roll with Garland on his 1 year deal and hope Hennessy is ready to go next season. This is the problem I’ve had with trying to take a C higher than this pick. The team would really have to have a strong idea that Richburg isn’t coming back before they’re going to want to use any draft capital higher than a 3rd on the position and even a 3rd feels high.

    #156. Michael Ojemudia CB. Solid zone coverage guy who needs to work on his press coverage.

    #176. Justin Herron OG

    #210. Tanner Muse S

    #217. Charlie Heck OT.

    #245. La’Darius Hamilton DE.

    I don’t see much reason to replace my last 4 picks from other mocks at this time, outside of Muse and possibly Herron these are just camp bodies.

    1. I was originally pretty down on Reagor. Mainly because I was being told by some people on this board that he was this super fast, explosive, agile guy that ran good routes and was almost always open, with good hands, a RBs build and elusiveness in open field and he could basically do anything. So I had high expectations when I watched him.

      The film was not what I was led to believe. I didn’t see a guy that was super fast. He is fast, no question, but he is more quick than fast. Good accelerator. But I kept seeing DBs stay with him pretty easily on go routes. He got open deep mainly from double moves (which was nice, but even on those moves, it was his burst of acceleration from a stop that won it for him) or really bad coverage. I also saw a guy that wasn’t doing much to fool the DB, and I didn’t see a guy that was making sharp cuts at the top of his route – he basically needs to slow down considerably to make a sharp turn. I didn’t see the really good route runner I was told he was. For a guy that was meant to be super fast and super agile, I thought he looked more like the mid 4.4s 40 and poor agility test scores he put up at the combine. I also saw a guy that had a few worrying plays running into traffic where he short armed the pass a la Pettis, though he did also have others where he played strong.

      But, in saying all that, he also does have a lot of good qualities. He may not be the super fast and super agile guy he was made out to be, but he is still fast. And he is very explosive. A guy like that can still win a lot with good route running (he needs some work there) and good releases (which he already has). He puts DBs under pressure early in his route; if he learns how to consistently work the DB away from his intended route once under pressure (e.g. head fakes, get them leaning the wrong direction by angling his stem, etc) he can cause a lot of problems. And he is very good with the ball in his hands. Plus he consistently demonstrated an ability to go up and get the ball at its highest point. It could also be a case that he got too big for his own good, and that he needs to drop down to around 195lbs to be the best athlete he can be.

      I like him a bit more than after my original review now that I am not looking at him through the lens of what I was told he was. I think he is a good prospect, but first round would be too early for me. But if the 49ers take him after a trade back from 31 I can get on board with that.

      1. I never stopped liking him. I just no longer like him in round 1. I’d take him over Pittman who I have a 3rd round grade on. I’ve got Pittman/Shanault/Edwards/Mims/DPJ/Aiyuk/Van Jefferson/Collin Johnson and Claypool all grouped together….

        1. I have Reagor in the same group as Pittman, Edwards and Aiyuk. Only four guys ahead of them (Jeudy, Lamb, Ruggs and Higgins).

          I have Justin Jefferson (not as high on him as most), Mims, Hamler, Tyler Johnson and Isaiah Hodgins in the next group.

          1. Good deal, Scooter.

            Hey, did you see Maiocco’s 50/50 on Staley returning? That changes the calculus for me. You?

            Then you’ve got to consider that a shortened training program will stunt the growth of any rookie at #13. Could that determine the position if both players are graded equivalent?

            1. No, that’s news to me. However it makes the interest in late first round OTs more understandable.

              If Staley does retire then yes, it changes things for me. I would personally look to take an OT at 13 if one of Wills, Thomas, Becton or Wirfs was there. If not, then at 31 or after a trade back into the 2nd round. Tbh, even if he doesn’t retire, taking an OT in rounds 1 or 2 still makes sense to me. Really I see 4-5 positions the team could really use day 1 and 2 picks at – WR, OT, CB, DL and S.

              1. As of this minute I’m leaning towards HR3 as their preferred choice after Miller’s report. What do you think about them targeting Cleveland with their next pick in round 2? Provided they do trade down….

              2. According to PFF, he only gave up 15 total pressures on 502 pass-blocking snaps in 2019. Allowed only 14 on 535 pass-blocking snaps the year before. Reminds me of Brian O’Neill, (62nd) who has yet to allow a sack on Captain Kirk through 25 starts….

              3. He tested amazing. I know he has been getting a lot of buzz as a day 1 pick. I just think his testing is really the catalyst for his rise. Maybe for the 49ers ZBS he’d be fine, but I really worry about his ability to anchor in pass pro, at least early in his career. For me, he’s the type of OT you should be able to draft a little later – athletic guy with upside that needs to get stronger.

              4. For some reason my response was awaiting moderation and has now disappeared.

                Basically, he obviously is very athletic for an OT, but I feel that is what is driving his draft stock. He needs to gain a lot of functional strength and I suspect he will struggle with power in the early part of his career. His technique is ok but also needs to improve. He might be ok in a ZBS, but still needs some work. For mine, athletic OTs that need time to develop physically and technically can be found later.

          2. Scooter
            WR Tee Higgins: You have him in the same group as Pittman, Edwards and Aiyuk.
            I don’t alway agree with you, but I do like to look at players thru your eyes, for a different prospective.
            My question: Do you see Higgins as a young A.J. Green? If so, why……And if not, why not?

            1. I said have Reagor in the same group as Pittman, Edwards and Aiyuk. I have Higgins ahead of that group.

              Not AJ Green. For me he is more like Plax Burress. Not quite as big but plays the same way. Above the rim downfield threat. Alshon Jeffrey is another comp.

  23. The 5 best choices to use at #13

    Jeudy WR
    Ruggs WR
    Henderson CB
    Kinlaw DT
    Thomas/Becton/Wirfs/Wills if any of the top 4 OT tackles slip to #13.


    Damon Arnette CB
    Jalen Reagor WR
    Cesar Ruiz C
    Justin Madubuike DT (I expect Blacklock to be gone)
    Austin Jackson OT

    1. I would be shocked, shocked I tell you if they went DT or CB at #13. Wr, Ot or a trade down is the direction I feel they’re headed.


      Lamb wr
      Jeudy wr
      Wirfs ot
      Wills ot
      Thomas ot


      HR3 wr
      Higgins wr
      Diggs cb
      Cleveland ot
      Davis 3t

  24. I really want to like Denzel Mims but I just don’t think that guy is ever going to get off the line against NFL corners.

    1. Unfortunately for him, that’s the worst weakness in your game that you could possibly have at the wr position.

    2. Yeah, I’m not seeing it with Mims. He isn’t a bad prospect, and he definitely should go before day 3, but it seems to me that a few spectacular catches, an above expectation performance at the senior bowl and good combine results are driving his draft stock well above what his film should dictate. I actually now expect him to go late round 1/ early round 2, which is well before he should go.

      Something worth considering when thinking about Mims – as a junior, he was the 2nd best WR on the Baylor roster in 2018. A guy playing his 1st year at WR was better than him. That guy, who was raw as all get out, was drafted in the 3rd round last year by the 49ers.

  25. Iggy
    C.J. Henderson reminds me of Stephon Gilmore.

    Did he have character red flags coming out too?

  26. Another mock draft -CFC inspired Viking trade, with additional trades.
    The Niners trade back 9 spots with their pick number 13 for the Vikings’ pick numbers 22, 58 and 105.
    The Niners make another trade. They trade back 6 spots with their pick number 31 for the Chargers’ pick numbers 37 and 112. It adds up exactly on the Trade Value chart.
    The Niners make a third trade. They trade Tevin Coleman and CJB to the Bucs for a third or 4th round pick. For this mock, I will say it is a third round pick(76).
    The Niners trade up. They trade up for the Steelers’ 124th pick, by offering pick numbers 156, 176 and 245. It adds up to being within .4 points of exactly even. The Steelers have only 6 picks, and will want to trade back to get more picks. This is a win/win trade.
    The Niners end up with pick numbers 22, 37, 58, 76, 105, 112, 124, 210 and 217. 9 picks in all. By trading back 15 spots, the Niners end up with a pick in the first round, 2 picks in the second round, 2 picks in the 3rd round, 2 picks in the 4th round. Instead of 2 picks in the first 155 overall picks, the Niners get 7 picks in the first 124th picks. This was accomplished by moving back 15 spots, trading away Coleman and CJB, and bundling their 2 fifth round picks and an 7th round pick to move up into the 4th round. I think JL could pull off this scenario.
    Mock draft 11 -Vikings trade
    Using the CBS Big Board, and trying to pick within 5 of each ranking, the Niners could select-
    22- Ross Blackrock DT. Neville Gallimore was another player I considered at 22.
    37- Noah Igbinoghene CB. ST versatility.
    58- Michael Pittman WR. KJ Hamler is ranked 59.
    76- Chase Claypool WR/TE
    105- Davon Hamilton NT.
    112- K’Von Wallace S. Blitz threat.
    124- John Simpson OG.
    210- McTelvin Agim DT.
    217- Darrynton Evans RB. He is ranked 217.
    Niners select DT, CB, WR, WR/TE, NT, S, OG, DT and RB. 2 DTs to find the replacement for Buckner. 2 WRs, but one may be converted to TE. CB as an eventual replacement for Sherman. NT to back up DJ Jones. S to augment the pass rush blitzing. OG to replace Person. RB with good skills as OZ runner to replace Coleman. OT was not addressed, but Shon Coleman, Justin Skule and Daniel Brunskill are adequate backups, and maybe an eventual replacement to Staley. LBs were not addressed, but that is a strength of the team.

      1. Wait, did that mean you tried to read this? I did not think you could comprehend what I wrote.
        Every day, you are sounding more like Donald. And more incoherent.
        Better taze them some more.

        1. Know your role Mr.President. Tell the world how smart you are and how nothing is your fault?

          “Make America great again by stroking me with praise” Seb

            1. Another mock draft that beckons for praise and future reference to say, look at me!

              Make America great again by stroking me with praise” Seb

              1. Sure you don’t 45. When Grant called you a legend you acted like you won the lottery.
                Face it, your a Trump clone that possess all his narcissistic qualities.

                Make America great again by stroking me with praise” Seb

              2. I don’t need praise or a name. That’s you Donald.

                Make America great again by stroking me with praise” Seb

              3. When I tell posters to scroll past, I am telling them I do not need praise, or insults.
                You obviously are fixated on what I write, and must comment every time. Your devotion is kinda creepy.

  27. “ When I tell posters to scroll past, I am telling them I do not need praise, or insults“

    Haha haha! That’s funny. Nice try 45. A narcissist can’t comprehend his own lies.

    Make America great again by stroking me with praise” Seb

      1. Try harder to heap praise on you? Is that what you need?

        Make America great again by stroking me with praise” Seb

        1. Try to be more clever in your snark. This is pathetic, and only you could think you are scoring points. Actually, you are just exposing how desperate you are to find some way to oppose me.
          Like Trump, who belittles and insults others with threats and profanity, you must consider him a hero and a role model. I consider him a coward, like you.

          1. Nice deflection again 45. Turn the attention from you to others, and blame them. That’s Trump 101.
            You’ve studied him well Seb. Good show!

            1. You claim it is all about me, but it is all about you. You cannot think of anything to say, so you devolve into hurling insults and attack people who you do not like.
              Posters are not buying your snark for a moment, because i have defended Kaep, while Trump hates Kaep with a passion, like you do. Projecting your own worst faults on others is a Trump MO. which you seem to be trying to employ. If anyone, you are the Trump Toady, not me.
              Red herrings, gaslighting, bait and switch, projecting, and other forms of trolling is not my style. I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan who likes to write about a team he loves. Your problem is that you can only attack, and your lack of originality is frankly embarrassing, but predictable.
              I am verbose. He, like you, can barely read, or exercise willful ignorance as your mantra. You are proud you do not read my posts, then attack because there is nothing left for you to do.
              Maybe I need to post some of my 10 point plans since you like them so much.

              1. And the rambling that you do is so convincingly Trump’ish that the words of mindless jargon and desperation for the need of praise is inerrant.
                Make America great again by stroking me with praise” Seb

              2. I know you are a Trump Toady. That has been well established.
                I do not like people who put children in cages, or people like you who applaud those actions.

              3. One the best ways Trump and his toadies deflect the incompetence and tries to look smart is use the:

                “I know you are what am I bit”

                You follow his lead well.

              4. You really do not have a clue. I never wanted to make America great again. It already is great.
                It is so great, it will survive this belligerent, bellicose, bombastic, buffoon bloviating in the oval office. Bullying, his forte, is what he cannot refrain from doing, just like you. Sure, a hundred thousand people may die, but millions are acting smart, believing the competent medical experts, and in their small way, fighting this pandemic by trying to lower and shorten the curve. Sure, he will accept no responsibility, and is trying to claim all credit, but we see how he has botched things up royally. When that Republican Rick Wilson wrote -Everything Trump Touches Dies, he was being astute and prescient.
                What we have learned is that he is unfit to lead, and having him send Kushner out just means he has almost hit rock bottom. Kushner was supposed to broker MidEast peace. How has that turned out? Thankfully, one good thing from this pandemic is that it has exposed his weaknesses, and doomed him to being the worst president ever, and he has brought shame and dishonor to the office. However, if he some how gets 4 more years by stealing another election, all bets are off. It might go nuclear. Heck, it might go nuclear anyways, because he will try to Wag The Dog to win in November, and it might spiral out of control.
                You may think I do not know what I am talking about. There were howls of derision when I advocated for the military to move out of the Pentagon because it was not smart to concentrate so much military leadership in one building. I wanted the US military to disperse, and not present a tempting target. I wanted them to move away from the coast and build smaller decentralized protected bases, so they would not be vulnerable to submarine attack.
                I remember the pushback, but I also remember, that right after that, we had the Iran defense minister being assassinated, that put us on the brink of war. Detractors had egg on their face, because my idea was salient and wise. How did the Bully in the bully pulpit respond? He went golfing, just like he did when this contagion was threatening to be a pandemic in the US. You may want to criticize me, but I called that. He allowed US military personnel become cannon fodder, then downplayed PTSD symptoms, stabbing them in the back. Now, he is weakening the Military and destroying morale by firing a Captain who was trying to save and protect his crew. Commander in Chief? more like Commander in Cowardice. That Captain’s sendoff told the world what they thought of Trump. I hope they send Trump off with the Rogue’s March.
                Guess the only way to make you stop comparing me to Trump is for me to enumerate the ways how the Trump Presidency is an unmitigated disaster. He is bankrupt morally and fiscally, and everything he touches, dies.

              5. A typical and predictable reply from a Trump puppet and follower.

                The incompetence and need for praise runs rampant in each gasp for attention.

                “Make America great again by stroking me with praise” Seb

              6. A typical and predictable reply from a Trump puppet and follower.

                Come on Prime. You know, if anything, Seb is not a “Trump puppet and follower”. Pathological narcissism disorder does not have a political prerequisite, Seb can exhibit certain of Trumps personality traits without sharing his political outlook. And it’s not something one develops with “study”. You either have it, via neurobiology, genetics, possibly environment, or you don’t.

              7. Watching and listening to Trump do his daily press conferences reveals a spitting image of you Seb.
                You are Trump in every way imaginable. The mannerisms, the vocabulary, the narcissistic innuendos. Above all that, the masquerading.

              8. You seem obsessed about me. Glad you read my posts. Here is one more. A nice 10 point plan on politics, which you seem to want to troll about.
                10 ways to defeat Trump.
                1. Expose Trump for the con man he is. It will soon be all apparent to everybody, especially those hoodwinked. Leaks will become floods. Con men are born liars.
                2. Engage with Trump supporters and show how he is stabbing them all in the back, like soybean farmers and home owners. Once they realize that Trump only is thinking about himself, and will throw anybody under the bus, will they finally wake up. Trump just dissed the Military by firing that captain who was only trying to save and protect his sailors. Pardoning war criminals is against the Military Code, because it weakens restraints, and destroys morale. There is nothing lower than a person who disses a Gold Star mother or makes a Gold Star widow cry.
                3. Biden should forget about debating Trump, and just concentrate on not only voter registration, but also voting participation. He should set the goal of 90% participation. Only 55.7% of the eligible voters cast their ballots. 44.3% did not vote. 58.2% voted for Obama, and won big. If they get 66.6%, it could be a landslide, and the Democrats could take back the Senate.
                4. Biden needs to ignore Trump, and not be gaslighted with red herrings. He should stay off Twitter. He should decline to argue with him, saying he does not want to engage in a war of wits against an unarmed foe. Do not rise to the bait. Stick to getting out the vote, and present a positive message.
                5. Biden should concentrate on helping Democrats win the Senate, because that is the biggest hindrance to any progress or reform.
                6. The media just needs to stick to its job, and keep asking the tough questions. They need to uncover the coverup. Once they dissect this pandemic, Trump will look even more like an incompetent ignoramus, with the empathy of a squid.
                7. Biden needs to learn from history, so they do not repeat it. He needs to form a strong coalition with Bernie Sanders and stop the Green party from selecting a Putin sycophant. He needs every Democratic Presidential candidate to help him win. United they win, divided they fall. He needs to get Tulsi Gabbard to campaign for him so she can show she is not a Putin asset.
                8. The Democrats should be refining their message. Health care for all just makes sense when dealing with a pandemic. Make a goal finding good jobs for all. Value all contributions no matter how small, so people can work and get health benefits, along with food and shelter. The Democratic Party should be a party of the people, for the people, and for the future, striving for the common good in a collective effort. It must be tolerant and all inclusive, in order to form a more perfect union, and promote the pursuit of happiness.
                9. Biden needs to promise to abide by all treaties and climate accords. It will not be hard to re-implement sane regulations that protect people and the environment. He needs to advocate for Women’s Rights, Health Reform, Election Reform, Tax Reform, Business Reform. He should be a beacon of hope and salvation. He should be everything Trump is not. Trump basically abdicated leadership by ceding power to the Governors. Trump wants to play golf more than he wants to run this country.
                10. Biden can defeat Trump easily, if he is smart, and does not make any blunders. He should expect Trump to cheat, so he needs to plan for that and overcome the cheating in an avalanche of votes. With this pandemic, he should realize the best way to get Democratic voters to vote, is by mail, so there needs to be an army of Democratic volunteers to make sure every vote is legally counted. They need to make sure every Democrat votes, and hopefully sway some Republican voters to vote against Trump, especially those who Trump conned.
                Biden’s election slogan should not be- ‘Lock them all up’. It should be- ‘Let’s make every vote count.’

              9. Narcissistic people are compelled to project an image of superiority and flawlessness.

                Like your hero, not Kap but the 45th, you are both two peas in a pods displaying identical qualities.

              10. People with Narcissistic personality disorder react with rage or contempt, and try to belittle the other to make themselves appear superior.
                I do not react with rage to you, like you do to me. I only belittle you when you attack me, as a means of defense. I hope you can just see you are projecting.
                Posters need to realize that this is a sports blog, not the Library of Congress. People take things way too serious. I write as a form of entertainment, and I like to present new ideas and think outside the box. It is not my fault that some cannot handle the fact that I have an opinion.
                I certainly do not come on here for adulation, I get mainly snark from others, or downright hatred from you. However, I love the San Francisco 49ers, and hunger for more rings.

              11. Narcissistic people use comments described by others upon themselves, and then redirect those same comments to gain control and gratification.

                Nice try Donald. The two of you are clones of one another.

              12. People with Narcissistic personality disorder react with rage or contempt, and try to belittle the other to make themselves appear superior.

                It is not my fault that some cannot handle the fact that I have an opinion.

                Damn. In the very same posting. Incredible.

  28. It’s always smart to trade down. It was read and documented on the internet. Good enough for social distancing. My theory pick 4 positions.of need, WR, OL, DL, and CB/S. Find 2 suckers, the Chargers and Eagles. Trade #13 to the Eagles for #21 and #53. Trade #31 to the Chargers for #37 and #117.

    Now pick guys you want and need but most likely won’t get, but you will, because someone WILL FALL! So for #21

    Denzel Mims WR. Baylor, Justin Jefferson WR, LSU; CJ Henderson Alabama, Derrick Brown DL LSU; Javon Kindlaw DL Kansas

    #37 Trevor Diggs, CB Alabama; Grant Delpit, S, LSU; Antoine Winfield S, Minn; Isaiah Wilson OT Georgia; Laviska Shenaut WR, Colorado, Austin Jackson OT, USC.

    #53 Josh Jones, OT Houston; Robert Hunt G, La-lafayette; Chase Claypool, WR Notre Dame; Tyler Biadaaz C, Wisconsin, Brandon Aiyuk, WR Arizona State, Ross Blacklock, DT, TCU, Neville Gallimore, Oklahoma, DT or OT?

    #117 Cesari Ruiz C Michigan, Marcus Norman, OL South Florida, Jordan Elliott DT, Missouri; Davon Hamilton DT, Ohio State. Larrell Murchison, DT N. Car State; Kendrick Rogers WR, Texas A&M; Tyler Johnson WR, Minnesota.

    Is it doable for getting the best out of a draft? What 4 would be the best the Niners could hope for? Add your own, but they should be a higher level than generally thought of. I for one think we already have good speed in receiver’s with Samuels and the backs, and could use for more height in Mims or Jefferson as WR’s but if we don’t get that, there’s always 2nd best at slightly less.

    They will FALL THROUGH! lol

      1. You don’t understand. You’re frothing at a bad pick in a bad place. The concept is value, in this case sifting down to a pot of gold! Now you might drool over Latvista Shenault a highly touted WR it f #13 doesn’t pan out. In my value system a 7th rounder because his pubic bone needs major surgery. Many of these 1st rounder’s are 3rd and 4th rounder’s on other Mocks you may have not considered. The all time Mock God, Walter, has C. Ruiz at #103 which I believe is bottom of the 3rd which is right online for my SB drafting no-lose policy-system. Remember, they, the worthy one’s to drool over, will FALL THROUGH!!! lol


  29. When asked about the resumption of sporting events in the fall, Governor Newsom said he didn’t envision that happening in California.
    Some of the CDCP scientists also doubted that stadiums or arenas could be filled in 2020.
    Trump said ‘sooner rather than later’, but his predictions haven’t held up too well. He’s concerned for the welfare of billionaire owners.

    So the call-in Draft-a-thon might be the only NFL event in 2020. That’ll be weird.

    1. If there isn’t a season in 2020 it would be interesting to see how that plays out with contracts.
      Would it be a non year for everyone’s contract? Would the salary cap Increase in 2021 season without the tv revenue or ticket sales?
      What I suspect is that you’ll see empty stadium games broadcasted for what revenue a team can. The advertising costs of commercials will rival super bowl ads.
      I suspect MLB will do it first.

  30. Iggy
    I keep reading how the 49ers need to draft Joe Staley’s heir apparent at left tackle. Isn’t that supposed to be Mike McGlinchey? Have the 49ers already given up on him ever moving from right tackle to left tackle?

    Their philosophy has been to keep a player at one position, thereby not weakening one spot to fill another. In a strong OT class, it makes sense for them to proceed as if Joe isn’t returning….

    1. The RT vs LT discrepancy isn’t what it once was. A lot of today’s best pass rushers line up on the Right tackles side so teams need two good tackles. That said, MM has admittedly been a bit of a disappointment in pass pro.

      1. Shanny didn’t draft him for pass pro. He drafted him to get the running game going. According to PBWR, the best pass-blocking offensive lineman for the 49ers was right tackle, Mike McGlinchey. The former Notre Dame lineman ranked as the fifth-best offensive tackle in the league with a win rate of 93 percent. No other 49ers offensive linemen finished in the top-10 of their respective position.

        1. Pass Pro is always a major factor when you draft a Tackle. It’s 50 percent of the job… and if you draft a player in the top 10 they better be good at both.

          That said, I wasn’t aware his win rate was that high.

          1. McGlinchey put in the work during the 2019 offseason and improved his pass pro to where the 49ers need it to be. Credit to him and his offensive line coach, Mr. Benton….

      2. The Notre Dame coaches said that McGlinchey is better at RT than he is at LT, even though he played LT for a season. They should play to his strengths, and leave him at RT.
        Find some one better to protect the Blind Side. There are 20 Offensive Linemen in the top 100 prospects. They may find a capable candidate even in the later rounds.

  31. Donald Trump is the Coach/Gm. His contract is up in November. The American people are the Owners. (At least in theory, I suspect there may be a shadow, as-yet undisclosed ownership group).

    The USA is in year 4 of the “rebuild”. We are looking at 1-15 this year. We traded all our upcoming draft picks because we are in “win now” mode. The roster is depleted of talent. We are in cap Hell. Next years’s schedule is brutal.

    What kind of an owner renews this guy’s contract?

  32. Trumpsters would never admit it but we all know if Obama was president – not only would we have still had the Pandemic task force that he had previously set up (and Trump dismissed – because he could) but we would have implemented rational science based national precautions on a timely basis, started mobilization of industry, had a federal task force managing our national inventory and allocating resources to areas in the greatest need sequentially. In other words – far fewer people would have died.

    But who needs a compassionate intelligent community organizer when you can have great ratings, a fountain of lies and a reality show every night.

    Maybe when this is over, we can buy Greenland and finish gutting all those unnecessary clean air and water regulations.

    1. ON, Check out the Op/Ed Biden wrote Jan 27, 2020 . Meanwhile Trump was saying Covid was like the flu , a hoax, and a few cases would go down to zero.


      Joe Biden: Trump is worst possible leader to deal with coronavirus outbreak
      President has blithely tweeted that ‘it will all work out well.’ Yet the steps he has taken have only weakened our capacity to respond.

      Trump has rolled back much of the progress President Obama and I made to strengthen global health security. He proposed draconian cuts to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Agency for International Development — the very agencies we need to fight this outbreak and prevent future ones.

      He dismissed the top White House official in charge of global health security and dismantled the entire team. And he has treated with utmost contempt institutions that facilitate international cooperation, thus undermining the global efforts that keep us safe from pandemics and biological attacks.

  33. Alpha, where I am every evening at 7PM people open the windows or go out to their balconies, clap and yell and cheer in praise for the amazing effort you and your colleagues have been doing. Question: do you find such displays helpful, encouraging or just plain annoying and gratuitous?

    Rib: it feels great to be recognized, no doubt. I can’t speak for all of my colleagues, but me personally, I’m not used to the spot light and it sometimes feels surreal. I just feel like an every day blue collar joe. But I was in my 20’s during 9/11, I served as a medic in Afghanistan, and this seems crazier than that if for no other reason than it’s an enemy we can’t see and it’s hitting the whole world: young, old, rich, poor. I don’t feel like a hero. I feel like I’m in way over my head and no matter what I do or how much I try, I’m only shoveling beach sand with a teaspoon. Sorry to air my grievances here of all places folks. It’s just a surreal time.

    1. Rib: it feels great to be recognized, no doubt.

      Then I’ll keep it up. It’s good to hear it is appreciated. Part of me thinks it as banal as a “thank you for your service” platitude or a “I support the troops” bumper sticker on the back of a 7mpg SUV.

      Sorry to air my grievances here of all places folks. It’s just a surreal time.

      Don’t be sorry at all Alpha. What is going on outside the world of football will have and is having an definite impact on our world of football, infinitely more so than what any so and so here thinks the Niners 5th round pick should be. And thank you for your direct reports from the front lines, counteracting conspiracies, misinformation and outright lies served up from some quarters.

  34. I am expecting that the Draft may go on, but it will be a virtual draft.
    One thing I am happy about, is that Goodell will not be hugging players anymore. I bet Goodell is happy that he will not be boo’d anymore. Maybe fans can turn on a derision tape when they see Goodell, just for old time’s sake. ;p
    I heard that they may give teams more time to select, so they can consummate trades. I am all for that because it means there may be more trading on draft day. JL should be gauging trade interest before the draft, and maybe have some trades set up ahead of time, so they can quickly pull the trigger.
    Of course, if there is no season, the draft is just an exercise in futility. Maybe they will be playing in empty stadiums, with the teams isolated and tested frequently, so they can play, without spreading the pandemic.

  35. “Tom Dempsey, former NFL record-setting kicker, dies at 73 after battle with coronavirus ”

    RIP TD. His 63 yarder was more impressive than Prater’s 64 yarder in Mile High.

  36. Trump surrounds himself with idiots and nitwits , Jared et al. Trump Surgeon General Jerome Adams tweet 2/12020 :
    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Risk is low for #coronarvirus
    But high for the #flu
    So get your #FLUSHOT! 🙏🏽

  37. It is interesting to see that some posters do not like Mims. He may not be available at 31 because there have been several mocks where he goes at 30 to the Packers. He makes those back shoulder catches and can high point the ball, with his long arms and vast catch radius.
    Jalen Hurd in 2018- 69 catches, 946 yards and 4 TDs. 4.47 forty.
    Denzel Mims in 2018- 55 catches, 794 yards and 8 TDs. Not bad for a second stringer.
    Denzel Mims in 2019- 66 catches, 1020 yards and 12 TDs. 4.38 forty.
    Personally, I think KS is drooling over his skillsets, but will play it cool and not show much interest, hoping he falls to the Niners, even after they possibly trade back into the second round.

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