2015 NFL Draft Round 1 live blog

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for Round 1 of the 2015 NFL draft. I will update this with information and analysis from the 49ers’ media room.


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  1. Albert Breer “Todd Gurley could be another trade-up target. Cleveland, Miami, San Diego all interested. Someone could get nervous.”

    1. Breer “heard Nelson Agholor connected to Miami, Houston, Kansas City over the last few days. Good bet to be the 4th receiver to go.”

    2. Robin Austin “Source says @Eagles executed 3way trade & will get 2nd pick 2nte.Gave up Bradford &1st+3rd Rnd picks nxt yr &3rd pic in 2017”

    3. Ian Rapoport “What package are #Eagles talking about to go to No. 1 or No. 2? Two 1st rounders, a 3rd rounder, Fletcher Cox, Boykin, Kendricks, more. Wow.”

      1. Thinking Herschel Walker. Thinking Ricky Williams. Thinking RG3.
        I warned my brother in Philly to take extra blood pressure medicine. I also mentioned its 85 degrees at my house at 5pm.

  2. I am cautiously optimistic, which is a euphemism for overwhelmed by anxiety. Come on baalke, dont let us down – again.

    1. I always thought that was Cooper was a beautiful fit to system, Carr’s new Fave, a great talent and reputedly a really hard worker. I doubt Al could’ve resisted White or Breshard, but this is a solid pick.
      If SF could’ve offered Boone, Reggie should’ve thought hard.

  3. Seems like there is an extra long delay this year from the point the pick is in to the moment the commish starts walking towards the podium.

          1. Folsom:

            In general I don’t like this kind of thing, but as BT said, it’s the only chance to let Roger know how the fans feel. He seems to live in an ivory tower and couldn’t give a damn about us. I doubt it will have an effect, but you never know.

        1. At NT? No way.

          They have three first round calibre DEs for their 3-4. You don’t take Williams #6 for him to sit a year behind Wilkerson.

  4. Dang, Bears take White. Only remaining “elite” receiver is Parker. (Yes, “elite” is a sloppy designation)

  5. I think Atlanta wanted to trade up for Fowler but the Titans wanted a kings ransom for #2. Beasley is a solid back up plan.

    1. MWND,
      That’s a scary combo. The Rams will be tough. Add Nick Foles and their offense should be vastly improved. Their D was good to begin with.

      1. Gurley only played 1 complete season in college…They hit a lot harder in the NFL. That china doll isn’t going to amount to much. Look at Lacy, concussions and nicks here and there. He is a lot more durable than Gurley and he’s suffered in Green Bay. The NFC West has much harder hitting defenses. Gurley won’t play before week 6 and will be out by week 10.

  6. Gurley’s gone! No Mans Land scenario continues. Our best hope… a team will want to trade up for Peat.

      1. 3 teams before our pick. If Shane Ray had his stuff together, one of Parker, Shelton or Dupree would remain.

  7. Devante to Cle
    Dupree to NOLA?

    BTW, It’s SOOOO much better that they aren’t showing guys on their cell phone, and are instead revealing the picks at the podium. Old School!!!!!

  8. There goes the best cb coming out.
    I swear to goodness! If Baalke picks armstead I will jump on the bash Baalke bandwagon in a heartbeat

    1. I’d say you have a very good chance of it being one of those. Parker if he’s there Perrimann if he’s not. Peters if they go defense.

    1. I’ll take that. A little better then chart. Plus, it would be nice have extra draft capital in 2016.

      This year’s three 4th rounders means Baalke can use at least one to secure picks above 46 and 79.

      Sad to loose Parker and Gurley, happy we got a trade back. I hope Baalke keeps trading back

  9. Well I nailed that one I’ve been saying since early march the 9ers would trade back. I believe they will trade back again either in the 1st or 2nd rd.

    1. I wouldn’t mind trading back again depending on who is available and who they have targeted. That said I think they could use another 2nd or 3rd as we need, a wr,rb, dt, db… we need ammo.

  10. I suppose that the trade back suggests that whoever they want will most likely still be there in two picks. But who? Or maybe there’s no one they’re in love with at this position, and we’ll see more movement?

  11. I agree TK, CB is way shallower than WR in this draft, and Peters is the best CB (setting the off field issues aside, which is big).

  12. I still remember the outrage on this site when Bowman was picked. NONE of you have a clue as to how ANY of of these guys will pan out. 75% of them including the top five picks will be average NFL players. Talk about getting excited about nothing.

  13. Baalke changed the “target the player” round from his usual 1rst to the 2nd round. I don’t think he messes with pick 46.

    1. Midwestdynasty—-I doubt that. I believe he has York in his back pocket. They are tied together at the hip. York picked him over Harbaugh so if he fires Trent it will look like he made a mistake. He will ride Baalke out to the end.

    1. Got that right. Which is also f***# stupid! Loose lips sink ships, morons.
      No wonder Baalke wasn’t afriad to trade back! Lordy.

      1. BruthaTuna- That’s why Baalke can put his picks name in an envelope. Because he picks players he knows will still be there at his pick because no one else wants them. Jenkins, Ward and now Armstead.

  14. Great pick, huge upside. Barely 21 and only didn’t focus on football until senior year (played Bball). On top of that we get extra 4th. Anyone that criticizes Baalke is a moron. Well played.

    1. Yep, he played basketball for two years in Eugene. Only started training year round for football his third year.

    1. Delusional — This team is going nowhere under Tomsula, Baalke and York.
      Why waste your time. I gave up on Grant and this blog months ago. Bye.

  15. Looks like the experts were right. Not who I wanted. At all. But I’ve been wrong on picks before. Hope I was wrong and the kid will turn out good.

    1. No. He’s Frankenstein,who in two years against smaller, college OL accumulated 2 sacks, was rumored to hang out in the trainers’ room and not in the weight room. Margus Hunt.

    1. I think you are trying to dress up mutton as lamb. They could have gotten an equivalent run stuffing 5-tech later on.

      1. No, I value a guy that size that’s light on his feet, can hold up at the point and stuff the run. He will destroy RT’s in pass pro. I certainly wouldn’t question Tomsula and Baalke as far as their football acumen compared to mine, but I did know the value Baalke puts on the DL and OLB positions, and clearly it wasn’t CB or WR….

        1. So what’ wrong with this?

          No, I value a guy that size that’s light on his feet, can hold up at the point and stuff the run.

          He’s nowhere near light on his feet. He’s a lumbering giant that can stuff the run if the RB is within his reach or coming at him. He lacks the speed and ability to give chase or stop the RB from turning the corner.

          He will destroy RT’s in pass pro.

          HAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s a freaking fallacy. He’s almost always a second late out of his stance, gets too high, and can’t counter if the one assigned to block him gets inside his pads. He’s going to get destroyed and not the other way around.

  16. I really dislike this pick. He’s a run stuffing 5-tech DL. Limited pass rush ability. Limited versatility. I don’t see him having a position when the 49ers go to 4-man fronts as he’s not a 3-tech or 1-tech. Bad pick.

      1. I don’t know if they will be changing it too drastically. The DL they have are still best suited to more of a hybrid front. Armstead is a fit for the spot McDonald played. Not sure what this means for Dial. I guess they aren’t that high on him after all.

    1. Actually not true. He doesn’t play with proper leverage consistently. When he does, he’s dominant. Watch the tape. That will change with NFL coaching. The guy played three years basketball at Oregon. He is quick as hell for his size.

      1. Either he extremely rarely played with proper leverage or he’s not as dominant as you suggest when playing with proper leverage. He didn’t make many plays in college for a reason.

        What he does best is take on and eat up blockers.

        1. Correct, and first three years the guy was younger and played basketball for Oregon. He got better as the year progresses and in the most important game of year, had 9 tackles. Look at his highlight film and you will see flashes where he does things no 6’7 lineman should be able to do. The NFL will make him consistent, he is a great, smart kid. Hard worker no trouble.

          1. The highlight film or watch his game film? I’m sure his highlight film looks awesome.

            I’ve watched his game film and what I saw was a good run defender that eats up blockers but doesn’t do a good job rushing the passer and is not the incredible athlete some claim he is. He’s a good not great athlete for the position.

            1. Correct, just like bud Dupree, who also underperformed. You look for flashes and why they aren’t doing it more consistently. In his case, and Dupree, it is technique and maturity. Again, when focus on one sport until your senior year, it’s going to impact your results.

              1. Dupree showed more than just flashes. He consistently showed good traits, he’s just raw. Armstead had occasional flashes of really good play. Very rarely showed much as a pass rusher.

    2. I disagree. First and foremost in this division you have to be physical upfront and shut down the run, and I think his upside is very high under Tomsula. He had to have signed off on him….

        1. Scooter relax, this is Tomsula we’re talking about. He’ll have him ready to slip inside as a DT in that four man front….

            1. Dude, you didn’t really believe Tomsula when he said how deep they were did you? Remember you chastised me for the Baalke comment about Wright reminding him of Rogers….

              1. No I didn’t. I looked at the depth we already had. This was a wasted pick. If we needed a run stuffer, then we could have drafted Henry Anderson later on.

              2. Henry Anderson, please. You want the top talent available upfront and clearly Tomsula and Baalke coveted Armstead….

              3. You want the top talent available upfront and clearly Tomsula and Baalke coveted Armstead….

                Which is a joke in itself. He shows nothing as a pass rusher and reacts late most of the time. He’s not going to be blocking any of throws from Wilson any time soon.

      1. All these clowns r going to claim they knew it was a great pick. This guy is haynesworth in two or three years. Dominant. Remember, St. Louis just took Gurley.

      2. Btw, don’t get me wrong, I think he is a good run defender, and good at eating up blockers. I just think you don’t need to spend pick #17 on such a player unless they are dominant pass rushers also.

        1. I love gc. We should have just kept McDonald. Really? GC and his dad were the clowns who skewered the niners for not getting rid of him during the first wave of allegation. What a joke.

      1. So we pick up a second round run stuffer instead? Give me a break. Nothing about Armstead says first round.

        1. MWDynasty

          I can’t keep reading your cr*p without saying something. Almost everyone said Armstead was going to the 49ers, and most said that was a great fit at #15. A lot of guys had him rated higher than 15 on their boards. Baalke got him for #17 and got a 4th and 5th on top. He basically traded Melvin Gordon for Armstead plus two late draft picks. Not bad. Only bad if Baalke doesn’t get DGB tomorrow.

    1. I’ll take it. I don’t care about his history or the lack of competitive fire at times. Anything to get the taste of the first round out of my mouth.

    1. Not even close. Thinks guy has freakish ability. You compare him to someone coming out who underperformed in college, compare him to Albert haynesworth. Ended up being best tackle in NFL for 3 or 4 years.

      1. Yep, hasn’t even got a number and people are labeling him a bust. Please, this guy is going to be an animal and knock down the Rainbow Brite Smurfs’ passes….

        1. He’s a lumbering giant who reacts late and takes longer to get out of his stance than the rest of the line. He’s not going to be knocking anything down.

    1. For all intensive purposes. What kills me is when Tomsula said how deep they were, and several people took him literally….

  17. Delusional. This team is going nowhere under Tomsula, Baalke, and the Yorks. I gave up on Grant and this blog months ago, and coming back briefly today, I am so glad I did.

        1. If you’re happy now, just wait for round two when Baalke gains more picks by trading back so the 49ers can draft another WR in the 4th and a whole bunch of DB’s in the late rounds. Life is great for we 49er fans!

  18. Well on a positive note Tomsula does know his D lineman. Wasn’t it George Seifert whom said, we can’t have enough s lineman?
    So can we teach him how to grab two lineman to free up aldon?

  19. The 4th round pick Baalke pick got will be a better player than Armstead will be is my prediction. LMAO! Did anybody expect anything different from Baalke with some real BPA’s on the board?

  20. “What he brings: He is an outstanding run defender with his elite combination of size, length and power. He didn’t produce much as a pass-rusher but offers good upside in that area, and he was much more disruptive at moving quarterbacks off their spots than his low sack totals would indicate. His motor was a little up and down at Oregon.”

  21. 4 sacks in 3 years. Hot and cold motor. Very raw, almost zero production expected first year. Yay. Rebuilding.

  22. It works for me, with Gurley and Lynch and a possible AP in Arizona. Armstead strength is run, he is going to be tough to throw over. If Justin retires I wonder if they retain him to work with Armstead.

  23. I love Draft Day: When 99% of posters are pissed off bc team did not pick “their guy”. While the other 1% on here is happy with whoever the team picked.

    1. Except in this case 99% didn’t want Armstead. I don’t remember seeing him on anybody’s mock on this blog.

      1. Odd nobody had him on this blog. I saw an incredible amount of mocks having Armstead to the 49ers at #15 on other sites.

  24. Never had Armstead in any of my drafts. If we were going with a DT run stuffer type I would have gone with Malcom Brown, but who knows, maybe MB will still be on the board when we pick again.
    We could trade up to late first or early 2nd rd by trading our 3rd and two 4th rd picks. Malcom and perhaps DGB could be available late 1st or early 2nd.

      1. Daniners,
        Yup, sort of remember those things being said about A.J. Jenkins.
        In any case, Armstead is a 49er now.
        Congrats young man.

  25. The Armstead pick is an assist to the best player on defense. He will be able to pair with Aldon Smith to create a potent one-two combination on the dline.

    We don’t need him to sack the QB.

    Our Dline is going to be tough. I love it.

    JT building his team.

    1. I’ll remember you said that when O-linemen are standing him up allowing blockers to take Aldon out of the play, lol.

  26. Steelers just took my guy. Could have traded down again to 20 or 21, picked up extra picks and still taken a good, big pass rusher in DuPree and sent Brooks on his way.

  27. No up and down motor with Armstead. He always played hard. Saw every game he played in for the Ducks. He was dinged up a lot his first two years. Concentrated as much on basketball as football. He played in an extremely conservative 3-4 defense at Oregon. Let Marcus and the offense score 50 and just ask the defense to slow the other team down and not give up big plays. Armstead was asked to take on blockers and was never turned loose. He is a project pick but his effort was never in question at Oregon.

      1. So the word is going to be “potential” for how many seasons? So in the meantime, we fans suffer while he learns? Sounds good to me, lol.

    1. Exactly, I also watched him. When your offense is up 21-0 ten minuets into the game you play defense differently.

  28. Bud Dupree fell…hmmm…because he is raw, does not play with consistency and proper technique all the time. He too will be really good in two years. I mean a 6’4 270 4.5 stud doesn’t fall to mid round unless he (just like Armstead) needs polishing. Armstead would not have lasted 5 more picks.

  29. I fell in love with Armstead early, then I fell out of love after the combine. Lately I started to like the guy more after watching a lot of film on him, I just felt we could trade back further and he still would have been there. I believe he has a big upside and not just as a run defender. He may never be a great pass rusher but I think he can be very adept at collapsing the pocket which can be as important as actually getting the sack. I advise everyone here Grant included to go back and watch the national championship game. He dominated the Ohio st O line,

    1. That summed it up perfectly. Armstead is a 2-3 year project at best. He’ll be utterly dominated if he starts before that.

    2. Let’s just project that with a 100% focus on football and an NFL strength program, Armstead, who is only 21, is likely to max out around 6’8″ 320-330, up 30-40 pounds from his current weight. At that size, he would make for an incredibly imposing component on a young, dynamic line that also includes Dial, Carradine, Lynch, and Aldon. Imagine those 5 coming at you with the game on the line, with Bowman and any other guy roaming the middle ready to lay body blows to crossing WRs. It could be deadly.

    3. Baalke just picked yet another first round bust to add to Grant’s list of swings and misses from two days ago. Armstead will be right beneath AJJ in the scale of bust worthiness versus draft position taken. He’s Kentwan Balmer 2.0.
      Baalke is just picking what he thinks is the safest pick in terms of what all the “experts” said he would do. This way when Armstead is cut in two seasons, Baalke can just claim he took the concensus pick that the experts said he would, and it’s not just him that was wrong about Armstead, all the experts thought Armstead should go in the middle of the first round too. Baalke will never make an exciting or daring or what all the fans hope for pick in the first round. He’s always going to disappoint us with his lame first round picks and bypass players that turn out to be superstars on other NFL teams. I want to sleep last night thnking well, there’s still hope Baalke can move up in round two and draft DGB or Strong, but this morning I realized it’s just a waste of time hoping Baalke won’t disappoint. He’ll just trade back and back getting more and more later round nobodies that will be injured, or camp fodder, or bench warmers that quickly fade from memory. Baalke suck balls!

  30. I’m guessing this pick pretty much cements any question on smith retiring.
    The wifey likes the pick. He’s a fellow thundering heard mate from Elk Grove

    1. Local kid. Ok, the shock is over. The pick isn’t that bad I’d he plays the same role the cowboy did. Tie up olineman and let the lbs roam. I’m ok with it as long as we get our WR or CB next.

  31. I can’t wait to tell my Seattle friends about all the potential on our team. New coaches with lots of potential, FAs (except Smith) that were run out of town but somehow represent potential in SF, and now a draft that underscores the word even more. Oh well, I can still razz them about losing the superbowl.

    1. Cubus do yourself a favor and watch the national championship game again what I believe you will see is not potential but a player.

        1. I understand he wasn’t my first choice either and I think he still would have been there in the late 20’s but if there is one thing we can all be confident about Tomsula is he can coach them up when it comes to D line men,

          1. How has your mock changed now that Armstead was selected. BTW, I do remember that your early mocks had Armstead as the #1 pick.

            1. whoknows If you watched how much time Harbaugh spent with Alex Smith and CK then yes I think Tomsula will still have a hand in developing D linemen.

              1. So, what do you think of Scott Brown, the DL coach? Or did you even know he WAS the DL coach? Be honest, OC.

          2. Tomsula will be coaching up DL players???? He’s the HEAD coach now, not position coach. He’d better make sure his coordinators have a clue as how to win in the NFL, not coach a rookie DL. I can’t wait until the 3-13 season just to see Jed York lose that smug look on his idiot face. So … two questions: who’s the next GM? and who’s the top pick in the 2016 draft? Should we trade down from that pick or keep it?

      1. Old Coach, I rewatched the game and I came away feeling the same way I did the first time I watched it. Admittedly it was the best of the games of his I watched, and he had some moments, but overall he looks like a good run defending 5-tech with limited pass rush ability.

        I think he can slot into Ray Mac’s old spot quite nicely at some point, and like Ray Mac be a good and probably under-appreciated player. But is that worthy of pick #17?

        And maybe he does develop into a great player, what do I know? But I prefer Preston Smith as a prospect.

      2. I watched it Coach and wasn’t impressed. He flashed but was more dominated than anything. It was also very concerning for me to see him solely focused on his blocker while the RB ran past him for big yards. And the coming out of his stance after everyone else has….ugh.

  32. There was another Oregon DE bust from a few years ago – Dion Jordan.

    I called it. With their 1st pick, the Niners managed to pick a bust.

    1. Yeah, and I’m sure Baalke will pass on them while looking toward to those gems he can grab in the 4th round again.

      1. Well, we did get an extra fourth round pick.

        I’ll give them credit for that; they got the guy that (I presume) was their target, and secured a couple extra picks in the process.

        1. Like I said earlier, I’m sure those extra picks will go toward DB’s and at least one player that fell due to injury or off-the-field problems. Maybe the 49ers can draft Collins and kick him inside to replace Boone. I’d go for that.

            1. But I thought the 49ers always allow to the legal process to be carried out? Collins is even a suspect — yet.

      2. “Yeah, and I’m sure Baalke will pass on them while looking toward to those gems he can grab in the 4th round again.


  33. Jackhammer I’m curious what your feelings on this pick are. Grant is calling it the worst pick of the 1st rd.

    1. OldCoach,

      It’s a very meh pick to me. I believe Armstead is the 8th DE/DT selected by Baalke since 2011. I’m including guys like Smith and Lynch in there.

      Seems a bit excessive for a single position group.

      1. Not when you play in the West, and need to roll out a welcoming party to the likes of Beastmode and now Gurley….

        1. And pass on speed that has been shown time and time again as being able to beat the West. The more you know.

            1. So we draft a project at a crowded position instead of the speed needed at another position that has been able to beat the West? Makes sense in La-La land I guess.

  34. Y’all are talking like this pick makes ANY difference? It doesn’t matter WHO this crew picks. Until Baalke is driven from this team, you’re looking at the ten year run that the Bengals and Bucs did back in the day.

    The Rams, Hawks and Cards are ALL much better teams than the 49ers. They have better playerss and WAY better coaching. Why any of you would think this team could get out of last place is a mystery. After 49 seasons as a fan, honestly I simply don’t LIKE this team anymore. I feel absolutely no affinity for the 49ers anymore. They DESERVE to lose and lose big and I’m gonna enjoy every single loss.

  35. Howie Long on Arik Armstrad:

    “I told (Steve Keim) months ago, and I told one of your scouts, my good buddy (Terry) McDonough, I said, ‘Look, there’s a kid up in Oregon who’s a freak of nature,’ who was at that time 20 years old,” Long said. “Armstead — he does things physically that other people just can’t do on their best day. He’s a freak.”

    “Bring me the guy that can run like a deer, he’s strong as an ox — roll out of bed,” Long said. “He’s very athletic. He can do anything you want to do, but he’s yet to really max out and you’re not sure where he’s going to get to. Bring me that player and put him in the right environment. Put him with the right coach. Put him in the right room with the right players.

    1. Maybe some of the other hacks should listen to what Howie has to say, considering his words are much heavier….

      1. There is a caveat.

        “Put him with the right coach. Put him in the right room with the right players.”

  36. A bust before playing a down in the NFL? 21, tons of potential and a coach that knows a bit about DL play? Don’t be such a sheep…

    1. Nobody has ever been able to tell me exactly how many games potential wins. Do you know? However, I don’t think anybody has actually called him a bust — yet! That’ll come if he doesn’t start any games this season.

      1. I will say that my discontentment with the selection prompted me to open up a bottle of really good wine. At least some good came from this. A la votre.

  37. Colts gave Luck a new toy. Some weapons on that team now. If that defense comes together that’s a dangerous team being put together there.

  38. Biggest story so far tonight would be the low number of trades. Goes with the stories that the first round was seen fairly equal. Heard a lot of reports that picks 17-40 were all seen about the same.

    1. That means were right outside of those picks unless some teams make reaches.
      So what are our 4th Rd picks now?

  39. It’s a good pick. He can play the run while Aldon stunts underneath all afternoon.
    He’s a faster Ray MacDonald and a possible replacement for the Cowboy. With Smith back and Dockett, and now Armstead at 292lbs, we have the best d-line in the division!
    If Smith retires, Dial and Carredine and Armstead look very good on paper.

    The pick will look with better with good picks in the mid rounds.
    If Baallke keeps accumulating picks he’s failed.

    1. It really must be the first and last time we agree on something Mr. Sanders, but I thought you wanted Peter Parker?

        1. Let’s see if Baalke can take a WR before the 4th round. He hasn’t been able to do it since AJ and I’m not convinced he can.

  40. Maiocco on Armstead (note the 2nd sentence):

    “Coach Jim Tomsula said recently that this is the deepest group of 49ers defensive linemen in the eight seasons he was a line coach. He might have a difficult time breaking into the rotation as a rookie because he is so raw. The 49ers do not expect Justin Smith to return for a 15th NFL season, but the 49ers still have Darnell Dockett, Glenn Dorsey, Ian Williams, Tank Carradine, Quinton Dial, Tony Jerod-Eddie and Kaleb Ramsey on the roster. The 49ers traded back two spots to get Armstead.”

  41. Looks good very good on paper. Ever see that movie called “The Paper Lion?” One of the best football movies ever!

  42. Players still available on my 49ers top 40 big board, lots of character issues!:

    6. Randy Gregory, OLB, Nebraska
    10. La’el Collins, OG/OT, LSU
    13. Dorial Green-Beckham, WR, Oklahoma
    18. Preston Smith, DE, Mississippi State
    20. Owamagbe Odighizuwa, DE/OLB, UCLA
    26. Jake Fisher, OT, Oregon
    31. Devin Smith, WR, Ohio State
    32. Eddie Goldman, NT/DE, Florida State
    33. Quentin Rollins, CB, Miami (OH)
    38. Steven Nelson, CB, Oregon State
    39. Maxx Williams, TE, Minnesota
    40. Tre McBride, WR, William & Mary

      1. I like them in that listed order! haha but considering that DGB and Gregory keep falling I think we should stay at 46 and hope one of them falls. Should be good value in round 2.

        1. What I wrote here yesterday morning [April 29, 2015 at 10:42 pm]

          Been resiting watching Armstead breakdowns. I finally broke down. Here’s what I saw in about 50-60 snaps. I tried best I could to ignore all the assessments I’ve heard, going only on what I see.

          – Athletic up the yang
          – Can knock thicker bodied offensive linemen backwards with heavy hands (an Aldon Smith trait)
          – Great length
          – Great “mover” in space
          – Teams paid him big compliments with double teams. More compliments by calling run plays away from his side.
          – Has the speed to chase lateral runs to down the line. Rare for a guy his size.
          – In chaotic open field situations can run though a mess of defenders to the ball using power and speed.
          – When he gets off the snap in time, he can collapse the pocket and split pass pro double teams

          – The slowest lineman off the snap I’ve ever seen. Ever. If you don’t know his number, just look for the guy that’s still in his stance well after the snap. (Strangely, every 5th play or so he’s fast off the snap, and creates total chaos in the offense).
          – Often he has no idea where the ball carrier is.
          – Often when he does get in position to make a tackle, he somehow misses him. (the opposite of Aldon).
          – Plays too high
          – Raw. Not just “not pro ready”, but raw compared to players with equivalent experience. With two years high school football and three years major college experience he should have better technique and instincts. (Slow learner or distracted by basketball commitments?)

          Will be attractive to teams IF they think his snap slowness can be corrected with coaching. They can use him as an interior pass rushing specialist while he takes (considerable) time learning the rest of his craft. At best, he’s two years from becoming a complete 3-down guy.

          If he becomes the player many hope he will, it will be well into his 2nd contract… reducing the drafting team to the role of farm team for whoever grabs him in free agency.

          Arik’s a likeable Northern California man. He’s one of us. A Sac kid. Its not his fault the east coast media is clueless about the defenses the 49ers run, or defensive line depth.

          He has the tools to prove me totally wrong. I’d be ecstatic if he did. But for now, I want the 49ers to use pick 15 on someone else.

          If the 49ers do choose him, I’ll take comfort in the fact Baalke and Tomsula know 100 times more football then I ever will. And I’ll root for him like crazy.

          1. I’ll be rooting for the kid too, but I’m honestly not expecting much from Armstead. I don’t see him as ever being an effective pass rusher or someone other teams will have to account for.

              1. I would have loved to have DeVante Parker on the offense, but Marcus Peters made more sense.

              1. He’s been good but has had hiccups as well. And it’s been more the mid to late round picks where he has been golden.

  43. Barrows on Armstead:

    “The adjectives used to describe Armstead are “raw” and “still-learning” and “improving.” All of them point to someone who will be a bit of a project. Armstead had four sacks in three seasons at Oregon. The issue for the 49ers is that they took two promising defensive linemen two years ago in Tank Carradine and Quinton Dial and neither of them have received much action yet. The team also has three other youngsters in Tony Jerod-Eddie, Lawrence Okoye and Kaleb Ramsey. That suggests Armstead either will have a hard time seeing the field or he will bump another young player the team has invested in further down the lineup.”

    Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/sports/nfl/san-francisco-49ers/article19988184.html#storylink=cpy

  44. How many 4th Rd picks do we have tomorrow? Is it 3 or 4? I feel like we have our regular pick plus a trade from last year a compensation pick and the charger pick.

  45. Well, now I’ve had some time to digest and let my disappointment abate a bit, here is my summary of the pick.

    I think he’s a decent prospect as a 3-4 5-tech (or 4-tech as Baalke and Tomsula are saying) with plus size and above average (though not exceptional) athleticism, that is raw and as of right now is a much better run defender than pass defender. I don’t think he was good value at pick #17, and think he’s more a second round prospect than first round prospect. But most importantly he is now a 49er, and I hope like heck he kicks butt!

    1. Bad value in every way. Reach. Wasn’t even close to BPA and is questionable if he can even fill a need on the team. Turrible as Sir Charles would say.

    2. Scooter, let’s move on to tomorrow. Who do you see them targeting in the second round and how do they go in for the kill, by trading up, down or stand pat?

          1. Unless DGB falls to them at #46, I think he goes WR in round 3. Round 2 will be OLB (O Diggy, Harold, Gregory, Orchard or even Preston Smith if they think he can play OLB), TE (Maxx Williams, Funchess or Walford), RB (a few to choose from), CB (Rowe, Collins, Carter, Darby) or OL (Fisher, Smith, Clemmings). Outside chance would be an ILB, if for example Eric Kendricks was still there at #46.

            I don’t think they’ll trade up, but may trade back for 2016 picks.

            1. I agree with your analysis Scooter. I would be ecstatic if they could add ODiggy especially, but Harold, Gregory, Orchard and Smith would all be the right pick….

  46. My glass is half full:

    Sure, we lost Harbaugh, Fangio, Borland, Skuta, Willis, Cully, Iupati, Cowboy and Gore……But we got a dude tonight with the 17th pick that has a ridiculous “Brittney Griner” wingspan and don’t forget about that rugby player Baalke pulled out of his ass!!

    #Jed&TrentMustGo #JustDoingDrivebyPost

  47. Pro Football Focus @PFF

    New 49ers DE Arik Armstead, who had the seventh highest grade against the Run v Power 5 teams in this draft class

    1. I’m as light as a feather, I’m as happy as an angel, I’m as merry as a school-boy. I’m as giddy as a drunken man. A merry Draftmas to every-body!

    1. Please put aside your pride for a moment and consider this link as to what A-Squared is gonna bring to the party….

      1. That article sums up very nicely exactly what I think of Armstead. Good run defender, good at eating up blockers, limited pass rusher.

  48. “I see the power in his hands and all of his tools, but I don’t see the production or the consistent push that I feel like I should see from him. He could end up being a monster, but you have to understand that what you get right now is just a big athlete with some upside.” — Pac-12 area scout

  49. Prediction for tomorrow: Dorel Green-Beckham in the second round; OLB Lorenzo Mauldin in the third round; FS Kurtis Drummond, OG Jeremiah Poutasi, and TE Nick O’Leary in the fourth round

    1. I’d be jacked if we go DGB. With three 4th rounders, I’d sacrifice one to move up and secure the pick.

      1. I’m not a fan, but I don’t care anymore. Nothing can be worse than drafting a project that is strictly a run stuffer in the first round. And I think Beckham is more likely to make an impact than Armstead.

  50. On Rotoword tweeted by Grant:

    “Speaking Thursday, both 49ers GM Trent Baalke and coach Jim Tomsula called No. 17 overall pick Arik Armstead a “project.”
    They weren’t kidding. Armstead is all projection after spending some of his college career tooling around with basketball, and then generating little in the way of quantifiable production on the football field. He’s a mountainous 6-foot-7, 292 pounds, but underwhelmed at the Combine. Baalke will have to hope he’s the smartest man in the room on this one.”

    Explain to me again why I should feel good about this pick?

    1. With a several glasses of wine Cubus. You’ll know when to stop drinking once you start believing that Armstead is the greatest pick ever.

    2. Do you really not get the seahawk smurf’s throwing lanes have just been highly reduced? Not to mention the protection he’ll provide for the 49ers linebackers….

              1. Must be one hell of a project for BaalkeSula to take at 17 with Howie Long’s blessing. Forgive me if I trust their football acumen over yours. Thank you very much….

              2. Must be one hell of a project for BaalkeSula to take at 17 with Howie Long’s blessing. Forgive me if I trust their football acumen over yours. Thank you very much….

              3. Well why wasn’t he fired immediately after the Jenkins Project ended in failure and Harbaugh retained? Somebody has the trust of Somebody, certainly not you going forward, yes?

              4. What a ridiculous post. Harbaugh was just coming off a Super Bowl run and Baalke was getting credit for being a draft guru…at least until his picks in 2012 utterly blew up in his face.

              5. Which are nowhere near as ridiculous as your attempts to proclaim a limited run stuffer labeled as a project an instant starter.

              6. Oh not near as ridiculous as saying Dahl would be the starter while Reid learned and took over mid season. I said Reid would be the starter and Armstead will start, mark it down….

              7. Sorry Razor, but I never once said that. What I said is that I didn’t like the fact that he had a down year at LSU after other playmakers in the secondary had moved on . And Reid wasn’t a raw project like Armstead is.

              8. I let the facts speak for themselves, and part of that fact is I never said you made that assertion. To be clear, Armstead will start, book it….

      1. It’s the project part that bugs me Razor. Also, to my knowledge the smurf typically does not stay in the pocket. Once he leaves the pocket, he’ll have little trouble throwing around the one or at most two guys that are in his way. Is there a batted ball statistic available for QBs?

              1. And P Manning had 10 in 17 games. Unfortunately it looks like you have to go one at a time with PFF.

            1. Oh well. Since the comment was directed at Cubus hopefully it makes him feel better. Sometimes it’s the little things.

          1. I don’t know Jack. Another defensive lineman, which probably means that we’ll be getting rid of a DL sometime during the season just like we did with Dobbs last year. I suspect there are a lot of teams that view the 49ers as a development farm for DL. Just wait and poach when the time is right.

  51. Quick question. Since Arik is 6’8″, and a former basketball player can we use him in the red zone as a TE? Kinda like jj watts?

      1. I wonder if that might help him actually disguise the fact he’ll be running a route instead of just blocking. Question is, will Geep chryst be creative enough?

  52. I’m crazy busy at work so It will take me a day or so to get the grades out but I’ll take a moment to pat myself on the back and say that I called Shaq Thompson to the Panthers and Damarious Randall to the Colts. Outside of that Gordon to the Chargers was my next best hit.

    However the trades didn’t help so my overall score might not be pretty.

        1. Hate to break the news to you, but all draft picks are based on how they project to the NFL since they’ve never played a down….

              1. Hate to break the news to you, but all draft picks are based on how they project to the NFL since they’ve never played a down….

                Armstead was projected as a raw project so that throws that claim out the window.

                I’d love to hear how it isn’t true because Armstead’s projection flies in the face of that claim.

              2. It’s tough when reality slaps you in the face when you’ve known all along that you couldn’t be wrong….

              3. Nice attempt at a zing but it fell flat just like your flipping on Baalke. Armstead is a project. That is reality.

              4. Baalke said there’s always projections, that’s the reality that left that red mark on your cheek…

              5. Not really. What’s made my cheeks red is laughter from your flipping on Baalke because he took your guy. It’s absolutely hilarious.

              6. This looks like fun…

                Not really…


                I would’ve preferred the 49ers taking Peters, Perriman or DuPree instead of Armstead, but really, how am I going to say I know more than Baalke?

                Also, the majority of people that are in the business (and I’m not talking about a Duck beat writer who may have an axe to grind with Armstead), think this is a solid pick.

                Maybe Baallke didn’t like Peters’ explanation of what happened at UW.

                Maybe Baalke (Henry) thought DGB is a better value than Perriman.

                Maybe Baalke liked Dupree, but saw the 49ers already have a pretty good OLB group (for this year, anyway).

                The point is, while it’s easier, you really can’t judge a pick (unless it’s really horrible, which I don’t think this pick is) in a vacuum. You need to look at a draft in its totality and three years after, at that.

                No harm in having an opinion, but there is no certainty at this point.

  53. Oregon’s defense is almost as funky as its offense. Armstead shows some versatility moving around the formations, and it sure seems like he spent a lot of time being double and triple teamed as one of only three pass rushers.

    1. He was often double teamed. He’s a good space eater, and holds up against double teams pretty well to keep his LBs clean.

          1. I know you didn’t ask me Razor, but I almost blew through a case of snickers last night. FYI, I’m “better” now.

  54. Going for potential in the first round is just another of many clues that Baalke feels very comfortable with his relationship with Jed.

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