2015 NFL Draft Rounds 2 and 3 live blog

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for Rounds 2 and 3 of the 2015 NFL draft. I will update this with information and analysis from the 49ers’ media room.


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  1. Just got off the elliptical, out of the shower and my peanut buster parfait in hand, let’s draft….

    1. Yup, let’s go Razor!
      Best exorcise and diet yet (lol).
      Kinda reminds me of my old Slim-Fast Shake diet drink. The taste was totally bland until I dropped a scope of ice-cream in it – oops.

      Denzel or DGB?

    2. 49ers will select defensive back, offensive lineman, middle linebacker or edge linebacker, wide receiver

  2. I get the feeling there’s going to be a lot of trades. Giants trade with Ten.

  3. Willie Brown showing some years; I hope he’s well.
    Butkis looks like he could still kick butt.

  4. We should definitely be able to move up without giving up too many picks.

  5. I know a one point NYG ran a big nickle. Collins makes sense for them.

  6. I’d read that Donovan Smith was likely to go in the 2nd round, but #34 does seem high for him…

  7. Good choice. Winston is going to need protection playing for the Busc.

    1. Not familiar with him, but an ESPN guy was questioning his motivation and work ethic.

      1. Jake Fisher would have made sense but I don’t think there was any wrong choice between the two.

  8. Not a bad choice, although I would have gone with Preston Smith.

  9. Yeldon just doesn’t seem like the 3rd best RB in this draft class to me.

    1. He was being suggested as a 1-2 round option so it’s about right.

    2. A one trick pony, but I’m glad he’s off the board. He would have been perfect for Seattle’s scramble bombs.

  10. One of the ESPN guys said that Devin Smith is “Torrey Smith with better ball skills.”

  11. In the words of Josh Norris, this is an outstanding pick by the Redskins.

      1. Never touched a drop of drinkable alcohol in my life and couldn’t even if I wanted to.

    1. I thought he’d get Shelton, but Goldman is a nice consolation in the second.

  12. Think Titans will take DGB? Maybe the Rams after? Maybe it will be WR at 8 and 9 because the Rams know what the 8 pick is.

    1. Twitter-verse is saying DGB to Titans. Fisher or Clemmings to Panthers.

      1. Right on DGB to TN. My twitter sources are chickening out on announcing the picks before the network.

  13. Not a good choice. They needed a DB to challenge the Colts offense.

      1. It’ll be difficult for Newton to throw to him if his blindside isn’t covered.

  14. Now hearing its not an OL to Panthers, but a big body. Jordan Phillips?

  15. Great. Game breaker WR in front of 49ers. Could have traded up for him. Still lack of weapons at WR and CB. Grab one Baalke. No more DL

      1. He should be a TE. But they already have Olsen, so I guess he’ll play WR. They now have two big, slow perimeter WRs. I don’t get it.

  16. The Falcons need to draft Fisher. If they don’t we should. Best offensive lineman of day two.

  17. So the big question is; who takes the next QB and which of the top contenders will it be?

    1. Chargers, Bills, Broncos, Browns, Rams are all potentials I think.

  18. My twitter feeds are slow. Anyone know of a source that won’t chicken out and delay announcements?

  19. If Baalke had a “target” I think he would have made a trade by now. I think he’s kicking back and taking BPA, whoever that is.

    1. Well, when you consider the help that they need on the o-line and a running back to take pressure off of Ryan I could argue with it.

      1. It’s looking like they could still get a good RB later on with the way the draft is going.

    1. Very happy about him going elsewhere though I don’t think Baalke had any interest in him.

      1. Fits the Boldin mold, so it makes sense, but I wouldn’t care too much for it….

  20. Anybody who knows football will realize this draft is already a failure…we needed a 1 WR more than anything and Balke is scared to commit to any o player. No 1 and next year AB is gone. Kap has zero chance and no future O…York and Balke have destroyed this team amazingly fast

    1. Anybody who knows football already realizes the 49ers sealed their fate last May when they passed on Murphey. The die was cast and this past seasons collapse was the proof. Baalke must reap what he’s sown.

  21. Love the Niners…really wanted to have faith in Jed Balke, but it has become painfully clear that Jed thinks he knows more about football than most and that his consigliere knows D but is clueless the O…

  22. Too many draft spoilers (Wannabe heroes) in here…..Why not just watch the tv monitor???

  23. Would like to see CB or RB here, but won’t be surprised with a TE or OLB.

  24. I’m sorry for my negativity but it helps me to release my stress when calling “management” gromits, idiots, etc.

    1. C’mon man.
      Stop being obsessed with WRs.

      Consider the last 3 SB champions.
      Pats and Seattle don’t have any star WRs and the Ravens receivers are Niners now.

      On the other hand, how many rings do Megatron, AJ Green, Dez Bryant, Demaryus Thomas (and others) have?

      WR is not as important as you want it to be.

  25. Anyone for some Big Nickel?

    I had the wrong big, athletic, raw prospect lined up for round 2.

      1. You’ve been talking him up so how would I think you were mad about the pick?

        1. Isn’t he always?

          Tank Carradine, Brandon Thomas, Marcus Martin were all early picks aiming for the future.

        2. Reid might have to consider retirement after his next concussion. We may need to move him to corner and let the new hitter rookie have his safety spot. That may have been the thinking with this pick.

          1. Another pick at safety. Trent just keeps drafting the same positions over and over til he gets it right.

  26. That is two areas that were already covered that have been addressed. When will the areas of concern be addressed?

  27. And the player they should have taken goes the pick after the 49ers…

    1. It’s clear Scooter. The MO is to pick safeties early and CBs later. Also, as I’ve been saying for months he’s afraid to take a WR early and he’s bearing that out in this draft.

      1. Baalke chickening out on another great draft for WR. So what’s new?

  28. Baalke should have moved up. DGB, Kendricks, Collins, Goldman … All gone

    1. Why should he have moved up? He got who he wanted without losing draft picks. He’s trying to reload on depth and talent. Hes drafted 2 solid defenders that will come in and learn and replace guys that will b leaving soon. We have starters at every position. The weakest spot is corner and I’m sure he will draft one later. This guy hits like whitner but covers like Reid. The best of both worlds. Now he might not be troy palomalu but he might be solid. But just like the guys u mentioned, they might be solid. Just my opinion. Let the man work?

      1. I thought Ward was supposed to return to safety since he can’t cover the slot receivers.

    1. May be, but I think he’ll be more of a SS in the NFL. Could be used as a SS/LB hybrid in nickel.

      1. That’s the sexy part of the pick your average fan doesn’t know….

  29. Does anybody know what Offense is? This is ludicrous….we will score a league low points

    1. We have our offense.. Smith, boldin Davis Hyde… We will be ok.. And they have backups at all skill positions, except a quality te

  30. I don’t get it. Another pick who won’t see the field this year. I guess SF is in full blown rebuild mode and Baalke’s on the way out the door.

  31. I don’t get it. We have 2 safeties signed thru 2-3 yrs.

    I am confused.

    Could be a Jimmy Graham antidote.

  32. Reminds me of Mike Mitchell the second round of the Raiders a few tears ago. All measurable team.

  33. The best case scenario its’ because they want to move Ward to nickle. More likely scenario it’s back up against Reid having concussion issues or it means the club doesn’t have confidence in Ward at safety.

    1. Coffee- As I stated before. Baalke makes a lot of moves to cover up previous errors in judgement or mistakes.

  34. We’re taking too many raw developmental propsects. That has got me worried about this season.

  35. Baalke’s said several times he likes his safeties to be interchangeable strong/free… and of similar physical size.

    This is a big departure. Tartt is a total strong safety. Could signal…

    – Niners might play more single high safety?
    – Niners play big nickle?
    – They plan on converting Tartt to linebacker?

    1. Switching Tart to LB would be a good move and make sense. Otherwise, I don’t see the value in this pick. Did Baalke pick for the future once again? The team has immediate needs (WR, CB, etc), so I don’t understand this pick-for-the-future mentality.

    1. Well I think you may missed the point. They aren’t targeting men, their targeting boys. The men will follow, they want to feel young.

      1. #lawsuit for the fans wearing those jerseys in the Eastern side of Levi’s Stadium. #heatstroke. I didn’t miss the point, I just think it was pathetic that it was one they felt they had to make.

        1. Big P between that stadium and the draft it seems they are grasping for straws.

        2. Yup, by the end of September “Levi’s Stadium” will be known as “We-Fry Stadium.
          Ah, how I long for the sweet cool bay breezes that blew through the Stick!

          1. Will the 49ers take a flier on La’el Collins with their 3rd?
            Collins is on record as saying that if he isn’t picked in the 2-3 rd he will remove himself from this years draft and re-apply in 2016.

            A big gamble on a person that is being questioned for information (not a suspect) regarding the death of his ex-girlfriend.

            If JC is not a suspect in this tragic incident, I would pick him with the 3rd.

  36. Whatever happened to reloading and not rebuilding? We have two starting safeties Trent, are you planning on going to a 3 safety dollar package this year?

  37. Tart is a good player but a strange, strange pick. I can think of reasons or it being made, but it still makes no sense to me.

  38. It makes perfect sense when you think about it. We have so many picks that we might as well make a few crappy ones, because not all the picks can make the roster.

  39. The receiver phobia is driving me crazy. The offense desperately needs a transformative player.

  40. Why are we continuing to draft “developmental” players? Maybe I just ask for too much. But I expect 1st and 2nd round players to come in and make an impact. It wasn’t Harbaugh’s doing, Baalke has left this team extremely unbalanced. A lot more defense than offense.

    1. Little confidence to make offensive picks especially WR. Like I said yesterday Perriman will be a 49er in 4 to 5 years, after the Ravens develop him.

      1. 1st round picks are crap shoots. We need scoring power. I don’t know if Baalke is scared or just thinks the offense is fine but he has to start pulling the trigger.

    2. That’s because he knows he sucks at evaluating offensive skill players. His mentor was Bill Parcells, who I can’t stand. The problem with Baalke is that his ego doesn’t seem interested in letting someone who can evaluate offensive talent contribute to the draft.

      1. BigP- OCD people’s insecurity like to create their own realities, so that anything beyond their own comprehension doesn’t really exist. They can not admit that they don’t know because what they can not control scares the hell out of them.

  41. Hmmm could we go through the second round with no QB’s taken. Might happen.

  42. Baalke wasn’t kidding that they wanted to be more like the Seahawks. The problem is that the Seahawks formula is being abandoned by the Seahawks themselves because they lost the Super Bowl because of it.

    1. They just lost the superbowl because they should have run the ball instead of passing it. One simple play that had nothing to do with their “formula” is the reason they didn’t win the Superbowl. Period.

      1. Not arguing that but that what’s coming out of Seattle and they also traded for a softie in Graham that you wouldn’t normally see with them.

    2. They lost the Super Bowl because they abandoned their formula on their last offensive play of the year.

      1. They were still very lucky to be in that position to run it in at the end. We shouldn’t forget that fluke pass play that got them there.

  43. 11/16 picks so far are defensive picks. Interesting to see clubs boards play out.

  44. Like the player not this high though. Not questioning he wouldnt have been taken in the 2nd, but why safety this early?

  45. I’m baffled, but obviously wish him nothing but the best as a niner. The guy hits like a freight train.

    1. Same. It’s the same question as the DL. You’re stacked there so why draft raw guys who aren’t expected to make an instant impact?

    2. It’s a mystery. Bowman alluded to all new terminology on defense. I wonder if there is more going on.

      1. Bethea’s salary does make a healthy jump in 2016 but at the same time they do have him signed through 2017 and his play was good this year. Did they really feel like they needed to use a second round pick just to save some money on Bethea’s contract?

      2. In the past 3 years they have drafted 2 safeties in round 1, one in round 2, and signed one starting SS to a 4 year contract. That’s a lot of investment in the position.

  46. Best player available was a Pop-Tartt???

    This is freaking grotesque draft so far!! York and Baalke are clowns.
    Niners are the laughing stock of the NFL now……Harbaugh would not have allowed these 2 pathetic picks!! Niners black uniforms are perfect fit for a very dark draft.

  47. Behea is an old-ish guy. Reid gets concussions. Dahl is what he has been. I don’t know what McCray has to bring other then physicality. So safety makes sense.

    The only reason safety was off my radar was all the talk about a “weak” safety class.

    If this pick keeps Dahl off the field, count me as happy.

  48. So we drafted another goldson or Whitner. Ya think they think Reid could be one more concussion from retirement?
    Perryman was right there.and of course he gets picked two choices later. Would have loved to see him in #52.
    This draft is over for me. If I want to watch the 49ers and Baalke draft I’ll watch some episodes of hoarders.

  49. And there goes the CB the Niners could have had. A lightning fast CB who allowed 1 TD in 3 years. Nah, why would they need him?

    1. That’s good to hear but still doesn’t explain the addressing of areas with minor needs.

      1. That’s because they don’t see major needs in other places like you do.

        I thought they could go just abou any position in the 2nd.
        But I have to admit that safety surprised me.

  50. This is the year all of the IR kids have to produce or Baalke’s grade as a GM goes down even further. Punting on this entire draft only hurts things more and combine that with being in the ridiculously strong NFC West. Where’s Mora when you need him? “Playoffs? You kiddin’ me, playoffs”?

  51. There’s my guy. Thought he’d go a tad sooner but glad to see him go in the second. Bengals got one right.

  52. Baalke said last night he lets the board speak to him, and the board said “Mambo dogface to the banana patch.”

    Mini-York said he wanted a coaching staff that was all about teaching. Did Baalke take him a little too literally?

    1. Seriously, I will hold off judgement. Can’t condemn a player I know little about. Based on what I know so far, Tartt looks like a nice counter to the Grahams and Gurleys of the NFC West.

  53. @#$%!!! LIons got the best vision back in the draft. That offense is going to be a nightmare.

      1. Ameer has better patience, vision, and is a nasty cutter. He’s going to light up the league.

  54. Hopefully Tartt isnt like Dashon Goldson and he kills us with unnecessary roughness penalties.

  55. Everyone relax I think they’re going to convert tart into a middle linebackerhe has a prototypical size Baalke likes

  56. I’m sure Trent will be relieved to know that I’m alright with the Tartt’s pick. Reid’s health a concern, don’t know about McCray, not a fan of Dahl, not sure if Ward is a FS.

  57. Baalke seems to think someone else is taking care of the offense while he prepares to stock “defensive potential” for the future. “It’s a puzzlement.”… “The King and I”

  58. So far the picks have said “need schmeed.” As least as far as immediate needs go.

    Many have said this draft is a referendum on which players are healthy, and which ones aren’t recovering as nicely as we want. So far is seems like encouraging news for Bowman, VMac, Thomas, Reaser, Acker, Millard.

    1. Baalke doesn’t draft for this years needs he drafts for next year and the year after that.

      1. Agreed, but with all the chatter about nine need spots, he’s doing a pretty good job avoiding them.

  59. Crap. That is a terrific pick. Expect Gurley and Mason to have a lot of openings on the right side.

    1. That dude has never been classified as someone no one is talking about.

      1. Then u must be one of the good ones mid west. Because I haven’t heard one iota of him

        1. He’s a great thumper that needs some development. That thumping can be too much at times though which could result in a lot of flags at the next level.

        2. I read some on him but what I read was he might be a 3/4. Seems like other teams knew better. Not hearing this is a reach, just a quieter guy. I hadn’t looked him up to watch tape. No surprise, I’m an amateur.

          1. Lol. No your not. I only looked him up because I’ve never heard of him

    2. If you didn’t know his position, the description fits that of a very good ILB.

  60. Good luck with Dion Jordon 2.0 Cowboys. Underweight and a one trick pony as a pass rusher.

    1. MWD,
      You’re not “high” on Gregory? Dion Jordan has failed because of his love for weed. Same thing could happen to this guy.

  61. We are observing Baalke’s draft philosophy – pick for the future and cover your arse. With Harbaugh, Fangio, and Roman out of the way and nobody to challenge his opinion, let insanity reign.

    Willtalk said it best yesterday. We’re noticing a pattern with Baalke and it’s not good.

    1. WTF are you talking about? That’s exactly the textbook way of drafting smart….

      1. Razor,

        Textbook like reaching for a projected 4th rounder in the 2nd round? Textbook like pissing away your 1st and 2nd round picks on “potential” rather than need?

        It’s not just about who you pick, but who you pass up. All you have to do is look at the immediate picks after the 49ers. 1st round: Marcus Peters (CB), 2nd round: Eric Rowe (CB) . Both could have stepped right in and played this year. Peters is a legitimate #1 CB and Rowe not far behind.

        1. Why do you think he was a 4th rounder? Because you read that somewhere and you tend to believe that source over Baalke? So Baalke’s a dope? Please, Nick, that’s not well reasoned. In my post above I noted what I read also, but the market is what a team will spend. You seem to be dealing in absolutes; please tell me you’re not turning into Grant or Lowell!

  62. Chicago booing a Packers player = Sadistic pleasure by Packers player

  63. Matt Miller “One of the good things about how aggressive and how versatile he (Tartt) is that you can put him at inside linebacker in nickel situations.”

    1. If the uninformed masses of fans would educate themselves, they wouldn’t have to act out GM rants in their fantasy….

  64. Appreciate the information people are providing on Tartt. It’s starting to make sense.

  65. I like your psychiatric analysis…More Niner fans should do this (i.e., look beneath the surface of things). I’ve been mentioning the Bill Parcells alter ego for a year to no avail, no one listens. Also, if you consider the fact that Baalke went to a no name running college (Bemidgi– Div 2) it’s no surprise that he’s been drafting Div 2 players high in the draft, because subconciously he wants to load the whole roster with people like himself…Incidentally Grant mentioned that a top rated corner Rowe, could have been chosen, Tartt thought he was a 4th rounder, and DT brown, Patriots was better than Armstead. You’re right, Baalke’s ego will sink us!

    1. BigP, I was referring to your excellent analysis at 5:35 pm on 5-1. These first two picks were supposed to be starters, instead of developmental players. We’re fielding a team in 2016 that was 8-8 with no draftees to improve it. At least when the Niners of old drafted Dennis Brown, Dana Stubblefield, Bryant young, Eric Wright, Carlton Williamson, and Ronnie Lott, they started immediately, as well as the entire 1986 Draft that.

    2. Heck! Anderson from Stanford is has as much “potential” as Armstead and he went on R3.

  66. The Bucs don’t appear to have a 3rd round pick now unless they trade back in. I haven’t heard what they earned but questionable for a team with that many needs not to have a pick in the third.

  67. I don’t condone striking innocent children but I feel like Jed deserves the belt.

    What a mess we are now, who are we??
    Baalke does NOT deserve complete control over this proud franchise. I hope Razor is right about Armstead but there were 30-40 players better than Pop Tartt…..Too many to list. ;)

    1. Jed is not innocent. He’s like Macauley Caulkin in “The Good Son”. Give him the side with the buckle Crab.

  68. From NFL.com on Tartt:

    Tartt has terrific size and is a physical tackler but he must show that he can handle coverage responsibilities. Despite playing 2-deep and single-high coverage, Tartt’s size and aggressiveness as a tackler might be best utilized around the line of scrimmage or in a “robber” scheme. Tartt has the size, athleticism and overall talent to be an NFL starter.

    1. I was kind of hoping he might replace Wilhoite in the nickel/dime package.

  69. Poutasi went in the top of the 3rd round. I don’t recall anyone’s mock draft on this blog having him go before the 4th round.

  70. Jed York is like Leslie Neilson as an owner and Balke is like the Russian Sabotor on “Red October” trying to scuttle our ship!

  71. We won’t pick on O till round 4 where we will grab a Patton/Ellingtin clone with massive “potential”

  72. Going with the way Baalke has been drafting, I’m guessing he goes QB or C, two areas with minor needs.

    1. QB Brett Hundley. Fits the raw developmental prospect that Baalke seems to prefer in this draft.

  73. I find it interesting Arians felt the need to respond to the Armstead selection….

    1. “Seahags”

      That’s the spirit. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you call them names before.

              1. I’m thinking his medicals have been red flagged, why else would he be still available?

              2. Mid, have you noticed a trend about the picks Baalke makes and your comments about them afterwards? On trend, it will be Coates in the 3rd…

              3. Yeah I have. I’m currently trying to find the cameras Baalke has planted in my house.

    2. That truly sucks. We don’t have anyone that can cover that guy.

        1. With ease. He’s an excellent shifty WR and the reason Verrett came into the draft with a broken ankle that was healing.

  74. Oakland is working hard to validate Grant’s argument that they will be the better team in the Bay.

  75. Baalke isn’t hard to figure out. He believes in two things: be big in the middle and draft players that fit your scheme. That means he will preferentially draft big guys whose positions are in the center of the field and he wants who he wants, he’s not going to worry that he drafted a guy early. Can you think of a single pick he had made where he picked a player who unexpectedly fell to their draft slot?

  76. Every pick so far Baalke has made is with the intent to beat Seattle. I love it!

  77. 2 stud WR’s in a row selected and Baalke standing around with his you know what in his hand.

            1. And or Ellington. The point is those guys are more than capable. Why use a high pick when the need is getting the defense back to elite.
              Kaepernick needs to make those guys better. That’s why he makes 12 million plus a year.

  78. Niners get a big thumping safety, SeaRoids get a fast, agile WR. The match-up chess match is endless.

  79. LOL @ athlete idioms

    “Steven Jackson is getting a little old in the tooth” – L. Tomlinson

  80. He’ll have a good tutor. Perfect spot for him to land. He has at least 2-3 seasons before he’ll be asked to start barring injury.

  81. Prime – I’m tryin to be patient with Bullheaded-Baalke…..I’m trying real hard.

    1. Crab:

      I’m going to give you the same advice that Bluto gave to Flounder:

      “My advice to you is to start drinking heavily.”

    1. Throwing it out there for shock effect. Nothing more so don’t worry.

  82. So…..Armstead for the lock and loop (aldon) and Tartt for snap crackle pop ( graham). I like it so far. Now we need a covering lb, bruising rb and red zone TE or WR

      1. They’ve addressed CB, OG, and WR so yeah they’re having a great draft.

        1. Can’t say I think much of Morse in the 2nd round, and while I know Conley has gotten a following on here, I don’t think he’s the best WR left available.

          1. No, but he doesn’t really need to be. It’s about fit more than anything and I think Conley makes sense in Kansas City.

  83. I still maintain the dress blues of the Marines are the best looking military uniforms….

    1. Razor
      Eye of the beholder. It gets seared into you.
      > old dude’s story; skip if you want: I report to Travis AFB after Leave to return to WesPac. As I walk in the terminal a lady confronts me.
      “You are a Marine?”
      ‘Yes ma’am’
      “My son is an Air Force Officer in Okinawa and he told me to grab a Marine when I dropped his wife off and assigns him to escort his wife to Okinawa for an accompanied tour.
      Are you going to Okinawa?”
      ‘Uh, yes ma’am, enroute to DaNang’
      “You’re the guy, Sergeant, there’s her bags”
      So I figured, uh, OK. The thing is they sat me with her in First Class from Travis to Kadena and she ws a delightful companion. When we got to Kadena her hubby was there to meet her, hug and kiss her. Then he shook my hand and gave me a look of appreciation and respect that I haven’t forgotten. That was my Dress Blues Moment even though I was in “Trops”. Uh-rah.

      1. I like Harold in round 3 and I am very glad it wasn’t Coates. A big double win for me :-)

        1. I covered the microphones on the cameras so Baalke wouldn’t hear him talk about Coates.

        2. With you on both. Is Harold like Greenway of the Vikes? A compliment if so.

    1. First pick I don’t feel meh about. He could take over for either Aldon or Brooks after this season. Bye bye Lemonier.

    2. I like it too! Never pass on edge rushers, no matter how many you have.

            1. I had it as the top priority but knew it would be addressed later.

  84. SB Nation posts the picks a few minutes earlier than announced on the NFL Network. They had Duke Johnson up for awhile.

  85. Trent Baalke has nailed this draft with Armstead/Tartt/Harold. Very happy, and looking at the 4th rounders, he’s going to be able to really strengthen this roster….

    1. I’m with you razor. A defensively strong team getting stronger on defense. Enough said.

  86. If it is Harold it looks to me to be our best pick. Not saying a lot but good value there.

  87. Harold can contribute this year. 1 for 3 thus far JedBaalke.

  88. Could this be bye-bye Lemonier? What about Brooks? Stay tuned to this bat channel.

    1. Damn straight! Nothing like ending the day with a snap, crackle and pop!

      1. What about Ajayi? But the knee is a concern and we’ve been through this before. Maybe later than 4th if he is still available.

        1. Ajayi could work. Jack’s mock had Magee in the 6th. I like that too.

  89. Eli is a good pick…The problem was not obtaining the Saints 13th pick to select DeVante Parker. Even the last man on earth new Miami would take Parker at #14…..Billy-Bob Baalke had to get that 13th pick….Whatever it takes! But Baalke failed miserably.

    1. He’ll give you a receiver in the 4th round Crab, how about McBride or Diggs, maybe Coates? Relax, Baalke is a wise man….

  90. Rebuilding the defense and giving manguini some toys. This team will not be the same next year, that’s for sure

    1. Manguini – and I was gonna have pasta tonight, but after that image maybe not.

  91. @Razor…whatever…I get you like Defense, but Offense does have its uses. Our D has been, will be solid, you like Balke do not understand that Offense is also important. Take your head out the hole dude, the 49ers made their name with O baby!

    1. All the D linemen and OLBs the 49ers are stocking up on reminds me of the 84 49ers. They went after Dan Marino using all 9 linemen.

      1. I loved that team, and I’ll never forget how everyone thought Marino was going to carve up the 49ers. Ha!

        1. Best defense we had.
          The front seven was nasty and the secondary was all Pro-bowlers

  92. Matt Williamson
    Seems a little early for Maudlin, but fills need for #Jets…bet they preferred Harold

  93. Well, the 49ers have been known the past few years for their stout D, and they’ve lost a few stalwarts so I can’t say I’m disappointed to see them replenish that side of the ball, even if I do question whether all the picks represented good value.

  94. I believe Deffense wins champions, no question…but balance/yin yang, whatever you want to call it…scoring points does help winning. This GM has now proven he cannot draft well for Offense, thus he is equipped to be defensive scout…not a GM who can ball with both!

    1. Relax man.
      You will be surprised by the offense with Torrey Smith.

      And there are still good receivers available.

  95. If we can come away with McBride or Artis-Payne in the 4th I’ll be happy.

      1. Its not that. I don’t understand why they take a WR when they have Brown, Wheaton and Bryant already. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

  96. Wow, I’m honestly shocked. Not that the Rams take a QB but that Mannion goes in the third before Petty and Hundley. He’s a good prospect but I bet their arms are sore tomorrow from reaching so far.

    1. I would take Hundley and then Petty. Mannion was a 6th maybe 5th round prospect. 4th QB off the board, wow.

  97. #TraitorTrent is a disgrace and little baldiephukk #JerkoffJed needs to go. We missed out on DGB just to get a Tartt, and oh boy!!!, we still have 3 4thRd draft picks! What a joy!!!

    Meanwhile, the 6 Superbowl Steelers get Martavis Bryant in 2014 and Sammie Coates in 2015.

    Oh, and Mannion is going to kill us 2x a year for the next decade.

    Jed, John, Denise: I sincerely wish for some awful financial tragedy to befall you so you have to sell my team. Go ph$& yourselves!!!

      1. CFC

        The worst thing is that I haven’t had a drink all week. I might hit the Mission tonight though. Go hunting for hipsters.

  98. YES!!!!
    These 2 picks tonight are getting my (expletive) excited! They both got highlight reels of KILLERS!! Hard hitting, smart players. I’m pouring some whiskey now

    1. Yes!!! Harold is F-A-S-T. He was off my radar. Just watched some snaps. How the heck did he fall this far?

      The question is… leave him light and fast, or try to bulk him up? I think he’d be killer in a Vonn Miller role.

      1. Good question. I had Baalke targeting either ODiggy or Harold coming into the second round. There’s no way in hell I thought either of them would be around into the third….

      2. I guess it depends on how they look to play him. My guess is they would like him to play at 250+, but apparently he’s had trouble in the past keeping weight on, a bit like Manny Lawson used to.

    1. That’s what I’m hoping. Couldn’t he replace Wilhoite in the nickel and dime packages?

      1. Cubus

        If he hits as hard as it looks on tape, they might just throw him in there with Bowman for 3 downs. Kam Chancellor and Bobby Wagner are two of the scariest players in the league.

    2. Looks like he has the ability to knife thru traffic to make the plays like Troy Polamalu, and the laying some wood ability of Cam Chancellor.
      Seriously, that dude looks like the biggest guy on the field and he is making a ton of plays. Both guys from tonight have the exact opposite highlight reel of Armstead… who i’m just going to wait and see what happens with… But seriously there were no highlights, and Jaqiwuefkzmxtristki (I think thats how its spelled) and Harold are highlight making machines! Its like a Sports Center top ten all the godamn time with those two.

  99. All the Sammie Coates haters enjoyed watching him fall, but that stat on 3rd round WRs drafted by the Steelers was telling. Emmanuel Sanders, Mike Wallace, Hines Ward, and now, Sammie.

  100. Who knew Henry Anderson was better than Arik Armstead (other than Grant)? Is he the next JJ Watt?

    1. A little, yeah. He’s got some talent, but you have to be worried about his ability to stay healthy.

      1. Seems like they’ll be going to power from their zone blocking scheme….

  101. With three 4th round picks, any chance the niners might take Petty if he’s there?

  102. So, who on this site weighs over 220? Anybody over 250? 300? 350? 400?

    How do you feel? Serious question. I’ve dropped from 250 to 200 in the last 4 months doing yoga and running and eating no refined sugars, wheat, or starchy carbs; also cut down on the binge drinking/munchies nights.

    I feel 10 years younger. Just saw a pano shot of the audience at the Draft, and the enormity of Packers fans is disarming. Are we better off here?

    1. Amazing how demographics and weight are connected. Region is one of the biggies.

    2. E,
      I actually had a lengthy post after Grant had posted on the size of NFL linemen, but my iPad refreshed and deleted it all. I was 324.5 lbs. last May. I now weigh 250, which was my goal. I’m 6’5″ with a 52″ jacket and (now) a 36″ waist. I’m a naturally big guy and even when I was that heavy I didn’t have a gut, I kind of had an even coat of chub, so to speak. I only lost two waist sizes after losing 50 lbs., but lost four waist sizes after the next 25.

      Weights, high intensity cardio and tracking my diet were key for me. It’s all about being honest with yourself. I love activity but I don’t like working out, so I designed a program that I could do quickly at the gym and that worked for me.

      My hats off to you brother, I know the feeling. A year ago I was running out of breath while chasing my kids and now they can’t keep up. It’s a trip when you see your old clothes literally sagging off of your body.

      Yes, there are certain parts of the country where the local culture leads to obesity, the Great Lakes area being one of them. It’s freezing during the long winters and they’re hossing out on deep fried cheese curds, bratwursts and beer. One of the most popular items at the state fairs out there are deep fried sticks of butter. They deep freeze whole sticks of salted butter until they are hard as a rock, put a stick in them, dip them in batter and fry them……

      Yes, we have it better! Lmao. Congratulations again on the weight loss man, that’s good stuff.

    1. They’ve retooled their secondary, added a G/C, and added another weapon on offense. Their draft will be making a lot of Chiefs fans happy….and I get to hear all about it. :-p

      1. It hurts man haha, Chiefs take both my favorite prospects. If they take McBride or Bell in the fourth I might have to become a Chiefs fan.

        1. LOL!!

          I’m with you on McBride and Bell. Much prefer McBride of the two though.

  103. Barrows: Eli Harold on dropping into the third round: “I’ve always had a chip on my shoulder. It’s just getting bigger.”

  104. What if they come out of the 4th round with Ajayi, Greene, Clemmings?

    1. I’d rather McBride than Greene, but Greene would be good. Ajayi’s knees must be troubling after all.

        1. I’m not a big fan, but he could fit the big, possession WR role once Boldin leaves.

              1. Yeah, I’ve said before Diggs looks like the type of prospect that Baalke would like. But I’m not ruling out McBride. He strikes me as the type of player Baalke would like at WR too.

    2. Greene isn’t fast and has the body of a rail. Never a good combination in the NFL.

  105. One name that I hope Baalke doesn’t stuff in an envelope tomorrow is Josh Shaw.

      1. At one point yes. I’m not saying he won’t have a good career, but he seems more like a FS and not a CB. He’s a guy who I think could be miscast if we drafted him.

  106. Rams took the Oregon Beaver QB, (Mannion) …

    Seems he wasn’t a late-rounder, after all

  107. I have a whole bunch of boxes and these two draft picks check every one of them. They come to okay. They are physical and tough. And athletic and strong. They might even help us crack four wins next season. SEAHAWKS? There’s two other teams between us and the Hawks fercryinoutloud!

  108. So how many injured and unable to help the team in 2015 players with Baalke pick tomorrow? Two, three, maybe four, will any player from this draft actually help this team? Mediocrity here we come.

  109. Mark it down. The best WR from this draft will be Nelson Agholor. Yes, you heard it here first :)

    1. I’d be happy with that. Ajayi’s knee issues must be pretty serious to make him fall this far though. Maybe Jeremy Langford would be a better option, or Artis-Payne or Mike Davis.

    2. Ajayi makes sense. A power back with good hands. I don’t think it was just the knee issue that caused him to slide down this far. His heavy workload and the fact that he was in Petersen’s doghouse for a while played a role as well.

      Not really a fan of Pruitt. He’s too short to be a TE and lacked a competitive streak at times.

      McBride would be a great heir apparent to Boldin.

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