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      1. One of the most damning indictments on Niner’s performance today, is that their best player was a LT who played like a rookie.

  1. 1) I’ve said for weeks now that Saleh is unable to adjust during games nor put together a scheme that will match up against the competition.

    2) I thought Beathard did reasonably well given what he was up against and given that he is a rookie.

    3) Hyde seemed to have a good game given the circumstances.

    4) There’s no veteran leadership on this team. You would think that Lynch realizes that is important.

    5) Staley has played poorly for him for a couple of games now. He’s on the 18th hole of his career. Can’t see him back next year; dead cap hit will be $4.4 million.

    1. Ive been saying it for awhile. 9ers are gonna regret not developing a replacement for Staley.

      Father time gets us all one day.

  2. What’s to analyze? We have no qb, no leaders, foster isn’t second coming of p.will. But, but, but hes a rookie….lets get that excuse going, gonna hear it every week. How long does KS get a free pass, I thought last year was rock bottom……I’m actually glad now that we didn’t bring Kaep back. He deserves better, maybe GB or Ari takes a look…..

    Seeing Dwight Clark in his condition is really really sad, too bad we couldn’t muster a better effort for him. His million dollar smile can light up a room.

    Congrats to Juan, ur Cowboys covered the spread….enjoy your blood money. Bum.

  3. 1. How do you feel about the CS/FO now?

    I was fine with everything even the W/L column. I hated the penalties but that is solvable.

    Im very bitter over the releasing of Bowman. You cited multiple times Grant that the team lacked leadership. Well w/o a franchise QB on offense there is no leader on offense. Bowman was the leader of the defense and w/o a true offensive leader ergo the leader of the team. Releasing Bowman was the catalyst for the collapse. Their is a massive hole in the middle of our defense right now where bowman was. Say what you want about his pass coverage skills he was a run stopping machine, and we needed that today. The wind was taken out of our sails when elliot breezed into the end zone after the first fumble. When a team runs all over you like Dallas did today its simply DEMORALIZING. There is nothing more demoralizing as a team then to have the opposing team literally run left right and up the middle on you at will.

    Foster was taken out of the game twice this week for injurys….. This is the guy that is supposed to replace Bowman? What a joke. Also removing Bowman has removed Fosters most valuable person to learn from.

    Takeo Spikes -> Willis
    Willis -> Bowman
    -> Foster

    With no one to train foster I fear our string of strong LBs is coming to an end. Even Patrick Willis had Singletary around. Also the best ability in the NFL is availability, and Foster’s availability is slim so far.

    I went from content and optimistic to extremely annoyed. Frankly how they use the #1 overall pick in the draft and who (kirk cousins) they can land in FA will be telling.

    I dont think its possible to bounce back from a loss like this and win a game the rest of the season.

    1. Mc,
      Unfortunately, leadership no longer fits in the new world of analytics.
      The most frustrating thing about letting Bowman go is that we got nothing in return. It’s as if this regime wanted him off the team so fast that negotiating with other teams was a moot point.

      Today’s loss was a crushing one because this type of loss wears on the psyche of the entire franchise. Losing by a few points over the last 5 weeks at least gives the team a glimmer of hope.
      But this type of loss sets the team back into an abyss that can cause locker room friction and a dead ear from the players when coaches are speaking.

      1. I love Grant and the opinions he brings to the table. But he thought releasing Bowman was a good idea and agreed with the CS.


        Heres why. Go ask any Raider fan if they are happy with their new ILB who recorded 11 tackles (6solo) and a QB pressure. Bowman over at made it into their Top 4 Good and Bad section in the GOOD section. Read any raider fan reaction over there and there is nothing but excitement about what he brings to the table.

        Every Raider fan I have spoken to personally has said they would have lost vs the Chiefs if Bowman was not on the team.

        Thats the guy we let go.

    2. Outstanding point that everyone over looks, who’s gonna mentor Foster? I will never understand why we cut Bow for nothing, yes he was disgruntled to split snaps but under contract never the less. They banked on Foster being healthy last week, and like many of the decisions made lately came up snake eyes.

    1. dreed …
      If you’re a Dodger fan … how can you also be a Niner fan ?
      doesn’t compute …cuz ..
      everything south of Fresno … is the enemy

      You got no one else to root for down south ?

      1. You can be a Dodger fan if you were one when they were in Brkyn and the Giants were in NY. You do not change just because they move, especially when your team moves to your state. Not a Dodger fan anymore because I got bored with baseball. and with free agency the teams changed so quickly it was difficult to maintain loyalty. Sill for many years I was a NorCal loyal Dodger fan. It was fun because all my friends were Giant fans. Giant fans were great to have around during the hot summers. lol.

      2. Born in the Oak, my dad from Frisco…..I’m bay thru and thru, never been to LA area but my mom and her side are from there and r diehards. They heavily influenced me, was As fan until 88 W.S. I was only 8 at the time but already a huge baseball fan, loved the Athletics and still do but hate what they do with their roster based on economics. Giants have my upmost respect, in my area csnba is available so I’ve watched many Sf games in my adult life and as a kid. Baseball at Candlestick was a real treat for a kid like me, miss that old park especially with the dump they built in SJ. One of several foolish moves, anybody notice we have been garbage since we left the city…..serves the York fam right, but sucks for us faithful. Really chips at my soul to watch this product, after two years of the same. We were perennial contenders….finally. We deserve better fellow faithful. Wonder what our greats thought watching Dallas toy with us, love or hate Harbs and Kaep the excitement they brought won’t be seen around here for a decade.

  4. What a bunch of cry baby losers you posters are. If you want to criticize someone, how about the previous regime that left this mess behind.

    1. I don’t really have a problem with the offensive side of the ball because I can see the potential once we get a decent OL. Baalke failed miserably by letting the OGs go and drafting Martin and the guy from Clemson (name escapes me). Not sure Garnett is good, either.

      But the defensive side of the ball, imo, has a massive failure by the coaching staff starting with Saleh. He’s too inexperienced and really doesn’t seem to have a clue about how to put a game plan together or make adjustements. Violence (with reckless abandon) he does seem to know.

      1. In Saleh’s defence, he has zero corners.
        Robinson and Johnson are not starters. Ward and Tartt are.
        They need a lock down corner.

    2. Jerry,
      Maybe you haven’t been around long, but that complaint has been pushed ad nauseam.
      When it comes to criticizing the team there likely has been no stone left unturned.
      Let’s face it, this team has a long way to go.

  5. Come on you guys. I can remember teams of the past getting blown out in some games. Remember the Super bowl team of 1995 that got blown out by Philly. It would be unrealistic to expect this to not happen. I am sticking with the scenario that this year doesn’t matter. The close losses do not matter nor does this blow out. They are rebuilding the team and that includes letting vets who are not in the teams future go even if they can be of help now.

    There is a big difference between this team and the Browns. The Browns have been in this shape for at least a decade. They have been in rebuilding mode for quite some time. They are still where they are because they succumbed to the quick fix plan. When you are at the level this team was you can not use quick fixes to get better. You clean house and start over and that entails at least one perhaps two lost seasons. It is far too early to do any team progress evaluations yet. It is a joke to say that the coaches and FO has had enough time. In fact that sort of attitude is rather immature and infantile.

    I am not ready to criticize the direction of this team quite yet. Perhaps because I can understand what they are attempting to do. But by your responses, understanding their plan seems to totally be beyond the scope of many of you.

    1. Willy, when pro athletes quit, I don’t care if your a contender or bottom feeder, it’s never acceptable or bound to happen.
      Once you give up, losing becomes a habit.
      Today, the 49ers gave up.

      When your a young team trying to build an identity, the one thing that can never happen is a lack of try.

    2. @Will: You said:” There is a big difference between this team and the Browns. The Browns have been in this shape for at least a decade. They have been in rebuilding mode for quite some time.”

      A case of selective or short memory…or both. The pre-Harbaugh years were awful, and the post-Harbaugh years have been dreadeful. Take away the success of the Harbaugh years and you have a Browns-like team and third rate coaching staff year after year. It is the norm for the Niners to be this bad.

  6. This team sucks. If #2 was in at QB today he’d be getting blasted for losing 2 fumbles. With #3 the blame has shifted to the oline.

    How about that stout run D? So good to see the improvements today with the return of Foster. Wait he got hurt? Again?

    Players squabbling on the sidelines, same garbage mistakes we’ve seen all year, this team is sorely lacking leadership.

    But hey, at least little Shanny keeps trying to find the silver lining each week. “Hey, we’re the first team ever to lose 5 straight by 3 points or less. We are showing improvement!” Not so fast my friend.

    1. It certainly is a train wreck but looking back before the hires of JL and KS,and even after, did we expect different?

      My prediction of 3-5 wins looks about right at this moment.

      1. Prime,
        You are correct. I too was thinking 3-5 wins.

        One of Grant’s current refrains, “Is this team better than Tomsula’s five win team?” I would argue that we are in a better situation now even if we go 0-16 this year. Shanahan clearly has a plan and a scheme that he will continue to build. There are a lot of holes on this team, obviously. It will be fun to watch over the next few years.

        Clearly, the jury is still out on Saleh. Without significant improvement it would be a surprise to have him return. Many people are calling for the return of Fangio. I don’t think he would ever come back and he runs the 3-4 which we are drafting away from.

        Who will be our defensive coordinator next year?

        1. I think everyone on staff gets a pass for the year.
          As bad as it is, there are plenty of legit excuses for Saleh.
          1.He has an underachieving D-Line with no true pass rusher.
          2.He has no real cover corners.
          3.This is year one in the scheme.
          4.He is a 1st time coordinator
          5. It’s a rebuild, can’t blame him

          1. Quit ripping on Saleh..KS will be gone by of Grants predictions that will pan out
            Lynch might be able to hang on

            KS = Mike Singleberrybrain+Mike Nolan+ Tom Shula the Meat butcher+Chipped beef Kelley

            The vampire squid who talked dorks into firing JH is gone, at least that much they got right

            Dorks please sell the team once and for all -tired of its a rebuild excuses one after the other..they fired Harbaugh and didn’t have too .. all this didn’t need to happen

            1. You’re out of your mind. So many open receivers. One just fell (Bourne?) on a sure first down. The scheme is epic…. By the way, as a profanity lip reader I saw KS say “WTF?” On that play. New O’ line, corners, receivers, QB (that’s all), we’re golden. Under the circumstances I think CJ had an above average performance. God our O’line sucks.

    2. “If #2 was in at QB today he’d be getting blasted for losing 2 fumbles. With #3 the blame has shifted to the oline.”

      1. Beathard is a rookie, Hoyer is a vet.
      2. The OL gets ripped on here every week.

      1. no kiddin’… #80

        Grant mentioned (current periscope) .. that the Niners
        NEED … (at least) .. 4 new O-Linemen …
        IMO …we need FIVE new OL …
        (and maybe a few quality backups.. as well !

        Sure hope The Joe .. took the opportunity … to
        give CJB .. a little pep talk ….and told him about his first start …
        and just maybe …
        the fact that …

        ….”it’s gonna take awhile to beat the Cowpies !”

  7. Did periscope S the bed again? Grant, there are other ways to post live video if that’s the case. Can’t view it on iPhone 7+. Maybe my iPhone S the bed?

  8. Niners tried to force CJB to deliver the ball from the pocket. Too bad the O line were turnstiles, so the pocket collapsed like a house of cards. Seems like the coaches were incapable of making adjustments and rarely tried to roll out CJB. The Niner O line is pathetic, and i hope they make honest assessments and timely adjustments.
    Defense was a shambles. Maybe now, they will see the need to retain veteran leadership.
    Bill Walsh released players early than late, but he always had a superior replacement in place before making a move.They never should have released Bowman until they saw how Foster would do. Now that he is injured again, they may have made the move too early. It was telling to see Bowman miked up and calling plays 3 days after joining the Raiders.
    The run defense allowed over 200 yards after Bowman was let go, so in hindsight, they made a foolish move.
    Now, maybe KS will admit he needs an OC. McVay has Phillips, so he does not need to concentrate on defense. KS has Saleh, and he failed miserably last game. It did not seem the Niner defense knew where to line up, and they appeared confused. They still lined up too close. I saw many hands past the line, and the refs could easily have called offsides. Zgonina is a miserable failure is he does not stand along the line of scrimmage and make sure the defense does not line up offsides. They still jumped before the snap, so that is more poor coaching.
    Take away 6 plays, and the Niners are competitive. With those 3 fumbles and 3 huge Cowboy offensive plays, the Niners were eviscerated.

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