49ers 10, Rams 39: Grades

Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald, top, sacks San Francisco 49ers quarterback C.J. Beathard during the second half of an NFL football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Oct. 21, 2018. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

SANTA CLARA – The 49ers lost 39-10 to the Los Angeles Rams Sunday afternoon. Here are the 49ers grades.

BEATHARD: F. His quarterback rating was 56.1, he committed three turnovers and now has 10 in just four starts this season. We have seen enough of Beathard. The 49ers need a new quarterback. Trading up to take him in the third round was a terrible move that will hurt the 49ers for years.

RUNNING BACKS: B-minus. Matt Breida fumbled and Alfred Morris not effective. Raheem Mostert averaged 8.4 yards per carry, but carried the ball only seven times. And Fullback Kyle Juszczyk averaged nine yards per catch – good for a fullback – but received only three targets. Kyle Shanahan didn’t use them enough. More on Shanahan below.

WIDE RECEIVERS: F. This is supposed to be the 49ers’ strongest position group on offense. Combined, the receivers caught four passes. Pierre Garcon should retire. Marquise Goodwin is overrated.

TIGHT ENDS: A-minus. George Kittle caught five passes and gained 98 yards. He is the best player on the offense. His backup, Garrett Celek, caught no passes, but did commit his weekly penalty. He’s worthless. He should not play.

OFFENSIVE LINEMEN: F. They gave up seven sacks and 11 quarterback hits. Center Weston Richburg gave up one sack, and rookie right tackle Mike McGlinchey gave up three. Last week, McGlinchey gave up two. Local fanalysts were too quick to label him a good draft pick. He’s a major work in progress.

DEFENSIVE LINEMEN: D. The run defense was decent. The pass rush wasn’t. It was bad. The best pass rusher was Arik Armstead, who recorded one sack late in the game when the 49ers were down big, and celebrated.

LINEBACKERS: C-plus. They held Todd Gurley to 4.2 yards per carry, which is respectable. But, they gave up two rushing touchdowns in the red zone. Not respectable.

SAFETIES: C. Adrian Colbert injured his ankle breaking up a long pass to Brandin Cooks. That was a good play. Jaquiski Tartt almost intercepted a pass, but dropped it. Not a good play. Tartt is overrated.

CORNERBACKS: C. Richard Sherman chose to sit out. Greg Mabin replaced him and played well. The other cornerback, Ahkello Witherspoon, said after the game in the locker room he thought he played well. He didn’t. He gave up a touchdown catch to Cooks. The 49ers need to draft at least one corner next year. Witherspoon is a bust.

SPECIAL TEAMS: D. They gave up a 36-yard punt return, and allowed the Rams to block a punt in the end zone.

COACHES: D. The defense came ready to play. The offense didn’t. Robert Saleh outcoached Kyle Shanahan, who is failing as a head coach. His team makes the same mistakes every week because they stink. Shanahan stinks. Why in the world did he want his team to wear the 1994 uniforms? Did he think his team would play like the ’94 team if it looked like the ’94 team? That team won the Super Bowl. His team has one win. It didn’t earn the right to wear those uniforms. Shanahan needs to get real. He isn’t on the hot seat yet, but should be if the 49ers lose their next few games to the Cardinals, Raiders and Giants, who have three wins combined. Do better, Kyle.

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  1. I am happy Grant that you have seen the light and want Kyle fired. Now let’s draft a QB, we can still keep Jimmy G for 3 years and replace him with our drafted QB.

      1. Least my account is not as silly as yours. You should’ve called yourself BUZYASABEE. So, as a 49er fan, are you really happy with what went on? Beathard is our QB of the future? Goodwin is our WR of the future? Breida is our RB over Hyde? Reuben Foster is an improvement when he gets hurt or burned? While you may be a run stopping defense, you have FOR YEARS Given up big passing plays over and over, and if a challenging was SMART, they throw more and run less versus your pathetic team. I would as a coach to call for more passing plays vs. the 49ers until they learn to stop it like in stopping the run. Oh and should Jed York sell the team?

        1. Beathard is the backup …not Qofthef.
          If you’re saying he needs to be benched?? ..Then I agree with you.

          Marquise is a speedster that stretches the field..
          Dante is hurt….Trent has nagging injuries…I do agree Pierre’s time with the 49ers is about up

          Hyde wasn’t a fit in the scheme..
          But it’s a two back system in the league nowadays anyway
          So Brieda and Mostert..or Brieda and McKinnon when he comes back…can get the job done..
          Receivers and Running back are sorta interchangeable..

          Gurley makes that team go..
          So naturally…the defense starts with stopping the run..
          With a subpar secondary you’re right…
          Teams will throw on us more..
          But not every quarterback has a great receiving core..that can burn us game to game
          But a pass rush negates that as well..
          So we need a pass rusher…

          But Kyle being fired or on the hot seat is ridiculous… was my point..

          Kyle’s scheme works…
          We’re in games..can move the ball..
          We cant keep turning the ball over.
          Which has been the story the past 4games..
          The more chances you give the opponent…their chances increase of beating you..

          Bench CJ and go from there..

          But you said”Our” pathetic team…
          Which means you aren’t really a fan..
          So why are you on a Niners site then?

          Jed doesn’t need to sell the team..
          Jed isnt the one throwing interceptions or turning the ball over in the football games..

    1. That’s the dumbest thing ever I’ve heard. Jimmy G has had one bad game(against the Vikings) and you already want him replaced. Half of his career ints are not his fault(tipped passes, receivers tripping or running the wrong route) and has had many tds dropped and still has good stats. Jimmy knows how to win games.

  2. Lol..yes freaking awesome..I was lmao..good call Grant..so two more wasted years of drafting then hire a new coach so let me guess Jed 49ers should be watchable in about 5 years then?

  3. We are not firing Kyle…..

    In other news….

    K shanahan is an idiot……for drafting CJB …..and he is a moron for thinking he could win with CJB

    K shanahan is a fool if he thinks his way will work…..best he humbles himself and gets help

    CJB is a bigger idiot for thinking he could play QB in the NFL. He has no awareness or a tiny feel of passion.

    This guy is the worst QB in the league….

    How can this be your 2nd yr in a system and look worse than you did your rookie yr.?

    I witnessed how horrible CK was….I swear I am close to start thinking maybe we should bring him back……

    But damn Ckap really sucked!!!!

    Lynch and Saleh should just resign now…..these fools are just collecting a pay check and providing no results….

    What a bunch of losers💩…..smh…..fark!!!

    1. A real owner one niner does FIRE THE COACH after another dismal 1 and 6 after going 0 and 9! But I’m more then willing to take a fire Saleh, get rid of Beathard, and draft a QB.

    2. Mostert is the fastest RB on the team (4.32). He’s a vicious tackler on special teams and a good blocker and pass protector. This is his sixth team and the first to finally give him a chance to play RB. He’s a stud who will only get better with experience. He rips off 3 good runs and Shanahan brings back an oft-injured Breida just in time to fumble. Let Mostert play and give the second best QB in the building a chance. He can’t be any worse than CJ.

  4. Mike McGlinchey: “It’s not a huge overhaul of things that need to be corrected. It’s just little things here and there.”

    Wrong Mike. It’s the big things. Turnovers are big. Missed assignments on pass plays are big. I could go on, and they are all big.

    This team is so far from being able to worry about the little things. Stop pretending or saying otherwise, and same goes for your coach.

  5. Cannot disagree with any of the grades.
    I would give Saleh a C, but KS an F.
    Defense struggled, but they were wore down due to the offense committing so many turnovers and struggling.
    This game exemplifies what good coaching looks like, and what bad coaching allows.
    KS was all in with Hoyer, and we all saw how that turned out. Now KS is all in with CJB, so his assessment skills needs improving. JL should stop getting embarrassed, and do everything in his power to improve the team.

    1. Clearly shanahan is not all in on cjb, he’s the back up for a reason. He’s a good backup, but shanahan is all in on jimmy g

      1. No, KS is all in with CJB. He insisted they move up in the draft to select him. KS benched Hoyer and let CJB start.
        KS was not all in with JG. In fact, he said he was in mourning for losing out on Cousins. KS did not play JG for 3 games, because he thought JG could not lead the team without memorizing the playbook.

        1. Haha!

          More Seb-speak, talking indirectly about his worship of Kap without using his name directly!! A true career politician……..

  6. Well at least Levi’s has lettuce wraps..Good job Jed…I don’t have the answers but all I know is this team no matter who has been in charge has consistently passed over college stars time and time again and gotten cute no matter who was making the picks…Jamal Adams..Derwin James Odell Beckam the list goes on and on..This team has been in position to draft stars over and over yet we draft Ward ,Armstead ,Thomas,Tartt..etc that is what is wrong with this franchise..We have had no one here to draft talent they always try to get cute..I’m an average football fan and I knew all those players I just stayed were huge reaches how can these lifelong football guys keep missing?I will admit I was wrong on foster though though he would be a stud,he’s irrelevant as well.

    This team has been drafting bad for the last ten years and it show..Point blank period

    1. 2012-AJ Jenkins over Alshon Jeffrey smh
      2013-picked up 2 second rounders for Alex Smith. Vance McDonald over Travis Kelce smh, picked 1 year starter Tank Carradine early in the 2nd with Kawann Short, Keenan Allen, and Honey Badger still on the board
      2014- Deepest wide receiver draft in recent memory. Don’t grab a receiver until round 4 and draft Jimmie Hospital Ward in the 1st round.
      2015-Marcus Peters got into trouble so we don’t want to take a chance on him but we’ll take a chance on a soft ass Arik Armstead who wasn’t a first round pick
      2017-Solomon Thomas over Jonathan Allen, Malik Hooker, Marshon Lattimore, Trubiski, Jamal Adams, Leonard Fournette, Christian McCaffrey
      2018-Eventhough I am a Notre Dame fan and like Mcglinchey, there were much better guys at that draft pick #9 position like Derwin James. Moved up for Pettis who was a 4th rounder when they could have moved up for a corner like Josh Jackson from Iowa.
      Im just an average Joe but wish I was in charge of FA signings and the draft. Id have honey badger and derwin james chilling at safety with Josh Jackson opposite Sherman right about now.

    2. you guys ever thought about “reverse Psychology” ? You keep regurgitating the Same-Old- S#it, Kyle reads it and then does the opposite…. SOOOO…why don’t you give it a rest, and not give him ‘instruction’ for the rest of the season…maybe he’ll do what YOU know will be the cure…Try it…can’t hurt…(You’re welcome, Kyle…

  7. Kyle should swallow his pride and call RG3 tonite………49ers need an average competent QB asap

    CJB is not really interested in playing ball…….this freaking moron is pathetic on the field….his body language says it all…..the guy is a loof on the field…..

    c’mon guys……there should be a riot in SF……..how can anyone accept this nonsense……we are not just bad….we are horrible…..

    I just pray this loss ignites the hot seat on Lynch and Saleh butts……MFs — just wasting our time

    1. One rg3 is terrible, he can’t throw tds or get past 200 yards, beathard is better than rg3.

      Second with jimmy and half of our team injured why would we want to win? We can tank and get bosa and have a great pash rusher that will help us for years to come.

      Lynch has done fine, has found some late round gems but Saleh has not done well

  8. Go watch ESPN or wherever after any Sunday and listen to the the names rattles off making big plays…And it’s not one it’s twenty players who were sitting right in out laps but we’ve taken Armsted Thomas Witherspoon..etc..This team is two years into a rebuild and all we have is Kittle McGlinchey..(yes I think he was still a good pick) and maybe Breaida ?Out of what?The last ten drafts…it all comes down to drafting and the York’s hiring people that they get along with rather than the best coaches..You see what a team full of nice guys gets you Jed?A hole bunch of injuries

  9. 4, 1, 27, 21, 34, 27,13

    The game was all about those numbers.

    4 turnovers

    1 safety on a blocked punt

    27, 21, 34, 27, 13 the total number of yards allowed by the defense on scoring drives that accounted for 27 of the Rams 37 offensive points scored.

    1. Jack: You’re fooling yourself if you think this defense could have stopped the Rams had the 49ers offense not committed so many turnovers. Rams receivers were running free and Goff had all day to throw.

      1. Rams had 6 possessions yesterday that started on their own side of the 50 while Goff was in the game.

        Punt, Punt, FG, Touchdown, Punt, Punt

        On the FG drive they started on their own 47. On the TD drive they started on their own 40.

  10. I don’t know how they can keep trotting CJ out there. Can this team really believe they have a shot at winning with captain turnover at the helm?

    1. We don’t want to win we want to tank to get a good draft pick. Next year we will get jimmy back and have a top 3 draft pick to choose bosa

  11. “They gave up seven sacks and 11 quarterback hits. Center Weston Richburg gave up one sack, and rookie right tackle Mike McGlinchey gave up three.”

    That DL is why Juice had to stay in and pass protect.

    “Local fanalysts were too quick to label him a good draft pick.”

    Yet, a certain Raider fanalyst was too quick to say McG should be moved to LT.

  12. I’m starting to wonder if Shanahan and Saleh are too stuck in their football philosophies and schemes.

    I’ll admit that I didn’t watch the game too closely today. But just from a quick glance it appeared that the run game was hit and miss. The 49ers were able to run the ball at times. Kyle’s basic offensive philosophy is to establish the zone run game to set up play action passes. Or in the very least have the offense in position from the run game to threaten run or pass on the next down (so that 2nd and 5 could be run or pass which keeps defenses on their toes and honest). And that’s a sound football philosophy. The problem is that run or pass the Rams kept sending Aaron Donald crashing into the backfield along with others from the front 7 on every down. Sometimes it worked against the run. Sometimes it didn’t. But those backfield crashers would consistently blow up every slow developing Play Action Pass with Shanahan’s offense relies on. Or they’d blow up an obvious 5 step drop pass play. When the the backfield is being blown up consistently, you can’t keep running the same plays. I’d have liked to have seen Shanahan make a few adjustments. I’m not expert but I’m spit balling here:

    1. I’ve said before that I do not like bunched formations for young QBs. Stop with the bunched up play action passes. SPREAD THINGS OUT. Make things easier for the QB to see the spacing. Have the QB play from a 3 step drop or a timed 5 step drop shotgun formation…or Pistol if you still want to try to mask some passes with the run game.

    2. ROLL OUT THE QB. Move the pocket to keep away from those backfield disruptors/pass rushers. A staple of Daddy Shanahan’s offense used to be the QB roll out on various types of pass plays and even play action plays. But it seems like ever since the whole RGIII fiasco in Washington, Kyle has wanted statue in the pocket QBs and doesn’t seem to employ as much or any QB roll outs. I know it shrinks the field down and reduces the number of receiving options. But let’s face it; Beathard takes to long to go through his progressions to see all his options in a full field of receivers anyway. So roll him out and give him half field reads.

    As for Saleh and the defense:

    They didn’t play that horrible today. Let me be clear; they didn’t play well. But it was the Offense that put them in poor situations for much of the game.

    But I disagree with Saleh’s approach of “All Gas and No Brakes” with his young defensive players….many of whom are 2nd and 3rd stringers. IMO you start off a young defense from the opposite end of the spectrum. Young players are usually amped up and are eager to make a play. So often times they mess up their technique and screw up their responsibilities. So why feed this tendency to make mistakes by encouraging players to focus on attacking and making plays? I know it sounds crazy but to me there’s a difference between wanting to make a defensive play and wanting to do your job/role well. Sometimes it’s one and the same thing but often times it isn’t. I would move to more of a 2 high safety look. I’d use more man coverage and soft Cover 2 and Quarters coverage. The Niners don’t have an Earl Thomas center field safety. So why continue to run a defensive coverage scheme like you do? I want my DB’s to focus not on making plays but keeping plays in front of them. Sure a 8 yard completion sucks but one that turns into a 35 yard play is unacceptable. As games and the season progresses you can’t start to add more aggressive calls to the base containment defense. Ones where the Safeties use more Robber coverage calls. Defensive calls that start to send to the Open End/LEO into the backfield at the right time and not just nearly blind on every down. As players learn their roles but make sure they don’t allow big plays THEN you can make more aggressive calls. Start with a conservative containment based defense (keep everything in front of you. Wait for the opposing offense to make a mistake. To becoming more aggressive and causing offensive mistakes).

    1. I cant believe the niners spent so much the past 6 years on Defense, especially the D-line to come away with just a single sack….. And Armstead decided to celebrate while being down 21+ point :/

        1. Ha! Yea, let’s not leave out Marky Marsh’s spin kick after a gratuitous sack. Honestly, there should be no celebrations whatsoever on the field for a 1 win team. Everything should be workman like, with a blue collar attitude. Hand the damn ball to the official too when you score. Until this team proves itself, there should be no celebrations at all….

  13. Farewell and Adieu to you fair Spanish ladies
    Farewell and Adieu ladies of Spain
    For Kyle can’t coach and Johnny can’t draft
    And it’s into the toilet this year once again

  14. Well it seems most of us in the comments section feel as if we can be OC’s. Truth is, we stuck. Injuries are sinking us, the D is tired, and lionheart isn’t the answer. Bring in slick nick!!! As for Grant, good column. Direct and fair graded coming from a fan (I hope).

  15. I get this writer is upset because of how the Niners played….all Niners fans are. However, if this is supposed to resemble any real analysis, he needs to find a new hobby.

    C.J. Beathard played badly, but the hyperbole of him being a “huge mistake” that will “haunt us for years” is just stupid. He was a third round pick who was scheduled to be our backup QB. He has had some really good moments too. He’s playing with a bush league offensive line that is getting him killed (granted, he needs to get rid of the ball sooner, but let’s not forget that Garoppolo was getting sacked a ton too). His fumble was a strip sack while he was throwing…that happens to everyone (especially with bad protection). One of his interceptions hit Kittle in the hands and he juggled it until it was grabbed by a Rams defender. Breida also fumbled. A punt was blocked. None of those things are Beathard’s fault. He was put in a horrible situation right away against a very good team. So let’s chill with the rhetoric.

    My issue with this team lies with Lynch, Shanahan and Salah. At some point, the lack of improvement falls on the coaching and the lack of talent falls on the GM. Let’s not forget, we’re currently sitting on $40 MILLION in unused cap space. Which means we could have gone out and gotten talent to fill holes, but decided against it. Lynch has also had 2 drafts with a ton of picks that he has turned into George Kittle, Reuben Foster when healthy, and MAYBE Fred Warner? Outside of that….no impact players. Solly Thomas and McGlinchey have been busts up to this point.

    Salah has 1. Been completely unable to muster a pass rush of any kind, 2. Been unable to develop and improve any talent. Every player on the defense is the exact same as they were in their 1st game in the leauge, and 3. Been unable to provide any coverage in the secondary. This is a bad defense. They give up a ton of points. Are turnovers a part of it? Absolutely…but let’s not act like this defense is anything but just bad.

    Shanahan is a great play caller in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarters. He’s horrible in the 4th quarter, and not a good head coach….however there’s not much we can do about that because Jed York locked us into Shanahan and Lynch (2 people with NO experience in their jobs) to 6 year deals. Maybe he’ll get better? There’s no point in bringing in another coach on a team that lacks talent. No coach makes this a playoff team as currently constituted. I think the best thing Shanahan could do is bring in an Offensive Coordinator that he can groom and mold into what he wants. He needs to spend more time focusing on coaching the entire team, and less on being the Offensive Coordinator.

      1. None.. Caught an interview today on KNBR with the radio analyst Tim Ryan talking about Foster and he basically said in a nice way that Foster in not diagnosing what the offense is running, that his problems are basically from the “neck on up”..

        These coaches are not teaching these kids how to play and not enough Vets to help with the learning curve either.. So either the kids are low IQ or the coaches are poor teachers.. My guess the later..

    1. You said: “Shanahan is a great play caller in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarters. He’s horrible in the 4th quarter, and not a good head coach”..

      I think that is a fair assessment based on his HC/OC history.. I think he struggles with leadership and how to motivate, how to demand. And his 4th Q collapses are legendary headed by the massive free fall he took his offense into the 4th Q of the 2017 Atlanta/New England Super Bowl, losing the game that was virtually impossible to lose..

  16. To many injuries, not strong enough in 2 or 3 string, after two years with Beathard is enough. Yes this team is still in building mode but next year draft need to think about trading 1st round pick to get more picks and strenghting your back ups. They need to look back on how Bill Walsh did his draft and built a dynasty that was about 20 years long.

  17. Bobby Brown Nose’s comments was the best part of the Ram 49er game.
    Is there a Jimmy G type qb back up on the last year of his rookie contract out there? Then sign him and maybe we can win 3 or 4 games this season.
    As far as Grant goes maybe a F is a grade for writing articles about how the team can win with his 5 pointers.
    What did you expect going against the best team in the NFL, that was wanted revenge for last seasons loss, at lease they got 10 points and avoided a shut out.

  18. Meh. More over the top hyperbole.

    “Witherspoon is a bust.”
    “Trading up to take (Beathard) in the third round was a terrible move that will hurt the 49ers for years.”
    “Shanahan stinks.”
    “Pierre Garcon should retire.”
    “Marquise Goodwin is overrated.”
    “Tartt is overrated.”
    “Garrett Celek, caught no passes, but did commit his weekly penalty. He’s worthless. He should not play.”

    Why can’t you limit your analysis to the specific game each week instead of making broad statements about the overall value of players and coaches? The wild swings in your writing from week to week indicate a serious issue with manic depression. You should get that checked out and perhaps get on some medication. Be better.

  19. This is what I would call a Testosterone game. Seemed pretty obvious McVay wanted to hang 40 on Shanahan. Gurley with the Ram horns on the sideline and Aaron Donald yucking it up like he was at the club. This is a game any man with an ounce of self respect stores in his memory for future reference. The 49ers don’t have the roster to compete with the Rams this year. But this is one where the 49ers should be looking to inflict some pain in the next meeting.

    1. The 49ers lost that manly football respect when they let the Seahawks eat Thanksgiving Turkey in the center of their field 4 years ago.

  20. Geesh, quite the responses from a group of reactive couchers who never played a down in the NFL.

    Our franchise QB is out
    Our #1 RB is out
    #1 WR been out
    #1 CB out
    Incredulous amount of injuries this year.

    Defense plays well. Having 4-5 turnovers on offense each game makes it close to impossible.

    CJ is a backup for a reason. Any team loses their top QB, it would look much like this. There is no wonder QB coming to save us. Brady, Rodgers, Goff go out, there season is compromised too.

    I love our 9rs, win or lose. I much prefer wins like all of us, but expecting to win with our injuries and youth is foolish making this article foolish too.

    Cohn, you’ve always been the devils advocate. Becuase you’re such a football savant, set a 1 on 1 with KS and maybe you can teach him about how to win as you have anointed yourself the monarch of this team.

    1. Naw, JL and KS like to yuck it up with Tolbert and Lund.
      KS likes to put down Grant in the PCs. At least he will answer the questions, unlike Chip. but both JL and KS are afraid of the tough questions Grant would pose.
      The stress of losing is showing, however. JL actually called them Ted in his last interview.
      I agree, the injuries make it harder to win, but the incompetence is quite evident.
      No wonder QB coming to save us? Maybe JL should at least give Kaep a tryout. At least then, he would be doing his due diligence. Right now, they seem to be content to lose.
      I, too, love the Niners, win or lose. However, as a Die Hard Faithful Niner fan, I remember those Glory Years, and yearn for their return. Since you are questioning our bonafides, what team did you play for or coach? I did not know thus forum is restricted to NFL players and coaches.

      1. But Sebby…………..

        What HAS Kap done for us in his last 3 yrs?????????? Besides telling us he’s not much concerned for mechanics?

        Sure, Sebs…..of all the things KS is dealing right now, at the top of the list is his fear of Grant……cuz he’s got nothing else to think about!

        Holy Cow, Sebs, your a real Barney Rubble……………………..

  21. The CJ onslaught is just lazy!

    He played ok. Should KS traded up to get him, maybe not. But he is a decent backup. Will he ever be a star? Probably not. I’d ask that about Jimmy G too. He has only a few games and get hurt all the time.

    The problem is we are just not that good an have not been good for years. We don’t have play makers. Tartt dropping INTs for example.

  22. So when the team throws up like this, what would be considered negativity? Not trying to defend Grant, but in many respects he is right and in some he is not; typical “fan”. Should Celek be cut? Yes. Is Witherspoon a bust? Not yet. Is Tartt overrated? Since he is starting, yes. But in other respects no, because most never thought much of him before.

    Making overinflated comments during a game is what fans do. Grant is just putting those comments on his blog and we all get to decide what is negativity and what is, well, the truth.

  23. Can’t believe all the passes Shanahan is getting by the comments above. He clearly struggles with leadership, demanding accountability from his coaches/players, motivation and how to win.. You can make all the injuries/youth excuses you want but that doesn’t change the fact that his teams lose most games primarily via self inflicted mental mistakes.. It’s not that this team does not have the talent to win but that they do not know how to win.. Constantly sabotaging their effort on the field.

    Execution on the field starts at the top with leadership that motivates, teaches and demands excellence. None of which I’ve seen thus far on Shanahan’s watch..

  24. Grant Cohn writes as if he is a bitter all man who hates everyone. No you don’t fire Kyle, he can’t be on the field to prevent turnovers. All he can do is replace the players who are repeat offenders. Answer this question grant- tell us the name of a coach who would do better with this current roster. The niners lack talent. You know why harbaugh jumped ship- he knew the window had closed and he knew he isn’t capable of winning with the roster he left behind.

  25. Everyone has their own opinion but for me, when Arik Armstead did a dance after he got a sack during garbage time, it reminded me of others who clearly are so focused on themselves that they have difficulty being part of something larger. The criticism of Kyle for being clueless as a team leader is clearly appropriate to me. Armstead should have been sent to the bench to think about where he is in the larger scheme of things. This is not an isolated example either but just the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. The youngsters on the team seem to unfazed by their countless screw ups but have clearly worked on their celebration moves for the rare times they actually play to NFL standards. Vince Lombardi frequently reminded his players: “When you get into the end zone, act like you’ve been there before”. But, just like my kids tell me frequently, I’m an old man who’s just lost touch.

  26. Grant,

    I agree with your grades but you have to look at it threw reality. This is a team full of Backups. With JG we are 3-4. Our team needs to fin the Clear or the Cream that Barry Bonds was talking about so they can get some steriod rag. This team is so fragile.

    But really bro. If everybody was well we would be 8-8 or 9-7. But no running back, no one can catch after Kittle.

  27. He just cleaned house, jettisoning the bare cupboard of players left by Baalke (which was years in the making). At least let him install the ground floor (draft picks + FA’s) in years 2 and 3 before judgement day , shall we?

    Even college coaches get a 5 year standard K so their players can matriculate from freshman through senior . Unless totally clueless (Tomsula farting; Nolan and his vanilla Defense + zero offense or Singletary dropping his drawers in Post game PC’s) which I’ve seen no evidence of.

    1. Agreed. I think we need to stay the course. Continue to build depth and replace starters. Nothing we can do at this point. They MUST do better in the off season, draft FA but also conditioning.

      Almost considering paying L. Bell the big bucks. Need a durable option at RB.

    2. Agreed. (But Sebs hates this guy……….would Kap not starting indefinitely have anything to do with this………….bitterness?? The world is wondering).

      1. Kap had his chance. As did Alex Smith. The problem with Kap is he had too much going against him. The wind up, the lack of anticipation and the touch throws/accuracy. You can’t have a long throwing motion and take too long to read defenses. No way CK makes it in KS’s offense. I liked the dude but he just didn’t have that next level play once defenses figured him out.

  28. The drop of an interception thrown right to Taart says it all regarding the talent on this team. Meanwhile the Rams defenders were getting some interceptions from circus catches.

    1. Your right, Cubus-
      that drop by Tart was not NFL standard……..once upon a time, I might have caught that ball!!! Maybe………..
      but he surely should have caught it!!!!!!!!!

  29. So far Lynch has been a bust.

    I guess he and KS get at least one or two more drafts.

    Bottom line, you need impact players ( guys that are BETTER than almost everyone else ) to win in the NFL and NBA . Impact players are guys that Walsh drafted: Montana, Ckark, Lott, Wright, Williamson, Craig, Haley, and on and on and on. You either draft these impact players or you draft ordinary players who make no impact on winning games.

    So far Lynch and KS have done the latter.

    1. YUUUPPPP!!!

      “…prime time players, make prime time plays, in prime time…”
      – Deion Sanders, during some broadcast years ago

      Go Niners!
      Go Noles!

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