49ers 13, Falcons 41: Grades

These are the grades for the 49ers’ 13th loss in a row – a 41-13 loss to the Atlanta Falcons.

QUARTERBACK: 2Q. In the first, third and fourth quarters, Colin Kaepernick’s passer rating was a dreadful 50.6. But in the second quarter, his rating was an impressive 138.8. Call him Mr. Second Quarter.

RUNNING BACKS: WFC. Who freaking cares?

WIDE RECEIVERS: WFC. Who freaking cares?

TIGHT ENDS: WFC. Who freaking cares?

OFFENSIVE LINE: WFC. Who freaking cares?

DEFENSIVE LINE: WFC. Who freaking cares?

LINEBACKERS: WFC. Who freaking cares?

DEFENSIVE BACKS: WFC. Who freaking cares?

SPECIAL TEAMS: WFC. Who freaking cares?

THE CURRENT HEAD COACH: 22, 85, 4, 3.9, 0. As in 22 plays, 85 yards, four first downs, 3.9 yards per play and zero points in the second half for the 49ers offense. Chip Kelly is a very bad coach.

THE NEXT HEAD COACH: A-plus. Falcons’ offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan probably saw today’s game as an audition to replace Kelly when the 49ers fire him.

The audition went well.

Shanahan’s offense gained 550 yards and 8.3 yards per play. It produced 29 first downs and 10 plays 20 yards or more – the highest amount of “chunk” plays any offense has produced in one game this season. It converted 56 percent of its third downs and 80 percent of its trips inside the red zone. And, it scored 41 points – all without its best weapon, wide receiver Julio Jones.

I think the Niners are sold on Mr. Shanahan. Aren’t you?

Here’s the only question left: When Shanahan becomes the Niners’ head coach in a few weeks, will he keep Mr. Second Quarter or find a new quarterback?

What do you think?

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for The Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at grantcohn@gmail.com.

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    1. I am shocked, Who Freaking Cares is a grade? No Z minus, F Minus, Snoozy guy, guy leaves theatre? Kap has to go in the worse way.

    2. There might be a way 49er receivers can catch and make yards. Put them on defense and have the good quarterbacks throw the ball their way.

  1. Perhaps Shanahan Jr. would be a good coach, but he couldn’t get this bunch of garbage to score points like this.

    Thinking the team needs to all wear the same tshirts, “Fragile, handle with care”. Never seen so many guys go down with injuries on so many innocuous looking plays.

    1. It’s called “creating a justified excuse to get off the field.”
      If the players could vote on forfeiting the next 2 games it would likely be unanimous.
      I suspect we’ll be seeing more starters getting hurt next.

    1. Just one question: Unless Mike Shanahan replace Jed Dork as head of football operations, why in the world would Kyle Shanahan accept the position as HC of the Niners? He will MANY far more desirable opportunities … the Jed-led Niners have to be a the bottom of the list.

  2. I’m all for it. Bring on Mr. 550/8.3 Get rid of Mr. 2nd Qtr and Mr. MRI. 2017 here we come!
    Just want to add, I watched the browns game today… It was like watching the niners. Different uni’s… same results. Could be the same guys who knows?

  3. Today’s game was a demonstration of something I’ve been noticing this year.
    Every time tv sports shows talk about a successful offense or player, the highlights they show have the performance against the Niners’ D. Time after time after time.
    Remember back when the Warriors sucked? Other teams’ stars’ posters always showed some hapless Warrior getting dunked on and “posterized.”
    Now it’s our team, and the cliche is apt. Witness people running free today!
    We’re The Offense Whisperes; need to pad your stats and build your confidence? Come play this team.

      1. Second and third string RBs have had career days against the Niners.

        It is almost as if the Niner coaches never heard of the term- Gap Integrity.

  4. Continue the coaching rotation I’m all in I enjoy the variety. One of them has to stick to the wall. After all to be successful, the coach only needs to execute on the field.

  5. Anyone who would work for this franchise will only make it worse. “Mirror on the wall, who will be the nest dork?”

    1. Mirror mirror on the wall
      Who will be the next dork for the Yorks?

  6. Taking a break from playing Tecmo Bowl to look at the grades and see if Baalke got fired yet. Great job Grant I agree who freaking cares

  7. OK, but what if Shanahan doesn’t become the Head Coach? What’s the alternate conspiracy theory?
    You’ve been kind of through-the-looking glass lately with this stuff.

    1. Nothing matters, nothing at all-the draft, new head coach, new players of NFL caliber-if York is still involved in any and all football operations. From the salary cap on down, let the new GM and head coach rise or fall on their own merit.
      Neither Lombardi, or Walsh, or Knoll, or Shula-or all of them on the same coaching staff and on the same page-could overcome the York Family.

      Jed is the malignant source…the rest of it is merely the symptom.

  8. The Yorks run the team much like these grades – who freaking cares. As long as their family coffers stay full and you don’t leak rumors their favorite son is being demoted, all is merry in Yorkie land.

  9. We have to fire Baalke. That defense is awful. I know people want Kaep gone but geez we can’t stop anyone. Rebuild the entire defense and hope we can get lucky at QB.

    1. We have to fire CHip Kelly right away. This guy can’t coach. He can’t call plays. He supports a COMMUNIST in COLIN KAEPERNICK THE FIDEL CASTRO LOVER THAT HE IS! If you want a half filled stadium next year, keep the GOOF!

  10. The Shanahans are the enemy in York’s eyes for floating the story that Shanahan Sr could take over football operations resulting in a Jed demotion…. I’ll be shocked if the Niners end up with Shanahan Jr.

    1. Ya mean Jed’s folks actually think he’s doing a great job and should continue? This season makes it clear Jed, GM and coach need to go. I’m betting Doc and wife finally get it and do the right thing.

      1. I’d take that bet. What has this family EVER done that makes you think they’ll get it?

  11. One can only hope for changes with the front office and coaching staff. Until that happens we are hopeless. First time maybe in my life I turned the game to the red zone for most of the 1pm games.. This team and organization is the worst in football.. Longest two weeks in my football life… Awful!

  12. Grant,

    For all the justifiably horrible grades you give out, you don’t give Jim O’Neill enough flack, though you’ve given him some. He is simply awful. Yes, the buck stops with the head coach, and certainly no decent D coordinator in his right mind would want to coach under Chip’s scheme. Yet Jim underperforms that already low bar.

    Maybe that’s the ray of hope for next year. We have some talent at CB and D-line. And we have enough money to fill in some holes as ILB and safety.

  13. Perfect grades Grant. I think whoever comes here as coach and GM will want to start with a clean slate. You start with the foundation. The quarterback is the main piece in building a new foundation. It’s a quarterback league. He is the leader of the team, not only on the field but in the locker room. I can’t imagine any sane coach and GM deciding to keep Colon Kaencerprick as the main building block of which to rebuild their team. Not a chance.

  14. LOL@Grant,

    Kyle Shanahan also got a first glance of the 49ers horrible roster and he will cross the 49ers of his list.

    And in worst news John York decided to let us fans know that Jed will continue this dumpstfire and stay in power so there goes that.

    1. And in worst news John York decided to let us fans know that Jed will continue this dumpstfire and stay in power so there goes that.

      Translation: the Yorks have not and will continue to not care about anything but money.

      1. Mid:

        I’m currently in SF and was able to listen to Bubba Paris after the game. Joe Fonzi makes it sound like Paris spends a fair amount of time at Niners HQ. Several times Paris spoke in a way that made it sound like the team is going to bring in a football guy to run the operations. If that’s the case and the new guy has full power to run operations, then Jed might not be a problem. At least this is my current realistic fantasy. Jed would effectively be more of a chairman of the board. This idea would not, imo, be in conflict with what John York said. Yeah, I’m trying to find some reason to be positive.

        1. If true, then that is indeed a reason to be positive, but the Yorks have to stay completely out of any of the football related decisions and stick with the business side only.

  15. It’s not like no one will come here and work for the 49ers. The problem is have the Yorks finally realized you cannot run an NFL team as a mainstream business?

    1. Name one decent coach, college or Pro, who will want to come work under Jed, the guy who fired a coach who made it to 3 NFCC Games and a Super Bowl.

          1. Ore predicted 10-6 with Kelly and this roster. Now he says blah blah blah blah because he can’t find a way to defend Chip.

              1. Wilson73 and #80

                So this is what it comes down to….For the most part, the “blah,…blah…” is intended for only two of our posters…and that Bro Tuna was so good as to explain it, I’ll let it go at that.

                Yes, I predicted a 10-6 season, which didn’t come to pass (hardly)…That doesn’t mean that I should change horses in mid race as do so many on here…tumd and Seb have smelled up the blog with their incessant babbling, and Red and #80 just throw anything foul smelling at anyone and anything hoping for their Nobel prize…Ain’t coming boys….Next season, hopefully ‘Chip’ will have some say in choosing ‘skill’ players, as well as HIS OWN coaching staff, and we’ll see some of the development of this years crop…I have no problem defending ‘Chip’….he doesn’t need it. Besides, what good would it do ? The same Bozos will be back until there is nothing left to critique….’some real clever folks on here…….

              2. Chip is the genius behind a 1-13 team, so defending him just shows how much football acumen you have.

                A better coach would have coached up the defense instead of putting it into the hands of O’Neil.

                A better coach would have been smart enough to stop running into the teeth of the defense.

                A better coach would have known how to make in game adjustments.

                The ONLY reason Chip will stay is because Jed is way too cheap to pay for a decent coach, and does not want to pay for both Tomsula and Chip, along with a new coach.

              3. “Next season, hopefully ‘Chip’ will have some say in choosing ‘skill’ players.” How did that work out in Philly?

                “As well as his own coaching staff.” So who hired O’Neil and Modkins? Kelly will never attract a decent D coordinator because his system wears out the D. Kelly will never attract a decent O coordinator because Kelly runs 100% of the offense.

                “And Red and #80 just throw anything foul smelling at anyone and anything hoping for their Nobel Prize.” If Kelly didn’t fail to make adjustments every week I would give him a pass because of the roster. As far as my Nobel Prize, I would like to thank Grant, The Press Democrat, Red, and everyone who wants Kelly fired.

                “I have no probably defending ‘Chip’ … he doesn’t need it.” He doesn’t need defending, that is just delusional. Even with a poor roster how can anyone say Kelly is doing a good job?

              4. Oregon this is what it comes down to when some of us were being realistic about this team and you kept calling us doomsayers and negative. I don’t think Chip just needs players, he needs coaches too. Not sure he can right this ship.

        1. Try saying something……

          Go ahead, I dare you. Name one coach so I can rip you for being as clueless as Prime.

  16. What do I think you ask?

    I think Colin played a more than decent game but you had to make it personal didn’t you? You had to tap your inner Junior High brat to write the illogical, unprofessional crap that took you maybe five minutes from the first capitalized letter to the final period.

    You will never — let me say this again, never — amount to anything if you continue this path Grant. This is totally unprofessional, as much an embarrassment to read as it was to watch the game today. You have a coterie of idiots here — not all but most — who think piling on and throwing is a few cover-gap this and ball-security that makes them experts.

    But they aren’t getting paid to do that, you are and you are really letting yourself down. You will never get anywhere except possibly at this third tier paper in a second rate media market. Is that what you want? To carry the flame for bozos like Kawakami who live to whine? Really? Is this the best you can do? Because Colin played a far, far better game today than you performed as a media guy. He totally smoked you. Wake up son, you are on the lost highway to a lousy job in the not too distant future. Grump, grump, harrumph…

    1. The reason Grant only attacks Chip Kelly is because of the exchange he had with his daddy he took it personal. He ignores the fact that this team is just not talented enough to win in the NFL

      1. Grant has already acknowledged the failings of Baalke. Now he’s doing the same with Kelly.

        1. I agree Jack. Grant has ripped York and Baalke. He and I and others rip Kelly more often because we see his negative impact on a weekly basis.

        2. This team will never win unless they upgrade the roster through free agency and good drafting PERIOD!!!

    2. LOL… Listen, I get defending ‘family’ and all but the bottom line is Kaepernick is part of the toxic swamp at 4949 Centennial Blvd and has to go. Kaepernick’s only chance of staying in the NFL past the season is with the Niners and fortunately for him Jed York is probably dumb enough to make that possible… Nothing personal against Kaep but he’s been done (or smoked as you put it) – stick a fork in him.

      1. CK is just part of the issue. We’re just as bad with Gabbert and Ponder. This goes way beyond the QB. He’ll go especially if Shannahan’s show up.

        1. Did you read where I wrote ‘part’? And while it’s not really worth debating, I will say I would never endorse Ponder as an answer at QB but we don’t know he’s worse than Kaepernick in this offense… He hasn’t been on the field this year to compare.

          1. You said part for sure, there’s just so much more to this team than him. He’s easy to hate. Did you see we’re about to set an NFL record that’s stood since 1978? CK is getting more attention than he deserves. Not as much as he wants though.

            1. “The 49ers entered Week 15 having given up 2,220 rushing yards. On Sunday, they gave up 248 yards and have now given up 2,448 yards on the season. Their previous season high was 2,365 yards back in 1978”

          2. The NFL already knows on Ponder. We don’t need to see him otherwise he’d be on someone else’s roster if he was worth playing.

    3. Dude, your comments are trash. You must be a niner insider to rip GC for stating the obvious, that the Niners aren’t good. Their management is sh*t, their players are sh*t, their coaches, sh*t. We need more people and media tearing down this embarrassment of a team in the hopes that York will fire everyone, himself included.

      In fact, what really needs to happen is a 7 day protest in front HQ demanding Baalke and Kelly be fired and dumba** sell the team.

    4. So, he should have no comment on a 1-13 team? And in the NFL, the QB has nothing to do with that?

      Is this Seb??????????? Seb, you sneaky guy, you!

    5. I’m proud of these grades. They’re exactly what this team deserves, and you never can be predictable or boring as a writer. Kaepernick had a good quarter, not a good game. I hope I don’t let you down in the future.

  17. “…Who freaking cares?…”

    yup ! … that about sums it up, Grant ..

    Sheesh … how’d you get to be ,, u-hhh ..

    so-o-o .. prophetic … ?

  18. Shanahan will not come here. He will probably go to the Rams or Jax, maybe even Buffalo, but he will not want to destroy his coaching career by coming to this heaping steaming pile of dung.

    1. I don’t know Seb. He’s got roots here and we’re desperately needing successful people. If the FO is willing to give him what he wants he’ll come. But we’ve seen they Yorks probably won’t give him what he wants and he’s strong.

      1. Sorry, Wilson, but Shanahan got run out of Denver, then had the RGIII fiasco. Too many skeletons in his closet.

        Shanahan wants too much control, so the whole idea is moot.

        Kyle is too smart to come here. He will make a courtesy call to JH.

        Holmgren expressed interest, and he has strong ties to Bill Walsh, so I would like for him to come be GM if and when they cut Baalke on the team bus. I would even settle for Gamble, if that means Baalke is gone.

            1. Yes, and the leaks all around are like a Niagra falls, but it is just SOP for the FO.

              Is Paraag still around?

        1. I don’t know, Seb. I love Holmgren-even if Sr. York does not, having been in the Walsh coaching tree–but, and correct me if i’m wrong-Mike did not do such a good job as GM up in Seattle.

          Great coach,tho…..

          1. Made it to a SB, was ripped off by the refs.

            I will admit his Cleveland experience was regrettable.

  19. I doubt Shanahan or any decent Coach comes here.

    Y’all forget these guys refuse to even interview with Baalke/York the past 2 coaching searches.

    Baalke is not going anywhere so all the good coaches won’t interview again.

    Say hello to Gus Bradley as you new coach.

    He will be desperate enough, I GUESS…

  20. Who cares? I do, I think its a damn shame what’s going on right now. If I didn’t care then what kind of fan would I be.

    1. What exactly are you a fan of? The laundry?

      It’s like saying I grew up with X brand toothpaste. It was great in the 80s and 90s. So even though black gunk comes out of the tube now, it would reflect poorly on my character to use another toothpaste.

      Cmon people, the point of any form of entertainment is pleasure. There is no pleasure to be had in watching this garbage–and as long as the Yorks are in control, that’s all the 49ers will ever be.

      1. You are a lost soul go cheer for the Raiders or the Hawks you certainly don’t belong here on a Niners blog.

    1. That guy has been right on and this one’s no different:

      “The perception — and the reality once you see it up close and personal — is this franchise had one quick trip to the top with Jim Harbaugh, but otherwise has mostly been running in place in 15 seasons.”

      I really hate the Yorks.

  21. If Baalke is there after 2/17 the York’s will be telling the fans they are unimportant and all that matters is keeping their cost down and the TV money flowing.

    1. The Yorks have told the fans-all of N. Cal., really-what stupid chumps they are, long ago.

      And guess what? Any one who pays for a 9er ticket IS a stupid chump. At best, a lost soul without a life……

  22. Grant, did you watch the game? I never once saw Chip get blown off the line, miss a tackle or throw behind a receiver. Your constant rants about Chip are becoming unreadable. Can’t you find another subject matter. We all know your opinion on Chip even though you say almost nothing to back it up. There has to be another issue that interests you.

    1. Jerry, it was very poignant to see another second half meltdown. Grant was astute enough to focus on what is wrong. If it was only the personnel, the first half would stink, too.

      Dont get me wrong, the lack of talent is making the coaches job impossible, but here we had Brooks jump offsides AGAIN. That is lack of discipline, thus lack of competent coaching. They still shot themselves in the foot multiple times.

      I would call it synergistic sucking. The lack of talent, incompetent coaching and malevolent FO all combine to pour gas on the dysfunctional dumpster fire.

    2. Jerry, what is it about Chip Kelly that makes him a good coach? Was he good in Phil? Do you think McCoy on the Bills is a liar about him? Or Foles? Kelly reminds me of Mike Martz the OC and his BOY JT O Sullivan that did NOTHING on the 49ers but cost us games like YOUR BOY Mr SACKORPICK COSTS this team GAME AFTER GAME: no 300 yard stats, no leadership, kisses the bicep, gets on twitter, and he like NO OTHER 49er QB EVER DID for this team, EVER, he has disrespected the country and the team’s image. You do that to any business, you get that business shut down and fans DO NOT want to see this team, especially with LIBERALS like you with thoughts like this!

      1. Darren5000

        Shady McCoy already fessed up to having ‘exaggerated’ about ‘Chip’ as well as did all of the ex-Eagles except Deshawn Jackson….

  23. I believe both of the Cone’s ragged on Harbaugh until after he was gone. I think that part of their “act” is to run down the Coach. They think they are smarter and would make a better Coach if only they had the chance.

      1. And he was picked by harbaugh who is one of the most successful coaches in the country. That made a lot of sense.

        1. They lucked out with Harbaugh and also fired him as well and started this free fall. Tomsula and Kelly have been awful. Before Baalke we were terrible too.

      2. Wow, a bit of foggy memory at your age? Tsk, tsk.
        You don’t remember going after Harbaugh and educating him in the roll out pass? I do. You were on him about everything like stink on Lindberger Cheese, LOL! And not just about rolling out the QB, although I’ve assumed that shared focus was the basis of your affinity with Seb.
        You supported Alex’s benching. Now Kap sucks. (He does suck. And yes, I too got excited about his ceiling; guilty).
        You called for Harbaugh’s lynching and now he’s a sainted martyr. (Blowhard)
        We all get it wrong sometimes, but we should own it.

        1. I was right about the roll out, and Harbaugh adjusted the very next game. Scored a touchdown in the red zone with a roll out pass against New Orleans.

          I criticized Harbaugh for losing his cool during key moments at the end of games in the playoffs — which was valid — and for losing the same way in the Super Bowl and in the NFC Championship this very next season. Again, valid. He wasn’t perfect. But he was excellent. And aside from Roman, Harbaugh assembled a top-notch staff, which I always gave him credit for.

          1. Scored a TD…..
            Yes. Because of your input? Unlikely.
            Recall that your writing suggested that he didn’t understand the concept of the roll out pass. It’s the kind of hype you sometimes roll out in your exuberance, but it was a silly notion.
            And really, to my overall point, you were indeed on his case like stink on cheese. And some criticisms were correct (end of game mgt, play clock mgt, etc) but ALL the Press bristled at his arrogance and couldn’t wait for their chance to go after him; and you all did. If you want to spin that now, OK, but you might want to can this gig and go into politics; pays better.
            It’s not an indictment, but it’s about taking ownership. None of us can escape our bad draft assessments, so we own them and move on.

          2. Grant, I loved Harbaugh, but for the reasons (emotional) you just cited he will never win the big one in college or the pros. You only are excellent when you win all the marbles. Harbaugh is very good but hardly excellent.

        2. BT, Grant is very astute to mention roll outs, because they seem very effective. Even in last game, they insisted on letting the Falcons shape them by containing Kaep in the pocket. When Kaep did roll out when the pass protection broke down, Kaep threw a strike to gain a first down.

  24. Kelly is trash. Overmatched in every game. Fire everyone, including any fans that continue to support this god awful mess. Unwatchable from top down, of a jacka** for a QB.

  25. Kaepernick, after this game: “We have to go out and create opportunities and create wins for this team.” Who is we? This guy’s a fraud. Everything started to go downhill in the first possession when he couldn’t complete a short pass to Kerley for a first down. The season cannot end soon enough for me.

    1. “…We have to go out and …”

      George ..
      If I was askin’ the question … my
      follow-up question woulda been …

      “WE” ?? ..
      “You gotta mouse in yer pocket .. ?”

      1. Wow, I can MAYBE understand a fan’s undying dedication to the team and IGNORING the little things a team does, but to INDICATE Kap is not the problem or the coaching in Kelly, you 49ers fans got issues with REALITY don’t you?

        1. Wow, logic escapes you. Anybody could tell what MW was saying with that post.

  26. You can’t blame the Cohns for telling the truth. Great as Harbaugh was as an HC his offenses were sub par especially inside the Red Zone and lack of development and putting too much faith in Kaep. They had some great running schemes even with Roman. Honestly we have not seen truely effective passing offense since Mariucci left. Which is pretty sad since this has been a passing league for at least 30 years.

    1. Yep, remember the emperor who wore no clothes? Grant is like the little boy who states the obvious, while everyone else is kissing arse. That is why I like this site. Posters tell the truth, while other sites refrain from any criticism as- disloyal.

        1. Since you were accorded the honor to interview the Hall of Fame Owner Eddie D, maybe the Niners could allow you to interview one on one with O’Neil.

          I would love to have you discuss Gap integrity with him, and this time, maybe you can pin him down on the terms, to see if he has at least a smidgen of competency.

          Interviewing Chip would be a waste of time, because he would just bluster or obfuscate. Modkins would also be a waste since he is incoherent and temporaly challenged.

          Or maybe Jed himself. I would love to see him squirm under your withering cross examination. I bet you would hold him accountable.

        2. Thanks, Grant, for the Christmas present.

          It sure was cathartic to get some frustrations off my chest, and be allowed to present ideas that might help the Niners win.

          Too bad they took all my ideas, and did the exact opposite. They forced kaep to be only a pocket passer, and ran Hyde in the zone read instead of lining him up deep in the I.

          They kept Harris firmly on the bench.

          It was almost as if they wanted to lose……

  27. First, hire Steve Young as Head of Football Operations. He is still well connected, a brilliant mind, connects team to the glory days and cares enough about the miners that he chose to retire as one. Let him then put everyone in the parking lot and decide who gets back in.

    1. Jesus Christ!!! People, Get over that quote. Harbaugh is gone, doing what he does best, winning regular season games. Great coach, but he’s no longer here. Not to long ago guys in this room and media were critizing him and wanted him and or his OC gone. Now that they see the results of what happened, now it’s a travesty that he was fired. Guys like Tim K couldn’t stand Jim. Now it’s, the miners were stupid to let him go. Yes they were stupid, but honestly Jim harbaugh only won 8 games with better talent. Wtf could he possibly had done with this bunch of sissies? They did reap what they seemed, but not because they fired harbaugh, but because they did a piss poor job of restocking the cupboard. Nobody would have came in here and had a plus winning record with this team. Not even harbaugh

      1. Harbaugh only won eight games because the front office poisoned the locker room in order to create a bad record to justify his removal. The actual undercutting and conflict between the front office and Harbaugh started as early as the 2013 preseason. It just took most of the press and fans much longer to recognize it. They were setting him up to fail long before most recognized it. The red flag were the conflict over the 53 man roster and the issues Harbaugh aired in respect to his extension.

      2. Steele, Happy Holidays.

        It sounds like a little revisionist history. In the light of what has happened with the next 2 coaches, JH is shining a lot brighter in my memory. Granted, JH was difficult to get along with, but Madden said it best when he said that suits are cheap, and good coaches should be treasured like precious rubies.

        1. Saw, quite possibly it’s not *his* lord, just another name. If it is *your* lord then you can follow your own advice.

          1. I was waiting for you Ribico…i knew my saying this was the kind of thing that would give you a real pisser.

            Christ did exist. its documented.
            He knowingly went to the cross to be crucified. Very painful.
            If you read books, then you know why he did it.
            That deserves respect.

            Don’t speak for others when there is no record of them asking you to.

  28. Firstly, all sports are just entertainment. Secondly, there is no such thing as loyalty in the entertainment business. Thirdly, If they are not entertaining us, they need to be fired. That’s pretty clinical. Now, from the heart, these corporate suits, and immune, rich bastards, have created a monster. They have made it so, regular folks (pick your definition), can not go to a ball game without travelling way hella far from the so called center of their loyalty and name base. They have made it so that only corporate ticket holders or fairly well off people can go to a game, with their family and have something better than nosebleed seats. They have gotten rid of excellent coaching, Jim Harbaugh, players, Michael Crabtree, and drafted ineptly. They have hired terrible, lousy, lame ass coaches. Any backseat driver and local sports pundit can sit there and pick apart what’s wrong with this team. People, it’s football, not rocket science. The coaching sucks, the QB’s suck, th eGM, sucks, the ownership sucks. I can not bring myself to wear my Niners gear any more than I could get a Hillary button. We are doomed until we boo these people out of , oh yeah, Santa Clara! And if they keep Chip Kelly, we are in for another record breaking season next year. I’m ashamed of what has become of a once mighty franchise. Where the hell is the outrage?

  29. For me, it is all pretty simple. If the players are playing their best then it is on the front office for not signing better talent. If the players are not playing up to their abilities then it is on the Coaches. If players were paid at the end of the season based on their productivity you would probably see a different outcome. Pro athletes are always getting paid on past performance and rarely do you see pay cuts as their production goes downhill.

  30. Baalke right after the 2016 draft on the question of drafting ILBs:

    “Who said it was the top need on the team?” Baalke commented on linebacker needs, via Chris Biderman of NinersWire.com. “I would respectfully disagree, but we feel good about that group. We really do. We weren’t in a position at any point where we felt the player available was that guy. We feel real good about that room.”


      1. Baalke problem is his ego. He only over rates his players because they are his players. Remember the name in the envelope fiasco. That should have been a red flag for what was too follow. The interests of this team always has taken a second seat to his image. Unfortunately that is not his only personality issue. A person who possesses his traits is the worst type of individual to have as a GM. Of course his issues were not recognized by the Yorks because another one of his traits is kissing the rears of those above him. This type of manipulation works really well when applied to someone like Jed.

    1. How about Joe Looney? Niners cut him from the 53, and now he is playing Center for the 12-2 Dallas Cowboys.

      Thanks, Baalke.

      1. Joe Looney didn’t do crap with the miners. He’s being flanked by great lineman. Whenever the starter comes back he will be back to his role as backup. Not a good player to compare to good players that got released.

            1. They finally wised up and got rid of Devey, and your hero Chip may have just coached his way off the team.

              No wonder you are feeling Blah.

  31. Kaep seriously said “create wins”? How does he get away with this kind of BS? Can someone ask him ” Do you feel this team is competitive in this league”. Make him answer that. Then when he says Yes, make him talk about how he feels 2nd Half was competitive. I would like to hear the crap that flows when he answers that one.

    1. KPIX did us a favor, they said Kap was speaking, aired about 5 seconds and took it off the air and went to CBS News at 5:30.

  32. Grant,

    The WFC is the most devastating grade that one can bestow on a professional franchise. To be this bad is inexcusable, but to get the WFC status is the death sentence :)

    I do wonder what level of failure and humiliation is needed before the Yorks realize that they need to separate themselves from the football operations.

  33. Gore is ageless, keeps his legs churning as the years keep on adding up. I think this was his first 100-yard game this season. I hope the Colts have the good sense to have him back for the final year of his contract.

    1. Yesterday was his second game with 100 yards or more rushing this season. The first was against the Houston Texans in a losing effort.

  34. The only person who would coach the 49ers is someone who could not get the job with another team. Coaching the Rams is a far far better job. But this is all useless talk anyway. Don’t think they will fire the awful awful Chipster. Perfect record next year?

  35. Baalke and chip stays. With the 2nd pick in the draft. Baalke is the best when it comes to trades and swaps. Chip can draft his young QB. York can use some of his money on FA’s and we will quietly get back our top status.

      1. JedYOrk— oneniner’s post is appropriate since it probably reflects only what ONE NIner FAN believes.

    1. oneniner

      I do agree with your post, except for Baalke staying….I think that his draft skills will be handy as to help Gamble as the new GM…TB will move up in the organizationHe’s had some wins also….

  36. And here I thought I might wake up to someone (ANYONE) being fired during the night for this colossal mess… What the hell was I thinking :/

  37. The Rams coaching position will be the coveted one for all prospective candidates. They have a lot of defensive pieces, a great RB and only need to upgrade their O line and receiver corps to be a contender. Goff is a huge talent who only needs some time in the pocket and guys who can catch.

    The Niners would be best served hiring Mike Holmgren and letting him fix the mess. He has league credibility and will be able to attract solid coaches and Free Agents. Holmgren is a no brainer, IMO..

  38. Keep panning for Gase and you’ll get Jay Cutler as your starting QB. Be careful what you wish for…

  39. Time for the full Shanny. Jed can stay as the CEO to save fave but no involvement in football decisions. Hire Mike to be the team president in charge of football operations. Hire the younder Wolf from GB to be the GM. Then hire Kyle to be the new coach. Bring in Fangio to be the DC if he becomes available.
    The 49ers job becomes more attractive if people don’t have to deal with Jed.
    We have a roster full of great backups and role players. We have a ton of cap space. We have extra draft picks and likely the 2nd overall pick. This will allow a new coach to pick the top QB in the draft likely Turbisky. With another team, Kyle would be at the mercy of what players his GM wants being a first time coach. With his dad here, he will have a little more influence getting the players he wants. He’d also be guaranteed a few more years to get established and prove he was successfull as a head coach with Mike around.

  40. If and that’s a big if, Baalke is fired it will prove once again someone (York) does not know what he is doing. In my opinion if Baalke was to be fired it should of happened a few games ago, not after the season.

    My feelings, I do hope Baalke is fired but I do not think its going to happen. I would love to see Kelly back for another year. I do hope O’Neil is fired and Fisher or Bradley is hired as DC, preferable Fisher as he seems to have a hard on for the Rams and wants to retaliate. My biggest wish of them all, the current Niners QB never ever sits foot in Levi’s stadium ever again. But I do believe he will be back as who in the heck wants a QB that is not a good QB and one that is poison in so many peoples eyes.

    1. Glazer & Cole are reporting Kelly is safe. If that’s the case, the 2017 season will be another mulligan….

      1. Eh if he does stay and there is no significant improvement I will join the fire Kelly contingent. I still stand my ground that Kelly’s big problem on offense is very little talent to work with. If they did fire Kelly I will be on board with whoever they hire.

    2. I beg to differ. Baalke will be fired because he has admitted that it is all his fault. He will fall on his sword to protect Jed.

      Jed needs Baalke as the fall guy so he can save his own skin.

  41. I thought John York loved his son.

    York is letting Jed become so reviled and hated, that he dared not even go out on the field to help celebrate his uncles’ enshrinement into the HOF, because he knows he would have been roundly boo’d.

    Jed has become a pariah and a butt of jokes. Fans go out of their way to hurl invective and scorn. It is not healthy, and bad for business.

    A picture is worth a thousand words. The one of two cute chicks holding and inflatable dildo and flipping off Jed just says it all. It may be unseemly to see that, but it is richly deserved.

    I noticed that they are confiscating derogatory posters in the mausoleum, but they do not control the airspace, so those Banners are declaring from coast to coast that the fans are fed up and want changes.

    Jed, like the coward he is, has gone into hiding. For the sake of his mental health, Denise should take pity on Jed and spare him further vitriol and humiliation. They need to be the grown ups in the room, because doing nothing will just further the pain and misery.

    Jed could become a hero if he gets up in front of the cameras and admits his faults, holds himself accountable, then graciously steps down for the good of the team.

    1. Seb says “Jed has become a pariah and a butt of jokes”
      Does that not sound eerily familiar to your presence on here?

      1. Prime, you may remember that I mentioned previously, the time when all the Offense would turn their head towards the side line, and called it Pee Wee football. They kept on doing it. Then Joe Montana questioned why they were doing that, and just shook his head. Lo and behold, this next game they knocked it off. I lead on a strategic inefficiency, and now they have stopped doing it. When Joe brought it up, they had to stop or look even more ridiculous. I can elicit pertinent topics, and while espousing many ideas, some have been impactful.

        Butt of jokes? No that is you, and some have even complimented me on my put downs of you.

        Pariah? I can address many posters, and have polite conversations. I should be praised for my self restraint when the trolls get restless, and have not engaged . But to tell the truth, this whole season has been kinda indefensible. It is too easy to get down on this team, they may have hit rock bottom.

        I swear I read that you were leaving and never coming back. What’s wrong? Are you not a man of his word? You sure do not bring much to this site with your hate and screeds. And please, do not let me get started on your lack of common sense.

        What is eerie, is your lack of control. It is almost like you are drunk, ready to fly off the handle over any perceived slight. Your macho bravado is pitiful, and amusing.

    2. Seb-

      Pretty right on! A bit dramatic, but true……How could York Sr. feel anything for his kid and subject him to this, while tying his hands as it were for pure greed? Interesting point……………….

  42. The Yorks are the #1 cheapskate ripoff owners of NFL football. Suckered PSL owners with a bait and switch. A**HOLES !!!

    1. #1 cheepskates !!! Humm ! Is it possible that they have Jed in his position because it is one more salary they don’t have to pay. LOL.

  43. Jim Tomsula/Eric Mangini/Geep Chryst – 49ers 17 Falcons 16

    Chip Kelly/Jim O’Neill/Curtis Modkins – 49ers 13 Falcons 41

    The improvement is amazing.

    1. Jack ..

      if memory serves … wasn’t there
      a ,, “..We want ‘teachers’ ..! “ refrain
      from Jedster and Baalke .. when
      they announced Jimmy the T as HC ?

      (well.. that .. worked out great ..
      didn’t it ?)

    2. 2015 49ers allowed 30+ points 4 times in 16 games.

      2016 49ers have allowed 30+ points 9 times through 14 games.

    3. 2015 49ers scored 20+ 4 times.

      2016 49ers have scored 20+ 6 times.

      The last time the 49ers offense scored 30+ was 35 against the Chargers in a 2014 week 16 loss.

  44. Grant,

    WCO coaches like Kyle Shanahan are taught from a young age to recognize traits that makeup a solid NFL QB.

    They also like competition. Baalke babied the QB position here, in the beginning because of Kap’s fragile 4th Qtr. interception festival he always provided the Seahawks with. Not wanting him to completely fold, Baalke felt it best to never bring in Kap. competition.

    Bill Walsh got the best of Joe Montana by having Mr. Young in Joe’s rear view mirror.

    No position is too big or too small to always have competition–even place kicker!

    Shanahan will draft a QB or bring in a solid vetran. This will buy time until he can find another Jeff Garcia in the CFL or 4th rounder, Kirk Cousins.

    Meanwhile, I can’t wait for Kyle’s father, Mike, to break out his rolodex of outstanding young bright college coaches and solid NFL vetran coaches.

    This is how Bill Walsh remained cutting-edge, always having a mix of young, up and comers and vetrans, creating a competitive think tank environment, with the promise of the younger coaches one day having a top job of their own

  45. Open letter to the York’s.

    Short term memory loss can be damaging so I’ll offer a remedy. Clean house NOW !!!
    A few years ago provided fans with your go to move–INACTION UNTIL SEASON’S END.

    By the time you began your coaching carnival, the good coaches were snapped up by teams that already fired their coaches, leaving you with Tomsula.

    Inaction makes fans think you’re holding on to Kelly because you’re still paying off your other bad coaching hire–Tomsula.

    Keeping Jed involved in any football decisions has proven disasterous. Keep Jed booking events for the offseason, as he’s endangering his money making maching by creating a mass exodus, and class action law suit of PSL holders for bait- and – switch, or fraud.
    Remember Jed, it was you who told fans you only hang championship banners, a phrase that you sold to the public before going cheap with the asst. coaching staffs.

    Not following my advice will result in you being the main characters in the OJAY’s hit song:
    They Smile in your Face…..All the time they want to take your money, the York family.

    They Smile in your Face:

    Gus Bradley fired as Jaguars’ coach, ending one of the worst NFL tenures
    SB Nation‎ – 21 hours ago

    Dec 18, 2016 @ 09:55 AM 5,938 views 12 Stocks to Buy for 2017

    Buffalo Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan Reportedly To Be Fired Before End Of 2016 Season

  46. Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 4h4 hours ago

    I’ve taken heat from some people at ESPN for this, but I’ll put my understanding of the 49ers and the Yorks up against theirs any day.

    Steve Baker
    @timkawakami Saw John Yorks comments, but isn’t the real question why was he at the Niner game in Atlanta? Interviewing Pioli?

    Tim Kawakami Verified account 
    The way to figure out the Yorks: If any move would make them uncomfortable or cost them extra money, they are probably not doing it.

  47. I don’t know how the 49ers can justify keeping Baalke or this coaching staff. The player talent is poor, so Baalke is at fault, but that’s no excuse for how badly the team is playing. Especially on defense and in the second half on offense. Poor coaching as well. Not saying anything we don’t already know, just outlining how I can’t fathom there might be some lingering thoughts in 49ers FO to retain either Baalke or Kelly.

    As for replacements, hiring Mike Shanahan in a FO leadership role makes sense to me, if he is interested. Let Jed save face in a new role, but get him out of any football related decisions. But if they hire Mike Shanahan I would be against hiring Kyle Shanahan as HC. Mike would not be able to be objective in his role if his son was HC.

    Ideally the new HC would be offensively minded, but I am not overly excited by the candidates. McDaniels would make some sense, but obviously does come with some big question marks. Personally I think Sean McDermott will make a good HC, so he’d probably be my choice despite being a defensive guy. But would need to tap a good OC, and one that is likely to be around for more than one season to help develop a rookie QB. No idea at this stage who that might be.

    1. Chip may only have 2 games left.

      Niners should go bold and hire Chris Peterson, then maybe draft Jake Browning in 2018 for the future franchise QB. He is young, and has a fire in his belly. Jed would double his salary, and he accepts challenges.

      Why Peterson? he went to UCD, a place known for its cutting edge innovative thinking that has helped change the world. While at Boise, he called for a hook and lateral, and even ran the Statue of Liberty to win a Bowl game.

      That Washington defense looks stout, and has shut down several good teams this year.

    2. Jim McElwain is that guy, Scooter. Pair him with McDermott and they could prove to be a commodity….

        1. He’d bring some passion to the offense, not to mention he knows what the hell he’s doing on that side of the ball….

            1. Ranked 115 I believe, 84th pass, 113 rushing. He’s a winning coach, just could use a better quarterback….

  48. Shanahan is way over the hill. The Niners are losing because the talent isn’t there and what few decent players they had are injured. The team is playing second and third stringers. No coach could get much more out of what they have been given. Baalke did not create the team Jim won with. That was done by Scott. Baalke has abslutely no drafting talent and precious little idea on how to manage a team,

    The Debartolo family aka the Yorks care about one thing and that is making a profit and converting cash into bankable funds. They also do not read this blog. Some teams are doomed to failure because of ownership. The Colts, Redskins, Bengals come immediately to mind.

    The Niners will be in the ditch for many years, the same as they have been for almost a generation minus the brief Harbaugh regime. You best get used to it or find another hobby. These days I’d rather be at the range practicing three gun than to sit in front of the tube watching that mess.

  49. 2014 avg ppg 19
    2016 avg ppg 19

    2014 avg points given up by defense 17
    2016 avg points given up by defense 31

    2014 record 8-8
    2016 record 1-?

    Darn those lack of halftime adjustments on offense. Truly the reason we’re having a losing season.

    1. 2014 49ers s.o.s. .505 tied for 17th most difficult
      2016 49ers s.o.s. .555 tied for most difficult

    2. Grant, remind me if you could, in 2014 what was your biggest gripe against Roman’s offense?

    3. 106 points scored in the 2nd half, 56 of those in the 4th quarter during garbage time when down by more than 2 scores.

      Yes. The defense stinks and so does the offense, until it no longer matters.

      1. 56 of those in the 4th quarter during garbage time when down by more than 2 scores.
        Isn’t that called attempting to come back? ;) Still better then not being able to score in the 4th quarter when you’re behind I would say.

        1. Both teams only average 19 points a game but this years defense is giving up and extra 14 points a game. How can they come up with an extra 14 points a game to counter their lousy defense when they can only manage 19 total?

    4. Good stuff CFC. How many games would we have won with 17pts a game this season? More than one. Yeah the offense sucks but the defense mise well be NCAA D-1. Did you guys see we set a record that hasn’t been broken since 1978 with 2 games left to play? Should show us how historically bad this defense is and this record could stand 30 more years.

      1. Probably not too many since the offense averages 14.9 points per game once you factor out the garbage time points.

        1. How many garbage points did they have in 2014? I don’t always buy your garbage time points or stats. It’s a 4 quarter game and it’s not like we’re the only team in the NFL that has garbage time.

          It’s silly to say that this team only allowing 17pts a game wouldn’t win more. They would have the ball more and be playing from behind less. More confidence and less demoralizing plays by the defense has a huge effect. 31 points against us terrible. It’s the real issue here.

          1. 7. The only game in 2014 in which they were down by more than 2 scores in the 4th quarter was at Denver.

            Garbage points or not this offense is putrid in the second half of games. Even with the garbage points left in there they average only 7.6 points in the second half on the year.

            They own the 2nd highest 3 and out rate in the NFL, are almost as bad in plays per possession, and as a result just suck the life out of an already poor defense.

            1. Complementary football is true both sides of the ball impacting the other. The offense is terrible but the defense is far worse.

      1. Having the 4th ranked rush offense probably had just a little effect on that time of possession. Have the % of 3 and outs for 2014? I bet it’s pretty high.

          1. I saw that too after I posted my first response, was honestly shocked didn’t think it could have been that high.

          1. There’s a good chance .. Rex and
            his brother will both be available, soon..

            Think about it, Razor ..

            TWO .. for the
            price of one !

              1. yeah, maybe … but ..

                I can’t even ..imagine .. anyone ..
                hard-up enough … to
                jump into .. this ..
                dumpster fire ..

                (with both feet)

                can you ?

              2. They would be desperate after being fired, but you are right. Maybe the Niners should channel the Bill Walsh legacy and select another Stanford HC.

            1. MW,

              That worries me. The desperate Ryan’s or Fisher would tell Jed anything to get the job. The Ryan’s would probably want Sanchez.

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