49ers 15, Bears 14: Grades

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) scrambles during the first half of an NFL football game against the Chicago Bears, Sunday, Dec. 3, 2017, in Chicago. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

Here are the 49ers’ grades after their 15-14 win over the Chicago Bears.

QUARTERBACK: C-plus. Jimmy Garoppolo did an acceptable job during his debut as the 49ers starting quarterback. He seemed to understand the 49ers system, he moved the offense, made accurate throws into small windows, scrambled a few times to extend plays, avoided pressure, performed well on third down and won. He gets credit for all of that. You could knock him for his interception, but that wasn’t his fault even though he threw the ball slightly behind the intended receiver, Louis Murphy. Murphy should have caught that pass. He let the cornerback snatch the ball out of his hands. No, I don’t fault Garoppolo for the interception – I fault him for not throwing a touchdown pass, not attempting a deep throw and posting a quarterback rating of 56.3 in the red zone. NFL teams typically lose if they don’t score touchdowns. But the 49ers were facing the Bears, who struggle weekly just to score 10 points. Garoppolo did enough to win. He made short throws that were available to him and posted a quarterback rating of 90 outside the red zone. Congratulations to Jimmy for winning his first game as the 49ers starting quarterback.

RUNNING BACKS: D. Carlos Hyde gained only 54 rushing yards on 17 carries, fumbled a pitch for the third or fourth time this season (counting exhibition games) and dropped a pass. His rushing average for the season now is 3.98 yards per carry, the lowest of his career. He is a poor fit for Kyle Shanahan’s system, as I’ve always said. Don’t be surprised if he signs with the Seahawks this offseason.

WIDE RECEIVERS: B. Marquise Goodwin and had 99 receiving yards and Trent Taylor had 92 receiving yards. Both had the best game of their careers. Both are better at beating man-to-man coverage than I realized. Garoppolo enabled those two to showcase their abilities. Goodwin and Taylor seem like keepers, but neither is a No. 1 receiver. And neither is effective in the red zone.

TIGHT ENDS: D. George Kittle almost made a great catch, but landed out of bounds. At least he didn’t drop the ball.

OFFENSIVE LINE: B. The run blocking was mediocre, but the pass protection was good. The offensive line allowed only two sacks, and one wasn’t their fault. Jimmy Garoppolo ran into a defender when he was rolling out during the first sack. The other sack was Brandon Fusco’s fault.

DEFENSIVE LINE: A. This group gave up only 38 rushing yards to Jordan Howard, who came into the game with 847 rushing yards. And this group recorded two sacks – Elvis Dumervil recorded one and Cassius Marsh recorded the other. Dumervil and Marsh are the best edge rushers on the 49ers – better than Solomon Thomas, the rookie first-round pick. But Thomas played well today. He lined up at nose tackle on third down and beat the Bears center and knocked down Mitchell Trubisky. Thomas always should rush from the inside.

LINEBACKERS: A-minus. Brock Coyle gave up a long run, but otherwise the 49ers linebackers were terrific. Reuben Foster led the defense with seven tackles.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: B. Greg Mabin gave up a touchdown catch while filling in for starting cornerback Dontae Johnson. Mabin apparently plays for the 49ers. I don’t know no Mabin. Collectively, this group gave up a completion percentage of 80 and a quarterback of 117.2 to Trubisky. But Trubisky attempted only 15 passes and threw for just 102 yards. The Bears passing game was mostly non-existent.

SPECIAL TEAMS: C. The 49ers punt coverage was terrible – Tarik Cohen returned a punt for a touchdown. But the 49ers field-goal kicking was fantastic – Robbie Gould made all five of his kicks. So, I’m splitting this grade down the middle.

COACHES: C-plus. Kyle Shanahan managed to keep Garoppolo healthy and win a game at the same time. That’s impressive. But, the 49ers continued to make way too many unforced errors. That’s on Shanahan. And the offense continued to stink in the red zone no matter who the quarterback is. That’s on Shanahan, too. The 49ers were 0-for-5 in the red zone against the Bears, and scored no more than 15 points for the eighth time this season. Shanahan needs to improve. Garoppolo can’t fix everything himself.

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    1. agreed. The 3rd down executions is fitting enough for a B. The red zone gives him a B minus. You have to take into account the mistakes the Niners made in the red zone and the lack of play makers.

      * trade first pick and draft the Alabama WR. NO MORE PAC 12 DL…

        1. Quenton Nelson all the way …even if the 49ers win a few games now and they pick a little lower Nelson will be there..please. Hoped they could trade their pick, not now if the win. Chubb had a good game against ND but I saw Nelson block Chubb a few times and did well blocking him.

          I give JG a B- …He almost had a TD pass but he didn’t but he threw very well, should of passed for over 300yds. Hyde dropped 2, Murry, Bourne and the INT should of been caught. His first pass wobbled and missed but he settled down and did well, no long passes but connected with the WR’s nicely for being here 4 weeks, 1st start and throwing 70%. So I think he gets a B- . I know the fans are excited about him being so new and a lot better then Hoyer and CB that they want to give him an A and hate on Grant.

      1. Best teams in the league average 48% on 3rd down. Jimmy did 55%, not sure how that isn’t worth of a higher grade.

  1. You give Garoppolo a C-plus? You can’t be serious. He led a game winning 14 play drive. He produced five scoring drives. All of this against a good Fangio defense.

    1. To be fair, Fangio’s simple defensive tactics were sniffed out years ago and not hard to gameplan against. And unless over half his squad are Pro Bowlers, “a good Fangio defense” will really turn out to be a piece of crap. Especially when paired with an incompetent offense run by an unimaginative OC and an overdrafted rookie QB. For a number of reasons, the Niners don’t deserve to be feeling very good about this win.

        1. I wonder how much of that is because opponents often get to play with a short field, given the incredible skill of the depleted and incompetent Chicago offiense. I don’t go out of my way to court depression, so I haven’t watched much of the Bears (Chi or Cal) this year, so I can’t say one way or the other.

          1. I’m sure the Bears’ poor offense affects the Bears D. I know Fangio is a little overrated on here, but he still has a better than average (good) defense.

      1. What are u talking about Balthazar?? The Bears defense has been good this year. U act like Fangio is some simpleton or something. We all saw what happens last year when D coordinators get too complicated with their ridocolous schemes. Players think instead of react and coaches end up with no jobs

    2. #80 You seem like the only ‘regular’ on this site who has any sense. I don’t know why I even clicked on this article. Grant clearly has an agenda against Shanahan that is borderline psycho

  2. Congrats to the Niners for winning a meaningless game over another stinking team. It’s probably too much to hope for that the teams that’ll sneak ahead of them in the next draft will all make mistakes. The Niners will probably drop too far to get any meaningful trades for that pick, when they desperately need plenty of starters and depth players. Mediocrity hell, here we come.

    But maybe some stupid @55 team will put up a couple of firsts for Jimmy G., inadvertently giving the Niners a chance to have a winning season in about 5 years. One can always hope, anyway.

    1. If you think the Niners will give up two picks for Jimmy you are nuts and should give up football.

  3. “Garoppolo did enough to win. He made short throws that were available to him and posted a quarterback rating of 90 outside the red zone. Congratulations to Jimmy for winning his first game as the 49ers starting quarterback.”

    Grant better work on his grading skills if he really wants us to believe that a C- is consistent with those comments. It’s that old form vs. substance thing that he’s weak on.

  4. This rating is way too harsh, especially for Garappolo. He played great. His supporting cast let him down with penalties and a turnover.

    All in all, it was a very encouraging game.

    1. An interesting take on the game. I suppose if it helps the Niners get a couple of first round picks, it’s not as bad as it could have been.

    2. Not to mention the refs took away a first down in the red zone on a Louis Murphy catch. That was a catch.

  5. Lol, wow, you are just the worst. Totally biased, completely focused on your own agenda. I’m just going to be done with this site. Thank God this team has legitimate coverage elsewhere.

  6. Grant Cohn is a buffoon. He gave Garoppolo a grade of C for his great performance in the Bears game. Why does Cohn still have a job?

    1. click bait… social media chatter… if Grant wasn’t wow’d then JG was going to get a lower grade. I believe he woke up this morning with that agenda. The red zone issues have many factors. What were the situations, play calls, were WRs open… blau blau blau

  7. C-plus is a fair grade for JG, if you are basing your grades on JG being a good QB. Throwing the ball into tight windows, etc, is just part of being a good QB. He didn’t do anything exceptional per se, just by comparison to what we have seen recently. In the red zone he wasn’t good. He wasn’t bad either – the rest of the team around him did him no favours – but he also didn’t make any amazing plays. So, if we were looking at JG as if he were, say, Matt Ryan in his second season in the KS offense, this would have been a C-plus effort.

    Of course this was JG’s first start for the 49ers, just five weeks after joining the club, and just his third ever start. So the idea he is being graded compared to what a good QB with experience in the system should do is a pretty big complement.

      1. They both had a full training camp. That’s why I bump Garoppolo’s grade higher.

        1. Nah son, that’s called using a different scale. You’re incorporating effort, back story, your love for JG’s food looks… etc, into your analysis. From that view point, it’s imposible for you not to think that Grant graded low. Grant is just grading the outcome. Das it.

          1. The same Grant that predicted 9-7 lol. Grants not to bright when it comes to grading performances. Especially when it’s not the players he favors

            1. No. His grades were totally fair. Lots of bickering and career assassination over C+ vs B – . Jimmy didn’t stink but he didn’t “make it happen” either. Fair is fair.

              1. I really don’t give a dam about his grades I’m saying that the 49ers finally found a franchise QB and Grant is known to only favor players that he likes. Garoppolo did pretty good for his first game as a niner and not to mention learning a different system on the fly.

      2. BH and CJ wouldnt have been able to do what JG did today. Quick decisive passes, leadership in the huddle and line, stayed in the pocket and on point location, all which resulted in making the whole offense better. This is the most professional QB play we’ve seen in over 10 years. Who knows what he’ll turn into but today, he looked good. Lack of TD’s meant nothing in his QB play. They could have pressed the TD issue in the last drive but purposely ran the clock out and played for the field goal.

          1. CK and AS never looked this good in the pocket and commanding the line. Neither made their players better or threw them open. JG barely knows the playbook and made his first start but still was directing players where to line up.

      3. BS. You’ve given Hoyer and Beathard higher grades when they loooed like 1/3 of the player that Jimmy did. He drove up and down the field at will, with Louis Murphy and Goodwin as starting WRs, and probably 1/5th of the playbook down. Get a grip dude. 8-12 on 3rd down, nearly 300 yards. He made throws that Hoyer can’t even make in his own dreams.

        I think it’s time to stop visiting this blog. I can already tell that “Jimmy is mediocre” is going to be a recurring theme from his writing for rest of season. He only does it to get clicks and rile people up. But at the same time, loses all credibility with everything else he writes.

        Peace out

      4. JG deserved a B, because of his third down throws. He did not throw a TD, he was dinged for that pick, but he led several long drives, and threw past the sticks.

        1. I would agree with the Seb-skov………………maybe a B plus, given he is a newbie. He went up and down that field with brand new teammates. Best lookin QB in a 9er uniform since Garcia. VERY high praise, given who owns the team………………………….

  8. You cannot put too much blame on JG for poor performance in the red zone. The lack of a running game is killing the offense.

  9. What a joke you are with that QB grade.

    You prop up Hoyer and don’t recognize what the future looks like.

    He made all the throws and converted way more third downs than we are used to.

    He’s a franchise QB

    1. So, a guy who does “way more than we’re used to” is a franchise QB? Did you just pick up some of that Gelato?

  10. Disagree on some:

    QB: A — He passed well, routinely throwing receivers open, reading the field, standing tall in the pocket, and using his compact release and solid arm to make some pretty zippy throws in tight windows. Further, the QB wasn’t the reason the team didn’t score TDs.

    Redzone 1: 10-yard holding call. Hyde drops a pass. Makes it hard to score when you’re going backwards.
    Redzone 2: Back-to-Back False Starts — 10 yards. Makes it hard to score when you’re going backwards.
    Redzone 3: A bog-standard, NFL incompletion and a short-pass that didn’t pick up the 1st/TD.
    Redzone 4: Murphy doesn’t make a clean catch (ruled incomplete). Bourne runs OOB next play — Illegal touch (loss of down).
    Redzone 5: Last two minutes, 49ers went ‘anti-turnover’ to set up a GW FG.

    Otherwise he drove the team down the field on a Bear’s defense ranked 15th (PPG) in the NFL. And the INT… That’s not the QBs fault.

    RB/O-line: If the line isn’t run-blocking then it’s not the RBs fault. If the RB is messing up, it’s not the line’s fault. And while the backs made mistakes, mostly the backs had to deal with a lot of blown blocks and defensive penetrations as the Bears d-line did what they were supposed to do and disrupted the blocking while keeping the o-line out of the second level and letting the linebackers wreak havoc. Which they did.

    TE: B-. You gave them a D? What a stupid grade. Seriously stupid. The TD ball could not be caught in-bounds. Kittle caught everything (3/3 though the aforementioned was OOB). Had Garoppolo put the ball a bit to his left, that’s a TD and the TEs have a 71.4% reception rate. Celek, the run-blocking TE, chipped in with a couple of big catches though he’s not exactly a ‘receiving’ TE. The biggest issue was a marginal block-in-the-back penalty on Celek.

    WR: B. You gave them a B? Taylor and Goodwin deserve A’s. However, Murphy was 1 reception for 6 attempts. I didn’t see all his mess-ups because we’re still moving into the new house and The Wife needed help. But what I did see, he was terrible. Especially the pick. Bourne made an illegal tough reception. As a group, the WRs were, on a target-by-target basis, not really any better the TEs. Yet you crapped on the TEs and gave the WRs props because two of the four played well.

    1. MosesZD, good redzone notes. Also, Hyde bouncing a likely first down inside run outside hoping for a TD, achieving neither.

    2. Kittle was actually forced out of bounds. The defender hit him low on the leg and that potentially kept him form planting his feet in bounds.

  11. Grant Cohn is a complete idiot! He’s terribly biased and a horrible reporter. He should jump off of the bay bridge so we don’t have to read his crap anymore!

  12. Totally agree with the QB grade based on the reason given. Say what you want about penalties or whatever, but 4-10 isn’t going to cut it.

    Folks in SF have forgotten what it looks like to have an NFL QB.

    Offense was terrific between the 20’s, but the point total is bad. This is Shanahan’s MO though throughout his career.

    To run 2x as many plays as your opponent and have the ball for nearly 40 minutes and still need to kick a field goal as time expires to win?

    Not impressive at all.

    1. Not scoring was not impressive, but when you say it was not impressive at all, does that mean you think JG’s performance overall was not impressive at all?

      1. Scooter,

        That they were only able to get 15 points. The lack of points from Shanahan offenses in the past is one of the main things I pointed to when the trade was made about not being overly excited.

        As for Garoppolo, I didn’t really see anything from him today that I wasn’t expecting.

        1. “As for Garoppolo, I didn’t really see anything from him today that I wasn’t expecting“

          That is one slick duck you just pulled off!

        2. Jack,
          I strongly agree, I also expected him to be very good in a very difficult situation.

        3. Yes, the lack of red zone production is troubling. Not sure about it being a KS thing – I haven’t done the homework on that. Hopefully with more reps it is something that gets ironed out.

          With JG, yes, not anything I wasn’t expecting, but I was still happy to see what he was able to provide up to the red zone. That’s the best the passing offense has looked (bar the red zone) pretty much all year. Given the limited time he has had and general talent level around him, I was happy with what I saw.

          1. “Not sure about it being a KS thing”

            In his first 9 seasons as an OC in the league his offenses have ranked in the top half of the league in points scored only 3 times, the same 3 times that they ranked in the top half of the league in red zone TD percentage.

        4. Could have sworn the Falcons were the highest scoring team in the NFL last year… top 10 in NFL history I believe. Also seems that most NFL people that actually know what they’re talking about describe Shanahan as one of the best offensivr minds in the game. But yeah, you’re right… neither Shanahan nor his offenses are very good.

          1. Yeah last years Falcons team was one of the 3 times his offenses have been in the top half. He’s never done it 2 years in a row and he’ll be batting .300 after this year.

            By comparison Sean McVay is about to do it for the third time in a row and will be batting.750 after this year.

              1. A clown, who cares about Trubisky, Jimmy G is the 49ers QB. Go wish for Kap with the weasel Seb!

              2. Prime, you championed Trubisky so much, you bet 200 bucks saying the Niners should draft him. Then you welched on a technicality.
                You were so clueless, you wanted the Niners to draft a QB, when the defense was their biggest need. That is why I think you have absolutely no football sense.
                We both like JG, but you were the one preferring Hoyer over Kaep, and CJB may have moxie, but his limited passing skills paled in comparison to JG. I was right all the time that the Niners needed to upgrade the QB position, but you were content to lose without Kaep instead of winning with Kaep. Now that JG is the starter, I am content that the Niners finally have a competent QB, but worry that if he becomes injured, he will lose all trade value, which might be the best way to help rebuild the team, because JG also has options, and could elect to go to a SB contender, instead of toiling on a rebuilding team.
                Yes, you were the clown , caring about Trubisky, who just lost another game. Quit polluting this blog with your hate and imbecilic Football for Dummies level football knowledge.
                I prefer- Building a Champion, and Lynch is following that book to a T.

              3. Kaep had real good players around him that year. It’s obvious he ran fast and caught D’s off guard but everybody knows the main reason that year was ..”Fangio’s Defense”. Kaep got hard to watch and his grandstanding sitting and knee drama brought him down…oh down to being in a magazine.

            1. McVay did it with the Shanahan’s hand picked QB the last two years. KS would have beat McVay if it weren’t for an OPI penalty that everyone acknowledges was a BS call.

              1. The 49ers were getting blown out. They almost pulled that game out only due to a fumbled kick off return and a recovered onside kick which gave them 2 extra possessions.

                Woulda shoulda coulda doesn’t cut it. I deal in the reality of what actually took place.

              2. They wouldn’t have been the first team to win because of a fumble and a lucky bounce, although that onside kick was one of the best attempts I have seen.

                Don’t forget about our missed extra point either. Is that Kyle’s fault?

              3. And now Cousins has reverted to being an average QB. It might have something to do with injuries of some sort, I don’t know. Maybe plays a factor.

              4. “Cousins’ career didn’t take off until 2 years after Lil Shanny left D.C.”

                Yeah, because Snyder and Allen pushed RG3. Cousins only got 4 starts under the Shanahan’s.


                McVay on Kyle.

                ” it takes you about two minutes to realize what a bright offensive mind he is — and really the next couple of years we continued to grow in our friendship, but then also really learning a lot from him, just the way that he’s able to scheme people up, the way he leads.”

                “He’s one of the guys that I respect as much as anybody in this business, and he’s been a huge influence on my coaching career.”

              5. More from McVay on Shanny.

                “But in terms of a football coach, he sees the game excellent. He’s got a great way about being able to scheme things up, understands football from a 22-man perspective where he understands all the little nuances both offensively and defensively and how to manipulate certain schemes that people are running.”

                “Really, he’s had a huge influence on some of the things that we believe in here, philosophically, on the offensive side of the football, and I think he’s a great coach.”

                There you go. McVay thinks KS is a great HC. McVay, the guy you love so much. For the record, I’m not hating on McVay, I think he’s really good too.

    2. Jimmy G was 15 outta 15 when targeting the top 2 WRs…

      Jack Hammer– You sir, are an idiot. Jimmy G is clearly the best QB the 49ers have had since Steve Young. I forgot how All these idiots hide behind Grants weak analysis. How did he even get a job??

      The third down reads and throws were most impressive. Very decisive. Shanahan will have a job longer than Grant, that’s for sure

      1. LoL…Da Jimmy G was very good on throws between the 20’s. I already said that. Unfortunately it didn’t convert to a single TD. That’s just stating facts. If that makes me an idiot to you oh well.

        1. if the 49ers would have made 35 points Grant and Jack would be like o 35 points isn’t enough they had to punt once grade = C+

        2. Nah, what makes you an idiot are dumb comments like this…

          Offense was terrific between the 20’s, but the point total is bad. This is Shanahan’s MO though throughout his career.

          To run 2x as many plays as your opponent and have the ball for nearly 40 minutes and still need to kick a field goal as time expires to win?

          Not impressive at all.

          Shanahan is widely regarded as one of the best young offensive minds in football. He was named the AP’s Assistant Coach of the Year last year when his Falcons offense led the NFL in points per game (33.8) for the first time in franchise history and broke franchise records in total yards per game (415.8) and yards per play (6.7). Shanahan taught Sean McVay his offense and McVay credits Shanahan as one of the best coaches he’s ever worked with while they were together in DC. You have some personal animus that clouds your judgment and harms your credibility. Regardless of your moronic comments, most casual fans can see Shanahan and Garoppolo had a good day yesterday. Give them some credit, they deserve it.

          1. I did give them some credit. They were terrific between the 20’s. Scoring only 12 points on their first 4 red zone trips yesterday is bad and almost cost them the game.

            As for how Shanahan is regarded around the league I am on record as saying that is due to his last name, not the actual results his offenses have achieved.

            His results in Atlanta last year were spectacular. That was one year out of nine. His offenses usually put up a lot of yards yet few point and have twice as many seasons in the bottom half of the league in scoring than they do in the top half.

            Calling someone an idiot for a differing opinion, that is backed up with data says more about you and the others who say it.

            1. Shanahan took the Houston offense from #14 in scoring when he arrived to #10 in scoring in 2009 when he left. They got better.

              Shanahan took the Washington offense from #26 in scoring when he got there to #4 in scoring. They got better and then RG3 got hurt.

              Cleveland was a wash. He resigned after the front office forced him to start Manziel over his objections.

              Shanahan took the Altanta offense from #12 in scoring to #1 in scoring. They got better.

              You want to talk data then lets talk data. You throw out generalities like his offenses finished in the bottom half in scoring without actually telling the real story. Shanahan is a good offensive coach and that’s played out at every single stop. He has had success everywhere he has been. When he has the opportunity to work with talented players he’s proven he can produce spectacular results.

              1. I’m well aware of all the stats you pointed out. I’ve looked them up. For example, he took the Texans from 17th his first year to 10th.

                In Washington he had 1 good year.

                In Atlanta he had a loaded offense and they were terrific.

                The numbers are what they are. We could probably explain away all the failings of every coach if we wanted to.

                If the information I’m presenting and my opinion doesn’t concern you then that’s you. Still no excuse for stuff like idiot, etc.

              2. Actually, I could not care less about your opinion. The information you’ve presented is done in such a disingenuous manner that it taints your entire point. To say, “His offenses usually put up a lot of yards yet few point and have twice as many seasons in the bottom half of the league in scoring than they do in the top half,” is simply not telling the full story. In every single stop, Shanahan has made dramatic improvements in the offenses he’s coached.

              3. Concerned is not the right word. I’m cautiously optimistic. I think Shanahan is a talented coach. I think Garoppolo is a talented QB. I’m not sold that either is the answer but I intend to take a wait and see approach. The best way to find sustained success in the NFL is to pair a good coach with a great QB. Bill Belichick wouldn’t have so many, or maybe even any, Superbowls without Tom Brady. It’s the rare Coach/QB combination that equals rare success. If Garoppolo is the guy then Shanahan has the biggest piece necessary and Lynch can turn his attention to building out the rest of the roster. I’m willing to give Shanahan a few years to prove himself before I start twisting his coaching record to fit my preconceived narrative that he hasn’t really ever been very successful.

    3. JG didn’t put up 40 so he must be a bum, eh Jack? The Niner fan attitude you mocked turned out to be… your own. Pretty funny stuff there, Jack.

          1. Lol, except I didn’t really compare him to either of those guys. His red zone numbers from one game were in their range, that’s just a fact, and it needs to improve. I also noted that it was an extremely small sample size.

            Folks on this blog get so testy sometimes when things that aren’t unicorns and rainbows are written.

            If you want to take the leap to say I called Garoppolo a bum though be my guest.

    4. Hammer,
      I don’t believe we’ve forgotten what an NFL QB looks like, they just don’t happen to play for our team.
      Perhaps Lynch and Shanahan have found one in JG. As has been mentioned many times, this team will get better with a few more drafts and wise FA signings.

      Whether through the draft or FA, shoring up the O-line should be a priority in 2018. If Lynch can work a draftmas miracle and garner Nelson and McGlinchey in 2018 this team would be set for the next 7-10 years.
      Our last great O-line was made up of Bam Davis, Iupati, Staley, Boone and Goodwin. Although Staley is still here, I believe its safe to say that our offense has not been the same after the others either retired of moved on.

  13. So let’s get this straight…Fangio is known for playing cover 4 or two deep. He does this to force teams to drive the length of the field instead of giving up big plays…Grants OWN WORDS!!! He then critizes and faults Jimmy G for taking what Fangio is giving him and not forcing a throw deep down the field? He then talks about how the penalties are the fault of Shanahan, which is actually on the players to DO THEIR JOB and not hurt the team with unforced errors, but that’s another story. Yet he blames Jimmy again for not scoring in the redzone. Once a team gets behind the chains on offense in the redzone, every coach is going to be more conservative to avoid losing the opportunity to at least get SOME points out of the drive. Is that on Jimmy too? Jimmy has been in the offense for a month or so…AGAIN…GRANTS OWN WORDS…yet he expects him to do better than 70% completion rate for 293 and a win in his first start with a bunch of players he’s never played with before? Even he conceded that the pick wasn’t on him. Bourne had the ball in his hands and was two inches from the ground with it when it was ripped from him. A little off target or not, the ball was very catchable and it was on the receiver to make sure he held onto the ball. Even Brady isn’t 100% accurate on every single throw, putting the ball in the exact spot it should be. Players will have to adjust to a ball every now and again and you don’t blame the QB when they have a ball taken from their grasp. I seriously come to this site for the comedy of Grant. This man contradicts himself and expects fans to take him seriously. Lol…I’m not quite ready to lable Jimmy G THE GUY just because three career starts doesn’t equal a franchise QB, no matter how good he looked in them. But he did enough today, along with his starts last year to begin to believe that what we saw last year wasn’t a mirage. People could easily dismiss what he did as being with the Pats with THAT HC and those weapons. To play as well as he did, with THIS talent around him…or lack thereof…shows that he is worthy of a longer look and if he just continues to show how he did today, the Niners will have hit the jackpot…

    1. You called liddle cohn a man, you have to be joking. He shows every sign of being a child.

    2. First of all, you are a legend and I love you for starting your comment with “So let’s just get this straight…”. That was rad. But I totally disagree with you on your analysis. You seem to be holding up “taking what Fangio is giving you” as the penultimate way to play. It’s not. “Asserting your will and dominating” is the best. JG did the former and not the latter. That’s Grant’s pont. Nothing more and nothing less.

  14. first of all the 9ers failed on 4 red zone drives NOT5 last one they took a knee
    This is something I wanted to say before, the reason its a good thing to play Jimmy G now is because some free agents don’t just sign for money they also see if the have a bright future like (SUPER BOWL) remember why Josh Norman didn’t sign with the 9ers because of the bad roster now that said Jimmy G brings light and free agents will follow
    O Jimmy G gets an A-

  15. Grant,
    Totally predictable. totally predictable. No mention of third down conversion rate. Today was the best third down conversion that I have seen out of a 49er QB since before Alex Smith. It took your Dad many years for his readers to forget his brutal criticism of Bill Walsh in his first season and some of us olders haven’t. Your criticism of Shanahan will not be forgotten. What JG did today with a pared down playbook was nothing short of miraculous, When he becomes totally comfortable with the system, remember it took Matt Ryan 2 offseasons, 2 camps and one full season to be comfortable, and he becomes comfortable with his receivers he will be the best QB the 9ers have had since Steve Young (with apologies to Jeff Garcia. Lastly another name you didn’t mention was Robert Saleh, he put together a great game plan today. why no mention?

    1. I agree, Saleh’s coaching should have been mentioned, and considered in Grant’s grade.
      However, I disagree about your statement that it was miraculous to see JG play as well as he did. Like CJB beating the Giants, JG beating the Bears was not amazing, because Chicago is another bad team. The Niners were losing most of the game, and beat them by one point.

      1. There is a difference though.
        The Giants give up the most yards per game per NFL.com while so they are ranked 32nd in D, while Chicago is ranked at 15th. So the defenses are not even close to the same level.

    2. I haven’t. He wasn’t the only one. And while Walsh didn’t call him out in name he referred to those ‘agenda driven’ reporters in many talks. He wasn’t rude, but you could tell he’d rather eat gum stuck to the bottom of his shoe before giving them anything but professional ‘respect’ because he had to..

      1. Is that why Walsh later on let Lowell spend an entire season with him and his staff?

        Some of the stuff is just laughable

        1. Jack,
          I’m never sure of the age of any of the posters here but if you were reading the green sheet in 79 (in Cohns case it could have been the Sac Bee) you would remember L. Cohn and Glen Dickeys columns regarding Bill Walsh. They ripped him well into the middle of the 80 season when it became obvious they were wrong. They regularly called for his firing.

          1. Maybe those journalist felt that the criticism they put on Walsh helped him become a better coach.
            Maybe Grant is actually helping Shanny because the play calling has been much better the last 3 weeks.

  16. Think JG deserves a solid B.
    He played well, but the team still has big problems.
    The stupid mistakes are on the players not the coaches. You learn the rules in High School, pro players should not be committing false start fouls or blocking in the back. If they need coaches to tell them this they don’t belong in the league.

    1. I agree. If JG had managed to throw a couple TD passes, I would give him and A, but he did not do that. JG deserves better than a C+, so a solid B is a solid grade.

              1. What you forgot what you said? That Kap could’ve done as well?
                Come on, make me laugh again!

      1. 49er— You are correct in blaming the players for stupid mistakes. The only control a coach has is to not play them. The thing is that this season sort of resembles a training camp so players are going to be given more chances to impress. Especially since the roster has been relatively weakened via a lot of injuries. I am sure that the staff remembers the players that are committing those penalties and it will certainly play a factor as to if they are retained next season.

    2. When it is week in week out, the coaches deserve blame. Remember JH got deserved flak for getting delay of game penalties.

    3. “If they need coaches to tell them this they don’t belong in the league.”

      A lot of them won’t be in the league next year.

  17. All fair grades. Good job Grant.

    Great win today.

    I agree that this team can do better than Hyde. But then again maybe with 2 new road graders he could be better.

    Still think corner, edge rusher and WR are at top of the list.
    My pick at #2 if we can’t trade down, Saquan Barkley.

    All in all, hope the doubters realize how good Jimmy G is gonna be!

    1. Prime- You might be right about Hyde, but he is not going to be under contract next season so his potential for next season and behind a better line is irrelevant. To many Niner fans still remember Hydes first half season before he was injured. He really did look special then and thats when the fan love affair started. The reality is that he has progressively declined since then. If it were not for the Seattle game when he had those two big gains via wide holes to run through his numbers would even have been worse. You could see that his yard per carry has been steadily declining since then. Granted many other rb’s would also have similar stats behind this line, but that is just the point. He is no different than many other rb in this league. In fact he is easily replaceable . The team would be better off with a runner more suited for this system ( outside runners with speed). And for that matter he would be better suited to an inside the Tackles system. Of course he needs to gain back the weight he lost this season in an attempt to increase speed. It is obvious that that weight loss came at a cost of loss of strength. So his adjusting to this system diminished his previous pluses.

  18. CONTEXT! Cohn doesn’t seem to understand this concept when it comes to analysis. Like everything else in the world, NFL games don’t happen in vacuums.
    Garoppolo is making his first start, mid-season, on the road, without his best receiver, without clear-cut matchup threats in the red zone, and operating from a limited playbook. Given these factors, his performance was incredibly impressive and to fail to take them into account sufficiently demonstrates just how simplistic, reductive, and clickbait-y Cohn’s analysis is.
    IF he continues this level of play after a larger sample size, with an improved supporting cast, and after acclimating himself to the offense, then yes, he can be criticized for failing to get the team into the end zone. Why? Because the CONTEXT of his performance will have changed and therefore, the analysis will have changed as well.

    1. This. My exact thought as well – CONTEXT! What bothers me is that you use context, but you only use context when it serves your agenda. All that needs to be said.

      Actually one other word needs to be said from me (and a few more words after that): INSANITY!

      INSANITY: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result…

      This is how I feel after clicking on Grant’s article, I feel insane. So with that, I am officially done! Woo, feels good! This will be my last post under one of these articles and I can absolutely say with 100% certainty that I will never click another Grant Cohn article. I will not bite again and I feel somewhat pathetic for biting on this article and taking up my time to read and comment here when this was so predictable.

      I do not expect sunshine pumping and only positive news from a 2-10 team, so I have appreciated and found some of your reporting quite refreshing, but I also do not like the goals of your reporting (polarizing reporting for the purpose of more clicks). I know you are not blind, and I know you can clearly see how positive and optimistic that showing was today so there is no other excuse for not using context to discuss the performance of Jimmy G.

      I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, and I know you will continue to be successful and will not miss a beat without me here and I will basically have zero affect on you which I can respect, so carry on! Go 49ers! Woo!

    2. Context is irrelevant when all you are judging is what transpired on the field and outcomes. Which is one plenty fair to do.

  19. QUARTERBACK: C-plus. Jimmy Garoppolo. After reading the first paragraph. I was SMH, but it saved me from reading the rest of this full of baloney article. Back to Warrior game.

  20. C+?? LOL…. At worst I could see a solid B but come on man….. Jimmy G and that smooth moving offense also helped the D in a big way. Can’t blame Jimmy for the ST’s play nor the penalties that set them back in the RZ. Jimmy, Gould and that OL were the game’s MVPs. Yeah, I’d like to see some TDs but that was the best Niners’ QB play in some time.

  21. I’d give a b- just solely on the fact he has few weapons. Though, I think grant’s grade was fair if you don’t factor the anemic receiving core.

  22. Granted it’s a super small sample size, but Garoppolo’s 40% completion rate in the red zone today is in Brock Osweiler, Drew Stanton, CJ Beathard territory. Thus the grade.

    1. Worth noting that 40% completion rate is dinged a bit by Murphy’s “drop” (pretty sure that was in the red zone) and Kittle not being able to get his feet in bounds when he probably could have done so if he had been more aware.

      1. Watch a replay and you will see that Kittle was actually forced out by a defender hitting one of his legs while he was in the air going after the ball. If he would have been able to plant both feet in might be in question but the force made sure he had no chance.

        1. I was mistaken. That didn’t happen on Kittles catch. I confused it with Murphys catch at about 12 ;40 in the second Quarter. It was on that one that the defender grabbed Murphys leg and pulled him out of bounds.

    2. Niners had their best red zone performance this decade under Chip Kelly last season. Should have kept him and his starting QB,

  23. Jimmy G played a good solid game. Took what the defense gave him. Played smart football and made some key third down throws. I give Jimmy G a solid B for one thing that seems to be overlooked – he made his offensive players better, and because of TOP his defense was able to hold their own. That’s what good QB’s do, make the team better.

    1. Yea, I’d get Jimmy signed ASAP. He looked calm, strong, and accurate in the pocket. He made our average wide outs look like the Patriots receivers out there.

      Soldier Field was a great experience. Perfect day for football, and the place was sold out. More 49ers fans sprinkled throughout than anticipated. Glad I went, but as I stood waiting for the next train back at the station near the 11th street bridge, I stared across some construction equipment to watch skaters at Grant Park, I was startled by something falling with a thud on a pallet of product. It was a Bears fan who had just fallen 3 stories from the top of the bridge. I turned to my buddy and exclaimed, they only lost by a point! All joking aside, within minutes the place was swarming with officers, within 10 minutes a fire truck made it down there, and about 20 minutes later an ambulance finally found its way to the victim. He was alive when they left with him in tow, and obviously had a little too much to drink….

      1. Nice report. Did you see CJB in the warm ups? How did he look?
        Saw a fan with a number 1 Niner jersey in the end zone, and wondered if it was you.

        1. CJB looked normal throwing the football.

          That wasn’t me. I was in a denim and leather jacket with Iron Maiden, Seventh Son back patch, and a red 49ers shirt underneath, along with an all black 49ers snap back hat and shades….

          1. They kept showing Niner fans in the stands, and every time, I wondered if they were showing you.
            Glad you had a good time, and am ecstatic that the Niners have a good passer and leader behind center.

              1. Prime, with better support, ANY QB would improve.
                If you mean failing 5 times in the red zone and throwing a pick, yes, even Kaep may have done better.

              2. Like a weasel to a vol, you are so predictably pathetic! Blaming that INT on JImmy G? Kap could not hold Jimmy G’s jock strap.

              3. While JG has won a couple SB rings, he did it standing on the side lines. Kaep led a team into the SB, and was one pass from returning, while also setting records.
                JG is good, but he is not as accomplished as Kaep, who has a 4-2 road playoff record.
                Prime, please learn to spell.

              4. Here’s the thing Seb, who prepared those SB team defenses? Was it Garoppolo? So he deserved his SB ring and earned it! Kap lost his SB!

    1. I would give the coaches an A-. They did not let themselves get shaped. I was happy with the play selection, they saved their time outs, and used them wisely, and the game time management was excellent.
      I gave them the Minus because JG should have done quick snaps, so the O line would not false start, and they still need to instill discipline and reduce the unforced errors.

    2. Agreed, Juan. I see it the same way. In fact, given the relatively small number of plays he knows, new team and teammates, timing is not what it will be, etc.etc…………..as has been pointed out, in that context, you could argue an A- for Graps.
      A B plus seems and feels just right.

    1. That’s got to be the best news overall! That and winning time of possession. The red zone woes are still very troubling though. Will watch game and give my two cents.

      1. Agreed. I think we’d all like to see more TDs than FGs, but for week 1 of the JG era, it was pretty good throughout, and with the game on the line.

      2. Red zone offense will come with opening up the play book and scheming specifically for it more and more.
        I’m guessing Jimmy had 40-45 plays today and only 6-7 were probably red zone offense.

        1. That is not a gimme, but we will see how things develop. We have to remember that this team beat a Bear’s team that isn’t very good. Much of the statistics pointed to an evenly matched group. The score certainly echoes that. Not sure of the play as I have yet to watch the game.

          1. All week people were saying Fangios defense would pose problems. That it was Avery good defense.
            I think Shanny called a good game and Jimmy G silenced a lot of doubters.

            1. The Bear’s defense 12th is top half for sure but the teams were evenly matched. I said as much prior to the game and said it was a push.

              Though I gave the edge to the Niners.

              As I stated, I will give my impressions after watching the game but I certainly like the 3rd down conversion ratio. This has been terrible all year. Hope it continues.

              By all accounts this was a very good game for Garoppolo though there may still be some issues. It’s ok to be elated but to remember two things 1) one game and 2) the opponent.

              From the box score it looks like JG didn’t get nearly as pestered as CJB. That is good news if this becomes a trend. We will see.

  24. He made the team better. There is no amount of grade or stat to warrant that kind of result.

    1. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but he looks like a young Brady. The similarity in mannerisms is striking…..
      Mabin is prob saying Grant who?
      And they were trying to charge us to read this garbage, only reason I come is to browse the comments…..beach please.

      1. Go to the right and click on Grant in the twitter section, and the article will appear.
        Back at ya, I rarely read the NN comments because it is the usual suspects, dithering amongst themselves.
        Fooch is OK, but he just gives the facts.

              1. Here’s what you said. I still can’t stop laughing!

                sebnynah says:
                December 3, 2017 at 2:29 pm
                Hyde, and these better receivers, and with a better rated O line, could do just as well.

                Thanks for the chuckles Seb! Keep em coming.

                Next it will be Kap will take the league by storm again, bwhahhahahahahah!!!!

              2. We will never know until he plays again. Since he is being blackballed, it will be hard for him to sign with a team. JG had a rating of 82.4. Kaep had a rating of 90.7, so what you think is impossible could very well be possible.
                The difference between last year’s team and this year’s team is like night and day.
                I was very impressed with the defense, which gave up only 147 yards. Last season, they gave up 147 yards to a third string RB alone.
                Your hate for Kaep knows no bounds.

              3. My hate for you pretending that Kap is the be all end all and polluting the blog knows no bounds weasel.

                Take your pathetic campaign about a QB no longer on the team and beat it.
                After one of the best wins to start the Jimmy G era and you come out with this? You are the troll!

                sebnynah says:
                December 3, 2017 at 2:29 pm
                Kaep with a healthy Hyde, and these better receivers, and with a better rated O line, could do just as well.

              4. Prime, thanks for admitting you are a hater.
                Quit trolling, it will not work on me.
                I am just a fan of the last QB to take the Niners to the SB, but you cannot handle that.
                Hate will consume you, and it is your screeds that are polluting this blog. Posters are not impressed with potty mouthed haters.

  25. JG was excellent today. Moved the ball with ease throughout the game. Changed plays at the line when he needed too..Showed impressive command and made his Wrs look like they belong in the nfl. The red zone issues were completely on the team around him. False starts, Holds, Drops etc.. This guy is really good. The off season will be exciting no question about it. They have a shot to win next week too with JG. C+ is laughable. It was no worse then a B+….

  26. Hehe a bit harsh on the Jimmy grade, but its to be expected.

    I think some of the red zone woes will disappear after an off season.

    If I recall correctly Red Zone is its own package. I bet Jimmy has spent the better part of the last 6 weeks focusing on the plays between the 20s and not the redbone.

    Jimmy should be very interesting to watch develop in SF over the next few weeks.

  27. One more for you slow mfers…its not Jimmy Gs fault that the 49ers didn’t score in the red zone. Go back and watch the game.

      1. Context matters. Garoppolo did the job. The others failed. Hampering his grade, like Grant and some others have done really ignores the context of the game and the roster.

        The ‘best’ WR we currently have on this team, Goodwin, is a #3 WR on any team with decent WRs. Heck, he was #3 on the BILLS. A team that was not known for good WRs. After that we have a promising rookie in Taylor and GARBAGE. Add in the poor line leading to a mostly non-functional run game, a rookie TE, two complete ‘meh’ back-up TEs and a RB that had the dropsies…

        Nobody is going to routinely succeed when they’re, essentially, out there playing when half the ‘starters’ that are on the field back-ups (at best) or shouldn’t be in the NFL (at worst).

  28. TPS killed us in the red zone. Not Garoppolo’s fault. Given the circumstances (new to system, receivers, no training camp, run game limping) Garoppolo did very well.

  29. Taylor and Goodwin had the best day of they’re careers , niners had most 3rd down conversions since 2007 and qb gets a C- ?

      1. Too many. One of the things Shanahan was supposed to improve was red zone chances. Granted, it is first year, but he complicated excuse is not a good one. It is a tautology! It is used when things go well as well as excusing when things don’t go so well. If it is so darn hard doesn’t that speak to its ineffectiveness?

        I am stil very much on the fence regarding Shanahan as head coach.

        I think Grant made a good point in the pre-game Periscope. It was that Shanahan is an OC who is essentially doing coaching PT. He used the timing of PCs as an example. If this is true then it is indeed something o keep an eye on because his focus should shift and if it hasn’t that means he may be in trouble. Also, it would go to the argument of getting an OC, which I’m still unsure about.

        1. Harbaugh had a HOF RB. A dominant o-line. A Pro-Bowl TE and a future Pro Bowler as his back-up. The 49ers were weak at WR. Smith was, that year, a somewhat below average Red Zone QB. Not killer bad like some. But he wasn’t Aaron Rodgers. Plus an elite defense that routinely gave him turnovers and favorable field position.

          Shanahan has one good WR (not much better than Crabtree) supplemented back-up (and worse) WRs. Kittle is a rookie TE learning how to ‘NFL’ and is no where near where Davis was back then. Hyde isn’t a HOF RB. He’s not even a pro-bowl RB and there is no viable upgrade. The words ‘dominant’ and ’49ers current o-line’ only belong in the same sentence just to point out they don’t belong in the same sentence when you’re talking about their on-the-field performance. His QBs have been Hoyer (massive, regression failure), Beathard (clearly not ready for the NFL) and one game with a QB who has only limited practice/bonding time with his receivers.

          Shanahan’s problems are to be expected as the team needs so many upgrades to go with seasoning the rookies.

          1. Mozes,

            All true. However, Shanahan hand picked both Hoyer and CJB so he gets those as his own. Harbaugh tied his ship to Kap which sunk him. Each coach does deserve a bit of scrutiny. Shanahan is no exception.

            Yesterday, a team that was overwhelming the Bears offensively won by 1 point while scoring no touchdowns. This is a concern and it will continue to be until the team can produce better.

  30. Garoppolo was good. The grade you gave him reads like you have an ax to grind. Not sure what bee got in your bonnet but the grade is too low. The 9ers didn’t get in the end zone so he prolly should get a B. I think JGs red zone troubles were all related to being a beat or 2 slow on his reads. That will be resolved when he gets more time with the receivers.

    1. Looking at the stats, I would give JG a B+, because he threw for almost 300 yards, and converted 10 third downs, with many being third and long.
      Do not think he deserves an A because he went 0 for 5 in the red zone. If he had thrown a couple TDs, he could get an A. He also was faulted for that pick, so I could also see if he was given only a B.

  31. I can see the C+ Jimmy G rating but he is such an upgrade at the position. Made throws on time and on the money. He made all his receivers better today.. They shot themselves so many times in the foot today yet they won. A lot of that is Garopollo.. They will definitely be able to build an offense around this kid..

  32. It is pretty amazing what can happen to a team when they have a qb, especially one that fits what the headcoach wants to do. The o-line is suddenly not to bad at pass protection, the recievers are running through the secondary, the defense is not out of gas in the 4th quarter. There is still a long way to go, but this is really a nice start. We should all keep in mind that there are going to be some backwards steps in this process, but, wow, we actually might finally have a quarter back.

  33. There is nothing to even debate. Considering Jimmy G hasn’t even had first team reps til this week, he was remarkable. Made Goodwin look like a legitimate 1000 yard receiver. He was almost perfect on the day, except when targeting Murphy, who was the worst player on the field. The third down offense was the BEST it’s been in 10 years! I actually get mad reading your guys stupid remarks

    1. What is this huge delta between C+ and “remarkable”? Because “remarkable” is kind of a C+ adjective. You hecka hangry or somethin?

  34. Grant’s grading JG like he stepped into a 10-0 team and barely eked out the 11th win. This was the best QBing this team has seen all season. Maybe in multiple recent seasons. Consistently threw past the sticks on 3rd downs, threw to receivers in stride, didn’t settle for the check downs, actually made this O-line look pretty good. This with no training camp, working with the 3rd and 4th receivers (one of whom had a career day of his young career), was guiding players to the proper pre-snap alignment (Hyde WTF?) and for this he gets a C-? Pathetic. Grant: Fail.

      1. Thanks, Rock. On top of all that…the 3rd f-ing start of his career! Grrr. Another in the long line of Cohn family hatchet pieces.

    1. Sorry. Grant’s JG grade was C+, not the C- as i wrote. Likewise I’m amending Grants grade: F+

    2. Rib –
      Exactly….Those who grade less than a B for Garoppolo’s performance must have been in a half conscious zombie-like trance from 10AM to 1PM today.
      I’d be a complete half-witted fool if I felt the need to explain why Garoppolo deserved at least a B grade.

    3. It was a C+. You gotta be right before you hand out grades, son. Imma let you have this one back though… ‘cause I like you, boss.

  35. Lol at half of you posters. Giving a QB a c plus when he played with a bunch of none NFL starters. And certain people have the nerve to say this is not that impressive. The same Oline that got the other QBs squashed, either played harder for him or Jimmy just knows how to work the QB position better. Bottom line, this was an impressive performance. When you have a half healthy team, then people can discuss TDs in the red zone. But Ill be dang on if I’ll listen to a guy degrade this performance with at least 7 backups in his offense, without rebuddle

    1. Yep. The fact that he made the OL looked good considering how abysmal they have been already warrants a solid B grade.

      1. Oh! …. Steele … you blew it for me !

        I had a post… I deleted ….saying you did it on purpose

    2. “When you have a half healthy team,”

      You do realize that the only guy Garoppolo played with on offense that wasn’t a regular part of the offense all season is Louis Murphy right?

      So much is made of all the injuries an excuse for Shanahan when the majority of those have been on the defensive side.

      1. Jack,

        I’m inferring that you don’t think that JG trying to learn a new offensive scheme mid season, Goodwin should be a #3 WR, the middle of the OL isn’t NFL caliber and he was faced with a number of long yards to go red zone situations due to factors (penalties) beyond his control, mitigate his lack of red zone production in any way.

        It also seems that JG completing over 70%, averaging nearly eight yards per pass and his third down efficiency aren’t important to you, because of the lack of TDs.

        Is this accurate?

        It seems that C+ would be a justifiable for a QB fully integrated into the offensive scheme with a fully functional OL and a reasonable complement of offensive weapons. None of which describes JG’s situation with the 49ers.

        1. Ex,

          Instead of inferring anything, try sticking to what I actually have written which is:

          At first I didn’t agree with the grade, but I do understand the reasoning behind it so I was swayed.

          Garoppolo was terrific between the 20’s, did a lot of nice things.

          Garoppolo struggled in the red zone, but we’ve seen the team do that all season and that’s seems to be part of Shanahan’s MO throughout his career.

          The half healthy team argument which I was responding to here is pretty weak considering most of those injuries have occurred on the defensive side of the ball.

          Say whatever you’d like about how pretty the offense looked on Sunday compared to weeks past. It still didn’t score a TD, and even with all the prettiness it took a FG with seconds left to win.

          My main point, the net of that game wasn’t much different than what we’ve seen. Points win games, and they are still struggling. Perhaps they’ll improve. We’ll see.

  36. http://www.49erswebzone.com/articles/112236-key-49ers-player-stats-15-14-win-over-bears/

    “Trailing 12-14 with 5:27 left to play in the game, Garoppolo led a 14-play, 86-yard drive to set up the game-winning field goal by kicker Robbie Gould with four seconds left on the clock. On the drive, Garoppolo completed five of his six attempts for 54 yards and converted on three third-down plays.”

    “Garoppolo was 10-of-14 for 109 yards on third downs, with seven conversions. The 49ers converted 4-of-7 on third-and-long (6-9 yards to go). He was productive on intermediate throws (10-19 yards downfield) where he was 9-of-12 for 162 yards and an interception.”

    “Garoppolo completed all eight of his passes for 105 yards while using play action.”

      1. EXACTLY Willtalk! All you have to do is WATCH Jimmy G … the command, the footwork, the poise and especially the quick release with zip and accuracy. Now the 49ers have no need to use a high pick on a qb.

  37. I hope this talk about trading Jimmy G for two first round picks is just that – talk. While many say it was just one game, I think it was more. He’s shown this in the other games he’s played with NE both in preseason and the season. By all accounts he’s shown this level of ability in practices as well. Maybe he is just that – a very good QB. Besides you can easily see the polish on Jimmy G compared to the other QBs this team has had since Young (although I think Garcia and Alex had a few good years). If we trade a potential franchise QB to Cleveland just to get two first round picks, then we might as well take on the moniker of “Factory of Sadness 2.0”. Franchise QBs don’t grow on trees and drafting them is still a pretty big risk. There’s no question in my mind that he made the other players around him significantly better today. Grant’s grade is laughable and does smack of an axe to grind.

    1. Cubus, that was all non sense. The only way the 49ers trade Jimmy G is if his agent is asking for an outrageous salary. Or he hates the Bay Area.

      1. Heard a recent Jimmy G interview (don’t remember where) and he said he really likes the Bay Area especially the weather. He said he hasn’t had an opportunity to see much yet, but is looking forward to doing that during the offseason.

            1. I said the same thing during the game today.
              Now let’s get Jimmy G a Randy Moss or a Troy Brown type WR.

          1. Prime Time


        1. I have never been a fan of signing Cousins. Mainly because he would not be worth the cost. I know that JG can be had for considerably less than Cousins will demand. Although if he plays more games like he did today that might change ( I mean Cousins). Just from the little I have seen I see JG having a much higher ceiling than Cousins and unless it was stated by others he wants an unrealistic amount they should sign him to a long term front loaded contract using their present cap space. I don’t know if they will be able to acquire enough quality talent through free agency to eat up what they can not carry over to next season. Might as well use it on JG. I think they should be able to tell what he has during the remainer of this season. That is unless they want to franchise him for a trade to pick up draft picks or other capital. I think they know very well what he is capable of and that is why they gave up a high second rounder to acquire him this season. They might have just planned to not play him at all so that he had less of a resume and would be cheaper to sign. But the injury forced their hand.

    2. Cubus, the trade possibilities for JG are real, and need to be considered. What if 2 teams get into a bidding war, and offer Goff or Wentz sized deals? Niners would be shrewd and smart to consider 6 draft picks for JG.
      I wish JG could win a couple more games, and they could sign him for a long term deal, but even JG said in his initial presser that he would take it one week at a time, and did not declare that the Niners were his only choice.
      We do not know where he might land, or whether he wants to play on a rebuilding team. He may want to go to a team that is poised for a SB run, and not toil in obscurity, struggling to achieve a winning season.
      I agree that JG is the best QB since Young, and that he proved that he is franchise QB who improves the players around him. I liked how he had nice zip on the ball, but also had nice touch by throwing over the linebackers, and in front of the safeties. He threw accurately into tight windows, and found the seams in the zones.
      Certainly he is an improvement over Hoyer and CJB, so I am content that they are trying to improve. I wonder if risking him in these meaningless games is the right move, but he does want to play, and it will help to have more game time film to help make assessments.
      Yes, it is just talk and speculation. However, Lynch mentioned the positives, having more options. It would be preferable that JG does sign and plays for years, helping win more rings, but dismissing lucrative offers may not make good business sense, and there are few guarantees.

      1. Yeah trade him cause Kap could do the same thing?
        STFU you fool!

        sebnynah says:
        December 3, 2017 at 2:29 pm
        Kaep with a healthy Hyde, and these better receivers, and with a better rated O line, could do just as well.

    3. Cubus,
      Unless Jimmy absolutely balls out I can’t see the niners getting 2 1st rounders for him. If they could have gotten that I think the Patriots would have taken that offer over a single 2nd round pick. The Patriots also had the added benefit of being able to to provide the franchise tag with a half season on the deal.
      The kicker is, even if the 49ers could get 2 first round picks for Jimmy, they would have essentially traded Jimmy and a 2nd rounder for 2 first round picks. If Jimmy turned out to be a top 10 qb, the 49ers would still lose on the trade, especially when considering his age.

  38. So because Tribusky was 12/15 with 1 TD and no INT, I imagine you would had given him a B grade? So do you think Tribusky played better than Jimmy G? If so, you may really want to rethink you entire grading criteria…for real last post this time haha ;)

  39. Our starting roster on offense has 5 legit starters in the NFL, and I’m pushing it with Daniel Kilgore. Jimmy, Carlos, Joe(just a shell of the old joe), Trent(I’m not as high on this guy as everyone else) and juice. Everyone else is either a legit backup on a contender or a career backup. Trent is good, but on a contender, as a rookie, would barely play. Goodwin is Goodwin, he saw alot of balls today, maybe Jimmy actually looked his way, on balls shorter than 30 yards down field. Kittle is decent but like I said, on a contender, he’s a back up. Drops to many balls. I’m proud of this game and this team. They are not quitting and fought hard today. Jimmy played a hell of a game especially on 3rd Down. When it was 3rd and long, he actually looked past the sticks, not to the check down. Anyhow, trade a 4th for Josh Gordon…… Instant production. Just my opinion

    1. Gotta disagree with ya .. Steele …
      Kilgore has too much in common with Jonathon Martin …

      And Joe … ? …. yeah… he has his “Decade Plaque” … so
      what else does he have to prove ..?

      1. Mwn I’m not saying Kilgore is good, I’m saying he’s a backup. But Joe doesn’t have anything to prove, unless he was traded to a contender. I’m not saying he’s quit, I’m saying the joe from 3 years ago would not let half his sacks come. His mind isn’t checked out, but his skillset isn’t the same. Time to move on. Just like with bow. But with that said, we should not let him go unless he asks to Leave, he’s a hell of a leader, diminished skills or not

      1. Seb, lol. Maybe, but in my opinion it’s worth a 4th to find out. Hes a monster on the ball field, and as a number 1 in this Offense, look out.

  40. C- for Jimmy Garoppolo is a bad joke. Did you watch the game? Outstanding poisture, super quick release, zip or touch on the ball where required. Couple of plays off, but other than that, difference between him and Hoyer/Beathard like between night and day. It was fun watching the Niners today.

  41. the kid looked pretty good, especially finding receivers downfield and throwing accurately to them. like his old boss, he keeps his feet moving and stays in throwing position.

    too early to know how he’ll fare; the league is good at taking away certain things you do. my wild amateur guess is that they’ll close down some of those slants, but we’ll see.

  42. Seahawks beat the Eagles. My take on the game was that Seattle was fighting for a playoff spot, and the Eagles had that fumble on the one yard line that went into the end zone for a touchback, so they were unlucky.
    Interesting to see the AFC West all tied up with the Chiefs, Chargers and Raiders. One team is imploding (Chiefs), and one team is rolling (Chargers).
    Grant was a little harsh on his grades, but maybe he factored in the fact that it was barely a win over a bad struggling team with a raw green rookie QB.

    1. We are also a bad strugglin team with a new and raw offense and defense. It wasn’t an 8-2 team out there it was a 1-9 team out there. Who happened to beat a 3 win team. Don’t discount the fact that we are also a bad team. Only difference, we admitted to our rebuild. Chicago,well it’s the bears…

      1. Chicago was decimated with injuries last season, and they were so desperate for improved QB play, they paid Glennon 17 mil. I think they also were committed to a rebuild.
        We may be both cellar dwellers, but the Niners prospects look bright, and the Bears prospects seem dismal.
        Steele, it is funny, but I am hopeful, and think this team is way better than the 2-10 record indicates.

        1. Seb I’m with you on that. But until we get a decently healthy team, which we haven’t had since 2014, then it’s gonna be hoping at least 16 or 17 of our starters stay healthy. This year has been the worse for that

          1. A lot of the injured players will come back strong. Just busted arms and hands, not too many ACLs.
            I really feel like Lynch has turned things around, and JG may be the last piece of the puzzle. With a decent draft next season, this team will be ready to compete.
            Lynch has acquired talent, but he also acquired depth. With enough depth, the attrition can be mitigated.

      1. These particular articles encompass much of the reasoning why I gave him an A:

        With Garoppolo at the helm, the Niners had only one three-and-out Sunday. Entering Week 13, more than a third of the 49ers’ offensive drives were three-and-outs.

        And here’s the best thing: It’s only going to get better from here.

        Garoppolo was able to move the ball with aplomb against a good Bears defense, despite having a bad offensive line in front of him (the middle was a sieve), next to no run game behind him (Carlos Hyde looked terrible and the team averaged 3.2 yards per carry), and questionable receiving depth around him (it’s no surprise the 49ers were able to sign Louis Murphy mid-season) — what happens when the 49ers have a competent roster around him?

        The support he got was a joke. The roster has only a few NFL starter-level players on the field. Yet he made Goodwin look like a real NFL WR instead of a 3-target/game deep-ball-only gadget WR. He made Taylor look look like Wes Welker.

  43. I would argue that Jimmy had a very good, but not great performance.
    He was cool under pressure, made quick decisions and got rid of the ball quickly and for the most part accurately. However, he did miss a few throws and made some ill advised throws.

    When looking at the red zone woes I put that more on his supporting cast than on him.
    At least 1 trip was ruined by a stupid penalty and one was ruined by a questionable “drop”, but even so the team once again failed to score a td. Some of that normally falls on the qb. How much, is debatable… especially without having seen the all 22.
    Grant gave him a C+ while I would have given him a B because of all the 3rd down conversions, but that is quibbling. Any way you slice it, he did great job on 3rd down, especially when you consider the number of 3rd and longs he faced.
    It wasn’t a “great” performance but definitely a solid one that can be built upon especially if the stupid mistakes can be avoided and the talent upgraded.

  44. Jimmy G was really sharp on 3rd downs (which I found most impressive in his play), had good timing and accuracy in his throws and moved well in and around the pocket. He also made some throws that got his receivers open – a rare trait that we are used to see from the likes of Brady, Rodgers and Brees, and basically havent seen in San Francisco since the retirement of Steve Young. For the most part the red zone woes didnt seem to be all his fault. Which brings us to Hyde who had an awful game being hesitant as a runner and displaying a poor feeling for the passing game. On the plus side he was good in blitz pickup at least. It also showed that he comes from an offense/team that knows how to make maximum use of smallish slot receivers, which bodes well for Taylor..

  45. 1st drive – good poise and movement in pocket and out of it. Some throws real food. Others not so much he was also a tad late on throw at goal line. Also should have run on ineligible receiver penalty.

    2nd drive – On interception the pass was slightly behind and exposed Murphy a bit, but Fuller made a heck of a play!

    Defense played very well and set up offense often. Mitch Trubisky played well. Made good decisions.

    3rd Drive- I keep seeing a very quick release but not a great ball all the time. His presence in pocket very good

    4th drive – sack was really on JG. Pass to Celek was good but slightly inaccurate though I think Celek slowed down.

    5th drive- good progression on passes. Better ball too, more accurate and tighter. Fuller had a heck of a game. Rookies (Kittle) still costing opportunities! That Kittle pass was very reminiscent of The Catch but it was a wobbly pass too.

    6th drive – 2nd half – generally good passing by JG. Excellent work on 3rd downs especially. Murphy’s no catch was a shame. WRs did great work holding onto balls generally.

    Cohen had a heck of a game! Defense did a good job of limiting Bears plays and giving the offense favorable field position.

    7th drive- good ball distribution and good work by receivers. Tough call on Celek.

    Garoppolo made difficult throws throughout game. Threaded ball into tight windows. However, some of those throws were into tight coverage. Something to keep an eye on going forward.

    Last drive- good pocket movement, nice patience in letting play develop. Garoppolo has poise in pocket. Let’s hope the line can protect him going forward and give him enough time for plays to develop, like they did today.

    Overall a solid game by the 49ers. Didn’t have those Drive killing penalties like they usually do. Defense played a good game and gave good field position. More importantly, the offense took advantage of these. Garoppolo has a heck of a first start. It was without a TD so that bears some scrutiny but he did what he had to to win. SF had more plays than Chicago. That’s one of the thing I said they had to do to win.

    I think that Garoppolo played a B game. Good not great but did enough to win. I think the RBs deserve a B – or C+. They moved the ball and played generally well. The O line did well in pass protection but not creating run lanes C. Otherwise I think grades are pretty fair.

    1. East,
      I’m pretty much in the same camp as you are on the 49ers performance.
      Jimmy, threw a couple questionable balls into tight coverage, missed Hyde on a texas route that would have given them a more manageable 3rd down. But overall looked pretty good, so I came away very pleased given the circumstances.

      Though, because this is a message board, and we have to quibble about our differences of opinion :D…
      Two drives the 49ers had were hurt by penalties. On one they were at first and goal but proceeded to get a false start then an ineligible man downfield. And on another red zone possession they managed to get 2 false start penalties.
      These tend to end TD possessions as they limit the plays available, allowing defenders to focus on defending the goal line because first downs are taken off the table baring a penalty.

      1. BTW – Thanks for your overall breakdown. I enjoy it when fans take the time to do these… it shows your thought process and helps me rethink my analysis.

        1. Shoup, very true that we both seem to share similar sentiments. I posted my notes before reading your post but they dovetail nicely.

          My point on penalties is that the team builds up steam and looks like it is moving in to score and then commits boneheaded penalties which kill a drive.

          The red zone penalties were TD killers but they weren’t like previous ones which push SF out into very difficult FG range or into punting. These still ended with points on the board. Hope that clarifies.

          The initial euphoria on JG is still a bit like the comments after the first game. Still need to see how things go moving forward. By my eyes, it certainly looks like Garoppolo passes the eye test, but I am reminded that this is the Bears, so I will withhold my praise until I see it versus a legitimate team that plays well consistently.

          Thanks for your feedback. I wanted Prime to get a sense of where I was.

  46. jimmy is a keeper……..glad QB search is over

    They need to resign Reid……..always play Solomon in the middle on third down……..colbert should continue starting……..

  47. Liddle cohn used to grade Hoyer an A after losing week after week after week.

    Obviousy Jimmy is no match for Hoyer.

    Eyes roll.

  48. Hey Grant, JG did all the things you asked for in the pre game Periscope throwing to covered receivers, anticipation, quick throwing motions etc. You didn’t mention in your grading. Any follow up?

  49. Red zone play calls
    1st trip in the RZ
    Play 1.. run to Hyde who bobbles the ball loss of 7 yards.
    Play 2.. Garapolo runs for 6 and gets hit late.
    1st down.
    Play 3..on the 9 throw to Celek that was late and the play was busted up.
    Play 4.. run to Hyde gains 6 to the 3. FLAG ON THE PLAY.
    Play 5… from what could have been the 3 now on the 19.. 2nd and goal JG shovel pass to Hyde gain of 4
    Play 6… 3rd down from the 15… JG rolls left and throws to Hyde who drops the ball.

    One play on JG that was actually his fault.
    Can’t even think about blaming those drive on him. 3 runs and 3 passes. Two dropped, one defended and 1 penalty.
    TRIP 2 in the red zone

    Play 1…from the 16… run to Hyde gain of 3

    Play 2.. 2nd and 7.. Garapolo flushed out to his left throws under pressure throws to Murphy JR but he’s out of bounds.

    Play 3…3rd and 7.. Garapolo throws to Hyde short of the sticks and Hyde isn’t hit immediately.

    2 throws one run. Some of the blame on this trip could be put on JG. One pass was actually his mistake by throwing short to Hyde.
    TRIP 3 in the red zone

    Play 1.. from the 16
    Pass to Kittle for a gain of 9.

    Play 2.. 2nd &1
    Handoff to Hyde for no gain and the same play that could have been a TD if Hyde had just stayed in his lane and trusted his blocker.
    But he didn’t because he isn’t good at reading holes… sorry a little frustration.

    Play 3… 3rd&1 again.
    Handoff to Hyde who gets the 1st down but wait… what’s this? A false start flag.
    Play 4… 3rd &6 oh look another false start.
    PLay 5… 3rd &11… JG plays his best recreation of the catch throws high for Celek but couldn’t come down in bounds.

    2 passes 2 runs. 2 penalties.
    Can’t blame this one on JG either.
    Out of his two passes one was on the money the other was a miracle try backed up 10 more yards.
    TRIP 4
    Play 1.. from the 20… run with Hyde gain of 4

    Play2.. 2nd&6… throw to Murphy for a 1st down and “apparently” it was dropped. BS

    Play 3.. 3rd&6…JG is using awesome footwork
    Looking for someone open, nobody is he throws to Bourne who was OOB penalty declined.

    2 passes one bad call, one incomplete and 1 run with a penalty.
    Can’t put this one on JG either.

    I won’t mention the last redzone trip because it was obvious they were running the clock out for a fg.

    So when it’s all said and done
    Pass plays 9.
    3 was under pressure 1 was the pass to Kittle in the end zone
    2 were caught
    1 was caught and “dropped”
    1 dropped
    1 batter down.
    1 thrown short of the sticks to Hyde.
    So of the 9 throws I’d say two were on JG the one batter down pass and the short throw to Hyde on 3rd down.
    The other incompletes
    2 were dropped, 3 was a scramble with nowhere to go.

    Penalties 4. Two were when they were in the 10 yard line. Back breakers

    Dropped passes 3

    So how on earth can any legitment person bring up the RZ woes and put it on JG?
    This is he same thing that’s been happening all season. The defense tightens down there and the o-line gets dumb and lost all of a sudden.

    The kid came out and balled, I’ll hold my enthusiasm on him being the franchise guy for awhile, but there is NO denying his skill set is beyond anything we’ve had here in decades.
    Cool, calm, precise, accurate and smart.

    This dude looks like a Brady clone.
    But that doesn’t mean it stays that way. He hasn’t faced real adversity yet. Time will tell. But as far as the test drive yesterday, I’m interested in “leasing” at least at this point.

    He gets a solid B in my book.
    3rd down conversions were awesome to see for once. And not gimmes btw.

    His first start with a new team and system he came out and looked calm and in control. Not a single nervous twitch as far as I saw.

    His pocket presence and downfield awareness was another nice thing to see.

    No they really anything I saw him do bad in, if I were to have a little gripe I guess it would be his right window passes that scare the =*%# our of me.

    You’re wrong on this one Grant. Have you ever played ANYTHING or ANY sport that has pressure moments? Because this dude aced that test!

    1. Nice breakdown md. Let’s not forget this just the 3rd start overall for this kid. The Grants and Jacks and others seem to be expecting seasoned vet performance out of the chute . That’ll come. He’ll grow up along with the team around him.

      1. I didn’t pay to read it, Brotha. Try baking your cookies, and then click to read. It was a pretty well written article.

          1. I thought the protection was some of the best all year, and Jimmy looked like a top 15 quarterback in the NFL. Sun was shining through crystal blue skies, around 52 degrees. Just couldn’t beat that with a stick in December at Soldier Field….

            1. Have to agree on pass protection. They gave JG a clean pocket for the most part and gave him time for plays to develop. Will be interesting to see if they can keep it up!

              1. Was it just the pass protection or was it that Jimmy G was getting the ball out quicker. Once the ball is released, most of the DL and OLBs stop rushing or let up. So it’s hard to tell, I think. Knowing the “time to get the ball out” during passing plays would be interesting. It certainly looked significantly faster than Beathard.

              2. The protection yesterday looked like the Giants game. For the most part G was well protected.

              3. There was certainly a cleaner pocket and less penetration right off the snap. Would like some statistics though as this helps.

                The other thing I guess which will tell the tale is how it is going forward.

          2. Razor,
            Glad that you were there to witness the Dawn of a New Era :)
            Re the pass pro — linemen are always more effective when they know that the QB will move logically within the pocket and climb into it to avoid edge rushers. Jimmy’s quick steps in dropping back to throw really helps in slowing the effect of the interior rush.

  50. the good news–
    — 23 1st downs
    — 388 vs. 147 yds.
    — 73 vs. 36 snaps
    — T.O.P. dominated– kept our D fresh
    — critical 3rd dn conversions thanks to JG slinging, no thanks to run game
    — Jimmy has 71% completion and 93 rating for last 2 games, (might’ve been over 100 w/o Murphy strip)
    — KS’ didn’t prevent TD’s in red zone play — Bears D, lack of skill position talent, limited JG play selection, and run game sadness are the culprits…
    — JG was the difference, keeping Trubisky’s offensive juggernaut off field,
    — Gould ended up being all the scoring we needed, thanks to quality of opponent
    — next week a TD or 2 will be required to beat HOU, JG better cram more of the playbook
    — penalties are going to be a constant for the rest of year– get over it. How we overcome our flags will indicate
    how KS, staff, & team are progressing. Team is still in learning mode/KS is still the teacher. We’ll all have proper authorization to bitch about penalties (and coaching staff) by this time in 2018 if it’s still this bad.

  51. The emergence of Trent Taylor yesterday was good to see. Need a few more weeks of that to find out if he’s the real deal.

  52. “Jimmy G was 15 outta 15 when targeting the top 2 WRs…”

    Why were they targeted 0 times in 4 red zone trips. (Not counting the last one when it was FG to win)

    1. Hammer –
      Did you get hacked?…Lol I don’t remember you being so grumpy, especially after a 49er victory.
      Snickers bro

  53. Garoppolo deserves an A. He threw into tight windows, and threw the receivers open. With Hoyer and Beathard, the receivers were always waiting for the ball when they made their break downfield, yesterday they were catching passes on the run. Night and day difference.

    Also, Garoppolo made the O line look better by his quick release and sensing pressure. The sensing pressure thing is something that cannot be coached. Either a QB has this ability or he does not. Clearly JG has it. I bet if Hoyer or Beatrhard was the QB yesterday we would be talking about the same O line giving up seven or eight sacks. And, what is more impressive, JG did not take off running at the slightest hint of pressure as Kaepernick used to do. He hardly scrambled at all. I can’t wait to see how he does against another tough defense (albeit without JJ Watts) in Houston next week. The third down conversions alone would have meant an A for JG in my book.

    I hope the “don’t play Garoppolo because he will get hurt behind this line” brigade will admit how wrong they were. I said last week that a solid QB can make a mediocre O line look good. Now we just need to get a big receiver who can go up and grab his share of the 50/50 balls from DBs and a couple of road graders at the guard position who can open up holes for the running backs inside the redzone and I can see this team making a playoff push in 2018.

    Go Niners.

    1. It is OK. Go ahead and pan the cautious fans, who look at the whole picture.
      Just remember, if JG becomes injured, your crowd will be excoriated for wasting a good option over meaningless games.
      GO NINERS !!!!!!

          1. The possibility of injury is also part of the job description.
            I have seen enough. JG is a franchise QB. Playing these last 4 games will not improve my assessment of him. The O line allowed free shots on JG.
            The Niners should implement a risk/reward analysis. Prime, you probably do not even know what that means.

            1. Who cares about your assessment, you think Kap is a NFL QB. But low and behold, he cannot even get a workout for teams starved for a QB. I mean, Blaine Gabbert is starting and your boy sits at home in his pajamas tryin to be Martin Luther King! Oh wait, blame Trump! Black ball my fanny!

              Risk reward? A guy who fertilizes grass for a living and moves rocks is trying to explain business concepts to me? Hey Seb, tell me again how Kap could have done as well as Jimmy G yesterday, come on, make me laugh again?

              1. Prime, you are easily amused.
                Your draft crush Trubisky just lost another game, so you should not be crowing about your football knowledge.

              2. I don’t know how the Prime / Seb feud wound up in one of my posts. I like both you guys.

                Prime: Give Kap a break. You know he would have gotten a shot as a backup somewhere if it was not for the cowardly NFL owners being afraid of the backlash from the fans. I personally think there has been a backlash in any case from Kap fans which has lowered the NFL ratings compared to last year. I also predict Kap will win his collusion case and be in the league next year. Particularly if Harbaugh leaves Michigan to come back to the NFL. But…I don’t want Kap back with the Niners. That ship has sailed. Garoppolo is the future and as Niner fans we should get behind him.

                Seb: I respectfully disagree with you about injury concerns. Injuries are a fact of life in the NFL and you cannot make playing decisions based on fear of injuries. Sure there is risk of injury but the reward is still worth it. Garoppolo’s performance in the next four games will go a long way towards cementing his leadership status with his teammates. He needs to play. Merton Hanks said much the same thing on the 49ers post game show, and he ought to know.

              3. Seb who cares about Trubisky, my guy is Jimmy G when I advocated the 49ers trade for him at the draft. Well, look what happened, they did, maybe they read my posts.

                The difference Seb is you talk about a guy who is a has been, a one off, a one trick pony no team wants any part of. Not even a work out, try out!

                I talk about players that are good players, ones you can build around. Ones that are playing and employed in the NFL.
                Not that it matters but Trubisky with the right coaching, will be a good QB. He will play more than 4 seasons unlike old wind up. When is that storm coming? Oh yeah, when Trump gets impeached? Yeah, okkkk!!!!!

                Now tell me again how Kap could have done what Jimmy G did yesterday just as well? Make me laugh!

              4. Rick I understand the argument but I also respectfully disagree. This isn’t about collusion or black balling. This is about teams not believing that revamping their entire offensive personnel around a guy like Kaepernick, who is limited in what he can do.

                He is better fitted for a particular offense that cannot be too versatile. That means you are drafting very specific WR’s, oline, RB’s and scheming towards them all to best accentuate Kaepernicks skills set. Which is what? Running, read option and deep balls. As we know, that is easy to defend.

                As for Seb, I mock him cause he does not understand the NFL game. He looks at it like anything can work. If a guy has a rocket arm and fast legs, that’s enough to be a QB in the NFL. Instead, QB’s who I admire and see win lots of games rely on accuracy, eyes down field, reading defenses, and good team guys. Guys like Jimmy G, Brees, Brady, Rogers.

              5. Rick, I enjoy your posts, and can totally understand why you do not want Kaep back. I am sure Kaep does not really want to come back here, especially since they did not get rid of the backstabbing leaker. Lynch had to apologize to Kaep again for more leaks.
                Still, until JG fell into their laps, I wanted the Niners to improve their QB position. IMHO, I thought Kaep would be an upgrade, especially over Hoyer. CJB played with moxie, but last game showed how a QB can win games with accurate throws with touch. CJB won a game, but it was against a team that has just fired its HC, and with all their injuries, is now a dumpster fire.
                Now that JG has started and played so well, I hope he gets signed to a long term deal and becomes their new franchise QB. However, I am cognizant of the fact that JG was reticent at his PC, and is keeping all his options open. Before the Seahawk game, I was adamant that JG play. Now that JG has proved to be a franchise QB, I would be content with them bubble wrapping him, but also know that JG wants to play. Playing him does entail some risk, but you are right, injuries are a fact of life in the NFL. Watson and Bridgewater hurt their knees practicing. I also know that playing him may be the best way to keep him, so I understand if he does play.
                Do not mind Prime. I will let him spew invective at me, because it just shows him up as an intolerant hater. Believe me, this is not my first rodeo, and someday, he will learn his lesson. He cannot touch me, because he is the Football for Dummies buffoon who wanted the Niners to draft Trubisky, when you and I both knew they needed to fix the defense, first.

              6. Seb you idiot, did the defense get fixed?
                What’s ironic is that Jimmy G fixed the defense in one simple game by extending drives and keeping them fresh by being off the field.
                You are right, I can’t touch you, would have loved to but you were too much of a coward to meet me week one in SF.
                Now you just beak like LaVar Ball behind a keyboard.

            2. Seb, change your stance much?

              ” I want to win. It is important to rebuild the winning attitude. Jimmy G. must start.”
              “Jimmy wants to start, the 49ers should put him even if just to hand off the ball, because he came here to play and will not be happy sitting on the bench.”

              Jimmy throws one garbage td against seattle.

              “the 49ers should protect Jimmy G. and not play him, I’ve seen all I need to from him. Next year is more important than this year and he should be protected because he might be worth draft picks”

              Last year.
              “Kaep willed the team to a very important late season win. Winning is more important for the culture than getting the number 1 pick.”

              According to you
              Jimmy wanted to play, then apparently its no big deal if he doesn’t?
              Winning was important for changing the culture and building confidence for next year, and now it’s not?
              Winning was more important than better draft picks last year, then saving a player for possible future draft picks was more important than winning this year?

              For the life of me and I cant figure out your logic, because right now it seems your stance changes with the tide.

              1. Shoup,

                Just another day for Seb! He changes stances as often as lady Gaga changes outfits.

              2. Shoup, I really wanted to see JG play.
                Then, when I did see him play, he performed admirably. Now that he has a start under his belt, he has shown everything in a QB that one wants in a QB. Good leadership, good skills, good decision making, and clutch performances.
                I would be content if they bubble wrap him, but I also know that JG wants to play, and keeping him happy may help retain him. It would also get more film so they can assess him, but their assessment should be that he is a franchise QB. Period.
                Still the specter of an ACL injury looms over their decisions, and there is no reason to allow more unblocked rushers from hitting him. These games are totally meaningless because they were eliminated from the playoffs.
                Kaep, by winning that Rams game, broke a 14 game losing streak. It was extremely important to get that win, and they still did very well in the draft. Baalke wanted to lose, but Lynch wants to establish a winning culture. He cannot do that by losing.
                Yes, winning is important, but protecting their investment is more important to the future. I still want them to win, but I also want them to keep all their options open with a healthy JG. They could sign Kaep, and let him win games, but if he loses games, it would help their draft position. It would be cruel to play CJB on one leg, and risk injuring it further.
                Imagine what would happen if they continued to play JG, and a pass rushes comes in unblocked and shreds his knee. Imagine the howling and gnashing of teeth. The second guessing would be hysterical, and hyperbolic. Fans would want to rip them another one for being so stupid to risk injury during totally meaningless games.
                Even with T Brown coming back, the O line allowed 2 sacks and pass rushers were blitzing untouched. I am expecting the worst, while hoping for the best. I knew the playbook excuse was a red herring because they gave JG a wrist band with all the plays, and he did not seem confused or bewildered. Other QBs have started with less than 5 weeks studying and practicing, and have done well.
                Yes, there are next game outlooks, and next season outlooks. Heck, Brady may go down due to injury or retire, and BB may want him back. The Niners could get a king’s ransom for him if the other teams start a bidding war. All options are good, except the one in which he gets bludgeoned and injured. The risk/reward analysis should be studied carefully.
                Sure, I have changed my mind, but circumstances change, too.

              3. Seb-

                Your nuts and heres why. All of these scenarios of yours, what “if” this, what about an ACL, what if he takes a hit and gets dazed……………………people don’t like living life like that, Seb. And they surely don’t want a pro sports team with people who think like that.
                You realize your the same cluck who said, “when they catch the ball they should fall down”.
                Then what is YAC?
                As a kid, is that how you played????? You beat everything………………….

  54. I was impressed with Jimmy. Considering many in here including Grant were adamant about sitting him out the rest of the season because he didn’t know enough of the offense and was going to get killed behind the Oline, I’d say he performed very well. It wasn’t perfect but there shouldn’t have been an expectation that it would be. What immediately jumps out is that he has excellent vision and poise in the pocket and delivers an accurate ball. When he gets more comfortable in the system and with those around him, he could be something special. Glad the bubble wrap crowd didn’t get their way ;)

    We one thing for sure is we should all be thankful that we don’t have the Bears Coaching staff calling plays for us. Trubisky isn’t even getting a chance under these guys. The Bears need to bring in a new HC who will actually develop the kid and not use him as a glorified hand off machine.

    1. Welcome, back Rocket. I wasn’t adamant that Garoppolo would get killed. I wrote that the risk of him getting injured wasn’t worth the reward of him playing.

      1. Thanks Grant. I get what you are saying but disagree. You can’t make decisions based on fear of injury in a game where injuries are part of the job. There is rarely ever a perfect situation for a QB, and the ability to get Garoppolo acclimated to the system going into next year with a good understanding and game experience is worth the risk imo.

    2. Rocket,

      I was also impressed with Trubisky! And I hate to say that as UNC is not the team I follow around these parts (go pack!). Nevertheless, I think he could have a bright future too.

      1. Talk about bubble wrap. The Bears might as well tie Trubsiky’s throwing arm behind his back they have restricted him so much.
        John Fox will be fired at years end and for Bears fans, hopefully they hire an offensive mind for him.

      2. Trubisky has a lot of talent but he’s learning nothing the way they are using him right now. Fox is trying to win close low scoring games in a feeble attempt to save his job at the expense of a young QB they should be developing. The Bears should hire somebody like Pat Shurmer after the season is over.

    3. Well said Rocket. Bubble wrap and football make no sense to me. He needs reps to get better and if that means taking a few hits, that’s what he signed up for.
      These last 5 games are invaluable for him to gain some chemistry with guys like Taylor, Robinson, Bourne, Goodwin and maybe help other guys like Murphy make the team next year. Point is, he makes others around him better and I’ve always said, that’s the true measure of great players. Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, Tom Brady, all made average guys into productive players.

      1. He looked really good under the circumstances yesterday. I agree the more reps they can get him the better. You can’t play this game scared.

    1. Excellent point, Undercenter. How long has it been since we had a guy like this under center?

        1. Jack are you referring to the Rams game where we lost in overtime? If so what gives you that impression? I was actually more impressed with CK during his debut against the Bears then that game.

          1. Under,

            Not just that one game. That was just the last time. The QB was playing at a high level and with a similar style.

            I originally was going to say Garcia, but caught myself.

            1. Okay, got ya. Its a fair point. I thought about Garcia and Young but I didn’t think their style resembled poise, but more of a chaotic type of offense. Also there was a game against the Cardinals that AS was the QB that resemble the old style WCO I was going to refer too as a point of reference. But yes there are games after Montana that would also answer Razors question.

              1. Under,

                Yeah, pretty sure that Arizona game you are referring to was the week before the Rams game I brought up.

                And you are correct on the frenetic style of Garcia and Young.

              2. the last time I remember seeing “frenetic” from Young was in ’94 during Eagles’ 40-8 pasting of us…he looked rattled that game, and was rattled in that game, and maybe the Lion’s game later too that season– he got smacked around pretty good vs. DET that year…But after those games, Young didn’t do any happy feet stuff, as the O was clicking under KS’s dad watch– the O had become a machine after the PHI debacle that year….
                Garcia, well frenetic is one way to describe his style….

        2. I liked week 15, 2012 against the Patriots. Niners withstood a furious comeback that tied the score at 31-31, to eventually win 41-34.

          1. Yeah, I was at that game. It made me a believer in Kaep. 3 years later I was at the Thanksgiving game at Levi’s. That game made me renounce my belief. In between it was a lot of heartache and frustration.

      1. Razor – I am trying to keep my elation lowkey, but if first impressions are any indications I would have to say all the way back to Montana.

        1. As I pointed out to Sebber, it was a base line performance. You get him some pieces, and the skies the limit as to how good he can become….

      2. > Excellent point, Undercenter. How long has it been since we had a guy like this under center?
        I watched the Niners plays on offense in slo mo just to watch JG’s feet (Rex Ryan approves of my effort :) and the date in question is 1/20/1991.

  55. One other thing I like about JG, other than his quick release, tight spiral, anticipation and accuracy, it is they way he throws a catchable ball.
    Alex threw a frenetic ball that was hard to catch. Even Kaep, who I like, threw fastballs that were hard to catch. Gabbert and Hoyer threw inaccurate balls. CJB did not throw well either, just look at how he threw balls that Hyde did not catch, and he threw wobblers.
    JG, on the other hand, threw a nice, catchable ball. He hit the players in stride, and threw it into tight windows. He stitched the seams, and seemed to throw it so the defense could not get to the ball, and only his target could. He had nice touch on the ball, and most importantly, he threw past the sticks.
    It should not come as too big of a surprise, because he learned from BB and Brady, who are masters at their craft.

  56. JG, on the other hand, threw a nice, catchable ball. He hit the players in stride, and threw it into tight windows. He stitched the seams, and seemed to throw it so the defense could not get to the ball, and only his target could. He had nice touch on the ball, and most importantly, he threw past the sticks.

    Agree with that 100%, Sebber. Jimmy has a surgical arm, and this was a baseline performance. He’s going to get better the more he plays, and the sooner we get him some pieces, the sooner we’ll be back in the saddle again….

    1. His ability to move and quickly reset his feet and deliver an accurate throw is impressive.

      1. This was the most impressive part of his play. He seemed to do that naturally and that is a very good sign!

    2. While I like Nelson, Billy Price may be more of a need. Equanimeous may also be a nice target.

  57. “Jimmy Garoppolo looked every bit a franchise quarterback in his first start for the San Francisco 49ers. Making his third career start, Tom Brady’s former backup looked fantastic on a bevy of pinpoint bullets over the middle against the Bears soft zones. Jimmy G’s accuracy was sublime, and his pocket presence veteran-level. There were no bombs, but the QB is anything but a check-down machine, consistently picking up chunk gains to move the chains. Just before the two-minute warning on 3rd-and-9, Garoppolo hit Trent Taylor in stride for a 33-yard catch and run to set up the game-winning field-goal.

    Garoppolo finished with a career-high 293 yards on 26-of-37 passing, no touchdowns, and an INT. The stats don’t begin to tell the story of how good the quarterback looked. Garoppolo made a gaggle of second- and third-string receivers look promising, consistently putting the ball on them. His first career interception was not Jimmy G’s fault. Garoppolo drilled a ball between defenders on the money to Louis Murphy, who had it ripped away by corner Kyle Fuller. The red-zone offense needs work after the Niners failed to punch the ball in the end zone, but that will come with more reps. The 49ers’ second victory of the season is a nice cherry-on-top. The win is also secondary. More importantly, Sunday showed San Francisco found a long-term solution under center.”


    1. In the link above, here’s some comments on the 49ers defense:

      “Facing one of the worst defenses in the NFL — ranking 30th against the run and 26th versus the pass entering Sunday — the Bears offense remained stuck in the mud. Chicago gained a pathetic 147 yards Sunday. Running just 36 plays to San Francisco’s 73 played role, but much of that had to do with quick possessions by the Bears. If it weren’t for a ridiculous 61-yard punt return touchdown from human joy-stick Tarik Cohen, this game wouldn’t have been close. Chicago couldn’t get anything going on the ground against a leaky 49ers defense, with Jordan Howard and Cohen combining for 43 yards on 15 carries. Mitchell Trubisky again looked like a work in progress. He flashed with a few beautiful strikes, including an early touchdown bullet to Dontrelle Inman. The rookie finished 12-of-15 for 102 yards and a TD. Seeing Trubisky and Garoppolo on the same field, it was obvious to see how far the first-round pick must go in his progression — likely with a new coaching staff.”

    2. I have a hard problem with the turnover being an interception. Maybe its called an interception because ball control was not really established. It just seems wrong to call that an interception.

      1. Yea, it was an inaccurate throw, but one Murphy had his hands around. Fuller just wanted it more, and made a hell of a play on the ball….

  58. Niners need a Gronk. Kittle is promising but I’m not sure he’s that tall red zone receiver for the fade route in the end zone. Also without upgrading the interior of the O line, I don’t think we can get a consistent run threat in the red zone.

      1. The redshirt freshmen Kaden Smith is extremely promising. Costello was throwing to him even when he was double covered but he has been coming down with the ball routinely. Smith was better in his first season than Zach Ertz was in his first season. But Smith will be in school for one or two more seasons. The other freshmen Colby Parkinson is very good pass-catching TE, too. The senior TE Dalton Schultz has disappointed me by not developing is pass catching abilities over the last two seasons. But he has blocked very well and will play several years in the league. However, he’s not the receiving TE that Niners need next season, IMO.

      2. Maybe the Niners should think outside the box and convert Arik Armstead to a dual role, and let him play TE. His basketball skills would allow him to out jump the DBs and high point the ball. Most basketball power forwards have good hands. The CBs would bounce off him, and he could crush the DBs as a blocker.

          1. O linemen.
            Look at Bruce Miller. Converted D lineman to FB. Many QBs have turned into WRs. Corners into safeties.
            Look how Jimmy Graham goes up for a jump ball. He highpoints it, with his height advantage. So did Ertz, Jordan Reed, Kelce, Fleener and many others.

  59. http://www.pressdemocrat.com/sports/7492479-181/49ers-qb-brian-hoyer-wont

    “Most good quarterback’s wouldn’t play well on the 49ers now.”
    Garoppolo played well.

    “Even good quarterbacks need a supporting cast, which the 49ers lack.”
    Hmm, the supporting cast got mentioned to defend Hoyer quite often.

    “The 49ers lead the league in dropped passes with 14.”
    I remember Grant would tell us what Hoyer’s rating would be without the drops. What would Jimmy’s rating be without the INT?

    “The 49ers also lead the league in penalties. If Taylor hadn’t committed the penalty, Hoyer’s QB rating would be 88.7.”
    Will Grant factor in the penalties and adjust JG’s rating?

    1. “I remember Grant would tell us what Hoyer’s rating would be without the drops. What would Jimmy’s rating be without the INT?”

      Who cares? Grant didn’t rip Garoppolo for the interception. His only criticism was the 4-10 in the red zone.

      1. I don’t read Grant’s Debbie Downers, but did JG miss open receivers in the red zone or should he have run the ball in? Ninermd’s detailed breakdown (something Grant cannot be bother with) indicates otherwise.

        1. Jimmy did miss an open receiver in the end zone……the defender fell down behind the receiver (i think #10)…….but still he deserves a B grade for the 3rd down conversion……

      2. Yeah, Grant blames the roster for Hoyer’s poor play, but not scoring TDs in the red zone is all Garoppolo’s fault.

          1. “No it’s not all Garoppolo’s fault”

            Thank you. That’s what most of us have been saying. That’s why we think Grant’s grade was too harsh.

      3. Besides, the int was more of a great play by Fuller and no one here thought it had anything to do with Garoppolo. While those dropped passes did affect the impression of Hoyer and CJB.

        Think how Garoppolo would have looked if Taylor and some of the Goodwin had dropped some of their passes? That’s a fair comparison.

        This is not to say that JG did poorly, quite the contrary. He had a very competent game and looked good. May it continue and improve.

  60. Hmm- ‘ Replaces him (Hoyer) with CJ Beathard, the rookie. Then CJB gets drilled 18 (19) times and gets injured.’
    Sounds like Grant is prescient.

    1. Grap is the QB, Seb. Kap is not coming back.

      Quit slurping on Grant-he can fend for himself.

    1. Sure the mistakes are fixable, but this stuff has been happening all year so it’s not getting fixed.

      1. Agree re “fixable” as I think it might take another offseason in the system for the players to make a big leap in execution.

  61. The 49ers were 10/18 on third down, Jimmy Garoppolo was 10 of 14 for 10 yards on third down, with seven conversions.

    Add that to a Win = B

  62. I know KS has been catching a lot of flak, and deservedly so, but I would like to point out that the last couple minutes of the game he was masterful. Going for the field goal instead of the TD was absolutely the right way to do it. Forced the Bears to use their timeouts. Played the clock like it was suppose to be played – well done KS.

      1. What if we went for the TD and fumbled? What if we went for it and they intercepted the pass? The FG won the game.

        What if, what if, what if, and on and on?

      2. We lose, what if we didn’t score the TD like the previous four attempts? The way this team is snake bitten, giving the Bears essentially no time to do anything I just felt it was the correct way to go.

        1. 3rd and Goal at CHI 5
          (0:50 – 4th) J.Garoppolo kneels to CHI 6 for -1 yards.

          we could have ran it in for TD……

          1. Kick the FG and win the game. That was the smart thing to do.
            Winning is all that matters and Gould was hot and he deserved to win it against his old team.

          2. They could have TRIED to run it in. 5 yard run at the goal line for a TD is not a sure thing.

      3. To tell the truth, at the snap I was having flashbacks of the FG that Bear Gould missed at the end that gave us a game.

  63. Wonder if this is the first game where Buckner’s presence did not register on the stat line. He played only 26 snaps. Thanks to JimmyG’s excellence on the money down, the D played a third fewer snap and this rest will serve them well into the Houston game.

  64. ok Grant…looks like you do need to update your grade….

    Garoppolo completed 26 of 37 pass attempts for 293 yards, and his passing yardage was the highest any 49ers quarterback has had in their first start with the team.

    that is a surprise….

    1. Bah humbug, typical C performance. Any QB off the street could do it.

      Now Hoyer, there was a real A class franchise QB. Why on earth did they cut him???

    1. If JG is the answer then we need to start building big-time weapons around him IMHO. Barkley is once-in-a-generation talent and you grab him unless you have a need for a franchise QB. I’d say get Barkley then OL. Get a #1 WR through FA or a pass rusher. Fix the other areas in later rounds or next year’s draft. And in year 3 of KS regime, we should be able to compete.

      1. They won’t be picking at 2…. With this QB I see 2 more wins. 5-7 Range. Just out of the grasp for Barkley. Nelson OG, Smith(MLB from Georgia), Fitzpatrick CB/Safety are the targets.

  65. sawbrodie says:
    December 3, 2017 at 4:12 pm
    Your sour grapes and bitterness are leaking out, just weeping out of your bark like an old maple tree………….

    TomD’s Take: Why is Seb still hanging around ? He accuses all on this site haters because we would rather see JG (competent QB play) and not Kap (incompetent play)

    Yet, when competent QB play smacks him in the face, Seb brinngs up Kap ?

    Seb’s playing the ‘hater’, but in a reverse role—hating Jimmy G.

    Seb, it’s obvious you don’t like the organization, disagree with the OC situation and want Kap back—Why don’t you save yourself high blood pressure issues down the road, and while your at it, everyone else scroll-finger-itis by having to get past your encyclopedic Kap posts ?

    sebnynah says:
    December 3, 2017 at 2:29 pm
    They still are playing him in totally meaningless games , risking injury to their investment.
    Kaep with a healthy Hyde, and these better receivers, and with a better rated O line, could do just as well. JG had a QBR of 82.4. Kaep had a QBR of 90.7.

    1. Seb, Maybe you’d feel more comfortable in the black hole, mingling with your friend, ‘Raider Mort’ and his pals, like the guy with the skulls on his shoulder pad with face paint.

      Your frustrations would melt away with your new hobby—face painting…..Think of it, silver and black, you could be the 1st guy in Elvis Presley garb, fitted up with your own version of ‘boot hill’, maybe a tombstone or two and some bats and spiders—all symbols of death, and the added touch of the grim reaper’s scythe would scare the bejesus out of niner fans to the point—as your go to phrase points out—you “must dominate their psyche.”

      Raider garb fits right in with your dominance theme—even Al Davis uses that word, so you’re in like flynn.

      Good Luck my friend,
      Please send us a post card with signatures of your new found friends,
      Your buddy, TomD

  66. Garoppolo’s Promising Sunday
    Monday, December 4, 2017

    What Garoppolo did not do was throw a touchdown. The 49ers settled for five goals in their 15-14 victory. It didn’t matter. Just 34 days into his education of Kyle Shanahan’s byzantine offense, Garoppolo showcased why the 49ers were willing to surrender a second-round pick in the middle of a lost season, and why other teams are going to regret not offering more.

    Garoppolo basically could not have offered up a more reassuring performance to the 49ers brass who made the daring in-season move. A picture of calm, Garoppolo excelled both in the pocket and on play action. He was not afraid to pull the trigger on difficult passes, more than once targeting pedestrian or unproven talents like Louis Murphy and Trent Taylor in tight spaces.

    Via RotoWorld.com

    1. I went looking around the Internet at other sites. Garoppolo got a lot of ‘A’ grades and positive write-ups. Then there’s Grant…

  67. Jimmy G needs weapons
    Some available WR’s who will be free agents in 2018″

    1. LA Ram WR, Sammy Watkins
    2. Jacksonville WR, Marqise Lee
    3. Green Bay WR, Davante Adams
    4. Bills WR, Jordan Matthews
    5. Miami WR, Jarvis Landry
    6. Mike Wallace
    7. Terrell Pryor
    8. Eric Decker
    9. Danny Amendola
    10. John Brown

    1. Tom………..
      If you had your druthers, who would you take? Is it preference by numerical order?

  68. Garoppolo sets franchise record for most yardage in 1st start:

    Samuel Lam‏
    Follow Follow @SamuelYLam

    From Elias: QB Jimmy Garoppolo completed 26 of 37 atts. for a career-high 293 yds. in his first start as a member of the 49ers. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, his 293 passing yds. set the franchise record for most passing yds. by a player in his first start with the team.

    TomD’s Take: I wonder if this record will finally shut Seb up about Kap, or maybe, somehow, Seb will ‘weasel’ his way around this franchise record not set by Kap

  69. Kurtenbach: These six throws show why Jimmy Garoppolo is the real deal

    You don’t need to have put in two decades of work as a professional scout in the NFL to know that a quarterback has supreme talent — it pops off the screen, it’s evident in the stadium.

    Great quarterbacks make throws that elicit audible responses from those watching — throws so good you can’t help but note them in real time.

    Jimmy Garoppolo might not have led the 49ers to a touchdown in his debut start Sunday,…he made me say “great throw” against my own will at least a dozen times in the process.

    Monday morning, I’d go as far to say that if the Niners and Garoppolo came to terms on a $100 million-plus deal in the coming days, it would be fully justified — this guy has game-changing talent. And because he plays the most important position in professional sports, that gives him franchise-changing talent.

    By DIETER KURTENBACH | dkurtenbach@bayareanewsgroup.com | Bay Area News Group
    PUBLISHED: December 4, 2017 at 12:57 pm | UPDATED: December 4, 2017 at 2:35 pm

      1. Grant, sometimes stats don’t tell the complete story….Montana’s drive is what we remember vs. the Bengals in the SuperBowl…..Garoppolo’s game winning 86 yd. drive in a hostile environment, suspect O-Line w/o a go to WR, in his 1st start, is what we’ll remember also.

      2. Dieter does tend to go off the deep end in his “irrational exuberance”.

        However, JG has to be evaluated in the context of all his in-game performance. Let’s suppose 80% of his throws continue to be quality passes (and 10-20% throws continue to be splash throws) as he builds up his body of work, then his anointment as the franchise QB will proceed. Even as DC’s adjust their D’s to his game, JG will gain increasing control of the offense and increase rapport with his receivers. So far, all arrows up, to quote HoferFan.

      3. And your judging Garoppolo as if he had a full offseason as Hoyer and Beathard we’re fortunate to have. I don’t blame Beathard because he’s a rookie he’s just a little slow to react sometimes but Hoyer was a disappointment especially for having already mastered Kyles offense and still looked terrible was a statue in the pocket.

      4. Ha, ha, ha, ha

        Liddle cohn made a bunch of judgements on Jimmy G based on his 3 plays at the end of the Seahawks game.

        Yeah, who needs 6 throws when 3 will do

  70. Garoppolo led five scoring drives of 55-plus yards, including an 86-yard game-winning drive in the fourth quarter.

    TomD’s Take: This is the mark of a franchise QB. Taking the game away from an opponent in their own stadium with the last drive.

  71. Jimmy Garoppolo was the topic of conversation in the Patriots locker room on Sunday
    Stephen Knox All 22
    6:55 p.m Sunday, Dec. 3, 2017 Atlanta Falcons

    The Patriots got a big win on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. However, when they got inside the locker room after the game, the first thing that they all talked about was Garoppolo’s first win with the 49ers, according to the Boston Herald’s Jeff Howe.

  72. http://www.49erswebzone.com/articles/112269-shanahan-garoppolo-49ers-bears-film-review-fun-watch/

    “I’m looking forward to seeing that throughout the next couple of years but I also think as you get to the end here, it’s nice getting a guy in there that can lead us into next year and for guys to get to know him, get to see him. And I think it will make guys a lot more excited coming back in the offseason.”

    “There’s definitely situations that he got a little confused in and still was able to make plays, which the more he plays, the more he’s around us, knowing the scheme and reps, he’ll have less of those.”

    “The more he keeps doing it, which he’s going to do it here for five weeks in a row, I think he’ll absorb more and he’ll be more decisive and just mindful when he’s in that pocket of where he has to go and make the plays he does.

    1. # 80,

      What do you think of the Pats players getting their victory, but in the locker room all they could talk about was JG ?…..Respect maybe ?

      Can’t wait to see what he’ll do with a go to wideout !

      1. It’s great. It seems that JG is already fitting in here too.

        “Shanahan was asked about a report by Jim Trotter of ESPN that wide receiver Marquise Goodwin gave up his front-row seat to Garoppolo as he boarded the team bus after the victory.”

        “It was nice of him, smart,” Shanahan said jokingly. “Receivers should do whatever they can to get quarterbacks to like them.”

  73. Jeff Howe‏
    Follow Follow @jeffphowe

    First thing I heard in the Patriots’ locker room: Players and coaches were excited about Garoppolo’s first win with the 49ers

    Replying to @jeffphowe @patspulpit
    So, I’m not the only Pats fan who is *seriously* rooting for Jimmy with the Niners

    Dec 3

    Nope. Im going to love Jimmy always, even if he only played a gaame and a half of meaningful football with the Patriots. He was a STUD in that game and a half

    Hank Brewer‏
    Dec 3

    Replying to @jeffphowe
    Niner fan here, I have to say the Pats players, coaches and fans are top class. I will continue to have tons of respect for your team as you have shown towards the niners.

      1. “Scangarello has his hands full trying to get JG up to date with the whole system.”

        Walsh had Wyche, and later Holmgren. They both had QB responsibilities and either of them could have been named OC. It would have been in name only, thereby pointless.

        And no, I’m comparing KS to Walsh, just their decisions to not have an OC.

        1. Seb doesn’t understand how delegation works. He mows grass and moves rocks for a living.
          The game football is too complex for him.

        2. You just did, by putting both of those names in this argument. KS imploded in the second half of his SB. Walsh not only won 4 SBs, he devised a whole new system and his coaching tree has dominated the league.
          More recently, Andy Reid is now letting the OC call the plays, and AS scored 4 TDs.
          This pushback on calling for an OC is amusing. Still have not been given a cogent argument how hiring an OC will hurt the team. They want to save money? Hurt KS’s feelings? 2-10 teams do not need help?

  74. are we beating the “KS needs OC” dead horse again?
    for all (not you 80)who still cling to this idea, especially those who use McVay as their argument, McVay owes much of his Offensive chops to Kyle…and Kyle’s old man too…
    can’t wait to see Grant try this chestnut again if JG struggles anytime for the remainder of ’17 campaign….and his Seb character hyping it up in lockstep with him…again…

    1. Yep. Kyle’s got help. He could promote a guy to be OC, but it would just be a title, nothing would change.

      1. KS needs help, since he is HC of a 2-10 team. Why not promote Bobby Turner, and hire Tom Rathman back as RB coach?
        Wonder what would happen if JG asks to have an OC? Will they say that one is not needed? Would they tell him that his opinion is not wanted?

        1. “Why not promote Bobby Turner, and hire Tom Rathman back as RB coach?”

          Turner as OC with Rathman back a RB coach was my prediction when we got Shanahan. That would have been fine with me. But Kyle made his choice.

          I guess you’re against winning 2 out of the last 3 games. I guess you’re against game winning drives.

          1. No, I am for reducing the unforced errors. Winning the last 2 out of 3 games is not impressive, considering the teams they played against were also cellar dwellers. JG struggled in the red zone, so he needs to get a lot better in order to win more games. Settling for FGs, and they may only eke out another 1 point victory.
            Why did they fail in the red zones? Too many self inflicted wounds. An OC may have helped the team become more focused and disciplined.
            Glad to see them take a page out of the Patriots playbook. They should see that BB has an OC, and his team is 10-2. KS says he does not need an OC, and his team is 2-10.

  75. Don’t get the OC thing…You don’t hire the best welder in the world to do a job, for him to turn around and hire a mediocre welder to do the job.. Shannahan wasn’t hired because he was a great leader of men,he was hired for his play calling and offensive mind,so let him do his job.. Haurbaugh was a great leader of men and it seemed to me he would put all the best coordinators and position coaches around him and let them do their thing..That’s not Shannys way..

    1. Peter Principle- people tend to get promoted beyond their competence.
      Sure, KS is a great OC, but he is now HC. The HC has more responsibilities and if KS wants to be OC, he should not want to be HC. It is a hierarchical system, and OCs should not have Assistant nomenclatures. He should just be promoted to OC.
      Still do not see how having an OC would hurt the team. KS can still call the plays, but having one person in control and responsibility of the offense is what Belichick does, and he just won a SB.

        1. Saleh is a rookie DC, too. McVay has Wade Phillips, who was DC for the SB Broncos, and has been a HC before.
          McVay is a good example of a young newbie HC, who admitted he was in over his head, and hired an OC. Guess what? The Rams are doing well offensively, and are leading the division. Niners, with huge coaching needs, is struggling with a 2-10 record.
          Maybe an OC could have helped win some of those close games. An OC may help prepare the offense better so there are less mistakes and self inflicted wounds. An OC may help them become more focused and disciplined so they have less false start and illegal procedure penalties.

      1. its already been explained, Seb. You know the rationale. But you still have to play your game, don’t you?

        1. I am just staking out my territory. If and when they do hire an OC, I will be proven right.
          I just hope they get sick of losing, will accept help, and try to do everything in their power to win.

      2. On the other hand Bill Walsh was his own OC and won 3 Super Bowls. There is no hard and fast rule.

        If you have an offensive minded head coach, I think he should be his own OC. That way there will be continuity on offense from year to year. As soon as a team starts winning, the coordinators wind up on somebody’s short list for a HC opening. Just look at how Atlanta is struggling without Kyle.

  76. Yea, NE won the SB because they have a OC. How many teams have a OC and stink? Let Kyle do what he wants. He has the help that he in particular wants and needs and doesn’t need to give someone a title to appease the Monday morning arm chair QB’s. Two things that aren’t going to change anytime soon. Kyle is his own OC and Kaep is out of work. Get over it. :) Stick that in your supercilious, hoity-toity, pompous, imperious, snot-nosed, egotistical, narcissistic lexicon. :)

  77. The evidence for the anointment of Prince Aladdin is still being compiled.
    Exhibit #22: JG’s perceived weakness is his inexperience in executing play action. On Sunday, he was 9 for 9 for 108 yards when running play action, compared to 55% by the Hoyers and CJ.

    1. This QB will be a problem for the NFL once he gets above average talent around him.

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