49ers 16, Bills 45: Grades

These are the grades for the 49ers’ 45-16 loss to the Bills.

QUARTERBACK: C. Colin Kaepernick was rusty in the first half and missed a couple downfield throws he should have completed. Still, he played efficiently both on the ground and in the air before halftime. Rushed four times for 20 yards, completed 8-of-11 passes for 135 yards and a touchdown and posted a passer rating of 144.1. But the wheels fell off the Niners Express during the second half as the coaches failed yet again to make any halftime adjustments. Can’t blame the players for executing the plays the coaches called from the sideline. More on the coaches below.

RUNNING BACKS: D. Carlos Hyde averaged just 3.7 yards per carry and injured his shoulder. I’m curious to see if he’ll play through this injury the rest of the season or shut himself down. He certainly shut himself down for a few series today.

WIDE RECEIVERS: B. Torrey Smith made a nice adjustment on an underthrown deep pass, juked a defender in the open field and scored a touchdown. He came to play, as did Quinton Patton, who caught four passes for 52 yards. Kaepernick seemed to have chemistry with those two, but not with Jeremy Kerley, who caught just two passes for 12 yards.

TIGHT ENDS: D. Vance McDonald returned to the starting lineup, caught two passes for 25 yards and drew a 15-yard pass-interference penalty. Garrett Celek did nothing.

OFFENSIVE LINE: C. Gave up three sacks and helped the ground game average 4.8 yards per carry.

DEFENSIVE LINE: F. Gave up 312 rushing yards and four rushing touchdowns.

LINEBACKERS: F. What I wrote above.

SECONDARY: F. Gave up a 110.9 passer rating to Tyrod Taylor, and made him look like Russell Wilson.

SPECIAL TEAMS: F. Keshawn Martin fumbled a kick return, and punter and former fifth-round pick Bradley Pinion got outplayed by former training-camp invitee Colton Schmidt.

COACHES: F-. The Bills’ offense ran up and down the field all game and Niners’ defensive coordinator Jim O’Neil had no answers. Fire him during the bye week.

Offensive coordinator Curtis Modkins can go, too. A few weeks ago, he told me there’s no need to save any formations or plays for the second half, and the Niners’ second-half performances definitely live down to that coaching mentality. Today, they got outscored 28-3 during the third and fourth quarters.

The team routinely has nothing different to show after the first half, and the coaches consistently get schooled by the opposing staff. The players have to know their coaches have nothing left on their plate to change the course and flow of things after halftime.

Once the game begins to turn, it’s over and the players know it.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Chip Kelly lost this locker room weeks ago.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for The Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at grantcohn@gmail.com.

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  1. The most confusing part for me as a fan on the outside is every week it looks to be a definite lack of talent. But now Grant might be right. Maybe this coaching staff has lost the room?
    Tackling and lack of overall effort is a tell tale sign of that.

    1. Every week we see running backs gash the defense with 20+ yard runs in which they’re completely untouched.

      Watching this team is like watching an 0-10 HS team taking on the best team in the section week after week after week.

      1. The bias is pathetic. Had gabbert gone 8/11 for 135 the whole talk would be about how he throws short of the sticks. The pass to Smith was terrible. The skips on 2nd and third down were disgusting. Give Kaepernick the same grading scale given gabbert.

        1. al guido: “ Yeah Jed, I understand. I totally get it, you want to quit. You taken some pretty big hits. And yes, it’s unusual for the owner to be playing for the team, but I got to tell you the fans are really loving it. Attendance is up, there’s kind of buzz around the team now, and your jersey is a big seller…Well, yes, you’re correct, a few have been spotted on pinatas during tailgating, but hey, I’ve seen people wearing them in stands too….I don’t know, I mean how do tell if someone is wearing it “ironically”. They are wearing a jersey. I’ve seen ‘em, guys are in the stands wearing your jersey. York #69….Yes I do think the team needs you. Baalke’s kinda whiffed on a lot of picks and you’ve got some decent moves. Coaches think the hits may sting a bit now, but then you’ll be more ready for crossing the middle when Kam Chancellor is in town. He hits pretty hard from what Vernon told me…Totally agree. Officiating was garbage the last game. But we did follow through like you asked us to on that one with the league office. Turns out a “late hit” isn’t a penalty when its your own team doing the late hitting…Yeah, I completely agree, seems like technicality.”

    2. as I reported last week, coming from a connection in media, the players aren’t fans of Chip………. speculative, but just what I had heard.

    3. During the bye week, let’s fire Chip Kelly, let’s cut Kaepernick. I agree on dumping the OC and DC. 49ers need to forfeit their remaining games, NONE are winnable, NONE! They’re going to get owned by the NFC South the way they let Buffalo kick their tails, and you can’t tell me Tom Brady is NOT licking his chops of an EASY rematch?

    4. Don’t buy into Grant’s nonsense Prime.

      You can’t win without: A) a QB, B) NFL quality WR’s, C) NFL quality ILB’s! Not running a 3-4 defense, and certainly not without a group of NFL OLB’s who can pressure the QB.

      Mike Purcell can’t hold the point of attack, and Willhoite & are literally marginal NFL quality players at best. It’s no wonder they can’t stop the run. And on offense, oh my. Easily the worst group of WR in the league, bar none.

      As simple minded as Grant can be at times, even he knows this.

      I could go on and on. Losing their top NT, and top 2 ILB’s was a killer for this defense. And the offense, with it’s lack of talent, never had a chance from the get go this season.

      Grant is simply piling on which is incredibly LAME, IMO, but par for the course.

        1. But the talent is clearly lacking when you compare the first 6 weeks of the season and whom the 49ers have played.
          There is glaring issues everywhere. But it begins with seeing guys not capable of matching up physically and speed wise. Its like watching boys compete against men. No scheme can counter that.

        2. You put way too much emphasis on coaching. It’s the players on the field who decide wins and losses and the GM is the guy who,puts them there.

            1. Your grades imply that you think coaching is the biggest problem and that makes no sense. I can see with my own eyes, guys getting beat, missing tackles and dropping passes.

            2. Yeah football is scripted, but you still have to rely on other people to execute your script.

              I agree that the play calling is very questionable at times, but if players don’t execute, it doesn’t matter what is called. Bad passes, dropped passes, poor leverage in run blocking, not lining up properly etc. All things Coaches practice repeatedly with players but cannot control during a game.

              The problem imo is that the athletes needed to have success with the simplistic system Kelly runs are not on this team. Combine that with the awful QB play and the result is what we are seeing right now.

              The play calling tends to be repetitive and unimaginative, but no one should be surprised by that. Kelly’s previous success was based on using speed at the skill positions and high tempo to get defenses tired and out of position, and we are seeing none of that because the horses aren’t there to do it. I doubt this College offense will be effective long term anyway, but if you don’t have the talent to do it properly, you have no chance.

              1. No doubt talent is important but it is in the freeflowing games as well. There chemistry and game day tactical adjustments are what coaches can do to manage the game. Football, by its very nature resets every play so that the coach has a tremendous amount of influence on determining the outcome of plays…as long as the personnel can execute that is, but I assumed all things being equal.

        3. Everyone deserves some blame but coaching deserves the most. Even when under fire for not making adjustments, especially in the second half, Kelly continues to stubbornly resist making adjustments resulting in ongoing failure.

        4. I’ll say it one more time Grant:


          Plain & Simple! I can’t say it any clearer.

          And you know what I, and the rest of the league knows Grant, it’s a passing league, and Chip Kelly has neither a QB, nor a NFL quality group of receivers.

          So how can you expect anything other than what we are seeing right now? You’re simply piling on right now Grant, and grabbing low hanging fruit. Big deal? That’s doesn’t take football knowledge or insight. My 12 year old nephew can see that this is a bad team right now, and not a team built to compete in the NFL.

          At least Tomsula had veterans like Boldin & Bowman to help hold the team together last year. Chip has neither veteran, and it’s a recipe for disaster.

          1. When you are as devoid of offensive playmakers in an passing league, and you are trying to run a 3-4 base defense with a poor NT, and you are fielding one of the leagues least talented group of 3-4 backers, what do you expect Grant?

            Seriously? SMH. The worst kind of columnist is the kind that smells blood in the water and decides to pile on.

            You knew this team didn’t have the horses going into the season Grant, and they only got a lot worse when they lost their top 2 ILB’s! Who are you trying to kid? I know the game bro, and it’s shameful to pile on!

            1. Admittedly, Chip Kelly needs playmakers, an accurate QB, and a defense that can stop the run. DUH!!!!

              It ain’t rocket science Grant, but I think you’re smart enough to know this and are just taking this opportunity, like you always do, to pile on and act like all is lost and there is no hope on the horizon.

              Sad journalism!

              1. When your answer for replacing their only all-pro (ILB Navorro Bowman) is with a career special teams player, Nick Bellore, who didn’t have a tackle on defense in five NFL seasons before this year..

                Draft hindsight is conveniently self serving. But when it comes to the product Baalke has put together to make up for all the losses he’s dealt with, it’s impossible to ignore.

                The 49ers are getting worse and it’s hard to fault Kelly for being unable to win with a roster like this.

                The next question: Now what?

                The 49ers aren’t going to the playoffs. They haven’t been watchable in a road game since 2014 when Jim Harbaugh was stomping around sidelines in spikes. They’re 1-10 in road games since Harbaugh was bounced.

                I see no signs that Trent Baalke has any chance turing this roster around with his well-documented lack of vision for offensive talent!

                It’s time for the hammer to DROP!

              2. When the answer for replacing their only all-pro (ILB Navorro Bowman) is with a career special teams player, Nick Bellore, who didn’t have a tackle on defense in five NFL seasons before this year, something is wrong when it comes to acquiring personnel.

                That’s where the rubber hits the road guys!

            2. Piling on? No, Grant from the first said this was a 4 win team, predicted that Gabbert would be benched, and also predicted Ponder would play at the end, which may seem prescient.

              ANY team with a 5 game game losing streak should get criticism, Grant is just calling it like it is, and has identified where the weaknesses are.

              Baalke continues to be a disaster, his roster that he assembled has imploded, and the coaches cannot make the proper adjustments. That is the reality.

              I hoped and prayed that Kaep would be the savior, but since he does not play defense, and they allowed 45 points, he cannot will the team to wins.

              Grant is leading the way. His post about Baalke needing to go was made before this last game. He may have seen my previous posts about making second half adjustments, but he succinctly outlined where the coaching has failed.

              Blood in the water? No, there was blood on the field. The Niners were slaughtered. It was a bloody massacre. He did not need to pile on at all. We all saw it, and I whole heartedly agree with his assessments.

          2. 49reasons, this is a great post and you are on the money here. It is completely idiotic to suggest that Kelly should be fired after 6 games. Kelly and his scheme are not the problem. Every game his scheme has found ways to get mediocre players wide open for big plays but the QB’s have failed to hit them. A competent QB makes those throws and the offense is consistently making explosive plays and putting up points. Running game has been solid enough as well. You hit on the big plays that have been available and the running game improves even more. Lack of talent from the skill players is the problem.

            Defensively. the biggest issue has obviously been stopping the run, the biggest culprits have been the NT and MLB’s. Now that Purcell is no longer getting lions share of time at NT the issue will continue to be at MLB. In a 3-4 the MLBs are going to have many opportunities to make plays with the DL 2 gapping. Unfortunately, with no Bowman or Ray Ray (big loss as well) they just don’t have natural MLB’s to get it done.

            Bellore and Wilhoite constantly take false steps and can’t read a Guard to save their lives. They overrun the play regularly and are not physically talented enough to make up for it. They are routinely late diagnosing play and fail to shoot the gaps that are there.

            Hodges and Skov need to be given a shot. Hodges although undisciplined is much more gifted athletically to compensate. Skov is the only natural MLB on the team as he has played it his whole life and had success. Diagnosing the play correctly can compensate for athletic limitations.

            None of these can be remedied until next off-season unfortunately. Baalke will be shown the door but Chip deserves the right to have a fair shot.

        5. Coaching may be a problem, but you will never be able to tell until they get NFL caliber players at key positions. The inside linebackers are playing really, really bad, and the QB and receivers are not starter level NFL players.

  2. A good coaching staff would make up for the lack of talent on this team.. Unfortunately there is a lack a talent from the president to the punter.

    1. Yes, but where are you going to find that coaching staff that you’re referring too?
      Because of Trent Baalke, NONE of the original HD coaching candidates wanted to work for the 49er’s, and they were left with no choice but pick the left-over.

      The powers to be can’t seem to get it through their heads that Trent is the cancer in this organization and at this point I can’t feel sorry for them. As the saying goes “Be careful what you wish for”.

    2. I don’t think so. For all his coaching talent, Bill Belichik has been blessed with an all-time great QB. This same Buffalo team shut out the Patriots in NE with 11 more 1st downs and over 100 more yards offense. Not to make too many excuses, but this is a red hot Buffalo team, keep that in mind.

      When you have a team devoid of offensive playmakers in a league that favors and rewards offensive teams, combined with a defense that, thanks in large part to injury, simply cannot stop the run right now, you’re not going to win many games, especially on the road. The NFL is a sport that, when things aren’t going well, games can tend to snowball. So when I see games play out like this, I don’t pay too much attention to the final score.

      That’s not to say this was necessarily a well coached game, but let’s keep things in perspective. Colin was starting his first game, on the road, with gusting winds, against one of the leagues hottest team. And the 49ers simply aren’t able to get into any kind of rythum right now offensively.

      When it comes to defense, it’s hard to run a 3-4 defense with the leagues worst group of linebackers. As a matter of fact, a 3-4 defense is ONLY as good as it’s linebacking corp. When the 49ers were fielding one of the leagues top defenses during the Harbaugh era, they did so because they had the best tandem of ILB’s in the league, bar none. They also had Aldon Smith, who was simply unblockable at times and was paired up brilliantly with Justin Smith, who couldn’t be stopped without being double teamed.

      That’s not the team Chip Kelly is working with. This team has gaping holes and it’s going to take a couple more offseason to fill those holes and put together a complete roster.

      Give Chip Kelly a chance for crying out loud. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

  3. Grant,

    Kudos for giving the WRs some credit. Both Gabby and Kap have missed on easy routine passes. We have the two worst QBs in the league.

    We also have the worst coaching staff in the league. The team doesn’t play with passion and seems confused at times. That is on Chip. We have an OC with little or no say in the play calling. And O’Neil is beyond belief.

    1. Give the receivers credit? Seriously #80?

      Oh my! This is easily the league’s worst group. Don’t take my word for it. That’s a LEAGUE WIDE CONSENSUS!

  4. Maybe Jed should consider hanging banners for earning the first overall draft pick.

    This organization is a mess from top to bottom.

    The Red Sox had the curse of the Bambino.

    Your San Francisco 49ers have the curse of Harbaugh.

  5. Coaches need to go… Kelly’s run game sucks. He draws up a good passing scheme and that’s about it. As a long time niner fan I’m really sad to see this crap. It’s gonna be years before the team is good again. 2 no. 1 draft picks absolutely suck… don’t tell me their young
    I know talent when I see it. Was Oregon known for defense? Stopping the run? Nope.

    Niners need a QB, Dline, line backers, a safety… what am I missing? A True # 1 Wide Receiver would be nice but if our Defense gets mauled game after game what will a
    Wide Receiver do to help that?

    The plan was solid… Draft heavy in defense to keep us in games. Next year should be for the offense. Problem is… Balke. His picks hurt us bad. Screw it I’m done ranting

  6. This entire organization has failed starting from the top down… Very symbolic that Kaep used his post-game press conference to further his fight off the field… This team is his platform and winning on the field has become foreign to this org. Nothing like getting blown out with class, all courtesy of Jed York.

  7. Where to start with this team.
    Owernship srewed the pooch when they decided to go in a different direction apoun taking control of the team. They spent 15 years trying to build a team in the Bill Parsell model only to change direction with the Kelly hire.
    Kelly’s offfense was solved in Philly and nothing has really changed in his offense to put defenses on the back foot.
    The defense. Yeah the DC sucks but who hired this guy,? Oh yeah ,Kelly.
    But just not the DC but all the coaches. Again Kelly.
    Enough with Kaepernick, we know how he is and he is not the answer at QB.
    Please anybody else.

    And we are back with ownership… they are incompentent!

    What a cruel joke this team has turned into, Grrrrrr.

  8. I personally think you gave the F grade a bad name. That wasn’t even failure you have to show up to fail.

    Kaep did nothing to win me over. I will say this though, he looked much better in the pocket then he has, maybe ever.

    1. I’ll say it one more time:


      Plain & Simple! I can’t say it any clearer!

  9. 2016 – 49ers allowed 1,046 rushing yards in 6 games. 174 YPG.
    2011 – 49ers allowed 1,236 yards in 16 games. 77 YPG.

  10. The run D is a complete embarrassment. Has been since week 1. Jim O’Neil has to go. The players clearly take some responsibility, but pathetic run D is a hallmark of an O’Neil D. His scheme doesn’t work.

    Same issues on offense. Too many missed opportunities. No consistent running game. What Gabbert and Kaep have proven is that the number 1 attribute a Kelly QB has to have really is repetitive accuracy. These guys can’t repetitively hit anything.

    Another season of futility, another complete overhaul needed.

  11. all i can say is LOL …. you fools actually thought we had talent on this team. Eli Harold all you guys did was praised the guy when he was drafted. I just hope we get rid of Baalke. He needs to go. No coach and free agent is going to come here while he runs the team.

  12. It all starts and end with Baalke.

    He has had 7 years.

    Every player and coach is on this roster because of him.

    They cant/won’t get better coaching staffs till they get a better roster.

    They can’t compete being $50 million under the salary cap

    No free agents will come if Baalke is still here.

    So whatever path you go down to make an excuse for this it still is because Baalke is here.

    He must be fired as soon as the plane lands.

  13. 1. Was Jim oneil a successful coach prior to Niners? This shouid not be a surprise.
    2. Chip Kelly is a college coach – nothing more.
    3. I have a feeling the niners lead the league in 3 and outs.
    4. I have a feeling the niners lead the league in fewest 3 point conversions.
    5. Glad Kap did not throw and picks, but still the same old kap – inaccurate.
    6. We are the worst team in NFL. We must completely clean house.

  14. Why was Kaepernick smiling during the interview? He didn’t do anything. he lost the game. He got an F grade. How can he be so proud?

  15. Grant,

    Fair grades.

    A few comments and observations:

    1. Quintessential Kapernick: An incredible athlete with a cannon for an arm. Capable of saving a play from total destruction with his athletic ability, eg. escaping the probable safety and running for a a first down out of the end zone. As is his wont he was inaccurate and missed on many open throws, especially the deep throws early in the game. Even the touchdown pass was woefully under thrown. No touch. Ball came out late on many plays. Kaperinick showed what he often does, just enough to entice you into thinking we may have a quaterback. We don’t.

    The 49ers need a qb. I would start Ponder and see what he has. It is not as if we have anything to lose.

    2. The run defense, which is claimed to be Baalke’s drafting strength, is atrocious. To have no plan to replace the all pro middle linebacker who was playing on a surgically repaired knee, is inexcusable. For the remainder of the year our opponents will be delighted to play us and to run the ball down our throats. At the end of the year the 49ers will lead the league in yards given up on the ground, by a lot. The number for passing yards given up will not be as bad because teams will know that they do not have to pass.

    3. Was Jim O’Neil hired because no other defensive coordinator wanted to work for Chip or because the Yorks are cheap? I think we now know why he was fired in Cleveland.

    4. I was not thrilled when Chip was hired as the head coach, but I thought that the season would at least be interesting to watch. It is not. It is painful. It is difficult to judge Chip because of the dearth of talent on this team. He may be a good coach, but it is hard to tell. They usually start the game with some well designed plays that work. Yes, there is little to no halftime adjustments, but that maybe attributed to the lack of talent on the team. They may not be capable of doing much more. (I am aware of Modkins comments regarding second half adjustments, but I think that was mostly coach speak.) It will be interesting to see if Chip can keep this team together or if they quit on him.

    5. Carols Hyde is a tough runner and plays hard, when he is in the game. However, I have never been overwhelmed by his play. He has done well the first game of the last two seasons. After teams have had a chance to scout him he is often shut down. Admittedly, he is often running into 8 man fronts. But, so was Shady McCoy. BTW, do you think Chirp regrets trading him?

    6. YES. Trent Baalke should be fired. This abysmal roster belongs to him and him alone. I get sick to my stomach when I think of all the picks we have had over the last 4 to 5 years that were just wasted. Yes, everybody misses, but not as much as Baalke. If he drafts in the future he should be prohibited from drafting any player who has had and knee injury. However, I do not have much hope that he will be fired. I think that York would be to uncomfortable letting him go. If York did fire Baalke he would probably revert to form and hire from within. Gamble may be slightly better than Baalke, but that ain’t saying much. I think we are stuck with what we have.

    7. I have been a 49er fan for many years. I used to watch John Brodie hook up with Gene Washington. I will die 49er fan, but I will probably be dead when they play in another super bowl.

  16. From a few weeks ago: Colin Kaepernick: “I’m very confident in my talents … but it will still be the same offense.”

    He nailed it

  17. Kaepernick was not an average NFL QB today. D grade at best. Less than 50% completion rate, 70 yards coming from a blown coverage and a forward shuffle pass.

    1. Agreed Jack,
      But I didn’t expect see some throwback game of the 2012 season from Kap today either.

      Saw many of the same things that put him on the bench last no doubt, but I saw a few positives as well.
      His running seemed to be more disciplined – last year he was running away from phantom defenders. He seemed to pick his runs a little better today.

      He got Torrey and Patton a little more involved early on which has been sorely missed over the last 5 games.
      He looked more confident in the pocket for most of the game until the 4th quarter when the roof caved in.

      Yes, the negatives outweighed the positives but it’s his first game back in almost a year so I’m looking at about a 4-5 game stretch before I can give a better assessment.

  18. I think the QB grade is rediculous. This was the lowest score so far this year. He only completed a little over 40% of his passes and they failed twice in the red zone. Same old Keap problems. At least Gabbert could get scores in the red zone. I think D-.

      1. Well first of all they played the Bills on the road which is a very difficult game. Bills have a real good D. For his first game back I thought Kaep handled himself well. I thought the play calling also stalled several promising drives. Kaep played a nice first half but I agree struggled in the second half…He looks a lot better then Gabbert.. Showed good pocket presence and made some plays out of nothing. He will get better starting next week. A C grade is appropriate!

        1. “He looks a lot better then Gabbert.”

          Yet their numbers for the last two weeks are almost identical.

          If you were to watch the game and the players didn’t have numbers or names on their jerseys you wouldn’t know the difference.

          Both of these guys are bottom of the barrel NFL QB’s.

        2. CK=Elite

          Don’t you think that it’s time to give it up on Kaep yet ? For the life of me, I cannot see what you are holding onto him for….He got benched last year, Gabbert came in cold off the bench and out did him…hence the previously unknown injuries and surgeries, then the competition that Gabbert at least finished and won…now we see what we expected…we got smoked ! waive him tomorrow or sooner. Let Gabbert and Ponder finish out the season and try to get a trade or draft pick for Kaep….He had his time in the sun…and now he’s rich….

          1. If you can trade him do it.. I agree both of these QBs are not the answer. Neither is Ponder lol… This whole team needs to be blown up.. From the Owner down to the coaching staff. We know the owner ain’t going anywhere. Balke is an automatic fire but so should Chip and his staff. I was wrong about him. He is bad! Kaep in my opinion regardless of stats looked better then Gabbert.. Bills were a really good Defense. I expect Kaep to be better next week against a week opponent. Does that mean he is the answer long term, NO!!!!

      2. Jack, it sure was nice to see Kaep in the first half. I will admit that he did not impress me in the second half. However, I think some players were not focused and prepared. Davis and his drops makes me wonder if he had an agenda. It was nice to see him connect on a long pass to Torrey, but then he had 2 opportunities that he under threw them.

        Still, it could have been Joe Montana in there, and the defense would have doomed him too. It was embarrassing to see less than a high school effort or scheme out there. McCoy sliced through them like a red hot knife through soft butter. They could not hold them when they had a third and 22. Pathetic. Jumping off sides to gift wrap a first down means that O’Neil had not prepared them at all. They shot themselves in the foot way too many times. Like Merton Hanks said. the lack of talent is glaring, and who is responsible for the roster? He also said that they need to find players to fill the holes, and they may have them, but are not playing them. Skov comes to mind.

        Kaep did OK, but I kinda expected he would struggle because he had few snaps in practice, and has not had the time to develop chemistry between he and his receivers. He did throw with touch, and also threw it into some tight windows. I expect that he will get better, but only if Chip starts using him correctly. Tyrod Taylor gashed the Niners when he rolled out and hit open receivers. Chip and Kaep should copy his strategy. it might be a good way to help win games.

        1. You thought Kaepernick would struggle? That’s odd, all you kept saying was how good he was going to be. Other than taking advantage of a blown coverage he was just as bad as Gabbert.

          1. Well, he did disprove some detractors who said that Gabbert was more elusive. He escaped from a safety and gained a first down.

            I thought I was hoping for him to do well, but knew that he had a daunting challenge facing a red hot Bills team. Those drops killed drives, too.

            It may take some playing time before Kaep syncs up with his receivers.

            The defense should be more of a concern for everyone.

            1. I don’t think there was ever a doubt in anyone’s mind that Kap was going to do things a little better than Gabbert.
              I thought based on yours and Razors commentary we were getting a MNF performance against the Bears 4 years ago.
              Sure there was rust but the same things that have plagued him the last 3 years are still his Achilles.
              Maybe next week Seb we will see the storm!

              1. MD, I did admit that I was not impressed with Kaep in the second half, but I saw enough to let him play some more.

                Here is how I see it. If Davis Draughn and Kerley had held onto the balls that hit them in their hands, It would have been a different story. Kaep played like he had not played in a year, so it was expected that he would need to work his way back.

                Gabbert would have been sacked for a safety, so he is not the answer.

            2. “The defense should be more of a concern for everyone.”

              Holy ?!!! Week after week as you’ve been complaining about Habbert I’ve been telling you this, and know that Kaepernick is the QB you finally get it? What a goof.

              1. Cmon Jack. You didn’t think he would come on here and not make excuses.
                Here’s how I see it. I’d take Gabbert any day of the week over CK.
                Now that’s bad.

              2. Jack, before the 4th down failure, the Niners had a good chance to win, but that was a huge momentum changer, and they put the game away after that. The whole 4th quarter was brutal, with way too many unforced errors.

                I still think Kaep will give then the best chance to win, but you are right, the whole team needs to improve, especially the defense.

              3. Exactly.
                The reason Gabbert was changed for Kaep had more to do with the fact that Kelly can’t bench his entire starting Defense and he had to be seen to be doing something. Don’t get me wrong Gabbert is not the answer but as many have stated, the answer is not on this roster.
                Sadly, there are far to many holes to be filled in one off season. I would say they have to try and get some quality starters rather than break the bank. Star Lotulelei and Jamie Collins come to mind as possible FA pickups… picking up them would then allow the team to add another Olineman.
                I know the team doesn’t have a playmaker so many would love to get Alshon Jefferies but often these players just cost too much.Malcom Floyd could be a possibility however.

              4. Jack, since you say that I think that Kaep shines brightly from every orifice, I will give him some criticism.

                Kaep should read my posts. He did not follow my advice about treating times outs as precious, to be saved for the last 2 minutes of each half.

                Kaep never ever should walk up to the line of scrimmage, look confused, and call a time out. Bill Walsh said that a QB should look confident, in control, and never look tentative or unsure, unless he is trying to deceive the opposition.

                Chip Kelly did not prepare Kaep properly. Chip should have Kaep become the leader on the field. Kaep should not be shaped by the defense, it should be the other way around. Kaep should be properly prepared so that if he looks and sees a defense he thinks is perfect to counter the play called, he should have a play drawn up ahead of time that he can utilize instead.That is so basic, and is just common sense, but it is totally lacking on the field.

                Frankly, the whole idea that the offense has to stare at the side lines to get the play with 15 seconds on the play clock is just embarrassing, and amply demonstrates that they do not have a clue.

                If Kaep wants to be the starting QB, he needs to act like one. He should save his time outs for when they really matter. Of course, by the end of the game, it did not matter, but also, his play after the time out failed too.

      1. “A shirt storm”
        Trying to determine if the I should be an O or if the R should be removed… either would be appropriate :D

        1. Yep. Modkins is OC in name only. This is Kelly’s offense. Don’t blame Modkins for the lack of production on offense.

            1. Problem is (aside from whether Kelly’s offensive system is any good) is which decent DC in their right mind would want to work for Kelly? History shows Kelly’s D ends up on the field a lot, which makes it very difficult for them. And the 49ers absolutely must get their D sorted.

              1. Scooter,
                I believe the talent is there other than the LB’s and don’t forget my man Marcus Rush is still there.

              2. I think some of the talent is there, at least something to work with, though you wouldn’t know it with the way they’ve played. And yes, the ILBs are dreadful – I can’t believe they haven’t signed a FA ILB with Bowman and Armstrong gone for the year. Bellore and Wilhoite are rubbish, and if Hodges can’t start ahead of them then he is beyond rubbish. Sio Moore would have been an upgrade when he was available.

                The DL isn’t playing the run well enough either though.

                I haven’t forgotten about Rush. I just don’t think he’s the answer. Especially to the run D woes.

              3. Coach, I wish Rush, Skov and Cromartie would all have started. The others gave up 312 yards rushing.

              4. Wish I could agree Old Coach but there is little talent that is above average on this team. You can win some games with average talent if you have pro bowl players at key positions – like QB, Pass rusher, Skill position playmaker etc. – around them, but this team doesn’t have impact difference makers anywhere.

                O’Neil is, and has been a disaster though. No way they can keep this guy on as DC. Giving up 300+ yards on the ground is not just lack of talent. It’s bad scheme and possibly lack of will, which is even worse. Players are still lining up incorrectly and taking themselves out of plays before the ball is snapped. They need to start over with a new DC and simplify things.

              5. I wanted the Niners to have retained Garrison Smith on their 53, but Baalke thought Burbridge was more important.

                Another nail in his coffin.

              6. “They need to start over with a new DC and simplify things.”

                Definitely agree. At this point I would make the switch to a 4-3 (mostly an over front, but mix in some under primarily on passing downs) for the rest of the season. I’d also move Buckner to DE in the 4-3, and Armstead only playing on passing downs (mostly as a 3T). Need to get Dorsey and Dial in at DT to help clog up the middle.

              7. If this front 7 lined up in a 4-3 over as a base teams would be checking to a pass on every first down.

              8. Scooter,

                I’ve been suggesting going to a 4-3 for awhile now and I can’t figure out why they continue to misuse the personnel they have. They’ve got 3 guys who would be better served playing DE in the 4-3, and could then also move Brooks to a traditional SLB position to strengthen that area.

              9. Scooter_McG October 16, 2016 at 6:43 pm
                CfC, at this point, that would be a good thing. I also don’t think it would be true.
                Who is your closed end and Will LB in the base 4-3 you’re imagining?

              10. Scooter, it may be bold to advocate a switch to 4-3, but if the team was built on a 3-4 scheme, they may not have the right players to implement that strategy.

              11. CfC, Buckner would be my first choice for playing strongside DE, with Lynch at weakside DE. Brooks at SAM. Wilhoite/ Harold/ Tartt/ Johnson at WILL. Hodges or FA at MIKE (yes, I am pretty sure there are FAs still out there that are better than Bellore. Maybe Curtis Lofton or Casey Matthews).

              12. Scooter

                Where the hell was Ronald Blair ? I’m waiting for an explosion there…first and third down ‘disrupter’.

    1. For as long as the Yorks own the 9ers, we’ll continue to have problems–unless there’s a major shift in philosophy–like gutting an in-bred, cancerous FO, and hiring a very strong coach and GM, and letting them run the show. Remember, Bill Walsh had John McVay–together they did wonders under an owner who learned his place quickly and showed uncommon generosity. A few of us may be dead by the time the 9ers are making it deep into the playoffs on a routine basis…

      1. I’ve been saying for a few years now, what this team needs is a President in charge of football operations. He would hire the GM and then assist in all football hires. Who should it be? Hell if I know that’s way above my pay grade but I believe a committee of former 49ers could assist Jed in his search.

    1. Naw, I am cool. Just resigned to more losing from a team that does not want to win.

      They obviously are tanking for that first pick. Too bad they will pick another Goff, while a Prescott could be found in the third round.

      This team needs defensive line help, and the ILBs were pushed around like rag dolls.

      O’Neil must be fired. He does not have a clue. Modkins calls way too many plays.

      Cassie, I did see that Chip ran a fly sweep, something I advocated, and even a draw. It sure was comforting to see him actually put a man in motion. He is getting more innovative, and I was happy to see him go bold and go for it on 4th down. Too bad that play was ineffective, and the whole momentum swung on that play. I would have rolled out Kaep and either let him throw a quick slant or let him use his legs.

      I totally agree with Grant. His assessment of the coaching was spot on. Chip is too stubborn or too clueless to be able to make adjustments in the second half. This is the NFL, and Chip is stuck in his Oregon days. I am going to declare right now that I think Chip is not smart enough to devise a play using the pistol formation. His hubris will not allow him to devise a play using the I formation. Until he can do those 2 things, just expect more running into the teeth of the defense, and losing.

  19. Chip said “We’ll see.” when asked if Kap will start next week. Something to Ponder? I think Kap will be released before or during the bye week. Same with Baalke,

    1. #80

      Nothing would make me happier….what I would also like to see, is a list of the last two years of UDFA QB’s who didn’t get invited to the combine but are continuing to attend camps hoping for a chance….Scouting is a year-round occupation, and OBVIOUSLY, ours aren’t getting the job done. Three years ago we had the cream of the crop in ILB’s…now we have four good but not excellent ILB’s…we need at least one carnivore in there. Our D-backs are young, but very good…our Safeties need replacing…(where is LJ McCray when we need him) .Dorsey and Ian Williams need replacing…Purcell is doing a good job but not good enough.

      What we need on O, is no secret….a charismatic WR to lead the young ones along. Anquan Boldin could have, but he believed in leading by example….that just doesn’t get it in today’s game. And finally, we need to get rid of Kaep…sell him, trade him, waive him, just get him GONE! He has led the way in our downfall from grace, and with his injuries, surgeries, activism, and social ethics (Aldon’s girl) has become an albotross that has forced ‘Chip’ into a coaches nightmare…A QB CONTROVERSY !! They are close to identical…one gets $14 million…the other gets$ 2 million….I never was too good at math…but who can’t figure that one out ? Get it done….

  20. No difference between Gabert and Kapernick.

    My 2 cents: there is a locker room contoversy (Kapernick and his cause), poor coaching (Kelley), subpar mannagement (Balke) and a complete failure in leadership (York Jr.).

    Kapernick, make up your mind do you want to lead an NFL football team or dedicate youself to being an activist? Stop being a whiner, piss or get off the pot.

    Seriously, everyone in the 49er organization should be embarrased, accept responsibilty and focus on football. Been a fan since 1982 and will continue to do so taking this embarrasement with me. This is the worse I have ever seen this team sprial down since Erickson and Nolan era.

    Mr. York, If I ran my company this way, I would be out of bussiness.

    1. Now I remember why we sat Kaep! His release is still too slow! And he’s not as accurate as Gabbert.
      At times Gabbert looks like a competent QB. They might have pulled the trigger too soon. You can’t play yo-yo QB. It’s one or the other.
      They might as well put Ponder in!

    2. DOC

      Just my 2 cents worth….I agree with everything you posted except that I take some small issue about Mike Nolan and Dennis Erickson….both are and were very good coaches…that they are both still coaching successfully should quantify that….You can tell a good coach if they have been fired by the fortyniners….

    1. Pretty much the same for me;
      My season is reduced to rooting against the Seahawks, for whom my hatred knows no bounds.
      Did you guys watch the last 4 minutes of that game?
      I expected another Niner loss, but I actually thought the Falcons were going to pull it out.
      Dark days indeed.

      1. I’m with you DBB. I hate the Seachickens as well. Shanahan took his foot off the gas pedal after those 3 TDs in the 3rd. Can’t do that against the Seahags at home.

  21. I think we can now see the Tomsula effect and what we lost in him. two years of him not coaching the D-line has resulted in two disastrous seasons. Coaching needs a shake up but will York pay Tomsula, Kelly and a new coach in the same year???

      1. What I’d like to know is who decided that the DC from a team worse than us was the best choice for the 49ers.
        Was it Baalke, York or Kelly?
        I’m afraid that it was another genius move from Trent to hire damaged goods!

    1. Actually, I would like to have Jed fire O’Neil, and beg Tomsula to come back and run the defense. He would let Chip handle the offense, and just coach the area of his expertise. I remember when he was the D line coach, they did not give up a 100 yard rusher or a rushing TD almost an entire season.

      They are paying Tomsula anyways, and they should be desperate, especially after giving up 312 yards rushing.

    2. Dee … Dee … OF COURSE they’re not gonna fire Chip and pay THREE head coaches!!! Chip will get his three years in at least. BUT … even if the team wanted a new HC … how could you even POSSIBLY think this crew would make a decent hire? (much less a great one) I guess if they offered Belechik a piece of the team … but he ain’t getting any younger. These are the guys that wouldn’t even give Holmgren AN INTERVIEW fercryinoutloud!!!! The Santa Clara 49ers will be at the bottom of the NFL for years! (but will probably screw things up by winning a couple more games this year and blowing the top draft pick)

    1. I don’t think he wants to come back and I woud not blame him. As much as I felt he was the better QB, I am glad he is playing for a much better mannaged team. Will always be an AS fan but he does not deserve this break down and embarrasment of football.

      BTW, the game manager did well against the Raiders today…..Good for him, atleast he is focussed on playing football and not being an activist.

      This SF team is the laughing stock of the NFL.

      1. Never really thought all that highly of Crabtree, gave the perception he cared more about money (greed) before his teamates and the game.

    1. Kevin Lynch did a roster comparison of last year’s vs. this year’s roster and convinced me that this year’s is worse.

  22. Now the question that has to be seriously considered is … Was Tomsula a football genius to win five games last year? (considering he had the worst organization in all of the NFL to deal with) Should have just kept him as coach.

    OF COURSE, Baalke will be fired and the coordinators will probably go as well. No reason to keep harping on those things really. Silly to waste your time even typing out that the owner will sell. And he’s not gonna fire Chip and pay THREE head coaches!

    Just settle in for the ride. This will last a few years.

    But … Warriors!!! Fascinating team to follow. And Lacob/Myers!!!!! Buying that draft choice from the Bucks to draft McCaw! And the Looney pick last year! There are no better judges of talent than the W’s front office. Now, THERE is a freakin’ sports team!!!

    1. Bob Myers >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Baalke.

    2. Tomsula was incompetent and lucky to win 2 games never mind 5. Sadly you are right about ownership though. We are stuck with Jed.

    3. Tomsula was not good but he wasn’t as incompetent as most fans think he was. Last year he had the least talented roster in the NFL and they won 5 games.The bad part is this year with the loss both NT and Bowman the defense is far worse than it was last year.
      I thought the combination of Kelly’s offense with this defense could be disastrous and so far my fears have been realized. Tomsula was trying to slow the game down as much as possible so that turnovers and big plays would be a bigger factor and the teams constant 3 and outs wouldn’t be as big of a factor. He just wanted to stay close and hope to pull our a freak upset… this is not Kelly’s way… he goes for broke.

    4. I believe Tomsula would have been a very good HC. Two things against him (1) promoted too soon, no NFL coordinator experince and (2) second an AWOL team depleated of tallent. My oppinion, he had the aptitude, motivation and building experince (tools) to do the job just thrust into the position before his time. Hi in my oppinion a football leader.

      Any team out there should seriously grant him the opportunity to coach thier defensive unit as a coordinator.

  23. Lets go down the woulda coulda scenario.

    Imagine if the Niners had used their 3rd round pick, and had chosen one of these players who were all picked directly after Will Redmond.

    Yannick Ngakoue DE, Bronson Kafusi DE, Darien Thompson S, Jonathan Bullard DT, Kenyan Drake RB, Keivalrae Russell CB, Shilique Calhoun DE, Shon Coleman OT, Daryl Worely CB, Joe Thuney G, Isaac Seumalo G, Adolphus Washington DT.

    Any one of those 12 players would be an upgrade over an ACL pick who is not on the team.

  24. When Torrey Smith went back to field a kick off, I was going WTF!!!!! Are they intentionally tanking by setting up their number one WR to injury?

    The Niners should have promoted and elevated DuJuan Harris, and let him take those duties. He would also be a good change of pace back for Hyde. I think both Davis and Draughn should never be used in the passing game. Maybe they are too close to Baalke, because they had way too easy drops. Giving Davis the ball on 4th down was also a head scratcher.

  25. The Yorks will never get another dollar from me. I will still watch, but I won’t buy any more merchandise. I will still wear my Niner hat that I bought a couple of years ago. I will still wear my old Niner watch that is on its seventh battery. Boycott Levi Stadium, fly banners, complain on social media. With the Yorks in charge, we will always be a year or two away from contending.

    1. When you walk around with your 49ers garb on you are giving the Yorks’ free advertising for their franchise and products. Your support might persuade someone to start watching the team or buy themselves products like yours, they might even want to go to a game at Levi’s. So by still showing support for the team you’re still putting money into the Yorks’ pockets. Now what are you going to do?

    2. The Yorks will never get another dollar from me.

      They could care less about whether the fans buy 49ers merchandise or not #80. The organization is awful, but I can guarantee you the Yorks considered it as great on the account of the franchise being one of the more profitable ones in sports since Levi Stadium opened.

  26. Jed York could be one of the smartest dummies alive. Only if he would pay three non active coaches millions and start over.GM and all!

  27. DGDG.com poll Question! Who sucks more, and this will be a tough call….Giants bullpen or 9ers Defense?

    1. Too bad we didn’t need a qb when we picked 2 picks in front of Dallas in round 4. We might have missed on yet another cornerback.

      Rashad Robinson or Dak Prescot? Hmmm, tough call.

      1. I’m not real big on the coulda, shoulda, woulda, but thought it worth mentioning they could have gotten them both. They had 3 other picks before the 4th rounder they used on Robinson.

        At this point there are plenty of teams scratching their heads at how they didn’t have Prescott rated higher. The Cowboys included. That’s not an excuse for the 49ers not identifying Prescott’s talent, but does go to show how inexact a ‘science’ it all is. Its why I’m not a fan of the whole process of identifying the player the team ‘should’ have drafted with perfect 20-20 hindsight. All I care about is whether the team is doing a decent job of identifying and bringing in talented players overall. Baalke has not done a good job in this regard. Nowhere near enough impact playmakers, and far too many sub-standard players being pressed into starting roles or key rotation/ depth roles.

        1. In his tenure, Baalke never addressed key weaknesses at WR, QB, and OLB.
          Wether it was the draft or free agency, he has missed at solidifying those positions. Some his fault, not all but he still has to go.

          Prescott in hindsight should have been drafted. Sure hindsight but still, you can’t miss that can you? He looks like the real deal.

          1. All 32 teams missed that though Prime. Even the Cowboys only spent a 4th on him. That’s why the 20-20 hindsight approach to evaluating draft picks is a crock.

            Rather than looking back and saying they should have drafted X, Y, Z player, it should just be evaluated on whether the players drafted were any good and made the team better.

            1. I’m not totally convinced that Kelly’s offense is a major part of the problem. It seems like every game there are plays where there are open receivers down the field. Our QBs mostly can’t get them the ball. Run offense seems weak, but I don’t know if that’s due to the OL or the play calling.

              However, it doesn’t seem like there have been any half-time adjustments, which, to me, is on the coaching staff. If you watched the Seattle-Atlanta game today, you could readily see the nice adjustments Shanahan made to start the third quarter (namely, rolling Matt Ryan out of the pocket), which resulted in three TDs during the quarter.

              1. Cubus,

                I agree with you regarding Kelly’s offensive scheme. He can’t really be held accountable for wide receivers being missed. I’m not saying he’s perfect, but I think he deserves more than six games before there’s talk of him being fired.

            2. Scooter,

              Kelly said that Dak went about where they thought he would go. I don’t think the 49ers analysis was off but I do think they failed in acknowledging their own weakness at the QB position and failed to address a serious need(among others).

              But if you want hindsight, Will Redmond is the pick they should have used on Dak. He is on injured reserve and not helping the team whatsoever.

              1. “I do think they failed in acknowledging their own weakness at the QB position and failed to address a serious need(among others).”

                Yes, this is the critical error. I’m not going to knock any of the picks they made individually, as it is too soon to know whether they will be any good or not. But even in a short period of time it looks like 3 of the first 4 picks could be long term starters for this team. That is pretty darn good.

                The mistake was not adequately assessing the talent on the team and the team’s needs. Going without a starting calibre QB was a mistake. Not having a dominant edge player was a mistake. Going with Armstrong, Hodges, Bellore and Wilhoite next to a LB still coming back from a serious injury was a mistake. Not replacing Ian Williams when he reported hurt was a mistake, especially when his replacement was coming off a knee injury. Not having any decent RBs behind an injury prone Hyde was a mistake. Thinking Patton and Smith and a bunch of UDFAs would be sufficient at WR was a mistake. Thinking Beadles and Garnett would solve the interior OL issues was a mistake. Hiring O’Neil was a mistake. I could go on.

                These are the reasons Baalke has to go. Not because he took Robinson or Redmond over Prescott.

  28. Trade deadline is Nov 1st, 4pm.

    The obvious problem is that Baalke may try and continue to win game versus build for the future in an effort to save his job.

  29. The team is quickly becoming the laughing stock of the league. They are being out-coached from top to bottom. The front office is a disaster. Unfortunately you can’t fire the owner. I’d fire the whole lot, Kelly included. His high school level coaching is an embarrassment to all. They’ve figured him and his simpleton coaches out in a nano second. It’s becoming a comedy. Watching the offensive line stand up mid setup and look over to the sidelines is elementary. The defense couldn’t stop a top bay area high school team. All three quarterbacks are unacceptable. As I’ve stated, they will not win another game this year and frankly why would anyone who cares about this team want them too? Lose them all to secure a top draft position, clean house, hire an actual football person to run the operation like Oakland did, and seek out and hire an actual NFL coach, who can then hire actual NFL assistants, etc. Kelly and crew are nothing but NFL imposters. Bite the bullet Jed and get rid of all of them. Fire yourself while your at it and hire uncle Eddy to help with rebuild.

    1. Good post Juan,

      Chip was supposed to be an offensive genius. He was going to make Kap and Gabbert look good with his QB friendly system. He was going to be good for Hyde.

      But we have the same old excuses. The roster sucks. The truth is that the roster is bad, but it wasn’t built for Chips system. Instead of adapting, Chip tries to do the same old stuff.

      His inability or unwillingness to change is his biggest flaw. He has been figured out by the rest of the league. He gets outcoached in the 2nd half of every game and his players seem uninspired.

      But what do I know, let him be an epic failure for 2 more years before we regret the hire.

      1. #80,

        You make comments indicating you feel there is an extreme lack of talent, then you turn around and say that it’s Kelly’s fault.

        While both could be true, that the 49ers have an extreme lack of talent and Kelly’s offensive system is bankrupt, how can we know? If the 49ers have such a lack of talent, how good would any system look?

        Besides, I’ve seen a number of receivers open downfield each game, missed by Gabbert, and today, Kaepernick. If the 49ers were hitting their share of these plays, it would probably open up the running game, as well as the short passing game. These shortcomings appear to be the lack of talent, rather than scheme.

        It might be that Kelly’s scheme is lousy, as well, but it doesn’t look to me that he has the talent for us to know.

        1. Hit,

          My point is that Chip knows he doesn’t have a good enough roster to run his offense, but he won’t adapt to the situation. That is a sign of a bad coach.

          The loss to Seattle was the last straw for me. Not only did Chip get outcoached and had a bad game plan, he also didn’t have his team fired up to play our arch rival.

          1. #80,

            There is no coach in the league that can “adapt” to having crummy personnel and magically start winning. Good HC’s can adapt to having different talent that required to run their preferred system, but not to overcome substandard talent, especially without a good QB.

            On top of that, you’ve given Kelly a six games. Seriously?

            1. Why should Kelly adapt his system to a bad roster? So they can go 6-10 instead of 3-13? Better to stick to your system so you know which roster holes you need to fill, than to win meaningless games and drop in the draft order.

  30. This season is reminding me of the debacled era of Erickson\Donahue. It took 7 years to recover from that and reach over .500 competetive football in 2010. We are heading down same path but we are stuck with Kelly for at least couple of more seasons. No way Jed fires Kelly before that due to having to pay for 3 head coaches simultaneously….not gonna happen

  31. I know there are a lot of biases, as well anger towards Colin Kaepernick regarding the way he has taken a stand at protesting injustices upon human beings in the United States. However, how can anyone attribute any of that to his quarterback play? Kaepernick cannot be held responsible for the dropped passes, by receivers or running backs, that were in their hands. He cannot be held responsible for poor offensive ga me plan. He cannot be held responsible for 32 mph winds, nor the lack of talent at the wide receiving/tight end core. He cannot be held responsible for Carlos Hyde, being injured more than healthy or not understanding that Hydes strength is north and south running, not as a dancer. The offense needs time with the ball, in order to get into a rhythm and with Purcell, (NT), Wilhoite (LB) and Bellore (LB), in the game teams are just going to continue pounding the ball down their throats. Wearing down an already depleted and weary defense, while at the same time forcing the offense to play catchup from behind. Yes Kaepernick was rusty, but from not being 100% or the quarterback who’s taken all the practice reps with the starting group, since season opening, his grade C looks a great deal better than Blaine Gabbert has played thus far. And this is the reason you don’t judge/grade them equally. Because per Chip Kelly, since the beginning, Gabbert with his time practicing with the 1’s, he is supposed to be far greater at the position, on the team or at least best chance to win.

    1. Davie S,

      Where is your accountability for the countless under and over throws? I’m sorry it’s not rust. Kap has been consistently inaccurate. Your alexcuses are running thin.

  32. IF Jed has enough of a sack to fire Baalke, he will promote Gamble to GM. Gamble is only option that will be willing to work with Kelly as a head coach. Niners will probably have to fire Oneill at seasons end. What potential D coordinator will want to come to SF as a coordinator with this offense?? Answer….only a desperate inexperienced candidate that will take any opportunity he can get. Kelly offense=career killer for a d coordinator.

    1. Screw Kelly too… His offense is predictable with limited plays and I can’t stand a finesse offense or finesse team like this one has become for that matter. Kelly is best off going back to college… The players body language and lack of enthusiasm says it all. Time to clean house (FO and coaching staff) and PRAY Jed York can get this next GM/HC combo right (won’t be holding my breath). What an embarrassment this organization has become…

      1. Red,

        Kelly has had SIX GAMES and he doesn’t have a QB or WR’s. On top of that, the 49ers have one of the the toughest, if not the toughest, schedules in the NFL.

        Have you not seen the wide open receivers, missed by errant throws? How, exactly, is Kelly supposed to fix the 49ers’ substandard QB’s? He can’t make the throws for them. At some point, the players have to be good enough to execute. Gabbert and CK were on the roster before Kelly got here.

        The defense is a different story. It looks like Kelly made a poor choice with O’Neil. While it’s true the defense has been hamstrung by a lot of injuries, it’s way too late in the season to be showing poor fundamentals and scheme confusion.

    1. Reminiscent of an auto-immune disease, HT; which can occur in response to a massive, festering infection.

      I was tempted to just turn the game off in the 4Q, but sadly stayed with it to watch that last Buf TD where some anonymous guy ran unmolested into the end-zone.

      Did anyone see the RayDuhs game where Dontari Poe scored? Very innovative play by Andy Reid. I think it’s called the Blubber Screen. (Rimshot)

  33. Yes, Kaep did not do well in the second half. Why? because they made adjustments, and the Niners made none at all.

    However, in the first half, he did well, especially for an injured then rehabbing QB who did not get a single rep during OTAs, and a paltry sum during practices before being named starter. It is really hard to sync up with his receivers with so little practice time, so it was understandable why he had some rust.

    Still, I think Kaep gives the Niners their best chance to win. When he shrugged off that tackle in the end zone, and then ran for a first down, he gave me hope.

    If the defense continues to give up 312 yards on the ground, it will not matter if the next coming of Joe Montana plays. The Niners will continue to lose. They should start Skov. Both Willhoite and Bellore looked like tackling dummies getting smacked around.

    Baalke should do something smart. He should poach a player from another team, preferably from a future opponent to weaken the other team and gain valuable intel. Of course, Baalke is a dumb as a rock, and would ever think about how to improve this team. He is content to lose, because he wants a high draft pick next draft.

    However, if he does get that pick, he will probably have to select a QB because he drove his SB QB away, and miss out on the stud DL that would help shore up the defense.

    I have tried to stay positive, and have rooted for them to succeed, but a 1-5 record just tells me that they lack talent, lack coaching, and lack leadership.

    As the worm turns, it is what it is, but I hope the Niners come roaring back.

  34. On, and another thing. I am done with Brooks. He seems like he is in position, but lets the QB easily evade him time after time, and just whiffs and falls down.

    I agree with Old Coach, it is time to play Rush.

    1. Yes and not just that, but the calls for his firing from the fans after a 1-5 start. Almost a mirror image of the 9ers from a few years back, although the Niners came back with a pretty good season after their SB loss. The biggest difference is Carolina has a lot more talent to work with now than the Niners do, and I doubt Richardson is going to fire a GM who had them in the SB last year. Bet he wishes he had gone the extra mile for Norman though.

    1. “The qb we need going forward is not currently on the roster. ”

      We said the same thing last year and Baalke did nothing to address the situation.

  35. As far a Kap, just listen to Greg Aiello of NFL films. I’m sure most of you have. Probably one of the most intelligent minds I have ever heard concerning football. He sounds like he wants to say something nice about Kaepernick when he is interviewed on KNBR but just really can’t. His analysis is pretty damning, and frankly always has been, even when they were winning. From his slow release and terrible mechanics, to his inability to read the defense, to not being able to go through his progressions, to his lousy footwork, to his eyes dropping, and more. The list goes on. Even in the Harbaugh days, plays were designed for him to drop back and throw to one receiver. The team won with their running game and defense, not his quarterbacking, though he did do well with the new to the league option offense. The NFL figured him and that out pretty quick. Having said that I would continue to play him just because as lousy as he is, he’s better than Gabbert and Ponder. They will not win another game this year. Nighty nite.

  36. “Can’t blame the players for executing the plays the coaches called from the sideline.”

    You must have been watching a different game than I was. Less than 50% of passes completed – is that a QB or receiver ‘executing the plays’. A special team fumble – is that a player ‘executing the plays’.

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