49ers 17, Buccaneers 34: Grades

These are the grades for the 49ers’ 34-17 loss to the Buccaneers.

QUARTERBACK: D. The good news: Colin Kaepernick was the 49ers’ most dangerous player on offense. He led the team with 84 rushing yards on nine carries – 9.3 yards per attempt.

The bad news: Kaepernick fumbled twice and threw 34 times for just 143 yards – 4.2 yards per attempt. He lost all confidence in his arm after he got picked off throwing a pass outside the numbers and to his left during the second quarter. Déjà vu. His passer rating this season now is a dreadful 66.3. Blaine Gabbert’s rating was 69.6 before he got benched. How is Kaepernick an upgrade?

RUNNING BACKS: F+. Mike Davis started the game in place of the injured Carlos Hyde, and finished the game with 21 measly yards on seven rushing attempts. Bust. The 49ers’ best running back, DuJuan Harris, wasn’t much better. He rushed 11 times for 39 yards. Shaun Draughn, the Niners’ No. 3 running back, led the team with five catches and one touchdown reception. Sad.

WIDE RECEIVERS: F-. Torrey Smith led all receivers with 17 yards. He caught one pass. Shameful. Chip Kelly never called a deep throw to Smith even though Smith caught one for a touchdown last week and the Niners have nothing to lose. Strange.

TIGHT ENDS: F. Garrett Celek caught one-of-three passes that came his direction, and Vance McDonald caught one of six. Laughable.

OFFENSIVE LINE: D. Joshua Garnett, a first-round pick, gave up a sack for the second game in a row. He is terrible and does not deserve to start over Andrew Tiller, who got benched for no good reason. Collectively, this group gave up four sacks and struggled creating holes in the running game for the running backs who gained just 76 yards on 19 carries (four yards per attempt). To make matters worse, Draughn gained 16 of those yards on one run during fourth-quarter garbage time. Unacceptable.

DEFENSIVE LINE: Z. The Buccaneers’ game plan was to run the ball directly at DeForest Buckner, then directly at Arik Armstead, then directly at Buckner, then directly at Armstead until the game was over. This game plan worked beautifully. Tampa’s offensive linemen took turns manhandling Buckner and Armstead, who looked like pieces of drift wood getting washed out to sea by the tide. They are bad football players.

LINEBACKERS: F. Gerald Hodges intercepted a tipped pass, and he gets credit for that. But this group gave up 249 rushing yards on 41 carries – 6.1 yards per attempt. Fail.

SECONDARY: F. Rookie cornerback Rashard Robinson, the lone bright spot on the team the first-six weeks of the season, gave up two touchdown catches and left the game with a knee injury. This was the third time he had to leave a game with an injury during his seven-week career. Brittle.

SPECIAL TEAMS: F-. Aaron Burbridge ran into his teammate, Jeremy Kerley, as Kerley was trying to make a fair catch during the third quarter. Then Kerley fumbled, the Bucs recovered and the 49ers quit just as they do every week when something bad happens. This team is soft, much softer than it was under Jim Tomsula.

COACHES: Z-. Chip Kelly once again fired all of his bullets during the first quarter, and made zero helpful in-game adjustments. The Niners scored just three points after the first quarter.

At his post-game press conference, I asked Kelly what adjustments he made at halftime.

“In terms of what?” Kelly asked.

“On offense,” I said.

“On offense? We talked about protection. We had some matchup problems with (Gerald) McCoy. He got isolated and was in one-on-one, so we had to make sure that we had some help to his side, whether it was a back, get our back in there to make sure we have protection for that 3-technique in terms of where he is. Most of the talk at halftime was about protection.”

Protection, eh? Interesting answer. In the first half, the 49ers gave up one sack. In the second half, they gave up three.

Nice adjustments, Chip.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for The Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at grantcohn@gmail.com.

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  1. 49ers yards per play in 5 games under Gabbert: 4.5. In 2 games with Kaepernick: 4.5. At least they’re consistent

  2. Why would he tell you his adjustments anymore then he would tell you his strategy for the game?

  3. “[Buckner and Armstead] are bad football players.”

    In the previous thread I posted the following:

    Buckner [and Armstead] is a bad run defender right now. But who is coaching these guys up? He’s a rookie making rookie mistakes, and not being corrected. He has talent, but he needs to be coached properly. If he wasn’t doing what they want him to do, he wouldn’t have played the most snaps of any 49er DL to this point.

    I really do wonder how some of these players would look on a decent team.

    1. Scooter – You make a good point but why are these two (and Garnett) playing if they are not ready? All three (among others) do not look like they are ready for the big time but someone thinks we have to get them on the field. You can do more harm than good sometimes with that approach. I can’t find the right words but it looks like desperation to me. We’re being physically beaten up and that’s never good in football.

      1. Armstead showed last season that he can be an effective pass rusher. He’s shown this season he doesn’t understand the nuances of playing the run. This is the problem when you take athletes over football players – they need some time to develop. But the 49ers are forcing them to learn on the job, largely because they have nobody else. It is absolutely horrendous mismanagement by Baalke to put the team in a position where they need to play talented guys before they are ready. And as you say, it is a really good way of making sure that talent is never realised.

  4. Grant,

    Chips answer to your question was classic Kelly. He threw his players under the bus and didn’t take any of the blame. Chip is pathetic.

    1. Look at what he said about any possible changes with the defensive staff; they are not much better.

    2. Chip is trying to return Colin to starter and I think you could get rid of both and just play football. There’s probably a 100 college abs that could out play Colin and 100 coachs to replace Chip. See what Philadelphia is doing without chipster and focusing on football not civil matters. It shows how easily outside distraction foul up the concentration of the team. Remember it all started with Colin stealing a teamates girlfriend. The team back Colin and ran the other guy now Colin is disrupting the team.

      1. It all started when Harbaugh gifted Old Wind up the starters job due to Smiths injury.
        That’s a no no in the eyes of the football Gods. It will only rectify itself when he is gone!

      2. Wow, the stealin gf? What if she said it was over and she was his ex-gf? No matter what, Aldon lost a 100 mil contract, over a woman who did not want him. Not a wise decision, but alcohol is an insidious vice.

  5. Will you be using the omega sign for your grades after the Saints slaughter the 49ers after the bye Grant?

  6. You know I was really excited to see Kap 3.0. But he’s really the same guy. He’s an exciting runner, for sure, but it goes downhill really fast when he’s in the pocket. On one hand Blaine is check down charlie but he looks like he’s actually trying to run an offensive system. His problem is he’s inaccurate. Kaep is just an inaccurate.
    This team has taken a huge step backwards from Tomsula.
    I would not be surprised if Chip is mailing it in so that he can wrestle control from Baalke when he is fired.
    This is so sad. The Niners come back from the bad years. Only to go right back in the sludge of ineptness!

    1. That’s exactly it, Chip knows he’s safe so he can just sit back and watch Baalke take the heat and hand a top draft pick to his buddy Tom Gamble. No one bringing up how much better the Eagles and Sam Bradford look WITHOUT Kelly around. So far the short fat guy has done less with more talent than Jim Tomsula did.

  7. You can’t fire Tomsula after a 5-11 season and not fire Chip after at best a 2-14 season.. Major changes have to be coming.. Balke and Chip have to be gone… If there not that stadium is a ghost town…

    1. There really isn’t a precedence for having 4 coaches on the payroll because you fired back to back to back coaches. That’s not realistic. The fans, myself included, may have had unrealistic expectations, but chances are the organization were well aware of the lack of talent and the struggles that would come.
      I don’t think anyone was expected to succeed the first year here. The difference between Kelly and Tomsula is that Kelly has been successful as a headcoach in both the NFL and in college.
      Remember, plenty came here and interviewed and chose other positions. Not one of those candidates is succeeding this season and 31 other teams have much more talent. Taking the emotion out of the observation leads me to believe that the FO told Chip Kelly he’d have 3 years to build a program here.
      The team needed to see if Kaepernick could be successful after the surgery or if the QB was the problem. They have their answers.
      I’d expect to see Ponder after the bye as the team must evaluate the talent they have and where they are headed.
      The stadium though will make money through many different revenues, it is not dependent on football.

  8. Why did anyone think Kap would be an improvement over Gabbert. Do those people not remember the first half of last year and the year prior? And why does anyone think Gabbert could be an improvement over Kap. Do these people not remember end of last year and beginning of this year?

    We are not NFL worthy. It is past time to clean house.

    1. Both of them are better football players than the coaches they’ve had the past two seasons. Gabbert has the worst career luck ever, every season he’s been a starter in the league it’s been on the consensus pre season worst team in the league. 3 years in Jacksonville, the past 2 in San Fran. Also those teams have had the lowest payrolls in the league and been among the most injury prone.

        1. Second question:
          What’s the difference between the 49ers and the Boy Scouts?
          The Boy Scouts have adult leadership.

  9. Buckner and Armstead (especially) are very representative of this charmin-soft team…. And what the hell happened to Reid? Time to break out the bags and banners while we await Ponder’s turn.

    1. I like his confidence I guess, but seriously? It worries me that any player can come off the field after that performance and think they aren’t far away.

  10. I can`t wait till Baalke is FIRED,He is responsible for this Mess,4good years of the Draft being loaded with Talented WRs and some good QB`s and LBs and this Ego-Maniac go and draft CB`s and DL ….well Baalke how is that working for you!

  11. The bye week will prove interesting or it wont. Will the fans get a team wellness check from the brain trust- Jed Y. or Trent B.? Probably not. Hollowed out, gutless suits.

    1. The 49ers aren’t going to fire Chip after one season and if he quits he gives up $6M a year which means that’s where any College’s offer has to start for it to be enticing for him to leave, financially at least. That’s bunch of cash for a College coach. A School is going to have to really want Chip to pony up that kind of offer.

      1. I pray Chip rides like the wind and blows out of town, perhaps back to Oregon. I just don’t believe there’s a college out there that believes Kelly is really worth that kind of cash. Maybe LSU gets smart and hires Petersen away from Washington and Kelly lands there….

  12. These grades every week are meaningless because this team is bad in all areas. We have a lot of bad players mixed in with some new high draft picks that need more experience.

    our needs are so great it could take years to restock this team. We need a QB most all but I worry we will start him right away and destroy him.

    The team needs to look long term. Obviously we need a new GM. Kelly should stay because we need continuity and we won’t be able to hire anyone better anyway.

    Other than QB, it appears our priority needs are linebackers, RB’s and recievers. The new GM will have to bring in free agents regardless of the cost.

    This season just has to be one of evaluation and we can’t let Baalke be the evaluator.

  13. The 9ers fold like the proverbial cheap suit because there is no leader, not one. There is no one that is the stable force that can be captain for a ship in the storm. Navarro was closest, he is gone. Now, no leader and no one is stepping up or in a position to step up. This is really rudderless. Watch 9er playets 1 by 1 use injury to vail. Starting with Carlos Hyde, poster boy for “shut it down”.

  14. The worst thing about this debacle is that there isn’t a single bright spot on the entire team. You keep looking for something to make you thing they can build the team, or at least a position group around, yet it is more barren than Death Valley in august. I know the Browns are win less, but they at least seem to compete and aren’t getting destroyed week after week. I think it might be time to for all the power rankings to anoint the Niners #1 in the Tidy Bowl rankings.

  15. The other lost opportunity is Kaep has lost his power to keep his social conversation going. Now he takes a knee, and he’s looked at more as “who is this lousy sub backup level talent, why does his knee matter”? He had more power on the bench. Now he has been exposed…again. Too bad, it was working there for awhile.

  16. Here is Chips transcript.


    Some thoughts,

    What happened on that punt play? Chip says “I haven’t talked to Burbridge yet.” Really Chip, Harbaugh would have chewed him out on the sideline.

    What about your decision to go for a field goal when you’re down two touchdowns? Chip says, “They do a good job of putting the ball in the endzone. Really Chip, They score TDs so you go for three points.

    Will you consider maybe changes to your defensive coaching staff? Chip says, “No” Do I even have to say really to that answer?

    How do you feel QB Colin Kaepernick played today? Chip says, ” They were playing a little bit more man coverage than we thought.” Really Chip, Will you ever make an adjustment?

    Fans always want hope. What’s the hope for the rest of the season? Chip says, “That we’re going to continue to fight.” Really Chip, This team hasn’t shown any fight in weeks.

    Fire Chip,

    1. Baalke is more to blame, but Chip disappointed me when he went timid, and kicked a FG when he needed a TD.

      Chip wants solutions? Fire O’Neil. He should have been fired last week. Niners may not win another game if he is the DC.

        1. Prime, before the season, I said that if Kaep starts, they may go 10-6. However, they did not start Kaep, so I lowered the win potential to 8-8. Then when Bowman went down, I said they would be fortunate to win 6 games.

          Now, I am hoping for 4 wins, but with this defense, that may be optimistic.

          Keep up your diatribe, but I will just remind you of what I really said. I wanted Kaep to start on week one, but he was handed the team after they went 1-4.

          Blame Kaep all you want for these 2 losses. I will blame the defense for giving up 562 yards rushing, an obscene amount.

          1. Give it up. Kaep is awful. It’s ok. Step one is admitting the problem. Kaep starting week 1 would change nothing. In fact, it’s possible we might be winless. Kaepologists like yourself just need to come to grips that reality. He is a below average QB.

            1. Below average? Kaepernick is not even that. His 66.2 passer rating is worse than all of the qualifying QB’s in the NFL.

              He’s terrible. We’ve seen this show since the second half of 2014 with his level of play. But of course that is due to the incompetence of first Harbaugh/Roman, and now Kelly.

              1. “We’ve seen this show since the second half of 2014 with his level of play.”

                Yep, ever since other teams realized (1) that they could let him run and not have to worry about him beating them by himself and (2) that they could take take away his already limited passing game by forcing him to throw outside the numbers. Compound this by the negative impact that attempts to improve his mechanics have had, and you have a non-functional QB.

                On a team with great defense and receivers/TEs/RBs who can consistently get open across the middle of the field, Kap would become much more dangerous. In such a situation, the threat his running creates has to be taken into account. On a team with a terrible defense, however, he is no danger as a runner at all because the other team does not have to worry about giving up long runs to the QB when they know they can easily outscore the 49ers.

              2. Jack Hammer October 24, 2016 at 8:33 am
                … But of course that is due to the incompetence of first Harbaugh/Roman, and now Kelly.
                It’s funny how Chryst and Tomsula seem to get glossed over as if they never really happened.

          2. I don’t blame Kaepernick for any of this. All Ive ever said is that he is a terrible QB. You’ve argued otherwise. Well you tell me, has he improved, has the storm arrived like you said it would or now is his play a result of the poor defense or Kelly? You know the guy whos system was perfect for old wind up? Lets hear the excuses?

            1. Yup, lets blame Kaep for a GM who sat on his hands, then drafted injured players. A GM who threatened to trade or cut him, and has done everything in his power to thwart Kaep because he is one of the last vestiges of the JH era.

              Lets blame Kaep for marginal WRs who cannot get separation. Blame him for Vance dropping balls that hit him in both his hands.

              Lets blame Kaep for an O line that allowed 4 sacks and even allowed a DB to rush untouched to blind side him. Blame Kaep for benching Tiller, while Beadles plays because he is the lone FA Baalke managed to sign.

              Lets blame Kaep for cutting, then putting DuJuan Harris on the PS. Once Hyde went down because they ran him into the teeth of the defense, Harris was the lone bright spot on the offense.

              Lets blame Kaep for the defense allowing 1000 yards in 2 games. This defense sucks about as bad as your screeds against Kaep.

              1. You were happy to blame Gabbert. Now that Kaep is in and performing even worse than Gabbert, Kaep still doesn’t get any blame from you. Incredible.

              2. No, I have admitted that Kaep has not played well, but I also think that Kaep is not the sole reason why they are losing.

                I also have said that Chip should make the QB position competitive, to try and reward success.

                I get it. The whole Niners organization sucks, from top to bottom. However, I am not crowing like some of you about how Kaep is not leading them to wins. Being gleeful about Kaep’s shortcomings just certifies the hate against him.

              3. You are deliberately skirting my point. When Gabbert was playing awful you were extremely vocal about how bad he was and how he needed to be replaced by Kaep. Now Kaep is in, he’s worse, and aside from a couple of comments to acknowledge he is playing poorly you have very much switched your focus to everything being a team and organisation wide issue. Even when you blame Kaep, you do so while saying its not really his fault. Yet nobody else receives the same provisos he does. Yet another example of how you are first and foremost a Kaep fan, secondly a 49ers fan.

              4. Scooter, I have stated many times that I want the Niners to win more rings.

                I have also stated that I think Kaep gives them the best chance to win.

                I think it is churlish to diss Kaep when the defense has given up 1000 yards in 2 games.

                I am not driving Kaep away, Jed and Baalke are doing that, and they deserve what happens to them. Ye shall reap what you sow…..

                Defining me as not a fan of the Niners because I like a player is just grasping at straws. You should just expect more losing. I am presenting ideas to try to help them win. I am not only writing screeds delighting in their futility.

              5. Seb says “I have also stated that I think Kaep gives them the best chance to win”

                Are you high Seb? How so when he looks to run at every chance he gets? Or that he can’t make a throw outside the numbers. Self punch yourself in the face!

              6. Scooter, did I rip Gabbert like you said, or did I say that he was hurting the team with his poor play?

                Until the Cards game, I thought that I was pretty low key, and actually supported Gabbert until his own play dictated a demotion.

                Kaep haters, on the other hand, will continue to rip him unmercifully, even though you and I know that the Niners have bigger shortcomings than only at the QB position.

              7. But isn’t Kaep hurting the team with his poor play too?

                I guess I don’t understand why one guy receives a lot of excuses for his play while the other one doesn’t. Both guys were poor. Both guys have had to suffer through a terrible D and lack of a supporting cast on offense. And neither guy really stands a chance of turning this team around (and same goes with Ponder) because there really are a lot of problems with this team aside from QB.

              8. Like I said previously, I rewound the game and watched the receivers. Nobody was wide open, and there were too many drops of balls that hit the receivers in both hands.

                Kaep did not have all day to throw, and Tampa was getting pressure rushing only 4, so 7 could drop back in coverage.

                Yes, Kaep stood tall and admitted he could have played better, but with a defense that gave up 1000 yards, it could have been Joe Montana as QB and they still would have lost.

              9. But wasn’t it the same for Gabbert? Why does Kaep get an excuse, but not Gabbert? You continue to dance around the question.

              10. Scooter, I started out by saying that I did not care who was the starting QB, just as long as they win, and rooted for Gabbert to succeed. After he went 1-4, I said he was hurting the team. Gabbert, with his play, benched himself.

                Gabbert, while he was starting, did not have such a horrendous defense, so I will keep on supporting Kaep, but I also have said that I think Chip should make it competitive, and let both play.

              11. And now Kaep is hurting the team. Just because the D is playing really poorly does not mean Kaep gets a pass. He is not doing anything to make the team better than what it was under Gabbert. So using the same logic as with Gabbert, he is basically benching himself.

                And the D has been playing very poorly for more than just two games. Its been rubbish since week 1.

              12. The last 2 games, the defense has been setting records in futility.

                In 2 games, they allowed over 1000 yards, That is worse than terrible, it is pathetic, and a black mark that has dishonored a once proud franchise.

                Go ahead, solely blame Kaep, I will not. Playing Gabbert may not have produced better results. in his first game, Kaep eluded that safety, and overall has made several first downs with his legs to extend drives.

                I will still say that Kaep gives them a better chance to win, but with the defensive woes, no QB could possibly succeed.

  17. The 49ers are going to be crappy for a long long time. Find another team to root for and save yourself some misery.

  18. ONLY thing that might save this franchise is to bring Harbaugh back as coach and final voice in all personnel matters BUT Jed will have to offer him a small piece of the team to get him back (as the As had to do with Beane)

    1. Kezar …

      The Harbs ain’t comin’ back … not how they
      “mutually” … showed him the door … but ..

      I’m wonderin’ … if Mooch wants another
      crack at it ? …

      of course … Larry Ellison probably would
      hafta be large and in charge .. though

  19. Grant, I was going to refute your critique of DuJuan Harris, he was without a doubt one of very few bright spot.

    Yes, I was going to refute that, and I realized it’s a rather moot point. I want to argue with you Grant, I really do, but I don’t have any ground to stand on at the moment.

    I saw a defeated team today. And not just defeated in a close, competitive battles that haven’t gone the 49ers way sort of defeated. I saw an NFL team that looked completely defeated AT IT’S VERY CORE!

    IT LOOKS LIKE A NUCLEAR WASTELAND AT THE MOMENT, and I am in a bit of a state of despair, as I hadn’t expecting things to go so spectacularly bad for Chip Kelly and CO., at this point of the season! I am a bit lost for words and I believe I need to take some time away from this 49ers team,and storied franchise.

    Thanks for the memories Grant, I’ve appreciated your unique angle, and respect your opinion on this team. I’ll see you on down the road Grant Cohn.

    I’m with Hillary, inclusion TRUMPS hate …… PEACE OUT!

    1. My guess is the players dont believe that what is happening from Monday to Saturday is going to serve them well on Sunday.
      It’s so evident that when things break down you see players holding their hips,head down and shaking it. There is no confidence or belief in what they are doing.
      Now you add the fact that there is no talent to get you by and you have a team incapable of battling through adversity.

  20. Watching the Sunday night made me realize Baalkes greatest failure was he never built a roster capable of competing with the best in your division.
    Both Seattle and AZ have rosters filled with speed, toughness and ultra competitive psyche!

    1. But Baalke drafted the longest arm players available. Doesn’t that count for something? (sarcasm font implied).

  21. Apparently, Joe Staley is on the trade block… Jed York better step in quick and fire that dumbazz Baalke. Unless Joe is requesting it himself, this is so typical of that clueless Niners’ FO.

    1. For Staley’s sake, I hope the trade happens. He deserves better than this. But from the 49ers point of view, getting rid of the best player that provides veteran leadership on a young and talent deficient team isn’t usually a good idea. But hey, if you are going to blow the whole thing up, may as well start now. What a disgrace.

      1. Staley deserves a chance at the playoffs and we can get a pick, evaluate younger players, and increase the likelihood we lose games to have better draft selections, win win. Trade Reid and Torrey Smith as well.

        1. Aren’t they already playing a lot of younger guys anyway? For every guy you trade away, you increase the number of guys you need to find to replace them next year. What are the chances of the 49ers finding a better replacement than these guys with the draft picks they get for them?

          Trading Staley would make sense if they had a guy waiting in the wings. They have a 7th round pick at RT that has been ok but not great, and two 5th round picks that really haven’t shown anything to suggest the 49ers have quality depth at OT that would make getting rid of their best OL and blindside protector a good plan.

          Trading Reid actually would make sense. They have Bethea, Tartt and Ward. If someone was willing to trade a decent draft pick for Reid I’d be all for making the move.

          Trading Smith makes some sense in that he hasn’t performed to his contract. But the 49ers are woefully thin at WR, and despite his lack of production with the 49ers Smith remains a good #2 WR (which is better than the rest of the WRs on the team). If they get rid of him they need to bring in two quality WRs to start next year.

          1. My point is that if we can get something for a couple of guys on the fence in production, Reid and Smith, why not move them- I agree that Smith is debatable as I, unlike others, believe w a solid draft and spending the $50 million, that we can hopefully turn this around quickly- again, we had chances to win many of the games we lost and aside from NE, there is a lot of parity in the league.

            Staley, I believe, needs to go at 32 and having signficant value- and his contract works for the next couple of years.

            All I know is my wife is pissed off spending $125 right now for our seats- I understand the cyclical nature of the league, and only bitch is that we needed more depth at LB and should have addressed it in the 3rd round-ish, which is telling.

        1. Barrows is repeating the PFT story as is every other writer.

          It’s bullcrap just like PFT’s story that Marshawn Lynch is going to unretire. Florio just makes up crap for clicks.

          (language cleaned up)

    2. This when the free agent and draft outlooks at the position are said to be the worst in quite some time. Peachy.

    3. I am certain that the Dorks are behind the get rid of Staley plan. They are greedily stuffing their pockets with the fans cash and planning to field a bargain basement team. I can tell you that most of expensive players will be traded and replaced with bargain basement versions. The Yorks should be ashamed of themselves

      1. Although I love Joe Staley, that would be a great move. Acquire more picks and rid the roster of aging players. A once great soldier, give Staley the opportunity to go out a winner and deal him to a contender.
        Guys, I now right now that it is painful to be a 49ers fan. Its embarrassing to say the least. The good news is, rock bottom is here and there is no where to go but up. The bad news is, who will lead us out of this mess?

          1. Nick next time you come on here, try to write one or more sentences. Let’s use that Cal education to its fullest potential!

  22. Again, the Niners will not win another game this year. They are the worst team in the league by leaps and bounds. There is no cure in sight. The owner is out of his league and an embarrassment to the entire league. The GM is in well over his head and doesn’t have the slightest clue how to analyze or discover football talent. The coach is an imposter and his scheme is laughable in it’s ineptness. The players are uninspired, unmotivated, and have given up. The idiots have put themselves in a position where they can’t fire Kelly without having to pay 3 former coaches. What a calamity. The amazing thing is fans will continue to buy outrageously priced tickets, along with food and drinks and merchandise, and financially support this pathetic excuse for an NFL franchise. Unfortunately, its going to get much worse before there’s any chance of it getting better. At what point will the fans really stand up and revolt is the most interesting impending development to watch over the next few months. SAD.

  23. I have tried to stay optimistic, and have presented many ways the Niners can improve, but they are so far gone, it may need a thorough house cleaning, from top to bottom.

    I had hope for this team, but when they start out with 45 million less in talent from every other team, one cannot hide from the truth.

    It starts at the top. Jed needs to apologize to the Faithful Niner fan for such an inferior team, and their pathetic losing ways. He should lower beer prices immediately to help atone for their incompetence to 5 bucks a beer.

    Jed should be held accountable for hiring, and retaining Baalke. Since Jed is such a coward, and does not have the cojones to fire Baalke, he should just kick him upstairs into the financial sector. Promote Gamble, and get him to use some of that 45 mil to poach players from other team’s practice squads. A 6 game losing streak is a desperate justification, and they should poach players from future opponents to also obtain intel.

    Jed seems to absorb screeds and abuse like a sponge, so he should bend over before the team, and allow Tomsula to give him a swift reprimand in the rear end. Then, after firing O’Neil, he should profusely apologize, then beg Tomsula to come back to be the DC. Since Baalke cannot micromanage the roster and meddle with the coaching, Tomsula may be persuaded to return. Tomsula ran the D line that one year kept almost every team out of the end zone rushing, and allowed only one RB to rush for over 100 yards. He would be light years better than O’Neil, who allowed another rusher to run for over 140 yards.

    Baalke did not draft well, and it shows. His ACL pick strategy is a spectacular failure. He allowed veteran talent to leave like Iupati, Vernon, Gore, and Crabtree. He allowed Garrison Smith to be picked up by the Seahawks, while keeping Burbridge, who caused a fumble on a punt. Decent FAs avoided Baalke like the plague, so now the cupboard is bare. Baalke is a dead man walking, and Jed should realize that they may not win another game until Baalke is gone.

    Chip needs help in the defense, but does not have a clue how to solve the incompetence. Tomsula would roll up his sleeves and fix the problem.

    I am glad that Harris did well, and hope they play him more. Bellore is hot garbage, and seemed to block his fellow defenders. Play Skov, Blair, Cromartie and Rush. I really do not care if the others practice well. Their play on the field sucks, and they deserve to sit.They should poach Deandrew White from the Pats, to help with Kickoffs and the passing game. Use Vance as only a blocker, and play Hamm.

    I hope Chip makes the QB position competitive, and allow both QBs to play. Flip a coin, the winner gets to lead until they do not score. Then the other QB gets to start until he cannot score. It would reward success, and both are pretty comparable.

    Losing sucks, and has made this site a refuge of the die hard faithful, and the trolls who will delight in their futility. It has become no fun, but I will continue to post, and root for my team. I will just hope that Jed gets as sick of losing as I am, and does something about it.

    1. The only thing I am lookng for Jed to do is spend the $ in the offseason and promise not to raise ticket prices until the 49ers win an NFC Championship…… and he should remove “Faithful” from all promotional details since I imagine only 20% of season ticket holders are going to the games.

    2. Seb says:

      “so he [Jed] should bend over before the team, and allow Tomsula to give him a swift reprimand in the rear end. “


      1. Why? Because Jed leaked out the fact that Tomsula was going to be fired before his last game. Anyone with class would have allowed Tomsula the courtesy to coach his last game without knowing he would be fired directly after the game.

        It was low class, and another stab in the back. Leaks and smears just amply demonstrates their clueless odious immature behavior, and it would be the last thing a true champion would do.

        Maybe they should start acting with class and dignity, and treat people with respect.

  24. Stanley probably wants to play with his best friend Alex Smith. Exactly why chemistry should not have been messed with 4 years ago for a read option QB. And Grant a D -seriously???!!!-that was an F QB performance today. Rushing at the QB position the way Kaep does means nothing more than your receivers don’t know where your QB is & he has no confidence in his ability to do anything but kneel & run!
    Further he is worse than Gabbert because Gabbert at least had chemistry with Kurley whom in Gabberts last start was the Niners 1st receiver to catch for over 100 yards in over a year. Now Kurley is non existent because Kaep makes nobody better & divides the locker room as he has done for 3 years know!!!

  25. Sadly, we have become that which is most dreaded, the lowest circle of professional football Hell; we have become irrelevant.
    We’ll barely be mentioned in pre-game shows, our significant injuries won’t be newsworthy, and we’ll draw the least-senior broadcasting teams. Our TV viewing audience will be the greater Bay Area and that of whoever we play. No national interest whatsoever.
    Our division rivals- and everyone else on our remaining schedule- have already counted their game against us as a “win”.
    Our owner, Jed “Hold me accountable” York, has apparently gone into the witness protection program. Trent Baalke cannot be found either. Chip- left alone holding the bag- babbles on without saying anything at all.

    Truth matters. Integrity and professionalism matter. Black lives matter.
    But in the NFL world, the 49ers no longer matter.
    We are irrelevant.
    And that is the bitterest pill of all.

  26. We are the Cleveland of the West Coast. Both cities have good to great baseball and basketball teams and football teams that stink.

  27. PFT fwiw reports 49er shopping Joe Staley for a first rounder. Re-tweeted by Maiocco and Branch.

    I take PFT with a few grains of salt. Could be a casual hypothetical some person mused to a reporter. Who knows. I hate the idea of losing Staley. I’d be surprised the 49ers would get a first rounder for him given his age. I don’t see it going down.

      1. Shoup – Yup. Another reason why the story doesn’t make sense. Who would trade a first for a 32 YO LT?

      1. Yup, Ajayi was in my mocks. Powerful one-cut slashing runner.

        Many thought he’d go in the 2nd or 3rd round. He plunged to the 5th because of medical reports on his knee. A degenerative thing that could get worse over time. I have no idea if this knee report is accurate or how his knee will do long term.

        He’s certainly having a nice couple of games.

    1. That is PFT’s gig. They make stuff up and float it as if it’s truth. How Mike Florio is invited onto football telecasts of any sort is beyond me. His schtick is reprehensible and he’s a tool.

    2. The same thing was said last year around this time but other then the initial report there wasn’t much else every mentioned. Don’t know if nobody called or if the asking price was too high. With Staley’s value now a season diminished from last year it’ll be curious to see if anything has changed.

      I love Joe but if we could get a third or higher for him he’s gone. The downside is who’s using that pick, Trent or Tom?

  28. Grades are no longer necessary Grant. We all know what this team is. The door mat of the NFL. Cleveland Browns sister team. This team is a joke and an embarrassment. Jed and Trent should be ashamed to show their faces anywhere. Keep up the good work fellas!

  29. I wish we had a great DL coach. There is a guy that was pretty good. I wonder if he is available. I believe his name was Jim Tomsula.

    Oh how i wish people had the jobs they are suited for.

    Baalke: Head defensive scout
    Tomsula: DL coach
    Chip Kelley: hmmm- maybe offensive coordinator? or better yet no huddle coach?
    Jim Harbough: head coach
    Fangio: DC
    Jed York: annoying financial advisor who wants me to buy mutual funds for no reason whatsoever.

  30. Jed will enjoy his waffles and fruit breakfast this morning. With freshly squeezed orange juice. What’s not to like?

  31. When do we see Ponder? I think he starts the next game after the bye.

    Do you want to see him play?

    I do. I don’t have much hope for him, but what do we have to lose. It can’t be worse.

  32. Been a 9er fan since about 1972. Gene Washington was my favorite player as a kid. I don’t think I’ve missed a game in about 25 years. Even when I’m out of the country I may not see the game live but I watch every game online or when I get home. My wife bought me Sunday NFL Ticket when my son was born almost 19 years ago so I’d stay home instead of spending my Sunday’s in a sports bar since that was the only way I could see the 49ers play. I’m not sure I can stick with this team or the NFL any longer. I find Kaepernick’s ignorant and disrespectful act very offensive. I find the team’s and the NFL’s support of Kaepernick equally as offensive. Obviously, they are free to express their opinions but so am I. I don’t need to invest so much time and money into an enterprise that supports actions I find nauseating and based on absolute lies. On top of Kaepernick’s stupidity I find the rules changes to make the game almost unwatchable. Who in the world even knows what a catch is anymore? If the NFL doesn’t see the writing on the wall then they better wake up. I’ve served on the board of a youth sports association as the president and in many other capacities over the past 10 years. Our numbers are down in youth football by over 40% even though the local population in our area has grown by about 20%. Football is losing ground as America’s most popular game. The ratings decline is not a fluke. There are many people out there like me who are losing interest in the NFL either because of Kaepernick’s idiocy or because the rules changes have made the game unwatchable. When fewer kids grow up playing the game they will not have the passion to watch the game later in life. For me, I’m going to see how it goes. I might skip the next game and see if I even care about the outcome. Who knows.

    1. Kaep has always been a terrible leader. No one respects him as a football player in that locker room. Players may support his social stance, but Gabbert has more in regards to football. Gabbert may be god awful, but at least he gives off the sense he CARES about trying to win games. I’d rather watch Ponder or Gabbert than Kaep who puts himself above the team.

    2. No, it is losing popularity because they coddle drunk drivers, PED cheaters, child beaters, animal abusers, rapists and wife beaters, then insist that they are concerned about CTE while scheduling Thursday Night Football with 3 days rest.

      They ignore the implications of roid rage, and try to glorify the brutality with gallons of alcohol, locker room talk and scantily clad cheerleaders.

      The NFL goes crazy that some player is trying to protest against injustices, just like they go full reefer madness, while pumping their players full of opioid pain killers so they can play.

      Too bad it is taking former players committing suicide by not shooting themselves in the head so they can study their brains before something is done. Too bad it is too little too late.

      Parents are getting smart, and see the damage done to players. They are concerned for their children’s future, unlike the NFL. The players association lets unqualified financial consultants rip off players, and the teams watch former players struggle through pain and financial problems, but do not lift a finger to help. Football is its own worst enemy, and having a commissioner like Goodell does not help.

      Yes I agree that football dying, and teams like the Niners make the game unwatchable. Maybe they should treat their players with respect, instead of like chattel. The latest LEAK about Staley just turns my stomach. Because of the FO, they deserve to lose, but I want the team to win because they are intentionally tanking for a good draft position.

      Oh, how I long for the Glory Years.

      1. Another reason NFL ratings are down. The refs have always been terrible, but most of the big games look outright fixed.

        The last Niner Superbowl comes to mind. It was the final game for Ray Lewis. Lewis should have been suspended for deer antler spray. Not only was he not suspended, his tackling stats were inflated throughout the plafoffs. I could go on about us getting screwed but I don’t think I need to convince a 49er fan about that game.

        The NFL considers itself entertainment so they can’t get sued or investigated. Last year it was all about Manning. He looked like a corpse out there. How was that Superbowl fixed? Cam Newton, he has no ethics. We all remember Auburn. Why did Seattle pass against New England in the previous SB? Pete the Cheat Carroll. That was the dumbest call in SB history. We know Carroll is better than that. We also know that Carroll is shady. The casual fans who only watch big games have noticed the WWE stlyle storylines and predetermined outcomes.

  33. Serious question. Why wasn’t Tomsula considered for the DL coach or DC position? Was it because Kelly wouldn’t have him or more because the team wanted to be rid of him. He was on staff, would have made his yearly salary as if he were HC and seems like the kind of guy who wouldn’t necessarily be offended by what others would perceive as a demotion. He could have couched it as he is back to doing what he really loves; i.e. taking responsibility for the defensive side of the game. Jed could have uttered some words like “We thank Jimmy T for acting as the interim HC knowing that he looks forward to returning to the defensive side of the game”, etc. etc.

    1. Is there any example of a guy being fired by a team as a HC, and then going back to the same team as an assistant the very next season? Can you think of even one?

      1. When a team is 1-6, maybe they should be desperate enough to try something new. Tomsula is getting paid anyways, but he will never return as long as Baalke is the GM.

        1. Tomsula was Jed’s little mole when Harbaugh was here. What coach would agree to have a rat on their staff? Stupidest comment I have ever heard!

          1. No, no, Tomsula was used by Paraag and Baalke.

            Remember, Jed said that Tomsula claimed he could solve the game management problems. Tomsula would never say those things unless Jed asked him how he would fix things, then betrayed his confidences by blurting that out. Tomsula was then stabbed in the back by leaks that he would be fired after that last game.

            Sure, JH thought that Tomsula was the mole, but they still both coached together on the side line, and Tomsula admitted it was uncomfortable, but also denied being the leaker. Tomsula is a straight forward kind of guy, and is pretty transparent, so we would know if he is lying. I know when Baalke is lying. It is when he moves his lips

            When Tomsula found out that Paraag was the leaker, he left, and would not come back until he was fired. Jed went back on his word, and only demoted him, so Tomsula would come back only if Baalke and Paraag are gone. Paraag and Baalke are the rats, and this latest leak about Staley just confirms it.

          2. Prime:

            So it sounds like you believe it was Kelly that wouldn’t consider Tomsula. Then by extension wouldn’t that mean that Kelly is solely responsible for the hiring of O’Neill and shouldn’t he be blamed for that?

            1. I don’t think that anyone would consider Tomsula even it was just speculation. Rumors like that don’t go over well in the circles of coaching. How could he ever be trusted?
              As for O’Neill, of course that’s on Kelly. No one with a decent track record as a DC would want to work for Kelly. His system leaves you out to dry. How smart was Vrabel to decline that job?

              1. So who’s going to want to come here next year? And double ditto that for defensive FAs. Earlier I was thinking that the team could spend FA money on the defensive side of the ball and mostly use draft picks for the offensive side of the ball.

                But what defensive FA would want to come to this dumpster fire. The perception is that Kelly’s offense wears out the defense. Couple that with the inability to get a good DC and what defensive FA would want to come here even if the team pays top dollar?

              2. Have to over pay guys Cubus. Or hope they have ties to the Bayarea or family nearby. Money talks. That’s the only silver lining in attracting talent.

              3. Money may be the only arrow left in the quiver. But if I’m a defensive FA considering the niners I look at:

                1) a reputation (supported by some evidence) that the offensive scheme results in a defense spending too much time on the field,
                2) coupled with 1) above, I see niners defensive players dropping like flies this season. This makes me worry that I’ve increased the probability my career will be shortened.
                3) I see a team that is not competitive on either side of the ball and is a laughing stock around the league.

                Then I evaluate if that type of scenario is worth a mil or so more a year (assuming the niners would offer more than anyone else).

      2. Jack Hammer October 24, 2016 at 8:51 am
        Is there any example of a guy being fired by a team as a HC, and then going back to the same team as an assistant the very next season?
        Not the very next season but there have been a couple HC’s that were fired but returned a few years later as the teams coordinator; Dave Campo with the Cowboys and Gunther Cunningham with the Chiefs. There were 3 years between Cunningham’s dismissal and his rehire as the DC.

        1. Mike Smith was a HC, and he did a pretty good job yesterday as the Tampa DC. He actually made adjustments.

          Wade Phillips was a HC, and as the Bronco DC, he won a ring.

          1. Coffee,

            Yeah, that’s why I made sure to say the following season. There needs to be a cooling off period and often a regime change at some level.


            Yeah. Neither of those guys came back the next year.

            1. I know, but it is telling to see former HCs doing well as DCs.

              Also, Jim Schwartz has done well as the Eagles DC.

              1. You’re also referencing guys who were successful at points as HC and also as coordinators prior to being moved up to the HC role.

                Tomsula has never even been a coordinator in the NFL.

                The analogy you’re making is seriously flawed.

              2. Jack, the Niners should be desperate enough to try anything. They are paying Tomsula anyways, so why not?

                I agree that Tomsula was promoted to his level of incompetence per the peter principle, but he may do well as a DC, and he has a proven track record making the D line stout.

              3. Yeah, Tomsula was terrific when the 49ers had Justin Smith and Ray McDonald.

                He was also the coach that scouted Tank Carradine.

              4. Sorry, but Tank, being an ACL pick, had Baalke’s fingerprints all over it.
                Tomsula, being the D line coach, probably scouted every potential D line candidate.

    2. Cubus,
      Tomsula has the best job in the world right now. Getting paid for doing absolutely nothing!

      I don’t see how anyone would want to hop on board a sinking ship right now. Especially when they are receiving a regular paycheck already.

  34. I got to thinking yesterday about two 1st round draft selections that were sent packing by our divisional rival, the Seahawks. Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis. Sherman and Chancellor got inside their brains and laid eggs of intimidation. They were good enough players talent wise, however their mental toughness must be called into question. They were never able to overcome their lack of confidence in themselves when matched up against those two. This is the crux of the problem we are experiencing on the 49ers, in my humble opinion. The team needs an influx of Alpha Dogs both on offense and defense, otherwise their bark will continue to be worse than their bite….

    1. You look at Seattle’s roster and you see guys with a certain disposition that revolves around being ultra competitive. Basically the 49ers need to revamp their scouting personnel and philosophy.

      1. Agree with you guys.

        “Basically the 49ers need to revamp their scouting personnel and philosophy.”

        I said over a month ago that Baalke needs to go now so that Gamble can push the “reset” button. I can’t see it being anyone else but Gamble at this point.

        1. I agree. Nobody else would touch this job with a 10 foot pole. Why would they want to destroy their career coming here?

    2. Razor,

      You are right on the money with V Davis. He was actually one of our best weapons against Seattle until the cheap shot that gave him a concussion. After that VD started to play with alligator arms.

  35. Why is it that no reporters (or fans on this site) are bringing up the fact that Jed York basically stole 40 million dollars from the fans this season. By fielding a team with a combined salary 40 million under the cap, Jed reneged on his part of the deal with us fans. The deal was we would come up with PSL $$$ and buy season tickets and Jed would field a competitive team. We kept up our end of the deal, and Jed reneged on his end.

    It is not as if the 40 Million Jed did not spend on salary this year will increase the salary cap net year. The money has disappeared forever into Jed greedy pockets.

    Luckily I opted for the cheapest PSL. $ 2000 per seat up in section 412. I will pay the PSL money so Jed cannot sue me and then refuse to shell out $ 940 for the season tickets going forward. The PSL contract says that in that case Jed can take away the rights to our seats. He can have it…

    1. Rick, I have said that many times, and feel for you. The reality is that the Niners went cheap, with cheap results.

      Sorry you were duped into buying PSLs.

      1. I have no problem w the PSL and the value of the games will rebound- I made a lot of $ for 3 years the final run at The Stick and the 49ers simply brought things up to market value at the new stadium……. the NFL isn’t cheap- aside from Ten and Oak is pretty good as well.

    2. Salary cap space rolls over to the next year. I believe the teams have to spend something like 89% of their available space within a four year period (if my memory serves me correctly).

      1. I did not know that. Makes me feel a little bit better.

        Of course, I am still not confident that Jed and Trent can field a competitive team even if they spent the entire salary cap money.

  36. Another brutal weeks of picks. EastCoast9er and JPN both had good weeks and took advantage of the rest of us making picks with our eyes closed or at least that’s what it looks like.

    1. You know when JPN is in the lead that being successful this season is more about being lucky then being good. ;) NBL

  37. Honestly is there going to be anything to be excited about this year outside of a high draft pick next season? I would be sick if staley went to the seahawks

    1. Linebacker Aaron Lynch said “We have the team. We possibly have one of the best teams in the NFL, easily. Hands down. We need to know how to keep finishing games and work together throughout the whole game. Once we get that down, nobody’s going to be able to mess with us.”

      And safety Eric Reid: “I love this scheme. If everybody does their job, we shouldn’t get beat. But whenever there’s an explosive play, somebody is out of position. We just got to tighten up.”

      What is Chip putting in those smoothies??

      1. Great, the scheme isn’t the issue. It’s just a combination of the players and the coaching resulting in guys never being where they are supposed to be or doing what they are supposed to do. I could be wrong, but I always thought a good scheme was one that players were able to grasp well enough that these issues were limited.

  38. Rick, it’s not us fans that matter going forward Sure, we are good for buying $12 beers and caps and jerseys. It’s the sponsors that matter, and why is it that no one is going after the sponsors, or each sponsor’s rep that is cozy with Jed. These guys don’t want to lose their connection with York so they don’t take a stance. Someone in the media needs to identify each corporate rep that is the liaison with Jed, from Levi’s down to the suppliers, and publicly question him/her why nothing is being done.

    You want results? You want to hold Jed accountable as he directed? Go after the bloodline.

  39. Grant wants to know if Chip can make adjustments.

    Obviously not, because the first adjustment to make is firing O’Neil.

  40. Fooch says part of the Staley rumor is that the team is asking for a 1st rounder. If true at least we know why the story was short lived last year and will be this year too if that requirement doesn’t change. Apparently the Browns are ‘only’ asking for a 2nd for Joe Thomas. Thanks gonna make it extra tough for Baalke to get his asking price. According to the old men in dark rooms(Thanks for that one Tim Ryan) Thomas is ranked #7 and Staley is ranked #20.

    1. That’s gonna make it extra tough for Baalke to get his asking price.

      Can’t even blame that one on auto correct.

    2. Take a 2nd, possibly even a 3rd, and get something back in return- a young player to develop- NT, ILB, WR…………. gotta do it.

  41. Geno Smith = snake bit. Loses his starting job after getting ktfo by a teammate and now tears his ACL after regaining his starting job. He must have been a real pos in a former life or something for that kind of bad luck.

  42. The Niners are becoming difficult to watch. Part of bottoming out involves losing games, but when they lose and show lethargy while doing so, that becomes a problem. This team plays like they are coming off a bender the night before.

    Trying to pick out which player or position is worse is a complete waste of time. They are terrible everywhere across the board. I knew this season would be bad, but I always expect to see some form of improvement from young players and the team as a whole and they just aren’t competing at this point. There are no young players you can look at right now and see a great future on the horizon. On the contrary, the twin towers in particular look completely overwhelmed. Trent Brown is starting to look like a 7th round pick. Garnett can’t pass block to save his life. The pass rush is almost non existent. The TE’s can’t catch. The QB plays at a slower speed than everyone else on the field. On and on it goes.

    Say whatever you want about the Coaching (it’s a rudderless ship right now and the Coaches don’t seem to have any answers) but this starts and ends with the complete lack of NFL talent on this roster. You can’t compete in this league if you don’t have any high end impact players and this team is devoid of them. Their best players are marginally good NFL talent surrounded by backups starting out of necessity. I don’t know any Coach who could win with what is on this roster. Even Harbaugh had a tough final season when the injuries hit and he had to count on some of the backups to get through the season. There is just nothing here to build around or provide hope for the future.

    Unlike some above, I will never stop being a fan, it’s ingrained in me, but as much as I prepared myself for a poor season, I never expected it to be quite this bad. My 3-13 prediction may have been a tad optimistic.

    1. Rocket:

      Let’s separate coaching from scheme/game planning for a minute. I’m not at all convinced that the coaching of players on the technical and mental aspects of the game is better than last year. Lots of missed tackles and generally very poor play. The game planning and scheme might be a bit better, but to be honest, I base that solely on the WRs that have gotten open deep despite the poor WR corps and inability of our QBs to hit the broad side of a barn.

      1. Cubus,

        Tackling is poor everywhere because teams don’t practice it, but when you see players lining up wrong or making the same mistakes they shouldn’t at this point in the season, then Coaching is definitely a factor as well as scheme. Kelly isn’t going to fire himself as OC, but they can make a change defensively, and O’Neil shouldn’t be a DC in this league any longer. As poor as the talent is on this roster, there is no excuse for setting historical levels of ineptitude in run defense. His Browns defense was the worst against the run and now it’s continued in SF. I hated this hire when it was made and all he’s done is prove he is inept. Playing defense is almost completely reactionary. Athleticism and preparation can go a long way no matter what you have at your disposal. To allow teams to pile up 150+ yards rushing week after week is inexcusable. It’s complete and total incompetence.

        The offense is terrible in it’s own right, but you cannot compete in this league if you can’t stop the run and the Niners look helpless in that area at this point.

        1. I agree that O’Neill needs to go. I’m just saying that I don’t think the coaching is any better this year than last and may be worse.

          I’m also slowly coming to the realization that Kelly probably needs to go as well for there to be any meaningful change. Per my post above, with Kelly as the HC, I don’t believe that good defensive FAs will want to join this team. Just to be clear, per another post today, I believe Baalke needs to go now to give Gamble the opportunity to press the reset button on scouting.

          1. It’s hard to tell because of just how poor the roster is, but you can definitely see Coaching issues when players continue making the same mistakes week after week.

            I don’t see any FA’s finding this organization attractive right now, but I think it’s unrealistic to think Kelly will be fired after one year of a long term high priced contract. The Yorks aren’t going to eat 20+ million on a contract while they are paying out Tomsula on top of it. The only way Kelly won’t be the HC next year imo, is if he truly wants to head back to College and he and the Niners mutually part company.

            1. I’ve been of the same mind regarding Kelly’s salary and paying multiple HCs. That’s why I used the term “slowly”. Best thing would be for Kelly to go back to college. It’s got to be hard on him suddenly being viewed as a coach who is a loser vice an innovative winner (even if that really wasn’t true).

              1. The thing is why would he want to stay? Its gonna take all of that 43 million in cap space and about 3 drafts in the top 5 to get this thing back to respectability.
                Id throw the bank at Bill Parcells. He might be the only guy to get this right.

            2. i’m hoping that Duck fans make Chip an offer he can’t refuse. Jed needs to clean house and if Kelly stays the problem becomes an order of magnitude more difficult.

        2. “Tackling is poor everywhere because teams don’t practice it…”

          Don’t the Seahawks use more of a rugby style of tackling? Since it’s generally foreign to the NFL, don’t they have to practice that. Without looking up statistics, it sure seems like they have less injuries despite their aggressive style of play.

          1. I’m honestly not sure what the Seahawks do, but tackling is a lost art in the NFL. There are so many blown tackles each week and the technique is ridiculously poor in so many instances. Teams are so worried about injuries they don’t do live tackling anymore for the most part and it shows.

  43. That pass from Carr to Crabtree with Carr running to this right and Crab’s grabbing it over his shoulder was NFL perfection. That’s what I miss most in the game right now. Those magical QB/WR combo’s. Not calling Carr/Crabtree magical but they were on that play.

      1. That looks like what we saw from Kaepernick and Davis on that opening day in Dallas a few years ago. Oh the glory days…..

    1. The Raiders have built a really strong foundation at the key spots. Carr looks like a Franchise QB, Mack is an annual Defensive player of the year candidate, they have two WR’s that are #1 quality. Their defense has played really poorly this year while they incorporate so many new players into it, but if they get even average defensive play, they will win a lot of games with that offense.

  44. LOL! Cleveland would kick the Niners a#$!! Not even close. I agree. Quit with the grades. I didn’t see anything that warranted anything more than an F, and that will continue. Phil Barber’s grades were a joke. A B grade for the offensive line? Really? Yielded 4 sacks and multiple drive killing penalties and he gives them a B? Running backs get a B? Come on! Let’s lower the bar a little farther! Maybe underground would work. SAD

  45. Grant,

    Here’s a question for the presser today, “Do you believe this team has the talent to be successful?” Follow that up with, “Why are the coaches not able to bring that talent out?”

    1. In terms of early career production and before injury and turmoil for both, Kaepernick was the more efficient passer of the two. How bad is that for Geno?

  46. Let’s assume the Buckner and Armstead will get better. Maybe they could become pro-bowl type players. Let’s assume Robinson has that potential, and Trent Brown. Beyond that, who else? Who even sniffs pro-bowl ability on this team? Ward? Not really. guy can’t stay healthy. Garnett? Nothing appears special there. There is nothing to get excited about. We have picked so poorly for so long, the even our young players, the ones with potential, don’t look enticing.

    What really needs to happen is an intervention. Someone needs to start a movement, a website, a petition, maybe eve a protest in front of Niners headquarters demanding Baalke be fired. He is a cancer. He cannot evaluate talent, attract FA’s or top-level coaches. This would attract both the media and continue to put pressure on York to fire him. Personally, that is the only thing that is going to get me behind this team. I have devoted a nearly 40 years of my life to them. I can live with losing, but I cannot support a dysfunctional, embarrassing, almost criminal-type organization. They simply do not deserve my support, or yours.

  47. Yes its dark, yes its terrible to be a 49ers fan, but lets put this in perspective. One stellar draft that brings a franchise QB and or WR and RB, plus 43 million in cap space to bring in a pass rush, dline and safety and we are back baby!

    1. The moment we clean house from the top down we are back. Until then this franchise is stuck in the mud… STOP GOING TO GAMES people…. Let this ownership get embarrassed. Over time this works.. Might take 5 years for them to sell but they will eventually..

      1. Well maybe CK will turn this around, oh wait, that was 2012. The year you are hopelessly stuck in! BTW Seb, where is the storm you promised? Did you see Kaepernicks INT yesterday? I cut my grass, put away all the patio furniture, came back and the ball just left his hand. He is done!

        1. Having recorded the game, I replayed many plays.On that int, it sure looked like the defender broke on the ball better than the receiver. Kaep cant throw and catch the ball, unlike Gabbert. With no running game, Gabbert would have thrown 3 picks.

          Why was Kaep the Niner leading rusher? Nobody was open.

          1. The point is before CK was reinserted you blew around the idea that he would win 9 out of the next 10, a storm was coming, he would save the season. But now, how convenient that you say there is no running game and this and that.

            I told you long time ago, your hero was a one trick pony! He stinks! Talent around him or not, he is not a starting NFL QB. You over estimated, got too emotional over the guy. Now you look like an idiot still trying to defend his game. He’s got none moron!

            1. Prime, I said that I hoped he would do that. Hope is not a prediction that he would certainly do it.

              I said hoped he would do that, because I want the Niners to win.

              Guess what you define as a fan is different than my definition.

            1. Gabbert had a ball batted back at him, and caught it for a 10 yard loss instead of just letting it fall to the ground.

              Guess you liked Vance and his stone hands, I just wanted Hamm to be playing, because he has caught passes from Kaep.

              1. Seb,

                Where did I say I liked Vance? My post was about your undying love for Kap. You are defending the undefendable as if you we’re married to Kap.

          2. Seb, my buddie, Kaep missed several open receivers. I’m not sure Gabbert would have been better. Now I’d like to see how Ponder can do.

      1. (Hypothetically) Would Eddie D. need permission from the NFL if he ever wanted back as an owner?

        And after the salary cap virtually handicapped his team for a few years when he was owner, would he even want back in?

        1. AES,

          If I remember correctly, the owners would have to vote on it and have a certain percentage of yes votes, Jerry Jones has said that Eddie wouldn’t have a problem getting enough votes.

          As for your other question. Ed thought Denise would give the team back. He is dying to get this team back. The Niners were his extended family.

          We want Eddie! We want Eddie!

      2. 80 and Prime, you can’t be serious, right? You know that Eddie doesn’t own the team, I assume. He’d have to buy it back from Denise. No, I’m afraid this franchise will remain a disappointment, perpetually. Revenues would have to start dropping before Denise did anything, and what’s required she be highly reluctant to do — give someone with the know-how a guaranteed long-term contract with absolute say about what he does. She’d probably try several other measures first, and those would eat up 6-7 years, I’d guess. But she’s not at that stage. Depending upon her revenue stream, she might never be. Get used to this. Harbaugh was just a blip in the years she’s owned the team.

        1. George,

          I admit it may be false hope but it is the only hope I have for this team. Ed wouldn’t necessarily have to buy the team with cash only. He could trade family assets so Denise could still make an annual profit and give Jed a cushy job. That and a billion dollar check could be appealing. She also doesn’t like to be embarrassed by fans and now her niece. And no mother likes to see their child ridiculed on a daily basis.

  48. Jeff Deeney ‏@PFF_Jeff 22h22 hours ago

    The #49ers have had 44 draft picks over the last four drafts. There’s no excuse for them to have this little talent.

  49. Jeff Deeney Retweeted
    Ben Stockwell ‏@PFF_Ben 8h8 hours ago

    The 49ers are allowing a league worst 7.9ypc against power or counter run concepts.

    55% of those yards are being allowed before contact.

    1. Well, its only a lack of communication if the trade block rumours are true. Given only PFT have reported this (everyone else has referenced the PFT report), I’m not convinced it is real.

      1. The fact that the PFT story said that we are looking for a 1st round pick makes it kind of laughable. But it could have been a leak to drum up interest in Staley. Staley appears to be declining so if we can get a 2nd or 3rd round pick I say do it.

        1. If the 49ers got a good offer for Staley I am sure they would consider it. But PFT reported the same story last year, and same with the Browns looking to trade Thomas two years in a row. Like last year, I expect nothing will come of it for both teams again this year, because I don’t think either team is really that serious about looking to trade the players.

          1. I think they should trade Staley. Give him a chance to go to a contender and maybe win something!
            And yes, nothing less than a 1st

            1. It is not a good year to do so Prime. Trading Staley would vault the LT position up to the top of the priority, and the upcoming draft and free agency period is reportedly the worst it has been in years.

              1. That’s the problem I have with the idea of trading starters away. Unless you already have their replacement on the roster (e.g., Tartt could replace Reid) all you achieve by trading the player is create yet another hole in the roster that needs to be filled. And given there is an inherent risk in drafting and not every pick will work out (and for the 49ers under Baalke, very few work out) you are most likely not going to be replacing them with a decent starter, let alone a player as good or better.

                Replace the backup calibre guys that are being forced into starting roles first.

              2. I agree with that analogy but Brown can move to LT and a 1st in return allows you to address QB and WR/RB in the 1st round.

              3. Rebuild the entire offense with 1st and 2nd year players and be crappy again. Only this time be crappy with potential

        2. More leaks, how quaint….

          Business as usual, a standard operating procedure.

          Sounds like they are officially tanking to get a high draft position.

          1. Yup, Baalke is trying to stock up on draft picks because he thinks he is safe. Chip is refusing to make 2nd half adjustments so we will go 1-15. He hopes that record will get Baalke fired. If not he will go back to college.

            I’m sure the players sense this. If they were to say something about it they would be labeled as difficult.

            1. Reports say that Chip had no inkling that Staley is on the trade block, so this is a classic Baalke move. Just the fact that it was another leak just means that Baalke is conducting business as usual.

  50. Off topic-
    In a stroke of good fortune I missed Sunday’s game. I’m rather sure I had a more exciting time than you guys who watched. We were in a rental in Foresta (Yosemite) Sun night/Mon when a big time thunder storm rolled over. Lightning struck a 45′ tall Cedar about 50 yards away and It exploded! BOOM! We both hollered ‘wow!’ from bed. Lost power. We thought it had hit the house.
    This morning checking it out, it blew the top half of the tree into 6′ shards spread for 15-20 yards, smaller pieces up to 40 yards. Demolished a phone line hub and the power box for all of that area. I guess the rain put out the fire immediately.
    So…….o…oh, ….judging by the grades…..
    (In the words of Seb): I win

    Someone asked on here fairly recently, if there was a series of events by ownership, management, coaching, and/or players sufficient to make any of us cease to be Niner fans.
    For me, no; but if it becomes too painful or watch….well……maybe I have to go on sabbatical and hope they grow out of it. Looks like I may be headed for an extended, multi-year vacation.
    ‘Fair weather fan?’ Not! I suffered through many many lean years, but geez, at some point we’re just enablers.

      1. No, no, I swear there was a shirt storm that hit Levi stadium last Sunday.

        On that 43 yard Tampa TD run, Bellore vacated the gap the RB ran through, and he blocked Willhoite, too.

        1. Hard to believe the holes we we saw open up were from great blocking always. I don’t have replay but I saw too many obvious blown assignments to accept the 100% bad talent excuse.

          1. Oh, I do not solely blame the players. O’Neil deserves a lot of criticism, and Chip for not making the proper adjustments.

            Jed should have fired O’Neil last week because he gave up 492 yards, with 312 yards rushing. Last game, they gave up 513 yards, which was worse than the previous week.

            Good coaching will take raw, but talented players and forge them into a cohesive unit. Bad coaching will take take talented players, and sit them while marginal players let the opponents to run through the defense like a red hot knife through soft butter.

  51. sebnynah October 24, 2016 at 1:49 pm
    I will admit that the whole team sucks.

    With better support and better coaching, Kaep will do better.

    Dude just stop it. Most knew you were wrong about him with all of the storm talk, Kelly’s offense talk, he’s healthy talk, he was one throw away from a suoerbowl win talk.
    Take your medicine and move on. You are already a punchline on here.

    1. MD, I expect Kaep will leave this dysfunctional dumpster fire, and resurrect his career. Even though he lost, Kaep has used his legs to avoid sacks and gain first downs. What I like even more is that Kaep is not throwing 3 yard passes when they need 6 yards for a first down.

      I cannot force Chip to utilize him properly, but was satisfied to see Kaep roll out and throw a TD pass, something I have been advocating so many times, you all are sick of me saying that.

      Go ahead and root for more futility, that storm has come and will sit over this team as long as Baalke is GM.

      1. Oh boy, now we’re transferring the storm metaphor…from Kaep taking the league by said storm to a storm settling in over the 9ers. Where’s a good earthquake when you need one. Love this blog!

        1. Cassie, your daddy sure seems quiet…. although he is now throwing out a Staley diversion.

          Maybe he is still thinking about that bait shop.

      2. “What I like even more is that Kaep is not throwing 3 yard passes when they need 6 yards for a first down.”

        You clearly didn’t actually watch the game yesterday

          1. Guess you must have fast forwarded through the 49ers last possession of the 1st half.

            3rd and 8 at SF 40
            (0:23 – 2nd) (Shotgun) C.Kaepernick pass short left to S.Draughn to SF 42 for 2 yards. Caught at SF 42. 0-yds YA

          2. There was the play where Harris made a great play… making 3 defenders miss and gained and extra 7 yards on his own for the first down. Kaep threw short of the sticks quite a bit however at this point I am starting to think its a hallmark of Chip Kelly’s offense.

    1. I dont buy that this is a leak. Florio is not a respected among his peers for having solid sources. The niners may well deal Staley, Smith or anyone but that is because they have so many holes to fill and these players are not essential to the rebuild process.

  52. I had to laugh after the last game. Kreuger wanted callers to postulate ideas and ways the Niners could improve.

    After every caller called for Baalke to be fired, he said other than Baalke being fired, who had ideas to help them stop being so horrible. Everyone still thought Baalke should be fired, and stated that the lack of talent was obvious, and Baalke’s fault.

    1. The best solution would be for the York’s to sell the team. This is not only a Baalke problem, it stems from the very top.
      However, as that is not a reasonable expectation… Baalke needs to be the one to fall on the sword next.

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