49ers 17, Jets 23: Grades


These are the grades for the 49ers’ 12th loss in a row – a 23-17 overtime collapse against the New York Jets who quit last week and didn’t even want to be here.

QUARTERBACK: F-plus. Colin Kaepernick made plays early in the game, as usual, and posted a quarterback rating of 158.3 in the first quarter. Then, he completely fell apart when it counted, as usual, and posted a quarterback rating of 49.7 after the first quarter. Threw for 17 yards in the second half and overtime combined. And it wasn’t even snowing. He had no excuse. He’s just a terrible quarterback whose career probably will end in three weeks.

RUNNING BACKS: A-minus. Carlos Hyde was the best player on the field during the first half when he rushed seven times for 141 yards and caught a touchdown pass. He ran harder than I’ve ever seen him run – the Jets had absolutely no interest in touching him. But then, the first half ended. And in the second half, Hyde didn’t rush as hard as before, which is his pattern. The Jets mostly held him in check until overtime, when he broke free for a 20-yard gain. But four plays later on fourth-and-2, Hyde ran up the middle and went nowhere and the Jets won a few plays later.

WIDE RECEIVERS: C-minus. Jeremy Kerley caught five passes for 50 yards and would have caught more if Kaepernick hadn’t missed him three times. Kerley is a good player, as is Torrey Smith, who left the game in the third quarter after hitting his head on the hard grass and suffering a concussion.

TIGHT ENDS: D-minus. Vance McDonald left the game early due to a shoulder injury. His replacement, Blake Bell caught a long pass and dropped a long pass.

OFFENSIVE LINE: A. These guys pushed around the fourth-best run defense in the NFL and gave up just two sacks despite missing Joe Staley all game and Daniel Kilgore most of the game.

DEFENSIVE LINE: D-plus. DeForest Buckner recorded two sacks and generally played well against the pass. But, this group gave up 188 rushing yards to a team that lost its starting running back, Matt Forte, early in the game after he rushed just three times for eight yards.

LINEBACKERS: F. Got punked by Bilal Powell, who had 311 rushing yards and one rushing touchdown coming into the game, and 145 rushing yards and two touchdowns today. Powell broke about 1,000 tackles in the second half alone.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: C-minus. Jimmie Ward made a beautiful play to intercept Bryce Petty’s first pass and set up the 49ers’ first touchdown. But, this group gave up 8.7 yards per pass attempt after the first half to a quarterback making his first ever start on the road. And Antoine Bethea was particularly awful. He looked old and slow. He needs to retire.

SPECIAL TEAMS: F. Phil Dawson missed two field goals. He also should consider retirement.

COACHES: Ω. This was Chip Kelly’s worst performance of the season. He had an 11-point lead in the fourth quarter and lost by six. His offense gained 279 net yards in the first half and just 47 net yards after that. All against a Jets team that was dead on arrival.

The Niners lost because their coaching stunk and so did their halftime adjustments. Period.

After the game, Kelly said he looks at the second-half problems on a game-by-game basis. Doesn’t look for an overarching theme. So I said to him, “Some people would say the pattern this season has been a lack of effective halftime adjustments. Would you say that is fair?”

“No, I wouldn’t say that’s fair,” he said.

I would say it’s fair. Would you say it’s fair?

Kelly is denial. And that’s why he loses the same way every week. And that’s why he probably never will coach another game in the NFL after this season.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for The Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at grantcohn@gmail.com.

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    1. He makes more contact with the ground with his pregame kneel than in 60 minutes of football.

      He is terrible. Bellore is terrible. Brock is terrible. Bethea is becoming terrible. Other than those guys, I think the youth of the defense lends to mistakes and overall bad play. But I see promise.

      1. The people that’s crawling from under there rocks still on kaepernick.
        When indeed if Phil wouldn’t have missed those field goals we would have won.

    2. Eli has 18 solo tackles, 30 combined. Ahmad Brooks has 28 solo tackles 39 combined. Harold has been in on 577 snaps at LB and Brooks has seen 755. Eli has 1 tackle for every 19.2 plays and Brooks has 1 tackle for every 19.3 plays.

  1. ST gets A++. If not for Dawson, Niners would have (shudder) won the game…

    Jed: Hold me accountable.
    Baalke: It’s on me.
    Kelly: That’s on me.
    Sounds like a confessional. Denise — it’s time to act.

    1. Everyone says blame ME.

      Kap…”WE need to do better. WE need to focus. WE blah blah blah.”

      Nice to know nothing is his fault.

    2. Mood
      No, they all really want out.
      Chip-Fire me!
      Trent-No, no fire ME!
      Jed-Can’t I get out of here? This sugar sucks! Just send me my checks at home already.

      1. Bro,
        The banner for Jan 1 game against the Seahawks should be:
        “Yorks have destroyed what Eddie built”

      2. Brother Tuna,

        It reminds me of the old SNL (Belushi) skit on the pirate ship, when everyone was trying to take the punishment.

    3. Did Jim Tomsula say ‘it’s on me?’
      I believe Singletary said something about ‘go look at the film…’

  2. Time for the Dorks fire Baalke and hire a new president and let that person make all football decisions just be there to open the wallet and attend games that’s it.

  3. The curse of the bambino lasted about 75 years … the curse of the goat (I think it’s called, maybe something else) lasted 108 years, just broken) … the curse of Harbaugh (firing of) will last ….?

    I would still call him back, full control, small piece of the team lime the A’s did to keep Beane …

      1. You wasn’t saying that when they was winning fake ass 49ers fans. Kaepernick and J.H has nothing to do with what’s going on now. Keep it real. Bad ol line and bad df line something we had when J.H was here.

  4. On the bright side the #2 Draft choice looks to be close to a lock.
    In the second half the team played like the game was over at half time. This is a continuing problem which both the players and coaches are responsible.

    1. The 2nd pick…………There’s a 50% chance Prag picks it. Yorks dont like “outsiders” coming in with new ideas, different insights.

      Its uncomfortable to hear criticism, and they are not big enough. It’s all about comfort for the York’s.

  5. “He’s just a terrible quarterback whose career probably will end in three weeks”
    Good night everyone!

      1. I am going to sleep like a baby the 49ers lost again. To hear Baalke, Chip Kelly, Kaepernick and Jed York being gone, it’s beautiful.

    1. Probably fortunate we’re not playing the Browns unless you want that #1 pick…. They’d beat us too.

    2. Matt

      That is hilarious ! Of course you know which posters on here that you’re addressing….They’re already saving up material for next season….

  6. The good teams beat the brains out of this Niners team and the bad teams just hang around until the Niner offense implodes.. That simple..

  7. All Kaepernick had to do was make a few throws in the 2nd half to some open guys and that games over… today just reinforced what we’ve known all along , he is not a starting QB

        1. So then what is the point? You like the numbers or the results? The fact the guy crumbles in pressure situations means the 49ers should put this guy on the airplane that flies these banners right out of town.

          1. I do not like any team with a 12 game losing streak, and that includes the QB.

            I am just happy that the memories of the Glory Years will sustain me through these trying times.

            Sounds like you are happy they lost.

            1. I know I am!

              It facilitates change……this whole front office needs to be gone-all of it. And that includes the York family.

  8. As much as Trent Baalke is despised and ridiculed for his numerous gaffs in drafting medical rejects in addition to his other numerous faux pas, the Chip Kelly coaching staff has to take the blame for the total flop in the second half and OT for this production. You cannot credit Kelly for the offensive genius of the first half and then turn around and not blame Kelly and his minions for the total rotten egg his offense laid in the second half. Sorry, but this has nothing to do with Baalke players. If that is the case, you have to credit Baalke for the first half production. This is a totally abysmal Kelly coached and orchestrated performance for the final 30+ minutes of the game. Sorry, but Kelly and his crew have laid an egg week in and week out in the second halves of games.

    When I think of hls so-called offensive expertise I think of FINOCCHIO’s in San Francisco, before the time of many of you…..Finocchio’s was a nightclub and bar in San Francisco. The history of the club started as a speakeasy called the 201 Club in 1929, located at 406 Stockton Street.[1] In 1933, with the repeal of prohibition, the club moved upstairs and started to offer female impersonation acts; after police raids in 1936 the club relocated to the larger 506 Broadway location.[1][2] Finocchio’s night club opened June 15, 1936 and was located in San Francisco, California, above Enrico’s Cafe at 506 Broadway Street in North Beach. The term “Finocchio” is Italian for fennel but is often a negative term for gay.[1]…..Instead of female impersonation acts, Chip is impersonating a NFL football coach.

    1. Carol Doda also comes to mind. There’s some real boobs in charge of this team. Can I say that?

      1. As a kid, my Bible, the Greensheet, had ads claiming that “two of the three most famous landmarks in San Francisco belonged to Carol Doda.” Remember it well.!

  9. Problem: Owner doesn’t value wins as much as revenue from extra event dates at his shiny new stadium. Increased value of the franchise, 50 mil. under the cap, out of dumpySF along with sold lux. Boxes means things are really good for Jed and family, they get huge revenues from the NFL but are contributing less to it each week. There’s no penalty for bad management, hires and decision making.

    1. That empty stadium does not buy beer, so the bottom line is being affected. I thought it looked less than half empty, but it may have been less than a third full.

      1. Tje Yorks could field a team of you, me, Grant, Darren and his mother (the only way she’d let him out of the basement) and they’d still pocket a 1/4 billion$ just from the shared TV revenue.

        But keep hoping for new owners.

      2. That empty stadium needs to continue. We are all chumps for taking his product far, far more seriously than he does…………


    Receivers C- the best thing they did was Smith getting a concussion –if they all get concussions next week give them an A

  11. Well, the good news about currently appropriate 49er gear is that I can get a paper grocery bag at the market for $.10 to put over my head, and Jed doesn’t get a cut of the action. Sweet.

  12. Grant, I cannot disagree with any of your grades.

    Glad you qualified the adjustments as effective adjustments, because they did do adjustments, but they were totally defeatist adjustments. Any team that turtles, deserves to lose.

  13. Were have I seen this before.

    1. Who is germ? Is that the name of someones pet hamster?

    2. Rushing for 1000 yards is no great accomplishment. Especially when a good chunk of those yards came late in games when the D was playing deep prevent zone D.

    3. Concerned about the extension for Vance Mac. WTF is that all about?

    4. Bell had a nice grab on a perfectly thrown ball. That was the first half of course.

    5. Time to completely clean house. I really like the idea of Mike Smith as HC.

    6. Adios Jed and trent.

    1. From the article:

      “If Kelly can’t call the right plays in meaningless games against floundering opponents, how should the York’s and 49ers fans trust he’ll improve with time? That’s a fair question that needs to be pondered by the billionaire family when considering Kelly’s job status.”

      “Let’s first acknowledge his few successes: His handling of Kaepernick’s protest, his ability to score first quarter touchdowns with regularity and his stronghold on the locker room all are real. The players do not want to see Kelly fired.”

      “The bad news is lurking from multiple corners of the facility, though. Should he survive a first meeting with the York family, he’ll have to survive a second one with whoever the incoming general manager is. He’ll be praying the choice is assistant GM Tom Gamble, his buddy from Philly.”

  14. Of course the players don’t want to see Chip fired. He’s running a country club, and they are paid to attend. Things are loose and aside from the losing, not really too bad. Who would want to mess this up?

  15. Each week I say it can’t get any worse, that we’ve hit rock bottom; then the team finds a way to find a new bottom. Today was our last best chance to add another win to a horrific season- if nothing else for pride. Yet we get beat by a bad team that also had only pride to play for. 1:15 seems almost a foregone conclusion now. I bet the New Year’s Day game will be a sea of Seahawk Blue.
    Sad and pathetic.
    Is it possible that Levis was built on an Indian burial ground?

    Shame on the Yorks for what they have allowed to happen to a once-proud marquis franchise and for their total disregard for a loyal fan base.

  16. Grades were just about perfect Grant except of course I would give Colon an F-. Come on, he drove them what, 12 yards for the first give away touchdown. Take that score away and it was a pretty dismal performance, as usual. Probably not bad for him. He completed a few passes. Wow! When the time comes to win games, he just doesn’t have what John Madden used to call the “it” factor. Never has. Never will. As far as Kelly, he’s just smart enough to come up with a few plays to fool a defense before the real professionals analyze and take apart his simpleton game plan. Man, pops is really against a Mike Shanahan hire. Is there some bad blood there? I think Mike has forgotten more about football then the Chipster will ever know. How about Holmgren as GM and Shanahan as HC? Or maybe Seb, if we can get mommy to end home schooling a little early each day. ;)

  17. Did anybody on the planet not know that the overtime fourth down play was going to Hyde up the middle? Pathetic……….

  18. It is mystifying to see the Niners do so well to begin the game, but suck in the second half.

    My conclusion is that the other team is learning the Niner signals, so they know exactly what to expect. It is a lot easier to defend a play when you know where the ball is going and the intended receiver. When the whole squad looks to the side line to get a signal, maybe they should assume that the other team is studying those same signals.

    Niners need to be more deceptive, and way less predictable.

    1. It is mystifying to see the Niners do so well to begin the game, but suck in the second half.

      Are you kidding? It is currently their weekly tradition.

      1. He fooled me into thinking that he would utilize Kaep properly, and was competent to make effective adjustments.

        1. What good is it going to do if Kelly utilizes Kaepernick properly? I mean he would pummeled if he tried to take a knee each time.

  19. Well, the silver lining is that the Niners are so bad, Jed may be held accountable.

    Baalke just did another bone headed move by signing a player who promptly got injured.

    While I like Chip, he has shown his limitations. I wish him well.

    Kaep may have played so poorly, no other team will take a chance on him, so he may stay with the Niners. Niners may just cut him to offset the loss of beer revenues.

    Levi’s officially became a mausoleum.

      1. I hope another coach will utilize him properly, be it on the Niners or another team.

        Of course, he can opt out, and I would not fault him in the slightest if he left, but I still like his skillsets.

        We all have seen what he can do with a decent supporting cast.

        Then we have this year.

        1. Harbaugh, Tomsula, and Kelly… Now we have 3 coaches that couldn’t “use” him properly… at some point you have to wonder if maybe its a Kaep problem. Especially when you consider Harbaugh resurrected Smith and Kelly made Bradford, Nick Foles and Michael Vick look good. :/

          1. I have been advocating that they need to roll him out so he can throw on the move, but they all want to force him to be only a pocket passer, which is not a strength.

            1. The niners have consistently tried to roll him out. In the Harbaugh years only Russell Wilson rolled out more often than CK. Then they tried to do the same thing under Tomsula but Arizona completely exposed it, by adjusting their defense so that anytime the niners rolled out they were running into the teeth of the defense.
              Defenses run their defenders straight up the field then come in… this means that CK should have more time and a nice pocket to throw from. However on designed rollouts… he’s is running directly into the waiting arms of a defender (and only has half the field to throw to) or has to give ground, running backward before taking a sack for a huge loss or throwing the ball out of bounds.

              1. Many teams have figured out ways to roll out the QB. Miami did it to the Niners.

                Niners could easily do it by putting a TE in motion and have him pinch in the end, and not even worry about the pass rusher from the other side, because he would be too far away to be involved.

                Like the Sundance Kid, when allowed to moved, he could be deadly accurate. Kaep has shown many times that he can throw on the move. In the first half, he completed his first 7 passes. I saw him throw with nice touch and he was accurate. In the second half, he was a totally different QB, and I cannot defend that performance.

                Forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer is like putting an Abrams tank in a pit. It showcases his weakness instead of accentuating his strengths.

                For his own sanity, I hope Kaep flees this dysfunctional dumpster fire, because they will never use him properly.

                Niners need to burn it down to the ground and start all over. They need to start with Jed, the FO and the coaches, then work on the players.

                Like Randy Cross said, it will be a 5 year process, and it looks like they are going to need to start all over.

                Denise needs to perform an intervention, because Jed is incapable of change.

            2. Don’t you think that rolling him (Kap) would actually make him more predictable?
              Defenses would only need to defend one side of the field – the right side. He struggles throwing to the left.

              Kap is not an NFL QB, and never will be. When a QB struggles after 5 seasons in the league which includes being benched a couple of times – it’s time for the team to look elsewhere for QB help.
              Also, the front office should show the same impatience and low tolerance with Kap that it had with Alex Smith.

              Going forward, either of these QB’s: Trubisky, Kizar, Watson or Mahomes would do a better job at QB than what we have now!

              1. Every team said in their post game comments that their strategy was to contain Kaep in the pocket.

                Niners was very obliging.They allowed themselves to be shaped by the defense.

                Rolling out may take away half of the field, but if the Niners flood a zone, the defender will have to decide on who he covers, which will leave a man open. Also, the defender on the other side will be rendered useless, yet Kaep has enough arm to throw the ball back to the other side many times. I remember he did it with Gore, who scored a TD, so it can be an effective scheme.

              2. Uh, Seb????????

                Abrams tanks are notorious for hitting what they aim at. Kap, not so…………..

  20. If we get a new coach every year, at least we don’t know what we’re getting until it’s to late!

  21. Grant, thank you for the spot on review of Quarterback as this has been a continuous problem pattern all season. When the offense failed to launch sustainable drives in the second half it became apparent the Niners would blow the lead and eventually loose the game. Also agree with your assessment of the offensive line where the game is normally won if competent, enabled and motivated players are fielded (QB) with this unit.

    As a dedicated fan, I have come to expect this product type behavior from the organization. Mrs. York, unless there is real change in the off-season, I will more than likely not renew my NFL ticket. This may be sending a message parallel to your season ticket holders.

    Finally, credit to the Jets, they wanted it more and it showed. Embarrassing to the Niners to loose at home with a two-possession lead in a new stadium.

  22. Nightmare scenario. Gamble replaces Baalke and keeps Kelly. Gamble and Kelly draft Watson with the 2nd pick. They don’t address the defense. The offense struggles again, Watson is terrible. The team is set back another year with Kelly, another 3 to 8 years because of Watson.

  23. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. The conflict between playing well to win a meaningless game and taking a loss to protect a high draft pick that may result in a franchise changing player is difficult to reconcile.

    Here’s to hoping this is the winter of my discontent and a successful offseason of great draft picks and strategic free agency pickups results in a turnaround. As they say:

    Hope springs eternal in the human breast;
    Man never Is, but always To be blest.
    The soul, uneasy, and confin’d from home,
    Rests and expatiates in a life to come.

    Alexander Pope

  24. Its maddening… Coaches and FO folks have been fired around the league for much less…. Yet here we are losers of 12 straight and yet no one has been fired for this disaster (not even an assistant). It’s almost like the Yorks condone this crap… I don’t like Chip as HC but I bet even he is hoping the Yorks fire him from this colossal train wreck of an organization :/

    1. Red

      NO,,,! Say it’s not so…YOU don’t like ‘Chip’ as HC…How would one ever guess …?

  25. What’s the deal with ck contract next season. I know it was redone mid season. Can the FO void it? Is it it kaepernicks decision? I thought the FO had the options to cut him after each season…….

  26. The Faithful have been through hard times before. All too familiar.
    The Faithful have had controversial quarterbacks before. Also familiar. Today however we have reached new ground. Instead of cliques favoring Alex over Kap or Kap over Blaine, we have a situation where only 4 people on the planet and only one on this blog think the QB is worthwhile: Colin’s parents and girlfriend, and of course, you know who.

    I suppose there’s some entertainment value in witnessing the mental and emotional antics of The Great Apologist with his breathtaking leaps of ‘logic’ in defense of the object of his affection, but after a while it’s not that great watching a cat chase his tail.

    1. Well said .. Brotha ..

      I bet you could win an intellectual
      “war of words” .. with … u-hhh

      (you know who)

      1. I have said many times that Chip should make it competitive. Let one start, and allow him to play until he fails to lead them to a score, then let the other start until he does not score, either. It would reward success.

        Better yet, let Kaep play only the first half when he does well, then let Gabbert play the second half.

    2. Brotha T-
      I have it on good authority that Colin’s parents are on the fence on this one…

    3. BT, I just want the Niners to win, and thought that Kaep gave them the best chance to win, but even I will admit that he has not done well enough. His second half performances are forgettable, and makes me wonder if the FO and coaches want the Niners to lose, because they are being shaped by the opponents.

      Looks like they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

      1. Fraudnnoying says ” but even I will admit that he has not done well enough”

        Gee, ya think?

        1. Prime, I admit he did not do well, but this whole team is imploding, so the best thing for all, is to burn it down and start all over.

          You may get your wish, but just expect more losing seasons.

          1. I’m okay with burning it all down. Better to start anew and let a young quartet of WR, QB, and RB come in together and become hopefully the next triplets.
            But anymore of this non-sense with Kap is just ridiculous. Lets move on from this fraud already!

            1. You can diss him all you want. He deserves criticism.

              I still like him, and nothing you say will change my mind. Remember, there is only one winning QB, and 31 losing QBs, so the odds are not in the favor of any QB to win it all.

              Kaep will be fine, because this league has a desperate need for QBs, and Kaep would be an upgrade to many teams. I wish him well.

              Now I am resigned to see the Niners draft a QB, and miss out on a stud defensive player in the first round.

              Maybe Razor will get his wish and the Niners will draft Kizer.

              1. No one is trying to change your mind. Just the simple acknowledgement that he is not the franchise QB or all world QB you keep painting him out to be after performances like last night or 2 years prior.

                Maybe a change a scenery does him well. I doubt it but I’m of the opinion its time to cut him loose!

                Its nice to finally hear you admit that I was right and you are wrong!

              2. I still think he will take the league by storm, just not on this team that is devoid of talent, with brain dead coaches and a classless FO.

  27. Last year and the year before that there were stories about coaches and some players losing the locker room. I wonder why nothing has surfaced this season.
    Party on?
    #1 draft pick is the goal?

  28. Hey Grant-

    As one close to the sources, how long do you predict it will be until Jed resurfaces and addresses the public on this mess? Could he actually put it off until the season is over and he has changes to announce?
    It’s mind boggling that he has been able to hide for so long now.

  29. Wins: 1
    Loss’ 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12

    This is why most NFL teams blow the office up. Not the Yorks, lets reshuffle the deck chairs on board the SS 49er (Titanic) and go get em next year. That is, expect Baalke, Kelly and Jed back on board—just in different roles….It’s the way the York’s fool PSL holders.

  30. There is no leadership on this team in the locker room. Ownership, either, but that’s a diff topic.

    This cannot be ignored as a huge issue. Kaep has an arm, yes. Can run, yes. Is accurate, sometimes. Gives you a chance to compete, yes. Gives you a sustained chance to win, NO. Kaep supporters on this blog need to factor in the last 2 points, they are really what holds teams back from being able to be rebuilt. I find it extremely ironic that Kaep tries to be an activist influencer and leader, yet his own guys would not follow him to beach at Normandy. We had guys like this (Willis, Bowman) but they are gone and no one has stepped up. That’s not on the coach, that’s on players and character selection of players (FO). In fact, I have seen the big step backwards by the team and everyone took that step simultaneously.

  31. Look across the Bay, players and FO and especially ownership. There’s a blueprint top to bottom of accountability, building a winner in FO and building a winner on the field and in the locker room. Was it smooth, no, Did they deal with their mistakes, YES. Mark Davis inherited the situation from hell. Jed and Trent CREATED the situation that is hell.

  32. The 49ers have allowed more points through 13 games than they allowed all last season (393 in 2016, 387 in 2015: http://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/sfo/), and they are on pace to allow the most points in franchise history.

    The 49ers have scored more points to date this season than all of last season (251 in 2016, 238 in 2017) and are on pace to equal the point total from the 2014 8-8 team.

    The offense is bad. The defense is abysmal.

    1. (251 in 2016, 238 in 2017) should read (251 in 2016, 238 in 2015)

      I was not intentionally making a prediction for next year. ;)

  33. Kelly is starting to talk and look like Jimmy T.
    Baalke is a master at bringing out the worst of people!

    1. Yep, this loss is entirely on the offense. They were completely unable to hold onto possession for most of the game. If it wasn’t for a Ward INT and some big runs in the first half from Hyde this game would have been a blow out loss.

    2. Kinda reminds me of the Steve Deberg days, when the Niners would get a lead, only to lose in the end.

      Niners need to draft a defense, because no FA will ever want to come here.

        1. Niners need a whole new team.

          Kaep may move to the Rams so he can play the Niners twice a year…..

          1. And we’ll whup him twice a year. Easy-just stack the box and force Kap to beat you through the air.


            1. Kaep will be supported with a stout defense and an elite RB.

              Kinda like when he played for JH.

              Now, if only JH came to the Rams…..

  34. Here goes again and again and again… the Yorks are toxic .
    Jed is an entitled moron when it comes to football.
    Trent needs to go.

    Kaepernick is… not the answer, has not been the answer and will never be the answer.. just move on.

  35. I’m still trying to figure out what Colon’s skill set is. It’s certainly not mental. He has no idea how to read a defense. This is fact. This is why he cannot go through progressions. He can’t. He doesn’t have the intellectual fortitude to accomplish this task. Plays are designed for him to throw to one receiver. If that receiver is not open he runs. He has no clue on where the other receivers are on the field, let alone the defenders. This is fact. His so called skill set is certainly not mechanical. He has horrible throwing mechanics. His footwork is terrible, and his arm position and slow delivery are elementary. This is fact. Because of this, he is very inaccurate. This is fact. So even if the play works where he has time and the one receiver he is supposed to throw to is open, he misses them. This is fact. He cannot throw to the left side of the field successfully. This is fact. Is he a good scrambler. Yes, he can run. Very much so because once his prime receiver is covered, and pressure comes, his eyes drop and he’s off and running. Does he in his panic catch a receiver that has broke free from coverage. Sure. Maybe once or twice a game. So what. Colon cannot and never will win a big game with his arm. Never. This is fact. And then throw in all the other dynamics that make a great NFL quarterback. Being a leader. Being trustworthy. He is neither. This is fact. He is a self centered, untrustworthy loner. He is the opposite of a leader. He has no followers. This is fact.

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