49ers 20, Cardinals 17: Grades

SANTA CLARA – Hey, at least the 49ers didn’t lose to both Cardinals’ backup quarterbacks this season.

KAEPERNICK: B+. Played his best when it really mattered. Threw two touchdown passes and zero picks for the first time since Week 6. Also threw zero fourth-quarter touchdown passes for the 18th game in a row. Would have committed a Delay of Game penalty with 2:11 left in the fourth quarter if Marcus Martin hadn’t been flagged for a false start as the play clock expired. Even at his best, Kaepernick makes the same mistakes every game. The Niners need to take a quarterback in the first few rounds of the upcoming draft.

RUNNING BACKS: A. God love Frank Gore. He came into the game averaging just 2.7 yards per carry against the NFC West this season. But today he averaged 5.8 yards per carry and gained a whopping 144 rushing yards. Way to go out on top, Frank. The Niners need to replace him in the upcoming draft.

WIDE RECEIVERS: C. My stat sheet says Anquan Boldin was targeted nine times and caught just two passes. Am I reading that correctly? Is that a typo? I’m also seeing that Michael Crabtree averaged 10.2 yards per catch this season. Just five wide receivers averaged fewer yards per catch than Crabtree this season. Now that Crabtree is a free agent, why would any team want him? The Niners don’t need him. They need to draft a wide receiver in the first round. Google DeVante Parker.

TIGHT ENDS: F. Again, the Niners threw Vernon Davis just one pass. Again, it wasn’t deep or in the red zone. If the coaches had a grudge against Davis, they got even. Davis had by far the worst season of his career.

OFFENSIVE LINE: A. Dominated everywhere. Gore averaged 5.28 yards per carry running left, 5.71 yards per carry running right and 5.75 yards per carry up the middle. Anthony Davis makes such a big difference in the running game.

DEFENSIVE LINE: D. Gave up 98 rushing yards to bad running backs. Even though Tank Carradine sacked Ryan Lindley once, Lindley had more than enough time to scan the field and throw the ball most of the game.

LINEBACKERS: D. Michael Wilhoite intercepted a pass. Aaron Lynch sacked Lindley on the second-to-last play of the game. Aldon Smith didn’t sack or hit Lindley once. His play drastically deteriorated during his 9-week suspension this season. Lynch, not Smith, currently is the Niners’ best pass rusher.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: C. Considering the Niners had no pass rush, these guys did OK. Even Craig Dahl wasn’t terrible – he made the game-ending interception. The defense had no answer for Michael Floyd (8 catches, 153 yards, 2 touchdowns) but they’ve never had an answer for him.

SPECIAL TEAMS: B. Phil Dawson can’t kick kickoffs into the end zone anymore, but he made a 53-yard field goal, so he isn’t washed up yet.

COACHES: C. I get why teams want Jim Harbaugh – his winning percentage is through the roof. But I don’t get why any team would want Greg Roman. The 49ers’ first-string offense scored just 75 points after halftime this season – 4.7 points per second half. Is that the worst second-half output in NFL history? Whatever it is, it will haunt Roman for the rest of his career.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for The Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at grantcohn@gmail.com.

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  1. So, is Roman going with Harbaugh, or are the 49ers the poor saps who had to stay with Roman just because Harbaugh is stubborn?

      1. Word? Whose word is that? I would think that would certainly explain part of it, but who in an official capacity has spoken such “word”?

        1. That’s the word I’ve been hearing as well. They told him last year at seasons end to get rid of Roman and he said no. They approached him before the draft and asked him to again or contract extension talks would end. Again he told them no. It’s in Harbaughs contract that he has final say on his staff. If he would have fired Roman, he’d still be with us at around 7.5 million per year. This will all eventually come out probably over the next few weeks I would imagine.
          Harbaugh and Roman go back to Jims playing days. It’ll be interesting to see if Romans a topic of conversation in future Harbaugh contracts. One things for sure, Roman is gone.

          1. The 49ers took Harbaugh off their list of coaches on their web site right after the game. Roman’s name and picture are still there at 8:50 PM Sunday night.

  2. Offensive line dominates and ck has a good game. Hmmm
    Still the delay of games are killing me. He’s an idiot when it comes to management.

    Gore I hope comes back for another year. That “after 10 carries he’s done” talk is ridiculous. Sign him to a 2 year, year to year contract. Hyde still needs him and so does the qb.

    I am not happy with ownership, word is it got ugly because they didn’t want to pay him. If that’s the case… Which they will try to cover tomorrow and they don’t get someone else who will fill the shoes or do better, tickets are done. I will NOT pay for another York who destroys this franchise with bonehead selfish, cheap moves.
    That’s all I have to say at this time about this team. Gonna be a weird and crazy offseason.

    1. When the score was 17 – 13 and the 49ers scored the same touchdown three times, the middle one didn’t count because just before the ball was snapped at 1 second, Harbaugh had called time out. That happened during the last chance to score the winning touchdown in the Superbowl.

      I’ve never understood why they never made a major effort to change that aspect of their play calling and line of scrimmage options. If they did make a major effort, they failed.

  3. Grant Sez :

    “..Even at his best, Kaepernick makes the same mistakes every game…”

    and that’s why they put erasers on top of pencils …

    I disagree with your grad on Kaep.. Grant ..

    He played lights out- today !!

    A Plus Plus !!

    1. I thought it was one of his better career games. No huge/stupid mistakes and played within himself.

      Why the C?

      1. Because I feel that his game today was that of an average QB. You’re right that he didn’t make any mistakes, that’s a positive.

        The Boldin TD was the result of busted coverage by Mathieu, but still a good play because he kept his eyes downfield. He averaged a measly 5.12 yards per attempt the rest of the game.

        Not an above average performance.

        1. Hear you.

          Still, a 108 rating isn’t below average. I have grave doubts about CK, but he impressed today — think he played smart for his coach. Hope it carries over …

          1. Kap wasn’t average yesterday. He was the teams best weapon and graded out highly in Rating and QBR. Jack is just trying to support his belief that Kap isn’t very good.

            Now we can look forward to an offseason of Kap bashing and unrealistic suggestions (not from Jack) on how to replace him. Fun.

              1. I don’t think so, but as I said at least you won’t fall into the category of bashing and ridiculous ideas for how to replace him.

              2. “If you take out that 76 yard TD he only averaged 5.2 YPA the rest of the game”. There is an unbiased statement with no agenda attached lol

              3. There’s no agenda there Bos. It was something that I wrote down in my notes at the end of the first half.

                I’m not saying that he played bad, the opposite actually. As said in my initial comment, Kaepernick played decent. I just don’t think he did anything that was above average.

                If that means that some think I have an agenda or am trying to support something else, oh well.

              4. Jack
                The wording was very reminiscent of a certain blog host that regularly omits facts that do not fit his view. I think CK was as efficient as he needed to be and played a good game.

              5. “I think CK was as efficient as he needed to be and played a good game.”

                Where have I disagreed with that?

              6. Jack,

                Kap did everything people have been saying he can’t do yesterday against a very good defense. He went through progressions, moved up in the pocket, kept his eyes down field, didn’t turn the ball over. He also escaped some sacks that few QB’s in the league are capable of. His rating and QBR were well above average.

                You saying he did nothing above average is not supported by any stat or measurement. Whether you have an agenda or not, your view doesn’t mesh with what happened.

              7. That’s the thing with Kaep — he set the bar so low because of his deficiencies that when he does something as rudimentary as going through his progressions, then we applaud. The problem with Kaep is that he doesn’t do it all the time. He still makes the same dumb mistakes that a for four year pro quarterback should not make, so who cares if he can scramble and run if he can’t do the basic stuff.

        2. The seed of doubt was planted by the pilgrim Thanksgiving day, but I liked the way he manipulated the pocket today….

        3. There was nothing average about his escapes from the pocket today for good runs and one long third down pass, and he mixed in several passes with good touch.

          Maybe Kaepernick’s day was average if he was Brady or Rogers.

        4. @Hammer. Map missed a wide open Gore when he threw that pass out of the endzone. All he had to do was look right.

          1. Mike,

            Gore was a blocker on that play. When a QB is scrambling he’s not looking for a guy who is supposed to be blocking as a possible receiver. You can look at it on the replay and see Gore leak out when the play breaks down, but Kap is looking for guys in the pattern and has no idea that Gore has run out as a receiver. Just look to the right? You’ve never played the position have you?

    2. Kaepernick did something I hadn’t seen him do previously. He manipulated the pocket and he did it under duress. You could almost see the premeditation within the moment as he looked to pass, but was decisive when it was time to run….

      1. His throw to Boldin on the TD was pretty. Showed nice touch to get it over the underneath coverage.

        1. I think if the right guy comes in, Kaepernick can build on these positives from this game. Just my opinion. I know the popular thing is to throw him under the bus for some, and I’m not saying you are one of them Hammer….

  4. Nice win 9ers,thanks lost a few spots in the draft that’s the difference between getting a odell beckham jr and idk lets say a jimmie ward smh.

  5. haunt Greg Roman is right….good riddance to both him and harbaugh

    if only york and baalke would follow the niner Empire would be back on top

  6. Here’s my grades- had a nice lunch with pretty blonde at a nice places in bentwood. B+

    Watched The Imitation Game. Good movie. A-

    Bought some stuff on sale at the mall. A-

    1. Fan77, this game was meaningless to the 49ers. There’s nothing to lose by the 49ers, they were eliminated long time ago. They were successful taking away the AZ Cardinals hope in winning the Division Championship and the #1 seed:-)

      Kaepernick, will not be effective once his running ability is gone! He’ll be just be a below average QB in the NFL.

  7. Good luck Jim. Thanks for making us relevant again buddy. Gore still has a little something left in the tank. We should bring him back for one more year. Colin looked pretty good with an oline that blocked pretty well for him. It’s obvious that this team has no speed. None. Next year gotta get a field stretcher for the offense. Anyone know why our fastest receiver Ellington who scored two TD’s last week didn’t play?

  8. I disagree with the Kap assessment. First of all he had a nice touch pass to Blloyd today. Not every pass was a bullet. In the game against the saints he an amazing finesses pass on the run to boldin.

    Grant , you neglected to mention Kaps rushing yards today. He kept drives alive and then some.

    As far as delay of game, let’s see if that is on Kap or the complicated play calling system – Roman to harbs then to CK.

    I dont think we need to draft a qb in the first three rounds , but should trade or pick up of some legit backups who can give kap some competition.

    Is david fales still on the bears?

    1. @Rollo

      Geez! At this rate, by the time he’s 48 like George Blanda, maybe he’ll become a decent QB….Can he kick field goals..? no big deal…just more OJT….

  9. There is absolutely no way an intelligent or logical person holds Kaep accountable for the delay of game issues, not when those issues are THE trademark of all Rombaugh offenses.

    1. When the play is in, and he’s walking around the line talking or changing plays with 10 seconds left and is doing it at a slow pace. Yeah it’s on him.
      He’s a zombie before the snap. That’s a fact!

    2. MD,

      These issues have been around since day one of the Harbaugh era. We used to have the same complaints and discussions when Smith was having the same problems getting the play off in time. Kap has to get the plays, get to the line, look at the defense, and then call for motions or shifts based on what he sees. When you break the huddle with 10 seconds or less, which was the case on every play they ran out of time or had to call a time out, you are setting yourself up for these kinds of problems. This is a Coaching issue, not a QB issue.

      1. Rocket… There are times when they break the huddle with more than enough time. And he is super slow. If it takes that long to get the play in where is the hustle? If he must jog up to the line then so be it. He doesn’t do that. He’s some of the cause. No debating that.

  10. In his brief career, Kaep has outdueled Rodgers a couple of times and Brady one time. He has been bad against the most penalized defense in the history of the NFL, and has been up and down in an offensive system that considers passing an afterthought.

    Roman and Harbaugh are garbage. Fangio is a supreme coordinator.

  11. I agree for the most part about the grades.

    – I’d drop CK down to B. He missed a wide open Gore (right in front of him) on a scramble.

    – The 49ers need to draft a QB, WR, RB, S, OL. I’m not just talking depth. They need players at these positions right now.

    Due to all the underclassmen in the 2014 draft, I’m not expecting 2015 to be deep or talented. (except at RB) I’m expecting Baalke to draft a RB, Safety, O-line days 1-2.

    – Gore is a stud of studs. The old man stayed solid while the six or so young whipper snappers all got hurt.

    – A healthy AD makes a huge difference on the line. (So much for Jerry Jones pegging him as a 3rd rounder).

    – It will be an absolute joy watching Crabtree linger in Free Agency as team after team fails to offer the big contract he thinks he deserves.

    1. “– It will be an absolute joy watching Crabtree linger in Free Agency as team after team fails to offer the big contract he thinks he deserves.”

      This ^

      Unfortunately, someone eventually will. Jerry someone (not Garcia).

    2. B2W
      +1000000 on the Crabtree sentiment

      When you take stock of his tenure here as a top 10 pick id say it has been rather disappointing. constantly hurt, 1 1k season (boldin already has 2 in 2 years here) possession receiver who was never fast enough to threaten teams. At least the other 1st rd WR drafted in his class were trash as well otherwise the “could have should haves” would drive me insane

      Jerry gotta fork over 100+ mil to Dez and still pay DeMarco.

      I see crab taking a 1yr “prove it” contract for 5-7 mil

      1. There’s also the fact they passed up drafting Dez Bryant because they had selected Crabtree the year before.

        I think Crabtree was pretty good when healthy, but he really looked like he had lost a step this year. I don’t know if that was due to a new injury or lingering effects from the Achilles, but he really wasn’t the same guy this season. I went into this season thinking he needed to be resigned, but now I’m guessing they let him go, unless the market for him is non existent and he comes back on a team friendly deal.

  12. The last two games have made Grant’s assessment of Frank Gore – “He’s old, slow, and done.” – look pretty silly. Nobody can make many big runs if the offensive line is opening zero holes. I remember Barry Sanders being held to single digits in a game once when his offensive line was overpowered. Once Anthony Davis returned Frank has looked great – over 140 yards each of the last two games – and it isn’t just the numbers, it’s the quickness, the decision making, the power, the determined running. Anyone with eyes can see that Frank still has major talent – and maybe another couple of years of productivity.

      1. Baalke will set that number. In the good old days Eddie could keep as many high priced veterans as he wanted.

      2. Frank wants to come back – and he can certainly do so if his salary demands are modest. I think football is his life. It gives him meaning. The smart move is for him to give a big hometown discount and stay a 49er for life. But athletes get caught up in whether they’re being respected, and their agents encourage them to go to the highest bidder, and the next thing you know they’re making a little more money in a place where you have no history and they end up unhappy the last years of their career. I’m sure Frank has all the money he’ll ever need after his long career, so unless he’s pissed it away, he should take a little less and stay where he’ll be loved and respected by the fans.

      1. Read more carefully. Maybe a couple could mean anywhere from zero to three. Gore will take them one game at a time. Were he does it is yet to be determined.

      2. Sign a two year deal to keep it respectable with a clause that can be terminated after 1. That smoke is called fair value.

    1. For four years Grant has predicted Frank’s demise; Frank got what? 144 yards rushing?
      He’s a Turtle. A.Boldin? He’s a Turtle. 76 yard TD; he’s a turtle. Grant’s a genius!

    1. What Jay actually wrote was that they knew about the front office before they came, and that implied that it was a negative of some kind and that what they heard was correct. He put it in twice but I think that wasn’t intentional.

      Maybe Jay is Tim’s contact. I tend to agree with Kawakami’s take on the front office component of this mess.

      1. There is only one person in the front office that be terminated for leaking the wrong information to national sources.

    2. Niners Nation: James Harbaugh says his Facebook was hacked.

      “my Facebook was hacked tonight. I’m not aware of the full extent of what was said/posted but it was not from me.”

      “No. I’ve reported it to Facebook. Definitely not my words.”

      Latest Tweet “Please disregard any strange posts from my Facebook. I was hacked. Thats the Internet for ya…”

  13. Google DeVante Parker.
    Just what we need, another receiver with foot problems.

          1. I mentioned White yesterday but after reading up on him he’s a major boom/bust prospect. As Scooter mentioned he’s a bit of a one year wonder although his previous year was his first after transferring from a junior college and he had good numbers given the number of starts he had.

            My big knock on him is that he played in a weak conference and it’s hard to tell how he’ll face against stiffer competition.

  14. 49ers and Oakland both have vacant head coaching positions. Atlanta, Chicago, NY Jets are all about to have vacancies. Who else will fire their coach this year? I think Tennessee has a high probability of being added to that list. On the fringe I see Cincinnati and possibly Washington. The surprise firings could be Dallas or New Orleans.

    1. CFC
      What is the most appealing NFL job this off season? Roster talent wise and front office compatibility wise.
      Id say 9ers bears, saints. not necessarily in that order

      1. Trestman lost his job because of a severe lack of talent on that team put there by an awful G.M. I don’t think the Bears job allure is the glut of talent, in fact given that the team is probably stuck with Cutler for at least one more season I’d say they might have a hard time finding someone good that wants that situation.

        If the rumors about the 49ers Front Office are even the least bit true that could effect the quality of candidates we have available to us.

        I think the Atlanta job will be the best position for a new head coach.

  15. Jay harbaugh coaches with his uncle john in Baltimore, if somebody did hack is twitter, the person writing did not say anything that controversial. Sad to see harbaugh go. I do not have much faith in York or the fo.

  16. IMO Frank Gore is not going to take less than a 3 year deal. Its going to be his last multiyear contract, he just ran for 1,000 yards for offense that rarely used him this year.

  17. Vic Vangio said he will not be following Harbaugh and that he has made it clear to the FO that he will like to be a candidate. I want him to stay but really hope for a offensive minded coach.

    1. I read Fangio won’t follow Harbaugh, too, and instead he’s putting his hat in the ring for HC. Would not hiring him as HC result in him stepping down as our DC?

    1. KM
      Kaep took 52 sacks this year(led the league), if we bring MM back we will have that number beat by week 10

  18. What bloody idiots Jed and Baallke are. Do you seriously think Baalke would ever hire a strong willed and experienced coach like Holmgren? It’ll be a “pity f ___” and Fangio or Tomsula will get the job. Get ready for another 5 years of Nolan&Sing. Jimmy Raye available for OC? Sorry Karl. You’re screwdriver with this bunch.

        1. One
          Took the cards to a superbowl, and seems to have found a balance with running/passing. Whats ur beef with haley?

          1. Warner took the cards to the SB……Todd Haley needs a Top notch QB to be successful….

            he his another Run first OC….we need a Pass first OC

            1. but if we don’t have a “top notch QB” then why do we need a Pass first OC? shouldn’t we capitalize on our strengths?

              1. there is still hope #7 can become a top notch QB…..we need a coach that will stop cuddling him but teach him to be better

          2. “seems to have found a balance with running/passing.”

            The Steelers ran the ball on only 39% of their plays this season and 38% last season.

              1. You said he found a balance, but actually he has gone the other way. In 2012 it was 45%.

                Look for the 49ers to bring in a guy with a background in power running.

              2. Fair enough Jack.
                I guess I was swayed by LeVeon Bell’s beastliness in to thinking that they ran more than they did.

                Oddly enough KC passed more than we did this year. wouldn’t have guessed that

          3. Whisenhunt was the Coach of the SB team not Haley. They also got hot late after a less than stellar season. Haley also has a history of being tough to work with and was hated by a number of players in KC. No chance I’d consider him as a possibility.

    1. KY49er
      Two guys caught my attention on the “others” list; Kubiak and DelRio. They’ve got previous experience and they each seem to have a good understanding of the other side of the ball from their specialty. Not splashy at all, but I could be OK with either.
      A guy like Bowles, I just don’t know how well rounded he is. Has he been a HC before?
      There are a bunch of guys on the list that I’m not a fan of for various reasons.
      On Haley, I’ll agree I don’t want him, but not because he’s too run oriented. He was brought to Pittsburgh specifically to install more run balance. In KC he had a mediocre QB and a good runner. He’s just very limited in his people skills. Same problem with McDaniels. Both of those guys looked great as OCs for Brady; what a shock. So I know nothing about Gase, but he’ll be coming from a similar set-up.
      SF needs a guy who embraces the run game to leverage the existing roster. Anybody watch Gore’s Presser? He intends to play at least another year. He wants to finish as a Niner but he even said he’d be quietly watching the next hire and the new staff assembled in SF before negotiating. He’s looking for a quality guy who knows how to run the ball AND develop the passing game.

  19. Per ESPN Harbaugh will he introduced as UM coach. I am glad our organization didn’t have more egg on their face by releasing last night to sign with another NFL team without compensation

    1. People have been tweeting since Saturday it will be announced Tuesday, halftime, of the Illinois – Michigan game. Ticket prices for that game has quadrupled since the announcement in Ann Arbor.

  20. Hail! to the victors valiant
    Hail! to the conqu’ring heroes
    Hail! Hail! to Michigan,
    The champions of the West!

      1. East Coast bias; everything west of the Hudson River is West.
        But Jack’s response is the real reason.

        1. It’s not that different then when the NFC West included the Saints, Panthers and Falcons.

  21. its obvious JH wanted to leave for Michigan, he won’t have stayed even if the 49ers wanted him to stay.

    That was why he never signed an extension……stop blaming Jed or TB,…….JH wasted our season……that is why I say F….. him…..

      1. yes he did….he knew he was not coming back, that was why he didn’t sign the extension……that was why he didn’t fire Roman…….Yes he did waste our season!!!

          1. Lol Mid… See what this blog has been dealing with fr over 5 years…
            You can’t get any better than this. Knowing this clown for over 5 years. I’ll go ahead and keep it real. What he really means is. He hates harbaugh because he broke his dreamboats heart after cupcaking with him. Dumped him for what he thought was the prom queen and got the same girl next door. The difference is the new girl next door had on new red pumps.
            And oneflop is still hurt.

    1. Harbaugh is no longer the HC because the Owner/FO didn’t want him as HC any longer. This was not Harbaugh’s decision according to most of the info I’ve read. The team better hope they get it right with the next hire because they just let one of the most successful first time HC’s in the history of the game go with a year left on his contract.

    1. I like Kyle Shanahan as a candidate. He’s worked under his Father and Kubiak, has had some very good offenses as an OC, and has produced with less than top level players. This is the type of candidate they should be looking at imo.

  22. >The grade for CK makes some sense. I’m surprised no mention that he seemed to show some better touch and accuracy.
    >The F for Tight Ends is off. Grant blames Vernon for not being targeted? Thats on the coaches or QB.
    >The D for linebackers is off. The guys were making plays. Wilhoite showed good range. Lynch played smart on the edge against the run. Moody made some plays. A.Smith got out of position in coverage a few times. They did get some pressure sometimes and encouraged some errant throws. If you just study sack stats you’re not really evaluating. The too many times the QB wasn’t pressured relate to the on-going problem of lack of interior pressure by the DL. Holding a team under 100 yards rushing is generally considered decent, especially a team that came in hoping to run the ball to help their QB.

    1. Brotha Tuna

      I’m with you on the Tight Ends grades…the LB’s DID miss some plays (coverage) but didn’t stink…our TE’s haven’t got any attention this whole year

  23. I vote for Adam Gase

    2000 LSU (Graduate Assistant)
    2001–2002 LSU (Recruiting Assistant)
    2003–2004 Detroit Lions (Scouting Assistant)
    2005–2006 Detroit Lions (Off. Assistant)
    2007 Detroit Lions (QB Coach)
    2008 San Francisco 49ers (Off. Assistant)
    2009–2010 Denver Broncos (WR Coach)
    2011–2012 Denver Broncos (QB Coach)
    2013–present Denver Broncos (Off. Coordinator)

  24. The Raiders need to hire Tony Sparano, that is so their type of move. He’s no good but neither is the Raiders organization so it doesn’t matter.

  25. What a gutty career Frank Gore, much respect.

    If only he could catch? Not having a ‘Roger Craig like’ flare pass has crippled the 9er offense!

      1. In oneflops opinion…
        It wasn’t Alex smith who ONLY throws the checkdowns that crippled the season. Although he’s sitting at home with zero TD passes to a wr. But hey.. As long as you don’t turn the ball over. Lol

        1. Although he’s sitting at home with zero TD passes to a wr.

          Poor argument there. Bowe was near the goal line yesterday and still couldn’t score a TD….and he had a different QB throwing to him.

          1. Nope. 16 games!
            That’s ridiculously horrible. You want your number to plumet? Get a smith as your qb.
            Never had a 1000 yard wr here and Bowes numbers have went down since he got there. MC have went up. Except this year. Great argument

            1. @MD

              What is so horrible about that ? Did they change the rules that makes a TD pass to a WR more points than to a RB or TE ?

          2. Nope. 16 games!
            That’s ridiculously horrible. You want your number to plumet? Get a smith as your qb.
            Never had a 1000 yard wr here and Bowes numbers have went down since he got there. MC have went up. Except this year. Great argument.

            1. What’s worse? Not throwing a TD to a WR because the WR is known to be one of the worse ever assembled? Or not throwing a TD in the 4th quarter despite having plenty of weapons?

              In fact – the team only scored 2 TDs the entire season in the 4th quarter. And one of those TDs goes to the back-up QB!

        2. I’d rather have a check down QB that’s smart,accurate and that is consistent in the pocket. Not like a QB like Kaep who can throw long, but most of the time his inability finding the option receivers to throw the football too most of the time he’s unsuccessful and without his running ability he’ll be just a below average Qb in the NFL:-)

          1. I just watched the game rewind. A better game for kaep, but this the same kind of lack if discipline. Doesn’t sit in he pocket for that split second to throw and instead gets happy feet. Yawn.

  26. Let’s go get Koetter and Trestman. Between the two of them they can turn Garrett Grayson into the SuperBowl WINNER that Kaepernick will never be.

          1. When the new coach eventually benches your lovechild will you go away? Or at the very least change your ridiculous name?

              1. I’m not so sure about him being my lovechild, I’ve never met his mother that I know of, but I do know he’s a better passer in his first year playing on a horrible team then Kaepernick is after 3 years on a Superbowl Caliber team.

            1. No I’m not a sell out like yourself. I pay attention to the game of football in its entirety. Unlike yourself who blames everything on the QB but fails to mention the failures of all the other components around him.. It’s not a conciedance that his play has improved the last couple weeks with the return of A Davis. Believe it or not an O line is very important to a QBs success. Just take a look at Dallas for example. Not having a TE, a reciever who can’t get vertical, and a center who is not 20 years old. Oh and a problematic offensive coordinator. But ya lets focus on getting rid of a QB that has more road victories then Montana and young.. For a rookie! Makes alot of sense if you happen to spike your coffee with crack.

              1. By far the most impressive thing you’ll do today, compose 141 words that say nothing. You’ve earned a break go have a cookie.

        1. True, but he’s one of the better QB prospects. However, that is not saying much. It’s a bad time to need a QB that can challenge your starting QB.

        2. I meant as more of a board hero as Fales was last year. I wasn’t comparing styles; just the fact that like Fales, Grayson will likely be a day 3 pick at best and isn’t a staring caliber NFL prospect imo.

        3. Says the guy who probably still thinks Tyler Wilson is an excellent NFL prospect.

        4. Says the guy who once put Brett Smith in the second round of his mock draft. Brett Smith, who went un-drafted and still isn’t on an NFL team, in the second round.

  27. Guh, I’m torn. I need to run up to Clear Lake to run some errands but I need the trailer which means bringing the truck that doesn’t have Sirius radio which means no NFL channel which means no updates as the heads continue to roll off the chopping block. Or I could just blow off my chores and continue sitting in front of the monitor today.

      1. Why don’t “we” ask Kim Dung Dork? He’s the one with all the answers you so desperately seek….

      2. Because their offense moves the ball well. Never mind the fact that the QB Runs that entire offense.

      3. Just learned that Gase is only 36 years old. I wonder if they think he’s the next Gruden.

        PFT is giving Gase credit for overseeing a “a bit of a transformation in the Broncos offense this season, shifting from massive reliance on Peyton Manning to a balanced attack that features the run game and a quick-hitting pass attack.”

      4. CFC,

        Who do you want as the next HC? I keep seeing you shooting down names but I haven’t seen who you favor.

        1. He’s posted it a few times:

          December 29, 2014 at 8:54 am
          Let’s go get Koetter and Trestman. Between the two of them they can turn Garrett Grayson into the SuperBowl WINNER that Kaepernick will never be.

          1. I think Koetter has potential but I wouldn’t call him my first choice. Same with Trestman, I’d be happy with him as our OC but I don’t know if he is my only preference for the spot.

            Both guys are better choices as OC’s then head coaches but I don’t see Dirk making the lateral move.

            1. Nope, Mettenberger is under contract with another team. Garrett Grayson would be my starting QB.

        2. Rocket there aren’t a lot of candidates out there that I get excited about. If Coughlin was released from NY he’d quickly become my first choice. There are more names that I like as OC replacements that HC choices.

      1. It would be too much Michael for a team with various and potentially more depending on who the front office hires as the next HC that is willing to go get the cream, milk, and sugar for their coffees plus forgo getting the team ready so that he can attend a photo op.

          1. Picking receivers ain’t always easy. The best one in the game is 5-10, 186 with 4.4 speed… nothing unique there.

            And given our QB’s limitations, wouldn’t it be nice to have a target who is always ‘open’ unless there’s safety help coming over the top? Funchess will force a single-high safety to shade his side. A two safety look opens up the running game. Funchess is also big enough to dominate corners in run-blocking and can probably serve as a poor-man’s TE in run game.

            As for the speed WR, I agree that it’s a valuable skill we desperately need. I wish Patton was a little faster, but he and Ellington can bring that element next year (Crabtree, Johnson and Lloyd will be gone).

  28. “It’s huge when you have support of a coach like that,” Kaepernick said. “He gives me confidence to go out and put everything on the line. It might not be my best game. He’s going to support me regardless. To have the confidence when you step out on the field that you’re coach is behind you and your team is behind you, that’s huge.

    this comment pisses me off…..this guy needs to grow up

    1. What can you expect with this loser. He ego’s got the best of him, before he became famous playing in the NFL. You’re right not only he needs to grow up, but he needs to learn how to find the option receivers to throw too and be able to read the opposing defense.

    1. I used to be big on the idea of bringing him in but he’s proven to truly be a lost cause. If he can be signed for the minimum that would be the only way he’d be worth it because you know it’s only a matter of time before he’s suspended again.

      1. If we did bring him in, we would be relying on veterans to keep him in line. Problem is we might be losing some of those “key” veterans that help control these issues.

    2. Only way any team can bring in Gordon is with a Contract that has drug clauses in it. He’s proven he cannot be trusted to stay clean and you can’t get stuck with a big contract if he’s suspended for a year. Incredible talent, but immature and lacking common sense.

  29. The Niners have 11 Offensive Coaches. Who stays? Why?

    Greg Roman, Offensive Coordinator – Good riddance!
    Brad Seely, Special Teams/Assistant Head Coach – Goes w/Harbaugh
    Geep Chryst, Quarterbacks Coach – Next
    Eric Mangini, Tight Ends Coach – WTF did he do? Gone
    Mike Solari, Offensive Line Coach – Keeper
    Reggie Davis, Offensive Line Coach – ?
    John Morton, Wide Receivers Coach – Gone.
    Tom Rathman, Running Backs Coach – Keeper
    Richmond Flowers, Offensive Assistant – ?
    Ronald Curry, Offensive Assistant – ? How many do you need?
    Mick Lombardi, Offensive Assistant – On name alone, get him outta of here.

    1. I’d rather take Abdullah. He’s everything that LaMichael James was supposed to be and more. A solid guy on and off the field.

    2. I posted yesterday that Duke Johnson if available in the 3rd we to take him, I think injuries will be a concern and may bring down his stock.

  30. I like Fangio as a HC possibility. About 4 years ago that is. Great DC but this is a veteran team, and this veteran team has always been a good defense. We don’t need defense. I think it’s just the wrong time for his hire. Offense has been the weak link on this team for a decade. JT has never even planned a game. Wrong guy for the job. Maybe he should get down to the college ranks and get a job there. Start from the bottom. Love the guy but he’s not a HC.
    This front office will not sign a guy that’s been around the block. They don’t want no one touching their silver spoons. This is headed to Dallas and Al Davis Raider territory.
    With that being said. I’ll bet my bottom dollar they hire one of them. And this offense continues to be mediocre at best for years to come. Or until they suck so bad next year they fire the HC in week 10. This one single hiring will tell you all you need to know about this org.
    Did they know what they were doing when they hired harbaugh?
    Or did they get lucky?
    Is it about the pockets?
    Or about football?
    Little Jed. You’re new stadium and pockets are riding on this decision.
    Don’t **** it up JUNIOR!

  31. New York Daily News reporting that Jets have “reached out” to Jim Harbaugh. It ain’t over till the contract’s signed.

  32. Maybe nobody stays on staff from this group. An incoming HC would likely prefer to choose his own people. Wouldn’t you? If someone like Tomsula or Fangio is elevated a number of assistants would probably stay. Someone from outside with credibility? Not so much. First time HC who FO convinces to keep certain assistants may be perceived as a puppet in the locker room.
    Choose the right guy to drive the car, hand him the keys, and stand back. Don’t Jerry Jones him.

    1. I agree BT. You have to let the new HC choose his own staff and I doubt any quality candidate would accept the job without that being part of the deal.

      1. “You have to let the new HC choose his own staff and I doubt any quality candidate would accept the job without that being part of the deal.”

        Harbaugh had to agree to Tomsula being carried over.

        1. Possibly, but he got to choose most of his staff. I doubt any worthy candidate will accept being told he has to keep a number of Coaches that the FO wants to retain unless they view them as somebody they want to keep.

          1. Depends on how much of a background and contacts they have in the league. They might not be able to bring an almost entire staff the way Harbaugh could. Having some quality people retained may be seen as an attractive part of the 49ers gig.

          2. @Rocket

            All of these questions should asked and answered in the HC’s interviews. If he (or she) doesn’t agree to certain conditions, they might not be chosen for the job…just like a day-worker, you answer to someone….’doesn’t make them a ‘Yes-man’, it means they want the job.

    2. @BT…

      I’m still wondering if they could at least ‘offer’ Tomsula an ‘interim’ HC position, and elevate Fangio to ‘assistant HC in charge of Defense’…See how it fits with the asst.coaches and players without making a commitment until maybe halfway through the season. “…better the devils you know rather than the devils you don’t ….”

      1. Oregon, it will be a disaster if that happened what you just said. If Fangio is a Head coach caliber, a lot of teams would’ve inquired already about him. Secondly, Tomsula has no HC resume or experience in the NFL, that one game that he won with the 49ers, when he took over when fired Mike Singletary:-)

        1. @Jamiacan

          I appreciate what you’re saying…that’s why I’m taking the cautious route….let’s see who is willing to work with who (or not) before we create another Harbaugh situation. Another thing, If we do miss out on Fangio, next season’s gonna’ happen anyway, there’s a lot of good DC’s out there. I don’t see anything that appears to be a disaster out there…that said, Vic Fangio is who I’d like running our D

  33. “…the devils you know….”
    Yeah, Oregon, having interviewed applicants with mixed results, I know what you mean. As I said yesterday, I have not the faintest guess or intuition about which way they’ll go.
    Jack is guessing Tomsula. Scooter is guessing Rex. I’ve got zilch.

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