49ers’ 2015 mock draft 1.0

This is my first 49ers’ mock draft of the year, but it won’t be my last. Feel free to make your own and post it below.

Round 1. La’el Collins, OG, LSU. Trent Baalke says he wants the 49ers to run the ball, but Mike Iupati is a free agent and Alex Boone has just one more year on his deal. Collins is the best run blocker available at the 15th pick.

Round 2. Ameer Abdullah, RB, Nebraska. The Niners need a change-of-pace back and someone who can carry the load if Carlos Hyde gets hurt. Abdullah is both of those things.

Round 3. Phillip Dorsett, WR, Miami. He ran a 4.33 at the Combine, similar to Cardinals’ wide receiver John Brown, who ran a 4.34 and caught 48 passes for 696 yards as a rookie last season.

Round 4. Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, CB, Oregon. Baalke loves drafting players with torn ACLs and Ekpre-Olomu tore his in December. He was considered a first-round pick before his injury.

Round 5. Bryan Bennett, QB, Southeastern Louisiana. Bill Walsh advocated drafting a quarterback every year and quarterback is a position of need for the Niners. Bennett has more than enough athleticism and arm strength to become a starting quarterback down the line.

Round 6. Tyeler Davison, NT, Fresno State. Starting nose tackle Ian Williams has never played more than 9 games in a season. He needs a backup.

Depth chart:

LWR: Free agent (Torrey Smith)/Phillip Dorsett
RWR: Anquan Boldin/ Bruce Ellington
LT: Joe Staley/Jonathan Martin
LG: La’el Collins/Joe Looney
C: Daniel Kilgore/Marcus Martin
RG: Alex Boone/Brandon Thomas
RT: Anthony Davis/Jonathan Martin
TE: Vernon Davis/Vance McDonald
QB: Colin Kaepernick/Bryan Bennett
RB: Carlos Hyde/Ameer Abdullah
FB: Bruce Miller/Trey Millard

DE (Five-tech): Glenn Dorsey/Quinton Dial
NT (One-tech): Ian William/Tyeler Davison
DE (Three-tech): Justin Smith/Tank Carradine
LOLB: Aaron Lynch/Corey Lemonier
LILB: Patrick Willis/Michael Wilhoite
RILB: NaVorro Bowman/Chris Borland
ROLB: Aldon Smith/Corey Lemonier
LCB: Free agent (Perrish Cox)/Ifo Ekpre-Olomu
RCB: Tramaine Brock/Dontae Johnson
NCB: Jimmie Ward/Dontae Johnson
SS: Antoine Bethea/Jimmie Ward
FS: Eric Reid/Jimmie Ward

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  1. Best 49ers mock draft I’ve seen so far. Nice job, wouldn’t disagree with any of the choices except QB.

    1. Let me take that back, I probably wouldn’t take Dorsett either but I like taking a WR with that spot.

          1. Considered a reach in the third probably but I like him and would take him rather then risk having him get plucked early in the 4th by someone else.

    2. I would draft a big nose tackle in round 1 unless I could get white or cooper. I also like Melvin Gordon a lot. Having him and Hyde would really solidify running game fire years to come. I would resign crabtree and draft devin smith in Second round. Armstead would be a solid round 1 pick. We could pick up a back in 3rd round like Langford .

      1. Not much talk about Gordon or Gurley .Gurley could slip because of the injury and there will be hesitation because Lattimore didn’t come back but wow if he got close to pre injury form what a weapon to combine with Hyde.

  2. Grant:

    With the draft you just posted, are you making any assumptions with regards to free agency acquisitions?

  3. I actually like it Grant. I expect you will get some flack for no WR before the 3rd round, but the guys you have taken in rounds 1 and 2 make very good sense, and Dorsett as a deep threat would be an excellent pick in round 3.

    Personally I don’t think they will go OL in round 1 as I believe taking two interior OL in round 3 last year was with this year in mind. But certainly a possibility and wouldn’t be a bad pick.

    The 49ers would need to sign a FA CB though or they will be pretty reliant on last years 4th, 5th or 6th rounder stepping into the starting spot.

    1. Thanks. I imagine the Niners could bring back Cox on a relatively cheap one-year deal.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Chris Cook brought back too.

        What do you think of Zach Bowman as a guy they could possibly get on a 1-year deal and compete with the young guys for the job?

      2. Or, Culliver. He got better and more comfortable as the year wore on. Not so for Cox.

  4. I like your draft Grant…Any way you can gain access to the Draft War Rroom before Baalke gets involved with the offensive side of the draft would be greatlyappreciated..

    Remember Ron Johnson (WR) USC, Baalke’s 6th round choice–A bust; Marcus Lattimore, 4th rounder–a bust.. Aj Jenkins, Lamichael James, Slowey G/C, etc.,

    Some might say, so what, R. Johnson was a 6th rounder…Well Dwight Clark (The Catch) was a 10th rounder, All Pro Center/Guard Jesse Sapulo a 1th rounder.

    May I suggest the best way to apply: Apply for the Flag Challenge Position

    You have been the 49ers beat reporter for years, which qualifies you for the Flag Challenge Position in the Coaches booth more than it does Paraage Marathe

    1. Baalke’s entire 2012 draft was a “bust” of busts. He learned and will never again draft exclusively from “small schools” in small divisions. That said, our last two drafts were outstanding. If the next draft is half as good as 2014’s, we will be stacked solid.

  5. I like he mock draft, but I prefer for them to get Duke Johnson in the second round instead

  6. It’s not a bad mock draft grant. I do not see them going O Line in the first. If balke does not resign iupati then that means he is confident in Brandon Thomas. I see a D line before O lineman being taken. With that said everything depends on free agency but I think balke if he does not address Wr in free agency I think he moves up for a receiver to his liking. Reason being is because he attempted last year but the price was to steep, this year being that we are drafting 15th it’s easier to move.

  7. Grant,

    Baalke took Brandon Thomas last year as a redshirt…he’s healthy & ready to get after it. I get Boone’s a FA after this season. For the 3 interior OL spots Tomsula has Boone, Kilgore, M. Martin, Looney & Thomas. The biggest gap OL gap I see is OT…because J Martin’s definitely not the answer, Boone’s the best swing OT available & he’ll be a FA in 2016. So, I don’t get the La’el Collins pick. No problem w/Abdullah. I like Dorsett’s speed…but he’s a pretty slender WR. I have to wonder if he could hold up during a 16 game regular season. The only way I could advocate drafting him is if Baalke’s able to restructure Stevie Johnson’s contract. A couple of alternatives could be Ty Montgomery & Nelson Agholor. I like Ekpre-Olomu…but would be surprised to see him still on the board in the 4th rd. Don’t know that much about Bennett, but agree Baalke needs to draft a QB to develop. A position you didn’t address is DL…no official word yet if Justin Smith will be back. But even if he is, with Ray Mac gone, there’s a distinct lack of proven starting DE talent. We don’t know if Carradine’s got what it takes yet to fill one of those spots. Some will say Dorsey could fill in…and that’s possible, although he’s a more effective player inside, as he showed in 2013. I’d expect him to be the starting NT in 2015. The player I’d take to beef up the DL is Eddie Goldman, a guy who’s effective inside and out, is strong at the point of attack, and can collapse the pocket.

    1. My thinking is Collins is a road grader and Thomas isn’t. The Cowboys drafted guard Zack Martin at No.16 last year and that worked out.

    2. You are on the mark with Dorsett. A.J. Jenkins was a weakling too and he cost us a 1st round pick, yet gave us “0” catches and “0” yards. As for QB, I think we need to draft a talented playmaker, who can think on his feet, use his linemen’s blocks, and buy time with his feet as he goes through his progressions. We may not ever see anything like that from Kaepernick.

  8. The 49ers have Marcus Martin and Brandon Thomas and will give them every opportunity to start at C and LG respectively. I hope Baalke spends big on a Defensive Lineman and drafts a marquee WR in the 1st round. I’m cool with DGB or Parker. RB in Round 2 makes sense, and the front office will be eager to make up for their mistake with LaMichael James. Landing Abdullah, Ajayi or Duke Johnson would be awesome! O-Line depth can be had in later rounds, and DB isn’t as big of a need as some people think. Brock starts on the right, Ward is our nickel and I think Dontae Johnson and Keith Reason will be pleasant surprises in 2015.

  9. we passed Dez Bryant twice for Iuapti and A.Davis……..with all the elite wr’s expected to be taken early……..id hate to see Baalke make the same mistake again!

    With that said, not a bad mock. However, i think D-line is being overlooked and im not thrilled with replacing Culliver with another acl ” wont play for a year” pick.

    Im a big hurricane fan, back to the late ’80’s……….if this Dorsett kid can come in and play like a Desean Jackson…………….id be thrilled!

    1. What mistake a you referring to? Offensive line is a lot more important then a receiver. Davis and iupati were great picks. Enlighten me on how much winning Dallas has done these past 4 years compared to the niners! Exactly!

      1. CK= far from elite…….they were good picks bud, Dez Bryant is the best wr in football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you gotta be kidding me! Davis and Iupati cant stay healthy and one is gonna get overpaid by a bad team and be gone. Even if you hate DB for whatever reason……you cant seriously deny that he is better than A GUARD WHO CANT PASS BLOCK OR EVEN STAY HEALTHY ENOUGH TO PLAY A FULL SEASON!!!!!!! You are right when placing importance on the o-line……i get it. But if you truly knew anything about football, then you would understand that some positions ARE FAR MORE VALUABLE THAN OTHERS!

        wr, qb, lt, cb, pass rusher = premium
        g., c, s. ilb = non premium

        if you dont believe me………then why is Iupati a free agent and DB or any other top tier wr NEVER HITS THE MARKET ANYWHERE NEAR THEIR PRIME!

        this is where id call you a moron for the way smugly tried to make me look foolish. Your attempt only made you look foolish. We both have our OPINIONS ….but look at the EVIDENCE ! one guy is being aloud to leave via free agency and the other……well hes gonna become one of the richest wr’s on NFL history!
        More evidence: look how bad our wr’s have been over the last 4-5 years. i guy like DB could have been the difference in WINNING as many as 3 superbowls in the past 4 years instead of Kyle Williams fumble x2 and Craptree in-completions to end another 2 years.

        IF we drafted DB, he would be a niner right now! then we could have singed Iupati in a month from now and had ’em both!

        Honestly, i dont know why i even bother with you. your name reveals your lack of intelligence, reason and football knowledge. CK= elite!?!?!? what a joke! far from elite and thats coming from a big CK fan

        1. Other than your personal attack on a fellow blogger, I would have to agree with most of your comment.

        2. I soley agree, but we lost those SuperBowls because of mediocre QB play Alex and Krap.
          Until we get a good or elite QB having Dez wouldn’t make a difference because teams would double him and Krap wouldn’t look his way as lond as Boldin is on the field.
          That’s my honest opinion as a 9ER Fan!


          1. @BILAL19….Don’t blame Alex for those losses…in the only one that he was involved, he would have carried us with two more possessions (no fumbles by Williams)

          2. Had Hardnuts returned Kaepernick to the bench after the Bears game, we would have had an error-free QB in Smith with a demonstrated ability to win games in the 4th quarter. By passing predictably only to Crabtree, Kaepernick played the super bowl with one hand tied behind his back; his other hand was fumbling and throwing interceptions. We do need to draft a QB, but not just a strong-armed athlete but someone who can think on his feet.

        3. For all of your ostensible intelligence, you seem to keep forgetting that Colin Kaepernick is in charge of getting his receivers the ball. He is the reason the passing offense ranks near-dead last. Michael Crabtree worked extra hard in the pre-season, got himself in outstanding shape, knowing full well that the 2014 season was a contract year. Yet, most of the time Kaep threw him the ball, it was either in the dirt 5 yards in front of him or 10 yards over his head. How then would Dez Bryant be able to help us win a super bowl? Kaepernick is the main reason Crabtree does not want to renegotiate with the Niners. He is buddy-buddy with Kaepernick, so won’t trash him in public. But, he knows he needs a better QB to achieve greatness. So, if the 49ers drafted Dez instead of Davis and Iupati: 1. Harbaugh would still have insisted on drafting Kaepernick; 2. he would have insisted on having Kaep as starter; 3. Dez would be crying every game, “Get methe ball!; 4. 49ers would not have much of an offensive line, let alone a running game.

  10. Love it except for the guard pick. I understand that Boone will be a free agent soon, but Ii really don’t see a priority need there given the fact that Thomas and Martin will most likely compete for the LG position this summer. I think guard will be addressed, but it will be later on in the draft. I anticipate that the team will trade down from the 15th pick to either the bottom of the first round or top of the second round and draft a WR or CB with that pick.

      1. That was as a starter. I’m talking as only a backup. He’d be an upgrade over Lemonier.

          1. Lemonaire doesn’t seem to have much fire in his belly, so unlike Aaron Lynch. I think they will look to trade Lemonaire for a 7th round draft pick, if at all possible.

  11. I like Jake Fisher from Oregon quite a bit. He might be better as an NFL guard.

  12. I like the logic behind all your picks except for the WR. We may already have our Dorsett in Ellington. What we surely don’t have is a edge WR with some size and a lot of speed. Someone I’ve read about like that who might be around at 15 is Coates.

    1. George: During the combine, I was looking hard at Sammy Coates. But Scooter and some others kept stating that his hands are terrible and he might also have problems with focusing on the ball. After some review and looking at how he did during the combine, I have to agree with them. He has a physique like Vernon did when he came out of college, but much like Vernon was then, his hands are terrible.

      1. cubus, the only tape of him I’ve seen is what’s on youtube. There’s not a lot there. One’s a highlight tape and the other is from a 2013 game vs. Texas A & M. In the TAM tape, there’s one drop, the rest catches. He’s big, physical, fast, and blocks. Also, I haven’t read about character concerns. We need a WR just like that. I’m making these statements sitting in a home office, so what do I really know. However, he’s supposed to be around at 15.

        1. Not sure if this will change your opinion, but he had a 19.1% drop rate last season. That is terrible and is easily the worst among the draft eligible WRs of any note this year.

          Just my opinion, but a WR with hands as bad as his shouldn’t even be considered before the 4th round. But I can understand why people would think differently as he does have an impressive physique and speed. Personally I’m hoping some team other than the 49ers thinks differently to me too so another good WR falls to us at some point in the draft!

          1. Point taken, Scooter. It’s not really an opinion, more of just trying to balance the pros with the cons. I’ve read the quote about a body like Owens, a burst like Beckham, Jr., and hands like DHB. From what I’ve read, he can get behind the safeties quickly, which is what we need to open up the middle. If he drops 1 out of 5, he catches 4. Plus he is big, strong, aggressive, very fast, runs well after the catch, and blocks. That’s a lot in one guy. And can’t his hands get better? I don’t want to belabor this. I like your Conley pick too.

            1. Coates might be a good choice in the later rounds. Maybe the team could “tether” him to the juggs machine.

        2. To be honest for mine if you want a deep threat with good size that is also a strong run blocker, Chris Conley from Georgia is worth a long look. I’d rather him than Coates.

    2. The 40 split times might be elucidating in comparison. While I’m not disrespecting Ellington, Dorsett is an order of magnitude quicker, faster, more sudden and explosive and elusive. Both are more field-fast than their measurables suggest, but imo, Dorsett more so than “Duke”. I’d want them both on my 53, but not sure Dorsett’s blocking would fit Trent’s typical profile.

      1. Dorsett compares more to Cooks than he does to Ellington. He is fast as well as quick.

    3. Not sure I like the Coates and Kaepernick chemistry. One who fires balls with velocity and the other with questionable hands.

  13. I would agree with this mock.. particularly the 1st round. I’ve been saying to my Niner gang that we are going O – line in the 1st round. If it’s not Collins it will be either Scheffer or the tackle from Miami. We saw what injuries to our oline can do to a team and I’m not sold on Brandon Thomas yet.

    Love most all of the mock except I think that change of pace back could be Duke Johnson. I love his vision… a la Gore!

  14. A guard in the 1st? Na…don’t buy it. I think WR in the first or maybe a defensive lineman…but I think that is even a stretch.

  15. Well Iupati is a road grader too but they aren’t preserving him because he can’t pass block. We need a G that can pass block and run block also. Brandon Thomas might do that. Also you don’t know if Chryst or Foerster won’t like zone blocking more, so they’ll look for mobile guys first of all. Brandon Thomas fits that description. Philip Dorsette won’t last till the third. He might be taken in the first even.

  16. Also Abdullah is a fumbler too. And on top of it, we don’t need a scat back when we have Hunter. We’re going to run the ball a lot this year and if Hyde goes down, here goes our running game. Most likely they’ll draft another workhorse back. Plus we can always sign Reggie Bush

    1. You’re aren’t going to find a single back in this class that doesn’t have questions about their hands, blocking ability, or vision. And the fact that you call Abdullah a scat back proves that you haven’t watched his tape.

  17. Would love to see Niners trade up for Kevin White. He’ll be with us for years to come. Draft a cb, de, g in the following rounds. Hope they give Grant (Ohio st CB) a good look in the 3rd round.

  18. I’m okay with this draft, I just don’t like Dorsett as the pick. We had LMJ, QP, & Ellington. If we draft him, we are the true definition of insanity.

    1. I don’t quite follow those comparisons.What is the basis?

      QP is 6’0″ 204 and ran 4.48
      LMJ is the closest comparison but he was a RB who posted a 4.45
      Bruce Ellington was 4.45

      I would think Dorsett compares more with Brandin Cooks who ran a 4.33 and measured in at the same height or Beckham who is 5’11” but ran a 4.43. Of course that’s based on measurables.

      Source is NFL.com btw

  19. I watch a lot of University of Miami games and if Dorsett is available in the 3rd round we need to jump on him. He was underutilized at the U big time, he has speed and can catch. They had a true freshman QB and relied on running Johnson all year.

    1. You missed what I was saying. I know he’s good. Miami was a decent young team. I’m an FSU fan. I watched Miami play FSU and UofL(in person). He’s not the issue, the 49ers are.

      They have drafted short burners in the past and never used them. Why would we need one more?

  20. One guy who’s hype has died down a bit as he couldn’t participate at the combine is Breshad Perriman. If the 49ers miss out on the top 3 WRs I certainly wouldn’t be averse to trying to trade back to the 20s and take him if he is still available. I don’t think he is worth pick #15 though.

    Without trades, my first mock is as follows:

    Round 1. Alvin Dupree. Pass rushers are like money, you can never have too much. 49ers pass rush was poor last year. Brooks is a likely cap casualty, and Aldon is in the last year of his deal so no guarantee he’ll be back in 2016. And this is a very strong year for pass rushers. I guy with Dupree’s talent would usually be gone well before pick #15, but this year he may drop given the number of quality edge players. He needs some work on his technique, but you won’t find a better athlete for the position.

    Round 2. Devin Smith: I’m not a big fan of using a second rounder on a fairly one dimensional player, but Smith’s skill set is a good fit for what the 49ers need. And he does have some potential to be more than just a deep threat.

    Round 3. Tevin Coleman: Baalke hasn’t seen a foot or leg injury he doesn’t like. Coleman has good size and speed, but may fall some due to a foot injury and team’s de-valuing RBs. If he’s available in the third he’d be good value as a 1-2 punch with Hyde.

    Round 4. Henry Anderson: Cowboy may have had his last ride, and if not then he’s coming to the end of the line anyway. The 49ers have decent depth at the position, but a guy like Anderson would add some nice additional competition with potential starter qualities down the line.

    Round 5. Chris Conley: A workout warrior that nobody knew of before the combine. However, put on some tape of him and you’ll see a guy who’s athleticism translates to the football field. Developmental prospect with some big upside potential.

    Round 6. Nick Marshall: Aside from leg injuries, Baalke also loves a good position change. By all reports Marshall looked pretty good at CB at the Senior Bowl, and has good size and athleticism. Could be worth a punt as a developmental prospect.

    Round 7. John Feliciano: Mauling OG that can add to the competition.

    Round 7 (comp). Chris Bonner or AJ Derby: Both guys are big projects.

    1. Grant,
      Very nice mock. I have a sneaking suspicion that Dorsett will not last to the 3rd rd but if he’s still there it would be a crime not to take him.

      Good mock as well. Like Devin Smith in the mix, but no QB?

      1. Chris Bonner in the 7th.

        I don’t like the QBs in this draft. They should sign a backup QB in FA.

    2. Yeah on Anderson. Not flashy, but steady.
      Ok with Dupree because I agree with the premise of adding pressure guys.
      Devin Smith in 2nd could work.
      Conley, as noted, a gamble/project.
      A complaint would be not addressing inside pressure guy. Maybe Carradine & Dorsey, but need someone else too. Worried about Cowboy and waiting on Okoye. TJE is steady but gets no pressure. Ramsey?=tbd
      An fine start, but I won’t offer mine until after FA plays out a bit. Cheers

      1. Cheers mate. I guess I was thinking Anderson would be a potential inside pressure guy, Brotha. I know he’s not a true pass rush threat, but he does a decent job of pushing the pocket while typing up blockers to free up other guys.

        1. Yeah, he looked fine (hustle, determination, push) in Senior Bowl practices; caught my attention. But I want the World, I want that quick pressure guy like Aaron Donald; only in the 5th Round! :-)

          1. Ha! :-)

            That’s ok, I’m still trying to figure out if having a DL that is good at “typing” up blockers is really a good thing. He’s a smart guy, and I’m sure he has good diction for typing, but I’d prefer (and meant) a guy that can tie up blockers!

            1. Hah!
              Btw, my sister and brother-in -law are currently having a fab time over in NZ enjoying your autumn season and the cool scenery. Me & The Duchess will get down your way eventually. (I spent 5 beer-bleary days in Sydney in ’68. Didn’t get arrested.)

    3. If we can get him in the third, Coleman sounds like a great complement to Hyde. Not sure who would be considered the starter. What a duo that would be.

      From nfl.com:
      BOTTOM LINE His violent running style is a joy to watch, but might have to be tempered to extend his career. He is a “race car in the red” on just about every snap and refuses to give in, which leads to many big runs. Zone, gap, power … it doesn’t really matter because Coleman can fit all schemes. Has the burst and top-end speed to be a game-changing running back for a team looking for a workhorse.


      1. Cheers mate.

        To be honest its probably pretty unlikely he could be had in the 3rd. I’ve seen some sites list him as high as the 3rd best RB in the draft. But I wouldn’t be against drafting him in the 2nd round instead of Devin Smith, and maybe taking a guy like Tre McBride in the 3rd instead.

        1. Scooter, I would love to have a back like that, but do you think they could really accommodate two backs as good as Hyde and Coleman? Not sure it’s a good problem to have. Iron sharpens iron, yes, but sometimes it also causes animosity.

          1. The Panthers did it with DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. On a run focused offense I think having two very good RBs rotating in isn’t a bad thing. Especially if one of them gets injured.

      2. Coleman looks a like a very good prospect for the 49ers.

        He is a decisive one cut runner with a slight, natural forward lean to his running style and the ability to get low prior to contact at the LOS. He looks a bit more quick than fast but that is what you want from a running back… well if you have to settle for one of the two :).

    4. Good stuff Scooter and thanks for the heads up on Bonner awhile back certainly looks like he has potential!

    5. I like your mock too Scooter. I like to see the upside of all these players and pass rushers are always needed.

      I wonder if Nick Marshall could be a returner.

  21. I’d like to put my 2 cents worth in. I think we need to blow up the team and
    create a new player core. We are not going anywhere with this bunch. I have us winning 3 maybe 4 games in 2015. Let us trade several good players to
    contending teams for good picks. Aldon Smith, Patrick Willis come to mind.
    Get rid of older players, Justin Smith, Crabtree, Gore, #85 and anyone else that is dragging down the cap number so we can wheel and deal. Clean the
    place out and open up our options. Can Kap play QB or are we going to con-
    tinue to have problems with him? Can he catch a football? Make a WR out of him. Just sayin’

    1. You my friend have mistaken football with futbol! Lmao… Good post man that was funny.

  22. Ereck Flowers OT Miami-Dude has a mean streak running all the way through. This is the end of the story of Johnny Martin….

    DJoun Smith CB Florida Atlantic-Alzheimer’s when he makes a mistake, and he can turn and track the ball in the air like radar….

    Tyler Lockett, WR Kansas-He rides the wind, swirling in any direction without slowing down. The Legion of Boom’s Kryptonite….

    Lyndon Trail, OLB/DE Norfolk St-Traveled the long road with plenty of highway to put it all together….

    Chris Conley, WR Georgia-Size, speed clay for Coach Henry to mold….

    Josh Robinson, RB Mississippi St-Runs low with power and has very good receiving skills….

    Anthony Jefferson, SS UCLA-Moving on up from Dahl….

    1. Nice Razor ,addressed some needs with pithy comments to boot.”Movin on up” indeed!

  23. Fucillo over at NinersNation is now not so sure about SJ being released. There appears to be some doubt as to whether the account that contained the Instagram post is really Stevie Johnson’s. And there’s been subsequent posts that indicate some doubt regarding his release. Plus, there hasn’t been any mention of his impending release on Johnson’s verified Twitter account.


  24. This is up there with the worst mocks for the year. First off we’re not drafting a lineman in the first round. Kilgore is gonna be our starter at center. Put Marcus martin or Brandon thomas at the other guard spot. Boone will not hold out so he will be better.

    We have no team speed on offense cause baalke drafts the wrong players all the time. Instead of getting a wideout last year he gets garbsge jimmy ward. We can’t pass up a receiver this class. Devante Parker jalen strong even Devon smith would be a pick. If no wideouts then a good corner waynes or LSU corner or Marcus peters. If no corner then best de or dt. We need to address speed. Dorsett is good but he’s another Ellington but faster and we don’t need anymore midgets at wr. Second round we can get whatever our other needs which depending on our first could be wideout corner or dline. We have no team speed. We also have no offensive playmakers or starting corners.

    What a waste of a first rounder on an o lineman. FOH.

  25. Grant, Nice Mock. Very much along the lines of what I’m thinking. Yours is better then mine, but here goes…

    Round 1 [Trade]
    49ers trade back 3-6 spaces for an extra 3rd rounder.
    Select: BPA “Faller” Sherff, La’el Collins, Dupree, TJ Clemmings, Armstead.

    Round 2 [Trade]
    Package the two 3rd rounders to trade into 2nd.
    Select: Devin Smith

    Round 2 [Trade]
    Trade pick 46 for Cowboys 60+91
    Select: Jay Ajayi at 60

    Round 3
    Select: AJ Cann
    If no OT was taken in first round, trade this pick for a 2016 3rd rounder.

    First – BPA stud, most likely an O-linemen
    Second – Devin Smith
    Second – Jay Ajayi
    Third – AJ Cann or trade for a 2016 Third

    Why AJ Cann? Why overdraft an OG just because they might some day be a lousy OT? Unless the player can actually play well at both positions (Like Boone), get a dedicated fireplug left OG on the cheap… short arms or not.

    Four good players. All day three picks still available.

  26. Note: I don’t expect Sherff, La’el Collins, Dupree, TJ Clemmings, Armstead all to fall a little. One of two of the should, which would make the round one trade-back possible.

  27. How do leave comments on the regular without having to type my email and name every time??

    1. Find a high tech blog. This one is coal powered. But it’s “Clean Coal.”

  28. Jshaw, thanks for the invite to Sacramento man. Sacramento is hot as crap in the summer time. Anytime you want to roll to Sonoma County I will buy you a beer.

  29. If they can’t find a way to get one of the top two WRs, stay put and select the Mich St CB. If he is gone trade back-back-back. I’d go out of the first round but I’m not the GM..;) also I need to study the draft more.

    At a high level…

    1. I think they need to double if not triple dip on the WR. Kid from Miami and Ohio state are similar. Which ever one can contribute on ST I guess.

    2. I like Grant’s selection at CB, but I don’t think that Oregon CB slips that far. It would nice if he did though…

    3. Grant don’t sleep on these 2 => Keith Reaser, Kenneth Acker

    4. Depth at OL is needed badly. We need talent there.

    5. I wouldn’t select a RB that high in the second. I suspect Gore will be back and we need some other positions. Hunter is still an option.

    *** We need to do everything we can to allow CK to be successful this year. We are already all in on him for the next year. So everyone needs to let that sink in. Want to draft a QB fine, but it will have to be late rounds 5+ and they need to sit on bench and learn..unless Russel Wilson or Tom Brady hoped on the the scene.

    Go Niners (damn no foot ball, snooze then)

  30. I prefer:

    Devin Smith in the second
    Tevin Coleman in the third (he is already beginning to fall to the third) Very close to your picks just a little personal preference thrown in.

    Either Chris Conley or Vince Mayle in the fifth ( Vince is a good WR even if he can’t run fast in his underwear)

    I think we have to replace Jonathan Martin. We need someone that can backup Staley and protect Kaeps blind side. I like Collins the best to replace Iupati but I think Clemming could also move to LG and he could also move over and backup Staley. At this point I think Looney is a waste of a roster spot. We will only carry 8 OL with one or two on the PS.

    1. Jon,

      I thought you were a Steelers fan. What are you doing here?


      BTW, Looney has looked pretty good in his limited opportunities.

  31. I think we have to, HAVE TO, draft a tall, big, fast WR (6-2+, 210+, sub 4.5 40) in this years draft. Ideal situation is Kevin White falling to us in the first or us trading up. If not they, can be found in all rounds.

    At this point, Chris Conley of Georgia and Darren Waller of Georgia Tech are the only late round players that fit this bill. Definitely worth a gamble in rounds 5-7. Lewis Dezmin of Central Arkansas and Devante Davis of UNLV are a little bit slower but make up for it in size. Also good options.

    1. Another quick riser, someone who should definitely be there at 15 or available for a possible trade up in round 2 is Breshad Perriman of UCF. Hasn’t run the 40 yet but has the size, production and skill set you look for in a #1 WR.

  32. Another reason Baalke will not draft a wide receiver in the first round, and probably not in the second either, is that he is gun shy. He will revert to where he has shown strength in his evaluation of players, that is those players up the middle in the Parcels model of power football. He is desperately afraid of repeating the 2012 draft class.

    IMHO, the difference between the Niners and the Seahawks is the 2012 draft.
    Seahawks: 6 starters, multiple pro-bowls
    Niners: 0 None currently on the team

  33. Nice mock Grant.would be surprised to go OG in first but certainly a solid player.So here is a stab at it including projected comp additions a 4 and 7: (1) Eddie Goldman DL 2 gap run stuffer.A Baalke pick I would actually be happy with;(2)Breshad Perriman WR shooting up the boards and a guy I have liked for awhile now;(3)yes I know we have plenty of OG’s but Ali Marpet is my guy here.Why? He can play any spot on the OL is damn good and is a small schooler who is going to the big time :)-(4)Ronald Darby CB another Seminole I really like at a PON!;(4b)TreMcbride WR if we get him here it is a steal;(5)Zach Hodges OLB all motor all the time-love this kid;(6)Ok Grant gets a nod here with Bryan Bennett QB;(7)Deandre Smelter WR All ACL squad candidate;(7b) Conner Halliday QB red shirt gem-UFA Shaquille Riddick DE.

    1. Nice one hightop. If Perriman is available in the 2nd I’d take him too. Actually, if the 49ers miss out on the top 3 WRs and Trae Waynes, it might be worth just trading back to the 20s and picking Perriman there, then taking a RB, OLB or DL in the 2nd.

      1. If White, Parker, or Cooper aren’t available at 15, I’ve come to think trading back would be the best route to go. As you say, Perriman could be the WR pick then, as could Strong if still around. If we could net a late-2nd or 3rd rounder by moving back a few spots, it allows us to still get a decent pass rusher, O-lineman, and one of the abundant RB prospects.

    1. George:

      I only just noticed that you posted this article. I posted below as well. Regards.

  34. The 9ers will either sign a FA OT or draft an OT, they will not go into next season with Jonathan Martin being their primary back up at OT.

    1. Wen Anthony Davis returned at the end of the year, the difference was stark.

      That’s one of my reasons for optimism. An intact O-line and a Vernon %70 as productive as the 13 TD Vernon if 2013 = deep playoff run, even with CK’s flaws.

      1. Yeah, but can they stay healthy. Correct me if I’m wrong, but was A. Davis out twice last year – out, came back, injured again, came back?

        1. Cubus thats why its important for the 9ers to draft a OT this yr. We ca’nt survive another yr with Martin as our primary back up at OT.

          1. Old Coach, would you consider Brandon Thomas as a potential backup at OT? He played primarily LT at Clemson.

            1. Scooter if we do’nt sign iupati i think Thomas will start at G, I believe thats where they have been developing him.

            2. Good point. I was thinking with Boone and Thomas they could both kind of be your backup OTs despite being starting OGs, with Martin or Looney coming into the line-up if there is an injury to an OT.

              But I guess that isn’t ideal, as you are then weakening two positions instead of one if you have an injury to one of your OTs.

            1. Cubus if thet are planning on replacing Martin and drafting the primary back up OT, I dont believe that they can wait to much after the 4th rd.

          2. OldCoach – Good points.

            There are alot of O-line candidates in the draft projected to go in the first round. Many are described as potential high level Guards, but merely adequate Tackles.

            Makes me wonder… We have two very good starting OTs and a guy named Boone who’s a swing tackle.

            Instead of using a high draft pick for a combination starting Guard, back-up Tackle… why not bury the (hold out) hatchet and extend Boone, who is entering his prime? We can get a dedicated Guard like AJ Cann in the late 3rd. Use pick 15 on another position.

            A) Use pick 15 on an OG that can also backup OT.

            B) Extend Boone. Trade pick 79 back for a late 3rd+4th. Pick AJ Cann.

  35. The Niners need defensive line help real bad. The corners could cover if there was pressure up the middle. Then OL help….we can’t afford Crabtree anymore, get someone in the draft. I agree that we need that “scat back” type of runner too.

  36. Where is Glenn Dorsey in your depth chart / draft considerations. Credibility lost…

      1. No problem George. Niners also have 7 mil in cap space without any cuts or restructuring done. With a couple moves i.e brooks, Stevie, Jonathan Martin, Dahl could easily get to 15 mil under which is enough to plug some holes.

  37. I don’t agree entirely with the players, but I do agree with the positions drafted. If I were to make my own it would look like this:
    1st: Brandon Scherff – G/ Iowa
    2nd: Devin Smith – WR/ Ohio State
    3rd: Best available RB between Jeremy Langford/ Mich. St., John Ajayi/ Boise, David Johnson/ NIU, and Karlos Williams/ FSU
    4th: Ifo Ekpre-Olomu – CB/ Oregon
    5th: Hou’oli Kikaha – OLB/ Wash or Max Valles – OLB/ Virginia
    6th: Bryon Bennett – QB/ SIU
    7th: Best available DL

    1. They could be doing all this reconstructing of contracts to make room for a hard push at Suh!

      1. Yeah, I saw some chatter on that, but I hope not. Too expensive plus I don’t know if he meets the new “winning with class” mantra.

      1. Mid to late 3rd? If I could get Orchard in the 2nd I’d take them both! If we didn’t make the SB, I’d be fired.

        1. Since I’m retired, I wouldn’t care; Bwahaha! It’s a conversation-stopper; too bad.

    2. A guy like Rashod Greene WR/ Fla St. could be an intriguing player if he’s still on the board between rounds 4 and 5

    3. That’s the draft I’m hoping for. I’m a big Ajayi fan. Might have to trade 3rd+4th to move into the high 2nd for him. There should be a compensatory 4th we can still use on Ekpre-Olomu.

  38. 1st round If White and Shelton are gone at 15, I would like to see us trade down and pick up another 2rd pick.
    Late 1st round pick (25 Panthers) would be WR DBG yes this would be a big risk, but the upside of this guy and with our leaders in the locker room I would take the chance.
    2nd pick RB Duke Johnson the all time All purposes yards leader from the U might be ranked behind Ameer Abdullah, but with his ability to step in and be our return guy opening game and his catching ability out of the back field he would be my pick.

    If we had another 2nd. I would take OG A.J. Cann or OG Laken Tomlinson here

    3rd I like your pick in WR P. Dorsett. When you put the ability to run all the routs instead of just the go rout put DB’s on their heels.
    4th round I was looking at QB Sean Mannion, but after looking up QB Ryan Bennett, I don’t think there would be a better replacement if Kap went down.
    5th round WR Darran Waller, but I would move him to TE. At 6’6 and with his speed could be ready to take the starting TE roll next season.
    6th round DE Shaquille Riddick may be relatively unknown because of playing for a small school his first three years and taking half a season to get on the field at WV, but still lead the team in sacks. With some good coaching and adding straight he could be our answer at DE or OLB if A. Smith dose not return after next season.
    7th round DT Chucky Hunter would be my pick her, and just because of the caliber of competitions he played against

  39. The 49ers will have to move up in order to get La’el Collins. He can go as high #10 to the Rams. But, if he is available at 15, I’d love to see the 49ers draft him at that spot.

  40. Per Maiocco:

    That puts #49ers at $7.084M under the salary cap, using http://t.co/yCINHPEa6k's ‘s figures. (And $5.226M under, according to @spotrac).

    A lot better than the 1.4~ we were hearing last week. With Stevie and maybe Willis restructured, and Brooks (and possibly others) gone I could see us doing some damage this off-season. Maybe making a play for T. Smith.

    Also if Smith doesn’t come back, that’s another $4mil in savings.

    Not to mention we could work a long term deal for Aldon, rather than take the full $9 mil hit this year. Will be an interesting offseason, not that it hasn’t been already.

    1. Leo, good call. The Sign Aldon now or Sign Aldon later is a question the future of the franchise pivots on.

      Sign now rewards: Get him cheaper. If he has a great year we won’t be able to afford him long term. It will also provide cap relief to retain key players.

      Sign now risks: Another DUI and the 49ers will be in cap hell for years. It also increases the chance of skipping a good pass rusher in this draft, only to realize we needed one after all.

      Sign later rewards: You get a whole season to make sure Aldon’s cleaned up his act.

      Sign later risks: If he has a great season, with no off field incidents, the 49ers won’t be able to afford him. Not even close.

        1. Yes. 5th year option for 2015, franchise tag 2016.

          If I remember correctly, 5th year option players make top ten at the position salaries ($9.75M for Aldon this year). First year franchise tags make top five at the position. Pricey, but spread out over two years not bad pay

          He would average over the two year period something like the top 7.5 OLB salary.

          I think those salaries are fully guaranteed, so the risks and cap hits are significant. Worth it, but not cheap.

      1. They should be able to work out a contract where a violation of “morals” clauses would mean that they could release him early with less cap hit. Or perhaps work out a “Kaepernickesque” type deal. I’m not exactly sure how the signing bonus would work. I don’t know if they can get back part of the signing bonus if they release him due to “cause”.

        1. True, but other teams will be offering Aldon contracts without those clauses.

          A contract with clauses and de-escalators will have to have a much higher contract price to be attractive enough for Aldon to want to sign.

          Which returns us to the risk/reward delima. Offer Aldon a lower contract with more guarantees… or a higher priced contract with morals clauses?

    1. I agree with most of what you say there.

      I think they should make a play for Culliver, but I do agree some team will likely offer him more than he is worth. The 49ers shouldn’t be that team, as much as I’d like to keep him.

      Keeping Cox would then make sense, though I personally don’t think he is that good. He was on a tear to start 2014, but I think we saw what Cox is really like during the second half of the season – a below average starting CB. But for a cheap deal he’s a good backup.

      Bringing back Chris Cook wouldn’t be a bad idea too.

      I agree with letting all the other guys go. And with the cap room they create by releasing Brooks, Johnson and probably Dahl, I’d be all for signing Torrey Smith. That would then give them great flexibility to take BPA in the draft.

      I do think one position you missed was they should also sign a vet FA RB on a pretty cheap deal (as well as drafting one).

    2. Where did you get your cap figure? Last I heard we were at $7 mil under.

      If we cut Stevie and Brooks, then we absolutely need to go after Torrey.

    3. Still unsure about the Cox/Culliver dilemma, and I don’t know anything about the backup QB suggested here. Aside from that, good moves all around. I especially like the Skuta and Smith signings…it takes a lot of pressure off having to go WR or pass rusher in first round.

    4. Ahem. Real World speaking (through Rotoworld):

      Torrey Smith – WR – Ravens
      CBS’ Jason La Canfora reports the Ravens offered free agent Torrey Smith a five-year, $35 million deal that included $19 million guaranteed before the season.
      It’s an offer Smith will have a hard time matching in free agency after posting a 49/767/11 line in 2014. Smith is one of the league’s very best deep threats, but his game hasn’t evolved to that of a true No. 1 receiver’s. Re-signing with Baltimore makes the most sense for both sides, but Smith may need to test the open market to insure fair value.

      1. That’s a deal the 49ers could match or better. A deal offering him $7.5M to $8M a season on average would be worth it to get a player that provides a skill set the team really needs.

    5. Add to the one player list with Ted Ginn and Josh Morgan going down in 2011. That’s two players but they killed the window which might have remained open if the special teams coach had not tried to field punts with a reckless rookie.

      1. +1 too. They never replaced Ginn. And Jim “What’s your Deal” Harbaugh just had to run up the score vs the Bucs in the late 4th qtr.

        As much as I loved Harbs, his late game management will always leave me scratching my head.

        1. Brodie I agree about some strange late game management, but in Morgan’s case Harbaugh was giving Colin his first real live action.

          Back in Walsh’s day, he sent the entire first string back into an exhibition game late in the fourth quarter to try to score in Seattle. I can’t remember who was injured but I’m pretty sure it was significant.

  41. IE-O won’t last until our pick in the 4th.
    Too talented, even with the knee.
    I LOVE me some Abdullah!
    But would you really spend a 2nd on a change-of-pace RB?
    Oh wait…that’s right…Baalke would.
    I’d take Petty before Bennett.

  42. Dockett would step right in for McDonald.
    He’d be an awesome aquisition for the right price.
    Is Tank ready to step in full-time???

    1. Robert, unfortunately the Cards have already offered Dockett what Baalke will probably offer him. Baalke will have to find some way to top that.

  43. just hit me :- Ray McDonald is no longer on the team…….our DL is currently below average….

    Signing DD won’t be a bad idea…..

  44. Michael Chammas from the Sydney Morning Herald (Australian Newspaper) is saying the 49ers are now front runners to sign Jarryd Hayne.

    He is set to announce which team he will sign with in about 2 and half hours.

      1. Hey Scooter, since you’re more familiar with the sport I’d becurious to hear your take on why more Rugby players don’t make the tranistion to the NFL?

        1. Its just not that big a sport over here. It has a pretty small following and really isn’t played much at all at a junior level. And it can’t be stressed enough how tough such a transition is going to be for Hayne. The chances of this working out for him a very low.

          Most of the players that switch codes tend to do so within the big football codes over here – rugby union, rugby league and to a more limited extent Australian Rules Football. These sports have more in common with each other than with the NFL.

  45. Odell Beckham Jr., Antonio Brown, John Brown, Randall Cobb, Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd, A.J. Green, Alshon Jeffery, Calvin Johnson, Julio Jones, Brandon Marshall and Jordy Nelson.

    yes we need a top Corner

  46. They are getting Waynes at 15..
    They will trade up a couple of spots if necessary to get him.
    If they don’t trade up to do so, they will trade in the second to grab Beckham. After that I don’t really care.
    Cb in the first
    Wr in the second.
    4th rd.. An O lineman
    Those are their top 3

    1. Ninermd
      Is your ‘sentence’ over? Mine too. :-)
      Yeah, your guy or a couple of DL, or a couple of OL as possibilities other than WR. I like Perrimen at WR late 1st. Ravens might like him too, so we’d need to trade back to about #25, but that could get us a 2nd or 3rd&5th.
      Also, Browns like Collins and might want us to grade back to #19; that should be worth a 3rd for sure, maybe a 2nd if they’re drooling.

      1. Lol I know huh.
        Brotha. Horrible punctuation.
        Last I read miami and cleveland may want him after the combine. Aside from Thor two there isn’t really much need for a cb that early in the draft. That’s why I feel if they do trade up, it won’t be a big leap and won’t take as much. I hope he is there at 15. If he is. No way they don’t draft him, with two starters hitting the market. I feel Baalke wants to sure up the defense as much as possible before looking offense. Although the offense needs more pieces his mind thinks put a dominate legit #1 defense on the field and that’s nfc title game automatically.
        Run the ball and have ck run more will be enough offense to maybe win it this time.
        And I really think he believes in patton and Ellington. (Not me) Beckham working with ck is a boost in my comfindence he will be the receiver they take in the second rd. Those two picks Id be absolutely fine with. I think this Waynes kid will be very good. And they won’t miss a beat without cully, maybe even be better year one. I think they resign cox. We will have a way better clue on what they could do after free agency. Tbd! And subject to change. Lol

      1. That would be an interesting pick. The NFL.com and CBS.com reports list his downsides as being too “handsy” and having “tight” hips – what have you seen? Also do you think he lasts to #15?

        1. I think he’d be a great pick. He has easy speed to run with receivers and I don’t know where they get the tight hips idea. One of his best attributes is how great a job he does staying square and not biting on a WRs moves.

          He does get a bit grabby, but that is how the Michigan St CBs are taught to play. Darqueze Dennard last year was much the same. I don’t think it is a big issue. Besides, he’s got the speed and mirror ability to not need to get handsy, so I think it is something that can be taught out of him.

      2. Yep. I was worried when I realized the Big 3 WRs might be gone, but there are a number of BPA options at #15. I don’t feel the need to trade back, but it could work in the 1st round.

    1. This link is/was a live feed to Hayne’s announcement. Now they are replaying it…..Hope link still works (hit play button)…It was like a College signing day announcement. Hayne pulled out his Niner hat…It was pretty cool.

  47. Here’s my first 2015 mock draft:


    TRADE: San Francisco trades the 15th pick (1st round) to Detroit for the 23rd (1st round) and 54th (2nd round) picks.
    TRADE: San Francisco trades the 23rd pick (1st round) to Green Bay for the 30th (1st round) and 94th (3rd round) picks.
    TRADE: San Francisco trades OLB Ahmad Brooks to Buffalo for the 50th pick (2nd round) and a conditional 2016 2nd round pick.
    TRADE: San Francisco trades 30th pick (1st round) to Cleveland for the 43rd pick (2nd round) and a 2016 3rd round pick.


    PICK 43
    Has a skill set reminiscent of Vernon Davis. A big target with usually reliable hands. Won’t outrun anybody, but runs a route good enough to make up for it. Demands enough attention downfield that allows for a receiver to get open. Improved in his blocking to where it isn’t a weakness.
    PICK 46
    A capable back with the ability to be versatile as a backup or starter. Not a homerun threat, but chews up yards on the ground when he touches the ball. A viable threat in the passing game. Great vision and patience which allows for him to find a seam to slip through. Impeccable character on and off the field.
    PICK 50
    Quick off the line and superb at route running. Adjusts to the ball while in the air and can make the contested catch. Fights through the trash and isn’t easy to bring down despite his frame. Can play inside or outside. Excellent punt returner.
    PICK 54
    Raw but talented prospect. Physical tackler that hits with a pop. Shows ability to quickly recover from a misstep. Shows a knack for making a play on the ball.


    PICK 79
    An explosive play maker that can make anything happen on any part of the field. Quick off the line and has a stop-go move that catches DBs off guard. Beautiful route runner. Scrappy bundle of dynamite that isn’t afraid to catch in traffic or go after a contested jump ball. Impressive KR/PR.
    PICK 94
    A mammoth sized road grader that is also a surprisingly decent pass protecter. Quick out of his stance and has nice footwork. Delivers an initial strong punch that can freeze his opponent. Contained Randall Gregory and sprung opened big holes for Melvin Gordon against Nebraska. Has the skill set to kick inside if need be.


    Fits what Baalke tends to go after during the draft. Shows an ability to diagnose the play in front of him and react accordingly with great closing speed. One of the best run defending DBs in the draft despite his size. Competitive with a motor that doesn’t quit until the whistle. Above average ball skills.


    PICK 143
    A good passer from in the pocket or on the run. Average arm strength, but uses leverage in his lower body to help drive the ball downfield. Able to hit his receiver in stride and usually puts the ball where he can get it. No happy feet. Underrated as a runner.


    PICK 174
    An intriguing small school prospect. Quick out of his stance shows enough strength and power to driver a blocker back. Not fast, but displays surprising closing speed and can be a QB’s worst nightmare. Doesn’t know the word quit. Knows where the ball is going and tends to arrive with a thud at contact.


    PICK 221
    Will need time to develop (especially as a pass rusher), but has the skill set to be a three-down threat. Crazy strong and can ragdoll an OL. Usually requires more than one blocker on him. Already makes a difference in the run game, but has the ability to become an elite stopper.


    1. That’s a lot of trading back just to pick Clive Walford with their first pick! :-P

      There are some players I really like in here, but I have to say I find the trade scenarios a little heroic and I don’t like the idea of not coming away with a first round pick. But hey, its a mock draft, and who’s to say it won’t happen!

      Just curious, but does “A big target with usually reliable hands. Won’t outrun anybody, but runs a route good enough to make up for it” really sound reminiscent of Vernon Davis to you?

      If they got a 2nd this year and a conditional 2nd next year for Brooks then Baalke deserves to be knighted.

      1. Thanks for the review Scooter.

        On the trades:

        There won’t be a top WR prospect without huge question marks at 15, and I think the Lions are going to be one of the movers in this upcoming draft for either a DL or DB, so trading with them made sense. The same problem comes up at 23, so trading again but this time with Green Bay (who will most likely need some help on defense made sense here as well.) At 30, I thought about drafting Marcus Peters, but after watching his tape again, I decided to pass as he seems too passive at times and doesn’t show an interest in run defense. I then traded with Cleveland because I can see them either going after Brett Hundley here, getting the jump on Chicago.

        On trading Brooks:
        Hey, if Baalke could do it with Alex Smith… ;-)

        On the Walford/Davis comparison:
        I didn’t list all of Walford’s skill set, but it did remind me mostly of Vernon Davis. And yes, I do believe what I said of him being reminiscent of Davis since Davis isn’t a burner but runs routes well enough to negate that negative. Although I will admit the comparison is more towards the current Davis than the overall product.

        1. Vernon Davis’ primary skill is his speed (in the passing game, he can be a devastating run blocker). He’s a substandard route runner, has average hands and doesn’t get YAC unless he can outrun defenders – he rarely runs anyone over (criminal, given his body).

            1. While VD’s hands have gotten better over his career (from absolutely dreadful, when he first came out of Maryland, he’s improved to ok with a lot of hard work), I don’t think too many people think of Davis’ hands first. His primary skills are his speed and run blocking abilities.

              The kind of highlight he’s known for are wheel routes on which he can run away from defenders, after double or triple clutching the catch, of course.

              Finally, is a 600 yard and 6 TD average that much to be proud of? That sounds like stats somewhere toward the middle for starting TE’s.

              I’m not saying he’s not a good TE on balance, he is, but the idea that he’s a good route runner with good hands is just hard to digest.

    2. I like the trading back. I prefer the high 2nd for BPA. According to the Value Grouping guys, picks 14-40 have a 61% chance of being a 3-year starter.

      But would a team trade a 2nd rounder for Ahmad Brooks if they think he’s going to get released?

      1. My thinking on Brooks is that the team could potentially keep him on at his current pay since the team isn’t a big spender in free agency. Plus I think a team would accept a trade for him if the team eats $2-$4 million from his contract.

        1. Its a shame Brooks and the 49ers can’t get along. He’d have alot of value out there. Lots of 3-4 could use him. I still think he’d be a crushing 4-3 LB too. Cowboys? Raiders? If the 49ers can get anything for him, make the trade.

  48. Grant,

    I think you have your defensive positions mixed up.

    It’s debatable if the base defense is an Under front. As I think the base front and scheme was a straight 2 gap (with some penetration) scheme. HOWEVER….

    It is my belief that the Under front is probably used to better combat zone blocking teams. an Under front better allows gap penetration schemes which do a good job (when executed correctly) at disrupting stretch zone blocking run plays (never mind the blockers, penetrate, get into the backfield and push the ball carrier to the perimeter into the edge containment).

    But anyway…going with the Under front….you have Justin Smith listed as a 3 technique and Dorsey/Dial listed as a 5 technique. Justin Smith almost exclusively lined up on the weak side along with Aldon the ROLB. I’m pretty sure that in an Under front that the Right End (Justin Smith) lines up in a 5 technique position which then pushes the ROLB/Jack (depending on the scheme) out further to give him more space to pass rush or play run contain…in fact I think that’s the very point of the Under front. That would then make the Left End (Dorsey/Dial) at the 3 technique in the Under Front.

    you’ve described is an OVER front which would shift the LDE (Dorsey/Dial) to the 5 tech and Justin Smith closer inside to the 3 technique. But that would put Justin Smith closer to the Guard and Center and he usually has his hands full with the Left Tackle and/or Guard.

    It’s my belief that Fangio didn’t run his defense in a “pure” 2 gap or Under (penetrating) scheme and mixed and matched his fronts (which didn’t necessarily show the scheme) based on the offense they faced.

    I like the Collins pick. He seems like a Baalke type of pick. Good knowledge knowing that he’s listed as a Tackle but played some Guard at the Senior Bowl. I know Guard is pretty big need. But I’d say WR is an even bigger one. Do you think Parker, Green-Beckham and Strong will either be gone or not worth the 15th pick? What do you think of Sammie Coates? Good size and speed: 6’2″ 213 lbs and ran a 4.3 forty. (he needs to learn to run more routes and to run them better…he’s a bit of a project..which is risky for 1st or 2nd rounder).

    I’m not so sure about Adbullah. He seems a bit like LaMicheal James…or maybe Kendal Hunter (better inside runner). But they have Hunter returning from injury.. .sure no guarantees he’ll be as effective as a change of pace back up back but I think taking a somewhat similar back as high as the 2nd round seems too high. How about Jeremy Langford from Michigan State? He’s 6’0″ 211 lbs and ran a 4.47 40. He’s described as a tough hard nosed workhorse runner. He’s also described a good receiver and pass blocker.

    Admittedly my info gets a bit out of date on draft prospects. But Bennett is listed as a probable 7th rounder or free agent? Has his stock shot up? I’m not in love with any of the draft QBs this year. If mobility is a premium (and new 49ers QB Coach Steve Logan says he thinks it’s important and comments by the Baalke, Jed and Tomsula have talked about using more of Kaepernick’s mobility) what about Brandon Bridge or Kaep’s Nevada successor Cody Fajarodo?

    I’d also look for the Niners to draft a Tight End at some point in the mid rounds or lower.

    1. I have it straight. The three-tech is on the weak side and the one-tech and five-tech are on the strong side in an under front. If the offense switches the strength of its formation, then the 49ers’ front is an over front.

      1. that makes no sense. the idea behind an Under front is to shift the ROLB/Jack over so he’s uncovered. how often did you see Justin Smith battling the Center and Guard from the 3 tech? He’s usually occupying the Guard and Tackle.

        here: 3-4 Under (which aside from some scheme differences is lines up like a 4-3 Under)

      2. hmm…I think you are right about the RDE 3 tech and LDE t tech. I stand corrected.

    2. Yes, Grant is correct about the alignment affp. In the 3-4 under front the 1-tech plays on the strong side, with the 5 tech DE and the strong side OLB. The weakside has the 3-tech and the weakside OLB playing essentially as a DE.

        1. nah, I’m just questioning alignment and techniques not scheme. and in this case I was wrong.

  49. Grant, I chanced on this article rather late, so you might not have the occasion to repartee my responses. I completely respect your writing, but have reservations:
    1. We don’t need to get desperate here, since we drafted a high level injured offensive linemen in Thomas last draft. Would prefer an outstanding CB.
    2. No desperation for RB; we will have Gore, Hyde, and Hunter, plus others on the practices squad. Yes: we will have Frank Gore for another couple years.
    3. Dorsett is fast, but so too was A.J. Jenkins. We need excellent route running and good hands to catch Kaep’s lasers. If he’s available, only maybe.
    4. Good idea on talented but injured CB: I am all in on that choice. Lest we forget, however, we already did draft a talented, injured CB last draft in the fifth round.
    5. We need to draft a QB earlier than this. Why would you consider getting QB help from Southeastern Louisiana? More importantly, we learned from Colin Kaepernick that simply having athleticism and arm strength will not make a great QB rating and pass game.
    6. We’re good at NT for now. We have Williams, Dorsey, Dial, and a couple of others who can be shifted there.
    Frankly, given all the new blood coming off PUP lists, etc., I think this would be a good year to package players and both move up and secure additional picks for next year’s draft.

  50. We have Brandon Thomas so why would we want another OG in the 1st round? Our need are WR, CB, and QB(back up). I would draft a big play maker WR in the 1st rd like Strong but I would rather Baalke trade up for White. We need a tall WR to help Kap go up against seattle’s tall corners. If only we had a 6’2-6’3 WR at the end of the 2013 NFC Championship game we would have won.

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