49ers 2015 mock draft 5.0

Here is my latest attempt to predict which picks the 49ers will make in the upcoming draft.

Round 1, pick No. 15: Malcom Brown, DT, Texas

To replace Justin Smith, the 49ers take the best 3-technique defensive tackle available, maybe the best 3-technique in the entire draft. Brown made 15 tackles for loss in 13 games last season.

TRADE: 49ers send pick No. 46 to the Dallas Cowboys for pick Nos. 60 and 91

Round 2, pick No.60: Rashad Greene, WR, Florida State

To replace Anquan Boldin, the 49ers draft the best Florida State wide receiver since Anquan Boldin.

Round 3, pick No. 79: Kwon Alexander, ILB, Louisiana State

Alexander ran a 4.55-second 40-yard dash at the combine – he is one of the fastest linebackers in the draft. He has the speed to cover Seattle Seahawks tight end Jimmy Graham.

Round 3, pick No. 91 (from Dallas): Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, CB, Oregon

Ekpre-Olomu would have been a late-first-round pick or early-second-round pick if he hadn’t torn his ACL in December. He was a first-team All-Pac 12 player three times, and he broke up 48 passes in 53 games.

Round 4, pick No. 127: Tyrus Thompson, OT/OG, Oklahoma

Thompson is 6’5”, 324 pounds, has 34 7/8-inch arms and was an All-Big 12 first-team left tackle last season. He isn’t quick enough to play left tackle in the NFL, but he can play right tackle or guard.

Round 4, pick No. 132 (comp.): Obum Gwacham, OLB/DE, Oregon State

Gwacham is 6’5”, 246 pounds, has 34 3/8-inch arms and runs a 4.72-second 40-yard dash. He has the athleticism of a first-round pick, but he’s falling to the fourth round because he has played defense for only one season. He was a wide receiver until his senior year.

Round 5, pick No. 151: Matt Jones, RB, Florida

Trent Baalke recently said Carlos Hyde weighs in the mid-220s. The Niners need a big, bruising back to fill out the running-back committee. Jones is 6’2”, 231 pounds and only 21 years old.

Round 6, pick No. 189: Mario Alford, WR, West Virginia

Alford is one of the most underrated players in the draft. He runs a 4.27 40-yard dash and has good hands. He’s proven a deep threat and kick returner.

Round 7, pick No. 246: John Timu, ILB, Washington

Timu is a tough run-stopper in the middle of the defense. He made 108 tackles in 14 games last season.

Round 7, pick No. 254: Bryan Bennett, QB, Southeastern Louisiana

Bill Walsh believed teams should draft one quarterback every year.

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  1. Rashad Greene the best since Boldin? I think you might have overlooked how successful Kelvin Benjamin was last year in his rookie year.

    1. Stat wise, Greene is better than KB.Greene left FSU as one of the all time greats. KB had one great season.

      Not a fan of this mock though regarding Greene and Ifo Ekpre-Olomu. We should be getting bigger and neither of those guys are that big.

    2. Baalke has to have a strong running game and stout defense to bail out his conservative brand of offense with so many 3 and outs, and the redzone scoring will be even worse this year because of new personnel across the board. A wide receiver in round one would not fit Baalke’s run first, defense first mentality. Check his resume. He’s from a running division 2 school, with a Bill Parcells influence (Both preach run and defense) which is why Patton, Ronald Johnson, AJ Jenkins are all busts (49ers Webzone…Will Past mistakes prevent 49ers from drafting a wide receiver round 1). Baalke doesn’t understand the passing game, when you grow up not practicing something its hard to be good at it.

      1. TomD….intriguing post…maybe a bit too rigid on Baalke, but I think that he can read the tea leaves….’niner faithful wants a more dynamic passing game….I say that he goes big WR in the first round after trade down

    3. Can the Draft come soon enough?

      Grant’s New Mock Draft is more absurd than his first one!

    4. Once again, THE 49ERS WILL NOT DRAFT A WIDE RECEIVER #1!!!!!!!…Baalke’s boring offense got more boring when right tackle, Davis went down leading to the most sacks in one season in the history or the organization. The 49ers invested 40 million in Torrey Smith because Baalke trusts other GM’s judgements in the offensive area more than his own, Jerome Simpson is going to capitalize on his last chance, and Boldin and Ellington round it off, so no need to draft a wr #1. Either offensive lineman, DB, or Interior DL will be the choice.

      1. Leading the league and setting a frachise record in sacks, when you pass less than most NFL teams says a lot about your coaching and talent evaluation, especially when you tell the world in a nationally televised coaching press conference, “WE’RE GOING TO RUN THE FOOTBALL,” and running is supposed to set up a safe play action passing situation (in theory). Not with the 49ers. Running the football more than most teams, and passing the ball less than most teams, only led to a record breaking sack season…Can somebody explain that one.

  2. I truly hope that the 49ers take DGB at 15, or if they are able to move a little back and still take him, even better. We don’t need a DL in the first round.

    1. Please, not for the 15th pick. I like DGB and hope we get him, but Baalke will want to be wiser about /”when.” 15th overall would be a bonafide reach. Since analysts believe DGB will be available in the mid-2nd round, how about we make a small trade to move up several notches to the top of the 2nd round? Then, we get him and also get a sure-fire starter on defense at 15.

        1. He might be the best and I’d love to procure him, but there’s no way in hell he goes top 10….

        2. My biggest concern about DGB is not the off-the-field issues, although they do have to be thoroughly investigated. My concern is that he didn’t play last year. In any field, if you want to stay on top and be the best, you have to constantly practice and perform. Staying fit by working out in the gym and throwing a ball around with friends doesn’t qualify in my eyes.

          OTOH, CK got to spend some time with him this offseason. Do you know if CK had anything to say about DGB?

          1. Cubus

            Your concern is not really logical, if you think about it. When players return from injury, they haven’t played for that period of time. Take Adrian Peterson: after 9 months away from the game due to a torn ACL, he ran for 2,000 yards. Or Joe Montana: after Jim Burt broke his back, he won 2 more Superbowls.

            And DGB is still in the period before his prime. He has yet to fully realize his physicality, but will do so in an NFL training regimen. Bucky Brooks thinks he’ll shed weight and get even faster and quicker. A year away from the game at age 21 won’t hurt him.

            1. E: After I posted, I started thinking a bit about injured players. To an extent I think you’re right, except that it seems to me that most injured players from the previous year often need until about midseason or longer to get back to form (some guys are an exception). For me I want a 1st round #15 pick to start day one. If we’re willing to wait for DGB to start, then yeah, I understand the reasoning. I will admit, I love the size. I do want a big receiver on the team.

              But DGB really only had the one big year didn’t he? I just would feel better if there was more consistent performance (multiple seasons).

              1. Cubus

                You’re right about #15 being a Day 1 contributor, and I think DGB could score 10+ TDs next year as a Red Zone target alone. Let Q and Smith play between the 20 yard lines, and then insert DGB. By midseason, if not sooner, he would be their #3 WR.

                As for the 1 good season, he actually had 2 good seasons of production at Mizzou before being kicked off the team. And as for being proven, sometimes pedigree outweighs production. LeBron James never played a minute in college, but nobody questioned his pedigree. DGB was by far and away the #1 high school recruit in 2011

              2. … make that 2012.

                Anyway, DGB will own the NFL by 2017, and I want the Niners to be ale to wrap him up through 2025 after his first 3 years on the team. If Baalke doesn’t draft DGB, Baalke should be fired.

      1. B/C Baalke has Agregious Failed to Give Alex or Kaepernick a Legitimate #1 Game-Changing Size & Speed WR for 5 yrs!!! We’ve Had a Top 5 Defense But Never a Top 15 Offense to Go With IT? IF YOU CAN’T Run the Ball (17 Carries 14 Yards NFC Championship Game) Cause Sherman Crowds the Box b/c your WR are Short, Slow & Mediocre; You Can’t SCORE or SUSTAIN DRIVES, You Have NO Red Zone SIZE or Deep Threats Speed Weapons? And Not Any Breakaway Speed RB to Blow Pass Any DB’s? DGB is Both! Kelvin Benjamin was a Slow 4.61-40 Lazy, Malcontent but Mike Evans was Surefire Star yet KB 73 Catches 1008 Yards & 9 TD’s; ME 63 Catches 1051 Yards 12 TD’s you Think SIZE Made a Difference Since Mike was a Much Better Athlete? The Niners Will Keep a Losing Until Baalke Drafts SIZE & SPEED on the Outside on Offense!

        FACT: IF You Have NO Speed or SIZE on Offense to SCORE or Stretch the Defense? It Doesn’t Matter How Good Your Defense Is! You Still Lose b/c Your Have No Talent is Primary Position on Offense. Alex Smith Made the Pro Bowl & Playoff after Trade b/c He Went to a Team That had Knile Davis 4.37-40 & Size/Speed WR Talent!

        Wow! Maybe Their GM wasn’t Stuck on Stupid & Jurassicaly Stone Age in His Offensive Philosophy!!!

  3. We play a 34 defense that doesnt use a 3 tech except for nickel situations. We have enough d line depth and can wait till later rounds

    1. Dude. Catch up or we’ll sick AFFP on you to school you on Fangio’s D. 3T is integral. It’s what Cowboy has played.
      Now what tweaks Mangini installs is yet to be seen.

  4. I think they should go after Shelton with 15th pick…I don’t believe he will go as high as they think. I actually think they could trade down some spots and still get him and use the exra pick to move up in second.

    1. Ruben- i agree on Shelton. He was mocked to us very early ( mock drafts that are at least a month old), and i wasn’t on board ( plenty of DT depth). But after watching some footage of him…..im a fan! 9 sacks for a man 340+ !!!!!!!!! reminds me of Haloti Ngata! a 3 down guy who could play any position on our line and be one of the best D-linemen in the league for years to come.A man that weighs over 340 and can pressure the qb…….well thats about as rare as it gets, that guy is a FREAK!

      My dream scenario has us getting shelton in the 1st and jalen Strong in the 2nd. Strong just reminds me of a young Anqaun Boldin that runs a 4.4 instead of a 4.78. The muscular build for a wr is rare, most look like string beans.

      1. Agreed, provided one of the big 3 is not available Shelton is the player I most covet.
        The CB’s are mostly overrated in this draft and wr’s at this point are all risky…
        It will be interesting where Gregory goes after his failed drug test.

  5. Grant, thanks for the latest mock.

    As long as we’re getting greedy with trade backs, why not trade back 15 back? The allure of a Gurley, Peters, Perriman, DGB, Peat should be enough to shake down a team for an extra third rounder. Brown should still be there around picks 20-22.

    1. Baalke is known for not trading back in the first, but this years talent demographics scream round one trade backs.

      The only scenario for standing pat is if Baalke’s main targets falls to 15… or the “elites” are off the board, gutting the trade back market.

      1. I’ll have to research Brown. He was off my radar. I’ll have to look him up. I do see some mocks having him pretty high.

        According to chart, a trade back 5 spots should garner a 3rd rounder. This leaves the question…

        Is Brown better than:
        – Peters + 3rd
        – Peat + 3rd
        – Gurley + 3rd
        – Perriman + 3rd
        – DGB + 3rd

        and so on. (assuming Brown himself is off the board at 20)

        A 3rd can be packaged with 46 to move up into the late first.

        1. I would take DGB + 3rd, but if Baalke wants a 3-technique, I think he’ll take Brown at 15.

    2. Brown is a good prospect, I could see that. At least you didn’t pick Armstead Grant, I appreciate that.

      Personally, I don’t see them going Dline in the first simply because I think there will be comparable talent at positions of greater need like WR and CB. I keep coming back to Marcus Peters whenever I play it out.

      1. I think your positional strength is OLB/DE, RB, DT, WR, with the weakest being TE and QB….

  6. We know Dail, TJE, Williams, Dorsey can play well. Often at a high level. If father time hasn’t caught up to Docket, he can clearly play at a high level.

    This leaves Tank. Tomsula loves him. I assumed he was coming along well, considering the ACL recovery, the 30+ pounds, the radical position switch, the limited reps Fangio gives backups.

    Drafting D-line at 15 only makes sense if…
    – They are major BPA you can’t pass up even though the depth is great.
    – They can bring a unique element missing in the current line (like pocket crashing from the NT spot)
    – Tank is a near bust. No where near what the 40th pick warrants.

    I have a heck of a time finding game footage of Tank, but he got three sacks in three games. I think Tank is ready to go. I’m also not writing off Kaleb Ramsey and Lawrence Okoye either.

    1. Brown is a much better 3-technique than Carradine. Carradine can move to 5-technique.

      1. Very possible. I think getting drafted by a classic 4-3 team might have worked out better. The 30+ lbs is radical. You never know if the explosiveness will still be there.

      2. With so few NFL snaps to go on, college footage shows he’d play the “Dwain Board” role well, opposite an edge rushing 4-3 DE. When Tank was drafted the question was OLB or interior DE? Fangio said DE right away.

        1. I think he can be a good replacement for Ray McDonald. They have similar characteristics.

          1. Make’s sense. After the draft Fangio discussed Tank’s role of eventually replacing Ray McDonald. He said something to the effect of “he’s got a long way to go before he’s ready to replace Ray.”

            Well, its two years later. Fangio and McDonald are reunited in Chicago. We will find out about Tank this year.

            So who’s the best fit for Justin’s spot? Dail? TJE? Slide Dorsey over? Okoye?

            1. Malcom Brown. I think he’s going to be the pick.

              Long term, the DL will be Brown at 3-tech, Dial at 1-tech and Carradine at 5-tech.

              1. Think Dial’s a bit tall for a 1-tech? He subbed NT nicely, but I see him a little farther out.

                Just reviewed first Brown breakdown. Pressures nicely over tackle. Quick feet. Good vision. A hand bludgeon guy like Justin. They move him around alot. Also a young pup at 20-21.

                For what its worth, arms are only 32 1/2″

      3. Carradine isn’t stout enough to play the Left Defensive End position.

        Carradine needs to be able both be able to penetrate and to hold up and read his blockers and the play from the Right Defensive End position. As a typical simple penetrating 4-3 college product he is not used to reading blocks and plays. His lack of real practice and game playing time over the last two years may hinder his ability to ever gain the experience and instincts required for the position.

        1. McDonald was a 4-3 DE in college. Carradine is just as big as McDonald, and Carradine is very strong.

          1. Carradine is strong for a defensive

            McDonald played Nose and End in college. So he had experience playing on the inside.

            Other than some pass rush special situations, Carradine played out wide for the seminoles.

            1. Carradine is strong for a pass rushing defensive end. (is what the above post should have said)

              but not for an interior D lineman. though, I think he’s been bulking up and building up to it. But he’s not experienced or designed (as an explosive linear penetrator) to play against the right side of an offensive line (the traditional run blocking side). McDonald had to read 1 gap and 2 gap even more often than Justin Smith. Taking on and holding on blockers and controlling them is not Carradine’s strong suite.

              1. Carradine bench pressed 225 lbs 32 times at his pro day, and he is much stronger now. He has the strength and length to play that position. He just has to learn the technique.

              2. bench press? I can bench press 225 20 times with no effort or practice (though I would be insanely sore for a week). with effort and a few weeks I could get in the high 20s. and I’m in no way shape or form strong enough to play D-line even at a college DIII level (that and Im old)….I have messed up feet and ankles, haven’t done squats or power cleans in decades….

                strength in the trenches for holding your ground (stacking) comes from what scouts call a player’s “bubble” which is short for “bubble butt” (seriously I’m not making this up). it’s their term for lower body strength, power and stability. You’ll hear them refer to thick lower body…etc….

                Upper body strength is good to jolt a blocker to get by them. or to shed them once you’ve engaged them…but it doesn’t help you hold your ground.

                I haven’t seen anything from Carradine that shows me he could consistently hold his ground when necessary. a lot of that is lower body strength but a lot of that is technique. reading a play, blockers and getting advantageous positioning for leverage. Carradine just doesn’t have the experience at this point. like many college players he came from a simple predetermined fire in a gap defense (thanks Jimmy Johnson!) where he did not intentionally engage his blockers and he also played on the outside where he had space to work with against his blockers.

  7. question- Who is the best 3-4 DE in the league?

    i ask this because for the life of me i cant think of one dominant, impact guy worthy of a top 20 pick!

    JJ Watt?? don’t the texans play a 4-3?

    1. depends on what you want in your 3-4 DE. the “3-4” definition of roles for the front 7 vary from team to team, from system to system and even for teams with variable defensive schemes, play to play.

      Watt has traditionally played in a 3-4 single gap scheme (similar to most 4-3 defensive schemes) that Wade Phillips originally implemented for the Texans. Romeo Crennel has traditionally used more of a 2 gap scheme for his front 7 but is quoted as to recognizing Watt’s penetrating and pass rushing talent so he’s adjusted his scheme to allow Watt to penetrate and go after the QB.

  8. Grant will this be your final version? Do you consider it your best? If so why are these picks better than the others?

    1. I think I’ve figured out Baalke’s first-round target, so I’m sticking with this for now.

        1. I’m thinking Carradine would be a better replacement for McDonald. Dockett is just a short-term replacement for Justin Smith.

          1. Do you think they’d take Brown over Shelton if both are on the board? I think Shelton would be the pick over Brown.

            1. I think they’d take Brown. He’s a better fit at 3-tech, he’s 10 months younger and he has been more productive. Brown made 27 tackles for loss the past two seasons; Shelton made 20.

              1. Shelton would be a pure NT in this defense. He’d be a two gap run stuffer in the mold of Wilfork in Mangini’s defense. Mangini has had similar sized NT’s in NY and Cleveland as well. I think that combined with the injury history of Williams and Dorsey could be the deciding factor.

              2. Brugler ranks Brown 11th overall and Shelton 14th overall. Both would be good picks.

      1. Grant, if the draft went down similar to this how would you grade it? In your opinion, would that be a good draft for the 49ers?

  9. Grant,
    Did you ever watch Parks and Recreation? Even if you weren’t a fan, you’ve probably seen it before. You have to watch the ESPN Jim Harbaugh interview with Jameis Winston. One of the Michigan coaches mentions the “stone crab incident” and begins to discuss it with Winston. Harbaugh’s delayed reaction, and the P&R style camera zoom are absolutely hilarious. I was in tears. Harbaugh’s reaction is truly priceless. Coach wasn’t prepared…..


  10. Grant I’m sticking with my original mock that i posted here back in March. I agree with the idea that the 9ers will trade back at least once and possibly twice. I’m sticking with my original #1 pick Marcus Peters. If the 9ers don’t draft him at #15 where do you think he will be picked?

      1. Great. Trade back back 5-6 spots for an extra 3rd. Grab BPA.

        The extra 3rd provides major flexibility.
        – Package 46+3rd to move into the late first.
        – Package two 3rds to move for an extra 2nd.
        – The extra 3rd makes pick 123 disposable. Package 46+123 to move up in the 2nd, or trade forward to 2016.

        Not Baalke’s first round style though. He likes to bore day 1, dazzle day 2. I think Grant might have it nailed with Brown whether I like it or not.

  11. If the 9ers draft a DT with their 1st round pick, that would be a HUGE mistake. There are more pressing needs…like ILB, WR, or CB. All three of these position warrant a first round pick over a DT.

    1. the talent is just simply not there for an Ilb at 15.

      honestly, anyone other than Arik Armstead would be fine with me. I really like Shelton but i would be perfectly happy with cb or wr. Heck, even an o-linemen or an edge rusher. Anyone but Armstead! Too weak, not fast & lack of production. Ducks dont transition to the pros very well dating back to Akili Smith.

      1. Agreed. I’m so sick of all the Armstead at 15 mocks.

        Now if Baalke traded way back for an extra 2nd, and took Armstead 28-32, I’d cry a bit less.

      2. @j.niner…often used but unfair statement about the Ducks not transitioning to the pros very well…since Akili Smith, how many Lombardis do we have ? Apparently none of the rest of the team has transitioned well either….

      3. Haloti Nata, LaGarrette Blount, Jonathan Stewart, Kiko Alonzo, Jarius Byrd, Max Unger, Patrick Chung, Kyle Long, TJ Ward, Adam Snyder, Deanthony Thomas.

      1. We need one that we can ridicule and tease you about post-draft.

        What took you off the Peat bandwagon?

  12. OKC fires Scott Brooks. His last 4 years are very similar to Harbaugh’s last 4 years.

    1. Yeah, I think Harbaugh is a much better coach however.

      Harbaugh got immediate improvement out of his players while Brooks has 2 brilliant superstars and still hasn’t gotten the most from them. He’s just reaped the benefits of their natural improvement through maturation.

          1. We are going to find out the answer this season as to whether it was the talent or the Coaching that was most responsible. It’s always a combination of both, but there will be some adjustments to be made with a new Coaching staff which will likely be the difference in a playoff run or a 6 win season.

            1. Or we may find out that this is a good coaching staff.

              We already know Harbaugh was better than Singletary.

        1. Don’t liken him Scott Brooks. OKC arguably had more talent than any team in the NBA. They won in spite of their coach. Harbaugh’s talent was on the front 7 and OL, and they were/are fantastic, but he was rarely outcoached. He had bottom quartile skill position talent during his 4 years.

  13. FINALLY, somebody has us taking I E-O in their mock.
    IMO, this kid is being overlooked BIGTIME.
    Thank you, Grant.

    1. I don’t think it’s overlooking him as much as facing the realization that he likely has to sit for a year Robert. His size is also not ideal, but I agree with you that he’s a good prospect and if healthy would be placing a lot higher on the mock circuit.

      1. When I say overlooked, I guess I’m referring to not hearing or reading his name in the CB prospect discussions.
        He’s in all mocks of course, but it’s nice to see someone mocking him to us.
        Sorta reminds me of DeAngelo Hall–an undersized battler.
        Ideal Baalke pick due to the knee.

  14. Which D-lineman loses his job?

    Dorsey, Williams, Carradine, Dial, TJE, Docket, and Brown make 7. Alot of roster space for a 3-4 (4-3 Under front).

    I’m thinking bye bye for Okoye, Ramsey and one other player.

    Brown or not, I really hope Mangini rotates the D-line. I’m a big fan of fresh legs in December. Comes in handy for Thursday games too.

    1. Dockett and Carradine…hard as it may be to believe. Carradine has flashed but not shown much to this point. he’s still a project (as the signing of Dockett indicates). Dockett is coming off an injury and while a veteran talent is no sure thing either. Meanwhile you have Dorsey and TJE are veteran back ups and sometimes starters (ie. proven commodities). Dial (IMO) showed enough to stick on the roster. Also Dorsey, Dial and TJE are flexible options at End and NT.

    2. Brodie,

      It wouldn’t be unprecedented for them to keep 7, but unlikely obviously. In this scenario, I think TJE would likely be the odd man out if they only kept 6. However, the possibility of getting out of TC unscathed is pretty low from what we’ve seen the past few years, so one of them would likely wind up on IR to start the season.

      1. Wouldn’t mind stashing guys like Dockett, J. Smith, Ramsey on IR. Activate them later in the year. Pocket crashers with fresh legs come in handy in December.

        In fact, I think that’s what’s behind the Justin Smith retirement delay. Why not wait till the roster shakes out once preseason’s done.

    3. Smelter (at some point) instead of Mario Alford would help with the roster math delima a Brown pick would create.

  15. The more I think about it, the more Brown fits the Baalke pattern. The Brown pick’s…

    – A slight “reach” (to some). He won’t gamble by trading back a few spots.
    – Solid, sensible, if unspectacular choice.
    – A player that was off many fans radar, but should have been on their radar.
    – Fills a “year after next” need.
    – Follows “win the middle” model.
    – Shows good instincts for the game

    1. “A player that was off many fans radar, but should have been on their radar.”

      Great point. Baalke loves that. It’s one reason I don’t think he’ll take Marcus Peters. He telegraphed his interest. He wants us to think he’ll take him.

    2. I’m not sure how far off the “fans” radar Malcom Brown can be when the “fanboy” site picks him in their mock draft. I do feel some pity for anyone attempting to predict Baalke’s picks. Other than Iupati, his first round picks have all been surprises.

  16. A better mock this time, but I don’t see Baalke taking a DL until later in the draft. A #1 CB is more of a priority since one is needed for a Mangini led defense, so I still believe Baalke will go with Peters in the 15-25 range.
    Greene is a good route runner, but he has average speed and build so I don’t see him as a good option. Dorsett or D. Smith are the more likely targets, but if they’re gone then I can see Baalke going for Walford Beckham if no one has reached for him. Personally I wouldn’t, but I believe Baalke would.

  17. I hope they don’t take Brown at pick #15. He doesn’t inspire me. A good and solid player, but nothing special. In a year with better DL talent he’d likely fall to the late first/ early second. But, it would be in keeping with Baalke’s first round selections the past couple of years.

    I’m still not sold that Baalke would take Greene for all of the reasons we discussed previously. However, he’s a good player, so I’d be happy if they did take him. But then doubling down on small WRs with Alford seems very unlikely to me. If they took a second WR after Greene you’d have to think it would be a sturdier prospect.

    Not a fan of Kwon Alexander. Not an instinctive player, just an athlete. I hope they look elsewhere at ILB.

    I see you’ve added two of my potential value players in Jones and Gwacham. :-) I have to say though that I think round 4 is too early for Gwacham. He should be a late round developmental pick. Not sure what CBS is hearing to think he’ll go round 4-5. I’m feeling pretty good about Jones being the RB the 49ers will be after in round 4/5, if they don’t take one earlier.

    All in all, I think I preferred your previous mock, but some good ideas in this one too.

      1. Compact, physical runner with decent speed. Not getting a lot of attention, but could be a good mid round pick.

  18. about Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, I thought Baalke specifically addressed taking shorter corners?

    “What we’re trying to stay away from is 5-8 guys, 5-9 guys.”

    IEO is listed at 5’9″ by most sources.

      1. he’s rehabbing a knee injury. so breaking the Baalke’s size mold and recovering from an injury (and having been recently snake bitten by the IR red shirt strategy); I’m having a hard time seeing Baalke take such a risk in the 3rd round. his redshirt risks have mostly have been plus height weight speed prospects for the most part so far.

        1. Baalke loves first- or second-round talents who fall to the middle rounds due to injury. Brandon Thomas is one example.

          1. yes but what about IEO says “First Round Talent” to you? size? no. speed? he has plus speed. but not elite speed. production? good. but then Ducks system is pretty specific for putting DBs in place for big numbers. scouting report says he isn’t that quick or agile to quickly recover from mistakes (probably because he’s a stocky/well built 5’9″).

            who was the last 5’9″ first round corner drafted? sorry, I just don’t see him as “first round talent”.

            1. DeAngelo Hall was a top 10 pick.
              He’s 5’10 though…and faster.
              But I think I E-O has better ball skills than Hall.
              Just saying…

              1. Oh…and some team just might scoop him up with a plan to move him to FS (i.e Mathieu).

          2. @ Grant

            Greg Gabriel of Pro Football Now (Weekly?) says that Ifo Ekpre-Olumu “has first round talent”. So you’re not alone in your assessment.


            re: DeAngelo Hall; I’m not sure what your point is. Baalke drew the height cut off at taller than 5’9″. Hall is 5’10”. Grant said that Baalke would make an exception for special talent. so concerning talent…as you’ve noted, IEO is not even as fast as Hall. So I’m not sure how he falls under “first round talent”. I’ve seen nothing written that indicates IEO would be tried out at Safety (though his scouting report says he’s a good tackler). If I’m not mistaken Tyran Mathieu had some experience at Safety and as a Corner.

            1. If not for the knee injury, I think Ekpre-Olomu would have been the fourth CB picked after Trae Waynes, Kevin Johnson and Marcus Peters.

            2. I guess my point was simply that short CBs are not unheard of as 1st rounders, although rare.
              Does I E-O have rare talent–probably not.
              But I do think he’s more of ball hawk than even Hall was/is.
              And I just used Mathieu as an example of what a team might do with I E-O if they deem him too short to play corner.
              The kid has talent that SOME team will find a way to take advantage of.

  19. Revisiting Devin Smith – Yes, he’s a one trick pony. He would not be drafted high. And we already have Torrey Smith. And the 49ers need a true #1 receiver down the road, not just a burner.

    But there’s something to be said for having two burners.

    Seattle’s corners can play single coverage because of talent, scheme and an officiating anomaly that limits the number of DH/PIs no matter how grabby they get.

    But the other reason is Earl Thomas’s range. But Thomas can’t be in two places at once. Two burners would pose a delima.

    Single up a WR with absolutely no safety help at all? Take Chancellor out of the box? Have a linebacker cover Vernon?

    A single back formation with Vernon, Torrey Smith, Devin Smith and Boldin/Ellington in the slot might work.

    The decision to draft another vertical specialist would hinge on how well Kaepernick’s throwing deep passes in camp. Is their arc on the ball? Accurate? Timing better?

    1. Brodie,
      Speed is always a good thing. I like Smith but he is indeed a one trick pony. The problem is that the opposition knows it as well. If I saw those guys lined up in that matter I would feel confident that I would be able to get to Kaepernick before the WR’s could get that far downfield.
      That being said, if you run the ball effectively you can go ape via play action passes. That’s the formula for Kaep. He would do very well in a Norv Turner style offense, I believe.

      1. The main problem I see with Smith is that his second gear is very short, which allowed the DB to sometimes catch back up with him. In college he was still able to make the catch, but I forsee that getting him into trouble in the pros.

  20. I’ll take a shot at a mock, using CBS round projections for all picks.

    1-Bud Dupree, OLB
    2-Phillip Dorsett, WR
    3-Donovan Smith, OT
    4-Mike Davis, RB
    4-Ty Sambrailo, OT
    5-Darryl Roberts, CB
    6-Kyle Emanuel, OLB/ILB
    7-DeAndre Smelter, WR
    7-John Timu, ILB

      1. This is what attracted me to Davis, from CBS:
        “Sports a compact, powerful frame and the combination of burst, agility and power to handle starting duties in the NFL if called upon. When presented with a hole, Davis accelerates through it quickly and has enough straight-line speed to gain yardage in chunks . . . . He also shows the patience to allow holes to develop, as well as the vision to attack cut-back lanes.” I also like it that he’s short, has lateral ability, catches well, and is used to pass protection. Obviously he has his weak points.

        1. I dunno…I don’t see Dorsett as a 2nd round talent.
          Great athlete and really fast, but don’t we already have undersized WRs who can return kicks?
          Smith is a beast!

          1. I used CBS round projections. I picked Dorsett because of his speed and upside as a receiver, not as a returner. Maybe they’d use him for that too.

            1. That’s Kool & The Gang.
              He’s definately a burner…just not alot of production at Miami…unless I missed something.
              I’m certainly no Mayock.
              That Smith kid is massive though.
              Does he project to LT at some point?

          2. Great athlete and really fast, but don’t we already have undersized WRs who can return kicks?

            His and Smith’s speed could be used to open things up underneath for Boldin, Davis, and Hyde.

    1. I keep seeing on some sites that Dupree’s stock has vaulted him into the top 10, so I don’t think he’ll be there at the 15th pick.
      I can see the rest of that mock happening though. Nicely done George.

  21. 15) DGB WR
    **Trade** 49ers trade #46 and #126 for the Giants #40
    40) ODiggy* DE
    79) Paul Dawson ILB
    132)Tyler Croft TE
    151)Chaz Green OT
    190)Karlos Williams RB
    246)Troy Hill CB
    254)Xavier Williams DT

    *Owamagbe Odighizuwa

        1. Razor-Are you still going to Chicago?
          Will you be our Street Reporter at Draftstock/Chichella?

          1. Brotha-Didn’t win any tickets so no I won’t be going, but December 6th I’ll be taking the “fam” to the 49ers versus Bears. Hope it’s snowing!

            1. Sounds like real football: da Bears, da Niners, Windy City in December and Razor in colors representing. Oh yeah! Enjoy.
              Maybe out of sympathy I’ll set up a lawn chair outside and watch through the window with a radio going. For maybe five minutes.

  22. Grant if the 49ers don’t add another DL before the season starts who do you see as the base and passing down defensive linemen?

    1. I’m thinking Dockett would be the full-time 3-tech, Dial would be the 5-tech in the base defense and Carradine would sub in for him when the Niners use their sub packages.

      1. Grant: I’m wondering if you’re planning on having a mock draft contest? I think it might be fun, but might take some work to grade and determine the winner.

      2. McDonald and J. Smith stayed on the left and right side respectively and played either the 3, 5 and sometimes even the 4 depending on which side the offense was strong on. When you say Dial would be the 5-tech are you suggesting that they’ll switch sides depending on the strength? If not how will Dockett and Brown hold up when they’re forced to play heads up 4 or the 5 if the offense is strong to their side?

        1. No, they won’t switch side. Dial might play the left side in the base defense and Carradine will play the left side in the sub packages.

    1. Got to say, Grant, you’ve been all over the place on your first round pick. Maybe part of that is due to some of the selections being your pick while others like this one are who you think Baalke will pick. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there is anything wrong with a person changing their opinion in the light of new evidence, but you’ve gone from OL to WR and now to DL (I might have missed one there; can’t remember if you predicted CB at some point).

      1. This is my top 10:

        1. Amari Cooper, WR, Alabama
        2. Dorial Green-Beckham, WR, Oklahoma
        3. Dante Fowler, DE/OLB, Florida
        4. Andrus Peat, OT/OG, Stanford
        5. Vic Beasley, OLB, Clemson
        6. Kevin White, WR, West Virginia
        7. Malcom Brown, DT, Texas
        8. Leonard Williams, DE, USC
        9. Trae Waynes, CB, Michigan St.
        10. Randy Gregory, OLB, Nebraska

        1. Grant

          Your Top-10 players in the draft, or your Top-10 best choices for the 49ers as Round 1 pick?

          In either case, I’d flip 1&2, but otherwise I like your list. Maybe I put Danny Shelton in there where you have that fraud Kevin White.

    2. Hmmm, the more I watch of Brown the more I think he’s a bit better than I’d previously given him credit for. I don’t think he’s the 7th best prospect available in the draft, but he’d be a good, solid pick at #15 if the 49ers choose to go that way.

      1. In saying that, I still prefer Preston Smith to Brown. If they really want to go DL with their first pick they would be better off trading back and taking Smith in my opinion. To be honest, if the 49ers were to take Smith at #15 I wouldn’t be disappointed (not thrilled, but not disappointed).

        1. We talked about this many moons ago, and I’m in complete agreement with you Scooter….

            1. I would be fine with either, but if I had to choose(Scooter never makes these easy-lol)-what keeps flashing through my mind is the way ODiggy manhandled Kennedys’ kid, 6’8″ 300 lb.- Banner/Huskies. The UCLA/USC game was impressive film too. Both players could stand some pass rush polishing. Smith might be the more instinctive player right now. No injuries for Smith. ODiggy had the hip issues in 2013 so….Smith might be the safer pick, but it’s not my neck on the line-ODiggy!

              1. I’d go Smith over O-Diggy. Smith was highly productive in the SEC, and I think he has the frame to add weight and play on the DL as well as the flexibility to play on the edge while O-Diggy would probably have to play on the edge only for the 49ers.

              2. ODiggy disrupted as a DE and OLB in a 3-4 and as the under tackle in a 4-3. Dude’s got highly active 11 inch hands and disruption is production!

              3. Don’t need to convince me razor, you know I like him! I just like Smith a little more :-)

              4. Its not changed from my last one a few days ago (because my last one was pure gold, of course!).

                I’ll revisit it next week.

              5. That’s what I see happening. Peters is the type of CB that Baalke usually covets and each defense Mangini has coached or had a say on included or added a #1 CB. First it was Samuels with the Patriots, then Revis with the Jets, and finally Haden with the Browns.

              6. Call me crazy, but I still think both Brock and Wright may not end up the starters this year if they draft a CB round 1. Could be rookie + Johnson.

                I’ve always thought Brock was a good backup, but only an ok starter. And Wright is nice depth to be added to the competition – he may come out and lock down a starting spot, or he may just be a depth guy.

              7. Tramaine Brock signed a 4 year, $14,000,000 deal, including a $3,750,000 signing bonus, $4,550,000 guaranteed. 2015 is a base salary of $1,850,000, a roster bonus of $60,000 and a workout bonus of $130,000. Cap hit would be $2,790,000 while his dead money value is $2,250,000.

                Wright just signed a 1 year, $2,950,000 contract that includes a $250,000 signing bonus, $250,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $2,950,000. In 2015, Wright will earn a base salary of $850,000, a signing bonus of $250,000, a roster bonus of $1,500,000 and a workout bonus of $350,000. His cap hit is $2,950,000 while his dead money value is $250,000.

              8. Sure, but do you need both of them. If Brock can bounce fine, but if he can’t….

              9. If they draft a CB early and the existing young guys develop, the question becomes whether you need either of them.

                Realistically though Brock will stick this year, and barring injury should start camp as the #1. It will be up to him to hold onto the spot. Wright on the other hand was a signing that provides the team with some flexibility in the draft. If they don’t take a CB early and the young guys don’t develop, he can start. But I imagine the 49ers will be hoping he slides into a backup role (or off the team) due to the play of the younger guys, including any CB they may draft.

    3. Not sure if you can change it but you have a typo “He had never played fullback before the Niners drafted him—he was a fullback in college.”

  23. My prediction as to possible Baalke “reaches” in round one for the 49ers are:

    Nelson Agholor – He’s basically what they wanted AJ Jenkins to be
    Kevin Johnson – My #2 corner, not a great run defender but great in coverage and has the versatility to play in 49ers scheme.
    Preston Smith – Most versatile DL in the draft, has the length and athleticism to be great.

    1. I can see all three of those potentially happening. I think there will be a lot of difference of opinion between teams as to the ranking of talent available between picks 15 and 50, so one man’s “reach” will be another’s good pick.

      I’m a fan of both Agholor and Smith, and while I think #15 is high in comparison to most years drafts, for this year’s draft I don’t think that is wildly out of the question. I’m not as big a fan of Johnson, but he is another one that could easily be ranked that high by some teams.

      1. Yeah, I did a top 40 big board and after factoring in positional value, need, scheme fits, etc, and there’s pretty big drop off after the first 10 or so guys. Johnson came in at #12, Agholor at #15, and Smith at #18.

  24. Grant,

    You’re getting there…my major concerns are:

    1- The trade knocks out any chance Baalke would have to draft TE Clive Walford. Vernon’s arguably in his last season as a Niner, and other than brief glimpses of Carrier’s receiving talents, the rest look absolutely pitiful. Walford’s one of the best playmaking TE’s and he can block. He fits.

    2- Olomu’s coming off a very serious knee injury…despite Baalke saying he likes his CB group, I don’t think he has the luxury of drafting one who may need to be red-shirted. So, I’d vote no on him and look elsewhere.

  25. This might be apples and oranges because Shelton and Brown might have differing roles… but here’s a quick observation.

    Shelton anchors much better then Brown. Takes on double teams much better. Has more upper body power. Love how he can slide all the way to the sideline for an impact tackle. Can “roller skate” linemen. Have not seen Brown do that.

    Brown seems to read where the play’s going better. He’s more coordinated in space. Quicker. Hits gaps really fast. Versatile. Has a nice “bend” that’s good for chasing QBs.

    Summary: If Brown’s upper body strength catches up with his lower body, look out. For now, he’s all about quickness, coordination and having good instincts for where the play’s going.

  26. Attributed to Cardinals GM:
    ” If Hannibal Lehcter ran a 4.3 we’d probably diagnosis him as having an eating disorder.”

    1. I enjoyed the podcast until Waldman admitted that he is currently a Seahawks fan. He admitted to being a recent fan (since 2008) and might change; he’s more of a regime fan and likes the Seahawks current regime.

  27. My first and only attempt at this.

    1. Jalen Collins CB LSU, or Trae Wayne CB Michigan State Best 2 corners in the draft

    2. Henry Anderson DE – Stanford I think we will still be there at this pick

    3. Darrin Waller – WR Georgia Tech, raw, raw, potential, potential

    4. Hronis Grassu – C – Oregon quite possible the best center in the draft. Frees up Kilgore to pursue LOG. I think the problems at center was the catalyst for poor performance by the OL

    4. Tyler Kroft TE – Rutgers good blocker with decent hands

    5. Sean Manion QB – Oregon state. I think he is the best pro ready QB in the draft, needs work for sure

    6. Trey Williams RB change of pace , Texas A&M****

    7. BPA

    7. BPA

    ****Trey was three when his oldest brother, Philip Williams Jr., struck him a deal. Trey wanted Philip to fix him a PB&J. Philip, then 15, wanted Trey to earn it. So Philip came up with a plan: If Trey could run past their other brother, Tyson, who was six at the time, then Philip would grab the peanut butter and jelly and happily oblige.

    “I was like, O.K., if you wanna get something to eat, all you gotta do is run into the kitchen without letting Tyson knock you down,” Philip Jr. says. “I handed Tyson a pillow and said, ‘Tyson, when he tries to run in there you just knock him down.’”

    Little Trey bolted from the living room toward the kitchen. Tyson planted his feet and braced for impact. Then Trey did something he would do countless times over the coming years, something that became the stuff of legend in the Williams family. He deked Tyson, improbably pirouetting to his destination. “The dude hit me with like an in-and-out spin move,” Tyson says. “It was so quick I couldn’t do nothing.”

    Anyone who wants a PBJ that bad is ok in my book.

    1. Not bad, but that’s way too early for Dr. Henry Anderson. You could wait until the 4th more than likely. Really like him. Not too keen on Grassu. M&M is going to make a believer out of the doubters by winning the Center job. He was only 20 years old last year and he’s going to be a beast. Waller is another guy you could probably get a lot later….

      1. Actually looks like Anderson is rising into a second rounder and I’m on board there,Waller is more like a 5th rounder me thinks,

        1. Josh Norris (rotoworld) has him as the 10th best prospect in the draft. That’s a little too meteoric a rise for mine, but goes to show he’s getting some attention.

          1. Not as much as Byron Jones’ meteoric rise though. That man went from a middle round pickup to being labeled as a first round option, all from leaping out of the Combine.

            1. Daniel Jeremiah had Jones at #48 prior to the combine. Jones was off most people’s radar, largely due to having somewhat limited experience at CB and getting injured during the year, but the combine changed that and once people started watching the film they realised he wasn’t just a combine star. Saying he rose just because of his leaping at the combine does no justice to how good he looks on film.

              1. Sorry Scooter, I was going with his projection on nfldraftscout.com when I said that. He was classified as a 5-6 round option, then vaulted to a 3rd round option after his leap, then to the 2nd round a couple of weeks later, and finally to a 1st round option near the end of March, where he has remained since.

      2. Razor
        Thanks for the feedback. I hope your right about MM. I considered making a trade at number 2 and grab DGB as he slides. The old school in me still believes defense wins championships is why I went defense first two picks. I agree Anderson and Waller is early but I am really high on them and didn’t want to lose them.

  28. per TFY via RotoWorld: Seahawks say they’d take DGB at #63 but say he’ll go in the 1st 15 of Round #2. Seahawks also say that the sky is blue, when everybody knows its usually grey up there.

    1. Smokescreen tactic so they can most likely divert interest from another prospect they are targeting.

    2. Devin Smith fits Wilson’s scramble bomb offense perfectly. He might not be the best player, or even receiver at 63, but I think Smith’s a perfect fit for them.

    1. From PFF/ESPN 10 Most Overrated prospects


      2. Arik Armstead, DE, Oregon

      It seems as though many look at Armstead’s measurables (6-foot-7, 292 pounds, 5.1-second 40-yard dash) and his position (3-4 defensive end) and can’t foresee him becoming anything other than Calais Campbell. What has gotten overlooked for the most part, however, is that Campbell had as many sacks in his sophomore season of college (10.5) as Armstead had his entire Oregon career.

      Defensive line is one of the positions where physical freaks can easily dominate in college with little to no technique. That is why it’s concerning that Armstead produced well outside the upper echelon of defensive linemen. The Oregon defensive end graded out as our No. 20 interior lineman against Power 5 schools, and posted middling numbers in run-stop percentage (7.1) and pass-rushing productivity (6.0) for the season. Those are worrisome numbers for a potential top-15 pick.

      1. Part of the reason he’s not fully refined at the position I would attribute to splitting time between football and basketball his first 2 years. Dudes only 21 and although I’d prefer Preston Smith in the second round over Arik in the first, I think Armsteads’ best football could be ahead of him provided he gets drafted by the right team and coaches….

        1. Razor I agree. I was high on Armstead before the combine, his combine numbers were very unimpressive and I lost interest. Lately I’ve watched film on him and once again he has peaked my interest but not at #15. If we traded back to the late 20’s ……maybe

          1. Yea, he flashes and your smiling-then he disappears and you’re left with a face full of incredulity….

        2. That is the exact point being made Razor. Armstead isn’t actually the dominant athlete he’s being presented as and needs proper technique to develop into a quality player. He’s not a first round talent.

          1. Yea, same thing with M&M at Center last year. I think he only had a year at the position in college, gets pretty much thrown into the fire at the NFL level at 20 years old, and people are dissing him. I look for him to win that job this year.

            Remember AD was only 20 too when they drafted him, and people were saying he looked shaky, maybe a bust. I knew better….

            1. I loved the MM pick and still do. Same with Davis. I also thought those guys were better prospects than Armstead. If he slips to the 3rd I think he’d be a great pick.

            2. Davis was being labeled as a potential bust mainly because he constantly struggled with weight gain during his time at Rutgers.

            3. razor, i was sure MM would win the center job this year too, but everyone is so high on Kilgore…got me to thinking….maybe MM wins the LG spot and Kilgore is the C? brandon thomas is the back- up swing tackle AND swing guard. MM is the back up C. So if Kilgore went down, MM would play C, BT would take over at guard.

    2. Armstead is another example of a prospect some are drooling over because of his potential. That’s a nice thing to have, but not from a first round draft pick and certainly not if you want instant contribution.

        1. I didn’t care for him as a prospect even before he was being constantly mocked to us. He jumps out more on film because of his height and build more than his play, and that’s not something I want to see out of a potential top 15 pick.

        2. Grimey,

          Lol, Yes! me too. I’m so sick and tired of all the lazy, me too, East Coast mock draft analysis, especially at Nfl.com, that almost to a man has the 49ers picking Armstead! C’mon guys get off your butts and try thinking for yourselves instead of cutting and pasting the same tired analysis about Justin Smith retiring, Ray Mac released, yada, yada,yada!

          1. I’ll be p*&&%#-off if they do draft him, just because I don’t want the talking heads to get away with it!
            But really, when have they, or we, predicted Trent’s picks? Not so much.

      1. Haley might have a hard time pronouncing that player’s name, so it’s probably going to be someone else. : )

      2. I don’t see Baalke addressing the pass rush, DL, OL, or ILB until after the first two rounds.

  29. “McShay’s first four picks for the Niners in each of his first four mocks were, in order: Michigan receiver Devin Funchess, Ohio State receiver Devin Smith, Armstead and Michigan State cornerback Trae Waynes.” -Gutierrez ESPN

    3 of those 4 players are on PFF’s top 10 overrated prospects list(Waynes, Armstead, and Funchess). Thanks McShay.

    1. Smuth has the best chance of being drafted from that group, but not in the first round and only if they can’t get Dorsett.

    2. Devin Smith would have been on that list to if he was still being considered a potential first rounder. McShay obviously is of the opinion Baalke will botch the first round pick!

        1. Baalke’s head will roll if the young guys on the roster (both currently and the ones about to be added) don’t step up. But it won’t be based on just this draft. Baalke can come away with minimal impact from this draft so long as guys from 2013 and 2014 make an impact.

          1. You might be right, but, I would point to the completely failed 2012 draft (Looney is the only remaining guy and he might be gone if we select an OL fairly early). Another failed draft and I think Baalke will be on the chopping block. However, as you know, Scooter, I don’t think that will happen if Baalke keeps true to my ealier Mayock theory. :) By “Mayock” I basically mean that he will select from the pool of candidates generally considered by analysts to be “appropriately selectable” at the draft spots the niners select at.

            1. If guys in the 2013 and 2014 draft are stepping up and playing well (lets say they have 5-6 starters and 3-5 good role players out of the 2013 and 2014 drafts this year), seems pretty silly to be firing Baalke for not having guys in 2012 and 2015 do the same. It all evens out.

              If the guys from 2013 and 2014 aren’t stepping up, or only a few are, and he has another bad draft this year, then that will be a different story.

              Worth keeping in mind that while the 49ers 2012 draft was particularly bad, not many teams came out of that draft with a bunch of good players. It was a bad draft year.

              1. But I think perception will play more of a role than it normally would or even should. Given all that’s happened this offseason, Baalke needs to be seen as the clear “successful” leader of the 49ers. If he fails at the 2015 draft it will only shake everyone’s confidence more than it already has been shaken; if that is followed up by a season where the 49ers do not reach the playoff, then…… Of course if Jed were to axe him, he better have a good plan in place to satisfy his investors, and by that I mean PSL holders.

              2. True, if the first round pick does absolutely nothing like AJ did his first year, and none of the other guys contribute much either, then we’ll have a pretty good inkling.

              3. I don’t see that happening, however there’s going to be guys over drafted because it’s a weak top ten class….

              4. Yeah, not a lot of top shelf talent available. I expect a lot of teams will come out of the draft this year with people questioning the “reaches” they’ve made.

      1. Very informative. In case you didn’t catch the very end, next Monday Greg is coming back to do a mock draft.

  30. Interesting piece over at NN doing a 2012 redraft. This is actually a piece I had been thinking of doing for a while, but my time is too limited now. Here’s who he would have gone with using 20/20 hindsight:

    1) WR – Alshon Jeffery
    2) CB – Casey Hayward
    4) DE – Mike Daniels
    5) WR – Marvin Jones
    6a) RB – Dan Herron
    6b) DE – Billy Winn
    7) WR – Jermaine Kearse

    The only one that I disagree with is Jeffery in round 1. With the picks in rd 5 and rd 7 of Jones and Kearse you have the slot and outside threats at WR. I know I’m a broken record, but at this spot I go with Coby Fleener. His rookie season would have produced minimal impact, but he would have been ready to go as the replacement for Delanie Walker in 2013 and beyond.

      1. Perhaps, but Jeffery was slowed that season by injury. His breakout came the following year.

      2. Yep, Alshon AND Crab in the endzone in the waning seconds of the Superbowl would’ve been gold! Niners win their 6th Lombardi. Alshon with the Niners up in Seattle for the NFCCG? Niners beat Seattle and then Denver for Lombardi #7!

        But, at least we had AJ Jenkins…

    1. I read that one and the 2011 and 2010 redrafts as well. Neumann would redraft JJ Watt instead of A. Smith in the 2011 draft. His redraft pick for Kaepernick is Kaepernick!

      1. If he did a real redraft with all the teams Watt would probably be first off the board and the niners would be stuck with Marcel Dareus or Patrick Peterson.

  31. Mock Draft 2.0

    #15 OLB Bud Dupree
    #46 WR Jaelen Strong
    #79 ILB Stephone Anthony
    #126 OL Jeremiah Poutasi
    #132 CB JaCorey Shepherd
    #151 TE

    1. Keyboard has a mind of its own. Here’s the finish on my mock draft:

      #151 TE Jesse James
      #190 RB Cameron Artis-Payne
      #246 Saf Cedric Thompson
      #254 QB Cody Fajardo

    2. If no one catches the falling star Gregory, the chances Bud is still available will be less likely….

  32. Grant, why has Bennett been the only player to appear on everyone of your mocks? Is he really the only QB prospect that you see worth taking?

      1. I give you credit for sticking with the guy but I take Mannion 10 out of 10 times over Mannion. Bennett has limited production, he really only has two full seasons as a starter. This past season he only completed 49.5% of his passes, your best QB prospect ion the draft could only complete half of his attempted passes.

        I understand completely why he doesn’t even show up on most QB lists. He makes Tyler Wilson look like Brett Favre.

        1. ” I take Mannion 10 out of 10 times over Mannion.”

          Dang, over Bennett

          1. C4C….

            Byron Bennett ended up with the short end of the stick when he played for Oregon, but to this years Heisman award winner…..Mariota was the right choice. Grant has obviously seen that Southeast Louisiana didn’t provide Bennett with a complimentary system nor WR’s that he and Mariota both had at Oregon. I was disappointed when he left Oregon, but he is GOOD! He is a very good passer, and an excellent runner also. Chip Kelly had to make the decision in college, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see to see Chip take Bennett if he makes it to #20.

    1. Draft position is rarely mentioned when evaluating a GMs performance selecting players. Below are (standard) chart values of 49ers drafts 2008-2014.

      Year – Chart Value
      2015 – 1850 (estimate)
      2014 – 1,718
      2013 – 2,041
      2012 – 1,031
      2011 – 2,363
      2010 – 2,800
      2009 – 1,600
      2008 – 1,463

      Note: These points are for draft slots used. They do not include draft slots traded to following season(s).

      Makes the horrible 2012 draft slightly horrible (though still very bad). Takes a little shine off 2011 and 2013. 2008 was worse then 2012.

      Notable Drafts
      Year – Chart Value

      2009 – 1,600 – Crabtree, Coffee, McKillop, Nate Davis, Pascoe, Taylor, RJF

      2008 – 1,463 – Balmer, Rachal, Regie Smith, Cody Wallace, Josh Morgan, Larry Grant

      1986 – 1718 – Roberts, Rathman, McKyer, John Taylor, Hayley, Steve Wallace, Kevin Fagan, Miller, Don Griffin, Popp, Cherry (really), Stinson, Hallman

      1985 – 1278 – Rice, Ricky Moore, Collie, Barry, Wood, Chumley

      1. “Makes the horrible 2012 draft slightly [less] horrible”

        On the other hand, what’s less then zero?

    2. Oh boy, where do I even begin?

      First, let’s start with you appearing to ding Baalke for drafting Iupati and Davis instead of switching one of them for Earl Thomas. Thomas is a free safety and we already had one in Goldson that was coming into his own at the time. Meanwhile, the OL was in need of a serious upgrade so the drafting of Iupati and Davis were the right choices. Skipping on just one of them could have been a disaster.
      Second, you forgot to mention anything about Culliver, Hunter, and Kilgore. Although not great, Culliver exceeded the expectations of most analysts as most saw most him as a raw prospect after spending the majority of his collegiate career at safety. When healthy, Hunter is the perfect back to utilize as part of of a 1-2 punch. And although he didn’t truly do anything until this past season, Kilgore made up for it as a pretty stout center until he was lost due to an injury. He also stands a good chance of either being the starting center or LG in 2015.
      Next, you ding Baalke for Reid’s recent concussion history. Just how exactly was he supposed to know that would happen, especially considering that Reid was mostly durable through college? We also had two (at least we thought) options at CB, so drafting a starting CB at the time wouldn’t have made much sense.
      Then there’s Patton and Moody. One has the potential of taking over for Boldin if he can stay healthy long enough and the other has been a standout on special teams.
      Finally, there’s the 2014 draft where you had a good number of misses, starting with saying that Ward broke his foot (he bent the screw in his foot). You then followed it up by ignoring Ellington and Johnson. Ellington is a great dual threat option that wasn’t utilized very well in rookie year, but he was electric when he was on the field. Johnson meanwhile took over for Ward after he was lost for the season and performed better than expected at NCB. Both players’ future look bright.
      This doesn’t touch even on Thomas who’s expected to compete and possibly start at LG and Acker who surprised some of with a great preseason before being sidelined due to an injury.
      That’s a lot of misses there Grant.

    3. Grant

      Nice article. What’s went missing after 2011? Was there a loss of some key figure, like Tom Gamble or some other such guy?

      I like what I see in the 2014 draft, and think this one could be better than 2011 in the long run (unless Kap meets his potential):

      Jimmie Ward – meh: he has outstanding instincts, but seems too small, fragile;

      Carlos Hyde – thank God Gore is gone: not dissing Gore, just appreciate that the offense will no longer be so predictable; can’t wait to see what Hyde, who is bigger and more explosive, can do

      Marcus Martin – young mauler with enormous upside

      Chris Borland – conman; can’t blame Baalke: Borland should have told teams before the draft that he was likely to go 1- or 2-and done

      Brandon Thomas – see Marcus Martin

      Bruce Ellington – thank God Harbaugh is gone: dissing Harbaugh, who had no clue at all how to (or simply no interest to) develop young talent

      Dontae Johnson – a quiet Richard Sherman

      Aaron Lynch – better than Jadeveon Clowney as a freshman in the NCAA and NFL

      Keith Reaser – enormous potential, can’t wait to see what Sean Taylor’s bloodline will do in Red & Gold

      Kenneth Ackerman – some say he flashed huge promise last season: cause for hope

      Kaleb Ramsey – meh: can he ever stay healthy? If so, supposedly possesses extraordinary strength

      Trey Millard – have you seen his tape? He could replace both Bruce Miller and Delanie Walker with his unique skill-set

      I think you nailed the obvious choices in your article, and without more evidence to review, it’s impossible to know; but I love the picks from Rounds 2-7, with the exceptions of Borland and Ramsey.

      1. Hehe …also love how you highlighted guys like Rhodes and Trufant that you were stumping for.

      2. If Ramsey does stay healthy (big if) they could have a real steal there. He flashed a lot of ability when healthy in college. Disruptive player.

        1. Ramsey’s the great forgotten man. If Baalke were to be sneaky he could stash Ramsey on IR, then activate him to be a designated pocket crasher down the stretch.

          1. I don’t think it’s so much that Ramsey is the forgotten man as it is that he has the more difficult path to the roster. There are too many bodies ahead of him to expect any type of contribution from him, even if the team rotates players on and off the line. And that’s not including any the the DL prospects that Baalke could draft this year or potentially even next year.

        2. Very big if. I just went back and looked at his injury history. It’s not pretty. The poor guy could end up like Lattimore: wanting to play and giving it his all in order to do so but having his body tell him otherwise.

      3. Baalke Should Have Taken 6′-5″ 225 4.42-40 33″ Arms Martavius Bryant, a Far Better Talented WR than 5′-9″ Midget Bruce “Broken Excitement” Ellington!!! I Screamed this All Last Spring on Bleacher Report!!! How Can Any Team Rate this Speedy Midget Ellington above this Fast Catch-Raduis Wonder Martavius Bryant??

    4. thanks grant! ive been beating ” Baalke” is overrated drum for a while! Basically getting ignored or rebuffed.

      The Iupati and Davis picks were good, gave us a dominant O-line for a couple years……but we should have drafted Earl Thomas and Dez Bryant!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember some guy brought this up, was called a retard by another blogger, then got banned! Shouldnt the person spewing ugly insults get banned? Just like a bad official, go after the guy who retaliated instead of the one who started it!

      In 2011, we should have drafted JJ Watt. Period! Landing the best Qb in the draft in the 2nd round and one of the best fb’s late…..saves face.

      2012- Oh lordy! This draft was sooooo bad…..it allowed Seattle to overtake us as the best team in the NFL. As we blew it pick after pick…..they nailed it! Changed history.
      2013- not so great, woulda took eddie Lacy over Vmac! shoulda took a cb like grant said ( better value than Reid and his 3 concussions) Trufant or Rhodes.

      2014- should have gave the Giants WHATEVER THEY WANTED to move up for OBjr. Hyde, Ward and Martin might be nice picks. jury still out!

  33. Rotoworld:

    Vic Beasley: “An anonymous executive tells ESPN’s John Keim that Clemson edge rusher Vic Beasley will likely go between Nos. 7 and 13. A prolific pass rusher in the ACC, Beasley tore up the Combine, and is a fit for both 3-4 and 4-3 defenses. NFL draft insider Tony Pauline recently reported that the Saints will “consider trading up” for the Clemson product. The Saints choose No. 13 overall.”

    Randy Gregory: “According to NFL Network’s Mike Mayock, some teams believe Nebraska edge rusher Randy Gregory could be available “late” in the first round. “I’ve had a bunch of teams in the bottom half of the first round going, uh oh, we’ve got to be all over this guy from our owner,” Mayock said. “Because you might have to bring him into this conversation, from our owner down to our coaching staff.” Gregory’s perceived stock isn’t slipping because of his skill, but character concerns. He failed a Combine drug test, and has reportedly been unimpressive in team interviews.”

    1. It took an anonymous executive this long to figure that out? Some of us have been saying that since his performance at the Combine.

        1. He does have some talent, but he’s too much of a one-trick pony in the pass rushing category and can easily be taken out of the equation by a big OL. He also needs to pack on 20-30 pounds.
          I think the only way a GM can justify taking Gregory is if he falls into the 1-2 round range and said GM plans on sitting him on the bench for a year or two.

        2. Is it just me or did a lot of Gregory’s production seem to come when he was pretty much unblocked or left to be blocked by a back? Or after he’d been knocked out of the play and got there on a second effort? For a guy that has such a reputation as a great pass rusher, he sure seemed to get handled pretty easily the vast majority of the time when blocked by an OL. I really don’t understand why he is rated so highly.

          1. It’s not just you and you’re absolutely on everything you said. He was a great Husker, but I sincerely hope he never becomes a memeber of the 49ers.

  34. Like most here, I’m not getting all the Armstead love at 15. He’s a big, athletic, raw project player. We already have a better version of that in Okoye.

    Been reading up on Brown, watching more breakdowns. He’s smart. Knows where the play’s going. He’s a bludgeon guy. If Mark Uyeyama can get a (just) little more functional strength in his arms and legs look out.

    My biggest concern is roster space for D-linemen. On the other hand we had a huge surplus of running backs in last year’s camp, and look what happened.

  35. The best part of this extended 49ers offseason has to be watching the Warriors more closely. Tonight’s game was off the charts.

  36. It would be nice for the coaches to know how Ramsey and Okoye are moving (even non contact) before they commit to drafting D-line.

    Phase I of the offseason conditioning program is done. Coaches were not allowed on the field. Will there be any Phase II (coaches present) workouts before the draft?

  37. Another key area of disadvantage is Ramsey’s age. He’ll be a 26 year-old rookie in June.

    1. Gurley is the wildcard from that list. He could potentially slode down to 15 if the teams ahead of us don’t think he can immediately contribute. I don’t think the 49ers would select even if that happens, but it can’t be ruled out what with York and Baalke both stating they’re going to run the ball more.

      1. I’ve thought about that of course and now think they would not do it for two reasons —

        1. It would be a real luxury to have him.
        2. Both Hyde and Gurley would expect to be starters. While this would be “iron sharpening iron,” it could cause disharmony, with one or both wanting to be traded. You’ve seen this drill many times, I’m sure.

        That’s why I think they will wait to draft RB in a lower round. It’s important that, whoever they pick, that guy be able to start this year — in case Hyde goes down. Also, he has to be a guy who respects he was drafted in a later round but wants to prove he’s as good as Hyde. A guy I think may fit the bill is Mike Davis, South Carolina.


        1. You are probably right about Hyde and Gurley expecting to be starters.

          On the other hand Baalke’s said several times he wants a 3-back rotation long term.

          With today’s rookie cap structure, most good players don’t really cash in until their 2nd contract. With all the talk about running backs wearing out early, its possible (though still unlikely) they might welcome a rotation.

        2. The departures of Fangio and Frank (Bell Cow) Gore could mean changes in rotation philosophy.

          The D-line has no super stars in their prime, but the depth might be unmatched. If Mangini keeps a rotation going this line will dominate 4th quarters late in the season.

          Same on offense. A COP back would be great, but another generalist like Gurley would be better. They could hammer defenses all year, and have fresh legs for late season.

          1. No doubt, having a back like Gurley would be great. But they could still rotate with a lesser back. And I hope they do rotate at that position.

      2. I don’t think you pass on Gurley at 15( he’s that good) unless someone falls of higher rating on your board.

        1. Gurley’s knee news is helps the 49ers. If he goes before 15 it pushes an “elite” player down. If he falls to the 49ers they can draft him… or the trade back offers will be much better.

          The positive buzz makes reasonable trade-up offers more likely too. A team around pick 9 will have to ask themselves…
          Is [play name] > then Gurley+79?

          1. I wish it was a VW bug. We were totally unprepared. No warm clothes. Someone felt sorry for us, and gave us a 5 gallon jar of pickled artichoke hearts to live on.

            The vibe was intense. People were climbing the lighting towers. Electric guitars and amps were somehow produced. Rumors of line crashers prompted plans for a perimeter defense. We were 5,000 strong, and ready for anything (except the elements).

            My brother and his friend snuck into Candlestick, played catch on the exposed field, and nestled a doobie roach at the very spot they hoped Randy Cross would hike the ball. Got kicked out by security, but came back into line later. (I was in my first year of sobriety at the time).

            The 49ers won. Next week, Dallas in the NFCCG.

    1. We did a couple of those input drafts on here a while back. They’re glacial in pace.

  38. Dion Jordan might be obtainable with a late round pick. Any thoughts? He’s been a bust as DT, but what about OLB?

    “Dolphins VP of Football Operations Mike Tannenbaum shed little light Friday on Dion Jordan’s absence from the team’s offseason program. “If someone choses not to be here, that’s their decision,” Tannenbaum said, ominously. Jordan has endured suspensions, ineffectiveness, and an inability to establish a meaningful role on the Dolphins’ defense since Jeff Ireland traded up to make Jordan the No. 3 overall pick in the 2013 draft. At this point, the Dolphins might be willing to trade Jordan for a late-round pick.”

    1. Could we use him as that 6’6 backer that Baalke joked about in reference to covering Jimmie Graham? I’m being serious. As per nfl.com, referring to how they used him at Oregon: “Jordan was frequently asked to cover receivers or tight ends after lining up in the slot opposite them.”

      4.6 40

        1. Don’t laugh. He’s got some amazing measurables. Oregon recruited him as a TE, btw. If he has coverage skills, they could be put to use. For a late round pick in a pretty mediocre draft, mind you.

            1. George…..WOW! Dion would make us forget the Belmonts…Your suggestion that he play the backer to guard Graham is absolutely brilliant…I watched him literally destroy a Pac-12 team in his senior year in Duckville; he can do almost anything on the field….What a call!! You get BIG points for that one….

              1. I didn’t know much about him until reading up. At 6″6 with long arms and 4.6 speed it appears he could be used on both sides of the ball.
                Offense: TE, WR
                Defense: OLB, nickel LB
                Special teams: Kick blocker

                I’d think there would be a bidding war for him. One advantage we’d have is he’s a West Coast guy, if Miami gave him a preference or he had strict demands. Born in SF, in fact.

          1. George:

            I hope you didn’t think I was disrespecting your suggestion, I wasn’t. It was just that one statement that I was having some fun with.

            It’s an interesting idea and as you probably know, I’ve been worried about how we are going to defend Graham. Jordan currently weighs 248 lbs according to Wikipedia. Do you know what his weight was in college?

            1. cubus, no worries. I can take it. Ask my wife. At least you didn’t threaten my life, like Crab once did. (Before your time I think and water under the bridge. Crab’s my bro now, btw.)

              About the 248, I think that was at the Combine. Looks like he’s 275 now. Miami uses him as a DE. That might be the problem. They called him “The Praying Mantis” in college. He’s long and lean. He’s not thick. Not sure that we could use him at OLB. Why I’m thinking nickel LB.

              Highlights at Oregon:

              1. Chip Kelly talks about him at the end of the video. Calls him a vocal leader, high character guy, and very hard worker.

          2. From nfldraftscout.com:

            12/10/14 – DE Dion Jordan could be used a few times this week to defend New England TE Rob Gronkowski. Jordan, who defended Gronkowski a few times last season as a rookie, has the size, athleticism, and strength to get physical with Gronkowski.

            This guy is versatile and could have additional uses: pass rusher, Red Zone threat, and kick coverage team.

            1. It all sounds good, George, and I would like the 49ers to make inquiries.

              But from the Dolphins side it will look like they traded the #3 pick in 2013 for a late round 2015 pick. That can’t be a good look for the front office and coaching staff there.

              1. That’s true, but I’m only repeating what Rotoworld said:
                “If someone choses not to be here, that’s their decision,” Tannenbaum said, ominously. Jordan has endured suspensions, ineffectiveness, and an inability to establish a meaningful role on the Dolphins’ defense since Jeff Ireland traded up to make Jordan the No. 3 overall pick in the 2013 draft. At this point, the Dolphins might be willing to trade Jordan for a late-round pick.”

            2. George

              Love all this talk of Dion Jordan. He can cover Jimmy Graham AND take over for VD in 2016.

            3. George…

              Jordan is very reminiscent of Ted Hendricks “The Mad Stork” must be accounted for every play…total disruption

        1. If the 49ers don’t take an OLB earlier in the draft, using a late round pick on Jordan makes some sense. Its no worse than taking a flyer on a late round player. Jordan has some athletic talent, a different defense may be what he needs.

          1. “Jordan has some athletic talent, a different defense may be what he needs.”

            Or a switch back to offense. We could use a future TE.

          2. Maybe the Dolphins could save some face if we trade Lemonnier and a late round pick for Jordan.

  39. Last year Baalke drafted 4 CBs anticipating the hole that would develop the following year with Cox and Cully’s contract expirations. He drafted an injured B Thomas with Iupati’s contract coming due and I suppose the same could be said for M Martin. He drafted Hyde, with Gore to depart the following year. Clearly this isn’t profound, but it seems he drafts to fill needs 1 year ahead.

    So, for fun, what holes will develop in the 49ers roster next year, that need to be addressed in this year’s draft?

    I’ll throw out a few and would be happy to hear other’s thoughts:

    TE: Not only did VD have an off year, but he is an UFA next year. If Baalke is going to draft a year ahead, this is an obvious spot.

    RG: Many of the mocks have us taking a guard because of the Iupati departure, but maybe the bigger problem is finding a replacement for Boone, who can also plan tackle in a pinch.

    ILB: If Baalke is successful in extending Wilhoite’s contract pre-draft, this won’t be quite as big of a hole, but if not, he would have to address MLB early.

    Certainly the case can be made for D line, though I believe only I Williams contract comes due.

    Bethea’s contract escalates meaningfully next year, as does Brooks, so certainly there is reason to think a year ahead in both those positions.

    Thoughts? Yes, I recognize that was a lot of picks without mentioning WR!

    1. I might add OLB to the list. Maiocco said Aldon Smith’s agent wants to sign a long term extension, which would take OLB off the list.

    2. Eddie D

      Great points you make. With Baalke, that has been the demonstrated pattern, so to think otherwise would be insane.

  40. Ha, thanks. I guess it’s not quite as insightful when I identify so many positions!

  41. From rotoworld:

    NJ.com’s Mark Eckel passes along a “rumor making its rounds in NFL personnel meetings” of the Eagles trading Sam Bradford to the Browns for the No. 19 overall pick in the draft.
    The Browns already offered No. 19 to the Rams for Bradford, prior to his trade to Philadelphia. St. Louis didn’t accept because it wanted a quarterback, and wound up acquiring Nick Foles. The Browns are “still said to have interest” in Bradford. Per Eckel, the rumor has the Eagles then sending Nos. 19 and 20 — plus Mychal Kendricks and Fletcher Cox — to the Titans in exchange for No. 2 overall, where Philly would select Marcus Mariota. Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole reported Friday that Bradford currently believes the Eagles may be planning to trade him.

    1. Thanks Baldinger(hilarious sounding name BTW). Interesting dilema there. Scherff or Parker?

    2. They have Mariota going at 12 in that draft. I wonder if the Rams would take him at #10 if they got the chance

  42. Re-reviewed Adrus Peat’s “worse game” vs Nate Orchard.

    Orchard was able to get Peat sliding over. At the very moment Peat’s legs were at the widest, Orchard punched both hands into the center his chest, driving straight forward. Then Peat did that bend backwards thing (drives me nuts) and lost balance.

    Peat has longer arms. I think its correctable. He should be able to get his hands on Orchard first. I don’t know if his habit of bending his back backwards can be fixed. if so, I think he can dominate. His run blocking was very good in that game.

  43. I think snagging Donovan Smith in the third would add a lot of talent to our O-line and would allow us to use the first two picks on positions with less depth

  44. Anyone hear about the Jay Ajayi injured knee rumor? Not a new injury, but something that happened in 2011 that could shorten his career?

  45. Brodie,
    How do you feel about drafting Perryman or Stephone Anthony in the 2nd? I felt like I had a pretty good mock draft put together until I realized I had left ILB out of the equation until the 5th.

    1. In my first mock draft that I posted here, I had Anthony in the 2nd. My most recent (2.0), I had him selected in the third, which might be very optimistic.

      Chris, why don’t you post your mock.

    2. I’m in complete denial about ILBs. I’m totally guilty of ignoring the position because. I hate the idea of missing out on a 2nd round packed with RB/WR talent just to “reach” for an ILB.

      My semi-serious notion has been to get a true shutdown corner (if there is one) that can play cover zero, drop a safety into the box to cover for any ILB shortcomings when it comes to covering guys like Jimmy Graham.

      Failing that, draft anyone that can fog a mirror rounds 5-7 to play behind Moody . Hope Bowman and Wilhoite stay healthy.

      I’d rather take a risk then miss out on a real impact RB or WR.

    3. Drafting an ILB or TE in the second round I think is a real possibility, but if they do I seriously hope they trade back to get an extra mid round pick. The quality at the position is lacking this year, and I don’t think they’ll miss out on much at the position by dropping back say 10 spots. None of the ILB or TE prospects look so good you’d be upset if you missed out on them moving back.

      1. Scooter, I agree. A trade back only 5 spots will garner a third rounder. That pick can be packaged with 79 to move back into the 2nd.
        20 – Receiver or BPA
        46 – ILB, Running Back or Receiver
        Extra 2nd – Running Back or Receiver

        Pick 20 should have one of Peat, Brown, Gurley, DGB, Peters, Perriman

        All of our proven receivers are specialists (not sure about Patton), even when Crabtree was here. Its a major hole in the functionality of the offense. We need a Parker-Perriman type. Failing that, another speed guy.

        1. This model assumes the Philly traded out of 20.

          A scenario I had a month ago was trading way back in the first to garner an extra 2nd. Packaging pick 79 with 46 to move back into the first, leaving us with two picks in the 20s.

          Grab Perriman with one first. Gurley/Peters or BPA with the other. But those three have shot up the draft boards.

  46. 1. TRADE:15th for PIT 22nd & 87th DGB/M.Peters
    2. Denzel Perryman ILB-might have to move up
    2. TRADE:79th & 87th for 54th. Carl Davis DL
    4. Mike Davis RB
    4. Jeremiah Poutasi OG (comp)
    5. Craig Mager- need to do watch more tape on
    6. QB- I can’t think of his name. 6’5″ plus, d-3 school, cannon for an arm.
    7. DeAndre Smelter WR

      1. One of the top-tier cornerbacks. Probably Marcus Peters, which would leave us picking DGB in the 1st.
        I’m interested to see your mock, Scooter.

        1. Cool, I can see that, though the Steelers very rarely move up. They typically prefer to let the draft come to them in the first round.

          I posted the following mock earlier in the week, though I’ll likely provide a final one next week:

          1. DeVante Parker, WR
          2. Paul Dawson, ILB
          3. Steven Nelson, CB
          4a. Jeremiah Poutasi, OG
          4b. Kyle Emanuel, OLB/ILB
          5. Matt Jones, RB
          6. Darryl Roberts, CB
          7a. Tory Slater, DL
          7b. Chris Bonner, QB

          1. It’s good to see that I’m not the only one pulling for Chris Bonnner.
            Are you picking Dawson over Perryman and Anthony because you don’t think they’ll be available, or because you like him more?

            1. Yeah, I’ve been on the Bonner bandwagon for a few months – I really like his pocket presence and awareness. Worth a late round flyer.

              Dawson is the most instinctive ILB in the draft and makes a lot of impact plays all over the field. I prefer him to Anthony who is a physical marvel but has questionable instincts. I also prefer him to Perryman – I like Perryman as a thumper in the middle, but he’s got limited range.

              I’d probably take Kendricks over Dawson as he is a better athlete, also has a nose for the ball, and is a safer pick with no question marks over his character/ attitude. However, I don’t think Kendricks is the playmaker Dawson is. Lots of tackles, but not a lot of impact plays.

  47. *Round 6. Chris Bonner QB- I’m not show where they project him, but I wouldn’t mind taking a flyer on him

    1. “His days are the same – train, eat, study the play book and play on his Xbox. And he couldn’t be happier.” Dunno. Think he needs a girl friend.

    1. Of course it includes the obligatory Armstead pick for the Niners. I hope Armstead falls to the 4th round so we can all laugh at all the idiots that cut and pasted Armstead to SF in 99% of NFL.com mocks

  48. Zuerlein and Reuter 7 round mock 4/24/15:

    San Francisco 49ers

    Round 1 (15): Arik Armstead, DE, Oregon
    Round 2 (46): Sammie Coates, WR, Auburn
    Round 3 (79): Jamil Douglas, G, Arizona State
    Round 4 (126): Craig Mager, CB, Texas State
    Round 4 (132): Taiwan Jones, ILB, Michigan State
    Round 5 (151): Tyler Kroft, TE, Rutgers
    Round 6 (190): Matt Jones, RB, Florida
    Round 7 (246): Ben Beckwith, G, Mississippi State
    Round 7 (254): Taylor Heinicke, QB, Old Dominion

    1. Bar None….

      That’s a pretty damn good mock…’would like to see DGB or Parker in place of Coates….but hey….

        1. I had Richardson in my last mock. I loved what I saw from him in his highlights.

        2. Bobby Richardson (that I recall) was known back in the day as “God’s Second Baseman”.

    1. Razor,

      Yes, poor Nick! What a cry baby, he’s just mad because he can’t do the same thing himself.

      It sounds like a loop hole that should be closed, but as long as it’s open…

    1. I’d be curious to know where they got that tidbit from. To me that bodes well though – means they also see some question marks about White and realise as solid a prospect as Parker looks he doesn’t look like an elite player.

      Like Greg Cosell, I rate Perriman #2. I have DGB #3, then Parker then White.

        1. I’ve moved him up slightly, but I’ve always been pretty high on his talent, just not sold on his character. I think talent wise he is the #3 WR in this draft.

        1. The player that the 49ers have drafted in the last few years has been one that either wasn’t or hardly ever mentioned in the media ir league circles as the guy Baalke is targeting. The only exception that I know of to this is the selecting of Tank, but he was expected to be picked up by the 49ers in the first round and not in the second.
          This isn’t a a knock against Beckham Razor. Rather, it’s just looking at past trends….which is why the 49ers won’t grab Armstead with the 15th pick either.

          1. Logical, however the need and or pressure for Baalke to select a WR in the first round, whether perceived or real, isn’t going away. I don’t think you can say that about any other position….

            1. I agree. However, there are a few things that go against that thinking:
              -We were saying that last year as well.
              -A Mangini led defense has always had a #1 CB on it, and we currently don’t.
              -The options at WR in the second round (including potentially Beckham) could allow Baalke to bypass the position on Day One.
              -Though Beckham could fit the mold of a prospect drafts that went later than expected, there’s another WR that fits it even better: Sammie Coates.

              1. Yea, I just don’t see Coates as an elite prospect, whereas if DGB is sitting there at the top of round two, I would expect a trading frenzy….

              2. Didn’t say Coates was. I was giving an example of a prospect whose stock could be much lower than anticipated by most and Baalke could see as a steal at that point. Such a move could result in him passing over Beckham even if he’s there in the second round. It would be absolutely stupid if he did, but then this is Baalke who we’re talking about.

              3. Baalke would need to have his crystal ball out to know Coates has fallen to #79 as he passes on DGB…

              4. True, but GMs are known to gamble on their chances.
                If such a scenario happened, then I’d fairly ticked because I don’t see Coates’ problems as fixable.

              5. Coates in the 3rd round I wouldn’t be upset by. If nothing else he would make a decent decoy. And there is always the chance he improves his route running and hands a bit so that he actually contributes as a deep threat WR.

              6. So you’d be okay with Baalke passing over Beckham if he’s available when the 49ers pick in the second round and takes Coates instead in the third or fourth round?

              7. That is not what I said MWD. If DGB is there in the 2nd I think the 49ers should take him if they like him. I’d much prefer DGB in round 2 to Coates even in round 4.

                However, if they miss out on a WR in rounds 1 and 2, taking Coates in round 3 if he is available would not be a terrible pick in my opinion.

  49. From rotowold:

    “The Miami Herald expects the Dolphins to place Dion Jordan on the trade block.
    Jordan was a no-show for the start of offseason workouts, leading some to question his commitment to the team. In two years since Miami took him third overall, Jordan has been suspended twice and failed to establish a meaningful role on defense. The Dolphins have no choice but to stay the course with Jordan at this point. Miami would lose $1 million in cap space by trading Jordan.”

    1. They could be wanting to move him no matter what the hit to their cap is, similar to what the Bills did with Stevie Johnson. I also wouldn’t touch him. No true fit on our defense.

  50. Draft Pick Meetings 49ers:

    Jay Ajayi, RB, Boise State (PRO)
    Kwon Alexander, OLB, LSU (PRI)
    Stephone Anthony, ILB, Clemson (PRO)
    Arik Armstead^, DT/3-4DE/DE, Oregon (COM, PRI)
    Tavaris Barnes, DE, Clemson (PRO)
    Ben Beckwith, G, Mississippi State (EW)
    Cameron Clear, TE, Texas A&M (PRO)
    Sammie Coates, WR, Auburn (PRI)
    Justin Coleman, CB, Tennessee (INT)
    Jalen Collins, CB, LSU (PRI)
    Ricky Collins, WR, Texas A&M-Commerce (PRI)
    Paul Dawson, OLB/ILB, TCU (PRI)
    Quandre Diggs, CB, Texas (SR)
    Stefon Diggs, WR, Maryland (PRI)
    Phillip Dorsett, WR, Miami (COM)
    Kurtis Drummond, S, Michigan State (SR)
    Chris Dunkley, WR/CB, South Florida (PRI)
    Alvin Dupree, OLB/DE/3-4OLB, Kentucky (PRO)
    Mario Edwards Jr., DE/DT/3-4DE, Florida State (PRI)
    Deshazor Everett, CB, Texas A&M (PRO)
    Devin Funchess, TE/WR, Michigan (PRI)
    Devin Gardner, QB/WR, Michigan (EW)
    Eddie Goldman, DT/3-4DE/NT, Florida State (PRI)
    Garrett Grayson, QB, Colorado State (SR)
    Dorial Green-Beckham^, WR, Oklahoma (COM, PRI)
    Deontay Greenberry, WR, Houston (PRI)
    Randy Gregory, DE/3-4OLB, Nebraska (PRO)
    Marcus Hardison, DT, Arizona State (PRO)
    Josh Harper, WR, Fresno State (COM)
    Sean Hickey, OT, Syracuse (EW)
    Byron Jones, CB/S, Connecticut (PRI)
    Matt Jones, RB, Florida (PRO)
    Taiwan Jones, ILB, Michigan State (EW)
    Jeremy Langford, RB, Michigan State (SR)
    Terrance Magee, RB, LSU (PRI)
    Lorenzo Mauldin, DE/3-4OLB/OLB, Louisville (PRI)
    Vince Mayle^, FB/WR, Washington State (LOC, PRI)
    DeVante Parker, WR, Louisville (PRI)
    Marcus Peters^, CB, Washington (COM, PRI)
    Jeremiah Poutasi^, OT/G, Utah (WOR, PRI)
    Darryl Roberts, CB, Marshall (WOR)
    Ryan Russell, DE, Purdue (EW)
    Devin Smith, WR, Ohio State (PRI)
    Donovan Smith, OT, Penn State (PRI)
    Junior Sylvestre, OLB, Toledo (PRO)
    Clive Walford^, TE, Miami (COM, WOR)
    Tray Walker, CB, Texas Southern (PRI)
    Keon Williams, RB, Chattanooga (PRO)

        1. There are 3 names conspicuously absent from that list; Andrus Peat, Malcolm Brown and Rashad Green. Anybody know what the 3 have in common?

        1. I’m using my phone at the moment. It keeps kicking me to their mobile site which usually doesn’t have the article available.

    1. Here is my top 64 prospects. Try not to laugh too hard…

      1. Amari Cooper, WR
      2. Jameis Winston, QB
      3. Leonard Williams, DL
      4. Vic Beasley, OLB
      5. Todd Gurley, RB
      6. Dante Fowler Jr, OLB/DE
      7. Danny Shelton, DT
      8. Alvin Dupree, OLB/DE
      9. Marcus Peters, CB
      10. Breshad Perriman, WR
      11. Dorial Green-Beckham, WR
      12. Marcus Mariota, QB
      13. Cameron Erving, OC/OG
      14. Brandon Scherff, OG/RT
      15. Shane Ray, OLB/DE
      16. La’el Collins, OT/OG
      17. Trae Waynes, CB
      18. DeVante Parker, WR
      19. Ereck Flowers, OT
      20. Byron Jones, CB
      21. Preston Smith, DL/OLB
      22. Kevin White, WR
      23. Malcom Brown, DL
      24. Andrus Peat, OT
      25. Owamagbe Odighizuwa, OLB/DE
      26. TJ Clemmings, OT
      27. Eric Rowe, CB
      28. Nelson Agholor, WR
      29. DJ Humphries, OT
      30. Kevin Johnson, CB
      31. Melvin Gordon, RB
      32. Jake Fisher, OT
      33. Eddie Goldman, DL
      34. Landon Collins, SS
      35. Tevin Coleman, RB
      36. Eric Kendricks, ILB/OLB
      37. Eli Harold, OLB/DE
      38. Quinten Rollins, CB
      39. Jaelen Strong, WR
      40. Paul Dawson, ILB/OLB
      41. Jordan Phillips, NT
      42. Devin Funchess, Flex TE/ WR
      43. Demarious Randall, FS
      44. Stephone Anthony, ILB
      45. Shaq Thompson, SS/OLB
      46. Tyler Lockett, WR
      47. Jalen Collins, CB
      48. Maxx Williams, TE
      49. Nate Orchard, OLB/DE
      50. Jay Ajayi, RB
      51. Rashad Greene, WR
      52. Randy Gregory, OLB
      53. Laken Tomlinson, OG
      54. Phillip Dorsett, WR
      55. Ronald Darby, CB
      56. Arik Armstead, DL
      57. PJ Williams, CB
      58. Donovan Smith, OT
      59. AJ Cann, OG
      60. Xavier Cooper, DL
      61. Devin Smith, WR
      62. Ameer Abdullah, RB
      63. Ty Sambrailo, OL
      64. Cody Prewitt, FS

      1. Armstead seems about right there. Tomlinson might be too smart to draft and expect a long career. Seems like a realistic board without the media hype….

        1. Thanks mate.

          There are some players that I haven’t really spent much time looking at so I’ve had to make an educated guess where to rank them based on what others are saying. A lot of the OL I have in the late first round fall in to this category, as do Landon Collins and Demarious Russell.

              1. Goes to show how little attention I’ve paid to him – I can’t even get his name right!

      2. Scooter:

        I can understand how one could rank individual players within their position; but it would seem much harder to me to rank players regardless of their position. So, for example, what criteria do you use to rank WR Amari Cooper higher on the list than DL Leonard Williams? Assuming you have a criteria, I would think that the criteria used for ranking players across positions is far more open to interpretation/criticism than the criteria use for ranking players within a single position.

        I suppose if I was in the draft room, I don’t know if I could purely consider BPA without having need at least somewhat influence my decision.

        1. Ranking across positions is indeed very hard, and is quite subjective. For me, I try to base it on how I believe teams may value certain positions (in general I keep this fairly flat with the exception of a few positions), and on the level I think the player can best be expected to produce at.

          For example, I would knock an equally talented interior OL or RT down compared to a LT (which should give you a good idea of what I think about Erving and Scherff relative to the OT prospects, given I rank them higher). RBs I tend to knock down a bit (which gives you a good guide on what I think of Gurley). QBs obviously get ranked higher than equally talented players at other positions due to their importance.

          In terms of the level I best expect the player to perform at, where I consider position to be of equal value I rank based on my expectation of performance relative to their own position. So how I expect WR prospect X to perform relative to other WRs in the NFL, vs how I expect OLB Y will perform relative to other OLBs in the NFL.

          But in the end, it is going to be open to a lot of interpretation and criticism.

          1. Yeah, and please understand that I wasn’t criticizing your effort. It’s just that I was thinking about this BPA concept and it’s clear to me that the BPA draft board is probably significantly different across the various teams than is the positional ranking. Makes me wonder if trying to draft BPA isn’t somewhat of a futile exercise from the analytical side of things. An exception I can see is drafting injured players – example, Brandon Thomas, etc. That seems like a much easier determination to make assuming that the team doesn’t mind drafting injured players.

            1. All good, certainly didn’t take what you said as criticism, I just meant that doing this exercise is open to criticism.

              I agree 100% that a team’s draft board will be different to what they really think the prospect rankings look like. The idea of going BPA sounds great, but reality is that teams will naturally want to rank players at a position of need higher than at a position it doesn;t need. For example, a team like the Buccaneers that needs a QB but not really a WR would be foolish to have Cooper as #1 on its draft board and take the player over Winston or Mariota. However, I reckon every team would also have a ranking regardless of need in order to ID when there is good value in trading down (or up).

          2. On cross positional rankings I’ve read that some teams assign 3- or 4- digit rankings to each prospect. To the extent that they’ve accurately ranked them (which in turn relies upon good scouting and study) gives the team a quantitative answer to all prospects as the Team pick comes up. They may discuss reasons to take an 883 over an 886 by need or position or versatility, but that becomes a simple question while on the clock.
            And yes, yes, yes; every team’s board is unique. That after-draft peek at Jerreh’s board a couple of years ago was instructive.

      3. Thanks for all the work putting this together.

        Arik Armstead at 56 is about right. He’s totally a developmental guy. Not saying he can’t be great, just not any time soon.

        Best case scenario… Arik’s light bulb goes on and he’s great in 2018. Its still only a 2-3 year rental.

        That’s what makes guys like Parker so attractive. You get him for the full 4 years + 5th year option.

        1. I agree Brodie. You want a top 15-20 pick to be producing very early in their career. They don’t need to be a starter year 1, but certainly getting a decent amount of game time and making an impact. I don’t think Armstead fits that bill.

          1. That’s what I liked about the Aldon Smith pick. He didn’t know the nuances of OLB, but he had huge value as a part time pass rusher.

            I’m really hoping if we pick DL or OLB, Mangini uses a rotation system. We are so used to Fangio that we assume new players are “replacements”, but I think Tomsula wants to see the shiny toys he’s been developing (Tank, TJE, Dial) on the field more.

      4. A few surprises here and there but the one I’m most curious about is; Winston is the second best player in the draft? Now I’m not suggesting he belongs in the teens, at least I don’t think I am, but I would expect to see him closer to the 5-8 range overall tops. Prolly just nit-pikking.

        1. If that’s the biggest question mark I’ve done a better job of the list than I expected!

          With Winston, if you see my answers to cubus’ questions you’ll see when I’m considering value between positions I rate QBs a bit higher than other positions due to the importance of the QB to the team. I’ve also said previously and still believe this – Winston is the best QB prospect I’ve seen since Andrew Luck. I know the off field character issues are there, and I understand the concerns regarding the high rate of INTs, but he’s got plenty of talent.

          He’s got obvious good physical traits for a QB, but what often goes overlooked with Winston is just how smart a player he his. He stepped in and ran a complex offense brilliantly as a freshman. He takes too many risks, but he reads defenses very well, and goes through his progressions nicely. Not many young QBs can do that. He’s a naturally gifted QB.

          1. I see a QB that relies on taking chances. If you’re Brett Favre then you can get away with it for at least a little while but Winston isn’t Brett Favre. I think the int increase had a lot to do with him forcing the ball and simply not being as successful with it as he had the previous season. In the NFL it’ll only be exponentially harder to make those plays and I think he’ll be an INT machine. Maybe an NFL coach will be able to teach him to throw away some of those passes but until then he’ll be a turnover time bomb.

            With that said is he still the best QB prospect in the draft, sadly yes. I just wouldn’t put him as the second best player in the draft.

    2. I don’t see how everyone rates Winston so highly. If he played any position other than quarterback I don’t believe he would be a top 10 pick.

      He played the majority of the season against inferior opponents and posted a TD to INT ratio of around 3/2. For someone that is supposed to be good at reading defenses that’s not very impressive. He also has the knock of holding onto the ball a bit long. What will happen when the defenses get faster and windows get smaller?

      I don’t see his being a good NFL career.

      1. “If he played any position other than quarterback I don’t believe he would be a top 10 pick.’

        Try listing the quarterbacks who would be drafted in the top ten and another position. Please go back as far as you with. For the 49ers you would probably have to go back to their first quarterback — Frankie Albert who played line backer and safety back when everyone played both ways.

        1. For me… based strictly on how good I thought they were when they came out of college (since 2000)… The ones I thought were worthy of being a top ten pick at the time were as follows. The asterisk goes next to the ones I thought worthy of being the number 1 overall pick.

          Vick* ( I was younger and dumber and thought his legs made him something special :)
          Andrew Luck*
          Leinart (missed this one badly)
          Rivers (I liked rivers almost as much as manning)
          Eli Manning
          Carr (here is a player that was destroyed by his Oline)

          The obvious misses were Leinart, Carr, Rodgers and Big Ben

  51. The scribes are posting about players moving up or sliding down boards; hooey. The scribes are just talking to try and stay relevant or are just now catching up.
    The team boards are finished. Half the teams’ staffs probably took the weekend off the to clear their minds. Next week is for battening-down the hatches and trimming the sails on the draft plan.

    1. Baalke said a few years back the draft board’s 80% complete well before the March owners meetings. Most of the assessments are done. Mainly fine tuning after.

      Perriman’s blazing 40 might fudge the boards a bit. Gurley’s positive knee could shuffle the top 10-20. That’s what gives me hope an “elite” will fall to 15.

  52. Realistically, what are Trent’s trade-up potential target slots?
    #2? Forgeddaboutit!
    #5? Still Probably Too Pricey!!!
    #9? More affordable if G-Men want to play.
    Others probably won’t want to deal.

    1. The Vikings and Dolphins are possibilities as well Brotha.
      I think the Redskins are off everyone’s trade up list because they’d most likely to include RG3, which is an automatic deal killer.

      1. Not sure the Giants would want to risk losing out on Scherff either, because he seems like the perfect fit for them….

      2. You might be right on RG3, Mid. With the Vikes and Fins I think they’re targeting the same guys as Trent and so more as competitors than trade partners.
        But I don’t know……. I should probably just go take a nap until Thursday afternoon….

        1. No slacking off BT. You said something about posting your mock draft, which post I’ve yet to see :)

          1. OK, Cubus
            I ran a 3 round no trade on Fanspeak:
            #15- Waynes. CB
            46- A.J.Cann OG
            79- Henry Anderson DL
            I’m not sure Anderson lasts into the 3rd. I used BPA.
            I also can’t imagine a no trade draft! Especially this year.

              1. The acquisition of Torrey Smith took speed WR off the urgency list. With some exceptions in the 1st round, Trent usually is drafting for the future. I could go into Day#3 without panicking to look for a tallish burner to develop. I haven’t drilled down enough to know who the 4/5 round prospects are who Trent might like, but I think his guys know. That’s why I do my drafting from my kitchen island!

              2. The acquisition of Torrey Smith took speed WR off the urgency list.

                I can’t really agree with that belief Brotha. A considerable number of WRs that the team has either met with or watched has fast or good 40 times.

              3. Mid-
                Met with? There is that disinformation thing…..
                Dorsett will be a playmaker, but for Baalke?
                I think there are some deleopmental speed-burners In the 4th/5th. How much would they play this year (rounds 3+)? My mock wasn’t avoiding WRs, just trying to maximize talent long term. I

              4. My main point is that we can’t dismiss that Baalke would draft a burner in the early rounds just because they signed Smith. Drafting another burner could open things up more in the short passing field and the run game. I also can’t see the team going into the season with a Smith/Boldin/Simpson combo and feeling secure about it given Simpson’s track record.

    2. Some teams might assume the 49ers will stink, and wind up with high 2016 draft picks.

      15+2016 4th would be alot more attractive then 15+123. Could get a modest jump to 13. 46+2016 4th could secure a pick in the mid 30s.

      Baalke could later trade 123 to 2016 to make up for it. There’s also a likely compensatory 2016 4th.

      Other scenarios…

      Teams that refuse 15+79 might go for a 15+2016 3rd to move up to 9. (might have to sweeten the pot a little)

      Teams that refuse 15+46 might go for a 15+2016 2nd offer to up to 6.

      The risk is obvious of course.

    1. Yeah, MattM wrote about a few questions about the CB from LSU. There are a few things with Peters too, so if Trent really likes Byron maybe it’s not too much of a reach.

      1. Yea, I might have to eat my words when I told Scooter I thought he’d be a reach there, but given the need for another Safety next year, it makes some sense….

          1. That would be a HUGE reach.. That’s not Balke’s MO in the first rnd.. If they moved back around 25-35 fine but not at 15.. No way

            1. Disagree, slight reach as he’s being projected now to the Eagles. Field awareness is at an A+, he can mirror receivers with quicks or physicality, he high points the ball, recovery speed is an A, and he’s versatile. If Ward is staying in the slot, maybe when Bethea leaves, Reid becomes the SS and Byron is your ball hawking FS?

              1. Add to that Jones seems to always find his way to where the ball carrier is at no matter where he is on the field, something that I don’t see in the other top 3 CBs.

  53. Heard this morning Cooper’s only 20. To be this polished and still have a maturing body bodes extremely well.

    White and Parker are 22.

  54. I still like trading up for Cooper. I think a more realistic start to the draft is the 49ers trading down a few spots and taking Peters CB, Then they take Dawson in the 2nd and Stefon Diggs in the 3rd,.

  55. On Rotoworld:

    “Several executives” told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel they’ve either removed Boise State RB Jay Ajayi from their draft boards or “backed way off” because of how their medical staffs evaluated Ajayi’s knee.
    Ajayi tore his ACL in 2011, and it’s feared he may need microfracture surgery down the line. “I just don’t know if he’ll hold up physically,” one scout said. “He’s had a lot of carries.” Since tearing the ACL, of course, Ajayi dominated college football and showed big-time NFL-caliber tools. The concern continues to be with Ajayi’s longevity, at a position where longevity isn’t the expectation.”

      1. One reason that I think it’d be a bad idea to take him.

        Yep, but also a reason that Baalke might take him if he slides…

    1. I hear conflicting reports. Some say the knee’s old news, was thoroughly checked at the combine and its a rumor started by someone that want’s to knock Ajayi down the draft boards.

  56. Remember the debate about Dee Ford last year? Played in 16 games and finished with 8 tackles and 1.5 sacks.

    1. I remember there was one, but I don’t remember the details very much.

      I wasn’t keen on him. I liked Attaochu. Unfortunately he spent most of the season injured, but he showed flashes when healthy and he’s expected to start this year.

      1. Not comparing the players but the conversations being had about Dupree ring familiar to the ones that transpired about Ford.

          1. No, I don’t think he was ever considered that high at the time. The comparison is in the context of the discussions about the player, the things being said mirror what was being said about the other player but no I don’t remember Ford being considered a top 10 pick.

            1. I was on the Ford bandwagon because of his quick first step in his pass rush. It does seem like a first rounder should’ve impressed more than Ford did. I recall that at the end Scooter had sold me on Attaochu as a more complete prospect. In Ford I was hoping for an economy Von Miller.
              It seems like picking rookies and picking weekly game outcomes is a humbling experience.

              1. “It seems like picking rookies and picking weekly game outcomes is a humbling experience.”


  57. Where would a healthy Brandon Thomas fall on the list of G’s in this years draft?

    1. First round. I haven’t written him off as an OT either. At LT he handled Clowney, and is a road grading blocker. That combo gets you drafted high.

    2. I ask because of the comment made by Baalke that he viewed Thomas as a second round talent. How do the other guards in this draft compare to Thomas?

      1. In last year’s draft I’m guessing a healthy Brandon Thomas would have gone mid to high second round. It was a good, deep draft. This year, Brandon could have sneaked into the first.

        Scherff looks to be the better pure guard. Not saying he won’t ever play tackle, but his play really speaks to the guard spot.

        The thing about rating offensive line, so many play tackle in college, the best potential guard isn’t always the one drafted higher. It’s that possibility of playing tackle that bumps players up the boards.

  58. Baalke likes to draft for year after next. He’s said many times he prefers a three back rotation. If I were Baalke I’d give serious thought to Gurley at 15.

    But first I’d first call Carlos Hyde.

    “Carlos, you’re an awfully good running back, and we’re awfully pleased with what you have done. As you know, we will be using running back rotations. We are considering Todd Gurley. The two of you could pulverize defenses for years, while keeping your legs fresh. That way you can have a long, productive career well after your rookie contract expires. If you have any problem with Gurley, even a little one, let me know now.”

    Then I’d have the same conversation with Gurley, selling him on the health and financial advantages of playing in a rotation.

  59. B2W,

    It’s a logical line of thought, but it might be hard for a young man, who’s used to being THE man, to accept a reduced role and less money per year, in exchange for an extended career.

    1. Getting Hyde and Gurley to feel good about splitting reps is like trying to sell brass knuckles to Mahatma Gandhi. Difficult, but not impossible.

      1. B2W,

        And if that’s what the 49ers did, it’s not like Hyde or Gurley would have options…

  60. ok .. my first attempt at a 4 round mock..
    (please, guys.. go easy on me)

    Rd 1 .. Brandon Sherif — (OL- Iowa)
    Rd 2 – Trae Waynes — (CB – Michigan State)
    Rd 3 – Rashad Greene — (WR- Florida State)
    Rd 4- Sean Mannion – – (QB – Oregon State)

    1. MW-
      IF Waynes was still available in R#2 I surely would grab him also, but no way he drops that far. He’ll likely get picked somewhere close to Sherf. These draft templates are lacking in most cases.

    2. I like the players you have there but as the others are saying the placement of them is questionable. Waynes falling to the second would be a pretty epic fall and I’m certain that someone would snag him as he got towards the bottom of the first. Although it’s still more likely he’s gone by #15 at the latest. Greene is find in the third although i see him later then that but Mannion in the 4th would be considered a big reach.

      Overall good first attempt.

    3. MWN,
      Not trying to be sarcastic here, but is there a reason why you have Waynes falling to the 2nd rd?

      Most football analyst have him and Peters running neck-n-neck as the best CB’ in the draft.
      I don’t see Waynes dropping out of the top 20 of the 1st rd. If he drop’s to 46, I would run a background investigation into why his precipitous decline.

      1. Look Rashad Greene is a Slow 4.53-40 Short5′-11 Midget the Baalke Regime as Failed Miserably with Ronald Johnson; Kyle Williams; Quinton Patton; AJ. “Absolutely Jinxed” Jenkins; Ted Ginn & Bruce Ellington; So Why Draft Another Midget WR when you Play Against 6′-3″ CB in Peterson & Sherman? Plain Stupidity when you Could Draft 6′-3″ 210 Chris Conley Who Has Size & BLAZING 4.35-40 Speed w/a 45″Vertical!!! Or in 4th Draft TE/WR Darren Waller 6′-6″ 240 w/4.46-40 Speed Damn! Another Kelvin Benjamin but Way Faster in The 4th? OT Tyrus Thomas & DE/OL Obwacham are Choice Picks! RB is Way Slow 49ers Need Breakaway Threat Speed RB Kendall is only (4.53-40)

    4. Sorry But B.Sherif Will Not Likely FALL that Far. Trae Waynes Ain’t Falling That Far, No Way in Hell? (Sidebar-Why Draft any CB in 1st 3 Rds.Much Less Waynes when you Have a Young 6′-1″4.43-40 Kid with Waynes SS Quickness you Can Train?) Marcus Cromartie 1st Cousin Bloodlines of Antonio Cromartie.
      Then 6′-3″ 210 4.35-40 Blaze Chris Conley SEC Product is Far Superior Talent w/45″ Vertical! 18 Bench Reps! OT Donovan Smith in 3rd or Tyrus Thompson in 4th, Trade Back DGB in 1st; Extra 2nd Trade Up Lose 4th Rd. 2016 for 6′-2″ 320 Beast DT Malcolm Brown, #46 ILB Stephone Anthony 3rd (if you Draft DGB in 1st Pass on Conley) BPA or My Pick Allusive RB Ameer Abdullah 5′-9″ 4.47-40 & then WR Darren Waller 6′-6″ 4.46-40 Compensatory Pick in 4th! 5th Rd. Trade Up QB Sean Mannion; 6th Rd. DT/LB Obwacham

    5. MW….

      I like the Mannion pick…He’s probably the best passer in this years draft, but as you say…”needs work” In college he had a 3-step drop, a 5-step drop, and run for your life….JAILBREAK!

  61. Waynes in the second round? You got some dirt on him that the rest of the league is unaware of?

    1. BT & Razor ..

      Yeah.. just hopin’ Waynes slides to the top of the 2nd
      and Baalke goes up to get him ..
      (Just wishful thinkin’)

      But.. for me.. it’s takin’ this long for me to even
      commit to any Draft crushes, cuz, for the Niners ..
      I don’t see much being available ..
      however .. I have been stoked on “The Sherrif”
      in the 1st .. and Mannion in the mid rounds ..

      If we can snag those two ..
      I’d be a real happy camper

      1. I saw yesterday someone had the CB from Wake, Kevin Johnson, drop into the top of the 2nd. That might be more attainable.
        Some have suggested that the talent may be flat from 12-40. If so, the GMs are going to have differing opinions about pecking order of prospects, and there will be some head-scratcher trades and picks.
        Let’s see how creative the Browns can be at messing up two 1sts again this year; now that’s entertainment!
        PS-In one speculation of the Chip Kelley Circus 3-way trade Manziel goes to Philly with the #2 Overall and Bradford goes to Cleveland and Titans get choices #19 & 20 and more. The result? Eagles QBs become Mariota-Sanchez-Tebow-Manziel.
        That would be a wow.

        1. BT ..

          Kevin Johnson from Wake ? ..
          Thanx, guy.. more homework for me ! .. lol

          For me .. the head scratcher would be ..
          who the heck would even want Bradford ..?
          (or even Manziel, too, for that matter)

          I’m still chokin’ a little about the Tebow thing

  62. Armstead; not my choice. Is he Calais Campbell? Or Margus Hunt?
    If Trent and Jim T and Mangini think he’s the guy for the future I won’t gripe too much, but its not the way I’m leaning.

    1. Armstead seems like one of the many high ceiling, low floor players in this draft. I can’t remember a first round packed with so many gifted athletes with low floors.

      Name – Floor Type
      Armstead – Developmental
      Gurley – Knee
      Winston – Behavioral
      DGB – Behavioral
      Peters – Behavioral
      Gregory – Behavioral

      That’s alot of players that can GMs fired for drafting him, or for skipping him.

    2. Armstead didn’t Produce in College while Calais Campbell Most Definitely Did! 142 Tackles 20 Sacks against 88 Tackles 4 Sacks. Armstead is Far to SLOW for Defense w/ No Quickness, He’s Better Suited as an OT in 2nd Rd.

  63. My mocks are always need/bpa/trying to think like Baalke based. Here is the mock based upon the team taking the player that I like best at each spot. A lot of these players will probably be picked before the spot I have them going. This is a for fun mock:

    Round 1 Amari Cooper-WR. He’s the WR that I have the least reservations about. He seems like the most NFL ready of the group outside of Parker. I wish he was a spot taller but that’s personal preference. I place CB over WR as a team need but I’ll address that with the next pick. There’s zero chance he falls to 15, zero. The team will have to move up to get him which means White would have to be the first WR taken for Cooper to fall to a spot that is reasonable to trade for. If Cooper makes it to around #10 then I think it would fall into the realm of possibility. It’s not impossible but it is unlikely.

    Round 1-2 Marcus Peters-CB. Seems like Peters has a good chance to go at the end of round 1 or possibly even a bit sooner. Again this would likely require a trade up to happen. Why not take Waynes at #15? In the scale of value/bust potential I feel better about taking Cooper as a first round prospect then Wayne. Peters has first round talent which is why he’ll probably go there but if he falls to the 28+ range he becomes in play for the team to move up. Clearly Im not making this mock assuming they have the firepower to move up for every pick I’m simply offering it as a suggestion if they choose to go after this specific player.

    Round 3 Daryl Williams-OT. It was tough for me to decide between him and Tyrus Thompson. Jake Fisher has long been my o-line draft crush and I still think he’ll be a fine player but when it comes down to a player that makes more sense for the team I think either of the boys from Oklahoma will fit the bill. Both can come in and play when Davis inevitably gets hurt again and in a season or two take over for Staley. Both need work in their pass protection and if that doesn’t develop then they can stay on the right side. If the 49ers take a tackle(and they certainly will) it will be one of these two players. My blind gypsy grandmother told me so.

    Round 4(1) Hayes Pullard LB. I really like this kid. I think he’s going to have a very successful NFL career barring injury. He has all of the natural instincts that you can’t teach or coach. If he’s actually still around in the fourth round he’ll be one of the great steals of the draft. He’s going to be a tackling machine. Not ready to play both positions yet in the middle he’ll still be a great Jack linebacker until he is.

    Round 4(2) Garret Grayson QB. Two words, ball velocity. If Grayson had NFL ball velocity he could be in contention to be the #2 QB taken. However he doesn’t the kid that does Bryce Petty can’t hit the broadside of a battle ship twice in a row. Grayson is Alex Smith 2.0. The perfect back up QB that’s just good enough to start for some teams but really shouldn’t be. Bryce Petty is Jay Cutler.

    Round 5 Cameron Artis-Payne RB. “A well rounded runner that isn’t overly fast or physical.” Some might read that as a slight but to me that pretty much described Frank Gore too and he did OK. I don’t like the idea of Hyde as our primary back and Lord knows Hunter isn’t going to stay healthy. Losing Gore has been tough for me personally and it might take a little more Payne before I’m over the loss.

    Round 6. Chaz Green OT. Two tackle prospects? You betcha! Early in the draft season I was big on taking a guard and further inspection shows that the tackle position is in fact the one that needs addressing. Green is tremendous value in the 6th round. I see Green playing swing tackle for his first season or two while one of the boys from OK fills in for Davis. If they move Williams/Thompson to the left side then Green could fill in as the right side starter. See how easy that is? :)

    Round 7(1). Rory Anderson TE. Again this player is more likely to be gone in the 6th round but I wouldn’t trade up for this one. Huge boom/bust prospect. The boom is that he just wasn’t utilized in the system he was in and did good things with the few opportunities he had. The bust is that if he was such a good prospect how come he couldn’t get himself into a better program. He’s the only TE in this draft that I can get excited about which is pretty damn sad.

    Round 7(2) Ray Drew DE. I’ve been watching Drew since 2012. Unfortunately he dropped a little bit each year and didn’t quite enter the 2015 draft with the fanfare I had originally though he’d bring. I still like the kid quite a bit and think he can be a quality starter at DE in a season or two.

  64. Unlikely but possible trade up scenario for Cooper

    Say Cooper fell to 7-9 range.

    Teams think the 49ers will stink this year, and have high picks in 2016. According to most draft charts 15+79+ 2016 3rd would move the 49ers up to 7-9.

    Baalke could trade 46 back towards the end of the 2nd to recover the 2016 3rd.

  65. My last Mock 4/26/15 (well ok, maybe next to last, or…)

    1. La’el Collins, OT, LSU. Sticking with the big man here (from my previous mock).

    2. Jalen Collins, CB, LSU. Going with JC here. On the heels of his recent drug news he will drop to the late 2nd rd. Sure, not the type of player that the 49ers front office would fit in their “winning with class” category, but marijuana is no longer the worse thing in football and a player that stands at 6’2 and runs a 4.4 40 with very good coverage skills will be awfully hard to pass on right here.

    3. Paul Dawson, ILB, TCU. The more I see this guy the more I like him. Mediocre combine numbers? Yes. A flat-out football player? Yes! If teams ignore him because of his combine stats he may be on the board right here.

    4. Devin Funchess, WR/TE. Mich. This was a tough one for me. Funchess is somewhat of a mystery because at the moment he falls under a WR/TE category. But for me, that makes him a value pick. He could (eventually) line-up as either WR or TE in certain packages especially in the redzone.
    COMP: Javorius Allen, RB, USC. Good down-hill runner that was very productive in college with reliable hands and deceiving speed.

    5. Wes Saxton, TE, South Alabama. Fast, good hands, but needs to develop as a blocker. With 4.6 40 speed he becomes our second fastest TE behind Vernon.

    6. Geneo Grissom, OLB/DE, Oklahoma. Productive player that could bring versatility to the defense.

    7. Shane Carden, QB, E. Carolina. Under the radar because of his size, but his college stats have been huge and consistent.
    COMP: Justin Manton, K, Louisiana Monroe. Ok, a kicker seems like a wasted pick right here, but this guy has been very productive as a place-kicker and is 42.0 yds per punt is not bad either. He will get stronger in the weight room and likely improve his punting average in time.

    1. Nice draft, but it relies on a lot of guys falling.

      Funchess in the 4th in particular looks like a lot of wishful thinking. I’d be surprised if he got past the end of the 2nd. Also, if they draft Funchess, would they still need to draft Saxton?

      1. Scooter,
        Funchess in the 4th rd may be wishful thinking but I’d take my chances and I’m hoping most teams don’t want a player that is a mystery with no definite position. This is a deep WR class (not as good as last years top 5 WR’s), but deep none the less. Maybe DF drops, but if not I would hope that someone like Cris Conley is still on the board in the 4th.

        Funchess is a “tweener” while Saxton is a full-blown TE. Will Vernon have a comeback year? Can VMac wake from his coma? Can Carrier (good hands) put on 10-15 lbs of muscle?
        Will Cleveland make the team falling behind last season?
        Yup Scooter, I’ll go with Saxton after reasonable consideration of the current TE situation.
        Honestly speaking, I seem to think that Saxton is more of need while Funchess would be luxury.

        1. Conley is the more likely scenario in round 4, and then later maybe add Waller as a developmental project later….

          1. I can live with that scenario Razor.
            Conley would be a good pick in the 4th if Funchess is gone. Waller is a low risk high reward in the late rounds as well bud.

        2. If the 49ers drafted Funchess I’d be hoping they played him as a flex TE, not a perimeter WR, so for me the need for Saxton would not be that high. I think the success of flex TEs/ big WRs in the slot will mean Funchess finds a home pretty easily for someone. The Saints for instance now have a nice opening for a flex TE, and the ammo to happily take Funchess in the 2nd round while also addressing other needs.

          1. Yea, I agree Funchess could be a good candidate to replace Graham for the Saints….

          2. Scooter,
            It will be interesting to see where Funchess lands and which round. I’m not sure that DF could be a TE because he plays a little bit soft for that position. His height makes him a good redzone target and high-point WR, but his forays as a TE may be few.

            1. Yea, Graham wasn’t exactly your blocking bad ass and has a reputation for being soft…

            2. Regardless of whether teams consider him a big slot WR or flex TE (I mean really, what is the difference?), they aren’t going to be drafting him to play as a traditional in line TE often. He’s a guy you can move around a lot, but will do his most damage flexed out in the slot. He’s a good enough blocker for that role.

  66. AES,

    Thats a great mock draft. I like every pick. If the Niners are fortunate to draft like that we will be in good shape. One of the better ones i have seen.

    1. Thanks CK-elite.
      But as I mentioned earlier, I may add another mock before Thursday (I’m crazy like that, lol).

    1. B2W ..

      He sure can dish it out, but a lotta people
      talkin’ stuff to him ..

      (looks like he loves it though)

  67. Monday morning mock :(1)My dream of Gurley in the first fading (think he goes top ten with positive health reports) I succumb to DGB (WR) fever in the first, big risk high ceiling oh hell let the dice roll;(2) ILB Paul Dawson , forget the stats on this one -he is a player!;(3)CB Ronald Darby has slipped a bit and love him here, a fast confidant strong addition for our secondary;(4) bit of a twist here-S/CB P.J. Willams drops with pot bust and in the fourth the bad boy stablemate to Darby gets moved to S (for safety and swag);4B)Davis Tull OLB he brings it all the time;(5)Bobby Richardson DE/DL watch out for this sleeper;(6) Deandre Smelter WR big talented, our ACL pick this year;(7) Zack Zenner FB I have talked about him before another sleeper I love;(7a) staying with my guy Conner Halliday QB here,well there you go!

  68. A couple of other Polian comments:
    – he was disturbed by Danny Shelton’s slow 40 at the Combine.
    – he worries a lot about Peters’ attitude. He mentioned not getting along with coaches and other players as a big red flag.
    – he thinks Malcom Brown is strictly a 4-3 3T
    – he complained about Jalen Collins’ inconsistency
    – he thinks Lael Collins is a developmental guy and he’s iffy on him as a OT
    In their mock Shane Ray dropped to the Broncos.
    In the NFL Net mock Davante Parker dropped past SF to the Chiefs.

    1. I think Peters’ attitude is a big red flag. Not sure how the Niners get passed that, unless they believe the Washington coaches were a-holes.

    2. It is something teams should look into, but as far as I am aware the disagreement with the Coaching staff is the only incident Peters had while at Washington. It’s a pretty glaring incident no question but let’s also keep in mind that the Coaching staff he had the problems with were not the ones who recruited him, and they also sorted out their differences to the point they let him join the pro day.

      1. Bill P referred also to problems with teammates that Peters had. I have zero details or info on that.

        1. Among other things it details that Petersen suspended and cut 9 players including Peters. Again, I’m not downplaying his attitude, but there are always two sides to every story and Peters didn’t have a problem before Sarkisian left for SC.

          The Niners will have done a thorough investigation into his behavior, so if there is anything else that pops up they’ll likely know about it.

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