49ers’ 2017 official 53-man roster

The 49ers just announced their final cuts. He is the official 53-man roster:

  1. QB Brian Hoyer
  2. QB C.J. Beathard
  3. RB Carlos Hyde
  4. RB Matt Breida
  5. RB Raheem Mostert
  6. FB Kyle Juszczyk
  7. TE George Kittle
  8. TE Logan Paulsen
  9. TE Garrett Celek
  10. WR Pierre Garcon
  11. WR Marquise Goodwin
  12. WR Aldrick Robinson
  13. WR Trent Taylor
  14. WR Victor Bolden Jr.
  15. WR Kendrick Bourne
  16. OL Joe Staley
  17. OL Laken Tomlinson
  18. OL Daniel Kilgore
  19. OL Brandon Fusco
  20. OL Trent Brown
  21. OL Zane Beadles
  22. OL John Theus
  23. OL Garry Gilliam
  24. OL Erik Magnuson
  25. DL DeForest Buckner
  26. DL Arik Armstead
  27. DL Solomon Thomas
  28. DL Tank Carradine
  29. DL Elvis Dumervil
  30. DL Earl Mitchell
  31. DL D.J. Jones
  32. DL Pita Taumoepenu
  33. DL Aaron Lynch
  34. DL Ronald Blair
  35. LB Dekoda Watson
  36. LB Eli Harold
  37. LB NaVorro Bowman
  38. LB Reuben Foster
  39. LB Ray Ray Armstrong
  40. LB Brock Coyle
  41. S Eric Reid
  42. S Jimmie Ward
  43. S Lorenzo Jerome
  44. S Jaquiski Tartt
  45. S/CB Adrian Colbert
  46. CB Rashard Robinson
  47. CB Dontae Johnson
  48. CB K’Waun Williams
  49. CB Ahkello Witherspoon
  50. CB Keith Reaser
  51. K Robbie Gould
  52. P Bradley Pinion
  53. LS Kyle Nelson

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  1. I like it. Hope Dirty-Tini makes it though waivers. Grant, got a short list of released players that you think the 49ers might be interested in?

  2. 1. Erik Magnuson
    2. Matt Breida
    3. Kendrick Bourne (posted videos from Easter WA before PS Game #1. split wide from Cooper Kuup)
    4. Predicted that CJ Beathard would beat out Barkley, Seb predicted that Barkley would beat out Hoyer
    5. Moses made fun of me in the 1st preseason game when I predicted Boldin would make the team….Look who’s laughing at both dimwits now !…Keep trying cupcakes.

    1. * Above players were the ones I selected to be on the 53 before anyone on this site. I have included Seb’s latest QB infatuation, Barkley to demonstrate his QB acumen, linking it to his ongoing poor judgement over C. Kaepernick (a one read QB who doesn’t fit Shanahan’s system)

    1. We should have a ‘toss overboard’ ranking…. Of course, that would depend on impacted positions to a large degree.

    1. Out of curiosity, why? I haven’t seen him do much thus far.

      I’m a big fan of my Polynesians, but wondering if its a good story or a good player.

  3. It’s a solid 53 though Bourne making it over Cole was surprising a bit….must want some height for certain corners/games….
    I did like his performance in KC.
    Now let’s hope a good run blocking guard and CB come in via waiver wire…..

  4. Ha! Bolden and Bourne, love it.
    We kept 4 OTs after all.
    Glad we kept Mags.
    Super glad we kept Pita.
    Go Colbert! I knew U could do it.
    Fingers crossed that Hikutini makes it to the PS.

    1. Good call #80, for now. Don’t be surprised if one of the backup OT’s are waived/ released, if the team puts in a claim on a OG or CB, etc.

    2. #80,
      I am really glad to see Pita in the team. My buddy at work is a good friend of him and his sister and I wish him all the best!

  5. Can’t believe we signed Kerley ,only to release him ,,,, some one please tell me why we couldn’t get a pick for him . Happy to see all them young guys ,

    1. One good offensive lineman and we’re ready to go. A good CB would be a bonus, but likely they are willing to go with the young guys and see what happens.

      1. I’m with you on the linemen, hoping for a good one.

        For corners and safeties it seems you only get two of these three:

        Right price against the cap.
        Available without frequent injury.
        Ability to cover as a corner or even a safety.

        Here’s hoping last year’s super-weak DB play was impacted by inferior linebacker cover skills and that some of that has been resolved. But this pre-season I’ve noted the telling signs of weak coverage: chasing the back of a jersey down the field.

    2. I would assume we have an eye on Guard and Corner (Reaser has to be gone), but it will prove interesting how many of the 5 or so “bubble” guys get through the waiver wire acquisition process…………….

      1. Wow, you really are a piece of work. Seby made a relevant and modest comment. Three people replied civilly. Then you.

        I swear, you’ve got to have some sort of personality disorder. Nobody who is within a 100 miles of normal would keep this up for so long and in such a puerile manner. You make Seby and his Kaepernick obsession look down-right pedestrian.

        And I understand why. Kaepernick, for all his flaws, made some big plays in a variable ratio reinforced way. With some people that puts a huge impact on them and they become conditioned and, for lack of a better word, obsessed or addicted.

        But you? You’re just a jerk.

  6. Grant, was Joe Williams’ ankle diagnosed as a high ankle or severe ankle sprain, or was this an opportunity to basically redshirt him for development, see if they can correct his fumblitis?

    They surely need to bring in at least 1 more halfback now.

        1. Thanks Moses. Not sure I am buying it, but whatever. I think this move may really pay off in 2018. Now we need to sign another halfback.

      1. I’m good with ‘stashing’ Williams this way. He has talent worth cultivating. Having him on IR pretty much eliminates risk for 2017.

          1. Thats true, I kind of assumed they would wait till they suffer an injury to activate him, or simply give him a chance next offseason. But can a Kyle S. team go into a season with 3 halfbacks?

          2. If he “solves” the fumbling problem, the Niners got a real good one at the right price. But how does a football player solve a fumbling problem outside of game action?

            BTW, I think your father, writing for the Chronicle, was early to note that Wendell Tyler was mislabeled a “fumbler,” when in fact he was simply aggressive in playing “see hole, hit hole” and had inferior players handing off to him. His fumbles were below average in occurrence when receiving handoffs from Montana running Walsh’s offense.

            1. A RB can ‘solve’ the fumbling problem but pumping iron and getting stronger. Coaching helps too. Ball protection and ball security can be emphasized. Rathman was good at that.

      2. Thanks. My gut tells me they think he’s every bit as talented as they thought as a runner, but isn’t there yet mentally. Not confident, unsure of himself, thinking way too much, and of course the fumbling issues that can be corrected. It’s a smart move I think.

        But they need a 4th HB for the PS at least, right?

  7. I wonder if the 49ers do Dime to have Tartt cover McCaffrey… have RayRay on Olson- hope they blow up Newton w endless pressure.

  8. I count 18 Baalke Era personnel on our roster. At last report 60 of the 93 Shanahan players……My, My, My, how the locker room culture has changed……Bring it Carolina, Seattle. Best man wins.

  9. Kerley ,and Dial , no returns . Don’t understand why . So does anyone have the scoop on what we are looking for ,or whom ,off the wavier wire . Any certain guard or corner ? Is QB on that list ,#3 . HB?

    1. Webb hasn’t stuck w NY or Car… prob a reason for that. I imagine they shopped Dial and Kerley……… I am surprised they couldn’t swing a deal for Dial and that they didn’t keep him.

  10. I have a feeling that if fumble prone Joe Williams did’nt get put on IR, he would’ve got cut. Possibly a little overrated. So happy Victor, Breida, Mostert, and Kendra made it. I like CJ Beathard. But I still think they should draft one of those good QB’s next draft.Sam Darnold or Josh, maybe?

      1. That could be. But sometimes coaches make hard decisions. Including parting with players they say are going to be a big part of the future.

          1. Would be very unusual to give up on a 4th round draft pick after 1 training camp though. Also Williams flashed. And his fumble problems can be worked on and corrected, just like Tiki Barber.

          2. Lynch wouldn’t throw KS under the credibility bus by cutting Williams….this season.
            KS may have to take that trip under a bus next season due to Williams– that’s a different bus route— the “Bust” route.
            But, sarcasm aside, Williams will be serving a season long sentence in ball security protocol camp. Next season he may be good…dare I say, even great?….stay tuned to this bat channel!

            1. and…if..IF, I say, Williams comes back strong in ’18…AND… if Brieda & Mostert do well/stay healthy…we could see a running attack that would be the equivalent of the the track meet we might see with Goodwin, Bolden, Taylor, etc. in some aspects of KS’ pass game.

      2. SF Management NB also kept saying Garnett was only slightly injured and back soon. How do you know when a GM is lying? When his lips are moving?

    1. I tend to agree. I can’t remember which non-Grant beat-writer wrote it, but, basically, he was poor at blitz pick-up, was poor in the passing game as well as being a fumble prone and was out-competed.

      1. I watched that game. Not impressed by his performance. All snaps were from shotgun. Got a great arm, and Iowa played great defense, but I expected more.

    2. I hope the Niners do not bundle picks to move up, and just take Jake Browning in the late first/early second round.
      I am not sold on USC QBs. Rosen needs to grow up. Josh Allen needs to have a good season. I even like Lamar Jackson, he seems accurate enough.

  11. My numbers may be slightly off a bit, but I counted 29 new players on this roster from last year.
    When you go 2-14 a purge must take place from top to bottom.
    Even the janitors may be new!

    Like the new look. Younger, pliable and talented.
    Can’t wait to see Matt Breida – a combination of F.Gore and M.Faulk.
    Kittle will be a huge upgrade at the TE position.
    Foster looks like a pure natural and will become a game-changer type player.
    Bolden and Taylor will make their mark as ST players. Taylor will also see some action at the WR position.
    Thomas and Witherspoon will come around and be fixtures for years to come.
    CJB will get his snaps at some point this season and could make some noise.
    “Hoyer to Goodwin!” may be the victory cry for the 2017 season.
    Upgrading my 2017 win total from 4-6, to 5-7.

    1. “…a combination of F.Gore and M.Faulk”
      AES please give this rook a break and knock that stuff off! C’mon dude!
      : >)

      1. Brotha,
        I know, could be the 3 cups of coffee kicking in making my brain and responses overhyped!
        But I can’t help it. Here’s another one… Breida will become the starting RB by the end of the year.

        “FaulkGore!” Excellent Razor!

  12. I agree ,grant . Shanny ,Turner have a habit of developing backs . Note they have a pretty good track record with it too. Any thing concerning to you .

    1. Come on Neighbor…this blog wouldn’t be the same without Seb….we need entertainment. Besides Seb seems to be cooling his Kap obsession and focusing on the team we have. Troll is the only one still obsessed with Seb?

      1. sorry–you’ll see many relapses back into that Kap obsession thru the season. Particularly– after any miscues or struggles by any of the starting 9ers QB’s this season. If things go really pear-shaped later in season, every other post will be consist of ever more insipidly basic football observations contorted into fanciful Kap-as-savior arguments. Get ready….

        1. If the Niners start 0-4, you can guess what I will say, deservedly so.
          JL himself says- ‘Any opportunity to improve this team, we will not hesitate to do so.’
          Hope that includes the QBs.

    1. Many of us were hoping he was. I know I was. I don’t trust him. He’s lacking football character to go with his football talent.

          1. OREGON,
            Did we drink the type of coffee this morning? (lol).
            With A.Lynch the talent is there, but his heart needs to catch up.
            Perhaps it will this season

  13. Moses. quit trying to look QB intelligent, when your football IQ is miniscule compared to mine.

    Quote By Moses:
    “And I understand why. Kaepernick, for all his flaws, made some big plays in a variable ratio reinforced way.”

    Kap is a system QB–read option, ok. I’ll explain it once more for the ones that rode the little yellow bus to school.

    When Harbaugh came to the 49ers he built a solid D. He knew what he had in Kap, but also in Jed and Paraag–a short career.

    So Harbaugh did what any intelligent coach would. Knowing his tenure would be short with this dysfunction, he drafted Kap, sprung him and the read option on the NFL hoping to catch teams by surprise. He almost did, getting to the one yard line with 3 plays to win it…..Great, smart coaching.

    But to continually obsess over Baalke players everytime I bring one up over the years leans toward you as the obsessor, not me….You’re just pissed because this is the 1st time I’ve stood up to you, loser.

    Kap is a systmem, QB, out of Nevada, one read, not there tuck and run–no progressions.
    Get over it and your Baalke infatuation

      1. Right Seb,

        Your’s and Mosses (still wandering in the desert in search of a football fact) football acumen is so limited, you don’t even know to this day, how Harbaugh set up the York’s to get the Michigan job.

        I’ll let you in on a little secret, my friends.

        One day, after a tough loss, Jed, Dr. York and their Silicon Valley entourage toured the 49er locker room sipping from wine glasses…..Harbaugh, fuming over the loss, said: “This locker room is for men,” as he glared at the York’s.

        Harbaugh knew that he would never get personnel power over Baalke, so instead of getting the players he wanted like Alshon Jeffries, he got AJ Jenkins

        Harbaugh set himself up to be fired for the Michigan job with better pay (including incentives)

    1. D—-I think the fact that you did not know that placing players on the practice squad can not begin until after they clear waivers speaks to you ignorance. If I were to guess your age based on that example along with most of your other posts you are probably around 13 or 14. Thats the age when hormones kick and that tends to effect rational brain fuction.

    1. How many times do you guys have to be beat over the head by Shanny telling us Kaep’s “strengths” is not what this team is looking for.

      1. Well considering Kaep’s strengths are setting playoff records and getting to the SB, maybe KS should want to go in that direction.

        1. Sebbie… There you go, asserting again that Shanahan does not want to take a team to the SB. The last couple hours you’ve been giggling over other posters going at each other. And then you come up with this pile of doo doo.

          1. Cassie, I surmised that KS, despite saying he wants to go in a different direction, actually wants to go in the same direction.
            Pile of Doo doo? No wonder you stink.

            1. the direction KS wants to go is forward…a time machine would be needed to allow Kap to storm the NFL again…back to 2012, that should help.

              1. Grant himself has said that he expects Kaep to play again this season.
                Why not with this team? He has friends here who support him, and I am supremely confident that KS is competent enough to properly utilize his skillsets.
                Sure am glad that Lynch wants to improve this team, and has left the door open to return.

            2. Shanny has stated both the pluses and minuses that Kaep brings with him. One being that to take advantage of his strengths you would have to change the offense, which he is not willing to do. He didn’t want to change his system to fit the players he had available, rather he will change the players to fit his system. We can see by the changes he has made that this is his plan. He can afford to do that because he has a 6 year contract. For him it makes perfect sense because his offensive system was very effective on other teams. In his system makes average players effective. It does not require any single player to carry the offense. With Kaep who would replace him if he were injured. Shanny pretty much said that was a major reason for not adapting to Kaeps strengths.

              1. Sebs-

                Tell us about the greatness and the wonders whenever Kap plays the ‘Hawks?

                And don’t blame others for his shortcomings-let him grow up and take responsibility.

              2. Well, sure sounds like you are a Seahawk fan. Cheering that the Niners lost to the Seahawks, makes you sound like a Seahag troll.
                Me, I am not going to blame anybody, but just acknowledge that the Niners were playing their guts out, but came up a little short. The Seahawks were a good team, with good coaching, and they poached Niner players so they could get good intel on the Niners. Those were hard fought contests, and I tip my cap to them, but hope the Niners will trounce them every time they play.

          1. Well, I will tell KS that he will do a better job with more help.
            KS may think he can be the HC and OC, but Bill Belichick has an OC, and he just won a SB.

          2. About quarterbacking, I am sure KS has forgotten more that I could possibly learn, but as a fan who observes the game, I will tell him that it is very rare to have QBs with the exact same skillsets.
            Sure it would be easier if they were clones, but real life does not work that way. Sometimes one has QBs like Hoyer who runs at a snails pace, and sometimes the QB is like CJB who can run for a 62 yard TD.
            In the NFL, there also is adversity, and a QB can go down without a defender touching him. Then the HC needs to be able to be flexible, and make quick adjustments. The successful HC will take a different QB, and not try to shoehorn the new QB into a scheme just like the injured QB is used to. The successful HC will take the new QB, and coach him to his strengths, and disguise his weaknesses.
            I am heartened, because I saw the Niners run the Read Option, so KS knows how to call that play. Sure, he has not generally had any swift, mobile QBs, but if he did, maybe the QB would avoid the pass rush, and not get sacked out of FG range.
            One thing I know, KS is very smart and innovative. Maybe he would like a fast, mobile QB who is also accurate. Heck, he might even win a SB with one.

            1. The warmup for Seb trashing KS this season. Seb, KS’s offense is not RO oriented, get that through your thick skull. He is not as impressed with inaccurate QBs setting rushing records as you are, get that through your thick skull. Kaep will never play for this team again, get that through your thick skull.

              1. By definition, a QB with a 59.2 % completion percentage is accurate, especially when, if you factor in those 18 confirmed drops, that average goes up to 65%.
                However, that fact cannot penetrate your thick skull.
                Your emotions blind you, and you cannot think clearly, especially with an ossified cranium.
                I am just counting on Lynch being very smart, and since KS said he does not object to a player protesting, there is no logical explanation why Kaep is being blackballed by the Niners.
                I will also remind JL about what he said. He said- ‘ Any opportunity to improve our team, we won’t hesitate to do so.’ I just want to hold him to his word. Kaep, being a SB QB who has set playoff records, would improve the team.
                I want to remind Jed of something he said. He said- ‘I will do everything in my power to help this team win.’ Jed needs to be held to his word, too, because so far, he is more wanting to be rewarded for losing, than punished for winning.
                Jed also said- ‘Hold me accountable.’ Jed needs to grow up, and think how he can help his team win. Going spiteful, petty and Emo, is not a good start. If Jed wants to change the culture of this team, it all starts with him.

              2. Trash KS all you want, he’s not bringing Kaep here. I hope some team does sign him, so you can clog up that team’s blog with your passive aggressive whining instead of this one.

  14. I say that we will just miss the playoffs but will win more games (7 – 8 ). No doubt we will be much more competitive. I’m not talking about being a Cinderella team. We are going to be for real and we are going to upset somebody. Hopefully the Seattle Shehawks will be one of them. Anybody agree with me? GOOO NINERS!!!

  15. I don’t have an issue at all with them cutting Kerley. He was signed before the draft. The team didn’t know at that time that they would be able to get T. Taylor. Now they are rolling with the punches and making adjustments as necessary. Besides the cap hit is negligible. Am I missing something?

    1. I don’t think you are missing anything. The draft netted them Taylor, then afterwards Bolden. It appears they struck gold with each. They way I see it, Taylor was going to make the team, making Kerley redundant, so cutting him lets them keep Bolden. You can use your imagination regarding Victor’s upside.

  16. Moses you mean they let them play with razors , if they need them , really looking at these guys, our team is really young , that’s got my attention . Anyone else?

    1. I think after today we’ll easily be in competition to be the youngest roster in the NFL. Look at all these 25-and-unders (19 of whom are rookies):

      36 Dontae Johnson CB 25 6-2 200 4 NC State
      31 Raheem Mostert RB 25 5-10 197 2 Purdue
      35 Eric Reid S 25 6-1 213 5 LSU
      29 Jaquiski Tartt S 25 6-1 221 3 Samford
      72 Laken Tomlinson G 25 6-3 312 3 Duke
      98 Ronald Blair III DL 24 6-4 270 2 Appalachian State
      77 Trent Brown OL 24 6-8 355 3 Florida
      83 BJ Johnson III WR 24 6-1 214 R Georgia Southern
      59 Aaron Lynch LB 24 6-6 270 4 South Florida
      91 Arik Armstead DL 23 6-7 292 3 Oregon
      3 C.J. Beathard QB 23 6-2 215 R Iowa
      99 DeForest Buckner DL 23 6-7 300 2 Oregon
      13 Aaron Burbridge WR 23 6-1 208 2 Michigan State
      38 Adrian Colbert DB 23 6-2 205 R Miami
      56 Reuben Foster LB 23 6-1 228 R Alabama
      65 Joshua Garnett G 23 6-5 321 2 Stanford
      57 Eli Harold LB 23 6-3 265 3 Virginia
      85 George Kittle TE 23 6-4 250 R Iowa
      62 Erik Magnuson OL 23 6-6 305 R Michigan
      48 Donavin Newsom LB 23 6-2 240 R Missouri
      5 Bradley Pinion P 23 6-5 229 3 Clemson
      45 Pita Taumoepenu LB 23 6-1 245 R Utah
      81 Trent Taylor WR 23 5-8 178 R Louisiana Tech
      71 John Theus OL 23 6-6 303 2 Georgia
      32 Joe Williams RB 23 5-11 205 R Utah
      1 Victor Bolden Jr. WR 22 5-8 178 R Oregon State
      6 Kendrick Bourne WR 22 6-1 203 R Eastern Washington
      49 Matt Breida RB 22 5-11 190 R Georgia Southern
      98 Jimmie Gilbert LB 22 6-5 230 R Colorado
      43 Chanceller James S 22 6-2 208 R Boise State
      49 Lorenzo Jerome DB 22 5-10 204 R St Francis (PA)
      96 D.J. Jones DL 22 6-0 321 R Ole Miss
      33 Rashard Robinson CB 22 6-1 177 2 LSU
      94 Solomon Thomas DL 22 6-3 256 R Stanford
      41 Ahkello Witherspoon CB 22 6-3 195 R Colorado

      Compared to the 30-and-over crowd:

      9 Robbie Gould PK 34 6-0 190 13 Penn State
      58 Elvis Dumervil LB 33 5-11 250 12 Louisville
      74 Joe Staley OT 33 6-5 315 11 Central Michigan
      15 Pierre Garcon WR 31 6-0 211 10 Mount Union
      2 Brian Hoyer QB 31 6-2 215 9 Michigan State
      68 Zane Beadles G 30 6-4 305 8 Utah
      86 Kyle Nelson TE 30 6-2 240 6 New Mexico State

    1. Actually, I posted a week or two ago that they should try to trade Kerley. I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried. But like the old saying “it takes two to tango.”

      1. He was cut, so I guess that means he keeps the 16 million from the Browns and then gets whatever he can from the Broncos. Is that right?

        1. Over on niners nation they’re saying he was signed as Siemian’s backup:

          “The Brown released Osweiler after deciding to start rookie DeShone Kizer. The Browns acquired Osweiler from the Houston Texans in a salary dump by the latter. The Browns got a second round pick, and in return, picked up Osweiler’s $16 million salary guarantee. Osweiler will likely sign for at or near the league minimum, which will offset a small portion of that guarantee.”

            1. he got the key’s to Manning’s bus– paid strict attention to the driving instructions, and a couple years later, voila! millions…

  17. You know things are bad when Seb’s neighbor has to wade into the action…….Probably one too many of Seb’s chainsaw mishaps pushed him over the edge:

    Seb’s neighbor says:
    September 2, 2017 at 1:47 pm
    With all of these cuts, I wish they could cut Seb from this message board.

  18. Grant any word on what the shanny/ lynch duo is up to? I got this feeling they shopping , but for what ? Any insight , besides the normal , guard/ CB . Better Te , 3QB .

  19. Matt Barrows‏Verified account @mattbarrows 24m24 minutes ago

    With Jimmie Ward iffy for Week 1, Lorenzo Jerome has good shot at being first SFU product to play in NFL since 1952.


    A direct quote from a 49er beat reporter who noticed what TomD has—-Baalke players in danger:

    Ryan Sakamoto‏Verified account @BEASTwriter_ 22h22 hours ago

    “#49ers cut ties with more Baalke draft picks, this time it’s two CBs Prince Charles Iworah and slot CB “

  21. 2 players who are available that I liked in the draft are Cody Heiman and Connor Harris. Both small school players with a ton of production, and good leadership skills.

  22. Well let’s go do some checking on who the best ,DT that got released or waived , see if we can come up with a couple of options .

  23. A few surprises in the roster cut down for me. Placing Garnett and Williams on season ending IR included – thought they may want the option of activating them since neither injury really seems season ending.

    1. Williams just isn’t ready, imo. IIRC, didn’t he say something about not being ready for minicamps and TC and how difficult it was? Couple that with his play and he needs a year. But for a RB, that’s not a good sign; they’re a dime a dozen and KS has shown that he is very good at finding RBs in late rounds. If not Joe, then someone else.

      1. Kaaya will only be signed to tbe 49ers PS if the Lions don’t want him there. Picking someone up on waivers means you need to add them to the 53, and the 49ers won’t add Kaaya to the 53. He’ll go to the Lions PS.

        If the Raiders are jettisoning a 3rd round pick from last year already you have to really question whether he is any good. I say pass. 49ers already have their disappointing 3rd round edge player, and he is now starting. :-P

        1. Just so I’m clear. If you pick up a cut, practice-squad eligible player from another team they have to go on the 53. But if that player was cut from your team you can put them on the practice squad. Is that correct?

          1. If you cut a player and he clears waivers you can sign him to your PS. If you claim a player on waivers they have to be added to the 53. If the 49ers want Kaaya they will have to claim him off waivers (add him to the 53), otherwise he will most likely be signed to the Lions PS.

  24. My personnel haze is lifting. The 49ers played checkers with personnel for so long I’m not accustomed to playing chess with the roster. I wonder if Kyle’s old man was allowed formal input on staffing issues?

    1. I am sure it’s not “formal”. He doesn’t want to undermine his son that way however, I definitely think his opinion is playing a role.

  25. Two things.

    1. Bourne doesn’t make the team without the Kerley cut.
    2. Pita doesn’t make the team without the Brooks cut.

    Two wise decisions.

  26. Most everyone thought our D-Line was the deepest part of the team and now need to find another via waivers??? Hope the two Stanford high draft picks aren’t busts… That would make Blake and Lynch tied at 1 apiece.

  27. Atlanta released taniela tupou , Carolina released Eric crume , both in there 2-3 yr plus , experienced . Both big enough to stop running game . Any thoughts Grant. Not seeing anything jumping out at me , besides. Rumors on trades ?. But less likely now ,I would think ? You find anyone that’s up to the task?

    1. I totally ‘whiffed’….I just realized that DeAndre Smelter got cut/waived… whatever happened to our great thought of ‘big’ WR ? He was fast, he was 6’2″, and finally, he was healthy…what ?… sacrificed at the alter of 49er ‘Smurfs’ ?

      1. I had high hopes for him this season. Just did nothing to separate himself in camp and preseason. Hope he catches on with a team.

      2. Bourne is 6’1″. He made some plays in the preseason. Shanny is picky with his WRs. He must be happy with Bourne’s route tree.

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