49ers 2017 schedule


The 49ers just released their schedule for 2017. How many games do you think they’ll win?

Week 1: 1:25 p.m. Sunday, September 10. vs. the Carolina Panthers.

Week 2: 1:25 p.m. Sunday, September 17. @ the Seattle Seahawks.

Week 3: 5:25 p.m. Thursday, September 21. vs. the Los Angeles Rams.

Week 4: 1:05 p.m. Sunday, October 1. @ the Arizona Cardinals.

Week 5: 10:00 a.m. Sunday, October 8. @ the Indianapolis Colts.

Week 6: 10:00 a.m. Sunday, October 15. @ the Washington Redskins.

Week 7: 1:05 p.m. Sunday, October 22. vs. the Dallas Cowboys.

Week 8: 10:00 a.m. Sunday, October 29. @ the Philadelphia Eagles.

Week 9: 1:05 p.m. Sunday, November 5. vs. the Arizona Cardinals.

Week 10: 1:25 p.m. Sunday, November 12. vs. the New York Giants.

Week 11: Bye.

Week 12: 1:25 p.m. Sunday, November 26. vs the Seattle Seahawks.

Week 13: 10:00 a.m. Sunday, December 3. @ the Chicago Bears.

Week 14: 10:00 a.m. Sunday, December 10. @ the Houston Texans.

Week 15: 1:25 p.m. Sunday, December 17. vs. the Tennessee Titans.

Week 16: 1:05 p.m. Sunday, December 24: vs. the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Week 17: 1:25 p.m. Sunday, December 31: @ the Los Angeles Rams.

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  1. I’ll repost this here.

    Three straight road games in October.


    Three straight home games in November.

    New York Giants

    Can’t wait for the Skins game.

  2. 5 of the first 8 games are on the road. Short week against a Divisional opponent is BS.

    Bye possible L


      1. A W against Carolina? That’s pretty optimistic. I think their going to be stout next year. I’m thinking 7-9 at best and if Hoyer really is the starter then it’s 6-10 or 5-11. Shanny and Lynch are going to need a few years to turn this thing around.

        1. I did pick 7-9 :)

          Carolina was such a mess last year and I’m not really sure they did much to fix it, I also think that Newton will be nothing but average going forward, just slightly more dependable then Slaperdick was.

        2. We also seem to have a knack for playing balls out in our first game of the season.

  3. 1 home game in the month of October, never leave the Bay Area in the month of November.

      1. Its been that way every season at Levis. Niners either on the road week 1 or a MNF game, then on the road weeks 2, 3 (or have an evening home game one of those) then by week 4 its the first week in October.

        The weather in 2014 was just very strange, stayed very hot much later than normal.

  4. http://walterfootball.com/nfldraftrumormill

    “One general manager of a NFC team said the 49ers are “desperate to trade down.” 

    “The NFC general manager implied that there is some indecision within the 49ers on whom they would take if they are unable to move down.”

    “In surveying other teams, four different teams think San Francisco will take a quarterback at No. 2 if they are unable to move down.”

    “However, there are persistent media rumors that the 49ers will wait a year to make a run at Kirk Cousins. Thus, across the league, teams really don’t know what San Francisco intends to do with the second-overall pick. They are desperate to trade down, while others think they will take Trubisky if they are stuck at No. 2.”

    1. “The NFC general manager implied that there is some indecision within the 49ers on whom they would take if they are unable to move down.”

      There’s no NFC GM that has that as direct information which means if it’s an actual quote from a GM, which I have my doubts, it’s pure speculation on their part.

    2. How many teams share their “honest” opinion about how they evaluate other teams draft plans?

    3. Niners are smart to want to trade down, and Lynch declared he is entertaining all offers, but that does not mean that the Niners are desperate, and can be taken advantage of.

      Lynch should just say that they have contingencies, and have plans if they do not trade down, but the Niners only want fair deals that helps both teams.

    4. I really don’t see Cousins ever happening. Hes 28 (turns 29 in August) and will be 30 before the start of next year, thats such a small window for the guy, when they could get a guy like Kizer (21, wont be 22 until January) or Trubisky (22 will be 23 in August) who are 8 years his junior.

      They can let both sit this year, coach, develop and then start next year and have almost a decade more before getting to the age Cousins would be.

  5. Carolina home -L
    @ Arizona-W
    Dallas -L

    8-8 miss playoffs…

    1. 49ers won’t lose against the Sorry Eagles I Don’t care Who is under center they always say They Are Going To The Super Bowl but Even The Worse 49ers team could Beat Them

    1. Matt Barkley (ex Bear) will come into the game early for an injured Hoyer and toss 4 TDs and run for a fifth–leading the 9ers to a win. Matt will go on to take the league by storm…

  6. Where does Reuben Foster go in the draft after he outed his failed drug test along with his long and convoluted explanation about what ever?

      1. Anything like Aldon Smith in his future? Where do you take someone with their judgment and self control?

      2. Foster will be gone before the 40th pick latest, IMO. His transgressions are less of a worry than his injuries.

        1. Just ask yourself this. If Peyton Manning had done the things Foster has, how far would he have slid? Foster is an elite prospect at what is widely considered the QB of the defense and thus is valued as one of the most important positions to fill with a top player.

          I doubt a team would have let Peyton slide out of the first even with those transgressions therefore I see little chance that Foster makes it out of the second.

          1. Oops, looks like I was borrowing words from Mood. I swear I didn’t read yours until after :)

              1. Great question. It’s a matter of does the team that drafts these nut jobs have the leadership to guide them.
                I’d say the Niners don’t.

              2. I don’t think they are even if the same ballpark as prospects. Willis a physical freak (bigger and faster) with proven production on a less talented roster.

        1. I’ve got to think if he’s sitting there at # 34, they’ll take him. If they can trade back from #2 and get an extra 2nd rounder, definitely.

  7. Schedule was ranked #20 in difficulty. Guess the league likes Kyle better then Chip.

    1. The whole “strength of schedule” thing is kinda silly considering it’s based on last year.

      1. Ummm, yeah. That’s why even the premise question this time is nebulous.
        What will the roster be? What will the other teams’ rosters be?
        What will opponents’ team cohesion be? Niners’?
        New dance every year, new cast, new choreographer, new competition.

        (Listening to some vintage 70s jazz from The Crusaders. Ah, yes….)

      2. I wonder if anyone has correlated predicted strength of schedule with actual strength at the end of the season. I’ll bet the correlations would be pretty weak in the cap and FA era.

        1. Before last season we had been assessed with the fourth toughest schedule, iirc. It panned out that way. On average teams seem to only get two worse or two better each year on the w-l ratio. There are always exceptions and regime change can make a difference unless you are a Browns fan.

          So looking at last years results to work out the toughness is no bad way considering we only play 11 of the other 31 teams each year.

      3. Jack is your internet pay schedule based upon # of words typed because your posts have dwindled down to nothing more then one liners.

    1. Still quite an improvement over 2-14. in all reality, it would be better to draft early again. That’s why I’d like to see the 49er’s trade back and get extra picks for next year’s draft. We might need the ammunition to move up to grab a top QB.

  8. My final mock.
    #2 QB Mitch Trubisky
    #34 WR John Ross
    #66 OLB Carl Lawson
    #109 C/OL Ethan Pocic
    #143 DT Jarron Jones
    #146 ILB Kendell Beckwith
    #161 RB Wayne Gallman
    #186 WR Ryan Switzer
    #202 G Avery Gennesy
    #219 CB Marquez White

    1. I just don’t see any point in drafting a center. We have Zuttah, a Pro Bowler last year and we have Kilgore. Beadles played there adequately last year, so he’s good in a pinch. I’d rather use that 4th pick to get a CB or a higher rated RB. The rest looks good, although who knows if Lawson or anybody will really be there?

      1. I think Pocic is like Adam Snyder. A good swing guy who can play up and down the line.

        1. Maybe so, but we already have Beadles and Zuttah who can do that. I just feel like they can pick a CB or RB earlier and those 2 positions are needed more than a rookie swing guy. I guess we’ll see in a week!

          1. I just don’t see a need at RB or CB with what’s already on the roster at those positions.
            Unless another RB or CB would be a special teams ace/kick returner.

            1. Why, that is the most moronic mock I have ever seen…..

              No, no, I really mean it ;p

    2. Trubisky is a waste when Cousins is sitting in the wings.
      Ross is rated 16.
      Lawson is rated 41
      Pocic is superfluous when they just got Zuttah.
      Jarron has had significant injuries.
      Beckwith has 4.8 speed.
      Gallman had good blockers in front of him but does not seem too explosive. Blocking may be a liability.
      Switzer is small. Niners have enough of them.
      Gennesy plays tall and bull rushers could bully him.
      White tends to be lazy, takes bad angles and gives up easy passes.

        1. Try again, you need to think things through. Do not be delusional and think players will drop 20 places in the ranking.

          Ross will not make it out of the first round. He ran the fastest time in the combine.

          Lawson will never drop to the third round. I have seen him mocked late in the first round.

          Beckwith will not be able to cover any TE with 4.8 speed.

          Jones is a typical Baalke pick. High risk with all his injuries.

      1. Couple of things.

        First, Cousins may sign. Or he may not. He may turn back into a pumpkin now that he’s lost his two-best WRs and coach McVay. Some other team could offer him more money. It’s not a certain thing.

        And, like it or not, other people do think Trubisky is as talented as both Goff & Wentz despite his few starts. And he’s comped to Aaron Rodgers as a passer as he can throw the velocity both from the pocket when scrambling. He also, like Rodgers, keeps his eyes down field while scrambling. In fact, when I watch his film on YouTube, even the way he moves in and about the pocket reminds me of Aaron Rodgers.

        Trubisky’s generally considered the most accurate He’s prototypical enough in size. He showed tremendous growth during the season. And his sitting was not a product of him being bad. The QB in front of him was a great college QB who set numerous records:

        • 2015 All-ACC Second Team (ACSMA and coaches)
        • 2014 All-ACC Second Team (ACSMA)
        • Played in 48 games at UNC and made 33 career starts
        • Established more than 20 UNC records, including career rushing touchdowns by a quarterback (35), career rushing yards by a quarterback (2,458) and career total offense (10,423).
        Was responsible for more touchdowns (99) than any other player in school history and only two players in ACC history had more.
        • Ranks third in school history with 61 touchdown passes and is third in school history with 35 rushing touchdowns
        • Compiled the top three and four of the top five single-game total offense performances in Carolina history – set the UNC mark with 524 total yards of offense against Duke in 2015 and accomplished that in less than three quarters. The 524 yards are the sixth-most in ACC single-game history
        • Eclipsed his own previous UNC record of 469, which he set against Old Dominion in 2013
        • Five-Time ACC Offensive Back of the Week (Duke, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, Pittsburgh – 2014; Duke – 2015).

        So he sat because Williams was a great college QB. But Williams wasn’t suited for the NFL game and signed with the Packers as a UFDA. He was cut at the end of camp. But that doesn’t mean he wasn’t a great college QB. It just means what he did well in college doesn’t work in the NFL even if it’s highly effective in college.

        So Trubisky is not the ‘crappy one-year wonder’ who ‘couldn’t beat out some scrub’ people keep projecting. If he’d had two years like last year he’d be a legit Top-5 pick. So the only question is — were those 13 starts enough to hang your hat on… Some say yes, some say no.

        So, at this point, it’s all opinion and risk-management at this moment. And considering the train-wreck of your QBing opinions… You have zero room to complain.

        Second, where draftniks rank players and the NFL ranks players are often vastly different. Here are just a small handful of wrongly-ranked players. Some of massively wrong.

        Kwame Harris – Top 10, Reality – Bottom-Third Round 1
        Janoris Jenkins – 15-20, Reality – Mid-High Round 2
        Ernst Shazor – 33-40, Reality — UDFA
        Bruce Campbell – Low Round 1, Reality – Round 4
        Ray Maualuga – Mid Round 1, Reality – Mid Round 2
        JImmy Clausen – Mid Round 1, Realty – Mid Round 2
        Brandon Lloyd – Low Round 1, Reality – Low Round 4
        Aaron Rodgers – Top-5, Reality –Low Round 1
        LeSean McCoy – Mid-Round 1, Reality – Low Round 2

        So, really, don’t get on your high horse about ‘where rated.’ It’s bs. It’s what a bunch of people who can’t hold down NFL jobs (or even get one) think someone should go.

        And if he’s too generous with his spots, well… I’ve been around a LOT of that. Which, I’m sure, includes you.

        1. All the stats in the world don’t eclipse the simple fact that reps = experience and when it comes to reps Trubisquit falls short compared to his class peers. You’re also only describing the player from one aspect. How about the fact that his leadership is questioned as well as his maturity. There have been countess QB’s with far more impressive resumes then cracker boy that have fallen on their faces because they wilted in front of the challenge of being a leader of men.

          1. Cracker boy? That’s funny.
            There’s isn’t a more accurate QB in the draft and as for his experience, it doesn’t matter. He will sit and be groomed. No need for him to play immediately.

          2. Brad Kaaya is being compared by some to Kirk Cousins. Don’t be surprised if the 49ers draft him in the 3rd or 4th round.

    3. Is pot legal in Canada? Based on your mock, I think you’ve been smokin’ something.

      4/20 was rocking today

      1. The cloud from Hippie Hill is just now reaching Modesto.
        The pizza parlors are rocking!

      1. 49reasons

        Good reply….Cousins ain’t coming to LEVI’s without a visitors pass…just a pipedream….

        1. OREGONINER, do you mean Cousins will never sign with the 49ers at any point, or just this season?

          1. I don’t think we should wait til next year for Cousins. He’s good but not franchise good.
            Hoyer and Barkley can be good enough til we draft and develop someone over the next 2 years.
            I can’t see the team banking on Cousins for next year. Besides he will be 30 by the time he would start in SF.
            I’d rather wait for Jimmy G.

          2. 49er

            IN my opinion, Cousins won’t EVER sign with SF…The Redskins have a year to patch up differences and extend him, and he wants top money which without any Lombardis to his credit, and being 32 years old, SF won’t pay….and Snyder won’t let him just walk away…he’d franchise him again which by that time, we’ll have out own franchise QB…

            1. He’ll be 30, not 32 and the Skins won’t franchise him at 34 mill. They could transition him and match an offer, but it’s unlikely or they would have extended him already.

    4. Anti Prime mock. No trades, picking within 5 of the draft board rankings.

      2- King Solomon Thomas EDGE
      34- Montravious Adams DT
      66- Chris Godwin WR
      109- Justin Evans SS
      143- Matt Milano OLB
      146- D’Onta Foreman RB
      161- Joshua Dobbs QB
      198- Stevie Tu’ilkolovatu NT
      202- Jayon Brown ILB
      219- Josh Carraway EDGE

      1. You just took a DT in Round 2 on a team that’s got too many DTs: Mitchell, Dial, Purcell, Blair, Jones. Plus one of these two: Buckner & Armstead

        And after ripping Prime for his ‘unrealistic’ Rounds you:

        You took a ‘projected*’ Round 4 WR in Round 3.
        You took a ‘projected*’ Round 3 SS in Round 4.
        You took a ‘projected*’ Round 6 OLB in Round 4.
        You took a ‘projected*’ Round 6 QB in Round 5.
        You took a ‘projected*’ Round 7 NT in Round 6.
        You took a ‘projected*’ Round 4 OLB in Round 6
        You took a ‘projected*’ Round 6 EDGE in Round 7

        In short, you got all but two ‘wrong’ – Thomas and Foreman. Was your goal to be even worse?

        * by draftniks, the petard you wield at others..

        1. Please refer to the Draftek draft board.

          Godwin is ranked 70. I took him at 66.
          Justin Evans is ranked 114. I took him at 109.
          Milano is ranked 143. I took him at 143
          Dobbs is ranked 155. I took him at 161
          ST is ranked 196. I took him at 198.
          Brown is ranked 198. I took him at 202.
          Carraway is ranked 217. I took him at 219.

          Maybe with a different draft board It may have been off, but I tried and succeeded to pick within 5 of the rankings.

          Maybe you did not realize this, but the Niners gave up a historic amounts of yards on the ground. They need help stopping the run. Mitchell was a nice pick up, but he is not elite by any means.Those other players were on that sucky defense last year, so maybe the Niners could use an upgrade.

          If you think that Purcell is superior to Adams, I feel sorry for you. Tim Ryan himself called Purcell ‘hot garbage’ over a live mike.

          Try again. Hoist away.

        2. Montravius Adams weighs 308, and ran a 4.87 forty. he excels at shooting the gap.

          In the Senior bowl practices, he was unstoppable. The scouts describe him as fast, explosive twitchy, versatile, instinctive with quick feet, can shed blocks and bull over O linemen.

          Lynch would like that he did well against good competition, can contribute right away and is good off the field.

        3. Moses
          You’re usually pretty accurate but you made a glaring error here:
          You bothered to read mock#797 from him.

        4. New mock, using the CBS draft board and trying to pick within 5 of the ranking.

          2- King Solomon Thomas DE
          34- Jarrad Davis ILB
          66- Dalvin Tomlinson DT
          109- Justin Evans S
          143- D’onta Foreman RB
          146- Howard Wilson CB
          161- Josh Reynolds WR
          198- Joshua Dobbs QB
          202- Josh Carraway DE
          219- Stevie Tu’ikolovatu NT

    5. I don’t see any way in the world John Ross drops to #34. If he does, I’d be ecstatic but it aint gonna happen.

      1. He isn’t making it past #18 unless the Titans have already traded out of the spot.

        1. His medical reports are a distraction I think someone takes him at least Mid-round.

    6. I certainly think Mitch could join SF as their first pick. I just don’t think that pick will be #2. I would suppose they trade back to 12-16 and that is where Trubisky is drafted if Shanahan really wants him.

  9. W


    The offense should be better. Hyde fits the outside zone. Kyle has his system QB and WR. We have Juszcick.

    The D should be better against the run and they have more depth this year.

    We are making the playoffs.

    1. Oh man, that’s optimistic. Last year and the year before we heard the same type of optimism.
      I think it really depends on how good the division is. Have Seattle and AZ regressed? Are the Rams finally turning the corner under their new coach?
      At the end of the day I have no idea.

      1. I know it may seem far-fetched, but we have had two of the all time worst coaches in consecutive years. The O and D schemes are better.

        We won’t have Kap/Gab starting. We actually have a FB, that FB will help the passing game and provide lead blocks for Hyde.

        We have a really good WR in Garcon and we stll have Kerley in the slot. We have a couple of speedy WRs that can stretch the field. We still have Vance who could be dangerous if he limits his drops.

        On D, the new scheme will make us stronger against the run and will force more 3rd and long situations. Last year’s D was decimated by injuries. I doubt we have that many injuries again. And if so, we have better depth.

        All this and we haven’t even had the draft yet. This team was better than their record last year. But again, Shanahan and Hoyer are a thousand times better than Kelly and Kap.

        1. All true 80. Only thing is the NFL is so unpredictable. Dallas came out of no where last year with a rookie QB and RB. So you really are not that far fetched.
          It’s a matter of how good these teams like WSH, Philly, HOU, CHI, TEN and JKV are. They all could be way better or not. I mean JKV could suddenly win 9-10 games and Seattle could easily go 5-11. Anything can happen.
          That’s what makes the NFL so unpredictable.

    2. Wildly optimistic #80. Don’t think the team is likely to have a winning record. It is a tough schedule against tough opponents. The NFC west is no cake walk and in order for 12-4 to happen a whole lot of good things have to go right which I just don’t see yet.

    3. I think we’ll only make the playoffs if there aren’t many great/good teams and the NFC is mediocre. We’ll have mostly new players learning new systems. We’ll have coaches that mostly haven’t worked together. When Harbaugh came in, a lot of the players were already here and he brought coaches in from Stanford or where he had worked with them before. We might be a better team but I don’t think that it will translate to that many wins, at least in the first year.

    4. I love your enthusiasm #80.

      I certainly think ShanaLynch will lay the foundation this year, sorting through this roster while putting winning systems in place. I like what they’ve done in free agency, and I a m confident they will execute a successful draft.

      You never know exactly how the season will shake out, and who knows, maybe they will catch some lucky breaks along the way for once, and win some close games. But it’s hard to imagine this team winning more than 6 or 7 games considering the youth, roster turnover, and the process of implementing entirely new schemes on both sides of the ball.

      I can see a scenario where the 49ERS finish the season strong, which for me is the best case scenario. I can see the very real possibility of the 49ERS finishing 4-2 after their bye week, thanks to a favorable final 6 weeks on the schedule. And if the new regime can at least get this team to finish the season on a high note, they can take that momentum and confidence into ShanaLynch’s 2nd offseason, and continue building a roster built for long term success, and perhaps they can compete for the division as early as 2018.

      49ERS W-L records:

      2017: 6-10
      2018: 9-7, or perhaps 10-6, with a chance to squeak into the postseason

      2019: 12-4, NFC WEST CHAMPIONS. The 49ERS continue to roll in the postseason, beating the Dallas Cowboys 30-27 in the NFC Championship game. The 2019/20 season ends in Miami, with Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch hoisting the 49ers 6th Lombardi Trophy after a stunning 44-16 blowout victory over the LAS VEGAS RAIDERS in Super Bowl LIV (54).

  10. I think people might be underestimating just how bad this team is. SF would need an A++ draft with several rookies making immediate impact just to win more then 3-4 games. For those that have forgotten. The Niners beat one team last year and haven’t done much in free agency so far. If this team wins 8 games Shanahan is HC of the year.

    1. I disagree. Lynch has signed at least 15 FAs, and while they were not elite, they were upgrades.That is huge compared to Baalke’s single signing last season.

      I agree that they need to hit a grand slam in the draft, but having the second ranking means that they have good opportunities every round.

      KS may have to reach the playoffs to be considered for the HC of the year.

    2. @Nflguy49, agree totally on underestimating how bad the 49ers were last year. Last year the 49ers had a bottom 5 defense and a weak roster across the board. O-line and WR group were below average. The d-line and LB groups were absolutely awful. I do think the 49ers have done a lot in free agency this year. However, the 49ers QB right now is either Hoyer or Barkely. With QB’s that bad, the only way to win is to have a top 5 defense. Last year the 49ers had a bottom 5 defense so that just isn’t going to happen. Give the new regime time to build it’s brand.

  11. According to Sports Science, Deshaun Watson has the fastest release (.35) in the class. Equivalent to Aaron Rodgers.

    1. Wonder if there has been a QB who had the fastest release but also the lowest velocity in his draft class.

      1. Sometimes, it is not speed what you want. Sure, getting rid of the ball quick will help prevent sacks, but in order to have touch, that means taking a little off the throw.

        Also, button hook passes need to be zipped in while deep side line passes may require a big arc. Different speeds for different trajectories.

        One thing Watson displayed, was his accuracy in the throwing drills during the combine. Trubisky did fine, too. Cooper Rush not so much, so he fell in my estimation. Mahomes had mixed reviews.

      2. Would be interesting to know Ken Stabler’s mid-career velocity, same for Namath and Montana…

    2. I see the tweet everywhere. But I don’t see the data or the methodology or comparatives. It’s just an unexplained number in a vacuum.

  12. Week 1: 1:25 p.m. Sunday, September 10. vs. the Carolina Panthers. Win…. the 49ers will not lose the home opener with a new coach.

    Week 2: 1:25 p.m. Sunday, September 17. @ the Seattle Seahawks. Loss… until they can beat the craphawks in Seattle I have no hope for a win.

    Week 3: 5:25 p.m. Thursday, September 21. vs. the Los Angeles Rams. Win… let’s face it we own them like Seattle owns us.

    Week 4: 1:05 p.m. Sunday, October 1. @ the Arizona Cardinals. Win… close game but Arizona might be the bottom team in the NFC west this year.

    Week 5: 10:00 a.m. Sunday, October 8. @ the Indianapolis Colts. Loss. Unless luck is injured.

    Week 6: 10:00 a.m. Sunday, October 15. @ the Washington Redskins. Win. They are the dumpster fire of the NFL now. Handed over from us. :-)

    Week 7: 1:05 p.m. Sunday, October 22. vs. the Dallas Cowboys. Loss. I think it will be close, but to many holes to fill on defense to keep up with that running game and ball control passing attack.

    Week 8: 10:00 a.m. Sunday, October 29. @ the Philadelphia Eagles. Loss never travel well on the east.

    Week 9: 1:05 p.m. Sunday, November 5. vs. the Arizona Cardinals. Win… read above.

    Week 10: 1:25 p.m. Sunday, November 12. vs. the New York Giants. Another close loss, Eli just knows how to beat us.

    Week 11: Bye. I’ll be bored out of my skull.

    Week 12: 1:25 p.m. Sunday, November 26. vs the Seattle Seahawks. Win… I think the streak gets snapped in a close and controversial game. We are due for “that call”

    Week 13: 10:00 a.m. Sunday, December 3. @ the Chicago Bears. Win.chicago meet Washington they are your big brother of the dumpster fire family.

    Week 14: 10:00 a.m. Sunday, December 10. @ the Houston Texans. Loss… that defense will make us rethink our offense if it’s potent for a bit.

    Week 15: 1:25 p.m. Sunday, December 17. vs. the Tennessee Titans. Win. Close knock out drag out game.

    Week 16: 1:05 p.m. Sunday, December 24: vs. the Jacksonville Jaguars. Win… another close one. They are improving and I think will be a better team than SF, it’s just that pesky travel to Cali that will do them in. And sf will be waiting from home.

    Week 17: 1:25 p.m. Sunday, December 31: @ the Los Angeles Rams. Loss.. the battle for second place will be close and this might put the Rams in that slot.

    9-7 a big boost for Kyle and the new look Niners for 2018 and their new free agent qb Kirk Cousins.

  13. Week 1: 1:25 p.m. Sunday, September 10. vs. the Carolina Panthers – Loss at home. Too many wrinkles for first time out versus an experienced unit.

    Week 2: 1:25 p.m. Sunday, September 17. @ the Seattle Seahawks. Loss on the road against a formidable enemy. Welcome to the NFL Mssrs. Lynch and Shanahan.

    Week 3: 5:25 p.m. Thursday, September 21. vs. the Los Angeles Rams. Toss up. Could go either way.

    Week 4: 1:05 p.m. Sunday, October 1. @ the Arizona Cardinals. Loss the Cardinals should still win this contest.

    Week 5: 10:00 a.m. Sunday, October 8. @ the Indianapolis Colts. A loss to the Colts at their place.

    Week 6: 10:00 a.m. Sunday, October 15. @ the Washington Redskins. The Redskins will embarrass the former assistant. Loss on the road.

    Week 7: 1:05 p.m. Sunday, October 22. vs. the Dallas Cowboys. Loss to the Cowboys.

    Week 8: 10:00 a.m. Sunday, October 29. @ the Philadelphia Eagles. Loss to the Eagles.

    Week 9: 1:05 p.m. Sunday, November 5. vs. the Arizona Cardinals. A possible win but a likely Loss.

    Week 10: 1:25 p.m. Sunday, November 12. vs. the New York Giants. A possible win.

    Week 11: Bye. The team will win this week. Channeling my inner Grant Cohn.

    Week 12: 1:25 p.m. Sunday, November 26. vs the Seattle Seahawks. Another loss.

    Week 13: 10:00 a.m. Sunday, December 3. @ the Chicago Bears. Should win but may actually lose this one.

    Week 14: 10:00 a.m. Sunday, December 10. @ the Houston Texans. Toss up.

    Week 15: 1:25 p.m. Sunday, December 17. vs. the Tennessee Titans. Possible win.

    Week 16: 1:05 p.m. Sunday, December 24: vs. the Jacksonville Jaguars. Likely loss but may sneak a win.

    Week 17: 1:25 p.m. Sunday, December 31: @ the Los Angeles Rams. May turn the tables on this one and win against the Rams at home.

    At best 9-7. More likely 7-9 or 8-8

      1. I know… I am optimistic that they will win more than lose. However if you look objectively they hae a steep mountain to climb…

    1. Yeah you can’t compare yourself to anyone like he did when you have not played a down in the NFL

    2. He would be a upgrade from al the QB’s we had after García , i like this attitude this says to me that he wants to be the best and that he will work for it.
      With Shanny Jr he can be a pretty good QB better than Captain Kirk, so if our staff is vers high on him than i hope we trade up back into the 1st round possibly around pick 15.
      I hope we walk away with a combo of Lattimore-Kizer,Fournette Kizer or Williams-Kizer those would be huge upgrades in my simple opinion, but ok opinions can be very different i just follow my gut feeling.

  14. Carolina L
    @Seattle L
    Rams W
    @Cards L
    @ Colts L
    @Wash W
    Cowboys L
    @Eagles L
    Cards W
    Giants L
    Seattle L
    @Bears W
    @ Texans L
    Titans L
    Jags W
    @Rams W


  15. vs Carolina W
    @Seattle L
    vs Los Angeles W
    @ Arizona L
    @Indy L
    @ Washinton W
    vs Dallas L
    @ Philly L
    vs Arizona W
    vs NY Giants W
    vs Seattle L
    @ Chicago W
    @ Houston L
    vs Tennessee W
    vs Jacksonville W
    @ Rams W


    Niners will win three straight in December to make playoffs as the 6th seed, win the Wild Card matchup at Carolina and then lose @ Dallas, the #1 seed, in the Divisional Round. Dallas will go on to win the NFC Championship vs Seattle and play the Raiders, who will defeat New England in the AFC title game. Dallas will win the Super Bowl. ;)

    PS. I hate Dallas

    1. Carolina will be a stern test.

      Winning in Washington as the 3rd straight road game will be tough.

      Giants were a playoff team last year.

      Titans could be close, but I like your optimism.

    2. 4/20 has you tripping.

      I see maybe 8 wins mor like 6. Seattle is in full regress mode. Arizona is aging. The Rams are the Rams.

      1. Both the Seahawks and Cards have stout defenses. Without Fisher, the Rams cannot help but improve, especially with a young and innovative HC. Wade Phillips helped win a SB 2 years ago.

        If the Seahawks fix their O line and the Cards replace Palmer, they will still be formidable opponents.

        Niners ranked near the bottom in most offensive and defensive categories, and even if Lynch has signed a boatload of FAs, the Niners must hit a grand slam in the draft for them to even consider tripling their win total from last year.

    1. In fairness to Kizer, here is his response:


      It looks like the quotes from Kizer in the original article were in fact wordsmithed to add additional connotation. Typical of today’s journalism.

      Florio sees nothing wrong with paraphrasing his quote. Odd response from someone with a law degree, a profession that requires exactness of wording precisely for the reason to avoid misunderstandings.

  16. What we have is a couple of rummys arguing outside Crabtree Brothers Liquors in Richmond.
    ‘You’re a doo-doo head!’
    “No! YOU’RE a doo-doo head!”
    ‘Am not! You are!’
    “Nuh-Huhj, YOU are!”
    ‘You’re yellow and I’m blue. Everything you say bounces off me and sticks to you!’

  17. Schedule first impressions…

    – We are not opening with a 7:25pm Monday night game, then fly across country for a 10am for a3rd season in a row. Both times the wheels fell off the season early. I think it had alot to do with early season injury rates.

    – No Monday night game. Hoooraah!

    – On Thursday game, at home.

    – Opponent SOS not terrible, but alot of physical games none the less. Defensive depth will help.

    – SOS will matter more in the fall that it does right now.

    – Start the season vs a team familiar with Shanahan’s offense. The second week vs a team extremely familiar with the new defense.

    – Week six expect the 49ers to deploy alot of 2-man pass rushes with lots of extra defensive backs.

    Record? I have no bloody idea. 5-11 sounds about right. As long as the play improves. Expect the 49ers to drop alot of games early because it takes time to learn the new offense.

    I maintain the right to change my mind about the W-L up until week one of the regular season.

    1. 5-11 is about as optimistic as I can be too. I like Shanahan and believe he will eventually get this team back into contention, but you can’t get a diamond by squeezing a pile of s***

      It’s going to take time to get the roster built up. If they get Cousins next year it’ll speed up the process but this is one of the least talented rosters in the league and it’ll take awhile to overhaul it.

      1. We obviously don’t know how the teams will be this year but first upon first glance I don’t really see a hard schedule of games. The veterans will be rejuvenated with the new blood and sense of hope that they aren’t playing on a turd team anymore. The truly garbage players are already being let go and will continue to be cast off after the draft and the mediocre ones will likely step up their game a bit with the better coaching.

        Rather then see a general increase in wins I expect a quick jump to 7 or 8 for a season or two before we start to see a slow consistent climb past 10 and into tournament territory.

        1. It’s possible but I don’t see a jump like that in year one of a rebuild with no elite level players on the roster. As always I’d love to be wrong though.

  18. Panthers .. Win .. Silicon becomes Superman’s kryptonite
    in Santa Clara

    @SeaChickens .. Win ..
    (ok maybe not..but I keep hopin’)

    Lambs .. Win .. ( it’s the lambs ! .. ’nuff said )

    @ RedBirds .. Win .. (Palmer feeds on some sand in this one)

    @ Colts… Loss …
    (but hey ! .. 3-1 or … a possible 4-0 to start the season ! .. YAY ! )

    @ Skins … Loss … (Cap’n Kirk serves Hoyer a little humble pie)

    Cowpies … Win …( Hoyer saves a piece for Prescott .. to initiate
    Dak’s sophomore slump)

    @Eagles .. Win … (not convinced Wentz is the real deal)

    RedBirds .. Win …(Palmer’s probably on IR .. by this time)

    Giants .. Loss … (Hate to admit the rugrat wins a close one, here)

    BYE .. (Cassie’s Dad will be rootin’ for the other guys, here)

    SeaChickens .. Loss …(Smurf owns Levi’s … for now)

    @Da Bears …Win ..(with or without Cutler .. they still suck !)

    @Texans … Loss (in OT)

    Titans … Win .. (fingers crossed)

    Jags .. Win … (maybe next year for them)

    @Lambs … Win .. (they’re still haunted by Jeff Fisher)

    11-5 … playoffs …!!

    (ok.. ok … sure .. I drank too much of the Shanna-Lynch Kool-aid)

  19. This is another 3-5 win team. Until Shanahan and Lynch have a couple of years to draft their guys, it ain’t gonna be pretty. Walsh was 8-24 over his first two seasons of ’79-’80, and Montana was 2-5 as a starter in 1980. I am hopeful that this team will start to build a core and establish an identity, but there will be no quick fix, and they’re NOT going after an aging Kirk Cousins in 2018! If they wanted him, they would have traded for him back when FA began.

    1. I agree with much of your take. But if they don’t score a legitimate talent in 17 they may look again at Kirk Cousins. They just didn’t want to sell the farm, and Snyder wanted them to. He sold out for RGIII and hoped for reimbursement.

  20. I see six wins with that schedule. I think it will be a stronger schedule than what it is currently ranked, and a Shanahan – led offense usually struggles during the first season.

    1. Took time and criticism with Shanny & Ryan before those two hit their stride.
      Seb licking his chops at the prospect of slamming KS for any and all imperfections. Anybody not (re)signing Kap doesn’t want to win and is just tanking.
      Only thing worse is tanking in a pit (and a pendulum?)

      1. BT, I have been rosily scenarioed by both Tomsula and now Chip. Pardon me if I am a little skeptical about a rookie HC who is too stubborn to admit he needs an OC.

        Guess I will be criticized for being a big fan of a player and also if I deign to make the slightest amount of criticism.

        No, I will not be crowing if the season starts off 1-4. I will be lamenting the fact that the Niners did not hit a home run in the draft.

        1. I will be lamenting the fact that the Niners did not hit a home run in the draft.

          That will have nothing to do with how the season goes Seb. A team can have a fantastic draft and still struggle.

          1. Having a great draft helps.

            But, sure, the planets have to align and they have to avoid the injury bug, or the draft will not be critical.

            1. It helps, but it is not the end-all. Avoiding injuries helps, but more than anything, a team needs to gel.

          1. Unlike Baalke, your daddy, KS can take criticism. Look how well he did after the SB.

            1. Why yes, considering Shanahan was secretly serving as both HC and DC during the SB…

      2. Just remember if the record is 4-12 it is twice as good as last year and 4x the wins as the previous occupant.

  21. https://www.seccountry.com/sec/2017-nfl-draft-best-wide-receivers-4-20-2017


    Mike Williams, Clemson
    John Ross, Washington
    Corey Davis, Western Michigan
    Zay Jones, East Carolina
    Curtis Samuel, Ohio State


    Corey Davis, Western Michigan
    John Ross, Washington
    Mike Williams, Clemson
    Curtis Samuel, Ohio State
    Chris Godwin, Penn State

    Matt Miller

    Mike Williams, Clemson
    Corey Davis, Western Michigan
    John Ross, Washington
    Zay Jones, East Carolina
    Cooper Kupp, Eastern Washington

    Gil Brandt

    John Ross, Washington
    Mike Williams, Clemson
    Corey Davis, Western Michigan
    JuJu Smith-Schuster, Southern Cal

    Oliver Connolly

    Mike Williams, Clemson
    Corey Davis, Western Michigan
    John Ross, Washington
    Zay Jones, East Carolina
    JuJu Smith-Schuster, Southern Cal

    1. Matt Miller sure knows his wide receivers. Didn’t he draft another dude named “Mike Williams” back in 2005?

    1. I think his NFL comp is Crabtree – bad hands, poor route running. All he needs is a diva attitude and he’d be a clone.

    2. As we get closer to the event we fans and the media enter the nit-picking phase of player evals. It was in this phase a few years ago where I talked myself out of Alshon Jeffrey for being too slow. So I don’t know how he’ll pan out, but I’m thinking he’s more like Alshon than JJ Stokes.

    3. Its been said before but bares repeating…………Williams looks like a CC of JJ Stokes-fast enough in college but nothing elite in the pros. Im thinkin thats just about right–but who really knows.

  22. Crabtree has bad hands and a bad route runner? How much weed did you smoke on 4-20. Now if you said he lacks speed and his attitude sucks then I would agree with. But he certainly doesn’t lack in catching or his route running.

    1. Lol. Yeah, he is. He lead the NFL in drops this year. He’s been among the NFL’s leading pass droppers every year of his career except 2012 & 2013.

      So, I’m sorry you fell for the TV Analyst BS that was part of the ‘Blame Alex Smith for Everything’ bandwagon while ****ing Crabtree’s ****. And Harbaugh’s ‘best hands in the history of the NFL’ BS. But he’s pretty much been a pass dropping manic his whole career. This was done right before 2012 and encompasses 2009, 2010 & 2011:

      1 Roy E. Williams FA 19 130 14.62%
      2 James Jones GB 20 139 14.39%
      3 Mike A. Williams TB 20 149 13.42%
      4 DeSean Jackson PHI 25 193 12.95%
      5 Brandon Gibson SL 18 141 12.77%
      6 Terrell Owens FA 18 145 12.41%
      7 Donald Driver GB 22 179 12.29%
      8 Randy Moss SF 15 126 11.90%
      9 Dwayne Bowe KC 26 225 11.56%
      10 Brandon Marshall CHI 35 303 11.55%
      11 Michael Crabtree SF 22 195 11.28%

      2016: #1 Michael Crabtree 9 drops
      2015: #8 Michael Crabtree 8 drops
      2014: #13 Michael Crabtree 7 drops

      2013: — Just ONE DROP! His one and only ‘good hands’ year in his entire NFL career.
      2012 — Just FIVE drops. Making him Mr. Average.

      So, in 8 years:

      ONE excellent year
      ONE average year
      SIX absolutely crap years including, twice, leading the NFL in drops.

      And his route running? Do you even watch the games? His favorite route is to run into the CB then push off then whine about pass interference not being called. Otherwise it’s find a soft-spot in the zone and camp it.

      Yet you say he “certainly doesn’t lack in catching or his route running.”

      Really? Are you serious? Or do you own stock in his jersey sales? Because we’re talking Michael Crabtree here. Slow. Bad hands. Has never lived up to the pre-draft hype machine.

    2. Thank you! I was just about to say that. What people may forget is that in his rookie season, he held out until the day after the game before the bye week. He signed and came in and learned the system quickly enough to start the next game. He hit the ground running and didn’t look back. That takes intelligence and confidence. That being said, he was a good receiver but not what was hoped for and his attitude sucked.

  23. I speculate that the new Lynch/Shanahan/Peters WCO season will deliver from 7 to 10 wins, based upon several solid upgrades on D and O and much improved QB play, combined with an intelligent and valuable draft class. 7 wins on the low side, 10 wins on the high-side, and if so, a wild-card shot. 8-8 or 9-7 seems quite probable to me, with the 49ers becoming a viable contender again in 2018..

    1. I think that’s just about right. I also believe they’ll be better in the 2nd half of the year, for obvious reasons.

  24. After picking 8-8 the last two seasons, with the new regime I really should be picking an improvement on that. But I’m going to sit this one out. There’s an old saying in Tennessee – I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee – that says, fool me once, shame on – shame on you. Fool me – you can’t get fooled again.

    1. Yeah, I have general optimism but tempered expectations. The roster can only be improved so much in one season. The FA signings were decent, but holes remain everywhere. They’ve got 9 draft choices, 6 on Day#3. Perhaps 2 to the PS, one or two additional cuts, and how many surviving rooks will make an impact in 17?
      I can’t pick wins even seeing the schedule, but my sense is still <.500.

      1. I think it’s too early to make predictions. Who do we get next week? Do we pull off a trade for Cousins? That would make a huge difference IMO.

    2. ribico

      Beings’ that I don’t gamble on the games… I’ll just stand with my prediction…10-6

    3. I have a rule of thumb — I have no idea and neither does anyone else. I just take ’em as they come and spare myself the anguish.

  25. As usual I don’t see any losses in 2017.

    Hooker with the second pick, but Thomas, Adams, Fournette would be suitable.
    McCraffery with the 34 pick, if needed trade up for this playmaker

    If there is an uncontrollable impulse to draft a QB, I would consider Dobbs from Tennessee in the late rounds.

  26. Hopefully if the team struggles it will be a matter of learning and improving the team mindset rather than an issue of competence.

  27. Here’s a pity little Parcells-ism via the mouth of Mike Mayock:

    “I probably had five GMs tell me prior to that draft, you can’t build a team based on exceptions,” says Mike Mayock.

    You can have one or two. But once you start drafting players that are too small/big/slow for the position, or have character concerns left and right, you might end up with an exception, like Bowman who cleaned up his BS and now walks the straight and narrow

    Mostly though you’re going to get headaches. Guys like Tavon Austin (Rams) or Aldon Smith. They either can’t play or can’t keep themselves right.

  28. Looking at the schedule, the Niners should go 4 and 12 this season.

    Next year 7-9, then hopefully compete for the playoffs the following year at 9-7 or 10-6.

    The more I look at Safety Jamal Adams, the more I think he should be our pick at #2 if we don’t trade down. He is described as a “heat seeking missile against the run”. Also described as a great person and leader (sounds like Ronnie Lott, doesn’t it).

    We haven’t had a home run in our last 51 picks.

    That should be our #1 priority: Stopping the run.

    1. 1981 people thought ‘more losing’ as well. Some people were already calling for Walsh’s head because he was ‘too soft.’ The expectations were so low that the 49ers were blacked-out the first five weeks of the season. (As they pretty much always were my entire life until then. So much for ‘faithful.’)

      Funny thing is, the Bengals had the same low expectations.

      Yet those were the two teams in the Superbowl. And it’s not like I’m making it up, this is an old archived (1981) article on the very subject (end-of-season, pre-playoffs):

      Two things almost all of the prognosticators agreed on, for instance, were that Cincinnati would finish last in its division and San Francisco would be battling to escape the cellar in its group. So what happened? The Bengals not only finished first, but posted a 12-4 record to top all other teams in the entire American Conference, while the 49ers went 13-3 for the best record in the whole league.

      Then there was the other side of the coin: the big teams of years past that didn’t make it this time. This list starts, of course, with the Super Bowl champion Oakland Raiders, who plummeted all the way to next-to-last in their divison with a 7-9 record. Even more surprising was the complete collapse of the Cleveland Browns, who fell from the championship of the rugged AFC Central Division to the cellar with a 5-11 mark. And who could have forecast such other failures as the Houston Oilers and Los Angeles Rams (6-10 each); the Atlanta Falcons (7-9); the New England Patriots (an unbelievable 2-14 for a team many thought would be right in the thick of things); or the once-mighty Pittsburgh Steelers, whose 8-8 record not only left them out of the playoffs for the second straight year but marked their first nonwinning season in a decade?


    2. Anyway. They could win. They could lose. They could be average. In the end, we don’t know. We give a lot of reasons why we think we know. But, in the end, we don’t.

      1. Moses, I have a question for you about a guy in the draft, Evan Engram, the “move” TE from Mississippi. I don’t follow the college game and learned about him earlier this week. I had a draft crush on John Ross, but now it seems to me the Niners should be targeting Engram as a big, fast wideout who’s proven himself in the SEC. Have you looked at him? If so, what are your thoughts?

        1. George

          I really like Engram as a possible ‘hybrid’ TE/WR for the niners…he has size, speed, and could create some mismatches for defenses…who to cover…? LB/S/CB…? Imagine him book-ended with a Juju Smith-Schuster and a slot like Cooper Kupp…how many double teams can a defense afford ?….

          1. If we were to get Engram…or another Rookie, I’d suggest trading Celek…his catches were pretty iffy this season…

        2. He’s sort of Vernon Davis/Delanie Walker. But since I don’t consider a Day1 or Day 2 legitimate pick, I just glossed over him and the rest of the Day 1/2 TEs.

          I actually want the 49ers to draft some other TE dude way down in Round 7 – Blake Jarwin:

          6′ 5″, 248lbs. Not a deep threat like McDonald who is a pretty fast TE, but he should be able to work the short & intermediate and break the occasional big play.

          STRENGTHS Used everywhere — in-line, as a wing, from the slot, and split wide. Smooth acceleration into routes. Operated underneath for Oklahoma State, but has the athleticism to threaten downfield. Crisp in his route work. Snaps routes off quickly and works back to the throw. Tough over the middle and fights for contested catches. Good flexibility to twist and adjust to throws. Excellent leaper who can go get it. Focus drops from 2015 became catches in 2016. Immediate north-south runner after the catch. Can drag tackles for extra yardage. Instinctive lead blocker who makes good reads. Can adjust to moving targets on second level.

          His senior stats are poor (19 for 309, 2 TD). That’s because he played everything at OSU and was rarely involved in receiving.

          As a prospect, he needs work in the weight-room, route-running and blocking. But I think with a year of coaching and weight training he’d be an upgrade over Celek & Bell.

          I’m not the only one who likes him — http://tinyurl.com/kgek82f He may be gone before Round 7. He may go as high as Round 4 if some of the people who like him are right.

          1. Didn’t phrase very well. I don’t consider TE a legit Day 1/Day 2 pick compared to the other needs of the team. The TE unit is not an All-Pro unit. But McDonald is a play-maker when healthy and not dropping the ball. Celek is reasonable. We signed the new blocking TE. Bell may turn into more than a so-so roster filler.

            OTOH, we desperately need a pass-rush. We’re far weaker at LB than TE. Our WR corps isn’t going to scare NFL defenses. We could use a good #2 back. A day 2 insurance corner wouldn’t be a bad pick. A day 2 FS would be more useful. And, of course, QB.

            There are just so many areas with higher priority I just looked for the odd ‘diamond in the rough’ kind of guy that, with some luck, will beat the horrific odds that Day 3 players face.

            1. Don’t forget they also signed Juszcyck. He may be listed as a FB, but he will be used in a variety of ways. He will take a lot of the reps that a TE would on another team.

            2. King Solomon/Reclining Budda Baker would be a nice combo.


              In the unlikely event all three are sitting there at #34, who ya gonna take?

              1. Reuben Foster’s rotator cuff isn’t healed per Combine Recheck. If it doesn’t heal, he could be forced into another surgery a la Shaq Lawson.

                Sent home from Combine for inappropriate behavior.

                Failed drug test for studying too much.

                All three form a perfect storm to give Foster a legitimate chance of sliding into round 2….

              2. I like Foster’s game as much as anyone. I can look past the drugs, he’s still a kid. The Combine incident is more concerning, but it’s not shocking that a human missile would have an attitude.

                I would pass on him because his shoulder didn’t heal right (whatever that means). It may require a second surgery and there’s a chance that his shoulder wouldn’t heal right after that.

                It reminds me of Yao Ming. His knee was crucial for the 7’6″ C, Foster’s shoulder is crucial to his effectiveness. Ming had a botched surgery in ChIna. He was never the same and retired.

              3. I don’t see 32 teams passing on him after watching the film Razor. To me that trumps all and there are a lot of teams in the bottom half of the first round looking for lb’s.

            3. You’re looking at him as a TE. But he doesn’t have to play that in SF. He’s been a very good SEC receiver, with size, length, and speed. He’s a mismatch against safeties and corners, and he shows a great desire to score. Also, he’s similar to Jordan Reed, to whom Cousins likes to throw, which could factor into where we have him on our board.

        3. There is a reason he is considered a possible first round pick George and I must disagree with those of us who compare him to VD.Engram is a much better route runner ,has less muscle bound stiffness and better hands and as you allude to has dual potency as a TE and WR. In the right system he could be a monster pick.

    3. +1 Wildbill.

      JAMAL ADAMS has to be the pick at #2 if they 49ERS can’t find a trade partner.

      He’s a “can’t miss” prospects who checks every single box! Here’s a little taste of Jamal Adams commitment to greatness:

      Adams was widely considered the top SS in the nation heading into the combine. His game film shows a player who plays fast, very fast in fact for a SS with a reputation of making punishing, bone-crunching hits reminiscent of days gone bye. However, in the 40 yard dash event, Adams was officially timed at ran a 4.56, a time that left him frustrated, because it was well short of the times he posted on his practice runs. It’s not as if Adams hurt his draft stock with this time. 4.56 is plenty fast for a player with his reputation as a hard hitting, 215 lbs SS (Tony Jefferson – 4.75, TJ Ward – 4.56, Calvin Pryor 4.58), but Jamal Adams is not a person who settles for plenty fast. Jamal wants to be better than that. Faster than that. He always wants to run better, tackle better, hit better, play better, and be a better leader than everyone else. As a testament to Jamal Adams’ determination to be the best Strong Safety in league history, he spent the next few days following the combine, breaking down his combine film with his father, NFL RB GEORGE ADAMS (Giants 1985 first-round pick out of Kentucky), as well as former national champion LSU sprinter CYRIL GRAYSON. While analyzing his 40 yard dash at the combine, they realized Adams was standing up from his stance way too quickly, costing him at least a tenth of a second, maybe more, much more.

      Adams is a quick learner to say the least. At the indoor practice facility during LSU’s 2017 pro day event, Jamal Adams used proper technique (thanks to his hard work and film study dedication) to run a blistering 4.33 40 yd dash, blowing minds and dropping jaws, while sending shockwaves around the NFL community of executives, scouts, coaches, and reporters. No one finished the day with a faster 40 time, including Adams’ sprinting mentor, former LSU track national champion Cyril Grayson, who was also competing at LSU’s pro day, and was quickly signed by the Seattle Seahawks (Grayson was a fifth-year senior and did not play football, so he was eligible to be signed immediately instead of going through the draft).

      This is Jamal Adams in a nutshell. Extremely talented and highly dedicated Strong Safety with NFL bloodlines! Jamal Adams is my favorite player in this draft class, bar none, and he’s a perfect fit for the 49ERS new defense!

      1. If they have to pick at 2, it obviously depends on how they evaluate Thomas and their depth at Dline and whom else they’d consider as BPA available without reaching. We know that the safety position is key to the new defense (more than LB and, I have read, CB). If they are that high on Adams, then we’d have —

        SS Adams
        FS Ward

        Then as for Reid, I’d think a trade.
        And as for Tartt, I’d think their having him to back up Adams and/or compete at LB.

          1. Razor, if they think as you do, then they’ll stay put and draft him. Yes, it would be better to have the reincarnation of Bennett and draft someone else from this deep safety class. By the way, do you recall where Bennett was drafted? Don’t look, please.

  29. I think if we further improve our roster in this draft than we can get around 7-9 wins.
    I hope we either get Lattimore or Fournette with staying at 2 or getting Williams with a slight tradeback and i hope we trade back in the 1st round for Kizer i like his demeanor and upside.

    1. Kizer’s demeanor was crap against Stanford two years ago. Kizer had won the game, but Stanford had one time out and thirty plus seconds to get into field goal range. They did, and Kizer flopped on the ground and pouted. It reminded me of Jay Cutler. It’s what I would call full body finger pointing.

  30. New trade scenario. Houston, who is desperate for a new QB, trades up with the Niners. They give up their first 4 picks to move up to number 2. Pick numbers 25, 57, 89 and 130.In order to help balance out the trade value, they also offer a 2018 second round pick and a 2019 second round pick.

    Niners offer pick numbers 2, 161, 202 and 219.

    Texans get their QB they covet, and still have 7 picks in the draft.

    Niners get to plumb the sweet part of the draft, and get to pick 8 players in the first 4 rounds.

      1. Preposterous is the bonghead’s middle name . . . obviously been smoking seeds again.

            1. BT, the reason I am postulating so many possible trade back proposals is just to show what is possible. and if any one of them become a reality, you will have to acknowledge the fact that my strategy to trade back was a good one.

              1. deep breath
                : -)
                Trading back is not an evil unto itself. It has been discussed here ad nauseam as not just a possible option, but likely the preferred option of Lynchahan. It requires willing partners; also previously mentioned.
                Your Houston trade proposal is wildly too extravagant for the Texans.
                See also:
                -Herschel Walker trade
                -Ricky Williams trade
                -RG3 trade

                That’s why I characterize it as silly. And if it happens, it’s still quite silly on the part of the Texans. Sure, they were saps on Big Brock, but will they repeat that? Or be gunshy?

              2. BT, I will just counter with the 2016 draft, when 2 teams leaped to the front of the draft by giving up 11 total picks.

                Compared to them, the Texans trade up seems pretty innocuous.

                I sure do not wish to have the Niners select all the way back at 25, but if they could get 8 picks in the first 4 rounds, it might be worth it.

              3. Cassie, I am just joking around.

                I can pick 3 players correctly from last year’s draft and still will get no kudos.

                I can advocate that Lynch concentrate on signing WR FAs, because they are battle tested and battle hardened, then see him do it, but you all ignore how right my strategy is.

                I can advocate trading back, postulate a myriad ways to do that, then have posters scoff at the very idea. Too bad Lynch himself then said that he is open for business, and will entertain any trade proposal. He did exactly what I wanted, but you seem to think he is operating in another universe.

                It is smart to want to trade back. conversely, it is stupid to just stay put and only be satisfied with the picks they have. That number 2 pick has value, and i think Lynch is smart enough to leverage that pick to get as many second and third round picks so they can mine the sweet spot of the draft.

            2. Wasting your time BT. Someone here lives in an an alternate reality.

              Don’t come around here no more
              I don’t feel you anymore
              You darken my door
              Whatever you’re looking for
              Hey, don’t come around here no more
              I’ve given up, stop
              I’ve given up, stop
              I’ve given up, (stop) you tangle my emotions
              I’ve given up, honey please admit it’s over
              Hey, don’t come around here no more

              1. East I see you are my next tag team gadfly.

                Maybe you do not know this, but if you want to be a tool and a bully, you are going about it the wrong way.

                Try Cassie’s method, it is less obnoxious.

                If you want me to focus on you and return fire, I will be happy to oblige.

                Becoming so emo over a post says a lot more about you than it does about me. I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan, but will not Kiss arse and say the trite and dull drivel that some other posters do.

                I invite you to ignore my posts. Notice how Prime has lessened his attacks against me? He has learned that it is pointless to try and oppose me, and now other posters are calling him a bully and a jerk.

                I know that the FO has sicced their attack dogs against me because of what I have written, but frankly, I do not give a damn.

                Bring it on.

              2. All about Seb… The 9er FO is routinely targeting poor Seb. The FO is behaving like United Airlines. Sniff… Anyone have some Kleenex?

  31. To much quantity with this huge tradeback, i rather keep our pick or only a marginal tradeback and get a much better player.

    1. Instead of 4 picks in the first 4 rounds, by trading back 23 spots, the Niners get 8 picks in the first 4 rounds.

      It would be a good way to lay the foundation to build upon, and getting a second round pick in 2018 and 2019 will also help tremendously.

      1. 2nd round picks would be nice, but you dont have every year a chance to get a top 2 pick like this year and getting a big frachise player(or even better)with it, thats why i pass your idea.

      2. IF…………we have people who know how to evaluate talent. At any rate, i would bet money it will be a more productive draft than anything Bulky did.

      3. Why not take those 8 and turn them into 32 third rounders by trading back further? We could really build for the future then!!

        1. Spewing outlandish proposals just because you oppose my strategies just make you look intolerant and ill informed.

          Bill Walsh moved back several times and built a SB roster.

          Guess you are dissing Bill Walsh. I just want Lynch to emulate Bill Walsh.

          1. Well, only claim emulation of Bill when it worked for Bill. Bill had a few boo boos we tend to gloss over.

            Love your over the top assertion ‘you are dissing Bill’ if one pokes fun at Seb concerning draft matters. Have another 3 or 4 mocks to post today?

          2. Nope. Just sad old Alonso Quixano who has donned on the helm of Quixote and thinks himself the errant knight championing the likes of Bill Walsh and Bill Belichick

          3. Sebs…

            Your going crazy again. Your argument is…..

            1) Bill Walsh was a HOF coach…….
            2) Bill Walsh traded back……..
            3) Therefore, trading back is smart and clever.

            It only works if you have a great eye for talent. Doing it just to get more picks makes no sense–unless you, as a coach, see something that others do not.
            If Walsh did NOT know what he was doing, he would have looked like another Bulky…..who also wanted quantity over quality.

  32. “Teams reviewing medical info on Malik Hooker: Combine recheck went as well as it could. Healing is good. No questions there.” Rapoport

    1. I’d be cautiously optimistic if we get Hooker. He is an elite talent.

      Open question. Why do people worry about Bama prospects benefiting from playing on a stacked D, but not the OSU prospects?

      1. Because historically not many Bama players have lived up to the hype. OSU on the other hand produces a lot of high quality NFL players.

        1. Current NFL D players from Alabama.

          Dont’a Hightower
          CJ Mosley

          I would hope that these players were judged individually. Bama sends a lot of players to the pros. They are bound to have some busts.

          1. Yes, they send a lot of players to the NFL. A lot of guys that get selected in the first two rounds. But not many that end up being real stars. Lots of solid guys that probably got drafted a round or two too early. That’s what happens when you play on a well coached team with NFL talent all around you.

              1. Sure, but also a lot of hits.

                You said earlier the players should be viewed in their own right, and that is absolutely correct. But in doing so you have to work out whether what made them look good in college was due to the scheme and players around them, or because they are great talents themselves. I think there were only two first round talents on the Bama D this past year – Allen and Foster. And I think both guys are slightly overrated.

              2. Ah, we’re really not that far away. Allen and Foster are 1st round talents, I agree. Williams and Humphrey get 2nd round grades from me.

  33. In my previous prognostication, I took the optimistic view that the team will have a great draft (my mock 5.0 of course), be relatively injury free, and sign some significant FA’s. Quarterback play will be outstanding, and the pass rush will be much improved with Thomas having an immediate critical impact. I have them finishing 9-7, making the playoffs as the 6th seed, winning the wild card playoff before losing in the divisional round. Below will be my more negative view, taking into consideration that they screw up the draft, fail to sign any significant FA’s, get hit with the injury bug like last year, and get, as they’ve had for the last few seasons, awful play from the quarterback position. Below is the outcome of that scenario.

    vs Carolina L
    @Seattle L
    vs Los Angeles W
    @ Arizona L
    @Indy L
    @ Washinton L
    vs Dallas L
    @ Philly L
    vs Arizona W
    vs NY Giants L
    vs Seattle L
    @ Chicago W
    @ Houston L
    vs Tennessee L
    vs Jacksonville W
    @ Rams W


    1. I think a more cohesive, adaptive, ‘professional’ coaching staff will provide the edge in at least a few games…8 and 8 could be achievable. Add that to a decent draft, some luck with FAs and UDFAs, and avoiding a large number of significant injuries. I don’t see fewer than 6 wins.

      1. I look at it like this:

        Tomsula managed 5-11 with a so-so defense (18th). It probably was a bit over-rated as team tended to squat on the ball a bit in the 4th quarter. But his offense was 32nd and couldn’t really over-come any sort of deficit.

        Kelly only managed 2-14 with a team that actually scored more points (309 to 306) than the one in 2014. But his defense was the worst defense in 49er history giving up 480 points.

        While I don’t make record predictions, it doesn’t mean I can’t recognize that with competent coaches on both sides of the ball 8-8 is not actually as unreasonable as many claim. It could happen. 0-16 could happen. I just don’t know.

        But I don’t think it’s a ‘put down the crack pipe’ kind of prediction, either.

        1. “Kelly only managed 2-14 with a team that actually scored more points (309 to 306) than the one in 2014.”

          Wow, the offensive genius that is Chip Kelly netted us a whopping 3 extra points.

          1. What’s your point? He had a far, far worse roster than Harbaugh. That he accomplished that much with that little talent was actually pretty good.

            But, beyond that, you missed the point. Good coaching can get production out of bottom-of-the-barrel units. And, last year, there was, with the possible exception of the Browns, no offense less talented than the 49ers.

            1. We had the 31st ranked offense last year. How do I respond to the fact that we had a bad roster? I will use your own words.

              “Good coaching can get production out of bottom-of-the-barrel units.”

              1. Did you take out all the QB rushing from all other teams? Because if you didn’t, your work is pointless. Further, did you separate the scrambles from the designed runs? Because if you didn’t, your work is both fundamentally flawed from a conceptual standpoint and pointless.

                In short, your criticism of the running game is completely flawed.

                Nice try though. But, really, I know that game. And while you might fool yourself or others, you don’t fool me.

              2. It’s not exact but our rushing was nothing special. You’re basically trying to suggest Kelly was a good HC. Nobody else wanted him last year and nobody wants him this year. You gave him credit for scoring 3 more points than Roman. Big deal, Roman was bad and is also out of work.

    2. If they go 8-8 in 2018 that will plot as a perfectly symmetrical trajectory from 2014 through 2018. ;-}

  34. Draft Updates:

    ***Lombardi: LB Foster will drop to top of Rd. 2***

    The Ringer’s Michael Lombardi believes Alabama LB Reuben Foster “will be there” at the top of Round 2.
    “Teams picking between 33-45 will need to make sure they are comfortable with R. Foster, cause he will be there,” Lombardi tweeted on Friday. This report flies in the face of what Rotoworld’s Josh Norris has been hearing. Norris reported earlier on Friday that Foster is still receiving “plenty” of Round 1 interest despite Foster’s failed drug test — due to a diluted sample — at the NFL Combine. Foster has had one of the worst Draft processes of any prospect in this year’s class.

    ***Cunningham sneaks in visits with Jags, Broncs***

    The Jaguars and Broncos both hosted Vanderbilt LB Zach Cunningham for a visit this week.
    Visits late in the process can be telling. One of Denver’s biggest positional needs is linebacker, where the depth chart is currently thin. The Broncos pick No. 20 overall in Rd. 1 and No. 51 overall in Rd. 2.

    ***Report: Teams looking into Hooker’s medicals***

    NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reports that NFL teams are reviewing Ohio State S Malik Hooker’s medical info.
    Rap Sheet wrote that there are no questions about Hooker’s NFL Combine recheck, which “went as well as it could” and showed healing of the labrum he underwent surgery on in January. Assuming the medical coast is clear, expect Hooker to go in the top-10.

    1. That would have been my guess. Too much all at once for Foster not to slide into the 2nd round.

      1. You may be right, but with Foster’s talent, it wouldn’t surprise me if a team that doesn’t have many glaring needs went and snagged him in the latter part of round 1.

        Starting with Denver at #20 or Oakland at pick #24.

    2. NFL Mocks had us selecting Foster with the #2 pick. I’m like ‘he wasn’t Top-5 to begin with.’ Add in the attitude problem and drug use (no I don’t buy that BS ‘food poisoning excuse) plus he’s had a history of chronic stingers and shoulder injuries including the torn rotator cuff…

  35. Jon Ledyard just released his edge defenders list:

    1. Garrett
    2. King Solomon-Inside the War Room: Thomas is a tough projection because Stanford chose to utilize him as an interior defensive lineman, where double teams ate him alive at times in the run game. Exceptionally mentally sharp and physically overpowering, Thomas was at his best when allowed to one gap and attack, using that explosive get-off to be a consistently disruptive force.

    He saw a lot of double teams and rarely got reps off the edge, but Thomas’ heavy hands, short area athleticism and ridiculous motor typically got the job done when he was left one-on-one. He’ll see more of those opportunities on the edge in the NFL, but Thomas will need to develop an array of moves and a plan of attack outside, as well as potentially dropping some weight. That shouldn’t be an issue because of how maxed out his frame is already, and Thomas can still kick inside in sub-packages on long and late downs to give teams with a couple good edge rushers a strong interior attacker as well.

    Favorite Trait/Skill: Hand usage/Power

    Best Fit: 4-3 DE (Versatile)

    Round Grade: First
    3. Carl Lawson
    4. Derek Rivers
    5. Derek Barnett
    6. Charles Harris
    7. Tim Williams
    8. T.J. Watt
    9. Takk McKinley
    10.Taco Charlton

    1. I would LOVE for the Browns’ front office to put their foot down and demand that Trubisky is the #1 pick. How nice would it be to be able to draft Garrett at #2.

      ***Browns coaches, front office disagree over #1***

      CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora reports that Browns HC Hue Jackson and his staff are “all-in” on Texas A&M DE Myles Garrett at No. 1, but the front office is leaning towards UNC QB Mitchell Trubisky and owner Jimmy Haslam “badly wants a QB.”
      Like the opening of baseball and the return of warm weather, April brings its annual Cleveland power struggle related to the NFL Draft. A couple years back, that yearly ritual reportedly led to Haslam leading the charge to trade up to draft Johnny Manziel. We think Garrett will ultimately be the No. 1 pick. Recent reports had Cleveland exploring trade possibilities to move from No. 12 back into the top-10 with an eye on Trubisky, though, so perhaps both divisions within the Cleveland organization will exit Day 1 happy.

      1. If Jackson is overruled and they take Trubisky first overall, he may as well resign because it will prove the Cleveland Browns are incapable of making the right decisions and are run by the owner.

      2. As a Trubisky fan, if he was taken by the Browns at #1 and Garrett fell, that would work fine with me. However the kid seems to think he is the next best thing. Confidence is great pre-draft, but now you have put a huge bulls eye on yourself. But if Trubisky is there at #2, we gotta take him.

        I don’t see Hue and the Browns going QB at #1 when they so many other opportunities later in the draft.

    2. Don’t know who Ledyard is, but his top 3 are the same as mine, and he has McKinley and Charlton down where I think they belong too.

      1. Scooter, he’s a draft analyst I have a lot of respect for, and I think you’re in good company with your evaluations….

      2. Just looked him up and turns out I have similar views to him on a lot of edge prospects. Including Joe Mathis it seems:

        FanRag Sports

        FRS NFLLedyard’s 2017 NFL Draft Positional Rankings | Edge DefenderJon Ledyard
        ByJon LedyardPosted on Apr 21, 2017
        Bowl of terror: Texas A&M Aggies defensive end Myles Garrett (#15) battles with Arkansas Razorbacks left tackle Dan Skipper (#70) during the Southwest Classic college football game between the Arkansas and Texas A&M at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas. Texas A&M won the game 45-24. (Photo by Matthew Visinsky/Icon Sportswire)MATTHEW VISINSKY/ICON SPORTSWIRE
        Prev2 of 3Next
        Use your ← → (arrow) keys to browse
        11. Tarell Basham, Edge Defender, Ohio

        Inside the War Room: He’s not bendy, but Basham is crazy explosive out of a three-point stance, with the burst to push tackles into a hasty retreat off the snap. His hands are violent, but unrefined, as Basham works tirelessly to give himself a tighter trim to the quarterback around the outside hip of his opponent. He’ll run himself too far up the arc at times, a plight that could be avoided if he utilized his nasty counter spin move more often.

        Basham has aggressive (and sometimes reckless) play speed on the field and is a non-stop ball of energy on the hunt for sacks. He’s a good run defender with the length and physicality to hold the point of attack and the smarts to know what to do in unblocked situations. Basham has a higher ceiling than Charlton, but he has to utilize his hands more consistently as weapons or he’ll continue to be too high-variance as a pass rusher and end up on the ground more than he does in the quarterback’s lap.

        Favorite Trait/Skill: Burst/Motor

        Best Fit: 4-3 DE

        Round Grade: Early third

        12. Vince Biegel, Edge Defender, Wisconsin

        Inside the War Room: A high energy edge defender who chirps with the best of them and plays with an edge, Biegel is an emotional leader on and off the field, whose physical style and aggressive temperament will really appeal to coaches. He’s a much better athlete than people realize, and his run defense and range are up there with the best in the class.

        (Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire)

        Biegel is just vastly underdeveloped as a pass rusher, always resorting to a push-pull or bull rush to get home. He’s gotta refine his moves and mental processing to win more efficiently in the NFL, but all the traits are there for him to someday outplay this ranking at the next level.

        Favorite Trait/Skill: Motor/Hand usage

        Best Fit: 3-4 Sam LB

        Round Grade: Mid third

        13. Jordan Willis, Edge Defender, Kansas State

        Inside the War Room: I’ll live the rest of my life in disbelief that Willis tested the way that he did at the combine, as many of his numbers were a 100 percent contradiction to what you see on tape. Explosive off the snap, Willis’ initial burst peters out as he moves up the arc, with long, slow strides allowing the opposing offensive tackle to recover and seal the edge.

        Willis doesn’t really have the hip turn and flexibility to corner, but he does use his hands well to soften up the edge and trim himself a cleaner path to the pocket. He’s labored in space and doesn’t have great range against the run, but he’s assignment sound, tough and has a great motor, all things teams will value. Willis has the production, testing, size and character teams want, I just wish his tape didn’t leave so much to be desired. He’ll never make it to the third round next weekend, which is where I would feel comfortable pulling the trigger on him.

        Favorite Trait/Skill: Hand usage

        Best Fit: 4-3 DE

        Round Grade: Mid 3rd

        14. Joe Mathis, Edge Defender, Washington

        Inside the War Room: I began the pre-draft process abnormally high on Mathis, but red flags have arisen for me to drop him this far. His tape is excellent — when he was on the field — but there is too small a sample size for me to feel confident in, and he wasn’t able to test at the combine because of a foot injury that ended his season prematurely.

        He weighed in heavy and tested poorly at his personal workout in early April, although he had just returned to running a few weeks earlier. Mathis reportedly struggled to apply himself and pick up Washington’s defense early on in his college career, but he exploded onto the scene this year, converting speed-to-power at a high rate while putting a variety of moves to use.

        He’s a terrific run defender with the heaviest hands in the class, and I fully believe he has starting NFL potential down the road. But that’ll only happen if he can stay dedicated, lose some weight and continue to refine his rush attack, otherwise, Mathis will be bounced from the league for someone with a higher athletic ceiling. There’s a decent chance he’s a late Day 3 pick or goes undrafted, but I’ve staked a claim on him during this draft process, and I still believe in his potential.

        Favorite Trait/Skill: Power/Hands

        Best Fit: 3-4 Sam LB (if back to 245 pounds)

        Round Grade: Mid-late third

        I will say I think he is a little harsh on Jordan Willis though.

          1. Lol, yea I’ve found you can’t copy and post their URL on here for some odd reason.

  36. Seb,

    Your brand of football IQ is truly special. Thank you for all the memories.

    Before lambasting ‘Head Coach (HC), Kyle Shanahan, for neglecting the OC position, other head coaches have been their own offensive coordinator.

    Since your asylum’s assessment of short term memory affecting your meulla oblongata, I’ll give you a break and refresh your memory.

    For starters, Atlanta would not let Shanahan negotiate with most of their coaching staff.

    So Shanahan began the offseason coaching search after every other NFL team (except Pats) due to the SuperBowl.

    The late start meant a deficient coaching pool to select from. Since he invented his own offense, he trusted himself to run it rather than those leftovers losers, that you, Seb, would have the 49ers saddle themselves with. Not unlike your vociferous advocacy for ‘Ol Windup’–Kap, and Jarryd Hayne throughout the 2015 summer of blog clogging you mercifully ended when Hayne was cut.

    I’ve listed a coach most 49er fans know never had an offensive coordinator. Why ? Because he trusted his own genius over other. If you were a 49er fan you’d have known this, but being with the ‘outlaw Raiders’ clan, you missed out.

    By the way, Seb, his name ?…..Bill Walsh !

    April 20, 2017 at 10:41 pm

    BT, I have been rosily scenarioed by both Tomsula and now Chip. Pardon me if I am a little skeptical about a rookie HC who is too stubborn to admit he needs an OC.

    Head Coach: Bill Walsh
    San Francisco 49ers 1981 Offensive coaches
    Quarterbacks – Sam Wyche
    Running Backs – Billie Matthews
    Receivers – Milt Jackson
    Offensive Line – Bobb McKittrick
    Assistant Offensive Line – Cas Banaszek

    Head Coach – Bill Walsh

    Offensive coaches
    Quarterbacks/Receivers – Paul Hackett
    Running Backs – Sherman Lewis
    Offensive Line – Bobb McKittrick
    Assistant Offensive Line/Tight Ends – Fred von Appen

      1. TrollD, this is why I think your football knowledge is vacuous.

        Do not ever attempt to compare KS to Bill Walsh.

        KS will be the first person to say that he will never achieve as much as Walsh, and his SB game proved it.

        Guess you will say that KS is better than Bill Bellichick, who just won a SB because his OC called some innovative plays.

        1. Thats not why the Pats won that game, Seb. You know thats true–why do you say crazy stuff like that?

        2. They simply moved Brady into the shotgun in the second half. That gave him an extra half-second against the fierce Atlanta go-for-broke pass rush and that’s all he needed. Otherwise it was the same bucket of plays they always run.

    1. Lol, it’s MEDULLA Oblongata Tom. And that part of the hind brain (brain stem) is responsible for involuntary (autonomic) functions.

      Deb’s deficiencies appear to originate primarily in the frontal lobe of his Cerebrum, which is primarily responsible for reasoning. He may also be suffering from sluggish nerotransmitting molecules accross the synapsis of his temeperol lobe, causing issues with his memory, sequencing and organization of thought.

      So take it easy on my man Sebnynah Tom. He means well, but he may very well be playing with the brain’s equivalency of one arm tied behind his back, so to speak.

  37. http://gridironnow.com/one-nfl-scout-considers-dalvin-cook-best-rb-prospect-hes-ever-seen/

    “He can score from any spot on the field,” the scout said. “Pound for pound I think he’s the best all-around back I’ve ever done.”

    Another scout compared Cook to Atlanta Falcons running back Devonta Freeman.

    “He’ll be in the mode of Freeman,” said one scout. “I absolutely love that guy. He can take over a game. What makes him special is his first 10 yards. His acceleration rate is awesome. Good enough hands. People will try to kill his character, and to a degree he may slide.”

    1. I think he’s a better back than Fournette who is a bad fit for the 49ers and of a type that I really don’t think much of anyway.

  38. *The 1984 coaching staff is the bottom listing. Note, no Offensvie coordinator in that year either. Simply a head coach, named Bill Walsh, who called his own plays like Shanahan will.


    Obviously, if Seb was GM of your 2017 San Francisco 49ers Kap would be your QB, and he would have forced Shanahan to hire an OC other than the coach who invented his own offense.

    1. Just as a FYI, it was kind of weird.

      The offensive coordinator was also the QB Coach. From 1979 through 1982 it was Sam Wyche. In 1983 Paul Hackett took over. In 1986, after Hackett had left to become the full OC at Dallas, Holmgren became the QB coach. When Seifert was hired as head coach, Holmgren got the official title.

      The reason, as I understood it, is that the position was more a hybrid position. The OC/QB coach was in the booth and would suggest plays, but they were suggestions, not like an OC calling down the plays during Seifert’s days. Plus the was THE person responsible for QB coaching. So he couldn’t put full duties into being an OC.

      And, if you’ve ever watched some of the old side-line shots in game films, when Walsh didn’t like a play called down, he was merciless. Somewhere on YouTube there is a clip of him just ripping Paul Hackett for sending down a play that was too conservative for down and distance. It was funny because Walsh didn’t raise his voice, but he ripped him from stem to stern. Of course Hackett probably didn’t think it was all that funny…

      So yes… And no… It’s was kind of weird and I just don’t think there’s a really satisfactory answer.

  39. Offensive coordinator, Wikipedia :

    The offensive coordinator is in charge of the team’s offensive game plan, and typically calls offensive plays during the game, although some offensive-minded head coaches also handle play-calling.[

  40. TANK: John Lynch made a point to test the 49ers “leak problem” before accepting his position. I think he would be furious if anybody leaked their true intentions. With that understanding, everything we hear is subterfuge.

  41. TomD Response: A leak prior to the draft would be the time for Paraag Marathe to throw his weight around and show those pesky coaches whose still in charge here.

  42. 49 Reasons, I saw Ronnie Lott play in high school while I was standing on the sidelines at Eisenhower High. You couldn’t believe how hard a hitter he was even back then. Even in high school he had the look of an NFL star. Jamal Adams reminds me of Lott. I sure hope we don’t pass on the guy. You can never underestimate the heart of a champion, and that is one thing no combine can ever measure and that is the heart of a player. Jamal Adams has heart.

    1. Lott and Adams have a similar build. They’re both hard working leaders and big hitters. They can both cover.

    1. My thinking is similar to Biderman’s. Hooker at free safety should be the pick (barring any trades). From the article:

      “If they want to find a strong safety to play Kam Chancellor, it should Adams. But Adams’ first season would start with competing with former first- and second-round picks Eric Reid and Tartt.

      There’d be similar overlap if the team took Thomas, who plays the same position as Arik Armstead and DeForest Buckner – the team’s first-round picks in the last two drafts.

      Having a dominant defensive line is certainly a good thing. But as the Jets and Rams can attest, building the position with a slew of first-round picks hasn’t yielded playoff success.”

      1. Problem is that both Reid and Tartt are better at FS than SS, despite their size. Just not a lot of SHS. Neither have shown very well when playing close to the LOS. In fact I think Dontae Johnson has been better playing near the LOS than Tartt.

  43. The San Francisco 49ers officially reinstated RB Glen Coffee from reserve/retired list and then placed him on waivers Friday.

    This is interesting, considering that Coffee has been out of the NFL for several years now. Typically, when a team reinstates someone from the reserve/retired list, it’s because they’re looking to make a comeback in the NFL.

    Coffee, 29, is a former third-round pick of the 49ers back in 2009. He elected to call it a career and retire from the NFL back in August of 2010 after just one year in the NFL.

  44. Mock draft: What if NFL teams drafted based only on college on-field production?

    1.Deshaun Watson QB, Clemson
    2.Jonathan Allen DE, Alabama
    3.Jabrill Peppers DB, Michigan
    4.Dalvin Cook RB, Florida State
    5.Dede Westbrook WR, Oklahoma
    6.Adoree’ Jackson CB, USC
    7.Malik Hooker OSU
    8.Christian McCaffrey RB, Stanford
    9.Myles Garrett DE, Texas A&M
    10.Corey Davis WR, Western Michigan10.
    11.Jourdan Lewis CB, Michigan
    12.Derek Barnett DE, Tennessee
    13.Patrick Mahomes QB, Texas Tech

    1. UNC record setting QB Marquise Williams. One of the most prolific QBs in ACC history.

      He wasn’t drafted. He didn’t make the Packers as a UFDA.

      Or, let me put it this way… If you didn’t have production in college, chances are you won’t be successful in the vastly more difficult and competitive NFL. If you did have production, it”s not really as solid a predictor of success as one might thing since being ‘athletic’ in college can carry you. And with rare exception, you will no longer be any more athletic than the guys across from you.

    2. Watson, yards per completion 11.84, ranked 72nd.
      Webb, 11.24, 92nd.
      Trubisky, 12.33, 60th.
      Mahomes, 13.02, 40th.
      Dobbs, 13.09, 38th.
      Evans, 13.25, 34th.
      Kelly, 13.45, 29th.
      Kaaya, 13.53, 25th.
      Kizer, 13.80, 21st
      Peterman, 15.43, 4th.

      Kizer, Kaaya, and Peterman all have worked in a pro style offense or a hybrid pro style/spread offense.

      1. Personally, I’ve taken a shine to Peterman. If we got him at the top of Round 2, I’d be perfectly content. I’d be content with Trubisky at the top of Round 1.

        There are other players I’d prefer. But needs are needs and everyone is a projection. So I’m not going to scream and whine and decide it’s the end of the universe.

  45. Two things the Niners haven’t been good at that both of this year’s prospects are very good at –Mitchell Trubisky– 17 touchdowns zero interceptions in the red zone. Watson was the most efficient quarterback this year in college on third and long. I know this class keeps getting a bad rap for quarterbacks. But I’m thinking the top two prospects are better than the top two prospects last year .

  46. Ok we can scratch dirt bike riding off of the extra curricular activities list during the season for Bumgarner. Bad break for the kid and the team. My 75-87 prediction just got a whole lot more realistic. :-/

      1. They pythagorean W/L is 8/9 despite being 6/11. Sometimes bad luck and random variation gets you. It didn’t help that Span is playing hurt in CF and all of our LFers are on the DL. So we’re down to guys who are #5 utility men.

  47. https://www.all22.com/nfl/john-ross-not-multiple-acl-injuries-says-agent

    “Brad Cicala for Terra Firma Sports Management attempted to clear the air, insisting rumors of Ross’ extensive injury history have been embellished or are inaccurate. In an effort to be completely transparent, Cicala disclosed his client’s relevant medical records in a statement on Friday, via Adam Scheffter for ESPN.”

    “Despite recent reports, John Ross III has never sustained 2 ACL injury’s nor has he had 2 ACL surgeries,” Cicala said. “In January of 2015 he endured surgery on his right lateral meniscus and in April of 2015 he had surgery on his left ACL.”

  48. “According to Cabot’s sources, the feeling in regards to the Browns’ front office is that they are ready to draft their quarterback of the future and may not want to risk him being drafted by another team.”

    “Cabot adds that sources have told her to not be surprised if the 49ers take Trubisky at No. 2 overall should the Browns pass on him, as they also like him a lot.”


    1. Urgh. I understand taking a QB when you need a QB, but just really can’t get on board with taking any of the QBs that high this year. Hopefully the Browns want him so much they trade up from #12.

      1. This is reminding me of the year SF took Alex. They kinda wanted to trade back a bit, but couldn’t find any interest. They needed a QB….and so they pulled the trigger on AS.
        Gotta give a HC his ‘druthers, so if they go that way…ok.

      2. If you were okay with Goff & Wentz going 1 & 2 last year, then Trubisky is legit there considering he’s running the same QB grade as they had. If not, then, power to you.

        As for the ‘games started issue’ that doesn’t work with me. People keep whinging about only one of year of starting. But the guy he played behind was, literally, one of the greatest QBs to ever play at UNC or in the ACC. And we’re talking about going all the way back to 1956.

        Now, William’s game was not an NFL game and he went undrafted and failed to make the Packers as a UFDA. But UNC doesn’t play in the NFL. And the fact that Williams set more than 20 UNC records as a QB explains, quite clearly, why Trubisky (who is not the runner Williams is) didn’t get the starts.

        But Trubisky’s game (profile) is the NFL profile – accurate pocket passer who can make all the throws under pressure while keeping his eyes downfield). What he does on the field, and the growth he showed in those 13 games was very impressive and his game has been likened to that of NFL Aaron Rodgers. Hence the good grade.

        1. I think the Niners are handling this the best way you can. Hoping for the Browns to panic to draft Trubrisky at 1 or they trade a bundle of picks to jump up to the #2 spot. It’s very clear that the Browns want Trubrisky. There owner wants the home town kid. Usually when the owner wants something he gets it. Right or wrong the owner especially Haslem gets his way. Niners are sitting really pretty at 2 right now.

    2. Mary Kay Cabot

      “Mitch Trubisky is still under serious consideration by the Browns at No. 1, league sources tell cleveland dot com”

      “Sources have told cleveland dot com that the 49ers also like Trubisky and might take him at No. 2. “Don’t be surprised,” said one.”

      “Brown also vowed not to reveal the pick until the Browns are on the clock on Thursday night, meaning the drama will continue to build.”


      I think its probably lying season stuff, with the Browns taking Garrett. But its fun to let the drama build.

    3. The lack of starting experience is a big deal and you rarely see a QB have much success without a couple of seasons as the starter in College. I like Trubisky and he’s the best QB I saw this year, but taking him #2 is a major gamble. If they do take him we at least have a HC who knows what he’s doing in this regard.

  49. “Recent rumors are out that LSU running back Leonard Fournette could slide down the 2017 NFL Draft after the results of his Wonderlic Test were leaked. Fournette had scored 11 out of 50 on the said exam, which was administered during the NFL Combine.”


    “Five-time Pro-Bowler Frank Gore scored a 6 during his test in 2005 and went on to have an ongoing 12-year NFL career with the San Francisco 49ers and Indianapolis Colts. The 33-year-old rushed for 1,025 yards and four touchdowns last season as a starter for the Colts.”

    1. Gore is dyslexic.

      a general term for disorders that involve difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols, but that do not affect general intelligence.

      What’s Fournette’s excuse?

  50. Wildbill:
    Even without Lott Fontana was always a tough team with all those steelworkers kids.

    If Adams is close to being as good as Ronnie the Niners need to take him. That can be the player who sets the tone for the entire defense. So the question is; is Adams that guy?

  51. Here are my final two mock drafts for 2017. The first involves the 49ers being able to trade down, while the other is where they are not able to trade down.

    49ers trade 2nd and 109th picks to Panthers for 8th, 40th, and 64th pick, plus a 2018 second round pick
    49ers trade 8th pick to Browns for the 12th and 65th picks

    PICK 12: WR Corey Davis

    PICK 34: RB Dalvin Cook
    PICK 40: TE Evan Engram
    PICK 64: NCB Budda Baker

    PICK 65: FS Marcus Sanders-Williams
    PICK 66: OG Nico Siragusa

    PICK 143: CB Sidney Jones

    PICK 146: CB Howard Wilson
    PICK 161: DE Dimick Hunter

    PICK 198: RB Aaron Jones
    PICK 202: QB Alek Torgersen

    PICK 219: OLB Jalen Reeves-Maybin

    SS Josh Harvey-Clemons
    DT Eddie Vanderdoes
    WR Rodney Adams
    OLB Avery Moss
    OT Jylan Ware
    OG/C J.J. Dielman

  52. Here is the no-trade mock draft.

    PICK 2: RB Leonard Fournette

    PICK 34: OLB T.J. Watt

    PICK 66: FS Desmond King

    PICK 109: CB Quincy Wilson
    PICK 143: TE Jonnu Smith

    PICK 146: CB Sidney Jones
    PICK 161: QB Nathan Peterman

    PICK 198: WR Robert Davis
    PICK 202: ILB Ben Boulware

    PICK 219: DE Ifeadi Odenigbo

    1. Great job…Im a big fan of Fournette but your trade down scenario is the best mock Ive seen..

  53. Kreuger on KNBR said that Hue wants Garrett. Sashi Brown wants Garrett. Depodesta wants Garrett. Bobby Vega the college scout, wants Garrett.

    The owner wants Trubisky.

  54. Sashi Brown needs to pull the trigger on a trade. It will save the Browns from making a huge mistake just to appease the owner. The Browns have a ton of picks to barter with.

    The Niners should ask for pick numbers 12, 33, 52 and 65, along with a 2018 second round pick to make the TVC balance out.

    Another proposal would be to get picks 12, 52 and two 2018 second round picks.

    The Niners should accept picks 12, 52 and 65, along with a 2018 second round pick. It is a little less, but would be a fair deal for both sides. Cleveland would get Garret and Trubisky, and it would not cost a future first round pick. They would also keep their 33rd pick.

    Niners would be able to move back and will have leveraged that pick into more picks while still getting a solid player at 12. Its a win/win.

    Niners would make another trade back. This time with Baltimore, Niners would trade pick number 66 for the Ravens pick numbers 74 and 122. Baltimore also has pick number 78, so the Niners may accept 78 and 122 for 66.

    The Niners would end up with pick numbers 12, 34, 52, 65, 78, 109, 122, 143, 146, 161, 198, 202 and 219.

    Using the CBS draft board and trying to pick within 5 of the ranking, the Niners could select-

    12- Haason Reddick OLB
    34- Obi Melifonwu SS
    52- Raekwon McMillen ILB
    66- Jordan Willis DE
    78- Montravius Adams DT
    109- Jordan Leggett TE
    122- Josh Malone WR
    143- D’Onta Foreman RB
    146- Howard Wilson CB
    161- Tanoh Kpassagnon DE
    198- Joshua Dobbs QB
    202- Connor Harris ILB
    219 Stevie Tu’ilokovatu NT

      1. I do use the trade value chart and use simple arithmetic.

        Pick number 2 is worth 2600 points.

        Pick 12 is worth 1200 points.
        Pick 33 is worth 580 points
        Pick 52 is worth 380 points.
        Pick 65 is worth 265 points.
        Those 4 picks add up to 2425 points. Maybe a 2018 third round pick would balance it out more, but 4 for 1 is a good deal. So, while the Niners may not get exact trade value, the number of picks have value to them.

        Pick 12 plus 52 adds up to 1580 points. If they traded those with the second overall pick, they would be short 820 points. Two 2018 second round picks would help balance the trade value since the mean for a second round pick is about 400 points. Of course, nobody knows what exactly those second round picks will be worth until they play the entire season.

        1. The Browns get all they possibly can trading back, like last year’s first round.

          Trade One: Cleveland traded 2+139(2017) for Philadelphia’s 8+77+100+12(2017)+2018 second

          Trade Two: Cleveland 8+176 for Tennessee’s 15+76+52(2017)

          Total: Cleveland traded picks 2+139+176 for 12+15+52+76+77+100+2018 second

          (dates left out of total for visual clarity)

          But the Browns hired the guy that developed the Harvard chart. They are extremely stingy trading up.

          Harvard Chart
          Pick 2 is 436 points
          Picks 12 (284) and 52 (144) is 428 points

          So from the Harvard chart perspective, 12+52+6th rounder should get pick 2.

          No way the Niners got for that. I’d expect something in between Jimmy Johnson and Harvard charts if a trade went down.

          Also, charts go out the window near the very top of the draft. It all boils down to how desperate a team is for a targeted quarterback.

          1. Also, charts go out the window near the very top of the draft. It all boils down to how desperate a team is for a targeted quarterback.

            I wouldn’t say that. As I pointed out a while back, each team probably has their own version of a trade chart and therefore has a different value for each pick.

            1. Each team does have its own chart. In fact, teams have estimates of other teams charts based on past trade behavior. Lynch said last week they customized their own trade chart.

              What I was noting was the greatest variance from the traditional (Jimmy Johnson) chart is at the top of the draft.

              Oakland traded 3. Got Miami’s 12+42

              Cleveland traded 2+139. Got Philadelphia’s 8+12+77+100+2018 second

              (‘2017’ date notations omitted for visual clarity)

          2. Considering the Browns may pass on the best player in the draft, that sounds pretty desperate to me.

            My proposal to trade pick number 2 for Pick numbers 12, 52, 65 and a 2018 second round pick seems perfectly reasonable with both sides getting a fair deal. It falls between the TVC and the Harvard one.

            1. Agree. I think if the 49ers move down to 12 they do something like that.
              I was thinking along the lines of 2 for 12+33+2018 2nd.

              Of course, I want the 49ers to get all they can.

  55. I was searching Jamal Adams gifs. I found three different ones where Adams got a guy to hit him and Adams would flop. This is one of those gifs.


    Adams likes to play head games. His hard hitting style would frustrate any man. Adams likes to get in people’s face after the play. I imagine he is also talking trash. Adams is a guy that opposing teams will hate playing.

      1. In that case, he’d take Reid’s place, right? and they would have to release the latter at the end of the season?

        1. Reid is a free agent at years end. If they draft Adams to could keep Ward at corner now that Brock is gone.

        2. He would play SS. As to whether that is taking Reid’s spot or not is up to the coaches. As I have pointed out a few times and is pointed out below, Reid is a FS. Just not a good fit at FS for this system.

      2. I begrudgingly agree. Not because I have reservations with the player I just don’t like taking the position that high. I feel better taking a CB at #2 but I really don’t want anything to do with Lattimore despite his apparent talent.

        1. If Marshon Lattimore ever plays a full 16 game season in his career I will fall down dead with shock.

        2. Given the recent confirmation that Hooker checked out medically, what are your reservations with grading Hooker higher than Adams. Now if Adams can play the SHS, then I would probably go with Adams because he appears to be a safer bet. If the selection is Adams, there is sufficient quality depth at SS, but not at SHS (only Ward). If the selections is Hooker, then Ward can slide into SHS and we still have two decent SS (Reid and Taart).

          1. Reid can certainly back up at single high (he’s been a FS his entire career), as can K’Waun Williams.

            1. “he’s been a FS his entire career”

              Outside of his rookie season, he has been a disappointment. In a number of games where the TV view seemed to indicate that Jimmy Ward had made a blunder in the secondary resulting in a TD for the opposition, it was later revealed that it was Eric Reid who screwed up leaving Ward in an impossible situation.

              I thought Williams was a NCB. What evidence is there that he can man the SHS?

              1. Yeah, he has his issues as a FS, but that’s his position. He has never been a SS. He has never played down at the LOS regularly. And he doesn’t seem well suited to it to me. And while Tartt has experience near the LOS he has struggled there, because he is very similar to Reid – a FS in a team that mostly plays 2 deep. So I don’t really understand why people seem to think we have the SS spot covered.

              2. Regarding Williams, he has spent time training as a FS with the Browns. Not sure if he has ever played a down at FS though.

            2. Let’s not forget that if the 49ers hadn’t spent the 18th pick in the 2013 draft on Reid, JIMMIE WARD Ward, IMO, would likely have already been established as the 49ers starting FS, because he was born to play safety.

              I really think he’s a perfect fit for the single-high Safety position. He ran a 4.47 40 and that was before he was anywhere near completely back from his foot injury He plays like a high quick footed 4.3 guys on tape, which is why the 49er put him in the slot. He’s instinctive and rangy, with world class technique as a tackler. NFLDraftScout.com rated him the top SS in the 2014 draft class, but most scouts will tell you he’s more of a natural center fielder.

              Here is what Bleacher Report had to say:

              Ward recognizes plays quickly consistently, allowing him to break toward the line of scrimmage or back into coverage with his very first step.
              He has great versatility, as he often lined up as a Slot CB (as he did for the 49ers) to take advantage of his lateral agility, though he saw most of his time at Safety (both Safety spots). He shows good functional strength and hand placement when in press coverage and can win at the line of scrimmage. He’s a well-rounded athlete who mirrors receivers well in man coverage. He stays on the hip of his assignment and breaks up passes at the last second. He’s a remarkably fluid athlete with quick feet, smooth change-of-direction agility and easy acceleration. Good balance and lateral agility, including the ability to sprawl to avoid cut-blocks. Physical, competitive defender who doesn’t back down from the challenges of bigger opponents. Limits yards after reception because he’s an EXCELLENT TACKLER (in fact his technique is text book). He wraps up and hits low, using his body to effectively stop the ball-carrier. Very good diagnosis skills and closes quickly and forcefully. Takes proper angles in pursuit, limiting breakaway opportunities for opponents.

              Jimmie Ward eased concerns that his stellar college play was due, in part, to questionable level of competition, with a spectacular Senior Bowl.

              His ball skills evolved throughout his career. He totaled seven interceptions in 2013 and showed the ability to high-point with timing and steal the ball from bigger receivers. He has the physical ability to make up for mental mistakes, a trait of all good playmaking defensive backs. He also anticipates routes well, baiting the quarterback to throw and then jumping the route to make plays on the ball.

              In summery: Jimmie Ward is a very dangerous safety, who can wreak havoc all over the field.

              – First-team All Mid-American Conference in 2012 and 2013.
              – Semifinalist for the Jim Thorpe Award in 2013.


      There is no such thing as a “safe” draft prospect. Even the “safe” prospects, who seemingly have no red flags, and who scouts pencil in as a guaranteed starter and or cornerstone for years, can bust. It’s because no one can actually wholly project how a college player will have his game translate to the dramatically upscale professional level. On that note, it certainly at least feels like JAMAL ADAMS is the “safe” guy that bucks for the more positive trend. The kind of player that everyone knows will be an NFL star and will actually have his career largely play out that way. I can say this because there really isn’t anything to knock him. With the 21-year-old Adams, you have a CLEAN INJURY HISTORY, a must for any potential franchise player selected high, as well as incredible versatility and instinct, plus experience as a three-year starter and leader of a talented college secondary. He’s got speed, with an unofficial reported 4.33 40-yard dash at LSU’s Pro Day a few weeks ago, and quality sturdy size at 6-foot, 214 pounds, with long arms to boot.

      That’s a mouthful and is merely a very general description of what could possibly be underselling what Adams will offer as a future potential perennial All-Pro safety. He’s that good, that polished, that talented. In fact, Adams is considered so NFL-ready, that some peg him as even more of an impact player, at least initially, than the consensus No. 1 overall pick in Texas A&M’s “generational” edge player in Myles Garrett. Indeed the star shines bright on Adams as a budding cornerstone and he knows it too. He wants to earn all of the accolades possible in the NFL, individually and more importantly, for the team he plays for. Football is his life’s calling, his passion. That’s just the way he’s wired. “I kind of played everything growing up and I kind of fell in love with the game at age 5, really. I started at age 3. He (Adams’ father, George, who was a first-round pick by the Giants in the 1990’s), just really stressed staying focused, trusting the process, and doing what I do. I love football. That’s my passion.”

      Adams is known for his incredible leadership, but he might also be the most aggressive safety in this draft class. He has the natural instincts to react to wherever the ball is, which lead to 209 total tackles at LSU. When he gets to the ball, he comes with nasty intentions as a tone-setter for the rest of his defensive unit. He’s also versatile as he can play all over the field, cover big tight ends (he completely shut down Ole Miss’ Evan Engram, one of the NCAA’s TE leaders in receptions), and is every bit the field general and leader the 49ers could use watching over their defense.

        1. 49, I agree. of all the players, he may be the safest pick at 2. King Solomon may be a good pickup, but he is not their biggest need.

          However, I want the Niners to trade back, garner more picks, then maybe go for Budda Baker or Justin Evans.

          1. I echo your hope that the 49ers can trade back Seb. Of course, that requires a willing partner.

            I don’t dislike Solomon Thomas. In fact, I think he’s going to be an excellent pro, I really do. But in the case of the 49ers, he seems to be more of a luxury pick than a guy who can come in and have an immediate impact on this defense, and that’s the biggest reason I am leery using the 2nd overall pick on him. In fact, he could very well end up buried on the 49ers depth chart as a rookie because I really don’t see Thomas as a guy who will thrive as an edge rusher at LDE, and regularly get to the quarterback. While he might be somewhat effective as a guy who is disruptive on the edge, moderately mobile QB have shown him to be a defender who is quite easy to escape and avoid being sacked. I think his best role would be the same as I envision the super-humanly strong Ronald Blair. Blair doesn’t have Thomas’ quickness, but he is the same size/type of player with much more natural strength than Thomas. Now. I’m not saying that Thomas isn’t a better player than Blair, but I love what Blair brings to the table. I also like Quinton Dial, who is another remarkably strong guy (country strong) who recently signed a 3 year contract extension.

            While I think he’ll eventually find his niche and be a high-end defender, I don’t think he’s going to be a guy who dominates right away. I personally think the best place for Thomas is on the interior (which is where he did his best work at Stanford), where he can use his quickness to shoot gaps, and his nifty lateral side-step to run stunts. For a guy his size he’s actually very good at disengaging blockers, but I think it would behoove him to gain some weight (15 lbs) in order to better anchor himself, as his college tape shows the he can become completely engulfed at times, and can be absolutely ineffective against double teams.

            I guarantee Jamal Adams would have a bigger impact on the 49ers defense, at least until Solomon can add some weight, which is always a bit dicey (see Tank Carradine).

          2. And good call on Budda Baker Seb. He’s definitely a guy who can play the 49ers single high safety role, but right now I have Jimmie Ward confidently penciled in to start at that position.

        2. Jamal Adams is also the quintessential field general. He made all of LSU’s defensive calls during his final 2 seasons, and he’s got an extroverted personality, and sheriff’s mentality.

  56. Mock 2.0 with no trades

    1.First Round: No 2 overall – Marshon Lattimore – CB – Ohio – I know all the negatives, too high for a CB, injury history, system played, his counterpart had a better year, etc. etc. However his production, talent and pedigree speaks for itself. Additionally it is an area of high need at the moment. None of the other blue chip players Thomas, Adams et al are areas of need and can be filled by current team players quite well. In some cases it would seem like redundant picks. The only other picks I can envision are Flournette and, choke, choke Trubisky. But I certainly hope it isn’t the latter and still hope they can trade down somehow.

    2. Second round: No. 34 overall – TJ Watt – OLB – Wisconsin – Solid player with good work ethic that should work to be a solid line contributor. I think he has a good chance at growing.
    3. Third round: No. 66 overall – Zay Jones -WR – East Carolina – His production and work speaks for itself and he should be a fine receiver at the next level.
    4. Fourth round: No. 109 overall – Josh Dobbs – QB – Tenn – intelligent and solid contributor. Could be a good pick up. Would like Peterman but prefer Jones.
    5. Fourth round: No. 143 overall (compensatory) – Raekwon McMillan – LB – Ohio – possible SAM if he continues to develop and gets better technique
    6. Fifth round: No. 146 overall – Nate Hairstone – CB – Temple – ex WR still developing as a corner could be a good pick up
    7. Fifth round: No. 161 (pick acquired from Washington in 2015 trade for TE Derek Carrier) – De’VeonSmith – RB – Michigan – May be a good fit in Shanahan’s offensive scheme
    8. Sixth round: No. Tyrone Swoopes – TE – Texas – converted QB to TE could be an intriguing piece of the puzzle in new offense
    9. Sixth round: No. 202 overall (pick acquired from Denver in 2015 trade for TE Vernon Davis) – Ken Ekanem – EDGE – VT – Good solid production may be able to be contributor
    10. Seventh round: No. 219 overall (pick acquired from Cleveland in 2015 trade for Andy Lee) – Caleb Peterson – G – UNC – decent run blocker who needs to improve pass protection.

    1. Nice job, good group. Jones @66 would be a bit of a surprise, seems to be a high second to possibly even a low first guy.

      Jones checks all the boxes on and off the field. High character guy with that comes from a football family. I’ll be very surprised if he makes it past pick #42.

      1. Agree but hoping for a bit of luck on some of these. One never knows… if there is a run on QBs and DEs early something has to give right?

    2. Sounds like you are in another universe. Raekwon McMillen is rated 50 at CBS and 52 at Draftek.

      Aint no way he falls to the 4th round.

              1. Oh, and De’veon Smith ran a 4.85 forty.

                D’onta Foreman ran a 4.45 forty, and did not drop a pass in his pro day.

              2. You mean he’s had an injury… oh, well you got me. They probably all had boo boos! Captain Obvious! Wonder how much time the players you proposed have missed due to injury? Care to ventur a guess?

              3. I guess we will have to see how their careers do Smith and Foreman. Both are good players. What are you measuring something here Baalke Jr. with analytics? You are a funny man.

              4. East, I advocated that one thing Lynch should do is avoid the ACL players. While Latimore does not have an ACL issue, he is prone to injury, just looking at his history.

                Sure, this is a game of attrition, that is why I want players who can play immediately, can help the team right away, and has shown that they are durable and can take the hits.

                Yes. Foreman had a stress fracture in his foot, but now he is fully healthy, and that 4.45 forty shows he is back.

                BTW, calling me Baalke Jr is weird, especially since we have Cassie on this site.Maybe you do not know this, but I am the antithesis of Baalke, but your emo tantrums fit Baalke’s mantra to a tee.

              5. Keep talking about emo tantrums. You are a walking contradiction. You define yourself.

              6. East, it sure sounds like you are parroting me. Define me? Emo tantrums? Yes, that is exactly what other posters are doing by attacking me.

                Sure, I may have a sharp tongue, but I am just responding at the same level as my attackers.

                Guess you are my new tag team gadfly. I will make another prediction. You will get all huffy, get more emo, and fly off the handle, then heartily wish you had never started because I will just keep responding until you stop. Ask some other posters if they have learned their lesson yet.

                While I do not think you are going to get so upset that you will devolve into spewing expletives, one can only hope.

              7. What happens is people get tired of going back and forth with you because you are insufferable. Not because you have any particular victory of any sort. No one would say that you have triumphed in any way. Your own delusions carry the day. Keep at it though Sisyphus! That rock may get over the mountain too someday! And just maybe you will achieve the wisdom you so clearly seek or it may be a puffy haze of that weed that clouds your brain!

              8. East, you seem troubled that a poster has the temerity to post his opinions. Just because you do not agree with them does not mean you get to attack, insult and bully.

                I could rip into a lot of other posters, but choose to let them have their say. Guess you did not like my criticism of your mock, but you better get used to it. Since you seem to delight in attacking me, I feel free to respond. If you ever get back to being civil and respectful, I will refrain from returning your salvos.

    3. I can’t get on board with De’Veon Smith EastCoast9er. I highly doubt he get’s drafted. He screams UFA.

      However, T.J. Watt is an intriguing prospect and could be a good fit for the 49ers.

      1. I went back and forth on him but can see him fitting in Shanahan’s system. I read enough good stuff on the kid to think he may be a dark horse.

      1. Watson doesn’t have the greatest arm but he is only 21. Could get stronger. But mentally he is superior to everyone in this class. Kid is tough as nails.

      2. Not really. Watson has played the best when the lights were on him, and he seems to have a moxie that is currently not there in the other QB prospects.

          1. Yet, virtually every article and analyst I see rates Trubisky higher. With regards to the huddle, I think it is more a lack of experience than ability. I think if he has any confidence at all, he’ll be able to command a huddle. Since he is a QB, I have to assume he has confidence in himself.

    1. Let’s just make it easy and say the Niners are interested in everybody. We truly have no idea which way they are leaning and that’s a good thing.

      1. I think it will be a player who plays on the offensive side of the ball. All the interviews by Lynch and KS seem to be tilted toward that direction. That’s just my perception in everything leading up to next week.

      2. +1000 under Walsh lots of rumors but know one knew for sure, Balke was predictable in a bad way, I like how lynch and Shannon ar con ducting things, we will improve but be 4 and 12 but building blocks to build on!

    2. Well, I prefer him to Watson. I said in my latest mock if Watson was available at 34 he could be the surprise pick – if you want to change the culture of your team he brings the best leadership qualities for it. Taking him at #2 would be a big surprise though.

  57. Good luck with that comeback attempt Glenn Coffee. I’m sure teams will be lining up to sign a 30 year old RB who’s a quitter.

    1. A Deacon arrested for packing heat….
      And the Niners, a 2-14 team sez “You want your release? No problem “

    2. Maybe we should package and trade him…for a pick. Think outside the box…make the team better…

      1. LOL . . .Let’s package old grinds Coffee with some haz-beens for a third, fourth and fifth rounder and build for that pipe-dream future, right on, right on . ..

    3. I absolutely loath Glen Coffee. I really cannot stand that guy personally. I respect his service in the military, but I hope he’s shunned by the NFL. He’s the kind of person who hides behind the arrogance of religious righteousness while failing to live up to the values he espouses.

      “A lot of people aren’t going to understand and realize (why I quit on my team) because they don’t have the wisdom to understand” ……..

      says the guy who was subsequently pulled over for excessive speed (which of course endangers innocent peoples lives) and was soon discovered to be driving his car without insurance or registration. When police searched the car before it was to be towed, they found a loaded pistol, cocked and ready to fire, concealed in the his cars center console.

      Police arrested Coffee and charged him with a third-degree felony, but those charges were later dropped.

      Word to Glen Coffee. You are hardly alone when it comes to NFL players who consider themselves devout Christians. You’re simply a QUITTER! Don’t pretend you have a higher understanding of Christianity when you’re driving recklessly, endangering the lives of others. You are a confused individual and a hypocrite, and the NFL has no time for quitters like you!.

  58. Per PFT, Mary Cabot still banging the drum for a possible Trubiskey pick @ #1. Apparently concerned they might miss him if they take Garrett first.
    Who knows? But if they were locked in on Garrett I think they’d be talking $ with his agent now…..
    Amusing for me that a bunch of national writers were slotting TrueBisquit to SF early in the speculations and I and a few others were scoffing at the idea. Now we’re hearing mutterings it could be the case……….or smoke.
    I’ve no confidence in a guess at #2….which is how they’d like it.

    1. There’s gotta be something in the water out there because only the Browns would value a 2nd round long term QB prospect over a dead to rights first round pass rusher. SMH

      1. He got the same draft grade as Goff and Wentz. AND he was rated a Round 1 prospect by the NFL Underclassman Draft Advisory Board who do their best to give honest appraisals and (mostly) tell kids to stay in school instead of coming out early.


        So I don’t know where this ‘Round 2’ stuff comes from. But it’s not from the professionals. Or even the better draftniks.

  59. I just ran into this today. This is a talent grading scale based on what Charley Casserly, Michael Lombardi and other former and current front-office personnel use in the NFL. The numbers aren’t important. What’s important is to the right — what NFL teams generally feel about the prospects they draft:

    9.00 Elite—No. 1 pick
    8.00-8.99 All-Pro—Rare Talent
    7.50-7.99 Round 1—Pro Bowl Potential
    7.00-7.49 Round 1—Top-15 Player Potential
    6.50-6.99 Round 2—Rookie Impact/Future Starter
    6.00-6.49 Round 3—Rookie Impact/Future Starter
    5.80-5.99 Round 3-4—Future Starter

    5.70-5.79 Round 4—Backup Caliber
    5.60-5.69 Round 5—Backup Caliber
    5.30-5.59 Round 6—Backup Caliber
    5.10-5.25 Round 7—Backup Caliber
    5.00 Priority Free Agent
    4.50-4.99 Camp Player

    The point being that while all the draftniks and fans think those Round 4 and later players (including the horde of UFDAs they slobber over) should be starters and scream and yell when the 107th pick of the draft washes out, most NFL executives realize that any starter gotten mid-to-late in the draft (or as a UFDA) will be like found money and it is not to be expected. Rather you’re looking for back-ups, special teamers and, as I said, ‘found money’ players that didn’t get it together in college but suddenly bloomed.

    Even if they pretend otherwise when they talk to the press.

    1. Exactly Moses. That’s why the Niners need to keep all their picks and pick the best player available based on their specific needs, at the top of each round.
      Accumulating more picks in the later rounds will only amount to cutting guys. Enough of the throw everything at the wall and see what sticks philosophy.

      The best draft strategy for this current 49ers organization is chose the best player at the top of each round based on need, and then develop these guys.

      Its a rebuild. So let your scouting staff do their job diligently an then let your coaching staff coach these guys up!

      I don’t see the value in inviting 120 guys to camp and then cutting 40 of them when some of those guys might be 4th, 5th, 6th round draft picks. Waste especially when you are choosing at the top of each round.

      1. Prime, the smart move would be to leverage the number 2 pick to get as many players in the first 3 rounds as possible. Looking at that chart, third rounders should eventually be starters.

        Glad to see you moving away from the needs strategy, and are now saying the BPA that fills a need.

        Trading back is the smart move, but I can totally understand why you do not want to move back.

        1. That’s not even remotely close to what I suggested Seb. Might be best to just ignore my posts. They seem to be too intellectual and complex for you.

          1. Prime, nice try. Your posts are at the second grade level.

            Remember, a storm is coming….

              1. LOL, this is your new mantra?

                Prime, guess you are getting tired of my pushback.

                Try ignoring me.

                I might leave you alone.

        2. Sebs–

          isn’t that what Bulky always tried to do? How did that work………
          Sure, trade back, if Someone like Walsh is calling the shots. What if its a Bulky……………..?

      2. It’s going to be really interesting come Thursday night. If Niners take Trubisky all credit to you Prime who has been on this pick for a long while. I will be the first one to give you credit on that prediction cause I have been giving you sh*t since the beginning. I have no clue on what direction there leaning. This is going to be crazy. Well done by lynch on keeping his cards close to the vest.

        1. I have to agree that I have no idea what the pick will be. I do hope they trade down some though.

        2. I’m not looking for any accolades or recognition like Seb. My only agenda is we need a QB. The best QB in the draft in my opinion is Trubisky. Its the perfect scenario for him in SF and we have the best HC to develop him. It just makes perfect sense.

          1. Yet, with Cousins waiting in the wings, and a stellar QB crop next season, the best strategy would be to fix the defense.

            Since this team is 2-14, they need bodies. Trading back is the smartest move, but they should not seem so desperate that other teams will try to take advantage of them.

            Do not worry, you will get no accolades from me, even if the Browns trade up and take Trubisky at 2. The Niners will pass on Trubisky, which your prediction dictates.

        3. I’d be perfectly content. Yeah, he came out. But the scouts & GMs that made up the NFL Advisory Board told him flat-out he was a Round 1 prospect. And considering the people at nfl,com have given him the same grade as Goff & Wentz…

          I don’t see why anyone should be upset if he is the pick. I also like Solomon Thomas. And would be quite happy if we picked him.

          There are others I don’t like — Adams, Lattimore, Fournette and some others. It’s not about whether I think they could succeed, or not, in the NFL but whether they make sense to risk, scheme & needs.

          For example, I’d rather have Cook than Fournette. He’s a more versatile runner and fits the scheme far better than the north-south Fournette. I’d rather have Hooker over Adams because Hooker is the closest thing I’ve seen to Ed Reed in a long, long time. I’d rather not touch Lattimore or any other corner in Round 1. Lattimore because he breaks, the others because they’re not good values.

          1. I really don’t understand why you think SS isn’t a need. When has Reid or Tartt shown anything to suggest they are a good fit at SS in this scheme?

            1. Reid has all the attributes/skills needed to be an in-the-box safety. He’s shown that. He’s a fierce tackler. He likes the rough-play in the box. He’s good at man-coverage against TEs. He’s good at shedding blocks. He’s good at run defense.

              His biggest problem is that they’ve been playing him, the past few years, at FS and putting him in zone coverage, something he’s not good at. Plus they’ve done some real dumb things, like in 2015 when Mangini even put him on the slot receiver! Something that was a match-up-from-hell joke. Yet:

              Reid finished the year [2015] ranked as PFF’s 47th-ranked safety out of 87 qualifiers. Now he holds the top spot. He’s allowed just 16 yards when targeted in coverage and leads safeties, and San Francisco’s defense, with three quarterback hits.

              47th while playing FS and covering slot receivers. He’s not a FS. He’s not a center-fielder. He’s a SS. And to be average (47th out of 84) while playing to all your weakness is actually a bit of an accomplishment.

              And when they brought him into the box last year:

              Reid is excelling this year against the run. According to Pro Football Focus, Reid owns a commendable 86.8 run-defense grade.

              That’s his job in this defense. Crush the run, deal with TEs in man coverage. And he’s good at it. Instead of, oh, someone trying to make him Ed Reed….

              1. By the time Reid got injured last year that great grade had evaporated. He played well the first couple of games.

                Against the run he is better coming downhill. Those times when you see Reid getting knocked backwards is when he doesn’t get a head of steam up. And in coverage he isn’t that good in man. He is good when he has the play in front of him and can come up, so long as he reads it right and doesn’t let the ball get behind him on a blown coverage. He can struggle when he has to move laterally in man coverage.

  60. Browns have enough draft capital to swing a deal that would get them the first and second picks of the draft.

    Sashi Brown should not pull a Baalke and get cute. He should just parlay that number 12 pick, and those second and third round picks into obtaining the Niners number 2 pick, and then they can get both Garrett AND Trubisky. Maybe he wants to go cheap and wait until 12 for Trubisky, but if he falls before then, Haslam will be ticked off.

    Browns could get the QB they want without giving up a 2018 first round pick, unlike the Rams and Eagles. Sashi brown should make a deal that is fair to both sides, so it is a win/win situation.

  61. Browns are threatening to pass on Garrett?
    Guess they want more scorn and ridicule. That would be a typical Browns move.

    Lynch is smart to not trade back from the number 2 spot, because the Browns may go brain dead and let Garrett fall into the Niner’s lap.

    1. However, I hope they do trade back with the Browns ahead of time, so the draft does not get turned on its ear and have all the prognostications become moot.

      It sure would help with the other teams’ strategizing, but many drafts have had big trades made during the draft, so the Niners should be ready for all scenarios and be flexible enough to make quick adjustments.

      1. No ship Sherlock Holmes? Tell us more!
        Look Simple Simon, that’s rudimentary stuff everybody knows. You’re just bored and typing to yourself; a yapping terrier in the yard next door.

        1. Good morning BT. Glad you at least acknowledge that what I type is sound strategically.

          Maybe you did not witness the past drafts. Baalke went with envelopes and used Anal lytics to draft ACL players and players with red flags because they were a bargain.

          Baalke was so dunderingly predictable, I mocked 3 players that he drafted. You, on the other hand, had no clue and probably only got Buckner right.

          Sure, this is a guessing game, but I find it fun to idly speculate, even with the peanut gallery yapping in my ear.

          No ship? I win again.

          1. Rudimentary – look it up…

            I don’t think BT was saying you were an arm chair general by any stretch. But you in your Reality Distortion Field can twist things like that into a compliment or others into emotional outbursts or attacks against your person. Just because we disagree and ridicule your insane postings does not mean we have emotional stakes in them or that we have any particular animus against your personhood. I actually like you though I think you may need some help and another hobby.

          2. Classic Seb form today… Preening and being preoccupied with winning. Turn your theme song up a bit, you’ve earned it.

          3. East, just because you want to go all emo and whine and cry about my posts, I will just calmly and civilly keep posting.

            Just look at how ridiculous you and others look. Flying off the handle over a post. Attacking me says a lot more about you than it does about me.

            Personally, I would rather spend time talking about the draft than wasting time responding to the snark, but I find if I ignore them, they tend to get more shrill and hysterical.

            So bring it on. I have all the time in the world, and there is no limitation on the word count. I can counter your futile screeds in a million different ways, but if you want to waste your time, have at it.

              1. I really just want to get back to the draft. You all are the ones who are starting again.

                Why dont you try and rip my mock?

              2. Prime, obviously, you are unclear on the concept.

                If you truly did not care, you would ignore my posts.

                But like a moth to a flame…..

              3. It does not matter what anyone suggests to you anyways. You just continue to be a rash and think the blog should just deal with it.

              4. Hmm, maybe you are learning your lesson.

                The suggestions you propose I write down and then use them in the bathroom. ;p

            1. Then do…you are the one eating time with the emo stuff and talk about flying off the handle. Quite frankly it’s a little sad.

              1. Prime, you are getting a teensy bit smarter. Glad to see you refraining from name calling and spewing expletives.

        2. Seb is that 7 year old in seat 26C who kicks the back of the seat in front of him on a long four hour flight, defying those around him to make him stop. Demanding attention and pouting when he doesn’t get it.

          1. Cassie, this reminds of your daddy. I certainly do not want the blowback, I want peace and civility. Maybe the kids’ mother should realize that her kid is misbehaving, and do something about it. Baalke would not care, and your incessant attacks are like the kid kicking the seat.

            Just thought the posters on this site could handle different opinions, but they just seem to want to shout me down.

  62. Cleveland better get their act together. Trubisky will not fall to 12. One mock had him going at 10 to the Bills.

    Niners may wait until after Cleveland picks, then trade pick number 2 to the Jets who are not fooling anyone with their pickup of McCown. NY is desperate for a decent QB, so if the Browns like Trubisky, imagine what the Jets think of him. The fact that the Jets blogs have studiously ignored the QB situation, just means to me that they are targeting Trubisky and do not want to tip their hand. Jets could offer their first and second, along with a 2018 second round pick. They could also offer pick numbers 6, 39 and Richardson for the Niners pick number 2.

    Cleveland need to leapfrog both the Jets and Bills. The Bears may be content with Glennon, but who knows? The browns have a ton of picks and a ton of options. If they go cheap and try to get cute, they may get burned again. S

    Still think the Texans may want to bundle picks to get Trubisky, since all they lack is a decent QB from getting to the SB.

  63. The truth is that we have no idea how Lynch and Shanahan will draft. Is Lynch in charge or is he a figurehead? Will it be a collaborative effort with the two and Peters?

    Will Lynch favor defense, Safety in particular. Will Shanny favor offense, WR in particular. Does Shanny want a QB early?

    Trubisky is accurate and has a quick release. Those are important traits to have in a WCO. Plus, he would be groomed by Shanny.

    I have no clue what will happen Thursday night. I hope we can trade down. If not, I would take Adams 10 times out of 10, but I’m OK with some of the other guys. The only pick that would make me vomit is Watson.

    1. #80 – Great points. I often catch myself thinking “there’s no way the (team name) will take (player name) in the first round…”, then I realize a few months ago I never heard of the guy. So how can I be so certain?

      Sports chatter has a certainty accent. Hard to shake it sometimes.

        1. He does have talent, and I guess he is a salary cap casualty. Depends on if Lynch can sign him, and since they have 68 mil in cap space, he is affordable.

  64. The Trade That Never Happened

    Last year the Titans 15+76+2017 2nd for the Browns 8+176.

    Dates omitted for clarity, that’s Titans 15+52+76 for the Browns 8+176.

    The Titans needed an OT. The Browns took advantage for a nice haul.

    The 49ers were drafting 7th. Its likely they had a similar offer from the Titans to move up. They took Buckner instead.

    I’m glad the 49ers stood pat for Buckner. I think he’ll be a blue chip player.

    Anyone think the 49er should have traded 7 back?

    1. At that time, yes. Right now, no. I happy with Buckner. I think he could be the best D lineman in last years class.

      1. I;m eager to see how Buckner does in the new 1-gap system. He looked way bigger in the presser the other week.

    2. No. Bucker was the second best player in the draft after Tunsil and one of three ‘elite’ graded players in the draft (Elliot being the third).

      We were lucky he wasn’t a fit/need for those in front of us. Of course, now that we’re going to a 4-3, it’ll be interesting since at 6′ 7″ he’s probably going to have some pad-height problems in the interior and will have to really work super hard to keep his pads low.

  65. The Browns are a joke.

    GM – Sashi Brown, This guy handled the cap and contracts for the Jags and Browns. He is just a lawyer with no experience in evaluating talent.

    Chief Strategy Officer – Paul DePodesta, he was the New York Mets vice president of player development and scouting. Really? Baseball?

    1. Please be nice. If the Niners want to try and get a deal with the Browns, the last thing to do is rip the front office.

      At least Brown was astute enough to accumulate a ton of draft picks. Now, I hope he is shrewd enough to get the first and second picks of the draft.

      I like the Depodesta hire. He is not as bad as the previous FO people who were totally incompetent.

      1. Be nice? That’s funny. OK I will be nice.

        The Browns were smart to hire a lawyer and a baseball guy to key positions.

  66. I predicted 5-7 wins in Chip’ first year as HC, but that was wishful thinking. After the draft and FA-less signings, it was clear that not only would Kelly find it hard to find more than 5 wins but the building blocks and pieces for a future improvement were not brought in by Baalke.

    I would be happy with 5 wins this season and already feel that the new regime is making positive strides to improve the team going forward.
    Thursday and Friday’s draft may bring the pieces that could build and propel the team to become relevant much sooner than later.
    I feel a positive vibe that has been missing since the days of Harbaugh.

    1. The moment the 49ers let the entire QB unit from last year walk, it was a positive reverberating vibe throughout the organization.
      Its our time to finally get the franchise QB we have so longed for since Steve Young!

          1. Absolutely! If Kyle wants Trubisky at #2 it would mean that Shanny thinks Trubisky can lead them to the SB. I would be very excited about the pick.

            1. Agreed. Until he proves otherwise and considering his reputation for offensive football and development, —-for what its worth, I’m fine with whatever offensive talent he drafts.

              The Mighty Quinn is right about one thing, tho….Defense wins championships, Offense puts butts in the seats. Simplistic, I know, but basically true.

        1. Too bad this is a relatively weak QB class. With Cousins and the 2018 QB class looming, the best strategy will be to fix the defense.

          1. “the best strategy will be to fix the defense.”

            Agreed, all of my mocks have focused on D early. However, Cousins will be 30 next year and he could resign with the Skins or go to another team as a FA. Next year’s QB class looks good now but that can change.

            At some point we have to get a franchise QB. If Shanny believes that Trubisky is that kind of player I would have no problem with the pick.

            1. I do not think Cousins will resign with the Native Americans, because they have little cap room.

          2. Seb,
            I would be interested in seeing what Cousins does this coming season without Garcon before I crown him the heir apparent for the 49ers next year.
            IMO, its to risky to hope on a Cousins signing next season. If Shanahan and Lynch think highly of a QB in the draft they go after him.
            Yes, it is a weak QB draft. That said, the only QB worthy of a top 15 pick in the 1st rd is Trubisky. I’d be very happy if we could trade out of #2 and grab Tru at 8-12, but if we grab him at 2, I’m good.

            1. AES, I guess that KS is comfortable with Cousins, and would want him. Cousins and Garcon were team mates, so they would be able to sync up again.

              No matter what, he would be way better than Hoyer, and especially an unproven QB with a small resume. Trubisky could bust just as easily as making the pro bowl.

              If the Niners stay at 2, then they should grab King Solomon Thomas, or go with the safe pick in Jamal Adams.

    2. I predicted 5. But there’s a trick — I always predict last year’s record because, frankly, nobody knows. Small differences can make huge differences. And, unlike baseball, you don’t play so many games that you can over-come a star-players 10-game slump…

  67. http://nfltraderumors.co/afc-notes-bengals-dolphins-titans/

    “According to Tony Pauline, the Bengals gave Washington WR John Ross a clean bill of health and he’s in the conversation for them at No. 9 overall pick.”

    “Pauline says that the Bengals’ medical staff have “given the green light” in regards to Ross’ knees and their team’s front office thinks the addition of Ross could make their offensive attack “unstoppable.”

  68. TomD

    April 21, 2017 at 3:42 pm


    April 21, 2017 at 8:41 pm

    TrollD, this is why I think your football knowledge is vacuous.

    Do not ever attempt to compare KS to Bill Walsh.

    Offensive coordinator, Wikipedia :

    The offensive coordinator is in charge of the team’s offensive game plan, and typically calls offensive plays during the game, although some offensive-minded head coaches also handle play-calling.

    TomD’s Take: Seb,

    You can enroll into an SRJC extension course in reading comprehension….Nowhere in my analysis was there a Shanahan/Walsh comparison

    There was a head coach sans OC comparison though. Both Bill Walsh and Kyle Shanahan called their own plays as HC’s (Shanahan this season).

    I’ll trust Wikipedia over you any day Seb, and for readers who disagree with you that Shanahan should have picked through the left over coaches scrap heap pile at the end of the SuperBowl to find his OC.

    But this is what makes Seb’s comedy hour special—trying to saddle the 49ers with the worst players–Kap and Jarryd Hayne, or left over, loser coaches fired after the Superbowl. You hoped Kyle would crash the SS 49er into those rocky shoals on his maiden voyage, like the true Raider Nation Card Holder you are, Seb !

        1. Prime,

          My mistake. Sometimes we all reach our limits with Seb and his endless attempts at keeping the 49ers status as bottom feeders via his loser coaches suggestions: “Hire Kelly and Tomsula back” and “bring Kap back to unleash a storm.”

          Seb’s derisive views on Shanahan for not hiring an OC when the only coaches Shanahan had to chose from were the pool of loser coaches fired by other teams after the SuperBowl was the last straw. I had to chime in.

          1. You’re right Prime.

            Seb’s neighbors are biting their fingernails hoping he stays on his computer typing his novels to us, while we hope he’s out playing with his chainsaw near a pile of overgrown weeds.

        2. At least not until someone can get to Costco and pick up some toilet paper…

      1. My Raider mock.

        Rd.1 – Zane Gonzalez K
        Rds. 2-7 – The fastest WR or CB on the board.
        RIP Al Davis.

  69. Is any one rating Trubisky as the second best player in the draft? I see the QB’s as rated at best in the middle of the 1st and later. This makes me very uncomfortable picking him at 2.
    The Niners have way to many needs to reach for a QB. Mayock thinks teams will make a mistake reaching for QBs this year. Lombardi wrote that article a week or so about the mistakes teams make picking QBs.
    If the Niners stay at 2 they should pick the BPA. They need talent.
    Thomas is being compared to Justin Smith, Allen to Lott, I would take either of those two over a QB who is not rated in the top 10 and has not been compared to a HOF player.

    1. 42,
      Don’t mean to draw shade on your take but who was Joe Montana and Tom Brady compared to coming out of college?
      Who was Jerry Rice and Randy Moss compared to?
      I know that I’m being a little redundant here but there is no proof that any player coming out of college will have an NFL career that mimics a HOF.

      We just don’t know how drafted players will perform in the NFL until they hit the field. My draft crush this year is Reuben Foster. I’ve compared him to both Patrick Willis and Ray Lewis but he could turn out to have a middle of the road NFL player.

      1. AES,
        On talent alone I agree with you he may be the biggest impact defensive player in the draft and I really see the Ray Lewis comparison. I believe that he is his own worst enemy and with the new office seeming to be a zero tolerance FO I wouldn’t draft him. I believe Lynch will release him at the first whiff of a problem and I believe this kid will always be close to a problem.

        1. Old coach,
          I agree with you 100% but with Foster’ latest episode perhaps he drops to the 2nd Rd.
          I would be hesitantly happy with a draft that features Trubiski at #2 and Foster at #34.

  70. This is how I see the top ten coming off the board:

    49ers/King Solomon

    1. David Shaw said on KNBR Thomas will immediately be the best interior pass rusher in the NFL as a rookie. Blatant but forgivable boosterism has to factor in, but another reason to feel good if the 49ers stand pat at pick 2.

      Solomon and Adams are the two “safe” picks in this draft. A reason why I’d be fine with an under chart short trade-back within the top 4.

  71. 49Reasons,

    I would not only take Jamal Adams with the second pick I would also take his LSU teammate CB Tre’Davious White with our second pick.

    I would also take another cornerback and safety with our third and fourth picks.

    In 1981 four of our first five picks were in the secondary. Let’s build up the defense this year. If Shanahan is a good offense coach he will improve the offense slightly this year and we can focus on that area next year.

    We are not going 7-9 this year. If we double our wins we can go to 4-12 then improve to 7-9, then in year three we can go 10-6 or better. Bill Walsh used this same formula.

    I want a secondary who can hit, who can stop the run, who can cover, who are smart, who are leaders, who are winners, who are so pissed off when they get beat they come back on the next play seeking vengeance.

    It’s a great draft this year for the secondary. Let’s take advantage of it.

    1. Wild Bill,

      Excellent comparison of those DB’s drafted to build our dynasty.

      Sound like you don’t have faith in Baalke’s DB’s on the roster.

      I was thinking a trade down with Carolina or Cleveland—acquiring extra picks.
      With those picks, and the fact that the 49ers pick 2nd in every round, their first four rounds should be starters, or see substantial playing time.

      I believe the 1st pick will be an edge rusher. The 2nd pick will be a DB or safety.

    1. Hmmmmm, if it’s too costly for the Browns to trade up from 12 to 2, as this article opines, then it would be double-too-costly for Houston to get there from 25; Yes?
      Golly, that would mean Seblomaniac was peddling farts in a bag once again.

  72. TomD,

    What destroyed our defense is when Patrick Willis, Justin Smith, Aldon Smith , Chris Borland, et al all left at the same time. It was next to impossible to replace that talent.

    We were last (32nd) in total defense last year (406.4 yards a game). IF we can just improve to 342 yards a game that will get us to around the 12th spot. And IF we can improve our offense from 308 yds a game (31st in the league) to around 356 yards a game we then could be in every game.

    Doesn’t sound like a lot, does it? Just give up 10 less yards a quarter and gain 10 more yards a quarter on offense and you go from the worst team in the league to slightly better than half of the teams in the league.

    But those are big IFS.

    I think Shanahan tipped his hand when, in one of his first statements, he said defense starts with the safety. That’s why I think they will go with Adams.

  73. Adams is a stud. A sure ProBowler. I have no arguments.

    I’ve posted all along, I just want the 49ers to walk away with an impact player with this pick.

    I am surprised at Walter Football’s 49er mock: Leonard Fournette because they’re trying to trade Hyde for draft picks.

    “Fournette is the best player not named Myles Garrett and comparable to Adrian Peterson.”…..Walter Football.

    1. No such thing. And we all know it. NFL history is full of ‘sure things’ that were busts. Courtney Brown. Jack ‘The Throwin’ Samoan’ Thompson. David Carr. Akili Smith. Tony Mandarich. Rick ‘the Next Joe Montana’ Mirer. Heath Shuler. Ki Jana Carter. Charles Rodgers. Lawrence Phillips. Aundray Bruce. Tom Cousineau. Kenneth Sims. Andre Ware.*

      I mean, really, a long, long, long list.

      * He did well in Canada though. Grey Cup!

  74. Man, Thursday night is going to be interesting.

    If we don’t trade down the pick is coming from this group:

    Adams, Lattimore, Fournette, Thomas, Hooker, Trubisky, Watson, Allen.

    We haven’t had a home run in our last 51 picks, we sure need one now.

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