49ers 2022 Mock Draft; San Francisco trades into the first round

After months of pouring over scouting reports and watching film until I could no longer see straight, it’s showtime.

The NFL Draft kicks off at 5:00 tonight in Las Vegas.

San Francisco has needs along the interior of the offensive line, cornerback, safety, and pass rusher.

Here’s how I see the next three days playing out for the 49ers.

Round 1, pick 20: Tyler Linderbaum, Center, Iowa

The draft starts off without many surprises near the top. However, that all changes at pick 9 when the Seattle Seahawks select Malik Willis. The Liberty quarterback had been the top target for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

With their quarterback of the future off the board, Pittsburgh strikes a deal for a quarterback who can help them win now.

While all the attention had been around a potential trade of Deebo Samuel getting the 49ers into the first round, the trade they eventually make is Jimmy Garoppolo.

Pittsburgh sends pick 20 to the 49ers in exchange for Jimmy Garoppolo and pick 61 in this draft. As part of the deal, San Francisco agrees to pick up $10 million of Garoppolo’s salary for 2022.

In Linderbaum, the 49ers go back to Iowa to find a player they feel can be their center for the next 10 years. A three-year starter for the Hawkeyes, Linderbaum allowed only two sacks and 11 hurries.

Round 3, pick 93: Trade. San Francisco sends pick 93 to Cincinnati in exchange for picks 95 and 174.

Round 3, pick 95: DeAngelo Malone, Edge, Western Kentucky

San Francisco likes to have speed off the edge opposite Nick Bosa, and that’s exactly what they get in Malone.

In three seasons with the Hilltoppers, Malone racked up 27 sacks and 72 hurries.

Malone isn’t expected to be a three down player early in his career; however, his speed will be a welcome addition on second and third down.

Round 3, pick 105: Cordale Flott, Cornerback, LSU

Flott is on the lean side, weighing in at only 175lbs however, he plays bigger.

While he primarily played in the slot for the Tigers, Flott has the ability to play outside as well.

Flott allowed only 23 receptions on 45 targets for 249 yards last season.

Round 4, pick 134: Kyle Phillips, Wide Receiver, UCLA

The top slot receiver in the draft, Phillips gives Kyle Shanahan a shifty receiving presence inside to go along with the physicality of Jauan Jennings.

Last season, Phillips made 59 grabs for 739 yards and 10 touchdowns.

He’s drawn comparisons to Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp throughout the draft process.

Round 5, pick 172: Brian Robinson Jr, Running Back, Alabama

Robinson was forced to sit behind Najee Harris early in his career with the Crimson Tide.

Finally given his opportunity in 2021, Robinson averaged over 5 yards per carry on his way to 1,343 yards. He added 35 receptions for 296 yards.

At 6’2”, 225, Robinson brings power to the 49er’s backfield. His presence will spell the end for either JaMycal Hasty or Jeff Wilson Jr in San Francisco.

Round 5, pick 174: Jason Poe, Guard, Mercer

Poe is easily one of the most athletic offensive linemen in this draft. The issue here is his size, at 6’2”, 295lbs, Poe is undersized for the NFL.

This selection gives the 49ers another interior offensive lineman who can play either guard position or center. At this point, Poe is a bit of a developmental project for offensive line coach Chris Foerster.

Round 6, pick 187: Leon O’Neal Jr, Safety, Texas A&M

O’Neal has the type of versatility San Francisco looks for in their safeties.

During his time with the Aggies, O’Neal could be found lining up deep, in the box, or covering in the slot.

Round 6, pick 220: DaRon Bland, Cornerback, Fresno State

Bland started his collegiate career at Sacramento State before transferring to Fresno State in 2021.

Standing 6’2”, 200 lbs. with long arms, Bland has the type of size and length the 49ers look for in their outside cornerbacks.

In his lone season with the Bulldogs, Bland was targeted in coverage 50 times and allowed only 21 receptions for 274 yards.

Round 6, pick 221: Matt Araiza, Punter, San Diego State

San Francisco put an emphasis on improving their special teams play this offseason, making the selection of Araiza an easy one.

In addition to being dubbed “The Punt God” for his ability to boom punts, Araiza also handled the kickoff duties for San Diego State in 2021. His ability to put the ball into the end zone for touchbacks, 62 of 73 last season, would be a welcome addition for a San Francisco unit which rarely saw this over the last two seasons.

Round 7, pick 262: Brock Purdy, Quarterback, Iowa State

With Trey Lance and Nate Sudfeld as the only quarterbacks on the roster, San Francisco will need to add someone before training camp.

Purdy drew a lot of attention by leading Iowa State to upset victories over Oklahoma and TCU in 2019. Since then, the shine around Purdy has dimmed.

His athleticism and ability to hit throws between the numbers makes him a solid project quarterback for the 49ers practice squad.

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  1. Now, if we could predict who the 9ers will sign from the pool of undrafted free agents…

    Not convinced it’s time to show Wishnowsky the door.

  2. Many will be watching for what happens at pick 10 to see what happens with Deebo.

    I’ll also be watching what happens with Kenny Pickett and other quarterbacks picks 1-19.

  3. Jack: “Pittsburgh sends pick 20 to the 49ers in exchange for Jimmy Garoppolo and pick 61 in this draft. As part of the deal, San Francisco agrees to pick up $10 million of Garoppolo’s salary for 2022.”

    * While I’d be excited to see the 9ers draft Tyler Linderbaum, the Center from Iowa, the odds of the Steelers trading draft pick #20 for Garoppolo are about one in a 100!
    * I also can’t see the 9ers agreeing to pick up $10 Mil of JG’s 2022 salary. Not if they intend to resign Bosa, even if they trade Deebo.
    * Correct me if I’m wrong, but the ~$15.5 Mil left from trading JG, would cover signing the 9ers draft picks and leave the 9ers with ~$5.5. Even if the 9ers get ~6.5 Mil by extending J. Ward, where does the money to sign Bosa, let alone Deebo, come from?

  4. Trade Deebo ONLY if the Jets gives us the #10 for Safety Kyle Hamilton, a 2nd rd pick and 2 other draft picks

    if not just chill and hope Safety N Cross drops to #61

    The depth chart is stacked we only have major needs at C and S

    Back up plan -Sign FA JC Tretter and hope Hufanga takes over next to Ward

  5. I don’t think Garoppolo or Deebo are getting traded today. I would not be surprised if one or both were traded. It just seems really quiet on the trade front.

    That said, if there is a trade involving Jimmy G there are a few slight openings.

    – I heard the Giants are not picking up Jones’s 5th year option. If they skip QB in the first, perhaps Jimmy+93 for NYG’s 36?

    – Many say Carolina is trying to trade back. Also heard most GMs are angry at the Browns for breaking the QB market and are in no hurry to take Mayfield off their payroll. If Carolina does trade back I think a day two pick for Jimmy could happen.

    1. I don’t see anyone trading for Deebo without first passing a physical, his agreeing to a new multi year salary, the amount of his guaranteed money, plus an agreement as to what position(s) he’s willing to play! I suspect that’s too much to get accomplished by today and that’s assuming both teams could make it happen and keep it from being leaked to the press.

  6. Are the Ravens trading Marquise Brown for AZ’s first round pick to make a play for Deebo?

  7. The 49ers are digging their heels in on Deebo Samuel, and I called it all along, ever since he it became clear that there was a major impasse between the Niners FO, and Deebo’s handlers.

    So why was I so certain that the 49ers were feeling NO sense of urgency to get Deebo’s contract situation dealt with before this thing gets completely out of hand, potentially bleeding into training camp and perhaps even the regular season? After the new league year arrived, and Jimmy Garoppolo was somehow still on the 49ers payroll, I came to the conclusion that the 49ers were clearly planning to take something closer to a developmental approach to their 2022 offseason, rather than acting like a team that truly feels like it might be one aggressive offseason away from winning their 6th Lombardi Trophy.

    This seems like an extremely odd approach considering that, only a few months ago, the 49ers were had a 4th QTR lead in the NFC Championship game, and were on the cusp of making their second Super Bowl appearance in the last 3 seasons, and yet, it is now crystal clear that the 49ers FO are taking a wait-and-see approach to Trey Lance’s inaugural season, rather than going all in, which has become a trend over the last few years, punctuated by the LA Rams’ ultra-aggressive-Super Bowl-winning-strategy in 2021.

    In fact, John Lynch basically came right out and said as much at Monday’s press conference, when asked by reporters to respond to the common critique of their current offseason so far – “that the team hasn’t accomplished it’s main objectives, because they haven’t created $25 million in cap space by trading Jimmy G, so they haven’t been able to use that projected cap space ($25M), and they haven’t extended Deebo, and therefore they are clearly having a subpar offseason (so far), in terms of their goals?” John’s Lynch’s answer to this question was astonishing to me, and actually quite telling as well when he said quote: “We had a plan, we’ve been very aggressive, top five, top ten team in terms of cash, and we’ve had the pedal down for five years, so it was time to probably, on the whole, take a step back in terms of the amount of cash and cap we were spending. And so that was planned all along.”

    My gosh, You have to love John Lynch’s candid honesty! While Kyle Shanahan consistently answers questions as if he thinks Niner fans are the dumbest, most stupid sports fans in America, John Lynch is often honest to a fault. Even if this plan was the right plan, to go into this offseason taking more of a wait-and-see approach to Trey’s first season as the starter, taking a developmental approach to team building, rather than acting like a team that feels that it my be one aggressive offseason away from winning a Super Bowl, DON’T EVER COME OUT AND SAY IT OUT LOUD, lol!

    It should be no surprise then, that 49ers management has decided to dig their heels in on with Deebo and his agent, instead of doing what just about every other team is doing with their highly coveted #1 WR’s who are due new blockbuster contracts on a suddenly grossly inflated market, even though there is a decent chance that this ordeal could get much uglier, and potentially drag into the regular season, in which case it’s yet another setback in terms of what should have been the 49ers offseason priorities this year. This is not conducive to putting the best team possible around the young gun -Trey Lance, for his inaugural season, and now even if they do end up trading him at some point this offseason, they won’t be able to use the trade compensation until 2023, dealing yet another blow to their 2022 season. I am hearing that the Jets offered the TENTH overall pick, plus an additional 2022 3rd round pick, which would have been a golden opportunity for the 49ers to get a TOP TEN pick, and then flip it, moving back to the sweet spot – the latter portions of round one, and accumulating additional picks allowing them to aggressively target quality football players in the middle portions of what is a relatively deep draft class.

    It’s still too early to write the 49ers 2022 offseason obituary, but after round one of the NFL draft, the 49ers are much closer to being middle of the pack, than they are a true contender, and I think that’s a shame!

    With two more days left in the draft, ShanaLynch may still be able to salvage this offseason, but as things stand tonight, I am giving the 49ers’ brain trust a D- grade for this offseason. They better get their act together real quick, because this offseason is quickly becoming a major setback!

    1. Total Nonsense – How many blows do you need before you write an obituary?

      “take a step back in terms of the amount of cash and cap we were spending. And so that was planned all along.”

      Please name one FA that we could have signed to be a starter on the depth chart ?

      The only holes we had was Special teams, Safety and now Center

      The Front Office brilliantly signed young players who could fill the backup role WR, DB and LB at the same time the players will be playing special teams full time.

      On most rosters your back up and special teams players are rookies or low draft picks, in the case of the 49ers we upgraded to 4 yr players who have shown they can do the job.

      Playing Trey Lance is going all in – I don’t understand why you people doubt Trey – didn’t we see the long passes ?

      When was the last time we had a QB who could throw deep accurately?

      why are you all so obsessed with drafting players – we have a stacked roster – there is no 2022 draft pick that could be a starter on the current 49er roster – THAT IS A FACT

      Last time I checked Super Bowls were never won in the offseason

      Another fact is we are still better than the Packers and Cowboys – we did beat the Rams twice – lost the 3rd on easy int drop – 49ers are in a great shape

      1. Last time I checked Super Bowls were never won in the offseason

        That’s a TRUE statement, but ….. many Super Bowls have been LOST during the offseason! That’s a fact. The 49ers are on their way to doing just that, with another 3rd place finish in their division if they don’t pull their heads out of their arses real quick, and the odds of them making the postseason two years in a row, on the weakness of the rest of the NFC, are slim to none!

        This offseason has simply gone from bad to worse, and 65% of the 49ers faithful know it!


        2023 might be different story though …. MIGHT BE!

        1. It pains me to say it, but the way this offseason is going, the 49ers are looking at a 9-8 record, at best, and another 3rd place finish in the NFC West! GAURANTEED!

          And please ….. do me a favor and hold onto the receipts of this post, so I can crow about being right yet AGAIN!

          1. Actually, let me revise that.

            I’ll give them 10-7, and a wildcard exit at this point of the offseason. Let’s hope ShanaLynch can right this ship before they hit the oncoming iceberg!

      1. Well, at least we don’t have Sebnynah to wrestle with. Looking forward to today’s chapter.

        1. ….or BAYAREA, and his rants about Sackorpick…who, by the way, would be welcomed with open arms to the former Chokeland Faiders

    1. No matter how wrong he always is, it never stops his ability to be wrong again. Apparently the only way he can get the attention he so desperately needs is to hate on the team he supports.

    2. Is 49Reasons Grant Cohn in disguise? Sure sounds like Cohn who
      is now hawking his own branded merchandise and seeking comment
      on same.

      1. I’d pay a few bucks to have a Grant C. antenna ball (in the shape of his head) for my older car.

  8. Seems obvious to me that the 49ers brain trust didn’t find any player in this year’s draft equal in value to Samuel. From what I’ve read this year’s draft wasn’t top heavy with talent but is pretty loaded with solid prospects. The team’s record of draft choices in later rounds has been quite successful in the recent past. It would be really interesting to get a look at their draft board and perceived valuation process in terms of improving the roster with draft picks. Just my opinion.

    1. Eager to see what develops for the 9ers today and tomorrow–along with undrafted free agent signings.

    2. Agreed, that would be interesting. The draft only shows who they drafted but not who they missed out on because someone drafted them earlier.

  9. The only thing all these mock drafts indicate is who is NOT getting drafted in that spot.

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