49ers 22, Chiefs 17: Grades

SANTA CLARA – The 49ers eked out a 22-17 win over the Chiefs Sunday afternoon. But the 49ers should have lost. The Chiefs gave away the game. With four minutes and 19 seconds left in the fourth quarter Kansas City committed one of the stupidest penalties you ever will see: Fourth-and-2 at the Chiefs’ 36-yard line. Phil Dawson was on the field to attempt a 54-yard field goal and, if he made it, the Chiefs still would have had four minutes and three timeouts to drive the field and score a touchdown to win the game. But the Chiefs had 12 men on the field. And the officials noticed. They threw a flag. Automatic first down. That penalty ended up wasting two minutes and all three of the Chiefs’ timeouts. The Chiefs have no one to blame but themselves for losing this game.

With that in mind, here are the 49ers’ grades:

KAEPERNICK: B-. No turnovers. No Delay of Game penalties. No wasted timeouts. All of that is good. But Kaepernick threw just one touchdown pass and the 49ers’ offense converted just six of 16 third downs (38 percent), and scored just one TD in four trips to the red zone. And Kaepernick threw a pass that should have been intercepted by Ron Parker. And Kaepernick completed only 54 percent of his passes. Some of his incomplete passes missed receivers by five, ten yards. One time he hit a lady standing on the sideline in the back of the head.

RUNNING BACKS: A. Frank Gore had two 6-yard runs, two 7-yard runs, an 8-yard run, a 9-yard run, a 12-yard run, two 13-yard runs and a 14-yard run. Superb. Carlos Hyde ran well, averaging 4.3 yards per rush and carrying the ball 10 times for the second game in a row.

WIDE RECEIVERS: B-. Anquan Boldin caught four passes, a team high. Brandon Lloyd caught three passes for 76 yards. Two of his catches were extraordinary – a diving 38-yard catch down the right sideline and a leaping 29-yard catch down the left sideline over 6-foot-3 cornerback Sean Smith. Michael Crabtree didn’t show up. Kaepernick threw to him four times and he caught just one pass. Stevie Johnson also caught just one pass – a 9-yard TD catch. On that play he pushed off and got away with it. More power to him.

TIGHT ENDS: D-. Vance McDonald and Derek Carrier blocked well, but Carrier caught only two passes and McDonald caught zero. As a receiver, McDonald is a zero. Carrier is better. But on his second catch he fumbled, went out of bounds, came back in bounds and recovered the ball. A player who goes out of bounds cannot be the first player to touch the ball. That’s a penalty. That should have been Chiefs’ ball, but the officials missed it.

OFFENSIVE LINE: C+. This unit used to be the best offensive line in football. Now it’s ordinary. They couldn’t protect Kaepernick for the second week in a row. The Chiefs sacked him three times and hit him five times. Alex Boone gave up one sack, Jonathan Martin gave up another.

DEFENSIVE LINE: B-. Gave up just 90 rushing yards to an offense that was averaging more than 145 rushing yards per game. Very impressive. On the other hand, the Chiefs averaged 4.7 yards per rush today. Kansas City came into the game averaging 4.6 yards per rush. They should have run more against the Niners. Jamaal Charles rushed just 15 times even though he averaged 5.3 yards per carry.

LINEBACKERS: C+. Zero sacks. The 49ers’ linebackers haven’t recorded a sack since the third quarter of Week 1 when Ahmad Brooks sacked Tony Romo. That’s the only time a 49ers’ linebacker has recorded a sack this season.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: B. Allowed just 175 passing yards, although they didn’t have to cover anyone good. The 49ers’ secondary still gave up two touchdown catches. On the second one, Antoine Bethea got stiff-armed to the ground by De’Anthony Thomas who weighs 174 pounds.

SPECIAL TEAMS: A-. Phil Dawson was the 49ers’ MVP. He made all five of his field goal attempts, including a 52-yarder and a 55-yarder. This group gets a minus because they gave up a 28-yard punt return to De’Anthony Thomas.

COACHES: C. Last week, Jim Harbaugh said the 49ers are close to playing their best football. And then the offense scored just one touchdown against the Chiefs. Maybe Harbaugh should take off the rose-colored glasses when he’s watching his offense. Maybe he’s watching some other left tackle besides Joe Staley, or a right tackle other than Jonathan Martin, or a right guard other than Alex Boone. Maybe Harbaugh doesn’t know his offense has scored zero touchdowns in the fourth quarter this season.

My expectations for the 49ers’ offense are much higher than the head coach’s expectations. Harbaugh either is blowing smoke to the media or blowing smoke to his own team, trying to make them think they’re playing better than they really are.

Saying it won’t make it so.

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  1. Things to improve on today for sure but Grants grading scale needs the most improvement. Seriously? C’mon man *Deion voice *

    Kap managed the game far better than against the eagles. Boldin also had a chance on the 3rd down throw at the end but just dropped it. The throws to Lloyd were big time.

    The biggest missing factor in your grading system is failing to account for the chiefs being a good playoff caliber team, and the 49ers winning their first game without V.Davis starting. You know the guy you write several articles about needing a pay raise for being the 49ers’ most important offensive weapon?

    1. KC gave the game away. The defense was a joke to allow Gore and Hyde that yardage. The D should’ve forced CK to PASS MORE. Whole game to me was an F anyway, didn’t bother watching it. I rather have had some other exciting game. The Cle and Ten game was going strong until somebody had to take that off the air for the 49er mismatch.

      1. If you didn’t bother me watching it than how do you know it was a joke. And Chiefs gave it away because they let us run allover them? Maybe they just couldn’t stop Gore and Hyde.

  2. It must have pained you to give Frank the Tank an A, after all, he’s all washed up right? I see Kaepernick developing his chemistry with Lloyd deep. Five games into the season, through the arrests, suspensions, injuries, and front office mission statement of, ‘Getting Along Is More Important Than Winning’, I’d say the 49ers are right where they wanna be at this point in the season….

    1. Let’s face it Grant, you and Alex Smith mom, are the only two people that think Alex is better then Kaep. Yes Kaep still needs help on his mental game and his accuracy was a little off. Don’t think you would have too many NFL executives, QB guru’s and talent scouts that think Alex is better. Also nice going in throwing Gore under the bus after Hyde plays only one game. How is that working for you? I know you don’t admit mistakes but that is a douse.

  3. It must have pained you to give Frank the Tank an A, after all, he’s all washed up right? I see Kaepernick developing his chemistry with Lloyd deep. Five games into the season, through the arrests, suspensions, injuries, and front office mission statement of, ‘Getting Along Is More Important Than Winning’, I’d say the 49ers are right where they wanna be at this point in the season….

      1. Reports have surfaced that deion sanders’ unnamed locker room source was perennially disgruntled player nonmichael notcrabtree. Maybe the confusion between that player and MC is affecting MC’s productivity.

  4. Also I thought the difference in Kap vs Alex today was pretty big in terms of contributing to the win. Colin avoided the big turnover and made the big throws on money downs. Alex started fast and cooled off after SF adjusted on defense. Also, Alex threw the back breaking pick in the biggest drive of the game. I am not being Alex because he was a good 49er. But Colin was and is the better qb.

  5. Grant, so you don’t mention in your grades re what QB played better? The qb who clinched their teams loss by throwing an interception or the one that completed 54% of his passes. You were pretty adamant in your “rant” article Saturday what your opinions were. Why no qb comparison now?

  6. 49ers should have lost? Right. Grant’s big misASSumption – that even with 4 minutes the Chiefs would drive the field for the wining score. Mr Grant, what in the world gives you that insight, when the Niners had held AS to 50-some yards in the entire second half?

    1. I have to agree with Grant on that Ribico. That dumb penalty was the more or less the clincher for us. Had it not happened, we would’ve been given back the ball to an offense with a QB that has 13 game winning drives under his belt. I’m not saying that the Chiefs would have won, but the STs penalty effectively took all the wind out from underneath their sail.

      1. It contributed, no doubt. But to say the Niners should have lost had it not been for it is quite a leap.

      2. But vs who in these comebacks? Im not trying to knock smith. This game should end all questions on whether we have the better or right qb we root for. But smith was shut down in the second half and pretty much after their first drive. I just can’t see how he would all of a sudden makes a furious comeback. I think what Grant wrote was probably as bad as the “if you take away the big runs” comment on Gore.

      3. Mid, its so strange that all the penalties against us are never the cause for losing games but mental mistakes and penalties against other teams always is the reason for the 49er wins. No credit is given to the coaches for W. For example, having a game plan that was effective or the special team play that iced the game! Or the nice red zone play for the TD.

        1. Dumb penalties and mental mistakes are the main reason that the team is 3-2 instead of 5-0 Chicago. The coaches do get credit for the W, but to me the reason the Chiefs lost is because they shot themselves in the foot.

    2. Because he’s a petulant immature hater and needs to reinforce his own wrong opinions. There’s no way the Chiefs and A.S were the better team and should have won, the Niners had just 2 penalties, won the time of possession by a large margin thus controlling the clock and ran for 171 yards against a very good front 7 to KC’s 90, it’s a time proven formula for success, run the ball and play D, it’s been working for years and SF did it better today yet in Grant’s eyes the Chiefs should have won this thing …..hmmm

      1. Well said Joseph,
        The Chiefs were 4th in rushing, 9th in scoring coming into this game. The 49ers defense played a solid game against a very good offense. They figured took away the “dink and dunk” underneath stuff and dared Alex to throw deep and outside the hashes. When he did, it resulted in an INT. Game over.

      2. ” Because he’s a petulant immature hater and needs to reinforce his own wrong opinions.” Sums up Grant, and his coverage of the team he’s actually paid good money to cover, pretty damn well.

  7. What grade would you individually give alex smith ? I certainly dont think he outplayed kap at all both his tds where all about the receivers bc they where both at the line of scrimmage screens :! Smith was never really dangerous as a passer today he managed the game

    1. I agree. I would have given him a C if they lost due to turnover on downs, but that game clinching int drops it to a D.
      He didn’t do anything special outside the first scripted plays.

  8. What jumped off the screen is how fast Alex gets rid of the ball. He marched down the field against a talented team, throwing nothing but quick hitters before the D could react.

    I think that’s a big part of the 49ers current red zone woes. If CK develops this part of his game he’ll be deadly.

    1. His first scripted plays he did. After that??? Not so much. They knew what he was doing. That’s why he stunk in the second half. The dude has to have the plays stenciled for him to be at his best. He hasn’t changed a bit. If he could think on his own like that he would be very dangerous.

      1. Md, keep in mind CK has just two years of experience and Alex has been in this league for 10 years. Also the game plan impacts his performance as well.

    2. A breakdown of the avg time from snap to throw would be interesting… If anyone can find that. To my untrained eye, it does seem like Kap holds the ball longer than others. Although I had that same beef with Alex when he was here.

  9. So Alex Smith, had he 3 timeouts and 2 more minutes, would have ceased to be Alex Smith, and would instead have morphed into Joe Montana and led a 4th quarter comeback against the 2nd ranked defense in the NFL?


  10. The past weeks before the wins we all were complaining how the coaching staff was holding back or costing us wins. Well if you were a Chiefs fan today, you would be seriously peed off knowing they cost their team a win.
    The 12 men in the huddle was bad. And the lack of adjustments at half time was equally bad not attacking on offense and giving up major yards to Frank Gore.
    This Alex and Colin comparison today is ridiculous. Both players didn’t do much. It was a defensive battle.

    1. I think the Niner coaching always revert back to basics, which is to run the ball, and then occasion try to get cute with a gimmick play. They really don’t have a modern offensive minded scheme for passing. They have plenty of able hands at the WR positions now, but it’s not a passing attack that can threaten 200 yards on a consistent basis.
      On the other head, Andy Reid can be innovative, but he also not a very clutch play caller when the game is on the line. He had a could of 2nd and short situations and called pass, and should have went to Charles who was running well.
      Glad the Niners got the win. KC showed a little more then expected, especially after a short week. Niners grind out a win.
      Defense still doesn’t have consistent pass rush, which will be trouble when they face denver and NO.

      1. That was dumb but this one was IF WE WIN MY FAT CAT BROTHER IS GONNA BUY EVERYONE A PUPPY.

          1. So true. They’re not used to the Royals breaking their annual tradition of losing yet.

  11. One stat from the game today that makes me very happy: only two penalties for ten yards.

  12. I give the after-game press corp a resounding “F” because I don’t know the letter a for punch-them-in-the-face. Really awful questions from a bunch of no-class turds…

  13. Grant sez :
    ” …A player who goes out of bounds cannot be the first player to touch the ball. That’s a penalty. That should have been Chiefs’ ball, but the officials missed it….”

    Grant …
    I realize you have youth on your side … but, one thing I’ve learned
    watching football .. (since … well before you were born) .. is ..

    there is an old axiom in the game of football … maybe you’ve heard of it ..
    but it goes something like this =>

    ” … it ain’t a penalty .. if it don’t get called ..”

    See how that works ?

    1. I agree with Grants logic, and the niners should have lost this game.
      With that logic in mind, they should now be 4 and 1 with this being there only loss… as there were bad calls that eliminated TD’s in the 2 losses that changed the whole flow of the game.

  14. The 49ers should have lost, Chiefs gave it away. Eagles did the 49ers a favour last week by sticking with the run, this week the Chiefs did the 49ers a favour by not sticking with the run. Doesn’t matter what happens, if the 49ers win it is simply because the other team did them a favour. Got it.

      1. Yet the Bears and Cards weren’t lucky to beat the 49ers, the 49ers were just being the 49ers. When the 49ers do something stupid to help the opposition win a game that is par for the course, and the opposition won because of the other good stuff they did.

    1. Now you’re getting it. The 49ers are the luckiest team in the league. Forgot all of those early penalties in the first three games. We should be 0-5. And not because we beat ourselves but because we are that bad.

      1. The media must have been in heaven during the Erickson, Nolan, and Singletary era.

        1. I happened to like those coaches, except for the suits Nolan paraded himself in, but they never embarrassed themselves. I still don’t believe in ‘pants gate’ on Singletary. I’m not against Harbaugh winning. I’m against his pompous attitude to the media, to the team, to not letting CK be a man out there and throw the ball, and he coaches Stanford like, not 49er like football.

  15. Workmanlike game for a team that really needs to win the next few games. CK did well managing the ball, had real trouble from the offensive line though. Just not playing well together. Run offense coming along. Glad to see more than 2 red zone threats (Boldin, Davis from last year). Lloyd seems to be doing his best to stretch the field, which will yield better results.

    D needs to get more sacks, but good QB pressure from Lynch. Otherwise a good, though not the strongest statement games. At this point winning will help them achieve what they want later in the season.

  16. Niners played well against an inferior opponent. I think everyone knew that their game plan was going to be shut down JC and make AS win by throwing the ball – ha. We succeeded implementing that plan, but made it closer than it needed to be.

    I was pleased to see the unnecessary penalties no longer plague us.

    I think defensive coordinators have figured out that blitzing up the middle against our O line works.

    We need a playmaking WR. Crabtree is out the door. Boldin has one season left. SJ is a question mark.

    I think trade Crabtree to to Cleveland or Jacksonville d for Josh Gordon or shorts. Throw in draft pick if necess.

    Vance Mac is not living up to the draft capital spent on him – 2nd round pick.

    Is it my imagination or does roman call the same 7-8 plays over and over every game? The weekly end around to ellington is his idea of creativity.

    Thank goodness for dawson.

    1. The KC D was a JOKE! I don’t know what they did to Brady out there, but that’s a joke to allow CK to throw, even if the nos. were a joke, and to let Gore run is unaccpetable. I urge every team that plays the 49ers to stack the box, period. You just stack the box, stop the run. That’s the only time you’ll make CK pass if you take Gore out of his game, and same with Hyde. i’m also getting tired of Dawson and his 50 plus on kicks. Someday, those are going to backfire really bad on the 49ers. I would’ve punted the ball. KC gave that game to the 49ers and Reid should be fired and Alex Smith should be out of the league. He just lost his next shot against the 49ers unless the Rams can pick him up hopefully. Rams will need a Qb.

  17. Lmao at the 49ers would have lost the game if not for that 12 man penalty. And tell us Grant what QB on KC was going to lead them to a TD in the 4th quarter. This team is decimated with key injuries on both sides of the ball and you act like they have to be world beaters. Them getting to the bye with a 4-3 or 5-2 record is a win. This team could also be 5-0 or 4-1 at this point. Notice penalties aren’t there, and the running game has started again. Again they haven’t been beat. They’ve beaten themselves. And the last two games I’ve watched that problem has gone away. You’re grades are horrible btw and I’m only at the 3rd quarter of watching it on tv. So Grant the better qb threw the game ending INT today?

  18. “They should have run more against the Niners. Jamaal Charles rushed just 15 times even though he averaged 5.3 yards per carry.”

    They should?
    Because if you take the 26yd run out, after the first quarter Charles ran 8 times for just 25 yards.

    How’s that was suppose to help them win the game?

        1. Allen, there’s a hidden meaning and ongoing inside joke to what MWNiner said, he wasn’t critiquing your english writing skills.

  19. Webzone and sac bee will be getting most of my time for now on. The troll crossing and horrible posts you put up are kawakwami style. Hate on Grant. You use to be a liked writer. Sorry the 49ers hurt your feelings. This use to be the best forum out there. No Mas!

      1. Oh my Lord, the two biggest douche bags are leaving, what will we do?
        Yeah they will be back tomorrow, book it!

        1. I’m the douchebag? Wow. I guess my question earlier was answered. Does it have to be on like that again Prime?

            1. Why do you think the coaching staff won’t let him throw deep? They don’t trust his decision making.

              Hey Prime, tell us again why Kaepernick won’t be allowed to throw deep?

            2. All good. I’ll tell you what prime. Since you’re butthurt over smith choking like you wished you could on him, I’ll debate other topics instead. You have no ammo left in your Alex smith debate and ck hatred. I’ve ignored your ignorance for over a year now. Now that you’re upset because smith couldn’t stick it to SF you’re going all out in anger and opening up old wounds. Well my furry little harbaugh, ck and 49er hater. You got it. Let’s see what you got. Because I could have lit you up for over a year now with your horrible comments. You troll on Bays nuts like onelame on mine. You bring nothing but slam ck and troll on old “rivals”
              Sucks your boys lost today and you’re obviously losing your F’ING mind about it. But don’t ever call yourself a 49er fan. You’re an embarrassment to the fans of this team. Oh and I’ll let you know how your boy got treated today…
              With respect. The respect of an ex player who use to play for the 49ers. Nobody stood up and yelled so he could feel it. I’ve heard louder claps at the opera. Trust me you and the few on here are minority’s in the Alex smith feelings you have.
              So you wanna make it personal??? It’s on!
              But if you dare try and speak about the lesser qb who lost today. Good luck. I want to smack you with a topic that actually matters now.
              Love dem HATERS!
              Ck>Smith Deal with it Patna!

      2. Oh crap.. Forgot I have a name on there. Forgot to make my picks too. DAMN! Lol
        Ninermd =GoldxBlooded

    1. MD …
      listen … I think I figured out who
      the “Short Bus” is …

      it’s Grant ! … get it ?

  20. If the chiefs would have played this weeks patriots they would have lost. You take away that bad game for the pats last week and the chiefs would be 1-4.

  21. What we’d all like to know: 2 years ago you were Alex’s harshest critic and now you claim replacing him cost us a Super Bowl. So were you wrong then or wrong now? Or are you just full of what Harbaugh generously calls “crap”?

  22. … can only assume that Kaep hit that lady on the sidelines because he thought she was Grant.

    1. That ‘lady’ was Grant :) That’s why he’s so bent out of shape this morning and pissed that the Chiefs “gave the game away”.

  23. The O-line doesn’t get any credit for the dominant run game?

    The D-line doesn’t get dinged for no sacks?

    The Linebackers don’t get credit for the run defense?

    The coaches get a C for a mediocre but efficient offensive effort (with a dominant run game) and a defense that held their opponent under 20 points. If the coaches have rose colored glasses on then you have sludge colored glasses on since your only comment on the coaches is to gripe about the less than stellar pass blocking…the one deficient area of their game in an otherwise solid to good football team.

    1. But the D-line stopped the best qb SF had seen in years. And they don’t get credit. The O-line opened up holes all day for 100+ yards and they’re horrible for giving up a couple of sacks. 1 that was ck’s fault. Yeah this is Grant Cohn.

  24. Phil Barber ‏@Skinny_Post 1m1 minute ago
    Colin Kaepernick has thrown a touchdown pass in 12 consecutive games. Joe Montana never did that with the #49ers, according to the team.


    1. Ouch…. I though Alex smith did?
      Oh wait. It’s Alex friggin smith. What was I thinking?

    2. T, but Colin is horrible and 12 consecutive games with a TD is not even mentioned on this blog.

  25. You were a little hard on the LB’s. They collectively knocked down 3 passes and held Charles and N Davis at bay.

    S Johnson was inside the 5yd limit so his push off was legal. Crabtree’s injury is clearly more serious than advertised and he was a decoy today.

    Oline grade is right on.

    DB’s, Bowe is somebody as is their new TE.

    Coaching- the fake punt and the defensive coaching was excellent A and the Offensive coaching was a C, ST’s B+

  26. So of all the things that could have been said about our team from “OUR” so call writer, after a great team win, he says “the niners should have lost”… In the words of Florida Evans “DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!!!” Ive been comin here 4 years now and now we get this man. Where is Bob Padecky? I cant take this anymore. Time to search for a credile niner network, because as long as this man heads this one, im done. I dont need a writer for his ass kissin jock holding ways like terry blount fron seattle, but hell at least a writer that will give credit when credit is due. I don’t give acrap if you dont like the head coach, thats your problem, just like reading your articles is my problem, but this team just played a hell of a game and we get we are lucky to win. Dont forget your not the gm, the owner, a scout or even employeed by said 49ers, just a sad man withan ax to grind because we dont have a media friendly, ass kissin to the public headcoach! We have a trash talking in your face brash hard nosed but loving his men son of a bi$$h! And hes my head coach as a fan. And i wouldn’t want another. Eventuallyyou will get your wish and harbaugh will be gone, then god help us. We will wish we had him. Think cowbouys after jimmie. But until then, its like the nature boysaid ” Weather you like it or not, learn to love it, because (for us) its the best thing going today! WOOOOO!! So to all the faithful bloggers Bay,Jordo,Crab,Prime,Jack,MWN,MidWest,Niner girl,Ky, and whoever else that has contributed tha last 4 years, take care and take it easy im offivially done with Grant Cohn. Peace

    1. Steele i am also tired of this so what you call 49ers insider!!! What a joke of a write you have become Grant. Press should change this blog name to 49erhater. I have been on this blog for a long time and Mr Cohn is the worst blogger ever. He blacklists anyone that disagree with him and allows trolls to insult 49er fans. There is no football discussion just pure drama. I will see you guys on the webzone as well.

    1. Like I said…. Always carry sun. Screen. Lol it was nice today. You must be from the bay. Lol

  27. That was a nice solid win. KISS. Keep it Simple Stupid works for Colin!
    Gore had over 100 yards today. Alex was Alex. Looked pretty good in the first half. Missed a few plays in the 2nd. Always one play short.

    What I’m most excited about is the WR play. Is it my imagination, but doesn’t it seem like Crabtree is like the 4th option? Today we saw great plays from Boldin, Steve Johnson, and Brandon Lloyd, who I thought the Niners should keep because he’s got intangible playmaking skills.
    Right now I think they need to start Boldin and Johnson/Lloyd based on match-up, and demote Crabs.
    I mean that forearm shiver to get open by Johnson, even if it looked illegal, shows he’s crafty vet who know hows to get open. I hope we get to see him do that against Sherman!
    Team is still a work in progress. Saint Louis should be a W. And the NO and Denver will be true challenges.

    1. Crabtree is injured. He’s showed up on the injury reports all week. Its his foot. He clearly isn’t well and having trouble performing. I think our best receivers are Boldin, Johnson, Crabtree and then Lloyd in that order.

      1. I don’t have info on injuries, but clearly there is something going on with Crabtree. He was having a great training camp, then suddenly no camp news. Looks like he’s going 80%. DBs are playing him super tight, not worried about Crabs going bye them.

        Lucky to have Stevie and Brandon. They are coming up big.

        1. He showed up on the injury report every day and as we saw last week during the Eagles he was rolling his foot on a ball to work something out.

          S Antoine Bethea (ankle)
          WR Michael Crabtree (foot)
          RB Frank Gore (back)
          DE Tony Jerod-Eddie (shoulder)
          P Andy Lee (right ankle)
          DE Justin Smith (not injury related)

        2. It looked like Kaep tried to force in that one pass to Crabs and it almost cost him. He shouldn’t even try to target him when he is playing the way he is now injury or not.

  28. I’m just happy that we won the game. Thanks Vernon Davis. I hope you back spasms keep you out the rest of the year. Yeah the Niners beat your boy Alex today. I knew you wouldn’t play. Everyone will soon find out what you’re truly made of. I’m sure you won’t be practicing this week. You big 260 pound China doll! Lol

    1. When I hear your man Harbaugh gets his walking papers and your other boy CK gets his walking paper for robbing the 49ers of the money he dont’ deserve, I will be so happy to see you all curled up crying like a baby of what could’ve been on the 49ers.

  29. Grant

    Your last 2 paragraphs, including the one liner finale, are spectacular. Not joking.

    Please pursue this line of thinking further and maybe seek some insight from guys not on the coaching staff, guys like Montana, Kurt Warner, or Greg Cosell. Find a guy who won’t be self-important (like Young or Dilfer always seem), and call him up, and interview him.

    It’s clear as day that the Niners haven’t properly utilized their offensive personnel for the entirety of Harbaugh’s regime, and with all this new talent on the roster (Lloyd, Johnson, Hyde, Carrier, Ellington), the Niners could actually WIN the whole enchilada this year.

    Write it, Grant!!!

        1. Write to my Email if you think you know it E. Otherwise, I just ignore the peanut gallery for a 49er fan that you think you are and you think you can run a forum. Now, back to chopping thy wood mighty man. This forum likes excitement amongst the fans.

  30. Tight ends and o-line deserve a better grade. Gore and Hyde don’t rip off those runs without good o-line blocking. Some of the best runs came when V. McDonald was blocking for him. They don’t win the game without the runs. Not saying they grade in as As, but at least a b-minus.

  31. Sorry Grant, I got to disagree with you. I go by numbers and stats to form a grade. Example:

    I’d give QBs like Brees, Peyton, Luck, Hoyer, Eli an A grade for the numbers, performance, and level of excitement.

    CK, C grade. Not because of the picks which he had none, but some bad judgment in running the ball, running plays, and throwing for 200 yards. Alex Smith if I graded him gets a D for costing his own team the win and guaranteed revenge on Harbaugh, which by now, Smith will be out of the league soon and quickly as he should not be back with KC.

    DLine C plus
    DBacks, got to agree in only giving up 175 was good, but it was against an inefficient QB.
    LBs, I go D plus
    I agree on Special Teams. Can’t find any fault in that. Even if I didn’t watch the game, read enough to know they did their fair share.

    Coaching to me gets a D to an F to run the ball when you should pass, to pass to your WR 2, 3, 4, or your TE, screen more to Gore, involve Gore in passing if you want him to be your RB, not blocking, and Greg Roman continues to be the dumbest OC in America.

    The Judge has spoken. Once again, several Qbs threw for enormous yards and CK ranks next to last as usual with his 200 yards passing, barely enough to make it to 4000 yards, and even if he did, I wouldn’t be impressed since he can’t throw for 300 yards like OTHER QBs can.

    If Fisher drops 0 and 2 to the 49ers, fire that coach too! Reid and Kelly can pick up their pink slips as my contribution to the woman’s breast thing.

    1. hey Short Bus …

      if you fire everyone you’d like fired …
      there would be no one left !

      You want Kap to throw 400 yds … just so you can
      have an “exciting” game ?

      You’re nuts ! … the only thing in football that matters ..
      is the “W” …

      So … why don’t you take your mindless rants elsewhere …?

      There’s gotta be a place where you can convince people
      that you’re not an idiot ..
      but it ain’t here …

      1. Hey Shrimp Boy, how ya doing? I’ll call you that from now on, OK SHrimp Boy? Any team that plays liek that to the 49ers, I would fire the coaching, or I’d fire the OC, or I’d ship the ineffective QB off that team that gives the game like that. to have a game decided by the inept opposition and the official is garbage. Chi game might be iffy there, but the Ari game was not. the way the 49ers are playing this year, they should be going 0 and 5.

        I want Kap to throw 400 yards or so because I’m sick of the same old stuff he does: 200, 200, 200, 200, 200, 200, 200, 200. I don’t see that on Stanford when they win a game. Their Qb is not throwing 200 yards. Clearly in the Cal Bears last 2 games, no 200 yard QB. I don’t see why Harbaugh or anybody has this fear of CK trying to be a QB out there. So what if he threw picks? So what if his PA and PC might be off? So what? A Qb like Brees can be 35 for 57 for 371, is that wrong for somebody like CK to have numbers like that?

        You can dissect this win any good way you can: Gore, the D, the coach, Lloyd, whatever, I still got that right to call it GARBAGE when I see not one WR had 100 yards or so or the QB that threw for nothing. Just you remember when you get to the playoffs: Numbers like that will BURN the 49ers badly when they are beaten down. that D will be burned. Gore will not run. CK will not be able to pass. You better believe that teams hearing that Harbaugh could be out will be like the shark going for blood, Shrimp Boy.

    2. God your an idiot.. 3-2 punk with 6 very good players out.. Go on your raider blogs and talk about what week you might get 1 win. Your a tool!!!

      1. SMOKE and MIRRORS because of the officiating and DUMB stupid luck from the inept opposition. Phil and KC got NO QB that can pass and they got NO RB either! J Charles, what a joke. KC did what Phil did, give you the game because of the ineffective QB.

    3. I think I might soon give my grades for the WNBA championship series this year. The fact that I didn’t watch any of the games or even read the stat lines shouldn’t ever disqualify me from having my opinion.

      1. I still have yet to hear from one fan why a QB throwing for 300 yards is a bad player to why a QB in CK that throws for 200 yards is a good player. Why is throwing 200 yards BETTER and AWESOME LIKE then to throw for 300 yards. Why maybe Goodell should institute a rule for all 32 teams that your QB has to throw for 280 yards or less, every QB has to do that for if you think CK should do it and be this fantastic QB that’s better then MOntana and Young, please for the love of sanity, show me why having less is better. I challenge any fan to show me why what the 49ers did is so great that they keep doing it in running Gore, CK throwing less then like 25 times is so successful on the 49ers when I personally feel that someday, every team is going to be able to dissect what CK can and can’t do and learn to stuff Gore and DARE CK to pass.

        1. Short Bus …

          Again… Why does the QB passing stats
          matter ? …

          Usually.. when a QB on a run-first team throws for
          that many yards .. it means they’re behind .. and in panic mode..

          First of all, you should actually watch the game, BEFORE
          you go on your stupid rants … and
          Second … you should actually learn
          the two most important aspects of any NFL team ..

          To wit:

          1. The only thing that matters … is the “W” … and
          it doesn’t matter HOW you get the “W”.. either !

          and most importantly …

          2. The Niners don’t play the game … for you !!

          I know … while you’re wearing your bicycle helmet ..
          its difficult for you to wrap your head around this .. but..
          the Niners don’t give a crap about you …

          Now ..
          Don’t let the door hit ya ..
          where the good Lord split ya !

          1. Shrimp Boy
            I come and go as I please. It’s obvious how this forum is run so all I got to say is who cares what you say?

            I still say a win like this is wasting 10 dollars to see a flop of a movie whereas the well made movie where you see a QB rallying his team, throwing for big yardage, rather see that picture then what Harbaugh makes each week as a coach. BUt I guess to you if a QB goes out, throws for yards, rallies his team, that’s a turn off for it has nothing to do with SF and CK, right?

            First off, here’s what happens when I see the 49ers:
            I have the urge to throw my TV around
            I have the urge to throw it out the window
            Now then, new TV and a new window costs money
            I then get very upset when I see CK hand the ball, and hand the ball and hand the ball, and go back to pass, and throw a short stuff, and throw to the obvious player whereas Montana and Young and even Garcia did not make that obvious.
            Then you get the horse manure call that either helps the 49ers or hurts the 49ers.
            While you make a player like GOre happy to run the ball, you make those in Lloyd, Ellington is it, Crabtree unhappy that they were not part of the game plan.
            What Roman calls and what Harbaugh does is obvious and I don’t like obvious.

            I don’t care of your viewpoint of how to win a game and how good it feels to win a game. I see anything wrong like a player that sneezes wrong, I’ll call them out if I want to.

            Obvious, SHrimp Boy, you can’t play the game against a fan like me that can challenge you. I got 34 years experience and I choose whether or not to watch the 49ers. The Qb doesnt’ want to pass, the 49ers want to play like a high school team, my TV remains off and my viewpoint will be harsher then Piers Morgan.

            Now then, Shrimp Boy, your move.

            1. you sure write a lot of nonsense for someone who says he doesn’t care for or like the 49ers. If they are so boring, if winning is so boring, why do you bother with the blogs? 34 years? You write like you are 12 years old…no lie.

    4. I rarely post here but had to today because of this guy who thinks that he knows something about football. He wants excitement not wins. He knows noting about football. What a loser.

        1. This from the guy who cried because I called him a name. It’s good to know Hypocrisy is alive and well among the Alex Smith groupies….

    1. Cool. Can’t wait to see it.

      The game was ragged at times. The 49ers needed a 12-man-on-field gift, but overall there’s alot to feel good about. It was a hard fought game, with Gore, Hyde and the O-line throwing gut punches in the searing heat The kind of running NFL films used to write poems about. Then the D came around.

      The 49ers beat a very physical team while missing Aldon, Bowman, Anthony Davis, Vernon Davis, Brock… with their best WR still nursing a mystery condition. Oh… and Dorsey out too.

      Good job.

          1. It’s one thing to get run over by Gore but to run away is something else. Dee has a lot of explaining to do to his teammates and coaches :)

        1. LOL… seriously, what was Ford thinking? It almost looks like Iupati’s face scared him backwards.

          At first I thought Ford had coverage responsibility and was dropping back in case Gore did a halfback pass.

          Viewing at regular speed, its possible Dee was just a rookie having problems switching from college DE to 3-4 OLB. He got his wires crossed, dropping into zone instead of diagnosing run.

          Then I watched frame by frame, and Dee clearly ran away as soon as Gore gained upfield momentum. At that point its obvious no halfback pass was going to happen. Dee’s job was to set the edge, possibly making the tackle. He simply ran away.

          Heat stroke?

          1. Nah, just a case of being a chicken a classic example of the Chiefs’ terrible draft earlier this year.

              1. I think he was trying to avoid the block…….looks bad on tape but he was actually running back not sideways….

              2. You mean like the way Alex Smith tried to complete the pass, but it just sailed high on him resulting in an interception, thereby Game Over! It was at that moment in time when I realized you were correct, and I stood up and gave Alex Smith a STANDING OVATION! Ha!

              3. He wasn’t trying to avoid a block because there wasn’t anyone coming at him, the direction he turns isn’t one to put him self in position to stop Gore but to put him in position to avoid him. There’s no way he’ll be able to talk his way out of this one this morning while watching tape.

              4. I knew it !!!!!

                I swear I saw you, you were the rhino looking TS in a pink skirt {*blushing*}

    2. Funny, I don’t see any comment from the people that were sure Dee Ford was the next Aldon Smith…

      1. Count me guilty. I didn’t think Dee would be an Aldon, but I liked his college footage, and would not have cried if the 49ers drafted him.

        1. Midwest,
          What’s going on bro? I’ve been busy with my kids and everything, but this blog just doesn’t have the same feeling anymore. The bloggers are the same, but the tone just seems like Grant has a beef with the entire organization and it gets old. His posts are petty and lazy. Maiocco and Barrows provide superior coverage of the team and are professionals. I have followed this blog for six years now, and it has steadily gone down hill with Grant at the helm. The regulars on this site are the best, though. You guys are the reason I still stop by from time to time. I love the passion from the true fans.

  32. Good game and Kaepernick and the team are improving game. Next weeks not going to be a walk in the park. Rams are doing okay absent their QB.

    1. I have to disagree. Phil tried to give the Rams the game and they couldn’t take it. I got hope Fisher will do something, but if they go 0 and 2 to the 49ers regardless of the Qb, I’d want that coach fired for giving away the game to the 49ers. I think it’s going to be locally blacked out in St. Louis, so no worries to the 49er fans that will get the game from St. Louis since nobody believes in the Rams. Should be a real Monday Night Flop next week.

      1. My buddy has Rams season tickets. He said that he had two extras so he put them on his windshield under the wiper for someone to use. When he came back to his car at the end of the game there were four tickets there!

  33. I am curious about your editorializing in your grading of the TEs – specifically your statement “A player who goes out of bounds cannot be the first player to touch the ball. That’s a penalty. That should have been Chiefs’ ball, but the officials missed it.”

    I am aware of such a rule of being out bounds and being the first to touch a kick, as well as making a reception, but I am unaware of illegal touching to be applied on a fumble recovery as you stated. The closest I could find is a reference to a once out of bounds player recovering a fumble at which point the ball is determined to be out of bounds as it was touched by a player who hadn’t re-established being in bounds.

    I don’t believe a call was missed on this. A flag was thrown and once the crew caucused, it was picked up. Is it me and my own ignorance or perhaps you are mistaken?

    Go Niners

  34. NFL needs to seriously look at every game played and see if opponents are giving the game away. For KC to not rally like Cle and NO did, that is an insult to just throw the game away on a dumb pass. Well, now that’s the end of Alex Smith’s career as he’ll never get a rematch with the 49ers. No way NFL will exhibit KC and SF each year. If the NFL did ever go longer games, I hope one of the games is vs. KC while Smith is in the league. But I think Smith is officially done unless the Rams were pick him up so that SF has to play him twice a year.

      1. Don’t bother MidWest. Just the mutterings of a mad man living in a fantasy world full of fantasy football demi-gods.

        A pity his rantings have been allowed to take over the blog today, infecting just about every conversation. Oh well.

        1. Sad but true Scooter. It’s definitely nothing but rants, especially when he said he liked the Erickson, Nolan, and Singletary era.

  35. You guys got the win, but can you just talk a little bit about the struggles with the red zone?

    Kaepernick: “As long as we win that’s all that matters.”

    This is one of the things that bothers me about ck and this current 49ers team. It would be nice to hear something like. “Yeah we struggled today and need to fix it by next week” or something along those lines. I can’t imagine Walsh, Montana, young or any Super Bowl winner answering questions like this. It creeps in my mind that maybe this team doesn’t have that Super Bowl mindset. I may be exaggerating, but the Ho Hum answers have been happening for awhile and so has falling short of a Super Bowl.

    1. Stuck out like a sore thumb today. There is a glaring difference in the time it takes to get rid of the ball between Alex and Colin.

      Alex gets rid of the ball quickly. That first drive was nothing but quick hitters. The ball arrives before defenders have time to react. Just the right style for the red zone.

      Colin’s improved his release since college, but its still a long windup compared to most NFL QBs. His staredown + windup are not well suited to red zone passes (except run/pass options and broken play opportunities).

      If Colin can quicken his ability to get the ball away, he’ll be one dangerous QB.

    2. He’s not going to discuss shortcomings in the redzone and why would he? That is a Coaching and execution issue that remains behind closed doors. Who cares what he says when it’s all fluff anyway.

  36. Lloyd had a good game, but with all due respect, the guy is a WEIRDO !
    Did anyone see the locker room interviews after the game on CSN Bay Area? Maybe someone has a transcript?
    Dude’s really out there, and this guy wants to be a media guy when he retires, lol?
    “You’ll have to ask the offensive coordinator about that” in reply to a fairly innocuous question about red-zone difficulties. I’ve never heard Gore or Vernon answer a question that way. Llloyd is a still basically a fringe guy who has only been active a couple games so far. I don’t like Roman, but that was so inappropriate…Easy to see why Lloyd could never stick in one place,,,

    1. Not on him but on the morons in the press asking him some really dumb and rude questions. The Bay Area media with few exceptions is the worst in the country…

      1. Lowell, Grant, Ann, Ratto, Kawakami are my kind of journalists. They got to seriously address though of why CK can’t pass the football, but other QBs can. Bay Area media to me is great when they can put Harbaugh on the spot as they should.

  37. Speaking of d*ckheads, here’s another old favorite ,boy I never get tired of this guy! :

    “Buffalo defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, who told Bills players in OTAs this spring that he wanted to be carried off the field if the Bills beat the Detroit Lions, where Schwartz was once head coach.

    They did, and he was.”

  38. Even elite QBs can’t perform when they don’t have time and they don’t have guys getting open down field. It’s remarkable how much better our O-line is at run blocking than they are in pass protection. I guess the old adage of softening the D line up with the run to set up the pass isn’t true anymore.

    Also, our pass schemes are pretty limited. Steve Johnson is able to get open on the short routes when single covered. Crabs and Boldin have great hands, but don’t really get tremendous separation. Vernon is our only real down field threat when he’s healthy. One of the obvious trends in the league is that mass matters in the red zone. While Vernon is a great weapon, we need a big bodied TE to compliment him and to open up more dynamic play calls (Double TE sets, bunch formations) like KC used in their win against NE.

    I’m happy we got the win, and relative to the outlook when we were 1-2 facing an undefeated Eagles team, things are fantastic. Harbaugh should get a lot of credit for that, much like he shoulders the burden when the outlook is grim. But from a personnel perspective, Grant is absolutely right that we missed on McDonald. We need another TE, and rather than signing Crabs for a ton of money, we need to find a big bodied downfield threat WR, rather than having 2 Boldins. Sorry for the diatribe.

  39. “But on his second catch he fumbled, went out of bounds, came back in bounds and recovered the ball. A player who goes out of bounds cannot be the first player to touch the ball. That’s a penalty. That should have been Chiefs’ ball, but the officials missed it.”

    People will always disagree on matters of opinion, but if you’re going to talk about football matters as an authority, at least know what you’re talking about. The rule referenced above applies to passing plays when the ball in in the air, not fumbles. On a fumble, the recovering player merely needs to establish himself in the field of play before touching the ball, which he did.

    It’s sort of like when you try to explain/breakdown coverages with a rudimentary “Madden Football” understanding of them.

  40. One more comment: the 12 men on the field penalty was truly a boneheaded mistake. However, it didn’t cost KC the game. They lost their timeouts and 2 minutes- but in the end that didn’t matter. The chiefs had 58 yards passing in the 2nd half. 58. They couldn’t move the ball in the 4th qtr. It’s not that time ran out on them, our defense beat their offense.

    So yeah, more garbage analysis from Grant. He either doesn’t believe what he types (Alex v Kaep rants) or he’s dumb. Plain, boring and dumb or disingenuous, troll.

    Which is it?

    1. This is the problem with counterfactual statements. You are sure what would have happened without that 12 men on the field call, even though there is no way to know. We don’t know if Phil Dawson would have hit that 54yd field goal or not. If he hadn’t, the Chiefs would have the ball with 4 minutes + remaining at our 42. You point out their passing stats, but in that circumstance, and with multiple time outs, they could have run the ball as much as they wanted. They were forced to pass because of the penalty and the loss of timeouts. We’ll never know what would have transpired without that call, but we know you certainty that it didn’t matter is idiotic.

      And to answer your final question, you’re a troll.

      1. Can we know for certain? No.

        By the same merit how can Grant claim that that mistake cost them the game? Applying your argument broadly any discussion of the hypothetical is dismissed.

        The fact of the matter is that after scoring a td on their first drive of the 3rd qtr, KC ran the ball only three more times. (I would call that a mistake on their part.) They converted 0 third downs and had 26 yards of passing if I’m adding it up correctly. They had 4 drives that netted 1 1st down and an int.

        I’m only speculating that time ultimately wasn’t a factor. But look at what they accomplished on offense in the 2nd half.

  41. Grant – I like reading your grades, however, don’t you think you are assuming a lot when you say that the Chiefs “gave away” the game when they had 12 men on the field? Yes, they would have had more time and less pressure, but the Niner’s defense had done a pretty nice job of stopping them in the second half, barring the one drive. I don’t think the Chiefs necessarily would have won, even if they hadn’t made the bone-headed penalty.

    1. The Chiefs also committed a false start penalty on fourth and 1 at the 49ers’ 40 in the second quarter.

      1. Grant does that mean the 49ers gave away their two loses too? They did. In the end a win is a win and a loss is a loss. Whether you earned the loss or gave it away you didn’t do enough to win. Its a tiresome posture. You have to give credit to the 49ers for making the right calls a the right times to win. It wasn’t spectacular like Denver’s win yesterday but is the kind of win we’ve seen for the past four years. The Chiefs will kick themselves for a while and have a tough season. Both the 49ers and Chiefs are in tough spots in their divisions.

      2. Glad your here.

        Can you explain why the 12th man penalty gave the game away? The chiefs had 58 yards passing and an int in the second half. They couldn’t move the ball at all in the 4th qtr. In the end, the timeouts and time lost and even the 3 points didn’t matter. There’s no reason to believe that they would have been able to drive for the win regardless of the time.

        But hey, that doesn’t match your narrative so never mind.

      1. That’s the question Boone asked after the game.

        Boone had a few other funny tidbits in that interview. He’s becoming the best sound bite on the team by far.

      2. Set him up an knocked him out of the park. I was just about to say the same. Boone was dead serious too. Lol

  42. @ninermdumb – for someone who claims not to be obsessed with Alex – you have mentioned Alex more than everybody on this page.

    Pathetic you – you are pretending you were not worried KC might win the game. The truth is no one can honestly say they were comfortable with this game until KC “12 man on the field” penalty.

    If you say you weren’t, you a LIAR – which won’t surprise most of us on the blog.

    Delusional is too kind a word to use on you.

    1. Just like saying CK is a good passer makes 49er fans delusional to me too. I’m still waiting for the fantasy break out game for CK and I hope he never makes hall of fame if he can’t pass.

    2. Wow thanks for takin the time and counting. Lmao. You answer my posts more than anyone else. Obsessed much?
      Bet it you scrub. Alex smith broke your heart. Take it out on him. Chief onelame!

  43. THe 12 men on the field and inefficient passing with a bad defense cost KC the game. Game plan should have been you stuff GOre, you stuff Hyde, you make CK pass so we can see if he’s the QB of the future. Until the 11 opponents get it (6 actually, 5 division) we’ll never see if CK is really a QB or a bicep kissing tool.

  44. “Jamaal Charles rushed just 15 times even though he averaged 5.3 yards per carry.”

    But if you take out his 26 yard run in the 3rd quarter he averaged only 3.9….

    1. And you take away Hyde’s 10 carries, GOre would’ve had 26 carries. Didn’t matter though, the 16 didn’t impress me whereas he should’ve had 10 carries and CK throwing more.

    2. So what you’re saying is that RBs don’t get the exact same yardage on every attempt? And even more enlightening, if you take out the longest run, the average goes down? Mind blowing!

      1. Hilarious! In trying to rip Jack, you’ve accidentally helped make Jack’s point! If you’d been around here for a while you’d know Jack was having a dig at Grant’s logic as to why when Frank Gore has a good day he hasn’t really had a good day.

  45. I know for a fact the 49ers didn’t make Ckone a starter and expect to be ranked 27th on offense after 5 games in his 3rd/4th yr ……and also only come up with 201 YDS, 1 TD against a chiefs defense with no solid corners.

    The bottomline is the:

    Alex is a winner because he has a good team and is being paid top dollar as a starter despite what the Alex haters say. (Money talks louder than the haters ignorance)
    Ckone is also a winner because he got the financial security he deserves while playing average ball.

    We the 49er fans are the losers because our expectations of our QB is higher than what we are witnessing…

    Yes, I know the truth hurts…..

    without Gore nobody really believes this team can win with only Ckone as the main player.

    1. The bottom line monkey butt is your hero got punked, and the 49ers improve to 3-2. You might want to move on…..

      1. not sure where your beef with me is coming from, never really paid much mind to you…….

        but since you have moved to name calling, I will do my best to keep that monkey butt in your face since butt licking is what you do best….

          1. Worked out well rhino face…

            ..from MM – “Smith received a nice reception from the crowd at Levi’s Stadium. And the 49ers’ defense treated him pretty well, too.”

            Too bad I was watching the early games and missed the kickoff…….sorry I was not thinking about you, you really are not my type.

              1. :)…mad bro?

                really is that all you have dude…….with so many meatballs stuck between your cheeks, I would think a little protein from the italian deli would help with your thought process, but then again what did I expect from a razor-eater.

              2. It seems you are mad. Just patch the leak in your Alex Smith doll with the kit it came with, and everything will be just fine. Monkey butt!

              3. In that video of the fight onelame was the one squating in the stall with his Alex panties almost hitting the floor.

              4. onewhiner – the steam is rising from your pea sized brain, you’re about to lose it, just because it was the same Alex and Smith show…..

              5. onewhiner – the steam is rising from your pea sized brain, you’re about to lose it, just because it was the same Alex and Smith show…..

            1. Lol he was the only one standing. Nobody cared about that garbage. Like I said it was nice but nobody stood and let him hear it. I guess we aren’t clays enough to give that much love to an opponent and a thorn in the side of 49er football for 7 years.
              Here goes onelame and prime and their friends who are known 49er haters. Hey onelame the better qb won, the other gave up a$$ in the end. Ha ha haaaa. Your boy is still a good backup. And wasn’t it you who said Reid will make him better than harbaugh did?
              Ha ha ha haaaaa.
              You guys are a joke. Still holding on. Couldn’t have happened any better.

              1. damn they let you out on bail……I am gonna guess its the in ebola in your your brain…

    2. “I know for a fact the 49ers didn’t make Ckone a starter and expect to be ranked 27th on offense after 5 games”

      In 2011 with Smith the 49ers averaged 5.0 yards per play. This season they are averaging 5.4 which ties them with the Eagles.

      1. You do know we are in 2014………

        What the F…. does that quote have to do with Alex.

        Please don’t confuse me with those that think Ckone should not be our QB…..

        1. The Niners, and many fans, expect more from the QB position, regardless of who it playing it. But a lot of people want to go soft on CK. He’s getting paid as a professional with the experience to play the position in all phases, and not learn on the job.
          Russell Wilson is making barley the league minimum, with one less year as a pro, and looks way more polished.
          CK has to keep up with that guy if the Niners really want to have a chance to beat Seattle. Not get close and almost win, not make a few great plays to impress us and make us forget the bonehead goofs, but to actually win it all.
          Close doesn’t count.

        2. When you reference the switch to Kaepernick you are indirectly comparing him to Smith. The 49ers offense has performed at a higher level with Kaepernick although you don’t seem to realize it by stating they are ranked 27th.

          1. Sorry you have my intentions confused. I don’t do indirect stuff. My history on here (before you joined I must add) has always been blunt – no indirect or sugar coating stuff…..

            Forget Alex for a second.

            the fact remains Ckone was drafted and named starter because the organization thought we needed big plays downfield or in other words it was expected a change in QB would result in big numbers…..

            I am just being honest….Ckone is our guy and has the potential but the truth remains everyone thought we made a change so our production would improve and definitely still not be relying on Gore in 2014…..

            I am not saying he won’t grow into the superman, but I sure didn’t expect this slow growth especially after the experience from the last 2 yrs…..

            C mon any 49er fan who isn’t pissed we still rely heavily on Gore is not being honest……

            1. Actually I enjoy the beauty of pounding an opponent into submission by running it down their throat and winning.

              I couldn’t care less about how many yards player A or player B has.

              1. I love it also……but we lost the chance to win a super bowl 3 times because we needed to pass the ball…….

                isn’t that what matters the most?

              2. Actually they lost the chance to win a Super Bowl by not getting a play off on what looked like a possible walk in TD.

            2. Well said OneNiner. It’s not that the switch has worked or has not. The point is that the switch was made (or so we were told) was to create a more dynamic offense.
              This was to include a more prolific down field passing attack, less pressure on the defense and running game.
              While this has nothing to do with Alex Smith, none of those things have occurred.

              1. What part of the offense has performed at a higher level with Kaepernick don’t you get Mr. Sanders? This from the same one who said the coaches don’t trust Kaepernick to throw deep?

              2. Now that a couple of D-bags have moved onto another blog, we can have an intelligent discussion about how to get a dynamic offense.In 2012, after the bad Giants game, when the coaching staff thought it was wise to work in Colin, who couldn’t do jack in the red zone against the Giants, Alex did find a rhythm and was the 4th highest rated QB. Yes it was a dink and dunk offense, but it worked against the Bills and Cards. Andy Reid’s KC offense showed more imagination with screens and crossing routes, and even the run schemes. It ma not be dynamic in stretching the field, but they have some nice plays.
                So what do we have now? CK hands off to Gore. That’s not dynamic. Then the play breaks down and CK scrambles. Or designed runs to CK. The read option is all but dead.

                The good thing about yesterday was he play efficiently and clean ball yesterday. The problem is he’s still not there with the progressions and he has that big wind-up. He can fired it into tight spaces but struggles with leading a player. He was way off on the pass to Carrier in the flat, but Carrier made an awesome catch to keep the FG drive alive.
                Yeah -that’s our dynamic offense. 1 FG and 5 FG.
                Oh nice push-off from Stevie Johnson for the TD! The calls are balancing out! I still can’t believe the refs didn’t call it! He gave him a forearm shimmy!

              3. Everyone of our wide receivers should be using that move, and I touched on it a week ago. Perfectly legal within 5 yards, and invaluable technique in the Red Zone…

              4. Prime and Fan,

                What you both fail to understand is this is the offensive system that Harbaugh wants. It’s the same system he’s had going back to San Diego and really hasn’t changed no matter who the QB has been. There have been some attempts to include more WR’s this season, but at it’s core, this offense is a physical down hill running game and playaction passing.

                They went with Kap because he was younger, more talented and at the time, cheaper. Anybody who thought this would become an explosive pass oriented offense because they changed QB’s was not paying attention to history and was severely misinformed. I used to say the exact same things to the Smith haters and now I have to say it again to the Kap haters.

                This offensive system is never going to produce big passing numbers. Accept that and move on. Kap is going to continue to make mistakes here and there while he forces himself to become a pocket QB; he’s also going to make some big plays and win a lot of games which he’s already done.

                Yesterday he played efficiently and mistake free for the most part. That along with a good running game and defense is the exact recipe this team used when Smith was here which you too seemed to be just fine with at the time.

              5. cmon Rocket – you are better than this…..who are the ckone haters? and what qualifies them as haters…….

              6. One Niner,

                so why did JH offense change into a more passing playbook in the first 3 games?

                It didn’t. In fact Kap threw the same exact amount of passes through the first 3 games last season:94.

              7. Rocket,
                I understand completely that is the offense harbaugh wants. So why switch to a young wb who is prone to make mistakes? In 2012 we had the element of surprise but now teams have caught on. Forget the occasional exciting play by Colin and look at the QB position as a whole. If the niners wanted to run the current offense, they should have stuck withe more experienced QB and refine his game and surround him proper talent. Forget about Colin for just a second, think about to the 2012 Alex smith before he got hurt, and imagine if he had the current wr roster, he would more more efficient as a passer.

                Look at who he is passing to in KC. AJ Jenkins.

                But Colin is the niner QB, so I can’t speak for prime, but I want him to be a lot better then the guy he replaced. He has the upside and potential but until he reaches it, it means nothing, a lot of guys have potential, like Vince young. And where is he now?

              8. Sir Rocket you say:

                Anybody who thought this would become an explosive pass oriented offense because they changed QB’s was not paying attention to history and was severely misinformed.

                You are wrong on this one…….that was what everybody thought.

                We were tired of the Alex short passes and running up the middle everytime……..everyone wanted big passing plays – yes everyone

              9. sorry deputy dewey obviously I didn’t disappear, unfortunately there was nothing to comment about – it made more sense just to read your one gap -two gap nonsense and LOL……

              10. Fan,

                I understand completely that is the offense harbaugh wants. So why switch to a young wb who is prone to make mistakes? In 2012 we had the element of surprise but now teams have caught on. Forget the occasional exciting play by Colin and look at the QB position as a whole. If the niners wanted to run the current offense, they should have stuck withe more experienced QB and refine his game and surround him proper talent. Forget about Colin for just a second, think about to the 2012 Alex smith before he got hurt, and imagine if he had the current wr roster, he would more more efficient as a passer. Look at who he is passing to in KC. AJ Jenkins.

                I supported Smith and agree he was fine for this offense, but you are missing some key points in your analysis. First off Kap is not mistake prone. He hasn’t turned the ball over any more than Smith did during his time under Harbaugh. They both play the way the HC has instructed. Second, the team believed Kap was as good right now as Smith was ever going to be, and they were right. You make that decision because you get the same production from the young guy with far more upside. Most teams in the league make the same move without question. I don’t see any reason to believe Smith would be better in this offense right now than Kap is. The numbers don’t support it nor does the record.

                But Colin is the niner QB, so I can’t speak for prime, but I want him to be a lot better then the guy he replaced. He has the upside and potential but until he reaches it, it means nothing, a lot of guys have potential, like Vince young. And where is he now?

                Again you are giving poor examples Fan. You want him to be a lot better than the guy he replaced, yet the guy he replaced got them to an NFCCG. The only step up was a SB which Kap got them to. So he exceeded what Smith was able to do for this team. If you are looking at stats, I’ve explained why you won’t see a dramatic increase in passing numbers. The offense does not promote big passing numbers and likely never will under Harbaugh. First off it’s not what he wants to run, and secondly, they don’t know how to scheme a passing offense to that level. I think that has been proven rather clearly over the years.

                Love it or hate it, Harbaugh likes physical run oriented football with his QB throwing 25 or so passes a game, many off of play action if the running game is working. That’s who he is and why you don’t see a big jump in numbers from Smith to Kap. What Kap brings that Smith doesn’t is the ability to push the ball downfield both with his arm and legs. Alex can succeed in a dink and dunk system and uses his mobility well, but he doesn’t have the abilities Kap does; not many do.

                Vince Young didn’t win or perform on the big stage like Kap has done. There is no comparison to be made here.

              11. Sir Rocket you say:

                Anybody who thought this would become an explosive pass oriented offense because they changed QB’s was not paying attention to history and was severely misinformed.

                You are wrong on this one…….that was what everybody thought.

                We were tired of the Alex short passes and running up the middle everytime……..everyone wanted big passing plays – yes everyone

                No I’m actually right on this one because they haven’t changed the system and I didn’t think they would at all. Many, including me, thought they’d try to use more 3 WR sets and they have.

                Alex Smith struggles throwing the ball outside the numbers. His range was limited whereas Kap’s isn’t. Doesn’t mean Smith is a bad QB, just that Kap can use the whole field and that was a big plus in his favor.

              1. Passing is just one part of the game and there’s improvement and I think total offense is more important and as Jack pointed out yds per play is huge too.

          2. Bingo Jack…. I actually got called a ck hater for pointing out his flaws. Like I did with Smith. This week brought out old hatred. Didn’t have to if you didn’t have idiots still wishing Alex smith was the qb.
            Fan some of your points are spot on about ck it’s your predictions and comparisons that kill your cred.

            1. lol…nobody called you a ck hater….damn dude why do you like to make things up….ha ha ha

              you are so delusional you really think that comment would make you look objective on the blog….

              really sad how you come up with this stuff…….lol

              bet you hate seeing me on here to call out your bs….oh yes you do

            2. I never said I was right all the time, these are just my thoughts and observations, I know I’m tough on him because of how he got his gig. There’s no time for growing pains. This team is defense and run oriented. Some of the – lets call them super kaep lovers, don’t like my comments and branded me a hater because it easier to blame a blog poster then it is to admit Jesus ain’t no Jesus.

              1. wish you were right about the super ckone lovers…the truth is they don’t care about ckone, they only care about hating Alex and it hurts them nobody else cares what they think or that Alex is doing well in KC or that Alex got paid……its a symptom of buttlickers……

                imagine if Alex did suck badly in KC or that KC didn’t resign him- dude this loofs would be worse than this….

                the football gods have proven the haters wrong repeatedly – its no surprise they are so frustrated and now resort to name calling.

                I can’t recall ever talking to razoreater, but the hate is just eating him so much he had to lash out over a comment about Alex getting love from the fans…….can you freaking imagine?

                He is angry a former 49ers is being treated nicely by the faithfuls……..ha ha ha…..you got to love this meltdown

              2. onewhiner, I don’t hate Alex Smith, never have. In fact, I’m one of the ones who stuck up for him while he was the starter. You on the other hand have had a psychological love affair with him for years. You Don’t Remember, I’ll Never Forget…..

              3. Deputy Dewey has gone loco – you definitely need your meds….

                All I asked you was why does he not deserve love from the faithfuls before you started attacking me….I didn’t insult you just asked a simple question…

                Its my fault I asked a moron a question…..Should have known better…..bro

              4. Calling someone dumb because they disagree with you is why I suggested to your mother that Librium might be a more effective managing tool…

              5. hey…..lmao…there we go…now we are insulting mom…..ha ha ha……wow….definitely got to you…..

                that was so easy……ha ha ha

              6. that didn’t take long…..You are pissed now?…deputy dewey now you want to insult my mom…….ha ha ha

                dude I own you……ha ha ha

                I won’t go down that road with you……just proved my point….LMAO

  46. Yesterday’s game was classic 49ers football. Great defensive performance and a good showing on offense with no turnovers. The other impressive part of the game was that drives converted into points. Yes touchdowns are better than field goals but what is important about FG’s is the field position battle. All three phases starting to come together.
    The schedule looks tough for us moving forward and easy for our division rivals. Need to keep playing sound football.

    1. FDM,

      I agree and it’s amazing how close minded so many fans in here can be.

      The NFL is not predictable. Every game is it’s own entity which is why we can see the Chiefs blow out the Pats one week and the Pats turn around and blow out the Bengals the next. The Niners beat a team that has been playing very well for a month now. They took Denver right down to the wire and beat Miami and NE quite handily. I don’t really care who is missing or what misguided views people have of them; the Chiefs came into this game playing as well as anybody on both sides of the ball and it was a good hard fought win.

      1. Exactly, rocket. Was there an element of luck involved? Sure there was some. But that’s football, happens every week, both ways. Doesn’t change the fact that the 49ers fought hard and deserved the win.

  47. 9 of 14 games played thusfar during this NFL week have been decided by 8 or fewer points. That’s almost 65% of the games. There is not much that separates winning from losing for almost two-thirds of the contests. That is why a game can turn on any one play, such as the 12 Chiefs on the field for the Niners FG attempt late in the game. An observer used to say that no game’s outcome could be determined by just one play; however, in this league that now features more parity than ever, it is true that just one play, to which most people cannot point until after the final gun, can make or break a team in the win-loss column. There are at least 5 instances yesterday where the Chiefs could have or should have made a coach’s call or a play that could have impacted the final score. KC didn’t make that call or any of those plays; therefore, they lost. On average, a play lasts about 4.6 seconds. Not asking too much for a player or a coach to be focused for that brief, but important, period of time, is it???????

      1. Grant, out of the 120 offensive plays by both teams yesterday (50 by the Chiefs, 70 by the 49ers), I’m sure a play by play review would reveal there were many that could have altered the outcome for either side. The summation of making/not making plays is what determines outcomes, not a single play; that is, unless you just want to cherry-pick them that way to back your opinion.

        1. The Niner defense had forced 3 and outs on the previous two Chief possessions and finished the final one in two plays. To assume the Niners were going to lose if the Chiefs hadn’t committed the penalty was wishful and unlikely speculation.

          1. Smith had his chances and couldn’t do diddly poo against that defense. The table was set for Smith to lead his team on a game winning drive, to right all the wrongs the football gods had dealt the poor kansas city chiefs, but he munsoned….

          1. That article says nothing you didn’t try to say. The same problem exists with their premise as it did yours: The Niners dominated the 4th quarter on both sides of the ball and getting an extra 2 minutes off the clock didn’t win them the game.

  48. KC defense was so horrible that the 49ers kept calling the same running play for both Gore and Hyde.

    all I recall after the game was Miller blocking upfront, that effective run blocking was what won the game………without it Ckone would have been asked to do more

    Hyde was not patient enough to use the block by Miller and was still successful….

    1. Just to be clear Onewhiner, you delivered the first sortie in the name calling. Don’t be a hypocrite along with being an Alex Smith Jock carrying card member….

      confused much?….while you are reserving a banquet room, the organization itself without your important almighty approval made sure Alex history as a 49er is well preserved.

      Haven’t you been to the new stadium?

      they will give him a standing O and you can whine/hate as much as you want – no one cares…..

      oneniner October 2, 2014 at 11:50 am
      not on 49er property?…..this guy is dumb…..

      1. please be clear – what name did I call you?

        and 2nd you left out the context in which that comment was made

        After multiple posters (starting with AES) wrote it would be nice give him love…..


        October 2, 2014 at 10:23 am

        and I agree with the ovation. I’m hoping for a big one when Alex trots onto the field. Several more every time Lynch sacks him.


        October 2, 2014 at 10:35 am

        A polite applause would do. Let’s not get carried away….

        October 2, 2014 at 10:45 am

        are you saying he does not deserve a standing O ?

        You were the first person to say something negative about it…..I was just asking if he deserved it but your hatred for Alex was just too much you decided to attack me….

        Sorry Bro – You really are not that smart if you think hate can get you anywhere in life…..not even on this blog……nice try – trying to be selective in your cut and paste…..dumb you truly are….

        stick with your popular 2 gap – 1 gap comments…..its all you have

          1. Always has been. Hit him with facts and he will go ape sh**! Like he did before. If you want more just go to my posts and there you will see the sack flea calling names and whining about Alex smith. You know the guy nobody stood up and yelled for. I’m serious when I say I’ve heard louder claps at an opera. Let it go onelame. Lol

              1. from monkey butt to bananas – are you sure you are not trying to tell us something……its ok dude – let it out …….

            1. everyone calls you names on this blog because no one respects you…..you are the blog clown – we all know that

              razoreater is jealous because no one takes his one gap – two gap nonsense seriously……he wants to be like you – you know ultimate butt lickers…..

              1. You’re an expert on nonsense and Alex Smith, and I’m sorry that’s just not a position that’s in demand anymore. Maybe you should consider a job change to blowhard…..

              2. onewhiner, with this kind of manic episode, I would think Librium might be a more effective management tool. I’ll call your mom and let her know to get in touch with Dr. Marvin. Just hold on….

  49. good coverage, Grant, thank you. Agree with the grades.

    This game was a throwback to 2011 – a powerful run game, a (sometimes) suffocating defense, and the Niners grit out a win.

    But I had expected a lot more from Kaep at this point. I’d argue that because the all-world defense of 2011 didnt result in a SB win, that led Harbaugh et al to make the switch to Kaep. I think that was the right call. But he’s still clearly at the “early-Steve Young” phase of the game. Let’s see what the future holds.

    Frank Gore remains the heart and soul of this team, at least the offense. May he, Justin Smith, and Patrick Willis play forever.

  50. quoting two famous people:
    Kaepernick: ” All that matters is the win…
    [ on 2-1-2015…that would be the Super Bowl ].”

    Harbaw: ” My destiny is …
    [in the hands of the opposing QB who has the ball,
    and all 3 of his timeouts, trailing by only 5 points, and
    with a TD in the last 2 minutes he will control destiny.”

    This does not sound like a playoff/postseason winning formula.

    When Jim refers to his destiny between the walls of the lockerroom,
    he is “trying” to answer last week’s ‘losing the team’ criticism.
    So, so, so many monkeys on that man’s back; I am just one of them.

  51. For all those who bring up Marcus Cooper as a sign that Baalke screwed up in his release.

    Marcus Cooper, CB: -3.8

    Breakdown: It’s been a rough start to the season for Cooper who was once again beaten throughout the game despite surrendering only four catches on nine targets. Three of the four catches went for first downs with the other going for a touchdown and he had little to do with the other incompletions. Cooper is now grading at -8.9 in coverage this season and quarterbacks have a passer rating of 140.2 when throwing into his coverage.

  52. If we play like that against Seattle, we’re going to beat them twice…………

    1. No I don’t think so. I do think AZ is in trouble though. I forget who said it last week, but one of the commentators said AZ is too thin with all their injuries to last for the season. Cromartie, Peterson, Calais, Stanton all going down. We have to keep winning but I think we split with Seattle. It does seem that Seattle is allowing more points and more yards this year.

  53. Its really sad what most on here are saying in 2014. Nobody wants to face the truth.

    When did it become ok to be the 2nd best team in the division.

    Does anyone really think the 27th offense in the league can win the NFC west……am not saying we should panic, but there really is nothing wrong with a honest conversation about it.

    again for the small minds this has nothing to do with Alex – for Christ sake get over him.

    1. NFL.com has the 49ers ranked 16 in total offense. Passings is only one part of the game. NO’s is 1st in offense but they can barely beat TB. Passing yds isn’t everything. Nobody wants to be the second best team. The truth is we are until we beat Seattle in Seattle and get some of our starters back we are the second best team. We also have to knock AZ off too. I get confused by this crowd. People complained about running too much last season and they come out in AZ 5 wide and people complained there too. Need to hand off to Gore more…. That’s not why we lost that game, penalties and mistakes not the play calling.

      1. just trying to make the point 27th ranked offense is not acceptable……..our QB not able to throw quick slant passes is not acceptable…..lets not lie to ourselves…….

        1. Are you the same one who lies to themselves when they call someone dumb, looks incredulous, and asks “what name did I call you”?

        2. I am not lying to myself. Look a little closer at the rankings and see if you agree how they are prioritized? The 49ers are averaging 7.4yds per throw, same as Indy and 22pts a game. Above us the Raiders are averaging 12.8pts a game and 51pts. What you see there is adjustable and the default setting based on passing yards per game. If you select yds per throw 15th, total points 15th, 20th points per game, 16th in completion percentage, *29th in attempts*, 4th in throws +20ds, 12th in 1st%. Don’t let that one stat get you all worked up. Read some others too.

          So its only 27th in total yardage. Its not that the QB is unable, its the number of attempts the coaches give him.

        3. What about the 3rd down conversion precentage that was suppose to improve by “attacking all areas of the field”.
          These guys are lying to themselves because we are a team built to control clock, field position and let the defense win the game. It’s 2011 all over again. Every time they give CK rope to open it up, it’s turnover central. I’ll use an analogy one other idiot used in here for years with Alex, “keep the training wheels on”

          1. I looked for 3rd % but NFL.com doesn’t seem to have it or I don’t recognize the way they are communicating it. Look it up, I couldn’t find it. I did wonder why they weren’t throwing more to the middle on slants this game? Seemed like Boldin, Carrier and MacDonald all could have made 5-10yd catches there on slant routes or soft spots in the zone. I say play calling not QB.

            Not sure who’s lying to themselves or that I buy into the “every time” syndrome. I don’t think they are keeping the training wheels on, its a designed scheme. Every QB has multiple TO games. The difference is that they are letting Kap throw 20+ yds which isn’t a training wheel throw.

          2. The Niners are 6th in 3rd down percentage Prime. They also gave CK plenty of rope in a pass oriented scheme vs. the Cards and he did quite well. He’s played one terrible half of football where all but one of his turnovers occurred, but why bother to use actual facts and details right? At least you’ve given up an guise that you are objective on the subject.

        4. It’s like a qb who can’t complete a pass in the air past 15 yards without it being intercepted. Did you see those last 2 passes? 58 yards passing in the 2nd half? Onechief, you’re killing us?

        5. Where are you getting this 27th nonsense from? They are ranked 9th in overall offense. The slant issues are scheme problems. If you watch the slants they have attempted the past two weeks where Kap has been picked off and nearly picked off yesterday, you see they only have one receiver to that side and a Safety high on defense. You can complete a slant with a Safety on that side unless you have a slot receiver to occupy him. It’s a poor play design and Kap is instructed to throw that quickly on his 3rd step so there’s no way to complete it if the defense is lined up that way.

    2. Why do we have to get over Alex? So you can have him all to yourself. You know I waiting all game for that late game pick. I knew it was coming. Especially when he had to throw the ball past 15 yards in the air!!! Bwahahahaha!

      1. 23welcher, you never did get it did you. You always thought Alex would not amount to anything when really that game was more about the 49ers defense. In fact even when Alex was here to now, the defense was and is spectacular.
        Instead, low life welchers like you focus on the one negative of yesterday. Smith played a good game, the 49ers defense played better. That’s football moron.

        1. Alex Smiths’ mother baked Aldon Smith a sweet potato pie in gratitude for not playing and putting him on IR….

          1. What’s your deal Razor, just reply to everything today? You have not shut up all morning. Go for walk or something.

              1. 2 back to back dumb responses…….i think the verbal diarrhea comment definitely touched a nerve….

              2. onewhiner, weren’t you the first one to pucker your ass when I suggested no standing ovation for Alex Smith? Then you proceeded to whine like a broken hearted school girl when I called you the monkey butt. I think we know how upset you are that your boi didn’t get that standing ovation….Ha!

        2. FDM,

          Your boyfriend threw the game losing pick. He also had 58 yards passing in the 2nd half. Smith is a loser just like you. The Alex Smith defense team failed this week and so did he. 58 yards paying in the 2nd half????? Is that what the Chiefs get for 15 million a year? Bwahahahaha!

          1. Are you just upset your boyfriend left for the webzone? That’s sad that Bayareafanatic left you all alone. Now you are the exclusive idiot and sole welcher of the blog. Congrats.

            I am pretty sure the Chiefs are happy with Alex Smith considering he helped them make the playoffs. Andy Reid is the perfect fit for him as he will design and call plays that uses the strength of their personnel. That defense is also special and they could surprise some people again this year.
            Will he win a SB, probably not, but then again, we are wondering the same thing here in SF.

            1. 58 yards passing in a half of football. Those are high school jr. Varsity stats. He’s as soft as I’ve always said he was. A tiger does not change his stripes. The check down king could never beat his former team. We know.his liabilities. Throwing past 15 yards being the main one. That’s why the Niners dumped him. We can’t beat Seattle throwing check downs.

              1. You can rip on Alex and that’s fine but at least make a good argument. Colin threw 6-15 for 114 yards THE ENTIRE GAME! And he got 63 of those yards on one play to Vernon Davis late in the game.

                You can’t beat Seattle by having a QB can only do one read either. Last year at Candlestick, Colin under threw a pass to Crabs and got picked up. The only reason the Niners won that game was the defense and Gore had that big run.

                Like you said, Alex is no longer the QB, why don’t you focus on the liabilities of our current QB, and what we can do to make him play better.

                If I was Michael Jordan I would sue you and make you change your handle because you are an embarrassment to his name. You should change it 93Rodmen because you’re a clown just like him!

              2. You lost the argument Sunday afternoon. Kaepernick is not a one read quarterback. The end….

              3. Fan have you ever heard a positive remark come out of that clowns mouth?
                He circled yesterday’s game as soon as the schedule came out because he thought he could be relevant again for one week trashing Alex.

              4. Razoreater,
                Colin only completed 14 passes. Practically all were to his first intended read. The minute he didn’t pass it, he scrambled and shuffled his feet in the pocket. THE END.

        3. Smith played two good series. Not a good game. And it goes back to smith not bein able to play well and beat good defenses.

        4. No, it was AS doing what AS does best: play a decent game and then break the KC fans’ heart. Do you really think that AS will play out the entire term of his contract?

          There is no way that AS even tries those passes that Kap threw to Lloyd. If the receiver isn’t entirely open, AS either doesn’t throw to him or sails it over his head. Same AS, he does just enough to break your heart if you’re a fan.

          The 49ers need to play an offense balanced between pass and run. When VD returns and Crabtree’s injury resolves, the offense will vastly improve.

    3. Okay first off we are 16th in overall offense.

      And to answer your question whether we can win the NFC west with 27th best passing offense??? The answer is yes. I think we’ve done it ranked even lower.

      But I think it only works when we are top 5 in rushing yards, and have a top 5 defense. Which we do.

      To be honest I expected better from Kap at this point. Not necessarily more yards, but I expected him to look more comfortable in the pocket, be faster and more decisive, and stop holding the ball for so dang long.

      I think he’s improved in a few areas, but nothing major. He’s spreading the ball out a lot more, but he’s still staring down receivers. He usually improves as the season goes on, so that’s what I’m looking and hoping for.

    4. It was OK to be the worst in the division when smith was horrible and our coaching staff too.
      Boy you really think nobody rememebers you as being the biggest douche on this site. Smh

  54. Didn’t have time to read all of the entries on the Chiefs game. That said, the Alex v Kap comparison intrigued me. First, did you all see the two of them after the game? That meeting says it all. They both respect each other. They are both classy guys. The need to denigrate Smith’s performance just shows the pervasive negativity that gets expressed by so many on this blog. Fact is that both QBs played well. Neither was the difference in either a win or loss. The major contributors were Phil Dawson, Frank Gore and the the Chiefs errors and penalties. On the Chiefs side, they were on the road after a short week and many of their defensive elite players were not on the field. That said, the 9ers were clearly the better team. The skill players surrounding Kap were far superior to those on the Chiefs. If they were to play again regardless of location, my money is on the 9ers. My takeaway is that Kap is becoming a better game manager. And he needs to be. All of those physical attributes are not the final difference. But he improves with each game. And his upside is higher than Smith’s. Fact is it hasn’t been reached yet. It is ironic that game management was the hit on Alex during his 9er years and now we are demanding that quality from Kap.

  55. Grant make up your mind on the Carrier fumble, it either should have been a penalty or it should have been ruled the Chiefs ball it ca’nt be both. [Of course the answer is a penalty against the 9ers after which they retain possession] Once again the tone of the content of your article does’nt match your grades. [poor writing, very unclear] If you left the content and removed the grades most intelligent unemotional fans of the game would guess your grades would have been much lower. You really need to improve in that area, you should have another writer at the PD [Phil Barber would be best] read your content without the grades and guess what grades you have given, it might make your articles seem a little less emotional and more professional.

    1. Grant’s writing is akin to an armchair fan with little knowledge of the game and pretty much always has been.

  56. …the Chiefs still would have had four minutes and three timeouts to drive the field and score a touchdown to win the game. But the Chiefs had 12 men on the field. The Chiefs have no one to blame but themselves for losing this game.
    The Chiefs have no one to blame but the special teams coach for losing this game.

    If you’re going to cite this as the reason why they lost then you should properly assign the blame to match the example.

    1. Seems to me the QB, that you think we should have kept, throwing an INT on the final drive was the reason they lost the game.

  57. I was on the edge of my seat the whole game yesterday. I hated every minute, but with that said I’m glad the NINERS pulled it out.

    The o-line has to get better at pass blocking. Johnathan Martin getting bull rushed straight into Kaep was embarrassing. On the flip side, they did one heck of a job opening up holes for Gore. The guy still has it. The run game is our bread and butter. Inside/Outside it didn’t matter – it all looked good. Hyde has to learn to be patient. It’s obvious to see Gore waiting behind the o-line for holes to open and Hyde bulldozing his way.

    Kaep is causing all of us stress. He makes great plays and then he leaves you scratching your head. I will not complain he’s still learning. The fact that Kaep has only been in the league 3 yrs and his stats are extremely similar to a man in the league 8 or 9 yrs says a lot. What I would like to see him to do more of is resetting his feet when he scrambles out of the pocket to catch someone going deep. I don’t know if this has been discussed but there should always be someone breaking off their route to run deep when Kaep scrambles. DB’s lose their minds when a QB leaves the pocket.

    Once again, you can not say enough about our defense. Those guys have been playing hard. I can only imagine when we get Aldon back, it’s going to be crazy. Does anyone know if he’s still training and conditioning? I’m assuming yes but you never know. Lynch is still coming up big.

    As for our coaches, hats of to them. I’m a Harbaugh supporter. I read Randy Moss said Harbaugh treats his players like college kids. Someone should tell randy that you treat people how they act. Right now we do have a bunch of immature players on our team. As for Roman, he has to get more rhythm on the offense. One series that stood out to me was in the redzone we ran the ball for a first down. Ran the ball 3 more time and kicked the field goal. As some point maybe 2nd down he should have went with a naked bootleg pass. He has to get more creative with his thinking. But they were getting to the line faster which was very noticeable.

    On to the Rams. Never an easy game but I do expect us to win this one. Just can’t get caught looking at the Broncos game.

    1. He treated them like mighty men this week by giving them 2 days off. As they left the facility, they could be heard chanting, Who’s got it better than us?

      1. I don’t care what he does as long as it produces wins. I wonder if people noticed when CBS was showing him amongst the greats when discussing his wins.

        1. FYI – I’ve read reports that Aldon is working out with the team and attending all meetings. He is not allowed to go onto the practice field.

  58. I didn’t get to see this one, stupid chargers’ blow-out was on.

    Can someone tell me how Lynch looked yesterday? Was he able to generate some pressure?

    1. A couple times he was in on the rush but nothing great. He never did he get his hands on Smith but overall, this guy could bean eventual replacement to Brooks if he can generate one or two more pass rush moves.

      1. Lynch was the only one getting consistent pressure. Most of the time Alex had a clean pocket, especially in the first half. He threw off the timing of a couple of plays, and the dude is tall. As the year goes on my guess is he’s the guy that will put the pressure on the defense. While it’s going to be great to have Aldon back, he’s not going to be in game shape.

        I know Grant gave the WRs a low grade, but I’m just happy to see other WRS make plays. Brandon Lloyd’s catch was just astounding, it’s a catch only he would have made from the group of WRs on this team.
        Crabs is an after-thought now. He’s always injured too.
        And I can’t say enough about the Steve Johnson forearm shimmy! Bring on Richard Sherman! Johnson’s always had good games against Sherman too!

    2. He had two batted passes and some decent pressure. Brooks also had a batted pass. Grant failed to mention all three in his grading. Those batted passes lead to getting KC’s offense off he field.

  59. I won’t hate on Alex as I always supported him, albeit there were limitations, but then again, the play calling played a role in that- not to mention having Dingleberry as a coach. That said, if he would have dropped it in 2′ lower or led the receiver a couple of feet while holding it for another second, I think it may have been a TD……….. so, let’s not bag on him too much and be happy with the W.

    Can we get grades on the OL and DL again Jack? – I am curious as being at the game you can’t isolate their play as much. I was a big Brooks fan over the years, but the lack of pressure is killing us.

    Did anyone notice the stadium was only about 85% capacity? The 49ers are holding the line at pricing……….

      1. Wimps…. I had to sit next to a huge woman who actually had the nerve to complain about how small the seats were and how hot it was. Thank goodness that hog left and didn’t come back. Idk maybe I’m use to 100 plus degrees and it wasn’t that bad.

    1. dlptown as far as i know there are zero tickets available through the 49ers. That means the games are 100% sell outs. The only tickets available are through resale.

      1. The 49ers are releasing the unused inventory held for NFL/media and visiting teams a week before the game w priority to SBL holders, but changing that policy to sell them all at once coming up………. there were significant pockets of empties yesterday which to me illustrates that while they tried to keep ticket brokers at bay, they did in fact purchase a lot of seats.

    1. I’m betting that Sanders and Glazer will have Baalke and Harbaugh coming to blows with York separating them in a week or two. Maybe less.

  60. Some interesting 49er related stats so far this year:

    1. 2nd in the NFL in time of position per game
    2. 2nd in the NFL in turn over differential
    3. 1st in the NFL in 4th downs made (3 of 4)
    4. 6th in the NFL in 3rd down percentage (47%)
    5. 29th in the NFL in fumbles (3 and lost 1)
    6. 2nd in the NFL in penalties and 3rd in penalty yardage

    Yesterday, they cleaned up #6. If they continue on this path, they’ll make a deep playoff run again this year.

    1. On the noise note, the crowd shots when KC was in 3rd down situations showed only a few people screaming. Most were stone silent, like they were watching an opera.

      Demographics matter when it comes to crowd noise.

      1. Thd crowd definitely needs to get more into the game. It was disappointing to only hear them get involved near the end of the game.

        1. Yea, it is clear when the half of the stadium that is in the shade is packed, while the half of the stadium that is in the sun is not – that there is an issue with shade. They have to add shade cover in the off-season. There is no doubt about that.

          1. well, these were unusually high temps yesterday (I have part shade which was very important when I selected seats), but long term won’t be that big of an issue…….. m$.02

      2. It was’t as good as it has been the first couple of games, when most everyone in the lower bowl was standing, true, and not even close.

  61. ESPN just mentioned Holmgren consulted w Raiders………. that would be interesting to pair him with Reggie. Just fyi, they will also have about $60 million in cap space again…..

  62. One interesting note on all runs into the line ‘not one’ went to the right side. It was mostly in the middle (17) and some to the left side (11). They either detected something about Chiefs defense, or there is no confidence on our right side to run through. I wasn’t counting any of CKs runs or broken plays.

  63. Ah, this thread certainly has the best of the old and the new. We have the AS haters continuing their hatefest. AND we have the new morons picking right up where they left off, whining about the same old things in the current season that they whined about in seasons past. Sub 200 yards passing? Check. Boring low ranked offense? Check. Too much run game? Check. Coach has put the training wheels on the QB? Check. QB inconsistent? Check. QB can’t win the big game? Check. Could never win without a dominant D and/or help from the refs and/or other team’s mistakes? Check.

    Can’t wait to see what the *next* Niner QB will bring out of the woodwork. Same old idiocy.

    1. And you don’t think most of it was personal vendetta against another fan? I’ve been here for a long time and even me and that yellow belly Hoffer got on the same page when harbaugh helped turn around smith. And we were mortal enemies back in the days. I still think a lot of it is personal. FDM follows bay and J23 just to talk trash to
      Them, we all know
      Onelame is still on my nuts.
      You and I have had words. Is it really because of the qb? All of it? Naaaa. Hopefully after this game we all can move on. With the Alex vs ck crap. There will always be players who don’t mKe everyone happy. That’s fanhood

  64. Sorry you have my intentions confused. I don’t do indirect stuff. My history on here (before you joined I must add) has always been blunt – no indirect or sugar coating stuff…..says onelame….

    Yeah blunt meaning you’re an a**hole because you don’t think Alex smith is a “cold blooded assassin”. Or because you wouldn’t buy that Alex smith will take this team to the Super Bowl on his shoulders, and he didn’t add sugarcoating back then when he was booted off for losing it over Alex smith. And begged to come back on to get booted again. Heck even Hoff couldn’t stand him back then. That’s the truth on onelame. He hasn’t changed except now he doesn’t let it be known he’s butthurt through YELLING and cussing over Alex smith. He now swings on my nuts and disappears when you actually have some facts. Onelame will always be the press dems garbage bag. Always has always will.

  65. It just amuses me to no end that our current crop of complainers have the exact same complaints as our previous generation of complainers. md, look in the mirror – staring back at you is that mora cat and fan77.

        1. Why not. You sound exactly like bay, jordo, md, circa 2012.

          I take that back, you haven’t called yourself a “real fan” yet,

  66. The Chiefs averaged more yards per play (5.3) than the 49ers (5.1) yesterday. Andy Reid and the Chiefs squandered opportunities to secure first downs and continue drives. Second and 1 from the 49ers’ 40, second quarter, Reid called a deep pass for Dwayne Bowe instead of a run for Jamaal Charles. Incomplete. Next play, third and 1, Reid called a pass for Travis Kelce instead of a run for Charles. Incomplete. Fourth and 1, the Chiefs wanted to go for it, maybe they called a run for Charles, but they were flagged for a false start. And in the fourth quarter, Reid called another pass on third and 1 instead of a run for Charles. Incomplete. Ill-advised play calls, stupid mistakes.

    1. On that 4th down that got flagged it actually looked like they were going to pass again.

      I agree there were some plays they would no doubt like back. But doesn’t that apply to the 49ers too? That pass in the red zone that just missed Boldin? In fact that whole series in the red zone? Bethea coming up too fast on Thomas and whiffing on the tackle, which results in a TD? Culliver slipping on a play early on which meant the Chiefs were able to get a first down, extend the drive (which I believe was on the drive that got them their first TD)? Ahmad Brooks jumping early?

      These are just from memory, I’m sure when I go back and look at it there will be plenty of other missed opportunities. That’s football. The Chiefs didn’t execute the plays they ran well enough to win, while the 49ers did.

      1. Whoa there Scooter. That makes too much sense and does not serve the agenda being shoved down our throats….

        1. I think the biggest mistake the Chiefs made was not challenging the first deep ball that Brand Lloyd caught on the right sideline that led to the first FG. Lloyd looked like he landed on the sideline. That was a big momentum builder.

          I’m happy the Niners won. And I’m curious to watch the all-22. For once the Niners out coached another team with the fake FG, and pounding the left side of the O-line.
          A better coaching job by Andy Reid, and the Niners could have easily lost that game to an inferior team. And it wouldn’t have been Colin’s fault either, as he did what was asked of him. The team still have a long way to go to match the best teams. Right now the class looks like Denver and Seattle, and everyone else.

          1. Maybe instead of being disgusted with the play calling he should be disgusted with himself for not throwing a better ball to Dwayne Bowe on 2nd and 1.

            1. No. Bowe did not run the right route. Besides the wind kicked up a little. Not only that, Reid called the wrong play….

      2. Scooter,

        Why are you beating your head against the wall? Nothing you say will change anything.

        1. Next you’ll be telling me I need to stop checking the palm of my hand for hair…

    2. Right on, Grant. Just one of the reasons why KC gave the game away like Phil did. Phil was going for deep passes, when the shorter pass was working. Then on goal line, they should’ve ran the ball, ran time off the clock. For KC to pass on 3rd and 1, 3rd and a simple 1, teams like that deserve to lose the game. Alex Smith should be disgusted with the play calling.

    3. Sounds like the Chiefs could use an offensive consultant, Grant. I know that would cut into your time spent advising the Niners, but I’m sure you would be up to it.

  67. “Maybe Harbaugh should take off the rose-colored glasses when he’s watching his offense. Maybe he’s watching some other left tackle besides Joe Staley”

    Maybe you’re too busy hitting the chow line in the press box. Staley didn’t give up a single pressure and finished with the highest grade of any lineman in the league on Sunday.

  68. Not sure why the discussion always comes down to Alex vs. Kaep. Just because they were both on our team at one point? What about guys like Russell Wilson and Derek Carr and Peyton Manning… All could have just as easily been 49ers, along with a whole host of other QBs. But I guess it’s good clickbait.

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