49ers 22, Rams 21: Grades

These are the grades for the 49ers’ second win of the season – 22-21 win over the LA Rams.

QUARTERBACK: B+. Colin Kaepernick dinked and dunked all game and averaged just 6.7 yards per pass. He also dropped his eyes while facing pressure and ran into four sacks. But, all credit to him for bringing the team back from a 14-point fourth-quarter deficit and winning the game. Sure, everyone in the world other than the Rams knew he would run on third-and-10 from the 13-yard line and during the two-point conversion attempt at the end. When Kaepernick has to make a play, he trusts his legs, not his arm. Today, his legs came through. And now, he can say he ended his career on a high note if he retires in a couple weeks as he should.

RUNNING BACKS: F. Carlos Hyde was awful – he gained just 24 yards on 12 carries after gaining 14 yards on his first carry. He also fumbled twice and left the game with a knee injury. The first thing the 49ers’ new general manager, whoever he is, should do this offseason is trade Hyde while he still has value — if he still has value. The 2018 draft will be full of talented running backs who can replace him.

WIDE RECEIVERS: B+. Jeremy Kerley and Rod Streater both played well and gained 125 receiving yards combined. They’re quality receivers the Niners should keep for next season.

TIGHT ENDS: C. Garrett Celek was just OK, catching four passes for 39 yards. He’s a third-stringer.

OFFENSIVE LINE: B+. Andrew Tiller struggled and Zane Beadles committed a moronic taunting penalty after the 2-point conversion which gave the Rams’ good field position and almost allowed them to come back and win. But, overall this unit was good. Trent Brown played left tackle for the first time this season, and was excellent. He is the best player on the 49ers, someone the team can build around. The Niners should move him to left tackle full time and trade Joe Staley during the offseason – that’s the second thing the new 49ers’ general manager should do.

DEFENSIVE LINE: A. Absolutely shut down Todd Gurley, a truly pitiful running back, and harassed Jared Goff in the pocket most of the game. Both DeForest Buckner and Chris Jones are keepers.

LINEBACKERS: A. Gerald Hodges played well one week after Chip Kelly suspended him for breaking a team rule. Good for Kelly. More on him below.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: A. Rookie cornerback Rashard Robinson intercepted Jared Goff to seal the victory. Robinson is a keeper.

SPECIAL TEAMS: A. Phil Dawson struggled the past couple weeks, but was perfect today.

COACHES: C+. Sure, the 49ers’ offense averaged just 4.5 yards per play – a full yard per play worse than the league average. But, all credit to Chip Kelly for going for two at the end of the game instead of playing for overtime. Kelly had been so conservative all season, especially in the second half, which was one reason the Niners lost 13 games in a row. Good to see him coach aggressively for a change.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays 49ers fans.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for The Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at grantcohn@gmail.com.

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  1. Dear 49ers:
    Thank you for ruining my Christmas with this win. I broke up with my girlfriend. I threw out the Christmas tree. Went to the middle school and smashed the trash cans. There will be no Christmas in this household. I am about to take out my TV and I am going to destroy it. I want the liberal sport writers to feel very happy that the 49ers once again had opportunity to better the team and they f’d it again. no Qb for us. No Wr. just a bunch of ACLs.

    And as always, I give Kap an F and I hope he enjoyed his kneel down and his continued crapping the NFL image. I shall not associate with the 49ers until Kelly is fired, Baalke is fired, Kap is gone.

    F you 49er.

      1. Thanks my friend. It’s such a shame that today’s 49er fan doesn’t seem to know that:
        We had a bad era in Joe Thomas, of course though I was too young to understand it.
        We had Eddie D
        We have the legends in Montana, Walsh, Young, Rice, Solomon, Corss, Francis (Russ Francis now) Fred Dean, Hacksaw. Such a shame that today’s 49er fan seems so obsessed that what I say makes me a troll, a racist, a homophobe, a xenophobe, Trump lover, illegal hater, muslim hater, etc, etc, heard it, been kicked off of every single 49er forum because I was RIGHT about the team.
        When the Yorks stole the team, no matter what you say about Eddie D, how the NFL handled it, not a big deal to you the today fan, I call it outright THEFT when Pete Rozelle back then REFUSED to stop this outright theft. I don’t care Eddie D gave them or was forced to give them the team. Again, theft. What the Yorks have done to the team has turned today’s fan into ‘a Stockholm’ fan, so used to the ever year of FAILURE on this team: QB, RB, Oline, Dline, WR, Secondary.

        How ironic that YOU FANS OF TODAY FORGOT that in the 5 Superbowl wins, we had a QB, a RB, a TE, a WR or 2, Oline, Dline, Seondary, 4-3, WCO, West Coast Offense and NEVER at ONE TIME EVER has any QB done the NITWIT stuff Kapernick has done: kissing the bicep and calls it what? Kaepernicking? WTF Is that supposed to mean? I saw Paul Orndorf the wrestler do the same thing, Scott Steiner, Macho Man Randy Savage, Ken Patera. Why does a QB need a gimmick like that for? Then he gets on his twitter and mocks Houston.

        So again, 49er fans of today, Brotha, Razoreater, whoever else that has a problem with me, you are LIBERALS WITH A MENTAL DISORDER. You got no passion, no fire, no NOTHING to suggest to make the team better.

        Therefore here is what i want, and I assure you all that it’s the last time I bring this up:
        Sell the team
        Fire Baalke
        Fire Chip
        Get rid of the gOOF in Kap
        draft a real Qb
        Hire a real Gm and a real coach.

        Peace out. Enjoy getting slapped in the face, today’s 49er fan. I challenge you all that have a problem with me to debunk my theories and YOU tell me I’m wrong. YOU TELL ME I’m a lousy fan. YOU HAVE PROOF if I’m a troll. The only sites I ever get on are this site, SFgate, maybe ESPN ONCE in a while, Lowell Cohn, San Jose Mercury (but I’m not allowed to post) and I read over any 49er news but DO NOT JOIN or post, OK. I’m not this fan, that fan, whatever fan, SNOWFLAKES! I am my own 49er fan with viewpoints similar to that of Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, Chef Ramsey, Simon Cowell, Mark Levin, Brian Sussman and Katy Green and I’m sorry that i give out the negative stuff, but I am NEVER going to support that GOOF on the team so STOP CRYING about what I say.

            1. Seb might be singularly focused, but at least he doesn’t come across like Joe McCarthy during one of his alcoholic benders. Or wish for player’s injuries. Drunken rant or not, that is beyond vile.

        1. Darren I’m going to say something simply.
          I do not care about your politics. I don’t care about your religious beliefs. I don’t care about your family. In fact let’s just assume I don’t care about anything you have to say unless it’s related to the 49ers. I get it, it’s not very clear that this is a 49er blog/ fan forum. If you like you like, perhaps someone on the board can translate English into to stupid for you… any volunteers???

    1. You are a worthless piece of trash and I’m sure your family is ashamed of you. Go vomit out your booze and may God have mercy on your worthless soul.

      1. Here are the 49er losses coming up in 2017:
        NFC East, lose all 4
        AFC South, lose all 4
        Lost to Chicago
        Lose to Carolina
        1 or 2 wins in division.

  2. I am with you on Hyde. He is an okay back but….. I do not understand Beadles in his taunting penalty, he should know better.

  3. “And now, he can say he ended his career on a high note if he retires in a couple weeks as he should…”

    Why should he retire? He is a more than decent QB and he works at his craft, plus he puts it all on the line when he has to. Something for you to consider…

      1. He’s not a racist. If you were my age you would understand a lot more about what Colin is all about. But you are not. And he is most certainly not delusional. Being a member of SNCC, I got the crap beat out of me in the early ’60s registering black folks so they could vote. And some things are far more important than a game.

        1. He is so a crap QB and anybody that supports him is a LIBERAL that can’t stand the fACT that Trump won, HIllary lost, GET OVER IT SNOWFLAKE! I don’t care what you endured, this is today, this stuff Kap is doing craps on the NFL, it’s image, its fans, our area alone, the new stadium, you think a family wants to take their kid to an eyesore stadium with out of control ticket pricing, parking, bad transportation, lousy food, one section in the sun directly, just to see Kap that can’t throw for 300? Kap is ruining the NFL and the enjoyment. Thanks to him and the team, I got no girlfriend, I tossed the tree out, I vandalized trash cans at a school, and there was a crime at that school’s baseball field storage shed, but I’m not going to bother calling the cops about it. Let somebody else do it or maybe I can say Kaepernick did it. Kap is a racist and a punk, and if I see him on this team next year, I will go all out to go to Santa clara every weekend the 49ers are home, stay at a hotel and PROTEST that home game in 2017 until Kap is GONE!

            1. #80 I’m going to be on here every chance I get, every single Sunday. i’m going to ride on you very hard like a drill sergeant. You can cry and whine about it all you want, but remember that: I predict that NOTHING is going to happen when this is over. MAYBE if we’re lucky and if we don’t fire Baalke, MAYBE the Kapper may want OFF the team, and GOOD RIDDANCE if that happens. I would seriously keep everybody around just to get rid of Kap and I’d be very happy with another losing season as long as we get rid of Kap.

              BTW, #80, when the raiders leave this area, you’re going to have a very crappy team to look up.

              1. Your the only one crying and whining. You’re only embarrassing yourself with these pathetic rants. You can type. We can scroll. Have at it.

              2. Darren,

                You’re gonna ride on me very hard? That kind of sounds rapey. Who cares about the Raiders? I bet you do.

              3. #80, I care about NOTHING in the NFL. I already vowed to never watch another game as long as the GOOF is still around.

              4. Darren500—–I You are the personification of what it means to be a total fan. You know fan- short for fanatic. Someone who projects their personal issues onto sports so as to vent their anger onto a team or individual. It appears, by your own admission that your personal life has devolved into crap. You should be greatfull that the Niners are sucking it up this year other wise who could you blame your miserable life on. You just posted that Kaep/49er’s were responsible for you losing your girl friend. Kaep especially has become the focal point of your hate. The thing is the person/life you really hate is yourself and your own.. Damn dude! It’s just a game.

              5. You’re assuming people on this blog take you seriously Darren. I for one don’t. I don’t care how much time you spend on this blog, you are NOBODY to me, but a fool. And a coward, hiding behind your computer screen, spewing hatred as if your a tough guy. In reality, you may be a 13 year old hermaphrodite for all we know.

              6. I’m no fan of Kaepernick’s, but I’d be willing to bet he’s accomplished more than you have in your life, hence the bitterness. Quit blaming everyone else for your life failures Darren. Take accountability for your own pathetic life, or lack thereof!

        2. Dont matter hes not acting proffessional he salutes Castro when the guy was a communist and a harborer of criminals and a baby killer. Kaepernick needs to get lost hes nothing but a distraction he should go live in Cuba with the Commies.

        1. Some people need to understand that Racism is only one form of bigotry. They focus on that one aspect at the expense of everything else. It appears that the focus exclusively on Racism is being used in our society to hid the rise of bigotry in all other area’s. The constant use of the term ” racist ” to stereotypically label and discredit any one or any philosophy that we do not agree with is itself a form of bigotry.

      2. Yes he is a I agree is he black or white they say if you are mixed you go black he did mod squad wanna boy get rid of him like we did with Hillery I told my mom she’s a democratic who would you want to coach your baseball football hockey team hill pants suit on fire or trump we know the answer Jap is gone to Cuba run for president

    1. Theres alot of qbs that work hard it does’nt mean hes good enough to stay besides the fact hes a huge distraction. If he wants to be a protester or an activist then maybe he should quit football and do it. I dont watch football every sunday for that bs especially on my team. Kaepernick showing love to Fidel Castro, but if he lived in that country he would’nt have any freedom lol. How are you going to live in America and support commies? He should go live in North Korea id bet he would be singing a diffrent tune.

      1. You need help with your punctuation, grammar, and reasoning skills. Aside from that, if you don’t like people like Kaep living here, maybe you should move to an all-white country where people are required to think and act the exact same way, ok Mr. I Hate Freedom?

    2. Oh please. He’s the worst passer over 10-yards in the NFL. He’s the worst 2nd half QB in the NFL. He’s inaccurate (and has been his entire career) despite all the excuses you people make for him.

      And before you blame Kelly for all these issues (and more), he didn’t have that issue in Philadelphia where his QBs generally played as well or better in the second half. Plus his teams, on average, scored close to 2-points MORE in the second half so you can be sure to know he does make ‘halftime’ adjustments. (In realty most coaches constantly adjust. All game long.)

      Truth is we were lucky to escape with a win. It was a belated Christmas present from Jeff Fisher. Because all day long Kaepernick stared down his WRs and only got away with it because the RAms pass defense is as bad as ours (we’re 28th, they’re 27th).

      And it certainly helped that the Rams got passive in a prevent defense and let Kaepernick dink-and-dunk his way down the field… Look at this, every pass of the first 4th quarter TD:

      1-10-SF 25 (10:28) (Shotgun) C.Kaepernick pass short middle to S.Draughn
      1-10-SF 36 (9:59) (No Huddle, Shotgun) C.Kaepernick pass short middle to G.Celek
      3-6-SF 40 (9:00) (No Huddle, Shotgun) C.Kaepernick pass short left to J.Kerley
      1-10-LA 39 (8:27) (No Huddle, Shotgun) C.Kaepernick pass incomplete short left to S.Draughn
      2-10-LA 39 (8:24) (No Huddle, Shotgun) C.Kaepernick pass short left to D.Harris
      1-25-LA 40 (7:09) (Shotgun) C.Kaepernick pass short left to S.Draughn pushed
      2-21-LA 36 (6:39) (Shotgun) C.Kaepernick pass incomplete short right to J.Kerley.
      3-21-LA 36 (6:36) (Shotgun) C.Kaepernick pass short right to J.Kerley
      4-8-LA 23 (5:57) (No Huddle, Shotgun) C.Kaepernick pass short left to R.Streater
      1-10-LA 13 (5:24) (Shotgun) C.Kaepernick pass incomplete short left to G.Celek.
      2-10-LA 13 (5:19) (Shotgun) C.Kaepernick pass incomplete short middle to J.Kerley.
      3-10-LA 13 (5:14) (Shotgun) C.Kaepernick scrambles up the middle for 13 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

      Short. Short. SHort. Short. Short. Short. Short. The Rams BLEW it. Poor tackling and passive defense does not a good QB Kaepernick make..

      So, no. It wasn’t ‘good QBing.’ It was the Rams being stupid. They blew a win by playing soft.

      1. I just saw a QB who was 7-11 and scored a rushing TD. If you want to subtract for style points, the same end result was a TD.

      2. Jeff Fisher was long gone before the game. Fassel was coaching, and he managed to have a 2 TD lead in the 4th quarter. Not bad for a rookie coach.

  4. Uhh…Grant, have you been drinking? Trade Hyde and Staley. ??? WTF. Those are probably the two best players on the team.

    1. Completely agree with Grant..Get what you can for Staley while they can..his play is going downhill fast…Hyde is a mirage shows flashes but always Hutt and doesn’t run with burst..

  5. I have to look at the tape. Kidding, but if I broke it down I might feel differently, but my reaction to these grades:
    LBs- A for effort, but B for the game.
    OL – B-. Hyde had a problem for a reason, and they gave up some sacks, although some CK’s fault.
    RB – C-. He deserved more support.
    QB – B-. He missed some easy throws. Accuracy was variable. He deserves credit for the win, but he’s still Kap.

              1. B4 u DS, and ever after. You’ll be diving off the GGB in no time.
                RayDuhs? Blasted by the Chiefs, and one+done in the PO. Book it.

    1. BT, I agree with most of your grades. Still would give Kaep a B+ because what he did at the end. I will admit he was not terribly accurate, but when he rolled out and won the game, I jumped for joy.

      1. Of course, bud. Your day to revel. And Colin and the Team to enjoy.
        I thought my grade was fair, but it’s all subjective.
        You considered my arguements and disagreed.
        No problem.

    2. Not even worth a B. He was only successful throwing under 10-yards.

      Drive 1: 2/4 all short.
      Drive 2: 1/1 all short.
      Drive 3: 1/1 short 0/1 + INT deep.
      Drive 4: 4/4 all short
      Drive 5: 0/1 all short.
      Drive 6: 3/4 all short.
      Drive 7: 0/0

      Drive 8: 1/1 short (on 3rd & 15)
      Drive 9: 0/1 short (on 3rd & 9)
      Drive 10: 2/2 short
      Drive 11: 1/1 short (Hyde fumble)
      Drive 12: 6/10 all short. (This is where the Rams stupidly went into prevent defense.)
      Drive 13: 6/6 all short.

      So, basically, the ONE pass he threw further than 10 yards was a pick. The rest of his passes averaged 3 yards. Which is about 21 feet from his launch point in the pocket.

      Really, this win was GIFT from the Rams. They blew it.

  6. It actually wasn’t Beadles who got the taunting call. His number was called, but the reply showed it was actually Garnett.

  7. They say that winning is the best deodorant, but I think these grades are way too high. This is still the same team that didn’t even deserve F’s last week, and for about 90% of this game, they played like it. Always glad to see the Niners win, and kudos to Kelly for the way he ended the game. But this was a very poorly executed performance… Kind of like a very poor massage, with a happy ending.

  8. You dont give Kap enough credit. All you ever do is talk trash about Kap or Coach Kelly. I am not saying Kap is elite or a franchise QB but I still think he is a decent starter in this league. Let’s be real here but the guy had no offseason reps besides 1 weeks of training camp, rehabbed 3 injuries going into the season, learning the scheme on the fly with a bunch WRs he never played with or has chemistry with.

    To be fair he had a patchwork OL today while throwing to a bunch of 3rd string/PS quality WRs. He made plenty of good throws and when you dont have a WR/TE who cant stretch the field, then it will dink and dunk mostly.

    For all those trashing Kap, go look at the free agent pool of QBs next year and you will see it is pure garbage. Go ahead and draft Trubisky or Kizer or whoever, but not much will change until this offense gets some better weapons.

    Does SF need a future franchise QB other than Kap? Of course! But seeing what else is out there and none of the draft QBs being a sure thing, I think SF should make an effort to keep him at least one more year while trying to improve other parts of the roster.

      1. The sheep you rode in on

        I have to agree with you….some on here know the jargon, but have never strapped on a helmet

    1. What game were you watching?Have another drink..Kap was usuall.kap no touch at the legs over their heads..Ray Charles just sent out a.tweet that Kap sucks bro..get over it

    2. Marty,

      Good post. You’re looking at this rationally and logically. Some commenters on here are too ideologically blinded to be able to calmly assess Kaepernick. Were they able, they’d understand he’s a serviceable quarterback, who will at then very least will be in a back up role somewhere in the NFL next year. That reality really burns them up. Makes them seethe. Many of these people probably gnashed their teeth when Tebow didn’t catch on anywhere, claiming it was an “anti-Christian conspiracy” on the part o NFL GMs. Wing nuts.

      1. Bernie: Good post- People should learn to not allow their personal feelings of players to interfere with their assessments of what they do on the field. It’s called objectivity. This sort of bias is just another form of ” Bigotry”. As I stated in a previous post bigotry takes many forms. It keeps us from evaluating any individual on their true merits. In Racism we allow someones race to influence how we assess them, but that is just one form that it takes. Bigots will just find some other means to vent their prejudice if race were not available. Religion, tribal affiliations, education, class distinctions are only a few. Our University systems have for year been the breeding grounds of bigotry and prejudice. It is one area of the Old World Class system that was not eliminated. Of course those that are guilty will never see their own faults. This is why the intellectuals spend their efforts focusing on areas other than their own crap.

    3. Sorry, but when you’re worse than Alex Smith who is an average, at best starter. When you’re a worse deep-ball passer than Alex Smith. When you’re routinely out-played by other back-up-level QBs and people who aren’t homers say this:

      29. Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49ers
      2016 overall grade: 52.2

      Kaepernick has performed at a slightly better level than last year, still not instilling confidence that he’s back on track to be a long-term starter in the league. He ranks 33rd in adjusted completion percentage at 68.1 percent and his 92.6 passer rating from a clean pocket ranks 29th in the league.

      (Adjusted completion rate is adjusted for drops and throw-aways.)

      So even when things are perfect, he’s not up to league average.

  9. Gee…

    it looked .. u-hhh .. sunny down
    in LALA .. today …

    I sure wasn’t prepared ….
    for the .. storm … !

    Happy Hanukkah .. Grant ! ..

    and Merry Christmas to all ..

    (even the trolls)

          1. We have seen what Tramp has done, he’s filled his pockets with money by NOT paying contractors and underpaying laborers! He will double his money and bankrupt this country.

              1. Sorry, I promised Scooter that I would refrain from engaging the trolls.

                But if you want to, go right ahead.

      1. Since you keep bringing up trump in a sports forum I’ll try and put it into relevant terms.

        You whine about clueless rich idiots like York destroying a proud franchise. Well, another clueless rich idiot destroyed an *entire spots league* (don’t believe me? Read up on the history of the USFL). And dim bulbs like yourself gave that same rich idiot the keys to the country. Brilliant move there, sparky.

  10. Meaningless win vs real bad team.
    Screws team from #1 draft pick.

    All it does is make York, Balke, Kelly, and Krap apologists hopeful and an excuse to continue to ruin Niners in 2017.

    If SF can get younger WR, OLB, or ILB for Staley and Hyde, go for it.

    1. Got that right, Az 49er fan. I think nothing is going to happen except MAYBE Kap might leave, still an outside hope and we should all take that over what the obvious needs should be. I would take Kap being gone as the biggest winner on the 49ers over anything else. I won’t be watching them next year anyway.

        1. Bernie: His focus on Kaepernick is not objective but rather emotionally driven. Kaep has become a symbol that to Darren personifies not only his personal frustrations but a social one as well. All of us are frustrated in some way or the other. We live in a society, culture and government in which we seem to have no control over anymore ( not that we ever did ). Kaepernick has become the focal point of everything that has gone wrong ( from his perspective ) with our country. With Darren ,as with some others, Kaep becomes a convenient focal point for their anger and frustrations ( much of which may actually justified ) which they can not give a conscious form too. So they just project that emotion upon some outward object. Getting rid of Kaep to him is much akin of people writing their problems on a piece of paper and burning it. Doesn’t really solve anything but makes them feel better.

    2. Az 9er fan

      So, big deal…not a #1 overall pick…look at the last one we DID have…. ‘treated him like shid and swapped him off for Kaepernick. So we get the #2 pick…no hoopla and is probably a great deal better than #1…Remember Aaron Rodgers…he went #24 !

      1. #1 pick would give 49ers more bargaining power to trade down and pick up 3 or more picks in 1st 2 rounds in 2017 draft. Plus it wouldn’t give Jed any excuses to keep Balke/Kelly in 2017. At this point, who really cares if SF goes 1-15 vs 2-14 this season? Kap makes a great backup QB in the NFL. Rules favor teams that can throw down field. Kap can’t, even when he had OL and better WR. Always locks onto primary receiver. No pocket presence.No touch. Low accuracy beyond swing passes. Almost every playoff team this year has a better QB than Kap. Only reason SF was originally successful under Ksp was when the rest of their team was MUCH better and read option was a novelty. Any linkage to Kelly’s cream puff off season/preseason practices and defense time on field to all their injuries in 2016 season?

    3. Not too worried about getting screwed out of the #1 overall pick…at least not with Baalke calling the shots….he’d just end up taking a 5’8″ 180 lb DB from Mid-East Northern State who has a torn ACL, but hits hard, has coverage skills and a huge upside….

      1. Too bad Bslke missed on Northern Iowa FCS former WR turned RB who all the experts didb”t think was fast enough for NFL RB. Says everything you need to know about quantitative measurements/ combines… Of course he wasn’t coming off major knee surgery in college, so Balke had no reason to scout David Johnson…

    1. You got that right, Jack old buddy. I threw out the Christmas tree and broke up with the girlfriend. I couldn’t be anymore ticked off. 49ers have ruined CHristmas for everybody. I hope Chip Kelly never gets another job, that’ll serve the bum right. You know what else? Glad his old man is GONE. I don’t care what that makes me, and I’m sorry Kap didn’t get hurt either. Wrong Qbs got hurt today!

      1. No doubt ex girlfriend is overjoyed and thanking everyone in Niners organization to be finally free of this lunatic. Even the Christmas tree probably much prefers the curb and gutter than being around this head case.

  11. Get rid of Kap another RB. And a new wide receivers and we could be OK. Kap is just not good. Does not know how to win.

            1. Real, or perceived? We experts have been offering our sage advice since week 6 ( a testament to the season), and have already started mocks.
              More realisticly, Bill Pollian opined that there are only 15-16 1st round talents in the 2017 draft. Idk.

              1. A crap shoot for one through sixteen then. Much like the Alex Smith draft where no one was interested in going into hock for the first pick.

              2. Niners are guaranteed a top 3 pick. Jed should be jumping for joy.

                Still want the Niners to trade back to stockpile picks in the second round. There may be 16 cant miss players, but there are also 50 or so players who could immediately start. And from the Niner perspective, there are probably at least 100 players who could improve the team, so they should bundle picks and players to move up into the third round.

            2. Pretty significant, Garret is the only player at the top that fits a true position of need. Allen is a great player but do you want another 3-4 DE? Forsett may be the best talent but he is an RB, do you want to take one that early? A qb at 2, is there one in this class that truly even deserves a first round grade? Peppers, can’t see him being worth it? Foster, no.
              Now the question becomes will anyone give anything for the number 2 pick? I don’t see the niners getting much of an offer…. perhaps the browns could offer their second first and a third then they could walk away with Garrett and Allen. The point is, the niners are going to get below market value because of the lack of qb talent and only one player provided them with an acceptable fallback plan.

        1. It’s too personal for you, Larry. It’s his views, isn’t it? If he were white and conservative, you’d be his biggest apologist–something to the effect of “he’s a hardworking, gritty guy who doesn’t turn the ball over and earns his paycheck, blah, blah, blah.

      1. No. The Rams lost. They played it safe by hitting the prevent defense button too early and let him dink-and-dunk his way down the field twice.

        You should read in more places than 49er-favorable press and blogs. I mean, oh boy, you should see the ass-reaming Greg Williams is getting for going prevent too early. Big time mistake. Much Ram-fan and Ram-press finger pointing if not out-right rage.

        1. Anything bad that happens to Williams is OK by me. Can’t believe he’s still in the league, and I’m never going to forgive him for putting a bounty on Frank Gore. Delta Bravo.

  12. Grant, I agree with most your grades except i respectfully disagree with you Oline grade. They were at best a C-. Kap was constantly hurried most of the game until Rams went inexplicably into prevent mode the last 6 minutes. The backs had few holes and they had a few key penalties. I realize there were alot of backups playing oline tonight but that should not be factured into grading their performance.

  13. I sure hope this game puts to rest that Kelly or anyone else is tanking. They had a good reason to throw in the towel after the Browns won and they didn’t. For you losers who think that losing is good for a stinking draft pick go find another team too…..

      1. Ya kno .. Razor …

        in times like this … yeah .. sure .. we ..all
        feel like losers … but ya know what ? ..

        At least we didn’t tie the Lions 0-16
        record … ! ..

        (something to think about fer sure)

        And … C’mon .. admit it …

        you actually … enjoyed .. the win, today ..

        didn’t you ?

        1. Last train’s eleven, it’s now quarter past
          Why’re you tryin’ to make the evenin’ move so fast
          I’m in real trouble but I can’t go back home
          They locked the doors and I’m left out alone

          You can come to my place and sleep on the couch
          Lots of people do it and we won’t leave you out
          Hard times out on the street
          Hard times, hard to beat

          The painted lies they all hand you
          I’m a loser on the road
          I’m a loser on the road, yeah

          Houston station and it’s cold as ice
          All night specials, they move you on
          But me and Ginger over there
          We got this thing where we really take care

      2. Anyone who needed Montana, Young and Rice to make them feel like winners are losers. A winner is true to the best that they have to offer regardless of the outcome in life.

  14. If you watch the game again, you will see 49ers started playing better once Hyde was out of the game and Chip put the game in Keaps Shoulders. That has been the problem, the coaches did not trust their QB and just wanted to run. Every time I read something from Grant and read the comments on press democrat I realized how this site is filled with haters and bigots.

    1. Kap only performed well in the final 6 minutes when Rams inexplicably went into prevent D mode. Not because Hyde left game. Rams D coach should be fired.

      1. rams should keep that special teams coach as their coach because NOOOOOOOOOOBODY is going to coach that crap team.

    2. Oh..let me guess..another liberal hack..yeah play the victim like kap..it’s all because hes black..not cause he sucks..liberals the offended the weak the poor me crowd

      1. Give the liberals trope a rest. You’ve probably never had a real conversation with one and formulated your definition of the word by watching Fox and reading fake news. Anyway, your political views blind you from being objective about CK. He’s a serviceable QB who will likely have a job somewhere in the NFL next year. Try not to lose it when you see that happen.

        1. I agree that political leanings should be kept out of sports. But I remind you that sports has been used for that purpose by the left for some time. I myself have a lot of respect for true liberals, but that term has been hijacked by the left and Globalists to hide their own nefarious agenda’s behind. Not wanting to get into a political discourse but just to let you know where I stand. For me it is less important what a person says they believe, rather their intent. We might disagree as to the means, but as long as we can agree on a common goal we can work together. Those that appear to be friends are not always your friends. What is more important is that the enemy of your enemy is not always your friend. That has been the downfall of US policy for quite some time. That is why it is more important to be able to discern intent.

    3. No, that was a coincidence. Gregg Williams went to prevent defense in the very next play series. The Rams, simply put, allowed Kaepernick to dink-and-dunk his way down the field twice.

      It was a bad decision by Williams as Kaepernick is the worst intermediate/deep-ball passer in the NFL. He should have the kept the pressure on and watched Kaepernick fold.

      But he didn’t. So thank you Greg Williams!

  15. Wanting this team to lose to get the #1 pick is beyond stupid, thats a horrible mindset to have and you really have no concept to what true competition is about.
    Begone you vile fools.

    And Kaep had a C game.

        1. Getting the #1 pick would be great. Getting rid of the losing culture is better. The Browns have a high 1st rounder every year and they have 1 win to show for it. Part of that is poor drafting. Garrett looks like a lock but it is always a gamble. Another part of that is the culture of losing. Teams with a losing culture have trouble attracting FAs. Winning is the only way to get rid of the losing culture. I don’t want to follow the Browns playbook.

    1. These fans will complain either way. If they lost then the fans will bash SF and Baalke and Jed are dysfunctional. If they win which they did, then fans complain about SF being dumb enough to choke away the number 1 pick. This fanbase sickens me…

    2. I’m one of those fans. I want the niners to ultimately improve. And when I look at the big picture and what’s needed for that to happen outside of a new owner, gm and coach they need difference makers and the biggest one in this draft is Garrett. Not only is a talented player at a position of need he is one the few players in this draft that can provide capital for a valuable trade back.

  16. Won’t really matter if we’re #1 or #2 I think we can all agree Baalke will f it up….I bet right now Baalke is convincing Jed to petition the NFL so the niners can wear leather helmets next year

    1. Shows that you’re pretty one-dimensional in your thinking. In addition to addressing our QB situation, it’s going be necessary to address the whole Jed situation. Throw in pass rush, wide receivers, coaching and while we’re at it, a shutdown CB would do wonders.

  17. I didn’t see the whole game, just the 2nd half. I really started to concentrate on Theus during the 4th qtr and I thought did a very good job in pass protection. He doesn’t look very stout however time after time he pushed the DE or Linebacker right out of the play. I know he got called for a penalty or two but heck, it’s his 1st game. Don’t know how he played the 1st half of course since I didn’t see it, but was impressed with what I saw.

    Any other young guys impress you people?

    1. Garnett definitely not playing like a 1st rounder….not quite ready to call him a bust just yet but he is looking like he is going to an average player thus far.

  18. This is the type of win that reinforces to Jed he’s doing the right thing and the team is headed in the right direction. God help us all.

    1. I don’t think so. You have to evaluate the entire 16 games. The opponents you played well against and the opponents you lost to.
      This offseason is so pivotal for this franchise and I think ownership knows that.
      There are many 49ers fans out there ready to stop supporting this team if things don’t turn around. Look at all the empty seats at Levi’s.
      Right now ownership is regarded as wanting to make money. That’s their goal.
      Fans want a winning product to support. I believe this is the most pivotal offseason for ownership to get it right. As well, for everyone involved in how this team will be perceived and backed for the immediate future.

      1. Prime Time, the 49ers won the game and it sealed the fates for everybody: Baalke stays, Kelly stays, maybe Kap might go for he don’t like Baalke, and Baalke has his eye on the torn ACl, bad shoulder player ready to be picked up. Don’t forget about Crabtree and his bad foot, how that set us back and then Crabtree was never used, like Alex Smith.

        And I’m not watching the ESPN crap fest tonight of what happened in the NFL: so 2 Qbs broke their leg, too bad it was the WRONG ones. Anyway, got to think about another year wasted by the 49ers and how they’ll F it up in 2017, and they will. NFC East, AFC South, Chicago, Carolina, and our division can’t wait to put this team at 0 and 16.

        1. Aw shut up. Just got done educating the 49er fans on SFgate. God, what a liberal site, too many fans so happy with the win and how great Kap looks. The fan base is so lousy.

        2. “Christmas is crap.”
          Need to hear anything more from this moron?
          He’s a sicko. Pitiable probably, but I’ve got no sympathy.

              1. I don’t believe a word he posts on this site. Just another imbecilic ranter the internet gave an outlet to.

  19. Well, I am very happy to see the team win, and more importantly see the D play well, but yet disappointed to miss out on the 1st overall pick. If the offense had done more during the first 3 qtrs I would feel even happier about winning, but really this was a case of two terrible offenses on display. Still a lot of work to be done on this team, but for one day at least I feel a little better about the future of the D.

    1. It’s why they show up to work in the morning, to try to win, even though they’ve been losing. It’s a lot of money, but it’s a lot of work, a lot of pain, and a yuge personal commitment. I’m 85/15 happy they got this win. For THEM; they won this game for themselves, and f us if we don’t like it. Kap too. I want them to move on from him. But I don’t begrudge him his victory, his satisfaction today.

      1. BT,

        Well said. I was at the game and had a hard time explaining to our thirteen year old daughter why I was going back and forth between rooting for a loss and cheering during the comeback.

        A fan can root for their team to lose to get a better draft pick. A player can never tank if they’re really a player.

        1. Zactly
          I wrestled in Jr high and HS. Every one of my coaches taught an ethic to “not be a swimmer”. Swimmers were guys who got Into a stalemate or jam who would swim to the boundary and out of bounds so the ref would reset them. We thought that was weak. We never did it. Earn your way. If you’re in a jam, fight your way out of it. This ain’t croquet!
          No excuses. You fight. You may lose, but you never quit. Never. No expediencies.
          Everybody is going to die. Die well.
          So tanking for a Draft pick (maybe by Baalke?). Not. There never was an “in-between”.

            1. As a fan I wanted the team to lose only because I wanted the 49ers to have the first pick in the draft. However, although this sounds contradictory, I fully expect the players to play hard every game and play to win. My desire was for the big picture, but I would also never begrudge the players winning this game. In the end, we’ll have the pick we have and hopefully there will be a new guy in charge of the draft selections.

              Merry Christmas everyone.

            2. Dee
              I hope you catch this for you, because I have plenty of respect.
              We disagree. My take is not a strategy or tactic. It’s a philosophy.

          1. Yeah, tuna? I bet you were a BIG LOSER on your team like the SF 49ers, aha hahahahahahaha! I’m going to enjoy seattle putting up 42 points easy on this team. They should just roll over and lose.

  20. I really hope that York does NOTHING for this team, except get rid of the Krapper, but I think with keeping Baalke the nitwit, Kap will want off this team. Chip Kelly will have another 2 win season next year for NFC East, AFC South, Chicago, Carolina will take turns beating up the 49ers, Ari, Sea will sweep them. Rams are probably the only training wheel team without a coach and without a Qb are the easiest wins. I’m sure NFL will have 49ers/Rams week one in 2017. I hope the NFL is not having a fantasy of 49ers vs. Phil. You should not let 2-win teams on TV at all.

    1. Darren- Unbelievable! You want them to keep Baalke just to make sure that Kaep doesn’t return to the team? You really need to see a therapist. Seriously!

  21. Another glorious victory! and what an emotional roller coaster, whew! I feel like the Harbin public loofah, soaked in sweat and all wrung out. Two wins, people. Two glorious victories!

    1. I think I’ll go sharpen my knives now and use them on my TV set after I print pictures of Colin Krapperstink.

      1. Darren,

        Seriously, you are wanting Kap to get injured and you are printing pictures of him. You have an unhealthy obsession with Kap. I really hope you are just trolling us. If not, you are a dangerous individual.

        1. #80, I am not like you the cheerleader, the Kurt Angle, the one that says oh it’s just a game and all that. I have told you what I am as a fan: the Michael savage, the Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Chef Ramsey, Simon Cowell. #80, don’t you know what google is or yahoo? You can’t search those names out and who they are? I’m sorry that there’s NOOOOOOOOOOOOOBODy on the team to look up to. You people never listen to an opinion on any forum I’ve been on. You ignore what I say that Kap should not be on the team, the team itself is a mess, firing Kelly will do the team good. For a fan like you to like Kap, you’re slapping the legacy of Montana and Rice.

          1. Wow. If you think I support Kelly and Kaepernick I would advise you to read any other thread on this site. I have ripped Kelly’s coaching plenty of times, probably to the point of excessiveness at times.

            If you are here to sway political views I would suggest that you work on your tact.

            You keep bringing up wrestling so I will say this. Oye mi chico. You are trying to be a heel but you’re not cool like Razor Ramon. You are the Brooklyn Brawler. A foul mouthed jobber that could be beaten by anyone in the building.


            1. No mr. fan of Jerry Rice in #80. This team has FAILED in every direction to replace the superstar that either retired, got hurt, left the team: Garcia, never replaced him. Owens, never replaced him. The Oline like Cross, we got 2 players that can’t play that position right. Defense like Charles Haley, got nobody there, and don’t give me some example of Buckner as he’s a run stopper and not a pass rusher and never will be. HE’s like Dana Stubblefield, run stopper, not a QB sacker. Never will be a Bryant Young, he was decent. Dont’ have the Ronnie Lott type hitter, type we did have in Whitner, he was good for a flag and drawing a fine. And there’s your 49ers in a handbag, #80. There’s nobody on this team to look up other then Phil Dawson. See, #80, there’s ONE PLAYER that I like on that team, ONE PLAYER you MORON! Anyway, I hope Seattle not just beats this team, I want to see Kap knocked the F out, and I dont’ care what it makes me. I’m sick of that goof. If you love your country #80, you rip Kap a new one and you wish he gets hurt and then you wish Chip Kelly was gone. Why? Because he committed 2 sins: he let Kap do his kneel down that was the talk to Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and other talk show hosts NOTHING to do with sports, and he let the special teams act like goofs in Chicago. I’d also include Los Angeles, going for the 2 point conversation and acting like a child in winning the game. I feel really bad for you 49ers fans as you are not at all like the fans of the past like I was. I had class to the opposition, you don’t. You tease and heckle. You like a QB that Fails ON this team.

              Peace out. I don’t believe in Christmas thanks to the 49ers.

              1. Merry Christmas Darren,

                You want another person to be injured. That is sickening. You hope for Kap to get hurt for exercising his constitutional right to protest. Some American you are.

                I remember you made fun of Torrey Smith when he got a concussion. Is Torrey a bad guy?


                Please read that link. Torrey is a class act. He has been involved in charitable work since middle school. I bet you never heard that on the Savage Nation. You live in a bubble and it stinks. A fart bubble if you will.

                You actually say that you have class? When talking about Kelly you said “Glad his old man is gone.” That is just Dark. Seek help immediately.

  22. Anyway, thanks to the 49ers for yet another year of misery to their fans from the kneel down bicep kissing FOOL of a fraud QB that can’t pass for 300 yards, and Chip Kelly that can’t coach out of a paper bag and Trent Baalke that draws names from a hat or stick pins in a voodoo doll or something. Thanks for the fake and fraud of a win and I hope the nFl does away with the 2 point conversation, that should be illegal, Instant Replay, that should be illegal, and televising from a half filled stadium, please bring back the black out rule. When the Raiders leave, please give the fans back the 10am and the 1:25pm games as I’m sick of 1:05 49ers and 1:25 Raider contests.

      1. Nope, Mr. Tuna, shows me that you’re a fake fan with no sympathy to your fellow fan, no pride in your country, you respect a man that worships Castro and has no respect for his team, his coach, and the fans. He has no respect for the NFL or the image damage he has done. I hope the Superbowl is a flop and it will be when you let in New England that doesn’t deserve it at all. New England will show me that the NFL is RIGGEd and they’ll give them some sorry team to beat up again.

  23. Grant,

    You are a jerk. You should hope that Hyde will be okay instead of trashing the guy and saying he should be replaced. It is these type of things that you and father say, and why people hate ya’ll guts.

    1. Brotha– I think I can see Grants point on Hyde. Hyde is injury prone and really can not be relied on as a go to guy. He would have a higher trade value than his actual value to the 49ers at this point. RB’s are far easier to come by than most any other position in the NFL right now. The trade off in respect to his loss vs the value picked up would be minimal. A lot of teams might covet him right now. Grant is saying get something for him before he suffers a career ending injury which with his history sound more than probable. RB’s unlike Gore, who was the exception do not have a long shelf life.

  24. It was Josh Garnett who committed the taunting penalty at the end, not Beadles. The refs called the wrong number. I’m not even sure he meant to taunt, it looked like he was just trying to hand Kap the ball between the rams player and Beadles. Idk, doesn’t matter now I guess

  25. The last couple of possessions for the offense were impressive. The D was stout the entire 2nd half.

    Kaep saved Christmas ?

    1. Jack,

      The Niners were down two scores in the fourth quarter, so everything they did in the last quarter was in garbage time, and is therefore meaningless, right? Maybe the NFL will vacate the win,since it was the result of garbage time (i.e., non-counting) scoring, thereby maintaining the 49ers hold on the first pick in next year’s draft.

      Do you now see why it’s not garbage time, as long as the team that’s trailing has time to come back?

    2. What’s the image, Jack?
      Tesla Motors?
      Tesstarossa Winery?

      If you haven’t tasted Testarossa Wines….do yourself a favor.

  26. Welp… I picked Cleveland this week, and they came through, I also picked LA they didn’t. Can another miracle happen next
    week? GOOOOO Cleveland

      1. Slim to none. at least jax winning sured up at least 2nd overall. If anyone but the Niners pick a 1st pick bust it would be Cleveland. Lol

        1. I hope that continues to be the case MD, but reports have been saying the Browns are highly interested in Myles Garrett.

          1. They gotta go QB. We MUST go pass rusher. Jackson being a qb “guru” and with the slate of failures they have on that roster I’d have to think Trubusky. RG3 made me a little nervous yesterday with his play. And then the injury bug came back. I don’t wish injury on any player but I gave a little “oh damn” when it happened for my teams sake. Glad it wasn’t serious. Jackson has to have his qb. And the kid from NC is his prototypical qb. No way he passes him up.
            We grab Garrett and hopefully move up for a fast ILB too.
            Those two pieces could be the difference in 10 spots on the rising defense list.
            Buckner is solid, and Armstead did come on last year late, I can’t put a finger on his play this year with the injury he played through.
            if they don’t go ILB either the second they will snatch a WR.
            Streeter and Kerley are definitely keepers.
            Other scenario that I wouldn’t mind is trading two seconds for Garapolo.
            I wouldn’t be mad if our top two were him and Garrett as the pick.

            1. Under center

              UC…Can you believe it ?…Our old ‘Game manager’ went out and managed to win another game …over the SB Champs to boot…! Sometimes I wonder how this stuff happens…? 33- 10. remarkable….

  27. This is where we have problems. you win vs. Seattle, I guarantee you that NOTHING will be done: Ballke kept, Kelly kept, Kap kept, another lousy draft where we won’t get a QB, WR, what nots. We’ll have another 2 win season next year as I see NFC East and AFC south easily sweeping us and Chicago and Carolina winning easily. ANd it’s all because we are keeping Baalke, Kelly, and Kap and doing nothing to change it. SO yeah, I kind of hope for a win just so I can see you F it all up in the draft and I’ll laugh at you that you had another opportunity to get it right like last year, the 5 wins should’ve been 3, the 8 wins should’ve been 6, and these wins should’ve been 1 or even a 0.

    1. 80, even though we may disagree about Kaep, I enjoy your posts, and hope to be able to see a lot more this coming off season.

      I am giddy with delight, because Jed and Baalke cannot celebrate another loss, and their expectation of the number one pick is dashed. I am even happier because the trolls just got kicked in the teeth.

      I could not be prouder of the Niners, and Kaep showed the world that he has a burning passion to win. We need more players like him on this team.

      Happy Holidays to you and your family, and also fellow die hard faithful Niner fans.

      1. Thanks seb. I enjoy your posts as well. We agree on a lot of things and when we don’t agree you always make me think.

        I cheered today and it felt good. Kap was clutch and Kelly lived up to his Big Balls Chip nickname. We beat our oldest rival, a good day in my book.

        Happy Holidays to you and yours and go Niners.

  28. Dang! 1:20am finally got the visiting family to bed.
    They really like the California wine.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah and anybody I left out; Peace.

    1. BT, I just smoked my peace pipe in honor of all the brave men and women who are serving around the world. We should appreciate them more, and work harder to make this world a lot more peaceful and safer.

      Merry Christmas.

      1. Happy holidays you Sebmaniac, you.
        Nice thoughts, folks like you and me can help by supporting them upon return home. Medical, counseling as needed, and help with employment. Stay on the pols to fund that stuff.
        My biggest wish…..fewer wars. Peace on earth? Well at least sometimes!

        1. BT, I deliberately went to a disadvantaged vet just before Christmas, and handed him a full coffee can of trimmings. It brought tears of joy to him. Hope that was a good enough deed to you.

          1. Good enough for me? Not really relevant, you owe me nothing. If it made you happy to help someone, that’s great for both of you. The personal contact makes it even better. Small acts are great.

            1. Well I addressed the group and specifically asked if there was a Nam vet. He said he was in Da Nang during Tet. I gave him the can and said it was in honor of another Nam vet I know of, keeping you in mind. Merry Christmas.

              1. Thx.
                Even though Danang was a city, Tet there was nasty too. Clerks no drivers and cooks had to grab their rifles.
                One thought I had, if you think it fits, is with the younger returnees, perhaps you have connections in the landscaping business and you might have an opportunity to refer someone to work. A job is practical and curative.
                I occasionally network with a few folks who try to find agricultural work for vets.
                It’s a simple, low stress environment with few things to trigger bad memories or feelings. Drop in the bucket, but it’s helped a few folks.

  29. Gents, it’s the Rams. Don’t get over your skis. The Rams suck. A suck team beating another suck team means just one thing, they both still suck. 2ndly WTF with this Darren character. I’m worried about him, seems very unstable and is somewhat incoherent. I hope he is getting help he needs, I hope someone took the keys away for the night. He might be blacked out somewhere by now which is ok.

  30. Grant, I agree with some of your grades, but disagree with the RB grade. Hyde was not utilized properly, and was run into the teeth of the defense too many times. He also was injured by a player targeting his knees. Draughn did nothing on the ground, but did well in the passing game. It was unfortunate that Hyde was injured, but it was nice to see Harris touch the ball.

    I would give the RBs only a C-.

    Robinson was undisciplined at times but redeemed himself with that last second pick.

    Overall, this game gave me hope, because the Niners showed grit and determination. Kaep showed the world that he has a burning passion to win, and the defense played stout.

    I would give the coaches an A, because even though they seemed to run into teeth of the defense, Chip went bold, and Kaep delivered because they rolled him out.

  31. All in all – football is just a game. We should just enjoy it as such. It’s fun when our team wins and discouraging but not the end of the world when they lose. There are some great fans and posters on this site. Grant more often then not also writes some good stuff as well. I wish you all a great Christmas and a coming new year.

  32. Thanks to all for all the banter this year, it was more fun than the nines!
    We have a whole season of speculation ahead of us, enjoy the calm before the storm!
    Merry everything to everybody!

  33. my only consolation this year has been that Niner’s history shows you can go from 2-14 to the Super Bowl in 3 years.

    it helps if you have a guy who revolutionizes the game (Walsh) or a guy with an uncanny knack for turnarounds (Harbaugh).

    I don’t see either trait present in Kelly. there’s some talk around the Niners that getting rid of another coach after one year would “send the wrong message to other candidates”. in my experience/observation, it’s always best to make the decisions you know are right rather than worry about other’s reactions. good decisions get respect.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Kwanzaa and Festivus, etc to all Niner Faithful!

    1. It’s a worse thing to keep a guy that can’t even coach and players can’t and won’t play for him. They won’t play for Kap. Kap wont’ play for them. I don’t care what the candidates may think, there’s the team, there’s the job, you want it , you don’t want it. I don’t care anymore. My Christmas is ruined. My life has been destroyed. What’s the purpose of living anymore? Seriously, what is the purpose?

  34. We rant, we argue, we draw our own conclusions, we voice our opinions, we try to level debates with stats, we argue over those stats by adding more stats, we compare our players with others, we have endured through an awful season.
    But above all – we are the Faithful.
    Merry Christmas to my PD blog family!

    1. Why? Because they went to the same college? Dorsey was a noodle arm QB which is why he couldn’t succeed in the NFL. Kaaya has the arm but struggles under pressure. Different types of players.

        1. Thanks mate, to you and everyone here too!

          Haven’t been to the beach yet, but will be heading to a friend’s place for a few days soon and they live near a beach. Won’t be cool here though!

          1. Scooter and Others:

            What are your thoughts on the following. Baalke brought in Shareece Wright as a FA last year and said, IIRC, that he expected Wright to play very well for the team or words to that effect. Wright turned out to be a bust for the 49ers, but is now a starting CB for the Ravens. I don’t have PFF so I don’t know what Wright’s grade is, but he appears to be playing fairly well for the Ravens. That kind of makes one wonder about the 49ers coaching, don’t you think, especially since Wright is 29 and we’re not looking at a rookie learning curve leap. Just some musing on my part for XMas. Happy Holidays, mate.

            1. Could be several factors. Yes, coaching but there’s system fit, the other 10 guys talent and performance, does the D stop the run to force 3&L? How’s the pass rush (a DB’s best friend)?
              In the end, he’s doing better on a better defense.

            2. I think there is some argument to be made that there is more talent on the roster than many suggest and Baalke has brought in some players that are NFL starting calibre that have looked worse than their talent level at the 49ers.

              Basically, great players tend to look great no matter the players around them and will make the players around them look better. But after that, players get made to look as good or bad as the talent around them and the system allows.

              49ers have no real great players right now. Staley is probably the closest to it, but he is starting to decline a little. Without great players, it makes it important to have good and solid players pretty much everywhere. And the 49ers don’t have that. Too many guys that are questionable starters, and too many young guys still learning on the job making mistakes. Plus a system (on both sides of the ball) that probably isn’t helping the players.

              The danger is that by not providing talent around the young guys they learn bad habits and will also never develop to their potential. This for mine is one area where Baalke has really made an error – relying too heavily on young players to replace the departing veterans. That and just flat out missing on too many players.

              1. Scooter – My feeling is the defense has some talent and is more of a victim of scheme. Offensively, bare bones talent at the skill position and in the trenches is ok but nothing to brag about.

              2. Scooter – My feeling is the defense has some talent and is more of a victim of scheme.

                I partly agree with this take. While I believe the scheme of Paul O’Neil has played a major role in how bad the defense has been, I feel like Baalke failing essentially to address the ILB or NT positions, with the latter being more in regards to quality depth, and an offense that cannot stretch the clock have also played a role in the woes on defense.

            3. Wright was another miss by Baalke. He wanted to promote his picks, so Wright was expendable. Playing favorites, in hindsight, proved to be another reason Baalke should be let go.

              1. Dumb comment. Wright was a Baalke pickup. Cutting him made Baalke look bad for signing him. He was cut because the coaches weren’t playing him and he wanted to leave to get playing time.

              2. Scooter, last season, Baalke meddled with the coaching and decided who should play where. It was his decision to sign him, but it was also his decision whether to play him, and when he complained, Baalke cut him.

              3. In the same way you excuse Kaep for everything by blaming others, you blame Baalke for everything that happens. You are so incredibly biased. Or blinkered. One of the two.

                Now you are saying Baalke signed Wright and forced the coaching staff not to play him. Why? Such a stupid comment. Doing so makes zero sense from Baalke’s perspective. Zero. It just makes him look silly.

              4. Scooter, I cannot make Baalke look smart. I was referring to last season, and Baalke was meddling so much, he was coaching up the DBs. Tomsula had zero power. Baalke controlled everything. Baalke was the one that traded for Devey, and insisted he play until it was way too apparent that Devey was a disaster. Wright was Baalke’s call to sign, and his call to cut him, even when it turned out bad for Baalke because Wright has gone on to play well for the Ravens.

                I really could not prevent Baalke from making himself look silly. This season, Chip had more power, and Kaep was not only retained, but was elevated to the starting job because Chip decided he wanted Kaep to play.

              5. I am just repeating what Baalke says. He is the one who is admitting that the whole blame should fall on his shoulders. Maybe you should debate with Baalke.

              6. Seb,
                Almost everything you have said is speculation. And as scooter said it makes no sense.
                So on one side Baalke brings in Devey and “forces” the staff to start him, then on the other he brings in Wright but he refuses to start him.
                You’re making him sound like the owner of the Cleveland Indians in major league. You’re just making things fit your narrative.

              7. Hmmm, sounds like you are defending Baalke. Go ahead, think that Baalke is just a powerless tool who is blameless. I may be speculating, but it is what I firmly believe. Remember how he handled Hayne, too. Remember, too, that Baalke selected those coaches. Look at how AD did not return until Gamble was promoted, then AD suddenly retired when told he lost his starting job. Wonder who gave him the news.

                Gabbert won the QB competition because Baalke preferred him. Baalke controls the personnel decisions, so he gets to decide who sits and who suits up. Baalke even double downed, and re-signed Devey.

                Baalke himself claims that it all falls on his shoulders. He says that it was his call, that it ultimately is all his fault. I am glad he admits that, even if other posters do not believe him, or chooses to ignore the facts.

              8. Seb,
                I’m not defending Baalke nor was Scooter, he has plenty of blame that can be placed on his shoulders. However, I also am not going to simply say he is to blame for everything as many are.
                Your statements don’t make sense to me because of the following.

                1. You stated Chip Kelly had more power then state that Gabbert was the starter at the begining of the season because Baalke made him start Gabbert, additionally you stated it was his decision to bench AD not Chip Kelly’s staff. So which is it, Chip Kelly has more power or Trent Baalke? If it’s Chip Kelly then you can’t blame Baalke for benching A.D. this year this not starting Kaep at the begining of the year. If it’s Baalke then you have to say the reason the niners kept Kaep and started him was becuase it was Baalke’s made that decision.
                – I believe that Baalke decides who’s on the active roster with insite from his coaches.
                Who starts and plays is then determined by the coaches. No coach in the NFL is going to let someone else tell him who can and cannot start on their roster, least of all someone like Chip. Even if this happened last year wouldn’t the coaches have said something about it when they left?

                2. As Scooter already pointed out Baalke did sign Wright and did cut him but it does him no good to sign someone only to black ball them.
                My guess is the coaches thought the other players on the roster were better. Wright doing well elsewhere means little, when the scheme and pass rush are entirely different.

      1. You’re half right. They both went to Miami and they’re both likely to have similar career arcs. Kaaya at best is an NFL back up.

  35. There is nothing enjoyable about this win at all: team acted like children once again, classless bunch of SOBs on the field in LA. Did they all have a kneeling together with the Krapper? Gee, maybe they should’ve went on the 50 yard line to kneel with Kap and thank Allah for helping them because there is no God. A God would’ve helped this team lose and you get rid of the garbage, but this win solidifies that we keep Baalke and Kelly. The only good that could do is hopefully since Kap don’t like Baalke, he gets the hint and GETS LOST. maybe the Rams should take Kap as they got nOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBODY for a QB. What a joke Goff is, send him back to the bench. What he did in high school and NCAA is a fraud. If you can’t get numbers like you got in high school and college, you’re a fake and a fraud, Goff. I hope your family saw you made a fool of yourself, just like the family saw Carr break his leg. What a lousy Christmas this is for everybody. I hope the NFL is proud of themselves. You put games like this on Sundays from now on. You helped the 49ers by giving them this game on Saturday and having crappy officiating. It was the worse game for anybody to see. Shame on the NFL for what they have done to the Bay Area. This is unjustified to make this region the subject of misery every single week in 49ers and Raiders, every week, never a double header for this area, oh no, never a real contest, always the crap bowls starring 49ers and Raiders. Raiders leaving the area is my Christmas gift for maybe then we’ll get real football games. maybe the NFL will relocate the 49ers to San Diego or Las Vegas, give it time. A big F you to all as I don’t believe in Christmas. I think it’s a joke holiday when a store like Safeway is open on this festive day. Big F you to Kap. see you around, JERKS.

      1. MWNiner, how many times have I ever told you to quit sending me malware and viruses to my system? Not opening it up, take it back, return to sender.

  36. A “bad team” doesn’t mean players are “bad people”, or that all roster members suck at their job. Or… don’t blame the draft pick for the bad draft pick.

    Happy Holidays. Peace to all.

      1. I couldn’t watch the game and for some reason I can’t view it at NFL.com but I read somewhere it was Trent Brown at LT. Is that true and if so how did he do?

        1. UC
          Walking wounded.
          LT T Brown
          LG Garnett
          C. Beardsley
          RG Tiller
          RT Theus

          Guards could’ve been better, both tackles played pretty well, maybe a bit raw, but they were driving down well. Beardsley is the Swiss Army knife. I haven’t re-watched, so maybe others can give you their assessments.

        2. Kinda reminded me of musical chairs. Players playing all over the place. TB played well, IICRC. Garnett was struggling in the pass protection, and all the O line did not open holes for the RB.

    1. Need to start looking for a RB in the draft or free agency because Hyde will never play a full season. He’s an injury prone player

      1. While the injury Hyde suffered was one that could happen to any player, I do agree the team needs to address the RB position. I think Hyde could be a good RB, but not being able to play an entire season is a valid concern. The team needs to find a quality starter or draft a back that can carry half the load.

      1. Darren how are you feeling about your Raiders now? It’s sad that Carr’s injury is so bad. Maybe you could go to some Raiders sites and complain about the 49ers there?

    2. Good news!

      No, no, actually it is. An ACL is 10 times more problematic than an MCL. I expect Hyde to be ready before TC, but if it was an ACL, he might be looking at a year and a half before playing close to his former status.

  37. And the GS Warriors complete the Christmas cycle by losing. And that’s the way it is for this liberal state to have utter misery for voting for Hillary Clinton. Yep, God must love us as the Sweet haven song goes. Glad to hear Hyde won’t be playing. We’ll see if the GOOF is worth keeping, but I hope not. With no RB, Seattle has it easy. I see 7 sacks to the GOOF and SHerman gets two picks.

  38. Wow, what a Christmas. Got 2 Niner hats, a Niner football and a Niner cribbage board. Grant gave me a nice present by allowing me to devise plays, then the Niners gave me the best present of all by using my play to let Kaep score on that 2 point play, which allowed the Niners to win.

    1. How sad, got to use 2017 to boo the 49ers once again when all they had to do was fire baalke, Kelly, dump that piece of garbage, sell the team. if Kap is kept, break his leg please.

    2. Oh, and Kaep gave me a sweet Christmas present, too. When they did the misdirection roll out, Kaep pump faked, something I have been imploring him to do all season. He dove into the end zone like he was a juggernaut, and would not be denied. That 2 point play was bold, decisive, and the coaches were innovative enough to play to Kaep’s strengths. All in all, This was a wonderful Christmas. and one I will remember for a long time.

      1. Truth,
        The whole Smith and Kaep debate never would have materialize if we had drafted Aaron Rodgers. Btw, we might have a couple more super bowl trophies with AR at the helm.

        1. I’m sorry to rehash the argument. But watching Alex now and Kap now, it’s night and day what a difference an intelligent QB can do versus an athletic one.

          1. Yup, and some day, Alex may learn to run the hurry up offense without huddling up.

            Maybe, Alex will win a conference championship, some day.

        2. The 49er would have ruined Rodgers. Who would have developed him and what would he have looked like after 5 different OC’s. Alex has progressed due to having the same OC for 3-4 seasons.

      2. Hill beat up his pregnant girlfriend. He was off most teams’ boards. I still wouldn’t want him on my team; who doesn’t know better than that?
        Kelce had some behavior red flags as well. I never heard the specific beef against Kelce, but it wasn’t considered as serious as Hill, so he did get drafted, but below his talent potential level.

    1. Because he took the Niners to the Super Bowl.

      Last game, Kaep was 28 for 38, for 266 yards and 2 TDs. He also scored that bold decisive 2 point play for the victory. When the team mobbed him in the end zone, it sure did not look like he was a cancer in the locker room.

      You may keep on parroting the one read screed as if saying it a million times will make it true, but I saw many plays where he went to the third option. So, deny reality all you want, it still will not make it true.

        1. Nice, you are getting upset again. Pretty soon you will devolve into hurling expletives.

          Prime, Kaep willing this team to a win must be galling to you, and I could not be happier. Dissing a QB who had just won a game is snarky and exemplifies your lack of football knowledge. Kaep showed grit and determination. I want the Niners to keep players who hunger for wins.

          Kaep, with a better supporting cast, could become relevant again. Kaep, with this present squad, showed the world that they do have enough talent to win.

          While Kaep did seem off target at times, he also was spinning some nice throws that went over the LBs and dropped in front of the safeties. He threw 2 TDs. He also ran in one.

          Looks like you are the one who will be eating crow this week. Try it with a dash of humility, it might not taste so bitter.

          My football acumen? I implored them to roll out Kaep. They did it and won the game. I also missed predicting the exact score by 4 points.

          Maybe you should not lead with your chin.

    2. C’mon Prime. Are you a paleontologist? That ship has sailed and reached its destination.
      Niners traded Y.A.Tittle too. I’m over both trades and Joe and Jerry and Ronnie departing as well.

      1. I miss the days where a QB in a Niner uniform would scan the field, go thru reads and progressions. Play the position as meant to be. Not a one read running QB. Yes Brotha, I am bitter!

          1. We need a new QB in the worst way. It’s the only way this franchise gets back to being a legit team again. Rebuild the defense sure, but as far as being a team with a legacy for exceptional QB play, we need a franchise QB. It’s our time!

            1. Prime, this week showed how important it is to have depth at QB. Both Carr and Mariota are gone due to broken legs. The Niners, if they have a scintilla of common sense, will do everything in their power to keep Kaep. I concede that they should draft for the future, but if you are saying that an unproven rookie is way better than the last Niner QB to lead them to a SB, I will just demean your lack of football knowledge.

              With Kaep as the Niner QB, they can concentrate on improving the pass rush and ILBs. Maybe they will be shrewd enough to find a decent WR so Kaep has some one to throw to.

              Sure, you hate Kaep with a consuming passion, but as long as he is the Niner QB, I will support him and say that you are delusional to want to get rid of him for some untested and unproven rookie.

              1. If Baalke stays, you may get your wish.

                However, I think Baalke is a dead man walking. He will fall on his sword to protect Jed, and has been setting this up by accepting all the blame.

                Jed will probably let him down gently by kicking him into the financial sector, or that bait shop may beckon.

              2. Seb just be quiet. I’ve heard all your rhetoric before. Spare the blog your pathetic opinion. We’ve heard, we get it. Now just shut up about it already! Blame Baalke for everything! Blah, blah bla!

              3. Prime, if I had a dollar for every time you mention long wind ups, inaccuracy and one reads, I would be a rich man.

                Maybe you should practice what you preach.

  39. Go get Poe in free agency 49ers. I do not care if he costs a lot, requires the defense to switch to a 4-3, or any other mumbo jumbo. Just go get the man!

  40. Mcdaniels and the Earhard Perkins system hè runs would be a big upgrade from the peewee system we have now.
    The last decent offensive system we had was with Garcia as QB.

  41. I was happy that we drafted Kaep but its time to move on.
    We need a huge overhaul of our franchise so no more quantity but quality, so bye bye Baalke, Chip and his coaching staff, all QB’s and 30 % of our roster.
    Thats a start!

    1. If they start with Jed, maybe, but since Jed is still around, they will not be able to attract good coaches or good free agents.

      Posters are dreaming if they think a coach wants to come here to destroy his career. Look at how many coaches have turned down the HC job. Fangio, Gase, Payton, Jackson, Shaw among others.

      Decent FAs avoided the Niners like the plague, because of Baalke. If it is a total rebuild, they will see that the playoffs are a distant possibility, so even less will come, and even some will take less to go elsewhere.

  42. “Kaep, with a better supporting cast, could become relevant again. Kaep, with this present squad, showed the world that they do have enough talent to win.”

    Pump the brakes. This was the Rams, not the 2nd coming of the NE Patriots. Get a grip. One suck team beats another. They still both suck. In this game there was nothing to show “We’re there, it’s fixed”. The Seahawks will make this point readily apparrent. Suck still is suck, and 9ers suck.

    1. If you read my post carefully, I said that with a better supporting cast, and relevancy entails post season action. Of course, the Niners need to improve, and any team with a 2-13 record sucks.

      However, this team did play the Pats, and were only down by 3 points at the half, so with better support, Kaep could have shined during that game. They also won this last game because the defense finally showed up. I will not applaud that certain individuals were injured, or like some trolls, wish players get injured, but through the process of attrition, other players stepped up and did well. Maybe Baalke and the coaches were playing the wrong players in the wrong positions.

  43. Reuben Foster breakdown – I can’t quite figure him out. He is always around the play and is a solid tackler who delivers a solid pop when he arrives. He appears to have a very good feel for coverage.
    However, I wish there was talent around him because he almost never has to fight through a block and he appears to be a tad late on his play diagnosis. This is scary because in the NFL he won’t be so well protected and will have to prove he can fight off a block or disengage.
    I would say he is best suited for 4-3 MLB role where he is more protected and can flow to the ball.

    1. That’s the danger with all of the Alabama players. Even Allen, though he looks excellent, benefits greatly by playing in such a talented D.

      1. The problem with that thinking is you would have to cast doubt on every defensive player who comes from a program with a strong defense.

        1. Why is that a problem? You should have doubts. When assessing these players you need to consider how much help they are getting from the players around them, and whether their skills would translate without that help.

      2. Scooter,
        I have less reservations about Allen becuase its much easier to evaluate his base level skills. Every play he has to take on a blocker, unless their was a blown assignment. So I get to see how he holds up at the POA, his hand use, and pass rush moves. At the very least I know he can beat offensive linmen individually.

        Foster, however just didn’t have to face certain situations that I feel are critical in the evaluation of Linebackers. In comparison, using our best linebackers in recent years, his play diagnosis is no where near Navarro’s so without seeing that, I would like to see how well he fights through blockers, and plugs holes. This is what we saw with Patrick Willis when he came out, and there just isn’t enough tape of that.

  44. Jonathan Allen – the true class of that Alabama defense. It looks like his hands exceptionally strong. If he gets his hands on a offensive player it’s over. He appears to have a lot of skill as a pass rusher as he is not blowing by people or the most explosive player but rather beating them with his hands. I don’t see him ever leading the league in sacks but he should routinely get 8-10 sacks (in a 4-3)
    I don’t see a frame that will allow for a lot more bulk ( granted it’s hard to tell on film ) however I do believe he can add a little bit and get stronger. If he adds some strength he could be a Bryant young type player.

      1. Scooter,
        Ideally, I would like the niners to trade back but I don’t think there is a ton of value to be gained. I have speculated perhaps the Browns would be willing to part with a 3rd and their second first from Philly which should be in the 8-10 range… which may still be worth it :/ but its not a great value.
        With that said imho they have to take either Allen or Fornett and damn the position of need / rb stigma… they are just better prospects than everyone else on the board.

  45. If Baalke is one thing it is vindictive. Baalke did not want to draft Kaep, but Harbaugh campaigned for the guy so Baalke relented and did his Whispering Coach a favor by giving him the not fully formed trinket . Since that time, Baalke’s occasional comments concerning Kaep’s on field and off field performances clearly disagree with Baalke’s Tuna cultivated sensibilities. If Baalke stays on as GM his mean strike will be in full force he will waste little time getting rid of Kaep the last vestigial piece of Harbaugh’s revenge thereby closing that circle of misplaced trust and organizational decay. Good luck 49ers. BTW- is there going to be a year end fan protest to wrap this up?

  46. I know there is a game still to play but here is my first take on the overall grades for the year for certain players.

    Note: I hope this will start a reasonable football discussion. So all you haters please stay away with your mindless Kaepernick sucks comments. If you think Kap deserves an F please try and back it up with football reasons, not merely personal hatred.

    Kaepernick: C+, Gabbert: D, Ponder: Inc.

    Staley: B, Garnett: D, Kilgore: A, Beaedles: B, Brown: A, Tiller: D-, Martin: F

    Smith: F, Patton: D, Kerley: B, Strearter: C

    Macdonald: C, Bell: C, Celek: F

    Hyde: B, Droughn: C, Harris: C, Davis: F

    Ward: F, Reid: D-, Tartt: C, Brock: F, Johnson: C, Bethea: C,

    Buckner: A, Armstead: F, Blair: C, Dial: F, Dorsey: B,

    Wilhoite: F, Brooks: D, Carradine: F, Harold: C, Hodges: C, Lynch: C-, Bellore: C
    Pinion: D, Dawson: A

    Also: A belated merry Christmas to Grant and all you posters. We may disagree and argue with each other but ultimately we are all 49er fans. Otherwise we would not be here.

    Everybody have a safe and happy new year.

    Go Niners.

    1. Rick, I think Armstead playing with one arm should give him an A for effort, but D for effectiveness, for a C grade. Tart should get a D, and Bellore an F.

      Of course, you know me, so I would give Kaep a B- instead of a C+.

      Other than those, I generally agree with your grades. The most important thing looming on the horizon is if Baalke stays or goes. If he stays, i will just expect more losing because he will pick more ACL players and decent FAs will avoid the Niners like the plague.

      Best wishes for a better new year, and GO NINERS

        1. So many teams are desperate for competent O linemen, especially with all the QBs going down to injury.

          Bet the Seahawks would do it, but Jed is not that stupid to let him go to a team that they will play twice a year.

    1. AD confirmed what we all suspected. People don’t want to work for Jed and Trent. He also said IDK about Kelly’s offense. Clean house or sell the team Denise.

  47. The NFL should do away with its current playoff system in favor of a bowl system.

    Once the regular season finishes the top 2 teams in each conference are matched up with the winners of each going to the Super Bowl.

    The remaining 28 teams are matched up from worst to best. So the two teams with the worst records match up with the winner getting the higher draft pick, and so on.

    Starting the Saturday following the regular season the league has 2 or 3 games every day culminating with the Championship games, followed 2 weeks later by the Super Bowl.

    It’s the ultimate money grab for the league and TV and they get that extra week they’ve been trying to get for a while now.

    1. NCAA, isn’t it bad enough with Foster Chicken bowl and Weed Eater bowl? I do like the idea of a toilet bowl, that’s what the 49ers need.

  48. ONE WEEK AWAY FROM BLACK MONDAY!!! HOPING FOR NEW NEWS AND NEW FRESH BLOOD….I HOPE THE WIN LAST WEEK DOESNT CLOUD OUR JUDGMENT OF WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN…..I’m hoping for someone like Wolf from Greenbay and maybe putting a pro search committee like the Raiders did with Madden and Wolf SR when they changed things over there.

    All the players & coaches will fall into line once we get the GM & hopefully a Pres (or York buffer) in place.

    1. +1. However, I can easily see the Yorks taking the comfort path by simply promoting Tom Gamble to GM which likely leads to Chip Kelly staying (Yorks can then blame it on Gamble after Kelly leads this team to another losing season next year). That said, I will keep all fingers and toes crossed with the hopes the Yorks completely clean house and let an experienced outsider take over the football/FO operations… Let Jed sign the checks and nothing more…

      1. Nope, don’t like it for that means Kelly stays and Kap might stay as well. Leave Baalke in just so we get rid of the KRapper.

    1. I really don’t know why he would do that. He’s pretty much learned as much as he is going to in Leach’s offense. And this is considered a weak QB class.

      Oh well, one QB option down.

  49. Completely off topic but RIP George Michael.

    It’s been a tough year, Bowie, Prince, Cohen, Haggard, Glenn Fry, Phife Dog, Bobby Vee, Maurice White, Jimmie Van Zant, Emerson and Lake, and now Michael. My ears weep.

    1. Wow, and you get on my case about Donald J Trump, how hypocritical of you all. If you got to be used to the Yorks and do nothing about them, get used to Mr. Trump.

      1. Darren,

        I’m glad to see you are back on your meds. You seem calmer and less nasty. However, I don’t know what your post has to do with my post about musicians.

        1. Just like I don’t see what Carrie Fisher’s death has anything to do with the 49ers either. Not my fault #80 that I know plenty about the 49ers and you’re just too liberal to listen. how any football fan of their team can support somebody that kneels down during the national anthem, embarrassing the country, embarrassing the image, embarrassing the NFL, and then kisses his bicep.

          There are 2 things I am willing to agree with on Kap, but NOT endorsing him to be here next year:

          There are problems out there, but Kap fails to realize that it’s not all black and white. Some shootings are that from other black individuals. Some shootings could be black on black, black cop, black criminal, how do we know the entire police reports on these cases? Some cases, the criminal had to be put down for that person presented a danger. Sometimes shootings involve gangs. I don’t know why Kap insists that it’s a ‘cop’ problem.

          Kap opting out and leaving the team, as I hope he will, will be the biggest nicest thing he can do for any 49er fan in GTFO the team.

          And your post on musicians was OFF THE SUBJECT that again you posters get on my case about. If we had to live with obama for 8 years, you live with Trump and you live with MY OPINION.

    1. Above all, Jed should think it through. First of all, some things have to change. But secondly, If Jed does fire somebody he MUST have a replacement ready and waiting. Firing Harbaugh, then not having any replacement, just proved that Jed did not have a clue. He fired the best HC since Sieffert and Walsh due to lack of emotional maturity, and had no plan whatsoever moving forward, so they stumbled into the ditch, and some would say gutter.

      So if Jed does fire Chip, and if he does not have a replacement, and competent coaches are turning him down, Jed should realize that he is part of the problem, and not part of the solution.

      Baalke is the logical choice, and Jed could do it smoothly and cleanly by kicking Baalke upstairs into the financials and promoting Gamble. Gamble would provide continuity, and he might retain Chip. The important thing is not consider willy nilly to fire Chip and not have a replacement waiting in the wings. Going on a search will just result in more humiliation and scorn heaped upon this once proud organization.

      Things must change, but I would be content to see Baalke gone, and just the OC and DC fired. Chip has earned another year because of the way the Niners won that last game. The locker room dynamics are 180 * compared to last year, and I think that Chip deserves a lot of credit for stopping any leaks and smears.

      For the replacement OC, I hope the Niners hire Helfrich. If baalke is gone, I hope Jed thinks about the good of the team, apologizes to Tomsula, and convinces Chip to allow Tomsula become the DC. Chip is more offensively oriented, and Tomsula was the Dline coach that held their opponents’ rusher to less than 100 yards up to the last game, and gave up only one rushing TD all year.

      I hope Chip and Tomsula can sit down to a beer and talk football for 8 hours, and see how they can make it work. Chip needs to tamp down his ego, but a 13 game losing streak may have beat the bombast out of him.

      Tomsula would only accept if Baalke was gone, but Jed should be happy because he is paying him anyways. he main goal should be for the Niners to win at least 8 games next year, with the playoffs in their sights within 3 years.

      Once they establish that winning culture, should they consider rings.

      Finally, and just as importantly, Jed should grow up. He should swallow his pride, get past the squabbles and pettiness, and fine a link to the Glory Years. I bet the first person Eddie would recommend is Carmen Policy, because he was Eddies’ right hand man when they built that dynasty. Carmen Policy fits Eddies’ criteria of people to surround Jed with. CP is very, very, very, smart. He would be a good go between with the FO and the team. He is erudite, diplomatic and has impeccable people skills.

      So if Jed does act, and if he does those 5 things. Hire Carmen, Move Baalke, promote Gamble, and Change the two Coordinators, I would be content.

      One may want to blow things up, but there is no guarantee that it will get better, and there is a distinct policy that it may get even worse.

            1. Gamble and Kelly dismantled the team that Reid built. That’s what my ask an Eagle fan post meant. I need that sarcasm font.

            2. Well, Ideally I would want Holmgren, but that is just a bridge too far for Jed. Gamble may retain Chip, and Chip may convince Kaep to stay.

              So if Baalke leaves and Gamble is promoted, it may provide stability and continuity. Personally, I do not want a GM who is too powerful, especially during the draft. I want to see it more as a collaborative effort built on consensus between the GM coaches and scouts.

              1. How about someone from a successful organization? Someone who has done something good recently? Someone like Scott Pioli?

              2. Jed better make that phone call before promoting someone from within the worst organization in sports.

              3. I’d be happy with Pioli or Wolf. It’s unlikely because of Jed. It will probably be Gamble maybe big Shanny or Holmgren.

              4. Yet, the main playmakers like Ryan and Jones were already there. Granted, he fixed the defense, but his main success was in getting them to reduce the self inflicted wounds and playing up to their potential.

              5. Well, I would say that the Gamble Kelly combo is twice as likely as the Pioli Shanahan scenario, because I think Shanahan may go elsewhere. He has better options elsewhere like Jax, Buffalo or the Rams.

      1. Seb, that is such the worse thing you can say. I don’t want Kelly around. He can’t coach. He let his special teams act like idiots in Chicago, then lose to the Jets, he should be fired just for beating the Rams and kicking a hurt injured team that’s got no QB. Goff is such a loser, he needs to be traded or benched. Rams should draft, no, sign a FA QB for their team. Kelly is also distracted, when you lose someone dear in your life, and i”m not making anything of it before you launch your pitch fork at me, he can’t coach.

        The suggestion from 2 NFL writers is you clean and GUT the team. You fire the coaching, simple as that, you pay them off, simple as that. If Jed THINKS that fans will accept Kelly, then Kap for antoher year, think again. Fans are tired of Kap’s little stances.

        I don’t care if it gets worse for when we retained bad coaching after we replaced Mariucci with Erickson I believe, the whole wheels fell off, best to replace everything, take the risk next year.

        No matter what the team might do, Seb, next year:
        NFC East, all 4 teams played hard. Phil looks to improve next year. I hope the NFL has no wet willy dreams of a SF/Phil game. I see 4 losses.
        AFC South, could be 4 losses, maybe one win vs. Tenn or Jax.
        @ Chi, another loss
        Car, another loss
        Division, difficult

        It could be maybe a 4 win season next year. I would still fire Kelly.

    1. Just because it is only 1.5 snaps more per game than last year doesn’t mean it isn’t a heavy workload for the D. I could be wrong, but I believe that is the most snaps per game of any D in the NFL this season. So yes, it impacts on the D.

      1. Scooter I agree on the being on the field the most of any team in the NFL, yet it’s only 10 seconds more than our non Kelly offense last season. Kelly didn’t improve things but it wasn’t as drastic as some predicted.

    2. I think it has had more of an impact in the 2nd half. With the exception of Saturday we have struggled to sustain drives, especially in the 3rd quarter. All of those 1 to 2 minutes drives puts the D back on the field late in the game when they are naturally more tired. If the snap count was the same in both halves I would agree.

    3. A lot of the TOP issues are self inflicted because the defense has been so bad against the run. Teams have run on the 49ers all year from beginning to end so the defense being tired due to the offense not keeping drives alive is a lame excuse.

      1. its not a lame excuse. The 49ers have the highest 3 and out rate in the league and their scoring drives are usually quick.

        1. So what. The defense not being able to stop the run is just as big a reason as the offense not being able to sustain drives. Both are equally responsible for the TOP problems.

          1. But that’s the underlying issue with Kelly since coming to the NFL. He leaves his defense out to dry.
            In the NFL your offense is suppose to compliment your defense. So many times this year the offense left the defense gasping for air as they couldn’t sustain drives and let the defense regroup physically and tactically.
            This is because his play calling is predictable, the lack of talent to do anything worthwhile, and of course, a limited run first QB.

          2. The defense doesn’t give up a lot of long grinding possessions. They get popped for big plays. That’s why their TOP per defensive drive is right around middle of the pack.

            The offense usually starts good, TOP is close at half and then increasingly grows because the offense can’t stay on the field.

  50. I hate to say I told you so…but 2 years ago I caught so much sh*t from people on here saying that trading Alex Smith was foolish and would not only have a longer career than Kaepernick but would make it to the playoffs perenially and possibly make at all the way. Without Jamal Charles it’s not likely they go all the way….I’m actually glad Alex got away from the mess in Santa Clara…he will have a great career….and the ” Harbaugh’s hot hand QB” can become a professional “national anthem sitter”….lol. Rock on Alex.

  51. Is it just me? I THOUGHT I SAW on the 49ers last possession when trying to run out the clock, didn’t the ref whistle the play dead while Kap was still standing, holding the ball to keep the clock running? And on the next play, the clock DID NOT START AT ALL? Either I missed something, or there have been some rule changes that I don’t know about

  52. I hate to be a downer, Grant (and I agree with your Pioli for GM viewpoint), but the only reason Dr. York was spotted talking with Pioli was not for the 49er GM job–why would he leave ATL to join, as you noted: “the worst organization in sports.”

    No, the reason was to ask for permission to interview Kyle Shanahan.

    Atl, no friends of th 49ers for 20 years of as- kicking, will say something like Bill Parcells and Belichek, for during their 20 years of SuperBowls deprived them by the dynasty 49ers.

    This will be their conversation:

    Dr. York (York): Scott, can we talk with Shanny about our vacant coaching position. We’re looking for a package deal to include his father Mike, but Mike will only come on board if Kyle is hired, because Mike noted that 49er past history showed Jed fires coaches and GM’s who are strong willed (have an opinion of their own).

    Pioli: Absolutely you can talk with Shanny. Give me a few weeks until the season’s over and I’ll get back to you.

    York: Perfect ! This is how we operate anyways, well hidden, nursing the PSL nitwits money and the 240 million in profit sharing from the more successful teams until we make our year end, State of the 49er speech, proclaiming that we only hang championship banners….

    Fast forward a couple of weeks.

    York: Hi, Scott, I thought you said you would get back to me?

    Scott: Sorry, been busy building a team, but I’ll have to decline the talk. We’re not allowing you to interview Shanny.

    York: We’ll, all of the other teams fired their coaches weeks ago and snapped up the remaining quality coaches.

    Pioloi: That’s your problem–should have been more proactive, instead of waiting every year for the last 17 years, until the end of the NFL year to make a move. Don’t you think by now the rest of the NFL knows your M/O ?…Seriously, man, and that outdated run offense with the leather helmets Baalke runs.

    Pioli: Have you ever wondered why you ended up with Baalke in the 1st place ?….Do you recall in your interview with Bill Parcells, he recommened him ?
    Well, I know Parcells and the 49er organization built by Walsh over 20 years of greatness prevented Bill from being the greatest coach in NFL history with that DC, Belichek he had.

    So Bill sought revenge for 20 years of as- kicking and recommended a friend. He knew Baalke was not qualified. Bill just wanted a friend to get an NFL job.

    And, as the long road of history went by, 17 years in a wasteland, all 49er fans are left with nothingness on NFL Sunday’s, either until the York’s sell or a major comet hits the earth.

  53. I’m not sure that the 49ers would be a lot better with Alex Smith under center. Alex Smith is best suited for a situation where the team has a great running game and a powerful defense. He has those things in Kansas City. He had them before in San Francisco. The 49er running game is not good. Alex also has Tyreke Hill, Jeremy Maclin, and Travis Kelce. The problem with this team goes further than the quarterback.

    There is always a question when an offense struggles to consistently move the ball whether it is the receivers, the quarterback, or the offensive scheme/playcalling. In this case, I suspect it’s some of each.

    Primarily, the biggest problem with the team is a lack of any effort to really attack the deep part of the defense, i.e., threatening the safeties so as to promote one on one situations down the field. I have no idea whether Torrey Smith can do that or not, but there were so few attempts to attack down the field, it appears to be schematic. Perhaps it’s because the quarterbacks cannot consistently make that throw, and the coaching staff believes it is scheming to the strengths of the quarterbacks, but far too often this season shallow crossing routes meant linebackers in the crossing “lanes” and safeties creeping up to take away anything that might be a first down. Defense is a lot easier to play when you only have to defend the middle of the field and within 10 yards.

    The receivers themselves are mostly not big, physical guys, nor are they “burners.” But again, the question is (and I profess to have no easy answer) is the problem the receivers simply can’t “win” on the outside, or is it that the quarterbacks comfort zone is in the short middle?

    I see the following things that have led to the 49ers offensive troubles: a certain static tendency to call certain pass plays regardless, innovation or “wrinkles” which are all too infrequently used (when they are used, they have been occasionally successful), quarterbacks with limited skill sets (who really have enough experience that if they were going to be something different than what they are, would be by now), and no real playmakers outside. I think Hyde is a good back, but most teams know if you limit Hyde, you beat the 49ers (I should add, also the corollary that you must also not let Kaepernick get outside).

    I would also add, and this is also troubling, although the 49er offensive line is clearly better than last year, the 49er running game is relatively easily defended. As a result, the offensive line must “win” even when the defense knows what it is coming (which they often do, given the inside zone). When Fangio had success defending the 49ers, he kept the quarterback in the pocket, always had an edge defender available to take away Kaepernick’s read. This means the 49ers should be able to run effectively inside, but the lack of an experienced, powerful guard-center combination meant that such runs were not as effective as they could have been. When Kelly was successful in Philly, one of the main reasons was that he had a very good offensive line. Even without the threat of a truly mobile quarterback for most of the season, the Eagles interior linemen would win their matchups against six or seven man “boxes.” Too often this season, the 49ers have had opposing defenders collapsing the inside zone as 49er guards and centers have failed to make blocks, sustained blocks, or failed to react to inside stunts. Again, some of this is play calling and making proper line adjustments.

    The point is when a team is bad, it is usually bad for more than one reason. Kelly and his offensive staff have been part of the problem, the quarterbacks have been part of the problem, the receivers have been part of the problem, and the linemen have been part of the problem. It’s been a team effort.

    So do you give Kelly another year to prove that his system works? Do you credit Kelly for keeping the team “together”? Or do you credit reports that the players themselves seem relatively complacent under Kelly? Do you bring in a disciplinarian like Tom Coughlin? Personally, I would like to see what Coughlin could do.

    Sorry for the long post. I have been holding this in for a while.

    1. Good post and interesting analysis.

      Sorry, but no on Coughlin. Kelly seems to have the team playing hard, but as you can see, the talent is not up to snuff. You are right, they need huge upgrades in the WR department, and then maybe Kaep could go downfield more.

      I will say that the O line is way better than last year, and Beadles as been a pleasant surprise. I wanted to rip him, just because he was the sole FA acquisition of Baalkes’, but he was instrumental in last game’s win. I want players like him who show good leadership skills.

    2. I don’t think Coughlin would want to move across the country to take on a project at his age. I also think the Niners have to identify a younger long term option if they are really going to fire their 3rd HC in 3 years.

  54. I think Coughlin would be good because the team would be more disciplined and Coughlin could attract good coordinators.

    I don’t know, though. It seems to me like Kelly and maybe Baalke will be back next year.

      1. I also think Coughlin would be a good fit. Then it’s only a matter of who he hires as his coordinators.
        I almost certain he would bring in a veteran QB and revamp that whole offense.

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