49ers 25, Titans 23: Grades


San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) throws against the Tennessee Titans during the first half of an NFL football game Sunday, Dec. 17, 2017, in Santa Clara, Calif. (AP Photo/John Hefti)

SANTA CLARA – Here are the 49ers’ grades after their 25-23 win over the Tennessee Titans.

QUARTERBACK: A. Jimmy Garoppolo may or may not be the franchise quarterback. It’s too early to tell. But he was fantastic against the Titans, and his teammates think he’s the one. They see him as a person with an aura. Believe he’s carrying the team. Garoppolo has elevated the play of everyone around him on offense. He even has boosted the defense’s morale, because he can covert 50 percent of third downs and keep the defense off the field. The players’ perception of Garoppolo’s greatness is giving them confidence in themselves. Will perception become reality?

RUNNING BACKS: D. Carlos Hyde had a rough game. He missed a block and almost got Garoppolo killed, and gained only 25 yards on 16 carries. But in fairness to Hyde, it seemed Garoppolo was tipping plays. When Kyle Shanahan called a run, Garoppolo kept his head down and didn’t survey the secondary before the snap. When Shanahan called a play-action pass or drop-back pass, Garoppolo raised his eyes to look at the defensive backs. I think the Titans noticed.

WIDE RECEIVERS: A. Marquise Goodwin had another phenomenal game – 10 catches, 114 yards, no drops. He has been one of the most productive receivers in the NFL since Week 7. Rookie wide receiver Kendrick Bourne had a good game, too. He caught four passes for 85 yards, including 54-yarder in the fourth quarter.

TIGHT ENDS: A. Garrett Celek made a long catch and a touchdown catch – two things he seems to do every game. George Kittle made a long catch, too. The Titans kept forgetting to cover them.

OFFENSIVE LINE: C. Right guard Brandon Fusco gave up a sack, and left guard Laken Tomlinson tackled his own receiver during a screen pass. But the offensive line as a whole held up well against an onslaught of blitzes.

DEFENSIVE LINE: B. These guys held the Titans to 3.2 yards per carry. That’s outstanding. DeForest Buckner led the defense with nine tackles and recorded half a sack, but should have recorded 1.5. A penalty negated one.

LINEBACKERS: B-plus. Brock Coyle gave up a touchdown catch, but also forced a fumble the 49ers recovered. Rookie Reuben Foster recorded eight tackles even though he suffered a stinger and had to leave the game twice.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: D. This unit gave up a quarterback rating of 110.8. It could have been even higher had Delanie Walker not dropped a pass in the end zone during the first half.

SPECIAL TEAMS: A-plus. Kicker Robbie Gould made six field goals. Enough said.

COACHES: A-minus. Both Kyle Shanahan and Robert Saleh had good game plans and made smart adjustments. They coached very well. Going forward, Shanahan has to fix the red-zone offense. The 49ers scored just one touchdown in four drives inside the Titans 20. That’s not good enough. And the issue isn’t just player execution. The issue is schematic, too.

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  1. People said the Titans would be a true test, and the 49ers answered all the questions.
    The Jags are next. I’d say they are a better test.

  2. “Jimmy Garoppolo may or may not be the franchise quarterback. It’s too early to tell.”

    Oh really.

    The nay sayers said he wouldn’t succeed with this roster. They said he would wilt under the pressure because we have a poor OL. They said the WRs would still drop passes (code for, he wouldn’t make his teammates any better).

    You guys are so wrong. Jimmy is a franchise QB right now.

    1. 80,
      Not ashamed to admit that I was in that category. The porous O-line was exactly why I felt it was not a good idea to play Polo.

      After watching both Hoyer and CJ get brutalized week after week my thinking was that Jimmy would be the next victim and if the FO had plans for JG beyond this season why take a risk.
      I’m just not an “all-in” type person who easily hangs my hat on something especially hype.

      I want/wait to see actual results before going “all-in.”
      As of today, I’m still not completely “all-in,” but I’m much closer than I was a couple of weeks ago.

  3. It feels like the 49ers are playing as though they are making a play off run, not like a 4-10 team. Its really fun to watch.

    Another great test next week for this beaten and battered team with nothing to play for.


  4. This game shocked me. I did not expect the 49ers to win this game. Jimmy G has the team believing and the confidence is showing in every aspect of the game. I was thinking the Titans were a bit flat but that really is a testament to the 49ers play. Defense was good and the offense had great TOP. Convert just 2 of those red zone opportunities and this game isn’t close. Wow, starting to catch the fever here. Really excited.

      1. Yes I know. Good call. Also a good call on your post game Periscope attire. You looked a lot more professional this week. You were smart to take my advice.

          1. Good call, but not like you were going out on a limb here, I mean we were 2 pt favorites. We are what they thought we were. We are solid and improving every week, could not be more excited.

            I love the way these last 5 games laid out, like from small test (Bears) to hardest test (Rams), each game gets a little bit more difficult and could not have played out better for this team getting Jimmy G tested against 5 teams getting harder each game going into the offseason.

    1. Me too Houston! I thought the team would come down to earth this week and some of the limitations would show back up.

      Instead, JG inspired the team to win against a good Titans team! Dick LeBeau is no slouch and JG withstood and succeeded beyond all my imaginings!

      Kudos especially to Prime for calling it early. It looks like a franchise QB has arrived. Long have we waited! Now, there are still many hurdles to surmount but the early returns on Garoppolo have been extraordinary! Impressive!

      By the way, his early balls had a bit of wobble but I don’t detect that anymore. He seems to improve with each outing, which is wonderful for the team.

      He’s going to make a lot of money very soon!

      My only question is why would NE let him go? Better to trade Brady and get a slew of players and have a QB secured for years to come? SF did something like that with Montana after all! That’s the puzzling part of all this.

          1. Well whatever the reason, it no longer matters. It is clear that Jimmy G does not follow in the footsteps of the other NE understudies at QB. Anyone watching him play can see a highly competent QB. He does it consistently and it appears is actually improving each game.

            Against the Jags I expect him to have a poorer performance relative to the first three. It will be because the 49ers are well overmatched. No matter what he does, though, it’s doubtful it will change my opinion. It’s a team sport after all.

      1. Big difference in the 49ers trading Montana and Belichick trading Brady. Montana was injured and didn’t play for almost 2 years and he was 36. In the meantime, Steve Young had proven himself as a starter for 2 years and led the 49ers to the NFC Championship game.

        At Brady’s age, even he wouldn’t command a slew of picks. When I saw Jimmy come into the end of the Seattle game and do what he did on just 3 plays, I texted my friends, “I’ve seen enough!” You could just see it. He does have an aura! Quarterbacks like this don’t grow on trees! He’s a definite winner.

      2. Pats had a QB who could arguably be the best ever, coming off a Super Bowl win. Their hands were sort of tied.. Works out well for us. And with every niner win, the Pats get a lower value for the trade -love it!

  5. Just watched the highlights … WOW … JG gets rid of the football quickly and ON target and under pressure. These are the traits you look for in a QB. Lynch made up for the Solomon pick and the CJ reach with the great trade for Jimmy G.

    1. When you look at it, it was a reach for CJ, but now in hindsight, I believe he would have been a good starter if he had the whole off-season with the 1’s. But I also believe he is a good backup to have. He’s already shown he can come in off the bench and produce.

    2. You think Lynch had to make up for his draft??? He probably drafted 3-6 long term starters (3 minimum) in this 2017 draft class in Solomon, Foster, Witherspoon for sure and then possibly 3 more between Colbert, Trent Taylor, Kittle. On top of that, he found Brieda and DJ Jones late in the draft or undrafted and are both likely career 2nd option type guys that will stick around. Also think it may be a bit early to call CJ a reach, he did some really solid things as a rookie and now gets a chance to actually be developed. Easy to pick out a couple misses from everyone’s draft though.

      When is the last time you could say that we found this many starters in a draft??? What an incredible overall draft with being able to find contributors early and late and even undrafted. With Balke, we were lucky to find more than 1-2 starter type players per draft.

      1. I had not even thought about Bourne! Another undrafted player contributing and showing some potential. If we have more drafts like the 2017 class, this team is going to be dangerous for a decade plus.

  6. I mostly agree except for running back and offensive line.

    Hyde’s yards after contact exceeded his yardage total, meaning defenders were constantly in the backfield.
    I would raise Hyde’s grade, lower the offensive line’s grade.

    Today the 49ers did include the new cover sheet with their TPS reports.

  7. Great quote by Jimmy G after the game.
    “I love it when they blitz us like that,” Garoppolo said, “it makes everything a lot easier.”
    Niners finally have a QB that can make aggressive defenses pay.

  8. “Garrett Celek made a long catch and a touchdown catch – two things he seems to do every game. George Kittle made a long catch, too. The Titans kept forgetting to cover them.”

    It’s nice to have a HC/OC that can scheme his TEs open.

      1. Yep. The emergence of Goodwin has been a pleasant surprise. He is killing it with the slants lately.

        I was impressed with Bourne too. Love his hands.

      2. Yes, and with the emergence of Goodwin, he is showing himself to be a #1 WR. When Garcon recovers, he can be the #2 as he should be, not the #1. Trent Taylor is a good slot receiver and Bourne is beginning to look like a keeper. I hope that Bolden can develop. Either way, all of a sudden WR is a strength and we don’t need to draft one early. Aldrick Robinson hasn’t shown me much.

        The way they changed the kickoffs, guys like Bolden don’t get a lot of chances to run too many back. If Bolden is on the team next year, he should be our punt returner. Taylor is good but Bolden is more explosive plus I also don’t want to see Taylor, a starter, get hurt.

    1. They will …..soon.

      Lynch is a stand-up guy. He let Navarro walk, instead of trading him and getting a draft pick – just to do right by him. If that isn’t generosity, I don’t know what is. They will be generous with Jimmy G when the time comes.

      We just have to trust the process.

  9. Writes: “Jimmy Garoppolo may or may not be the franchise quarterback.”

    Proceeds to give examples of why Jimmy is a franchise QB. Lol.

  10. You’re getting soft with your grades Grant. Guess the naysayers are getting to you. ; )

    Does it seem to you like Hyde is sometimes just a step slow to hit the hole? I know he faced a lot of penetration today, but that was one thing I kinda noticed today.

      1. Garoppolo gets an A from me. Boy he did get lucky though to not get a pick on that pop fly he threw which Goodwin bailed him out on by coming back and making a terrific play.

        I’m not sure if it was Garoppolo tipping things or something else, I’ve thought for a while there was kind of a pattern to Shanahan’s play calling too. After those first two drives the Titans were always on top of the run plays holding SF to 16 yards on 16 carries.

        1. Aren’t the Titans 3rd best in the league against the run? I can’t see how you can say Hyde didn’t run that hard. He was going up against run blitzes all day. LeBeau was trying to make the 49ers one dimensional and Jimmy said “Okay,” and just kept racking up the yards. When you consider that we had no run game and our porous OL, Jimmy is just amazing!

    1. http://www.49erswebzone.com/articles/112694-transcript-shanahan-discusses-jimmy-garoppolo-49ers-following-titans/

      “I want to say they blitzed us more today than, I want to say than I’ve ever been blitzed in my career and definitely more than I’ve seen on tape from them. Going against [Tennessee Titans defensive coordinator] Dick [LeBeau] for a long time, so they had a bunch of run blitzes, which makes you beat your head against a wall a lot.”

      LeBeau was determined to pick on our OL. The running game wasn’t working because there was nowhere to go. Garoppolo was able to exploit the pass blitz. Without the OZ, we weren’t able to exploit the run blitz.

      Shanny was smart to not abandon the run. Had he done so, Garoppolo would have taken a lot more hits. So it’s either 22 low quality rushes or less rushing and exposing your QB to constant pressure.

  11. One thing you forgot to mention Grant.
    Grop has his team believing in themselves true, but he’s also got Levi stadium packed with excited fans there to watch mainly him.

    And I loved the deep shot at the end of the game to Goodwin. Didn’t hit, but the dagger in the heart shot was a breath of fresh air. Loved it!

  12. Good Win…..🏈bigger test coming against the jags….

    We are back in the middle ….next year we def in the playoff hunt….

    Jimmy is on🔥🔥🔥🔥

    1. Your guy Dak has fallen kind of flat without his stud Rb next to him. With JG doing what he’s doing with the talent level around him, it’s an insult to compare him to Romo.

  13. Grant:

    Shaving and dressing well shows respect for your following. When you look like a bum the respect leaves. As for your analysis, Can’t complain. If anyone on the team can raise the level of the players it is an asset. You now have a QB that can do and you have a new LB that seems to be able to do it. Athletes respect, talent, ability to use that talent, and the work ethic to hone those talents. You should think of those things in your dress code as well as your hygiene.

  14. Jimmy G will be a top 5 QB in the league. His release is one of the fastest I’ve ever seen, and he consistently reads the defense correctly and makes the right throw, no hesitation. I don’t care as much about the stats in this case because he will have a bad game sooner or later, all the great ones do. It’s how they rebound. If you don’t realize he’s a franchise QB then your analysis doesn’t mean anything and you have no business giving grades out for this team. Go write about the Browns, where they welcome ppl that fail to recognize real talent

  15. Great day. Won both my bets. Thanks Niners!!! Got my first look at the stadium. Nice. It’s no Candlestick but it will do. ;>) Saw Jimmy in person. Really nice! He IS the QB of this team going forward. Call it franchise, call it what you want. Don’t call it franchise. Whatever. How silly can you get. As for the grades, I’d give JG a A+ for his performance today. He was amazing. Reminded me of Joe, and thats coming from someone who witnessed in person every one of Joe’s home starts in his career and all 4 of his SB’s. Of course, “reminds me” is far cry from saying he’s “as good”, but I definitely see some of the same characteristics. Running backs. C. Though the O line held up for PP, the holes for the run game were non existent. Walter Payton wouldn’t have gained much today. Hyde did miss the block on the blitzer but he and Breida had no where to run all game. Wide receivers and tight ends were the offense today and deserve the A. Offensive line. D. They got manhandled today and if it weren’t for Jimmy’s ability to avoid the rush, it could have been ugly. They opened up 0 holes for the backs. Credit Kyle for designing mostly 3 step (some 5) drops to get the passes off quickly. Luckily the Titans best pass rusher was out today. They did enough in PP but next week could be ugly with the Jags and their “Saxsonville line” coming to town. The run game must get much better. Defensive line. C. Yes, they stopped the run but Mariota had all day to pass most of the day. No pass rush to speak of. Linebackers and Defensive Backs. C. Again, great job of stopping the run but receivers were open all over the field all day. It’s tough to stay with your guy for that much time. Coyle is weak. Special teams. A+ Gould is the MVP of this team. Coaching. A. Hey, they beat a potential playoff team with everything on the line. Enough said.

    PS. The whole idea of a team tanking doesn’t even move the needle on the Moronic Meter. Even if management had the ridiculous idea of their team tanking to attain a better draft position, you couldn’t get the players to buy in because, first, they want to win more than anybody, including fans, and second, they’re not going to do something that could ultimately cost them their own jobs. The whole idea is ludicrous. Doesn’t happen, and anybody that thinks, or even worse wants that to happen has never suited up to play any sport, ever. Come on!

    1. Good points agree with your analysis, when I went with my cousin to the giants game, their was a buzz in the ir and you could feel something positive was up and jimmy g did not even take a snap yet, fun to see this take on real life, jags and rams are scary good, would not surprise me if we lost them both, do not want any significant injuries!

      1. Good points agree with your analysis, when I went with my cousin to the giants game, their was a buzz in the air and you could feel something positive was up and jimmy g did not even take a snap yet, fun to see this take on real life, jags and rams are scary good, would not surprise me if we lost them both, do not want any significant injuries!

  16. JG finally allows Shan to show what he can do as a play caller. Whatever defense scheme Lebeau decided to call with 1:07 left wasn’t a match for the play calling. Still not sure what Shan saw in Beatherd (besides toughness) and why Watson wasn’t a perfect fit for what he wants in a QB to run his offense.

  17. Grant Fair grades! The OL held up well, especially considering that the Titans have sacked opposing QBs 27 times in the last 3 games (9 per game) and our OL only gave up 3 sacks today.

    I have a question though……do you know why Shanahan does not let Breida get more carries, even though he consistently has more Yards per carry than Hyde?

    Can you ask him if you get a chance? :)

  18. Looks like a franchise QB to me. His pocket awareness and ability to go through his progressions make him a very special player. Pair that with Shanny’s playbook and you have a potential game changer for years to come. Very exciting (don’t screw it up York, pay the man).

    1. Jack Hammer says:
      December 17, 2017 at 11:10 pm
      49ers scored points on all but 1 drive, and that drive was ended by a Taylor drop on what would have been a 1st down.

      A first down and a whole lot more.

  19. 3-0, let’s go
    3-0, let’s go

    He’s throwing in a straight line
    He’s throwing through a tight wind
    The fans are losing their minds
    The Blitzkrieg Grap

    He’s filling up the stat sheet
    He’s under extreme heat
    Bears, Texans, Titans beat
    The Blitzkrieg Grap

    3-0, let’s go
    Got a quarterback now
    What fans want, Garoppolo
    They’re all reved up and ready to go

  20. Grades were very fair, I am with Brodie 2 Washington, oline grade lower like a d-, I think it is effecting the run game and it is a good thing jimmy G has a quick relese, I am also drinking the cool aid or getting the fever, I think Grant does have a point, still a small sample size, plus has much as I want jimmy G to never lose, it is the NFL. Sure a lot more keeper pieces his yer then lost yer, the only p,Ayer that flashed for me last year ws Buckner. Solid franchise like players this year, Jimmy G., Buckner, Colbert, foster, Thomas maybe, little small but makes plays, Witherspoon, tart maybe Goodwin and little, oline is still a major weakness, hope Garnett will be something joe Thomas also but fumbles could be an issue, not sure Super Bowl is in the picture but we have a quarterback the team believes and we the faithful are delirious with hope, I am usually the first to fall for the Bannana in the tail pipe or the quick turnaround is happening but this feels genuine and John lynch and Kyle S are doing a masterful job, hope next year won’t be a let down but this oline is so bad it could take while,what worries me too is our best one, Staley will be a yer older and brown does not seem to be one to fight through pain. In the end a poor line makes runn8ng the ball difficult and puts a franchise qb at risk at some point. This is still awesome and much better then the last few years but has others have pointed out, lots of pieces needed. I like the idea of grabbing Robinson offthe jags due to his torn acl do not think the jags will franchise him. Will be fun and interesting if the impossible happens next yer and the play offs happen willl be like this year was 1980 and next year 1981, but getting ahead of ourselves, Jimmy G is calm like Montana and humble and fiery at the same time. Thank you patriots,hoody and Tom B!

    Side note my moniker name, rebelscum is because I have been a Star Wars nut since 77 when I was 8. I have tried to enjoy the force awakens and the last Jedi but not feeling it and do not like the turn or where they took the story. Maybe I have become like Luke or my late grandfather, old, bitter , cynical, and stay off my lawn mentality. Fun to hear from the the 40and older crowd if they like the last two movies or found it wanting. My kids think I am nuts and loved the movies they are 23,18 and 12. Glad the niners are fun and relevant, will feel better when the line gets improvements!

  21. Facts:

    Jimmy G will make the 49ers great again!

    Buckner is a beast!!

    Grant’s middle name is Larry.
    By the way Grant…I hope your post game report transitions over to Facebook live next week. 👌

  22. Picked up tix couple days ago for Jax game, can’t wait to see this guy in person. If we limit turnovers and keep JG upright, we could see a similar type of game that today was.
    Goodwin saved two ints with nothing more than effort.
    Never said this before but, I think they should consider shutting down Foster. He clearly has lingering shoulder issues that we don’t want bleeding into next season. He doesn’t need the reps, he needs to get completely healthy and perhaps add a few lbs of muscle.
    Im not sold on Bortles or Jax, I think we got something for that jass. Go Niners!

  23. Grant, question on the JG grade – what was so much better about today than against the Bears where he got a C+ grade? Was one TD in the red zone really all it takes to change a C+ grade to an A? Because the red zone efficiency was still bad overall.

    1. Scooter I’m betting he’s giving a higher grade for a couple of reasons.

      Tenn is a playoff caliber team
      Tenn blitzed him all day.
      And he has nowhere else to go now that Garapolo is showing he’s not a one game fluke.

      1. The red zone efficiency is still abysmal though (mostly a factor of penalties imo), which is the main reason you gave for the C+. Guess I was expecting closer to a B/B+ from you this game based on that.

  24. we got ourselves a quarterback

    isnt it funny that when a good player steps on the field, the penalties, mistakes, and drops decline? guys who had no hands suddenly can catch, linemen who routinely jumped offsides stop. cognitive loads – eg, the feeling of being under siege – is lifted, and performance flows. it’s true on the sandlot, and it’s true in the NFL

    hitting guys in stride: what a difference that makes. so let’s keep this guy healthy and hopefully Lynch brings on the next generation of great Niner players.

  25. Two things about Garoppolo’s to-date performance with the 49ers:

    For those who still keep crapping on Garoppolo and looking for reasons to project his failure, he now has 1,008 passing yards in three starts with a 98.0 QB rating. And he does it as a traditional QB, not a gimmick QB, on a roster with a sub-par line and receiving corps, many of whom (despite how well Jimmy G makes them look) probably couldn’t make a well-stocked team. Wrap your mind around it haters.

    The fact is Garoppolo is passing well DESPITE being hampered by a receiving corps (which includes backs and TEs for those too stupid/ignorant to understand that stat yet seem to feel free to constantly criticize my use of it) that had 5 players in the Top-20 in the NFC in pass drops and 4 of those players were also in the NFL’s Top-20. Yet he’s making them look like good.

    Also, while Grant said the line played well, it did not. There were ELEVEN UNBLOCKED blitzes yesterday out of Dick LeBeau’s zone blitz scheme and Garoppolo was under pressure nearly 40% of his throws DESPITE the quick release. However, Garoppolo got the ball off in 2.32 seconds, on average, unlike a slow-to-pass QB, like Kaepernick (2.9 seconds) who would have likely been sacked five or six times at least. In short, we still still have a poor o-line that did NOT play well yesterday yet their ineptitude did not sink the offense even though it held it back.

    1. Update on the blitz stats:

      The Titans defense blitzed on 54% of passing plays vs 49ers, recording two sacks when they sent extra rushers. But QB Jimmy Garoppolo connected on 67 percent of his passes, including a touchdown, and posted a 104.7 passer rating against the blitz.

      And 11 of those blitzes were, essentially, unblocked because of the over-load caused by Dick LeBeau’s zone blitz. And Garoppolo beat them.

    2. Somewhere DReed and Seb are gnashing their teeth, muttering about how if the niners had only signed Kaep he could do this too :D.

  26. Titans posted 8 sacks the game before, today they had, what, 2? A lot of that has to do with JG’s quick release, but how about showing the OL some C+ love?

  27. Hallelujah! After wandering for 20 years in quarterback hell, we’ve finally found our savior. As long as York doesn’t go getting cheap on us, a period of 49ers revival is upon us!

    1. 20 years…I was so much older then , I’m younger than that now.
      Nice to see some real football being played .
      Next season should be fun!

    2. Jed saw all those fannies in the seats. He heard the crowd noise. $$$$.
      Seriously, I don’t think he or Paraag will hold back.

  28. I don’t get who these haters are?……or when did York say he won’t pay Jimmy?

    People just love to be negative…….we should be thanking Jed York for allowing this to happen…….

    1. I don’t get who these haters are?……or when did York say he won’t pay Jimmy?

      And don’t forget the line of “reasoning” that JG doesn’t want to be here.

  29. MVP of the game goes to Goodwin, not only for his offensive prowess but for his defensive skill. He made the play of the game when JG threw the ball short into the end zone and as he was falling to the ground he reached back and grabbed the defenders arm and prevented an easy interception. That is something Crabtree should of done in the SB.

    JG only gets a B+ from me, that pass to Goodwin and the lack of red zone production keeps me from giving him an A. Also if it is true that he is tipping off the plays I would reduce the grade to a B. We haven’t seen the best of Jimmy G as of yet. It is so nice to have a QB that is actually a QB. He is only going to get better and that’s a scary thought for the rest of the NFL. I am loving me some Jimmy G. Like the rest of the fans I am really impressed with JG.

    The defense gave up about 75 running yards to the three headed monster, that’s a real good job. Still way too many mistakes on the team as a whole and they need to be resolved before the Niners can begin their accent to greatness.

  30. The best part of yesterday’s game, was KS + Jimmy beating the great defensive mind Dick L………and confirmation that we have a franchise QB…….

  31. I should add seattle imploding is also good news…….the rams can hold the tittle this year, we will get it back next year

  32. Jimmy G, you da man! Another big test coming up next week but looking forward to it! Win or lose Niners have FINALLY found their long-term solution at QB… Lots of fun watching great QB play in the red and gold again.

  33. I was also impressed by JG’s poise at the podium. Seemed candid and relaxed, and probably knows when not to say something as well. Like others here I liked the mentality of seeing blitzes as opportunities. The most dangerous QBs have that.
    Also liked Shanny and Jimmy’s killer instinct in taking that deep shot to Goodwin near the end when everyone was expecting them to be just setting up for the kick. Decent ball placement on that one too, a little long for Goody but not picked.

  34. Do we really think a QB who gets us 5-6 FG per game is the QB of the future? He’s very accurate until he gets to the endzone. He doesn’t have the deepball threat and he seems fragile. His throw after he got sacked was off. (Maybe Grant has some stats on that)It will soon be revealed why NE let him go!

    1. As long as those red zone stats also identify the penalties that kept backing them up and negating plays. Account for that in each of his possessions. Those penalties aren’t on the QB.
      There will be room in the caboose if you want to get on the Jimmy Train later.
      Yes we’re all giddy, and yes it has to play out, but I’m partying up in the Club Car!🍻

    2. Never rain in anyone’s parade Dee! The masses have spoken. Doesn’t matter that you point out some key concerns. It must be motivated by a) ignorance or worse stupidity, b) hatred of coach, FO, player or organization, c) stubbornness or blindness not to be able to see what is “obvious” to everyone d) general jack a$$ that likes to bring everyone down – sad sack syndrome or a combination of any of these…

      I am enjoying the resurgence but am still very much on the fence on whether we will be in the SB in the next couple of years. A lot has to happen prior. Haven’t pointed it out, but am glad someone out there does!

      1. The qualities that JG has are obvious. I love how accurate his throws are most of the time. We haven’t seen that for a long time with the nines!
        But……. his deficiencies are also glaring and we still haven’t played a good team with him.
        I’m not hopping on the bandwagon yet, for JG is basically a rookie with a lot of time under Brady. I think he’s fragile, I hope he can survive some big hits like Beathard did. I think we still need to draft a QB. His lack of a deep ball threat would be fine if he threw more TDs

        1. his deficiencies are also glaring

          Dude. You are talking about a QB with all of 5 starts under his belt. Care to point out these “glaring deficiencies”? Make sure you factor in offensive penalties that move the team backwards once you start talking about the rz. He throws ill advised passes into coverage? Isn’t that what Brett Favre used to do regularly? That somehow didn’t keep him out of the HOF

          I think he’s fragile

          What makes you think that? Have you seen some of the hits he’s taken (especially game before last)? Better yet, have you seen the hit’s he’s avoided by getting rid of the ball in milliseconds. What will be the excuse if he gets through this weeks game?

          His lack of a deep ball threat

          Here we go again. Lamonica-ism raising it’s head once more.

          He’s taken a 1 win team and has lead them to 3 straight victories. Extended TOP, Long drives (including game winning 4th qtr ones), 3rd down conversions, career best play from otherwise unheralded wide-outs. All of which were unheard of from this team previously. And you want to sniff about the lack of TDs thrown. Sad, man. Sad.

          1. rib, yip his lack of a deep ball threat is a deficiency and will become more apparent as he continues. Defenses usually have to concentrate on 4 things, short pass, intermediate pass, long pass and the run. With JG they don’t have to concentrate on the long pass, in fact they can force a long pass by faking coverage and concentrate on the interception. After a few more weeks it will become clear how fragile he is. After he got sacked, he got up and threw a horrible short pass unlike his accurate pass pattern.
            2 TDs in 3 weeks does not get you to the SB…
            I think it has been Gould who led the team to victories!

          2. The guy has a very strong arm. His lack of deep ball production here is because he doesn’t have the time to throw the deep ball often. He over threw Goodwin late in 4Q because if he missed he had to miss long. I’m not seeing whatever you’re seeing.

            1. Brotha, in his first two games he threw some several awful deep passes, not even close, while his short passes were accurate. Against the Titans KS all but eliminated the long pass and worked with his strength. Like you said when he had to throw deep, he missed.

              1. “Like you said when he had to throw deep, he missed.”

                This is what he said.

                “He over threw Goodwin late in 4Q because if he missed he had to miss long.”

                You have to put the game situation in it’s proper context. We had to come away with points. Garoppolo didn’t give the other team a chance to make a play on the ball. Goodwin got behind his guy but there was Safety help. Had Garoppolo thrown a perfect pass (hit Goodwin in stride), it may have been intercepted.

              2. #80, The mechanics for a deep pass are different than for a short pass, especially for someone with a quick release. He loses accuracy in the long haul because he throws against his instincts.
                Can it be learned?
                maybe, maybe not

              3. “#80, The mechanics for a deep pass are different than for a short pass,”

                Really, thanks for the lesson.

                Some of the deep inaccuracy is due to timing. Everything will look better next year.

              4. 3 20 yard completions will get you down the field just as far as one 60 yarder. Especially when you have a QB as accurate in the short to medium game as JG is. I thought we were finished with this argument in the old Alex days,

              5. 80 says

                Some of the deep inaccuracy is due to timing.

                OK, tell us what else it is due to!!!

                Everything will look better next year.

                WTF does that mean??? Do you know something that we don’t or are you saying that what he does now, “will look better next year” because the league will have him figured out and will force him to throw deep and we all know what that looks like?

              6. “Everything will look better next year.”

                Oh, I don’t know. OTAs, mini camp, training camp, pre season. All this will help with the timing and communication.

                “OK, tell us what else it is due to!!!”

                Part of it is miscommunication. Part of it is his arm strength, as you said, he has to change his throwing motion to go deep. His arm strength can be improved to a degree if KS feels like that is needed.

                JG is accurate short and intermediate. He is also accurate on 20 to 30ish yard passes. 20 to 30ish yard passes are considered to be deep passes.

                What you’re talking about are bombs. Not many QBs have a great “bomb” pass. Flacco and Stafford do. Am I missing anyone? I bet you could count them on one hand. You’re nit picking.

              7. Gee 80, I heard rumors about Wentz, Rodgers, Big Ben, Lynch, Newton, Winston being able to throw beyond 40 and on the money. Now if I were to use your standards, 20-30 yards, the list gets REALLY long.

              8. Not 3 in a row, and not each 20, but enough to get down the field. I’ll tell you what QB does that, you’ve been looking at him the last 3 games. And if the offense hadn’t been turning the red zone into the holding zone, we wouldn’t be having this discussion about JG not being able to get into the end zone.

              9. Deep ball accuracy is a luxury. The WCO can still hum with a weaker armed QB. It’s happened before. He does everything else at a high level.

              10. OK rib, so he gets us down the field and then something mysteriously happens;

                the offense is turning the red zone into the holding zone

                because JG mysteriously disappears, is not part of the offense anymore, his ghost takes over and BOOM the offense is turning the red zone into the holding zone.
                Why didn’t I come up with that solution…..

              11. Deep ball accuracy is a luxury. The WCO can still hum with a weaker armed QB. It’s happened before. He does everything else at a high level.

                Like TDs #80???
                or are you just saying that JG is a weak armed QB?

              12. “Like TDs #80???
                or are you just saying that JG is a weak armed QB?”

                I never said TDs were a luxury. Not sure where you got that from.

                I said weaker armed, not weak armed. I said weaker armed because we were talking about QBs like Flacco and Stafford, who have stronger arms by comparison.

              13. #80, I think you shot your self in the foot here.

                Deep ball accuracy is a luxury. The WCO can still hum with a weaker armed QB. It’s happened before. He does everything else at a high level.

                Your post states that JG only has ONE deficiency = “a weaker arm” but “everything else” he does at a HIGH level.
                So in your mind TWO TDs in THREE games is performing at a HIGH LEVEL!
                Now we know what you see in JG…

              14. Again, we were talking long ball and short to intermediate.

                Garoppolo has done well on short to intermediate passes, except in the red zone. The red zone woes aren’t entirely his fault, some of it is. We know he can make any pass from 20 YDs in, so the red zone efficiency could improve greatly, as opposed to throwing an accurate hail mary.

                Are you saying we shouldn’t give him an extension? Are you that concerned about the current lack of red zone production and his deep ball accuracy?

              15. 80, I like how you’re squirming out of your ‘He does everything else at a high level.’ It really sounded like a step up from your ‘Everything will look better next year.’
                You do know the meaning of EVERYTHING, right?
                I’m saying we have seen what he’s good at and where he’s lacking. To assume that he automatically will improve is a fallacy! A legendary HC and QB gave him up a little too easy for me. What do they know that we don’t know?
                Kaep was heralded as the next Messiah too even though his weaknesses were apparent. Yes we like to be optimistic but I’d like to see some improvement in his TDs.
                If he throws 2 TDs in both games, I’m in!

              16. We were talking about his deep ball. When I said everything else, I was referring to short and intermediate passes. Do you really think I meant absolutely everything else? Do you think by me saying everything else that I meant he does the read option at a high level?

                I’ll try to make my position as clear as possible for you.

                I acknowledged that he has struggled in the red zone and with his deep ball accuracy.

                I think his arm strength can improve marginally through working out. I think his deep ball accuracy can improve by having a full training camp with his receivers (the timing would improve, he would know the playbook).

                I think the red zone production can improve greatly. Next year, he will know the playbook, his chemistry with his receivers will be better, the OL will probably be addressed and thereby better. He’s already shown he can make short passes.


              17. I’m saying we have seen what he’s good at and where he’s lacking. “To assume that he automatically will improve is a fallacy!”


                “but the lack of red zone production has been a consistent theme all season and the biggest reason for those struggles has also been a persistent issue.”

                “Those mistakes are especially concerning given that the Niners have had that problem for most of the year. After 12 games, the Niners’ 13 accepted offensive penalties committed in the red zone are the most in the league as are the 15 they’ve been called for overall.”

                “But the chance to get more time with his pass-catchers should only serve him and the Niners well as they get more opportunities deep in opponent territory.”

                Don’t you think JG’s red zone numbers will improve next year with less OL penalties, more time with his pass-catchers, and an expanded playbook?

              18. Some quotes from Dee Phiant.

                “It will soon be revealed why NE let him go!”

                “After a few more weeks it will become clear how fragile he is.”

                Are these two quotes valid concerns or rigid predictions of future failure?

                “I think it has been Gould who led the team to victories!”

                Ridiculous statement.

              19. Don’t you think JG’s red zone numbers will improve next year with less OL penalties, more time with his pass-catchers, and an expanded playbook?

                If the Oline improves, JG should improve but it does nothing for his armstrength. Knowing the playbook might actually be a hindrance for him, he says he LOVES blitzes which means he loves to improvise instead of following the book.
                The penalties didn’t stop him from moving down the field….

              20. And to be completely chronologically informative, I made my statement before Grant wrote his article. I guess you think Grant is ridiculous too….

              21. Now as to YOUR understanding of the English language, you might want to check into the meaning of “everything else”. When someone says “everything else” they are excluding the previous subject. For instance when you are selling a car and you are telling the buyer that the LF tire is bad, but “everything else” is perfect. Do you think that means that there are 3 good tires on the car? Or do think that ” everything else” is actually ” everything else”???

              22. “I guess you think Grant is ridiculous too”

                With regards to the Gould column, absolutely.

                “everything else”

                Is you strip away the context, then yes. I guess you’ve missed the previous threads where I had already acknowledged his red zone struggles.

    3. Dee Phiant,

      Nothing wrong with questioning things you are concerned about like deep ball accuracy, but the accuracy Garoppolo displays in the intermediate level is more than enough to be successful. My guess is the deep stuff will improve with more reps in the offseason program and TC when he actually has more opportunities to work on it with the receivers.

      1. Rocket, I LOVE his accuracy, it makes everyone look good. But that he only has 2 TD in 3 games makes me a little queasy about WHEN he’s accurate.
        Unless we’re the first team that goes to the SB with an average of 6 FGs and 2/3 TD.
        A lot of people were jumping up and down when Kaep first started playing, I called him a HS-QB because he would throw behind players or over players and they had to make something out of it. Crab did a lot of that.
        The players got a jolt of excitement with playing and winning some games. Sounds familiar?
        I think a lot of people have seen the messiah again after just 3 games…..
        Let’s see how he

        1. Comparing Garoppolo to Kap?

          Kap was a gimmick QB. Even the people that crowned Kap said he would have to become a pocket QB and he needed to go through his progressions.

          JG is already a pocket QB that goes through his progressions.

        2. Fair enough Dee. I get the reservations and there is no doubt we need to see more success from a RZ stand point especially, but I like what I’ve seen so far and he possess’ some natural ability as far as his poise and vision that makes me optimistic about his future.

  35. Grant,
    You write that it is to early to say whether or not JG is a franchise QB. How many performances like the last 3 will he have to have before you would consider him a franchise QB?

    1. Derek Carr has started 60 games, and has many performance as good or better than Garoppolo’s yesterday. Can you say for certain Carr is a franchise QB?

      1. The fact that Jimmy has Kyle will be the huge difference…..

        You really need to grow out of this ur mediocre reporting….

        Honestly I have to say you have not grown from the first time you started this job… or hobby…

        Really sad…..you have the opportunity by no growth….

        Do you ever ask yourself how long before people take your work seriously…..cuz right now nobody takes you seriously…..

      2. Grant,
        I wasn’t being sarcastic, i’m curious how long you think a QB has to play at a high level before you would consider him a “franchise QB”?

        1. I wasn’t being sarcastic, either. I used to think a QB needs to play 50 games before you know what he is. Carr is making me re-think that number.

          1. I once heard a qb guru say qbs usually struggle in their 3rd year, that was during Alexs tenure but interesting enough it seems to hold a lil water.
            @Shoup-I’m good with the qb situation at the moment, my rants were pre JG in case you didn’t notice. Listening to some folks talk about how Hoyer was a better fit for this offense or any offense for that matter was and continues to be laughable. Kaep is better than a qtr of the starters and 90% of the back ups. He sits at home because he made a choice that taking a stand for justice and liberty for all was more important than football, not because he doesn’t have the talent. But fear not he and his protesting teammates are etched in history. At the very very least got a discussion going, and quite possibly a movement.
            Headed to my first game at Levis this wk, putn my money where my mouth is…..Jax is in for a surprise, I truly believe that. 31-28 sf, another last second fg wins it.

          2. If you aren’t sure whether Carr is a legit top tier QB by now he probably isn’t. Not saying he won’t ever get there, but there are flaws in his game that currently hold him back.

          3. It’s funny how quickly perceptions change on QB’s from year to year and it’s mainly due to things beyond their control.

            Carr is an excellent QB having an inconsistent season due to a new OC who never called plays before and injuries to Cooper and to a lesser extent Crabtree during the season. The Oline also hasn’t played up to the level of last year. Carr was an ascending player his first 3 seasons he didn’t just forget how to play or get exposed. QB’s have to have help. They can’t do it on their own. There are all kinds of examples of this throughout the league:

            Dak Prescott – World beater with Elliott, just a guy without. Winston and Mariota both thought to be can’t miss QB’s are both struggling in year 3. Jared Goff thought to be a bust by most that commented on him has become a much better player with changes to the Coaching staff and players around him. Case Keenum is playing really well for goodness sakes. It’s all about opportunity and the structure around the player. We focus way too much on the individual instead of the team at times and you can’t do that in football. It’s the ultimate team game and weakness’ anywhere will affect other areas of the team.

            Is it too soon to declare Garoppolo the future of the 49ers? Imo no. He’s shown in a very short time that he has the skills necessary to succeed in this league and has done it with average to below average talent and only a rudimentary understanding of the system. What has become apparent to me in watching him over the past 3 games is he has poise and outstanding vision. He is still learning where people are supposed to be and yet never seems to miss seeing the right guy to get the ball to. That is something that can’t be taught and his ability to do it is extraordinary. He hasn’t been perfect by any means, but it’s obvious this guy can play at a high level and with an offseason and full TC, this offense has a chance to be pretty good next year. This is why I wanted to see Garoppolo play instead of the bubble wrap BS that was being thrown around. The time he is getting now will allow him to build in the offseason instead of starting from scratch. This offense has a chance to be really good right out of the gate next season which wouldn’t have been the case if they had kept JG on the bench.

            The offense needs more athleticism on the Oline to run the ZBS effectively. They do that and the whole offense will improve dramatically imo. The QB makes a huge difference as we’ve seen, but a consistent running game will take this thing to another level.

            1. Carr is an excellent QB having an inconsistent season due to a new OC who never called plays before and injuries to Cooper and to a lesser extent Crabtree during the season. The Oline also hasn’t played up to the level of last year.

              Dak Prescott – World beater with Elliott, just a guy without.

              rocket, the difference between JG and the cases you mention is that those two need a roster around them, whereas the more mediocre the players JG plays with the better he performs and the better he makes them perform (so far). That is rare indeed.

      3. Chuckles.

        “Derek Carr has started 60 games, and has many performance as good or better than Garoppolo’s yesterday. Can you say for certain Carr is a franchise QB?”

        You said Carr was a franchise QB after 16 games.


        “They have a quality head coach (Jack Del Rio), college football’s top offensive weapon from 2014 (Amari Cooper) and a franchise quarterback (Derek Carr).”

        Carr 2014 stats: 348/599 (58.1%), 3270 YDs, 21 TDs, 12 INTs, 5.5 Y/A, 76.6 passer rating, 45.7 QBR, 204 YPG, 3-13 record.
        Garoppolo 2017 stats: 79/115 (68.7%), 1026 YDs, 3 TDs, 2 INTs, 8.9 Y/A, 98 passer rating, 78.3 QBR, 256.5 YPG, 3-0 record.

        1. Grant says a lot of stuff and much of it gets thrown out in a short period of time when he does a 180 and changes his mind. Part of the job is to make statements which I respect, but you are going to be wrong quite often when you do that.

  36. Jimmy G looked great and lead the team to great victory. The lingering question in my pea-brain is Jimmy is in a contract year and is playing his heart out, what happens if and when he signs a long term contract?
    Does he fold and play like the average QB or does he continue to improve? Only time will tell.

    Grant is that the reason your not 100% on board with the title franchise QB ?

    I still think he will be a far better than average QB and a lot better than any one we had in the last 20+ years

  37. Shanny playing JG will pay off in a couple of ways.

    1. Getting a headstart on next year now in the playbook. If he looks this well with players Hoyer and CJ didn’t, imagine next year with $ 117 mil. in free agent money and better players via the draft what he’ll look like.

    2. Jed may have gone cheap by saying JG proved nothing, but now he will have to pony up at least $25 mil. due to JG’s performances.

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