49ers 26, Bears 20 (Overtime): Grades

Here are the grades for the San Francisco 49ers’ 26-20 overtime win over the Chicago Bears.

GABBERT: B+. Clutch. Made three huge runs in the fourth quarter, including a 44-yard touchdown run with the game on the line. Then, made a perfect 71-yard touchdown pass to Torrey Smith in overtime for the win. Gabbert didn’t do much in this game other than those plays, but he didn’t make any mistakes, either. He showed he should be the starting quarterback next season. Whichever quarterback the Niners draft this offseason, he can sit and develop. Good news.

RUNNING BACKS: C. Shaun Draughn averaged only 2.8 yards per carry, but scored a touchdown and caught five passes for 50 yards.

WIDE RECEIVERS: B. Torrey Smith was open deep more than once, but Gabbert didn’t see him until overtime. Gabbert was fixated on Draughn and Anquan Boldin, who caught five passes for a measly 37 yards.

TIGHT ENDS: D. Vance McDonald made a nice first-down catch early in the game, but suffered a concussion on the play. Blake Bell, McDonald’s replacement, was ineffective, catching just one pass for five yards.

OFFENSIVE LINE: F. Gave up four sacks. Rookie beard nose tackle Eddie Goldman bullied Niners center Marcus Martin, and Niners left tackle Joe Staley probably had the worst game of his career. He couldn’t even get the snap count right.

DEFENSIVE LINE: C-. Generated no pressure, and allowed 170 rushing yards to an offense that came into the game ranked 16th in rushing yards.

LINEBACKERS: D. NaVorro Bowman seemed to miss three or four tackles, but wasn’t the Niners’ worst inside linebacker on the field. That was Gerald Hodges, who replaced Michael Wilhoite after Wilhoite suffered a sprained ankle. Hodges was directly responsible for the Bears rushing for 12 yards on third-and-10 toward the end of regulation. Hodges filled the wrong gap and and an offensive lineman walled him out of the play.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: A. Gave up zero touchdown passes, and a passer rating of just 64.2. Jimmie Ward intercepted Jay Cutler and returned the pick for a touchdown.

SPECIAL TEAMS: C. Bradley Pinion averaged 48.1 yards per punt—he was fantastic. But, the 49ers’ kickoff coverage team gave up a 74-yard return to Deonte Thompson, and that should have set up the game-winning score for the Bears. But, Robbie Gould missed a chip shot from 36 yards out.

COACHES: B. Eric Mangini outcoached Adam Gase, Geep Chryst outcoached Vic Fangio down the stretch and Jim Tomsula finally got his players to show up for a road game. Get ready for another season of this trio.

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  1. Nice win for the 9ers…

    F for the people in the room calling for a defeat in order to have a higher draft choice.

    1. I don’t give a crap if we had the 1st pick in next year’s draft. There is no guarantee that one of those so called top quarterbacks will actually pan out. Rebuild the rest of this team. Get stronger. In my opinion there are way more pressing needs than qb

      1. I grew up listening to Lon Simmons say “Brodie, back to pass…..” Ive been an avid 9er fan since-all the bad times as well as the good. So I have a pretty good idea what we have a right to expect.
        In four years Baalke’s picks have produced 2 all-pro’s. Just two. There are so many holes in this line-up THAT SHOULDN’T EXIST, but Jed likes him,his comfort zone-so that’s that.
        As a leader, the owner has to make difficult choices-some, very difficult. Thats why he’s paid the big bucks, not just count the big bucks. Have any of you “niners no matter what” fans stopped to wonder why Pears was put on the O-line, when their were other options? Because he was the cheapest. Why are we always way under the salary cap-next year some 50 mill.? It isnt just the way the contracts fall………
        It was nice to see the niners win, watch Gabbert show real promise. But the fundamental things-the foundation- that are wrong with the niners are still there: York/Baalke.

    2. Why? The 49ers have no chance at the playoffs this year. I really don’t understand you guys that have a mentality of win even if winning is actually hurting the team. Makes absolutely ZERO sense. I’d sit Gabbert the rest of the year, especially considering the O-line is terrible and we already have one QB injured, and start Dylan Thompson. Move Hyde to season ending IR, sit Bowman so he doesn’t get hurt. That’s it. (You know what you’ve got with these guys and in Gabbert’s case only giving defenses more game film on him) let the rest of the team develop while losing games. Still have close to a top 5 pick, get Kap’s contract off the books to sign FA’s and be back next year with a dangerous team. Why in the heck wouldn’t you want that as a Niner fan?

      1. It’s easy to hope for a higher draft pick when you’re not the one on the field. These players have pride. And I, for one, want our young players to play to win. That goes into their mentality and overall development, which is something that carries over onto the field. So while a higher draft pick would be nice, I don’t agree with the notion that we should be losing. Losing creates low morale and leads to a losing culture…not worth the difference of one to two slots difference in the draft.

      2. You are not thinking it through. If the Niners lose out, no decent FA will want to come here. There is no guarantee that a lower draft choice will do any better than a slightly higher one. Winning is contagious, just like losing. Winning solves everything.

          1. THIS. “When you play to lose you only learn one thing, how to lose.” should be played in gold and encased in a glass case and put in the locker room. the team should play to win, no second guessing that. playing to lose for a higher draft pick that may or may not work out — such a stupid idea. only grant comes up with stupid ideas.

            play for pride, play to win. look at ravens team, they scored a game winning TD at the end of the game and the player kept shouting “we never quit”. thats what we want to instill in these players. play to win.

            1. What I really liked was how the team played real hard for Coach Tomsula, even after the slow start at the beginning of the game.
              This team never gave up, and played their hearts out for him. I sure would like to hear his locker room speech after the game.

      3. Sit Gabbert for what? This is the time to evaluate him. He looks like he can be a bridge QB and possibly more. The team needs to find out. They aren’t a good team and if not for Gould missing two FG’s, they would have lost. Gabbert came through at the end but was ineffective for much of the game. Hopefully we can see those type of big plays throughout the game as he becomes more comfortable. If he can do that and continue to protect the ball you have something. Defenses may adjust to his play and he may regress. You won’t know if he’s sitting on the bench.

        I believe if your out of the playoff race, you’re better off with the highest draft pick possible. I also believe that if a team isn’t good it will equal out in the end. They are 4-8. They will have a high pick; sitting promising players that need experience will do nothing to help facilitate the rebuilding process.

      4. There’s no way winning is ever a bad thing…it’s what our guys bust their butts to achieve. To even suggest they should lose as many games as possible to improve their draft position is disgusting. The BL to me is our guys are working extremely hard to be competitive and win games. As fans, we owe them our support because of that effort. This team’s improved a lot since Gabbert took over at QB…yes, there’s a lot of work to be done and holes to fill. But, to quit on this team is the worst thing any “fan” can do.

      5. Why? Because there’s like 21 of 32 NFL teams that are at .500 or worse. 5 of them are going to make the playoffs. Pathetic! Anyone of those 21 teams knows damn well they ain’t going anywhere if they make the playoffs so if those 21 teams had the mentality of bagging all there games for a better draft pick, where would that leave the nfl? Why would we even watch that? So that said, what difference does it make what draft pick we get? You play to win the game! End of story!

  2. Gabbert is at least pretty decent. I like the way he plays even on unsuccesful plays. He avoids rushers way better than Kaepernick. In this QB starved league, he is no doubt a starter.

    Has Tomsula earned another year already. Not totally sure of that just yet. If they play the next 4 the way the played the last 2, I would say yes. If they go back to being pathetic, I don’t know. Something could still happen. What if David Shaw was available?

        1. Viewsonic

          Yes and no….Yes I still resent the loss of the best QB on the roster whom I do seriously believe would have brought the niners at least one and probably two Lombardi’s had he stayed…..but no in that I’m over it, but do not wish to experience it again. That is why I will continue to berate JH’s decision to put garbage before gold. Kaepernick didn’t belong on an NFL team…he slid 2 yards too soon, ran out of bounds to avoid hits; couldn’t see downfield, or go through his progressions, had bad footwork, was terribly inaccurate, and had no touch on his passes overthrowing or one-hopping his receivers and unable to lead them….he played scared, and threw interceptions or took sacks to pad his stats. Incidentally,Alex just passed Bart Starr for having the third longest streak of passes without an interception in the history of the NFL. Right now I’m happy with the progress of Blaine Gabbert, and do not wish to have another dumb Harbaughesque move to change the present rebuilding of MY chosen team since 1949.

          Does that answer your question ?

  3. You don’t have many options to coach this team with the FO that is in place. SOS is tormenting this team. A bunch of scrubs still eeked out 4 wins. Next season a softer schedule could easily put up 9 wins with 1 division win .

  4. How bout that Blaine gabbert!! I think this game was literally the Alex Smith type game Chryst was hoping for. Dink, dunk, good D and maybe a big play or 2 for the qb, plus no turnovers

    1. Except Gabbert has a better arm and is more athletic. Alex Smith does not come away with a victory today if he’s starting for the 49ers.

            1. You honestly need to think before you post Seb. Smith had some deep throws against the Bills last week.

              1. I was mainly referring to his time with the Niners, but while at KC, he did not throw a TD pass to his WRs for over a year. AS has done better recently, but I am not going to anoint him as the second coming of Joe Montana.

              2. Seb, you really need to get out of that mindset because it is completely wrong…just look at the game vs the Texans in 2010 where he hit Vernon 3 times for 3tds running the te post, each was at least 20 yards through the air.

                Also, I know of 3 qbs who were extremely successful playing in red and gold throwing 7 yard routes and dump off passes, they’d be Montana, Young and Garcia. If you love the long ball you really should be a 70s raiders fan and an Air Correal fan.

                Why people can’t let smith go is beyond me. 3 seasons and people still feel the need to take shots at him (last I checked he’s still playing and winning and the boy who replaced him has been benched…just like jt osullivan, Shaun hill, troy smith, etc)

              3. So many posters cannot let go of their Alex worship. I am not saying that Alex sucks. I just mentioned his penchant to not throw deep passes. When he played the Giants in the NFCCG, he had one pass to his WRs. I did not make him go 1-13 in third down conversions. Alex is doing well because he went to a team with a talented roster and good coach. I wished him well. But he is not going to win the SB just because he beat a 5-7 Raiders team.

              4. MJ. please do not compare AS to Joe. Joe did it all. He could throw those dump off passes, but he also had Jerry Freakin Rice to throw to, and he ran longer routes than 6 yards.

              5. No one was comparing anyone to anyone, just saying that Joe, Steve, and Jeff made careers out of playing quite similar to Alex, its the west coast system for petes sake, thats what it is, short timing routes, YAC (stat made up for Jerry), rb’s who can catch and run, and then the well timed deep ball.

                2nd, who were the Wr’s in that game vs NYG? A underperforming Michael Crabtree was the #1 (is a #2 wr), Kyle Williams of 2 muffed punts fame, and Brett “put me in the HOF” Swain. WOW…it is no wonder Smith hit only 1 pass. But what about the 45 yards to Gore, the 36 yards to Delaine, or the 112 yards and TWO TD’s to Vernon…oh but I forgot, TD’s and passes to TE’s don’t really count in the NFL. And still with all of that the 49ers went to OT, losing by a fg (again, had those two punts not been fumbled the 49ers would have a ring) to Eli’s 300+ yards passing….Eli throws for 300+, Smith throws for 196…both throw 2 TD’s, difference in the game was 3 points.

          1. WOW, Guess I stirred up a hornets nest. AS lovers have jumped into the breach, defending him over a small slight. I could have said that he could not throw past the sticks, or that he would rather take a sack than hurt his completion percentage, which led to his concussion and losing his job, or that Kaep was superior and deserved to be in the SB, or that he never won it all. I just mentioned his penchant not to throw deep balls, which frustrated many Niner fans, me included. You should be glad I did not say he sucked like so many fans who hated his losing ways.
            I thanked AS for his grace under pressure and the commendable way he handled himself during the SB run. I also thought he was rewarded by being allowed to be traded to the team of his choice. I thought he landed well and wished him luck.

            1. No Smith lover here, but I appreciate a rising from the ashes story, which was AS in the Harbaugh era. And when you post BS about what a player, even a former player, has or is capable of, it sort of clouds the perception of your other commentary. Oh wait.

  5. That had to be the most uninspired over time victory I have ever scene. However, I was shocked on the last play of the game which was a thing of absolute delight. Thank you Mr. Gabbert.

  6. Cleveland looks like the last win SF could get to finish 5-11. With the attrition they suffered in the off season and the QB change I’d consider that successful.
    We all knew a Tomsula would be back. It’s whose drafting the talent that is the biggest concern for this team. Not the HC or the QB.

  7. For the first time this season I agree with your grades, from top to bottom. Not sure a D grade for an injury depleted TE is totally fair, but I’ll give you that.

    Joe Staley surely did have one of his worst games as a pro. He’s in a funk right now.

    I did not see Bowman miss 4 tackles. I think your wrong about that.

    I am looking forward to PFF’s grades for our DL this week. I’d like to figure out where the biggest weakness is in that group.

  8. If Baalke fixes up the O line and the pass rush, I can see the 49ers winning 10+ games next year with Gabbert.

    Hopefully we can get a decent pick for Kap, and along with our own picks and some decent free agent signings upgrade both sides of the line of scrimmage. And, maybe Anthony Davis comes out of retirement which will take care of the right tackle spot withiut using a draft pick at all.

    What is worrying me is the way Joe Staley has regressed this year. I hope it does mean that we will put out a fire at right tackle only to have the left tackle position go into the toilet.

  9. Well, at least you did not give Gabbert a B-, but he deserves at least an A-. He ran for a TD and won with that big throw in overtime. Huge road win.

      1. He did what he needed to. Playcalling was iffy. He missed some throws, but made the plays when he needed to.

      2. Gabbert will never be great, but his play gives this team a fighting chance week in and week out.

        He’s way better than anyone available in this draft. Fix the oline, get the defense sorted out and this is a group that can compete with anyone in the league next year.

        1. It’s still the worst offense in the league. Even if they sort out their oline, RB’s, and WR’s, Geep Chryst is still incapable.
          Today’s game was a mirage. If Gould makes that FG we are talking about blowing it all up like we have been all year!

            1. Yep. The main difference today compared to against the Cardinals was the Bears didn’t take their chances.

              1. The Bears gifted the 49ers a win today. John Fox must be livid right now. A trap game is exactly how it played out.

              1. Winning was a mirage?

                Since the QB change they’ve been in every game, are now 2-2 and very close to 3-1.

                This team likely will finish at 7-9, going 5-3 under Gabber. Who knows, maybe they knock of Cincy too.

        2. Jack I agree but I still think they should still draft Hogan in the 3rd rd. Gabbert will never be any better than an adequate. If they put together the right roster they can win with him but never a SB.

          1. Hogan completed fewer than 20 passes in every game this season except the two he lost. He’s a complementary player, not a quarterback who puts a team on his back.

            1. Hogan is playing within Shaw’s system, and is content just to win instead of padding his stats. Those wins against ND and USC were impressive.
              I would jump for joy if the niners drafted Tunsil or Stanley, a pass rusher and Hogan with their first 3 picks.

          2. I don’t disagree with you there coach. If they can get an immediate starter elsewhere in round 1 that would be a better plan for building.

            I don’t think any of the 1st round QB’s will have be better than Gabbert anyway.

            1. “I don’t think any of the 1st round QB’s will have be better than Gabbert anyway.”

              I’m certainly not convinced by the round 1 QB options either. At this stage I’d rather go a different direction while Gabbert is showing he can be a decent option as a starter while playing with a shoddy OL and street FA RBs.

          3. Coach its possible they can win a SB with Gabbert but that would mean the next 2 drafts would have to produce at least 8 hall of famers at various positions.

      3. Considering the way his OL was playing, Gabbert was very good today. He missed a couple throws, but he was constantly pressured by a Fangio defense which, when ables to generate that much pressure with 4 man rush, is a top 5 defense.

        I very much doubt Kaepernick or Smith come away with a victory today. That was all Blaine Gabbert today.

          1. 49 reasons

            I still haven’t deciphered the ‘Duck’ reference you use in describing Alex…but as the announcer mentioned, Alex passed Bart Starr for third place for the all-time record for consecutive passes without an interception, won his sixth straight game, and did it without ballyhooing his own performance as usual. Also, we’re rather sensitive about Ducks here in Oregon.

  10. 1. Gabbert had nearly identical stats as cutler expect no picks 1 td and 1 rush td.

    2. Cuttler has a better supporting cast. We should have drafted the A Jeffrey but opted for A Jenkins.

    3. Gabbert has earned a shot at starting next year. Let’s give the guy a real Oline and some receivers who aren’t over the hill and can make plays.

    4. Titans v jags featured two excellent young WR who were on our radar , but ultimately not drafted by us – allen robinson and DGB.

    5. Nice pick 6 for ward. Let’s not forget his performance against Cards and seahawks.

    6. We need to rebuild our D starting at LB position.

    7. I fear we will have just enough success down the road to get stuck with baalke

    8. One last thought about qb, none of the qbs in this years draft are worthy of a top 10 pick. It would be a huge mistake to burn a first on a qb.

    1. Rollo, I think Tomsula will have a lot more say in the drafting process. Baalke and his sidekick have whiffed too many times. His sidekick is gone, so I hope Tomsula can flex his muscle and have Baalke or the next GM select players he targets and wants.
      Bet there will not be any ACL picks below the 6th round.

        1. Coach Tomsula spit, and made the president disappear. He will do the same thing to Baalke if he is not careful. Baalke better bow down and say yessir to Tomsula.

          1. Now you’re living in a fantasy land. Paarag’s issue had nothing to do with JT. Baalke could get moved but it won’t be by JT’s doing. If JT’s in charge of drafting, we haven’t even begun to see terrible draft picks yet. He’ll be awful.

              1. Seb do you recognize sarcasm in that post about the pads? Gabbert got sacked 4 times so ask him how he feels afterwards. It was a joke based on how well the Bears have gotten to the passer this season. No 49er coaches read anything here.

                Seb its not worth arguing with you. Most posters on here know JT didn’t have anything or very little to do with Marathe’s move. All the reporters rushed to judgement on the situation and ended up looking a bit foolish. He’s still in control of contracts which is huge. JT is a lap dog that does whatever York wants when he snaps his fingers. How can you possibly consider him a better personnel talent scout when by your own admission he plays Draugh, Devey(now replaced by Tiller), Pears at your displeasure. JT would be worse than Baalke drafting. I am not arguing that Baalke is great, just that JT would be worse. Baalke could get fired too but it won’t be because of JT, it will be because of his own track record.

                Again, based on what proof is JT the one to shake up the organization?

              2. Now you’re assigning yourself imaginary wins. Maybe lay off the espresso. I mean we won and all but wow you’re special right now. Goodnight Seb.

                Maybe JT will call you in the morning and thank you for the sound advice. He’s read Kipling now and the Art of War. He sees his flaws from reading your comments here and he’s going to get Baalke fired and you get to draft next May. You’ll be in charge of gut instinct plays and all the players from Australia too. Congrats on your promotion.

              3. Wilson dont bother with Seb. His football IQ stems from a galaxy far, far away.
                He is just looking for attention with his righteousness and left field ideas. My favourite is “throw the play book right out the window in week 13”

              4. Yep you gutless wonders like to talk big, but when confronted, shrivel up. At least I had the guts to make a prediction. You guys are too timid to even hazard a guess because you do not want to be ridiculed.
                Well, this time I predicted the Niners 27-13. I missed the exact score by 8 points, but you downplay my football acumen and attribute that to a galaxy far far away.
                This is not a one way street. You do not get to attack posters willy nilly, then run and hide. I will call you on it, and believe me, I will not be kind to posters who relish dishing it out against me.

              5. Seb, you also predicted Fangio would eviscerate the 49ers offense. Don’t you see that as contradictory to your 27-13. Yes you predicted a win and that Fangio would have his way. 1 pick per outcome please.

                Yes I poked fun at you because you stand by baseless claims. Whether you want to believe it or not I was using sarcasm not a prediction. The past 4 starts Gabbert has rolled out every game so there’s nothing new about him rolling out this game. My joke was about the sacks and the hits he takes on those. He was our leading rusher today. I won’t “attack” you any more, its getting to you.

              6. I warned the Niners that Fangio had a good grasp of the Niner offense so they should throw out the playbook and do something totally different. They did not follow my advice, and Vic dominated the offense in the first quarter. Then they woke up and started to do things differently. In the end, they followed my advice and did something totally unexpected, and the result was that game winning touchdown.
                Another strawman argument. I did not predict Vic would eviscerate the Niners.

              7. You claim to be joking, then get all huffy when I needle you about Gabbert needing padding.
                Sounds like you need to lighten up. Attack me all you want. Just dont be a crybaby if I return the favor.

              8. Seb December 3, 2015 at 7:14 pm
                If you think Fangio does not have a clue how the Niner offense works, “just expect more losing.”

                Sounds like a prediction to me.

                December 3, 2015 at 6:04 pm
                I almost hope “they put a whipping on the Niners just to punish them for not making Fangio the HC”

                Sounds like a wish.

              9. I was warning about Fangio, with good reason.
                I also said ALMOST hope, not hope. I wanted Fangio to be the next Niner HC, and was sorely disappointed he did not get it, but soon came aboard the Tomsula hire.

            1. Wilson, you are living in fantasy land if you think Tomsula had nothing whatsoever to do with Marathe leaving Levis. Just like you think that Gabbert better stay in the pocket so he does not get hurt.
              I am still waiting for your acknowledgement that I was right and you were wrong.

              1. Keep waiting Seb. Again somehow you think your ideas or unique and no one in the football universe has even thought of them before. I never said Gabbert should stay in the pocket. I did say “I bet the coaches have never considered coming out 4 wide with a RB in the I.” That was sarcasm.

              2. Too bad you write things, then disavow them. Too bad this blog has an archive, and you cant hide from what you wrote.
                Some posters have such a thin skin, they go away crying if someone catches them in the cookie jar.
                Real men own up to their mistakes. Obviously you cant.

              3. Here’s my posts Seb. Where’s the part you’re claiming that I stated he shouldn’t rollout? It was satire, sarcasm, mocking. Its lost on you. See ya another day.

                December 6, 2015 at 9:15 am

                Jimmy T, Geep, Mr. Logan are you listening? Seb’s not happy that you only take half his advice. He’s sure nobody in the NFL has ever seen 4 WR’s and a back in the I formation or has a defense for that yet. Give it a try.

                PS: It would really help if the RB’s didn’t get hit in the back field, also if the QB throws on target, and if the WR’s and TE’s make sure to catch the ball. Also make sure Gabbert wears extra padding for those rollouts and runs.

                Actually I want Gabbert to throw the ball to the Bears defenders all game and take the hike and run for the other teams end zone.

                Actually what I want from Gabbert is like CFC says. Look for the receiver that’s at or past the 3rd down marker and not take the check down without even looking for the downfield receiver.

              4. Hey, I thought you were going to avoid my posts? Doubling down, I see.
                Go ahead, try to engage me, but I am finding you to be a lightweight debater. That sarcasm defense is as old as the hills.

              5. ‘Make sure Gabbert has extra padding for those rollouts and runs.’
                That was you just trying to ridicule me, but when I was proven right, you disavow that statement and dismiss it as sarcasm.
                I expected you to man up, but am just disappointed.
                Have a nice day.

      1. I hope you are right about JT having more influence. The problem is york is a weakling and lets baalke bully him.

        1. Tomsula went out for a cup of coffee, and by the time he came back, Marathe was shipped to Sacto. Tomsula flexed his muscles and Baalke better watch out, or he will be next.

      1. I wouldn’t mind them but if anyone slipped to us (other than Bosa) I would want Robert Nkemdiche. He is flat out dominant and still getting stronger… and right now we are getting killed at Point of Attack.

      1. Sean

        Horse feathers ! We keep shooting ourselves in the foot (feet) with our draftees and how we use them. How many teams would drool over young WR’s like Patton, White, Anderson, and Smelter who don’t even get to smell the field ? We have Torrey Smith, Jerome Simpson, Bruce Ellington, and a youthful Anquan Boldin to teach them tricks of the trade. GET THEM ON THE FIELD! Just like our stable of DB’s, they are already on our roster. The best strength that we have in the WR’s and DB’s is our biggest weakness in the O and D lines…youth… PLAY ‘EM

  11. Grades are ok and frankly they are just one man’s opinion.
    I’ll take a win any day of the week even if it supplants Grant’ theory that a win jeopardizes the possibility of drafting a 1st tier QB.

    Gabbert has shown some good QB play in his starts and today was his breakout game.
    I said a couple of weeks ago that Gabbert’ play would determine if the team would draft a QB in the 1st rd.
    Now, it’s beginning to look like they have their 1st rd QB, only in this case, he was drafted with the 11th pick of the 1st rd by Jacksonville in 2011.

    Unless Gabbert falls flat on his face or receives a career ending injury he should be our starter next year.
    This is a good thing imo, because it allows the Org to now focus on shoring-up other areas of need on a 49ers team that has many holes to fill.

    1. Agreed.

      As for the draft, I, too, would rather that Gabbert can be pegged as our starter next year with the assumption we bolster the OL and get Bowman some help at ILB. That, along with the additions of Kilgore (and possibly AD), a healthy Hyde, a more experienced Acker/Tartt/Armstead/Purcell/Harold, and Smelter, things don’t look too bad from a personnel standpoint.

  12. Grant, I have said this before, your a prisoner of the moment, last column Gabbert should not be the starting QB next season, should be a back up, he made a couple of big plays and no he is the starting QB for next season. What happens if he sucks the next game, are we back in picking a QB in the first round,. I know you won’t respond but I will see what other’s think.

    1. He was talking(writing) crap about Gabbert I’m the first qtr. Guy writes like a bitter fan than a professional journalist. Wishy washy.

    2. The Niners still should draft a QB in the first round, but they don’t have to start him right away. The Niners shouldn’t pass on Goff because Gabbert played clutch in one game.

      1. Niners shouldn’t draft Goff because he hasn’t played a down in the NFL. Gabbert is capable. They have needs elsewhere. Draft a Qb in the 2nd and 3rd round.

        1. Second or third round is more palatable for a QB—definitely not with a top-6 or 7 pick. Goff is no sure thing, and the top three QBs coming out have a lot of question marks.

          I’d prefer best OL and ILB with first picks.

      2. Grant, the Niners will not waste a pick in the first round for a player who has to sit for a couple years when the have an F graded O line and no pass rush.
        Better to choose Hogan or Brissett in the third after they choose a pass rusher and O lineman with their first 2 picks.

          1. Gabbert and Kaep will do just fine. No QB in this draft is rated as a franchise QB, and even if they are rated high, that still is no guarantee for success.
            Think Jamarcus Russel, Tim Couch, Drew Bledsoe, Vick. RGIII, Bradford, Mcnabb. Leaf, Mirer.

            1. You are joking right? What is our record with either of them past two years. Last I checked, still sucks. Gabbert didn’t exactly light it up yesterday, or any other day.

          2. If Baalke is doing the drafting, I doubt he thinks that there is a QB he feels is worthy of a top 10 pick where they will be drafting. Fact is they currently have a top ten pick QB and a high second on the roster. It is fool’s gold to think that some spread college QB is going to be at all better. Probably somebody from the 2016 draft is going to be better than Kaepernick or Gabbert, but good luck figuring out who that is. The 49ers are a bad team that has lost a lot, really a lot of talent. The cupboard needs restocking everywhere. Too many needs on this team to take a QB high. Gabbert is looking solid. He may be even better than Alex Smith. Build a great defense and running game around him and let’s see what he can do.

            1. You’re right, he’ll trade back and generate some more picks and pick up a developmental QB later in the draft or…the other option not many are suggesting is TB may bring in another low $$ FA QB if he doesn’t like anything in the draft this year and stock other positions like TE, OL, OLB, ILB and we need another solid RB to back up Hyde.

            2. 7X7, I hope Jed realizes that Baalke has whiffed way too many times and takes away some of his power. The ACL strategy has not produced the best results, and there should be a consensus between coaches, scouts and the GM for the high draft picks, or the Niners will pick head scratchers like AJJenkins or high risks like Aldon Tank and Latimore.

              1. Not in this league rookie salary cap, especially for 4th round picks. Those are flyer picks, Lattimore was a 1st round talent, he was given a shot. Success rate for 1st round picks isn’t that great and it greatly diminishes as the rounds tick off.

      3. GC, you are 100% right. Unfortunately, most people here are reactionary. We win a game and suddenly we are fine and everything is golden. Funny. Truth is, this team is not very good, talent is suspect, but our QB is an excellent bridge to a frachise QB. Goff is that franchise QB. Goff’s ceiling is Rodgers and his floor is Matt Ryan. Either way, he is better than gabbert in 3 years and gives us the franchise QB you must have in this league.

      4. Grant

        I disagree with your post….Instead of drafting a QB in the first, Take a Olineman, and in the second take either a second Olineman or a pass rusher. Start bringing up Dylan Thompson, and take a QB in the third if there is one worth taking that high, and don’t waste time leaving him on the bench for two and a half years like we did with Gabbert…blend him in. We HAVE a QB…a first rounder would only be more expense.

  13. Those are pretty fair grades, Grant. I might quibble and give DL and LBs a shade higher, as they had their moments where they were good, but they certainly had some bad moments too. The DBs were indeed excellent.

    Gabbert deserves plaudits for those two big TDs which were excellent plays by him, and as you say, they were clutch. However, lets not lose sight of the fact he had just 125 yards passing in regular time, and didn’t get the offense moving at all in the first and third quarters, where he did miss some passes. Not all his fault by any stretch, the OL were rubbish again putting him under a lot of pressure and the running game didn’t help much.

    I never thought I’d say this, but they actually missed Vance McDonald when he went out with a concussion.

  14. This team is bad product. Maybe all comments on this and other blogs should cease until they are worth commenting on. Look around, we have the last place team…Nobody Cares….

    1. Gabbert showed he can be the starter, but I would still draft Cook if he’s sitting there. If not, I’d go best available in rounds 1 and 2 with position emphasis on OL and ILB/OLB/DE.

      Grades look pretty good to me Grant. Very frustrating game to watch until the end….

        1. Did you see the tiny window he delivered the ball between two defenders along the sideline against Iowa on the winning drive?

          1. Did you see that he did little else and that game was only won when they leaned primarily on the run? A first round QB needs to be able to put a team on his back and carry them to a win; Cook can’t do that.

    2. This game wasn’t about the win, it was about how the team would respond to adversity. If the Gould hits that FG, the story would have been Gabbert made a nice run but ST gave up a long run, and Defense bent a lot but also made a pick 6.
      But Gould missed, so we go to see Gabbert make a really nice throw for a walk off TD.
      Sure they could have lost, but you have to feel at least a little optimistic about what Gabbert can do. This really is like a rookie 2.0 year for him.

      It’s not about ability with him now, it’s how he works at his craft to get better and if he does that the whole off-season, and he gets his weapons back, he can be more then servicable. He can be Carson Palmer, who knows, maybe even Steve Young. H
      The problem with Kaep was he never picked up the little things, the game manager part. He was a wild stallion back there.

      1. Fan, He played well when he needed to, but don’t forget he had 125yds after 4 quarters. You would have blown a gasket if Kaep missed and open Smith and had those stats by Q4. That final pass was great. He’s improved but his ceiling isn’t at the same level as Palmer or Young. He keeps us in games but he’s very limited still. He deserves credit for playing when he needed to today.

      2. Fan, Gabbert had a QB rating of 64 before the game winner, and was sacked 4 times before he could throw. He also was inaccurate several times.
        In the interest of fairness, I would like for you to at least acknowledge that all the offensive woes were not directly Kaep’s fault.
        Unlike others, I think you can handle being a little humbled with the recent events.
        I still like Kaep and concede that he played horribly, but that O line did not help Kaep or Gabbert.

          1. The O line played horribly for most of the game, but not as catastrophically bad when Devey played, or I should say, attempted to play. Tiller actually put his body between Gabbert and the pass rusher, unlike Devey who acted like a turnstile. Gabbert was sacked 4 times, so the -Kaep holding onto the ball too long- argument loses credibility because Gabbert was trying to throw the ball as quickly as possible, but could not.

            1. Seb, you make a good point that the OL is terrible and is not giving the QB much time to get rid of the ball, no matter who the QB is.

              However, Gabbert is undeniably getting the ball out quicker and also doing a good job of avoiding pressure with good pocket movement, which for a team with a porous OL makes a difference when it comes to taking sacks. He may have taken four sacks today, but I shudder to think how many Kaep may have taken. The poor OL impacted on Kaep’s play more than it does Gabbert.

              1. Scooter, I shudder to think of Devey still being in there, and Gabbert getting sacked 8 times. The O line played horribly this game, and Staley included.
                I really hope Kilgore can start, and Brown can too.

              2. Exactly Scooter.
                Kaep made the Oline look even worse by holding onto the ball forever, while Gabbert has made them look better by getting rid of it faster.
                This is not to say they were ever doing a good job but rather note that the niners have given up sacks at a lower rate with Gabbert behind the center.

              3. Still, Gabbert held onto the ball long enough to get sacked 4 times.
                It is not only the fault of the QB, The O line can make any QB look bad.

              4. Seb, nobody is saying the OL doesn’t impact on the sack totals, or on the play of the QB. But your desire to prop up Kaep at any opportunity is blinding you to an obvious truth on this one. Gabbert does get the ball out quicker. He does move in the pocket better. And it is directly resulting in fewer sacks.

              5. Scooter, you can wear blinders, but the truth is, before the game winning throw, Gabbert had a QB rating of 64. He was not excelling. The O line stinks, but with Devey, it stunk worse.
                Maybe analytics forced Tomsula to play Devey, just so Kaep would fail and they could use his regression as an excuse to get rid of him. I dont know, but I would not put it past them. Kaep accepted that contract with the promise that they would use the money to keep players. Instead, they let everyone walk. Analytics played a big role in the decision making. Kaep probably felt stabbed in the back and betrayed. Too bad it took until after he was injured before any adjustments were made.
                Now that Marathe is gone, they can use analytics as a smokescreen, but Kaep may have played a big role in his reassignment. It is interesting to see Baalke talking to Kaep, and am wondering if they want him still to be a Niner, but the reassignment of Marathe and the Baalke talks are just another amazing coincidence.
                I still do believe in Kaep, and still think he is a SB quality QB. I still think he has been poorly served by the failings of his team mates but will also concede that he shares some of the blame. What I vehemently disagree on is the assertion that he sucks and will never be a good QB. I adamantly disagree with the notion that Kaep is solely to blame and his team mates had nothing to do with his regression. My proof is the recent failures of the O line and their ability to protect Gabbert. The loss of Aldon and loss of Hyde are also big factors in Kaep’s regressions. I just do not want Kaep to leave, then come back to haunt the Niners like Haley did. I would rather he stays a Niner along with Gabbert, and they both can help the Niners get back to the playoffs and win a ring.

              6. Seriously Seb, if anyone here is wearing blinders, it is you. And you have certainly been blind to my comments about Gabbert if you think I believe he excelled today.

                You can keep trotting out the coincidence line all you like. It won’t turn your theory into fact.

                What I have noticed about your theories is that they always seem to paint your favourite people in the 49ers organisation in a positive light. But I guess that is just an amazing coincidence…

              7. Scooter, guilty as charged. I like Kaep. Many others hate him.
                However, everybody has favorites, and they do not go out of their way slam them all the time. They support them and praise them instead. Dissing me for doing what every other poster does, is just showing bias.

              8. Seb,

                Wait, did I read that correctly? I believe you first admitted to being biased in your comments about Kaepernick (Guilty as charged, I like Kaep, of course I’ll praise him and not criticize him, or words to that effect), then you go on to say that in his pointing this out, it reveals Scooter’s bias? Oh, brother, that’s a doozy, even for you. Seb, you’re a beauty.

            1. So lets go over the list of things you still hold to and won’t admit your wrong about:
              1. 49ers should throw out the play book mid season
              2. Iupati cause the 49ers to lose because he gave them the playbook
              3. Sundance Kaep
              4. JT is responsible for Marathe’s firing
              5. Hayne
              6. 49ers coaching staff reads and takes your advice from this blog along with Shaw from Stanford
              7. Laterals
              8. JT now has power over Baalke
              9. Analytics would have gotten Walsh fired

              These are just the ones I can remember. My life is great don’t feel sorry for me.

              1. 1. Fangio had the Niners number in the beginning of the game. They finally wised up and started doing things differently. In the end, they took my advice and did something totally unpredictable with that play action bomb and caught Fangio with his pants down.essentially, they threw out the standard playbook and won the game.
                2.Cards players boasted they knew the Niners playbook and jumped routes. Iupati divulged all, but also Okoye. Those 2 pick sixes are my proof.
                3. Kaep never was allowed to be the gunslinger. They forced him to be only a pocket passer, and with a turnstile O line, he became injured when Devey watch a pass rusher run by him to sack Kaep.
                4.JT left, Marathe was fired, and Tomsula came back. A difference over analytics did not cause the president to be reassigned.
                5. Hayne could play and help them win if they would only give him a chance, but they stick with sub par players instead.
                6. I said they should spread them wide then gash them up the middle. Gabbert did exactly that with his 44 yard TD run. Sure sounds like they took my advice.
                7. laterals could be used effectively, but posters, like the coaches, have no clue how to do it.
                8. Baalke had a sit down with Kaep and told him they wanted him. Tomsula got rid of the rat who was leaking bad info about Kaep. Do not know why Baalke did that only after Tomsula flexed his muscles, but I think Baalke knew what he wanted, and kowtowed to Tomsula.
                9. Analytics would have fired Walsh after his 2-14 season, just like it would fire ANY coach after a 2-14 season.

        1. Seb

          So Gabbert had a QB rating of 64before the game winner…So what ? Are you saying that being sacked 4 times was more on him than the Oline ? I’m also not surprised that since Gabbert started, than Vance MacDonald remembered how to catch passes. That you still like Kaep is admirable….I probably would also…I’ll buy him a beer…but not as the niner QB.

  15. For those in the Bay area who are still telling Alex Smith jokes…
    the Chiefs are gonna finish 11-5…
    or 10-6 if Oakland takes the rematch (not likely).
    Balanced scoring today: 2 TDs passing and 2 TDs running
    (and yes, Alex Smith himself scored 6 on the ground).
    How many people think that Kaepernick will do as well
    anytime soon (including next year, if he plays in the NFL)…???

    BTW, who remembers the bicep-kissing phenomenon???
    So much for the Harbaw legacy. (Legacy, my butt).

    1. Uhm … Harbaw got into THREE NFC championship games and a SB in his first three years of taking over a decade long losing team. Don’t hold your breath for the next Niner coach to leave that kind of legacy. Gabbert … already better than Brady.

    2. 4 president

      Agree completely…we made 2 bad hires, it took this long to fire them both….6 in a row…allright Alex….

    3. hey, harbaw wears kakis or whatever!
      Take your meds and don’t miss anymore Alex Smith separation anxiety therapy sessions.

    4. Yep, and lose in playoffs. Their defense is dominant, big he’ll evfntuslly choke like he did against Giants.

      Also, Kaep is crap but he has done a thousand times more than Alice has in his career. Several huge playoff wins…mostly on his back.

  16. I’m really enjoying Gabbert finding success considering how many jokes have been made at his expense, but if he saves Tomsula’s job I’m going to cry.

    1. Agree fully, tkamB. I’m glad the young man is turning around his career. I will admit I thought BG had regressed during the first three quarters, but he was as Grant said clutch in the 4th Q. I’d like to see him put together a complete game.

      1. TK, Tomsula is in solid with the Niners. If he had left, the team would implode. When Tomsula found out Marathe was the leaker of the Kaep info, he left and did not come back until Jed ‘reassigned ‘ Marathe. Just like Jed ‘mutually parted’ with JH.
        Right now, Jed realizes that Coach Tomsula is his best chance for success, so he will stay until the end of the season. Jed better figure out if there is a better candidate for HC who would actually come to the Niners (there aren’t any) before letting Tomsula go, or they will have even a worse time selecting new coaches.

          1. The president of the Niners is ‘reassigned’, and you want sources? I just read the various blog sites and discover that Tomsula left for “family” reasons.
            Maybe you should read what Jed wrote. I am sure he is very believable.

            1. Seb, you have gone from coming up with a theory on this to quoting it as fact. Your theory is not fact.

              Even if you are correct that Tomsula and Marathe had a falling out, which I agree is a likely scenario, nobody but yourself has tied it to a falling out over Kaep and leaking to the media. The common theory is it was a disagreement over the use of analytics.

              1. No, Scooter, Tomsula denies that emphatically, but does not elaborate. Maybe all those media people should have asked more probing questions, but leaks and sources probably hit too close to home, so there is a conspiracy of silence for all concerned.
                Attacking me for even bringing it up and discrediting my ‘Theory’, just means that I am delving into verboten areas.
                The leaking of study time hours was an undisguised attack on Kaep and probably was calculated to enrage him to drive him away from the Niners. Marathe just used those leaks as another means for doing business, since his business is cutting costs, and Kaeps salary would cost them millions. JH was sick of the leaks and enraged by them, but Jed was ill served by them, too.
                Tomsula left, Marathe is reassigned, and Tomsula comes back. I know, its just another amazing coincidence.
                Grant should delve deeper and get all the facts, then we will all be better informed.

              2. Yeah, as I said, you are now sprouting your theories as fact. They could be true, I don’t know. But neither do you.

                As for this being another strange coincidence, once again, I’m not suggesting anything is a coincidence. Not sure why you keep saying that. I’m just of the opinion that other theories could also be true, and that your theory is no more believable than other theories.

              3. Every post is just ones opinion. I do not need to issue a disclaimer that these are my feelings that may or may not be true. You are discounting my theories, but you have no proof, or are unwilling to disclose your own sources to prove your own theories. Prove me wrong. I will accept any rebuke and correct any misinformation if proven wrong.
                All I know is Tomsula left, Marathe was reassigned, and Tomsula came back. If you think it was over analytics, more power to you. However, firing a president of the team, or euphemistically calling it a reassignment, is not a humdrum everyday recurrence, Its kinda a big deal, with big repercussions. The fact that everyone is clamming up just means it may not be over, and the other shoe may drop. I hope that the facts will emerge, but this is just like the over reaction to my 4 player deal, which was just idle speculation during the off season, but was treated like it was a monumental catastrophe.

              4. Nobody but me has tied the firing to leaks? Maybe you do not peruse the blogs. Many posters have said just that, and do not believe Jed when he downplays the whole controversy.

              5. Seb, where did I discount your theory? Is me saying that you don’t know it to be a fact that confronting for you that you deem I am discounting it? Funny, since I’ve even said in both of my posts in this thread that your opinion could be true. As could other theories.

                Also, you say every post of yours is just an opinion, but then you make a post like the one from 10:25pm. You completely belittle the idea that your theory may not be true, or that someone could possibly need some proof of it. That’s some opinion.

              6. I also said that if you can prove me wrong, I will stand for rebuke and correct the misinformation. That does not sound like I am belittling your theories and cannot accept other theories.
                I have been wrong many times, and am man enough to admit my mistakes and accept corrections, unlike others who think their opinion is the only one that matters.

              7. Seb
                How is leaking disparaging comments about kaep serving Marathe and the 9ers? 9ers hold all control over CK and cutting him before april (or thereabout) would leave them with no strings attached and no dead money. If they could trade him for even a bag of kicking tees they would (a prospect made tougher by leaking that he is a lazy no film watching bicept kisser) so AGAIN tell us your brilliant idea of how smearing CK cuts costs? The dots are all there but the connections between them is all in your head.

                We are to believe that Tomsula is so juiced in that he got a president “reassigned”? And all this after Jed got rid of a headstrong HC just so he could replace him with another “powerful HC voice” with enough pull to effect FO changes??

              8. BOS, Kaep was stabbed in the back with the leak that showed Gabbert had a lot more hours studying than Kaep. However, Gabbert could have just logged on and set it down, and not studied every minute it is on. Also, Gabbert was the second stringer, he was not getting playing time, so his job was to study and be prepared. He should have more hours than Kaep because Kaep was the starter and had more different duties than just studying. Nonetheless, it never should have been divulged.
                Marathe was found out to be the leaker. A little disagreement about analytics would not have caused turmoil enough to fire him. Leaking salient information is big enough, because the leaking all this time was hurting the team. It caused the schism between Jed and JH, and affected Tomsula because he was accused of being the leaker. Tomsula denied it but also admitted it made him very uncomfortable because JH thought he might be the leaker. They still worked together, but watching the interactions on the side lines, I never saw JH talking with Tomsula. I saw JH ignoring him like he did not exist. When Tomsula found out Marathe was the leaker, he left. He was gone, and Bob Lange had to jump through hoops trying to explain why Tomsula was not at his Wed PC. Grant reported on it, and did not believe Bob’s explanation that it was a family matter. It made sense if Tomsula considered the Niners as part of his family, but no one was fooled. Tomsula left, and there was turmoil and chaos within the organization like TK said.
                At least Jed was smart enough to realize that with no Tomsula, there would be no possibility of winning, and Levis would become a mausoleum. Tomsula got what he wanted, Marathe was shipped to Sacto, and he returned.
                Getting back to Kaep, many fans remember that Kaep led the Niners to the SB and was 5 yards from winning it. He is a Super Bowl quarterback, and no hater can change that fact. True, he has regressed, but he was also playing with a hurt shoulder, so even easy passes were going astray. Kaep played his guts out for this team. He played hurt, and was stabbed in the back for all his efforts. Many Kaep haters want him gone, but the one person who is most important, is Tomsula, and he stated that he really really really likes Kaep. Kaep, when healthy, is still a potent weapon. He still holds playoff records. He has a better road playoff record than Joe and Steve combined. Players like that, you do not throw in the trash like many haters want. Kaep was betrayed by Baalke, too, because he accepted that contract with the promise that they would use the money to keep talented veterans. However, Baalke went back on his word, and let 6 starters walk. No wonder kaep felt betrayed. Then, with Marathe imposing his analytics on the offense, he forced kaep to be only a pocket passer, and kept Devey in the starting lineup until he succeeded to get Kaep injured. If I were Kaep, I would force the Niners to cut him, the join the rams to haunt the Niners for years just like Haley did. heck, he might even join the Cards and wait til Palmer retires, and really put a stomping on the Niners. Howevr, Tomsula realizes the value of Kaep, likes him a ton, and once he found out Marathe was the leaker, spit, and Marathe disappeared. Jed is just being Jed when he couches it as a lateral move for a ‘reassignment’, but firing the president is a big deal, no matter what he says.
                So do not hold your breath. Kaep is going nowhere. Tomsula is showing loyalty to his players, and they love him even more for it. Tomsula has now become the 400 pound gorilla, and he can go out for a cup of coffee, and make Jed jump through hoops. Baalke better hold his head down and whisper while around Tomsula. Baalke is on thin ice for many reasons, and Tomsula may spit on him.

              9. Bos, Niners do not hold all the cards. Jed is smart enough to realize that if he fires Tomsula, No decent coach will want to touch him with a 10 foot pole. I bet JH gave any potential candidate somewhat less than a glowing recommendation, so when several coaches turned down even the chance at an interview, Jed got a clue. He is stuck with Tomsula, and if Tomsula gets fed up and leaves, the Niners may not win a game next year. However, Jed is learning, and recognizes the worth of a charismatic leader. If Tomsula wants Kaep, he is going nowhere, and Tomsula is the only one that matters.
                Thank you for challenging me. It has given me the opportunity to elaborate on the subject. If you had just kept quiet, I probably would not have written so much. Many other posters have learned their lesson, but I suppose you are a shadow troll account. Look forward to reading more of your posts, and cant wait to respond to them.

              10. Seb #7 is a SB QB? No hater can change that?
                News flash, #7 was a losing SB QB and now might find himself out of work in the NFL. And my friend, those glory days of #7 are so 4 years ago.
                Your theories now of everything 49ers are nothing but a popcorn fart. Spare us from the exaggerated theories of what will and won’t happen in addition to your self righteousness!
                It’s Monday,let me enjoy this win without all your mumbles.

              11. Prime, I did not claim he was a SB winning QB.
                But since you want to dwell on this victory, I would like to crow a little. I predicted the Niners 27-13. I just missed the exact score by 8 points.
                I also advised them to throw out the playbook and do things totally differently. They may not have read my posts, but they did exactly what I wanted them to do. That last play action bomb was totally unexpected.
                You may grumble that a broken clock is right twice a day, but my posts were proven right. I do not think many posters will acknowledge that I have an iota of football knowledge, but archives will show that I was right and they were clueless.

              12. Seb just two questions for you.
                1. Yeah you said #7 was not a winning SB QB,but a SB QB nonetheless, so what? We are giving away accolades now for being a participant?

                2. You write a million comments on here daily, and the Niners ran a couple things you may have said. But what about all the other junk you’ve posted that they should do? So for every 1 thing the Niners run compared to the 1000 things they don’t you suggested, we are suppose to respect your football acumen? What’s wrong with you? Searching for some back patting?

              13. This is such a curmudgeonly crowd. I do say a lot. You are free to point out when I was wrong, but you are so against anything I say, I can miss the exact score by 8 points and you cannot bring yourself to actually acknowledge that it was a decent call.

              14. Prime, to answer your questions, yes I think that being good enough to make it to the SB means that the QB has talent, especially when he was one pass from returning.You obviously think that is irrelevant.
                No, I do not need back patting, I get enough of that from my wife, but I do want some posters who hurls screeds against me to eat a little humble pie when proven wrong.

              15. Scooter,

                I really respect your views and look forward to read your posts.

                But why you waste so much time trying to reason with Seb is beyond me.

              16. Seb That adderall must be kicking in big time
                Not a ghost account been here since Maiocco.

                “learned my lesson???!!!” You did not address any of the questions in my post. All you did is ramble on about how CK got stabbed in the back, and the all powerfull Tomsula, so to make it easier for you I will divide them up and number each one
                1) How does it serve Balke, Marathe or the 9ers FO to leak disparaging comments about Kaep? (it only hurts his trade value or since you believe that CK will be playing here next year, undermines him in the eyes of the fans.

                2) Why do you think Tomsula has power? He skipped 2 steps in becoming a HC from a position coach, then had no connections to hire any competent assistants. and on top of that took a bargain basement 3 mil a year salary. All those would indicate that he is in over his head (and knows it) and is just happy to be a HC and collect a nice check.
                So he is going to risk his one and only chance to be a HC to what “hold the team hostage” and walk out on them in the middle of the week? That is career suicide because if he quit on the team mid stream no franchise would ever touch him.

                3) lets say that you are correct about the “all powerful Tomsula” Why would Jed hire such an influential/headstrong personality after having fired Harbaugh for being too influential and headstrong??

                4) Finally “At least Jed was smart enough to realize that with no Tomsula, there would be no possibility of winning,” ?? you are kidding right? JT while a nice guy, mustache aficionado, and ron jeremy lookalike is no Bill walsh. Im not sure which of your opinions is more wrong: that CK will be a starter here next year or that Tomsula is our only chance at salvation.

                Looking forward to your response. Please take a big breath and at least try to address the numbered questions before going off on a tangent

          2. Sure is interesting that TK Steph and Mclorg broke the story, then nothing. The silence is deafening. Oh wait, this is about leaks backstabbing and sources, so maybe you should ask them for their ‘Sources’, to get the rest of the story. I am sure they will be forthcoming.

    2. tkamB, I would like to see Chryst leave more than Tomsula. If Jim stops spitting on television and stays away from the offense, I’d be happy with that.

      1. In fact I suspect that’s what will happen. They need to chop off someone’s head. Chryst was retained for continuity, which won’t be needed any more.

      2. George, since Tomsula chews terbacky, I understand why he spits, but do not like it either. Maybe he should turn his head and spit into a cup instead of doing it onto the field.
        I agree, Chryst is the weak link, and expendable with his 31st ranked offense.

          1. Spitting chew is a filthy disgusting habit and it is killing him slowly. I would want him to stop for his daughters sake. He should watch the video of Tony Gwinn, who died way too young because of chew, and in extreme agony.

            1. Seb

              Once again this is your opinion…do you believe in ‘choice’ ? If he chooses to
              to continue his LEGAL right to chew, it is his choice…no matter the outcome. To my knowledge, no one else has been harmed by it.

            2. You’re way, way off there Oregon. That’s like saying the effects of smoking aren’t know. It’s documented, medical fact that chewing tobacco causes cancer. Indisputable.

              1. EX

                The most damage from smoking is ‘second hand smoke’ It is shared by anyone around a smoker….did you ever hear of a second hand’ chewer ?I used both and quit both many years ago…I am not endorsing either Just his right.

              2. Oregon,

                The smoke from any given cigarette does the most damage to the person who smoked it. The second hand smoke from any given cigarette has about 1/4 of the harmful effect on another individual than the first hand smoke of that same cigarette has to the smoker.

                Besides, the idea that second hand smoke is worse than smoking (untrue), and that “proves” that chewing is safe, sounds like the rationalization of someone who wants to keep smoking, chewing, or both.

              3. ex

                My point was that a smoker affects those around him/her indiscriminately, and can affect a whole group of people whereas a chewer affects only himself…No, chewing is not any safer than smoking, and of course the person smoking is more affected than those around him, but he still affects those around him. Pick your poison…I chose neither

  17. I like what Gabbert brings to the team going forward. Also, it must be strongly taken into consideration that the guy is playing behind a porous OL and missing his starting RB.
    With limitations on offense Gabbert is still playing much better than I ever thought he could.

    But if somehow the team ends up drafting in the top 10, than I say we go for one of the top tier QB’s. The big 3 are Lynch, Goff, and Cook and one of them may be available at 10. If one of these 3 are available we may kick ourselves in the rear for years to come if we bypass on one. Anything beyond the 10th pick (unless one of these QB’s fall out of the top 10) I’d go with stud OL or OLB and wait until the 2nd or 3rd to get a QB.
    Another thing to consider is to see what we have in Dylan Thompson next year as well.

  18. For the most part today it was hard to tell if that was #2 or #7 behind center until that final play. I bet the farm that Colin would have overthrown that pass.

    1. Yes he would have overthrown the pass, but it would have been a froze rope. The kid has a cannon for an arm.

      It was a delight to hear Blaine talk about putting enough air under the pass. Not only did he look like a qb he sounded like one.

  19. Interesting stat… the niners are currently averaging 295 yrds per game. Since Gabbert took over this was the only game in which they were below the 295 yrd average.
    Also Keep in mind that average is taking into account this three prior games, that’s not to say he is doing great but it’s another reason for the 49ers to step away from CK.

  20. For the points per game tracking crew:

    49ers now over 19 points per game with Gabbert, and scored more points than the Bears had been allowing coming in.

    1. Offense still hasn’t scored more then 14 points for 3 straight weeks. Unless you’re gonna give the team 5 quarters each week the offenses’s production didn’t change one bit.

    2. Out of curiosity Jack, what were your thoughts on Gabbert in the lead up to the 2011 draft, and if he was in the 2016 draft where do you think he would rate amongst the other draft eligible prospects?

      1. Scooter,

        I thought the 49ers were going to try to get him. Thought he was a good prospect. I think he was a better college QB than any of these 1st round guys this year.

        Lynch is all hype from a few televised games early in the year, Goff has never played good against the top competition, and Cook isn’t anything special from what I’ve seen.

        I just chuckle at the folks who either can’t or don’t want to see the difference that Gabbert’s style has made for the team so far. I’ll take 50 yards on 5 dump off completions to a RB every week, and the while “game manager” stuff is just so silly to me. Of course the QB has to manage the game to help keep his team in the game. It’s a big part of the job description, and so many throw it out there like it’s the worst thing a QB can be.

        Alright, enough of that tangent.

        1. Cool, thanks. I remember not being that fussed on him in the 2011 draft. I was of the thought they’d draft Quinn in the first and then (gulp) get Ponder in the second round. Yep, Ponder… [hangs head in shame]. Thankfully the Vikings prevented the team from making that mistake well before the second round.

          1. WaWho?

            He didn’t turn the ball over against Stanford, but also struggled to put the ball into the end zone.

            3 early trips into the red zone ended up with 9 points.

            Sounds familiar.

              1. The receiver dropped the pass. Goff can’t catch it for him. Should have been three touchdown passes.

              2. Blaine Gabbert Jr. year at Missouri:

                13 games played, 475 atts, 16 TD’s, 9 ints.

                Jared Goff Jr. year at Cal:

                12 games played (so far), 495 atts, 37 TD’s, 13 Ints.

              3. Then he should have thrown a more catchable ball.

                I’m partially busting your chops there.

              4. Thanks for the stats. Impressive.

                Goff has career numbers very similar to those put up by Tim Couch. Their career passer rating is separated by .3 points.

              5. What does that prove? Goff also has very similar numbers to those put up by Peyton Manning.

              6. The Gabbert point doesn’t stack up so move on to another way to diminish Goff. Nice one Jack.

                Couch’s biggest problem was not playing enough games in College before entering the NFL, well that and playing for an expansion team.

              7. I actually said the same thing a couple of weeks ago regarding Goff/Couch.

                Nice try though.

              8. It’s not about when you said it, it’s why you said it. What does Tim Couch have to do with Jared Goff? Gaudy numbers in a spread offense? Lots of other QB’s fit that bill too including Mariota who is doing ok and who played against most of the same teams Goff has in College.

              9. “What does that prove?”

                That no one really knows what they’re talking about when projecting QB’s from college to the pros.

              10. “What does Tim Couch have to do with Jared Goff?”

                Nearly identical collegiate numbers and eventually similar NFL careers. You can take that one to the moon, rocket.

          2. Stanford was hurting in the secondary and playing off the receivers. Goff was throwing short to open targets. Once Goff got his team to the red zone, Stanford was able to control him pretty well.

            Then Stanford did their fourth quarter power to lightning bolt strategy — up the middle run, run, run to mid field followed with a fake up the middle sweep to the left and Love is gone for 49.

        2. Gabbert was picked because of his measureables. His production was mediocre. Goff has better numbers across the board.

          1. My Sleeper.
            QB, Brandon Doughty – Western Kentucky U.
            2015 Stats
            13 games
            496 atts.
            356 comp.
            71.8 %
            45 TD’s
            7 Ints.

            Right now Walters Football has him anywhere from 6th – FA. I believe that he will begin to shoot up draft boards once he makes his showing during the Combine.
            With a strong combine he could go anywhere between 3rd to 5th rd.

  21. According to NFL.com the 49ers defense has scored 2 TD’s today and one was this afternoon. Pryor to the switch if you remove 7 points for the 1 TD scored by the defense the offensive ppg is 12.75. In the 4 games that Gabbert has started the offense has scored 14.25 ppg.

    On average our losses have been decided by a difference of over 17 points each game so I don’t think the extra 1.5 per game that we’ve been getting from Gabbert is going to make much difference.

    1. They lost by an average of 20 points with Kaepernick and were 2-6.

      That margin has been reduced to 11 points in the 2 losses since and they’ve won as many games in only 4 tries.

      Gabbert does a better job of managing the game, giving his team a chance to win, and I think his TD pass to win the game is something his predecessor never did.

      The team is playing better, and the switch at QB is a big part of the reason why.

      1. I agree with your assessment Jack.
        While the point total has not gone up from what I have seen it appears the niners are gaining more first downs. While some people may not care about the yardage and first downs a game manger gets you, it helps the defense a ton.Not being on the field all the time or constantly dealing with short fields helps them give up fewer points.
        Admittedly this game is a poor example of that.

      2. No question, but he is not a franchise QB and IF this team wants to complete for SB’s, they need one. Otherwise, when Gabbert’s wheels eventually come off (and they will) we will be stuck with another crappy 3-5 years (and looking for another QB). The bleeding has got to stop. We need to trade down and get one of the top two QB’s.

        1. I agree, but only to a point. I think this team is just grossly undertalented.
          I dont believe a team can be successful regardless of the QB if their O and D lines are being dominated. As I dont see any promissing Qb’s I for one hope they shore up the line.
          Personally, I think they should go out and get 2 FA olinemen. These dont have to be great players just solid starters. Then I would like the best available DL, OLB, or MLB draft 1st overall. QB could then be drafted in the second through 4th rd., this should be a player with all the attributes needed but in need of a lot of refinement.

      3. The team is playing better, and the switch at QB is a big part of the reason why.
        Yes, they are scoring 1.5 more points per game and when they lose they lose by 3 less points then they were. When the difference is so small you can technically say they’re playing better but is the team really any better? No.

        1. The team is better because they seem to be playing for one another more. It looks like the group has bought into the team concept. They are playing for a better purpose, maybe its for jobs, maybe its for each other, maybe its for their coaches. In any event, its really difficult on paper to say they are playing better but from an eye ball/fan’s view, they are better.

          1. Maybe its all these young players are starting to find their grove too. Playing time really helps. Tartt, Dial, Purcell, Ward, Reaser, Acker, Hodges, Lemonier. We still haven’t seen much production out of Patton or Ellington but VMac and Celek were rising before their injuries. 1-3rd year players getting experience.

            Hey so what’s happened to B Miller? You’d think with VMac and Celek out he’d be getting some playing time.

          2. They might be easier on the eyes but the bottom line is in the numbers they are the essentially the same team. Unless you consider 1.5 points per game to be a meaningful increase in production. Although when you lose by 17 points is 1.5 going to help out?

              1. Prime,

                In this case it’s not all that matters. They didn’t get a win because the played well yesterday. They were given a win and that can be helpful in a season where you are trying to make the playoffs, but in a lost season like this one it achieves nothing other than dropping draft position and giving a false impression that the team is improving.

              2. My point Rocket is CFC is trying to spin the teams latest success or failure based on a stat of scoring 1.5 more points. Like really?
                What matters is wins and loses and even though it’s a down year, you can never say a win doesnt matter or help.
                Sure yesterdays win was hand wrapped to them. And yes it affects the draft order but that’s only meaningful to fans.No one or two draft picks are going to come in and change a losing culture. It’s going to be the guys already in that lockerroom.

              3. And that’s why winning matters. Navorro Bowman said yesterday after the game, he saw some light at the end of the tunnel. This is the heart beat of your defense. The leader who the young guys look up to. If he is miserable and unmotivated, guess what, they follow.
                Would I rather finish dead last and have the 1st choice in every round, of course. But if it means having a loser culture then no way.

              4. Players like to win. They play to win and feel better after a win, but that’s as far as it goes. It doesn’t change the fact next year they will start all over and this year will mean nothing. It doesn’t change the fact that if they finish with 4 wins or 6, it will be a losing season and everybody will be disappointed. Bowman sees a light because he’s sick of losing. That’s what a player’s view is supposed to be and I don’t expect players to lay down because it’s better for the teams draft position. What I look at as a fan is how this team can improve the quickest and it’s not by getting a win after your season has already been lost because the other team missed some FG’s. That is not going to make the team think they are great; it’s going to make them feel they are fortunate, and in this case it’s unfortunate because that win could have a truly negative effect on draft position.

              5. Yep Goff, Tunsil and a couple of other top prospects that would be there in the top 5. But hey they won a meaningless game. At least they have that.

              6. I’m not sure they were ever really in play for us once we won our third game and yea certainly not now. I think Goff will be the first QB to go which means he’s likely gone by pick #3 and Tunsil is also likely gone in the top 3.

                A win against the Brownies and we’ll be looking at prospects expected to go in the 8-12 range.

                Who knows, if Gabbert is who Jack says he is we’ll be picking #32 next April.

          3. ‘The team is better because they seem to be playing for one another more.”

            A number of the players have commented on what a good dude Gabbert is and how he hangs out with them. I recall one even saying he’s a part of their dinner club on road trips.

          1. This year we all knew was going to be unknown. We found out that our QB was not a franchise one. We also found out all of our draft picks are not that good. We also found out that we had a really good coach and the new guy is not as good, so yes, overall we are a bad team. But, there are some pieces in which to build around but its going to be a very delicate process. The guy re-shaping this roster next year will have a pretty decent draft spot in which to chose and a lot of cap space to work with.

          2. The sad part is if we end 7-9 we’ll be stuck with JT, Chryst and Logan for another season for sure since they did the miraculous with lesser talent. CFC’s right, we’re still not a good team.

            1. The good news might be is we have the draft picks and salary cap to replace Aldon Smith, Justin Smith,Patrick Wills and focus on getting some legit play makers on offense.
              The bad news is Trent Baalke will be making the selections.

              1. We’ll have tons of picks and cap space regardless of our record, but you’re right can Baalke bring the right people in via FA and draft?

              1. Yeah but they were the wild card, we have Seattle as a WC and the Cardinals as the division champs. We’re already lost twice to those teams. Our chances of replacing them are really small.

          3. CfC, this team was never going to go from a horrible team to a good one just by switching QBs. There are too many other holes in the team.

        2. The team won 2 of it’s first 8 and has now won 2 of it’s last 4.

          That my friend is proof that the team is playing better.

          1. No it isn’t Jack. Many other factors are involved like who you are playing, the other teams health and performance coming into the game, what you are playing for. Winning after being eliminated from playoff contention is meaningless much like winning because a team missed FG’s.

            1. What the heck are you talking about? They’ve beaten two teams fighting for playoff spots and took the 2nd best team in the conference to the wire.

              In the first half of the year they were hardly even competitive.

              1. Here’s what I’m talking about Jack:

                Chicago is 1-5 at home this season. Atlanta has lost 6 of their last 7 games. They didn’t play overly well in either game. The defense played great against Arizona, the offense did not. The beginning of the year they got blown out on the road because the defense played poorly while the offense did little. The only time this team is competitive is when the defense plays well and nothing’s changed in the last 4 games. Yesterday the defense gave up 170 yards rushing. The offense is still inconsistent and struggles to put points on the board. They barely had 200 yards of total offense in regulation. That is what I’m talking about.

              2. “The only time this team is competitive is when the defense plays well and nothing’s changed in the last 4 games. Yesterday the defense gave up 170 yards rushing.”

                So despite giving up a bunch of yards and the fact that they won the game yesterday they weren’t competitive? Not quite sure what the point of that was.

                As I already wrote in an earlier comment these last 4 weeks have been very similar to 2011. Remember that 13-8 barnburner in Cincy, or how about that game in Philly where they were outgained and were lucky that the Eagles missed 2 field goals, and on and on.

                Yesterday the defense scored a touchdown and came up big by getting a quick 3 and out in OT. Despite the yardage given up they played good and they should get credit for forcing those missed FG attempts.

                If the coach of this team was named Harbaugh, Cowher, Gruden, etc the comments coming out of the win would likely be much different.

              3. Now you are going hypothetical in reference to Harbaugh. This is not 2011 and this team is not improving like that one did.

                My point about the yards the defense gave up was they are still struggling in some areas much like they have in other games on the road. The difference yesterday was they got two gifts from Gould. That doesn’t take away from the fact that the only time they have a shot to win or be competitive in a game is when the defense can keep the score down. This offense is still struggling to move the ball consistently and score points like they have the whole season.

                It doesn’t matter who the Coach is. If this team was 4-8 under Harbaugh he’d be getting destroyed in here too. It’s always about the product on the field. That is why this place is up and down from week to week. The Niners win and it’s all wine and roses, things are looking up, Gabbert can be our QB of the future, Tomsula is getting the hang of it. Then the Niners lose and it’s everybody needs to go, everybody sucks, this team is in for years of losing. I prefer to remain as consistent as possible from week to week, look past the results and focus on how well the team actually played. Their best team effort this season was game one. They’ve been up and down, mostly down since then, but their best game is still the first one so the idea that they’ve improved is incorrect.

              4. “That doesn’t take away from the fact that the only time they have a shot to win or be competitive in a game is when the defense can keep the score down.”

                Since the objective is to score more points than the other team this shouldn’t be a new concept to anyone. Teams don’t usually win many games if their defense can’t keep the score down.

              5. Since the objective is to score more points than the other team this shouldn’t be a new concept to anyone. Teams don’t usually win many games if their defense can’t keep the score down.

                The two aren’t mutually exclusive. Both Tennessee and Carolina won games in which their defenses gave up boatloads of points. The Niners currently have the lowest scoring offense in the NFL. They are not competitive unless the defense can keep opposing teams to an average under 14 points. Can’t make it any clearer than that.

            1. Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda. Those all add up to nothing but good banter on your blog. For that you are to be commended. Keep up the good work.

            2. Two points:

              Winning is hard in the NFL — by any means. Quibbling about potential outcomes is futile.

              Second, one cannot make much out of in-season gross metrics like 2-6 vs 2-4, etc. Too many variables and two few data points. However, watching the actual game is more useful. What I see is that the team is hanging in there (especially home games) and accommodating this crazy changes in personnel as players fall like flies. What the coaching staff and the QB is getting out of Draughn is amazing. This guy played every snap of the previous ball game (not sure of the Bears game). This O line’s is playing as bad as they have at any time of the year and yet the number of sacks has declined.

      4. I disagree that the team is playing better. They look pretty much the way they have most of the season. Yesterday’s win was not a case of them playing well, in fact overall they played rather poorly, but two missed gimme FG’s gave them a win. That win is going to hurt after the season because it will be meaningless and drop their draft slot just enough to miss out on the top prospects at multiple positions. Whether you think they need to draft a QB or not, they will also miss out on Tunsil and others that could have been options with a top 5 pick.

        Since Gabbert took over he’s looked better than Kap, no doubt about it and Kap’s last two games before being benched were truly awful, but there is some hyperbole being used here in how much of an effect Gabbert has had and the way the team is playing overall. They are 2-2 since Gabbert took over, but should be 1-3 and could have been 0-4 if Dan Quinn doesn’t turtle at the end of the win over Atlanta.

        Yesterday was a garbage win. If they had outplayed the Bears and pulled out a hard fought victory, I could understand the happiness and positive outlook but they didn’t outplay the Bears and won because a normally reliable kicker missed two easy FG attempts. The offense had two possessions the entire game where they moved the ball. 2 drives in regulation against a defense in the bottom third of the league. If Kap would have put up a performance like that there would have been no end to the whining in here over how bad he played. Gabbert had a couple of nice plays one a run and the other a pass, and a whole lot of nothing the rest of the game.

        The only time the Niners have been in games this season is when the defense keeps the score down. If the defense doesn’t show up it’s a loss and quite often a big one. The offense is still lousy. Can’t run the ball, give up too much pressure, inconsistent play from the QB, bad play calling at times etc. What’s changed is the guy many grew to despise and blame for everything bad about the team (Kap) has been replaced, and things look a little different, but the story is still the same. An offense that doesn’t score many points and needs the defense to keep them in it to have a chance to win.

        1. You don’t know what the outcome would have been had Quinn gone for it instead of kicking it, just like we don’t know how the Arizona game may have changed if Brock holds onto the interception and it’s a 3 point game on that last drive instead of a 6 point game.

          These last 4 weeks have been very similar to the early Harbaugh days.

          The team appears to finally be competitive week in and week out, and most around here just want to keep bitching and moaning.

          Being able to win a game in which your team has been outplayed is a good thing. It shows a lot. Is this team great? Hell no, but there aren’t really any great teams in the league any longer. Everyone is pretty much the same, and teams that can do what we saw yesterday are the ones that end up playing in January. It’s too bad it took them so long to realize what needed to change.

          1. The team is not playing much better Jack. The defense played a little better on the road yesterday but still gave up a ton of rushing yardage, and the offense was MIA for most of the game, so where is the improvement other than they got the win? They were competitive in a number of games earlier in the year against Minnesota, NY, GB and Balt. Not much has changed here.

            1. You just picked out 4 of the first 8 games that compare to the last 4. They’re becoming more consistent week to week.

              Yesterday the defense gave up 2 yards more then they did in the loss to Green Bay, but the difference is that they also put 6 points on the board and in OT forced a quick 3 and out. Improvement.

              Against Arizona they were able to actually tie the game, something they never did against Green Bay. That was a dreadful game offensively. That’s improvement.

              This was an offense that failed to score a touchdown the 2 weeks prior to the change at QB, and in 3 of the first 8 and were down by 26 against Pittsburgh before reaching paydirt. That hasn’t happened in this 4 game stretch. Improvement.

              And this last quarter of the season they are 2-2 after back to back 1-3 quarters. Improvement.

            2. I give you credit for trying Jack, but you are grasping at straws here. The only time this team is competitive is when the defense makes them competitive. Gabbert hasn’t changed that. The difference yesterday was Robbie Gould. That is it. If he doesn’t miss those chip shots we are sitting here today talking about how terrible the offense was and how bad the run defense was in another loss in a bad season.

              I agree that Gabbert is playing better than Kap, that is not debatable, but that doesn’t mean he’s playing well. It means he’s playing better than a guy who was nonfunctional by the time he was benched. For most of the game yesterday he wasn’t playing much better than Kap did before being replaced either. The quarter measure you are using would be the same 1-3 if Gould doesn’t miss two gimmes. That is not improvement. It’s getting a break and in this case a break that hurts more than it helps.

              1. Rocket,

                Try sticking with what actually happened instead of the woulda, shoulda, coulda stuff.

                Yesterday Gabbert did something that Kaepernick never did in the NFL, a game winning touchdown pass.

              2. Woulda, coulda, shoulda is important when analyzing Jack. You have to take every factor into account. Looking at it in black and white leaves a lot of gaps in the argument.

              3. Despite them all they found a way to win. Imagine that.

                Where were the ugly wins in the first 8 weeks?

              4. Despite them all they found a way to win. Imagine that.

                Yep they did because the other team handed it to them.

                Where were the ugly wins in the first 8 weeks?

                Both wins in the first half of the season were pretty impressive from an overall team standpoint. The losses were what was ugly. Bad offense and defense usually. They could have had another good win if the defense could have held up on the final drive of the Giant game though.

                The problem we have right now and why I disagree with you that the team is improving, is that they are relying on the defense to have a shot at being competitive while the offense continues to struggle. They still aren’t playing a complete game.

              5. Both wins with Kaep at QB were, as you say rocket, impressive team wins. Thing is, they had Hyde then. He makes a big difference. It should come as no shock the team is struggling to get much out of the offense at the moment. I’d like to see how Gabbert goes with a legit running game.

        2. Rocket, I have to disagree with you. That was by far and away the best road defensive performance of the season. As I’ve said all along, now is the time of year when this young D should be starting to find some consistency and playing better. Its still far from a perfect D, and there are still some positions that I think really need upgrading on that side of the ball, but we are starting to have something to be a little hopeful of for the future on D.

          And that is well worth a few wins, as if the young guys on D were not playing well it would mean a LOT more positions that need upgrading, and with the needs on offense that would set this team back about 4-5 years. At which point who really cares who the QB is, they are going to be Jaguar’ed anyway.

          Also, on offense, having Gabbert look at least semi-effective and able to make two clutch plays to win the game while playing with a horrid OL, street FA RBs and down to the rookie TE is a positive. If they can improve the OL to mediocre next year, get Hyde and their TEs back healthy, and bring in another decent RB, the offense should look a lot better. They can then draft a rookie QB to develop for the longer term, without needing to throw them to the wolves on a horrid team.

          So while it was a lucky win, and as I said after the game it is not one we should be getting that excited about, it was a win that should be encouraging for fans.

          Finally, if you are hoping we lose all these games just because you want to see Baalke and Tomsula gone, what chance do you think there is they get rid of them, honestly? Even if they had gone 3-13? Did they need to get completely blown out of the water for it to happen, or would a string of close losses been enough? As I’ve said numerous times, I think we need to start accepting that Baalke and Tomsula will be back next year. How long they last next season is an interesting question.

          1. Scooter,

            I didn’t compare yesterday’s defensive performance to others on the road. Seeing as though they were awful on the road most of this season you are correct that yesterday’s performance was the defenses best on the road. I also didn’t say there is nothing to be hopeful about. I’m saying yesterdays win and the way they got it does nothing to help them moving forward. They didn’t play well enough to win If Gould hits one of those FG’s. The young defensive players would’ve been angry that the team lost, but could still be encouraged by how they played individually. The only thing that win did was drop our draft position and give Tomsula another hollow victory.

            We will have to disagree on Gabbert until we see for sure. I think this is as good as Gabbert can play no matter who the RB is and that is why I want to draft a QB or trade for one. At the very least I want a real competition between Gabbert and somebody going into next season.

            I’m not sure what there is to be encouraged about after yesterdays win honestly. They were outplayed in all three phases for the majority of the game and benefited from missed FG attempts. The pass to Smith was exciting, but the offense as a whole was stagnant for most of the day and while the defense did play it’s best road game, they still didn’t play well enough to win without those same missed FG’s. It’s an empty meaningless win to me.

            I was hoping for losses because that is the only way I see changes being made Scooter, simple as that. It doesn’t matter how likely it is because I know there is zero chance of major changes if they win 5-6 games. Any chance is better than no chance. There is also the draft positioning we lose but overall the main crux of the argument for losing is to make it clear the status quo isn’t good enough. We’ve been through this before and it wasn’t that long ago. We can make all the excuses and throw out the cosmetic differences we like, but this is the same type of Coaching and management that led to 9 years of bad football. The only hope we had was if Jed was embarrassed enough to make changes.

          2. You are a smart guy, so I am sure you are well aware that if they blow this thing up because the team sucks over the last four games we are far more likely to have another Nolan like era than another Harbaugh. It’s very hard to find a coach capable of turning a terrible team into a good one in a short period of time.

            1. No guarantees Scooter, but if the current option is a disaster then sticking with him doesn’t make a lot of sense does it?

              1. I would prefer:

                – To have a team that is young but showing some promise (and yes, winning the occasional game), maybe going 6-10 this year, being stuck with Tomsula for another year with the risk of having to suffer being mediocre, but then blowing it up, bring in a capable coach (and perhaps GM), that can take a mediocre team and make them good quickly;


                – Going 3-13, getting a nice high draft pick but having a terrible team that isn’t showing much in the way of young building blocks, rebooting everything this offseason, taking a rookie QB and likely needing to start him too early surrounded with sub-par talent (and probably ruiing the young QB in the process), and likely leading to sacking whatever coach is hired anyway, even if they are good, in a couple of years because results still suck as the team is bad and also needing a new QB.

              2. What I prefer is not getting cheap wins that ruin draft position and make things seem better than they are. If the team is truly improving and they are playing better than the opposition fine, but if they are getting beaten in all three phases and win because the other team misses two short FG’s, I don’t take that as a positive. It doesn’t help the situation in any meaningful way.

                Let’s put it this way Scooter, both lines did not play particularly well yesterday, they couldn’t run the ball or throw it for most of the game, and gave up a lot of running yards defensively. By winning this game the way they did how does that help those areas improve in any way? I know the players are happy to win, but when they look at the game film and see how they were outplayed how does the win bring any kind of extra value in helping them play better?

              3. They also won because the secondary played very good football, despite not recording any sacks other than Tartt’s the DL did get some penetration (in particular Williams and Purcell), the run defense was hit and miss, but there were some positives in that when they got it right (which they did more than they got it wrong) they had a lot of stops for negative/ no yards or minimal gain – it was a handful of 10+ or so yard runs that ruined it.

                They also won because Gabbert was able to make two clutch plays, and lead a TD drive in the 2nd quarter, while playing with a dud OL, street FA RBs, and with just the rookie TE for most of the game.

                So yes, it would have helped their draft position if the Bears had just kicked those FGs. But they didn’t, and the team played well enough on the road to stay close and take advantage of those mistakes. As I have said, that is what you have to accept if you want your team to be competitive and show promise for the future. Being upset when they accidentally win one despite not being the better team for large chunks of the game makes no sense.

              4. They gave up 170 yards on the ground Scooter. That isn’t hit and miss it’s getting gashed. The handful of 10+ or so runs is not something that can be shrugged off, especially in light of what happened in Seattle.

                We’ve had a bad Oline all season, and they are actually playing better now than they were before. The running game wasn’t very good most of the early part of the season either. He led two drives the entire game and didn’t throw a pass longer than 10 yards until the last one. That type of performance would have had many wanting to tie an anchor to Kap, so it shouldn’t be any different for Gabbert.

                Being upset when they accidentally win one despite not being the better team for large chunks of the game makes no sense.

                It makes sense to me Scooter and I’ve laid out why. Nothing you said here really explains the benefit of winning because the other team screwed up. The secondary did play well yesterday, and if the Bears made that FG that wouldn’t change.

              5. They gave up 170 yards rushing, but on 42 carries. 42. That was an average of 4 ypc. They weren’t really “gashed” as you put it. It was a methodical and relentless battering.

                And the handful of 10+ yard runs may not be able to be overlooked, but they accounted for about half the running yardage. For the vast majority of running plays the D held up well. That also can’t be overlooked.

          3. I think it would be interested to see a comparison of defensive results based on fast fields vs slow fields. That might be a more significant variable that home vs travel in that only away games have a chance of being played on a fast field.

  22. With this win we will pick outside the top 5, and im not sure if there are any guards who are viewed as a top 20 prospect so we should target WR Laquon Treadwell who can possibly be a true #1 WR or OT Laremy Tunsil who can be a excellent replacement for Staley, one of those 2 guys would be a impact player IMO.

    At least we should draft one QB between round 2 and 4, or even late 1st if someone is really high in our list.

  23. Fun nugget: The 49ers have 2 wins against opponents with a record of .500 or better this season.

    The two playoff teams from the NFC West?

    Cardinals = 2
    Seahawks = 2

  24. Spent some time lat night looking at remaining schedules and SOS. This is what could be a worst case scenario for the Niners from draft perspective. One thing to keep in mind, Ravens aren’t winning another game, they will not draft a QB (bigger issues), and they have a history of trading with 49ers (hmmm).

    1) Browns (3-13) – QB
    2) Ravens (4-12)
    3) Titans (4-12)
    4) Chargers (4-12)
    5) Jaguars (5-11)
    6) Rams (5-11) – QB
    7) Cowboys (5-11)
    8) Eagles (6-10) – QB
    9) Saints (6-10)
    10) 49ers (6-10) – QB
    11) Lions (7-9)
    12) Dolphins (7-9)

        1. Shoup,

          I hear you, but I also think they would be fighting for a playoff spot if they had received this level of QB play from week 1.

          1. Jack,

            What game would you pick as wins if Gabbert was the QB?
            I don’t think they lose the Rams. CK was a mess at that point, ie. wide open Torrie Smith. They would have lost to AZ regardless in AZ. Do you think Gabbert beats Seattle at home? Kaep played well in the Giants game, it was the Defense.
            Pit looks like the better team, I doubt they beat them.

            However, if Harbaugh was the coach, and we had his staff, I think the Niners would be competing for the division with Gabbert as QB.

            I think it was hard on Harbaugh’s staff that he never improved. They tried everything, just didn’t work. Couple of bad losses in 2014 because of bonehead moves by kaep brought Niners down to 8-8, and bye bye Jim.

            1. My guess would be if Blaine Gabbert was playing, the 49ers beat the
              Giants. But then again that game was more on the defense No other game would they have won because of poor coaching, the defense, and lack of a healthy Carlos Hyde. Lets be honest, Gabbert has not been that good to say he would have won this or that game. Yesterday, he made one big throw and one big run. But before that, he was very average. The only good thing is he didn’t turn the ball over for the previous 4 quarters.

              This year has not only been about Colin Kaepernick. He was actually suppose to help elevate the losses in talent. I think the 49ers expected him to carry the load but as we have seen, he added extra weight to the load. Now we are left with a coaching staff trying to find a new identity after week 7.

      1. Yeah, I don’t see us winning 3 out of next 4 games. Not enough evidence that this team is capable of that level of consistency. If not for Gould choking twice, we lose yesterday. The Browns game is perfect trap. On road (again, and likely a bit over-confident. Perfect collapse scenario against motivated Manziel (assuming he plays). Lions are better (and at home). We may beat the Bengals and will beat Rams: 6-10.

      2. I suppose they could beat the Rams, Browns and Lions. You say we’d be in playoff contention but with Gabbert I still have us losing twice to the Hawks and Cardinals eliminating us.

  25. I do not know how encouraged I am by yesterdays win but again its the NFL and winning comes in strange ways sometimes. From a draft perspective winning does not help, but losing does not help the development of the young guys.
    Looking forward the 49ers have some tough decisions. Does Jim Tomsula deserve another year by winning meaningless games? I mean for 4 quarters the offense still looked terrible and Chicago should have won that game. They didn’t and the Niners battled back and won. That’s a very positive sign and something to build on. The issue, can you forecast the likelihood of success with this same regime that has looked awful all year? This eerily looks like the year Singletary took over for Mike Nolan and the following year the 49ers began to crash back down to reality as their head coach was not qualified for the position.
    If Im Jed I have to revisit history. I would also have to look at, if I do hire another coaching staff, can it do a lot better than my current staff? Again, tough decisions ahead. Not sure winning anymore games does anything to help these decisions.

    1. Either you or Grime mentioned that this last game would set the tone for the rest of the year. Well, they came out with fire in their eyes and played their guts out for Tomsula. Granted, the very easily could have lost this game, but this win was huge for the Niners, and could turn the season around.
      Believe it or not, I think the Niners could win out. The Bengals are a daunting challenge, but the other 3 have losing records. Losing games will not help this team. Losing to get a high draft pick is a losing strategy for losers.
      Winning will solve everything. Decent FAs may actually want to come to the Niners. There is no guarantee that picking a few places lower in the draft will translate into a SB run. No coach in his right mind will want to come to the Niners after what they did to JH.
      Tomsula is getting better. I cannot explicitly say that they read my posts, but they followed my advice. After the futility of the first few drives, they got smarter and started changing things up. In the end, they did what I implored them to do. They threw out the playbook, and did something totally unexpected. That play action bomb on first down caught Fangio with his pants down.

      1. Watch the replay. It wasn’t anything new the defense blew the coverage. The DB passed of Torrey to the safety. Either he wasn’t supposed to do that or the Safety misread his assignment. It was a player error not Fangio’s mistake. It also wasn’t the team throwing out the playbook.They’ve run that same route or formation a lot. Even when Kaepernick was at QB. Its the same throw different side of the field that Kaep hit Smith for a TD.

        You’ll certainly insist you’re right and that they did what you thought. Its called self fulfilling prophecy and seeing what you want.

        1. How many times have the Niners thrown a play action bomb on first down?
          I cannot recall many. In fact 90% of the time they just run the ball into the teeth of the defense. You may downplay my call for doing the unpredictable, but I can assure you, everyone else did not say that. In fact, many were predicting a blowout loss.
          Its funny how you guys cannot acknowledge that I was right, but I expect no less. I will continue to make comments, you can deride them all you want, but in the end, I was spot on in my analysis and nothing you can say will make me wrong when archives show that I was correct.

          1. Seb you’re not right. Go back to ESPN or NFL.com and review the play by plays. Here’s 3 examples of play action deep passes on first down from just the first game. So in these situations they were following your advice before you ever gave it? This play is in the playbook from day one. They have used it every game. They draw the defense in by running and throwing short passes and then they spring a long throw on first down when the QB gets a look they like. Lets see you refute proof.

            Here’s week one on first down vs. the Vikings.

            1st and 10 at SF 34
            (8:50 – 1st) C.Kaepernick pass incomplete deep left to V.Davis

            1st and 10 at MIN 22
            (6:04 – 3rd) (Shotgun) C.Kaepernick pass incomplete deep right to G.Celek

            1st and 10 at SF 31
            (13:21 – 4th) (Shotgun) C.Kaepernick pass incomplete deep right to T.Smith

          2. Seb read my post just above this one about the use of deep throws on first down and see if this statement still applies to you being right?

            Seb says:
            “I will continue to make comments, you can deride them all you want, but in the end, I was spot on in my analysis and nothing you can say will make me wrong when archives show that I was correct.”

            You’ve heard “you can have your own opinion, but not your own facts” right? The facts show in the very small sample I posted you were not right in your “analysis.” Funny you should use that word because its the same idea as analytics which means you study the facts when in reality you did not, you have a hunch that is completely uncorroborated.

      2. Uh they did not come out with fire in their eyes. Huge overstatement!
        They had the benefit of the other team playing as bad got lucky and pounced on it.

    2. FDM,

      Winning or losing this year has no effect on next year’s team. Every season is it’s own entity and depends on many factors none of which involve a carry over from how you played the previous season. That’s why I don’t agree with the notion that losing games this year will scar the team in the future. Next years team will likely look very different from this year’s team, and the success will depend on the usual factors: Coaching, health, talent, execution etc.

      I also disagree that the Niners battled back and won yesterday. They hit a big play on a defense that fell asleep and didn’t cover Smith. They were fortunate to even have that chance because they didn’t deserve to have it.

      1. You forgot Chicago blew 2 game winning field goals. They did make the best of an opportunity. Chicago blew the game for sure.

      2. Rocket:
        “Winning or losing this year has no effect on next year’s team.
        I think it does when you look at all the young guys we have. Winning games inspires these guys knowing that if you work hard, put your time in, wake on Sunday and know you got to leave it all on the line, you can win. I see guys like Acker and Tartt in the secondary gaining confidence through wins. Knowing they can match and play well against good talent like Jay Cutler and Alshon Jefferey. And how about Blaine Gabbert knowing that he can perform in pressure moments. Winning does a lot for these guys who will be here next year. It drives them to succeed whereas losing can become a habit.

        I agree with you that the Niners didn’t battle back. But they did not give up like they have done in previous road games. I witnessed a more mature team late in the game. It was a positive.

        1. FDM,

          The players you mentioned don’t need a win to feel that they can compete. If they play well and the team loses they don’t feel bad about their personal performance, they are pissed off because it’s a loss. Green Bay has a lot of players that have won consistently and yet it doesn’t seem to be helping them much this season. As I said each season is it’s own entity. The success or failure is rarely affected by what happened the previous year. It is affected more by injuries, execution and Coaching.

  26. I have a salary cap question if the 49ers release CK, Bethea, Pears, Boldin and Bush how far under the cap will they be going into next year?

    1. By my count the niners are currently 13.2 million under the 2015 cap. Jed loves him some of that money so we don’t want to entice him too much.

    2. December 1, 2015 at 2:57 pm
      Looks like the team will have a little spending money in the off season. According to NN with the potential increase in the cap, before the 49ers cut Colin and Brooks they would have nearly 43M in cap space. That would jump to over 50 once those two players are gone

    3. Boldin and Bush will be free agents after this season Coach. Brooks and prehaps Brock are probably on the chopping block.

  27. I think we are stuck with Tomsula and his staff for the foreseeable future. The primary reason is that Jed will not want to admit that he made a mistake. The good news is that the team plays hard for him, however the team never quit on Singeltary either. So it can be a mixed blessing. My hope is that Tomsula develops the chops to get rid of Chryst at the end of the season and bring in a competent Offensive Coordinator. Of course that presupposes he knows any coordinators and can entice them to join his staff. I’m doubtful regarding that possibility.

    For immediate action:

    The Special Teams coach should be fired forthwith. Poor coverage has been an ongoing problem all year and we should have lost that game because of the Bears last return. It is nice to have great athletes on special teams, but it is not necessary if the coverage teams are coached correctly. Ours are not and it continues to show up in games.

    1. I hope they fire Mcgaughey forthwith, because he refuses to elevate Hayne , even with his ST playing so poorly. Hayne could even be used as a gunner, and he is excellent at making open field tackles. Just look at his rugby highlights. Hayne can lay the wood.

        1. When I see Hayne making open field tackles that blow up the ball carrier, I wonder why they do not utilize Hayne, because the Niner gunners get pushed around. If the ST players were doing their job, I would back down, but when they almost give the game away by allowing 74 yard returns, there needs to be adjustments.

    2. Leo,

      This is a carbon copy of the Singletary era. The players like the Coach, play hard most weeks, but the Coach and the staff are sub par and the team wins 6-7 game. The narrative becomes next year will be better but never is. Tomsula is a good guy, good Dline Coach, but he is not a HC, at least at this level and Chryst has no business coordinating an offense or being a QB coach for that matter.

      1. Rocket, I beg to differ. Singletary had a talented squad that was the beneficiary of all those high draft picks due to Nolans incompetence. In the end, they did not play well because Singletary could not coach his way out of a paper bag, and at the end of the game, he had a bludgeoned look on his face.
        Tomsula has been given a dumpster fire with 12 out of 22 starters gone, including team leaders like Gore Willis and Cowboy. However, they may not have enough talent, but there has been no quit in this team except for the Seahawk game. Tomsula is doing better with less, and can actually make adjustments during games.
        Equating Tomsula with Singletary is doing a grave disservice to Tomsula, because Tomsula took that Singletary team, and laid a whooping on the Cards in the last game of the 2010 season.

      2. JT will likely be here next year no matter what. And yeah, I agree in all likelihood the team will be mediocre again next year (though probably slightly better).

        But, if the team has a bunch of talented players showing they have potential compared to a bunch of players getting beat up every week and showing they aren’t good enough will make a huge difference in attracting a good new coach.

        As I said in another post, it is very important the young guys on this team show they have the makings of decent players. Because otherwise we are going to be in a world of hurt for a very long period of time no matter who the QB or coach is.

        1. Scooter,

          I’m not sure if you’re intending to say it, but I’m not hoping players perform badly. I want to see players improve and the secondary performed pretty well yesterday. What I’m saying is losing the game wouldn’t change that. Getting a gift wrapped win doesn’t change the fact those players played pretty well. Even with the young players developing and getting better this team is challenged to win. My preference is losing these meaningless games rather winning the way they did yesterday. I don’t think yesterdays win has any bearing on how these guys will play in the future.

          1. But rocket, surely you must see that if the players play well they will always be a chance of sneaking a few wins. It seems like you want to see this team play just well enough to lose each week, while still showing promise of better things to come. That’s a tough balance given the mediocre teams they will be playing.

              1. Hehe, it would be quite the trick!

                But I’m guessing based on this comment you see I have a decent point that it is a bit of a catch 22 situation. You either have a young team that is playing alright and likely sneaking the occasional win here and there against other mediocre teams, or you have a terrible young team that needs to be completely overhauled.

                Of those two options, I’d take the first one. Because it just doesn’t matter who the coach or rookie QB is on the second option, the team is going to be bad for a long time.

              2. I see your point, and if the team had actually played well and won the game because they were better than the Bears yesterday, I wouldn’t be nearly as disappointed. Getting a win because the other teams kicker couldn’t make two different attempts from 40 and less? Not happy about that win.

          2. Rocket,
            Anybody that roots for his team to lose, really isn’t a fan at all. As much as I didn’t approve of Kaep’s play, and thought the team would lose when he was the QB. I never wanted them to lose. I always said I wanted Kaep to prove me wrong.

            The team somehow is coming together and you want players to play for the win.
            You keep throwing out stats on how the team is not playing well, based purely on the stats, which just proves what an idiot we all know you to be.
            The team is coming together, regardless of the mediocre coaching staff and terrible owner.
            Gabbert has a lot to do with it. It doesn’t show up in the “stats.” Players are playing for him, because they believe he can get it done. It’s something that Kaepernick couldn’t do with his play and his presence in the locker room.
            You better believe his big salary had a lot to do with it.
            Russell Wilson was horrible in the NFCCG last year but he made the plays when he had to.
            You hope that Gabbert and the team builds off this win. Who would think the team could actually win 3 of the last 4 games? It’s actually possible now.
            Get with the program, dummy!

    3. Yeah its a scary thought to think JT will be around next year, but Gabbert is really saving his job here.

      Some silver linings:
      – The defense seemingly is really coming together has looked really solid at times, though not consistent enough. I think if JT is the guy next year, Mangini sticks around and we add some key components this year, passrusher, DL, ILB.
      – The youth movement this year was tough to watch at times, but a lot of those guys are getting some big PT and should contribute heavily next year.
      – Gabbert has been solid and is no doubt an upgrade over Kaepernick. And he has done this with a terrible O-line, a RB right off the street, an injury riddled TE position, and with Geep at OC. You get this guy an up and coming OC, a beefed up O-line (maybe including AD’s return), and a running game, and it’ll be really interesting to see what he can do.

      The question is what assistant coaches and coordinators are going to want to even consider coming into this mess.

      Who thinks we’ll see something similar to last year play out and we’ll promote from within after being rejected by everyone? don’t be surprised to see Logan at OC next year.

      1. I also didn’t feel like she drove her legs enough upon making contact but her form is 1000x better then what our guys have looked like. She also shouldn’t have waited for the ball carrier and should have moved forward to make the impact but given the lack of pads vs pads and the size difference I think that can be overlooked.

  28. Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami 2h2 hours ago
    Tim Kawakami Retweeted glettian
    49ers fan friend compares it to 2008, when interim Singletary rallied them from 2-7 to finish 7-9 and get the job.
    It’s funny that you don’t see the parallels.

    1. I see the similarities, but one big difference is the fact that JT isn’t an interim coach, he’s been here all year, meaning rather than having an interim coach come in and provide a big jolt to your team, its been JT’s team the whole time, which seemingly is improving week to week.

      I’m not for JT by any means, I’d actually rather see someone else come in, but by the sounds of it we’re stuck, I just hope we somehow attract, or even manipulate, a decent OC to come to santa clara.

  29. I give the coaching staff an F for the play calling sequence at the end of the first half. What NFL coach just sits on the ball in that situation? Especially since Gabbert’s best production has come in hurry up situations.

            1. Two of my favorite funny people in the same scene. Doesn’t get much better. Well if they were both still alive I guess that would probably be better but yea….

          1. I miss Sam. His Bday is tomorrow and Sirius has been replaying a lot of his stuff on one of the comedy channels. Truly an original.

        1. Well, its a given that the main goal is to score more points than the opposition, but how would you scheme against the Browns? They will be desperate because the Niner game is their only legitimate chance to win. So desperate, they will start Ol’ party boy Manziel.
          I hope the Niners blitz him every down from every angle.

          1. The Browns are awful defensively. If the 49ers just play their game they’ll be fine. The loss at the TE position could force them to play Miller more, which would be a good thing.

            If Action Johnny starts, the plan should be to mush rush. Stay in your lane and keep Manziel in the pocket.

  30. To those of you saying this is a return to the Singletary or Nolan era, keep in mind that those coaches were extremely hard-minded, defensive oriented, short-sighted men. Thus far, Tomsula doesn’t show that. I hate this ownership because I think their “bottom line vs. championship” mindset will keep this team from being the best it can be and we the fans deserve. However, I see a GM with the demonstrated ability to find strong, resilient defensive players through the draft and free-agency, and I also see a young pocket QB — who Baalke brought us, by the way — who can win games with his arms and legs, and may be getting better. We all knock Baalke for his draft and FA mistakes, and certainly the Jenkins draft and this oline are really, really hard to take. However, in my mind over the years he has been a net plus. (Stop complaining about Krueger’s 30 out of 50 comment. Has he put his magnifying glass on Schneider or Belichick? I’m not aware of it. Drafting college players is like throwing darts.) Imagine this offense next year with an upgraded, strong oline creating holes for a Hyde, an amazing back that TB drafted. Imagine Gabbert throwing zingers to McDonald (dare I say it, the guy might not be a bust), Celek, Smith, Patton, and Smelter (remember him?). Imagine a healthy Dorsey, an improved Armstead, and a real pass rush, which I think Baalke is quite capable of putting together. Gentlemen and ladies (Cassie are you real or a drag queen?), let this cloud we have been under pass.

    1. George,

      your thoughtful comment is welcome since it runs contrary to the view of many pitchfork-carrying fans looking for scapegoats and being directed by the likes of Kawakami.

      Comparing Tomsula to Singletary is just silly. Tomsula is not a very good coach (sure he could improve by rapidly learning by the seat of his pants) but he’s not arrogant and under delusions of grandeur about his own competence. He has and will look for help. Consider the bleeding that the Niners have undergone since January due to retirement, FA, injuries and the starting QB who failed and had to eased out.

      Singletary had the most talented Niners team in the past 15 years or more and badly under-performed. If Niners can win another 2 games, then they probably will have performed to the level of team talent, team flux, coaching changes and front office dysfunction.

      On Baalke, my view is that unless he agrees to get outside help on evaluating offensive talent, he needs to be let go. I have respect for him for his defensive talent evaluation but he has flunked badly on offense. Marathe’s reassignment offers an opportunity for bringing in some football person or persons to fill this vacuum. Marathe’s perceived crimes in supposedly meddling in football matters may have been a result of having a vacuum of football expertise.

      Bottom line, Denise York must step in to make sure that her handpicked CEO has competent replacements in place before they fire the coach, GM or both. It may take the better part of a calendar year for the Niners to gain the confidence of competent staff who will give take a chance with this franchise. No need to act rashly in a hurry during the off season.

    2. Good post George.

      I think getting Hyde back, plus adding another decent RB option, as well as a couple of good additions to the OL would go a long way to making this offense at least average.

      And if the D keeps improving then with a couple of key additions it could be a strong platform for the team once again by next season. Which would give us a similar team to what Harbaugh had in 2011. As to whether Tomsula is capable of leading the team to the playoffs I don’t know, but at least there is reason to think the team could have the talent to do so with some key additions.

      1. Thanks, Scooter. And I hope Hayne becomes that RB option. In a nutshell, we need a line to protect Gabbert and establish a running game to open the middle of the field, and a pass rush. I’m hoping that for the next draft, Baalke’s decides to move up whenever he can to pick guys who can play better out of the gate at OL and OLB, even if it means trading away high picks in 2017. Keep in mind that we can’t count on Boone to re-sign and that Staley may be in decline.

        1. Hayne as a RB would be sweet, but I hope he is elevated so he can field punts.
          I totally agree, Tunsil or Stanley should be grabbed if still available.

    1. – QB Blaine Gabbert (0.0) used his legs rather than his arm to steer San Francisco to the win over the Bears. He now has a +5.1 grade when he takes off on the season. Overall, he carried six times for 75 yards, and the 49ers only touchdown in regulation. Gabbert was surprisingly elusive in the open field on his touchdown run, putting a good move on the free safety and showing impressive speed. While the passing game was more of a struggle for him, Gabbert made the play that won the game in overtime. He failed to complete a single pass further than 10 yards downfield, aside from the corner route to Torrey Smith that iced the contest. Gabbert completed just four passes under pressure from eight attempts with four sacks (-1.3), but stayed in the game long enough to come away with the victory. Small steps in the right direction for San Francisco’s new signal caller.

      If you don’t want to believe me, maybe you’ll believe them. We need a QB. Gabbert can be the bridge, but we need a QB.

      1. Inasmuch Niners need a QB to be drafted, what they need even more is that rookie to gain a couple of seasons of seasoning on the bench.

        1. Mood,

          I don’t think a couple of seasons of seasoning is an option anymore. With the way the league is now a rookie is lucky to get half a season before getting thrown in the fire. I’d love to see a rookie being given time to develop but you know the calls for the rookie to start will get loud if Gabber or whoever the starter is, struggles next season.

          1. Rocket,

            You are quick to make the assumption that Gabbert is not the answer. You look as the stats, surprise surprise, but not the overall play and decision making. I’m not making excuses for the guy, although he doesn’t have any starters as a RB, or TE, and we know the line sucks. Yet he somehow was able to make DECISIONS that didn’t cost the team. And then made the plays at the end to win the game.

            The Niners definitely need to take another QB, if not for the fact they need a back-up to groom. But for once in the very long time, I’m okay with the QB, what he’s capable of, and how that upside is going to manifest. You are the Maathe of this blog, you look at the numbers but you use them properly. You don’t actually put everything in the context.
            I’m sure you are going to blather on about how you have the stats to prove otherwise.

            1. As usual you have it completely wrong Fan. I’m not against Gabbert being an option for the starting job. What I don’t want is for him to be given the job without bringing in real competition via the draft, FA or both. I have nothing against Gabbert and if he turns out to be the answer, great. What I don’t want to see happen is Gabbert being overvalued, a QB being taken late in the draft and having no viable option next year other than Gabbert. In other words they should not put all their eggs in the BG basket.

              1. As usual you still fail to admit that you are as dumb and small minded as Jed York. Do you get a xmas card from the Yorks? Maybe an xmas ham?

          2. Rocket,

            Niners essentially trained Kaep for a season and a half before he started. In fact, had Smith not gotten that concussion, Kaep would have ridden the pine for two seasons at least.

            One result of solid cap management by Marathe has been that the Niners can actually afford to think long term and train a future starting QB. Drafting the right person is a whole different matter.

            1. Mood,

              Kap was so raw I don’t think they could have started him earlier if they wanted too. As it is they got him on the field to run a certain package of plays because they didn’t feel they could keep him on the bench. Most QB’s taken in the first round and even the second are forced to start because there is little patience for letting them develop. We’ll never see a situation like we did with Rodgers again where he literally didn’t play his first 3 years. The contracts are shorter and the Coaches can’t wait that long for fear of being fired.

      2. rocket, I always enjoy your comments and insights, but they are not saying that. Keep in mind that Chicago was giving us the underneath and that we had no running game to speak of. Rogers had similar problems against them. They are good. If you are going to tell me that it was sheer luck that we won the game, I won’t disagree with you, but I won’t put it on Gabbert.

        1. George,

          Thank you, but I put that up in response to the overwhelming belief that Gabbert played well yesterday. He didn’t. He had a couple of good plays and was given an opportunity in OT simply because of blown FG’s by the opposition.

          I am pleased with what I’ve seen from Gabbert overall because I thought he was done as an NFL starter based on how bad he was near the end in Jax, but there also needs to be a reality check when looking at what he’s doing here. For most of yesterday’s game he and the offense were a non factor. It was that way for the most part in the other games he’s started too. While he is getting rid of the ball faster and taking fewer sacks, the overall offensive point production is relatively the same as it has been all season.

          1. That’s on Geep. He has not used this personnel in the right way. 3 targets all game to Torrey Smith? Nothing all year for Ellington and did Patton even play yesterday?
            We still don’t know what we have from our supposed playmakers. We know Shaun Draughn can to run the ball but I have no idea about those other guys.
            The one thing I know about Gabbert, he’s a gamer, doesn’t turn it over and with some playmakers around him, he could be dangerous. The 49ers are better with him at QB.

            1. Sometimes you gotta go two steps backwards to go forward. Gabbert grew up, has the tools, and now may grow into having the intangibles.
              Kaep, for all his tools, didn’t have the fundamentals. And the way he talked about learning the skills, showed he didn’t invest in the importance of them.
              He always relied on pure physical abilities and that wasn’t enough.

              If he continues to get better, and some of the young guys develop, Baalke may not be as bad as we thought. Tart can play. Reid took a step back maybe, but he’s showing some true leadership skills. You can coach that stuff.

              1. I forget who was on the radio as I was driving but they were talking about all the athletically gifted QB’s and how their athleticism actually hurt their performance. Cam, Russell, Colin, Luck and Cutler were some of the ones they talked about who could make every throw but in every case when they throw an INT its because of lazy mechanics or over reliance on their arm strength. They can make that 1 in a million throw on the run but fail to hit a check down because of foot work.

      3. I’ve been critical of Gabbert’s downfield accuracy, but that throw to Smith in OT was tremendous. Can we get more of that please?

  31. Grant

    Blaine is a franchise QB. What makes you say otherwise? He’s certainly better at 26 than Steve Young was, and with his demeanor and likeability, it’s not a stretch to believe he might continue to grow into the role.

    Assuming that’s true, how do the 49ers fortify the QB position and ensure healthy competition there moving forward? I ask you, Grant, to build a case. I would try to trade CK for Johnny Manziel, and draft a guy in Rds 4-6 in the upcoming draft.

    And also, and this is for everyone: how should the 49ers spend their $43-50M in the upcoming offseason? What positions need help? Who is available?

    Tis the season! Let’s speculate.

    1. If there is one position that you definitely can’t have a head case it is quarterback. Johnny Manziel will never be a niner. Book it.

      1. Agree, no way Manziel will be a Niner. But I’m intrigued by Gabbert’s potential. Unlike other QB flame-outs, he seems like a guy with necessary QB tools who is smart, hard-working, and able to learn and improve his game. I’m not ready to write him off as a career back-up as yet.

    2. Johnny Manziel is a clinical alcoholic. We just cut one of those who is now suspended again. Great competitive option.

      1. HTW

        Joe Montana was reportedly heavily into cocaine in the 2 seasons following the 49ers 1981 Super Bowl victory. Chris Carter was a habitual drug-abuser before being cut by Buddy Ryan and resurrecting his career in Minnesota.

        What Manziel is or may be now is not necessarily indicative of what he is or may become in the future, and as such a young and talented player, he might be worth taking a flyer on.

  32. Matt Maiocco ✔ @MaioccoCSN
    #49ers game on Dec. 20 vs. Bengals at Levi’s Stadium has been moved off prime time to a 1:25PM (PT) kickoff.

    Good news for the Bengals.

  33. It seems to me that the 49ers have a good chance to beat the Browns which could move them into the Saragossa Sea area of the draft between tenth and fifteenth.

    Seven wins might get them into the twenties. Whoopee.

  34. Wins now are probably worlthless, unless you’re Seb, but those wins will certainly not be worthless in April/May.

    1. TrollD, you keep bringing up my name. You must be fixated over me. Glad I dominate your thoughts. Did you see last game? I said the Niners should line them up wide, then gash them up the middle. Looks like Gabbert’s 44 yard TD run did exactly what I called. You need to bow down before my munificence for giving the Niners such great advice.

  35. and if you see Gabbert-over-Kaepernick as a strong parallel to Hill (which I do, and that
    seems to infuriate many 49ers fans)…

    Yeah, this could be Jed York history repeating itself–sorry if Greg Papa gets mad that I typed the owner’s name again–and that would point to a big celebration when and if the 49ers finish 6-10 or 7-9 and York congratulates Tomsula and Trent Baalke on a job well done at the end of this season.
    Go get ’em in 2016!

  36. Dallas and Washington’s offenses look worst than the Niners. Wow The Niners would be competitive in the NFC East.

  37. Really enjoyed reading the comments today. I’ve been in Rocket’s camp in wanting the niners to play well so that we can see player improvement, but no so well that they win games (wanted as high a draft picks as possible).

    However, the counter arguments are in my opinion strong. If I’m understanding Rocket correctly, he seems to be saying that losses this year will not lead to a losing mentality next year because it’s a new season and I assume because of the large passage of time. Scooter points out that it is really hard to have the players play well to see good improvement but at the same time not win games. Players want to win, otherwise they should seek other employment. Also, as I think about it, we really want players to play as well and as hard as they can if for no other reason than to assist with evaluating each player for next year. At the same time, I’d like to have high picks especially since it is clear we will not be in the playoffs.

    1. I think that is an excellent summary of rocket and my sides of the argument. Thanks cubus.

      In an ideal world I would love to get a really high draft pick while also feeling good that a lot of the young players are showing good progress and reason to think they will be building blocks for the future.

      1. Oh how I miss the Glory Years when the Niners were perennially in the SB hunt. They picked among the last every year, but still made the playoffs every year

    2. cubus,
      It seems as if the consenting majority wants a high draft pick so we can choose one of the 3 top tier QB’s.
      The 49ers have drafted two QB’s in the first rd in their history, Steve Spurrior and Alex Smith.

      Although Alex was a rising player before being concuss’d, it’s safe to say that neither of these high draft picks really justified value for their high position in the draft.

      And even if we were to draft one of the top 3 QB’s it doesn’t guarantee fast-track dividends.
      It took players like Payton Manning and John Elway a long time and the influx of a greater supporting cast around them before winning a SB.

      The theory of purposely losing games to ensure a high draft pick is a croc of horse hockey.
      As Herm Edwards said; “you play to win the game, hello, you play to win the game!”

      If the 49ers garner a high pick (top 10) I want it to come because they were simply outplayed not because they laid down.

      1. Whoa there AES just of the top of my head John Brodie and Jim Drukenmiller were drafted in the 1st rd and i’m sure there were others.

      2. AES,

        I am in the camp that losing these games is more beneficial than winning them, but I don’t for a second want or expect the players to lay down and purposely lose them. That is a ridiculous notion and players don’t care about draft position anyway.

        My views are based on the fact losing a hard fought game at this point means we can see some progress but also retain better draft positioning. This game against Chicago was the perfect example of a win ringing hollow and actually hurting the bottom line more than it helped it. The players and Coaches were happy to win and most on here were happy to see a win, but once you get past the afterglow of the victory you should come to a sobering conclusion:The team did not play well overall and should have lost in regulation.

        The winning TD was exciting, but that simply overshadowed the fact the offense was not good for most of the game, and the defense let the Bears control the LOS enough to give up 170 yards on 42 rushing attempts. My argument is simply that losing that game would be more beneficial due to the fact they could still look at the individual players that performed well and see improvement, while also maintaining a top 5 draft spot. The win doesn’t change the fact the players will see they were outplayed during film review. They all know they won because of a failure by the Bears and not because they outplayed them. That’s all I’m saying here.

        If the team shows signs of improvement to the point they are actually outplaying the opposition and winning, I can live with that because at least we see the team playing better, but winning when they’ve been outplayed because of a couple of missed chip shot FG’s does nothing to help them in either draft position, or letting them know how far they have to go to compete for playoffs in the future.

        As far as drafting QB’s goes, nothing is assured but your chances of finding a franchise QB increase the higher you draft them. You can’t find one if you don’t draft one. This team is at the point of needing to rebuild and the rebuild has to feature a QB. You can compete with an average QB if you have everything set up around him, but you can compete with a top level QB whether you have everything else in place or not. I’m tired of trying to win with defense and not making mistakes personally. I want to see an offense that revolves around the QB and that can win any type of game whether it be a low scoring defensive battle or high scoring shootout. We really are limited in what we can do on offense unless we get a higher level of QB play.

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