49ers 26, Texans 16: Grades

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) smiles after a play during the second half of an NFL football game against the Houston Texans, Sunday, Dec. 10, 2017, in Houston. San Francisco won 26-16. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Here are the 49ers’ grades after their 26-16 win over the Houston Texans.

QUARTERBACK: B-plus. Jimmy Garoppolo took more hits and faced more pressure than last week, and didn’t play well most of the game. His quarterback rating until the 49ers’ final drive of the third quarter was 67.8. He kept forcing passes into the middle of the field even though the Texans defense was clogging that area and daring him to throw outside. As a result, Garoppolo threw one interception and three other passes that could have gotten picked off – they bounced off the hands of Texans defenders. But Garoppolo improved as the game progressed. He led an 85-yard touchdown drive at the end of the third quarter, which gave the 49ers a 23-16 lead. He ended that drive with a touchdown pass. He helped seal the victory in the fourth quarter with three completions on four pass attempts. And he finished the game with 334 passing yards and a quarterback rating of 92.2. Very good.

RUNNING BACKS: A-minus. As good as Garoppolo was, Carlos Hyde was even better. He ran hard and fought for every yard he gained – the offensive line didn’t help him. Hyde rushed for 78 yards on 14 carries – 5.6 yards per attempt – and scored the 49ers’ first touchdown. Some team is going to pay him big bucks during the offseason, and I don’t think it will be the 49ers. They’ll get someone cheaper. Hyde did whiff trying to catch a deep pass in the second quarter, but I’m docking him only half a grade for that botched play. He doesn’t have the skill set to make that catch consistently. Kyle Shanahan should have had Matt Breida run that route instead. Or Kyle Juszczyk. He made two nice catches for long gains.

WIDE RECEIVERS: B-plus. Marquise Goodwin caught six passes for 106 yards – his first 100-yard performance since Week 5 when he caught five passes for 116 yards against the Colts. Goodwin has taken huge strides this season. I can’t remember the last time he dropped a pass. Good for him. The rest of the 49ers receivers didn’t do much.

TIGHT ENDS: A-minus. Garrett Celek followed up a good game against the Bears with a very good game against the Texans. During the third quarter, he caught a short pass over the middle, broke two tackles and ran 61 yards. And a few plays later, he made the 49ers only touchdown catch. He’s a keeper. The 49ers still need to add another tight end for next season.

OFFENSIVE LINE: C-minus. Right guard Brandon Fusco committed a false-start penalty, center Daniel Kilgore committed a holding penalty and left guard Laken Tomlinson committed two holding penalties. These guys have to go this offseason. So does Zane Beadles. He started at right tackle in place of Trent Brown, who missed the game with a shoulder injury, and gave up four quarterback hits. Jadeveon Clowney beat Beadles at least a dozen times. But that wasn’t surprising. Clowney is a great player. What was surprising was how often Kyle Shanahan asked Beadles to block Clowney one on one. Most coaches would give their backup right tackle some help against a great pass rusher.

DEFENSIVE LINE: A. Elvis Dumvervil bounced Tom Savage’s head off the turf and knocked him out of the game. And DeForest Buckner recorded a sack and two quarterback hits. Buckner should be an All Pro this season, but he won’t even make the Pro Bowl because his sack total is low. That’s not his fault. He would have 10 sacks by now if the Niners had a good edge rusher who could force quarterbacks to step up in the pocket.

LINEBACKERS: A. The 49ers defense allowed only 3.3 yards per carry. Reuben Foster led the team with eight tackles. Eli Harold recorded a sack when no one blocked him. And Aaron Lynch recovered a fumble.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: C-plus. No one could cover Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins one on one. The Niners desperately need a good corner. But they don’t need a free safety. Adrian Colbert sealed the victory when he stripped Hopkins late in the fourth quarter.

SPECIAL TEAMS: A-minus. Bradley Pinion shanked a 24-yard punt. He’s good for one shank per game. But I give this group a high grade because Robbie Gould was four for four on field-goal attempts one week after he was five for five.

COACHES: B-plus. Like Jimmy Garoppolo, Kyle Shanahan and Robert Saleh improved as the game went on. Let’s talk about Saleh first. His game plan was terrible and he made no halftime adjustments. He kept giving Hopkins one-on-one matchups against the 49ers mediocre corners. How could Saleh really think any of his corners could handle Hopkins one on one? Richard Sherman isn’t in the 49ers secondary, and Saleh isn’t in Seattle anymore. He should have known he needed to use special coverages to nullify Hopkins. And Saleh eventually did use special coverages. After he benched Dontae Johnson during the third quarter, Saleh started jamming Hopkins at the line of scrimmage with a cornerback and covering him over the top with a safety. That’s called double coverage, and it worked. Hopkins didn’t do much after the first drive of the third quarter. Saleh should have double covered him all game. Now let’s talk about Shanahan. If he were a real head coach instead of a glorified offensive coordinator, he would have made sure Saleh used special coverages against Hopkins. Shanahan is supposed to be in charge of the entire team, including the defense. He should help his defensive coordinator. Maybe he doesn’t know enough about defense to give Saleh directions. Shanahan didn’t even seem to know offense early in the game. He got outcoached most of the first half. He kept calling passes over the middle even though the Texans were expecting those passes. But by the end of the second quarter, Shanahan diversified his play calling. He dialed up two outside throws to Kyle Juszczyk, both for big gains, and the offense moved the ball easily the rest of the game. The 49ers offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator figured things out eventually. All credit to them.

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  1. Garoppolo threw accurately at the intermediate part of the field, going 8-of-10 for 163 yards on throws traveling 10-19 yards.

    Per PFF

    That kinda puts your whole throwing down the middle of the field thing to bed lol …

    It was a mix of good and bad for Goodwin, as he dropped two passes on the game

    Also this lol

      1. Did you watch the game? I counted 2 drops, the first third down hit him right in the hands. Second one was down the right sideline, hit him in the chest.

        1. Cunningham got his hand on the first one. And even if Goodwin caught that pass, the play wouldn’t have counted because Kendrick Bourne committed pass interference.

          I thought the second one was underthrown. The TV didn’t show a replay.

          1. Ball wasn’t tipped, watch slow mo replay, he gets a hand up that may have distracted Goodwin but wasn’t tipped. If it was it would’ve changed the trajectory of the ball a lot more..

      2. He dropped one on the first 3rd down of the game, when the ball bounced of his face mask. There was Offensive PI call on the play but it was declined so the play counted. Not sure about the second drop.

      3. Cheap shots, Iggy. You have been on Hyde’s case all season and he continues to produce. Shanahan has managed to improve his team and he gets lots of credit for that.

    1. He’s trying to discredit Jimmy as if he’s not the real reason the Niners win like if they been good for the last 3 years lol It’s really comical of Grant

    1. And if only Grant was a good a good writer as any other 49er writer instead of hid dads style of writing maybe he would be as good as the others. He dislikes anything 49er. A hater like Ratto.

    2. He can’t help himself he’s mad at Shanny because of his 9-7 prediction and Brian Hoyer being more horrible then he ever dreamed of lol

    3. 80,
      Yup, some times Grant can’t get out of his own way. The grades were fair but then he makes a statement like this that carries no merit.

      I’m not sure who gave Shanahan the title of being a “glorified offensive coordinator” but I don’t believe that it was Shanahan.
      Perhaps Grant should blame his own press comrades for that title.
      What Grant fails to note, is the Shanahan now has more wins than the previous head coach and has the opportunity to win 4 games this season which would make for a mildly successful season for Lynch and Shanahan when compared to last year.

      Most here felt the team was capable of 4-7 wins at the beginning of the season and so far it’s playing out that way.
      My early prediction for next season is 7-9 wins.
      Of course Grant will likely still be calling Shanahan a “glorified offensive coordinator” rather than a real head coach.

    1. Garoppolo put up a 92.2 passer rating against a defense that was allowing an average opponent passer rating of 96.9 coming into the game

      1. — so you’re penalizing JG for doing the best he can despite the supporting cast….
        — lack of throws challenging the outside of field? He needs better rcvrs to pull off that trick consistently…
        — and his score should be a “A” for doing what he did with one of the SH**TYEST OL protection performances of this year…
        — grading the OL at C-??? Waaaaay too high a grade….the rosary beads were in constant use today seeing the pressure cooker JG was operating in…

      2. Grant, how many of those QBs had a full off-season or even training camp to learn their playbook? You’re not even accounting for the fact that Jimmy came to the this team, what? A month ago?

        1. What if Garoppolo had a full season and posted a lesser passer rating?

          Passer ratings to me is a junk metric anyway, since it’s gotten to the point where beat writers are posting passer ratings OF DRIVES just to get retweets. Passer rating has now become a social media star. That’s why people are posting other stats than passer rating to drive their own narratives

      3. ” defense that was allowing an average opponent passer rating of 96.9 coming into the game”

        You are blaming JG for not going over 96.9 rating in this game? Have you forgotten his supporting cast and OL?

          1. You are killing me Grant.
            A few minutes ago you said, JG “didn’t play well most of the game.”
            And now he had a very good performance?
            Which is which Grant? You CANNOT have a very good performance as a QB in this league if you didn’t play well most of the game!

              1. Yeup but Grant won’t admit that. Remember Hoyer played with Garçon which is our best WR on the team I don’t blame Beathard much because he’s a rookie but Hoyer was supposedly have mastered Shanny’s Offense

      4. It is not that simple…we had a guard at tackle and Clowney had a big day against that guard..you have to account for all factors and you didn’t in this case. All QB play degrades with pressure.

      5. Yeah and Jimmy learning a whole new system in the middle of the season throwing to rookies and WRs that never been starters in there careers ha

        1. All I know is that Bill Bellicheat wanted Jimmy as the heir apparent. He refused to trade him for multiple 1st Rd picks in the offseason and only traded him when Bob Kraft overruled him and let it be known that he would not foot the franchise tag bill for Brady’s backup. BB saw him for 3 years and had an easy side by side comparison between him and Brady. If its good enough for BB its certainly good enough for me. The only thing I might be worried about is Jimmy’s fragility, he is not the biggest guy and he stands in there and takes some shots

      6. And Derek Carr put up a 36.3 QR against a 28th rank Chiefs Defense playing without its best Probowl CB in Marcus Peters so what’s your point.

      7. Passer Rating is such a poor metric, though, as it does not account for game factors, personnel performance, etc. that influence how a QB might do. Also, if you take away the performances of Tom Brady, Alex Smith, and Russell Wilson against the Texans (all 3+ TD, all 125+ passer ratings, all 85+ QBR), then Garoppolo’s performance ranks second in QBR only to Jacoby Brissett’s mistake free game in a come from behind 20-14 victory vs. the Texans. Also, those performances taken away from the Texans defensive performance, and the cumulative passer rating of other teams against them drops to well below 90.

        Garoppolo’s QBR for this game was 65.6, which is very good. And considering the lack of real weapons around him, the fact that he’s greatly improved the game ratings of guys like Goodwin and Celek (and last week, Taylor) is indicative of how well he played. I think his performance was far from perfect, but it was above a B-. It was more B+ range.

  2. lol. Well, at least it wasn’t a “C.” When Clowney , or one of his buddies, wasn’t in the backfield hurrying & hitting Garoppolo, Garoppolo managed a 120.4 QB rating. And the best part is that Garoppolo did that with just 6 whole practices with the first team players, Yet he finished the game with a 92.2 QB rating despite what appeared to be a miscommunication INT in the 1st quarter.

    And, once again, being a legitimate threat as a QB, made the rest of the offense better. Goodwin who was a mediocre #3 WR for the Bills and not that impressive with St. Hoyer or Beathard, has really looked the part of an NFL WR since Garoppolo took over with 205 of his 677 yards-to-date coming over the last two games (102.5 in the last two games vs 42.9 in the eleven prior). Now, if Goodwin wouldn’t have dropped a couple… It’d have been even better. But that’s life in the NFL.

    As far as your criticism of Shanahan… It’s a joke. Walsh didn’t butt into the defense. Seifert didn’t butt into the offense. They gave their coaches responsibilities and held them accountable. That’s why Walsh has such a great coaching tree. And even Seifert produced a coaching tree with a number of good coaches:


  3. Jimmy Garoppolo took home PFF’s Game Ball for the 2nd straight week (2 starts = 2 PFF Game Balls). He earned an 86.2 Overall Grade: “Garoppolo was virtually a one man show for the Niners, working well in the middle of the field and making impressive throws in the face of pressure. There were just a few mistakes throughout, one of them an errant throw under duress resulting in an interception early in the game. Garoppolo threw accurately at the intermediate part of the field, going 8-of-10 for 163 yards on throws traveling 10-19 yards.”

    Hard to square this with your “he didn’t play well most of the game” analysis Grant. Hyde ran well, but once again, Garoppolo was the difference. Are you simply hating on Jimmy G-Spot, Grant?

      1. Not really…

        1st Quarter — 3 drives: 1 INT, 1 3-and-out punt, 1 punt.
        2nd Quarter — 4 drives: 2 FG, 1 TD, 1 punt.
        3rd Quarter — 2 drives: 1 FG, 1 TD
        4th Quarter — 4 drives: 2 punts, 1 FG (kicked off a TO as they couldn’t make a 1st down) and a victory formation.

        1. His QB rating was 67.8, his completion percentage was 56 and his TD-INT ratio was 0-1 until the final drive of the 3rd quarter.

          1. Don’t teach your grandmother how to suck eggs. I know how the four-factor rating formula works and how timing of TDs and INTs, each being one of the four factors, effect it…

            In a outing with INTs and TDs an early INT will keep the rating low until it’s offset by a TD. An early TD will keep the rating high until it’s offset by an INT. A TD does not count as much FOR the rating as an INT counts against it. The ratio is 5-to-4 penalty points to positive points. Any factor that produces a negative result is set to ‘0’ so it is not possible to have a negative QB rating.

          2. Yes and no Grant.

            Garoppolo was bad the first 4 possessions: 4-10, 45 yards, 1 into and a 14.58 rating.

            But after that he was pretty good with his only incompletions being the Hyde whiff on what should have been a TD and a spike.

      2. I thought he played very well for 2.5 QTRS. He started out of sync, along with the rest of the offense, but got it going midway through the 2nd QTR. The 49ers scored a TD and 2 FG’s on their final 3 possessions of the first half.

        1. Passer Rating? That’s an overblown stat if there ever was one!

          It seems obvious to me that Garoppolo is carrying this offense, and he still not even fully acclimated to the entire offense, nor does he have a true #1 WR.

          1. I like EPA (The Hidden Game of Football) and later Brian Burke of Advanced NFL Stats. But it’s really hard (tedious as you, literally, have to chart every play of every game for years to make a solid EPA database) to do and only a few places have ever done it.

            Worse, I used to have an EPA data base I got from Brian Burke. But my old computer blew-up and when I went to download it again, he’d password protected it as he sold his website to ESPN.

            Really sucked.

            ESPN uses a bast@rdized version in their QBR. But they deliberately manipulate it so it’s worthless.

            1. All things considered? An A-

              It seemed to me that he may have been expecting Taylor to break towards the middle of the field on his route that ended in an INT. I can’t say for certain, but what I can say is that, as few of a number of snaps that Jimmy has had with the first team offense, how can anyone expect him to have developed chemistry with his receivers? It’s franky remarkable that he’s completing as many passes (completing right around 70%), and throwing for as many yards (over 300 yards per game) as he has in these 2 starts, considering his lack of reps with the first team.

              And that’s my point. I think you are grading him on where he could be if he’d been playing in this offense since April. I’m grading him taking all factors into account.

              1. I think you are underestimating the difficulty of coming into the situation Garoppolo has come into. Kyle runs one of the most complex offensive systems in the league. The 49ers have a below average offensive line, and not only do they not have a number 1 WR, they are also missing the top WR they had to start the season. Garoppolo has had to learn the offense on the fly, and hasn’t had the opportunity to work with his receivers, like a QB would usually have under normal circumstances. His 3rd and 4th starts of his career have come under tougher than usual circumstances, and all Jimmy has done is engineer back to back wins on the road (for a previously 1-9 team), without the entire offensive playbook at his disposal.

                In a word ……….. WOWZA!

              2. I understand the Garoppolo curve, and I used it in this grade. Without the Garoppolo curve, I would have given him a B.

              3. Now, should we expect more from Jimmy by this time next season? Yes, of course. But if he’s already playing this well, all things considered, I can only imagine how high his ceiling can be!

                He’s got rare arm talent. The speed at which he can pull the trigger and deliver the football with pinpoint accuracy is simply phenomenal. He also has oustanding pocket awareness and athleticism to extend plays. He appears to have that ability to quickly process information and the vision to go through his progressions. Once he get’s more time to work within the offense, and develop chemistry with his receivers, there is no telling just how good this kid can be.

                That’s my innitial opinion, and I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect from him, to be honest.

              4. All good points 49. Now we can add specific pieces around him in which to make him and the team better.
                With all the cap space and draft picks and a little luck, we could contend for a wild card berth next year.

              5. Our team has some swagger again Prime! Jimmy’s elevated this entire team.

                Grant, as for your Passer Rating you love so much …… as I said, Garoppolo was good after a shaky first QTR. Very good in fact. He posted a 118.9 Passer Rating thru the final 3 QTRS (17 of 26 for 309 yards with a touchdown).

            2. — paraphrasing KS: “overcoming coaching”….. “if he can keep doing it, then please keep doing it”…
              –till he throws 2-3 picks in a game….
              — his slinging it & “chance taking” is a risk, trying to overcome a sh**ty OL and run game, but as he “keeps doing it”, it keeps the rest of the O fighting, because they’ve got something to fight for…

    1. PFF is there to create talking points using their metrics. Garoppolo isn’t the best quarterback in the game today, no matter how they try to shoehorn their metrics

  4. “As good as Garoppolo was, Carlos Hyde was even better.”

    Grant, what game were you watching? Garoppolo put this team with all its deficiencies on his back and won the game…and oh, BTW, without Trent Brown. To my mind, I still go back and forth on whether it’s even worth it to keep Carlos Hyde.

    1. I agree with you about Hyde. People are too enamored with his stats. However, he did have a good game. He ran as hard in the second half as he did that first game as a Niner. The one when he impressed everyone with his effort and ability to break tackles. The thing is that I don’t judge a player on his stats alone, but what they do with the opportunities they are presented with.

      What people need to remember is that in this scheme the holes for runners to run through will be inconsistent with often no holes at all. There will be multiple runs for no gain and then all of the sudden huge holes will open up. Those are the ones that are the opportunities presented. Hyde had those opportunities this game. In fact in the first half his yardage all came before contact. Those were the same type of holes that appeared in the first Seattle game that he got those long gains on. No one touched him until he was tackled.

      When you split time between backs often the opportunities that each back gets are unequal. It’s ultimately what about what they do with the opportunities presented to them. While Hyde did run harder than he has run in some time in the second half of this game, he also was given the opportunities to take advantage off, so it is not like he is not getting help from the line. Shanahans system just works differently. That is why his system favors quick fast players rather than power runners. When the holes open up, though sporatic, they are big enough for long gains before contact.

  5. Did Shanahan bang your girl or what? Seems like you always have something negative to say about him every game, whether warranted or not. It’s like he’s not smart enough to see the game as you do or something.

    Your narratives are going to continue to lose credibility with your readers if you stick to them.

    1. Coaches are paid to win games, period. If you want the bar lowered to fit your own confirmation bias, go read Matt Maiocco.

        1. Alright, now I’m convinced WEEANTWINNERS is Grant Cohn posting on his own blog. I guess you could argue your trying to increase hits by starting arguments but given the childish attacks on Maiocco I’m betting this is Cohn. You are so damn immature and petty it’s nauseating. Grow up boy.

  6. ” If he were a real head coach instead of a glorified offensive coordinator, he would have made sure Saleh used special coverages against Hopkins.”

    This sentence is unprofessional. You should remove it. You sound like a mad child acting out against someone who embarrassed you. Oh, and stop getting stoned before your post game periscope. It’s embarrassing.

      1. Just trying to help the kid out. This will be his first and last show unless he stops flipping channels & burning blunts all day from his couch then throwing on the shirt laying on the floor next to his bed before he goes on Periscope. Every time he does a Periscope he should act like he’s trying to take Nick Wright’s job. If Wright, who is a no talent bum, can land that gig then Grant can host Sportscenter.

        1. Yup, Houston. There used to be the maxim, dress for the job you want. What’s a job lower than blogging for the PD? That seems to be the job Grant’s aiming for.

    1. — better to say that KS needs to grow as an HC and learn to keep an eye on the DC’s handling of game trends at any point in the game…
      — but not in this “season of new systems learning”…
      — his focus in on the O and till the O is working, he’s trusting Saleh to do what’s needed on D,
      — so, applying the hindsight glasses, you’d expect an experienced HC to pull his DC aside to fix this…but, KS is the teacher of his O this year…
      — good QB’ing is back in SF, long may it continue…
      — and let’s all squint real hard while wishing T.Brown gets healed up for TEN….

      1. Very clearly put. Some people can not seem to realize that the emphasis has to be different this season. Next season Shanahan will hire an offensive coordinator. This season, in order to put the system in play, he has to be the offensive coordinator so that takes most of his focus.

        Sometimes people who have spent their lives around football can not think outside the box in respect to when a different approach is needed. That is why a lot of football smart people on this site could not see the process in action for the long term plan that Shanahan and Lynch were shooting for. The situation here was unique and thus it made this process possible. Shanahan and Lynch articulated this right from the beginning, but it seemed to go right over most football fans heads. Including Grant.

        They might spend some time reading Woodens book on coaching * about how to establish a solid foundation first before anything else is possible. By the way I didn’t need to read that book because those principles are applicable to everything in life. It would help those whose focus is primarily on sports to understand the interrelating miro macro relationship.

        1. Is this Grants Dad or his girlfriend? The grades and the Periscope are seriously awful. Let him take the criticism. He’s a big boy. He can handle it.

              1. yeah…looks like Grant has a new “defender” in WWW, replacing the Legend…
                the writing style sure is easier for Grant’s comebacks, trolling, and snark…(yeah, I know, calling kettle black, etc., etc.)
                lots less work than the Legend required to post those “spirited” defenses of Grant…
                picking mad Mike’s big rant as a posting name…priceless…

              2. yeah…looks like Grant has a new “defender” in WWW, replacing the Legend…

                Nah. The legend was relentless. WWW will disappear after game day only to return in these postgame threads to spout some moronic drivel. Then crawl back under his rock for the rest of the week. No different from Darren, Diesel, some clown with Shanahan in his handle.

              1. Exactly. The thing the 49ers SHOULD NEVER EVER DO..

                Because they have done this many times in the past that has failed miserably (see: Mike Singletary and many years of Alex Smith)…

                Is listen to the fans and do what the fans want

                Because you all will toss 125 mil to Jimmy Garoppolo after two games

              2. Actually there’s 3 more games to evaluate and he’ll probably get franchised next year but the Raiders are stucked with Carr for the next 5 years and that high priced offensive line. Lynch won’t go to Vegas so he’s done after next year. Mack will cost the Raiders 150 million and that’s cuz the Defense sucks even with him lol.

              3. Well you sure know more about the Raiders than I do!

                because being a fan of a 49er team that has gone 9-35 over the past three years has it’s own limitations

              4. Naw I’m sure you know more then me you just pretend like you don’t because there in a free fall right now but I bet if they were 11-2 you would know a lot huh lol

                You sure do seem obsessed with the 49ers lol You don’t see me on the Faiders blogs

    2. Such a low blow with that thoughtless opinion of KS. The two greatest coaches of all time, named Bill, were not wonderful head coaches in their first year. Kyle will get better in time and he will have a playoff team in the next two years,

  7. Yet another article that essentially slams Shanahan for being a first year coach. Are you a Josh McDaniels fan or something?

      1. Comparing Tomsula to Shanahan is false equivalence. Shanahan has had success running super-bowl caliber offenses and is regarded as one of the brightest offensive minds in football. Tomsula has never even been a coordinator.

      2. Have you ever heard Shanahan say that the team shouldn’t be afraid to punt? Did Shanahan sound like someone way in over his head during his introductory conference? Did Tomsula have a rookie DC? No, so quit with the poor comparisons.

          1. Again, apples and oranges. You are comparing a coach with a simplistic offense to one who has one of the more complex offenses in the league. SMH.

            1. And he won 5 games with zero coaching pedigree other than being a position guy with that simplified offense. He was Mike Singletary 2.0, without being a HOF player.

              Shanahan has only won three, and is more known for blowing the Super Bowl

              1. 1. Going by your logic, Bill Walsh was a horrible coach then, and Tomsula was better than him.
                2. Freeman whiffed in pass protection, and the defense failed to stop the Patriots offense. But go ahead and pin the Falcons losing the Super Bowl solely on Shanahan.

              2. With your logic, yes. Walsh was 2-14 during his first season as coach of the 49ers, so he was a worse coach on your comparison of Tomsula to Shanahan. See how pointless it is to compare coaches and their first year records?

              3. My “logic” came from when a fan called into Ted Robinson on KNBR back when Mike Nolan got fired and the fan (maybe it was you) defended Nolan by saying he was a good head coach.

                Robinson replied with “head coaches are paid to win games”.

                Why? Because that’s why they get paid more money than the coordinators.

                Now if they got paid by the wins, Shanahan still might not be able to buy a house in the Los Gatos area.

                Because he only has won three games as a head coach.

              1. It wasn’t that hard so don’t pop the cork yet. All I had to do was this:

                Reaffirm what you posted

                Try not to spill that all over your face and tuxedo

              2. You’re right. I don’t believe it was for you to reach that conclusion DS/Seb. I’d say have a Snickers, but I doubt you would know what to do with it.

      1. BTW, if I were a Raider fan, I still would be rooting for a team that has a better record than the 49ers this season. So I don’t know where you went with that retort

        1. Until the Raiders, or should I say Traders?, win 2 more Lombardi Trophies, the 49ers have both Bay Area and NFL bragging rights PERIOD! End of story!

          And they know it. That’s why they are running away from the Bay Area once again.

          1. Jed would had moved the 49ers to Vegas too if he could. Instead, he moved the 49ers to a worse city.

            The Vegas Raiders would at least have butts in the seats, which you can’t say about the ones at Levi’s

  8. Grant,
    I apologize. I assumed after reading your live blog that you would give Jimmy G. an unfair grade again, I was wrong. I’m glad you are finally coming around to what most of us all ready new, but your grade for Saleh and KS don’t match what you wrote. If the coaches grade is consistently a B+ I believe we will be playing in many SB’s in the future.

        1. My WANTWINNERS you should recognize if you remember the Singletary post game presser after he kicked VD out of the game.

          Wait until the end of the season to grade out Garoppolo, franchise tag him, see what his value is, and go get Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen. Or keep Garoppolo. Just don’t put all the eggs into one basket after two starts with he posting fairly pedestrian stats. That’s all I’m saying, because he might be just a better backup to Beathard so far

            1. Hmmmm DS disappears and he character Seb come in after, Seb disappears and low and behold this character comes in.
              At least when Onelame was booted 3 times years ago he came back BEGGING for another chance under his own name.
              Congrats Ds/Seb/idiot. You have surpassed Onelame as the most pathetic poster in the history of this page.
              And a congrats to Onelame. You are now second, but I’m sure you’re use to that in life.

              1. yaawwn……..you are no different that seb or darren….another illiterate who blames others for your life f..k ups……..how come you only show up when we win games?

              2. Maybe it’s because I’m in my seats during games while you’re over at the chiefs blog riding smiths nuts still.
                Life is good!
                Your life must be better with two teams to root for.
                So let’s talk about the old days Onelame. You know what I said is true. Lol king of losers!

          1. Nah. It’s impossible for Darren5000 to write a single post without bringing up his heroes Limbaugh and Levin. WEWant is a new guy off his meds.

        1. Because there are three tiers when it comes to quarterbacks in general. If there were a 4th tier, Garoppolo might edge that one out. But then he would be out of the Tom Savage tier

            1. So far this season he is. I mean it’s still up to Shanahan to start him next week, which was a post game presser question. If that is still a question, than he is still the backup quarterback.

              Of course Garoppolo is going to start next game, but he was Beathard’s backup at least when he came aboard because he couldn’t start right away.

              Just hope he stays healthy because Garoppolo got injured when he backed up Brady in NE. The risk of injury to me is not worth the reward due to his FT value. If he gets killed against JAX and goes on IR, well it’s a lose/lose

              1. Third tier in not third string. There are a lot of starting quarterbacks who are in the THIRD TIER.

              1. How many quarterbacks have started for the 49ers this season?

                The answer is:


                Garoppolo is the third one in case you can’t do the math.

                Now to tiers:

                There are three of them:

                The “Elite” – the Tom Brady/Aaron Rodgers/Russell Wilson etc. tier

                The Second Tier: which is always debatable because Philip Rivers is somewhere not elite or is

                And the Third Tier: where you can find a Brett Hundley and a Jimmy Garoppolo. Because of starts, and you can’t put a quarterback in the second tier with ONLY TWO STARTS.

              2. I had to go down to your level. I apologize for it taking so long, but the stairway hall had no stairs to speak of, and the elvator was nothing but a closet full of creeping horrors. I had to channel my inner Indiana Jones just to reach the level.

              3. That small word salad of yours equivocating Indiana Jones, a stairway to Indiana Jones, to a closet full of Indiana Jones horrors, to reach level 9 on an old Indiana Jones video game means to me that…

                You are smoking some good ****

                And I am ok with that

              4. Sorry, but I have never played an Indiana Jones game. I used those descriptionsto indicate that your logic is as empty as it gets.

              5. Congratulations for your troll like insanity DS/ Seb. I could less if an Indiana Jones game exists or is a figment of your imagination. It does not change the fact that your logic is as hollow as the current win record for the Browns.

        1. Even a blind squirrel can find a bunch of nuts who think Jimmy Garoppolo is a 1st tier quarterback.

          They can have someone read the comments to this blog for them!

    1. “I’m glad you are finally coming around to what most of us all ready new”

      These grades aren’t judgments of players. These grades are judgments of players’ performances in a particular game.

      1. OK for today only, I believe you are on the same page as far as Jimmy G’s performance as most of us are. Do you agree with my statement that if the coaches can consistently grade out at a B+ (like you graded them today) we will be seeing many 9er SB’s in our future?

        1. I’m not ready to say that yet. Let’s see who they sign and draft next year. And let’s see if Garoppolo signs an extension.

          1. Well given that your grades will grant (pun intended) FUTURE SUPER BOWLS, you should go ahead and give A pluses every game going forward, even when Garoppolo goes 11-27 for 231 yards, 1TD to 3INTs, one fumble lost, but got Robbie Gould into FG range for the winning kick in a game yet to come

  9. OK I don’t come here much and now I remember why. Grant telling Kyle what he should or shouldn’t do who he should or shouldn’t use. Facts please you’re a writer not a coach. If someone who knew something about football said that then report it and I’m good. You’re grades are a joke. How do you grade without watching film? If you could do that you would be wanted by every NFL team. You’re not. Kyle has forgotten more about ball than you will ever learn. See ya next year. Your welcome for my click. By the way Grant Witherspoon was a pretty decent pick that I wasn’t sure about either but I also was not dumb enough to point out perceived shortcomings before he had at least 8 games under his belt. Grant. Lol.

  10. Grant says… “Now let’s talk about Shanahan. If he were a real head coach instead of a glorified offensive coordinator, he would have made sure Saleh used special coverages against Hopkins.”

    Ha ha ha ha….

    Wonder if Grant calls out Girl Scouts when he bites into a cookie that doesn’t meet his standards.

  11. Today is heaven. A 49ers win, a Rams and Seahawks loss, and Seb chickening out of the blog.
    What could be better than this!

      1. He mistakenly posted under his own name and then went into Drama Queen mode, decided he was a victim and feared for his and his family’s safety (!) and announced his resignation in a needlessly wordy blurb. It pretty much confirmed the sense that the stuff he posts he would never say to someone in person. Keyboard tough guy folds under no pressure at all.
        Unfortunately, new players seem ready to take his place by distracting from useful football gab. When no one keeps order, Lord of The Flies chaos ensues.

        1. Ah, that is comical, blast my absence (I blame the absinthe).

          Yeah, there have been, over the past decade-ish (under the rule of Maiocco and Barber, and maybe one more before Cohn) a slew of Seb-likes…a Darren comes to mind. So it was, so it shall be.

  12. Let’s troll Grant’s team.


    “This is crazy, but it would appear that the Bay Area quarterback with the brightest future, the man you’d want behind the wheel right now, is not Derek Carr. It’s that 49ers fellow.”

    Overrated QB.

    “Speaking of short, Carr is becoming Dr. Dink-’n’-Dunk. Against a poor defense, with the Chiefs missing their best cornerback, Carr and the Raiders became banjo hitters. Even in desperation time. With 2:39 left, the Raiders got the ball and Carr threw eight consecutive short passes.”

    Poor coaching.

    “Didn’t happen, and right now the Raiders are a leading candidate for this season’s Most Disappointing Team. And their quarterback has slipped below Jimmy Garoppolo in the Bay Area quarterback power rankings.”

        1. Good find #80. The dangers of being a sports writer in the age of the internet.

          I do have to give Grant his props though. He never shies away from putting his opinions out there, and he has a distinct POV. And I respect that. He’s no football dummy, even if he leans on statistics a little too much.

      1. Derek Carr is a good example of what happens when you base judgement of a QB on how he performs in ideal conditions. Last year he had the luxury of hardly being pressured and he played like he believed he wouldn’t get hit. This year… not so much.

        But yes, it is also a good example of why people (myself included) should chill with the judgement on JG. Its just two games (or 4 if you include the 2 NE starts). Nowhere near enough to really know what he will be.

        1. “Derek Carr is a good example of what happens when you base judgement of a QB on how he performs in ideal conditions.”

          Good call. Conversely, Garoppolo is playing well in conditions that are far from ideal.

          1. Of course he isn’t under ideal conditions. Garoppolo went from the Patriots to the 49ers. The quarterback standard for the 49ers now is “at least he might be able to start for two more games”

              1. From just one small extrapolation, you “think what I am thinking”.

                Here is what you miss:

                I wasn’t the owner of a franchise who said Tomsula was like Steve Kerr.

                No that wasn’t me. I don’t own a franchise and still get away with that because of fans like you who either believed it, or not. But If I were that owner, I know I can get away with that because I can then bring in Chip Kelley, then fire him, then hire Kyle Shanahan, yet all the while having a revolving door at quarterback – like my revolving door of head coaches, yet still blame it all on Trent Baalke, after I fired Harbaugh for him, but even still with all the losing since, I bring in a new bright, shiny new object in a quarterback who was one of the many who backed up Tom Brady, have him toss two touchdowns in meaningless games in your already lost season, your third in a row, and already the fans are thinking “DYNASTY”.

                This is almost Trumpian.

                MAKE THE 49ERS GREAT AGAIN!!

                Said every season before Harbaugh, and after many rebuilds after Walsh signed Jeff Garcia, to now Jimmy Garoppolo, who still isn’t Jeff Garcia

                At least Trump would fill Levi’s when if he ever came to town.

              2. That’s funny. You think I supported tools like Tomsula, Kelly, Baalke, and York. The QB position is settled with Garoppolo, whether you like it or not.

              3. Well if he can put up points against the Rams like Hoyer did earlier this season, he would had at least put as many points as Beathard did after Hoyer.

              4. I hate it when fans do this.
                You can’t compare Walsh to Shanahan? Why not, they were both Head coaches who were previously offensive coordinators. No one has said that Shanahan will be as good or will be better. No one is heaping praises such praises on him.
                Most are taking a wait and see approach with some being more optimistic than others.
                As to the only results matter argument, that is just ignorant. If I give you a team of monkeys with sticks I don’t expect you to build a rocket ship. I expect you to do this if I give a you qualified team of engineers, scientists and laborers and necessary resources.
                Results have to be measured in relation to the capabilities of those involved. Have the 49ers achieved the highest level of success possible with the talent they have? Probably not.
                Have they played far below what their talent levels allow for?Probably not.
                This is not an all or nothing proposition, so we need to stop treating it like it is. If we did this to every coach not one of them would be considered successful, our beloved Bill Walsh included.
                With that said, I would give Shanahan and company a C grade for the season. And that’s because I don’t feel it’s right giving them an incomplete. They have not shown themselves to be good or great coaches but they have not been terrible either.

              5. Let me try to explain something to you 49er fans, because you need to understand this:

                Bill Walsh is dead. Nothing is going to bring him back, not in the guise of Kyle Shanahan or anyone else.

                Second: the NFL Salary Cap. That has become the great equalizer that even Walsh himself had to struggle his second go-round there at 49er HQ which helped bring in “Salary Cap Hell”.

                Walsh didn’t have to deal with the salary cap during the Dynasty era.

                Now, you have Paraag “The Rat” Marathe there, who will more than likely undermine Shanahan like he has done with every head coach there, and even Walsh when he was GM the second go-round

                49er fans could very well be in the post Morabito era. Or still in it.

                But Kyle Shanahan isn’t Bill Walsh.

                Because Bill Walsh is dead, even in the halls of HQ.

                Because even while he was alive there…

                The Yorks ignored and pretty much destroyed everything he built there.

                Including going away from a WCO based offense to a Coryell based offense.

                One more time for the cheap seats:

                BILL WALSH IS DEAD

        2. Well said Scooter.

          All too often people jump on bandwagons only to jump off and trash the object of worship. Best to wait and see. So many of us thought that merely by taking Hoyer, Shanahan had bestowed on him gifts he didn’t have. He proved inadequate to the task, especially over time as he took repeated hits. Then it was transferred to CJB and now to Garoppolo.

          Let’s wait and see how he does. We can celebrate his current accomplishments without exalting him beyond reasonableness.

        3. Derek Carr is also a great example of how people like to rush to judgement. He’s having a down season under a different OC. Before that he was an ascending player for 3 years. There is a tendency to try and tear successful people down which we saw earlier this week on the board with Harbaugh.

          Football is a funny game. There are many moving parts that have to be in sync in order to achieve success and sometimes those parts are aligned and sometimes they are not. A number of people on here wrote off Jared Goff based on 7 games with a bad team and Coaching. There was a lot of criticism of Kyle Shanahan when they were losing with a journeyman and a rookie QB. Players, Coaching and scheme matter. Getting them all hitting on all cylinders at the same time is hard. Carr has a guy who never called plays before as his OC. Previously he had Musgrave who had done it for years. Not hard to figure out why Carr and the Raider offense as a whole is struggling. Much like it wasn’t hard to see why Goff was struggling last year. It’s just easier to criticize the Coach or player.

          1. “There is a tendency to try and tear successful people down which we saw earlier this week on the board with Harbaugh.”

            It’s not that I don’t think Harbauagh was good. I just don’t put him up there with Walsh and Belichick. Not saying he is Rich Kotite, just a little overrated.

            When people are arguing that someone is overrated, they cite all the negatives they can think of (tear down).

            1. I wasn’t singling you out #80. Just making a general observation. Just look at MosesZD’s comments for a clear example of what I referred to.

              1. I get that rocket. I’m usually in the Harbaugh discussion, so I decided to weigh in.

                I’m usually in the Harbaugh discussion because people use JH as a way to diminish Shanahan. People say things like, JH won in his first year, JH was intense and a leader (somehow meaning KS is meek and not a leader).

              2. I don’t think so. I think the opposite is true. They try to pump up Shanahan at the expense of Harbaugh!

          2. I mentioned this yesterday, the NFL is literally what have done lately, merciless type entity. You cannot win from week to week with someone bringing a player, team, GM, owner down on something.
            A lot of it is unwarranted and a lot of it is.

      2. he Raiders have all these weapons, from Carr to Michael Crabtree to Jared Cook to Marshawn Lynch to the most expensive offensive line in NFL history, and they can’t produce consistently. Frustration among those power players is starting to mount, especially after struggling in a game the Raiders had to win.

        Hey Grant what would Carr’s grade be with all this talent that Garoppolo could only dream of having??? Take your time.

        1. Thing is, I said at the beginning of the year that the Raiders 2016 was a product of a LOT OF LUCK. They haven’t had that luck this year. All the breaks are not going their way.

          And the record they have is what they are. Whereas last year… No, they weren’t a 12-4 team. They were an 8-8 team that got lucky more times than unlucky.

  13. JG has one big glaring deficiency as we saw today and it’s the long pass. His problem is his mechanics. He has a quick release for his short/intermediate passes, but that technique does not work for long passes. Totally different body movement. I don’t think he can change his technique, just like Kap never could. If he can improve there, he will be the steal of the decade, if not he’ll be a “could have been” SB-MVP.

  14. All analysis and BS aside.
    The 49ers have their QB-lock him up long term is all they have to do now.
    Do it this week and sit him the rest of the season.
    In the draft or Free Agency GET him a guard and center-( hoping that Garnet improves and Brown and Staley can be what they need to be…and a solid no 1 receiver.
    Draft a corner to play other side from Witherspoon and an edge rusher.
    Do that and they are as much of a playoff team as any in the NFC next year.
    All this other petty BS is of no concern to me.

  15. Wonder how Joe Williams (RB, formerly Utah) is doing these days? Will be interesting to see what he does this spring in prep for camp.

    1. fingers crossed for a Williams, Brieda, & Love triple headed Shanny run game monster!

      and while we’re at it, Santa: pls bring us a no expense spared OL for 2018 too!!!!

  16. Why Hyde is better. He is just playing in a lot better line with the Ravens. I would certainly pass on him in the off season. Either resign Hyde or draft Barkley.

    1. They do not need to resign Hyde. They can get runners suited to the system far cheaper in free agency. The type of runners that are suited for this system are less wanted by other teams so they will also be available later in the draft as well.

  17. http://www.knbr.com/2017/12/10/garoppolo-overcomes-49ers-sloppiness-with-brady-like-poise/

    In the first quarter, the 49ers dropped two of his passes, committed three penalties and it appeared as if Garoppolo himself was going to get dragged down into San Francisco’s season-long morass. After a miscommunication with wide receiver Trent Taylor, he threw an interception right to Texan cornerback Kareem Jackson.

    It could have been easy to tank,” fullback Kyle Juszczyk told NBCS Bay Area. “Jimmy was right over there, it never phased him. He was telling us to keep it up and eventually we were going to punch it through.”

    After the bum start, Garoppolo steered the 49ers to five straight scoring drives (three field goals and two touchdowns).

    At one point, tight end Garrett Celek noticed blood leaking from Garoppolo’s mouth. After the game he called Garoppolo the “toughest guy ever” before quickly noting the toughness of previous starter C.J. Beathard.

  18. I agree with most of what was said in the article. However, I think we should try to keep Hyde. I think the rb market is flooded to the point where we can keep him for a decent salary. Garapollo had a great game with all things considered so Idk what you were thinking with that grade. We should get him a long term deal ASAP. If we retain them and get some pieces we could be a playoff team next year. Definitely need to replace Tomlinson and get two stud o lineman. Should look to New England for a good free agent corner back. Then we also need a stud wide receiver to compliment Garçon Goodwin, and Taylor, a big pass catching tight end to go along with Celek and Kittle. Maybe Jimmy Graham and a solid edge rusher. Sounds like a huge ticket but with our cap space and the draft, I think it’s all possible

    1. Let Hyde go to a different team. He has to many flaws. He is not that special that his strengths over come his flaws. You guys are still not judging him based on his production in respect to his opportunities. When he goes for no yardage or gets tackled for a loss you blame the offensive line. Yet when he has had those huge holes that the gained 25plus yards mostly on no yards after contact that seems to have be forgotten. The 61 yarder and the other long run against Seattle when no one touched him until he was tackled for example. Anyone could have made those runs. Shanahans system works that way. There are not holes up the middle until a huge hole opens up for a rb to gain a lot of yards on. It’s either a strike out or a home run. The RB’s have never had long yardage gains like this season that happened without breaking any tackles. This is why the system makes any Rb look better than they are. They get more yardage with less effort.

      1. whatever you say Grant, or Pop, whomever…time for a new clickbaiting alter ego Grant…
        P.S.- try to be more subtle with the next one…

      2. One of two things are happening.

        1. WEWANTWINNERS! is a friend or relative of Grant And is desperately trying to defend every one of Grant’s words.


        2. WEWANTWINNERS! is a classic troll. And he knows the best way to troll Niner fans is to agree with Grant. Which would indicate that Grant has lost the locker room (this blog).

        Either way, WEWANTWINNERS! is making Grant look bad (worse).

    1. Nah. He’s just some run of the mill kid goofing on the internet. Like a million others. WWW will keep posting until his mom makes him start with his homework.

              1. Well I my time isn’t as well deserved from you as a opposed to a team that has a 9-35 record from 2015 on that Jed still isn’t held accountable for after firing Harbaugh.

                Hell the days when you complained about 8-8 must had been your salad days

        1. Well, the 49ers fired Mooch after reaching the playoffs, and the 49ers fired Harbaugh after reaching the Super Bowl

          So that means if Shanahan reaches the playoffs, he will be fired too.

          Since he will be the third coach since George Seifert to reach them.

          After Seifert got ran off for Mooch

          Right Grant?

            1. Well to establish a pattern of front office buffoonery full of backstabbing palace intrigue that Jed has, kinda makes your days numbered when you happen to kick Paraag Marathe out of your office.

              1. Oh because the Faiders had a history of great front office decisions lol. Like Mark Davis trying to move to LA then San Antonio now Sin City here y’all come lol

          1. He was fired after going 8-8 and showing he had no answers when he wasn’t coaching an elite team. Just like at Michigan where Five of the Big-10 are nationally ranked and he isn’t. Just like his first three years at Stanford where he was 4-games under .500 until Fangio pulled his biscuits out of the fire.

            1. Moses you are so disingenuous. The 49ers were not an elite team before or after Harbaugh. That 8-8 he achieved in his final year came with a ton of injuries on the field and backbiting from the owner off of it. He turned them from a losing team going nowhere into a contender as he has done every where he has Coached. U of SD were garbage when he arrived, he left them as a Championship level squad. Stanford was a dumpster fire when he arrived and he turned them into a NC contender by the time he left. The 49ers were a disaster and he turned them into a SB contender in one year. Michigan was a disaster when he arrived and he had them turned around in one year. I don’t know what your issue is but you look ridiculous when you try to diminish what Harbaugh has done as a Coach. What’s especially funny is you disparage Kaepernick any chance you get and yet Harbaugh went to two NFCCG’s and a SB with the guy. I’d say that’s a hell of a coaching job.

          2. Our horrible ownership cannot be denied. Possibly the worst of any sports franchise, tho I know that could be debated. However, if Jed and Prag stay away from the game-planning, it clearly looks to be trending up.

        2. The NFL wanted a franchise in Las Vegas. Why? Because trying to stage a Super Bowl in Santa Clara was a nightmare.

          I mean, the 49ers PLAY IN SANTA CLARA.

      1. Jack Del Rio’s 184 games coached are the most in NFL history without a division title #Raiders
        — Josh Dubow (@JoshDubowAP) December 11, 2017

    1. Oneniner—-Hyde will not sign for a year. He will get a long term contract if he is smart. RB’s usually have a short career. Besides he has been injury free this season because he has not run hard. If he starts to run hard like he did in the second half of this last game he will again be injured especially now that he has lost muscle mass to increase his quickness. Think people.

  19. Really good to see good football again..Don’t know if Jimmy G is a franchise QB but it’s nice for once in the last three years think we have a chance on 3rd down!I’m really happy with the way Goodwin has stepped up,he has proven to be a pretty reliable receiver..with him and Garcon plus a big time playmaker next year ,watch out..Were probably going to win ourselves out of a trade back scenario so I would live to see Barkley or and edge rusher as our first round pick…Also think we can add a playmaker like Tate from Florida State in the second..Draft more o line depth lbs and corners,free agency should be a center and gaurds..Spend the money York!

    1. Speedkills- Drafting Barkley would be a waste. This system make average Rb’s look good. It’s a strike out or home run type of system with emphasis on speed. Having a great back would be nice but it is not a necessity.

    1. The center, Ryan Jensen, will be a FA. Young and talented, he would be a good get. According to spotrac.com, the Ravens are projected to have about $4.4 million in cap space for 2018 (51 players currently signed for 2018), which assumes a $10 million increase in the salary cap. So, there might be a good chance that the Ravens will let him test FA. By comparison, the niners are estimated to have $110 million with 50 players currently signed for 2018.

  20. I cannot believe the lack of class and sportsmanship shown by the Seahawks today.
    The Jags are in victory formation and Seattle has to attack the QB and get the ball? You lost, deal with it.
    Then after the game Jefferson tries to enter the stands and attacks a JKV security guard? What a bunch of sore losers!
    Classic Pete Carroll teams. Good coach but classless.

    1. “I cannot believe the lack of class and sportsmanship shown by the Seahawks today.”

      Prime you should not be surprised by now. If there is an award for this kind of thing, they will win it every year. Not even close.

  21. Last week I thought your grade was too low this week I think its too high. Both weeks a solid B performance. The Niners sure look like they got their QB. Loving this kid.

    It was a sloppy game at best with many mistakes. The good thing that’s happening is the Niners are winning, three of the last four and two in a row on the road, that’s one of those signs signifying the team is getting better. Granted the three victories were against teams as challenged as the Niners, but when your on the bottom you got to start somewhere.. Jimmy G looks like he is going to be a fine QB and already looking forward to next year.

      1. Yup, we could have been 9-7 with good QB play. Grant predicted Hoyer would be good, he wasn’t. Grant said Hoyer wasn’t to blame for the losses, he was.

        1. Hoyer is a career backup why do u think when he was release not even a sniff from QB needy teams heck not even the BROWNS lol

        2. Oh go back through those first 6 games, even Carolina. I don’t think it’s crazy to say they’d be at 7-8 wins right now and in the playoff race.

          1. For sure with Jimmy G they beat Carolina, and Seattle week 2, AZ and WSH, and Indy.
            Now that’s all speculation but considering the way they lost, Jimmy G could have helped big time.

          2. “Oh go back through those first 6 games, even Carolina. I don’t think it’s crazy to say they’d be at 7-8 wins right now and in the playoff race.”

            Yeah, that’s exactly what I was saying, if we had Garoppolo.

            1. You didn’t even think of having Garoppolo before the season because reality meant that he wasn’t available before the season.

              But yet now all of the sudden the 49ers have won those games because it’s magic 49er fan football..

              The 49ers are still today a 3-10 team.

              1. They’ve won 3 out of the last 4 and are trending upward. The Raiders are a sinking ship. Del Rio will be fired. Shanny will be coaching SF for years to come.

        3. Hoyer was only signed because he knew the system. To teach everyone else the system it helps to have the QB know it first. Although it was not stated I am sure Shanahan never projected Hoyer as anything else but a place holder or back up. They system takes about a season to learn so having a QB who didn’t know it would have really delayed not only the development of the team but also the ability to evaluate the present talent. The difficulty in learning the system is also why they jumped at the chance to get JG this season rather than wait for his free agency. He would get a head start and be ready to go next season.

      2. Then Garopollo would had faced the tougher part of the season, and then most likely be on IR right now

        I know 49er fans like to play “magic beanstalk football” during the latter part of what is now the third consecutive season of being underwater as far as wins, but “coulda, shoulda, woulda” is only how losers think.

  22. Hahaha! Niner fans are happy and optimistic about the future, while Raider fans are b*tching and sulking.


    “I want to turn it off but I can’t because I want to see how bad it’s going to get.”

    “I’m done with @coachdelrio ! Done I gave him another shot.. the team plays like him .. slow and boring”

    “Raiders had everything to play for today and they’re losing 26-0. Fire everyone that’s unacceptable”

    “Every damn game thanks alot #Raiders you let #RaiderNation down when it really counted smfh…”


    1. Del Rio hasn’t helped them at all. The criticism is warranted but unfair all in the same breath. That’s what is not right with the NFL. You can go from hero to zero from week to week.

      As soon as Garrapolo loses a game, which he will, people will be saying he doesn’t deserve a long term contract. Already people are criticizing his long throws.

      Point is you can’t win in this league unless you just keep winning. No pun intended.

    2. The Raiders still have more wins this season than the 49ers have in almost two seasons.

      I mean, if you are going to gloat, don’t do it with a 3-10 record.

      How far the 49er fans have fallen ever since the Yorks took over the franchise.

      At least show up for the home games. I know the ticket price is uber expensive for a three win team, but the 49ers do have fans, right?

      1. You mean like when the Faiders would announce sell outs lol This season will be the 17th season the Faiders haven’t won a playoff game I mean if your going to compare the Faiders to the Niners atleast win a playoff game in this decade. Atleast the 49ers knew they were going to suck this year Faider fans were talking Super Bowl this year like they have been winning for years lol. They have to be the most disappointing team by far this year with that high priced offensive line lol. Imagine Carr behind the Niners offensive line? He would be worse then what he already is now.

        So atleast win a playoff game in this decade before you gloat about your Las Vegas Faiders lol

        1. In case you never notice, because you can’t, I have nothing to do with the Raiders. That’s just the de-facto fallback of 49er fan when faced with the reality of their team being one of the worst in the league for three consecutive seasons.


          Yet you will still go to Las Vegas because it’s Las Vegas.

          Not Santa Clara because nobody goes to Santa Clara.

          Not even 49er fans

          1. Don’t be embarrassed of your team I know there trending the wrong way but I’ll never get on another teams blog to troll then pretend I have no team lol Let me guess your a Patriots fan the team that always win to make you troll easier lmao!!!!

            1. The reason why you think I am trolling…

              It’s because anybody with a sense of reality about any success of a business franchise, with a clear case of their success of their production over the rest of the competition – and in the NFL, despite the $$, it’s based on the easy number of wins – that is on record, can easily troll “true believers” who only focus or can on the micro, singular task of one facet of their belief system. For one day, and that day was today for several hours now.

              That one singular task of belief:

              Jimmy Garoppolo.

              Saviors come in Quarterbacks (I ripped that line off another sports writer Grant, and it might had been Jim Murray, or Ostler when he wrote about sports, so go ahead and use that because I don’t own it). Yet Jimmy Garoppolo can’t save this team as much as Derek Carr can save his. For many years in Bay Area sports, it was all about who owns the team. Giants, Warriors, A’s, Raiders, 49ers, that’s the macro thinking of ANY sports franchise.

              How you measure that?

              In the Win/Loss column.

              You can’t put that on the quarterback, point guard, pitcher, or any one player.

              I’m just saying keep your expectations in check with what little sample size you have.

              1. You can spin it however you want this year is a wash that’s the reality of the 2017 season so next year we will find out more about Garoppolo for sure I’ll give you that so we shall see. With over a 100 mil in cap space and a top 10 pick there’s no reason this team should not be improved in 2018.

                Until then have at it what ever makes feel good, laters.

              2. Here is a number you may, or may not, try to reconcile with yourself:

                In less than three seasons, the 49ers have lost 35 games

                It’s a hard fact to face I can assure. Because you can’t go back, even with a shiny new Jimmy Garoppolo to get into the Delorean and and gigawatt all those losses back to the future that means Garoppolo wins.

                Why? Because even though Garoppolo may look like Superman, he can’t fly around the globe to turn back the clock so he can fix Jed Luthor’s bid to move the 49ers south of the win column.

                The 49ers are on their third head coach, on their umpteenth quarterback, all during that 35 loss run. On a franchise so riddled with problems that would make Tom Brady mortal.

                But at least you have Jimmy Garoppolo.

              3. Yes we know all about the last 3 years we don’t sweep it under the rug like it never happen like Faider fans do with there 15 years of misery before last season.

                Yes those bad THREE years will always be part of our history so go ahead and beat the dead horse and while you do that let me know when the Faiders get that first playoff win after 17 years and counting.

            2. Girl: “I am carrying your child”

              The Truth: “What? We only did it twice!”

              Girl: “Well you will be responsible for our child for 18 years”

              The Truth: “You looked better when I was drunk”

              Enter: Garoppolo

              1. I bet your like a drama queen like a girl that throws a fit because her best friend has the boyfriend that she wants but can’t have lol. Get a life it’s just a fans blog lol

            3. I can not speak for others, but my optimism about this team is not based purely on having JG at QB. It is based on the long term plan laid out by Lynch and Shanahan. Even if JG would not have happened they would have acquired a Qb within the next few years. A Qb does not have the ability to change a bad team into a good one. That is unrealistic, but if JG signs with this team it will yet be another piece that fits into the puzzle of transforming this team into a long term winner.

      2. At least show up for the home games. I know the ticket price is uber expensive for a three win team, but the 49ers do have fans, right

        Must be Seb
        Only he would defend the Kings of blackout Sunday, and think everyone forgot. Bet the seats in Oakland will be empty from here on out. Davis can’t sit to get the hell out of that bandwagon city.
        Now he will have Guido escavido, and the crew, and Pam and Billy the family who is from Ohio that won free tickets at the casino watching his team.
        Floral printed shirts and jeans and tee’s will be the attire worn at raider games.
        Which might be an upgrade from makeup, leather and chains seen now.
        The Raiders are the worst sailers ever!
        Sinking ship year after year… ha ha haaaaa!

    1. Because you don’t create a dynasty like that hack posted after a quarterback who has won two starts with only 1TD to 1INT.

      That’s why.

      I mean, it’s like saying Trevor Siemian is the next John Elway last season.


  23. I’d like to see your first book to be about football. For short stories, I’d go with detective stories. Develop a wisecracking lead character.

    1. I hope you’re not letting yourself be influenced by the fans these Jed York edition desperadoes that your blog is waving around Grant, because I’ve practiced taking shots from these boys before; so we’ll have no trouble there”

      Lowell Spade

  24. Your kidding right?

    The past 3 years, at this point in the season? The train had jumped the tracks, seasons were derailed, fingers were pointed, ppl were embarrassed.

    This year, here in December…there is a renewed sense of optimism, of energy. A new atmosphere. That is COACHING bud, and getting the right players.

    Grant your credibility is shattered

  25. Now let’s talk about Shanahan. If he were a real head coach instead of a glorified offensive coordinator, he would have made sure Saleh used special coverages against Hopkins.

    This comment says it all sadly… Lets just forget the team has surpassed it’s win total of last season and has been playing their guts out all year for that glorified offensive coordinator…. Surely a real HC would have lived up to your 9-7 season prediction with Hoyer and Beathard playing QB. You’ve been a big critic of Shanahan all season but sometimes people just have to admit they’re wrong……

  26. with the 4 – 6 pick in the 2018 NFL Draft the 49ers select

    “Minkah Fitzpatrick (6-1, 203) | DB | Alabama
    Fitzpatrick is the most versatile defensive back in this year’s class. He can play both safety and boundary cornerback. He’s played three years for Nick Saban, widely regarded as one of the best defensive back coaches at any level.

    Fitzpatrick has the size and instincts to succeed in the NFL as a moveable player in a defensive backfield. The 49ers have a strong safety group that has been riddled by injuries this season. Rookie Adrian Colbert started against the Giants and highlighted the depth the safety position has moving forward. Drafting Fitzpatrick would give defensive coordinator Robert Saleh a true shutdown defensive back with the size and athleticism to excel in the 49ers aggressive scheme.”

    1. I agree One. If we finish with the 2nd overall pick and no one wants to trade up, we take Barkley. If we finish in the 4-6 range and still cannot trade out, we take Fitzpatrick. This secondary needs a lock down corner.

    2. My only thing is that Alabama defensive players, because of their system and surrounding talent, tend to struggle in the NFL. We’re really lucky that Foster has lived up to his hype. But lots of them do not.

  27. Why Jimmy earns an A…

    Garoppolo gets his A because he does the two most important things a QB must do:

    1. Win the damn game. Doesn’t matter how pretty, how you got there, how many TDs, or your QB rating – it just matters that your team walked off the field in victory.

    2. Do you make your team – the players around you and coaches – better? Is your OF line better because you get rid of the ball and move in the pocket. Are your receivers better because your throws are quick, accurate and hit them in stride. Is your defense better because you score points and keep the time of possession in your favor. Are the coaches better because you execute plays. Jimmy G makes his team better.

  28. Hilarious everyone jumping all over Grant for not giving Jimmy an A….come on a B+ is pretty good, especially coming from Grant. He calls it as he sees it…everyone has a right to their own opinion.

    Being from So.Cal I’ve only been able to catch the highlights of the last 2 games. The guy looks good to me. His release is ridiculously fast. Still haven’t seen much deep balls thrown. So I wonder what his skillset is there. He was definitely under pressure way more than he was in Chicago and was able to battle through that, I got to give him a lot of credit there. I’m excited for the future, but still trying to keep it all in perspective.

    But if we add some weapons and O-line help in FA and hit on the draft with some key pieces, this team could see a big turnaround next year.

    1. There will always be disagreement on grades, up or down, that’s pretty much a given. Grant is giving the grades, so he gets the debate. My resistance was to the presumptuous snark in a couple of comments, not so much the grade itself. JG started slowly, but he put up some points in 2Q.
      Keep in mind that grading on the fly (right after the game and w/o tape review) is a bit of a horseshoes&hand-grenades endeavor, but I do recognize the precedent has been set and peeps are calling for grades 90:00 after the game.

      1. It all depends on the criteria being used for the grades. I’ve come to basically ignore the grade and look more at what’s being said.

        Yesterday, Grant’s grading criteria for the QB appears to have been QB rating. Unfortunately by using that stat he came to a conclusion that the QB didn’t start playing good until the second half. I disagree, and stated my reasoning in a comment above.

        And even with that, Grant says that the QB improved and in the end says very good.

        As a friend said to me yesterday, right now Da Jimmy G is right next to God for most 49er fans, so anything other than glowing praise is met with criticism. He’s Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Episode 4.

        1. He is the new hope! In Jimmy G we trust.

          I think anytime we see a QB convert more than once on 3rd down and able to lead scoring drives to win games, 49er fans get excited.

          I guess we have not been that spoiled at the QB position for the last decade or so! Like I said earlier, in a losing season, Jimmy G has brought a lot of excitement to what’s been a miserable season.

        2. Garoppolo made some nice throws, but he forced four passes into tight coverage over the middle and he was 0-for-3 in the red zone during his first drive of the third quarter.

          1. “he was 0-for-3 in the red zone during his first drive of the third quarter.”

            Actually he was 2-5. A completion to Kittle and a completion to Goodwin to convert 3rd and 7 from the 17.

            I have no problem with the 3 incompletions at the end. A throw away, a pass defensed and another throw on a broken play that was either going to get caught or go out of bounds.

            Shanahan got a little pass happy on that drive too.

        3. As a friend said to me yesterday, right now Da Jimmy G is right next to God for most 49er fans, so anything other than glowing praise is met with criticism.

          Yes that’s what I was getting at…. if you’re not all in on Jimmy G than you will be torn apart by the 49er fanatics….its just funny to read through the comments.

          Feel a little bad for the Eagles….man they were looking like the chosen ones this year….I think Saints take it this year.

    2. Grant gets grief for his tone not the grades themselves. That’s his style and it brings negative responses. Suggesting a HC doesn’t know something like – defense in this case or his play calling – is a time honored fan tradition but it’s meaningless because fans – in this case Grant – don’t know enough to make those conclusions. Grades are silly to me considering nobody knows for sure what the intent is on a given play or who truly screwed up. A play caller never just calls pass plays over the middle as Grant suggested. They call plays to get a certain look or take advantage of a certain group the defense has on the field. It may be to setup a different play later on. It’s not simply calling plays that don’t work and then changing to something that does. That’s an extremely simplistic take on something that is far from simple.

      1. “Grant gets grief for his tone not the grades themselves.”

        First, I’m glad you’re back rocket.

        Second, I agree. Grant has extremely simplistic takes at times. Similar to his pass plays over the middle take, he was saying the Niners should call deep pass plays earlier this year. Shanahan explained to Grant that you don’t just call plays that say go deep. But that’s just Grant being Grant, and I’ve accepted that.

        But yeah, his tone is bad. A few weeks ago Grant commented about the negative comments directed at him. I said something like it’s his blog and he sets the tone for the discussions. This was the same week that Grant said Shanahan was a so called genius. “So called genius” and now “glorifed offensive coordinator.” Grant is no better than the people that attack him.

        1. “you don’t just call plays that say go deep”

          Except sometimes you do. Just like he did in the first quarter yesterday. Unfortunately the QB made a poor throw and didn’t give his WR much of a chance.

              1. A play may have a deep route(s), and it may be the first read. But coaches don’t say go deep no matter what, unless it’s a hail mary situation. If the deep routes are covered, the QB has the option to check down or throw the ball away. No HC worth their salt is going to say throw deep even if the intended receiver is double or triple covered.

                If Goodwin gets behind his guy and there’s no safety help, then go deep. If you have a Randy Moss type player in an one on one situation, then chuck it to him. If you have a Jimmy Graham type player, then throw a jump ball.

              2. “But coaches don’t say go deep no matter what, unless it’s a hail mary situation.”

                Again. Yes they do.

              3. “Proof”

                My only proof is from experiencing it while playing QB in college and later calling plays as a coach running the same system.


                Ram Falcon Pow 76Z, look Y

                That’s the formation, motion, play action, route being signaled into the QB and relayed in the huddle with the look being the deep shot and changing it to the primary read.

              4. Just because a deep route is the primary read, doesn’t mean the QB is instructed to throw deep no matter what.

                Did you always throw to your primary read? Wait, are you Colin Kaepernick?

              5. Yes when the “look” call was given.

                That’s where we want to go. Take the shot here. It was all based on the situation.

              6. Does your coach still have a job?

                Why did Shanahan say “You just don’t call plays that say go deep or go short.”

              7. Shanahan’s response was a non answer. On the play I just described we had multiple routes and most of the time the play would just be 76z. But based on matchups or situations we’d gone the “look”.

                Every coach at every level has something like that built in using their own verbiage.

              8. And we can do that because as a playcaller I would know if I call this formation and this motion this is how they will respond and where they will be.

                You run some stuff early on to make sure their tendencies hold and then call it as a shot.

                Good times.

              9. I get that about the primary read. But if that read gets knocked off his route or is covered, the QB can look to his second read. He doesn’t have to throw to his primary read.

              10. They also have their “spots” and/or situational football, for those “shot plays”. 1st downs near midfield is where I like to take that deep shot, and especially after a turnover….

              11. If you get a favorable matchup post snap, then hit your deep primary route.

                If your primary route is a quick out and it’s uncovered, hit the primary route.

                The primary read is where they want to go on every play, whether it’s deep, short, or intermediate. Sometimes the defense takes that away, pre-snap or post snap. When the primary read is taken away, the QB doesn’t have to force it to him.

              12. “or situational football,”

                Shanahan was answering a question about his overall game plan, not situational football.

              13. http://smartfootball.com/offense/the-science-of-the-post-going-deep-with-mills

                But like everything in football there’s a science to chucking it deep, and it’s only in the rarest of circumstances that the instruction from the sideline is simply to throw the ball deep, regardless of the consequences.

                Mariucci repeats the West Coast philosophy behind Fox 2 X/Y Hook: hit the tight-end for a quick ten yards, and if he’s not open hit the backside split end (the “X”) on a hook, and otherwise check the ball down — only think about the post if it’s wide open. Mariucci even goes so far as to instruct his quarterbacks to “forget the post” versus certain coverages.

                As a result, while the primary purpose of the play — the Spurrier/Favre aspect — is the deep vertical stretch, if the post is taken away Mills morphs into its West Coast heritage by becoming a horizontal stretch of the underneath coverage.

        2. Thanks #80. I’ll try and contribute more often when I can.

          I’ve said this before many times but it bears repeating: Grant tries too hard to be his Father, and it doesn’t work because he doesn’t have the experience behind him. He was given this gig way too soon and should have been more of beat reporter like the guys here before him. You aren’t given the benefit of the doubt as an opinion columnist unless you have shown a strong understanding of the material and have worked in the industry for a lot of years. Grant was just starting to learn the game when he took over the blog and he’s worked hard, but when you are trying to tell people who have watched the game longer than he’s been alive that this guy doesn’t know what he’s doing or that guy is a terrible player, it doesn’t carry much credibility. Grant is at his best when he’s reporting on stories about the team. The opinion pieces just come off as snark and ignorance.

          1. Welcome back, Rocket. I knew you couldn’t stay away. And thanks for your advice about journalism. I’ll take it with a grain of salt.

            1. You welcomed me back last week, but thanks again. I won’t be around often, but will make it count when I am ;)

              I wasn’t trying to give you journalism advice either. Just making an observation on why you get so many negative comments to your opinion pieces. Whether you agree or not, I’m never going to BS you.

          2. rocket,
            Always glad to see your entries.
            At first you were one of a few voices crying in the wilderness about Grant’ snazzy off the cuff opinions, but as you see, there are more now.

            I do give Grant credit in the fact that although he receives some mild backlash he sticks to his guns. And of course Grant has come to understand the blog game – more controversy and edgy posts means more clicks.

            1. Thanks AES.

              I’ve criticized Grant and I’ve praised Grant. I think the opinion pieces are counterproductive for the reasons given, but it’s his blog and he’s going to do what he wants to do.

  29. I know its only 3 wins and its still a losing season and we wont be in the playoffs, but how good is it to wake up Monday morning and know we finally have a franchise QB and we’ve won 3 of the last 4. We also have a ton of cap space and probably a top 5 pick in every round in the draft next year?

    Love the 49ers!

  30. Funny grant when you said a couple of weeks ago not even Brady could win with this team. Yet garoppolo is winning, with a horrible oline, mediocre WR although the he makes Goodwin look great. You underestimate and under value what he’s doing for this team. Sad.

  31. I tend to stay away from game day and post game blogs because it’s often dominated by trolls and Negative Nancy / Debbie Downer fans. But the mealy-mouthed, damn-with-faint-praise comments here needs some fan input for balance :)

    After two starts I’m now confident to use only two grades for JG’s QB play. They are “H%ll, yeah!” (HY), and “Da&n right he’s got it” (“DRHGI”). JG does not need standard grades. JG transcends grades from Raiders fans (or bandwagon Niners fans for that matter). But if one insists, HY is close to A+, and DRHGI is a solid A!

    So let’s take a quick look at the relevant categories of QB play after two games:

    Pocket Poise: HY. Keeping in mind the overall quality of pass pro, I think the French word is sangfroid. Clowney being blocked by a turnstile who was benched from playing left guard? No sweat. Jimmy will hang in and make the throw before being leveled. I notice that he has learned from Brady how to give up to defender(s) on a sack and reduce chances of getting hurt. This guy has the potential to the most poised Niners QB since Joe Cool.
    Pocket movement: HY. Center routinely susceptible to being pushed back into QB? No problem. Jimmy does 5-step drop faster than Kap abandoned the pocket. Let Kilgore roll on the ground and block the rush. Moves smoothly into the throw whenever pocket holds up. When I heard from JG’s QB guru in his high school years, Christiansen, that he would attend the Bears game and watch JG’s footwork, I made a point to re-watch the Bears game to focus on JG’s feet on my big screen whenever the camera allowed me to do so. Those feet never gets jittery as the clock hits 2 seconds. Overall, footwork is Bradyish smooth.
    Movement outside pocket: HY. Breaks from pocket only when necessary, and then athletic enough to maximize safe yardage. Right handed NFL QBs can roll right and make decent throws. But what separates men from the boys is rolling to the left and throwing on the run, Jimmy glides out of the pocket at a high velocity and throws darts, like his first TD against the Hawks. Glide, Jimmy, glide!
    Arm talent: HY. Jimmy’s arm strength has been a revelation to me after watching those sidearm lasers he threw outside the numbers His touch is very good and will get better with improved chemistry with receivers. The compactness of delivery is a joy to behold. The quick release would elicit a nod of approval from Obi Ben Brady. Makes changes to ball speed mid-throw. Not only is he accurate, he throws a fine spiral with low wobble so that it sticks right into the receivers hands. Throws with very good anticipation and timing (to quote Greg Cossell’s standard refrain).
    Play action: DRHGI. Play action was supposed to be his weak point, but the doubters were wrong. Jimmie knows play action, boot action, etc. and will get better.
    Pre-snap Command: HY. Staley and skill players have been in awe of his command of the huddle. He’s already correcting his teammates lining up wrongly at the LoS. Seems to be very good at pre-snap reads based on a small sample.
    Off-field: HY. Jimmy credits his team mates first. His white lies are all the right lies (like thanking his O line yesterday.) The man is disturbingly and unfairly handsome. He’s got his teammates excited. Lynch better get ready to hand off the Face of the Franchise crown to Prince Aladdin.

    JimmyG fever is sweeping the Bay Area, Raider fan envy is palpable. Could not have asked for a better Holiday Season. My Christmas gift came early on Halloween!

    1. Jeff Deeney‏
      Follow Follow @PFF_Jeff
      Jimmy Garoppolo’s performance was in spite of the fact he was under pressure on 47% of his dropbacks. (NFL avg. 34.6%) #49ers

    2. Good post Mood. People are saying 49ers fan should not get too ahead of themselves as to only look at David Carr who some had thought he arrived as a franchise QB. I still think he is but he hasn’t had any help from his supporting cast and the Raiders defense has been awful. This league has no mercy. look at the terrible luck the Eagles just received with their QB done for the year.

      The best way to keep Jimmy G playing well is to keep adding pieces and building up Shanny’s scheme. There is still lots of work to be done but now with Jimmy G, that rebuild project which was 3 years away, is now down to possibly one with the very likelihood we could contend for a wild card spot next year with the addition of a big bodied WR, Corner, and pass rusher and a LG/Center.

      Even in a losing season, this season with the addition of real QB has been a blessing.

      1. David Carr is a talented, franchise QB. Fans who just scan box score or make judgements based on PFF numbers may miss some nuances. Carr’s problem is his HC doesn’t understand what keeps a modern NFL offense humming, or how to develop a young QB. Bears have the same problem with Fox. Del Rio should be fired for firing his previous OC because ( from what I have heard) of philosophical differences. Defensive-minded HCs in general have problems with creative, aggressive OCs.

        1. +1. The Bears need a quality offensive mind to develop Trubisky. Pat Shurmur would be a good candidate as would Josh McDaniels.

          The Raiders are led by a good defensive coach but he has failed them on that side of the ball as well as changing the offensive coordinator twice now?
          Continuity is everything in the NFL.

  32. Just nice to have a guy who passes the eye test. Grades are meaningless at this stage , they have the QB position nailed down.
    Confidence does wonders for athletes. The 9ers are on their way!

  33. Garoppolo yesterday:

    First 4 possessions – 4-10, 45 yards, 1 int, 14.58 rating

    Final 9 possessions – 16-23, 289 yards, 1 TD, 126.63 rating

    From the 9:05 mark in the 2nd quarter on yesterday he was about as good as any QB in the league.

    These next 2 weeks against teams battling for playoff spots are going to be very interesting.

    1. Jack,
      I think they better get a win next week. if the Rams are still fighting for a playoff spot in the last game I believe that Tenn is their best last chance at a win this year.

  34. Another thing of note from the last 2 weeks, the 49ers have become much more balanced.

    Shanahan had gone very pass happy for a while this season, but these past two games he has pretty much remained committed to the run. They’ve run 139 plays combined, 79 passes to 60 runs.

    I ripped him for his 0-4 red zone performance in Chicago, so he also deserves some praise this week by going 2-3.

      1. on the run/pass ratio thing in last 2 games:
        — is there not a correlation between JG improving our pass game, especially 3rd dn conversions?
        — might not the oppo’s D back off the “box” crowding to react to JG’s short-mid pass game?
        — allowing more run snaps to be tried, and (very moderate) run production results, justifying the rise in run snaps vs. pass?

          1. balanced run/pass selection was the criticism prior to JG starting, yes?
            not arguing about how many total O snaps there are, but now there’s a more even mix of run vs. pass…you state as much…

              1. ok…..so, you don’t accept that our now improved short-mid pass game has opened up opportunities for our run game, such as it is?
                helping KS’s comfort zone for calling more run snaps as the oppo’s D reacts/adjusts to the short-mid pass game?

              2. so then it’s down to KS’ decision making: KS stubbornly refused to call run snaps in the recent games where this criticism appeared– prior to the CHI game….
                then changed his run/pass mix as his adjustment based on study of CHI and HOU D’s?

                I think we’re missing another positive effect of pass game improvement due to JG and what Kyle’s been able to call due to his new QB….
                that effect being making a sub-par run game slightly less sub par…

              3. Jack:

                Isn’t it a universal axiom in football that a good run game opens up the pass and a good pass game opens up the run?

              4. Cubus,

                Yes, and that’s been a strength of Shanahan based offenses which is why his play calling seemed so out of sorts for a while.

              5. Agree tjf and cubus. Against CJ, Hoyer, Kap, and Gabbert, teams would stack the box and force the QB to beat them with their arms. Good strategy, but now we have a QB that can beat teams with his arm. JG will also see less blitzes because he can make you pay.

              6. so…saying the change started after the 2nd ARI game leaves the 2nd SEA game as the indicator of KS’ new found belief in his run game…
                24 out of 64 offensive snaps were runs for 3.5 avg, 40 passes attempted…37.5 % of snaps were runs…
                still think there’s a sync between improved move-chains pass game now w/JG and the increase in run play selection…
                our run game still blows chunks, however…along with our OL…

              7. In the 2nd Seahawks game they were at 28 passes to 23 runs until the final 2 minute drive of the game.

                And it’s not like they are getting improvement from the running game.

                They averaged 3.5 per carry against Seattle, then 3.2 and 3.3 the last two weeks.

              8. don’t agree on run/pass scenario you’re suggesting in 2nd SEA game:
                in the three 4th qtr. 9er possessions:
                –2 run plays (1 false start)
                — 2 qb scrambles
                — 2 sacks
                — 2 punts
                — 18 pass attempts (16 CJ/2 JG)
                — 13 passes completed

              9. Again, being balanced isn’t a 50-50 thing. If you want to point to Seattle 2 as a game in which the play calling wasn’t more balanced I’ll be done with the argument because it’s a waste of time.

              10. yet you found the time to post that the argument, to which you contributed 7 posts to, is now officially a waste of your time….

    1. So far, so good. I simply love Lynch/Shanny’s methodology within their plan, and grateful to Mr. Kraft for honoring the favor Eddie told him he might one day require, for showing him how to run a championship franchise….

    2. I hope your right. I’m sure they will be greatly improved with a year under the belts of all those new starters and with another bumper crop of freshmen. Harbaugh has proven to be an outstanding coach and a blessing for Michigan. Actually I had hoped he would go Michigan when he left Stanford. In hind sight, I’m glad he choose the Niners and made them a top team for a couple of years. Hopefully Shanahan and Lynch can do the same.

      1. He still has to get the ok from the NCAA but if that goes through it’s a major coup for Michigan. They had a really young team this year that will be a lot better next season but adding a QB of this caliber will likely make them a contender for sure.

    3. lol. There are only 11 coaches who are at, or above, .500 against ranked Power Five teams. Harbaugh ain’t one of them. In fact, he’s pretty mediocre though better than Butch Jones and a few other heart-breakers. This year he came into the season 3-5 against ranked opponents. He left it 4-9.

      This year the only Top-25 team they beat was Florida and they were an over-rated joke at #17. Meanwhile they lost (some of them blow-outs) to:

      Michigan State (2nd time in 3 years)
      Ohio State (again)
      Penn State (no surprise there)
      Wisconsin (weakest of the bunch and were blown out)

      Basically, he can only beat the cream puffs. Maryland. Rutgers. Purdue. Air Force. Those kind. And making it tougher the alleged ‘QB Whisperer’ lost his starting QB who transferred out and has a Freshman and Red Shirt Freshman to man the position next year.

      So I have my doubts. He’s got a lot of personality. But… He’s not the sharpest coach out there.

      1. Yeah, they were 4-0, then lost their starting QB and only managed to win 4 more the rest of the way. Despite all of that he’s still coaching on New Years Day for the third consecutive year.

      2. Who gives a sh*t about Harbaugh anymore? I followed him closely and with enthusiasm for 8 years and am grateful to him reviving two moribund programs for which I care. But he’s moved on, and probably cares little about his stepping stone programs.

    4. If he can convince his players they are mighty men and no one has it better than them, they could go places. What does the NCAA say about wearing auto mechanics shirts with their names on patches?

  35. I think Grant is correct about not getting ahead of ourselves re JG. He hasn’t arrived yet. He’s still got work to do to be a very good NFL QB.

    What I will say is I have very much liked what I have seen so far. He hasn’t been perfect, but I didn’t expect a guy making his 3rd and 4th starts to be. He has shown in those starts everything I liked about him and why I thought he could be very good.

    Importantly, he’s not perfect. He’s still very inexperienced. Which is why these starts this year, even in less than ideal circumstances, are so important for him. They will make him a better player next season. That’s what I have liked most about these past two games.

    1. Scooter, it’s not about getting ahead of ourselves. In my opinion, I’m very impressed with what he has to work with. He’s been under the same pressure as our previous 2 this season, he’s played with less talent than our previous 2 this season, and he’s already faced more criticism from posters and fans alike than our previous 2 qb’s this season. You guys are acting like we are saying we are now a super bowl team. When In fact all I’m saying is, for his 1st 2 games with us, he’s been incredible. Shown he’s a leader to these guys. Shown he won’t quit on these guys. And in case the lot hasn’t seen it, the team follows these kinds of actions, because they haven’t given up on him and nobody had quit on this team. Well maybe Bow, but that’s because he wanted playing time. And as the vet he is, he deserved to go elsewhere. Now I’m not speaking for anyone else, but I’m not pumping my brakes because I haven’t built in any expectations, all I can say is, in games 1 and 2 for the 49ers, this man has been an upgrade, and for lack of better word, outstanding..

    2. Scooter: Given your usual care in choosing the right words, I’m surprised you use the word “perfect”. I’ve also noticed the implied use of this word by others in some of their posts. If the criteria is that Jimmy G needs to be perfect, then neither he nor anyone will ever meet that criteria. If you are talking instead about the maximum QB rating which I thinks is something around 158+, then again, he will never consistently reach that mark as no QB ever has. What we want is excellence in playing the position not perfection. May seem like a small point, but, imo, this idea that the guy can never make a mistake (not saying that you are saying this) before he is accepted as our franchise QB is absurd. Agree pretty much with your other comments.

      1. Yeah, I think this is a case of taking the literal definition of perfect vs the contextual meaning of it in this instance. I just meant he hasn’t always made good decisions, there have been some questionable passes and plays, and he hasn’t always shown great poise – for example in his first start there was an article outlining how there were a few instances where he could have stayed calmer in the pocket as the Bears weren’t getting much pressure on him, and doing so would have led to big plays.

        But my point is I think all of this is to be expected from a guy making his 3rd and 4th start. I don’t really care that he’s in his 4th season – he still hasn’t played much and that is really the only way to get a true feel for in-game decision-making. Add to that he has only been on the roster for around 2 months and didn’t have an opportunity to learn the playbook during the offseason, it is very impressive how good he has looked, and so far he has done nothing but strengthen my belief he will be a good QB in time.

        1. I’m not sure I agree with the point made in that article regarding how, at times, Jimmy could have stayed calmer in the pocket as the Bears weren’t getting much pressure on him. From a birds-eye view one can see everything going on around the QB. But no QB has that view on the field. Isn’t it just as likely that Jimmy G’s internal clock told him that he probably needed to move around because there might be guys sneaking up behind him and that’s why he left the pocket. He can’t possibly know where all players are on the field at all times. That internal clock is also probably a function of how good the OL players are and how well the QB knows and TRUSTS them. Imo, Jimmy took the smart route in trying to prevent getting sacked playing behind an OL that at times couldn’t stop an advancing kitten.

          Having said that I’m sure he can improve in this area just like all areas, but in my opinion he’s already pretty good in this area.

            1. Ha! Reminds me of a guy I worked with in a startup company. As you know employees often have to “give” at some point for cash flow purposes (15 years ago that was usually deferment or reduction in salary or maybe accepting company stock in lieu of salary). When we asked this one guy (who made a lot of money) to do that, his response was “Yeah, but YOU GOTTA MAKE ME WHOLE!”.

              Years later I’ve learned to love that response and have used it on occasion with some of my clients. The idea being that I’ll give you this one, but I’ll be expecting something in the future.

  36. I think all passer ratings and grades should be taken with a grain of salt. They are not accurate measures of a quarterbacks performance. It is a measure of both the QB and the rest of the offense. A QB is going to have a poor rating if he never has time to throw, if receivers can’t get open or drop passes. With a great line and great receivers, the rating will go up. As for Jimmy, watching him play is a great revelation. His skill set is outstanding, especially compared to what we are used to. He definitely passes the eye test. With better and more experienced team mates in the future, I expect him to have some pretty good ratings.

    I think Grants attempt to parse the ratings by quarter don’t make sense as there are so many other variables that affect the rating. It’s fine if that’s what he wants to do but to make judgements on these is foolish. Even more foolish is to make judgements on Shanahan. I know we all probably like to second quess play calls but realistically none of us is qualified to make those judgements.

    1. Agree, Jerry. “All things being equal” you can probably compare QB ratings fairly between QBs on different teams and the same QB in different games. But “all things being equal” in football is seldom the case. A QB’s rating is easily affected by the quality of OL play, receivers, the quality of the opposing defense, etc. Still, I recognize that it’s difficult to measure these “unequal” conditions, and QB ratings provide some basis of comparison – but other factors should be considered.

    2. Yeah, Grant should go to Juice-check and give him some of that “advanced stats” that explains that there are some areas where JG is just lousy. Juice will have some advanced states for him a’right.

      “Man, Jimmy’s been everything,” 49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk said. “He’s already a leader on this team. He runs this offense with confidence, and I think guys really believe in him. He keeps us up on the sideline.”
      “We didn’t start the game off great on offense,” Juszczyk said. “We missed some big plays and it would’ve been easy to tank, but Jimmy was right over there talking to us. It never fazed him. He was telling us to keep it up and eventually we’d punch it through.”

      Somebody should go and warn Niners players not to “get ahead of themselves” and be so effusive in praise of JG. I think Grant should be that person. What do you folks think ?!

      1. Har! Randy Cross used to say that they believed Joe could do anything. The last drive of the second Bengals SB one of those finest moments. Trust, faith, belief makes it happen.
        When asked about his 2:00 Drill success, Johnny U. said: ‘It doesn’t matter what play you call in the huddle, just call it like you think it will work and the guys will make it happen.”

      2. I agree. Grant should hang out in the 9er parking lot later this week and catch players as they leave the facility. He could hand out flyers for a ‘don’t get ahead of yourself’ seminar to be held one evening at the Ramada Sunnyvale. Grant has a duty to school the team. If successful, he could then organize seminars for the coaching staff in offensive and defensive play calling, and how to behave as a head coach.

  37. Fair grades overall, even though I disagree with some of your reasoning. And as far as your summation of Jimmy Garoppolo goes, you failed to take into account the bottom line.

    Without Jimmy Garoppolo, the 49ers lose this game and they probably lose last week as well, regardless of how hard Carlos Hyde runs.

    Yes Garoppolo had a slow start. Yes he’s played pretty well against bad teams, but it doesn’t matter. The 49ers are a bad team. And because of Garoppolo they just won back-to-back road games for the first time in 3 years with a golden opportunity to make it 3 in a row.

    Not sure what you expect. It’s not like Garoppolo is ever going to beat Seattle or New England or Pittsburgh. Not this year, not with this surrounding cast. And that’s fine. You have to crawl before you can walk.

  38. sebnynah says:
    December 9, 2017 at 11:35 pm
    Well, its over. Since my cover is blown, I informed my wife, and she insists that I stop blogging.
    She has read some of the hate directed towards me, and fears for her life. Since I love my wife, I will apologize to whomever was offended by my posts, and hope that by my leaving, they will forget me, and my family.

    TomD’s Take: You have multiple accounts and have gone nowhere, ignoramus. The one below is just one of them. Don’t make me point out the others, fool.

    Asus says:
    December 11, 2017 at 11:13 am
    Good job of following up a post with your other identities…

    You’re the multiple identity king of this blog.

    1. I guess that is the other benefit of getting him playing this year. If he continues to play well then there is no reason not to offer him a good sized deal and lock him up long term this offseason. If they didn’t play him you wouldn’t feel comfortable risking that type of investment. If he plays poorly the rest of the year then they can still just choose to franchise him and let next year play out before giving him a long term contract.

      1. Thanks for the update.

        He has really come on. I was very down on this pick when it was made. Glad to be proven wrong and am looking forward to watching him improve.

  39. “Necessity is the mother of invention”
    I guess that was the rationale going into the game with Beadles facing off against Clowney! Yikes! It seems that their defense was to run at him. There is an Old School adage ‘Run at speed, away from power’ but Clowney is both. Leaving Celek 1/1 with him chapped my hide though, and, by the way, didn’t work.
    In the end they survived Clowney and as Jack pointed out stayed with the run. There were a lot of 2 yard runs to the right, but after a while I got the intent, and arguably it worked.
    Game tape on Juice will give the Titans something else to defend against.

  40. WEWANTWINNERS! says:
    December 10, 2017 at 7:09 pm
    Hey Cassie, I’m not Darren, but your father still sucks. Do you take after him? If so HMU.

    December 10, 2017 at 10:01 pm
    Maybe you should write for a blog.

    December 10, 2017 at 9:53 pm
    Well to establish a pattern of front office buffoonery full of backstabbing

    December 10, 2017 at 9:19 pm
    Well then it’s a 3 win locker room that needs to have the toilets unclogged.

    ribico says:
    December 10, 2017 at 7:26 pm
    Nah. He’s just some run of the mill kid goofing on the internet. Like a million others. WWW will keep posting until his mom makes him start with his homework.

    December 10, 2017 at 7:37 pm
    Well I can sure tell you don’t do yours

    Chucky wants to visit you, Seb, he likes the way you still try to get the last word in, and this dialogue with ribico keeps going under your endless multiple account names…Keep it up, I know you

    1. I’m not Seb, but I bet if he or she reads this, they will be amused on how much space they have rented here in everyone’s heads.

      I know why people make fun of 49er fans:

      They are the most gullible fan base in the NFL.

      In a way, they are the new Raider fans. Only worse. Why?

      They don’t show up for games in their shiny new stadium.

      That’s why

          1. Would that be trollop?

            It’s a yin/yang thing. Seb announces his departure (sure…) and someone comes along to fill the void.


            1. Knock knock

              Cassie Baalke: “Who is there?”

              It’s Rich Walcoff from KNBR!

              Cassie Baalke: “Hold on, let me get daddy”

              Trent Baalke: “Hey Rich, what can I do for you?”

              Rich Walcoff: “Krug and I tried to justify why you are still GM with the fans, per Jed. We pretty much made Kevin Lynch forgettable, yet Jed has Maiocco in pocket, and that small bald headed guy Barrows is still holding out due to “journalistic intergrity” lol. Kawakami is toast. We don’t even share our lunch with him during 49er pressers because he only brings a Twinkie for lunch. Jed only allows Lowell in the room for God knows why. His word salad arguments are good for soundbites, because he sounds “East Coast” media, but ain’t. Plus his kid now writes for the same paper lol”.

              Trent Baalke: “You know I got fired, right?”

              Rich Walcoff: “That wasn’t my fault.”

              Trent Baalke: “Look, I’m compiling data from another Scot McGlouhan whiteboard he left behind. It’s charting the value of various Irish whiskey. His old whiteboard worked for me once. This one is helping me even more to help Cassie build a Jimmy Garoppolo Lego 49er land”

              Rich Walcoff: “Are you gonna invite us in? It’s kinda cold for Krug out here. He’s used to the Sacramento weather. His teeth are chattering so hard that his Caribbean slop sounds like Fremont. Wait. He just lost a tooth!”.

              Trent Baalke: “Hold on. That tooth is a first round reach pick out of Boise Community! CASSIE, WE JUST FOUND OUR MISSING PIECE!”

              1. Knock knock

                Grant Cohn: “Hey Dad, you forgot the house keys again?”

                Knock knock

                Grant Cohn: “Hey Dad, you do realize I have deadline to reach”

                Knock knock

                Grant Cohn: “Dad, you’re doing it again!”

                Knock knock

                Lowell Cohn: “DAMMIT GRANT! ANSWER THE DOOR WILL YA?”

                Grant Cohn: “Dad, you are home?”

                Lowell Cohn: “Of course I am home you imbecile! Answer the door! I’m waiting for an old friend!”

                Grant Cohn: “Ok”

                Knock knock


                Knock knock..

                Ralph Barbieri: “Hey Grant, it’s uncle Ralph! Open the freakin’ door, will ya you imbecile!”

  41. http://www.49erswebzone.com/articles/112478-transcript-shanahan-discusses-played-pivotal-roles-49ers-texans/

    Just to be clear, you started cheating coverage towards Hopkins after that first drive of the third quarter?

    “No, we did some times before that. We completed a, we had a two-man look, I think, on the first third and long that they had that they completed, which was a double on Hopkins, but they found a way to get it in there. We cheated a lot more once they went there that many times on one drive.”

    1. I’ll bet NE fans are wondering if Jimmy G wouldn’t be doing better tonight. Sure would be a shame for NE if they let Jimmy go just as Tom is finally hitting the wall (schadenfreude intended).

          1. Garoppolo becomes a free agent at the end of the year. The only way to retain him is via the franchise tag.
            What if he doesn’t want to be here or sign long term?

            1. Prime: This sounds a little like a groom worried the bride is going to jilt him. C’mon man, we’ve turned the corner, happy days are ahead of us fans. They’ll get it worked out.

            2. “What if he doesn’t want to be here or sign long term?”

              Just enjoy the next couple years while the franchise tag him.

              1. Yes, but I think they’ll get a deal done. Working with a guy like KS could do a lot for a QB’s career (Jimmy could do a lot worse). Once the team gets better pieces in place, the sky could be the limit.

                Sounds like you’re finally coming around Hammer.

              2. I guess I must have mistaken you for the guy that had serious doubts about taking a chance on Jimmy G. without a solid deal in place. Didn’t you call out the FO and HC for the perceived high risk of the trade. I knew when the trade was made that there was no deal in place (there wasn’t enough time), but it was a good trade with manageable risk.

              3. I still do, but I’m not going to act like he’ll be gone in the next year or two.

                I think they are mistaken if they’re really happy to use the tag on Garoppolo like Shanahan said today.

              4. If for some reason Jimmy is difficult, then we should be able to get more compensation than we gave up based on his play to date. But I don’t think that will happen. The guy seems genuine to me, and I think he will instruct his representation to take a fair deal. Make no mistake, it will cost us upwards of $20 to $25 million per year, but with the salary cap going up another estimated $10 million this year, it won’t be that bad. Plus, it’s the guaranteed money that counts, right? The niners have plenty of money and can easily afford a front-loaded deal (in fact that would be better than a back-loaded deal given the large amount of current cap space).

                But I do agree with you that they should try to get a deal done and not rely only on the FT. Hopefully, it’s just KS talking because he is inexperienced. I hope the FO will work hard to get a deal done.

              5. If I’m Garoppolo I don’t take anything less than what the 2018 Franchise Tag would be worth on an annual basis. The GM and coach have more than once now said they’re willing to go there anyway.

                So you’re looking at around $28 mil annually.

              6. Carr’s deal averages $25 million per year and Stafford’s is $27 million per year. Jimmy doesn’t have their level of experience, so personally I would resist paying him the franchise tag amount as an average. Guaranteed money for Stafford is expected to exceed $92 million.
                Gulp!! We’ll see how it goes.

              7. “I would resist paying him the franchise tag amount as an average.”

                If I’m Garoppolo and I hear the two guys who traded for me say they’re happy to pay me the franchise tag money why would I settle for less?

                Lynch and Shanahan have set the value with their comments.

                ***yes, partially borrowing from Grant here***

            3. “If I’m Garoppolo I don’t take anything less than what the 2018 Franchise Tag would be worth on an annual basis.”

              “So you’re looking at around $28 mil annually.”


              “The chart below contains an early look at the 2018 franchise tags.”

              “$180 million is being used for the 2018 salary cap. The 7.78 percent increase from the current $167 million figure is consistent with the growth in the salary cap in recent years.”

              Quarterback $23,555,000

              I think 24 to 25 million would be fair for both sides.

              1. “If Garoppolo’s first start is a preview of things to come, a contract significantly more than the four-year, $72 million deal containing $37 million fully guaranteed the Texans gave Brock Osweiler as a free agent in 2016 will be in order. ”

                Five years at $110 million with about $50 to $60 million guaranteed sounds reasonable to me.

              2. Ok, so it’s $23,555,000. Whatever the tag gets set at. That would be my starting point and I would not take anything less.

    1. Sorry, guys for the OT – (so I blame this one on Cubus (above).. but ..
      here’s a deep .. deep.. thought … to ponder …

      who .. in their right mind … who would lay down
      some of their hard-earned ,,,cash … and betting
      that ….on ..this… … night…

      Jay Cutler … (yeah ..THAT Jay Cutler) .. would
      actually beat Brady …?

      I mean … what are the odds …?

      besides … I was just thinkin’….

      Tom really must be feelin’ … extremely …deflated
      right about now …

      (doncha think) .. ??

  42. @#80

    Yet hold on:

    Say you franchise Garoppolo – which to me is the wise thing to do anyway because:

    His value to the 49ers means another franchise would have to give up more if they are willing to bet more of their franchise farm, which could be a total Herschel Walker sort of trade that you could build upon with a slew of draft picks gained – and then you draft a Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen, who either would not have any salary cap implications until they are up for contract

    I think Garoppolo has more value with a franchise tag, and the 49ers can sit on him for at least until the draft.

    He is a UFA. His agent will shop deals for him.

    BTW: I am not trolling here. Just asking what you think about it

    1. It depends on what Shanny thinks. If KS thinks Garoppolo can be a franchise QB before the tag deadline, then extend him. You never know when you’ll get a chance to get a franchise QB. You might not ever get a chance.

      If KS thinks there is a better option than JG, (in the draft or possibly Cousins), then yes, tagging him would be the wise thing to do.

      My personal opinion is that Garoppolo can be a franchise QB, so I would extend as soon as possible. If we waited to extend him until after next year, he tag salary would increase, as would his asking price.

      1. Well Garoppolo aside, say you can get a quarterback in this current draft class. If you had to pick a quarterback out of this draft, which one would you chose?

        BTW I agree with this:

        It depends on what Shanny thinks. If KS thinks Garoppolo can be a franchise QB before the tag deadline, then extend him. You never know when you’ll get a chance to get a franchise QB. You might not ever get a chance.

          1. Yeah, and great choice. Rosen at UCLA covered so many flaws in their football program especially with Jim Moron Jr – who 49er fans are well aware of – and he piled up a ton of yardage on his arm alone there.

            He is also very tough too.

            Garoppolo, or Rosen or Darnold. Me, I take a quarterback out of the draft, shop the hell out of Garoppolo, and get more draft picks, keep your cap number to build within the draft, and see if KS’s system can work . Because if it didn’t, at least you have built a roster that is solvent at least on paper without breaking the bank on one sole UFA.

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