49ers 27, Chiefs 17: Grades

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) looks to throw during the first half of an NFL preseason football game against the Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas City, Mo., Saturday, Aug. 24, 2019. (AP Photo/Ed Zurga)

Here’s who stood out during the 49ers 27-17 preseason victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.


  1. QB Jimmy Garoppolo. Showed he’s ready to start the regular season opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Played with confidence and threw no interceptions. Some of Garoppolo’s throws were slightly behind his receivers, but he completed 14 of 20 passes and mostly made good decisions. His only bad decision came near the end of the first half when the 49ers had the ball at the Chiefs’ 19-yard line facing second-and-three. Garoppolo lined up in the shotgun, received the snap, dropped back, stared down Dante Pettis, who was triple covered, and threw the ball to him anyway. Garoppolo was lucky the Chiefs just broke up the pass and didn’t pick it off. He never should throw into triple coverage, especially if he’s throwing to Pettis, because Pettis won’t make a contested catch. If Garoppolo didn’t know that before, he should now. He’s learning.
  2. HC Kyle Shanahan. Set up Garoppolo for success and helped him regain his confidence. Called six play-action passes for Garoppolo after calling none for him against the Broncos. Also called just one empty formation after calling three last Monday night. Shanahan seemed to send Garoppolo a message the past couple weeks by repeatedly putting him in difficult situations. The message was clear: “You’re not as good as you think you are, Jimmy. You haven’t arrived. Listen to me, your coach.” Jimmy seems to have gotten the message. Good him and good for Shanahan.
  3. WR Deebo Samuel. Played with the starters and caught two passes from Garoppolo – a six-yarder and a 21-yarder. Samuel is fast and he loves violence. He is the best receiver on the 49ers right now and should start Week 1. Let’s not mess around.
  4. WR Richie James Jr. Arguably the second-best wide receiver on the 49ers. Led the team with four catches for 66 yards. James is a threat to go deep and to run with the ball after the catch, and he’s tough and fearless. He almost certainly will make the team and play in the games.
  5. RB Matt Breida. Averaged 6.3 yards per carry and made a diving 20-yard touchdown catch. Breida is unquestionably the best running back on the 49ers, but he’s small and brittle. He needs quality backups to keep him fresh and healthy.
  6. RB Jeff Wilson Jr. A quality backup, and the most powerful runner on the 49ers. Wilson Jr. scored two touchdown runs, including one from seven yards out. If the 49ers cut Wilson Jr., another team almost certainly will sign him, which means the 49ers should find a way to keep him. What a shame if they were to cut him and keep C.J. Beathard instead.
  7. TE Ross Dwelley. Dropped his first two targets, but bounced back and caught two passes from Garoppolo, including a 23-yarder. Good to see a young player with very little experience overcome a couple bad plays. Dwelley is the second-best receiving tight end on the 49ers after George Kittle, who missed the game with a mysterious calf injury.
  8. DE Arik Armstead. Recorded half of a sack during the first half. Armstead is in his prime, in fantastic shape and in a contract year. We should see his best.
  9. DE Damontre Moore. Recorded two sacks. Already a better NFL pass rusher than Solomon Thomas.


  1. WR Dante Pettis. Played in the fourth quarter of a preseason game, which means he may not start or even make the final roster. Pettis has not been one of the 49ers’ six best wide receivers since camp started – he has consistently struggled. And he doesn’t seem interested in returning punts anymore. He makes fair catches even when he has space to run. The 49ers should trade Pettis while he still has trade value. He is not one of their 53-best players.
  2. RB Tevin Coleman. Averaged 2.1 yards per carry and two yards per catch. Seemed to hesitate before he hit the holes and didn’t generate yards after contact. This is how he played during training camp, too. Good thing the 49ers have Breida.
  3. LT Joe Staley. Gave up his second sack of the preseason – this time to Frank Clark. Staley is beginning to look old. Maybe the 49ers shouldn’t have extended his contract this offseason.
  4. DE Solomon Thomas. Made no impact.
  5. CB Richard Sherman. Gave up two catches for 25 yards. Seemed slower than last season.
  6. CB Ahkello Witherspoon. Gave up two catches for 19 yards. Seemed exactly the same as last season, which is not so good. The 49ers will need Nick Bosa and Dee Ford to make Witherspoon look better.

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    1. He looks bad.
      Watch the first series the first pass to him.
      He looks awkward
      He looks gimpy going in motion before the snap and coming out as the play develops.
      He half assed the catch attempt.
      Bourne and James look more ready.
      Grant is not lying to you. Use your eyes.
      Thomas same thing. Both will be out of NFL in 3 years-both the worst 2 picks of this regime along with Beathard and Foster.
      Kittle and Brieda are the only truly solid starting players from the first draft.

      1. Kittle and Brieda are the only truly solid starting players from the first draft.

        ~ You forgot DJ Jones, he’s a solid starting NT, depending on the base front
        ~ The jury is still out on just how good Witherspoon can be, but he’s flashed and he is the starting CB opposite Sherms

          1. No sebnynah, DJ Jones was a 2017 6th round pick. He was the 8th pick of the Lynch / Shanahan era, and he came out of Ole’ Miss.

            Overall, an average draft class with both highs and lows –

            ~ Solomon Thomas: An undersized interior DL who should never have been picked top 10
            ~ Reuben Foster: I was OK with this pick as he was/is ultra talented, and had no history of domestic violence. Unfortunately, we now know the rest of the story, and it isn’t pretty
            ~ Ahkello Witherspoon: The jury is still out, but he’s certainly flashed starting potential
            ~ CJ Beathard: Gritty QB, but I had a 5th round grade on him, so I think he was drafted too early
            ~ Joe Williams: A fantastic fit for Kyle’s outside-zone, who unfortunately had lost his passion for the game
            ~ George Kittle: The steal of the entire NFL draft. Fast, athletic TE who is incredibly gifted as a blocker, and pass catcher. His RAC ability is simply off the fricken charts!
            ~ Trent Taylor: When healthy, he’s a prolific chain-moving slot receiver
            ~ DJ Jones: A prototype NT fit for the 49ers defensive scheme
            ~ Pita Taumoepenu: An undersized DE, making him a fairly poor fit for the 49ers defensive scheme
            ~ Adrian Colbert: Initially appeared to be another draft steal who has unfortunately failed to develop consistency, although his best days may still be ahead of him

      1. Yah, well he has talent as a WR, but it would be hard to trade a 2nd round pick, when he plays passively, which is absolutely unacceptable for a WR who goes 6’1″ on a tall day, and weighs less than 200 LBS soaking wet. You can’t cut Pettis yet either, but you can sit him at the end of the bench, and hope it lights a fire under him.

    2. Pettis is really good at getting open. He drops too many still but everyone is hoping that can improve. He didn’t get the opportunity to catch some that would have got attention and upped his stats in that last game. He Probably won’t ever be tops at contested balls but probably that will improve also, if it hasn’t improved there already (Jimmy G didn’t get picked with Dante in triple coverage). This is only the start of the year and he is not a veteran. Shanahan appears to be doing well with Garrapalo, so we are hoping his “hard on receivers” strategy pays off. I think he could be pretty good. But really needs to get better hands, for sure.

  1. A corner “giving up” catches … if corners never gave up catches there would be no football. That’s Patrick Mahomes and arguably the best offense in football. If giving up zero passes is an A and each pass completed removes a letter grade, that’s pretty tough grading. Giving up two passes is not much in the NFL. Or is there something I don’t know.

    1. Witherspoon was one of the worst corners in the nfl last year. Open your eyes and watch a few 49er games. Mahomes was 8-10 moved the ball at ease scores 10 points in 2 series. If he played the entire game KC would of dropped 40 on this Defense. Tart Witherspoon need replaced in the backend. And if jimmy ward starts over Moore at free safety I pray our d coordinator Saleh gets fired….

      1. Oh please, our best defensive players were not even dressed, Mahomes had 1 decent drive against a hybrid 2nd string defense in preseason.

  2. Uh Grant,

    Jimmy G. was 14 of 20 passing tonight, not 10 of 15. Stop with the Pettis bashing already – they are not going to cut him as he too talented.

    1. Pettis deserves it, he looked bad.
      Watch the first series the first pass to him.
      He looks awkward
      He looks gimpy going in motion before the snap and coming out as the play develops.
      He half assed the catch attempt.
      Bourne and James look more ready.
      Grant is not lying to you. Use your eyes.

      1. Copying and pasting from your first reply in the same thread? Does that mean you have nothing new to say? Then why repeat yourself? It’s a sign of mental laziness.

  3. Doesn’t committing only 4 penalties for 25 yards (Chiefs committed 6 for 61) deserve a mention, especially since you’ve railed on their excessive penalties all preseason?

    Speaking of the preseason – “Staley is beginning to look old. Maybe the 49ers shouldn’t have extended his contract this offseason.” It’s the preseason Grant, and Joe Staley deserves much more respect than this, IMO.

    Richie James Jr. – “Arguably the second-best wide receiver on the 49ers.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t you call James “just a guy”, earlier this offseason?

    And then there is – “What a shame if they were to cut him (Jeff Wilson) and keep C.J. Beathard instead.” That’s silly Grant. Jeff Wilson is a backup RB, and backup RB’s are a dime a dozen. Mostert has been just as impressive, and he’s a better backup RB because he brings more value on special teams. On the other hand, QB’s are far harder to come by, and a backup QB will always have more value than a backup RB, so I certainly wouldn’t call it a “shame” to lose Wilson in order to keep 3 QB’s, even though I like what Wilson brings to the table. I’d take what Kyle says with a grain of salt though, as I suspect Kyle is likely trying to drum up value and sow the seeds of a possible trade of one of his backup QB’s, if they can find a partner.

      1. Yah, we’ll see Jay. I wouldn’t be shocked if they do end up waiving McKinnon, but they certainly aren’t there yet.

        On a different note: Dante Pettis continues to disappoint me. NFL WR’s need to play aggressively, especially at his size. Pettis plays too passively, and Jimmy’s going to lose confidence in his ability to make contested catches, if he hasn’t already. For instance, take a look at my guy – Richie James Jr. He’s even smaller than Pettis, but he plays much bigger, and more aggressively.

        1. Maybe, but Richie James is not nearly as elusive as Pettis. Pettis is an all-around awesome guy, and a sure roster lock. Guaranteed.

  4. Grant,
    I like Pettis, but he has yet to show any big play ability.

    We drafted him because of his quick break off the LOS and his college best ST return ability.
    But Richie is out doing Pettis in both of these areas so far.

    Pettis needs a breakout preseason game in the next two weeks.
    I don’t see him being cut, but if he continues to struggle he will likely be a backup WR.

    Staley doesn’t seem to have the quick laterall movement the made him a top Olinemen in the league. Hope he can find his way soon because he protects JG’ blindside.

    Aside from a few wrinkles the team (especially JG) looked well enough to win tonight.
    Mullens is the hands down backup QB.

    1. ” I like pettis, but he has yet to show any big play ability”
      wasn’t his first catch last year like a 50+ yard td??!!
      pretty sure he had another one at the end of the year too!!!!!

      if that’s not a glimpse of big play ability…..idk what is!

      1. Geep, Sleb has a one-sided bromance with Grant after Paul had hallucinations that he was being stalked. His real name is Paul and he revealed his full name in one of his delusional moments and then blamed it on his wife. (what a guy). Grant calmed him down and now Paul is eternally submissive to Grant.
        Paul also prides himself that he never calls anyone names!
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            1. That wouldn’t be alliteration though. Alliteration requires the words to start with the same letter, F is not D. On another note, why do you care about Sebbie’s real name? Here, in this community, he’s Sebbie. It’s really sad dude.

            2. ~Funny how the grammar police always shoots themselves in the mouth (I know it’s foot, but in this case I’m using a poetic license). I know what an alliteration is and I was referring to Paul’s use of such. (did you see it) I made the correction to his use of the wrong but similar sounding adjective. I also used 3 XXX (as in X rated) to his incorrect use of 2 XX.

              ~I use his real name because Paul Ogasawara is always calling people names. Calling him by his real name is the biggest swear word I can think of.

              ~Renas if you need more explanation for a simple post, let me know.

            3. Yes you can dox, but if you do it to harass and intimidate, it becomes another matter.
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    1. Well, it’s hard to judge the first team defense when they are missing their top 2 pass rushers. Mahomes / Hill is the best QB/WR tandem in the league, IMO, and if you can’t pressure Mahomes, your not going to stop that offense. The good news is that the Niners won’t see them during the season, unless they meet in the Super Bowl.

  5. Another big positive is the overall depth of he team.
    Winning 3 games in a row is also huge. The Niners are building that winning culture.

      1. Au contraire, winning is contagious, and it is a good way to build momentum towards the regular season.
        Like JL says, this team has the best depth in years. That is a good thing.

        These 53 cuts will be painful, but many Niners will go to other teams.
        If the Niners cut Bourne, I fully expect Seattle to pick him up, since they have WR problems. I was going to say Miami would select him, but right now, I think they are tanking for Tua.

        1. Beating KC in both halves was big, Garoppolo needed the comeback there, the first string won, the reserves won. Winning is important for team chemistry…

          1. Also, learning how to finish games is important. The coaching improved. Game management has improved. They prepared the team properly, and thoroughly enough to reduce the penalties.
            Glad they are building that winning mindset.

            1. There is a well known saying in the east bay after every winning pre season.
              Raiders are going to the super bowl.

              How has that worked out 🤣

              1. Frankly, I do not give a damn. ;p
                I did not even waste my time watching hard knocks.
                Raiders are fleeing, and the Niners will reign supreme over Northern California.

        2. Unfortunately, there is no correlation between preseason record, and the regular season. You always want to win games, but we’ve seen over the decades that there is no direct correlation between winning in the preseason, and carrying it over to the regular season. The good news is that Garoppolo looks like he’s rounding into form, and the Niners appear to have a favorable matchup VS the Bucs to open the season, so they have a good chance to get off to a winning start, and that does matter.

            1. Great example Oneniner!

              Case in point: Astonishingly, the Baltimore Ravens have won 16 straight preseason games, going all the way back to 2016. Yet during that same span, they are merely 3 games over .500 collectively, during the regular season.

              Here’s another: The Patriots were a Gostkowski – 45 yard field goal ( with .02 left in regulation) away from losing all 4 of their preseason games back in 2016, yet they won 13 of 16 regular season games that year, in route to yet another Super Bowl berth.

              And another: The Raiders went 3-1 during the last year’s preseason, and they held the Packers to 6 points during the 3rd preseason game, yet the Raiders went on to lose 10 of their first 12 regular season games, while finishing dead last in points allowed, giving up an NFL worst 29.2 points per game. The Raiders are yet to lose a preseason game this season, yet my spidey sense tells me that, just as it proved to be last season, the Raiders 2019 preseason success is nothing more than fool’s gold, and I’d be willing to put money on that.

        3. for the record, I, the real J…….do not like you sebpaul! the fake J, the one who stuck up for you…..is trying to steal my identity!!! grant, how is this possible!?? Busch league blog right here!

          I have no issue with Jay……different spelling is enough distinction for me!

        4. The players know winning in the preseason has little value and doesn’t guarantee to win in the regular season. It’s valuable in selecting players but not in determining if the team will be a winnnig one.

          The (preseason) best of those champions, the 2013 Seattle Seahawks, are one of 27 teams to run the table in preseason over the last 14 years. But that is where it gets a little strange. Of those preseason perfectionists, not much went right afterwards. The 27 flawless teams went on to a combined record of 198-235. Collectively, they performed 23 games worse than those same teams in the previous season.

          That’s why, in NFL land, most people will tell you not to pay too much attention to preseason. Or, at the very least, don’t place too much stock in the results, no matter what you do


  6. Love these…

    Samuel is fast and he loves violence. I’m thinking Sebbie will be greatly offended with that assertion–not that it matters…

    [Coleman] Seemed to hesitate before he hit the wholes I’d say most everyone would hesitate, no?

    Decent game nonetheless.

    1. Grant was just trolling me. ;p
      I also liked he mentioned KS putting JG in positions to succeed. I wonder where he heard of that before?

    2. NFL is NOT the forum to sustain one’s love of violence. I saw the hit across the middle…it looked like he gave up 75 pounds. Andrew Luck was nobrainer badass MVP hof etc. Now he’s a 29 year old civil servant thanks to loving violence.

    1. Maybe you should write his column or maybe instead of being a one-note-wonder, write your own blog. You’ve got the requisite smarm and a certain obeisance that could play well; a salty pro-Niners blog. But you won’t. Or can’t. You’d rather use Grant’s platform to endlessly post about him or Seb and run your own little angst engine, using them as your fuel. It’s exploitation masquerading as some kind of vigilant conscience. You’re not the anti-voice and based on some of your posts, one would think you might be self-aware enough to realize it, but you aren’t. If it’s that personal that you have to rip Grant because he didn’t write a glowing review about the punter (your fake fetish) you’ve got some serious issues. On second thought, maybe you should stay here. Lord knows what you’d be capable of without this blog to take a daily dump in.

      1. Still working on your truck? I had a ’70 Ford F-100 with the 360 V8 many, many years ago. Always messing with carb adjustments and the points.

    1. Maybe a repeat of 2011? A playoff caliber Colts team loses their starting QB, proceed to tank the regular season, end up with the #1 pick and their next franchise QB. Tua, say hello to Lucas Oil.

    2. Yes….he prob has enough money to do whatever he wants as well……Didn’t know Kittle was in the furniture business???? LOL

  7. Yeah throwing to Pettis into triple coverage was a poor decision. Jimmy G played much better but he still has a ways to go. I felt like he still isn’t setting his feet and he’s late on some of his reads. He’ll continue to get better.

    Not sure why you hv Armstead in the Good category. I thought he played poorly. Got stoned by TEs a couple of times. D Moore is better than Armstead.

    I am not a big fan of Tartt. He is good vs the run but he’s a liability in coverage. I think T Moore is better rt now.

    Glad to see J Ward play fairly well. The guy has been through so much. I’m rooting for him to be able to finish the season.

      1. Perhaps Garoppolo was sending the same message to Pettis that Grant supposes Shanny is sending to JG. Put him in a “difficult situation”. Make the damn catch, will ya

    1. Yes Ribico…they actually looked like a cohesive team…

      the only bad play was the throw to Pettis the rest of the game had a flow…way to go Frisco

  8. RB Tevin Coleman. Averaged 2.1 yards per carry and two yards per catch. Seemed to hesitate before he hit the wholes…

    Does that mean Tevin hit only the halves?

    A spell checker does not a copyeditor make.

  9. Partial snap count tally…

    Jennifer Lee Chan

    Interesting snap count totals for #49ers #SFvsKC
    T Daniel Brunskill led the team with 43 snaps of 68.
    WR Deebo Samuel came in second with 42

    Remaining WR totals:

    Pettis 37
    Bourne 36
    Matthews 22
    James 15
    Goodwin 12
    Henry 5
    Hurd DNP

  10. Thomas must go. Trade Thomas. I know it is easy to say and not many takers but we are getting ready to cut a player the has more talent and drive than he has right now. We are loaded with young talent and we are about to make a mistake cutting J. Taylor, Moore or Givens all have more upside. Bite the bullet and i’m sure we could get a 6 or 7 rounder.
    Admit your mistake and do not compound it by holding onto this bum…

      1. Montanaoveryoung

        I agree completely with your post…Thomas should be good if not excellent ‘trade-bait’…find a trade partner…

    1. They can’t waive him.. Who else other then Sherman can shadow a receiver and turn his head before the ball arrives? None of them can.. Spoon is not good but he is still in the mix..

      1. Moseley thats who.I was a staunch supporter of Witherspoon but not anymore ,his short area quickness is non exsistent .Niners should see if the Vikings are willing to deal Trae Waynes or Holton Hill.

  11. I thought this was the most complete preseason game of the Shanahan era. Few mistakes, very good defense less the TD pass snafu vs the best Offense in the NFL, multiple excellent efforts from individual players, good game management by Shanny and good play calling. The Forty Niners showed their depth when the starters came off the field, dominating KC in the second half. This is a good football team, pieces in place and a coaching staff that looks like they’ve turned the corner. They look 2-0 to me going into their home opener. But they’re still young going on the road. They need to show they can repeat what they did last night every Sunday..

    Lots of decisions coming soon but I would say in general I would think twice before cutting a younger developing player over a Free Agent name or injured player.

    1. Lol.I don’t know what game you were watching.The 9ers back end of the Defensive roster played well but they’re inability to get off the field on 3rd downs is still omnipresent.I’ve already bet the Bucs as a pick em .Easy money bud.Vea and Suh are going to make short work of the 9ers crappy interior on the O-Line.I admire your optimism and i usually having nothing but disdain for Grant and his pessimistic view points but now i’m beginning to see the light.

      1. Hah, well, you know what they say – A fool and his money are soon parted.

        The Niners have struggled on the road, especially on the east coast, no question about that. However, the Buccaneers have problems all over their roster. Their offense is one dimensional, so they match up poorly vs the Niners defense. On defense, Suh is a downgrade from G. McCoy. Their 1st round pick is athletic, but he needs time to develop as an starting ILB. The Niners will score points, and control the clock. The Bucs gave up 29 points per game last year (ranked 2nd to last in the NFL), and their defense is 1-22 when giving up 26 or more points over the past three years. The Bucs have an entirely new coaching staff – new HC, Ass-HC, OC & DC, which usually equates to a slow start.

        The smart money is on the Niners, giving up the points, IMO.

  12. One take on the game is that the Niners played Denver in Denver on Monday night then played the Chiefs at Arrowhead on Sat evening and performed reasonable well. Pre season or not that’s a difficult thing to do.

  13. Which promising prospect is going to get cut so Lil Shanny can continue to protect his ego and legacy by not cutting CJ.

    1. He’s your solution…

      Grant Cohn

      How much would the Colts give the 49ers for Jimmy Garoppolo in a trade?

      1. I just replied to that tweet.

        “How much would they give up for a quarterback that was acquired for a second, hasn’t played in a year after injury and still displays a penchant for throwing to the wrong team? I’d say a conditional 4th rounder that could become a second.”

        1. And just love this…

          B… O……

          Here’s how I see the two QB’s fairing tonight:
          Beathard will be 9/17 for 64 yards, 0td 1Int
          Mullens will be 11/16 114 yards 2td, 0Int

          1. Yea tell me about it. The only saving grace is that my middle initial is R.

            My prediction for Mullens was almost perfect.

            1. Almost perfect? You mean minus the small detail of 2 TD passes, which equates to about +40 points in passer rating? lol

              The love for Mullens seems a little – misguided, don’t you think, CfC? What exactly has Mullens done to warrant such praise? He isn’t particularly athletic, and his arm talent is NFL average at best. He also loses almost 2 games for every 1 he wins. That’s hardly ground breaking stuff, CfC. Mullens has a chance to be a trusty backup, which is great and all, but hardly worth getting very excited about, IMO.

              1. “He isn’t particularly athletic, and his arm talent is NFL average at best”

                Yet somehow his numbers are almost equal to Garoppolo’s.

                “He also loses almost 2 games for every 1 he wins.”

                It’s funny that you point to this considering how Garoppolo lost 2 games to 1 win last season.

              2. “He isn’t particularly athletic, and his arm talent is NFL average at best”

                Yet somehow his numbers are almost equal to Garoppolo’s.

                “He also loses almost 2 games for every 1 he wins.”

                It’s funny that you point to this considering how Garoppolo lost 2 games to 1 win last season.

                So what you’re saying is that all the Niners QBs suck, or that their ceilings are mediocre at best (ergo, barely starting material). Okay, got it.

              3. Yet somehow his numbers are almost equal to Garoppolo’s.

                Actually, that’s only true if you ignore Jimmy’s statistics during his first 5 starts in 2017. If you take the totality of Garoppolo’s statistics as the 49ers starting QB, which would have to include his 5 starts in 2017, Jimmy has a substantial edge over Mullens statistically.

                It’s funny that you point to this considering how Garoppolo lost 2 games to 1 win last season.

                Actually, Garoppolo was officially 1W-1L with 1 Undecided, last season. Of course, it only makes sense to include all of Garooplo’s starts as a 49er. Garoppolo is officially 6W-1L with 1 Undecided, as compared to Mullens’ 3W-5L record. Even though there is a high likelihood that the 49ers would have lost that game even if Jimmy hadn’t left the game in the 4th QTR, it’s far from a certainty. There were still 6:00 left in regulation prior to Jimmy’s injury, and he was driving for a potential TD, which would have cut the Chiefs lead to one possession. A one possession game with nearly 6:00 minutes left, is hardly insurmountable. Therefore, Jimmy’s 3rd start in 2018 would have to officially go down as undecided, which it does (officially).

                More importantly though, you have to look at the quality of Garoppolo’s victories VS Mullens, as well as strength of schedule, if you’re going to be objective. In terms of strength of schedule, every game Mullens won last year was VS a team with a bottom 5 Total defense, with the exception of the Broncos, which finished the season ranked 16th in total defense. Additionally, in terms of quality wins, Mullens never beat a playoff caliber team, while Garoppolo beat 3 teams who went on to make the postseason. Garoppolo’s lone loss was on the road week one, VS a top 5 defense. Garoppolo was playing behind a makeshift OL during that game, the 49ers having lost both their first and second string RG, and were forced to move the rookie RT, making his first NFL start, inside to RG for the entire second half. Mullens faced no such adversity.

                So I’m sorry to burst your bubble Jack, but no, these 2 QB’s have not been playing anywhere close to the same level as starters, when all of these important factors are taken into account.

              4. I’m really not trying to come across like I am bashing Mullens, because that’s not my intention. I like the kid, and I respect what he’s accomplished so far. I think he has the makings of a very reliable backup QB, and that’s important. Do I think Mullens gives the 49ers the same chance at winning games that Garoppolo does? No I don’t, and looking at their numbers/results VS level of competition, clearly confirms my opinion.

                Statistics should never be viewed in a vacuum, Jack, and unfortunately, this kind of lazy QB evaluation happens far too often. Obviously, if you look no further than the raw statistics without context, it’s easy to come away thinking that Mullens has at least come close to playing at the same level as Garoppolo during their respective starts. Of course, we know that in order to make an objective QB evaluation, you can’t look at the statistics in a vacuum, rather you have to consider the quality of opponent each starting QB has matched up against, and the results of those match-ups. And when you do that, and realize that Garoppolo has faced much stiffer competition, and with far better results, it becomes crystal clear that Jimmy G. has been the superior starting QB for the 49ers. When you look at all of their starts with the 49ers, not only does Jimmy have better numbers, he’s also put up superior numbers VS much stiffer competition. Most importantly of all, Jimmy wins games at a much, much higher rate than Nick, despite facing better teams, with better defenses.

                Case closed, for now.

              5. Sorry to drop the mic on you like this, but what exactly is your deal Jack? The thing is, you seem like a knowledgeable guy when it comes to football. Surely you understand there is a big difference between lighting up the 2018 Raiders’ defense, as opposed to lighting up the 2017 Jaguars’ defense, so why are acting oblivious to these factors?

                With your level of expertise, Jack, choosing to ignore the obvious, while showing a clear bias, certainly begs the question: do you simply love you some Nick Mullens, or do you is it that you simply dislike Jimmy G? Or, could it be that you desire to see Kyle’s 49ers fall flat on their faces? Something just doesn’t smell right to me. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, I can only assume it is a duck, you know what I am saying?

              6. The love for Mullens? What love? You mean because I thought he’d play better than CJ? That’s not love, that’s common sense. CJ is terrible and Mullens is a quality back up QB that may or may not have the potential to be a starter.

                Me thinks you just like to argue.

              7. The Niners are fortunate. Both Mullens and JG have shown that they can lead the Niners to victory. CJB, with his 1-9 record, not so much.
                The Niners are in a good situation. They used to have no starting QB, and no backup. Now they have both. Hopefully, JG will stay healthy all year, but if something unfortunate happens, the Niners have a good contingency plan.
                It really does not matter which QB is superior, just as long as the one who starts can lead the Niners to win games. KS and JL will determine who starts, and I will root for either of them.

              8. Grant Cohn: How much would the Colts give the 49ers for Jimmy Garoppolo in a trade?

                CfC: “How much would they give up for a quarterback that was acquired for a second, hasn’t played in a year after injury and still displays a penchant for throwing to the wrong team? I’d say a conditional 4th rounder that could become a second.”

                I just don’t understand why you are disparaging Garoopollo’s worth when all he does is win almost every game that he’s started, while beating some very good teams in the process. Instead, you’re touting Mullens, a QB who has a 3-5 record as a starter for the very same team. An undrafted QB who, BTW, has never won a road game. In fact, Mullens has only ever beaten 1 good team, while losing to teams like the 1-7 Giants (who finished the season @ 5-11) and the 3-7 Bucs. (who also finished 2018 @ 5-11). Meanwhile, as I said, all Jimmy does is win for the most part. Unlike Mullens, Jimmy actually has a very impressive 6-1 record with 1 Undecided (officially), and who’s lone loss came on the road week 1, VS the 3rd best defense in the league. And unlike Mullens, Garoppolo has won on the road, and has beaten more than 1 good team. He beat the Bears (who were ranked 7th in Pass Defense and 10th in Total defense) on the road. The red-hot Jaguars (who were ranked 1st in Pass Defense, and 2nd in Total defense), who were coming in riding a 7-1 record over their last 8 starts, and fighting for a favorable playoff seed. And a postseason bound Titans team (ranked 13th in Total Defense) who were riding a 6-2 record over their last 8 games, and fighting for a favorable playoff seed.

                Mullens victories came against who, besides squeaking past the Seahawks? The Raiders – a team who was ranked next to dead last defensively. The Broncos – a team with Case Keenum at QB, who posted a horrendous box score of 24 of 42 for 186 yards, and 4.1 yards per attempt VS a Niners team who were without a viable pass rush?

                Now do you get what I am saying, CfC? You insult the talented, highly drafted QB, who has already proven he can carry a team (took a 1-10 team and won all 5 of his starts), and who wins many more games than he loses, and yet you tout the undrafted QB, who admittedly doesn’t make a lot of mistakes, but also has shown he can’t really carry a team, and who also happens to lose many more games than he wins.

                That, CfC, makes absolutely no sense to me.

              9. “Jimmy has a substantial edge over Mullens statistically.”


                Garoppolo, 173-267, 2278, 12-8 94.1

                Mullens, 176-274, 2277, 13-10 90.8

              10. Jimmy Garoppolo – 8 starts vs .670 strength of schedule : 94.1 Passer Rating, 68.6 QBR
                Nick Mullens – 8 starts vs .341 strength of schedule : 90.8 Passer Rating, 51.7 QBR

                A substantial statistical edge to Garoppolo!

              11. Jimmy Garoppolo – 8 starts, strength of schedule .670: 94.1 Passer Rating, 68.6 QBR
                Nick Mullens – 8 starts, strength of schedule .341: 90.8 Passer Rating, 51.7 QBR

                Jack, did you forget what you were arguing for in that other thread? You know, QBs racking up the win total by taking advantage of better D against inferior teams? Or does that only apply to Garoppolo?

              12. Your SOS doesn’t account for the Rams playing backups, Jacksonville being bad in West Coast road games or Tennessee making its second trip out West in as many weeks.

                The two best opponents faced in that stretch also lost to Blaine Gabbert. LMAO!! WooHoo!!

              13. Jack, that’s fine, toss out the Rams game and Jimmy has still faced a much tougher strength of schedule.

                And I hope we can agree that any formula for grading a QB, has to include the quality of the opponent faced? BTW, take a look at the disparity in defensive rankings, and it’s even more lopsided towards Jimmy.

              14. “take a look at the disparity in defensive rankings, and it’s even more lopsided towards Jimmy.”

                Meh. Take a look at what Gabbert did at home against Jacksonville a few weeks earlier compared to Garoppolo. Not much different.

        2. LOL

          Man, you and Hammer are palpable with disappointment JG didn’t embarrass himself last night, aren’t you? At least allie has the conviction of outwardly doubling down her hostility towards JG. You and Hammer just take sideways swipes.

          1. WTF are you talking about?Garoppolo played good last night and that is what I wrote in the live blog. It was good to see the offense get into rhythm.

            Are you too dumb to realize that playing against crappy QB’s the last 5 weeks of 2017 helped the defense look better and played a big part in that winning streak?

            Last night with Mahomes in the game the Chiefs had 137 yards on 15 plays. It wasn’t until they pulled him that the defense began to look good, as the starting D held the Chiefs backup and 3rd string QB to -14 yards on the next 6 plays, and 111 yards on the final 31 Chiefs plays overall.

            The 49ers starters the last 2 weeks against the opponents #1 QB have been outscored 13-7.

            1. Are you too dumb to realize that playing against crappy QB’s the last 5 weeks of 2017 helped the defense look better and played a big part in that winning streak?

              What does that have to do with anything other than throwing continual shade in JG’s direction? But I’m glad to see you’ve moved on from your “meaningless” rant.

              Last night with Mahomes in the game the Chiefs had 137 yards on 15 plays

              And half of those yards came on one play (Grant’s not the only on what can do this). And the game was essentially tied at that point. So what’s your point?

              1. Yeah, except I don’t throw shade on Garoppolo continually. He played well last night, and I said as much.

                When Mahomes left the game last night it was 10-7 Chiefs. On the next 49ers possession they went 3 and out.

                The final 6 points of the first half, and the reason they were able to tie the game then take the lead with FG’s was because the defense dominated the Chiefs backup and 3rd string QB’s.

                That IS the point.

              2. When Mahomes left the game last night it was 10-7 Chiefs.

                Yes, essentially tied. Somewhat better than the 14-0 hole they found themselves in the 1st quarter last year.

                You are doing your best in making the case the Niners will only be, only have been, successful going against inferior, much inferior competition. Jeez what a miserable debbie downer you turned into Hammer. Can’t you at least wait until they start f-ing up in the regular season before going full Eeyore?

              3. “Yes, essentially tied. Somewhat better than the 14-0 hole they found themselves in the 1st quarter last year.”

                Yes, it was better. They were still trailing, but were closer at least. The D got a break on the holding call, but then did a nice job forcing the FG.

                “You are doing your best in making the case the Niners will only be, only have been, successful going against inferior, much inferior competition.”

                Have you seen the teams the 49ers have beat the last 2 years? Seattle was a nice win, they’ve played them tough at Levi’s both times under Shanahan.

              4. FYI Jack,

                Garoppolo went on the road in 2017, with a team which was carrying a 1-10 record, and engineered 2 straight road wins. He beat the Bears, who had the #7 ranked passing defense and #10 Total defense. He then went to Texas and threw for nearly 400 yards to beat the Texans, who were currently carrying a winning home record. They then came home and Garoppolo led back-to-back victories over 2 playoff bound teams. First, he beat the Titans, who were riding a 6-2 record over their last 8 games, and were ranked 12th in Total defense (they finished the year ranked 13th) and then he throttled the red hot Jacksonville Jaguars, who were riding a 10-4 record. Jimmy posted a passer rating of over 100 in that game, VS the NFL’s #1 ranked Passing Defense, and 2nd ranked Total Defense (and finished the season ranked #1 and #2 respectively). And then Garoppolo went back out on the road and beat the 1st place Rams (although admittedly they were resting many starters, but you can’t hold that against Jimmy, because who knows whether they would have beaten the Rams at full strength, as you can’t prove a negative).

                Garoppolo’s lone loss came last season, facing serious adversity on the road in week 1 VS the Vikings top 5 defense (Vikings finshed 2018 ranked 3rd in Total Defense). If you remember, the Niners lost their 1st and 2nd string RG’s in this game, and were forced to move their rookie RT, who, BTW, was obviously making his first NFL start, inside to RG for the entire 2nd half of the game. Despite this, and an Alfred Morris lost fumble at the 1 yard line, the Garoppolo led Niners only ended up losing by 8 points, which made it a 1 possession game.

                The point is, unlike Mullens or Beathard, Jimmy has beaten some very good teams. And in terms of W-L record, Garoppolo’s 3rd start of 2018 is officially listed as Undecided, as Garoppolo was leading a potential comeback, driving the Niners inside the Chiefs’ 8 yard line, with a chance to cut the deficit to 1 possession (with nearly 6:00 minutes left in regulation) when Garoppolo went down with the injury.

                So, for as much as you would like to spin it, Jimmy has not only beaten some good teams (as I have listed above), he has also won 6 of the 7 games he’s started and finished, for a Niners’ team that has otherwise won only 3 other games while losing 20, with someone other than Garoppolo behind center. Those are simply astonishingly good results for Jimmy, any way you slice it!

              5. beat the Bears, who had the #30 ranked offense.

                “He then went to Texas and threw for nearly 400 yards to beat the Texans, who were currently carrying a winning home record.”

                Houston was 3-3. That’s not a winning record. Houston also was stuck playing their 3rd string QB for much of the game.

                “First, he beat the Titans, who were riding a 6-2 record over their last 8 games, and”

                Had just lost the week prior on the road in Arizona who had Blaine Gabbert at QB.

                “and then he throttled the Jacksonville Jaguars, who were riding a 10-4 record.”

                A Jaguars team that hasn’t won out West since something like 2013, and had lost its previous road game to Arizona and Blaine Gabbert. The defense picked off Bortles 3 times in that game, 1 was a pick 6 and the other 2 gave the 49ers the ball on the Jags 26 and 18.

                “beat the 1st place Rams (although admittedly they were resting many starters,”

                Yes. They beat a team led by Sean Mannion.

                I think the issue here is you don’t understand the thread.

                My comment wasn’t anti-Garoppolo. It was about how much better the defense looked against bad opposing QB’s, like what we saw Saturday night once Mahomes was taken out.

              1. Of course it’s not a beatdown, but it is 2 full quarters and something to keep in mind while we’re all excited over seeing the offense move the ball last night.

          2. No Rib. It’s not like that at all. I’ve always said that I’m happy to be wrong about the players I’m down on. I want Jimmy to succeed. Objectively there are still a lot of questions regarding his ability to be an NFL starter. The fact that I don’t just assume that he can become one doesn’t mean I’m rooting against him.

            Let’s first see him clean up the high amount of interceptions. Let’s first see him win against teams that are still fighting and believing they have a chance for a successful season. Let’s see him do the things that a quarterback needs to do to succeed in this league before assuming he can do them.

            I’ve seen him win games at the end of the season and lose them at the beginning. I’ve seen him throw a near equal amount of interceptions to touch downs and I’ve seen him struggle with that same decision making in practice and preseason games. There are things that still need to be proven about Jimmy G that a lot of people on here are simply assuming he can overcome or achieve.

            When Jimmy proves he can do those things I’ll be on board.

  14. The Colts are doing fans and the rest of the league a real disservice by not trying to reclaim some of Luck’s bonus money.

  15. I am wondering if Joe Woods will be bold and decisive. He must see Sherman and Witherspoon struggling, so what is his plan of action?
    If teams start targeting Sherman, would the best move be to move him to safety? There are several teams who have lost DBs due to injury, so the Niners could trade one or 2 bubble players away. Maybe do a swap for an O lineman.
    Ronnie Lott moved from corner to safety, so Sherman could do the same thing, and it would help extend his career.
    I still like Tarvarius Moore at free safety, but Tartt seems to take bad angles.

  16. Andrew Luck had planned on making his announcement on Sunday (today), but it wasn’t to be thanks to a heartless reporter intent on being the first to report a story.

    Scheffler put Luck in a bad situation by not only causing Andrew and the FO to make an awkward impromptu announcement, but also made Luck leave his last game with boo’ raining down on him.
    Andrew Luck deserved much better.

    Shame on Scheffler – he botched everything just to feed his ego.
    Horrible piece of journalism.

    1. “Shame on Scheffler”

      No. Schefter was doing his job.

      If you want to blame someone, blame the person in the Colts organization that chose to leak the information.

        1. Nah. His job is to break news. He got the tip and did his job.

          The Colts organization is the one to blame here for letting the info out.

          1. Scoops were back in the day when most news was from newspapers and scoops sold papers. Now virtually all of their revenue is from advertising. What does Schefter’s boss gain from this unnecessary scoop? I say Schefter is a bum with no class, just like the Colts’ management. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. A pox on Schefter’s house.

            1. One of my favorite sayings wine country, just because you can does not mean you should, a lot of people in this world should heed that advice!

        2. Certain rule of thumb, you don’t trust anybody with anything if you don’t want it said. If I am owner of the Colts I tear the place apart looking for the leaker and due to the lack of respect and professional courtesy my answers to Scheffler from now on would be – no comment. By the way that leak had to come from high up in the organization in order for Scheffler to trust the info and to release it.

          1. Q: Who I That .org has the loosest lips?
            A: The Owner. Time after time after time.
            Wild guess, but there’s a track record there…….

        3. Or Schefter chose to break an embargoed story to enhance his name recognition and as a bit of one-upmanship on sports networks. Happens all the time, but that doesn’t absolve the perps of scumminess.

      1. “No. Schefter was doing his job.”

        Yeah, I’m sure he’s feeling proud today. He could have done his job after the game rather than put the news out during the game.
        Real professional 🤬

        Again, whether you agree or not – Luck deserved better.

        1. Schefter should be proud. He’s the best in the business and did his job.

          “Again, whether you agree or not – Luck deserved better.”

          I agree, and the organization he did so much for shouldn’t have let the news out.

          1. “Schefter should be proud. He’s the best in the business and did his job.”

            What was the rush, he had exclusive inside info on Luck. Schefter still would have been the first to break the story after the game, and imo kept his integrity as being the best.
            Yeah, whoever leaked the story should be sweating right now.

    2. “I’d have done exactly what @AdamSchefter did. Not his job to worry about the consequences. His employer is ESPN, not the Colts.”

      – Peter King (Twitter)

  17. Grant…

    On your proposed Jimmy G. trade to the Colts… Do you feel Jacoby Brissett can’t perform well ?

      1. How many DEs can run with HBs in coverage moron?
        Shanny-“They caught us in a zone blitz.”
        Saleh gambled to bring pressure and got burned. It’s the risk of blitzing and always has been. Football fans know this. Middle school kids know this.

  18. A few things after watching the 3rd preseason game… 1) why was a 280 lb DT Solomon Thomas chasing a speedy Rb Williams down the sideline on a wheel route? And Tart running into him reminded me when Colbert ran into Witherspoon vs Arizona. On the first drive. We have way more talent this year on D.. yet I’m still seeing the same BS. Like DTs playing On the edge. Thomas and Armstead belong INSIDE! WTF SALEH?! We need Ford and Bosa ASAP or this DLINE will be just as lame as it was last year rushing the Qb. 2) I don’t care if Jimmy Ward looked decent he still isn’t better than Moore at ⚡️FS. I’m fine with him at nickel corner but if he starts over Moore at FS im be pissed. 3) Grant is right… something is wrong with Pettis. He runs fragile and awkward. James jr and Samuel and Hurd all deserve to start over pettis. Will it happen? Probably not. 4) how long will it take for Witherspoon to get replaced? I can’t stand watching him play corner. 5) this team has a serous depth at Running back someone good is going to be left out. Coleman Brieda Moltert Wilson Jr McKinnon. Who stays?

  19. The player that impressed me last night was Brunskill. Replaced Person with the starters and they didn’t miss a beat.

    1. Jack,
      I agree.
      Brunskill looks strong and showed some quickness especially on the one play where he quickly disengaged from his initial block to make another one.
      That’s good stuff right there.

      1. Strength was the only question mark for the former TE, and it looks as though he’s taken advantage of the time he’s been able to spend in NFL Strength & Conditioning programs….

          1. Same with Damontre Moore who has looked good.

            Both players are good examples of what could be if the NFL was smart enough to create a developmental league.

            A spring league of 8-10 games using the real team names with games played in their city or close by. For example the San Jose 49ers playing at Spartan Stadium if not Levi’s.

            1. Agree. A developmental league has merit. Someone needs to find a way to finance it–and make billions doing it. Maybe by 2024-2016.

  20. How can people trust anything written here. A dumb hot take one week will have an opposite viewpoint the next week. If you’re lucky you’ll even see the takes flip flop another time or two. Make up your mind! SMH

  21. Jim Irsay and his idiot GM Ryan Grigson chose not to draft quality O linemen to protect their most valuable asset. It’s the league’s loss. Thanks for the memories, Andrew.

    1. He’s young enough and good enough to return after a year off if he’s recuperated. Not for the Colts though with their classless fans – I hope they’re $hit out of Luck

      1. Would be very surprised if Andrew Luck ever comes back to the pro game, judging from his presser. He’s done. It’s clear that football isn’t any fun anymore for him. He doesn’t want his children to be visiting their dad in the hospital, or for their dad to be prematurely unable to do activities with them as they grow up. And probably most of all, he sure as hell doesn’t want to end up like Steve Hendrickson.

        1. Personally, I think it was concussions, that made him retire. That is why the Colts are not demanding he repay his bonus money.
          Watching that Tim Green interview on 60 Minutes, was what Luck did not want to face.

    2. Sad but true….I remember when he came into the league the buzz was he is the next GOAT at QB…..too bad it never materialized…..I am sure he is wealthy $$$ and will still have an amazing life, one that most of us will never know. Good Luck Mr. Luck!!

  22. Week 3 preseason 53 prediction.
    QB- JG, Nick Mullens. CJB gets traded to the Colts for a 5th round pick.
    WR- Goodwin, Deebo, Pettis, Hurd, Matthews, James. Bourne traded to a WR needy team for a 6th round pick. Taylor on IR with mid season designation to return.
    RB- Breida, Coleman, Mostert, Wilson. Wilson can handle those inside runs. JM on IR.
    TE- Kittle, Dwelley Toilolo.
    OT- Staley, McGlinchey, Brunskill
    OG- Tomlinson, Person, Garnett
    C – Garland, W Johnson. Richberg on IR with mid season designation to return.
    NT- Sheldon Day, DJ Jones, Kentavius Street.
    DT – Buckner, Taylor, Thomas. Blair is traded for a 5th round pick.
    DE – Ford, Armstead, Bosa.
    Sam – M Smith, Elijah Lee.
    Mike – Warner, Mayo.
    Will – Kwon Alexander, Dre Greenlaw.
    LCB- DJ Reed, Dontae Johnson.
    RCB – Witherspoon, Moseley.
    NB – Ward, K Williams. Verrett on IR with mid season designation to return.
    SS – Sherman, Tartt, Exum. Tartt comes in as the Nickel LB.
    FS – Tarvarius Moore, Colbert.
    LS – Holba.
    P – Wishnowski.
    K – Gould.
    Niners keep 24 on offense and 26 on defense. CJB, Bourne and Blair are hopefully traded. Taylor, Richberg and Verrett are on IR. If Richberg comes back, W Johnson is waived.

    1. 3 issues:
      1. You forgot Juice among the RBs (I know, he’s a fullback, but you don’t have a fullback designation).
      2. You have 3 people with IR/mid-season deisgnation to return. NFL teams are only allowed two. Which one do you waive or keep on the IR for the whole season?
      3. McKinnon on IR for the whole season? I’m not sure he is that injured.

      1. My bad. I hope they go with 2 TEs. Juice would replace Toilolo.
        Richberg may come back, before the first game, so him instead of W Johnson. Thayt would leave J Mckinnon and Jason Verrett as the 2.
        McKinnon had his knee swell up, which is a bad sign. Niners need to either do a buy out, or be patient, and let him heal for 2020.

  23. “QB- JG, Nick Mullens. CJB gets traded to the Colts for a 5th round pick.”

    The Colts would be much more interested in Mullens, and the 49ers should listen. Mullens has a better chance of winning games than does CJ.

    The Colts are suddenly over a barrel and they might be willing to offer the 49ers something big.

      1. Freakin’ Robot Moron
        * “I think the colts may be quite happy with Brissett.”

        * Former third-round pick Jacoby Brissett will likely be the starter for 2019. Brissett has 17 starts through his first three seasons, though, going 5-12 in the process.
        * if the Colts aren’t happy with Brissett, they’ll try to draft Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa.

    1. Looks like Colts stick with 2nd string Brissett as the QB. Colts GM Ballard tried to get QB Sudfeld off the Eagles PS in ’17 when Luck was out. Eagles then promoted him to the 53. So sounds like the Colts need to move fast and may try again and offer a 4-5th rd pick for QB Sudfeld. Eli Manning is out of the question. Maybe the 49ers can package a trade and send Mullens and Solly for a decent draft pick?

  24. Miserable in Paradise: “Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians had harsh criticism of his offensive line following Tampa Bay’s 13-12 win over the Cleveland Browns in Friday’s preseason game.”
    “The Bucs allowed seven sacks in the game, five by their starting linemen. After the game, Arians said his linemen “got their a– kicked. One on one,” via the Tampa Bay Times.”

    1. Arians is one of the more candid HCs in the NFL. He is also very good. I was encouraged when he left the Cardinals because I thought it would make our chances better but as it turns out they could have hired any of the first 20 names in the phone book and beat the 49ers. That first league game is going to be real interesting.

  25. PFF grades from last night…

    Below are the five 49ers players on offense who earned PFF’s top grades against the Chiefs.

    WR Richie James (92.6)
    WR Jordan Matthews (91.4)
    G Mike Person (83.8)
    RB Matt Breida (83.7)
    C Ben Garland (82.0)

    Below are the five 49ers players on defense with PFF’s top grades.

    DE Damontre Moore (89.4)
    CB Emmanuel Moseley (87.2)
    DB Jimmie Ward (83.0)
    DB D.J. Reed (80.4)
    CB Quinten Rollins (77.1)

  26. And for my buddy Sebbie….

    Damontre Moore earned San Francisco’s highest grade [on defense] with his five recorded tackles and two sacks. Those statistics are from NFL.com while PFF credited the defensive lineman with four quarterback pressures. The performance comes off a game where Moore earned the top overall 49ers grade from PFF against the Denver Broncos.

    Damontre, AAF player last spring.

    1. I just do not see Moore replacing the other Defensive linemen.
      He also looked good against second and third stringers.

  27. The difference between TMoore who has big potential and Jimmy Ward was obvious last game…..

    JimmyW is the complete safety eraser this team needs……he is quicker to the ball and reads the offense faster….

    Really rooting for him to stay healthy……

      1. FYI. if he did not want to become injured, he should have slid feet first.
        Looks like he pulled a Gabbert, and benched himself.
        If you can recall, when I was referring about falling down, I was referring to Vance MacDonald. It is much better for him to run past the sticks, secure the ball and fall down, than trying to run before catching it, and seeing the ball bounce into a defender’s hands.
        Also, WRs will catch the ball and go to the ground, so the safety, coming from the other direction, does not decapitate them and separate the WR from the ball.
        Guess you do not care if a player makes a catch, or drops it, or if it is smart to avoid injury.

          1. Sleb
            * “You should have watched that 60 Minutes interview with Tim Green.”
            * No, I don’t need to watch 60 minutes Sleb, I played the game. Violence was the fun part!

        1. Seb, did you see the play? A defensive player grabbed for his legs, no way he could slide there. It was an awkward landing, but not much he could have done about it.

          1. No, I did not see the play, but I consider it another example like Jimmie Ward. Trying too hard, with a resulting injury.
            BTW, thank you for your kind words. You bring a nice fresh perspective to this site, and I hope you post more.

            1. You’re very welcome Sebbie. I try to post at least once on most posts, but I’m super busy at the moment between my Masters dissertation and work. Mostly work, actually. I was glad I had the day off Sunday, so I got to watch the Niner game.

  28. sebnynah says:
    August 25, 2019 at 9:15 am
    Au contraire

    Trying to sound scholarly by repeating the same, tired, cliched, French phrases, epitomizes your need to appear educated….But for the narcissist, appearances areeverything :
    Somatic Narcissists are obsessed with appearance:

    “Somatic Narcissists are obsessed with appearance. They only care about looks, money, and the perception of status.
    Typically, Somatic Narcissists are vacuous people. They tend to spend their free time literally contemplating their own navel — what it looks like, how perfect they look, or hoping to make a change in their personal appearance. The phrase, “no deeper than a mud puddle” is a great reminder about the depth of their core reflective intellect.”


    1. I said ‘Au Contraire’ to Wilson because we have a long blog history. I do not consider him an enemy, although we have tangled in the past. We both have tended to ignore each other, and I respect him enough to not blast him while disagreeing. This was my way of disagreeing, and if you think the use of a foreign language means I am educated, and you are jealous of that fact, I cannot help you.
      You are so desperate.

  29. Here’s Sebbie’s counter argument: Gabbert was wearing eye black (game images show this). In the time it took Gabbert to apply the eye black, he could have been practicing his sliding technique.

  30. Chuck E says:
    August 25, 2019 at 1:04 pm
    LOL @Dee. Yeah Paul, you never got back to me with a list of your friends on here. So…..?

    Reply: Um, Razoreater is a friend of Seb’s, only because he’s Seb’s alter ego, Seb 2, same person, or ficticious Seb; whatever synonym you prefer, and Seb has multiple accounts on this site that swoop in at his defense the momment you debate him, so he looks impartial.

    1. That last statement is a flat out lie. I am so fed up about the catfish and burner accounts on this site, I would never ever set up one of those.
      sebnynah is my one account, and posters know that I am singular, and unique.

    1. Yep. Somehow it became more important for a lot of people on this blog to call out and/ or try and demonstrate how much smarter they are than Seb than contributing anything else. If proving you are smarter than Seb is your goal for coming on here, I feel like some changes in priorities are required.

      1. So back to football, what player is likely to be traded? Cut? Surprise member of 53? Most likely to contribute who is a dark horse now?

        1. Hmmm, my guesses:
          – CJ Beathard will be the most notable guy traded, but I also think one or two guys on the DL will get traded, and Bourne may also get traded.
          – Most notable cut will be Malcolm Smith, though not really a surprise.
          – Biggest surprise members of the 53 will be Azeez Al-Shaair and Damontre Moore.
          – Biggest dark horse contributor is Richie James.

          1. Yeah, I have been thinking that perhaps they held back C.J. because they are trying to work a trade. Could see a DL trades as well. Not sure about Bourne.

            Smith cut kind of obvious. I would think the Jet would be more surprising.

            Both Moore and Al-Shaair making the team would be a surprise. I think Celek makes the team too which would be a surprise.

            Not sure on the dark horse.

              1. Probably, but they won’t want them there all year so they may be jettisoned if other players have to go to IR.

              2. I think they should only keep two TEs. In a pinch, Hurd can be a full-time TE. This will allow them to keep an extra player that would otherwise be difficult to let go. TBH, I’m not sure who that is at the moment – but my guess would be either a WR or DL.

          2. Scooter, here’s my 53:

            *Trade Mullens
            *Jet to IR for the year

            Special Teams(3)Gould/Wishnowsky/Holba

              1. 5th rounder is probably his ceiling, and maybe the Broncos? Colts are another team that may need a backup. I’m sure there’s others out there. A 5th isn’t much but it’s better than nothing or losing a player at another position if you carry 3 qb’s….

              2. You know me, I was advocating the trade to the Broncos ever since Scangarello was named OC.
                However, it sounds like they are rolling with Flacco, and Lock seems to be his heir apparent.
                You may be right. Colts may be desperate enough to spend a third or 4th round pick for Mullens, but I am thinking the Skins may want CJB, because his grandfather was a former GM, Keenum is mediocre, and Haskins needs to sit and study for a year.

              3. I did not hear about Lock’s hand.
                Well, Elway really likes Kevin Hogan, another Stanford QB, and he played well against the Niners.
                Niners would insist on more than a 5th round pick for Mullens.

              4. Looks like Lock’s hand was just a sprain. Denver will probably not be interested, but I do think they need a slot receiver. I’d hate to see him go, but James might be the guy.

                I don’t think the value for Mullens is very high. He’s incapable of certain throws, which makes him a quality backup. I don’t think you’re getting much more than that for him….

              1. Maiocco agrees with you: Joe Staley, Laken Tomlinson, Weston Richburg, Mike McGlinchey, Mike Person, Ben Garland, Sam Young, Daniel Brunskill. I just hope they’re able to get a 7th for him, instead of zippo by releasing him….

      2. Maybe yes and no on that one, Scooter. Sebbie used to go on his rants that basically said..”If you don’t agree with me, it can ONLY be because your filled to overflowing with hate”.
        He’s not so bad anymore with that, tho it occasionally pops up…………..but once upon a time, according to Sebs, this whole country from top to bottom–in fact, the moment you enter the North American continent–is filled with “hate”–IF you don’t worship Kap.
        But he basically just has fun with it, now.
        Truth is, I would miss him much if he left the blog-could have been on Seinfeld-taking Newman’s spot……….or crazy Joe Devola………..doesn’t quite put out the same vibe as Puddy, tho…………….

        1. Saw, I respect other’s posts, and differing points of view. I only return volleys, matching the vitriol.
          I wish you would start telling the truth. Kaep is a talented QB, and deserves another opportunity, but why is there this blackballing, where he cannot even get a tryout?
          I have moved on from Kaep, and since JG has become their franchise QB, I have wished Kaep well, and hopes he plays for another team. With Mullens, the Niners have an adequate backup, so Kaep is not needed here.
          Now, if JG starts throwing 5 interceptions every game, and Mullens is traded away, Kaep may be an option. However, JG seems to have improved, and the Niners are too smart to trade away their best backup, so the possibility is remote.
          I do not know why posters think they need to try to prove they are smarter than me. The smart ones do not even bother, and the dumb ones prove their ignorance.

          1. Sleb:
            * “I do not know why posters think they need to try to prove they are smarter than me. The smart ones do not even bother, and the dumb ones prove their ignorance.”
            * Said like a true narcissist sleb! Only in your mind, are you the genius of the blog…..

          2. Sebs-he WAS special, initially, until he stopped learning his craft and decided to focus on other things.

            The truth? The truth is that his last 3 yrs in the league he stunk and made no one better by being on the field……………say, like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird…………JOE MONTANA?? They made every one around them better. Not at all so with Kap.

    2. The season is just about to begin and Seb has already exhausted us.
      It’s an indication that the Niners are better, but fairly middling. Can’t get too excited and get too down either.

      Seb is far more polarizing.

      1. I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan. Scroll past.
        I would much rather be talking about the trade possibilities, and who will make the 53.
        Like a moth to a flame, some just cannot help themselves, and even their shrinks cannot get them to think things through.

      2. SY- Engaging with Seb seems out of character for you to me. I notice that the humidity is up around 80 percent back there now. A dehumidifier did wonders for me when I lived there. Try to remember all that engaging with him only clogs up the board more by a factor of at least 2x and often 4x or 5x. A cold beer also worked for me.

          1. SY,
            I agree with Wine on this one.
            You’re much to good to be wasting your time mixing it up with Seb.
            I look forward to your 49ers perspective on this blog and the banter with Seb takes you a different direction.
            Free yourself from Seb’ web (lol) 😉

    3. Sebbie is probably a blog bot unleashed by a small bunch of Stanford post-grad AI experts… Or the National Security Agency.

      1. You don’t think the Russian FSB may be releasing thousands of robot morons — knowing how important football is to a section of us Americans?

  31. GEEPers, you really need to take your own advice. You prove your own inferiority, every time you post.
    I really must be living in your head.

  32. Mere speculation just for the heck of it…
    – Shanahan thinks Pettis is a top level talent.
    – Shanahan expects Pettis to perform closer to his talent level. OK isn’t good enough.
    – Instead of lighting a fire under Pettis (see Singletary and Vernon Davis), it could be hampering his confidence and/or creating friction between the two.

    Or Pettis is having an awful training camp purely on his own volition.

    It’s quite a drama. Shanahan surprised everyone by trading up to take Pettis a round or two higher than expected. The move seemed to pan out last year. At times Pettis seemed to get open at will. He blossomed later in the season.

    What a difference a few months make. A love affair that’s gone sour.

    If Pettis is gone, should ownership step in and trim Shanahan’s impulsive personnel decisions? Give personnel/management a bit more control in the draft and free agency? The roster’s improving, but the list of over-paid and over-drafted in just the first two years is quite long.

    1. I agree Brodie 2 Washington, as much as the team is improving, the mistakes that have been made in the personal department are starting to add up. Also the Oline seems like a house of cards to me but I sure hope I am wrong, I am actually very excited to see what the receivers as whole do this year.

    2. Being personally picked by Shanahan appears to be the kiss of death. And at the same time we hear rumors of discord in the scouting department. Is there a lesson there?

    3. I think the comment about finding a role gives some insight into Shanahan.

      I think he believes, as you stated, that Pettis has top tier talent. I also know that he acknowledges that he isn’t playing up to snuff. I also believe that he is trying to find ways to maximize his opportunities and make better use of his skillset, which is still a challenge.

  33. Troy Aikman

    That’s total B* Doug. What qualifies you to decide how someone should live their life? So you’re now the authority on what motivates Andrew Luck? And if his decisions don’t fit into what you think is best for him then you rip him? Guess that keeps you employed on FS1.

    Doug Gottlieb

    Retiring cause rehabbing is “too hard” is the most millennial thing ever #AndrewLuck

  34. Something I have noticed over the last 3 or 4 years. J. Staley is a slow starter, he doesn’t come into his own until about the 3rd regular season game. I have questioned whether he was too old early in the year the last 3 or 4 years. Then he comes on and is a Pro Bowl talent. Hopefully that is whats happening again this year.

    1. I hope you are right Coach, I was one who felt the Niners needed to draft his replacement in the last draft. They did draft Skule in the 6th/7th round only time tells with him.

      1. Keep an eye on Brunskill who is a former TE like Staley, and showed he’s more than capable of playing RG. Sets up next year nicely for a competition between him, Coleman and Skule next year….

          1. I would based on his performance Saturday night. Coming out, he had good feet and awareness but he lacked strength. Spent a year on the Falcons practice squad, and then signed with the AAF league. Looked to me like he spent his time getting bigger and stronger, and is best suited to play in a zone blocking scheme. I think his roster spot comes down to Brunskill vs. Young. Do they go with the vet or the upside/versatility with Brunskill?

              1. Exactly, and the one guy who’s not versatile is Garnett but he’s a 1st round pick. Seems like Shanny isn’t exactly enamored with him either, but the position is thin with talent. You know what you have in Young, the vet but do you know what you have in Brunskill or Garnett? In Brunskill’s case, there’s a lot of upside given his experience level. Garnett has the skill, but does he have the constitution and heart?

            1. Staley needs to work better with his LG, but that takes snaps.
              I am going to cut him slack over getting beat by Frank Clark. He is a beast, and will do that to every LT.
              Pump the breaks on Brunskill. He did fine against second and third stringers, but against players like Frank Clark, he may prove why he had to go the aaf route.

              1. Brunskill played with the 1’s, and he’s bigger and stronger. That and experience level were the only question marks. He was already athletic enough and had a high level of awareness for the zone blocking scheme….

              2. So do I, Seb because if we’ve found an answer at OG/OT in Brunskill and not have to do anyMoore searching for our FS, I’d say that would be a good stroke of luck!

  35. GEEP says:
    August 25, 2019 at 9:25 pm

    * Scooter, No one is smarter than Sleb! His daddy is a professor at UCD……Just ask him!
    * If calling out a bloviating narcissist is a problem for you, take Sleb’s advice and just scroll on by…..


    You just did suggest scroll by right?….Well guess what, right below your post Seb attacked you anyway.
    Seb always says, just scroll by…Guess What, Fake news!

    The other day I tried that strategy–just scroll by—and posted a player EVAL.

    Seb’s other fake accounts swooped in like vultures to scoff at my opinion, even though, in Grant’s article above, he praises RB, Jeff Wilson–the player I gave a positive evaluation, asking the 49ers retain him on their 53 man roster.

    So in the end, Seb stands like an innocent by-stander, while his other fake accounts attack you—(see Razoreater)…..And I’m not the only one who knows this….Prime Time (now PT) and the real Seb would debate last year. When Seb started to loose ground, Razoreater or another of Seb’s fake accounts would step in, everytime, like clock work.

    1. TrollD, I have only responded to your screeds when you address or mention me.
      FYI, Razor lives in Elkhart, I live in Sebastopol. He and I are polar opposites. He likes Trump, me, not so much. I like Kaep, he, not so much. He likes heavy metal, I like the Grateful Dead. He likes Blues Glues, I like Mango Haze.
      The one thing we agree on, is that we both are rabid 49er fans.
      Sounds like you are not only delusional, you are now paranoid. You also seem to be more whiny.

      1. The Cisco Kid, Pancho, Hopalong Cassidy, and Roy Rogers had all gone on to Tombstone to meet up with
        Wyatt Earp, leaving me on my lonesome in this one-horse town with not one cent in my britches, and my
        old nag Buster damn near puckered out, so I had to hook up with the loan arranger, and pronto.

        1. Paraag really must be ticked off at me, to sic you on me.
          Jed should get a clue. As long as Paraag has been with the team, they have not won a ring.

          1. Seb,
            Let me take your logic one step further, as long as Jed has been with the team, they have not won a ring. The problem lies way above Paraag’s pay grade.

            1. Old Coach, Paraag has been with the team since 2002.
              Jed became CEO of the team in 2008.
              I will concede that Jed is not shining brightly, but he has hired JL and KS, and kept a low profile.
              I think he is learning from his mistakes, so there is hope.
              Now, if only he can keep his word, and get rid of the leaker…….

              1. Sebraidah,

                Since you like to be the grammar police here, I will be the FACT police.

                When Jed hired the Jiffy-Lube guy who farted during a press conference, on his way to a 5-11 season, fans walked out of Levi Stadium the last 4 games of the season, leaving hot-dogs to rot.

                The empty stadium was so embarassing that the NFL made it a policy not to show Levi Stadium’s empty seats during nationally telievised games, prompting them to politely coerce the 49ers into finally hiring a qualified HC.

                Marie Debartolo, Jed’s mother, slapped LiL’ Lord Fauntelroy down, and it was she, who hired Shanahan—not Jed (Via Gary Plummer)

              2. Old man York is the Brown Recluse spider who poisoned this franchise….the Yorks would be run out of town on a rail if they weren’t owners.
                A dozen people on this blog could do better. Thats not sarcasm, I believe that.

              3. I blame Paraag. He was the one who probably got Jed to promote Baalke from scout to GM. I also blame Baalke. He did not want Fangio, so he purposefully insisted that Tomsula become the DC. Fangio was good buddies with JH, so that went over like a lead balloon.
                Baalke almost got Gase, but Gase also did not want Tomsula as DC. Fangio was leaving if Gase got the job, that he felt should have gone to him. Missing out on Fangio was a huge mistake for Jed, because Fangio would have provided continuity. Baalke then proceeded to dismantle a SB team full of JH loyalists.
                Once Gase flamed out, Baalke chose his toady, Tomsula, who he could dominate.
                Yes, Denise put her foot down, and insisted Jed fire Baalke. Jed and Paraag went on their humiliation tour to find a GM, and got doors slammed in their faces. By some miracle, JL fell into their laps to save Jed from further humiliation. Was KS anointed HC before JL? We know Denise interviewed Tom Cable, and nixed him.
                Since Baalke was fired, Paraag’s grubby little fingerprints were all over the HC search. Too bad he let Sean McVay leave, even though he killed it during his interview. He also did not get Anthony Lynn, another good candidate. Both of those QBs have made it to the playoffs before KS.
                Paraag had no expertise or knowledge how to select a HC, so it was like the blind leading the blind. Usually, it is the GM who selects the HC, but the Niners got it backwards, and I suppose it was KS who wanted JL. Jed, being desperate to get the GM and HC on the same page, after the Baalke-JH debacle, went along with picking a candidate with absolutely no GM experience.
                Denise did save Jed from himself, like all good mothers do. Hopefully, Jed has learned from his mistakes, and JL and KS have changed the culture. Are they poised to get back into the playoffs? Injuries and time will tell. I hope JL and KS have gained enough power to thwart Paraag’s meddling.

      2. I will take Sebsniveler’s advice and just scroll by to see if it works.

        Below, I’ve posted another player EVAL–WR, Dante Pettis.

        There’s been a lot of hulabaloo recently about WR, Dante Pettis’s lackadaisical play.
        Some players show up during the regular season and just go through the motions in TC.

        Garoppolo and Pettis are 2 such players, so NinerNation, NO WORRIES, they will be 2 of your better play-makers when REG . SEASON kicks off!


        1. TrollD, you tried SO HARD, but 18 minutes later, you just could not help yourself.
          You also mentioned me in this post, so I am glad I am dominating your thoughts.
          I will say it again. Stick to football, and I will leave you alone.

  36. So what are the Colts willing to give up for Nick Mullens? I think good backup QB’s are very valuable. I wouldn’t trade Mullens for anything less than a 1st rd pick but I don’t believe the Colts will go any better than a 3rd.

  37. There are at least two if not three posters on this blog who feel the Colts GM–Chris Ballard –is really, really smart. If he is that brilliant, he likely has a (near) no-fail go-to plan concerning the QB matter. What is that plan?

  38. Old coach,
    If we trade Mully the FO should not accept anything higher than a 3rd rd pick.

    I’d hate to see Mullens go, but adding a 3rd rd pick can possibly help solidify the Oline as well as giving the team the flexibility to garner a top CB with two 3rd rd picks.

    The calls for Mullens may be coming in already, but the FO may also be waiting for the best deal.

    1. AES,

      At this point, do you believe the 49ers have invested too much time to let him go for only a 3rd rounder?

      Finding QB who can read D’s quickly and hit the open target to move the offense into scoring position is rare.

      Maybe we can garner a 3rd rounder for Beathard and begin training Speight for his spot?

      1. Tom,
        In my scenario (just speaking for myself), the 3rd rd is the cutoff point for Mullens. If a team is desperate enough to give us 2nd then we jump on that.

        The Mullens story is a good one because he was a UDFA whose done well.
        But he’s only shown some flashes in the small sample size he’s played. In other words, he’s not a proven commodity, imho.

        At this point, another team may need him more then we do. The FO should explore all interested parties – as part of their due diligence.

    2. The 49ers would be absolute idiots if they traded their second string QB right now. Especially one that has this offense down.
      Until JG can show a 16 game season no way you trade your backup.
      But it’s the 49ers and Jed’s team.
      Who knows where it could go.

  39. It’s that time of year again folks, and that means our fantasy league, Poke Salad Shanny is up and ready. For those of you who wish to participate, you will need to click on link, and enter ID number and password:

    Join Here: http://fantasy.nfl.com/registration/privateleaguejoin?leagueId=8015136
    League ID: 8015136
    League Password: Gatorsgotyourgranny

    Only 9 spots available and I have the draft slated for 9-3 @ 3 pm est. I’m doing this for MWD who asked me until he’s able to take it back over. This will be for blog bragging rights, so good-luck to you all!

    1. I’ve joined for another year. Hopefully there is more Niners talk than Seb talk in the fantasy league then there has been on these blog posts recently…

      1. Unless dwell angle is accurate, ignition timing won’t be accurate. The period, measured in degree of cam rotation, during which the contact points remain closed is called the dwell angle. The dwell angle is changed by moving the points closer to or away from the distributor cam.

  40. Looks as though our defense will face the 4th toughest season of opposing qb’s, while the Patriots will face the 32nd toughest.

  41. “If calling out a bloviating narcissist is a problem for you, take Sleb’s advice and just scroll on by…..”

    Lol! Yeah, you’re a real hero for doing this “service” for everyone, every single time Seb types something. I mean, without you (and a few others) here to ridicule everything he says the rest of us might be in danger of taking what he says seriously, right?

  42. Matt Barrows

    #49ers traded Watson and a sixth-round pick to Denver for a fifth rounder they used on LB Dre Greenlaw.Matt

    Nicki Jhabvala

    Broncos have released DL Zach Kerr and OLB Dekoda Watson, per source.

    1. Nice! So we came up better on that trade.

      Same thing happened to Lynch when he traded with Denver for Kapri Bibbs in 2017.

  43. Question to folks on the blog here:

    What is the effect of Compensatory picks for 1st round draftees such as Arik Armstead and Josh Garnett? I mean is it better off to trade them now or carry them on the roster this year and release them into FA next year and get a higher Comp Pick?

    Does anyone know?

      1. Very interesting. I thought it was determined by comparing which round in the draft the players were chosen. Guess the player salary is tied to which round he was chosen at.
        The Patriots are gaming the system. They get comp picks because they allow players to leave, like Trent Brown. However, they do not usually obtain players via free agency. They trade with other teams for players. Those players do not count when formulating the comp picks. Of course, it helps to have a SB team, and players being coveted by other teams.
        The Niners will not get comp picks because they have been active in the free agent market, and not too many good players will leave via free agency. Maybe letting Armstead go next season might allow a comp pick to be awarded the Niners. Comp picks are pure gold.

    1. Sando, he’s the ESPN guy who used to cover the Niners? But was accused by the robot morons of Seahawks favoritism due to his northwest regional background, right? Same guy?

        1. How ironic if Grant were to land the ESPN (or some other major media) job covering a Niners rival. Those fans would go ballistic about this Niners homer covering their team. If they only knew, lol

    2. As Razor pointed out above, Sando has an interesting article in The A in which he ranks the strength of schedule of teams based on the rank of the QBs the team faces, relative to its own QB. Niners rank 4th toughest schedule, thanks to Jimmy G’s underdog status. Zona #3, Rams, #12 and Hawks #17.

      1. Yes we do. I have been basing the success/failure of the season on the O-line. If they play good steady football I think this team will be fine.

          1. Hard to say Gregg. I always believed in 2nd chances. Not sure of his history so…Substance abuse is a tough one – lots fail.

            1. I briefly scanned his stats while at Washington with Big Shanny, and on the surface it looks as though his strength is in the running game. Not what I was hoping for, but I’d say our offensive lines strength may get stronger….

  44. My prediction as to the 53 man roster:

    QB (2): Jimmy G, Mullens. Most teams want Mullens, but given Jimmy G is coming off an injury, the Niners need the best available backup to remain with the team; that is Mullens. Beathard will be traded for a bag of peanuts (not many teams will offer much for him); I’m hoping for a 5th rounder.
    RB (4): McKinnon (to then be placed on IR to return), Breida, Coleman, and Mostert
    FB (1): Juice
    WR (7): Pettis, Goodwin, Samuel, Hurd, Taylor, James, Matthews. Bourne hopefully traded, but most likely just cut.
    TE (3): Kittle, Dwelley, Smith
    OL (8): Staley, Tomlinson, Richburg, Person, McGlinchey, Sam Young, Brunskill, Garland. Skule and Reynolds to Practice Squad
    DL (10): Ford, Bosa, Buckner, Armstead, Thomas, DJ Jones, Street, Day, Taylor, Damontre Moore. Blair is an unfortunate cut, and hopefully Givens can be snuck onto the Practice Squad.
    LB (5): Warner, Alexander, Greenlaw, Al-Shaair, and Lee. Gosh, Elijah Lee is garbage; it might be worth keeping Smith as a veteran.
    CB (6): Sherman, Witherspoon, Verrett, Moseley, K’Waun Williams, and Reed
    S (4): Tartt, Ward, Moore, Marcell Harris
    K (1): Gould
    P (1): Wishnowsky
    LS (1): Holba

    Gone: Malcolm Smith, Adrian Colbert.
    Potential Practice Squad: Besides those mentioned above, Bromley, Walter, Ross Reynolds, and Malik Henry.

    You know the team is better when it becomes harder to figure out who to keep and cut in the back end of the roster.

    1. Well thought out.
      I just think Wilson is needed to make those inside runs. Otherwise, they become one dimensional with the OZ players.
      Garnett will make the team, imo.
      I had them trading away Blair, but they need a cooperating team.
      I had them keeping Smith and Colbert, but it very well may play out your way.

      1. I like Wilson, but it’s tough given the 53 limit. Mostert is your special teams ace; I guess Wilson could be kept if they go with 2 tight ends (unlikely, given how much Shanahan loves the 12 formation), or they cut another receiver (which means losing James, because I think Shanahan likes the safety of Matthews as a veteran).

        I think I would keep Smith over Lee, but that’s cause I think Lee is garbage. Colbert and Exum were tough cuts; wanted to keep one, but the numbers didn’t play out.

          1. Maybe bundle CJB and Bourne to the Broncos, for a conditional 4th. If the Broncos make the playoffs, the 4th becomes a third. Considering they saw Bourne in practice, they probably know he is talented.
            I think the Niners will keep James, for his value as a returner.

              1. I’ve read where Elway offered a low draft pick for either Beathard or Mullens, and Shanny turned him down. Looks like they’re carrying all 3 into the season, and one gets traded to a higher bidder before the deadline….

  45. On rotoworld;

    “Dante Pettis said he’s battling a “minor” groin injury.
    Pettis played deep into the Niners’ third preseason game Saturday, so he must have picked up the injury during that time. It sounds like a day-to-day thing. The second-year wideout also admitted to being on the same page with the coaching staff’s criticism of his summer. Pettis said he needs to play with more urgency and “run routes deliberately with more purpose.” Pettis is being drafted as the Niners’ No. 1 receiver in fantasy, but coach Kyle Shanahan continues to challenge him through the media. His floor is looking shaky. However, the upside remains. He’s a risk-reward pick.”

    Will he be on IR or PUP this year?

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