49ers 27, Chiefs 17: Grades


Quarterback C.J. Beathard hands off to running back Joe Williams during the San Francisco 49ers' preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs

Here are the grades for the 49ers’ 27-17 preseason win over the Chiefs.

QUARTERBACKS: B. Brian Hoyer was on the field for just six snaps, so it’s hard to judge him. He completed only one-of-four pass attempts, but he did make a nice throw to Jeremy Kerley for a 15-yard gain on third-and-12 which didn’t count because the Niners committed an illegal formation penalty. Matt Barkley made a few nice throws while rolling out, including an eight-yard touchdown pass to Aldrick Robinson while rolling left that didn’t count because Aaron Burbridge committed a holding penalty away from the play. If Burbridge hadn’t committed that penalty, Barkley’s passer rating would have been 112. Not bad. C.J. Beathard’s passer rating was 133. He threw two touchdown passes during the second half, including a 46-yarder to a wide open Kendrick Bourne, who had to turn and wait for the pass to arrive. Beathard didn’t make any “wow” throws, and the placement of his passes wasn’t great. But he was efficient and tough – he took hits while throwing the ball.

RUNNING BACKS: A-. Carlos Hyde ran only twice and gained zero yards, which wasn’t totally his fault. He didn’t have room to run. But his first carry was troubling. He stopped his feet in the backfield and lost two yards when he should have cut upfield and powered back to the line of scrimmage. Runs like this one make me question his fit in Shanahan’s offense. Matt Breida replaced Hyde and played reasonably well. Breida averaged only 3.6 yards per carry, but had a few good runs: Two were draw plays up the middle, and one was an outside zone run in which he broke two tackles and gained 12 yards. He also caught a couple passes. He seems like a quality No. 2 back. Joe Williams seems like a No. 1. Williams replaced Breida and gained 60 yards on seven carries – 8.6 yards per attempt. And Williams played even better than those numbers indicate. He had a 17-yard carry and a 15-yard carry that didn’t count because the Niners committed holding penalties. Head coach Kyle Shanahan featured Williams in a number of different ways – outside zone runs, inside zone runs, toss sweeps, toss counters – and Williams excelled at everything. He and Breida will make Hyde expendable.

WIDE RECEIVERS: C+. Shanahan called the first pass of the game for Pierre Garcon. He ran a quick slant route and couldn’t get open against Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters. That was Garcon’s only target. Marquise Goodwin was the primary receiver for only one pass play – he ran a crossing route during a play-action bootleg pass and made a 14-yard catch. Shanahan didn’t reveal how he plans to use Goodwin and Garcon during the regular season. Aldrick Robinson caught a 63-yard pass – he is the third-best receiver on the team. Jeremy Kerley is the fourth-best receiver on the team. He made a difficult, lunging first-down catch on third-and-12 which I mentioned above (the catch didn’t count because of penalty). Trent Taylor is the fifth-best receiver on the team. He made a 19-yard catch over the middle. Kendrick Bourne is without a doubt the sixth-best receiver on the team He made four catches for 88 yards, including a 46-yard touchdown catch. And Aaron Burbridge is the seventh-best or eighth-best receiver on the team. He committed a holding penalty and left the game with a hamstring injury and no catches.

TIGHT ENDS: C. Garrett Celek made a nice 24-yard catch when he extended his hands and caught the ball over his shoulder. He’s a dark horse to make the team. Vance McDonald ran a crossing route in the red zone and beat his man, but Barkley’s throw was low an incomplete. McDonald probably will make the team. Blake Bell caught neither of the two passes that came his direction. He almost certainly will get cut. Cole Hikutini caught no passes and committed an offside penalty on special teams. He might go to the practice squad.

OFFENSIVE LINE: B-. The starting offensive linemen performed better at pass protection than run blocking. They gave up zero sacks but created very little running room. And the backup offensive linemen performed better at run blocking than pass protection, even though one of the three sacks they allowed occurred because Beathard held the ball too long in the pocket. The other time Beathard got sacked, that John Theus’ fault. He completely whiffed on a defensive end. He probably won’t make the team. Third-string left tackle Darrell Williams Jr. played much better than Theus and has a chance to make the final roster as the ninth offensive lineman. J.P. Flynn committed two false starts.

DEFENSIVE LINE: A-. The Chiefs gained only 31 rushing yards, and that reflects well on the 49ers defensive line. Nose tackles Earl Mitchell, Quinton Dial and D.J. Jones each played well against the run. All three should make the team. DeForest Buckner also played well against the run, but injured his ankle, and Shanahan says he’s not sure if it’s a low-ankle sprain or a high-ankle sprain. Something to monitor. Aaron Lynch recorded two sacks while rushing against backups – he almost certainly will make the team. But I doubt he’ll play much unless Ahmad Brooks or Elvis Dumervil gets injured. Rookie Solomon Thomas definitely will play, and he probably will start. He was one of the 49ers’ best defensive players in this game. He tackled a running back for no gain, and created pressure up the middle which led to a bad throw and an interception.

LINEBACKERS: B+. Rookie Reuben Foster broke up a pass in the end zone and didn’t injure his surgically-repaired shoulder. NaVorro Bowman looked stiff when Alex Smith easily ran around him while scrambling for a first down on third-and-7. Austin Calitro made a team-high six tackles, but committed an unnecessary roughness penalty.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: C+. Cornerback Rashard Robinson gave up two long catches — the Chiefs went after him relentlessly. Robinson did not play well, even though he had an interception. That pass was thrown right to him. Free safety Lorenzo Jerome forced a fumble and increased his chances of making the team. Strong safety Eric Reid committed an unnecessary roughness penalty. And backup strong safety Chanceller James committed a pass interference penalty.

SPECIAL TEAMS: C-. Here’s the good: Trent Taylor returned a punt for 33 yards, and Victor Bolden Jr. returned a kickoff for 37 yards. Bolden might make the final roster as the sixth wide receiver just based on his ability to return kicks. Now, the not so good: This unit committed six penalties and Robbie Gould missed a 51-yard field goal.

COACHES: C. Defensive coordinator Robert Saleh has installed a simple defensive scheme which is effective against the run, and head coach Kyle Shanahan has installed a creative offensive scheme which was effective Friday night. Now, it’s time for Shanahan and Saleh to instill discipline into the team, as I wrote on Wednesday. Poor practice habits carried over to this game and the Niners committed 17 penalties for 131 yards. This team needs leadership.

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  1. Hyde isn’t expendable. You, yourself said he had nowhere to run to. He wasn’t on the field long. It’s hard to judge him, the same as Hoyer.

    Williams did look great though. He deserves a chance to start in the preseason. Let’s see how he does against 1st stringers. If he continues to play like he did tonight, then start him against Carolina.

    I pretty much agree with everything else, give or take a letter.

    1. Hyde will have his best year! You won’t see him catching passes in preseason. Can’t judge until you see a real game.

  2. “Aaron Lynch made 2 sacks while rushing against backups”. But Joe Williams, rushed against said backups, and he makes a starter expendable. Hmm.. Something smells Fishy!!

        1. I believe the bias is when you say a man is only doing well because he’s playing backups, but another man is playing backups, but its because he’s so great and awesome. And makes a starter expendable?? If you don’t see the bias on his man crush, then you might have the same bias

    1. Yeup! The 2 runs that Hyde got stuffed on where he absolutely had nowhere to run Williams and Brieda would’ve had the same results. You see what Grant does lol He’s comparing all the RBs while failing to mention the quality of players they were playing against, but I am curious to see what Williams would do against the ones.

      1. Come on, guys. By this point, you should understand that Grant doesn’t just report what happened, but he also inserts his opinion. That is part of what makes his recaps fun to read. I definitely don’t agree with all of his takes, but who cares? He has put his opinions in hard writing, and if he’s horribly wrong, you can come back and let him know about it. But there’s no use getting worked up about something that we will eventually find out the validity of. I have disagreed with his Joe Williams/Carlos Hyde take, but yesterday, after the starters left, Joe Williams was the best offensive player on the field. Does that mean he will supplant Carlos Hyde? Probably not, but it’s worth noting. I disagree with the Aaron lynch take, too, as he was the best defensive player on the field, and I believe he will be a major part of our defense. But that’s what’s good about Grant’s articles – you can disagree with him, and yet, the world still continues to spin.

        1. Zach, it’s not that simple. This man doesn’t give opinions, he gives hard facts. When he writes these, he’s telling you what he knows will happen, not what he thinks. That’s what makes it so easy to disagree with. It’s like with every other poster that says crazy crap as fact and not as opinion. Only difference, Grant is the HWIC. Not a commenter. But it’s his blog, he can do what he wants . I’m just a reader. And an opinionist

          1. Are they facts? Because when you add opinion to observation, which Grant routine does, they’ve become subjective and are, therefore, no longer ‘facts.’ And that’s where I think your opinion goes off the rails when it comes to defending Grant’s ‘facts.’

            1. I’m not defending his so called facts. I’m disagreeing. I’m saying he spews from the mouth, like everything he says is a fact. My point is, a big conjecture of what he says is opinion. His own opinion. Not based on anything but what he likes and doesn’t like. He might say a fact, as in Hyde rushed 2x, but the opinion comes right afterwards, saying things like, he’s not a good fit for this roster. Bottom line, i don’t agree with about 80 percent of what he says. But like i said, it’s his opinion, so i live with it.

      2. Williams had four carries (2 nullified by penalty) where he got nowhere. No mention of that in the Williams analysis. But we certainly get to hear about the plays so well blocked that defenders didn’t even a get a chance to tackle him until he was 10+ yards downfield.

        So, yeah, I see some knickers…

    2. LMAO Grant. You sure have dug yourself into a hole with this whole Aaron Lynch thing.

      Theres an old saying “Give a man a shovel and he just won’t know when to stop digging” it goes something like that. I think you need to stop finding every little flaw and imperfection with Aaron Lynch.

    3. IIRC, Lynch also batted down a pass and had at least one TFL on a running play. And he looked both quick and powerful.

    4. Yeah, Grant’s been hating on Hyde all offseason. If Hyde was even close to being demoted he would have had more than 2 carries. They’ll call more runs between the tackles with him once the season starts.

  3. C.J. looked better to me than Barkley. Barkley was throwing behind most of his wrs and missed a TD chance or two because of it. C.J.’s 46 yard TD that you pretty much used as a negative was under thrown. But don’t leave out that he had to step up in the pocket due to pressure… Then move to his left and make the pass while moving with another defender coming at him.

    1. I think Barkley had just as good a game as CJB. He led 2 long drives, and his accuracy was fine. Hoyer did not do well, but he was going against a 12-4 team.
      On the most part, I agree with Grant’s grades, but understand that this was the first time they played against an opponent, so the sloppiness will tighten up. The penalties were frustrating, but are easily correctable with more coaching.

          1. Is that goo to be the rhetoric all year Seb? That Hoyer ain’t Kap?

            Cause if it is, thank God and you are a bitter bioch other wise!

            1. I am getting sick of all this in explainable hate towards lap under the guise of being a bad QB. This country is coming apart with racism rearing its ugly head everywhere.
              I suspect Serb brings up because he is just as sick of the ugly racists hating on kap.

              1. Door you about all the typos. I am just angry at what is being done to this beautiful nation and when people who know better can’t control themselves and start hating on those who standup for black community

              2. BS. People have been calling Kap a bad QB since he threw 4 picks against AZ. Even more people started calling him a bad QB when he didn’t see that his WR was completely uncovered, literally wide open. Even when Kap was somewhat good many years ago, people said he was overrated.

                Are there people that hate Kap because of his protest and race? Absolutely, but not everyone.

        1. Hoyer definite needs more work than that. Maybe trying to avoid embarrassing controversy? Both backups looked better. Carlos Hyde is the starter. Period. More attention needs to be given to the Ol. Without them, nothing works.

  4. Aaron Lynch has too much talent to ride the pine. Either he’ll play and rack up a bunch of sacks and tips or character concerns will derail him. It’s binary imho. I expect the former, though that doesn’t mean he will be listed as a starter. Don’t be surprised when you hear “Lynch Mob” being yelled at Levi, accompanied by half chewed garlic fries spewing all over the place.

    1. It’s not his talent. It’s his motivation. He takes plays off and doesn’t work hard until the **** is about to hit the fan, then he gets motivated. I don’t care what kind of season he has this year, I don’t want him resigned. He’s, in my book, just another Chester McGlockton/Tom Cousineau/etc. Super talented guys who just won’t put in the effort it takes to realize their potential.

  5. Well, in 2011 in the first preseason game the Niners were steamrolled by the Saints by 24-3 and SF commited 9 penalties for 75 yards, more than double the Saints did.

    I guess their poor praticing habits carried over to the game then too.

    PS: Niners only ran 54 plays in 2011 so there was 1 penalty for every six plays.
    Last Night they ran 68 plays and committed 17 penalties. 1 for every four plays.

    PS2: Shannahan’s team praticed like losera but won the game.
    Harbaugh’s team praticed like winners and got embarassed.

    Conclusion: preseason games don’t mean much if anything.

  6. I personally can see Grants point in respect to Hyde. What some of you fail to see is that Hyde is not working on an equal playing field with the other players in respect to his position on the team. He needs to be much better than the other rb’s to maintain his position. He knows that as evidenced by his super aggressive play during practices. The difference between Hyde and the other rb’s is that he is a vet playing in a contract year on a team that is not expected to do well this season. The Niners are less concerned with this coming season and more focused on the future. If they feel that Williams and Brieda are the future and can be adequate this coming season then it makes sense that Hyde is expendable. The reality is that unless you are a Gore or a Peterson in your prime you can easily be replaced via the draft or free agency. RB’s are at present do not carry that much value to a team. If Hyde has a great season for the Niners this coming year he will demand a contract that they Niners would not match. If he has a good or average season that would mean that he would have been easily replaced by one of the other RB’s. Either way it does not bode well for his value to a team geared for the future and not this season. His value would be to a team that needs production at the RB position this season. What also plays a factor and hurts his value is that he has yet to play a season without injuries due to his style. To those that feel the Niners should take advantage of the fact that he will play his guts out during his contract year, well as stated before this year means little to this team other than to evaluate players for the future.

    I find it hard to comprehend why some of you posters can not put these sort of situations into proper context and just perceive things purely from production for this coming season. Unless Hyde totally stinks it up the remainder of the preseason he will not be cut, however if they get a decent trade offer they would be smart to take it. It’s not about this coming season but more about the building of the team for the future. If a player is not seen as part of that future then they are expendable.

    1. That isn’t Grant’s point. Grant’s point has been a belief that Hyde doesn’t fit the scheme. He’s trying too hard to make his observation a reality by singling out anything remotely negative Hyde does which is why some are giving him grief. As far as what you said above, they are hoping they don’t have to resign Hyde I would imagine, but if he has a great year and neither rookie distinguishes themselves, they may have to do it. RB’s don’t make a ton of money these days and the 9ers have a ridiculous amount of cap room so it’s not out of the question. They do need to think about the future for sure, but Hyde is young enough to be a part of it and is worth more than a late round pick which is all they would be likely to get in trade.

      1. Just to clarify… I agree the niners should trade Hyde. Turn that 2nd rounder into a position we need…not another running back. Carlos has shown he is just a good rb…nothing special. We have running backs. How bout a 2nd round safety or CB…Guard?

        1. Saying Hyde is expendable because Williams looked good against backups is an overreaction. Thinking we could get a 2nd round pick for Hyde isn’t realistic.

        2. If the 49ers were to receive a desperation trade offer for Hyde that is a 2nd round draft choice, undoubtedly accept the offer.
          However Hyde is the type of bruising running back who will seldom during his career play in all 16 games. Add to this Hyde is in a contract year & his value in a trade is significantly less. My opinion is a 5th round draft choice with the possibility of a 4th subject to production.
          I watched last years Super Bowl, what struck me is the Shanahan scheme did not play well for running out the clock ball control. Perhaps Shanahan will adjust his scheme to incorporate such & a back such as Hyde becomes invaluable. This can be also utilized in other plays during the game where Hyde can average 10 to 12 touches making him a very good fit.
          But this will certainly mean Hyde departs in Free Agency where he will demand Bell Cow money & a substantially larger role.

  7. I was impressed by the cohesiveness of the players–more evident as the game wore on. While early in the preseason, it’s a sign Shanahan and Lynch are having some success shaping a team culture not seen in a while.

  8. I feel Hyde is going be all right what I’m worrying about is the secondary I don’t trust any of our cornerbacks that what i worry about

  9. Think it’s way too early to make any snap decisions , after all guys n gals , it’s preseason game one . Yes there’s some positives that came from it . No major injuries , definitely a new system , offensively , defensively . Lots of new faces , remember ,Rome wasn’t built in a day . 49er faith .

  10. Just so I understand this correctly, kaep isn’t good enough to even compete with our current stable of qbs? If he signs else where and does well, the niners will look foolish especially if the apparent cousins move out here falls through….

    1. The situation with Kaep is somewhat similar than the one with Hyde. Shanny is looking for a QB that fits a certain model. Kaep probably would be more productive this season if he played for this team. However, as I stated it is not about this season or even the next one, but building a future team to that mirrors their vision. Don’t you feel they could have fielded a much better team this season if they had used up their available cap? Sure but it would not have helped them long term in creating the vision of the type of team they are shooting for. For once this team is operating under a long term plan. That is why they got a 6 year contract. As they stated this was an opportunity to create a team from the bottom up with the proper resources and time to do so available. As far down as the team was it was not sensible to try to build a long term contender through quick fixes. They set up the D-line in this last draft and through free agency and now need to deal with the other weak positions in the following years. I wouldn’t sign Cousins- he seems too much like a too costly quick fix.

    2. Kap. Had two good years. We understand. But I tell you if Lap threw to that wide open receiver he would of hit his feet or hit the gatoraid boy. Kap just is not that good. He can not get over 200 yards. We called it a good game whe he had 175 yards. Remember he won the same amount of games as Blaine Gannett 1. Against the same team Gabbert won.

    3. Neither is RGIII. In the BS read-option/pistol crap offense he has a better life-time QB rating than Kaepernick. He took his vastly inferior team to the playoffs. Last year the Browns tried to make him a pocket passer. It was an unmitigated disaster. Just like when the 49ers tried to make Kaepernick a pocket passer in 2014.

      You do remember what happened, back in 2014, when they made Kaepernick a pocket passer on much better team than this? He finished the last 8 games with a QB rating under 77. The 49ers scored 16 PPG including a 35-point loss against the Chargers which drops the average of the other seven to just over 13 PPG. We went from 5-3 tied for the division lead to 8-8 and 3rd place as the offense couldn’t score (25th in points that year).

      In 2015 the 49ers tried the pocket QB thing again. His QB rating was under 80. He lost his job to Gabbert who, lousy as he is, posted an 86.2 QB rating with the same lousy team. In fact, it was a poorer team because injuries were taking their toll.

      Bottom-LIne: RGIII and Colin Kaepernick have only been successful in the read-option. The read-option was, pretty much, made obsolete in 2014. Even Kelly couldn’t get much production out of him (19 PPG vs GAbbert’s 22.2 PPG) and his QB rating (which looked good on paper) was driven by a super-low INT rate.

      1. The read option is not dead. Some teams have used it very effectively, especially if it not done too often. Even the pistol is being used, but it needs a mobile QB.
        Some would say the WCO is obsolete because teams figured it out. However, many teams utilize WCO concepts. Brady has total mastery of the WCO, even though it is not the classic WCO. He just knows where every player is on the field, uses the short passing game to maintain drives, and takes what the defense gives him.
        The read option is just another tool to use. It puts stress on the defense because they do not know whether it is a pass or run until the QB decides., so they have to scheme for both. If the defense assigns a spy on the QB, he should just exploit that player because he is not helping the rest of the defense.
        As with every other scheme, the read option will be ‘solved’. The trick is to counter the counters, to change and adjust all the time. Just like the classic drop back pocket passer, those players will become obsolete when enough QBs become mobile and elusive. Above all, the QB must be accurate, but that will not preclude fast mobile QBs from being accurate. It is a constantly evolving process.

    4. 23-0! I agree. Kaep would do well in the KS scheme, and I think KS could take any QB and make him better.
      Looking at the other games, they rolled out Trubisky and let him throw on the run. They utilized the other QBs properly, especially the mobile ones, and they were many exciting plays executed these first preseason games. Rolling out QBs allowed them to buy time, so the WRs could get open down field.
      The Niners have immobile QBs, so the bootlegs and rollouts will expose them to some big hits. The first 4 games the Niners have, they will be confronted with elite D lines with fierce pass rushers. Mobile QBs will be able to elude the pass rushers. Expect the Niner QBs to get bludgeoned, and I hope they survive.
      There is a false narrative going around that says that a mobile QB cannot be accurate. Well, there are plenty of QBs like Rodgers, Mariota, Wilson, Taylor and Winston who are elusive and accurate. There are just as many immobile QBs who are immobile and inaccurate.
      The Niners will still be looking, because the present QBs are not the future QBs. Yes, CJB did well, but he cannot count on the DBs to fall down all the time, and he was going against the scrubs.
      Yes, Kaep would do well under the KS scheme, and he could do those rollouts and bootlegs in his sleep. With this team, he would have good support with a decent O line, solid RBs and speedy WRs.
      Too bad he is being blackballed, when scum like Hill beats his preg gf in the stomach. They are so adamant that he will not play, they are considering retired , one legged, CFL, druggies and house painters instead.

      1. Saturday morning snivelling by Seb yet again.
        Your boy ain’t coming back. No storm here to see Seb. Wipe your nose, dry your eyes and move on.

            1. That is specious. Maybe they should accentuate his strengths and disguise his weaknesses, instead of showcasing his weaknesses and ignoring his strengths.
              It would be smart to roll him out, utilize naked bootlegs and run the read option and pistol. Too bad they were as dumb as a post.

              1. Seb 3 different coaching staffs could not make him NFL capable.
                But you seem to have an idea how.
                Stop mowing grass and apply for a position since you are such a Kap expert.

                I mean executives around the league read your posts. Why not get a job?

              2. JH made the wrong play call and Kap didn’t execute.
                Remember Seb, Kaepernick was the only 49ers quarterback to lose in the Super Bowl

              3. Prime, talk about sniveling. Sounds like you are happy the Niners lost the SB, just because Kaep was the QB.

              4. Nope I’m sad because we traded away the only QB with a brain and kept the one who didn’t have one.

                I’ll tell you what was Kaps demise. The play where he tried to outrun Suh last year against MIA. Suh caught Kap from behind and folded him up like a lawn chair. That played showed his demise cause he can’t pass or play in the pocket, and that play showed that even his athleticism won’t help them win.
                Sure he didn’t against the woeful Rams but to me, that was the play that the NFL said, he is not that good anymore.

      2. Why does Seb say Kap would do well in KS scheme, but KS says, in effect, he would not?

        What does Seb know about CJ that KS does not?

        How did Marino do what he did, not being as mobile as Kap?

        If Mobility is the first and foremost quality for an NFL QB, why dont ALL QB knowledgeable GM’s and Head Coaches go after track athletes and teach them the QB position?

        Inconvenient Q’s for the mighty Quinn………………

        1. Seb’s heart aches for Colin, it truly does. The manic, blind man-crush he has on Colin cannot be broken. As Percy Sledge sang…

          When Seb loves a QQ
          Can’t keep his mind on nothing else
          Seb’ll trade the world
          For the good thing he’s found
          If the QB’s bad he can’t see it
          He can do no wrong
          Seb will lash out
          If any put him down

          Wonder if Seb has any Kaepernick tats…

    5. So you say. He didn’t look better last year then any that played last night. Last year is all that counts.

  11. Overall I was pretty pleased with the overall play of the team. Things looked shaky during the first series but settled after. I thought all the QBs looked pretty confident out there and most of the players looked pretty cohesive. Overall, a good start.

  12. Most of the penalties came from backups and soon to be unemployed special teamers.
    Can Kerley be traded to one of these receiver needy teams? I could see the team trading Celek to Baltimore or NE. McDonald could end up in Cleveland.
    This team needs a veteran CB. Maybe Lynch can also be shipped out in exchange for Butler.

    1. I don’t know Matt, I like Lynch as a rotational player, can’t have enough of those. And McDonald is the starting TE so who would be the alternative? We don’t have one we know about for sure yet? Kittle seems a bit brittle.

  13. I’m watching from out of the market, so had to watch on NFL, meaning I missed the early part of the game. And while it’s certainly too early to make any rash judgements, I was hoping I could watch Niner games this year without holding my nose. So far, no good.

  14. Grant you really stunk it up with this article. You gave mediocre grades across the board to an offense that gained 460+ yards, somebody had to be decent.

    Your lukewarm take on Beathard is baffling, he was phenomenal. For a guy taking his first live nfl snaps I’d give him an A+, just look at how awful Mahomes looked for KC.

    1. You should check out some of the other games and watch what other young QB’s did. Your opinion of Beathard would be a little more subdued.

    2. He played against undrafted and soon to be unemployed talent. He’d better look phenomenal.

  15. Kap opted out , and to be selfish ,new coach ,new system , no new distraction needed . ( Not that I agree ,or disagree) team first ,brick by brick . Players on the team need to focus on there new play books/ new assignments. Trades – should be considered ,but honestly ,in 10 practices / 1 preseason game , and we’re ready to trade ,2 semi productive players from last year , before we give them an equal shot to prove themselves , yes some will be trade ,buy know what your trading and why , trading Hyde at this point , before we know what he’s got to offer ,or if mcdonald can fit/play in this offense , Kerley teams best receiver last year . Probably not going anywhere . This is not an individual sport . Team first , next man up . Besides wait on the trades ,more value once there are more injuries , and closer to the start of the season . Slow down guys ,this isn’t a race . There is plenty of time to talk,trade,and evaluate what you have before any bold , moves or trades , releases are made . Hope we all remember this is team first.

  16. I wouldn’t worry to much about the grades at this point. Yes, we all do it and enjoy reading Grant’s grading article but in person games it’s almost impossible to equally evaluate the players.
    Unlike fans coaches could care less about winning these games. To them this is just an opportunity to work in some game situations… see what players retain and properly execute under the bright lights. Results are secondary believe it or not see Nate Davis looked amazing but didn’t make the right reads.
    My takeaways.
    1. The starting o line is still well below average at run blocking… this could make it hard to sell the play action.
    2. The starting db’s appear to be overmatched. This will make it hard for us to pick up wins against teams with a decent QB.
    3. The run D should be much improved this should mean we can pick off wins against teams without a good QB.
    4. Solomon Thomas looked impressive and generated some nice pressure. I look forward to seeing him against the 1’s.
    5. Williams has some real burst, I didn’t see him break many tackles but he looks like he could be dangerous if given a crease.
    6. Brieda while not spectacular, showed he isn’t afraid to run between the tackles and has a decent set of hands.
    7. Foster showed up and was always around the ball… but I didn’t have a lot that I could take away from this game for him.
    8. Lynch is too good to be going against the two’s I need to see him with Thomas against the ones.
    9. Shanahan is still able to scheme open wideouts. While they didn’t look spectacular he was able to get some of them open. I hope this holds true against the ones.
    10. Hoyer wasn’t impressive but didn’t really get a chance… the oline didnt really hold up and shanahan didnt move the pocket as much for him… we need to see him get a bit more action in the coming games.

  17. There is going to be a lot of rookies on the final 53. One of the commentators last nite compared Williams to Wendell Tyler, after I thought about it I could see the likeness in running styles. If that proves to be the case then the Niners got a gem. I am liking Foster a lot. Witherspoon manned up on a couple of plays, that was good to see. Thomas was pretty much everywhere. I thought Barkley and CJ played well enough to back up Hoyer. The secondary is the weakest part of the team followed by the O-line, most of us new that already.

    All and all for a first game of the year things are looking good and the team is on the rise, got lots of work to do but for the first time in three years it looks like its going to be a fun year watching this very young team grow.

    Somethings never change – penalties been a problem for a few years now. Red zone problems continue to haunt this team that also has been a problem for a good many years.

    All and all I think the team is on the upswing and will get better with each game they play. The practices with Denver in the up and coming week will be very beneficial to the development of the team.

  18. much better article than the last one. I like the player reviews even if I don’t agree with everything

  19. Funny how people see things differently….

    QBs: No read on Hoyer. Barkley was fine. Bethard really impressed me for a rookie playing his first game and made a big-time NFL play. Under pressure he steps up, feels more pressure, rolls to his left, throws cross-body (unable to set his feet) while hitting a WR who ran the wrong route because the DB re-directed him. During that time he notes the DB is out-of-balance and won’t be able to recover (and actually falls down). The throw is, literally, all arm and it gets there, though a little lower than ideal and the 49ers get a 46-yard, explosive TD.

    Grant gives him zero props. Like the play never happened. Edited out of reality. That was a big-league play all the way.

    RBs: As for the RB analysis., What I saw was predominantly blocking related. For the good or the bad. You have no room to run, you get nowhere (Williams had four of those ( two nullified by penalty). You get giant holes that are opened through the second-level because the 49ers line just crushed the Chiefs’ back-ups (Williams and Brieda had multiples of those), yeah you get long runs.

    Robinson: Robinson was covering Tyreek Hill. In case you don’t know, he’s the fastest dude in the NFL with Goodwin right behind him. And unlike Goodwin who has been pretty much unproductive during his career, Hill is a game-changer and as a rookie was a First Team All-Pro on FOUR All-Pro teams: Associated Press, Pro Football Writers, Pro Football Focus & Sporting News. He’s also the #36 rated player in the 2017 NFL.COM player-poll.

    That doesn’t make Robinson a bad corner. Hill beats EVERYONE like a drum. And, btw, cheap INTs caused by pass-rush pressure still count. He could have scudded it like so many CBs do.

    Thomas: I liked what Thomas did last night, though it was against the second-team Chiefs he was a man among the boys. Constantly pressuring QBs (2 pressures, 1 hit on 20 pass rushes), blowing up the running game (2 stops) all while playing from the edge, over the OT or from the interior. Grant mentions the INT, but Lynch’s pass deflection, which Grant didn’t mention, was because of Thomas flushing the QB.

    Foster: He’s the starter. He gave up just one completion for three yards, got the INT and otherwise blanketed his man in coverage. That was Patrick Willis play.

    1. I disagree a bit on the RBs. Yes there were instances where the OL was mainly to blame/ praise for a play. But both Breida and Williams showed instances where being decisive to small holes and hitting it with speed and power led to good gains. That’s the RB. Didn’t see enough of Hyde to get much of an idea, but he did try and dance too much on the loss. Just needs to hit it and take the small gain.

      1. Hyde looked like Hyde to me, and Williams and Breida looked like much better fits for this offense. Yet they should. Shanny hand selected them, whereas Hyde wasn’t, and he wouldn’t have been if given the chance….

      2. The Niners have been trying to get Hyde to stop dancing in the backfield since they drafted him.

      3. Have to disagree. He was engulfed on all sides almost immediately. It was a poorly blocked play and he wasn’t making a positive gain no matter what he did on it. He will try to make something out of nothing and get into trouble at times no doubt about it, but this play was not a Hyde issue; it was a blocking issue.

        1. Yes the blocking was awful. But he hesitated rather than just taking what he was given which was the difference between getting back to the LOS or a loss. He needs to just take what he is given.

            1. The 49ers commentators made a lot of him. He seemed fine I guess. Maybe a PS candidate.

              1. He was big and moved really well. Looked like a natural out there. Excited to see more of him. Wonder how he graded out….

          1. Again I disagree Scooter. He had people in his face almost immediately and there was no way he was getting back to the LOS when he was met by multiple tacklers 5 yards behind it. There are times Hyde can be criticized for not being decisive but this wasn’t one of those times.

            1. He gave himself no chance of getting back to the LOS by hesitating when he saw penetration.

              1. Scooter I’ve watched the play about 30 times now and he was not getting back to the LOS no matter what he did. His options were to run into the back of his lead blocker or lower his head and absorb the hit from Bailey. It was a toss play that featured 5 KC defenders getting penetration 5 yards behind the LOS. This play was not on Hyde at all.

              2. That’s what Hightower was referring to when he said you have to be tough in this scheme. Can’t hesitate in the backfield.

              3. I have watched it a few times too. Sure, he probably doesn’t get back to the LOS no matter what. But he stopped his feet when he saw the defender in front of him rather than planting and driving forward. He lost yards as a result. I know you disagree with Grant’s opinion, I think Hyde has talent too, but just because the play was a bust due to poor blocking does not mean Hyde couldn’t have played it better himself on that play. I think you are forgiving Hyde just because you think Grant is overly critical.

              4. No Grant’s opinion has nothing to do with it. There are things Hyde can be criticized for as I said previously, but criticizing him for losing yards on a play that was completely blown up 5 yards in the backfield isn’t one of them. He slowed down because there was absolutely no where to go. Putting his head down and going forward would have netted the same result because Bailey was right there waiting for him with both sides contained by KC defenders.


                Hyde is as tough as they come. One of the best at yards after contact and doesn’t like giving up on a play which is both a help and a hindrance. That play had nothing to do with toughness; it was a complete train wreck that left him nowhere to go.

    2. “Grant gives him zero props. Like the play never happened. Edited out of reality. That was a big-league play all the way.”

      Grant decided early on Beathard was going to be a bust so now he is trying to justify himself. That is way more important than reporting accurately on what happened.

  20. I thought Bibbs might make the team, but apparently, he is in the doghouse, and his whiff on a block allowed that punt to be blocked. Wonder if Bibbs may be traded back to Denver, since they will be practicing together, and Charles and Booker are injured.
    Breida, getting the carries before Williams, seems to have locked up a roster spot, and his running was not spectacular, but solid, even against the second string.
    Wonder how Blair is doing. If he is injured, Chris Jones will probably make the 53.
    Both Celek and Dial may be on the bubble, but their trade value should be high since they played well last night. Glad to see the Rams, Bills and Eagles making trades, so it is possible, and Lynch should be talking with other teams. The Niners should trade away as many bubble players as possible to create space to poach cut down day players.
    Penalties are unforced errors, so they obviously do not read my posts. ;p

    1. Yeah Seb… And there was lots of head slapping too. Guess they missed your memo on that as well.

        1. Ha! Guess it depends on what constitutes a slap vs a gentle caress/touch. I saw some decent slaps Sebbie.

          Maybe you should focus on head butting.

          1. Interesting. The league does not permit any blows above the neck, but the Niners allow their own players to do that?
            Sounds like some more self inflicted wounds.

  21. Anybody taking Grant’s analysis on Hyde for anything more than it is, digging himself into a deeper hole on a bad hypothesis is just missing it.

    Per Rotoworld on Hyde – “The performance was nothing to write home about, but it is notable Hyde played exclusively with the first-team offense, with hot-offseason name Joe Williams working as the third back in the rotation behind undrafted free agent Matt Breida. Despite plenty of offseason reports to the contrary, Hyde looks locked in as the lead back.”

    Which is probably the take that is right 95% of the time on any team when you see a guy get a couple carries with the starters and then take a seat in the preseason.

    In addition he’s fourth in the league in yards after contact per attempt over the last 3 seasons- backs like that don’t grow on trees and he’s already a pro at this point. Yes Shanahan’s have a history of finding people, but they’re not going to discard a good back because of that.

    Just ignore Grant on Hyde, enjoy the preseason and lets get ready for a hopefully better year than the last!

  22. So far this pre-season most of the articles are about the use and abuse of CK7. He is another person with an opinion and no longer a person of interest for this organization.
    What becomes of him as a football player or as a person has little to do with what will happen to the 9ers and their future. I wish that the media would finally let it go and write about football rather than opinion pieces about CK7.

  23. Fans,
    Lets not be too hard on Breida. He’s a well coached back—an undrafted free agent out of Georgia Southern.
    The reason I say well coached is he’s doing exactly what a smart back in his status would do…..He’s aware drafted players will be considered ahead of him so they have a little more lee-way to juke and jive around defensive players. He’s doing what Shanahan has asked for in his offense: “Make one cut and get upfield.”
    When my coach told me that, that’s what I did—like Breida, I knew I was expendable—other backs tried everything in the book to take my job….Eventually I climbed to 2nd string, making our starter nervous, but my efforts got me a job on special teams……One day the starter told me on kickoff returns (my job) hard fake to the middle to deke the D, then cut it outside. I responded: “Coach told us if he sees anyone running out of bounds, he’ll cut him.”………Game after game this guy kept up–hard fake toward the middle–give it a try, so I did–gained some yardage, but was forced out of bounds…..Coach sat me for 2 games before I got my job back again……

    Lesson, Breida’s playing it safe to zero in on a special teams and back up position…….Also, it would take an ex back to notice this, maybe Grant can ask around ?…..Anyone notice Breida wore the largest set of shoulder pads a back can wear……Yeah, those Shanahan practices are taking it’s toll. Think he should dial it down to retain what uninjured players he still has—even Foster was limping around.

    As for the rest of my summary, Cassie Baalke posted it best for so early in the season:

    Cassie Baalke says:
    August 12, 2017 at 5:12 am

    I was impressed by the cohesiveness of the players–more evident as the game wore on. While early in the preseason, it’s a sign Shanahan and Lynch are having some success shaping a team culture not seen in a while.

  24. That was a refreshing performance. As with any rebuilding team a bit more storming and norming will develop a consistently professional approach.

  25. Source: NFL Draft Scout

    Name: Raheem Mostert
    College: Purdue Number: 8
    Height: 5-10 Weight: 195
    Position: RB Pos2: WR/KR
    Class/Draft Year: Sr/2015
    40 Low: 4.28 40 Time: 4.38 40 High: 4.49

    Raheem Mostert Deserves Strong Consideration as Eagles’ No. 4 Running Back

    The Philadelphia Eagles’ leader in yards from scrimmage this preseason wasn’t Jordan Matthews or Nelson Agholor. It wasn’t DeMarco Murray or Darren Sproles, either. It wasn’t even Kenjon Barner, fan favorite to win the No. 4 running back job, should such a role even exist.

    It was Raheem Mostert, and it wasn’t even close. All told, the undrafted rookie out of Purdue racked up 351 yards from scrimmage in four games—157 rushing, 194 receiving and 217 more total than anybody else on the team.

  26. 49ers’ Raheem Mostert: Leads all rushers Friday

    CBSSports.com-8 hours ago

    49ers’ Raheem Mostert: Leads all rushers Friday. by RotoWire Staff; 5h ago • 1 min read Update 5h ago. Mostert logged 15 rushes for 89 yards in Friday’s 27-17 …

  27. Beathard looks like he could develop into a serviceable starter at some point. I liked what I saw.

    Joe Williams looked like a natural in Shanny’s scheme. If he’s Wendell Tyler, all we need now is our Roger Craig. ’84 Niners offense was one of my favorites.

    Robinson looked locked in and ready to roll. Garcon/Goodwin/Robinson/Kerley/Taylor/The Bourne Identity is how I see it now too.

    Darrel Williams looks like our future at LT. He moves well for a big man. Very impressive.

    King Solomon was exactly as advertised. His production came from consistent disruption. His performance should send Tank back to the quonset hut.

    Bowman did look agility deficient on that play, and it’s no surprise. He just isn’t the same player, and never will be.

    Boy, for having a reputation as the Alpha dog, Mr. Robinson’s bark seemed much worse than his bite. The secondary is a major concern.

    Jerome looked like he belonged, and I think he makes the team.

    If I’m Shanny, I use Zgonia as my bad cop to write lack of discipline tickets, and make leaders out of these young men.

    All in all, excellent write up, Grant. Agree with most all of your talking points.

    1. I wonder how Gilliam rated, but Price aint worth the Price if he lets pass rushers run by him.
      I was disappointed that King Solomon did not get a sack, but he did get pressure for that pick.
      Are you saying that Tank is in a pit of despair? ;p

      1. 10 sacks I believe was the prediction.
        I’ll be there week one to hopefully witness the first

        1. No, Razor modestly predicted 6, but I think with Buckner and/or Armstead commanding double teams, King Solomon will use his first quick step and garner 11 sacks. That is still less than one per game, but I am not too worried. King Solomon started out slowly last season, so he will just keep getting better as the season progresses. The weaker second half will fit into my scenario, and King Solomon may have games with multiple sacks.

          1. Now it’s 11. You know Seb every player you’ve praised or spoke highly of has tanked.
            So for the true faithful, do us a favour, STFU.
            Go back to Raider nation.

              1. You sir, lose always , therefore, you’re deserved family coat of crests:

                ‘Sir Lose Alot’.

                I will always remind you of your loser picks: 1. Kap will take the league by storm again.
                2. “Barkley will beat out Hoyer.”

                Liar and loser, begone !

              2. TrollD, you were the troll that advocated trading Kaep for Tebow. Nuff said.
                Prime just degenerated into being Prime by spewing expletives.
                49ers won so I do not feel like a loser at all.

              3. Seb losing and you are like Kap and unemployment.
                A fitting result considering the participants.

    2. — comp. of Williams to Tyler was sent by fan on tweet- not started by Ted or Tim

      — OLine looked marginal, and bad on near goal line plays– no push, Chiefs got plenty of penetration, esp. up middle thru guards/center. Short yardage plays up on goal line are NOT being won by Oline. Offense did better when backed up off goal line when extra space allowed for more play options for KS.

      — Not sure Hyde will work out either, but sample size last night way too small….Hyde may not be compatible with the limitations of the current starting Oline– but we can’t say Hyde is a bad fit since Oline play is iffy, next week I hope the 1st Oline and Hyde play longer– and a tougher D to test against.

      — DB’s– HELP! If Chief’s 1st O stayed in longer against our 1st D, well, I just don’t wanna think about Alex carving us up.

      — Barkley+ Beathard were decent considering 2nd/3rd D– Like to see Barkley get time against Denver 1st D though. Liked quick+decisive release by Beathard, pulled the trigger quick…unlike another QB…

      1. Please remember that the first team didn’t look too good against the Chief’s first team, so before we crown Solomon king remember that he was buried along with the rest of the D line in the first series. The Chiefs had their way with our defensive line and defensive backs that first go around. Moses’ observation was sound and needs to be taken into account but it is still alarming that our D line couldn’t generate any pressure on Smith. This may be an area of concern going forward. If we can’t get penetration with our front line. As the game wore on the subs could, which means we have better depth, but the first team era still struggled. Is this because Andy Reid is so good or because Saleh has yet to learn?

        1. EC,

          Yep, the starters were dominated by KC on both sides of the ball. The difference between an established playoff team/Division winner and a team starting a rebuild.

          All the concerns we had going in were on full display: The coverage by the secondary was poor, run blocking was poor, knowledge of the system was lacking with the pre snap penalties, tackling was hit and miss, couldn’t score TD’s in the RZ.

          A lot of things to work on but there were some good things by the second and third units too. We got to see the burst Williams has, both Barkley and CJB made some good throws, Kendrick Bourne made some plays, Taylor looked good returning punts, Lynch dominated against the KC second team, Thomas was in for a lot of snaps playing well into the 4th quarter which he needed after missing the offseason reps.

          So really a typical first preseason game featuring some good some bad but a reality check as far as how this team stacks up against one of the better ones in the league right now.

          1. I don’t play fantasy football, but is it fair to say that fantasy rankings are fairly accurate. I noticed that the KC defense is ranked #1 followed by Seattle.

          2. Totally agree that the second and third team units played very solid. Was vet impressed with Williams and Betheard in particular but also with Taylor, Barkley Bourne, Lynch, Solomon, the two J’s as well.

    3. lol. I live in St. Louis now. I see quite a few Chiefs games now that the Rams are gone.

      Tyreek Hill is something most of you just don’t get because he’s not part of the New York Media Hype machine and you’ve had very little experience of him. Last year Tyreek Hill was voted to (First String) to FOUR All-Pro teams. (AP, TSN, etc.) As a rookie. He is also rated the #36 player in the WHOLE NFL in the 2017 NFL com player ranking poll.

      Last year he put up 1453 combined yards with 9 TDs. He did that despite starting just ONE game. That’s more than Ty Hilton, Julio Jones, Odell Beckham Jr. , Mike Evans and Antonio Brown, the NFL’s Top-5 WRs.

      Fantastic hands. The fastest man in the NFL. Great moves on the field. The fact is that you don’t ‘just stop’ Tyreek Hill. You just hope to contain him by rolling a safety over the top of him and playing him hard. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/01/13/lawrence-timmons-on-tyreek-hill-have-to-stop-him-before-he-starts/ Something that isn’t going to happen with a pre-season game where the 3rd string safety is starting.

      Truth be told, we haven’t had a talent like this in a very, very long time. And unless injuries get him, he’s looking like he’s going to be elite-level special for a long time.

  28. One thing I noticed, and we did it quite a bit last year, is that when a receiver or running back has the ball in the flat our cornerbacks and outside linebackers come up and try to make a tackle with one arm. We are not wrapping up when we are making our tackles.

    Much of the yardage made against the Niners last year was simply from poor tackling.

    Winning football teams know how to block and they know how to tackle. Sometimes football is just that easy.

  29. Just watched a replay of the Beathard TD. Fell asleep early because it was Friday and I like to party.

    I like how he stepped up, then slid left, all while keeping his eye’s downfield, and then hit his target. I don’t care if the WR had to slow down, the QB was under duress and still executed.

    Maybe not a “wow” throw but it looked and felt like a professional pocket QB.

  30. Matt Breida was the first running back in the game after Carlos Hyde and was used, comparatively speaking, as the workhorse back. He played 28 snaps, with most runs going up the middle or cooming on goal-line plays. On one sequence he had goal-line runs of: no gain, no gain and minus-three yards. He finished with 11 runs for 40 yards. He wasn’t as flashy as Williams, but was given more blue-collar carries. He also had two catches, something he rarely did at Georgia Southern but a skill he’s proven he could do well in practices…


  31. Once highly rated kicker released (nfl.com)…

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers ended their kicking completion after just one preseason game.

    The Bucs released Roberto Aguayo, the team announced Saturday.

    Tampa cut bait on the former second-round pick after he missed an extra point and a 47-yard field goal in Friday’s 23-12 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals in the preseason opener.

    The Bucs will move forward with veteran Nick Folk.

    Aguayo lasted just one season with the Buccaneers after the team traded up in the second-round last year to select the Florida State product. Aguayo struggled through a painful rookie season. He missed nine of 31 field goal attempts and botched two of 34 extra point tries. In 2016, Aguayo didn’t only struggle with accuracy, he also showed little length, with his longest field goal make coming from 43 yards.

  32. First preseason game with the new coaching staff, new offensive and defensive systems; all in all it went pretty well.
    The Niner’s do not have the talent to be a playoff team, so I really didn’t expect the ones to do well against the Chief’s ones.
    As just about everyone said the O line and DB’s are the biggest problems. This are also the units that need to work together more as units to improve. I just hope they will be playing better by Sept.
    I agree with Undercenter; a lot of rookies are going to make this team. By 2019 this team is going to look a lot different.

    I also did not see many coach related penalties; like delay of games.
    This year should be much more watchable than the last two years.

  33. Cam Inman ✔ @CamInman
    #49ers Kyle Shanahan’s pregame attire is black sweatpants, black golf shirt over long-sleeve grey T-shirt. Stand by for any wardrobe changes

    Easy to see why Jed fired Trent Baalke…..”The cupboard is bare.”

  34. Cassie Baalke says:
    August 12, 2017 at 9:29 am
    Yeah Seb… And there was lots of head slapping too. Guess they missed your memo on that as well.

    sebnynah says:
    August 12, 2017 at 9:46 am
    While disappointed, they were not head slapping, they were head touching.

    Cassie Baalke says:
    August 12, 2017 at 9:51 am
    Ha! Guess it depends on what constitutes a slap vs a gentle caress/touch. I saw some decent slaps Sebbie.

    Maybe you should focus on head butting.

    TomD’s Take: Cassie Baalke, remember Sebby’s point of instruction to you last week,

    he was head punched, partying, but unfazed, ordered another round ?…..Early signs of CTE ???

    1. Seb- 8/9
      “BTW, I can take a punch. Some guy at a party once hit me while i was not looking over some perceived slight. He hit me so hard, I flew against the wall. I told him he made me spill some of my beer. He was so amazed that he hit me as hard as he could, and I was unfazed, that he apologized and left. I had another beer.”

      — while at parties, make sure perceived slights are not looked over
      — item above to ensure violent reaction from slight spewer
      — when hit hard by person listed above, take flight within room crashing into wall, thus demonstrating Newton’s 3rd law of motion
      — protest assault by loss of beer counter claim
      — remain unfazed
      — continue beer consumption

      1. I was admiring a girl, and he thought I was talking about his gf. Once I told him who I was talking about, he apologized.
        No harm, no foul.
        I think it was a keg of Michelob beer, so I was not looking to leave anytime soon.

        1. tjf,

          Funny stuff. Ha !


          As I imagine Seb, at a party , he’d pull a George Costanza, and when smoke entered the room, wild eyed, he’d yell: “Fire, Fire, Fire, while shoving women and children to the floor before escaping.
          When the Marshall questioned Seb, like George, Seb’s response: “Well, what’s the 1st thing you do when you encounter smoke ?….You go to the floor to breath; I was pushing folks to the ground, saving them from smoke inhalation…..

          Fire Marshall’s Resonse: “Yeah, sure.”

        2. Sebs is the latest in a long line of Billy-Badasse’s who are going to beat hell out of everyone, everywhere. Were getting more and more of these big-city butt kickers………………

  35. Georgia Pumps Taxpayer Money into Anti-Choice Fake Clinics

    Georgia is funneling millions in state funds to anti-choice organizations that attempt to prevent people from seeking abortion care. The state this week awarded a $3 million contract to an organization that will distribute grants to so-called crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), commonly called fake clinics.

    At least 14 states, including Georgia, fund fake clinics, as lawmakers in state legislatures have introduced bills in recent years that propose direct or indirect support of fake clinics.

    “This lack of medical expertise is dangerous for the women that depend on trusted information from these CPCs and may not know where else to go. Families are truly being misled,” Cannon said. “All CPCs need uniform patient privacy protections to confirm that they are servicing patients with medical professionals.”


    1. I know about them. I used to do their tax returns when I worked for Kibbles, Bits & Bits, CPAs, PC. (That was the ‘humorous, senior partner is drunk ‘name’ for the firm. They were actually a respectable mid-size regional firm HQ’d out of Nashville, TN.)

      Anyway, it used to make me feel slimy to do their return. I knew what they were doing. I much preferred the slimy used car lots that made all their money on the plunge. They were at least ‘honestly slimy’ instead of that fake virtue slimy CPC oozed.

      And don’t even get me started on the Christian Music industry. Talk about worshiping Mammon… Fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake and more fake.

  36. Grant, I like you. You come from good stock. You’re not afraid to tell it like you see it. Will there be detractors and haters? Of course! There’s always a crab or five trying to pull you back down. Ignore them. This is your show. Your forum. Run with it.

  37. With regards to Robinson. The Chiefs threw for 170 yards last night, 61 on two passes targeting him. Add his whiff on Ware to set up first and and goal and it was not a good showing.

  38. How a conversation on the Niner’s first practice game evolves into a Kaepernick conversation once again is beyond me but we can’t seem to exorcise ourselves of this guy. Jeesh. The argument, or lack of, that he would do well in KS’s offense is laughable and uninformed. KS’s offense in the most basic terms depends entirely on the quarterbacks ability to read the defense at the line of scrimmage in just a few seconds, go through his progressions and ACCURATELY throw the football, all attributes that Colin struggles at, to say the least. Can he roll out? Of course, that’s what he does, even when the play calls for him to throw from the pocket because he tends to drop his eyes at the slightest hint of pressure, then panics and runs. It might look like a planned roll out, but often it is not. Even when he does roll out, planned or not, he is extremely INACCURATE!! He is the exact opposite of what KS wants and needs and that is why he is not and never will be a quarterback for the Forty Niners as long as KS is the head coach, PERIOD! He’s a mediocre NFL quarterback. Always has been. Always will be. This mediocrity combined with his on field antics of last season are why he is unemployed. It’s both reasons, not just his lack of talent, and not just the obvious blackballing for his protests. It’s both. His lack of talent does not outweigh the probable backlash from the fan base of any team, and that is why the individual owners will not pull the trigger on signing him. Enough already.

    I agree overall with your grades Grant. I thought Beathard out performed Barkley. I thought Hoyer and the starters should have got more snaps.

    1. Juan it’s just fun seeing Seb make excuse after excuse for Kaepernick.
      I enjoy seeing the little guy squirm. It’s been over 5 months Kap hasn’t been a 49er. I want to see how long he can hold on to this.
      I know his pride will come to its senses sooner rather than later.

      1. Prime, I plan on rooting for the Niner QB to win games, no matter who it is, but still think Kaep gives them the best chance to win.
        Even without the OTAs mini camp and TC, I think Kaep could come in and lead the team to victories. It was interesting to note that KS had the QBs roll out and throw on the run. 2 things Kaep is an expert at.

        1. I never cared for what you think and what you do.
          I know you are not really a fan of the 49ers. You are a fan of a certain washed up player.

          You lost. No storm. But keep talking out both sides of your mouth how you will cheer for the 49ers but still say that Kap gives them the best chance. All year you will play that card.
          What a joke

              1. If you think you can say things and then contradict yourself without any backlash, maybe blog posting is not your cup of tea Seb?
                I mean it didn’t work for you at Niners Nation?

    2. Once again, the facts shoot down your arguments. If Kaep had a completion percentage less than 50%, your arguments may have had merit. However, he has a 59.8 career completion percentage, and that does not include all the drops.
      A mediocre QB does not storm the league and get to the SB after only 10 games.
      You put on blinders and ignore the fact that Baalke dismantled a SB team so he was left with no RB, slow WRs, TEs with the dropsies and a turnstile O line. Last season, with a healthy Hyde, the running game was 4th in the league.
      Once again, I did not bring up Kaep, but he is relevant because the QB play, while decent, will not propel them into the playoffs.
      I think both backups played well, and neither out shined the other. It will be a stiff competition all preseason.
      I am glad the starters played sparingly, because if they played all half, and one got injured, KS would be excoriated for exposing the starters to possible injury.

      1. No matter how many times you repeat the snivelling it’s all the same sad excuses.
        He’s done, get over it!

        You lost, no storm!

        1. Lynch still has that door open, and if KS can get Hoyer, Barkley and CJB to play well, imagine what he could do with Kaep.
          I just think Lynch wants to win so much, he will accept Kaep, and as GM, that would be his call. Glad he apologized to Kaep for the continuing leaks and smears. He did not have to do that, but that just shows how much class he has, and he did not burn any bridges.

      2. Seb,

        Joe Montana said you won’t keep a job long in the NFL with a completion % in the fifty percentiles, so your argument is with him…..Let’s see how that works out ?

          1. Still in the 50’s and combined with his worst football stat in the history of the NFL (4 yds passing in one NFL game) the both of you, I believe can still win a bowl game—-with the Edmonton Eskimos.

            Colin Kaepernick sets NFL record for quarterback futility in loss to …

            just four passing yards


            1. Yep, it might have helped if the coaches had not forbidden him to pass in the first half. The snow may have been a factor, also. One completion for a good gain was called back due to a penalty.
              So yes, there are lies, damn lies, and statistics. MT

              1. Barkley didn’t have any problems in the snow?

                Yet more excuses on the coaches. Did the coaches bonk the ball off the LB’s helmet or was that Kap?

          2. So now Seb knows more than Joe! And yes, that is what you said-in so many words………

      3. Freekin Seb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        The league figured him out and grew. Kap did not grow. He’s not a victim. He just didn’t put the time in.

        Snotty little comments will not change reality. Face reality-its real.

  39. You sir (Seb), lose always , therefore, you’re deserved family coat of crests:

    ‘Sir Lose Alot’.

    I will always remind you of your loser picks: 1. ” Kap will take the league by storm again”.
    2. “Barkley will beat out Hoyer.”

    Liar and loser, begone !

  40. Hmmm, Beathard (2) TD passes –Barkley (0)………Beathard superionr QBR.

    Seb predicted Barkley beats out Hoyer……Looks to me by the above ESPN box score he’s having trouble beating out the ‘Rookie’, Beathard.

    And we’re to believe Seb knows anything about QB’s, while advocating a QB who owns the worst statistic in NFL history–Kap, who passed for 5 yards in an NFL game…….

    Go back to the Black Hole, Raider Fan , enough !!!

    Colin Kaepernick sets a new historical low, gets benched in loss to Bears:


  41. Seb,

    This, from a woman who doesn’t even watch football, understanding what everyone in the room knows about Kap, but you…….The jokes on you, Seb, Loser !


    Colin Kaepernick Sets an (Unfortunate) NFL Record
    Posted at 7:15 pm on December 5, 2016 by Susan Wright

    I’m not even into sports enough to care, but I’m into it enough to get a hearty chuckle out of this.

    I don’t know how much I believe in karma, but I am a big believer in, “HA, HA! That’s what you get!”

    Reported Fox News:

    It was the first time in NFL history that a quarterback threw for less than five yards and was sacked five times in a game….He was sacked more times than his passing yards ???

    After the game, Kaepernick said he did not expect to be benched in favor of Blaine Gabbert, despite the dismal performance.

    “I am surprised,” he told reporters. “It wasn’t something that was expected. I’m always prepared and ready to do anything I can to help this team win.”

    Want to help? Quit.

    It’s hilarious that he thought he’d be kept in the game, but then, he is an entitled little snowflake. It’s not about what’s best for the team. It never was. It’s about him.

    Some of the responses on social media were glorious.

    Sam Doerner‏

    I wonder if @Kaepernick7 will take a knee during the national anthem in the Canadian league next year. #49ers #Kaepernick
    4:15 AM – 5 Dec 2016

    Alex Anderson‏ @alexeianderson · 5 Dec 2016

     More

    Replying to @Sam_Doerner26

    First you would have to find a CFL team who would be willing to sign and good luck with that.

  42. I’ll side with Ks and JL on this one who obviously believe Kaep would give them the “best chance to lose”! So obvious!! Lol’

    1. Juanhuglo,

      Can you believe what you’re reading. I’ve just posted an article from a journalist (above) who’s ‘N-O-T’ a sports fan and gets it…….But Seb doesn’t ?……Can you imagine this guy as our GM ?

  43. Beathard A (for a rookie in his first game)
    J. Williams A this kid looks like he could lead the NFL in rushing.
    J. Williams F this kid looks like he could lead the NFL in fumbles lost
    S. Thomas A I didn’t like the pick but he sure looked good last night.
    A. Lynch A he will lead the team in sacks whether he starts or not.
    Marcus Rush A I just had to include him
    Grant C. B Don’t freak out about the penalties at least half if not more came during special teams. Special teams in the first exhibition game are filled with guys who won’t even be on practice squads, those penalties will go away.

    1. S. Thomas A I didn’t like the pick but he sure looked good last night.

      Now that’s a true fan. Much respect for that OldCoach!

      I thought of you dancing around last night during the Rush of Marcus;>)

    2. “J. Williams F this kid looks like he could lead the NFL in fumbles lost.”

      Valid concern and it showed up in college. Grant mentioned the fumble in the previous thread, but he said “no problem.” Fumbling is always a problem. Hopefully, Williams will get better with ball security. Similar to Tiki Barber.

  44. 2016 pre-season, Niners averaged 347 yds/game, gave up average 322 yds/game.
    2016 regular season averaged 308 yds/game, gave up average 406 yds/game.
    Last night they ran up 434 total offensive yards, gave up 187 total offensive yards.

    What does it mean? A sample size this small, probably nothing. If anything, they should be watchable this year and I’m glad I renewed my Sunday Ticket package.

  45. A couple fans in here seemed to have difficulty noticing King Solomon during the game, and seem blinded by their own personal resentment of the pick or they have a zinc deficiency:

    Pro Football Focus ✔ @PFF
    Solomon Thomas was a disruptive force for the 49ers in his NFL debut on Friday:

    EDGE Solomon Thomas, 88.2 overall grade(Highest of any player on the defensive side)
    The rookie third overall pick started his NFL career with a bang as he recorded a hit and two hurries on 20 pass-rush snaps while also showing his stout run stopping ability notching two run stops on just seven run snaps. Thomas was able to consistently push the pocket whether rushing from the edge (9 snaps), over the tackle (8 snaps), or the interior (3 snaps).

    Next game, look for #94 and know that Justin Smith approves of this player.

      1. Witherspoon – He was physical. He was mostly invisible, so he probably had good coverage throughout the game.

      2. Foster played a solid game and should have picked Smith in the end zone on the first drive. DJ Jones held up against the run and had a fumble recovery.

          1. Yep. Grant has said a lot of things that are proving to be unsubstantiated. He gives a lot to talk about at least.

    1. Razor, I hope you are not speaking about me. I admit I had reservations regarding the pick because of how he fits on the team.
      With that said he was the most impressive rookie in that game in my opinion. He showed burst and explosion… and was a constant disruptive presence.
      As an interior lineman I don’t expect a ton of sacks but if he leads to others getting sacks or ints… it’s just as good to me.

      1. Hell no, Shoup. They know who they are, and you’re absolutely right. Disruption = Production! That’s why when I predicted 6 sacks on the year for him, I also included how his disruptive play would create for his team mates. I cannot wait until next year after this kid has had a year in Ray Wright’s classroom….

        1. Ummmm, you said 10.
          So have you booked your ticket to SF? Sept.10. Beers and wings on me.
          Make it happen big mouth!

        2. Prime Time says:
          May 10, 2017 at 11:49 am
          10 sacks right for the King?

          EastCoast9er says:
          May 10, 2017 at 11:55 am
          That’s very optimistic!

          Razoreater says:
          May 10, 2017 at 12:11 pm
          What do you expect from the fool on the pill? Try more like 6 sacks, with tackles for loss in the running game. Pressures and disruption that assist his team mates in making plays. That’s what I’m expecting from King Solomon in his first NFL campaign….

          Like I said, PRIME TIME is a big fat liar!!

    2. Thomas was very good. And was good to see the coaches getting the rookies lots of snaps too. Best way to get them ready to contribute.

  46. We win and we’re at each other’s throats. Can’t wait for the day after the Denver game… Grant may need to call in Press Democrat security.

    1. Some fans have enshrined players after a few training camp practices and a game.
      Too emotional and agenda driven. I’ll hold my judgement till the end of the year when 16 games have been played before inducting anyone to the HOF

      1. He has that capability. I never compared him to the likes of Justin Smith like you have with Thomas.
        You predicted bust with Trubisky. You like ketchup with your eggs?

        1. PRIME TIME says “I never compared him to the likes of Justin Smith like you have with Thomas”.

          Prime Time says:
          January 26, 2017 at 2:55 pm
          Trubisky is Matt Ryan 2.0 after 2 years

          PRIME TIME is a big fat liar!

        1. I won’t be in CHI at that time but thanks for asking.
          I will be in SF for the home opener. You should come meet me there?

              1. Ha Ha Ha Ha…. .lol,


                Seb has a job—-playing 49er arm chair GM and sticking us with the likes of Kap or his newest QB crush who he said will beat out Hoyer—-Barkley.

        2. I figured you’d want to see your 10 year franchise quarterback in person get his chance against the guy that opened a can of whup ass on him. I thought you lawyers made the big bucks. You must be a public defender….

    2. Ha Cassie! You must have missed the 2011 playoff run here. It seems the fans’ contempt for one another is directly proportional to Niner’s success.

  47. Cassie Baalke,

    The 49er’s chummed up the waters with a win and over 19 points and 152 yds passing—(our avg. the last 3 years). Like sharks, we’re in a frenzy for reg. season !!!

    1. The rookie with 2 weeks of camp scored highest? Looks like he’s got a cathedral ceiling.

      1. He played well though I would wait a bit to see how all of them do going forward. All of them played mostly against 2nd and 3rd teamers when they looked good. Nevertheless they did loook good and kudos to all these guys, Thomas included.

  48. The Kaepernick equation continues to rule the day.

    Unemployed mediocre NFL quarterback + ill advised sideline activism provoking enormous fan backlash = unemployed mediocre NFL quarterback

    End of story.

  49. Tom, the sad thing is I do believe what I’m reading when reading Seb’s ridiculous non defense of what amounts to a rather mediocre player who will only be remembered in the annals of NFL history as an activist, not a player of any significance. I believe that, no matter how idiotic his premises are, he truly believes what he spews regarding this insignificant player. Mind boggling! I’ve known many, many sports fans in 61 years and have never known anyone who had such an obsession with such an average player! I guess it’s a man crush.

    1. Sadly, I agree…….Prime has interesting theories and to gain more psychological insight, Cassie Baalke is an interesting read when the 2 engage.

    2. Juan, remember, you are talking to a troll who wanted Tebow as the Niner QB. Even you would have to agree that Tebow is worse than mediocre, since he is playing little league baseball.
      I am a fan of a player who has accomplished a lot in the league, He is a SB QB. He has set playoff records. His road playoff record is better than Joe and Steve combined. He came within 5 yards of winning it all, and one pass from returning. Selective amnesia seems to be your way of dealing with those facts.
      No, it is not a man crush, it is just a die hard faithful Niner fan who yearns for a return to the Glory Years. Frankly, I am sick of losing, and want the Niners to return to relevance.
      Being a fan of a player is not an obsession unless I declare that I would wish the team to lose because of my preference to a player. However, I have stated many times that I will root for the Niners to win, no matter who the QB is. I even rooted for Gabbert to win, and was not calling for him to be benched because I thought he would bench himself.
      As Niner fan, I just humbly think that he would give the Niners the best chance to win. However, I must respect his right to move on, so I will wish him well to whichever team he finally lands, but certainly will not switch to being a fan of that other team like many Alex fans did. No, I will wish him well, and keep on rooting that the Niners win multiple more rings.
      GO NINERS !!!!!! SIX!!!!!!

      1. SEBSTROM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  50. Prime Time says:
    August 11, 2017 at 7:54 pm
    Haven’t even noticed King Solomon

    Ha! Too funny!!

  51. Your right Tom, I always enjoy reading Prime’s and Cassie’s insights, along with quite a few others, too many of which to name. I’m not anywhere in the vacinity of a psychologist but I have personally mentored hundreds of my employees over 4 decades running a business and am a pretty good judge of character. I’m sure there’s a syndrome of some sort that would explain Seb’s obsession. Maybe it relates to his own shortcomings related to his sports or even work history. Something is a little out of wack. The propensity to brag and stretch the truth when claiming accomplishments for self recognition. He would be a project, that’s for sure!

  52. Juanhunglo,

    I’ll update on an abridged version of Seb history:

    1. He once had a mishap with an out of control chainsaw, nearly setting the neighborhood on fire.
    2. His neighbors appear to peer out of cracked curtains, wondering what will happen the next time he does a little yardwork ?
    3. Seb once exploded military grade ordinance (phosphorus grenades with children at the local playground), and conversely, expects us to believe he has a war hero uncle…(If he had one he would have never exploded those explosives)
    (Cassie Baalke and Brotuna had it out big time, with Seb over that whopper).
    4. His obsession with Kap (needs no explanation)

    In summary, I’ve projected a profile of Seb. Only one character fits these traits: Robert DeNiro whose occupation isn’t chainsaw scaring neighbors, but a knifesalesman scaring his clients, who, coincidentally also has a athlete hero worship obsession…….I’ll post this character and maybe you can tell me how near it is to Seb ?

    The Fan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJhwzOqqdqU

    1. 5. TomD, Little Prime, and our own beloved Cassie Baalke’s obsession with Seb.(Nothing new)

          1. What a baby! It’s funny how you always try and rescue Seb?
            You wanna meet? September 10 DA!

              1. Henceforth, you will be known as Primenocchio!! C’mon, I thought you lawyers were supposed to be sharp. You’re about as sharp as a bowling ball, and a big fat liar!!

              2. Get it together Razor. The emotion is overwhelming you. Stay calm, breath deep old timer, we can’t afford a incident.

              3. Primenocchio, a lie keeps growing and growing until it’s as plain as the nose on your face.

  53. I see Bourne is getting a lot of praise. Leading WR on the day, so guess it makes sense. However, he also had a few drops/ bad plays while Barkley was at QB. He mostly picked on the 3s. I don’t think it is time to be pencilling him in as the 6th best receiver on the roster just yet.

    1. I found it interesting that although The Bourne Identity isn’t the fastest wide receiver, he was the top performer in the 3 cone with 6.73 seconds. Maybe he gets more opportunities with the injury to Burbridge….

  54. Seb conveniently leaves out the fact I called for the Kap/Tebow trade when Kap was a hot commodity, but when most saw his limitations —a read option only QB.

    The trade called for draft picks also. Seb always leaves that out. Those picks could have helped our rebuild today

    1. Tom, SebRazor likes to cherry pick quotes out of context. They say so much crap, 40 posts a day so how can you take anything they say seriously?

  55. Oh, Forgot one thing, Juan.

    Seb has an alterego on this site, AKA, Razor.

    Prime and I call Seb, Seb/Razor……..Who know how many other accounts he has on this site

  56. Hyde, Bow, and Robinson are done. Williams will be the GOAT. All this is based on the first preseason game. Did I miss any of the overreactions? Feel free to add to the list of premature ejaculations.

      1. Yep, and pocket awareness. Brings to mind Shanny’s recent breakdown of “athletic” qb’s vs. pocket qb’s. When I watched the replay, he stepped up, then slid left–and this is where an athletic qb would have taken off because he did have some room–but instead he kept his eyes down field and threw. It’s so nice to see that kind of quarterback play, even in the preseason game against scrubs.

  57. Well Seb, I never questioned your loyalty to the team or your desire to see them succeed. I only question your undying devotion to what amounts to be a rather mediocre player who is 3-19 in his last 22 starts, a player who hasn’t done anything of any significance for over 3 years. Your claim that he would “give them the best chance to win ” is silly and nonsensical, and not backed up by the facts. Do you think for a second if any of the top 10-15 quarterbacks in the league, provided they were all free agents, would not have been signed somewhere regardless of whether they had knelt during all of their national anthems? I don’t. Only because THEY would give their teams the best chance to win. Colin wouldn’t. They know that. We know that. You don’t. He’s not working because he stinks and that won’t overcome the inevitable fan backlash. Tom, Ben, or any of the other top quarterbacks would. That’s life.

    1. Juan, maybe my missive was also directed at my detractors who accuse me of being a fan of another team, when in actuality, they are Raider trolls, themselves.
      Glad you brought up the win loss record. The Niners were dismantled by Baalke when he refused to sign Iupati, Let Gore go, lowballed Crabtree, lowballed Boldin, let Boone go. Traded away Davis, and treated Cowboy and Willis like pieces of meat so they showed no loyalty and retired. Stabbing the starting QB in the back with leaks and smears made the team toxic, and devoid of veteran leadership.
      In 2015, Kaep had to endure such a beating, he needed 3 surgeries. Yes, any QB will struggle when he has a broken thumb on his throwing hand. Gabbert was fortunate to do a little better, but he lost 5 games that season, so the team was not competitive. Coaching was sub par, too
      Last season, the defense was directed by O’Neil, who was a failed Brown’s coach, and did not have a clue. He made the players think too much, so there was a paralysis by analysis. Thankfully, Saleh has simplified things, and holding the chiefs to 33 yards was a huge improvement. Last season, the defense was so putrid, it gave up historical amounts of yardage. Blaming Kaep solely for those losses is churlish. It was a team effort. Sure, Kaep will get the blame because he was the starting QB, but he did compete in that Rams game, showed leadership by mounting a 4th quarter comeback, went bold and willed his team to victory. I like QBs who do that. He did that, and ticked off Baalke, who wanted the first pick of the draft, but I was ecstatic, because he broke an 11 game losing streak.
      Yes, last season was painful, but the whole team imploded and Baalke sat on his hands and did nothing, because he wanted to lose. It was so bad, Baalke lost his job, which made all the losing bearable. After all Kaep went through, I still wanted him as the starter, but obviously, he showed no loyalty to a team that not only stabbed him in the back, but twisted the knife. I wish him well.
      Now we are confronted with the present Niner QBs. If you want to declare that they are so accomplished that they are far superior to Kaep, go ahead. I will just point out the horrendous playoff loss of Hoyer and the fact that Barkley has never even sniffed the playoffs. Tout an unproven rookie over a QB with a 4-2 road playoff record, and I will question your football acumen.
      Yes, Hoyer was Hoyer, and I expect he will pull a Gabbert and bench himself. I was pleasantly surprised that Barkley did not throw a pick, and CJB did well against their third stringers.
      The main reason I like Kaep is his mobility. I will question his judgement to follow the advice of his gf, but his physical skills are undeniable. He is nimble enough to avoid the pass rush. In a season and a half, he endured 80 sacks, but he probably avoided 80 more. Kaep is big enough to shrug off arm tackles, and he is fast enough to out run the safeties. He has put his foot on the half yard line, and sprinted upfield untouched for a TD, so he can score from anywhere on the field. His 468 yards rushing helped make the Niners 4th ranked in the league, something his replacements can only dream of.
      Players are amazed at how far Hoyer can throw the ball. No one has ever questioned Kaep’s arm strength. DBs have to cover the entire field. Kaep has even developed touch, throwing over the LBs and in front of the safeties. You may question his accuracy, but I will not. He had a 59.2 completion percentage and that was with 18 confirmed drops, and he was throwing to the lowest rated WRs in the league.
      It was shameful how ineptly Kaep was utilized. It was almost criminal to force him to be only a pocket passer. They wasted his talents, and showcased his weaknesses. Thankfully, KS has designed roll outs, and bootlegs which will allow the QB to throw on the run, which is one of his strengths.
      Glad you keep engaging me, so I can present my side of the story. I cannot get you to change your mind, but I think your emotions cloud your judgement.
      Yesterday, the Giants did not lose, so I am a happy camper. Guess there is another rain out, so they may prevent another loss. ;p

      1. SEBSTROM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        YET ANOTHER ONE OF YOUR SERMONS????????????????????

        THIS IDOL WORSHIP AT YOUR AGE…………MOST UN-BECOMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. They didn’t lowball Crabtree. He left because Kap is a bad QB.


        “A lot of people don’t know that the Niners offered me a contract, I just didn’t take it,” Crabtree told the San Francisco Chronicle. “I wanted a fresh start. It was more money too — the Niners offered me more money than anybody did — but business is business and I wanted to come to a team that really wanted and needed me.”

        “I needed new scenery. It wasn’t for me,” Crabtree said. “I needed a quarterback that can deliver the ball, and that was hungry like I was.”

        1. Baalke lowballed him because even tough he offered more money, he would not guarantee any playing time. Raiders offer was lots better, with a prove-it contract. They promised to renegotiate it if they were happy with his play. In fact, before the end of the season, they renegotiated a contract extension for 34 mil with 16, 6 mil guaranteed. Baalke’s offer was a lowball offer compared to what he re-signed for.
          Yes, I remember Crab wheedling to Kaep to throw him the ball 3 times in the SB. He also did not make a play on the batted ball in the NFCC Game in Seattle. Now he has changed his tune.

          1. “I needed new scenery. It wasn’t for me,” Crabtree said. “I needed a quarterback that can deliver the ball, and that was hungry like I was.”

            1. ‘I wanted to come to a team that really wanted and needed me’.
              That was aimed at Baalke all the way.

              1. Sebbie…you missed the key part, “I needed a quarterback that can deliver the ball, and that was hungry like I was.”

              2. Crab needed a team that was going to let him play. If he was sitting on the bench, it did not matter who the QB would have been.

              3. So do you agree that Crabtree wasn’t a FO shill?

                I ask because Crab said he needed a QB that was hungry like he was. Crab implied that Kap wasn’t hungry, something you have said was a fictitious FO smear campaign against Kap.

              4. 80, Crab is Crab. he dished dirt as a parting shot, so he attacked the whole organization.
                Sure, the FO probably took that comment, and ran with it.
                I will take the word of Brandon Marshall LB. He said that no player practiced harder and prepared more than Kaep. Chip said the same thing, and he certainly is not a FO shill.

              5. Was Marshall a Niner? Was Kelly using coach speak? Was Kelly afraid of being called racist (again)?

            2. Yup, and Crab still is a league leader in drops. maybe if he caught the ball, they would have thrown it to him more.
              In Oakland, he did well because Amari Cooper was the number one receiver and commanded the double teams. Crab got single coverage, so he had more opportunities.

        2. Great read! ‘Ol Sebbie will just blow it off. Seb is quite skilled at deflection.

      3. Hey Sebbie… Your story… “Glad you keep engaging me, so I can present my side of the story.” Um, you may be so close to the story that you’re unaware that you keep telling your story incessantly…and have for many months.

        Move on Seb. You’ve clubbed us repeatedly with your Kaep sermons–the backstabbing, the victimization, his storming of the NFL, all the woulda-coulda-shouldas, his being emasculated by his girl friend (yah, you made that case too). Kaep is a limited QB who must play in a very tailored system–and be supported by a magnificent defense–to have any hope of success. The NFL has figured him out. Lynch and Shanahan have gone in a different directions. It’s over Seb. Love the 9ers, embrace your team. Remember the good times with Kaep, then kiss and say goodbye.

        1. Cassie, maybe you should get a clue. I say those things because you all lead with your chins.
          Ignore Kaep and stick to other football topics, then I will not have the opportunity to post. It really is as simple as that.
          But like a moth to a flame……

          1. Ol’ Reed, from NN started the ball this morning, but Prime and Juan just cant help themselves.
            Just like you and Baalke. Of course, just by being Baalke, you give me a perfect lead in to eviscerate Baalke once again.

              1. Baalke will get to suspend players on the team bus. Think that was how Zeke learned of his 6 game suspension.

          2. Not moths Sebbie… It’s like people watching Russian dash cam video on YouTube. Such crazy stuff that one can’t stop watching.

            1. Beautifully said, Cassie……..a complete distortion of reality, and it’s kind of fascinating and very funny at the same time.

  58. Well, Hoyer was only 1/4. That’s it, the season is doomed. What a bum. Why even show up next week? How’s that 80? Premature enough?

      1. Even better for a 6th rounder or UFA, where everybody says he should have been.* Maybe this Shanny guy knows something we all don’t.

        *Yeah, yeah, i know…….one game against 2nd and 3rd stringers. Then again, CJB is a 2nd or 3rd stringer himself.

      2. Agreed, not bad at all. His numbers were right up there or better than Trubisky, Mahomes, Watson, and Kizer.

    1. Grant vigorously ripped the pick at #3…assigned a grade of F as I recall. Of course, CJB may have a short, unstoried career, but he is showing pretty well. I’m content to watch how all this plays out.

  59. KS made a mistake with his tossing of the red flag. Bad advice or bad observation on his part.

    I was very encouraged from last nights performance. Saw some really good things from a bunch of rookies. The team is young and is going to make many mistakes but they will grow from it. I am liking the practices with Denver prior to next weeks game. These young guys need reps and more reps. This team is going to do nothing but get better.

    I think it would be awesome if CJ will develops into a really good QB. Could save some draft picks or a ridiculous amount of money for Cousins.

    1. Yea, I don’t know what went into the thought process on that challenge. Lesson learned hopefully.

      If Beathard can be the guy, that would be phenomenal just for the reasons you cited. It would allow us to focus on the secondary, and interior offensive line with early draft picks next year….

      1. Yes, save draft picks for our two weakest position group. Still early who knows both groups may show improvement over the course of pre season. The secondary concerns me more then the O-line.

        1. I want an All Pro at Center, that’s all I know. Between free agency, and improvement possibilities, the draft seems a long way off. It’s encouraging to see we’re finally moving in the right direction….

          1. I have been on the center kick for at least the last three drafts. Maybe next year.

            1. ;>)Like North Korea, we keep kicking it down the road. I like Billy Price in round 2 out of Ohio State.

              1. Not to change the subject, I got 11 rookies making the 53 man squad. You any where near that? Three of them UDFA’s.

              2. Thomas
                Williams J
                Breida UDFA
                DJ Jones
                Lorenzo Jerome UDFA
                Hikutini UDFA

              3. Looks good to me, Undercenter. I might add Darrell Williams Jr. as a darkhorse candidate, making it 12, and 4 UFDA’s….

              4. I think Celek might make the team because he is a better blocker, yet can catch the ball better than Vance. Hence Hikutini may make it to the PS.
                Chanceller James may also be a bubble player who makes the 53, if Ward is still down.

  60. This was a solid game, some rough edges that need to be smoothed out but you can see a new identity being established. All the QB’s look downfield first instead of looking for a check down. Shanahan and Lynch have gathered more receiver talent in one offseason than baalke did in 6 years.

    1. Alter ego…

      “An alter ego (Latin, “the other I”) is a second self, which is believed to be distinct from a person’s normal or original personality. A person who has an alter ego is said to lead a double life. The term appeared in common usage in the early 19th century when dissociative identity disorder was first described by psychologists.”

      1. Hmm, now they are copying my name. Please try to be original. I really do not want to be accused of being a duplicate account.
        Yes, it sure was nice that the O line could give enough time to at least get to the second progression, and getting battle hardened and battle tested FA WRs helped. I will certainly agree that the talent evaluation in the draft improved greatly, and the whole culture changed so FA players were not avoiding the Niners like the plague. Firing Baalke was the genesis of this turn around.

        1. Seb, oh voice of CTE compassion and gentle touching of heads… When ya gonna drop the battle cliches? Hmm?

              1. Meet me week one. I keep offering the invitation but you keep crying.
                Here’s your chance again?
                Are you man enough or just brave behind the key board?

              2. This is hilarious, you act so brave in front of me, but turtle for another poster.
                I thought you wanted to have fun. Guess I am angering you.
                Mission accomplished.

              3. Turtle cause I’m not going to Chicago?

                Seb I’ll be in SF and so will you Sept.10. You accept my invitation or are you a coward? What is it mouth piece?

            1. Glad to see you’re consistent. CTE bad, thump good. Raise player safety to new heights, continue use of military-themed cliches. Love ya Seb!

              1. Prime, ur a disgrace…..challenging fellow sf fans to meet you in the parking lot. Bro please, internet gangsters are so yesteryear. Seems to me if there’s a coward around here, it’s the guy making threats from the safety of his mom’s garage. How is she btw? Miss her dearly.

          1. SEBSTROM!!!!!!!!!!


              1. Nice try, Sebs–i’ll give you that.

                You would have me believe that people on this blog don’t see something THEY think is funny, put their own slant on it and run with it? i see it all the time.

                Could be you and Razor are one and the same………..?
                I doubt it, but using your logic……

              2. Razor was on the blog long before Seb so they are not the same.
                But given how much they like to chat I’m starting to wonder if Primetime and Seb aren’t the same. Or perhaps the press democrat is using them to drive up their post count.

    1. Razoreater says:
      August 12, 2017 at 4:46 pm
      Titans secondary might be worse than ours, yikes!
      That’s going to be hard to do, seriously.

  61. Kyle Shanahan says he expects to see C.J. Beathard play much earlier in the upcoming preseason games.

    -G. Cohn

  62. Doesn’t seem to matter how many training camps and preseasons he’s watched Grant just can’t help himself from overreacting to practices whether it’s in game form or not. I was worried you might have pulled a muscle when your knee jumped up off the ground with your Joe Williams tweet.

    Guess the Patriots will just write their season off since they can’t even beat the Jags.

  63. Mahomes is clearly a lock for OROY.

    Ha, no but I am glad he didn’t go out there and chub it. That first play that was called back was a bit airy but nice for a first NFL pass. They didn’t ask much of him the rest of his snaps and he wasn’t facing much either so again I’m just glad he didn’t embarrass himself out there.

    1. I have been impressed with how most of the rookie QBs performed in their first preseason game.

      1. Dobbs is the only rookie QB that had a poor night statistically; 8/15 100 1td 2int. I was surprised by how many pass attempts they were given as well. 3 of them had 25 attempts and none of those 3 threw a pick, that’s really impressive.

        Here’s the combined stat line for the first 5 QB’s taken: 64/102 690 yards 4td 0int 95.6 qbr.

        Not too shabby for a first time out.

      2. Apparently Chad Kelly is going to miss all of 2017, I hadn’t heard that.

        I’m interested to see how many reps Kaaya gets today.

        1. He was solid. Yet another rookie QB that showed pretty well in their first ever NFL action.

  64. KS will disregard the 468 yards that helped convert probably 15 first downs?
    A dual threat QB gave a team 507 yards in the playoffs that helped win games. He does not want that?
    Since he is unfamiliar with a dual threat mobile QB, maybe he does not know how to utilize him properly. Sounds like he is too lazy to try.

    1. Not sure if lazy is the correct description, perhaps he’s concerned with backlash from the fanbase( u deal with it everyday), just like every other hc and gm that have chosen to sign every other bum qb out there. This week’s Cutler signing for example was interesting to say the least……retired int machine begged out of unemployment line. What a joke.

      1. I think KS and JL are toeing the company line, and are respecting the wishes of Jed, who is the real problem. They make up ridiculous explanations like he wants all the QBs to have the same skillsets. Maybe it would be better to have different skillsets so the offense could have more variation and flexibility.
        JL went out of his way to praise Paraag, so it was a subtle message saying that Jed chose a suit over a player.
        Jed, as owner, should tell JL he has no objections over signing Kaep, for a modest sum like Hoyer’s salary, with a promise for a fair competition. Jed should stop showcasing Paraag, because it is infuriating a segment of the fanbase. It is like a poke in the eye to all the fans who liked JH, and his next target, Kaep.
        Yes, it is political, but it is misguided. Kaep’s motives are pure. He wants justice. His message needs toning up. It is counter productive to anger a big set of the population. It distracts from the message. People misinterpreted his message. By seemingly disrespecting the flag, they thought he hated all of America, when in actuality he loves America and wants it to be better. By wearing pig socks, they thought he hates all cops, but in actuality, he only hated rogue cops. By wearing a Castro shirt he became so radioactive to Floridians, they sought a retired player over him.
        I hope Jed would not be afraid of a mean tweet. The conspiracy to blackball a player, and say he is not skilled enough, then sign Arena league players and CFL players, retired players and even consider druggies and one legged players, is a farce.
        I just want to hold Jed to his word. He said that he would part ways with any person who he found out to be leaking. Lynch had to apologize to Kaep for the continual leaks and smears. Sure am glad he left that door open.
        Jed said he would do everything in his power to help the team win. Throwing up roadblocks to obtaining superior talent is obtuse.
        It would be a profile in courage to have Jed stand up for justice. This blackballing is mean spirited and Orwellian. It is giving the NFL a black eye. When people threaten to not watch football because of Kaep, it is a form of blackmail, and maybe the league would be better off without them.
        Maybe Jed should ask his uncle what to do.

        1. Now You are telling out and out lies, Seb.

          We know what he said about this country, how we dont spend near enough on education………..then fawned over Castro. Kap is an ignorant man that, by the way, you worship. He has no inkling about what this country spends on education.
          Of course, his right to talk stupidly was paid for with the blood of the very people he berates.

          What offends Kap is of no consequence, and rightly so-since he has never cared how offensive he is to all of us. He and his girlfriend should split-no one is keeping them here. But these people never leave..their afraid to. Oswald tried, and got his arse back here quick as he could.

          1. Saw, I did not defend him for wearing that Castro shirt, because some posters think he is the devil. I just mentioned the repercussions.
            Where exactly did I lie? He is against rogue cops shooting unarmed civilians, and getting off scot free. Police, who should be protecting people, become judge, jury and executioner. I hope you are not supporting rogue cops.

            1. No, Seb–that is how you subjectively see it-which is consistent with your thinking everyone is a victim. He certainly appears to be against rogue cops shooting black people. Nothing is said about all of the other people rogue cops shoot. And their is no record of your having any kind of protest when innocent cops get shot. And do not be deceived–some of them have been black cops.

  65. I bet the same group of cat’s that jump all over Seb every time he posts are the same group that were clammoring for gabs last year. To hear you guys talk about Kaep makes me wonder if you ever liked him in the first place, maybe ur more comfy with a traditional white, cookie cutter pocket qb. Kaep was far and away our best player last year, surrounded by zero talent. U can combine the best traits of Hoyer, Barkley, and Cjb……you still end up with a journeyman qb at best. Kaep described as mediocre by most of you, so then how would you describe our qb depth chart. White washed. I can only imagine the rhetoric on Kaep in other areas of our great country that aren’t nearly as liberal and open minded as I thought the bay was. Let’s see how many of you are rockn a Hoyer jersey this season, you will be in the minority. The most worn jersey at the stadium has and will be Kaep, so he remains absolutely relevant. Particularly as long as he remains jobless, as KS runs a bum out there to pilot the offense. Seb is no expert, and neither are you fellas……but it doesn’t take one to realize the beef vs #7 is purely fueled by his protest. Interesting nobody ever backs there anti Kaep rants with numbers or facts……our fan base is a joke. No offense.

    1. You sir, are very astute and perceptive. I hope you post more on this site. Sometimes I feel like the lone voice in the wilderness.
      BTW, I perceive that there are a lot of Alex Lovers, who by definition are Kaep haters, on this site, who left NN in a huff.

      1. Agreed……it’s been evident every since Kaep took over. The same group that blame Kaep in the superbowl loss, forgetting he single handily brought us back from a big deficit just a week after doing the same in the Atl when they hadn’t loss at home all year.

    2. Your support of Kap is purely fueled by his protest. You say everyone that doesn’t think Kap is good is a racist. Don’t stop with this blog, call Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch racists. Call Mike Shanahan a racist, Mike, who didn’t want Kap last year long before the protest. Call Crabtree a racist, Crab who dissed Kap’s play and his hunger for the game.

      You are a zealot. You are no better than the low football IQ christians that supported Tebow while calling a HOF QB Satan Manning.

      I supported Kap’s cause and his right to protest, but you automatically call me a racist without even knowing me.

      Learn about the game and the QB position before you crown Kap. Learn about the people on this blog before you call eveyone racists.

      1. My support for Kaep has never waned, been behind him pre protest and will remain so. Do research on guys in this blog? Please…..it takes 30 seconds of reading to get where you dudes are coming from. Racist? No. Misguided? Absolutely.

        1. He’s a bad QB who had 10 good games in his career.
          If he was good, teams would sign him.

            1. And neither are good enough. But you chose to not point that out, didn’t you?

              Your behind Kap and his protest and will remain so???? Thats impressive! Now, be a man and do it at work–during meetings, lunch time, meeting with clients, etc. No threats, no snotty remarks, just do it. Come back on this blog and say you got fired for doing it-making a HUGE sacrifice like, say, Ali did…then you’ll get respect.

              1. Actually I said I was behind Kap before he protested, and will remain so. Trouble reading? But yes, I do also support his cause and protest. I catch flak at work, church, etc…..but that’s ok because today’s events in Va support my beliefs, and opinion on this matter. It all ties in together…..and it starts with the Don imo.

      2. Crabs dissed his love for the game, yeah isn’t Crabs the same guy that refused to play in exhibition games. Great source you got there…..Interesting because there’s several other sources that said Kaep was first guy in the building every day and last to leave. Get ur facts straight, oh wait those are conveniently omitted on this blog.

        1. I got my facts straight. The Crab qoute is in this thread. Like Crab or not, he doesn’t think Kap is good. Is Crab racist?

          You omitted the opinions of the Shanahan’s. Kyle has given the reasons why they didn’t keep Kap. But he’s racist right?

          I don’t like being called a racist because I think a certain QB is bad. Especially after what happened in Charlottesville today.

          Guess what, I have long said that Kizer was the best QB in the draft. Why? Because he is a dual threat POCKET QB. He’s not a gimmick QB like Kap. He looks to pass first and goes through his progressions.

          1. I respect your stance on Kap, but don’t comprehend the confidence in Hoyer or a first year coach, who like his qb of choice, has yet to prove anything.

            1. Shanahan is widely considered to be one of the best play callers in the league, that’s why I’m high on him.

              Hoyer was decent in Cleveland (with Shanahan). He was having a career year before he got hurt last season. He’s getting better and he is reunited with a football genius in Shanahan.

              I’m not saying Hoyer will be a MVP. He’s a much better fit in this offense compared to Kap.

              1. A great playcaller doesn’t equal a great hc. Hoyer was having decent year by what standards? Certainly not the same standards you hold Kaep to.

              2. Being a great play caller is no guarantee, but it’s a reason to be optimistic, if not confidant.

                Hoyer in 2016, in only six games.
                134/200,, 67 CMP%, 1,445 YDs, (240.8 a game), 6 TDs, 0 INTs, 98 rating.

                Kaepernick in 2016, in 12 games.
                196/331, 59.2 CMP%, 2,241 YDs, (186.8 a game), 16 TDs, 4 INTs, 90.7 rating.

                You wanted numbers, there you go. Hoyer was better than Kap last year and they both had crappy rosters.

            2. d Reed-

              Since you have, in effect, implied were all racists-which is bearing false witness, a sin no less-give us a valid argument, where the premise follows the conclusion–how were racists that follow a team that is overwhelmingly comprised of blacks! Who’s the real racist? You think people cant figure that out?

              1. That’s absurd….so by your theory, no racist will tune into football because it’s predominantly played by black players. Sounds like the “but I have black friends” argument……and I never used that word u r stuck on tonight. I was simply making an observation that all the qbs clammored for in sf are of very similar description. Not sure that makes you a racist, but I am sure Kap makes allot of folks uncomfortable. Always has, always will….Just ask fabio up there in green bay. I think to this day, he’s still spinning around trying to locate Kaep……

              2. I have some numbers for you too good fellow…..Mr.Hoyer enters his 8th season playing for his 6th squad. Maybe this will be his FIRST winning season. Jeffrey, Meredith, and Zach Miller are all better than any option Kap had last year. Oh btw, he had all pro rb jordan howard, we had a stable of bum rb’s. Agree to disagree, only time will tell but doubtful Hoyer suddenly becomes a winner at this stage of his career.
                Shanny is widely viewed as great playcaller, well aside from final drive in the big game…..but let’s see how great he looks without Julio, Matty Ice and Coleman.

              3. You really want to talk about wins and losses.
                Hoyer’s career record. 16-16
                Kap. 32-32

                Hoyer has never had a team as talented as the one Kap had in 2012 and 2013. Hoyer won with the Browns.

          2. 80, you are throwing out the race card too cavalierly, but for many, it could be true for the other side.

            1. “80, you are throwing out the race card too cavalierly, but for many, it could be true for the other side.”

              I haven’t used the race card. Who have I called racist? I was the one who was called racist, simply because I don’t think Kap is good.

              1. ‘Kyle has given the reasons why they didnt keep Kaep. But he’s a racist, right?’
                That is what I was referring to, that was the race card, not that you are a racist. I certainly do not think you are a racist and enjoy our spirited discussions.

              2. seb,

                We’ve always had a friendly relationship and I wish to maintain that. You and I were having a discussion, (civil as usual) when out of the blue, I was called a racist. I was not the one who brought racism into the conversation.

                I was falsely accused. You just said that you didn’t think I was racist, so I assume you would agree that I was falsely accused. I chose to defend myself against a baseless claim.

            2. No Seb, your wrong.

              He used the word “WHITE” several times-not #80. He clearly implies we dont like Kap because were racist. Yet, we all root for a team that clearly has a vast majority of black people playing on it. Specifically, how is that racist?

              1. Saw, I cannot speak for him, but I do not think that a discussion talking bout white cops shooting unarmed blacks and the racial profiling in the minority communities can be totally color blind.
                The fact that Kaep is being ostracized and blackballed by the NFL, while they sign child beaters and DV abusers, means that a person will be persecuted for silently and non violently protesting for social justice, while perpetrators of heinous acts are welcome.
                The NFL needs to find its moral compass.

        2. Hey dReed–

          Why not move to Cuba?

          And yet, I recall a black professor at Harvard did a study on all peoples getting arrested and found no discrepancies relative to the make-up percentage of the population………….
          Get us a Warren Moon-he was black. For you, that should suffice.

          1. Cuba is original, usually it’s Canada that gets used in that phrase. Maybe you could be more specific with your claim because the numbers don’t match your statement. Again misinformed apparently……arrest and conviction rate also double for non whites. And for the record I’m half breed so Ive seen and heard best and worst of both sides…..

              1. The dirtiest little secret that nobody wants to talk about is the direct correlation between kids raised in a two parent family -and not-and those who go to jail, and do not.

                And with their love of family and worship of higher education, its the Asians who are doing better than everybody-socio-economically and otherwise.

                Racism is getting more and more complicated every year, isn’t it?

    3. Hey dReed……

      Get over yourself. Kap is no Warren Moon. Get us a Warren Moon, and Kap can bloviate all he wants. But when you stink AND you bitch–nobody listens.
      You seem to have a pre-occupation with the word “White”. Here’s another use for that word-Kap puts out a lot of white noise-background noise that is irrelevant.

      “Interesting nobody ever backs their anti-Kap rants with numbers and facts…..” You don’t follow this blog much. There are guys on this blog who could probably tell you the last time Kap took a Crap. Seb himself knows a whole lot. His problem is he has a thing against reality.

      1. I’m on this blog everyday, have been for a few years….facts and numbers seem to be void in this discussion. Just my humble opinion.

        1. You would have me believe that? I will absolutely take up that challenge. I’ll be looking for you. When Juan or TomD or some of the others get rolling, and you can tell me again how facts and numbers dont get bandied about on this blog.
          Just because you dont like them doesnt mean they are not true. Get us a Warren Moon if the color of someone’s flesh is so important to you–otherwise, back up.

        2. dReed……….

          Nobody sees you complaining about Whites who get shot by cops. Or Latino’s, or Asians, …what’s with that?

    4. hey, Mr. Reed.

      You want everything everywhere to be black-to hell with the Asians, Latino’s, Crackers, etc. Ok, fine. Its incumbent upon you to get us the next Warren Moon. You’ll get your black guy, we’ll get a HOF QB. We both get happy.

      1. U are making false assumptions, fair enough tho…..Will U settle for the next Randall Cunningham? Essentially that’s what kaep was until Yes and Trent flipped the switch on us and gutted the squad after they got that ridiculous stadium built.

        1. Yeah, I would take Randall, and I’d be happy about it. But Randall was much better than Kap-a long lengthy athlete who threw the ball straight-consistently. At least, threw it much better than Kap. As does Wilson, who throws a beautiful ball. I’d take him in a heart-beat. Walsh would put Wilson in the HOF. He may go there anyway.

          Would you take Joe Montana? There’s a cracker if there ever was one…………….

          1. Russell Wilson is disliked on his own squad by most black players, I’m sure you know why…..you must have missed the whole Kaep to Sea story. Sherman, Bennett and other leaders on that squad were pleading to sign Kaep. Sea didn’t was divide the locker room even more so they opted not to sign him. Russell Wilson…..every Caucasians favorite negro. Although he does continue to successfully use read option as a weapon, guess it’s not dead contrary to what most of you peddle. No thanks on Montana, I’m a Young guy……what a tough s.o.b he was

    5. To be fair Kaep was so good, he got exactly the same amount of wins Gabbert and the team averaged 18 pts per game under Kaep and 22.2 pts per game under Gabbert.
      He also managed to get beaten by Barkley on a bears team that was ravaged by injuries.
      I’m not saying Kaep isn’t a more talented QB but his production in the past two seasons is comparable to Gabbert. Does anyone think Gabbert would be on a team if he were a distraction? More specifically a distraction that you would have change your entire offense to make him successful?

    1. You all opened a can of worms. When will you ever learn?
      I would be happy talking about the game and discussing players.
      i think Dial will make the 53 because of Blair’s groin strain.

      1. And Seb…..

        Only the Warren Commission put it on Oswald. Try ….Carlos Marcello/parts of the CIA that were involved with the Bay of Pigs. They never could put that rifle in his hand at the moment of the shooting.

        1. Saw, I cannot believe you want to go there, but yes, I think Oswald was a patsy and was gunned down to shut him up.
          However, I think Oswald did take a shot, only he shot Connally, because he was firing downhill at such a steep angle. Kennedy was shot from the grassy knoll because the entry wound to his throat and his head snapping back from the head shot.
          Yes, the CIA inspired failed Bay of Pigs fiasco made Kennedy many enemies, and they did not want the repeat in Vietnam.
          Why do I think it was a conspiracy? Connally gave it away. He said- ‘My God, they are going to kill us all’. He knew it was more than a lone gunman.

          1. I almost fell out of my chair…but I largely agree with you. Only thing is, at the precise moment those shots went off, cops went into the Texas School Depo maybe in less than a minute. Oswald was in the lunch room sucking on a coke and did not seem winded at all-from the 6th floor to the bottom.
            The CIA was the embodiment of evil in those days–as was J. Edgar–and if convenient, slept with the Mafia.
            These people were poster children for the word “evil”.

            1. Saw, your timing is off. Oswald had time to run down 6 flights of stairs, and he didn’t SEEM winded. President of the United States is being driven by, and he is eating his lunch? That does not pass the smell test.
              People were pointing to the grassy knoll, so they did not know for certain that the shots came from the repository, and if so, they thought it came from up high, so they were not interested in ground floor people.

              1. Oswald was an extreme malcontent. His not being interested in the President doesn’t surprise me. He had the time, but there were people in the stairway at that time who did not see him-running or otherwise. Yeah, physically he could have just done it. But without being winded? Oswald was no athlete.
                I do believe Oswald was involved, peripherally-but from everything I’ve read, I do believe he was set up to take the fall. Larry Sabato’s book “The Kennedy Half Century” is a terrific book–if your interested in that kind of thing.
                But I also think your right-the killing bullet came from the knoll. Some deaf guy said he saw it happen. As did many other eye-witnesses who were conveniently ignored by the Commission.
                Man, I’m certainly not without fault, but I hope I never become that evil.

        2. Seb-

          I know for a fact Black Cops have shot Whitey Crackers………….is that racist? You initially opened this can of worms-please answer. Educate me.

          1. Racism goes both ways. Some of the most racist comments I have heard came from hispanics against blacks, but I think it was gang related.

            1. It DOES go both ways. It’s a poison on the human race. What frustrates me are people who only address it from their own narrow perspective. They really imply that they are without sin. Why not address the entire human race who put up with it? Theres a reason…………..

            2. We’re all one race, and that’s the human race. Peace, love, dove. Hash pipe, roach clip and power to the people!

  66. Raiders have a lot of our old personnel, Silberman on the ol, Seeley special team coach, Telvecchio back up kicker, to name a few.

    1. Raiders doing it rt, our hierarchy should take notes. It’s a shame they turn their bk on Oak after many years of great fan support, despite putrid on field performance.

        1. Born in Oak, raised in the bay…moved out here to the valley in 92. But I’m in the bay everyday(truck driver), spend plenty of time listening to knbr and 95.7 so I’m aware of general sentiment coming from our local fan base.

          1. I went to Oakland once. AC/DC and Yngwie Malmsteen concert. Oakland Arena I think. Had to get out in town to ask for directions at a gas station. Was the only white dude as far as the eye could see. Didn’t have any problems, but this was back in the ’80’s. I’m from Indiana and live near Notre Dame. Glad to meet you….

  67. The last true “duel threat” quarterback to play for the Niners was Steve Young. Period. Kaep is nothing more than a running quarterback with an inaccurate arm. Mediocre. Period. His career is most likely over and he will never be anything more than a short flatulence in the long winded history of the NFL. Period.

    1. U mean the same Steve Young that was a Hoyer type journeyman until he hooked up with Walsh and watched Montana do his thing. Young didn’t become the guy we know and love until roughly the same age that Kaep currently is. Young didn’t become a great pocket passer until he received proper tutelage, it’s really a novel concept. Notice Kaeps decline once harbs left, imagine if Walsh had left rt when Young was figuring things out. Oh and minus Rice,Taylor, Jones and Craig…..How exactly was Kaep supposed to succeed with the worst coaching and roster in the league???

      1. Young was not exactly journeyman. He played for Tampa bay for 2 years when they were terrible, Walsh then traded a second and 4th round pick for him… hardly what a journeyman brings.

        1. Hmmm, thought he started in cfl where guys who aren’t good enuf for the big leagues head. Cookies must have my memory fuzzy…….

          1. He spent a year in the USFL before they closed shop… this was not because of a lack of ability but because at the time they were paying more than the NFL in hopes of taking over… Young signed for something like 40 million dollars but the pay out was something like an annuity, it’s a pretty funny story actually.

  68. I noticed Gabberts out there playing tonight. I thought Gabberts absolutely sucked from what I saw of him in 9ers uniform. He actually sucked worse than Kaep, and that is a bar set at subterranean depths.

    Wait a minute! . Gabberts, let me check, YES he did beat the Rams,! Which is the one single bullet item on his resume. It was enough to get him a job in AZ. If Gabberts can run around sucking in AZ, couldn’t Kaep suck there too?

    1. He sucked then and he sucks now, yet he’s employed while Kaep waits…..this whole discussion was had last year minus the protest and sub Hoyers name with Gabs.

      1. Hoyer outplayed Kap and Gab last year with an equally bad Bears roster. Didn’t you see the numbers I provided for you?

        1. Let’s simplify here for clarity purposes. Before Kaep took a knee, there isn’t a person on this earth that would have taken Hoyer over Kaep. Truth be told I’d have been more content to put Gabs bk at starter then begin the season with Hoyer. Hoping he proves me wrong…..even if it comes with more anti kaep I told u so’s.

          1. “Before Kaep took a knee, there isn’t a person on this earth that would have taken Hoyer over Kaep.”

            Mike Shanahan would have.

            Let me simplify it. You ask for numbers, then you ignore or dismiss those numbers.

            “.even if it comes with more anti kaep I told u so’s.”

            When was the first I told you so?

            1. Shanny Sr has been irrelevant since Elway stepped away, and personally ruined rg3 and was subsequently ran out of DC. But since he was calling plays here in the 80s hes held on a pedestal. Is he your only example?? You forgot Holmgren….lol.

              1. I can’t say for sure, but Kyle probably would have taken Hoyer too, like he did this year. Even jokes like Kelly and Tomsula chose Gabbert over Kap.

                Shanny Sr. is irrelevant and ruined RGIII? Hardly, they tried to teach him how to slide, RGIII continued to do his knees up flop. And the highly respected Dr. Andrews said RGIII could play.

                RGIII’s dangerous sliding and Dr. Andrews ruined RGIII. Not to mention the fact that he is a one read gimmick QB like Kap and Tebow.

  69. Thats Kaeps issue… his numbers over the last 2 sessons are comparible to Gabbert’s but he brings a distraction and teams would have to change their offense for him. Coaches typically don’t like to change the way the way 10 other players play just to suit a Blaine Gabbert/Matt Barkey/Brian Hoyer level player… especially when said player brings mountain of distractions with him.

  70. It’s getting late. I’m sure the morning people will have plenty of Kap numbers for you. Good night.

    1. Well it’s 13:13 where I am.
      And they can certainly show stats where Kaep was much better, but they will need to go back a few years to do so.
      The very fact that they are comparable over the past 2 years should say a lot.

  71. Geez, when can we get away from arguing about Kaep? He’s not a 49er anymore. It’s a dead horse issue.

    1. Agreed. I supported Kap because he was our quarterback, but that Chip has sailed. Like an old library book found under the couch, it’s way overdue to move on!

      1. Then let’s move on to Grant’s most recent post and compare/contrast Shanahan’s presser style with the previous three 9er coaches. No gas passing detected.

  72. Before we start selecting ring styles, that first game was nice, but unrealistic.
    The Chief’s first string dominated. They are a 12-4 team. However, they also have cap problems, so they are top heavy, and could not afford to pay the lower echelon players, so they have less talented backups.
    Meanwhile, The Niners signed a boatload of Free Agent talent, and had boatloads of cap space so they could outbid others for decent talent. So the Niner third string talent was better than their third string talent. Coupled with the fact that the Niners played their first round picks later, the Niners wanted the win more badly than the Chiefs.

  73. 1. Why No Kap on 49ers, from the horse’s mouth……

    “Usually guys scramble because no one’s open or they’re not comfortable in the pocket, and I’d rather play football,” coach Kyle Shanahan told this newspaper recently at training camp.

    KS not real big on read option, QB designated runs, or scrambling QB’s……


    2. 49ers address weaknesses through trades, or available players, before regular season starts?
    Seems the 49ers have surplus quality TE’s, WR’s, DL and RB’s they could trade for better DB’s or OL…

  74. I’ll be ready for a different discussion when we have a competent guy under center, Kaep might not be that guy…..and neither is Hoyer. As I mentioned earlier, ur gonna see alot of #7 jerseys in the ballpark…..there’s a reason why hes STILL the top selling SF uni. People care, just not the so called fans in here.

    1. “People care, just not the so called fans in here.”

      So now people who didn’t want Kap back on the team aren’t real fans in addition to being racist. You sure do like to stereotype people.

      “I’ll be ready for a different discussion when we have a competent guy under center, Kaep might not be that guy.”

      What? After all your crap about Kap, you admit that Kap may not be competent? How dare you, you racist, so called fan. How come you can question Kap’s competentcy but not me?

      Everybody here that prefers Hoyer to Kap understands that Hoyer is just a bridge QB until we get Cousins or draft someone. Hoyer will help install Kyle’s offense, something Kap can’t do. Roman and Kelly had to simplify their offenses for Kap.

      Again, you said Kap may not be competent. But I’m not allowed to have that opinion without being called a racist and now a non fan. Do you realize how utterly stupid you sound?

      1. Utterly stupid? Yet im one of the few here not content to begin this season with a so called bridge qb…….

        1. So who would you take? Kap, who struggled to learn Kelly’s simplistic college offense? No way Kap can run Kyle’s complex offense.

          The Shanahan version of the WCO is here to stay. If Kap was an All Pro, Kyle would adjust his system for him. But he’s not an All Pro talent. He’s a 29 year old running QB. His running will be less effective as he ages and he’s already pushing 30. The read option has largely been figured out. The read option is only relevant on teams that have a legitimate dual threat QB like Newton and Wilson. Cam and Russel can beat you with their arms and legs. Kap can’t consistently beat teams with his arm. Kap is not a dual threat.

          1. Kaep has had 400 yard games, and with decent O line protection and these new speedy WRs, he could do very well and be very productive. And if the defense proves to be stout, maybe even be competitive and win games.
            Since you asked, I think that they should let Kaep compete with a prove it contract, but if the blackballing ends and he signs with another team, I think they should acquire Kevin Hogan once the Browns release him. They have BO, Kizer and Mallet, so Hogan could be cut, and he can both run and throw, so he would be another choice for me.

            1. Another putrid qb depth chart just proves my point even more, Kap should be starting on a few squads including ours. Or at least given a chance to compete……I’ll be around, waiting to continue this discussion as our current “bridge” qbs continue to struggle.

              1. Save yourself the time, aggravation and embarrassment.
                Kap would never be a good fit for Shanahan because this offence needs a QB who’s accurate, intelligent and can play in the pocket.
                Kap is none of those things.

            2. Well, if we’re cherry picking games…


              Do you think Kyle should eschew his WCO for a player that is mediocre at best? He’s not a long term solution. Changing the offense would set back the development of the team for as long as Kap is here.

              Do you or dReed think that Kyle is racist for not bringing Kap back? Do you think he really wanted Kap, but was told no by York or Goodell?

              Do you think Kyle is stupid for not wanting Kap? If so, do you think that you are better at evaluating QBs than Shanahan?

              1. He was told no by Jed, who’s proven he’s only concerned with his bottom line and could care less about fielding a winning team.

              2. He was told no by Jed, who’s proven he’s only concerned with his bottom line and could care less about fielding a winning team.

                C’mon man, that’s over the top. I’m no fan of York, but he ate 2 head coaches contracts, and landed the top offensive mind in the NFL. I’ll respect your opinions, but let’s keep it real.

          2. Read option also needs a good ground game to be effective. 16 tds 4 ints, first year in chips system with pathetic playcalln and zero weapons or oline. There’s only one logical way to find out if kap can run the wco….

              1. Is that a fact? I believe he had highest wonderlic score in the draft. The ridiculous excuses will continue, as will poor play from the qb position in sf.

              2. Hey man dont listen to me, listen to the what the NFL is saying about Kap.
                Use the black balling card all you want, the reality is he’s unemployed.
                That’s a fact Jack!

            1. DReed209, Kap’s smart but his processor is an Intel 4004, as it pertains to identifying defenses, and making split second decisions within the pocket….

              1. U have to know the offense well to know where to go with the ball, that doesn’t happen in one year. It also helps to have viable options to get the ball too, which he had none. Name one qb that would succeed with no line, ground game, and kerley as ur top wr. This discussion is gonna continue for the foreseeable future, kap is and will remain relevant….love him or hate him. Get bk to me after this week’s preseason fan after yall bear witness to the sea of kap unis ur gonna see at the ballpark. America is divided rt now, as is our fanbase……aside from Hoyer nation.

              2. DReed209, Kap has never been a pocket quarterback, where mechanics sync up with routes. Never developed that type of muscle memory. It’s not something you can learn after a year or 3 years. You need to be rooted in that aspect of the game early on. He’s a read option quarterback, with a big arm, and straight line speed, which has diminished through a combination of injuries and age….

  75. Yeah, because the wonderlic test is a great way to determine if a QB can read defenses and learn systems.


    Ryan Fitzpatrick – 48
    Greg McElroy – 48
    Jason Maas – 43
    Drew Henson – 42
    Ryan Nassib – 41
    Bruce Eugene – 41
    Hugh Millen – 41
    Darrell Hackney – 40
    Jeff Matthew – 40
    Sean Mannion – 40
    Todd Husak – 39
    KAP – 38
    Jim Kelly – 15
    Dan Marino – 16
    Terry Bradshaw – 16
    Brett Favre – 22

      1. Fair enough, but as Razor said

        “DReed209, Kap’s smart but his processor is an Intel 4004, as it pertains to identifying defenses, and making split second decisions within the pocket….”

        Is Razor a racist non-fan?

  76. I don’t expect anyone to remember my posts from last year, so here’s a refresher.

    #80 says:
    August 14, 2016 at 10:32 pm
    “49ers can win 7 or 8 games with average qb play. If kap returns to form they can be a wildcard team.”

    As you can see I was on board with Kap, assuming he returned to form. But I already had doubts pre protest, as did many of the regulars.

    Darrel Reed says:
    August 14, 2016 at 11:10 pm
    ‘Can we all agree with gabs we won’t sniff the playoffs, kaep has the potential to get us there. Could be dynamic in this offense, if and when he gets physically and mentally right.’

    What did you mean by mentally right? Did you think Kap wasn’t committed to the game?

    #80 says:
    August 15, 2016 at 2:58 am
    “ok, I think kap gives us the best chance to win but I don’t think he will be as fast coming off of leg surgery and his previous foot injury.”

    1. It became apparent rather quickly as the year unfolded, that Kaepernick was not playing football with the same passion. His woman and activism replaced football as the number one thing in his life, and unfortunately that passion was one of the key components of his game, that masked the skills he lacked as a traditional pocket passer….

  77. And here is where I quit supporting Kap. Keep in mind that news of his protest wasn’t known until after the game. So it had no bearing on my decision.

    #80 says:
    August 26, 2016 at 8:23 pm
    “Both QBs look the same as last year. Something to Ponder?”

    Jack Hammer says:
    August 26, 2016 at 8:59 pm
    “Where are all the pro-Kaepernick folks tonight?”

    #80 says:
    August 26, 2016 at 9:06 pm
    “I’m here.But I’m no longer pro Kap. He hasn’t shown anything.”

    #80 says:
    August 26, 2016 at 9:48 pm
    “At this point I would rather cut Kap. It’s not my money.”

    So it should be clear that my criticisms of Kap were based solely on his performance.

      1. I’ll be here all year, don’t wanna waste all my bullets in the first shootout…..My apologies if you think I applied the race card specifically to you…..but race is clearly a factor in the Kaep discussion. Always has been, always will. The inconvenient truth…….we been hot garbage since he left, fav niner of all time.

        1. I accept and I’m sorry for some of my harsh comments. I didn’t feel attacked specifically, but I was one of the people who was questioning his ability as a QB, so I couldn’t help being a little offended.

          Niner fans are known for being critical of QBs. As I said above, some people do hate on Kap because of his protest and race. But the opinion that Kap is a bad QB goes back to 2015, pre protest.

          We’re some of those earlier opinions influenced by his tattoos and skin color? Yes some of them, but not all. That is my point. Stereotyping is never a good thing and it can hurt the reputations of innocent people. Or in the case of the police and black people, it can get innocent black people physically hurt or even executed.

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