49ers 27, Chiefs 38: Grades

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) is carted off the field after being injured during the second half of an NFL football game against the Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday, Sept. 23, 2018, in Kansas City, Mo. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

Here are the 49ers’ grades after losing 38-27 to the Kansas City Chiefs.

GAROPPOLO: C-. Played well most of the game. Completed 67 percent of his throws. Passed for two touchdowns. Fumbled once, but didn’t turn the ball over. Almost led the 49ers back from a 28-point deficit until he made one terrible decision that could ruin the 49ers season. On third-and-goal from the 20, Garoppolo scrambled up the sideline for 13 yards, and should have jogged out of bounds to protect himself. Instead, he planted hard on his left foot to cut back toward the field, injured his knee and took a vicious hit to the helmet. The 49ers fear Garoppolo suffered a season-ending ACL tear in his left knee. He has only himself to blame. He could have avoided the injury.

RUNNING BACKS: A-. Alfred Morris scored a touchdown in the red zone. He and Matt Breida combined gained 157 yards on the ground and averaged 6.5 yards per carry. But, they ran only 24 times, because the 49ers had to pass to get back in the game. Kyle Juszczyk caught a 35-yard touchdown pass, but also committed an offensive pass interference penalty that negated a touchdown catch by George Kittle.

WIDE RECEIVERS: D. Marquise Goodwin caught a touchdown pass in the red zone, but finished the game with just 30 receiving yards. He was the 49ers most productive receiver. Kendrick Bourne had 27 receiving yards. Trent Taylor had 24. Pierre Garcon had 11. Dante Pettis had zero. The 49ers need better receivers.

TIGHT ENDS: B. George Kittle had five catches and 79 receiving yards – both team highs. He also dropped a pass. He seems to drop one every week.

OFFENSIVE LINE: C+. Mike McGlinchey gave up a sack. Joe Staley committed a false start and gave up a sack. And Mike Person committed a chop block and a hold and gave up a sack. Still, this group wasn’t terrible. It blocked well in the run game.

DEFENSIVE LINE: D. The 49ers recorded only two sacks, and one wasn’t really a sack – Patrick Mahomes just ran out of bounds behind the line of scrimmage. The other sack came from strong safety Antone Exum when he blitzed. Whiich means the defensive line was a non-factor against the pass. It also couldn’t stop the run during the Chiefs’ final drive. DeForest Buckner and Solomon Thomas were invisible. Arik Armstead committed an illegal-use-of-hands penalty. Cassius Marsh jumped offside.

LINEBACKERS: D. Missed a ton of tackles. Couldn’t stop a screen pass. And Reuben Foster knocked himself out of the game for a couple of plays, as he almost always does. He also committed an unnecessary roughness penalty.

SAFETIES: D. Backup strong safety Antone Exum forced a fumble, but also committed pass interference and unnecessary roughness. Starting strong safety Jaquiski Tartt missed the game with a shoulder injury, and starting free safety Adrian Colbert left the game early with a right-leg injury. The defense seemed to improve after Colbert left. His replacement, D.J. Reed, covers more ground in centerfield, but is undisciplined. He committed a horse-collar penalty.

CORNERBACKS: D. Jimmie Ward started and made zero plays. Richard Sherman left the game in the first half with what the 49ers call a “calf/heel” injury – the same injury that kept him out of Thursday’s practice. It could be related to his surgically repaired Achilles. His replacement, Ahkello Witherspoon, committed a holding penalty and a pass interference in the second half.

SPECIAL TEAMS: D. Robbie Gould missed an extra point, and Bradley Pinion averaged only 35.8 net yards per punt.

COACHES: D. They didn’t let the team quit at halftime, and they get credit for that. Both Kyle Shanahan and Robert Saleh made good halftime adjustments. But, neither coach had the 49ers ready to play. It was over before the 49ers woke up. They had no answer for Andy Reid’s script, which was brilliant. He blew them out of the water. Exposed them for the undisciplined team they are. The 49ers struggle with the basics, like tackling and scoring in the red zone. Now, they may not have their franchise quarterback for the rest of the season. Garoppolo was the 49ers’ deodorant. He masked everything that was wrong with them. Without him, they stink again. Shanahan’s honeymoon officially is over.

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  1. In CJB we trust….

    Crazy…..2 key off-season acquisition could have be avoided…..Breida should be starting, no need to have brought in Mck….and CJB could turn out great after his experience last yr….

    If CJB plays light out…..Signing Jimmy would have been a mistake

        1. Smith didn’t learn to be extremly catious until a trip to the hospital. Hopefully this lesson will be learned by Jimmy. Like it or not Jimmy is our franchise QB until he proves otherwise.

        2. Jack… nope. no, no way, no way Jose, not a chance , no bueno, never, not happening, Hell Nah, nopes, napes, naaaaa, eh ehhh, smh no, fat chance, doubt it…….
          Does that answer your question?

  2. Scathing but appropriate Grant. They better find a girl to kiss real fast…..I imagine you were giggling maniacally louder and louder with each passing moment. You were right about a lot of things man.

  3. My observations..just my opinion
    The good…
    Matt Breida he needs more touches he is a home run threat when he touches the ball

    Kittle only his second year and is good for at least one drop a game but for a fifth round pick this dude is one of the top TE in the league already
    McGlinchey..he’s playing well for a rookie,he looks like he will be able to swing over to left tackle when Joe leaves
    DJ Reed looks like a player and is better than Colbert
    Gorropolo..I still think he’s a special player but the Niners have no receivers that scare anyone

    The bad..
    Coaching to much to list but this team is in prepared,soft and look like it’s full of to many nice guys
    Colbert..he just keeps showing why he was drafted where he was
    S Thomas…I don’t know a speck of what these pro evaluator’s do but I literally kept telling my buddies before the draft this dude had bust written all over him..He was a horrible mistake..you cannot miss on a draft pick that high
    Rueben Foster..he seems like a thumper with no brain and not alot of football smarts
    This season was over before it started what a disaster,I do believe God hates the 49ers
    High draft busts…this team is littered with high round busts from Baalke and now Lynch they have missed on so many players there’s no way they can recover this team is at least three years away

    Feel bad for Jimmy he was just trying to make a play and his short career is over before it began,maybe will get lucky and Beathards time in the bench has served him well

    I said it before and almost got run out of this forum by another poster calling me an idiot…They need to fire the strength coach yesterday..I have never ever seen a team that literally has players dropping like flys every other play for two years in a row now,this feels like a team full of nice high character guys with no fire..
    Just my opinion I don’t think I’m stating facts just what I observed

      1. Farewell and Adieu to you fair Spanish ladies…..
        Farewell and Adieu you ladies of Spain….
        For Kyle abandoned the run in the red zone
        Now Jimmys toast and we’re screwed once again….
        Seriously the coaching today was a joke.
        Of all of Kyle’s horrible blunders and the penalties, for me it was the total abandonment of a run game that was killing the whole 2nd half upon getting to the red zone. The O line had been in run mauler downfield mode for so many plays-KC D coordinator knew it takes a couple snaps to adjust back to pass protect mode and they already aren’t very good at it, and they brought a ton of heat-BOOM 2 sacks then Jimmy tried to do too much and adios.
        Season over.
        This may actually be the end of the whole new regime.
        What a gut wrenching disaster of a day in the history of the 49ers.
        Drafts have been bad in the top 3 rounds both years. Sorry Warner is pretty good but all said above and by Grant is true.
        Thomas-over Lattimore, Adams, Watson, Mahomes.
        Foster is an injury waiting to happen lug nut-short career
        Witherspoon/Beat-Hard-forget about it
        McG-over making a move for Nelson blah
        Pettis-luxury pick-poor choice with other needs
        Warner-well see
        Honeymoon is OVER

      2. A lot, except the “I do believe God hates the 49ers” phoney baloney! If God is picking favorite football teams, he’s a very, very petty God. And the old hindsight is 20/20 % BS when it comes to the draft is amature hour. So a lot right and a lot wrong!

        The Niners current brain trust has done pretty darn good with the draft. Free agency … not so much!

        As for the injuries, it’s more than likely a combination of very bad luck, and a few “injury prone” players weighing heavy on the roster.

        1. The linebackers were lost in zone coverage quite a few times in the first half. No way they should receive an above average grade.

              1. I’m starting to agree with that sentiment, but I feel like the defensive position coaches have culpability as well….

            1. It wasn’t about Mahomes. It was about players not even being capable of doing their drops correctly or knowing where the ball even was.

              The one screen to Kelce where both Foster and I think it was the safety took off running towards the running back was a LOL moment. Poor dudes were completely lost out there. They looked like the Washington Generals on that one.

              1. If that’s the case, and I’m not certain it is, I’d rather go down making their receivers fight for every foot of their first 5 yards, than allowing them to run free while we run in circles….

          1. Well, grading Jimmy a C- has convinced me it’s time to find a different forum. Grant has plenty of admiral qualities as a sports writer, but his bias taints most of his work, and that’s a shame.

            Maybe we’ll debate the impact of these unprecendented number of injuries some other time Jack.

            Grant, I hope some day you will realize that it’s possible to cover a football team without playing the role of chief critic.

            Maybe in a different life. Until then I am officially signing off this forum for good, but will always be Forty Niner Faithful! GO NINERS

    1. “this team is at least ,3 years away”..

      I’ve been saying that for 2 years. But for some reason a bunch of you, including the host of this blog continue to harp on what’s going on now…. This team had to be completely”stripped”. This was basically an expansion team with the luxury of a 1st round qb being handed to them. Even though he was a later pick. Just because you guys predict a playoff season doesn’t mean it’s coming true. It just means the expansion team has work to do. I still don’t understand what the hooplah is about. Everyone might have had hopes of a good playoff bound season, but come on man. Kyle didn’t inherit the Rams. Like Jim Harbaugh when he came to the niners, that team has been being built for years. Now they have the right head coach, McVay is killing it, but like I said, that team was a head coach from being a finished product. This team is just now starting to be built. But with the luxury of Jed having the patience to see it through. I feel sorry for Jimmy G. ACL’s are a B####. But what’s the worse that can happen, 5 win season, top 10 pick. #continuetobuild. You guys are frustrated, understandable, but it’s to much frustration. Patience is the key. Rather you guys like it or not.

    2. The silver lining is that we should be able to snag one of the best edge rushers in the 2019 draft, perhaps the highest-rated. Whom does everybody like?

    3. agree. Colbert did not look good in camp and, oddly, has declined substantially from his surprisingly good play last year. Bring Reid back? I would not have let him go. In the end, Lynch had a poor offseason and failed to bring in difference-makers or top draft choices for the most part.

    4. Apparently some have already forgotten Adrian Colbert ranging from sideline to sideline blowing up ball carriers last year.

      Dude’s hurt. He missed at least two practices before the Detroit game (“hamstring”) and had to leave the game in KC (“hip”). It’s been awhile since I’ve seen him show his speed and power. Don’t put him down, he’s hurt.

      When healthy Colbert is an excellent, exceptional FS. They really should sit him down until he is healthy again, but other options are limited so he tries to go. Don’t judge him by these past weeks, remember what you saw from him last year. It’s still in there.

  4. Hate to say I told ya so but I begged all off season for them to sign a veteran backup QB just in case of this situation and they didn’t and now they’re stuck with CJ “Friggin” Beathard as Grant calls him. Look around the NFL today. Parody reigns. This season is far from over. Most would have the Niners at 1-2 at this point, right? The Chargers aren’t that great. A win puts them at 2-2, at best where most would have them at at this point so be happy! 😊
    Question is who are they going to sign now to back up CJ or possibly replace?

    1. JL should do his due diligence and at least give Kaep a tryout. Right now, with a 90.7 QBR, he is better than half they starters in the league, and almost all of the backups.

      1. Can’t, with Kaep’s current lawsuit against the NFL.
        Signing (any team) him would be a conflict of interest.

        If I were the 49ers I’d be on the phone all night inquiring about Teddy Bridgewater.

      2. Sebbie………………

        It must be soooo convenient to purposely forget how badly Kap played his last 3 yrs in the NFL………..how he would routinely miss wide open rcvrs………..get sacked as much as Grapps, though having much more experience……….comparitively, taking forever to deliver the ball…………..and so much more………………all under your standard apologies that its ALWAYS……………….and i mean always the way the dictionary defines it……………ALWAYS someone else’s fault!
        Suck on the bong, give it a rest………….

        1. all under your standard apologies that its ALWAYS……………….and i mean always the way the dictionary defines it……………ALWAYS someone else’s fault!

          Catfish, quit comparing Seb to the White House occupant. I have my disagreements with Seb, but that’s low.

    2. I strongly believe Jack Heneghan is the next Tom Brady, he has the exact same height and weight and even looks like Brady with his helmet on and off, 49ers need to sign him to the practice squad asap and give him a chance next season, in fact if they were to put him in as starter now, it would be the same result as 2000 with Brady in my opinion.

      1. Vietnam Tom

        I have been pushing that ever since we picked him up as UDFA…At least get him some snaps…Nick Mullins isn’t ‘dogfood’ either….With our Oline what it is, what in the hell are we doing with only two QBs…?

  5. Oh and Sherman..valiant effort but he’s done..
    Ever since the York’s have taken over this team it’s like it’s cursed..even when we were good with JH heartbreak was still eminent..Levi’s stadium sucks …the fans that attend suck…we can’t find a solid corner or receiver in years and when we finally get a qb he destroyed his knee..This team needs a witch doctor not a new GM..
    Gotta stay faithful though but man after watching this team in the 80s and 90s it’s been a rough go ever since the York’s took over alot of wasted Sundays

    Shanny seen something in CJ to move up to draft him so we gotta root for the kid now, hopefully he has a chip in his shoulder

    1. Colin Kapernick is least weeks soiled linen at the bottom of the dirty clothes basket. It’s CJ Beathard or bust now. Probably the latter…

    2. “Oh, and there’s always that guy that helped get us to the Superbowl…..”

      Patrick Willis?
      Justin Smith?
      Jim Harbaugh?

      Sorry not sure whom you are speaking of cause it couldn’t possibly be the QB that cost us the SuperBowl with his pathetic attempt at an end zone fade and then ended our season the following year with the exact same pass.

  6. +1000 Big Tone. Pretty darn observant. Nice opine. Fortunately, the league is cluttered with the same things you talked about. There are few dominant teams anymore. Just when you think there’s one or two (Minn and Jacksonville for example) today happens. My suicide league started with 98 guys. After two weeks it was down to 38, and after today it’s down to 12 before the afternoon games. Parody caused that! Luckily I’m still alive, picking Minn, NO, and KC my first three weeks. At least the Niners showed today that they don’t give up. I respect that. That’s a compliment to KS and staff.

  7. I rarely ever comment but I need to after this ridiculous statement: “he has only himself to blame.” The injury occurred before the contact. Yeah, he could’ve gone out of bounds and it’s very likely he doesn’t get injured. But, he made a football move and his knee gave out. That could happen on any play making a cut. Your reasoning/logic would be justifiable if the injury was a result of the hit to his upper body. Had he ended up with a concussion or injured his throwing shoulder, then he wouldn’t have anyone else to blame but himself. This was a result of a freak accident.

    1. Absolutely agree with this. Blaming someone for a non-contact injury is just plain idiotic.
      I would add that other sites have indicated that the scramble came about because Garoppolo was escaping a collapsing pocket. I also do not doubt that several (including Grant) would have slammed him for going out of bounds on a long third and goal.

      1. No. They were going to go for it on fourth and goal. Gaining an extra yard or two on third down only shrunk the field for fourth down.

        1. And this is where it’s evident you’ve never played Grant.
          The dude is trying to gain as much as he can. Most QB’s that take a hit for the extra hustle have his teammates picking him up and praising him. And playing harder for him.
          I’m sure he was fired up and wanted to show he’s willing to go the extra mile to win. In football the extra couple
          Of yards can make or break the next play. Give the kid a break. It was bad timing. And the hit didn’t cause the knee problem, just like McKinnon and many others who went down without contact.
          You think Denver wins that Super Bowl without Elway making that dive? You don’t think that inspired his teammates? Guess again. They we’re on their way to an historic comeback.
          Can’t blame him at all for wanting every inch! And I would want a QB just like that again. Not this modern era pu**y of a player. He earned my respect with the effort, but maybe that’s because I want to win at everything I do. At any cost!
          Kids got heart! Don’t knock it!

  8. Well another year gone. I for one have just grown weary of the NFL, from the QB penalties to the ones that crop up and are purely fantom calls from nowhere. The 49ers have a serious issue somewhere in that building that has players being to soft. INJURY AFTER INJURY. The tackling is the poorest I can remember. Starting to doubt Shanahan and Lynch, way to many picks starting from the 5th round down. Colbert is just flat out bad, getting twisted around on that TYREK Hill prayer. Three Niners around that guy, that should’ve been a pick for any safety with a skill level higher then COLBERT’S.
    Where was Breida late?

    Anyhow we are going to be 4-12 at best! I think I’ll just take the year off and not waste my time with the NFL anymore.

    1. Agree bud between how horrible the Niners have been and the horrible officiating that only seems to get worse,I’m starting to really regret wasting Sundays anymore..The grass isn’t always greener and the NFL is taking a golden gem and dragging it down the street..I flipped over to the GB /Washington game just for fantasy purposes and saw that roughing the passer call on Clay Matthews and literally was yelling at the TV and I could care less about either of those teams,it’s just really bad football..
      All over the league the Zebras are ruining big plays and what makes the game exciting to horrendous calls,the Niners did not play well at all today but man what horrible officiating..When a team is penalized for 160 something yards compared to whatever the cheifs had or plays that call back tds for penalties that had nothing to do with the play that’s just bad business and no one wants to watch that crap no matter what team they root for..I’m not a Packer fan by any means but that was literally a horrible call in what seems to be at least for or five every Sunday where people are just standing there clueless as to why a play was penalized

  9. …one more thing. Football teams that are bad sustain more injuries then those that aren’t. Look at the CHIEFS not a single major injury.

    1. Eric Berry?

      I’ll look at the the Chiefs…. last year. They were decimated. One example before 2017’s game against the Steelers:

      However, this team continues to lose a key player each week. This week it was WR Chris Conley who suffered a ruptured Achilles. He is done for the year. Andy Reid said they did the on-field examination and determined it was an Achilles, which fans didn’t need to be told because NBC had a close-up of the injury and we all saw it.

      Conley wasn’t the only injury. There were a lot of injuries from the Chiefs’ side:

      S Steven Terrell: Suffered a concussion on the opening kickoff.

      TE Travis Kelce: He’s in the concussion protocol. “He was cleared by the UNC in the tent and then when he came in at halftime he complained about memory and so we got him out,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid said after the game. “He remembered everything in the tent and then didn’t have it once we got inside so we chose to hold him out.” Reporters said Kelce seemed fine after the game.

      WR Albert Wilson: Leg spasms. He came out, went back in and then went back in. So the Chiefs will see if there’s anything more.

      LB Justin Houston: He had calf spasms.

      WR Tyreek Hill: He came out with an ankle injury but went back in.

  10. ……..and one more thing……..Don’t bring in any stupid QBS let CJ take the year. Its over for the 49ers so just give him the rest of the season if he survives from this poorly coached team.

  11. Your right Sfninerfan, that statement is ridiculous and could only be spoken by someone who has never competed in any sport, ever. Just absolutely preposterous. You just have to chuckle at that. He was competing and trying to advance the friggin ball and at no time was it going through his or any other athletes mind for that matter to go out of bounds because if I make a cut I might injure my ACL, or any other body part. It’s football, not checkers! What a joke! Spoken by a true non athlete, period. A non athlete by the way who is grading and analyzing top professionals in their sport, and getting paid for it! Quite comical really.

    1. Juanhunglo, you just said exactly what my friends and I were just discussing. When Grop first went down I was yelling at the TV, “Grop, get out of bounds, what are you doing?” But after watching the replay and realizing it was his knee and he was hurt from the cut, I shook my head and feot bad for him. How unlucky!! I do challenge Grant to stand by his comment and ask Shanahan and players in if they blames Grop for the injury.

      1. I must respectfully disagree. You don’t cut when running out of bounds to protect yourself. You run straight to the sideline post haste.

        1. I agree with you that you run out of bounds to protect yourself. I mentioned that. What are you protecting yourself from though? The inevitable hit, right? The hit didn’t cause the injury. My entire point.

          1. You protect yourself from being hit AND injuries associated with the unexpected. The 49ers have incurred numerous injuries as a result of players cutting. Non contact injuries are expected of all but the franchise QB. It’s NFL Football 1A. In the NFL it’s next player up EXCEPT QBs.Why doon you thing the QB is.protected so much by the rules?

  12. On third-and-goal from the 20, Garoppolo scrambled up the sideline for 13 yards, and should have jogged out of bounds to protect himself. Instead, he planted hard on his left foot to cut back toward the field, injured his knee and took a vicious hit to the helmet. The 49ers fear Garoppolo suffered a season-ending ACL tear in his left knee. He has only himself to blame. He could have avoided the injury.

    Yeah, damn Jimmy for playing with heart trying to lead the team back against the Chiefs, his own porous defense and the refs…. Low blow comment but expected unfortunately from this clickbait reporter who’s employer won’t bother sending him to cover road games. Call it like it is right.

  13. With Jimmy G out the season is done. The thing that has been infuriating me for years is the defense. Even in the rare instance they close in an sacking a QB they always leave a gaping gap for them to escape through for a big gain. The DC should have a delayed rusher or a stunt to catch the QB. We would have alot of sacks if the DC would plan for that.

  14. What reason does anyone really have to watch the NFL anymore? Games are decided by the REFS each week. How can one team have 150 yards in penalties and the other basically none? How can a guy grab JUICE and bear hug him and JUICE get called for PI? I’m like everyone else in here screaming at the TV for a PACKERS PLAYER! From kneeling to the rules about the QB, I’m done! I see it all around me more people just tuning out football and doing other things……add me to that list.

  15. If you play sports not to get hurt, your gonna get hurt. As I’ve stated before, I have a daughter playing D1 soccer who tore her ACL drippling up the left flank, unmarked at the time she made a cut to the inside. She went down and that was it. I guess in hindsight if she played smarter, not harder, she should have passed the ball sooner or maybe even just kicked it about of bounds in order to stave off a possible or even likely injury making an athletic move, one she’s done countless times. Eye roll.

  16. First of all I echo every single comment on here to Grant’s blame game on JG’s run. What stupidity. But hey he’s trying like made to create clicks.

    Ok, quick thoughts: 1. Cassius Marsh is only there to collect a paycheck. 2. Jimmy Ward is this team’s Brandon Belt. 3. Breida is a bright spot and looks like he belongs overtime he gets the ball. 3. We need new and more strength and conditioning folks. And of course, better….
    4. Pass rush, secondary, and pass protection. Lynch barely address any of these this offseason, and it showed today.

    1. I do not doubt your grit and determination, but you tend to hold onto the ball too long, and your accuracy is inconsistent. Nothing personal, but I feel that there are better QBs out there.
      KS will start you, but do not expect a cake walk against Bosa, Ingram and Mebane.

  17. I have to agree with Grant, JG tried to get a few extra yards and instead got an extended vacation! He should have run out of bounds to protect himself and the team.
    Beathard should stay backup but KS doesn’t have th balls to call on Kaep….

    1. Now, now, low blows are counter productive. KS just needs to let JL perform due diligence, like he did with Mack, and Gordon.
      I have stated for many months that I was satisfied with JG, and wanted him to help the Niners win a couple more rings. However, this unforeseen injury necessitates a change in the roster. Since JG is not available, CJB will get a chance to start, but JL should be calling all sorts of available QBs. He should also be looking at other team’s PS, and maybe poach a QB.

  18. So Garoppolo gets a C- even though he “Played well most of the game. Completed 67 percent of his throws. Passed for two touchdowns” and posted a 114.7 passer rating just because he tried to make a play and as a result suffered a non-contact injury (which will probably end his season). Seriously!!??

    1. Juan, thinking about the QB situation, you know who I prefer, but who would you want?
      I could see Davis Webb, Joe Callahan or Kevin Hogan also being candidates.
      Do not know the full inventory of possible replacements. However, the Niners will go with CJB, until he pulls a Gabbert, and benches himself. Do not think Mullens or Heneghan are the answer, either.

  19. I tend to agree with most of Grant’s grades. The one I would quibble on is the Garoppolo grade. He deserves a B+, because he threw 2 TDs and no picks. There were several drops, too, or his stats would have been even better.
    JG should not be blamed for his injury. No one could predict that he would hurt it with no contact, and attrition should be expected in this league.
    I am not going to call for the dismissal of the strength and conditioning coach. Injuries happen, and how the team responds to them will be the crux of the matter. I am just thankful that Breida’s injury was not as severe as it could have been..

        1. It was avoidable. Even Kaepernick would have ran out of bounds in that situation. He always avoided contact near the sideline. That’s what a quarterback has to do.

              1. He was indecisive on that play. Changed his mind at the last second that is why he tried to make that quick cut.

              1. Nobody with any common sense would have gotten mad at JG for going out of bounds. He had multiple Chiefs players in front of him and behind him so the only logical thing to do was to step out of bounds.

              2. Yea, I didn’t get mad when Breida ran out of bounds down by the goaline instead of fighting for the end zone, but I was confounded when Jimmy decided at the last minute to turn it up field and lowered his throwing shoulder into the defender….

            1. Or if you’re trying to fire up your team and show them to fight for every yard. Again it wasn’t the hit. So stop with all this should have avoided contract crap.
              Knee could have went out on the very next play for all we know.

              1. In the second half he decided to play more aggressively. Most of this year he had been playing very timid. That was unlike the six games last year when he excelled.

              2. Is that what Staubach used to do?? Or Tarkenton?
                They have MCL’s, too………

                Come on, Grant. I saw it-this was NOT caused by a collision of any kind. Your argument does not take into account how pro athletes think. Play sports like this safe………….? What about all the other QB’s in NFL history who have done the exact same thing and didnt get injured???????

              1. So why do you think not running out of bounds was negligent? He planted, that’s what athletes do. Everywhere. This time it was unfortunate and it popped.

              2. Rib – right at the 13 or 14 yard line JG made a conscious decision to take on the defender and that’s where he should of stepped out. The game isn’t important enough to jeopardize the health of your QB.

              3. There’s a cut, and then there’s a more powerful type of cut as you get ready to deliver a blow. QB’s don’t cut and try to take on defenders. Just run out of bounds. There was nothing to gain by taking the defender on.

              4. Sorry, but that just highlights the sheer ignorance of several fans and members of the media. Had Garoppolo successfully cut and gained a few more yards (or even run in for score), you guys would have calling his decision gutsy, genius, etcetera etcetera. But because of his injury, you guys are saying that he he should have protected himself, even though there would have been fault found in that as well.

              5. What kind of extra yardage was McKinnon trying for in practice? Or Teddy Bridgewater when he blew out his knees? Was he scrambling upfield? Sam Bradford tore his left ACL while running out of bounds. Edelman tore his while running in a straight line. This $hit happens to the unlucky. And that’s what it was – luck, not a bonehead move on Garopplo’s part.

                I know hammer and grant have major bones to pick with Garoppolo, but your reaches are looking stupendously silly.

              6. This is in response to MidWest’s comment, when I watched that play live my first thought was, “haha, what the heck was that. Dummy. What are you thinking?” That was followed up with, “aww well so much for this season” a few moments later when you could see them working on his lower body instead of his head/shoulder.

                Yes injuries happen in sports. Yes you want players to be aggressive. But no matter what you don’t want your quarterback trying to take on a defender head up, and you sure as heck don’t want him to take that defender on head up with his throwing shoulder.

                The risk vs reward is just so overwhelming. It’s one thing if you’re down by 7 and trying to score a TD and completely the opposite when down 14 and out on the 14 or whatever it was on 3rd and goal.

                As for Ribico saying I have a “major bone to pick with Garoppolo”, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

                Just because I don’t praise the almighty Jimmy G doesn’t mean I have a bone to pick with him. Go back and read my comments on every QB from 2011 on. I give my opinion of their play, both good and bad.

                When they play well I say so, when they play bad I say so. And usually I will give a pretty detailed explanation in both cases. If you can’t handle both sides of the coin on a guy that’s tough.

              7. But no matter what you don’t want your quarterback trying to take on a defender head up, and you sure as heck don’t want him to take that defender on head up with his throwing shoulder.

                Sweet. Now blaming him for an injury that didn’t happen. Hammer, you’ve reached Grantian depths

              8. I’m not blaming him for an injury that didn’t happen. That’s just another reason for why it was a play that shouldn’t have happened.

                And if I’ve reached “Grantian depths”, thanks for the compliment.

              9. No matter how anyone wants to spin it, no Coach wants his QB trying to cut back inside against multiple defenders. Every QB is coached to avoid contact at all costs. Garoppolo was inches from the sideline with multiple defenders around him. There was absolutely no reason to cut that thing back inside. It was a poor decision that ultimately ended his season. Hopefully he comes back healthy and learns a valuable lesson.

              10. Rocket, apparently that is a concept that is hard to understand for some. As some injuries are freaks others are not and can be attributed to a particular action of a player. This is one that seems the latter not the former.

              11. Actually it was “haha, what the heck was that. Dummy. What are you thinking?” That was followed up with, “aww man there goes the season.”

                Maybe try copying and pasting the entire quote next time.

            1. The “hit” itself was not the direct cause of the injury,

              but it’s quite possible that getting ready to be hit, or deliver a hit, or whatever the **** he was doing

              caused him to adjust weight at the moment before impact and . . . . . .

              Do you think the decision to not go out of bounds had nothing to do with the injury?

          1. You’re right, Grant. I don’t understand the people here being upset with your assessment. A big part of a QBs job is knowing how to protect himself *while* playing with heart. Garoppolo made a cocky statement during a pregame press conference – something to the effect of “I learned under Tom Brady and their QB learned under Alex Smith…two great QBs”. There was a touch of trash-talk in that comment which at the time I liked…but now has me cringing.

            Why didn’t JG learn to protect himself while studying under Brady and Belichick? Once he signed the big contract with the Niners, he had on obligation to try and stay healthy by not doing stupid things to get himself hurt. Seems like QB 101 to me.

            1. I made a post right after the first half was over in respect to the difference between Jimmy last season and this season. That difference was indirectly linked to his injury. I said I would comment on that later and I still hold to that. I said I noticed a distinct pattern to his play. This injury seems to validate that and in fact just added another paragraph to the post.

          2. Sorry to disagree. In 2015, under Tomsula, Kaep angled towards the side line in the Viking opener, and was blown up. That may have initiated his shoulder problems that eventually required surgery.
            Yes, after that, I will admit Kaep ran out of bounds and slid feet first a lot.

      1. Correct, Grant. Franchise quarterback just ruined the franchise’s season by trying to do toooo much.

        Thanks, Jimmy G. See ya next year, when I tune in the 49ers again. I ain’t watching what’s left of this year.

  20. I’ve been saying this for 2 years. But for some reason a bunch of you, including the host of this blog continue to harp on what’s going on now…. This team had to be completely”stripped”. This was basically an expansion team with the luxury of a 1st round qb being handed to them. Even though he was a later pick. Just because you guys predict a playoff season doesn’t mean it’s coming true. It just means the expansion team has work to do. I still don’t understand what the hooplah is about. Everyone might have had hopes of a good playoff bound season, but come on man. Kyle didn’t inherit the Rams. Like Jim Harbaugh when he came to the niners, that team has been being built for years. Now they have the right head coach, McVay is killing it, but like I said, that team was a head coach from being a finished product. This team is just now starting to be built. But with the luxury of Jed having the patience to see it through. I feel sorry for Jimmy G. ACL’s are a B####. But what’s the worse that can happen, 5 win season, top 10 pick. #continuetobuild. You guys are frustrated, understandable, but it’s to much frustration. Patience is the key. Rather you guys like it or not.

  21. You don’t need to convince me Seb. As a proponent to signing an experienced QB to backup JG, that would include even CK. Unfortunately, I was correct when I said the day he walked out (more like pushed but that’s debatable) of the Niner building that he would never play another down in the NFL, and that his sideline actions, agree with them or not, were tantamount to career suicide. Hate to toot the horn again but I was right. He’s not the answer, especially after being away from the game for so long now.

    1. Juan, I beg to differ. With attrition, QBs will be dropping like flies. The league has amply demonstrated that many teams are content to lose without Kaep, rather than winning with him.
      Kaep is in the prime of his life, and can play for many years. The collusion and blackballing are what is keeping him off the field.
      Kaep may be a villain to some, but to others, he is a hero. The recent rumors include teams that may sign him soon.
      Kaep may be crazy to have risked it all over protesting for social justice. Just remember, calling dreams crazy is not an insult, it is a compliment. So don’t ask if your dreams are crazy, ask if they are crazy enough.

      1. Sometimes I choke on my verbal diarrhea.
        Not a pretty sight I tell you.
        Life is hard when you’re over 60 and have the mental capacity of a pigeon.

          1. Whats the term for people who are so fixated on something that theres no growth in their thought process????????
            Is this not a symptom of assburgers syndrome?? All kidding aside, do you have assburgers syndrome, Seb? Because these folks get fixated on something, and thats it-forever! And i dont mean for a long time-I mean just that~forever.

            Seb, without your silly putdowns……….have u got this? if so, I will stop razzing you…………..

      2. Seb………..

        You freekin commie-pinko meathead, with your revolution here and a revolution there…………..so you can stand on your soapbox and be sanctimonious, and basically say “Im good and your bad”. Years go by and you keep beating a dead horse—mostly to harass people but partly because YOU WANT TO RECREATE ’68………..when Dan Rather and the like were slobbering over you.
        Suck on your bong and get on with life!

        And no, I’m not filled with hate, but you are whacked out……….like something out of Haight/Ashbury that never moved on.

  22. The Big picture .

    1. First and foremost, Garoppolo is not to blame for the ACL. He probably thought he could turn the corner and score. He is a competitor – period.

    2. He is to blame for taking too many sacks. He should have come to realization that his receiving corps is the worst in the league . They are not going to get separation no matter how long he holds the ball but it may get him killed.

    3. When will the coaches and front office come to the same realization that our receivers are the worst in the league. ?

    4. Did they even make an effort to bring in Josh Gordon. I am talking about serious effort. We saw the same thing with Mack. Niners half- assed an offer and he wound up in Chicago.

    5. Calvin Ridley 7/146/3 today . In one day he bettered our receivers numbers for the year. We could have traded back and drafted him.

    6. We need to bring in more physical , capable NFL type players who can compete at the NFL level.

    7. Looks like we will have a high draft pick next year. Let’s not do anything cutsie . Same with our other early round picks – CJ Breatherd, Pettis, etc.

    8. Pissed and frustrated.

  23. I’ve been saying for three weeks now Shanahan is an offense of coordinator not a coach , way to many nice guys on the team and not enough football players

    1. I’m no fan of KS as a head coach either but there are still way too many snap judgements about the coaches going on right now simply because the QB made a bad decision.

      1. Bingo. Im still on the fence on KS. I don’t think he walks on water or anything like that but there are some good and bad quality to his actions (good – excellent play design, sharp eye for certain talent in receivers, etc… and not so good – hubris, red zone challenges, surrounding himself with yes men, etc…).

        The QB made a poor decision. He did it because he is a competitor (and no one can fault that) but it was not the right move at that time.

        The coach isn’t to blame for that aspect of what happened.

    2. Shanahan is 19 games into his first HC job, with a roster lacking talent in key areas. He’s going to get at least 4 years so settle in suck it up.

  24. At least we got a win on the record before Beathard takes over cause lord knows it’ll probably be the only one we get this year.

    1. “$35 million in average annual contract value “

      Make sure you pay attention in math class kids. Otherwise you might end up like 👆.

        1. If there’s a cautionary tale here, it’s to not drop ‘big bucks’ on a young talented quarterback and then expect fill in the rest of the gaps in the offense later, because there’s no guarantee that your ‘big bucks’ quarterback will survive until the rebuilding cavalry arrives.

  25. Field Yates
    ‏Verified account
    3h3 hours ago

    Khalil Mack: 3 sacks, 3 forced fumbles this season.

    The Raiders, as a team: 3 sacks, 1 forced fumble this season.

    1. Nobody – including the Raiders – has ever doubted Mack’s abilities. The decision was whether you pay him like a QB, guaranteeing him more than your QB and taking more than a quarter of the salary cap for those two players. The Raiders are 0-3 and had losing seasons in 3 out of Mack’s 4 seasons with the team. He would make them better but they’d still be losing ball games because their overall roster isn’t good enough. The Raiders knew this and moved on.

      Mack is a fantastic player but as good as he is, the Bears barely beat a terrible Arizona team yesterday because their roster overall is average at best and the jury is still out on the QB. You don’t win consistently without a QB in this league which is why there is and should be a large gap between QB’s and everybody else.

  26. On the bright side, Jimmy has more time to pursue his true passion, dating pornstars. Maybe now we get a pick high enough to land nick bosa.

  27. I think we are going to see a much improved CJ and if not improved then there could be the makings of a high draft pick (pass rusher) and a softer schedule next year. Already its next year for this year.

    1. UC,

      All but 2 games on next seasons schedule is already set. Sucking doesn’t help with that like it did back before they changed how schedules are put together.

      1. Awe, that’s why I like you Jack keeping me straight, didn’t realize they had changed how the schedules are put together.

      1. I just made a wish that you’d never make another post again. If my thoughts do indeed affect the universe I guess you’re done here. Bye.

  28. I don’t understand our defensive scheme, or what we’re trying to accomplish. How many times does the other team simply run 10 yards upfield, turn around, and catch the ball for an uncontested first down?

    Our 2nd level defenders are ALWAYS looking at the QB as they’re dropping into Zones, but then they can’t see the WRs or TEs that slip right behind them. How can they break up a pass or get an INT when their backs are to the receiver? Makes no sense to me

  29. Oh, and another thing. It sure looked like Solomon Thomas was not on the field a lot when the Chiefs marched down the field to score all those TDs. One cannot blame him for the first half defensive ineptitude.
    In the second half, I saw Thomas a lot, and the Niners played better defense.
    Maybe some one has all the stats and snap counts, but just from watching on TV, it looked like they used Marsh a lot, and not Thomas.

  30. Other then the loss of JG I cant say I was overly surprised by the outcome. One thing that isn’t being mentioned here is the fact the Chiefs are a really, really good offense. I see them making the best of defenses look bad. I was more concerned with the ineptitude of the offense in the first half. First play Kittle drops, kind set the tone for the rest of the game. This game was not at all just a failure of the defense. Why was the defense so much better in the second half, because the offense was so much better. Its too bad JG had to get hurt as this team was going to come together shortly.

      1. You do realize that if the offense was doing its thing and controlled the ball those five td’s would be less. Look at the second half….for verification.

        1. Wait, you’re saying having 4 out of 6 possessions go 5 plays or less in a half is a bad thing?!?! Blasphemy.

          Add in 76 penalty yards against the defense and it was a rough 1st half.

          What’s really funny is people being so up in arms over giving up 38 points to a team that had scored 38 and 42 in the first 2 games and was playing its home opener.

          1. They see what they want to see I suppose, oh an to clarify the defense did indeed play horrible, just wanted to point out the offense contributed mightily to their demise in the first half. Special teams didn’t help the matter either….

            1. Yes, the defense was really bad in that half. There were times guys were running around with no clue where the ball was, and just a ton of missed assignments.

              1. That first half was just horrendous. Waaaay too many missed tackles, missed assignments and penalties. Plus a couple of drops on offense. All in all, 49ers deserved to be getting flogged at the half.

              1. “Defense played complacent to me in the first half.”

                Don’t think I could disagree more with that statement. What I saw was a defense that was flying around, but guys were blowing their zone responsibilities, or completely lost with where the ball was, or just out of position to make a tackle and ended up leaving their feet or grabbing instead of running through guys.

                The first series they have the bad call of blitzing on 3rd and 15 and giving up the screen. Second series they get the PI call on 3rd and 16.

              2. The Chiefs have made every defense they’ve played look bad. We can talk about miscues all we want but the bottom line is the scheme and the talent was far superior to the Niners defense as it has been to every defense they’ve faced so far.

    1. UC– How did you see that? So the Chargers and the Haden-less Steelers are the best defenses in the league??

      I have watched every Chiefs game the past few years because of Alex Smith. If they played as the same time as the Niners I would record it… What I’m saying is we gave them no competition today. Mahomes didn’t beat us, their back up could have been in the game. Guys were wide open on all levels. Pathetic defensive scheme, Saleh didn’t learn from what the Steelers did at all, almost like he didn’t even watch it. Your optimism just enables them to keep giving piss poor efforts. Real 49er teams from the past never would have stomached a performance like This, and neither can I to be honest.

      1. Real – see you think just because I feel that the offense contributed to the defensive woes excuses bad tackling, penalties, bad coaching, well it doesn’t just adds to it. One of the best ways to keep a juggernaut offense from scoring is keeping them off the field. My take is that both the offense and the defense sucked. I agree Mahomes didn’t beat us, Andy Reid beat us. That’s quite an offense they have.

  31. A very disappointing season. Enough talent to be competitive most Sundays but as undisciplined a group of players as there is in the NFL. One dumb, self destructing play after another. Stupid, stupid, stupid situational football players. This team’s personality since Day 1 Shanahan, save the magical Garopollo run late last season has been a self destruction parade…

    Shanahan is a better OC than a Head Coach. Doing both limits his abilities. Ideally he should return to full time OC. And I say that only because the team’s performance reflects their leadership and this team is a functional black hole. If I thought Kyle could change this fundamentally unsound, boneheaded decision bunch I would gladly see him through another season. But zero has changed after 19 games on his watch.. No confidence vote at this juncture..

  32. Bad day for the 49er franchise. It’s fair to evaluate everyone, from the top down. It’s hard to fathom hard hitting Lynch has acquired a bunch of players that can’t tackle and/or are soft . I have not seen any improvement from guys such as Trent Taylor or Colbert. 7th rounders whose ceilings are incredibly low. Soloman Thomas has not improved one bit. Tartt is like Wards cousin, can’t last longer than a month. Warner is over hyped and seems to always be in the wrong position. Witherspoon isn’t better than Rashad Robinson or even Dontae Johnson. They need a new defensive scheme. Somebody should tell them they are not the Legion of Boom.

    A QB makes decisions and JGs pathetic attempt to gain additional yardage cost the 49ers their season. Did he really think he was gonna score? He had abosolutely 0% chance. ..I mean they weren’t going to win the SB anyway but he really needs experience. The guy, like the rest of the team, is injury prone. What a disaster. I’ll be surprised if they win another game this year. The talent level is so low compared to other teams. Wait til the Rams get ahold of this team

  33. Well, yea, maybe they would’ve scored 4 TDS instead of 5 if they only had 4 possessions in first half. Either way you slice it, the defensive performance was horrendous in the first half. When you’re allowing 100% TD rate on every possession, that’s not good. There’s 0 chance that our offense can keep up with that pace.

    The only reason the D wasn’t sliced up in 2nd half was because they went conservative and started running it much more with such a gigantic lead. As soon as the game got closer, they started to pass again, and we could not stop them if our life depended on it.

  34. What happened to Colbert, Tartt, Witherspoon. Seems like they all regressed from last year.

    Something is fundamentally wrong with our defense.

    1. Yea, their trying to run a defense that isn’t successful without an Earl Thomas. ..A big time playmaker on the backend who has the range. Colbert is so late he should set his clocks foward…Witherspoon is soft and can’t jam effectively…so he falls back into a soft zone and hopes they don’t throw his way. The LBs are caught looking in the back field instead of picking up their man…Over and Over again.

        1. And yet Saleh’s specialty is LBs (riiight)…. Nevermind this D is horribly undisciplined, can’t tackle worth crap and plays anything but violent/all gas no brake, there’s at least 5 first round picks on that D. Usually when a team scores 30 and 27 points in back to back games one would assume they resulted in convincing wins… Only people defending Saleh and his D on here are those who claimed they were going to be good. LOL!

  35. I strongly believe Jack Heneghan is the next Tom Brady, he has the exact same height and weight and even looks like Brady with his helmet on and off, 49ers need to sign him to the practice squad asap and give him a chance next season, in fact if they were to put him in as starter now, it would be the same result as 2000 with Brady in my opinion.

  36. Not making excuses, but I guess I am. Arrowhead, home opener. This is one of the hardest, if not the hardest, place to play a disciplined game. That said, I am disgusted with the lack of discipline on everyone’s part. It’s not just the stupid fouls or the missed tackles on defense. It’s the dropped passes by what should be sure-handed receivers (Garcon), and what gets me are the jumps on defense into the neutral zone. Solomon Thomas, c’mon.

    In some organizations those mental errors are not acceptable.

  37. This team is bad and it just got a lot worse with the injury to JG. Beathard is going to take a beating, because he can’t get the ball out quick enough with that windmill motion. He also can’t make quick decisions. The Niners need to sign another QB regardless of whether Beathard is moderately competent. I think Landry Jones is available, so is Davis Webb. I’d bring them both in for a look.

    It will not end well with Richard Sherman.

    They didn’t add enough talent in the off season.

    I’ve never seen a defense that strikes less fear in opponents. Saleh must go and they need to bring in a defensive coach that breaths fire. In essence, they have to find their version of Gregg Williams.

    This team is a long ways from competing.

    They’d be a lot closer if they had hired Sean McVay instead of KS.

      1. Raheem Mostert has looked like OJ Simpson in pre-season. I saw your previous post about Heneghan, Brady comparisons, measurables, etc., and I think he would make a good addition to the practice squad. Anything above that and he’s over his head.

        Jones has at least started and won some games in the league.

  38. I guess now we will see what this team is truly made of. Tough and deserved loss (not JG, the game). Grant predicted as much in his pregame Periscope. We will see what kind of coach Shanahan is and Saleh too. We will also see how tough this team is.

    I have thought for some time that the playoff aspirations were a bit premature. This team has glaring holes and they become more prevalent with each passing week. Chief among these is the ability to get after the QB. The secondary was always suspect and I believe losing some old (yes Baalke) players may have been rash and premature. This is an undisciplined and very raw team. They could have used some veteran leadership and consistency.

    Jimmy Garoppolo was a gift that wasn’t earned and now that he is gone, we will see the team’s true mettle.

    I’m not sad that the team passed on Mack, but wonder why they didn’t go after a pass rusher in the draft with somewhat equal vigor? It is these inconsistencies and incongruity that make me wonder who is running the show.

  39. They blew it by drafting Thomas and they know it now. They have enough tape and data on him to realize that he won’t be the player they spent the third pick in the draft on. They should have drafted Mahomes, or one of the stud DBs or Derek Barnett, but they didn’t and that pick is going to set them back.

    Mack wouldn’t have made any difference. They wouldn’t know how to use him. Saleh is terrible. He needs to leave right now (won’t happen) and at the very least, after this season, but I doubt he will. The team has gone through so much trauma around change because they’re gun shy and don’t want to make any changes and will be conservative.

    Could be worse–could be the Texans. They’re 0-3 and have a lot more talent.

  40. Well, now we will see if the entire team is any better than where things were last years
    at this same point in the season. CJ got destroyed by bad protection last year, I expect that at least should be better. I don’t think D all that much better, but at least theres some future guys now in there.

    It was so good there for a minute.

    Garrappolo, real dip-$hit move. Clearly he didn’t watch Brady closely enough.

    5-11 would be good considering where things are at.

    1. He has a slow release and takes too much time to process. The line got magically better when Jimmy G unloaded it fast and with purpose. Beathard might surprise, but he’s just brutal to watch.

      1. He was Brutal, Slamd. But CJ has some intangibles, including grit — an NFL necessity. Plus CJ now has observed a Brady-type QB (Jimmy G) for almost a year now. CJ is going to be better. He may never be great, but the whole 49er cast around him has improved from that funky roster we saw in 2017.

        CJ — who does have just a bit of talent — will put on a better show this year.

        That said, this team is going nowhere.

  41. Looking on to next season.
    The 49ers needs are in no particular order
    – OG (maybe 2)
    – LT (I don’t see Staley sticking around),
    – RB ( ACL injuries to small, fast running backs can be career enders)
    – WR (Garcon’s replacement will be needed soon.)
    – QB They at least need a developmental guy CJ doesn’t have the requisite skills.
    – 2 edge rushers, (one average, and one good)
    – 2 corners ( Sherman can’t be counted on)
    – Safety ( Dear God, I can’t believe Im saying this but they need someone disciplined back there)

    If the niners did well this season (ie 8-8) I thought they would be on track for their 3 year plan… but now looking at the holes that were not addressed, the injuries, and how attractive they will be to free agents, they are back to where they were last year.

    1. I agree with a lot of those. I said during the off-season after FA and the draft this was still a team with a lot of holes. I thought it was a 6 or 7 win team if JG played well, and to do better than that they would need JG to be superb. The team was only one season removed from being absolutely awful, and hasn’t brought in that many really good players to turn it around so quickly.

      A lot of the young guys were being touted as the next great player this off-season, especially in the secondary with Colbert and Witherspoon. The love Colbert got in particular was baffling to me. He had extensive playing time in like 5 games, and only really in the first two did he play really well. They both still have a lot of learning to do before they are as good as people were saying they will be. They also shouldn’t be written off after a rough start this year. However, their inexperience was one of the reasons Minkah Fitzpatrick was the guy I wanted the team to draft if they didn’t take Landry.

      Unfortunately it is still unlikely the 49ers will be able to get big upgrades at more than half the spots you list next off-season. What they really need is to have some of their young guys develop over the course of the next 13 games.

      For mine the worst part of JG getting hurt isn’t what it means for the team this year. As I said, I didn’t really think they were much of a playoff chance this year anyway. It’s not even that it likely will make watching the 49ers games much less entertaining, though that does hurt. The worst part is that he really needed the experience. As it is, he will now enter next year still only having 8 starts in Shanahan’s system (5 of which came while he had little understanding of the system), and only 10 overall.

      1. That’s about where I had it too. I didn’t see this as a vastly improved team from last year even before the injuries to McKinnon and Sherman. My one hope was that the team would at the very least, have an adequate qb that would allow them to evaluate the rest of the offensive players. I no longer feel that is the case.
        I was admittedly a big Landry guy and wanted Smith second… however, of the two safeties I preferred Minkah to Derwin due his coverage abilities and the fact that I saw him as a better center fielder.

    2. Shoup,

      There are needs but it’s not as dire as you think. Injuries have now cast a dark cloud over everything, but this team was developing and would have been in contention for a wild card with the roster they had put together imo. There are obvious needs like an edge rusher but the Oline had been improving, and the playmakers and QB are in place to achieve top ten production. On the defensive side, the DT position is solid as is LB. All they need to do is improve the secondary and the Edge rush and they are going to be a playoff team imo.

      As much as it hurts that the season has become a train wreck due to injury, the draft position it affords us may allow us to get one of the top defensive players to add to another offseason of FA upgrades.

      I always look at the team with a realistic viewpoint which is why I’ve been pretty negative about the teams under Ron Jeremy and Chip, but this team is going to be a perennial playoff contender in the not too distant future.

      1. There are needs but it’s not as dire as you think. Injuries have now cast a dark cloud over everything, but this team was developing and would have been in contention for a wild card with the roster they had put together imo.
        Really a wild card team?
        Lets break this down.
        Tackle – I honestly don’t see Staley choosing to play another season let alone 2. Do you see a backup tackle on this team?
        OG – While they have played better than first expected which ones are average starters?
        RB – Brieda is good but Morris is around 30 and McKinnon is a small running back coming off an ACL
        WR – This is an ok group but Garcon is old and Goodwin is brittle, which players will be here when the niners should be contenders in 3 yeas?
        CB – Sherman looked good but none of the others do dd
        Safeties – Routinely let players behind them and blow coverages.
        Edge – They have zombies here not even warm bodies.

        LB, DT – I didn’t mention either position group, they are the two solid position groups on the team going forward. Well if Foster can stay on the field.

        1. Shoup,

          The offense has been performing pretty well as a whole both running and passing. It takes time to master this system but I liked what I was seeing out of the gate even without McKinnon who should be back next year.

          We definitely need pass rushers. That has been and will continue to be the #1 need for this team. As I mentioned I also agree that we need to upgrade the secondary, but I haven’t given up on some of the young guys that are there now and think we’d hold up a lot better with any kind of pass rush.

          I definitely think this is a wild card caliber team as is – if everyone is healthy of course – but a couple of improvements and continued growth and they become a perennial playoff contender in the not too distant future imo.

          1. So basically you think this is a 10 win team with an average qb… I don’t think that ever applies to a team with a poor secondary and no pass rush.
            Based on that assumption I would assume a 10 win team with a bad qb should still win 5 games.
            I think this is a 2 or 3 win team without Jimmy and a 7 to 8 win team with him.
            I guess we will just have to agree to disagree on how we see the team.

            1. No, I see it as a playoff contender with Jimmy G. A QB who can play at a high level in a system that suits him is worth a few wins. The addition of a pass rusher(s) and possibly another quality Corner or S and they are a perennial playoff team imo.

              This is by no means a SB team as currently constructed but they could have won at least 9 games if Garoppolo had been healthy for the entire season imo and that won’t change going forward. They have the pieces for a top ten offense right now which can win you a lot of games in this league.

  42. Tbh, I expected a little bit closer game but for the most part it went as I expected. Mahomes was going to light up the 49ers defense. That is a horrible matchup for the 49ers. No pass rush and injured players in the secondary are a bad combination. I’m not too upset about the loss but the injury to Jimmy G is devastating.

    If I’m Jed York I’m saying, “How much did we pay Garoppolo and McKinnon? What? $92M in guaranteed money and I got 3 total games from them this year? Hey Paraag, get the trainer on the phone for me.

    And I totally disagree that the honeymoon is over with Shanahan. If anything, major injuries to your stars extends the honeymoon with Shanahan. No one can be expected to win with the volume of significant injuries the 49ers have suffered. Shanahan could totally screw up the entire franchise and he would get the benefit of the doubt because he’s not yet playing with his guys.

    1. “And I totally disagree that the honeymoon is over with Shanahan. If anything, major injuries to your stars extends the honeymoon with Shanahan.”

      This is spot freaking on. All last year the excuse for Shanahan from so many was, “he doesn’t have his guys” nevermind the fact that he’d already ditched a large number of guys from the previous year.

      Now the excuse will be, “but he lost his running back and QB”.

      There should be no doubt though that this is Shanny’s team. It is built in his mold.

      Here’s a thought: hey Shanny, you have a running back that is leading the NFL in yards but is 27th in rushing attempts. Stop trying to be cute and give the guy the damn ball. Not only that, but the guy has definitely improved his catching, at least through 3 games, through him the damn ball too.

      He’s one of the best playmakers on your team. Use him.

      1. Yup, Shanahan got a pass last year because it was an “evaluation year”. This year it will be “Its an aberration year “ because of injuries. Notice that Saleh gets no such pass?

        It is Lynch’s and Shanahan’s hand picked guys who will carry forward, good and bad. It’s ironic that the best player on the team is a Baalke pick.

        1. “Notice that Saleh gets no such pass?”

          Hard not to notice when so many blame him and yet the failure’s in this game ranged throughout the offense, defense, special teams and coaching staff. It was a total team lost and yet Saleh seems to get the blame for the entire debacle. Not a word mentioned about dropped passes or JG once again hanging on to the ball to long, or the bad punts or the missed extra point, not to mention all the penalties and all the injuries on defense. Also not mentioned is JG miss on a wide open Garcon. The whole team stunk and their is enough blame to go around. That’s okay East next week it will be all CJ’s fault if the Niners lose to the Chargers.

      2. Shanny isn’t perfect, but he’s an easy target for frustration when things don’t go as planned. I saw nothing wrong with the play calling yesterday overall and things change when you are in a big hole on the scoreboard. As it was they kept playing hard and got back in the game before G’s injury. There are still things that need to be improved – penalties are obvious – but this team was playing better overall to this point.

        As to your point about Breida Jack I disagree. He’s not a very big guy and the division of carries between him Morris has worked well. Both guys have performed well in the system so far.

        1. The Minnesota and KC games were almost carbon copies of what we saw from the team last year, fall behind big, make a second half rally, lose by a respectable margin. Only difference was that the QB this year is named Garoppolo instead of Hoyer.

          Shanahan is the Head Coach, so when there is criticism towards him it’s not only his play calling. The entire team is his. These are his guys. This is his product. If people want to rip Saleh or a player it’s also a rip on Shanny because he’s the one putting them in there position.

          1. I don’t see it that way. They played two of the best teams in the league and were overmatched in talent. They were in the Viking game the whole way and had a good lead on Detroit into the 4th quarter and held on to win. The only game they were really out of was yesterdays and were getting themselves back into it until the JG injury. The easiest thing to do in sports is blame they Coach. Shanny deserves criticism at times, but most of it is fan frustration with little substance.

            1. They were down 24-6 to Minnesota, that’s not being in the game.

              Yeah, I didn’t mention Detroit because it wasn’t at all like the other two or last year. I also wasn’t worried about the way the 4th Q of that game played out.

              I’m not calling for Shanahan to be let go or anything like that, I’m not going to give him the “lack of talent” pass when he’s the guy picking the talent.

              1. You have to put some of the lack of talent on John Lynch as well. But when you have only had 2 drafts, how can truly evaluate it?

              2. Yes, Lynch takes the blame on the talent as well.

                Two offseasons of free agency and draft with some of the highest cap space in the NFL and what playmaking difference maker have they added to the offense or the defense?

                If the name on the GM door read Baalke instead of Lynch the narrative would be much different among fans.

              3. The talent they’ve accumulated has been good to plug holes left behind by the previous regime. I agree with you that there has not been any big time play makers drafted or signed. That’s a big problem.

              4. The score isn’t always indicative of the play on the field and I know you know that Jack. They went toe to toe with the Vikings and were not outplayed by much. Difference was a few plays on both sides with the more talented team winning at home.

                He is the guy picking the talent, but when you lose your QB it’s no longer about the talent you assembled. It’s about doing the best you can with what’s left and we’ll see how that goes.

            2. “Difference was a few plays on both sides with the more talented team winning at home.”

              A few plays on either side of the ball is always the difference in the NFL. How might that game yesterday have been different if they hold on the 3rd and 15 instead of giving up the 1st down on a screen. How different might it have turned out if they didn’t get called for PI on 3rd and 16 on the next drive.

              Bottom line, they were down 18 in week 1, and 25 yesterday.

              1. Nah some games are very one sided and it’s easy to see. The Niners weren’t dominated by the Vikings and held up pretty well. The score doesn’t always tell the story.

              2. Lol, ok.

                Regardless of how “competitive” they were, they still made enough mistakes to find themselves in an 18 point hole against the Vikings. If those mistakes were a one time thing that’s one thing, but over the last 19 games we have continued to see the same kinds of things happen to this team on the field on a pretty consistent basis.

              3. I saw a significant difference in the level of play between the first 3 games of this season and the same type of games you are referring to from last season. At this time last year they weren’t even close to the level they are playing at now, or least were before JG’s injury. The results may look the same but the quality of play is not. That’s the difference.

              4. “At this time last year they weren’t even close to the level they are playing at now, or least were before JG’s injury.”

                They were more exciting for sure.

                “The results may look the same but the quality of play is not. That’s the difference.”

                Aren’t the results all that really matters though? Or is just being “competitive” how low the bar has dropped around here?

  43. Cmon. Beathard was drafted to be a backup and I’m sure you know that. Shanahan has lost the 2 centerpieces to his offense. He gets a pass because of that.

    1. Yes. Grant’s working his long running ‘glorified OC’ agenda.
      Shrug. It gets clicks.
      Is the season phuqued? For W/L, sure.
      Still an opportunity for learning and growth for coaches and players if they can keep their poise and perspective. I think they’re capable of that. We’ll see.
      Forty Niner Faithful? The actual adult Faithful, mostly.
      Commenters here? Doesn’t seem too likely, but we’ll see.

  44. Well, there went the season. Without JG, there is little hope. I wanted the Niners to improve a couple games to not having a losing season. If the planets aligned, there was a shot at the playoffs. Now, with CJB, they will be lucky to match last season’s win total.
    Don’t get me wrong. I will root hard for CJB to succeed, since he is now anointed the 49er starting QB, but everyone must admit that the loss of JG is catastrophic to their plans.
    Looks like JL and KS are not infallible. They have jettisoned many players who have gone to other teams and have been productive. They ditched Eli Harold for Mark Nzeocha, and EH has 3 sacks. In the beginning, they dropped Bruce Ellington, who is a starter for the Texans. Of course, previously, there was Delanie Walker, Mike Iupati, Vernon Davis, Mark Easton, Joe Looney, Michael Crabtree, Aaron Lynch and Frank Gore.
    Now, the Niners are confronted with the loss of their franchise QB, and they may rally around CJB, but winning games just became ten times harder, especially with an undisciplined team that has committed egregious self inflicted wounds. Looking back at these last 3 games, the coaching has been lacking in all phases of the game. They may blame players for running the wrong routes or leaving players wide open, but the coaching is deficient because they are the ones who need to prepare the Niner players to run the right routes and tightly mark the receivers. The coaches needed to instill discipline so the defense does not jump offsides for a free play, usually letting the opposing team convert a third down.
    Blaming JG for hurting himself by not running out of bounds is churlish. It is not his fault that he became injured. Yes, if he had been blown up along the side line with a vicious hit, JG may be faulted for not running out of bounds, but he was not touched when his knee gave way. JG knew that 4th and 15 is a lot harder than 4th and 10, so his reasoning was logical. Maybe he was counting on a defender hitting him out of bounds, to draw a flag so he could get half the distance to the goal, closer. As it was, there was helmet to helmet contact, so if the Mathews tackle was illegal, that last hit to JG was illegal. Sure, in hindsight, running out of bounds may have prevented the injury, but I will not fault JG for trying to get closer, because he was trying to win.
    It was unfortunate, but Football is a game of attrition. CJB is the next man up for the Chargers game, and right now, he knows the most about the Niner offense.
    However, JL needs to look for another QB, who may be superior to CJB. CJB may have lots of grit and determination, and he can throw the ball well at times, but he is also inconsistent, and tends to hold onto the ball too long.
    JL needs to perform his due diligence, and at least give Kaep a tryout. Kaep was the last Niner QB to get his team to the SB. Maybe JL does not like Kaep’s activism, but if he wants to win games, a sober assessment should show that Kaep is superior to CJB. He is bigger, stronger, faster, and way more experienced. Kaep can shrug off arm tackles, and is a threat to run for a TD every snap. Kaep has a 90.7 QBR, so he is superior to CJB’s 69.2 QBR.
    JL may not give Kaep a tryout, but then, I will accuse him of being content to lose. If JL wants to build a winning culture, he needs to show his willingness to do everything in his power to improve the team. Do not know how it would hurt to give Kaep a chance, just like I do not know why hiring an OC will hurt the team.
    It is JL and KS’s team, and they have absolute power over it. However, with great power comes great responsibility. Their actions in the upcoming days will show their character. Maybe they will be content to lose, so they will be rewarded with a high draft position. I hope they pick last every year.

    1. “Well, there went the season.” Boo hoo hoo wah wah wah!
      Is that like: “Well, it’s over.”?
      Pfft. Wussie.
      So go do something else until February when you begin publishing your 10,000 mock drafts. Grown ups will watch to see how the team responds.

      1. Well said Brotha. I loved the response of the team in the 2nd half. We wont make the playoffs but at least watching the young guys develop will make it enjoyable for me. Never giving up on this team!

      2. Guess you are content to lose.
        The injury to JG is kinda a big deal.
        Even with a healthy JG, I was predicting improvement, but only 8 or 9 wins.
        Without JG, 6 wins may be optimistic.
        Now you are content with CJB, but there are better alternatives.
        Savage, Clemens, Yates, Moore, Jones. Scraping the bottom of the barrel. Pathetic.
        I will still root for the team, but when they do not even try to improve, I will just say that they want to be rewarded for losing.
        Losers root for losing. Winners do everything in their power to win.

    2. Couple of points.
      In the past 2 seasons Kaep and CJ have the same number of wins. They both suck.

      The helmet to helmet as initiated by Jimmy, if anyone deserved the penalty he did.

    3. And there it is.

      A long sermon, and then Kap this and Kap that……….

      Sebs, do you have assburgers syndrome? If so, your repititions of several years will no longer bother me.

  45. The penalties are killing us. It’s on Shanahan and Saleh to clean those up. In 2017, we committed 7.7 penalties per game. Only 3 teams were worse – Seattle, Miami and Houston. This year, we are already at 8.7 per game. There is Talent on this team and this team is not as bad as some of the posters make it out to be, but you need to have eye discipline and NEED TO DO YOUR JOB when you play.

    Garropolo needs to work on his decision making. One bad decision after the other – starting from his date night to his scrambling.

    The season is not done. This is a good opportunity to see what the roster is made of. Let the rookies play and let them get reps. Julian Taylor has not even suited up for these 3 games.

  46. You blame Juszczyk for a PI that wasn’t, it was a horrible game costing penalty that the refs shat.

    You blame DJ Reed for a horsecollar tackle that DIDN’T HAPPEN! His hands never came close to the neck of the Chief, he pulled him by his arms. Again, another horrible penalty that, if memory serves me, was offsetting with a holding call by the Chiefs that gave them life on that drive and led to a field goal of 37 yards. Had that been called correctly, Chiefs would have had 2nd and 16 not 2nd and 6, and very likely would have had a 47 yard FG. Good chance he doesn’t make that and its 35 – 24 with 13:30 left in the game. Maybe this changes Jimmy’s mindset, being down by 11 he wouldn’t have been as adamant to get the 1st down + yards because a FB + TD & 2pt = Tie.

    The niners killed themselves with many penalties…but that offensive PI against KJ and the horsecollar against DJ Reed were horrific mistakes by the zebras and should not be blamed on either player.

    Also, the roughing the passer against Foster was so ticky tack. Letter of the law yes, but not intent. Ref should have swallowed his flag.

    1. Don’t forget the free TD they gave the Chiefs with that bogus PI call in the end zone. Defenders can make contact with receiver if they are going after the ball. The game is getting ridiculous with how much it favors the offense.

  47. Other than the loss of Garoppolo, I’m seeing a lot of crocodile tears about the Niner’s showing against the Chiefs. Didn’t the game turn out exactly like near everyone predicted? Now it’s all the Niners suck, Shanhanan sux, Saleh should be fired, the Niners D is crap. the O is crappier… Tell us something different than you did before the game.

    1. The game turned out as expected… but no one expected 5 straight touchdown drives to start the game. I honestly thought they might set a new record for most points scored in a game the way it was going, but Reid eased off the gas.

      I also thought this was going to be a blowout, what was disheartening were the repeated issues. Dropped passes, taking sacks in the red zone, receivers running in a simple cover scheme.

    2. It should have been expected rib, but this place turns into a lunatic asylum after a loss. I read part of the game thread this morning and saw entries that said “God hates the 49ers” and “CFC jinxed the team” among others. It never ceases to amaze me how many crazy people are out there giving opinions.

      1. “CFC jinxed the team” I saw that and it cracked me up and I realized how wrong I have been all these years, should of known it was all CFC fault.

      2. Come on Rocket, I joked out about the God hates the 49ers too.
        No one is serious about that. People have talked about the “fooball gods” and no one believes in football gods either. Fans are just upset about the fact that the breaks have gone against the team and they are joking about it. It is more of a, if you don’t laugh you will cry.

  48. When you think about what happened yesterday, we are exactly where we were a year ago. The rebuild just got pushed back a year. Losing Jimmy G, missing on Solomon Thomas, needing a corner or two, and a legit wide receiver, a right guard,plus a replacement for Joe Staley. There is a considerable amount of work to be done. I think we are now 2 years away from being a playoff team, maybe 3

  49. D-line grade may be too generous.

    Coaching grade is low, and, unfortunately, fair:

    Shanny: Sticking to script (playing game planner vs. game planner) when it was proven that you could run the ball up the Chiefs’ a$$ was just stubbornly stupid; and got the QB smacked around, a lot.

    Salad: Zero pass rush, but wait until game decided to blitz. Try a blitz before the O-line, and QB are laughing about how hard you suck; it makes them think. Once they know how hard you suck, the only question is whether you are forced to send a blitzer.

  50. I might sound crazy but who thinks the niners might be okay with CJB? Not saying we’re going to the playoffs or anything, but looking at the last 3 games, all winnable games. Why were they winnable? Defense bending but not breaking, the strong run game, and the success off of play-action plays. Jimmy G has not played light out by any means, he’s played well at times, not so well at others.

    If CJB can deliver on play action and not turn the ball over we might be just okay. Also I’m taking my boy to his 1st Niners game on his B-day Sunday @ the Chargers, and we’re both a little bummed, me more so but I’m trying not to show it so we can just have a good time.

    1. CJB will be fine if Breida and Morris can rush for 150 yards a game and the defense can get at least 2 turnovers a game and score occasionally. Otherwise, is it not the same team as it was last year before Jimmy G arrived?

    2. Good attitude, Leo. Painful loss. Worst part is Jimmy will no longer be getting the invaluable live game experience he so desperately requires. Another year older, and another year on the sidelines. Sets us back as a franchise, but hopefully the team responds with the grit and intestinal fortitude that C. J. exhibited last year….

      1. “Worst part is Jimmy will no longer be getting the invaluable live game experience he so desperately requires.”

        That is the worst thing that comes out of yesterday’s game.

    3. I think we will be ok 😎with CJB…….🙊that statement has more to do with what I have seen 😔from JimmyG so far….

      It’s really up to🕵 Kyle…dude is a genius🙌🙌🙌 but needs another semi-genius 🙌with him during those scrum 🎱🔍meetings…

    1. Yeah. I think it would have been better for the team to just step out and get ready for the next play.

      This would be called trying to win the battle and instead losing the war.

      1. But as Rice pointed, that knee could have buckled if Garoppolo went out of bounds as well. The point is no one can predict when a freak accident will strike, and blaming a player, regardless of their prestige or pay grade, for not taking what some of us consider to be the safe route is ridiculous because a freak accident could still have occurred.

        1. Sure. Like I said to Rib yesterday, there’s a difference between planting as you run out of bounds, planting to make a cut, and planting to deliver a blow and drive into a defender.

          Saying he might have hurt it running out of bounds or whatever is like saying, “why not go skydiving, people die from falling in the shower.”

          1. Sure. Like I said to Rib yesterday, there’s a difference between planting as you run out of bounds, planting to make a cut, and planting to deliver a blow and drive into a defender.

            Except when it isn’t. Tell that to Bridgewater. Tell that to Bradford. Go up to Jerry Rice’s face and tell him that. I think I’ll take the GOATS opinion over a goat’s @ss.

            Saying he might have hurt it running out of bounds or whatever is like saying (a bunch of hammer nonsense)”

            Except it happens. If it never happens, you’d had a point. Since it does, freaky as it is, you have none.

        2. Mid – Even if he hadn’t torn his ACL it still wasn’t a smart play. And yes if he had scored I would of been cheering but it still wouldn’t change the fact it wasn’t a smart play.

          1. How many big plays have come about that weren’t smart in hindsight though?
            If you don’t want the QB on your team to risk an injury from scrambling, then your team needs to protect the QB in order to lessen the chances of that occurring.

            1. “…protect the QB in order to lessen the chances of that occurring.”

              The key word is ‘lessen’ and that is why he needed to run out of bounds. to lessen the chance of injury. I cant find fault with a guy that wants to mix it up, its something I would of done, its just not smart. I am not blaming JG just questioning his decisions much like I did with CK.

  51. I’ll take a team of players that play like JImmy did over a team of players that play “cautious” or in other words “smart” as some on this site proclaim. He obviously thought he had an opening to go up the sideline and most likely did not see the player coming from the right who eventually hit him, and by freak of luck, his cut move tore his ACL. You coach players to play the game, just like they’ve done since middle school. It didn’t work out this time. If he had hit an opening and not have tore his ACL and gained a big play, the same people here saying that it would be a good play but still not very smart? That’s the biggest bunch of horse crap I’ve ever heard. Stick to chess and checkers because you don’t know squat about competing or coaching. He hurt himself. It’s football! Get over it!

  52. No Juan maybe you need to go back to the old days of football, the game today means millions of dollars to lots of people. Lots of things and players hinge on JG decision. For a mere two or three yards you would jeopardize lots for a game that means nothing to speak of, sure go ahead I see how smart ya are…oh by the way is it too difficult for you to hit the reply button when you refer to something, I know that’s tough to figure out but I have faith that you can figure it out.

    1. under, are you saying Jerry Rice will “figure it out” too? You have faith in him to do that little thing? He’s saying essentially the same thing as Juan.

      1. Rib I didn’t know that Jerry Rice was having trouble with the reply button. But if he is I have the utmost confidence he will figure it out. :)

  53. sebnynah says:
    September 23, 2018 at 7:30 pm
    Sometimes I choke on my verbal diarrhea.
    Not a pretty sight I tell you.
    Life is hard when you’re over 60 and have the mental capacity of a pigeon.

    Reply: I agree with you wholeheartedly Seb…Henceforth may we refer to you as:
    Cabesa de Pollito?

  54. Under, reading your reply I would bet 1000-1 you’ve never suited up for so much as a tiddlywinks team! LOL! Your good I guess with the reply button, etc. Good for you. A mans got to know his limitations. Please, go bother somebody else.

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