49ers 31, Browns 3: Report card

San Francisco 49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk (44) reacts during the second half of an NFL football game against the Cleveland Browns in Santa Clara, Calif., Monday, Oct. 7, 2019. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

SANTA CLARA – Here are the 49ers’ grades following their 31-3 beat down of the Cleveland Browns.

QUARTERBACK: B-plus. The game essentially was over before Jimmy Garoppolo had to do much. The 49ers ran for 185 yards just in the first half, and Garoppolo threw for just 181 yards the entire game. But, he was efficient. He completed 69 percent of his passes, threw two touchdown passes, zero interceptions and posted a quarterback rating of 108.5. Against the Rams next week, he’ll have to throw downfield more frequently. Against the Browns, he did everything necessary to win.

RUNNING BACKS: A-plus. Matt Breida averaged 10.4 yards per carry and Tevin Coleman averaged 6.1. Not typos. The 49ers might have the best group of running backs in the league. Unfortunately for the 49ers, they lost their fullback, Kyle Juszczyk, who injured his knee. Juszczyk is a great blocker and the key to their run game. They need him back A.S.A.P.

WIDE RECEIVERS: C-minus. Marquise Goodwin led this group with 41 receiving yards. He is their most consistent wide receiver. Second-year wide receiver Dante Pettis seems like a bust. He caught just one pass for 11 yards, and dropped a perfectly-thrown pass over the middle.

TIGHT ENDS: A. George Kittle had his best game of the season. He caught six passes for 70 yards and one touchdown. He was a ferocious after the catch, a big-time target near the red zone and an excellent blocker. He’s so good, and still is improving.

OFFENSIVE LINE: B-plus. Justin Skule, Laken Tomlinson, Weston Richburg, Mike Person and Mike McGlinchey all fit the 49ers’ run scheme perfectly. But, McGlinchey, the right tackle, struggles in pass protection. He gave up two sacks to the Browns. Rookie sixth-round-pick Justin Skule might be better than McGlinchey.

DEFENSIVE LINE: A-plus. Nick Bosa was phenomenal. He recorded two sacks, five quarterback hits, four tackles, one forced fumble and one fumble recovery. He finally seems to have recovered from the high-ankle sprain he suffered in training camp. The rest of the 49ers defensive linemen were dominant, too. DeForest Buckner recorded a sack, and Dee Ford recorded half a sack.

LINEBACKERS: A-minus. Fred Warner led the defense with five tackles, and Kwon Alexander recorded half of a sack. Browns running back Nick Chubb averaged 5.4 yards per carry, but the Browns couldn’t commit to the run because they fell behind so quickly.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: A. Emmanuel Moseley started in place of cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon, who has a sprained foot, and played exceptionally well. Covered Odell Beckham Jr. and gave up no catches. Even knocked down a pass in the end zone and saved a touchdown. Nickel back K’Waun Williams intercepted a bobbled pass in the end zone – he played well, too. And so did Jimmie Ward, who started at free safety and played his first game of the season. The only 49ers defensive back who struggled was Richard Sherman, who gave up four catches.

SPECIAL TEAMS: D. Robbie Gould, one of the most accurate kickers in league history, missed two field goals, and the Browns blocked a third one. And punt returner Richie James Jr. kept letting punts hit the ground. The 49ers may need a new punt returner.

COACHES: A-plus. Last season when the 49ers came off their Bye week, they were rusty and sluggish, and lost 27-9 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This season, the 49ers were not rusty. They put their bye week to good use, and put the Browns away immediately. Give head coach Kyle Shanahan credit for preparing his team, and for scheming one of the best running games in the NFL. It’s so good, the 49ers can beat some teams, such as the Browns, without throwing much. And Defensive coordinator Robert Saleh continues to make a case for the Assistant Coach of the Year Award. His defense was lights-out. The Browns probably wished they could have fired their head coach, Freddie Kitchens, and replaced him with Saleh at halftime. Maybe they’ll make the swap during the offseason. Saleh just put him out of business.

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  1. Skule better than McGlinchey ? Grant has some insights sometimes, but can be so reactionary that it borders on the absurd.

    Stop being so absurd.

    1. This 👆. Pettis is a bust now already, juice shouldn’t have been in the game, skule better than mcglinchey. Draws conclusions from game to game.

      1. He is playing better than McGlinchey. You guys haven’t noticed that he gives up a sack per game? He has given up the most sacks and holds.

      2. Dante Pettis seems like a bust. “He caught just one pass for 11 yards, and dropped a perfectly-thrown pass over the middle”. Very True………he didn’t say he’s already a bust but he’s on track. He gets scared catching over the middle, eyes move off the ball and drops it. Nice going Pettis.

        “Juszczyk is a great blocker and the key to their run game. They need him back A.S.A.P”….Grant didn’t say he shouldn’t have been in the game, where is that!

        “Justin Skule might be better than McGlinchey”…I watched McG a lot last night and he wasn’t having a good night at times and missed some blocks he should of had. You two guys are a bit absurb, stop being so absurb. You need to exaggerate a bit using different words to smear Grant, try again.

          1. And you need to learn how to read and not have to rely on exaggerating like changing words around, really, to make your false claim of what Grant said.

            1. https://twitter.com/grantcohn/status/1181404276414803968?s=19

              👆 Here’s a tweet stating Pettis is a bust last night during the game.

              https://twitter.com/grantcohn/status/1181449296610152448?s=19. Here’s the periscope you can hear right from Grant that he thought the juice should already been subbed out in the 3rd quarter and his bust take on Pettis. Not making this up exaggerating or mincing words. And I’m the one that needs to learn how to read, huh? Nice try though.

              FYI, I follow Grant and enjoy his coverage of the niners 95% of the time. It’s the 5% hot takes he exaggerates sometimes himself I like to call out/argue with.

              1. I agree with Ted and what he says Grant said in his grades. You change words around like Ted said.

                There isn’t a periscope in this thread, just his grades, not listening to 44 min. just his grades and you wrote now.

                I’m reading what Grant said above in his grades and what you are saying he said. You say Grant said Pettis is a bust now already...above he says seems like a bust. There’s a difference!

                You say he said.. juice shouldn’t have been in the game…WHY not…..above he says in grades..Juszczyk is a great blocker and the key to their run game. They need him back A.S.A.P.

                Finally you say Grant said Skule is better than McG, he draws conclusions from game to game, wow!….and again Grant says above in grades..Justin Skule might be better than McG. So see there is another difference here too.

                Why would Grant say the things you claim he said in the periscope of this game and write up something different about these players of his grades of this game.

        1. Entirely right. It’s been that way forever.

          I mean, look at this B- (or maybe B+) draft choice:

          ?So Nick Bosa is registering pressure on 39% of snaps. Most TEAMS long for a collective pressure rate that high — and it’s a lot easier when multiple players can register a pressure on any given play.

          Bosa is at that clip…. by himself.”

          Only an idiot or an attention whore would have assigned that grade.

          1. I know it’s his style to be provocative …. and I still read what he writes, but comments like these make him sound less informed than a Sunday afternoon fan boy who watches the game because someone told him the team was good.

            McGlinchey hasn’t been perfect by any means as someone else pointed out. I guess when Joe comes back and Skule gets parked back on the bench, you will see how absurd that comment was.

            Its just sad that you can’t see it already.

          2. Wrong….Grant said…..A-plus. Nick Bosa was phenomenal. He recorded two sacks, five quarterback hits, four tackles, one forced fumble and one fumble recovery. He finally seems to have recovered from the high-ankle sprain he suffered in training camp.

            He also said…But, McGlinchey, the right tackle, struggles in pass protection, true. He gave up two sacks to the Browns. He didn’t look really good but Skule looked good but got pushed too. He made the big hole for the 80 yd TD, w/help from juice. Richburg was getting tossed around a lot and Person at times too….You fan boys need to quit being idiots and pay attention.

  2. I would give the WRs a B-, because they caught a bunch to convert third downs. At least Pettis was in position to make the catch, but he dropped a sure TD.
    TEs should get an A. Kittle did well, and they blocked well for the RBs.
    Offensive line deserves a solid A. the Browns dialed up a lot of pressure on JG, but any time an O line helps generate 275 rushing yards, they did a great job.
    Special teams deserves a B-. Gould missed one, but there was a bad snap, and a block. James was probably told to let the punts alone, because James ‘The Scottish Hammer’ Gillian punts a hard ball to catch.
    For the coaching, I would give Saleh an A+. I would give KS an A, because he left too many points on the field. KS did have the offense gain 447 yards, but there were several opportunities with drives starting in the Brown’s territory, but only garnered 3 points off those gifts.

  3. So proud of this team. We have improved in every facet of the game, and are getting better each week. I’m a little sad we don’t play the SeaChickens until week 10, but next week will be another chance to make a statement; and we just put the NFL and the rest of the NFC on notice! We are out to prove something and I couldn’t be more excited 😜!! Go Niners!

  4. Can’t wait to watch the game tonight. Only problem with playing prime time is it falls during work hours here for me!

    Sounds like this was the statement game for the national media to pay attention to the 49ers.

    1. I have a similar issue… not that it falls during working hours but rather that it starts around 2AM.
      I’ll stay up for late Sunday games but can’t do it on Monday mornings.

  5. Grades seem right. The 49ers ground attack has been outstanding. Breida & Coleman have been a good pair. Can’t imagine what Jerrick McKinnon must be going thru knowing what he could do in this offense. Handsome Jimmy hasn’t been particularly sharp either. If he can fix his footwork and start hitting on some of the plays he misses this offense could be the best in the NFL. I just Hope Juices injury isn’t too serious. That will put a dent in the Os production.

  6. Just finished watching the game. That sure was a lot of fun! Awesome seeing the team impose its will on both offense and defense. If it wasn’t for some sloppy miscues against the Steelers that would be three straight big and dominant wins over the AFC North. Still 4-0 though, and I don’t think anyone will be arguing its because they haven’t played anyone of note anymore (except maybe Ryan Clark).

    Some things that really stood out to me:
    – Obviously Bosa. He was getting into the backfield all night. Great individual performance.
    – It wasn’t just him though – the front 6/7 was very good throughout the game and never let Mayfield get comfortable. Also did a good job of limiting Chubb’s impact bar a couple of decent chunk plays.
    – Warner and Alexander are really good in all facets which is a bit of a low key/ under the radar yet very important part of why this D is playing so well.
    – The secondary was also pretty good, but not as good as the stats suggest. Some mistakes from receivers and pressure up front made them look a bit better than they played. Still, another game where they got turnovers, prevented big plays and held up well enough to let the front 4 get them off the field. E-man and Ward both stepped in and had decent games to help keep the D rolling.
    – On offense, have to give the OL, TEs and Juice credit where credit is due – the run blocking has been excellent. The RBs will get the glory, but the yards this team is generating before contact is nuts. And that is despite being a run heavy team through the first four games.
    – Shanahan (and Mike McDaniel) also deserve a big chunk of that credit too. Great play design and play calling to get defenses off balance.
    – The passing game is still a bit off, but not far off. Still too many drops by the WR group, and JG still looks a bit clunky in his throws and decisions on some of those slower developing plays. JG actually looks better when he faces quick pressure and needs to get rid of it.
    – Back to the OL, the pass blocking was also surprisingly good once again, and Skule has not been a liability.
    – Fingers crossed the injury to Juice is pretty minor. He and Kittle are playing lights out.

    1. Mike McDaniel does not get enough credit for his run play design, IMO.
      I thought that the pass protection was not that great and Jimmy G had to hurry through some of the throws before the routes had a chance to develop. I saw the game in real time so I’d like to know his average snap-to-throw time for this game.

    1. Listened to the Locked On 49ers podcast. On that podcast the guy said Shanny said Juice may have stayed in the game if it was closer. Thought it was a sprain but didn’t know the severity. I’m holding out hope Juice’s injury isn’t too serious.

  7. Lol listening to a Cleveland podcast right now. They are so bitter and upset right now.
    Saying they quit in the second quarter.
    Snappy at the callers and everything. It’s hilarious.

  8. Fun to watch. Really fun. Special teams need work, obliviously. Defense is settling in for a very strong season.

    Great way to start the week.

    1. Hey Godzilla
      Where’s that psychic who predicted the Browns would dismantle the Niners?
      Weren’t you going to repost his bold prediction?
      Reminds me of a dilapidated building in Hessel that had a fortune teller business and now has been closed for years. Shouldn’t they have seen that coming? 🤔

        1. And yet, Sebs has never admitted he was wrong about Bosa……….or any of the other 9er draft picks……………..its all in the archives……………

            1. I can’t deny, constant, rampant negativity makes me contrary–and Sebs is always negative. He could find something wrong with a beautiful Spring day.

              Sometimes the glass is half empty-but a lot of the time it’s also half full. With Sebs, a positive attitude is a pollyanna attitude–i’m not buyin it.

  9. The defense was stellar in general but the Browns took the ball down to the five twice and came out with nothing. When Mayfield went to Calloway who bobbled, that was a TD making it a 14-10 game with momentum building for the Browns. Instead Calloway tipped the rock and the Niners intercepted. To the Niners credit and what good football teams do, they marched right on down from the 50 and scored making it a 21-3 game. That was a 14 point swing and really from that juncture forward Cleveland essentially threw in the towel.

    So yes the defense was fast, aggressive and opportunistic. But key Browns mistakes played a significant role in the lopsided event..

    The Offense is still a work in progress. Choppy all second half. Although Coleman had a good game and did some good things, I still think Wilson Jr. is the X factor that adds a power dimension to the offense that was lacking especially in the second half last night.. That second and goal Coleman got stuffed was a TD with Wilson carrying.. He adds significant power to their offensive output.. A valuable weapon once defenses begin to tire during the second half

  10. 14 Suzy baby. I went back and rewatched that opening play a few times. That play was perfectly executed. Juice and Breida sold the full flow action really well. Then the blocking on the back side was really outstanding. Skule kicked down and then Tomlinson reached out and sealed off the LB. Then Juice picked up the DE for the perfect seam for Breida. That play was truly beautiful football. Every player executed flawlessly. Breida wasn’t even touched. I literally jumped out of my seat when Breida got to the second level and it was just the safety in front of him. Man, that was exciting.

  11. 49ers have a top 5 offense right now and they still haven’t put it all together yet. Even Richburg said after the game that the second half was sloppy and they were making dumb mistakes on the o-line. If the 49ers can get a WR to step up and Jimmy G can clean up his game then this team could be special. Defense is really good but they also have some play they can clean up. The Int at the goal line was more luck than excellent play. It looked like 2 DBs took the same receiver which left that underneath route wide open. That looked like a totally busted coverage to me. We just got lucky the WR tipped the ball to our DB. I also think having Ward instead of Moore at Safety was big. Moore has a lot of growing to do to become a good Safety. Other thing we learned is Baker Mayfield sucks. He is no Russell Wilson. Next week is the real test for this team. Short week on the road against a team with extra days of rest who are really pissed about losing 2 in a row. Everything is working against the 49ers in this game against the Rams. Obviously, I’d love to win this game but most of all I really want to see some fight. This will be the best offense the 49ers have faced. So far the 49ers have faced 3 of the worst offenses in the NFL and Tampa Bay who is ranked around 20th in the NFL. This Rams game will be a prove it game for the 49ers. Can’t wait.

  12. After that Mayfield flag stunt in college days, Bosa must have been counting the days until he’d see him again. What a wrecking crew! He was like Forest Whitaker’s character in fast times at ridgemont high.

    1. A friend of mine asked “what kind of celebration was that?”
      Being a sooners fan I knew exactly what he was doing. Pure gold. Never forgot that. lol
      He said he told his buddy that’s what he was going to do. It’s been in the works for awhile I guess.

  13. Grant,

    Special Teams had a takeaway…..solid Tackle of OBJ by Marcel Harris for the fumble and then the Fumble recovery. So D grade seems harsh.

    1. IDK faith. 3 botched FG attempts, a return man that let punts bounce around the field (though he did have one nice return) it’s hard to give that group much higher. Those 9 points might have been critical in another game. Maybe this will be the year at long last where the team won’t have to depend on FGs for the wins?

      1. I agree there were miscues Rib. And yes 9 points would have been critical in any other close game. But we signed an LS off the street…..till Kyle Nelson comes in, that is expected.

        Just want to give some credit where it is due….for Marcell Harris. That was a nice play…..if you watch that play again, he didn’t give up after he slipped when OBJ rolled out to his left.

  14. And now I want to pick a fight with you Mitch Wishnowsky lovers. What did this guy give the 49ers in this game that any journeyman free agent punter could not have given? He punted from the Browns 40 yard line and it was fair caught at the 12. I thought this guy was a specialist at pinning the opponent inside their 10. Had another punt that was only 38 yards and fair caught at the Browns 22 yard line. His net average was average and that was helped because he got a good roll on a 60 yard punt. So far this guy is nothing special. Picking a punter in the 4th round was stupid.

    1. So what player / position group do you see this mythical 4th rounder currently stepping in for? The company line is that Niners are thin as frost at key groups-OL, DB. Backups have stepped in and the team hasn’t lost a beat

      1. Chauncey Gardner-Phillips or Khari Willis. Both are Safetys. Weakest position group on the 49ers. If Ward goes down again then the 49ers are stuck with Moore at Safety and IMO he has played extremely poorly.

        1. Btw, did you see the snap on the 38 yarder? That he fielded the ball and got it off at all was a minor miracle. Maybe that 4th could have been used on a long snapper. Would that have met your approval?

          1. A long snapper in the 4th round? Get outta here with that crazy talk. 49ers need help at Safety. That’s where I would add in the draft or FA this offseason. I still don’t understand the logic behind this past offseason where you rely on Jimmy Ward to be a starter and he’s finished his season on IR 3 seasons in a row. Other option is for the 49ers to pull a Merton Hanks with Richard Sherman. Move him to Safety and then maybe backfill a CB next offseason.

          2. I got to agree with Houston on this.

            Considering our vaunted punter, has punted 11 times and currently has a punting average that ranks him 24th among NFL punters (most of which were undrafted)… it’s hard to argue he was worth a 4th round pick.

            1. Probably everyone knows where I fall on this. A guard or safety or a CB would have been viable choices. I stated then and still agree that the draft capital wasn’t worth the investment.

              I stayed largely quiet while people made arguments that 4th round choices aren’t usually very good (all the while people laud the selection of Kittle or the play of Sherman). There are good players to be found.

              The choice Seemed to be a reach, which seems to happen every draft. Thankfully the team is playing so well that it doesn’t matter much and I hope it won’t bite us.

            2. Yup, the Browns UDFA punter out punted Wishnowsky. Many teams do not draft a punter, and pick up one after the draft.
              Amani Hooker was another Safety that was taken 6 picks after the Niners pick, and six O linemen were taken in the 4th round.

    2. Houston,
      Give him a year to acclimate Andy Lee was mediocre his rookie year and went on to be one of the best punters in the league.

      1. Sorry, Old Coach – Andy Lee is such a common name. Are you talking about Andy Lee the punter that was one of the best punters in the NFL for many years? The Andy Lee that was a 6th round draft pick. That Andy Lee?

        1. Houston,
          One in the same. My comment wasn’t about where we drafted Wishnowsky but about judging his ability too soon.

          1. I know. And you are right. He may end up being a really good punter. But the obvious retort for me is pointing out great punters can be found at the end of the draft or even as UDFAs.

    3. I’m not a regular, but I did post this at the time we spent that draft pick. The difference between the best punter in the league, and the worst punter in the league is an average of something like 6 yards, and virtually none of the top 10 were drafted in any round. Unless the guy can punt from his endline, and make the ball stop on impact 80 yards down the field, you don’t draft punters. There just isn’t enough value there. If your punter is touching the ball 8 times a game, you’ve got a plethora of other issues that should preclude you from drafting a punter. If your punter is only touching the ball 2-4 times a game (as Wishnowsky is on pace for), then he’s not impacting the game enough to be drafted.

      Without naming a specific player, I would have preferred a safety or interior OL depth. Even if one of those positions didn’t pan out, that’s still a better use of a draft pick in the fourth round than a punter.

    4. Houston,
      I usually give a player more than 4 games before making a judgment on their career. Wishnowsky is just beginning his career and one game does not bring a conclusion to that.

      If our team was 0-4 and the main reason for this pointed to our Safety(s) or punter I would join your position, but that’s not the case here.

  15. What a game! The 49ers came out ready to put on a prime time performance!! Just impressive. I think the WR are a non factor though. I love the personal groupings, but I feel like we need to develop a downfield game in the event we struggle in the run game. Jimmy G did a good job of not getting in the way. Sure looks like Shannan designed it to be that way. Booger McFarland was a little harder on JG than I felt was necessary, but had some good points about his consistency and footwork. What scares me even more than the WR group, is the FG Unit!! Wow, 3 missed FG’s! They need to get that together and fast!! Against a better opponent, that would have been the difference between a W and a L. Lastly, Juice going down was a huge blow! Hoping it’s not serious. Dwelley didn’t look stellar as a FB, but maybe with some coaching and practice reps, he can fill the gap for the short term. Then we can really start the Grant Cohn catch phrase: Dwelley Time!

    1. So far, I’ve got to give it to you. Nick Bosa is the real deal. The 49ers would have a good D line without him but with him they are a great D Line. Good call.

    2. Bosa has proved to be durable. Injuries were my biggest concern, but he has stayed on the field. I will be rooting hard for him to get at least 12 sacks this season.
      Bosa still needs to maintain his balance, and stay on his feet, more.
      Yet, I liked his hustle and non stop motor. I thought he got 3 sacks, but the other player took all the credit.

      1. Bosa was probably the defensive MVP of that game, Sebs—–and you complain that a rookie NFL defensive lineman slips to the ground sometimes-despite the O-linemans best efforts?

        When playing soccer-a game nowhere near as physical as NFL football-you never slipped and fell when trying your very best? Don’t even try to go there, Sebby…………………

  16. 275 rushing yards with a rookie LT… That OL deserves an A+. Great win though and a huge game coming up on Sunday. Hope Juszczyk’s injury is minor, what a player that guy’s been.

  17. Jimmy G a B+ I think not. He was a C+ at best. His timing was off and too many times wide open receivers had to make lunging catches on poorly placed balls. If Skule is better than McGlinchey the 49ers are set at the tackle position for a decade. One of the two can take over the swing tackle role when Staley returns and when Staley retires they are set. I hope last nights game puts to rest the question of whether the 9ers made a mistake Drafting Bosa where they did. He was dominate. He and Ford remind me of Tommy Hart and Cedrick Hardman back in the day.

    1. Old Coach, grats on your call that the Niners would rush for over 220 yards.
      However, I will disagree with your grade for JG. He did not throw a pick, and Pettis dropped a sure TD.
      I thought Grant’s B+ was fair, but a B might be fair, because of your concerns.

        1. Yes, there is a lot of room for improvement. JG will be the first to admit that. He left a lot of points on the field.

          1. Right…JG and others seemed to leave easy points on the board if everything was about perfect.

            – If Deebo catches that pass over the middle deep in the 49ers territory……..[should be 3 points]
            – The 3 field goals that are usually automatically good, needed Nelson………..[should be 9 points]
            – Pettis at the very end drops it in hands b/c he saw a LB about to hit him for an easy TD… [7 pts]
            – Kwon seemed to have a pk 6 in hands at very end, deep in Browns terr. but drops it….[7 points]

            – 31 + 26 =…….49ers win 57-3……that would of been a hell of a score in a “perfect” world!!!

  18. 1. What a great game. I was nervously optimistic all day.
    2. Niners front 7 is top 5 in the league.
    3. RB , Oline, Kittle and Juice were dominant.
    4. Jimmy G had a good game. He would have thrown a 3rd td if not for a drop by Pettis.
    5. Pettis is far too inconsistent. Deebo and Goodwin should start on the outside and Jordan Mathews in the slot.
    6. Niners should kick the tires on a trade for Emannuel Sanders or AJ Green.
    7. Ritchie James had a good punt return.
    8. Did their punter out punt our punter ?
    9. Rams – we are coming for you.

    1. Their punter was really good. One of his punts went 73 yards in the air for 5.5 seconds and pinned the 9ers far back. He seemed to kick the ball far and to the corners and even had some back spin on a couple punts to stop the ball with little bounce.

      Not sure if he does kick offs but after their FG, the ball was kicked to the 9ers 5 yd line but right up to the side line. If it goes out of bounds, penalty, it goes to the 35. James Jr decides to catch it right at the sideline on the 5, it was clearly going to go out of bounds, well 90%. He should of let it go, he catches it then is off balance being so close to out of bounds and tippy toes going out at the 10 yd line. Couldn’t believe it.

    1. 5 point dogs on the road sounds about right. 49ers opponents have a 5-15 record this year. Rams opponents are 15-10. 49ers coming off a Monday night game and the Rams coming off a Thursday night game so they have extra rest compared to short rest for the 49ers. Rams backs are against the wall in the division so they will come out loaded for bear. Wouldn’t surprise me if this spread stays the same or gets even wider. 49ers can definitely win this game but the oddsmakers aren’t far off on this spread.

      1. Houston,
        Sounds like a pretty good job of handicapping to me. I never bet against the 9ers but I have a feeling we could be 4-1 by Sun. night for all the reasons you listed.

      2. As much as I liked Goff coming out of my alma mater, he’s not very mobile and seems to get rattled when the pass rush is strong. I think that will be the key to which team wins on Sunday.

        1. Yea, I don’t see anyway in hell that Goff eludes our rushing attack. I think we leave him for dead in an LA bunker.

          1. I agree with the guys above – Mosely and Williams. Perhaps throw in an occasional Ward.
            Also Brandon Cooks is in concussion protocol. He may not play.

              1. Not sure I agree with this. Obviously offensive alignment may dictate the matchups but I think E-man on Cooks, Dick Charmin on Kupp, and Williams on Woods.

      3. Not sure if Mon nite will have a big difference in rest. 9ers had 2 Sundays off, plenty of rest and they are on the west coast, 1 hour flight to LA, no big deal. Goff will have his hands full. 9ers D and OL need another big game. Hope juice is back?..I see a tough win.

      1. “I’ve been mad for two years,” he told me after the game. “And I was gonna get him back tonight.”

        Late in the first half, after pressuring Mayfield into an intentional grounding penalty, Bosa taunted the quarterback by miming the flag wave and plant. After the game, he waved and planted an actual 49ers flag in the end zone.

        During the game, Bosa let Mayfield know all about it, chanting “Ba-ker, Ba-ker,” and barking out, “Come on — pick it up. I want a challenge.”

        As Bosa told reporters after the game at his locker: “I don’t know how anybody thought he’d be able do see over Arik (Armstead) and Buck. But he was panicking, rolling back and forth, double-clutching all game.

        Man, I wish Niners and Browns were in the same division. This has all the makings of an epic mano-a-mano rivalry for years. Or maybe not. Baker keeps playing like he has so far, #1 pick or not, he’s not long for this league.

  19. Before we exult too much, the Browns were brownin’. The Niners destroyed a talented, but poorly coached team.
    The Rams will provide a much sterner test. They will be nail biting desperate after losing the last 2 games.
    Like Houston says, the Rams have extra rest and the Niners will have a short week. I expect Goff to throw 40 passes, and their O line is much better than the Brownies. The Ram WRs will catch the ball. OBJ seemed a shell of his former self, and the Niners cannot expect another Galloway, who let a ball clank off his hands on the goal line, for a pick.

    1. For cryin out loud, Sebs–you sure you weren’t raised in Philly? Those people even boo Santa Claus at halftime!

      Im exultin!!! I hope every one else is, too! We are now at a point where we beat the good, average and bad teams-and this O is by no means a finished product. Whats it going to be like when Hurd, Taylor and Juice are all back? And the rookies are comfortable with the NFL and Shanny’s playbook? Skule looks like a keeper……………….

      I swear, you’d find something wrong with Disneyland!!

      1. Saw, I said- exult TOO MUCH. I am exulting, but too much of anything is not good. I do not want them to think that they are perfect, and do not need to practice. If they let their guard down, complacency will set in. My 3 hours is over, so I am thinking about how they will defeat the Rams.
        Yes, go ahead and give praises to individual players. Earlier, I advocated for them to elevate Marcell Harris from the Practice Squad.
        Happily, he knocked the ball out of OBJ’s hand, helping seal the victory.
        I wondered if E Man was too green of a rookie, but he played like a veteran, and saved a TD.
        The Niners should not expect that a WR will juggle the ball on the goal line so a Niner defender can catch it, every game. They could have scored 49 points, so that is a goal to shoot for. Hopefully, Gould will never miss 3 FGs again. Pettis needs to catch the MFing ball, like JG wants, if you could read his lips.
        One area in which they need work on, is staying onside at the snap of the ball. Armstead seemed like he was 2 feet off side. Cleaning up these small errors will help make winning, easier for the Niners.
        Believe it or not, the Rams will not be patsies like the Brownies. The Niners need to be on their A game, if they want a chance to win. I sure am glad the Niners did not turn the ball over, so there was marked improvement from the 5 turnover Steelers game.
        The Rams are desperate, and want to stop their 2 game losing streak. Going to Disneyland sounds like fun, but they should emulate JG, and study hard, honing their craft. With enough preparations, the outcome will be decided before the first snap of the football.

        1. The Rams will clearly try their best-but if the 9ers try their best with the personnel they now have, will that be enough for the Rams? They’re not the same team they were……look mediocre up the middle with Suh gone………..their secondary now looks mediocre……………their still a formidable team in their own right, but their front 7 is now not as good as ours….they may have the slightest of edge’s on our Offense, maybe=maybe not….
          All things being equal, our best effort should take them-that includes a minimum of dirty laundry and stupid mistakes.

          1. Goff threw for 517 yards, so he does have good WRs to throw to.
            Too bad that in that game, they ran for only 28 yards.
            The Niners have an advantage, because the Rams are one dimensional, while the Niners are well balanced.

    2. Is their O-line much better? Rams have had a lot of issues with the O line this year. They’ve mixed and matched personnel.

  20. Jimmy had a good game; but he’s going to have to play better once the competition improves. I’m looking forward to some film review on his game last night, because I want to see how he was “missing” some of his receivers. In particular, were the throws placed in a position that made it difficult for receivers yet minimized the possibility of an interception. Is he perhaps overcompensating to minimize interceptions. If so, then I’m not too concerned as he’ll dial it in better with more games under his belt. That Pettis drop was awful; the ball looked perfectly placed for racking up YAC to the end zone.

    1. My impression is that the pass pro was not that great, and the QB did not get the time needed for the routes to develop. He was hurried into some throws and the receivers did not make a couple of passes that should have been caught.

  21. Niners left too many points on the field. The long snapper needs to work on his craft during this next week.

    The Niners have not played their best game yet.

      1. If it also meant trading back, and getting a safety and O lineman in the second round.
        Actually, I wanted Clelin Ferrell, with that trade back scenario, since Bosa seemed to be perpetually injured.
        However, Bosa was selected by the Niners, so I will root hard for his success. I am hoping he gets 12 sacks this season, and he helps the Niners get back into the playoffs.
        Thankfully, Bosa seems healthy, with no trouble from that high ankle sprain,and since he is healthy, he has performed admirably.

  22. Grant humorously (I think) suggests Saleh should be the next Browns HC. Nah, they need an offensive mind. I’m looking at you, Sean McVay’s parking valet, and you, Sean McVay’s Applebee waiter.

  23. Such beatifull football last night, When we are that good deffensively and our running game is like it is, it doesnt matter if we have Garropolo, Mullens or Beathard, any one of them could get it done, really WOW what a football clinic we just saw yesterday, GO 49ERS

    GET THE RAMS 5-0

  24. I wish to give praise to the scouting department. Most coaches are not looking for 6 round picks. The scouts find those diamonds in the rough.
    Justin Skule is turning out to be a sleeper pick. He has done a very good job, run blocking, and he was better at pass protection, compared to MM.
    Those later round picks have been steals. George Kittle in the 5th. Trent Taylor in the 5th, DJ Jones in the 6th. Marcell Harris in the 6th, Julian Taylor and Richie James in the 7th. This year, Dre Greenlaw in the 5th, Kaden Smith and Justin Skule in the 6th.
    These later round picks have contributed, and have provided depth. The scouts found them, and the FO selected them, with the coach’s input..

  25. Jonathan Stewart

    man this @49ers defensive line look like the monstars if this was the nfl version of space jam!

    9:37 PM – Oct 7, 2019

  26. Where is that Fan4all ? He promised to come back, and crow about the Browns 32-13 win.
    Being a classless gutless wonder, he also predicted JG would be injured in the 4th quarter.
    I am marking his words…….

    1. I like that we have smack from other teams fans. It’s a refreshing change from having to put down smack from our own fans.

        1. ‘Having to.’? No, you are choosing to. Maybe you should think before you speak.

          No, that phrase was exactly as chosen. Maybe you should shut your fat yap if you aren’t directly addressed, k?

          1. Donald, stop haunting my posts. How can I ignore you if you keep yapping at my heels?
            If you snark on one of posts, I feel perfectly fine firing off a rejoinder.
            You ‘choose’ to engage, so maybe you still have not learned your lesson, k?

  27. I thought Ward had a really good game last night. Made several solid one-on-one tackles and kept things in front of him. And it appears that he didn’t get injured.

        1. This is true regarding the injuries. Main point though, when the guy plays he is a good safety. His play last night shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who’s paid attention.

          1. His angles were perfect last night, however coupled with the injuries, he has yet to make plays on the ball and that was what had me excited about him coming out of college. He was a player that made plays on the ball in front of him. I think he’s had 2 Int’s, and 2 forced fumbles in his professional career versus 11 Int’s and 3 forced fumbles in college. So from that standpoint, it’s the one other disappointment for me….

            1. Not to mention that Jimmie Ward is also a fantastic tackler. He was taught proper tackling technique at a very early age (8 or 9 years old) and was playing against bigger kids who were also quite a bit older than him. He also spent some time in the box at Northern Illinois where he showed an ability to hit the gap, and swallow up ball carriers.

              Very good player, and an extremely versatile DB when healthy. There’s a reason he’s always been a favorite of his coaching staff’s. Let’s hope he can stay healthy, because he’s a difference maker on the back end, as he rarely takes a bad angle, and he is a textbook tackler.

      1. That might have been true the first year or so – esp. that Chicago game where he was manhandled by Marshall (although I blame some of that on Fangio for leaving him repeatedly on an island). But as Razor said, it’s been more about the injuries and resulting lack of availability.

      2. Yep. I’ve always liked Ward and thought he was much better than most fans gave him credit for. Even when he played nickel, though he did have his issues there.

        Funny thing is that somehow in the past year or so the narrative on here has changed from Ward being hopeless and injury prone to Ward being good but injury prone, despite Ward barely playing. Not sure how or why that happened, and seems like a lot of people that used to say he was bad are now saying he’s good when healthy.

        1. Three different Niners’ coaching staff and two different front offices all have had very good evaluations of Ward. ’nuff said!

        2. The main issue for Ward has been his health. When Ward has played, he has been average to great.

          1. Which is a change in the narrative on this board. Previously he was widely considered rubbish even when healthy. I recall as even this time last year I was a lone voice in the wilderness saying he was pretty good and should have at least been allowed to compete with Colbert for the FS position.

              1. He didn’t stand out is where I’m going. Everyone talks like Ward is a difference maker. If he can string together 5 straight games that might be a start.

              2. He’s not a difference maker. I don’t believe anybody is trying to say he is a difference maker. He’s a solid starter and that is valuable.

                The difference between Moore and Ward was probably most notable on that Chubb run when he broke free. Given the angles Moore has taken a couple of times this year already I don’t feel confident he stops Chubb in the open field there.

            1. Which is a change in the narrative on this board. 

              I don’t think it has really changed that much Scooter.

              1. Not really. Those who liked Ward even though he can’t stay healthy are still in that faction, and those who have thought he was rubbish has not really changed either. Personally I like Ward but feel like his injury history shows that he is not the long-term answer at FS.

              2. Have to agree with Scooter on this. Many thought Ward was injury prone and not very good when healthy.
                I would argue that the same was said regarding Arik Armstead prior to this season.

                Here’s to hoping Ward can put the injury bug behind him.

  28. I know teams just play the games on the schedule (and we Niner fans have also been saying that), but New England – Giants? Then, oooh, Jets again. Seriously? Dolphins… Jets… Redskins… Patriots, when does your season actually start?

  29. This from Kyle Posey, who is now the head NN guy, but spent several years following the Chargers for SBNation:

    “I’ve watched a lot of his brother Joey. Nick is better, and that’s saying something.”

      1. It’s rare that an MCL requires any surgery. Hopefully it’s a grade 2, but even if it’s a grade 3, he’d be back by week 12….

  30. Some are thinking that Dweeley may substitute in for the injured Juice.
    I hope they move Kittle into the FB position. He showed he can run with the ball, his blocking is superior to Dwelley, and no one will doubt Kittle’s catching ability. Dwelley can be the pass catching TE, and Toilolo can be the designated TE blocker.
    After watching this game, I saw Sherman turn the wrong way, and let the WRs catch the ball with a huge cushion. Maybe it would be wise to move Sherman to safety, because once Witherspoon gets back, the tandem of Witherspoon and Moseley will be formidable.

      1. Guess you are dissing Houston, too. He first mentioned the idea of moving Sherman to safety on this posting.
        They did have Kittle run the ball, and he responded with an 18 yard run. Dwelley has not played FB much this season.
        You sound like j, who thought it was the stupidest thing in the world to bench Moore and start Ward. Guess what? They started Ward and he played well, just like I envisioned he would.

    1. And I hope they move Jimmy G. to fullback, Pettis to Corner because he has such fluid hips to stay with the corner and the kicker… Armstead to TE, no one can jump with him . SMH.

      1. If they move Kittle to FB, I will expect you to bow down to me. Many times, Juice lined up as a TE.
        I do not know why you would want Pettis on the field at all.
        Toilolo is 6′ 8″, so he could be a good candidate to high point the ball. Still think that Armstead, with his height and athleticism, could use his power forward skills from basketball, and translate them to the football field.
        Yes, your snark is predictable, but JG as FB? You do know he had ACL surgery last September?
        The Niners just had a crushing win, and you want to go there? Guess you woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

        1. Seb,
          Didn’t they have a FB on the roster during the preseason who looked pretty good? I would rather resign him so KS could use most if not all of his offense. With an O as complicated as KS’s I believe it would severely limit his play calling bringing in a player from another position group.

          1. Old Coach, Kittle knows the playbook way better than any player they would bring in.
            Maybe you are thinking about Brandon Wilds, but he weighs only 223lbs. Juice is 240lbs, and Kittle weighs 250 lbs.

          2. Tyree Mayfield out of Wyoming. 6’3″ 245 lbs. Looked pretty good at FB/H-Back during training camp and played well in the preseason.

        2. Pettis is a legitimate talent……………….not sure what’s wrong with this kid, but Shanny sees it and isn’t any where near giving up on him,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I say, when its not critical, force feed him until he starts making these catches routinely—make him spend extra time after practice catching the ball–work him to death. It’s not a talent issue with this guy-more likely a concentration issue.
          Might take him the proverbial 3 yrs, as it does so many NFL players.

    2. Sherman has now shut down parts of Evans, Godwin, JJ Schuster, OBJ, Landry, and John Ross. I don’t see any decline in his game to move him from a position he is still doing well in.

      Kittle is a pass catching blocking TE. He is not a running back. He ran the ball one time and now you want to convert him?
      Shanny will scheme an offense suited to his personnel.
      Just because one guy got injured you don’t start converting your franchise TE and maybe best in the NFL , to another position.

      Seb, you are the dumbest guy on this blog.

      1. Did you watch the game? Sherman turned the wrong way, and left WRs wide open. Ronnie Lott moved from CB to Safety, and it lengthened his career.
        I do not want to convert him to FB forever. It is called being adaptable, and resilient. They need to make an adjustment, because Juice has a bum knee. I think he would be a much better FB than Dwelley, who is best as a pass catcher. Juice lined up as a TE, so they morph players into multiple positions. Kittle has lined up as a FB many times. Kittle would also know all the plays better, than a green rookie.
        Kittle can run with the ball, block and catch passes as a TE, or a FB. He is skilled enough to do that, and KS could easily ask him to substitute for Juice. Kittle is such a team player, he might even lobby for that. Juice also caught the ball, so Kittle would not be relegated to being only a blocker. With the other RBs running the ball so well, Juice did not run the ball much. Kittle could have the same assignments as Juice.
        KS knows his offense is schemed around having a versatile FB. Kittle could temporarily assume that role, until Juice returns. Believe it or not, Kittle is catching less passes this season. They are spreading around the ball, so Kittle may not even get 1000 yards. The Niners are facing adversity. Kittle may be their best player to help weather the storm. Heck, he might even get more targets as a FB, since it will be harder to double cover him.
        Speaking of dumb, you say nothing about this game, except to diss my proposal. I was advocating getting pressure up the middle, ideally with just 4 rushers. I said before the game that Baker was short, so they should get a hand in the air , and tip the passes. The Niners did that 3 times. You do not have any football knowledge, so you just bloviate about what others say.

    3. No way, Sebbie. Kittle is one of the best TE in football. I’m fine with him playing snaps as a dummy TE and shifting into the role Juice would have been in on some plays, but a full on transition to FB? Not a chance. Toilolo can pick up the slack.

      1. Renas, Kittle can catch the ball after lining up as the FB. Many times, Juice lined up along the line of scrimmage.
        I am also saying that Kittle does not need to be the FB all game. Dwelley may also substitute at FB, at times, and he is a better pass catcher than Toilolo.

    1. Booger was blowing snot balls at the Niners. It was amusing to see him touting the Brownies, then have to eat his words.

      1. Nice to see Booger having to eat his own boogers.
        Rams are going to be a tough game especially with extra 4 days of rest.
        Hope the Rams are over looking us.

          1. Yea, cuz it’s not like Baker Mayfield has ever pulled any Bush League antics before. Get the Euck outta here with that $hit! Poor little Baker got his @ss handed to him, and now he wants to come off as the innocent victim. Give me a break!

          2. While it does appear that Mayfield did shake Sherman’s hand, it also looks like Mayfield put as much effort in shaking Sherman’s hand as cooked spaghetti does in standing up straight. That could be what Sherman and the other 49ers are referring to.

            1. Mid:

              I think what they are referring to is that while Mayfield shook hands when they first came out, he did not shake hands the second time when the captains from both teams left the field.

  31. Sherman is another SJW clown, just like Michael Bennett and Doug Baldwin. Bennett lied about Vegas, and now Sherman lies about the handshake. I never liked the Sherman signing. He’s a hypocrite. Respect the game. What did he do after the Seahawks beat the Niners and then shat on Crabtree. How is that respecting the game?

    As long as he gets picks and they win, you’ll look the other way. If he signs with another team, you’ll hate on him again, just like you did when he played in the piss green uni.

    1. I did not like Sherman’s antics on that either, but that is in the past dude. Seriously, just get over it already.

      1. I don’t have to get over anything. Sherman and Mike Silver are liars. Silver broke the story and he’s drinking buddies with Hue Jackson. If Sherman ever leaves, you’ll go back to hating on him.

          1. There is something to be said about being classy though. Act like you’ve been there before.

            No one disputes that Mayfield is a classless jerk, but what about Sherman? It brings negative attention at a time when people should be talking about field play.

            Btw, I was ok with Bosa’s flag plant (he’s a rookie and still in college mode to a degree).

            1. I’ll agree with that. However, the media plays a role in that negative attention by latching onto a meaningless story and promoting the heck out of it, usually with their own point of view.

              1. True too, though I would think that Sherman is well aware of that and knows how to play the media.

    2. I don’t think he was lying per say.

      He was referring to the handshake after the toss and he uses every slight, perceived or real, as motivation. As such, he will convince himself any minor issue was far worse than it actually was.

    3. If taking slight at little things like this provide the motivation for the team to play the way they did, I would say Sherman is a genius. And its not just the “handshake”. He’s doing an excellent job getting the team believing nobody respects them. Long may it continue.

    4. “He’s a hypocrite.”
      That’s a dumb comment. Irrespective of whether one likes or dislikes Sherman and Baldwin as brash competitors on and around the field, they have shown no reason to doubt that they are honest, principled and civic minded individuals off the field. That turkey eating circus on the field on Thanksgiving was organized by the network, not by Sherman. So the Niners fans should blame the network (was it ABC/ESPN?)

      1. That turkey eating circus on the field on Thanksgiving was organized by the network, not by Sherman. So the Niners fans should blame the network (was it ABC/ESPN?)

        I blame Harbaugh and Kaepernick. 😉

    5. As long as he gets picks and they win, you’ll look the other way. If he signs with another team, you’ll hate on him again, just like you did when he played in the piss green uni.

      Yeah and….?

      I did the exact same thing with Deion. Who here didn’t?

        1. That’s a weak example. Haley has a borderline personality disorder. So what if he pissed on Tim Harris’ride and used to swing his dong in Steve Young’s face? At least he wasn’t a liar.

      1. Deion was far less objectionable. He was an ego tripper and a self-promoter, but he wasn’t a liar with a social agenda.

        1. BFD.

          To paraphrase you, As long as he gets picks and they win, I’ll look the other way. If he signs with another team, I’ll hate on him again.

          1. Yep. The fact he attempted to compare this to Smollett pulling a racist attack hoax says it all.

            1. Juicy Smellit didn’t just lie. He planned, financed and executed a completely fabricated story for the purpose of starting a race war. Comparing Dick Charmin to that is an exercise in stupidity….

  32. I can’t link the article because this site seems to have issues with links on 49erswebzone, but here is an interesting take by Andrew Siciliano of on the NFL Network:

    But maybe it was a handshake snub and not something else, and it potentially occurred after the handshakes on display in the video above.

    Andrew Siciliano and Silver discussed the video on NFL Network, and the latter stands by his story. Siciliano points out that the video doesn’t necessarily portray what Sherman was angry about.

    “It is alleged that Baker didn’t shake hands,” Siciliano said. “He did, and he didn’t, it seems.”

    “The players come to midfield, and right there, they shook hands,” Siciliano adds while the video is playing. “He shook Sherm’s hand. This is before the coin toss. Mike, he did not shake hands after the coin toss. Mayfield ran away, OK? And a couple of the Browns did, as well. So, he’s upset they did not shake hands after the coin toss a second time.”

    1. “It is alleged that Baker didn’t shake hands,” Siciliano said. “He did, and he didn’t, it seems.”

      That’s not how Sherman spun it.

      Check out his tweet.

      Oh, we can’t. He took it down.

      1. 3 words for you Captain – who fricken cares?

        The fact of the matter is, Baker Mayfield is a pompous, overrated QB who has accomplished next to nothing as an NFL player. Richard Sherman is a 3x All-Pro, and owns a Super Bowl ring.

        Sherman, Bosa, and the rest of the 49ers absolutely humiliated Baker Mayfield in front of a national audience last night, and served him a big, heaping dish of humble pie.

        So get over yourself dude!

        1. I’ve got no problem with Sherman kicking ass on the field and Bosa too. I have a problem with Sherman as a phony ass liar. I guess you don’t. What other areas of your life do you look the other way?

  33. From David Bonilla:

    The 49ers, now 4-0, own the No. 2 ranked defense in total yards and passing yards allowed, No. 4 in points allowed, and No. 5 in rushing yards allowed. The unit still has not allowed a rushing touchdown and San Francisco is the only NFL team that can make that claim.

  34. This team is extremely reminiscent of the 2011/2012 teams.

    Strong run game. TE is biggest weapon in the passing game, game manager at QB, defense playing lights out with a great pass rush.

  35. Chris Biderman

    #49ers announce FB Kyle Juszczyk has an MCL sprain and will be out approximately 4-6 weeks.

    Dodged a bullet.

    1. At this point holding a roster spot for a 3rd string Qb is starting to look like a suspect decision.

      I’m guessing Shanahan won’t try to move him to the practice squad. Sadly, that means someone else who likely is helping the team, or is only 1 hit away from doing so, has a good chance of getting dropped from the 53.

      1. Same, but I think the 49ers will have at least one loss under their belt during his absence.

        1. Does anyone really think it’s just 4-6 weeks? I mean cmon this is 8-12 weeks easy.

          Have you seen any 49ers make or beat the expected timeline of return from injury thus far?

            1. I had an MCL sprain and torn MCL horn.
              I’m athletic but not a pro caliber athlete.
              Took me 3 weeks to run again.
              I doubt his was a serous.
              My money says he will be playing in 3 weeks.

              1. I had an MCL sprain, and it took me 7 weeks, before I started running again, and then about 4 weeks of rehab.
                However, every sprain is different, and they think he might get back in 4-6 weeks. Therefor, they should be conservative, and give his knee a couple extra weeks to fully rehab.

    1. No. Wilson weighs 194 lbs. Juice weighs 240 lbs.
      I think Kittle is the best choice, but Ross Dwelley weighs 240 lbs, so he may be another logical choice.

      1. Wrong again. Wilson weighed 194 last year and put on 20lbs of muscle in the off season. That’s part of why he’s been more effective this year in short yardage. The PR guys didn’t update his weight for this year’s roster. The on line rosters and depth charts are PR constructs and can’t be relied upon.
        But you saw it on line, so it must be true. It’s kind of like when you take one media guys pre draft rankings and buy it as objective, unassailable fact.
        With Wilson already on the roster he can fill in for Juice on some plays, and Dwelley and Kittle can cover some other plays.

      2. I don’t get the reasoning behind your statements sometimes. Is there a requirement that you have to be 240 pounds to be a FB? It is a range and as long as the guy is stout at the point of attack then it could work. You can be 240 pounds and not be strong enough. Nonetheless, Wilson isn’t 190 pounds so please get your facts straight.

        1. Sorry, I just look up their name on the roster, and get the info there. Maybe your beef is with the guys who print the roster. They need to get their facts straight.

        2. I just do not see many lightweight FBs.
          Bruce Miller was a converted DE, and weighed 248 lbs. Will Tukuafu was 6′ 4″, and weighed 293 lbs. James Develin is 255 lbs. Anthony Sherman is 242 lbs.

    2. A stretch IMO. The most likely scenario is the 49ers will slide Dwelley to FB, sign someone off the street, or promote TE Helm from the practice squad.

      1. Hurd would have been an intriguing option to weave into the mix. Shanahan will figure something out. Perhaps creative two TE sets with Kittle and Dwelley.

      2. I don’t see anyway way they move Kittle to FB full time. Not only is he the best TE in the league but he is the best receiver on this team.

        Moving him to FB full time, not only Weakens SF at TE and FB, but exposes him to bigger hits and keeps him in to protect more often on pass plays while asking him to learn new blocking assignments. It reads like a recipee for getting a player injured, if not Kittle then Jimmie.

        1. No, Kittle enjoys blocking, and as a FB, he can go out for passes, too. As a TE, Kittle has been commanding double teams, so as a FB, he may only get single coverage.
          I do not want Kittle to be converted to a FB permanently, just during the time Juice is out. Maybe rotate the position between Kittle and Dwelley.

          1. If its a small package of plays, I expect that to happen as it already does… that makes perfect sense.

            If you are talking about converting him to FB for the majority of his plays for the next 4-6 weeks to fill in for Juice then I would say it would be detrimental to the team.

            1. Gotta overcome adversity. Kittle will probably be lobbying for the job, since he likes blocking so much. Imagine Kittle on a wheel route, he can catch the ball as a FB.
              Yes, Kittle should also line up on the line, at times, too. Thankfully, he is pretty versatile.

    3. I’m not sure what or who will be Shanny’s contingency plan for Juice, but rest assured that he has one, and it won’t be just one guy. Maybe he doesn’t replace him, and he just changes to 11 personnel. Then we’d get to see how much he really trusts Jimmy G….

      1. I think they have to replace Juice with a traditional full back while still implementing plays using 11 personnel.
        Shanny is the king at using what he has at his disposal.

        MCL sprains can heal quickly or not. NFL network reporting the Niners are seeking out a second opinion.
        The good news is this offense doesn’t revolve around the FB.
        It’s time maybe to put the ball in Jimmy G’s hands a little more via play action.
        Guarantee the Rams put 9 or 10 in the box that 1st quarter Sunday.

        1. Shanny is the king at using what he has at his disposal.

          What’s the excuse then for the last couple of years then?

          1. Maybe getting the players he needed to make his system work?
            Remember, rebuild the last 3 years?

            Kinda like how Salehs defense works better with pass rushers.

              1. Didn’t argue that. PT said that Shanny is king at using what he has at his disposal. The loses don’t reflect that statement.

              2. Thanks Sour. My point was Shanny with all the injuries and turnover the last couple years has done well putting together a decent offense.

                Now this year with players he has drafted or acquired is showing that his offense with his guys, is one of the best in the NFL.

              3. Except the team is winning because the Defense is so good. Not a strike against Shanahan, mind you, as he had the foresight to hire Saleh and stick with him when all the blog and everyone else thought he was over his head.

              4. Yes the defense is a big reason why the team is 4-0.
                But so is the offense and special teams and coaching.
                This is a well balanced team in all 3 phases.
                It took some time but the organization has done very well from Lynch and Shanny bringing in the right players to fit their scheme.
                Booger McFaraland: “the 49ers are built to win in any environment”

              5. The defense is REALLY fun to watch. They just get after it. That being said, this team is 4-0 because of what both sides are doing.

      2. Who was the rookie FB/TE they had in TC?

        Found it – Mayfield. Though Helm apparently played some FB too in TC and he is on the PS.

        1. Helm is likely the top candidate to replace Juice. Niners Nation stated when Helm was added to the practice that he possessed a similar skill set to Juice.

          1. I doubt that Kyle will pull Helm up to the 53. Won’t be surprised to see greater use of 13 personnel. I think we will miss some of those massive gashes by the RBs for a while.

            1. Most of us also thought Shanahan would not insert Skule into the starting lineup while Staley was on the mend.

            1. Kittle will get some reps there too. He had a snap or two from the backfield after Juice left last night.

              I’d expect to see more 2 and 3 TE sets with the 2nd/3rd TE in the backfield.

          1. Why Dwelley and not Toilolo? IIRC, Toilolo played as an extra lineman in Stanford’s jumbo packages. Dwelley is a better pass catcher but Toilolo can haul in short and intermediate routes.

    4. No on Wilson. It isn’t so much a weight issue (though that comes into play when concerned with lead blocking), but more of an ability issue. Juice not only lead blocks, but splits wide as a receiver, sets up in the slot, to catch balls, motions from the outside or the slot to the backfield for blocking, etc. That is why the best bet is one of our tight ends (not Kittle though); I suspect either Toilalo or Dwelley will fill the role to at least assist with the pass route aspect of Juice’s game, and Toilalo could lead block.

  36. Some stil b——ing and moaning and whining about drafting a punter…….really?
    How many are still steaming about trading away Y.A. Tittle?
    Team wins a prime time game and ‘fans(?)’ are “airing their grievances”; Festivus comes later guys.
    The Bosa’s A Bum Crowd and the Fire Saleh Crowd are quiet today…..

    1. C’mon, for some of us, everyday’s Festivus.
      How about? “Pettis’ a bust– all our receivers suck”, “Jimmy G is underperforming”, “McGrinch’s turnstile” — and the always-popular “Can we trade Thomas for a long snapper?”

  37. 1. As happy as I am about the Niners’ 4-0 record, they have played some pretty bad teams so far. The Rams game will give everyone a better insight to how good the team really is.
    2. Good news about Juice; missing 1/2 the season is better than missing the next year or more.
    3. It would be a bad idea to move Kittle to fullback. He is a great tight end, leave him there. The blocking angles would be different, the backfield involves different movements and it would diminish the passing game to move him.
    4. Bring in another fullback, use a backup tight end and put Coleman and Breida in the same backfield in some formations. The run options, misdirection and the RPO’s could do serious damage to a defenses peace of mind.
    5. Will need to stretch the field against the Rams on a few plays to try to keep them from loading up the box.
    6. All in all it has been a very good last 5 weeks.

    1. “The Rams game will give everyone a better insight to how good the team really is.”

      I can already see it now if the 49ers win that game. The Rams will drop to 3-3 and the argument will be that the 49ers still haven’t beaten a team with a winning record, and still haven’t beaten a team with a top QB.

      1. But let’s be honest, if the shoe were on the other foot we would use the very same points to say we could be competitive with a team with that background.

        I’m one that says that your record says who you are. Bad teams lose close games and lose focus. Good teams win. The 49ers are winning, sure the opponents aren’t top class but they are NFL teams (except Miami who plays the Patriots).

  38. All the noise is about Bakerminefield ……they should be talking about how John lynch and Kshanny has turned this team around….talking about our Dline….

    Next game is a true GPS game….

  39. Two underrated performances:
    (1) Richburg playing very well after missing entire training camp (“but he’s overpaid!!” :)
    (2) E-man thrown into the fire.

  40. The excuses……

    Vs Bucs = it’s a Jamie wiston, new head coach and the sorry bucs

    Vs Bengals = it’s the no win Bengals

    Vs Steelers = they played backup qb and should have lost after 5 turnovers

    Vs Browns = Baker is regressing and browns have no identity

    After we beat the rams = it’s the Superbowl hangover the rams are in

    1. After we beat the Pats in the SB, it’ll be Pats should never have been there, they coasted all year through a weak schedule. 😛

      1. This team is good Razor and they have room to get better. I don’t see the Rams as any trouble at all. Their O-line also isn’t up to snuff, our D-line will have another field day.

        1. Agreed. I don’t think they run the ball particularly well, and if they can’t do that, Goff is gonna have a long afternoon….

        2. Under.. they protect well vs the pass says some stats.
          The front four will have to get pressure on the wanna elite QB in LA.

  41. Niners are:

    First in rushing offense – That’s just awesome
    Twenty-second in passing offense – When your running that good why pass
    Fourth in total offense – Room for improvement

    Fifth in rushing defense – Boy oh boy
    Second in passing defense – Oh man
    Second in total defense – Now we’re talking.

      1. *Only team to have not allowed a rushing TD either, if I’m not mistaken.

        Now that is absolutely reminiscent to the Harbaugh Niners.

  42. Hopefully we look back at the KJ injury period and comment that it gave this offense the opportunity to develop an even better playbook. A playbook that is so effective in another different formation and use of personnel that it is virtually impossible to figure out which type of play they are running whether KJ is in the game or not. There is enough depth at positions that can fill in, RB and TE, that who really thinks Shanahan won’t figure out a way to make lemonade out of this.

  43. sebnynah says:
    October 8, 2019 at 11:50 am
    If they move Kittle to FB, I will expect you to bow down to me.

    Sebnarcissist Signs:
    1. Has a grandiose sense of self-importance — exaggerates achievements and talents, and expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements.

    2. Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance,…

    4. Requires excessive admiration.

    9. Shows arrogance, haughty behaviors or attitudes.


    1. Another observation of mine was fulfilled. I said that if the Niners ran the ball 40 times, they would win. They ran the ball 40 times, and they won.
      TrollD, you should bow down before my prescience. ;p

  44. Question for the group:

    When people talk about 11, 12, 21, 22, etc. personnel, they are referring to the number of RBs and TEs. Does the number of RBs include the FB? I would think it does because the number of WRs is inferred based on the personnel grouping; but am not that sure because so few teams use a FB.

      1. What if Shanny takes a page out of the ’84 Niners offensive playbook, and incorporates Breida and Coleman in similar fashion to the way Craig and Tyler were?

        1. Razor, who do you see in the McIntyre “Angus” role? Who is the most athletic reserve big man on the roster? (BTW, Guy has been working these last 17 years in the Niners FO, currently director of alumni relations. This I didn’t know).

  45. Grant Cohn
    Follow Follow @grantcohn
    When facing blitzes the season, Jared Goff’s QB rating is 77.3. He can’t handle the pressure.

    5:51 PM – 8 Oct 2019

    Exact same thing I said when scouting Goff. He’s the same guy he was in college. He wilts under pressure like my morning glories in full sun on a 90 degree day. Of course, Rocket would beg to differ and I’m sure he probably will under a pseudo name….

    1. Yup, that was during the 4 win season.
      Since then, he spent a lot of the salary cap, and signed Ford, Kwon and Coleman. He then hit a home run in the draft.
      John Lunch did not take it personally, because he bestowed a one on one interview with Grant.
      Now that JL is presiding over a 4 win, undefeated team, that post is ancient history.
      Last season, he deserved criticism for a 4-12 team. Since then, he has learned from his mistakes, and there is no talk about firing JL, except from trolls like you, trying to stir up a controversy, just after the Niners stomped the Brownies.

        1. RS-‘ You can’t worry about that outside noise.’ I do not, especially yours.
          RS-‘ You can’t let them dictate your emotions and mood.’ That is some advice for you.

    2. I don’t understand?

      It’s not like all of these picks suddenly became good because the niners started winning. While I believe he was wrong on McGlinchey and now appears wrong on Witherspoon he did say Warner and Kittle were good picks.

      Lynch made 19 Selections in that time with 3 firsts (2 in the top 10) and 1 second rounder and he hit on one of them.
      Honestly, I think a strong argument can be made that Brian Peacock (a fan, with no scouting service) has been drafting better than Lynch as he was with Baalke before him.

  46. Here’s an idea: let’s make Jeff Wilson the interim, replacement fullback for the 49ers. He’s already scored 4 touchdowns as the 49er’s short-yardage guy, so why not use his strengths as a blocker for Breida, et al?

    1. While I would prefer bringing in a FB, I don’t hate the idea.
      They would probably need to run a bit more misdirection but they could use the FB more in the running game. They could then motion a TE into the backfield on a small package plays when they want a heavier FB look.

    2. I hope they do not sit down Wilson, but Coleman did a good job. It is a good problem to have. Both RBs are effective, but only one can carry the rock at a time.
      Wilson, at 210, just does not have enough weight to take on D linemen. Kittle and Dwelley should be good substitutes, and KS can formulate a scheme to utilize both.
      Toilolo may be an option, and they could elevate Kaden Smith from the PS.

  47. This years team with the media and mostly raider fans, reminds me of the glory days when the saints, rams and falcons were horrible.
    All I heard was the 49ers are in a weak division, and yet they won Super Bowls.
    I said it before you can knock who teams play, but the good teams destroy the bad ones.
    This is why I don’t doubt NE is the best team in football right now. And the 49ers are second best.

    1. +++

      This is why I didn’t buy into the excuse making of the last couple of year. This team had talent yet could not string good series together to do what a winning ball club does and it makes all the difference (as we can attest from the results this year).

      Shanahan and especially Saleh and their crew are doing a heck of a job in getting this team prepared to compete.

  48. The Niners are down four starters and I still see them beating the Rams. Juice may be the hardest one to replace.

    Trent Taylor

    1. Hi, uc. I hope you’re right but doubt it very much. Despite our defensive front, LA will still be able to move the ball, unlike the last three teams we’ve faced. Our running game isn’t likely to be as prolific, and suddenly we’re not kicking field goals. Plus the rest factor.

      1. Hey George, always glad to see you.

        I hope I am right too. The Browns can move the ball, I believe they put up 45 against a physical Ravens team. Speaking of the Ravens, its the only team that I have reservations about winning. Field goals are a problem hopefully the problem goes away when we get Nelson back. The Rams can not be assured that the running attack will falter due to Juice’s injury, I suspect that they play close to the line of scrimmage and Shanny exploits that with a fierce passing attack.

      2. George, I think that “suddenly we’re not kicking field goals” concern can be relegated to the “suddenly we’re turning the ball over 5 times” basket. That is, a one game aberration. I’d be really surprised if that issue isn’t cleared up.

  49. I want to congratulate John Lynch. He has succeeded in turning around the culture of this team. He has them winning, by assembling a talented squad and the coaching has greatly improved. Winning, like losing, is contagious. The Niners have caught the winning bug.

  50. KS has thoroughly prepared his team. The preparations were so detailed, the outcome of the game was determined before the snap of the ball.
    KS called it ahead of time. He knew Kittle would catch the ball for a TD, before the snap of the ball. He did not need to watch, and turned away before Kittle scored.
    That said, they need to prepare better in a couple phases of the game. Field goals snaps need more practice. Richie James should be coached to let the ball go out of bounds, instead of tip toeing along the side line before going out of bounds after 2 yards. Pettis and Deebo needs to secure the catch, before trying to run.

    1. James definitely brain farted on that kickoff, because it would have went out at the 2 yard line. Should have been a penalty and 49ers ball on the 40, if I’m not mistaken….

      1. To paraphrase the great Jimmy Reed, “Bright lights big city, got to Richie James’ head”. Hopefully he’ll get used to the big stage better than Kyle Williams did…

          1. I agree. Jamie ‘the Scottish Hammer’ Gillian, has a punt that is hard to catch. Catching that punt in traffic would not have been a wise move.
            If he stays away from the punt, the Niners are guaranteed to get the ball.

  51. I know KJ is such a big part of the offense, but I think we will be fine with him. Give the ball more to George Kittle and let him do the dirty work, he is the best TE in the NFL. I am very impressed with how Justin Skule has played, he has been AWESOME alot of credit to him so far, now we face the best DLine we have faced all year, can we slow down Aaron Donald?

    My early prediction is 49ers 27- LAR 17
    49ers defense dominates and the offense rolls with new gadgets as we have seen throughout the season.

  52. Question to the NFC Defensive Player of the Week

    Q: “Jared Goff hasn’t done anything to anger you?”
    Nick Bosa: “Not yet.”#49ers

    — Eric Branch (@Eric_Branch) October 9, 2019

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