49ers 34, Raiders 3: Grades

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan speaks at a news conference after an NFL football game against the Oakland Raiders in Santa Clara, Calif., Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

SANTA CLARA – The 49ers beat the Raiders 34-3 Thursday night. Here are the 49ers grades:

MULLENS: A-plus. Sure, he faced the Raiders, and they didn’t try. But, Nick Mullens made his first career start, and statistically it was the best quarterback debut since the NFL-AFL merger in 1970. Mullens threw three touchdown passes and his quarterback rating was 151.9. He played free and easily, like Jimmy Garoppolo last season. Gave the 49ers confidence they haven’t felt since Garoppolo was their quarterback. Beathard killed their confidence. He was a dark cloud hanging over the entire team. Mullens should start the rest of the season. He’s better than Beathard.

RUNNING BACKS: A. They gained 144 rushing yards. Starter Matt Breida fumbled and averaged just 3.7 yards per carry. But, backup Raheem Mostert didn’t fumble, and averaged 12.7 yards per carry. He rushed for 86 yards and a touchdown on just seven carries before breaking his arm during the third quarter. He most likely will miss the rest of the season. What a shame. He was averaging 7.7 yards per carry this season. He was the best running back on the team.

WIDE RECEIVERS: B. Marquise Goodwin didn’t make an impact, but Pierre Garcon made his first touchdown catch with the 49ers. And backup slot receiver Richie James caught a six-yard pass over the middle and ran 47 yards with the ball after the catch. He should be the starting slot receiver the rest of the season. Trent Taylor hasn’t played well since he had offseason back surgery. He didn’t even play in this game.

TIGHT ENDS: A. George Kittle gained 108 receiving yards and caught a touchdown pass – his third of the season. He is the 49ers best offensive player. Third-string tight end Ross Dwelley caught an eight-yard pass in the red zone. The 49ers should use him more in that area of the field.

OFFENSIVE LINEMEN: A-minus. The 49ers ran at will, and the Raiders never sacked Mullens. They touched him only once. Right tackle Mike McGlinchey made a terrific block 52 yards downfield during Mostert’s long touchdown run. McGlinchey played well. Center Weston Richburg did not. The Raiders pushed him around in the red zone, because he’s not strong enough to block a nose tackle one on one.

DEFENSIVE LINEMEN: A. The Raiders made the 49ers pass rushers seem like Pro Bowlers. The 49ers recorded eight sacks. Cassius Marsh alone recorded 2.5. DeForest Buckner recorded one.

LINEBACKERS: A. Rookie middle linebacker Fred Warner led the defense with seven tackles. Reuben Foster didn’t play and the 49ers didn’t miss him. He’s replaceable.

SAFETIES: A. Jaquiski Tartt and Antone Exum Jr. didn’t play. Tyvis Powell, a third-stringer, started at strong safety. And he helped limit Raiders tight end Jared Cook to just two catches and 20 receiving yards.

CORNERBACKS: A. The Raiders leading receiver was Martavis Bryant, who gained 29 receiving yards. Brandon Lafell gained 20. Jordy Nelson gained 16. They made the 49ers cornerbacks seem like Hall of Famers.

SPECIAL TEAMS: A. Robbie Gould made one field goal, and Bradley Pinion averaged a whopping 48 net yards per punt.

COACHES: A-minus. Kyle Shanahan prepared the 49ers on a short week, and motivated them to play hard and clean. They committed only three penalties and zero turnovers. And they humiliated the Raiders on national television in front of every Bay Area sports writer. Good work. If Nick Mullens continues to play well and win games, he may save Shanahan’s job. I don’t understand why Shanahan didn’t make Mullens the starter sooner. Shanahan watches his players practice every day. He needs to know which ones are good. He insisted C.J. Beathard is the best quarterback in the building, and was wrong. Mullens is the best. Shanahan should have benched Beathard after he lost to the first Cardinals game back in Week 5. The 49ers record was 1-4 at that point. They still were alive. But, they threw away the next three games because they stuck with Beathard, and now their season is over. At least Mullens makes them watchable.

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    1. Grant is right: Nick should have started weeks ago. He was far better than CJ in the summer camp. He needs now to work with the first team in the next week to prepare for the NY Giants game. He has given the Faithful some hope and some curiosity as well. One casual observation: CJ was such a depressing, sour downer at the podium. He was ana vid Trump supporter which offended my sensibilities as well. Mullens is such a pleasant, well-mannered gentleman. No ego and a real team player. Nice!

  1. I thought the Raiders made enough plays attacking the edges to not give the DBs an A. Maybe A-.
    I would give the coaching a solid A. KS was innovative, and ran the ball in the 4th quarter, sealing the victory. KS made the call to start Mullens, so I will give him full credit for making the proper adjustments.
    I was most happy that KS considered time outs to be precious, and wisely used them in the last 2 minutes of the first half.

      1. Almost two years after the fact, anyone who kneels is not drawing attention to anything but themselves. Pure self promotion. Your BS meter needs repair.

        1. Wrong. You do not know why she knelt. I would like to hear her story. Maybe she had a family member that was the victim of police brutality. Maybe she has a relative at The Tree of LIfe.
          However, in America, she has a First Amendment right for free speech and protest. It is American as apple pie, and is a form of patriotism to advocate for social justice. It is BS to assume she hates the military. Many vets have expressed support for her cause, and have even stated that they fought for her right to protest.
          It is un-American to suppress dissent. Wonder which side of history do you belong?

    1. I heard the kneeling cheerleader wasn’t out there for the halftime show. Hope that’s true. Give her her check and send her packing

        1. She should be given a professor type job in Berzerkly…………and if its not done, it can only mean they want to destroy women.

              1. Meh, get over your self righteous hypocrisy. By the way, you didn’t happen to support Bill did you?🤢

              2. “you didn’t happen to support Bill did you?🤢”

                No. He was elected prior to me being of voting age. I’m neither Republican or Democrat either.

            1. No, I’m sure Allie meant exactly what she said. Can you honestly not understand why women get offended by comments like that? Frankly, I think cheerleading is ridiculous, but the “on your knees” connotation isn’t any more appropriate for her than it is for CK or ER. Let’s all just bask in the victory for a while, shall we?

            2. How is calling out the comment holier than thou? Honestly? And, I apologize to the rest of the community. We should be talking about football.

              1. Mary, you have nothing to apologize for. Your comment was civil.
                I apologize if you feel offended, but just realize, this is football, and the locker room banter can be tolerated and expected, with no evil intentions.
                Back to football, what did you think of Grant’s grades?

              2. Mary, you have absolutely nothing to apologize for. The boorish cretins here should be on thier knees, begging for your forgiveness.

              3. , this is football, and the locker room banter can be tolerated and expected

                Bullsht, Seb. Do you see players acting this way around female reporters in the locker room, asking them about their sex lives? Grant, you are “inside the 49ers” locker room, do you?

                And what’s this “I apologize if you feel offended “ crap? Way to put the onus on the aggrieved.

              4. Rib, Mary apologized for causing a kerfluffle. She did not say she was offended. Allie did, and I sincerely apologize to Allie, because we should be better than that.
                Guess you have never been in a locker room. It is not a tea room.
                Seems like this kneeling brings out the worst in some people.

          1. That’s the correct hierarchy, but I never claimed to be a saint. Your past efforts indicate to me you can do much better….🤨

            1. OK family guy, suppose someone was talking about your daughter taking that knee? Or came up to you, my that girl of yours looks like she could perform damn good fellatio? Would you agree with him or get all holier than thou?

              1. And Razor, there’s a wide range between saint and dbag. If you aren’t one, try not to be the other either. The only dripping irony here is an atheist giving a moral lecture to a supposedly religious guy.

        1. I find all the pearl clutching on these inevitable cheerleader jokes to be quite humorous. Reminds me of a dinner we had with some friends. My wife and I were out eating with some friends, whose son coincidentally is a current player for the Dolphins, and we were talking about the wild behavior of some the girls that go to our kids high school. Our friends have sons and a daughter and so do my wife and I. Anyway, our friends were telling us about this girl who called their son. The wife was saying that all the kids go hang out at the Sonic in our area. There’s a large parking lot next to the Sonic so it’s a huge high school hangout. The girl tells the boy that she would “take a knee” (if you know what I mean) if the boy would pick her up and take her to Sonic. At the exact moment me and the other Dad look at each other and both say almost simultaneously “You know how long it’s been since I’ve been to Sonic. I want to go.” Both of the wives thought that was the most hilarious thing they’d ever heard. We were in a pretty nice restaurant and they were almost screaming with how loud they were laughing. Got to have fun in this life.

          1. Our friends have sons and a daughter and so do my wife and I

            And houston, if it’s your daughter in the Sonic lot? HILARIOUS, right?

            1. JFC, the fragility of some of you guys is nauseating. You act like this girl was a victim. She wasn’t. There are a little over 4bn females on the planet. Why don’t you make me a list of earth’s population of females and the contact info for their parents so I can call them to preach to them about the correct way to raise their children. After your done making that list I suggest you get your Mommy to find you a safe space so you can weep into her bosom while she protects you from all the scary stuff in the world.

              1. That say political correctness is just society’s way of preventing one from revealing to the world what a dbag one truly is. Some feel compelled to do it anyway.

                This isn’t about snowflakes, just respect and not reducing another human being, most invariably a female human being, to no more than the butt of a smutty joke. If you can’t see that you fit the description above.

              2. Actually I think they say Political Correctness is a danger to our society. Political Correctnes is a liberals way to avoid a real discussion about their ideas.

              3. Houston, I never cared much for Political Correctness, but I did try sincerely to broach a respectful discussion with a different viewpoint in the thread below. Your response was to insult me.

              4. @Saint Louis if you think me telling you to “Lighten Up Francis” was an insult then you are pretty damn soft. I didn’t intend to insult you and what I said had a meaning. Making a joke about a situation like this doesn’t deserve deep and careful examination. It was a joke. Lighten up and take it as such.

              5. @Houston,
                I’m more than capable of discerning the difference between a joke and dismissive comment.
                No “deep and careful examination” needed or expected. You offered a “story” as an analogy for your thoughts about the “Pearl Clutchers”. I was simply offering my thoughts about the difference between sexual innuendo with mutual consent and sexual objectification. A sexual objectification that, in no way, referred to you, or any comment that you made previously.

                Clearly, you didn’t want to hear it, and I’m fine with that. But I’m really not interested in your opinion about my level of “toughness”, or your “advice”.

                Have a great evening, and enjoy the games this year.

          2. The story is pretty funny. The sad part is you don’t get the difference between your story and the reference that was made about a cheerleader exercising her freedom of free speech.

            1. Well the cheerleader kneeling and my story have nothing to do with each other so there is that. The other thing is your ignorance about the 1st Amendment is appalling. Speech conducted while representing your employer or any organization is not protected. If you work for Fed Ex and greet every caller with “Heil Hitler” then Fed Ex is perfectly within their rights to fire you. There is absolutely nothing in the Constitution or any state law that allows a person to say or do anything they please while representing their employer.

              1. “Well the cheerleader kneeling and my story have nothing to do with each other so there is that.”

                So you decided to bring up a story that has to do with a girl getting on her knees for Sonic why exactly if it didn’t have to do with the comments about the cheerleader “taking a knee”?

                “Speech conducted while representing your employer or any organization is not protected.”

                That’s between her and her employer. Doesn’t make the comments any less misogynistic.

              2. Hammer, after you’re done putting us in our place, I imagine you’ll have your hands full with wrappers.🍭

              3. Are you seriously arguing there are no tangential discussions that occur on this blog? You really going with that? Doesn’t really matter though because I absolutely do not give a F what someone like you and Ribs thinks about what I say.

              4. After the few female contributors to this board (and probably fewer after you are done) tell you to knock it off, what do you do? Doubledown with a rude, abusive line of questioning. Man, if this were my board I’d ban your ass so fast it would be like Aaron Donald on Beathard.

              5. “That’s between her and her employer.”

                Yup, and her employer supports kneeling. LOL at Houston comparing support for Hitler at work with standing up against inequality.

              6. You miss the point #80. A cheerleader kneeling while wearing the uniform of the NFL team they represent is not protected speech any more than a Fed Ex employee saying “heil Hitler” to every caller is protected speech. To suggest a person has free speech while acting in their capacity of representing any organization is dangerously ignorant.

              7. Well Ribs, get your own blog and I will come there and comment until you ban me. And when you do ban me you’re blog will be worse off. Differing opinions and the ensuing debates are the spice of life. Good luck.

              8. I got your point.

                “A cheerleader kneeling while wearing the uniform of the NFL team they represent is not protected speech”

                It is if the employer is okay with it, Jed supports kneeling so your comment didn’t/doesn’t apply to this woman. Her speech is protected.

                Hitler is almost unanimously hated around the world. Kneeling is hated by a certain base in this country. That base makes up 50% of the population at the most, probably closer to 25%. And not everyone in that base is against kneeling. The anti-kneelers are a very small group of people with hate in their hearts and a superiority complex in their minds. In the future, you guys will still be spewing BS in public and your younger, embarrassed family members will have to make excuses for you like ‘he grew up in a different time’.

              9. Look at the risk of inserting myself into this argument I have to agree that the original comment wasn’t following decorum or good etiquette. It was a debasement of the gold rush member who chose to kneel for unknown reasons.

                Her position is between her and her employer (so I agree with Houston), however, the comment was put onto a public forum and should have been retracted when 2 women called razor on it. Instead he upped the ante and made a bad situation worse by making fun of those who asked for a retraction.

                I get that we live in an era where people take jokes the wrong way. Nevertheless, the comparison of a political act to a sexual one is definitely meant to minimize the principle actor. This is why many, including myself think it is beneath this board.

              10. “The anti-kneelers are a very small group of people with hate in their hearts and a superiority complex in their mind”

                80 You are so wrong my friend.

              11. I do think it is beneath the board Razor and unnecessary.

                We can agree or disagree on political issues but let’s keep it within the bounds of respect.

              12. Wow! Just wow! Are you that blind to your own over reaction?

                I feel sorry for you Razor, if you feel you have to be boor to make a point. You and I are a lot closer on the political and social spectrum than many other positions (including the whole kneeling thing), but you have got to be courteous and respectful when possible.

              13. ^than many other posters

                Respect is at all levels. I don’t like the whole kneeling thing and find it counterproductive. Nevertheless, I would not go to a sexual innuendo joke with respect to someone demonstrating, especially someone I didn’t know.

                If it was a private forum (like Houston recounted), that is one thing. But the blog is a public billboard.

                We all should be better than that.

              14. @80

                “It is if the employer is okay with it, Jed supports kneeling so your comment didn’t/doesn’t apply to this woman. Her speech is protected.”

                Either intellectually dishonest or just ignorant. Either way you’re wrong. A company does not protect speech. Freedom of Speech refers to a citizens interaction with the government. This Cheerleader does not have freedom of speech while representing the 49ers. Her speech is regulated – it is not free. Whether the team is ok with her speech or not is inconsequential to the nature of free speech. All you can say about this Cheerleader is that the organization she represents approved her speech. If they did not approve her speech they would be perfectly within their rights to sever the relationship with the cheerleader. That means the cheerleader is not free to say whatever she pleases while representing the 49ers.

              15. “That means the cheerleader is not free to say whatever she pleases while representing the 49ers.”

                Yes she is, aside from something like yelling fire in a crowded theatre. Even if she said something offensive, she would just be fired and possibly escorted out. She wouldn’t be arrested. Her free speech is protected by the constitution.

                The team is OK with it. You can bitch and moan, laugh at jokes calling her a whore all you want, but this is a brave woman supporting a good cause. Her name hasn’t been released, so that destroys the attention whore narrative.

                I’ll say it again. Some people value a piece of cloth more than human life. Grow up.

          3. I always appreciate your comments, Houston, and I get your point.
            We’ve all enjoyed healthy doses of sexual innuendo, double entendre, and some downright explicit behavior among our circles-of-friends over the years. No harm, no foul. Hell, it’s probably more fun the older we get, and unfortunately, it’s one of things that makes the whole sexual harassment issue slippery (pun intended). The difference for me is that in your scenario, all parties are willing participants, and the “humor” isn’t being used as an easy sexual insult.
            Pearl clutching?… based on your story, sure. I just don’t see it here.

            1. A cheerleader kneeling and you didn’t expect jokes? And the jokes were mild at worst. My suggestion to you is to Lighten up Francis.

              1. My comment about “sexual insult” wasn’t directed to you, Houston, and my intention was to be respectful to you in my reply.
                Sorry if that didn’t come across. You can keep your suggestion.

          1. I’m Italian and have 3 brothers who are black. One is an Elkhart Detective. Marine Corps Boot Camp 101…never assume anything.😒

              1. Razor, thanks for sharing such a Trumpian story with us about your family! Our Resident in the WH has friends who used to be black too, just like you.
                You must be really confused, Razor, you didn’t use your new toy in your post……

            1. Razor, if you REALLY had black Brothers in your house, they must have told you about police harassment and racism. Unless of course you treated them as lesser or your servants……

              1. Razoreater says: No, the first step is to check yourself in.

                Since you are speaking from personal experience, I’d say: Go for it!!!
                Did the Doctor give you your name or was it the other patients?

              2. They’ll answer all your questions for you, but first you need to go to the nearest emergency room.

              3. Razoreater says: They’ll answer all your questions for you, but first you need to go to the nearest emergency room.
                So when you got to the emergency room, were they able remove all the razors you ate?
                Or are you so cross because they couldn’t find them all?

              4. Just one more Question before they turn off your wifi.
                Is all your hostility coming from the fact that your psychiatrist is black?
                You do know that public hospitals have to hire them because white doctors don’t take Medi-cal.

  2. Game grades are cool…

    Grant should acknowledge ‘the best’ contributions of this blog’s posters–using criteria only Grant understands. Do it weekly, the day after each game. Establish 5-7 categories–such as Most Insightful Pre-game Breakdown, Most Humorous, Most Hot Air, Worst Analysis, etc., etc.

    Or, just assign us all a grade reflecting the overall quality of input/comments during the game. Add that grade to the bottom of the game grades list.

    1. I’ve been “auditing” this class for quite a while prior to commenting at all.

      If Grant does give grades, they’d have to be done on the curve to establish any validity. And attendance should not count; otherwise our dear friend from Sebastopol and New York would be way ahead of the rest of us.

  3. Most likely to miss the rest of the seasons??

    Did you see that break?! It snapped, its not a slight fracture. He’s going into surgery, they’ll place a titanium plate on it and he’ll be in a cast for 6 weeks.

    And the sucks because he offered a good burst when MB wasn’t getting it done. They seemed to alternate weeks of productivity.

  4. Agree with coach that Mullens should have started ahead of CJ. Clearly out played him in preseason. Kyle should have seen that and why he didn’t is troubling to me. Going back to CJ this coming week would be even more troubling. Will he?

    1. Sometimes is hard to know how a guy will play in a game compared to how he practices. Brett Favre was a terrible practice player and if he would not have been traded from the Falcons to the Packers and got a chance when their QB went down, no one would have known how good he was. Sometimes it really is a matter of being forced to play a guy because of injury.
      I mean the only reps Mullens got was pre-season and scout team. How much can that really tell you and how much trust can you have in a UDFA whose been there for really and year and a half?

      1. Shula started Woodley over Marino
        Belichick started Bledsoe over Brady
        Riley started Flutie over Brees
        O’Brien started Savage over Watson
        Saban started Hurts over Tagovailoa

        History is littered with stories of backups who ended up better than the people they replaced.

      2. “Could be that Mullens is a gamer? Why didn’t Belichick see that Brady was superior to Bledsoe?”

        Below is what I wrote about this last night, and it also applies to Brady/Bledsoe.

        They invested more in Beathard, got to give him the chance to fail.

        It’s like the college coach who gets a big name recruit and even though the walk-on is practicing better, the big name guy starts until there’s no other choice.

    2. I might not be that critical of Shanahan if it did not come out that Mullins knows the offense almost as well as Shanny. The fact that he might not have known the offense would have been a mitigating factor in still keeping him behind Beathard.

      The thing to also keep in mind is that this was against the Raiders and there was little pressure on Mullins the entire game. I say this not to imply that Beathard is better, because it was also obvious to me that that was not the case, especially since Beathard played as scared as a snake in a merecat village. Mullins is obviously better. He showed it as early as preseason in my eyes. I just mention the Raiders as a caution against too high of an expectation.

      Ironically except for the second half of his last game this season, I also thought Jimmy G was playing scared and holding the ball too long. Especially with his quick release he didn’t even have the excuse that Beathard had. Perhaps he felt too comfortable with Beathard as his back up. If Mullins shines, perhaps that will light a fire under him.

          1. Thomas…

            Which is sad because that was supposedly his first sack of the season (9 games in) and it happened because someone outran him…

  5. Agree with all of these grades… Which is rare.

    Only thing I disagree with is that Mullens did not save Shanahans job because it isn’t in jeopardy…Not even close. He isn’t on the hot seat. Shanahan will get 4 seasons regardless of the outcomes to build this thing.

      1. Agree. Not only because CJ was so bad, but because KS reached for him in the draft, and reached badly. And constant comparisons to Cousins doesn’t help. But with Mullens, we can go back to calling KS a genius for finding undrafted gems. Of course, this will only last until the TB game. I expect us to beat NYG.

        1A – Thomas – whiff
        1B – Foster – whiff
        3A – Witherspoon – whiff
        3B – Beathard – whiff
        4 – Joe Williams – whiff
        5A – Kittle – Homerun
        5B – Taylor – weak infield hit
        6A – Jones – hit
        6B – Taoumenpenu – whiff
        7 – Colbert – hit, caught stealing

        UDFA – Breida – hit
        UDFA – Bourne – hit
        UDFA – Mullins – hit???

          1. He broke all passing records at Southern Miss so I assume some of them belonged to Favre. I hear a 49er scout liked him and lobbied for him and they signed him. This is a perfect example of a kid who physically does not impress but has many good skills, worked his butt off and when given the opportunity took full advantage. I knew he dramatically improved from first to second season but had no idea he could read as quickly as he did or command an offense or have the pocket presence, slip some pressure and throw with accuracy. IMO, he is light years ahead of Beathard..

      2. Beathard would only take Shanny down with him if he was the starter. He was never drafted as a starter, but just a back up. Playing him instead of Mullins in a lost season was not a fire-able move. In fact , until Beathard was exposed as a QB who would play scared, he was not considered by most as a bad back up. Playing him actually exposed his weakness so that now the team can move on from him. Better he plays and tanks during a season that is not important than he is put in such a situation when wins and losses really matter. Before his showing this season he had the rep as a tough guy who would not fold under pressure. Some of you seem to have forgotten his play last season and his first game this season.

        Saying playing Beathard this season because of injury to the starter would bring down Shanahan is ridiculous. It isn’t like Shanahans job rested on the results of this season and he chose Beathard as his QB of the future.

        1. I think it was not only forcing CJB to play, but also the way the Niners were losing.
          The Niners were regressing, with Keystone Cops moments like hiking the ball over the QB’s head.
          The coaching incompetence was just too glaring. Thankfully, KS has improved immensely.

        2. The Cardinals exposed Beathard Week 5. That should have been his final start. Shanahan waited three weeks too long, and now the season is over.

          1. Grant, to be fair, this season was absolutely and incontrovertibly over when JG went down. Not that they were going to make the playoffs even with him, anyway, given the unusually high spate of other injuries the team has suffered starting before Game One, and the superior quality of the competition. It’s been noted by more than one NFL analyst that the current Raiders roster is better than the Niners. Take some time to digest that.

            And what’s with docking the coaching to an A-minus? Was that in retaliation for the Shanahannigans at the post game presser, or because they didn’t fire Saleh before the game?

  6. First off if you’re going to claim the raiders quit or tanked you should recognize if it did happen it was later in this blowout contest.

    And I don’t get your national Enquirer type of writing sometimes.
    In no way has Shanahan been on the hot seat and Mullins did not save his job.
    The season Shanahan loses with a healthy fleet of starting players is the day you can make this claim. No way has his job been in Jeopardy. Not now, not then and not ever.
    Stop it with the sleepy tabloid type of posts Dude.

    As for the game they came in and did their job. They beat a less superior team. Put together their best effort of the season. Even with another big loss due to injury. It’s been that kind of year. You don’t fire a coach because of this rare bad luck type of season.
    And I’ll say Kittles is a monster. I’m a little worried about his health in the future. Seems like a foster type of player. At some point he’s going to get up slow in every game.
    And I was impressed last night not to see a bunch of idiots fighting at the game. I saw two female raider fans get arrested for being obnoxious drunks. But what NFL game doesn’t have those.

    Overall A effort. I’d like to see this effort vs a better team. The Bosa pick is gone so might as well win as much as possible.

  7. KS gets a mulligan here for the atrocious CJB pick moving up in the draft when no other team would have drafted him . Don’t mess this up Kyle

    1. Jury is still deliberating on CJ. some of his games have been pretty good. Final thoughts after yr 3 on this guy…………

  8. Reposting from earlier thread.

    Erin Andrews mentioned several times how hard Nick worked at learning the offense. After every home game, at least, he would stay out on the field and go over every offensive play that was run. Shanahan has said that Mullens knows the offense better than anyone except KS.

    Also, he seems to have some Jimmy G in him (admittedly, I never saw Mullens play in college). The quick feet, decisiveness, side arm throws, dangerous throws at times, etc. But in the end, it was the Raiders and they are absolutely pathetic – I think worse than any Browns team from the last few years. You have to wonder if the Raiders players are going to mutiny and tie Gruden to the goal posts.

    We need to see Mullens play a few more games. But if he plays well, will KS give up on Beathard like he eventually gave up on Joe Williams?

    1. What Beathard was known for was his toughness. And unfortunately that is what abandoned him this season after the beating he took the first game. I doubt he regains that reputation again except by sitting on the bench like Jim Punkett did or a season and a half. The thing is that no one see’s Beathards potential as high as they did Plunkett and the days where you kept 3 QB’s on the roster are past. So unless Beathard gets another chance to show he is no longer shell shocked this season, I think he is probable through.

      Mullins more than likely showed enough in this last game to convince Shanny that he might be a gamer. That would mean he will ride him for a while.

  9. The Niners have been a bad team all year, now all of a sudden they get straight A’s against a team that sucks worst then us. You are all crowning Mullens, and you may be correct but its the frigging Raiders for goodness sakes. They didn’t mount a pass rush they didn’t cover our receivers, they couldn’t block for crap, our receivers didn’t drop the ball, and very few penalties. What happens to Mullens when there is a pass rush in his face and his receivers go back to dropping the ball or they run the wrong route, or the team gets back on the penalty kick. Mullens deserves another crack against the Giants but I suspect they may be just a tad better then the Raiders.

    Its nice to get the win, it really is but some are taking it too far. The quality of the win is based on the quality of the opponent and the Raiders suck big time. Our O-line didn’t suddenly get better in pass protection they just played against a team worst then us. Wait till we play the Hawks, the Rams, the Bears, and Broncos all teams much better then us but not nearly as good as the previous teams played earlier in the year, Rams excluded.

    Bright spots – Kittle, McGlinchey, Warner,

    Like JG I need to see much more of Mullens before saying how good or bad he is.

      1. Rocket
        I love to win and take it which ever way it comes but to anoint Mullens to the point that some are after one game is just a little too much. I would love to see Mullen play the rest of the season and see how he shakes out.

    1. Undercenter– Good voice of reason. This sort of reminds me of the game last season when Beathard took over and played well when he got his chance to start. Sometimes a player coming in fresh who has not been beat up brings a better attitude and that carries over to the rest of the team.

      Fans are all too ready to anoint the next new thing with our considering other things that were also mitigating factors. That said I do like Mullins and at this point in time he is definitely an improvement over Beathard. Beathard was beat too hard this season and became too shell shocked to be of much use. While his short comings were certainly exposed as well, his main problem was in his head. He had totally lost his confidence.

  10. If Nick Mullens continues to play well and win games, he may save Shanahan’s job. I don’t understand why Shanahan didn’t make Mullens the starter sooner. Shanahan watches his players practice every day. He needs to know which ones are good. He insisted C.J. Beathard is the best quarterback in the building, and was wrong. Mullens is the best. Shanahan should have benched Beathard after he lost to the first Cardinals game back in Week 5. The 49ers record was 1-4 at that point. They still were alive. But, they threw away the next three games because they stuck with Beathard, and now their season is over. At least Mullens makes them watchable.

    I have no idea why you continue to double down on the idea that Shanahan’s job could be in jeopardy when it clearly won’t be. There is absolutely no chance of him getting fired after this season for reasons that have been stated ad nauseum on here since you brought up the idea.

    As to Mullens, Shanahan does see them in practice, but the backup gets very few snaps so it’s hard to get an idea of how the guy would perform in a game. Even the preseason doesn’t really give an accurate view point because he’s going against players that aren’t NFL caliber. He was ok in preseason but threw more picks than TD’s, so he was hardly somebody that was lighting things up and getting ignored by the Coaches. Sometimes a player is in the right place at the right time and that appears to be what happened here much like when Kap came on the scene against the Bears a few years ago. We don’t really know how good Mullens is because the Raiders are just that bad, but he showed enough to warrant the start against the Giants imo.

    For all those that have complained and obsessed over the offensive scheme and the play calling, this is a reminder of how the players ultimately decide the effectiveness by their execution. Again, it was a terrible defense they played, but there was nothing different about the play calling or scheme. Just the simple fact of the QB getting rid of the ball on time and not turning it over which made everything look better.

    1. Agree if this was year 4 or 5, maybe KS would be in a hot seat. Makes no sense and Bill Walsh and Jimmy Johnson did not set the world on fire their first two years even though they had two future Hall of Famers Quarterbacks. . Grant , do you think Gruden will last 3 years before Davis fires him?

      1. Wait??? KS gets 4-5 years leeway on a 6 year contract but Gruden gets 3 on a longer one. Lol.

        If KS is safe, then so is Gruden.

      2. Davis can’t afford to fire Gruden. Gruden’s contract deal makes him as untouchable as the wife from hell whom one cannot ever divorce because of all the incriminating evidence that her attorney has on you in her vault.

  11. Grades were way too generous for RB and Run blocking for OL. Both should have been a C. RB too many negative yards. Between the 3 backs there were at lease 6 or 7 negative gains. Can’t have negative yardage on 3rd downs.
    Who will be he next running back up?

  12. Preseason games are practice games, but still games. The first time Mullens dropped back to pass and threw , it was obvious, at least to me, that he was much more skilled than CJ. The fact that the players, including Kittle, who is close to CJ, raised their game dramatically, similar to when Jimmy G came in last year, speaks volumes. The players know. They see them every day. This is why if Kyle is in the proverbial “hot seat”, it’s for continuing to play a lousy QB when he had s superior one right in front of him, every day.

  13. Absolutely moronic to insinuate in any way that Kyle Shanahan is on the hot seat. Nick Mullens didn’t save Shanny’s job because Shanny isn’t in danger of losing his job. Kyle Shanahan will work throughout his entire contract with the 49ers. Grant should get over whatever Shanahan did to offend him because it’s impacting the credibility of Grant’s writing. It’s just plain stupid to try to paint any picture whatsoever where Shanahan is in jeapordy of losing his job. When Beathard is healthy again, no doubt in my mind he will be the starter. Shanny might have a shorter leash if Beathard is having a bad game but Beathard will be the starter.

      1. Hot seat is like hot takes. It does not mean KS will be fired right away, but he is squirming in his seat and is darn uncomfortable. Being on the hot seat may entail just making drastic changes. Head in a noose may be a more appropriate term for a coach about to be fired.
        If the outcome was reversed, and the Niners got stomped, humiliated and quit, KS surely would have been on the hot seat.
        However, winning solves a lot, and the Niners are not tanking and imploding. KS did everything right, and I can only wonder why he could not get his team to play like last night, for the previous 6 games. Oh, right, CJB…..
        Previous to this game, it was not just the losing, but HOW they were losing. KS did not prepare them properly. The team kept beating themselves. KS’s player assessments were flawed, and they did not put the right players in the right positions to succeed. Played favorites, with poor game management.
        Thankfully, CJB’s injury allowed Mullens to play, and he pulled a JG, and benched CJB. However, KS is so stubborn, he might sit Mullens and play his favorite. KS is being coy, but I wish he were assertive, and declare Mullens the starter. He certainly played well enough to win the starting job. 151 QBR? No contest.

        1. This game was a snapshot–we’ll know more later. If Mullen has a weakness, the NFL will expose it and take advantage of it.
          Sebs, if KS were as bad as you make him out to be, he should be out of the NFL yesterday!

          Then your bitterness with him will be quenched.

          1. Saw, before last game, the Niners were 1-7. That is really hard to defend, especially considering HOW they lost.
            I want KS to improve by pointing out his deficiencies, so he can learn from his mistakes. I am glad when he followed my advice and had the team focused and prepared. I was really happy he considered time outs to be precious, and used wisely during the last 2 minutes of the first half.

  14. Grades are accurate. The little digs are pointless.
    Under KS I don’t recall the Niner’s ever quitting, the same cannot be said of the Raiders.

    The tackling really improved. I don’t know if this was because there were some different players, the Raiders are terrible or because of the short week the defenses were simpler. Maybe a little of all of those factors.
    Eliminating the turnovers was significant and I think an emotional boost, because the defense can’t seem to create turnovers so the team is at a disadvantage even with one turnover.
    The bottom line is the 49ers are better than the Raiders, but they still are not very good.

  15. Last night was fun for many reasons. Always great to see the offense produce. Always great to get a big win and always great when it’s against the Raiders.

    Last night was really nothing more then a glorified pre-season game. I’m not going to go out of my way to pour cold water on the situation however I’m also not going to get crazy thinking we’ve found a new starting QB until we’ve played a team that is playing 1st stringers that are actually competing. Then I’ll seriously analyze just what kind of QB Nick Mullens really is.

    1. Mullens is genuine. Mullens wears his heart on his sleeve. Mullens has great work ethic. Mullens was prepared for his opportunity. Mullens took advantage of his opportunity.

      1. “Mullens has great work ethic. Mullens was prepared for his opportunity.”

        He sure does have a great work ethic which prepared him for his opportunity. I think that’s the one thing that speaks volumes for the guy – his work ethic.

        1. I also don’t want to throw cold water on the Mullens debut but a few things to consider good and bad.

          1. It was a Thursday night game and usually only one team shows up. That was the 49ers.

          2. It was great to see Mullens come in and be fearless. He let it rip, kept his eyes downfield and spread the ball around.

          3. Its one game.

          4. It was one game against a team that has given up.

          5. Maybe a little competition in the QB room is not such a bad thing.

          6. This reminds me of when Shaun Hill made his debut.

      2. Razor

        I hate to hear you compliment Mullens up to the sky…because you are the prototypical “Revelation-a-Day” man . I’ve read you praising just about every player on the team who’s had more than two good plays for at least the last 5 years….only to see them fall on their faces the next game, and then you want to join Seb and “Bring back Kaep!” Let Nick fly or fail on his own…no palm fronds just yet….

        1. Those are called obvious observations that cannot be refuted. Now, if I said that Mullens was on fire and Jimmy better watch his back, maybe then you’d have a point. It makes it so much more interesting for the reader. Thanks for you response. Always a pleasure.😘

        2. Ore, if you read my posts, you would see that with Mullens, KS finally has a better QB in the building. Now, I am ready to roll with Mullens, as a stop gap until JG heals.
          Kaep was always a temporary solution, but he sure the heck is superior to CJB, who looked shell shocked.

  16. I think we’re failing to remember this was the Raiders. They’re atrocious. Worst team in the NFL (and worse than some college teams). Wile Mullins played a great game, it’s entirely possible CJB would have looked like the second coming of Joe Montana against that defense. I honestly can’t remember seeing a worse defense.

  17. I watched Mullens in pre-season and it was clear, even with the 2nd and 3rd team that Mullens was better than Beathard. It wasn’t even close. Fast processing, quick release, nimble feet. Echoing others, especially Grant about the drafting of Beathard, even moving up to get him. I had seen his tape from Iowa and was not impressed. KS said that he was the team’s version of Kirk Cousins or something to that effect. If that’s true, it’s a good thing they didn’t sign Cousins.

    I hope he starts, plays and has a great run. It’ll be more interesting to watch and players like Bourne and James could get some good run with a QB that’s quick and looks accurate.

    Go Nick go!

  18. Wrt the sacks. It’s kind of like an olive jar. We haven’t gotten a lot of sacks and it’s like opening up a new jar of olives. You open it up, turn it over and you can’t get one olive to come out. People know that. They’re packed in there so tight, you can’t get one to come out. But if you can just get one to come out, the rest come plopping out. That’s what we’re hoping for with those sacks. We’ve gotten a few, and now hopefully they come out in droves….🍅

      1. Yea, I find it annoying. I’m waiting for an unsuspecting player to take a foot to the head.

        Did you see clumsy Bourne stumble into the back of McGlinchey’s legs? Gave me a gasp!

  19. In reality, every coach in every sport from pros down to little league is on the hot seat, especially these days of wanted instant gratification! So coach claiming Kyle is or was on the hot seat is not exactly ground breaking stuff.

  20. One player who surprised me as much as Mullens is Dekoda Watson. He really played well.
    One player who I am happy for is Solomon Thomas. He had 3 tackles, a tackle for loss, and a sack. Posters who declared he was a bust are just talking through their hats.

  21. I hope KS comes to his senses, and tabs Mullens as the next starter. He should just say he is playing the hot hand. Mullens is on fire.

  22. So many A’s.

    “Reuben Foster didn’t play and the 49ers didn’t miss him. He’s replaceable.”

    The dead arm version is replaceable. Shut him down for the season.

    “And they humiliated the Raiders”


    “If Nick Mullens continues to play well and win games, he may save Shanahan’s job.”

    Wait, so Kyle is on the “hot seat” still. Give it up bro. You can say it all you want, doesn’t make it true.

    1. Foster is replaceable. Last year it was Coyle, this year it’s Lee.

      Two first round picks in 2017 that aren’t difference makers.

      They should be looking to move both this offseason.

      1. “Foster is replaceable. Last year it was Coyle”

        BS, Foster was much better than Coyle last year.

        “this year it’s Lee.”

        Agreed, one armed Foster is replaceable, I said as much.

        “They should be looking to move both this offseason.”

        Not happening. Thanks for the hot take Stephen A.

        1. Foster has been playing this season at about the same level as he did last year. Only real difference is we expected him to show improvement.

          The shoulder stuff, he got dinged up and missed multiple games last year. That’s not new.

          “Thanks for the hot take Stephen A.”

          You’re welcome sweet pea.

            1. That’s a nice article. Actually supports what I’ve stated, Foster is easily replaceable.

              Can you find one for me that supports Thomas being easily replaceable too?

              1. “Foster has been playing this season at about the same level as he did last year.”

                You still believe that after reading the article?

                Forget the article. Are your eyes okay honey? I scheduled an appointment with our optometrist.

              2. “Foster has been playing this season at about the same level as he did last year.”

                You’re right he isn’t. He’s dropped to a tackle on 7.4% of his snaps.

                Again, back to the point of my original comment, Foster is easily replaceable.

                We saw it last year and are seeing it this year.

        2. “BS, Foster was much better than Coyle last year.”

          In 2017 Foster made a tackle on 8.3% of the snaps he played.

          In 2017 Coyle made a tackle on 9.6% of the snaps he played.

          The difference between the two was the “flash” plays.

          Foster had 7 tackles for loss, 5 QB hits.

          Coyle had 3 tackles for loss, 3 QB hits and 1 forced fumble.

          They both had 1 pass defensed.

            1. That would make sense considering Coyle wasn’t a rookie.

              His 62 tackles last year were double what he had put up in his first 3 seasons. He was a nice surprise.

              1. So you are saying Coyle was a good FA addition? And he got comparable production to someone who was playing at a Player of the month level?

              2. “So you are saying Coyle was a good FA addition?”


                “And he got comparable production to someone who was playing at a Player of the month level?”

                Yes. His level of play was comparable to a LB that was named rookie defensive player of the month.

                Foster had a monster game in the loss to Arizona with 13 solo tackles.

              3. Ok I hear you, but personally, I think Coyle is not comparable to Foster, whose ceiling is much higher.

                But this year Foster is definitely going through the sophomore slump. Not sure if it is injury related or mental. He just needs to keep grinding and get through a full offseason for once.

                Don’t agree with people calling him a whiff or not a difference maker though.

              4. “Don’t agree with people calling him a whiff or not a difference maker though.”

                He has 0 forced fumbles, 0 interceptions, 0 sacks.

              5. I have a hard time convincing myself that someone who was Rookie Defensive player of the month, cannot be a difference maker.

              6. The team was 1-2 during the month that Foster was named player of the month, the one win coming against a very bad Giants team.

          1. Flash plays are a good thing. A tackle for loss puts the offense at a disadvantage. QB hits… Do I really have to explain the importance of QB hits? Something you conveniently failed to mention was that Coyle had more snaps than Foster. 646 to 553.

            Coyle was a liability in coverage at times.

            1. “Flash plays are a good thing”

              Where did I state that they weren’t?

              “Something you conveniently failed to mention was that Coyle had more snaps than Foster. 646 to 553.”

              I didn’t fail to mention anything. That’s exactly why I used percentage of snaps per tackle.

              1. “That’s exactly why I used percentage of snaps per tackle.”

                And those numbers are incorrect unfortunately. Coyle’s are his combined tackles, while Fosters are the solo. My mistake.

              2. “I didn’t fail to mention anything. That’s exactly why I used percentage of snaps per tackle.”

                You also mentioned tackles for loss and QB hits.

  23. Grant,

    Good call on the “what the Niners need to do to win:”

    Stone-cold-Kittle was way too much for Raiders linebackers, “use tight ends, because Raiders can’t cover them.

    Mostert and Brieda also had plenty success running “run the ball with a lead.” I will say that the pass never quit working, so Shannahans play calls did not follow your advice tightly; but it was good advice.

    On Quarterbacking and receiving:
    Were the Raiders so bad in the backfield that anybody could have lobbed balls to wide open receivers?
    Kittle was alone for the five-yarder; and nobody bothered Garcon at all. How much of this is good play calling, route running, or just “scheme” designed to beat a brain-dead Raiders team?

    Good call on Mullens: He should have been starting game 3 of preseason. All he did was put defenders on their heals, because he’ll eff fling fling it!

  24. Not to throw cold water on all the Mullens love but I suggest people take a look at the two times He had to make a deep out throw from the pocket. You could have timed him with an hourglass. Arm strength is below average.

    Nevertheless, he is a definite improvement over Beathard. I say we let him start the rest of the year and have him be the backup to Jimmy G in 2019. I have seen enough of Beathard.

  25. This is so much more fun than critiquing another miserable loss.
    Hope they win out, and get that winning culture established.

  26. Shanahan is as much of a risk to lose his job for making a wrong decision on his back up QB, as Grant is to getting fired for his oft wrong articles.

    Shanahan getting fired = Grant getting fired.

  27. Can we quit with the “it was just the Raiders crap.”??
    I doubt the Colts are apologizing for scoring 3 TDs in the 4th and putting up 42 on them last week.
    Fact is we beat that ass all the way to Vegas!!
    Go Niners!!

  28. Lol! Tell that to Wally Pipp! Injury should never preclude a coach from replacing any player with a better one! That’s the breaks! That’s a myth written by injured players.

  29. Very happy with the way Mullins played. He did great.

    But I always give it a few games before coming to to conclusions about replacement quarterbacks. I’ve seen the following too many times… The sub quarterback comes in. Suddenly the offense has rhythm. He’s confidently going through progressions with the timing of a Swiss watch. He plays with nerve, threading the football just beyond the DB’s finger tips. Pass rush be damned as he stands in the pocket dealing cards. He’s finding receivers the previous quarterback was neglecting. Wow.

    This works for 6-8 quarters. All the sudden he’s throwing picks left and right. Strip sacks and fumbled snap as well.

    Why the regression?

    What looked like well timed progressions was merely looking like he was reading the defense. What he was actually doing was more like a footwork drill. He never intended to throw to first receiver he saw.

    And he stood tall in the collapsing pocket because he never saw or felt the pressure in the first place. He’s not there yet.

    And the receiver had a breakout game because he happed to have more practice snaps with the sub quarterback than other receivers.

    So… great job Mullins. Great to see him shred the Commitment to Exodus. If he’s doing this during his third start, we really have something.

    1. B2W

      DON’T STOP NOW…!
      What’s better than finding a diamond in the rough…? Obviously, finding TWO diamonds in the rough…Now that we have learned that deep study and serious repitition are the secret….Let’s bring back Jack Hennighan and on the PS to learn what he can from Nick Mullens…remember, it only takes one bad hit for “next man up…”…

    1. Exactly, 9 games into his rookie season, you’d think that he’d be pass blocking at Pro Bowl -level by now! Another Shanalynch first round bust ;-)

      1. It’s gonna be really interesting to see if and when the time comes, they move Mike to LT or leave him at RT and draft someone else for the position….

      2. Fifty some years from now Grant’s daughter will interview an elderly Mike McG, looking back on his storied career in the NFL and how he got his start as a much maligned first round pick of the 9ers. The irony being that her father pegged him as a poor pick…

  30. By the way. Shanny the elder has done a great job of passing on the hatred of the Raiders to Shanny the younger. I nearly crashed my car when I heard the “grew up with a hatred of the Raiders” line By Kyle in the post game conference. The Shanahan never forget. The $ 200,000 still rankles.

  31. Incomplete comment about Safeties..
    Why not naming Jimmy Ward, who played very well and accurently at Free Safety ?
    He is healthy, and thats good to have him at that spot

    1. I wonder if he’s able to stay healthy and consistently improve at FS, if they might try and sign him to a fair deal.

  32. I wanted CJ to start this week because I had thought they niners had lost confidence and a change had to be made.

    However, I find it hilarious that suddenly so many are talking about how it was obvious that Mullens should have started a few weeks ago or based upon preseason. I would guess that these people have never played before. Some players do not play as well in practice. While others look great against backups but get completely dominated against starters. Shanahan has made plenty of questionable calls, but without knowing what he is seeing I don’t think you can say he dumb for not starting him. This happens quite often… both Brady and Rodgers probably should have been starting sooner… but they didn’t because of an established starter. Garcia was known to be a terrible practice player but made it to the probowl a few times… in his case based on his practice he probably should have been cut.
    Just as there are smart kids that can’t take tests or but are really intelligent or students that get good grades but don’t have half the IQ of some that are below average students. These things are not always obvious. Sometimes the data that we can see is misleading.

  33. Ward also played well in the game….thats two games playing disciplined FS

    That kittles pass was amazing right on the money……

    If he stays consistent the next couple of games…he will be our start QB next yr

        1. True…..i believe this is a case of a player known to be coachable, agreeing always to change positions…going along with team demands……….

          coaches misjudged how he should be used….

        1. Niners should accept nothing less than 2 firsts for JG, and that is only after Mullens wins out the season to prove he is a good alternative.

  34. Mullens next game is also going to be on prime time at home….if he plays well….if the quick release and sharpness is there….and plays well to win games this year…..

    He will be out starting QB next year…..the story is just too good for the franchise to shut down….

    This offense is fire…..if he can consistently score 3 – 4 tds in a game he will lock up the position….

  35. “If Nick Mullens continues to play well and win games, he may save Shanahan’s job. ” Really? Do you actually believe what you write? Please take a stand Grant: should Shanahan be fired or not? I say no way and how his 3rd string QB plays has nothing to do with it.

  36. Just got finished watching the game again and while Mullens did a great job, there really was little resistance from the Raiders. It’s amazing how poorly these guys play. No gap integrity, overrunning plays, lack of effort if the play is moving away from them, the S’s can’t cover or tackle. I thought they quit on first viewing, but they are just horribly Coached and untalented in a lot of spots. Gruden may need all ten years to rebuild this mess.

    1. Focusing on Mullens.. …he got the ball out quickly and was accurate….he had command of the team and the opposing defense.

      Those things were not possible because the raiders suck……it happened cuz #4 was ready and fearless…..like Brett Favre…😊

    2. Yeah, it really can’t be understated just how bad the Raiders were. Great job by the 49ers, and certainly don’t want to take anything away from the performance, but they will face much sterner tests than that moving forward.

    3. Rocket,Raiders defense reminded me of our defense in 2016, hence my reluctance to jump on the Mullen bandwagon. I liked what I saw against a piss poor team and would like to see more of Mullen but to go ape sh t over one game gets me to smh.

      Add to the fact that the Raiders offense couldn’t stay on the field…..does all the negative talk about the Raiders sound familiar?

      1. Yep it does and I agree we will get a much clearer picture of how good the kid can be when/if he plays against a better team.

  37. Provocative thoughts and analysis

    1. I am proud of myself from staying away from the recent Kap trolling article .
    2. Having said that, Kap had a pretty lousy game against Raiders if my memory serves me correctly. They beat us.
    3. Who exactly determined that Shanahan is in the “hot seat”? Jed ? Lynch? Did they explicitly relay this info to Grant?
    4. Fun game to watch. Raiders tanked. Fun nevertheless.
    5. Ritchie James has a quick first step .
    6. Back to Shanahan, if he were to be fired who would do the firing? Who does he report to ?
    7. The real cheerleader controversy is that there are still cheerleaders in 2018.
    8. Actual attendance was dismal again. I did some quick 2 minute screen shot analysis and the upper level was 75% vacant and the field level was 50% vacant. Not a good look.

    1. My reaction…

      Great question on #3. Who creates and ‘executes’ the hot seat–Grant? Fans? Jed? Lynch? Pizza Hut? Grant has a Ouija board, so I heard. Not sure if he uses it.

      #7. Yes! This is 2018 with the next decade right around the corner. Really, what’s the point of having cheerleaders with NFL franchises?

    2. The real cheerleader controversy is that there are still cheerleaders in 2018.

      Yup, I find this cheerleading thing nauseating in its vacuous stupidity.

      1. I like the cheerleaders, since they are rallying the fans. Cheering is a part of football, especially for the fans.
        My beef is that they are shamefully being exploited. They should get better pay, and benefits. The league should stop being so cheap, and pay them a living wage.

  38. Shanahan may have a brilliant offensive mind, but his obvious lack of skills in evaluating talent may be a problem. Two players immediately come to mind. RAHEEM MOSTERT. Last preseason, in one game he made a beautiful 23 yard run with a straight-arm and scored on an 87-yard screen pass. He’s the fastest of the RBs at 4.32, and is a tough physical runner, a good blocker and pass protector, as well as the best gunner in the league. Back to the bench. Shanahan reluctantly played him. Had Mostert not broken his arm, he was well on his way to a great season.

    Next is NICK MULLENS. Shanahan says he knows the offense better than anyone but Shanahan himself. He has had two years with Mullens who is obviously far more skilled than Beathard. Yet, one week ago he said “the best quarterback on our team is CJ Beathard”. He was either lying or is the worst evaluator of talent we could possibly have. Even Stevie Wonder could see that Mullens’ release, pocket presence, etc. are far superior to CJ.

    I think the Coach favors those who were drafted. MOSTERT and MULLENS have that in common. They are UNDRAFTED. If they look too good, the GM looks like a dummy for not drafting them. This is not new. This is the NFL.

    1. “If they look too good, the GM looks like a dummy for not drafting them. This is not new. This is the NFL.”

      What an idiotic reasoning ..
      In this case, YOU are the one who caught them !
      So you are better and more clever than the 31 other GM

  39. Finally had a chance to watch the game. Very impressive. How much fun was that to watch?!

    Obviously Mullens was very good, and Shanahan called a great game. The most impressive part of Mullens game was he didn’t hesitate to throw it. Beathard was becoming gun shy after too many turnovers. There were some dangerous throws that on another day may have been turnovers though. If he keeps the job I will be very interested to see how he responds after turnovers.

    The OL was great. Made Mullens job that little bit easier by keeping him clean. And created holes for the running backs. It needs to be said though that the Raiders D was awful. Blown coverages, no real pass rush threat and getting blown off the ball at the LOS. Mullens will face much tougher tests than that moving forward, should he remain the starter.

    On D, it was great to see the pass rush show up. The edge guys in particular dominated the Raiders OTs. Completely embarrassed them. But the guys that impressed me most on D were Ward, Powell and Warner. They all had great games. Excellent in coverage and run D. Witherspoon was good too.

    Ward in particular has impressed me the past few weeks. The move back to FS (where he should have been all along) has really been good for him. I really can’t fathom why he wasn’t kept at FS this offseason and allowed to compete with Colbert for the job.

    1. “Ward in particular has impressed me the past few weeks. The move back to FS (where he should have been all along) has really been good for him. I really can’t fathom why he wasn’t kept at FS this offseason and allowed to compete with Colbert for the job.”

      I’ve had the impression it has to do with the difficulty of getting good corners (outside corners make significantly more money than safeties). So if a team has a safety who might work at corner they try him there. I wasn’t around for the 2018 draft, but didn’t the 49ers select Tarvarius Moore with the idea of trying him at corner even though he was a safety in college?

      But on the other hand, when a player is up for a new contract, if he played mostly CB in the NFL then he tends to follow that wage scale regardless of what he played in college. I forget the exact rules, but if I remember correctly Jimmy Graham tried to have himself viewed as a WR and not TE. Maybe what I’m saying applies only to the franchise tag.

      1. I’m sure you’re right, and that it was based on depth at CB. I also think they convinced themselves that those five games of Colbert’s last season were just a prelude to greatness, much like a lot of 49ers fans did.

        But it was a bad move. I really feel for Ward. He’s been moved around so much and never allowed to settle at one spot. Last year he finally got a chance to play in his preferred position, but again the coaching staff didn’t let him stick with it. I know he didn’t set the world on fire as a FS last season, but it was pretty foolish imo to not let him stay there this offseason and compete with Colbert for the job.

          1. I’ve no issue with them giving Colbert first crack at the FS job. I do have an issue with them not letting Ward compete with him for the job. I have an issue with them moving Ward yet again. After all the talk the previous year about how they thought FS was Ward’s best position (news flash: they were right last year, it is). Instead they literally handed the job to Colbert this offseason. Gave him no real competition. All based on 5 games last season. And they moved Ward to CB to cover the uncertainty of Sherman’s status, rather than signing another vet CB (as they should have done) or drafting a CB that was ready to contribute as a CB.

            Its similar to what they have been doing to Thomas and Armstead, as well. They aren’t letting these guys play in their preferred positions – instead they are often playing them out of position to cover areas they haven’t adequately addressed.

            1. Good points. I agree. I think my biggest gripe about Saleh is his use (or abuse) of personnel. Probably the inexperience.

            2. I agree they should have let him compete at FS, but my guess is they didn’t want to keep having to rely on a guy who gets injured so often. They are looking for a viable long term option and Ward’s injury history suggests he’s not that guy.

              1. I see this reasoning as flawed….i am more with the coaches are incompetent….

                Who on the team is not injury prone?

                It’s more to do with numbers at the CB spot and the idea of letting Colbert grow at FS….

                The truth is Colbert is really more a SS

        1. Scooter, I think you are revisioning history. Jimmie Ward’s best position with the 49ers has been as a Nickel Cornerback, not Safety. In fact, at one point he appeared to be developing into one of the better slot corners in the league. Jimmie Ward is also injury prone, and playing FS requires more durability than covering the slot, because the FS is usually coming “downhill” when he’s laying the wood and making plays.

          Jimmie failed to make it through even half of a season at FS last year, as he was injured during week 7, and never returned. And to be fair, as you mentioned above, Jimmie wasn’t playing all that well at FS either, prior to his season ending injury (1 pass defended, 0 INT’s, 0 forced fumbles through 6+ games). While Colbert failed to record an INT after replacing Ward, it was clear that Colbert’s physical style was having a bigger, more positive impact for the defense, as he was flying around the field and forcing fumbles with a number of big hits. There was no question that, despite his lack of experience, Colbert appeared to be an upgrade at FS in Saleh’s system. Saleh wants his FS to send a message to opposing offenses. He needs to be an enforcer and a playmaker, and Jimmie was neither.

          Colbert earned his opportunity to start at FS this year. Plus, Jimmie Ward was banged up and missed most of training camp this year, as usual. It made more sense to use Jimmie the way they did, it just so happens that Colbert hit a sophomore slump, which isn’t uncommon for young players who have less than a full years worth of snaps under their belts.

          The 49ers clearly had a bigger need for Jimmie to start the season backing up a number of positions, especially after they drafted DJ Reed, whom they feel has potential at FS in this system, and was likely to be the more durable of the two players.

          I doubt that there are many DC’s or HC’s in the league who wouldn’t have made the same move, given Ward’s history playing in the slot, his perceived versatility, his contract, and perhaps most importantly, his injury history. But go ahead and write off Colbert at this point, if it makes you feel better Scooter. I certainly haven’t. His problem this season was mostly stemmed from taking poor angles, and that’s something that can be learned and corrected with good coaching and more experience, and Jimmie Ward is likely going to be sent packing in the offseason.

          1. Colbert lost me on that first pass from Rosen. There is a reason he lasted until the 7th round. He is inconsistent.
            Maybe the best strategy would have been to trade back 2 times to garner second and third round picks, then selected Malik Hooker, who I thought was the best player that resembled Earl Thomas.

          2. Jebus, you sure wrote a lot and made a lot of erroneous assumptions and assertions in process.

            1. Its not revisionist to say Ward’s best position is FS. That’s where he played in college. And that’s the position this coaching staff felt he was best suited for this scheme.

            2. He wasn’t backing up at multiple spots this season. He was a backup outside CB. Not the backup slot CB or safety. That was Reed.

            3. I have not given up on Colbert. Have actually been saying the opposite – its too early to write him off.

            4. As you outline, the “sophomore slump” should have been recognized as a possibility. Which of course really begs the question as to why the coaching staff didn’t? They gave him the job with 0 competition and only a rookie behind him.

            5. Colbert’s impact last year was in his first couple of games. Everyone got excited by a few big hits. But even in the last few games of the year he was starting to be a bit hit or miss. Which makes the decision to hand him the starting job with 0 competition even more baffling.

            6. The only reason they had a bigger need for Ward to play CB is because they failed to bring in enough CBs during the offseason. They did it to themselves and it meant Ward didn’t get an opportunity to compete for the job he only lost due to injury.

    2. The most impressive part of Mullens game was he didn’t hesitate to throw it.

      The primary factor in this decisiveness may have to do with the fact that the receivers were getting wide open, and the primary reason for that was the lousy play by Raider’s DBs.

      The OL was great. Made Mullens job that little bit easier by keeping him clean.

      As you yourself acknowledge, the primary factor here was the D line of the Raiders just couldn’t get effective pressure. Additionally, Kyle called many plays that got the ball out of Mullen’s hands quickly.

      It felt like the Niners were playing against second or third string players, and hence dominance of line play on both sides, and Mullens mostly remaining in his comfort zone.

      I liked everything I saw of Mullens. Hope to see more of Nick at Nite at MNF. I think that the Giants DC will try to take away all the quick passes and force him to throw more into coverage. I trust Kyle to have a good game plan.

      1. Yeah, you’re absolutely right Mood, the play of the Raiders had a big hand in how the 49ers looked. But at the same time it was very encouraging to see the team take full advantage.

        1. Niners are a below-average team in both talent and experience. It’s reassuring that they can beat up on a weaker team, and they can hang with some of the more talented teams. Their inexperience, and the lack of closers, shows up in games against teams of similar talent level.

          Still, contrary to the assertions of Grant and his acolytes, Niners are the fifth least penalized team this season. So much for an “undisciplined” team:

          1. Yep I’ve mentioned this previously and the attempt to link TO’s to undisciplined play was also a reach of epic proportions. Never let the truth get in the way of a good rant though right?

            1. Not when your boss calls you into his office and tells you that we need to get the clicks up. I do my part to help Grant out, but I refuse to be his lackey….😊

          2. Discipline is not only penalties. Discipline entails being in control and playing cohesively as a team.
            Discipline can also mean avoiding sloppy play. A disciplined team does not give up 18 turnovers, and no takeaways. A disciplined team does not shoot itself in the foot. Penalties are a part of discipline, but is not the SOLE factor.

      2. “It felt like the Niners were playing against second or third string players”

        I’m confident in thinking every opponent the 49ers have played since week 3 said the same thing.

  40. For those that don’t watch much NCAA, it’s a big day of College ball tomorrow. Lots of games with playoff implications and the next date on the Harbaugh Revenge tour against Penn State. Good time to check it out if you haven’t previously.

      1. For the most part I find stats garbage as a whole, its not the stat or who says what its the fact he is becoming noticed – for the right things.

          1. I am not a fan of PFF nor other computer generated synopsis. Mood made an assumption about my feeling of PFF and he is wrong, no big deal. If I thought what they thought I would of quoted it like Mood did. Just bringing to attention that McGlinchey is making notice and that’s a good thing.

            1. Undercenter,
              My comment was directed at Grant, not you. I don’t follow personal predilections of individual commentors to that great a detail.

              1. ” I don’t follow personal predilections of individual commentors to that great a detail.”

                I don’t either :)

    1. HBD, JG.
      In other news, I do not only think KS has improved, I think Saleh called a good game.
      Of course, it was against an imploding team seething with discontent and blatantly tanking, but both KS and Saleh deserve praise. Winning cures everything.

  41. How many games this season does #4 aka Favre Jr…needs to win before he beats out JimmyG as the starting QB….

    I say if he goes 5-2 with good numbers and solid stats…..he has to be the starter next yr…..

    The Yorks are happy right now…..they pretty much maxed out JimmyG ROI …….the jersey’s and stadium season tickets have been bought already……now they can sell more #4 jersey’s

    Things are looking positive for the franchise…

    Remember it’s a game to us…its a business to them…

    1. Remember, JG is coming off a torn ACL, so he is not competing on a level playing field. He needs to heal fully and complete his rehab. There may be complications.
      This season has shown that in order to succeed, every team needs 2 competent QBs, just in case.
      Mullens did well, but I wonder how he will do against a Pete Carroll defense and a Seahawk team fighting to get into the playoffs.

  42. KS states he is not naming a starter until next week, so the Giants must game plan for both CJB and Mullens.
    KS is only fooling himself. The Giants will game plan against Mullens. They will not think it necessary to game plan against CJB, because the best strategy with CJB, is just to let him beat himself.
    The Giants will take Mullens seriously, because they saw him slice and dice the Raiders. From now on, teams will be assigning a spy on Mullens so he cannot roll out and throw TD passes unhindered. Mullens is accurate, throws with anticipation, and hits his receivers in stride. This next game, he should devise some mismatches with the LBs, who seem to be the weakest link. He should run the no huddle with quick snaps so the defense cannot substitute, and use Juice more in the passing game.
    I must commend KS, he allowed Mullens to roll out.He schemed to a player’s strength, and utilized him properly. Mullens should work more on being deceptive, looking off the safety, with pump fakes to freeze the DBs. I think Mullens has benefited greatly from absorbing knowledge from JG. Mullens has the same decisive leadership, quick release and mental clarity JG has. Seeing him calmly march down the field to score TDs, was something I did not see in the previous 6 games very much.
    I hope KS continues to emphasize running the ball, because that will protect Mullens. Since Mostert went down, I hope they bring up Wilson, who did well in the preseason. However, I hope KS is less predictable, and does not run into the teeth of the defense. Once they establish a running game, the play action passes will be more effective.
    Luckily, the Giants are almost as bad as the Raiders. Mullens should continue to score TDs and not settle for field goals. Hope KS gives him free reign to improvise.

  43. “Robbie Gould made one field goal”


    “Reuben Foster didn’t play and the 49ers didn’t miss him. He’s replaceable.”

    You’re far more replaceable.

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