49ers 37, Packers 8: Grades

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, left, greets Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers after an NFL football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Nov. 24, 2019. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

SANTA CLARA — The 49ers neutered the Green Bay Packers Sunday night by a score of 37-8. Here are the 49ers’ grades:

GAROPPOLO: A. He played with the lead the entire game and only threw 20 pass attempts, but he didn’t need to throw much. And he still threw for 253 yard and two touchdowns, and his quarterback rating was 145.8. This was the biggest game of Garoppolo’s career and he was outstanding. He fumbled one snap, but didn’t throw any passes to the opposing defense for a change. Meaning Bad Jimmy never made his weekly cameo. Good Jimmy hogged the spotlight, while Aaron Rodgers played like Bad Aaron or Old Aaron or both. Big step for Garoppolo.

RUNNING BACKS: B. Tevin Coleman averaged only 3.5 yards per carry — he has struggled running the ball since his huge game against the Panthers four weeks ago. But, Raheem Mostert averaged 7.5 yards per carry and Jeff Wilson Jr. averaged 13.5 yards per carry. And for the first time in weeks, the 49ers ran the ball effectively.

WIDE RECEIVERS: B. Deebo Samuel’s 100-yard-streak ended at two games, but he still made a 42-yard touchdown catch that essentially put away the Packers late in the second quarter. Emmanuel Sanders played through a painful rib injury for the second straight game. Dante Pettis never played, and Marquise Goodwin was a healthy scratch. I would be shocked if Goodwin remained on the team next season.

TIGHT ENDS: A. George Kittle played with a freaking bone chip in his ankle, and still caught six passes for 129 yards and one touchdown. He’s a legend, one of the best athletes and showmen in the NFL. He will make a fantastic professional wrestler one day. He’s already a fantastic tight end.

OFFENSIVE LINE: B-plus. They gave up three sacks, and rookie left tackle Justin Skule really got schooled by Packers outside linebacker Za’Darius Smith. But, the 49ers benched Skule and replaced him with backup tackle Daniel Brunskill, and the pass protection improved tremendously after this switch.

DEFENSIVE LINE: A. Arik Armstead recorded two sacks, Nick Bosa recorded one and DeForest Buckner recorded 0.5. The Packers couldn’t block this trio. Even without Dee Ford, who missed the game with quadriceps and hamstring injuries, the 49ers have a phenomenal pass rush. Just ask Aaron Rodgers, who was looking for a place to hide most of the game.

LINEBACKERS: A. Fred Warner recorded 11 tackles, one sack and one forced fumble. He is one of the best linebackers in the NFL. The improvement has made during his second seasons is reminiscent of the improvement Kittle made last season.

SECONDARY: A. The Packers threw at Richard Sherman only twice, and he gave up just one catch for seven yards. The Packers seemed scared of him. So, they went after the 49ers’ other cornerbacks, Ahkello Witherspoon and Emmanuel Moseley, who are arguably better than Sherman. So, of course the Packers struggled passing the ball. Free safety Jimmie Ward played his best game in the NFL. He broke up three critical third-down passes, including a deep one to tight end Jimmy Graham.

SPECIAL TEAMS: A. Mitch Wishnowsky averaged a respectable 45.5 yards per punt, and backup kicker Chase McLaughlin made all three of his field-goal attempts, including a difficult 48-yarder.

COACHES: A. Defensive coordinator Robert Saleh correctly identified the Packers are a run-first offense and shut down their running game. Packers starting running back Aaron Jones, an MVP candidate, rushed for only 2.9 yards per carry. Most defensive coordinators would focus on stopping Rodgers, but Saleh is smarter than most defensive coordinators. He’s that good. And so is head Kyle Shanahan. The Packers tried to take away Shanahan’s running game early in the game. So, he took what they gave him. Called lots of passes and run-pass options early in the game until the Packers defense backed off. As opposed to Packers head coach Matt LaFleur, who continuously ran the ball into loaded boxes with no success. Shanahan is so much better than LaFleur. Shanahan is so much better than most coaches.

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    1. I also noticed that. You could also clearly see him swimming with two other Niners in the end zone after a TD. Well, we have to cut Grant some slack he was probably focusing on other things.

      1. He loves to celebrate the success of others. That sounds nice, but it makes him look clueless. Dude needs to go under the radar until his play warrants camera time.

  1. Personally, I think they all deserve an A, except the D line, and LBs, who deserve an A+.
    They stomped a division leader, and made Rodgers look like Goff.

    1. And you, the mighty Sebs, were besmirching our 9ers at the draft and thereafter…………..no faith………

      Still think they need an OC?

      Fair weather fan………………

  2. Kittle is an Iowan. If he chooses wrestling for his post football career, he is sure to do well. Wrestling is huge in Iowa.

  3. This was a huge statement win. Can’t say the team hasn’t beaten anyone now. And not only did they beat them, it was a real beat down.

    I can’t recall seeing Rodgers ever look so out of sorts. The DL put him under relentless pressure, and the coverage did excellent work to take away the deep ball and cut guys down immediately on the short passes. You mentioned Ward had his best game, and I agree. Which is saying something because I thought he was tremendous against the Rams earlier in the year. But this game not only did he have a few important pass breakups, he also had a number of other big stops coming up and making tackles short of the sticks. Warner also had his best game as a 49er, and again that is saying something as he has had a few quality games this year too.

    So far this season the 49ers D has only really looked troubled by QBs that can hurt you with their legs. How many QBs have they kept to 100 or fewer net passing yards now? To do so against Aaron Rodgers… this D is something to behold.

    And as good as the D has been, the 49ers best player is on offense. Go figure. Kittle is incredible.

    1. Yup, I agree, mobile QBs are our kryptonite, but then again that seems to be everyone’s weakness when you look at the success of Lamar, Russ, and Murray. Who has been successful against them for an entire game. I think we can do what we did tonight virtually against any team that has a pocket passing QB. So I think we’ll have NO’s number. But Lamar is on fire, it will be very difficult. It’ll be interesting to see what Saleh comes up with. Offensively I think Ravens are a slower, bigger defense, so the outside stretch zone plays will be huge. Should be a good game, and probably our toughest game.

  4. Grant, I couldn’t let you get away without noting that you picked Green Bay to win. Never doubt the D! The same will happen to Drew in New Orleans and Lamar better watch out next week. The D just has to collapse the pocket leaving him no escape. The Niners are for real!!! Warner is stripping thee ball every week. Kittle can’t be contained.

  5. Anyone still doubting the team by this point is probably looking for reasons to dislike them. I don’t think they proved anything last night they hadn’t already, but that’s beside the point. This defence is the best in the NFL. The Pats defence is sensational too, but this one I think has a little more playmaking ability, and has played tougher offences. The Packers were taken apart from the word go. What excites me is that we’re not seeing a team that is playing without margin for error, and is peaking. Indeed, there are a number of things they need to iron out, like the drive-extending penalties, Buckner’s being the most egregious. That’s exciting because you see a lot of teams play great games at this point by playing a perfect game, but this team has a few of them and none have been flawless. This team can be even better. Hard to comprehend really.

    I predicted going into the season ten wins. I do not wish to get ahead of myself, but I can defo see 13+ wins on the table here. I do think this is the best team in the NFL, because unlike the Patriots it has a combustive offence that can take over games too. I was critical of Jimmy earlier in the game, but I think it’s clear the issue was the offensive line rather than him, so I take that back. He overall played a very clean game, most importantly no turnovers. I think that’s the recipe when other facets are clicking, to just be smart with the ball. By no means was he just a game manager though, with some nice throws down the field.

    Tough two games next, but I’m not worried. They’ll be good tests, and not compulsory wins either because the team has some wiggle room in its back pocket. I think Ravens will be tougher than the Saints, but both games should be good. If my maths is correct, Shanny currently owns a 20-23 win loss record in the NFL. Given what he started with, that’s impressive.

    1. Also, I knew not to write Sherman off. I actually had a post written up after Grant ripped him, but never got round to posting it. The crux being Sherman has always played on the edge, and sometimes that comes back around. You take him off the field and I genuinely think the secondary gets a lot worse, as the current guys have the comfort level of defecting to Sherman with that side of the field and directions etc. You go with Mosely and Witherspoon and I think you see more miscommunication and errors from players trying to do too much. He’s not at the peak of his prime, but he’s good enough to play corner in the league.

  6. Defense set the tone early. Tackling was as good as I’ve seen from any team this year.
    JimmyG took what the defense gave him and made some beautiful passes. Leave it to Grant to throw several backhanded comments in his analysis of this up and coming QB. Reading his summary, I want to assume he just childishly includes his snide remarks, but I cannot forget that he is, ostensibly, a writer. So he is actually putting thought into his little comments. Get over it; it’s getting really old Grant.

    1. Grant gave Jimmy big props in both his story and his video wrap.

      It IS the first time in 11 games this year that Good Jimmy played all 4 quarters. It was a watershed game for JG because he made virturally no errors. Even Shanahan said Jimmy didn’t throw it to the other team today. That darn Shanahan. He’s always so snide.

      1. “It IS the first time in 11 games this year that Good Jimmy played all 4 quarters.”

        Are we gonna act like the Cardinals game on Halloween didn’t happen? This blog is recency bias central.

  7. JG is the real deal, and just imagine if he did not have to rehab his knee, but could have been throwing to his receivers all off season.
    It was interesting to note that he likes to throw into the middle of the field, and knows where the seams are in the zone coverage.
    With time to throw, he is accurate, and throws a catchable ball that hits his receivers in stride.
    I kinda knew that JG would have a good game, because Kyle Allen completed a lot of passes against that Packer secondary, and I think JG is way superior to KA.
    I said before the game, that it would be a shootout between Rodgers and JG, and the player who would win would be the one that made the fewest errors. Fortunately, Rodgers shot himself in the foot too often.
    With a 10-1 record, I am jumping for joy, and JG is leading the way.

  8. BTW, great post game show. Glad to hear Kayo will get an interview.
    Nice background, it made the show look more professional.
    One small quibble. Grant should fill the time between the call hooking up and getting on air, by talking, instead of waiting in silence.

    1. It would be much easier for him to do that if he had someone handling the calls. Considering that Grant does everything, he’s doing great.

  9. Green Bay= overrated trash.
    I knew it would be no contest if healthy.
    They are the typical hyped up media team.

    My favorite thing about last night was NO SIGNIFICANT INJURIES!!!

    That’s a HUGE win in and of in itself my friends.

  10. And on to an even stiffer challenge next Sunday vs. Ravens.

    What we have here is the emergence of Gran’ts Razor–where each succeeding game becomes stiffer. Going beyond Occam’s Razor….

  11. “Shanahan is so much better than LaFleur. Shanahan is so much better than most coaches.”

    Glad you finally came around to see what many on this blog could see even when the 49ers were going through back to back terrible seasons. IMO Shanahan is a top 3 coach in the NFL. And the great thing is this team will only get better.

    1. Good Jimmy, Bad Jimmy, nothing but a snooze, Shanahan should be fired, he is just a offensive coordinator, Lynch should be fired, when was this nonsense a year ago.

      1. Then they have been turning it around recently.c JG,KS and Lynch…so now Grant tells it like it is, then and now. Now they are great and he says they are, so blow off.

      2. Don’t forget Saleh…he should’ve been fired, as well.

        Hmmm, someone is underperforming around here. Maybe they should be fired…

    1. Yep, I thought Brunskill was better than Skule and he proved it last night. Let’s hope Shanny doesn’t get a knock on the door from the FBI….

      1. Skulle was playing injured last night. Noticeably hobbling before kickoff. Tried to play through the pain of, according to Shanahan, the worst bruise he has ever seen, down his entire left side, from his hip to his knee.

        1. First five drives with Skule at LT: 2.4 yards per play, 10 points
          Final six drives with Brunskill at LT: 11.3 yards per play, 27 points

          I said it before and I’ll say it again, Brunskill is our best offensive lineman not starting. He could very well be the future at LT. I think Skule will be competing against Coleman next year for that swing OT spot on the roster. Joe Staley will retire after winning the Super Bowl….

  12. Good to see they finally realized Brunskill is better than Skule , right tackle , left tackle doesn’t matter . That was a major adjustment in game last night .

  13. Good write up Grant thanks man..

    Shocked you didn’t burn Sherm on the grades….he had two ugly penalties that cost the team points….both infractions were away from the play…..Bad Sherm….me thinks Eman and AW > Sherm

    Next stop=shock the NFL by burying the Ravens

      1. ME???? he didn’t make any boneheaded rookie azz plays … he played well =needs to keep it up

      1. They were both bad Bebsie……Sherm needs to get benched at some point…..those two penalties gave up the TD or set it up…..just bench him for a set or two to wake him up to the fact he is FKN it up……he does make great tackles though

  14. The NFL has been put on notice .

    1. Jimmy since the acquisition of Sanders: 67.6 completion % – T-7th, 1,242 passing yards – 3rd
    8.39 yards/attempt – 4th , 11 TDs – 1st , 109.7 passer rating – 4th (stats via Nick Wagoner)
    2. DLine was dominant. Let’s not overlook the contribution from DJ Jones .
    3. Al Sacco @AlSacco49 “Fred Warner is what the #49ers hoped Reuben Foster would be ”
    4. Raheem Mostert is an unsung hero. He runs hard and is dominant on special teams.
    5. McLaughlin is kicking with confidence.
    6. We are up to the Raven’s challenge.

        1. Kittle looks like the King in the Bud Light commercials. They could be brothers.

          Dilly Dilly

    1. Grant calls it like it is at that moment in the draft…and corrects himself whenever they improve later. So recently JG has changed around for the better and Grant says so.

      1. Mike51,

        Are you saying that Grant being completely wrong about something is ok, as long as he flip flops later, when even he can no longer deny reality?

        How can you possibly think that Grant saying that drafting Bosa was a mistake was “calling it like it is at that moment in the draft”? What he did was call like HE saw it in that moment in the draft and he was spectacularly wrong.

        1. He wasn’t completely wrong. Bosa has balance problems and that was a good reason ‘AT the time’ Grant said he’d rather not have Bosa drafted at 2, he gives him props now b/c he deserves it and Grant acknowledges it. He isn’t flip flopping. Don’t get confused, you’re hitting a shank on this one.

  15. Always gotta hate on jimmy g. Doesn’t it get old grant?

    So tired of the niner haters

    Shanahan was nothing without Jimmy g at qb, he was being chased out of town

    Go niners

    1. NO..YOU haters are getting way old!!!!!!!!!……….Grant tells ya when he’s good and shows you why and when he’s not good, got it!

  16. When Armstead sings his big contract with another team he better send a big check to Bosa, Ford and Buckner.

    Even Grant would have 10 sacks if you put him on a defense with those 3.

    1. So Lynch accumulating talent is a good thing? Do tell.
      You’ve been telling us how dumb he is (and how you know better) since he arrived.
      Way to find a negative in a solid victory.

    2. C4C

      More optimism coffee….In your place, I wouldn’t even leave the pew on Sundays…I think that your critique sucks…Armstead is our best Dlineman…chew on that….

  17. Huh, so out of interest I remembered someone telling me here that QBR was a terrible stat. I didn’t think it was perfect either, but thought it was decent enough. I checked Jimmy’s, and it was 24. That would make it the second lowest of his season, 8 higher than against Seattle.

    I think that’s enough for me to be done with that stat. Sometimes one has no choice but to throw their hands up in the air and concede it. I have no idea how it is calculated. I have no idea how you take 14/20, 250+ yards, 2 TDs, no turnovers, a passer rating of over 145 out of 158.3, and on a scale of 0-100 come to 24. I just don’t understand it. That stat makes no sense. It should be retired.

  18. The Ravens are going to be tested next week no doubt. Other then Seattle the Niners have not played anyone…

    Top four teams in football this year. The next SB winner is in this group. IMO

    Close but not good enough – playoffs for sure

    Leading the division but….

      1. I agree, and that’s not a bias because I hate them.
        The Seahawks have been extremely lucky to have the record they have right now.
        And they barely beat the Niners backups.
        I don’t believe they’re for real.

      2. I felt that they have given the Niners their only defeat. Also tied for the second best record in all of football. Won all of their road games up to this point. Wilson is the best QB at the moment. I don’t know guys you may be right but somehow they find ways to win.

        1. 8 of 9 wins by one score or less and an average of victory is 4 points in those 8 games. That shouldn’t be sustainable. They’ve had 4 wins this year that you’d have to tab as “lucky”. Yes, they made their own luck in those games, to an extent, but they’ve had a lot of help, as well.

    1. Seahags and Ravens are the biggest threat…..cause they have mobile QB’s….Saleh needs to figure something else out

      1. Agree completely with the fact the Niners have really struggled against mobile QB’s. The Ravens have a good D too.
        The Seahawks are vulnerable because their D is soft

        1. BEB everybody struggles against these QB’s not just us…..Saleh will figure something out I am sure….we will get it

          1. I think you’re right. At least I hope you are.
            They seem hesitant when attacking these QB’s. Probably out of fear of getting burned.

      2. montyderhak

        Excuse me, but Saleh is 10 – 1… losing only to an OT field Goal…what should he change…?

        1. Excuse me Oregoniner= just stating that the league not just Saleh is having difficulty adjusting to mobile QB’s….I truly think Saleh will find a way to deal with it…don’t know how but knowing him he will…..perhaps dedicating or putting a “hat” on him the QB full time….I am a Saleh fan not dissing him whatsoever!

      3. Kyle needs to have a spy on those mobile Qb’s…a “good” spy that will track them step by step.

        1. Yes a “hat” on him….its Saleh’s job not Kyle

          Oregoniner did u not see Rwilson shred the Niners D on the final drive running up the gut setting up the game winning FG?? LJackon is even faster

          1. Kyle or Saleh, it doesn’t really matter who, lol. Jackson might have a field day so put a hat or whatever on him, a ‘spy’.

  19. Remember when a certain poster was going on and on about Shanny needing an OC?

    How’s that take working out…

  20. I’m gonna nitpick and be a downer for a second.
    But where in the hell was that 48 yard field goal make two weeks ago??????


  21. The next two games are 10am start time East Coast games – it will be tough. I expect the 49ers to get a split

  22. It’s fairly obvious how important Kittle is to both the passing game and the running game, but what is often overlooked is just how important D.J. Jones is to this defence. His improvement has been enormous and they’re not the same up front without him.
    Also, where are all the Armstead haters? Lotta people complaining they extended him. He’s been exceptional. Yes the cast around him has helped, but he’s been a beast. I doubt they can keep him, but hopefully Paraag can find a way

  23. I didn’t offer any predictions before the game, so this isn’t boasting, but I thought the Niners could win and might win. But I remember thinking that someone’s 35-13 prediction was way too optimistic. A little bit of crow for my breakfast…..happily.

    1. someone’s 35-13 prediction was way too optimistic.

      That was me – 35 -14 (probably others as well). I’ve readily admitted my homerism, I don’t view the term “homer” as the insult and slur a lot here do. So in that vein, at what point will we homers be given credit as “realists” and “telling it like it is”? :)

  24. Dee showed up big time last night. They were playing like they were in the beginning of the season. it makes you wonder what happened against Seattle. They weren’t as ferocious then as they were yesterday. Did they hold back because of Wilson? Were they trying to adapt to Wilson’s style? Or is it because Staley was playing?
    Staley has lost a step (or two). At his age an injury doesn’t just heal, it effects your play all season.
    Maybe it’s time for Staley to stay on the bench.

    1. The D…not Dee. They lost in Sea. b/c of Wilson and using the wide 9, Staley not in, Kittle not in and missed FG plus JG 2 big mistakes and a few others , dropped passes, ect.

  25. Armstead? Did he deserve some of the criticism, aka “hate”? It took him long enough to get to a level of being a first round pick, and he does it on a walk year. That’s not going to bolster his case against the so called, “haters.”

    He’s having a great year.

    But let’s not a little recency bias get in the way of a career that’s been dotted by injuries and extended time on the sidelines,

    It’s not like he did a lot to dissuade our opinions of him.

    The same could be said about Jimmie Ward–same deal.

    The difference is that Ward got extended already.

    There’s a very good chance that Armstead will be playing for another team next year.

    Better take advantage of his coming out party.

    1. Ward is on a one year deal.

      Armstead will go to the highest bidder, and who could blame him? The only way he comes back is if the team pulls at his heartstrings, and overrules his head, causing him to take a hometown discount….

      1. Maybe they should make him an offer now before he hits free agency. He’s got a rare physique with those long arms and I think this defense won’t be the same without him. I’d rather bet on his health going forward than on Ford’s.

    2. Armstead was drafted as a developmental player. He dealt with injuries that slowed his development.
      He started to play well his first season under Saleh and broke his hand.
      He played great football last year. He was a stud in the run game, but because he didn’t have sacks people didn’t notice. Buckner doesn’t have great sack numbers this year. Is he bad now too?
      Then all offseason people were moaning that his option was picked up and saying that it was a waste of money. I’m addressing those people specifically. People who don’t see the big picture, just read stats and base everything off that.

      1. You don’t draft players in the first round to be developmental players. You draft them to produce in 1-2 seasons.

        Armstead, like most of the Niners have not had ideal consistency with the coaching and that shouldn’t be undersold.

        That said, he essentially spent two seasons on injured reserve.

        His rookie season, he was still in school and got a late start on training camp a wash season.

        First three seasons, Armstead was a complete non-factor.

        Last season he started to get some time and traction and develop, and now, surrounded by superior talent, Armstead is healthy and blossoms.

        The Niners carried him for three years.

        Will that enter into the conversation for negotiation?

        I doubt it.

        Take advantage of his presence while they can.

        But based on his prior history, I’m not sure I’d break the bank for him.

        I’d rather pay Buckner if I had to choose between the two.

        1. Completely agree that I’d rather pay Buckner.
          And nowhere did I say to break the bank for Armstead. I said I’d love it if they can find a way to keep him, but that it wasn’t likely because as Razor stated someone will pay him.
          I simply called out the people, of whom there were many, who were up in arms about the Niners picking up his 5th year option. Clearly that was a good choice.
          And again, I don’t disagree that 1st rounders are expected to produce early, but look at every single draft profile of Armstead. And everything written about him after the draft. They all say “raw player. Developmental player. Has elite size, but will take time to develop.” Baalke knew he was raw and no one was expecting him to produce right away.

          1. That is true. He was originally a tight end.

            It took a while for him to get here.

            I hope he sees the merit of staying and playing The Bay.

            They’re a better team with him and it seems as though his emergence is also linked to better players around him.

  26. I just want to say that as just about every pundit picked the Packers to win this game, it was a small comfort to have Grant join them. Just because he was wrong just about ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING this season:

    Wrong about Nick Bosa
    Wrong about Deebo Samuel
    Wrong about Akhello Witherspoon
    Wrong about K’Won Alexander (who was incredibly dominant until getting hurt)
    Wrong about Kyle Shanahan’s offense
    Wrong about Jimmy G

    Just about the one right call he made this offseason was about Ross Dwelley. So, having him pick against the Niners this week gave me some hope.

    Love the film breakdowns and the periscopes though! And I hear cab frank goes well with steamed crow.

    1. Frank Gore’s legs are done.

      Shanny should sign Kaepernick ASAP.

      Along with your notes, Grant opens his mouth too much to not be wrong on more than one occasion, but these are all unforced errors that he should’ve never made….

      1. And Grant screamed for the firing of Lynch and Shanahan at this time last year…. And before that, Shanahan was (only) a glorified OC.

      2. Kap has lost whatever he had and he had far less than we hoped. Mullens is the best backup in the NFL.

      3. Grant calls it when they are good and when they are bad which fluctuates….He also didn’t scream for their firing, wow way off!!..just that they ‘were’ on the hot seat. Not now.

          1. When Cone starts taking flak on the blog a bunch of new onetime posters jump to his defense. Kinda suspicious don’t you think?

    2. Grant might have been wrong about a lot of things (no pundit bats 1000). But here’s the thing about Grant, he took great umbrage at all the media that were saying complementary things about the Niners, that only Grant had the courage to tell us things as they were. How awful they’d be. Even retweeting some f-ing idiot calling Niners Faithful billions of robot morons (how’s that working out, f-ing idiot?)

      Grant dude, you are our insider, you let us down big time. You were there, at the creation as an eyewitness, must have you seen something about this team not revealed to the public at large. Yet you turned a blind eye, letting preconceptions color your reporting. Journalistic malpractice IMO. PD should rename this blog “Thoughts about the Niners By Someone Who Will Likely Get It Wrong”

      1. Rib,

        Agree 100%. You nailed what gets so tiresome with Grant.

        Grant has also had the nerve to suggest other 49er beat writers are FO lapdogs.

  27. You mentioned three players on the defensive line but you should add DJ Jones. He was a game wrecker last night. Wow did he impress.

  28. No Grant was right on most things.

    Kwon is gone.

    Deebo took along time to learn the position.

    Trent Taylor out.

    Boss he was wrong on and Mitch.

    1. Grant said Kwon wasn’t worth the contract because he won’t be the same player after the ACL tear. Clearly he was the same player. The pec tear was unfortunate.
      Receivers almost always take time to adjust to the pro game. Deebo flashed early, had some drops, took time to develop chemistry with Jimmy G, now he’s playing great football.
      I don’t know what your point with Taylor is? Grant said great things about him. He said he was the best WR in camp.

    2. Well, Grant also declared that Foster would be in prison. He might be someday, but Grant had him incarcerated within days of his post many, many months ago.

      Recall the shade he threw at Garoppolo at the start of the season–being ahead of Mullens because of Jimmy’s jaw line?

      Grant gets some stuff right, some stuff close, and a pile o’ stuff wrong.

    3. I agree that Kwon wasn’t really a success given that he only gave less than half a season, but to claim Deebo took a long time to grow is asinine. He’s in his rookie year. His early mistakes hurt because the team is in win now and can’t afford to carry him, but he has since stepped it up.

  29. In response to a well meaning jab, I will say that an OC might have called for 3 running plays in the Seahawk game, assuring at least a tie. Then the Niners would still be undefeated at 10-0-1, while the Seahawks would have been 8-2-1. It would have put the Niners firmly in control of the division.
    I wonder if an OC would have prevented KS from calling a time out, which was wasted since they had to punt, and did not score. An OC may have made the offense so efficient, the Niners would not have had to burn a time out, so they would not incur a delay of game penalty.
    With those 2 additional time outs, maybe the Niners could have scored a TD, instead of settling for a field goal at the end of the second half. Sure, it did not matter in the end, but they should realize that in many cases, it could help decide the outcome of a game. Kingsbury wasted time outs like a drunken sailor, and he could not stop the clock, aiding the Niners to victory.
    Guess KS may not have a formal OC, but Mike LaFleur may be handling a lot of those duties. As OC, Mike LaFleur may have helped KS make better play calls. In this last game, there were several drives that stalled, because the Niner offense was too predictable.
    Sure, an OC may have helped, but what helps more is having a shut down defense. The Niners cannot be defeated if they prevent the opposition from scoring, but they can assure victory with potent offense, out scoring the opposition. The Niners had to punt 4 times last game, so they were not perfect.
    I did not mention a lack of an OC, until some one decided to needle me, but I also remember the Rams in the SB, and remember how McVay was thoroughly out coached, while also deciding an OC was not necessary. Guess I just do not see how having an OC would hurt the team. Even Belichick has an OC, so he must think one is important.

    1. Fake, it’s the catfish. The punctuation and wording is a little different. This imposter in his 30’s-40’s has some psych issues from the past that he didn’t want to correct. He and his family know about it but he refuses to get help. So he’s dedicated himself to be Seb b/c he dislikes him so much but has gone over the edge again.

  30. “The truth is that even as the Niners won nine of their first 10 games leading into Sunday night’s triumph, Garoppolo made his share of maddening mistakes. Before facing the Packers, he had thrown 10 interceptions (along with 18 touchdown passes, not a highly impressive ratio), but the way he responded to those picks sparked a more significant statistic.

    Before we share that number, consider the context: Shanahan, for all his next-level strategic acumen, is admittedly hard on quarterbacks. He runs a complicated scheme and has exceedingly high standards for his starter’s grasp of that system — and he also has a bit of a temper.

    “Jimmy’s 100 percent got the right temperament for us,” Sherman said, ” ’cause he’s calm and he’s poised, and that’s what you need from your leader.”

    Wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders, acquired in an October trade with the Denver Broncos, agreed, telling me, “Jimmy’s a baller, man. He’s not a guy with an ego, and he’s a great teammate. In the big moments, he just stays true to himself, and it shows. I’ve never seen him rattled, even when Kyle freaks out.”

    OK, now here’s the money stat, unearthed last week by Josh Dubow of the Associated Press: On 10 drives this season that immediately followed his interceptions, Garoppolo has completed 32 of 35 passes for 378 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions.

    That’s pretty unflappable, especially considering that he plays for a coach who’s not afraid to let him know he screwed up.”

      1. yeah, I’ve had that with a couple of links in the last two weeks.

        I am willing to go out on a limb and predict that Jimmy G’s INTs will go down sharply if the KiSS trio, Kittle, Sanders and Samuel can remain healthy and available at the same time. If Sanders cannot agree to a contract extension in the off-season, I’m pretty confident that Shanalynch will get a similar veteran receiver in FA.

  31. Jack kind of alluded to this last night – last night was a complete demonstration on how the Niners played in the eighties. In the eighties, pretty much the Niners were the only team to beat the Niners. The comparisons are little but the results are much the same.

    I cant say enough about Kittle, to date the best draft pick of the Lynch/Shanny regime. I love mentally tough people, Kittle is all that and more.

    Lynch – executive of the year
    Shanny – HC and OC of the year
    Saleh – DC of the year
    Bosa – Rookie of the Year
    Kittle – MVP
    Jimmy G – come back player of the year

    By the way Ward showed why the Niners keep him around. Goodwin and Pettis on the way out?

    1. I can’t see Goodwin being back. He’s a one trick pony who seems to have lost that trick.
      Pettis might stick around because of his draft position, but probably shouldn’t.
      I was pretty excited to see what he could do. His play down the stretch last year convinced me he was going to step up and be a stud in Shanny’s Offense. I think I was one of the last people defending him too.
      I was dead wrong. He’s been terrible. He’s been invisible. He’s been disappointing.
      Maybe spend less time petting cats and doing arts and crafts and focus on football?

    2. The Niners in this game reminded me more of Harbaugh’s team of 2012 and 2013 than Walsh-Seifert teams, with the defense dominating at an extraordinary level throughout the game, and the offense playing efficient, mistake-free football.

  32. What some were saying about Armstead’s option (4/30/2018)…

    The topic opened with Grant saying….

    The 49ers just announced they picked up Arik Armstead’s 5th-year option. He will remain with the team through 2019.

    This is a strange move.

    I thought the 49ers just drafted Armstead’s replacement with their fourth-round pick — Kentavius Street, the defensive lineman from North Carolina State who tore his ACL during a pre-draft workout with the Giants. Street will miss the 2018 season, but probably will return to the Niners for 2019.

    Why did they pick him? They knew they’d keep Armstead.

    Read the comments that follow–classic stuff!

    1. If Congress wants to impose and Euro-style Right to be Forgotten lase for the Internet, I think Grant will be on of its biggest espouser…

  33. From PFT:

    First 6 games for Jimmy G:

    68.3% Comp. percentage
    219 passing yards per game
    7.9 yards per attempt
    7 TD/ 6 INT

    Last 5 games for Jimmy G:

    69.4% Comp. percentage
    283 passing yards per game
    8.3 yards per attempt
    13 TD/ 4 INT

    1. Trending upwards, though I’d be remiss if I failed to point out that without the Arizona games that reads 5 tds 3 picks in 3 games. But I’m not sure it’s fair to just take them away too. He’s getting better. Needs more games like last night.

    2. What changed? Sanders arrival to the scene, and these numbers would have been better if Kittle was avialable.

  34. What a game! Last night, so proud of our 49er team, I have never seen a team shut down Aaron Rodgers so bad, hats off to these defense, and LOVED the Jimmy G long connection to George Kittle for a touchdown.
    Now we need to start working on who will spy Lamar Jackson on sunday, maybe Dre GreenLaw?

  35. Wow, Grant actually mentioned the botched snap, blaming JG!! Even Collingsworth said it was the center’s fault ( To low)!!

    He must really be missing having Alex Smith to abuse?? Sherman was probably taking about Grant when he complained about people nitpicking JG?

    1. Yeah, Grant is taking a lot of hot L’s this year. The snap was waaay too low, Jimmy never really had a chance.

  36. Some here seem to think Armstead is gone next year as a FA. I say pay what ever it takes to keep this D line together. Hopefully Blair will be back at full strength as well as K Street There is no need for a FA addition to the DL. LB is set with the return of Alexander. The DB’s are set if they resign everyone. They are set at QB, RB and TE. I think with Skule and Brunskill’s growth they are set at OL. I believe that they can draft for needs and sign there own FA’s. One place they can save money is sign and trade Gould. I know McLaughlin has the one big miss but other than that he has been right down the middle. If they keep this D line together they could go down as on of the greats. Now they just need a great nick name.

    1. Goldman Sacks is the faithful’s choice.

      Firstly you have to gauge Armstead’s priorities. Is it, take the home town discount and continue to play with guys like Buckner, Bosa and Jones or is it all about the benjamins? If it’s the latter, you have no choice but to let the market set his value and then assess whether or not it’s feasible and/or makes sense from a cap’s perspective….

      1. Yeah, unfortunately salary cap realities will mean some guys need to be let go, and I think Armstead will be one such player. Good on him for turning his contract year into a breakout year. One of the reasons for his breakout year is the guys around him though. They will still be here next year and another player can hopefully step up like Armstead has this year.

    2. This latest analysis by Jason Hurley is worth a read:
      Can Armstead’s extension be accommodated along with Buckner, Blair, Kittle, Spoon, and the rest of the key players that need to be extended? Probably, if Armstead will accept around $10M-$11M per year and several other players agree to restructuring. But if a team offers him $14M-$15M per year, he’s gone.

    3. Gould is signed for 4 years, not sure what you’re talking about.

      And sign and trades are an NBA thing, don’t really happen in the NFL.

    1. I love Frank….in the football sense mind you LOL….Frank was and is a great player and should have been traded not released…..Baalke was a fkn idiot

  37. Grant may have been wrong about some things, but he was spot on some others. He has called Pettis a bust, from TC on. Pettis may call Grant a freakin joke, but Pettis is actually the one, instead.
    Sure, he called for a 6 win season, but that was an improvement from the 4 win season in 2018. We all did not know how JG would recover from his ACL, so he was a pleasant surprise. JG tends to throw a pick a game, so the Good Jimmy/Bad Jimmy is an apt description. Fortunately, the Good Jimmy shined last game.
    I am very happy to be proven wrong about the win total, and very few thought the Niners would be 10-1 at this stage of the season. I thought that doubling the win total from last season would be incremental improvement, But I will take leading the division and having home field advantage, any day. Also, after preseason, I upped my win total, and thought they may actually have a shot at the playoffs.
    He did not like Ward because of his proclivity to get injured. Having him playing and producing is a pleasant surprise.
    He still is right about Sherman. He may be doing well with his experience and savvy, but a coach like Bellichick would target him relentlessly. I hope they move Sherman to safety, like they did with Ronnie Lott. It would prolong his career, and keep him on the field.
    He did not like Kwon because of his injury history, and Greenlaw is actually proving to be a more than adequate replacement.
    I still would have passed on Bosa, if the Niners could have garnered a boatload of picks. Josh Allen has 8 sacks, and Brian Burns has 5.5. Both seem to set the edge, and keep their feet, better than Bosa. This past draft was rich in talent, so another second round pick would have helped the team. Bet the Giants would have traded their first, second, 4th and 5th round picks for the number 2 pick, instead of selecting Jones. The Giants could have selected Bosa and Dexter Lawrence, and still could have selected Jones later. Both Allen and Burns are playing well. I think Grant wanted Josh Allen, after a trade back.
    However, the Niners selected Bosa, so I will cheer him on, and predicted he would get a sack last game.
    Yes, Grant may be proven wrong at times, but he also makes bold predictions, so he is inviting criticism when they do not pan out. That is why I like him. He is not afraid to be wrong, but he is also right many times, too. His astute analysis given in layman terms, make his film study a must watch. I learn so much. His periscopes are also very entertaining, with his interactions with his callers.

    1. Let’s get some perspective here.

      1. Grant had officially eaten crow after calling Pettis a bust. And then Pettis regressed again. So, can Grant actually evaluate talent – or just review the film? It seems pretty clear the answer is the latter.
      2. He was wrong about Kwon losing his speed after ACL. Tearing a pectoral muscle does not in any way make him right about his Kwon prediction. Dre Greenlaw playing well is awesome – but it was Kwon who set the tone for the group of linebackers and Grant admitted as much. Not to mention that without Kwon there, Dre would be thrown out to the wolves without having leadership and time to mature. Speaking of Dre, here’s Grant’s analysis:
      “All of the decent defensive backs have been picked already, so I understand the 49ers drafting another position. But, they probably should have taken someone they couldn’t have signed as an undrafted free agent. Big reach. Mack Wilson, a better linebacker than Greenlaw, got taken seven picks later.”
      In his last 3 games as a starter, Dre produced more tackles than Mack in his last 6 – plus an interception.
      3. With all due respect to Josh Allen, he is nowhere near Bosa in terms of overall performance. Sacks aside, there are tackles, QB pressures, a fumble recovery, and a freaking interception! There is a reason Bosa is making a case for DPOY – for DROY it’s not even a competition.

      Like I said, I like him for his film breakdown and analysis (some of which I disagree with because he makes a lot of assumptions). But his BOLD PREDICTIONS turn out wrong much more often than not, so I take comfort in knowing how wrong he is when he predicts doom and gloom.

      1. Lets not forget it was Grant who was SOOOO high on Myles Jack. Called him the best defensive player in the draft, had him going #2 to Cleveland (ended up going 36th to Jax…and isn’t doing much of anything).

        Good thing the Niners went with the guy from Oregon, big 99.


        Better yet, his recap of the draft pick by pick…

        “5:22 And the Eagles take Wentz. Another bad fit. Yikes.” How’d that one work out?

        “8:16 The 49ers take Stanford guard Joshua Garnett. Good pick. He will start at guard for the next 10 seasons.”


        So take very big grains of salt with Grants talent analysis.

    2. Crappin on Bosa, again–because they didn’t draft the way YOU would have drafted.

      In the the 2+ years Lynch has been running the team with KS, how would you improve this team, Sebs? You were the Debbiest downer of all downers—-you were a qualude! And they did it their way and they are 10-1….

      Freekin Seb……………….

      1. Quit whining.
        JL could have done better, like not moving up to draft Foster, CJB and Joe Williams.
        We will never know if trading back and settling for Josh Allen or Brian Burns, along with a boatload of picks, would have been a superior option. However, Josh Allen has 8 sacks, and Burns has 5.5, so they are not totally inferior, since Bosa seems to be easily knocked off his feet, and allows them to break containment on his side too often. Getting several more players locked up in rookie contracts would help build for the future.
        That said, I also stated that since JL did draft Bosa, I will cheer for his success, and hope he gets more sacks.

  38. Woo Hoo! I am stoked about the Niners’ convincing victory over a playoff nemesis from years past.

    The method of victory in the 2011 season’s playoff win over Green Bay involved getting a rush with 4; to allow more coverage. Aldon Smith, Justin Smith and Ray McDonald knocked Green Bay’s offensive line silly; while Navorro Bowman was ready to take care of any business beyond the line. Arik, Bosa, Buckner, and Jones may be an even better combo; and we have the linebacker play with Warner that is very, very good.

    Go Niners!

    1. That’s too bad for Damontre’ Moore, who was surprisingly still available for the 49ERS this late in the season. The good news is that the 49ers have Jeremiah Valoaga on their practice squad, and the 6’6″ – 270 lbs DE out of UNLV was mighty impressive, recording 4.5 sacks, while leading the team in 2 of the 3 games he played during this preseason. His performance during the preseason final was especially impressive, even if he wasn’t going up against the Chargers’ starting unit. It’s likely that the only reason he wasn’t called up to help fill in for Ford last week, is because Moore was available, allowing the Niners to keep Valoaga on the PS as an insurance policy. Even better news is the fact that their is likely a better than 50%-50% chance that Ford will play against the Ravens, though he will likely be limited. I really like what I’ve seen from this kid, and I expect him to meet, or even exceed the kind of production the 49ers were likely to get out of Moore, which is really the story of the 49ers roster this season – capable replacements at every position – the epitome of the next-man-up mentality of which championships are born!

      Credit John Lynch, Kyle Shanahan, and the entire scouting department for quickly assembling a deep roster, and the Niners’ talented coaching staff for developing these young players, tapping their potential, and preparing them in such a way so that each and every player is ready to contribute and make plays when their number is called upon. It’s just so darn impressive!

      1. I meant to write that Valoaga led the 49ers in tackles during 2 of the 3 preseason games he played in, while leading the team in sacks. He also recorded 3 TFL’s, and I felt like he played every bit as well as Damontre’ Moore during this stretch. This kid has talent, and hopefully the coaching staff has made progress in tapping his full potential.

  39. Nobody bats 1.000 on the draft, or player evaluations.
    Grant called the Bowman situation. He is right about Sherman.
    The only poster here that I would say was the biggest cheerleader for Bosa was Razor. Many had injury concerns.
    Many rip Grant, but many are timid, and do not make bold predictions because they do not want to look clueless.They like to cherry pick with only the failures, not the successes. They could not do as well as Grant.
    Grant is at the practices, and calls it as he sees it. He is not a homer, but a objective observer. Meanwhile, many of us are die hard faithful fans. Saw calls me a fair weather fan. I counter by saying that I did not want to get my hopes up, because until September, they were a 4-12 team. They have vastly exceeded expectations, and NOBODY predicted a 10-1 season, except the delusional few who touted a 19-0 season. Show me a post where the poster predicted, a 10-1 season, and I will give him high praise. I was going to be a .500 fan, but I am giddy with delight that they are a 10-1 team. Not only did they obtain elite talent, the coaching has been very impressive. Getting Woods and Kocurek cannot be over-stated. KS, while not perfect, has managed well. I have never called for John Lynch’s head, because I thought he helped change the culture, and is building a solid foundation, brick by brick. However, JL has his Reuben Foster moments, so he is not perfect, either.
    Nobody, I repeat, NOBODY, thought that the Niner defense would be ranked consistently top 5. Those who did will have to prove it to me. Nobody on this site would have predicted that Rodgers would pass for only 104 yards.
    Let’s keep it real. Grant may need to eat some crow, but many others need to do the same.They were not perfect in their predictions. How many would think that the Niners would stop teams 14 times on 4th down? Not many.
    Posters in glass houses should not throw stones.

      1. So instead he chose Hoyer. How did that make him look smart, after 9 losses to start the season?

  40. What Grant concluded about the Lynch hiring (posted January 2017)…

    Jed York continues to one-down himself.

    After four weeks of searching for a new GM, and after four personnel executives turned down the job, York has hired FOX broadcaster and former player John Lynch.

    Lynch has zero experience scouting personnel, and presumably was the only candidate willing to work for a head coach (likely Kyle Shanahan) who has zero experience running a team and will have final say over the roster and the draft.

    How does this signing make you feel?

    A. Angry
    B. Depressed
    C. Amused
    D. Ashamed
    E. Delirious
    F. Rapturous
    G. Numb

  41. Spoke to soon.
    Goldmen Sacks lost another for the year.
    Damn it. I was really pulling for Moore too.

  42. Just listened to Richard Sherman post game and say what you want about him when he was with Seattle, and the development of Akhelo and Moseley, this guy is the Niners MVP.
    All he does is talk about his teammates, and he has brought the swagger needed for this defense. He is doing exactly what Deon Sanders did when he was with the 49ers.

    1. No he’s not. Old man Sherm is still playing good, but this defense is led by the front 7.

      1. He’s brought a level of leadership that we haven’t seen since Patrick Willis.
        He is the best leader on that team that has that defense playing unreal.
        A top ranked pass defense has not just the front 7 playing well but the secondary that’s getting zero credit.

        1. I agree on the leadership, but saying “He is doing exactly what Deon Sanders did when he was with the 49ers” is laughable.

          1. Why? Prime brought swagger, bravado, confidence and gave the young guys belief. That’s exactly what Sherm is doing.

            1. That 49ers team was already really good. Sanders was the piece that pushed them over the top. With this team it’s Bosa.

              1. And that’s my point. Their leadership took the team to the next level.
                Both Sanders and Sherman brought a ton of swagger and confidence to the Niners. Sherm is doing it by talking his guys up. Keeping them focused and confident.
                Calling out all the doubters(you were one) and making this “a us against the world” campaign.
                Sure the team is good but they wouldn’t be as good without guys like Sherm in the locker room. He’s their true MVP.

              2. Sanders wasn’t a leader. He was a playmaker. That team was led by Steve Young, Norton, Plummer, McDonald, Rice, Taylor, Hanks and a bunch of other guys.

              3. Leadership comes in different forms. Sanders came in and brought an attitude that that team lacked. It was essentially that attitude that helped them beat the Cowboys which they never could do with Young, Plummer, Rice and co.
                That’s what Sherm is doing for this group. Showing them how to win.

              4. There was a lot of leaders on that team before Sanders arrived. They just lacked a killer instinct and bravado. Sanders brought that winning mentality and so is Sherm.

  43. Can somebody let me in on the issue we have and the comparison between Cassie Freakin Baalke and Freakin’ Robot Moron. Is there an inside joke that I am not aware of? I remember Cassie being a frequent poster here, but I haven’t seen here post in a while.

          1. No catfish here.

            I changed to Freakin’ Robot Moron in response to a tweet Grant retweeted towards the close of preseason. One of Grant’s best buds was hyper angry, asserting that billions of robot moron fans were blind to the cr*p product the Yorks were putting on the field–bad players, bad coaches, bad schemes, bad front office, etc.–all bad. Just a bunch of robot fans–all morons–too dumb to see the truth…

              1. Even Stevie Wonder could see that the 49ers are 10 – 1 better than you can.
                There are 49ers faithfuls on this blog and there are 49ers posers. Which one are you?
                Actually, I think we know the answer.
                We went from 4 wins last year to 10 so far this year and you’re still belly aching.
                C’mon dude.

    1. PT,
      I agree. But then again these rams aren’t anything reminiscent to last years team. Soff Goff has regressed and has seemed to play in a protective fetal position all season.

      Their defense is good (Donald makes any defense look good) but it’s far from the defense from last year. Donald completely disappeared in tonight’s game and that pretty much is a microcosm of their season. Some good games and some bad games. Tonight was beyond bad.

      So while the Ravens are a very good team, I’m not sure that beating down the rams is a significant gauge.

      My only concern going into the Ravens game is that the 49ers have has some issues against running QB’s and Jackson may be the best of the group we’ve faced.

      But having faced Murray and Wilson may help the defense against Jackson.
      This game may be a preview of the SB.
      We have some unsettled business with this team. I can’t think of any bigger stage to settle up than the Superbowl.

    2. PT yes they do….its Harbaugh…..this is a tough physical team he has put together….

      Just don’t think LJackson will last in the NFL with all that running around…eventually he will be on the IR….

      The running type of QB’s just don’t seem to last in the NFL…they get hit and tackled too much…

  44. Cat Freakin Fish says:
    November 25, 2019 at 10:13 am
    And you, the mighty Sebs, were besmirching our 9ers at the draft and thereafter…………..no faith………
    Still think they need an OC?
    Fair weather fan………………

    REPLY: Seb also said Shanahan was “less than astute” for not resigning Kaep (letting him walk) and when asked by me to admit Garoppolo is better than Kaep, Seb said nothing.

    To date, Seb hates Garoppolo and if Kaep ever signed with another team Seb would betray the 49ers in a heartbeat because he feels that Kyle Shanahan betrayed Kaep.

    This is the strict definition of hero worshipping; putting player first, team second.

    We don’t need fans who call Shanahan names; thinks Kaep should be the starter and questions our front office.

    Move back to the Rams and Raiders where you once rooted for both in LA, Sebraidah !

    1. This also deserves a rebuke.
      Yes, KS was less than astute for choosing Hoyer over Kaep, especially after going 0-9 to start the season.
      I do not hate JG at all, and am rooting for his success. I have stated many times that since JG is the 49er franchise QB, I am not calling for a return to Kaep. I will just wish Kaep well, if he ever returns, after being blackballed for the last 3 years. I still think Kaep is way superior to many drek QBs who are starting on other teams.
      I do not think KS betrayed Kaep. KS has his own parameters, and he has the right to choose whoever he thinks will give the team the best chance to win. Kaep did not fit his system, but Hoyer was not the answer. Fortunately, JG fell into their laps, so I am ecstatic that JG is leading the Niners to victory.
      Calling a die hard faithful Niner fan a Raider fan, is such a vicious slur. Only a Raider fan like TrollD would do that. I remember TrollD rooting against Kaep, and for the Raiders.

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