49ers 44, Jaguars 33: Grades

San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle (85) celebrates after scoring a touchdown against the Jacksonville Jaguars during the second half of an NFL football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Dec. 24, 2017. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

SANTA CLARA – Here are the 49ers’ grades after their 44-33 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

QUARTERBACK: A-minus. Coming into the game, the best performance by a quarterback against the Jaguars defense was from Jared Goff. He completed 11 of 21 passes, threw for 124 yards and one touchdown and his quarterback rating was 86.2. Garoppolo obliterated that performance. He completed 21 of 30 passes, threw for 242 yards, two touchdowns and one interception, and his quarterback rating was 102.4. He made the Jaguars defense seem awful. He did throw an interception in the end zone – forced a pass to a receiver who was covered when other players were open. Bad decision. Garoppolo makes a couple of those per game. Still, he has the skill set every team looks for in a quarterback. The issue moving forward is how he develops and how he responds when something bad happens. Everything has gone his way this season.

RUNNING BACKS: B-plus. Kyle Juszczyk was the 49ers’ leading receiver. He caught five passes for 76 yards. Matt Breida was the 49ers’ leading rusher. He gained 74 yards on 11 carries, and made the case that he should be the starting running back next season. The current starter, Carlos Hyde, gained only 54 yards on 21 carries. It seemed the 49ers were using him as a short-yardage back in the second half. Breida outplayed him.

WIDE RECEIVERS: C. Marquise Goodwin caught only three passes for 37 yards – his worst performance in a while. Trent Taylor caught three passes for 19 yards and a touchdown. Amazing that the 49ers scored 44 points while getting such little productions from their receivers.

TIGHT ENDS: B-plus. Forget Celek Time. Today was Kittle time. The rookie tight end caught three passes for 42 yards and a touchdown. He has a legitimate chance to become a cornerstone of the franchise.

OFFENSIVE LINE: A. This group gave up only one sack against a defense that had recorded 51 sacks coming into the game. Unbelievable.

DEFENSIVE LINE: C-plus. The Jaguars scored two rushing touchdowns and Blake Bortles got sacked only once. But the 49ers defensive line helped limit Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette to just 48 yards on 18 carries. By negating Fournette, the 49ers forced the Jaguars to rely on Bortles, who’s unreliable. A glorified Blaine Gabbert.

LINEBACKERS: C-plus. Brock Coyle led the defense with eight tackles. Reuben Foster recorded only five and left the game with a stinger for the second game in a row. His surgically-repaired shoulder may be an issue his entire career.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: B. Dontae Johnson, K’Waun Williams and Ahkello Witherspoon each intercepted Bortles once, and those interceptions were essential. But, this secondary gave up 382 passing yards and two touchdown catches, and Dontae Johnson got benched for the second time in the past three games. It’s amazing the 49ers continue to win with him on the field. He’s so bad.

SPECIAL TEAMS: B. The Jaguars blocked one of Robbie Gould’s extra points, returned the ball for a safety and scored 16 unanswered. That safety gave the Jaguars momentum, but they couldn’t keep it.

COACHES: A. Robert Saleh continues to do the best he can with half a defense.  The 49ers don’t have the cornerbacks or pass rushers to stop the pass consistently, even against a bad quarterback like Bortles. Saleh deserves credit. Kyle Shanahan deserves even more credit. Today was by far his best performance as a head coach. He needed to figure out how to protect Garoppolo from a ferocious pass rush. And Shanahan figured it out. He called play-action passes where Garoppolo rolled out to his left. Usually, Shanahan makes Garoppolo roll out to his right – he’s a right-handed quarterback. Rolling to the right is natural for him. The Jaguars expected him to roll that direction. They didn’t expect him to roll left. They were unprepared. Shanahan exposed them.

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  1. Didn’t he get nailed on that INT as his was releasing the ball? It sure fluttered like he did. Other than that I’d say he’s quite developed and I look forward to watching him after a full offseason with more talent. Next year is gonna be fun!!

    1. You’re correct. Which, once again, makes Grant’s grade on Garoppolo is wrong. And it shows, again, that he really doesn’t have the observational skills he believes himself to possess.

      Garoppolo was HIT WHILE THROWING BECAUSE BEADLES GOT BEATEN BY HIS MAN. I saw it during the game. The Fox Sports announcer & color men saw it. Other beat writers saw it and at least two of them even included a ****ing CLIP! (Niners’ Nation (James Brady) and Niner Noise (stealing Brady’s tweet)!)


      Garoppolo looked to be throwing to #81, not #84. But when he was hit by #91 the ball went off on a 15+ degree tangent.

      But Grant… Nope. It’s Garoppolo’s fault. Which it wasn’t. He was hit while throwing which deflected the ball. That’s the breaks of the game. And why Grant just is BS in his grading. He sees what happens, but frequently can’t figure out why what happens or the context of why it happened. And that really matters.

      Even worse, I brought it up last thread. Even before he wrote his grades.

  2. Garopplo posted a 102.4 and the 49ers put up 44 on the best defense in the NFL. That’s an A to A+ performance. I think Jimmy was hit while he was throwing that int in the end zone. Other than that 1 play JG was tremendous.

    Curious on the rule where the Jags receiver caught the ball and got 1 foot down but hit the pylon. Is that a catch or does he have to get 2 feet down?

    1. As long as your body isn’t touching out of bounds when the ball crosses the pylon it’s a TD. Lol, I remember getting wrapped up at the two yard line and doing a statue of liberty forward flop for a TD in H.S. The ball only has to pass the front edge of the pylon by a visible amount for it to be a TD. Pylon moves=TD most of the time*.

      *The NFL has a hilarious level of human error with some of their rules and/or calls.

    2. As usual Grant is off. JG got hit as he threw and if you watch the WRs route he would have been open in the corner. Grant should be working for the Browns.

  3. It’s tremendously exciting to watch this team now and look forward to the off-season again. I loved the Shanahan hire but the QB situation, even if remedied with a top draft pick, was a long term project. I was not expecting the Garropolo trade and thought it was amazing for the 49ers on paper. It’s been great for them in practice and he truly looks like the real deal. He’s very smart, very efficient and looks for the big plays without forcing them. His impact has been tremendous with little experience in the system and few playmakers surrounding him. What a difference a QB makes.

    1. I still can’t beleive Bellichick let Jimmy G out the building & even more shocked it was for a 2nd round pick..could be Belechicks worse move ever but w/5 Super Bowls he gets a pass for life..& Jimmy G situation reminds me a bit of Rodgers sitting & learning even more from Favre..Also today was the first day in Levi Stadium that it actually felt like real home field advantage

      1. Word is that Belichick wanted to trade Brady and keep Jimmy G. but Robert Kraft nixed that. He knew what he had with Jimmy G. and figured that the Pats would just keep on winning for the next 10 years. Now Bill is working short term and he’ll probably be out the door once Brady is done.

          1. I was driving when my phone messaged me about the trade. My wife had my phone, and read me the pop up message. I nearly spun the car out of control. After gathering myself, I asked her to look to see what we gave up for Jimmy. When I found out it was only a 2nd round pick, I was convinced I didn’t have all of the facts. We had to have given up more, I thought.

  4. He was hit when he threw that int.
    I’m sure it was a good decision before him being hit.

    Jimmy Grapes is my new hero.

    Merry Christmas everybody.
    Have a blessed and safe Christmas and new year!
    Gold blooded!! Niners all day!
    We’re back… next year. Tee hee

    1. “He was hit when he threw that int.
      I’m sure it was a good decision before him being hit.”

      Definitely looked like his arm was hit. Not sure how good the decision was. Looked like the CB was falling back right into the area where Bourne was going. Oh well. One play, and he made a couple TD throws after to make up for it.

      1. The only people who never make mistakes are people who don’t do anything. Vince Lombardi liked to say: It doesn’t matter if you fall down. It only matters what you do when you get up.

      2. Jimmy G said he needed to get the ball out a half second faster and Shanahan said he needed to call a faster developing play. All I know is that we are very lucky to have these 2 guys.

  5. What a great Xmas present and end of the season. Next up after free agency is the draft. My wishlist for the draft is 1st pick: Quenton Nelson G from Notre Dame, 2nd pick: Rashaad Penny RB from SDSU. Nelson is the mauler the 49ers need on the line and Penny is the best RB with the speed of BLove and the power of the over hyped Penn St RB. He’s perfect for Shanahan’s system and will be perennial Pro Bowlers along with Garropalo and Nelson for years to come.

    1. Nelson would be a great addition to the OL, but as the season plays out it’s evident this team needs defense over offense with the top two pics. Pass rush, Dumerville’s best days are behind him, Marsh is quick off the snap but has no moves, Buckner double teamed 80% of the time. I’m thinking Arden Key from LSU, if he’s still there when were on the clock. And corner, yes Johnson is horrific despite his pic 6.Got to upgrade these two positions next if we are to go deep into playoffs next year.

  6. I loved how the offensive line ignored the press clippings, internet chatter and mouthy Jag defenders… fighting hard the whole game.

    But I wouldn’t give an A. Garoppolo’s quick delivery and mobility have been making them look better than they are.

    Hoping T. Brown is healthy mind and body in 2018. Who knows, maybe Garrett’s new physique and training style will make a difference.

    Niners currently draft between picks 6 and 9. Still well positioned for one of OT, Edge, CB, WR. Of that stud OG from ND.

    1. Especially as Beadles was beaten so badly that when the DE hit Garoppolo’s arm in the red-zone, it lead to an INT. Something that, pretty much, everyone saw and understood.

  7. No defense for a perfect pass. Garoppolo was slinging on-time dimes all over the place and there was nothing they could do about it.

    Surgical from Jimmy G.

  8. Dont lie Grant. You are fricking stoked to watch this guy in Training Camp.

    Gotta be the best QB you have ever had a chance to watch in Practice. *on a consistent basis

  9. Analysts at half time said the player who blocked the kick resulting in the 2 two points and kickoff to the Jags was ridiculously offsides. The refs missed it because they were looking at the clock because the niners were close to coming up on a delay of game penalty. Score could have been much wider victory for the 9ers.

  10. How he develops??? Are you out of your skull Grant? Jimmy is already one of the best QB’s in the league. Top 5 at least! There nothing left to develop. NOTHING! He just needs to play now…As Lynch and Shanny add more talent, you’ll start seeing blowouts. Jimmy is a freaking superstar already…Niners just need to add more talent and develop the talent around him.

    1. Yup. First it was JG needs a full offseason to be comfortable in Shanny’s offense. Then it was JG needs to do better in the RZ and have success against a quality team. SF goes 4 for 6 in the RZ against the best defense in the league. How can anyone not think JG is a franchise QB at this point?

    2. I kinda have to disagree crabs.
      Not completely, but I think Jimmy Grapes needs to improve on his deeper balls. Besides the deep shot to Hyde I ha w yet to see him put some home runs on the money.
      It may be the speed of his receivers he hasn’t got down yet, but he needs some work on those passes. That’s pretty much the one thing I’ve seen him not be able to consistently.

      1. OTOH, his 11-20 is the best in the NFL. We’re talking much better (+10% or more completion percentage) than a healthy Aaron Rodgers, Alex Smith, Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, etc. , etc., etc. He’s going to regress without a doubt.

        It’s just one of those things. I think he could end up around Brady and be hitting about 61% of those passes (which is very good for the NFL). But I don’t see him sustaining 71.4% he had coming into yesterday’s game.

        OTOH, his deep pass completion rate is terrible. 2 for 11 coming into yesterday’s game. But that, too, is an artifact because those samples are always so small that you get huge differences from year-to-year.

        What you should expect is about a 35%-38% completion rate for passes thrown over 21 yards for a season. Even then any of the internal splits can swing +/- 15% in any one year. For example, Alex Smith has completed 50% of his passes 31+ yards this year. That’s freakin’ incredible. Doing well there is in the low-30s. And many times QBs end up in the teens. Occasionally lower.

        And they’re kind of over rated. They just don’t make a terribly significant part of the QBs attempts in year. Rather, the vast majority of passes in the NFL are thrown a target depth of 10-yards and under. It’s not the 1960s even though announcers, analysts and many fans still act like it’s the days of Darryl “the Mad Bomber” Lamonica…

        And if he’s cutting up defenses from behindLOS to 20 yards, we’re going to win a lot of games. Even if he does turn out to be a ‘bad’ deep ball passer.

  11. Grant : ….

    Wasn’t it you .. (recently) .. who said you couldn’t give Jimmy
    higher than an “A” .. due to his lack of production in the Red Zone ..?

    Today… he threw for TWO ..TDs …plus the QB sneak ! …and
    you give him an “A- ” for the effort ….?

    I believe those (above) .. who pointed out that his arm was hit
    on the INT …. So-o-o … when you go back and watch the tape..
    will you give him the A+ he deserves when you find out
    they are correct ?

    Also … on the one hand …you cite Hyde’s numbers…
    while extolling Breida’s … and on the other hand you give Shanny
    lots of props .. for calling a great game …
    Has it occurred to you that just maybe …. That was
    part of Shanny’s plan ??

    Inconsistent much ?

    1. agree..Grant has a tendency to be controversial by taking outsized positions that are frequently wrong. Grant misjudged Hoyer badly. He does get Donte right and I think he is right about the defense being substandard. But Jimmy is raising the play of everyone, even the defense.

    1. You notice how many of us saw that? And how Grant didn’t.

      His arm was hit while throwing because Beadles got completely hosed. I put a clip of it further upstream.

      Grant is, once again, wrong.

    2. I went frame by frame and it looks like he got hit after the release. (no shirt movement from grab before) It’s not the greatest footage to assess his hit but it was a curious throw for him with the receiver going L and JG throwing R.
      He definitely had more pressure than I recall seeing initially.
      Luckily it was just one blip.

      1. “It’s not the greatest footage to assess”

        True. To me it looked like he was hit as the defender’s arm was going up (before the release). As the defender’s arm came down, it was clear JG got grabbed after the release, as you said. The video was inconclusive. That’s why I said to judge for yourselves. Another thing to consider is the inaccuracy and wobble on that pass. JG usually doesn’t throw that poorly from short distances, the zip and needle threading wasn’t there.


        “That may have been Jimmy’s first bad interception. Did you talk to him after or consult him after that interception?”

        “Not much. He made the right read. He was throwing to an open guy. He just got hit as he was throwing it and that’s what happens.”

  12. How about the rookie season John Lynch is having:

    Contributing draft picks-
    1. Solomon Thomas
    2. Reuben Foster
    3. C.J. Beathard
    4. Ahkello Witherspoon
    5. George Kittle
    6. Trent Taylor
    7. Adrian Colbert

    Undrafted Rookie Pick-UPs
    1. Matt Breida

    Free Agent Acquisitions
    1. Kyle Juszczyk

    Trade Acquisitions
    1. Jimmy Garoppolo!

    1. Next year.

      Contributing draft picks in 2018
      Joe Williams?
      DJ Jones?
      Pita Taumoepenu?

      Undrafted Rookie Pick-UPs in 2018
      Cole Hikutini?

      Free Agent Acquisitions
      Garcon was on his way to a 1,000 YD season. Fusco has gotten better. Goodwin has produced. K’Waun Williams has been solid. Oh, and Gould has been soooooo good.
      John Lynch = GM of the Year.

        1. That other guy, went off the board that Scot McCloughan put together. So it doesn’t count :)

          Yeah John Lynch = GM of the year….for the trade of the century with Jimmy G! Even though Belicheck called us, John Lynch deserves some of the credit for the trade. Also, nice moves getting rid of Rashard Robinson and Vance McDonald and turning it into Draft capital.

          His only questionable move was shelling out a 5th rounder to Denver for Kapri Bibbs. Bibbs is a decent player who is making an impact for Redskins, but costly move.

          Merry Christmas Everyone!

          1. Actually, we traded a 4th rounder for Bibbs and a 5th rounder. Bibbs was just veteran insurance but Breida and Williams were going to make the team. Raheem Mostert also played well and he was a monster on special teams. Bibbs was just a numbers victim.

    2. There is a lot to be said for getting away from active football and just sitting and analyzing as a commentator. I bet as he watched the games his mind was doing a lot of ” what would I have done’s” and ‘What should they have done instead” in respect to personal.

      Merry Christmas everyone~

  13. Sure is a lot more fun watching this 49ers team than the one that played the first 11 games of the year. Who knew one player could make such a difference?

  14. Also JG and Kyle are the reason the OL looked so good. Grant is a tool and doesn’t get clicks if the 49ers are winning.

  15. I wish SLing TV gave me CBS without paying extra. Hope NFL Network replays that game this week. What a GAME!!!

    ANd to top it off, I had guest-list tix for the Brian Setzer Christmas show. A friend is his piano player. One helluva christmas eve, I gotta say. Go Kevin!!! Go NINERS!!!

  16. It is constantly being said that what helps make a consistent winning team is a good Quarterback/Coach combination. I believe one of the announcers stated that during the OTA’s or some other place JG stated he recognized a great chemistry between him and
    Shanahan. It appears that the Niners have their Montana/Walsh, BB/Tom Brady combination on board. JG and Shanahan’s system are made for each other. Each will make the other better. I would say it is the combination of both that is the reason for the present result.

    JG would have succeeded where ever he may have gone. Shanahan and Lynch would eventually have created a solid contending team even if JG did not land here. However combining the two created a special dynamic which we are now seeing the results of. That being that the sum is greater than it’s individual parts. Again Merry Christmas to the “49er Faithful” who hung in when everything really looked bleak.

  17. Never thought I’d say this but my maiden voyage to Levis today prob topped several other trips I made to Candlestick….almost blasphemous to say, I know. The park was lit today, extremely loud on 3rd downs especially. Proud of our squad today, but just as proud of the fellow faithful…..today we provided a true home field advantage. The whole scene clearly had Jax shook up, but their talent and physicality kept them in. They are big and nasty, remind me of Lynchs Bucs and the Bal team that bested us in the big dance. We showed grit to withstand them seizing momentum in 3rd qtr, and again late in 4th. Their backup hb Yeldon was a matchup prob with his speed but he had some key drops and near fumble where he took about 4 steps then dropped the ball untouched, can’t believe they reviewed that and said it was not a catch. Fournette couldn’t get going, but thankfully they kept handing him the ball. This game wasn’t over until Breida got around the corner.
    A- for JG, Grant you should hold yourself to such a high grading standard. U been posting C- articles all year sir….the Brian Hoyer of Niner beat writers.
    On a side note, Bortles is hot garbage imo……Kaep would make Jax a scary team. Sorry but had to say it, I see teams every wkend running chumps out their…….can’t wait until he gets a shot, hope it’s with a contender, in the afc of course. Enough of that tho…..sign JG now, the price tag goes up every time he steps on the field. Pay the man!
    Catch you guys next wkend, I refuse to pay a penny to read comments mon-sat. 37-34 Sf my early prediction for next wk, another team will be left wondering what just happened.
    Anyone headed to the game next year, I suggest you hit a vta park and ride…..Catch lite rail in…..save yourself $50. That was my gameplan today and it went perfectly, riding on a train packed to the brim with Niner faithful was an experience of its own and added bonus, kids loved it even my son decked in raider gear. By the 2nd qtr he had peeled that trash off and was stealing my niner gear, the red and gold had him memorized…..and quite frankly so was I. I believe Jax was feeling something like that too, they seemed in a state of disbelief all day that we had the audacity to stand toe to toe in the middle of the ring and throw down with the bully. Well done to all, well frikn done.

  18. Total blast! I had a good time at the giants game where C.J. played well and got their first win, my best friend and cousin took me to the game yesterday, one it was electric, big reminder of the 80’s, boy #10slides around and makes something out of nothing like Joe used too. Just hanging with my cousin on Christmas Eve brought back memories of Christmas eves long ago walking to the tower record store in San Mateo! This vibe makes two 48 year old men feel like teenagers again. Totally was shocked when my wife callled to say my 12 year old wanted a foster jersey and not Jimmy G loves to hit people and falls down too! Fun to see awesome play calling, enthusiasm and offense!

  19. Most important Merry Christmas to all! dReed209 is right made me think of candlestick also, also it was cool the way the organization was given stuff away and at half time had a police officer who lost his canine partner a few months ago that devasted him play a game of hot and cold with big gifts that revealed a new puppy! Sappy but brought tears to my grinch heart that grew a few sizes, hope this ride is not brief but I am going to enjoy every second, thank you lynch and shanty, and thank you boys and girls for the entertainment!

  20. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all from the “Gateway”.
    Be happy and be safe.

    One-handed interception by K’waun… smoother than funny-tasting eggnog.

    1. Witherspoon had really quick reaction to ball on his pick. Lots to like.
      When One Niner predicted a win yesterday I just smirked a little and admired the loyalty, but……..wasn’t ready to ante up on that.

      Jags didn’t handle adversity well, lost their poise and it cost them. Niners kept their heads down and kept plugging even after momentum shifts. These guys have had plenty of experience with adversity this season.
      🎼 “ Keep on pushing, straight ahead!”
      🎼 “Break on thru to the other side! Break on thru! Break on thru!” 🎵

  21. 1. Merry Christmas everyone.
    2. Great Game.
    3. JG is a good qb. Imagine if this guy had a legit #1 receiver.
    4. Allen Robinson is a FA. Martavis Bryant wants trade . Niners should target both .
    5. Trent Taylor/Kittle are pretty good slot receiver/TE .
    6. We should let Hyde go and draft Saquon Barkley
    7. Desperately need edge rusher or 2
    8. Grant is an alarmist, but I suspect he is correct about Ruben FOster. The dude is hurt a lot.
    9. 2018 looks promising.

  22. If Alex Smith, Kaep, Gabbert, Hoyer had that kind of game it would be an A grade for them. However it wasn’t them, it was the Jimmy G show, a solid B+ once again. We haven’t seen his A game – yet!!

  23. 5 Burning Questions For Today:
    1) Can the 49ers minimize mistakes and be patient? Answer: Yes
    “This “Seahawks D” will require them to stay balanced and work underneath.”

    Shanahan and Garoppolo put on a clinic in how to defeat the “Seahawks D” and for the most part the offense stayed away from penalties for once.

    2) Can Garoppolo match Blaine Gabbert?
    Answer: Yes

    “Gabbert put up a QB rating just over 83 in the Cardinals victory over the Jaguars. This was one of the best put up against them all season. It was also the Jaguars last trip out West.”

    This wasn’t even close as Garoppolo’s 102.4 was almost 20 points ahead of the next best rating allowed by the Jaguars on the road all year. His only bad mistakes were an interception in the red zone and an airball on the first drive, but he subsequently made up for both.
    3) Can the 49ers defense make Jacksonville one dimensional? Answer: Yes

    “Blake Bortles has been playing well recently, but the 49ers need to force him to win the game.”

    The 49ers defense shut down the Jacksonville run game, holding Fournette and Yeldon both under 2.7 yards per carry. This forced Bortles to throw 50+ times and even though he went for 380 his 3 interceptions contributed to a hole that was too deep to dig out of.

    4) Can Marquise Goodwin keep on his roll?
    Answer: No

    “Goodwin is 1 yard short of 3 straight 100 yard receiving games. If he can reach 100 today he’ll become the first 49ers receiver since Jerry Rice to pull off the feat. He’d also join Antonio Brown, the Steelers #1 receiver as the only receivers to put up 100 against the Jacksonville defense.”

    Goodwin was held to only 37 yards on 3 receptions, but he also helped take the DB’s out of the play to open up underneath routes. He had one catch on a quick out route for a 3rd down conversion that brought back visions of #80.

    5) Can the middle of the 49ers offensive line hold up? Answer: Yes

    “The Jaguars are terrific at pressuring the QB. The key today will be keeping the middle of the pocket clear to give Garoppolo room to step up and get the ball out. Calais Campbell is a beast in the middle. Big matchup advantage to Jacksonville.”

    The much maligned group did a fantastic job all day, allowing only 1 sack and giving Garoppolo a clean pocket on 75% of his pass attempts according to PFF.

    49ers 19 Jaguars 17

    Wrong score but got the winner right.

    1. From the Michael Silver article I posted earlier today:

      “I don’t feel like it was him so much as the scheme,” Jacksonville nose tackle Marcell Dareus said. “They made tremendous plays, all up and down the field. It’s a pretty cool scheme. Their guys were ready. They knew their assignments and executed to a T.”

  24. Merry Christmas to all (including those who have left the blog IE Seb and Hofer) May the new year bring a return to the playoffs I know my 90yo Pops would love at least one more shot at making a SB.

    1. Funny you should mention seb and hofer in the same statement. Both of them exposed themselves and left the blog immediately lol.

      I know many of you are wondering what happened to hofer. I know the real story and it’s both hilarious and sad at the same time.

        1. The limbs fell in direct correlation to Smith’s performance on that particular day. The skies were clear when Smith was victorious and efficient. All hell broke loose on Hofer’s property when Smith laid an egg. It was a strange phenomenon. Hofer was a good dude, though. He actually responded to me on Twitter years ago but I don’t even use it.

        2. Funny, guys.

          Here’s what really happened (straight from the horse’s mouth). Hofer posted some personally identifiable information about himself in the body of his post. From that another individual dug up a ton of information about him including where he lives and works, his photos, etc.

          The other individual created an online personality in this blog and used Hofer’s real picture as his gravatar pic. At some point he replied directly to a post Hofer had logged and on discovering this, Hofer completely freaked out and left for good.

          There are some loose ends there in the story but suffice it to say that the picture the individual out up could only have been obtained by knowing other more personal information about the Hofer.

          So long story short, it was effing hilarious and sad at the same time. Cheers.

  25. Regarding Draft

    I’m curious to see this Georgia LB in the playoffs. Alabama DB too. But with these persistent scares to Foster. It might be good to grab another stud LB to sure up the middle. We hedge our and provide insurance. Worst case we have a backup plan to Foster. Best case we have our combo like the old days

    1. Minkah Fitzpatrick has the talent of Sean Taylor and the intensity & leadership of Ronnie Lott. I’d be cool with a first round Mink.

      1. Agree. Elite talent and can make those around him better. If he can play corner for a couple of years like Ronnie, so much the better. Lynch will recognize that skill set. Top 10 (5?) guy, so prolly out of reach with any trade back.
        FA 1st, then we’ll see.

  26. It was a gd dmn Xmas Eve miracle that the O-line performed as well as they did against “Sacksonville”. Jimmy He’s quick decision making and lighting fast release made them look better. It’s a team sport so they’re supposed to make each other look better.

  27. I believe in Kyle …..the jags were predictable…..i saw the win miles away….

    It’s this rams game….i can’t wait to watch…..beating the rams always says alot about us…..

    The rams are one team we mentally and physically need to beat….

  28. The grades for QB have been consistently lower than they would be if the fact that the Niners QB has scored every time he has had the ball and they were playing catchup was considered.

    How can the QB do better than any other has against “the best defense in the league;” score when behind 19 -16 to re-take the lead; play with zero pro bowl starters on offense; and make the scoring touchdown drive to put Niners ahead for good; and still not get an “A?”

    This game would not even be close if the other units didn’t make big mistakes, like blocked PAT and Dontae being Dontae. Our QB also played from behind to beat the Bears, and also played from behind last week to beat the Titans.

    He’s the best QB in the league over the last month and can’t scratch out a straight A. I bet Jacksonville writers would give him more considerations.

    1. Not so fast:

      Fullback Kyle Juszczyk was selected to his 2nd straight Pro Bowl. Joe Staley, Trent Brown, Carlos Hyde, and Robbie Gould made the alternates.

      If we were a winning team, we might have picked up Brown or Staley. Possibly Gould. No way for Hyde though, not enough stats and too many ‘big names’ like Elliot & Gurley ahead of him.

      1. Thought it was a mis-post as the board went nuts and posted to another comment at first.. But this is the right comment for the response. .

  29. Best temper your draft expectations. Them Top-3 guys you were all drooling over… As of today:

    1) #Browns
    2) #Giants
    3) #Colts
    4) #Bucs
    5) #Browns (Via #Texans)
    6) #Broncos
    7) #Jets
    8) #49ers
    9) #Bears
    10) #Bengals

    Full order here:


    Our SoS was harder than the Broncos and Jets, but not as tough as the Bears. The Texans play today. We won’t know until the end of next week our exact position in the order. We can move up or down with a possible ‘best’ of 4th (major long-shot) if we lose and everyone ahead of us wins-out) and ‘worst’ of 12th (we win, everyone else loses).

    Interesting times since the trade. Especially as Garoppolo has lead the 49ers to more victories than Gabbert and St. Kaepernick combined in the prior two seasons. Really, QB makes a huge difference.

    1. Thanks for the post Moses. Let’s hope wherever we end up we pick the steal of the draft.
      I’m hoping Barkley or Fitzpatrick or even Nelson fall to us. I think all 3 of those guys are great additions.

    2. Of these teams, at least 4 of them need OL help. I think Quentin Nelson will be gone by the time the 49ers pick. I also expect Chubb and D. James to be off the board.

      The likely available prospects will be:

      Courtland Sutton, WR SMU
      Roquan Smith, ILB Georgia
      Orlando Brown, OT Oklahoma
      Minkah Fitzpatrick, FS Alabama
      Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, DE Oklahoma

  30. Hey guys went to Levi’s for this game. It was awesome.

    On Saturday went to La Palma Mexica-Tessen for some Tamales and met to awesome 49ers fans.

    They were adamant we were going to beat the jags “have some faith” they told me. They were right.

    Levi’s was lit people were excited. Sat in section 233 with some Jags fan in front of us. Some niner kids were taking the piss with the guy. It was great.

    Anyway the game was
    Awesome Jimmy G is legit and finally
    Looking forward to football again.

  31. Quentin Nelson – Guard / Notre Dame

    From Walter Football
    8/28/17: Sources told me last fall that Nelson (6-5, 329) was receiving first-round grades, and one national scout told WalterFootball.com that they think Nelson is a future Pro Bowler in the mold of Logan Mankins. I’m in complete agreement as Nelson is a fantastic prospect who is NFL-ready and well-rounded with a great skill set. In the ground game, Nelson is a pure bulldozer. He routinely uses his tremendous size and strength to push defensive linemen out of their gaps. Nelson can blast them off the ball and ride them around the field. He is very good in pass protection too. Nelson has quick feet and is able to mirror speed rushers. He gets his hands on defenders quickly and rides them around the pocket. Nelson also has a strong lower body to anchor against bull rushes. Additionally, he is smart about picking up blitzers with good instincts and feel. His pass protection is just as NFL-ready as his run blocking. 

    Read more: http://walterfootball.com/nfldraftbigboard#ixzz52MXHvrvF

  32. Quentin Nelson (CONT’D)

    12/20/17: The Fighting Irish lost to Stanford despite Nelson playing well. He played well against Miami two weeks before even though the Hurricanes blew out Notre Dame. 

    Against N.C. State, Nelson had his way with some future NFL defensive tackles. He was superb at opening holes in the ground game and had no issues in pass protection. Previously, Nelson dominated USC’s defensive linemen, blowing open holes in the ground game and preventing any pressure on his quarterback. 

    Earlier in 2017, Nelson dominated against Boston College. He was rock solid in pass protection and destroyed defenders in the ground game. Nelson opened a ton of holes as the Fighting Irish had their quarterback and running back each run for over 200 yards. Notre Dame had seven rushing touchdowns in the game. Nelson even pushed around Boston College defensive end Harold Landry like a rag doll at one point. The Fighting Irish lost a close game to Georgia in Week 2 after rolling Temple in the season opener. 

    Nelson and Mike McGlinchey have helped the Fighting Irish to have success running the ball despite loaded defensive fronts. All year, Nelson has been dominating the competition. He possesses superb strength to blast open holes and is very athletic with balance and quickness to shut down pass-rushers. Some league sources say that Nelson is the highest-graded guard they’ve ever scouted, which includes the likes of Logan Mankins, Brandon Scherff and David DeCastro. 

    Read more: http://walterfootball.com/nfldraftbigboard#ixzz52MYuVAvZ

  33. Nelson

    Sounds like a Mike Iupati but is solid as a pass protector. Gotta protect our #1 ASSET Jimmy G! And get our run game going first Offensively to open up play action & Shanahans passing attack. Establishing the run starts opening all of Shannys playbook

  34. Looking for a SAFE ELITE IMPACT PROSPECT who has a solid to outstanding health record (can stay on the field) & DOMINATES his position. One who has potential to be a STAR at his position. This guy sounds like 1 of those. Reports look very promising. Time to watch him play & see what my Armchair GM eyes tell me to see if he passes MY eye test lols

  35. Sounds like a type of guy / player who will bring toughness, talent, smarts (esp football smarts), & preparedness to our OL unit, Offense, & overall team personality / character. One option I’d love to have. Would love to trade down, get additional picks & still nab this stud!

  36. Possible another team wants our Draft position to grab a QB or their choice of an elite prospect? If Lynch & Co could pull another Soloman move (trade down 1 or a few spots) & still grab Nelson or another Blue chipper that would be Unbelievable! I think that scenario could be a possibility. GO NINERS!!

  37. 49ers now #20 in the FanSided (Sports Illustrated) power polls. Pretty good. Probably the highest we’ve been since laate 2014.

        1. You know that Harbaugh has one of the worst records against Top-25 teams in college coaching? He’s 4-9 and Urban Myer’s*****!

          Amani Toomer (Michigan) had plenty to say about it, too, when they brought up the bowl game and Harbaugh’s record:

          “To me, that’s not a supermodel, that’s Paris Hilton. That’s somebody who’s given us nothing — but, ‘Oh, we’re going to Rome. Oh, we wear Michael Jordan shoes.’ I don’t care! I want to beat Michigan State, I want to beat Ohio State. That’s the passion that I have for the program,” Toomer told the Jamie and Stoney Show on 97.1 The Ticket.

          “And this year they lose to Ohio State embarrassingly. They lose to Michigan State, another embarrassment. I just think that we deserve better than this,” Toomer said. “He’s getting paid as one of the great coaches in college football that can make chicken soup out of chicken parts, and he’s just not doing that.”


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