49ers 9, Buccaneers 27: Grades

San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman (25) talks to coaches during the first half of an NFL football game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday, Nov. 25, 2018, in Tampa, Fla. (AP Photo/Jason Behnken)

SANTA CLARA – The 49ers lost 27-9 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday afternoon. Here are the 49ers’ grades.

NICK MULLENS: F. Threw two interceptions for the second game in a row. Struggled passing to receivers who were outside the painted numbers on the field. Didn’t have enough arm strength to make those throws. Didn’t make any plays on third down. Didn’t give the 49ers a chance to win. Colin Kaepernick couldn’t have played worse. The 49ers should sign Kaepernick tomorrow. They never should have cut him in the first place. They’re not talented enough to cut talented players.

RUNNING BACKS: B-PLUS. Matt Breida rushed for 7.6 yards per carry, which is outstanding. But, he couldn’t gain one inch when the 49ers had the ball inside the one-yard line. He is not a red-zone running back. The 49ers need one.

WIDE RECEIVERS: C-MINUS. Dante Pettis played well – he caught four passes for 77 yards and a touchdown. Kendrick Bourne did not play well – he was awful. He committed an illegal shift in the red zone, then lined up in the wrong spot the very next play and forced the 49ers to use a timeout. Bourne makes silly mistakes every week.

TIGHT ENDS: D-PLUS. George Kittle caught just 50 percent of his targets and averaged a measly eight yards per catch.

OFFENSIVE LINEMEN: D-PLUS. They blocked well in the running game when the offense wasn’t in the red zone. But, they also gave up four sacks and nine quarterback hits. This group is terribly overrated.

DEFENSIVE LINEMEN: C-PLUS. They limited Bucs running back to just 2.6 yards per carry, but also generated zero pass rush, as usual.

LINEBACKERS: C-PLUS. Fred Warner and Elijah Lee each recorded seven tackles. The defense did not miss Reuben Foster.

SAFETIES: F. Jaquiski Tartt gave up a touchdown catch to Cameron Brate. Jimmie Ward broke his forearm and will miss the rest of the season. Antone Exum Jr., Ward’s replacement, almost gave up a long touchdown catch to DeSean Jackson, but Jameis Winston overthrew him.

CORNERBACKS: F. Ahkello Witherspoon committed two pass-interference penalties, and Richard Sherman gave up three catches, including a long one to Mike Evans. Sherman looked like he was moving in slow motion.

SPECIAL TEAMS: D. Robbie Gould missed an extra point, and Greg Mabin committed essentially a 19-yard holding penalty during a punt return.

COACHES: F. Kyle Shanahan didn’t prepare his players, even though he had an extra week to prepare them. They were coming off a bye. And yet, they couldn’t compete with a three-win team. Couldn’t execute even the simplest plays during the first half. Couldn’t score when they were one foot away from the red zone. Couldn’t convert more than one third down. Shanahan’s situational offense is dreadful, as is his leadership. He is not head-coach material. He is a mere coordinator. The 49ers should fire him at the end of the season and hire Jeff Brohm from Purdue.

GENERAL MANAGER: F. John Lynch didn’t pay attention. Had no idea Reuben Foster still was seeing the woman who accused him of domestic violence earlier this season. Foster invited her to the team hotel in Tampa. Lynch should have released Foster for that alone. Lynch never should have allowed Foster to return to the team until he broke up with his girlfriend and filed for a restraining order. But, here’s the main point: Lynch never should have drafted Foster in the first place. Lynch thought he outsmarted the rest of the league by taking Foster. Lynch only outsmarted himself. He thought Foster would rise to the 49ers’ “standards.” But, they have no standards, and they proved that when they drafted Foster. They will sacrifice their “standards” of conduct for any talented player. Lynch has embarrassed himself and the entire organization the past two years. He is an awful general manager. The 49ers should fire him at the end of the season and hire Scot McCloughan.

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      1. Prime, since you said that Kaep took the league by storm, I think he can do it again.
        If Jed keeps his word, he would do everything in his power to win. Of course, Jed does not keep his word, so I should not expect that from him. Jed just wants to be rewarded for losing.

        1. Kaep is done in this league. But at least the Niner fans should start to appreciate that he wasn’t quite as bad as their ridiculous standards had made him out to be. No QB working under the conditions he was working under could have succeeded. Let alone learn to play in the pocket on a team that could not supply one and had receivers who could not get separation nor an offense that only had slow developing plays and no check down options.

            1. No one is ever signing him. Two years away from league is an eternity. Moreover, it’s a horrible business decision. The reality is, you alienate more than half your fan base. It’s dollars and cents, pure and simple. Keep made his choice.

    1. Did the team cut Kaepernick? I thought he opted out of his own contract

      I would continue to hope the team tests its depth. It appears that injuries are forcing that more than any forward thinking by the organization.

      I am not ready to fire Lynch. He is learning on the job. I believe it is much harder to admit a mistake and address it, Ruben Foster, than it would be to continue doubling down.

      Every GM reaches. I don’t see anything negative in admitting hey I was wrong and doing so sooner rather than later. Baalke double down year in and year out. SM would be a pick your poison selection.

      1. Kaep opted out because he was told the team would not renew his contract. His opting out just gave him more time to work at finding a new team.

    2. The Press Democrat should fire Grant Cohn for being what he thinks he a football genius football expert and a poor sports reporter.He is a embarresment to the paper and this blog.

      1. Grant is spot on and you are clueless. He has the guts to tell it like it is, not sugar coat, truth hurts. This team, coach and GM are terrible. Jed needs to wake up. Season is over and in the race for the 1st pick.

        1. Oh BS. You can tell it like it is without being a smarmy dick. Couple that with rudimentary writing skills (his pieces read like something you would find in a High School paper) and an embarrassingly poor football acumen and you have someone who has no business being a journalist. …and I use that word loosely . But hey you gotta get those clicks somehow, his old man shamelessly pumping him up on twitter will only get him so many

    3. Why are you so desperate to see the FURTHER ruination of the 49ers if they sign that IDIOT Seb? The OWNER in Jed York should be SELLING the team and YOU FANS can help by STOP ASSOCIATING with the 49ers UNTIL the real changes take place.

      1. Why would the Niners even sign Seb? I know he often writes radical posts, but you calling him an Idiot is rather harsh. Also wouldn’t be the pot calling the kettle black.

  1. Typical Cohn rant. The team is a work in progress from top to bottom. If next year shows no progress, then I agree they should all be shown the door.

    Brohm will coach Louisville before he coaches a NFL team.

    1. I think it’s hard for people in the media to follow this team and come up with the stories that is going to draw readers.
      At the end of the day it’s got to be difficult reporting about a team that was out of it in week 3.

    1. They, and other teams, are running out of excuses. Kaep is a superior QB compared to many starters, and almost all the backups.
      You really have no scintilla of football acumen if you think Mullens is superior to Kaep, the QB who has been to the SB and was 5 yards from winning it all, and set playoff rushing records getting there.
      With further QB attrition, there will be a team who wants to get into the playoffs, and maybe Kaep can overcome the blackballing, because they want to win so much.
      Be best.

      1. 5 yards from a Superbowl…And why didnt they score down there Seb, u clown. Grant doesnt know, because he probably wasn’t even watching football then. Oh that’s right, Kaep choked. The moment was too big for him and he threw 3 straight fade passes, not one of them even a yard within Crabtree.

        The worst SB sequence I have ever watched was right there. It was like they intentionally tried to lose. I’m still angry thinking about it, Harbaugh and Kaep. Good ol Kaep and Harbaugh, legends in their own minds. They can fool some weaker minded media and fans. Not this one tho

        1. There are many to blame. Crab kept whining to Kaep that he was open, so Kaep kept promising to throw him the ball. JH called a time out just before Kaep strolled into the end zone. Roman did not dial up any plays for Frank Gore. Instead, he let LMJ take the first handoff for 2 yards. The Refs swallowed their whistles because Crab got earholed by the crown of the defender’s helmet, and there was holding in the end zone, way past 5 yards.
          Sure, it was not the the outcome I wanted, but at least they got there, and Kaep was one pass from returning. That is way better than 23 other years of futility since the last Niner SB.

          1. That’s a lot of excuses. Kaep could run but so what, the league finally figured him out, he couldn’t pass well and was very hard to watch. He walked away, plus he’s older now and out for 2 YEARS and his heart is being social actvist that should do all that off the field. It doesn’t matter now anyway with 5 games to go, they are set for the 1 st pick. Might as well bring in Savage.

              1. When you’re set for the 1st pick, you’re at the bottom of the barrel….Duh!…..But too late for him, the Bengals just picked him up.

            1. Eric is right in saying ” . . . the league finally figured him out.”
              It took 8 games for most of the league; It took the Patriots one half of a game.

              1) Give CK7 a pre-snap alignment change, and watch the smoke come out of his ears trying to audible out of trouble; he was looking like a VW bug trying to get over Trinity Grade with four frolicking fat people.

              2) Have one defender waive arms in a passing lane, and watch CK7 swirl like a deer deciding whether to jump to the right or left side of the road.

              Lack of predictability, during the play, was CK7’s prime skill. He was probably the best in the league at gouging a defense with his legs. Reduce Steve Young’s accuracy and IQ 30%, and increase his speed two notches and you’ve got a legitimate problem for a defense.

  2. « They’re not talented enough to cut talented players. »

    This has been spot on since these guys took over.

    « This group is terribly overrated. »

    They went out and got a bunch of guys who can run block but struggle in pass protection and they still can’t get 1 yard when they need it.

    « The defense did not miss Reuben Foster. »

    I’ve been saying this pretty much all year.

    Lee is better than Smith and should be starting.

    « The 49ers should fire him at the end of the season and hire Jeff Brohm from Purdue. »

    I think you’re putting way too much value for a win over an uninspired team.

    1. They went out and got a bunch of guys who can run block but struggle in pass protection and they still can’t get 1 yard when they need it.

      I would modify what Jack said slightly: …..a bunch of guys who could ZONE run block….

      It is already a difficult task to get lineman who can excel at both run and pass blocking but adding the additional level of complexity of ZONE run blocking and pass blocking is way easier said than done. Like Yogi Berra said: In theory there is no difference between theory and ,but in practice there is. The jury is out on this. I think you have to set your priorities and not set the bar too high. BTW – it makes me sad to say that this game made it clear that Staley is transitioning to retirement. Trent Brown was not perfect but he would have been an upgrade down the road except we let him go for a ham sandwich. Now we can add drafting a(nother?) great pass and ZONE run tackle in the future. No problem, they grow on trees. Good luck with that.

          1. As a player, not a coach.

            I’m not really against him, I’m just suggesting that you’re putting too much emphasis on one game against an uninspired OSU team.

            1. As a quarterback, not just as a player.

              Harbaugh was a QB coach for two years with the Raiders. That was the extent of his NFL coaching experience before he came to the 49ers.

              Brohm has head-coaching experience, he has been successful at two places, he runs a creative offense and has had terrific results with young quarterbacks.

              1. Correct. 2 years more than Brohm has. Harbaugh had far more success than Brohm and already had his defensive coordinator as well.

                The better comp for Brohm is Mariucci.

              2. Those two years are inconsequential. Brohm has more coaching experience than Harbaugh had. And Harbaugh did not have far more success than Brohm. Harbaugh coached in a weaker conference and didn’t win 12 games at Stanford until his fourth season.

              3. Pointless. Shanny will be here for the next 2 years wether anyone wants to admit that or not.
                And I guarantee Kap will not be a 49er in that same amount of time.
                This season can’t end soon enough for me.
                Let’s discuss the draft and free agency. That’s real.

              4. It’s a lot of wasted windbagging and effort for two guys that don’t have a snowballs chance in hell of ever being here in 2019, wrt Brohm and Kaepernick….

              5. Grant, I’m 2 hours from Purdue. I’ll wager you a Boilermakers T-Shirt signed by Brohm himself against a Press Democrat T-Shirt signed by your father, that Brohm will not be coaching in the NFL next year.

              6. I understand your reservations. An NFL team should not pair him with an inexperienced GM or an inexperienced DC.

              7. Tell that to Hue Jackson and Rod Marinelli. At least they were seasoned with salt and pepper in the pro coaching ranks….

              8. « Tell that to Hue Jackson and Rod Marinelli »

                Thanks for proving my point. Good position coaches, terrible head coaches.

                Jackson has always struck me as a back biter. His exchange with Mayfield today was hilarious.

              9. Let’s get straight to your point. What makes you so certain that Brohm is worth more than Jackson and Marinelli?

              10. He’s a better head coach? Based on what, the win against the Ohio State? Better go back and watch the film from the following week against MSU, or the first 3 weeks of this season….

              11. Better offensive scheme than Harbaugh? That’s not too difficult. Is it better than Shanny’s offensive scheme?

              12. And what can you point to that lends you to believe that Brohm’s offensive scheme is better than Shanny’s?

              13. “Based on what”

                Based on his winning track record as a head coach, including back to back conference championships at Western Kentucky and winning 12 games the past 2 seasons at Purdue which had only won 9 games the previous 4.

              14. Hammer, there’s plenty of HC’s with much more winning experience at the collegiate level that have failed in the NFL….

              15. I’m not talking about him being successful. I’m saying he wouldn’t be worse than what we’ve seen the last 2+ seasons.

              16. And I’m saying we’d have better luck playing pick up sticks with our butt cheeks than Brohm getting a HC’ing job in the NFL next year….

              17. The Boilermakers made five trips to the red zone during the loss to Eastern Michigan and came away with just one touchdown. How do you think he’d do against the Rams red zone defense?

              18. Cosa sta cercando di dire questo stupido culo, pensa che Shanny stia facendo un brutto lavoro.

                Lui è un odiatore!

              19. After two games, the Boilermakers red zone TD efficiency was at 28.6%, which was one of the lowest marks in the country.

            2. “Brohm is the top head-coach prospect in the country“

              Then the Browns should be happy to get him. You should see if the Cleveland Gazette is hiring.

              1. Your certainty that he could coach this team as it’s currently constructed to more than 2 wins suggests otherwise. Same goes for the Raiders and Cardinals.

              2. “I’m fairly certain that any head coach worth his salt can luck into at least 2 wins in a season”.

                Wasn’t this comment made to infer Brohm is worth more salt than Shanny, Gruden and Wilks?

              3. It’s meant to say exactly what it says. Any coach worth their salt can luck into 2 wins. Name all you want.

                I didn’t say he’d be better than Shanahan. I said he couldn’t be worse.

                If you want to keep trying to twist my words into something i didn’t say, be my guest.

              4. Brohm would be a good hire as HC. The way KS is coaching and if this ineffective style of play continues the next 5 games, I’d seriously consider looking at him.

      1. Crazy thing is, if this organization did hire brohm, he would lose the 1st 4 games next season and you would have a sissy fit, like the rant above, and swear he’s only college material. The niners should fire him now and call David Shaw.

          1. I can’t agree or disagree. Shaw has finally started to regress. His meal ticket to the NFL might be gone. But Jeff is walking up to his meal ticket. He better jump on it. But if he goes to a bigger school, I’ll bet you that he will fall flat, just like Scott Frost did.

    1. They told him they did not want him, so Kaep moved on, thinking some team would want to win. He under estimated the hate against him, but now does since he is suing for collusion and blackballing.
      Yup, it was hard for Kaep to forget that Jed got him to sign that team friendly contract because Jed promised to retain veteran talent and leadership.

        1. While I seem to agree with your take that Kaep is through in this league, what Seb says about Kaep and his contract is true. The fact that you will not even acknowledge facts like Kaep and his contract which are not directly related to his on field abilities give evidence that your hatered has made you lose all sense of objectivity in respect to Kaep.

  3. Grant they’re never going to rehire McCloughan.

    First, they fired him for cause. Second he’s been taking shots at the current front office.

    He’s a brilliant scout and I’d love to have him back with the team as well but it’s just not happening.

  4. I’d give real money if everyone could stop forgetting what a dumpster fire Kaepernick was as a starting QB. He was 4-16 over his last twenty starts and was at the bottom of almost every statistical category that a QB is measured in.

    Would Kaepernick have played worse today? No. Would he have played any better? No.

    Can the world please, please just forget about Colin Kaepernick.

    1. It’s the old click bait go to move.

      The 49ers won’t allow Grant to travel on the charter to away games so we get this type of commentary.

      1. Bet all the press is deliriously happy, while flying back after this train wreck.
        Oh joy, such nice things to say about this past performance.
        Grant is lucky he does not have to fly across country, trying to make a silk purse, out of a sow’s ear.

        1. Who wouldn’t want a free trip to watch a game and hang out in TB for a day?

          “Grant is lucky he does not have to fly across country, trying to make a silk purse, out of a sow’s ear”

          WTF? You must be high!

    2. Winston showed how a mobile QB can win games, and how important it is to have a decent O line. Having decent receivers help, too, but the biggest help is having a defense that does not give up 200 yards to third string RBs, but is actually good enough to force the opponents to go 1-8 on third down conversions.

              1. Rodgers is a pocket passer. So is Drew Bree’s, so is Brady, Wentz, Mahomes, Garoppolo, Cousins, Big Ben, Luck.

                The good ones play exclusively from the pocket and that’s what it takes to win in the NFL.
                Sure these guys can roll out but they make their money standing in.

                Something Kap cannot do.

              2. Sebber, Winston is a pocket passer. He’s never been a mobile quarterback. Again, we made him look athletic. Here is Zierlein:

                Winston is a big, highly competitive pocket passer who played in a pro-style offense and showed an ability to anticipate throwing windows, scan the entire field and make the NFL throws. His wind-up delivery and marginal mobility outside the pocket are reminiscent of Byron Leftwich, but his arm talent and issues with decision making are more in line with Eli Manning’s. Winston’s football potential is clearer than so-called “system” or “one-read” quarterbacks, but every stone must be overturned in an attempt to piece together a predictive character profile on Winston. Winston’s supreme confidence might be considered arrogance by some, but even that trait will be alluring to teams who need to find a franchise quarterback.

              3. JG, Winston, Lamar Jackson, Russell Wilson, Mahomes, Newton, Deshaun Watson, Luck, Rodgers, Trubisky and Cousins all are mobile QBs. They can deliver from the pocket, but are also mobile enough to move in the pocket or roll out to avoid sacks.
                Brady, Brees, Rothlisberger and Wentz are pocket passers.

              4. Winston is not a mobile quarterback. Never has been, never will be. Pure pocket passer. For the third time, the 49ers made him look mobile.

              5. Razor, Winston had 7 rushes for 24 yards, and rolled out at least 7 times. He looked pretty mobile to me, because he used his mobility to avoid sacks and gain yardage.

              6. For the 4th time, the 49ers made him look mobile. He’s not mobile, never has been and never will be. Pure pocket passer….

              7. And once again, a pure pocket passer would not rush 7 times for 24 yards, and roll out 7 times.
                Razor, you can label him all you want, but I am looking at his play on the field.

              8. For the 5th time, the way he looked on the field had more to do with the 49ers inept pass rushing prowess than Winston’s athletic ability….

              9. Winston is not mobile.
                Saying that he is because he rolled out occasionally doesn’t make him mobile. Tom Brady rolls out occasionally, as did Peyton Manning but neither were/are mobile.
                Additionally, Wentz was very mobile and is still more mobile than Winston… Winston barely broke the 5 second mark in the 40 yard dash running it in 4.97 seconds while Wentz ran quite well and frequently in college and ran the 40 in 4.77 seconds. I would also argue that Brees is more mobile than Winston, while he doesn’t run that often his footwork and pocket awareness are things of beauty.

      1. A decent O line I agree but it doesn’t take a mobile QB to elude our pass rush. Terry Bradshaw could still elude our pass rush.

              1. QB is the most valuable position in all of sports. If teams thought Kaepernick could make their team better someone would have signed him by now because the team winning would outweigh the baggage. Nobody would care about kneeling if he showed up and started winning.

                They don’t sign him because nobody believes they’ll start winning when he shows up.

    3. Kaep was 4-16. But he also had a garbage team when Trent did what he did to the roster. The same roster that has had to be redone again. In a year and a half. So the real temporment is, please everyone don’t forget that this is a rebuild with a big percentage of it’s good players hurt. But as long as nobody acknowledges that mere fact, this board will always have this crap. Balkee had years to tear down a great roster. This regime has had it for less than 20 months. Think realistically people

      1. Philly fired Chip, took a complete tear down and won a Super Bowl two years later.. Lynch and Shanny have 2 drafts and 2 Free Agencies under their belt. Whiffed on Foster, Thomas.. Buckner underperforming, Jury still out on Jimmy G, Weston Richburg average. Their only HR is Brieda, an UDFA.. They have good young athletes who flounder under bad coaching on both sides of the ball..

        In this league you need to draft unbelievable or have great coaching. The 49ers have neither..

          1. « In addition to extending talented players already on the roster, »

            This is where the current regime missed along with not having an experienced backup plan at QB.

  5. Kraep would come in and do exactly what he did the last three years of his career. Mostly lose. 11-24 in his last 35 starts, including 1-10 in his last season losing a record 9 in a row. This is when he was playing and practicing every day. He hasn’t played in a NFL game in over 2 years. He sucked when he was active his last 3 years. He would really suck now. He knows that more than anyone and that is why he has failed to continue his mediocre career. He is done. He’ll never suit up for NFL team again. I’m taking bets. Those are the facts of the case, and they are indisputable. :)

    1. Kaep also started 10 games, and got the Niners into the SB.
      With a decent supporting cast, Kaep could take most playoff teams and get them to the SB.
      Even this year. He is working out daily, so all he needs is an opportunity.

      1. With a decent supporting cast, Kaep could take most playoff teams and get them to the SB.

        Taking a team to a SB and winning a SB are 2 different things fraud.

        Kap was the first Niners QB to lose in a SB. That’s what he will be remembered for in 49ers history.

        1. Kaep also threw for 300 yards and ran for at least 50 yards, so he equaled Joe. If Kaep had Ronnie Lott, he would have also won a SB.

          1. But he lost when he could not complete the final pass.
            The fact that you use Krap & Joe Montana in the same sentence tells me you are a fraud!

              1. So does Jeff Hostetler Eason and Kerry Collins. Proves nothing BTW. And one of the above won the darn thing.

                Your unimaginative pumping of a QB who couldn’t keep his job because he threw picks and threw like the training staff was part of his team is just sad.

                Besides you don’t care because as Cassie reminds you often, you were ok with the blackballing.

              2. I just want the Niners to win multiple more rings. I do not mind that JG is the new franchise QB, and will just wish Kaep well, wherever he goes. In fact, with QB attrition, I hope Kaep goes to another team and wins it all this season, just to prove how wrong your assessments were of him. The Niners certainly will not win a SB this season.
                However, JG is injured, and the Niners need a QB that gives them a better chance to win other than CJB and NM. I did not mind if Kaep was blackballed, just as long as there was competent Niner QB play, but Hoyer certainly did not provide that, and the present QBs are struggling. Kaep could step in and win, but maybe they want to tank.
                Right now, I do mind that Kaep is being blackballed by the whole league, and think he deserves to play. I just wish that another team would want to win so much, they would have the courage to defy the hate.
                Yes, other less talented QBs have won it all, even Doofus. Kaep, with a decent supporting cast, could do the same. I hope he wins his suit, and voids the CBA.

              3. You either do or don’t. No between. If the supporting cast was good enough to get him to the SB then he should have closed the deal. He didn’t.

                Looks good in Nike commercials though.

              4. The ‘Defense’ got them to the SB that year, Kaep was in for the ride, he was too painful to watch the last 3 years there. He was lucky catching teams off gaurd his first year, but he could run, so what. He’s now in his 30’s, OUT for 2 years, wants big money and his heart is being an activist off the field, period.

              5. The defense dug a hole by letting the Falcons build up a 17 point lead. Kaep led the offense, and came storming back to win the NFCC Game.

              6. Seb, the same defence you lambast for that Falcons game also held said Falcons, in their own stadium, scoreless for the second half which is what allowed Kap to come back into the game. You can’t just blame the defence for the defecit (and not a stagnant offence keeping them out there too often) and then give them none of the credit when the Niners came back and won. The Niner teams under Harbaugh were Defence-first, and if you won’t admit that then I suspect you didn’t watch them.

          2. Kaep caught lightning in a bottle. There was no tape on him, came in with a read option wrinkle, had a great running game and great defense. He regressed every year thereafter. He was done, became a martyr and folks like you are still living a dream thinking he can still play..

            1. They should at least let Kaep try out. But no, the blackballing is too strong.
              You think the Butt fumbler is superior to Kaep. Talk about living in a dream.

              1. You, and Kaep fans in general, keep doing this. You keep bringing up the fact that there are less talented backups in the league as proof that kaep is being excluded. The reason why someone like Blaine Gabbert (who actually is talented) or even a Tom Savage is in there is because they’ve accepted their roles as a backup. They’re experienced, professional, and good example for young QB’s in terms of work ethic and understand what is expected of them as a backup. To use Gabbert as a further example, while he will never have the heights of Kap’s career, he will always be a better backup QB because he understands that role better. You don’t need to take my word for this – when both Gabs and Kap were on a team, you could see who did better in their backup role by how they acted on the sidelines. When Gabbert was playing, you would rarely see Kap going over the tape and going through the tape with Gabbert on the sideline. When Kap played? Pretty much after every drive you’d see Gabbert getting the tape ready and walking Kap through it.

                Kaepernick isn’t going to come back to the NFL for 1mill a year. He just isn’t. He’s not going to come back to be a backup. And he’s not good enough to be a starter – certainly not a long-term one.

  6. Kaepernick owns the trophy for getting sacked more than any other quarterback.
    2014-2016 among all 29 quarterbacks with at least 800 attempts over this span, Kaepernick ranks ahead of only Blake Bortles in adjusted net yards per attempt.
    2016 Kaepernick was sacked on 8.7 percent of his dropbacks (sixth-highest), while Blaine Gabbert was much closer to league-average (5.6 percent) at 5.8 percent of his dropbacks. In Gabbert starts, the 49ers averaged 22.2 points per game with a negative-5.8-point differential. In Kaepernick starts, the 49ers averaged only 18.0 points per game and with a negative-12.9-point differential.

        1. Kaep was chained in the pocket, by design of Baalke and the coaches. That was like putting an Abrams tank in a pit, with the pass rush burying him.
          They did not utilize him properly. Winston was used properly.

            1. Baalke pontificated he wanted a QB to be able to deliver the ball from the pocket.
              KS also said that.
              He did not roll out Mullens in the Giants game. After 4 sacks, Mullens was allowed to roll out more this last game.

  7. LOL The Press Democrat (YNT) probably can’t afford the ticket! Oops, I better be quiet, they might raise the price of that rag again.

  8. An early game in the East, just hours after a huge distraction. Looked like Breida scored to me, would have tied the game. Terrible PI call, Bucs end up with a two possession lead. Niners have to abandon the run and hope that Mullens can push the ball downfield.

  9. Grant, I generally agree with your grades. I also agree with your periscope. Just one little critique- Please comb your hair.
    Of course, maybe you were just done pulling your hair out, after this last debacle.
    KS is to blame for this pathetic performance. He did not prepare them adequately. He did not put players into positions to succeed. He allowed the Bucs to shape him. His play calling reminded me of the second half of the SB.
    KS tried to get cute with all the shifts, but it just resulted in wasting time outs and penalties.He should just have the team line up in a prearranged set, and run multiple plays out of that one set.
    It was obtuse to waste time, letting the play clock to run down to zero, while behind.
    They still did not consider time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate time outs and the last 2 minutes of each half.
    If he puts a man in motion, then makes him stop and get set, he defeats the whole purpose of putting a man in motion. The defense has seen it all, and is ready for any shift.
    KS needed to have second down plays that gained yardage, instead of making it third and long. Way too many times, he was way too predictable, and he ran into the teeth of the defense.
    KS should watch how Winston rolled out, and eviscerated the defense. That is why rolling out the QB is a good tactic.
    KS stressed out his team by declaring every job is in jeopardy, and they played like it. Maybe KS is feeling the heat, too. Yelling at the players is counter productive.

    1. Yelling at players who constantly screw up is not counter productive. Not doing your job is counter productive. Holding their hands is counter productive. In my opinion this regime is learning it’s lesson on how to build a team to it’s specifics. This offense works, with healthy players but this offense looked preason like out there. But the guys that they overpaid to help in the locker room and be good leaders, aren’t doing their jobs. Well Sherm is. Potential will get you killed in the nfl, you need potential and production, especially in a rebuild with next to no vets…

    2. Ew dude. Your pathetic in alot of ways. Get off the library computer, sheesh….

      Grant, Seb, and Jack Hammer. The trio…Its always KS fault…Grant said if he owed the team the Purdue coach would be the guy. LOL. I wager you 3 have never played football, not a day in your life.

      Then he says the GM should babysit grown men, and tell them who to date… To file a restraining order against the victim!! And all the idiots on this blog dont even speak, instead offer their pathetic insights, like somehow its meaningful. Your lucky you even have a job Grant

      1. Grant threw me a cookie, and I am running with it. Sure, it was done to generate clicks, but I remember what he wrote before about Kaep, so I am just feeding off his frustrations with this team.
        BTW, this is a blog site for 49er fans. This is not a forum for only past 49er players.
        JL did not have a clue. He ignored reports of a disturbance in October, and the fact that Foster still kept his girlfriend that accused him of DV, just means Foster deserves to be dropped by the team. If Foster had filed a restraining order against his accuser, he would still be playing. Supposedly, Foster is a ‘victim’ of being falsely accused of domestic violence. That should be enough to warrant a restraining order. She just cost him millions, and now, Foster is so draped with red flags, he looks like a semaphore.
        KS is not a genius, above reproach. If you took out the JG wins these past 2 seasons, KS would have a record of 2-19. Most HCs would have been fired by now.
        Guess what? As HC, KS is responsible for all those losses, and the main reason JG won, is because he overcame the coaching. It certainly is KS’s fault. That is part of his job description.
        We are lucky we have Grant, who provides us long suffering Niner fans a place to vent. It is his job to question authority, and I think he is doing a great job at it.
        If you want saccharine rainbows and unicorns, go to the other sites. They will be busy putting lipstick on a pig.

  10. Seb doesn’t like facts Razor. Stop it!! ;-) We all understand that Coach Grant is just click baiting but poor Seb actually believes. Sad.

    1. Juan, did you actually watch Mullens play? He is third string for a reason. He was not accurate, and is not mobile enough to avoid sacks. His command of the offense reminded me of the Keystone Cops.

  11. The game was very painful to watch. I think the timing of the Foster episode sucked and might be one reason why the Defense played so poorly. I mean, they would have game planned with Foster right?

    No excuses on Offense though. Kyle was simply outcoached!

  12. I watched him Seb and I said earlier he’s a third string QB, just like CJ. I agree. But the current evidence put forth once again by myself and Razor and others cannot be denied. Kraep would stink, just like he did his last 3 years. He would be no better, and probably worse than Mullens or any of the other crappy QB’s in the league. Denying that is just being obtuse.

  13. Agree with the grades Grant for the most part but I’ll just ignore the click-bait narrative.

    1. Juice from the one-inch line. Please.
    2. Celek is just a waste out there. He can’t even block anymore. Missed one block on the left side that let his man get immediately into Mullen’s face. Unacceptable.
    3. K’wan Williams looked pretty good today, at least from what I saw. He was quick to read the run and crash the backfield. Elijah Lee looked pretty good as well.
    4. Is Bourne even mentally there?
    5. Pettis looks good in space. (Yeh I know, so do most skill players…). He has potential; sort of reminds me of DJ Moore.

  14. Your way too smart of a person Seb to really think he will play again, and more importantly, play well. That is why you can put forth this nonsense of him coming in and playing well because you absolutely know he will never play again so therefore you will never be proven wrong. It’s a very Trumpian strategy. The Donald would be very proud of you.

    1. No, Juan, Trump called Kaep an SOB, and is leading the blackballing.
      Kaep and I are polar opposites from Trump.
      Your reasoning is very obtuse. You need to admit you are way off base on this one.

      1. There you go misusing the language. Reasoning cannot be obtuse. It can be erroneous, off base, inane, faulty, specious and a whole host of other things, but not obtuse. People can, however, be obtuse, as you have amply demonstrated throughout this and other threads. Keep on trucking Quixote!

        Can’t wait to see what other imperceptive observations or grandiose feats you have up your sleeve!

        Don’t play the victim card (calling others a bully) as it will only remind us that you are very similar to a leading orange.

        1. Obtuse can be an adjective. Maybe you should look up the meaning of that word, before trying to school me about the English language.
          Shawshank Redemption- ‘That is…..obtuse.’
          You are being obtuse, i.e.- slow, dull witted, blunt.

          1. I know what an adjective is, but a thing like reason cannot be dull witted! An individual, however, can. Thanks for proving my argument and also proving how obtuse you really are!!

  15. Grant ripped JL, even laughed at him, but I do not want JL fired.
    JL made the draft a consensus operation. If anything, he should ban Paraag and his ANALytics from the draft room. Paraag was the one on the phone, letting the Seahawks bamboozle them. They should have been patient, and let the Saints draft Foster, then chosen one of the next 10 players chosen- Cam Robinson OT, Malik McDowell DT, Budda Baker S, Zay Jones WR, Forrest lamp OG, Marcus Maye S, Curtis Samuel WR, Dalvin Cook RB, Marcus Williams S, or Sydney Jones CB.
    Paraag and his ANALytics proposed moving up, even though being patient, staying put, and saving the later draft picks would have given the Niners more players locked up under rookie contracts. The Seahawks drafted Tedric Thompson, who is now their starting FS, with the pick the Niners gave up to move up and draft Foster.
    JL should not be solely to blame for the draft picks. KS, Paraag, Peters and Mayhew deserve some of the blame, too.
    I like JL because he is changing the culture, and he has single handedly stopped the leaks. Yes, he can improve, and I hope he has learned, and will not repeat his mistakes. He will have setbacks, but the overall team needed a full rebuild, and that will take multiple drafts.
    Above all, they should not replace JL with a drunk. They should find a superior alternative, before considering a change.

    1. Caserio told Jed to his face that he was warned not to take the job. He is not a candidate.
      JL is fine, because he has more contacts than Grant, and is more diplomatic with Jed. Grant does not suffer fools gladly.

          1. How is it a mute point when Caserio works for BB, and he sent Jimmy to York? Doesn’t make any sense. In fact, I could’ve sworn you recently proposed Caserio because of Jimmy….

            1. BB, not Caserio, sent JG to the Niners.
              Caserio probably could have gotten a boatload of draft picks for JG if they sent JG to the Browns.
              BB did not want to help the Browns, and sent JG out of the division.
              I may have advocated Caserio because of JG, but not recently. I still like JL, and want him to succeed.

              1. I am saying that BB did not want to send JG anywhere, but when ordered to do so by Kraft, he sent JG to a team he preferred. Caserio had little to do with that trade, because Lynch and KS talked with BB, who gave them 10 minutes to decide.

              2. So Caserio kept his reservations about working for York to himself, and BB unknowingly sent Jimmy to a situation that was untenable?

              3. No, Caserio knew, like Daniels, that BB wants to win another SB, then go out on a high note, leaving them as the GM and HC. Caserio did not personally want to go to the Niners, but he also knew JG wanted to start, and Brady did not want to retire.
                He did not know if the Niners would even sign JG, or trade him, but JG forced the issue because of his 5 game winning streak. He did not know if the situation would be tenable, or not.

              4. Yes, Razor, that is why your comments about Caserio are not relevant.
                BB was the mover and shaker of all that transpired, not Caserio.

    2. Paraag is not involved in the decision making. He is the one that handles the trades. So if John says what will it take to move up to pick 22 with our second round pick, Paraag is the guy that knows and he handles the trade. Once the trade is made his part is done, and Lynch or Kyle will make the pick.
      Ps your obsession with ANAL is starting to be disturbing. Could I ask you to please write it normally?

      1. Peter King detailed what happened in the draft room. Paraag worked the phones, talking to other teams to gauge their interest and speculate about trades. Once he generated some interest from a team, he negotiated the numbers, terms and conditions before passing on the details to JL and the others. Yes, JL finalized the trade, but Paraag set the parameters. Paraag added those third and 4th round picks to make the Trubisky deal more palatable for both sides.
        Since you asked nicely, I will refrain from continuing to call them ANAL, but at least you know what I think of that term. I prefer more intuitive, personal cogitations, with less reliance on just numbers.

        1. Peter King detailed what happened in the draft room.

          Yes, he did. As you just stated per King, he worked the phones for trades etc., but he also never stated anything about Paraag giving input on whom to draft. He only gave input on what they would need to give up to get into a certain draft position… so blaming him or his analytics is giving him far too much credit. It essentially blames a lieutenant when he was only doing what was directed by his general.

          1. I won’t dispute any of the facts you are presenting regarding Paraag and draft day decisions. However I do think that he has far more influence on who is kept and who is let go on the roster. Kyle calls it business considerations which obviously implies that they are not being made by him. If not him, then who? Three guesses and the first two don’t count. Paraag is there to supervise Jed for Denise and John. They are concerned he will make winning the highest priority and the cash flow will suffer.

              1. The issue isn’t who has the final say. The issue is who makes the final list. Kyle gets the final say on who goes on the big list. Paarag gets the final say who gets on the 53 list. IOW, Kyle has budget and he has very little say on what that budget number is.

              2. The issue isn’t who has the final say. The issue is who makes the final list. Kyle gets the final say on who goes on the big list. Paarag gets the final say who gets on the 53 list. IOW, Kyle has budget and he has very little say on what that budget number is.

                That is incorrect. Lynch has control of the 90, these are the players obtained via draft and free agency. From there Kyle has final say in regards to who is on the 53… at least that is how it was stated by Lynch. If it is not that way then Lynch is lying and I tend to believe him, as I do not believe Kyle would have come on board without that. He had SF over a barrel because they were becoming a laughing stock. People were refusing to even interview with them, which is also why they received 6 year deals.

                In regards to the budget, how do you explain the McKinnon, Juice signings or their willingness to go after Mack?

              3. The better question is why they still have so much unused cap space. If I give my wife the final say on what we buy, I guarantee she’ll spend whatever we have. (a stab at humor). Kyle says he wants a certain player and has long term plans for him. Later he says that it’s always subject to business considerations and we don’t sign the player. We can argue all day about whether it was a sound player decision but the plain fact is that the guy with the final say wanted him LONG TERM and we didn’t sign him. Tell me who YOU think makes those “business considerations”. Hint: It’s not Lynch and it’s not Kyle. (or he wouldn’t have qualified his remark). So we disagree. No big deal. It’s all speculation anyway. But when I look at a lot of the personnel moves the team has made even during Harbaugh’s time (Delaney Walker for example). They have a bean counter’s finger prints all over them.

      2. Shoup is right and has provided info to back it up. Paraag gets a lot of grief over the fact he used to be in the booth and was involved with the analytical side of things, but he has no say on personnel and everyone involved has confirmed this. He is the cap and negotiation guy first and foremost and as we saw in the PK piece, will help in other instances when needed. Shanahan was given final say on the 53 man roster and wouldn’t have taken the job without it. There is no doubt he’s listening to opinions within the front office in regards to how to fit players on the roster and the ramifications both long and short term, but he decides the final 53.

        1. Tell me who is Kyle referring to when he says: I want a certain player. He is in our long range plans. But there are business considerations. Who is making the “business decisions” because it ain’t Kyle. Also, I was honest and said my theory is pure speculation. Tell me your sources so I know how it is you are so sure you are right. Everyone has not confirmed it BTW. Everyone who someone has asked has answered the question with vague and ambiguous statements that only demonstrate that you can’t trust anything that comes out of the building.

            1. We’re obviously talking past each other and I don’t know if it’s just that you’ve spent so much time saying things that others blindly accept as fact, that you’ve slowed up some. If Lynch has FINAL say on the 90 men under contract and KS has FINAL say on the 53 then Kyle has final say on a list of players provided by someone else, so he does not really have final say on the players that he has to work with. And, nothing in that article contradicts my scenario. At the end of the day, the football operation is given a budget to work with. No doubt JL and KS lobby for it to be as much as possible. But someone on the financial side of the operation makes up the budget and decides how much cap space is available to be used and when. JL has a boss and Paarag is one of them. I don’t care what heresay or vague and ambiguous statements you cite by whoever. I don’t believe it. Final say out of a list made up by others is not final say.

              Kyle said he wanted to sign Eric Reid and he was included in their long term plans but, of course there were business considerations. Much later, when he was not signed there was a story made up as to why Kyle did not get “FINAL SAY” (as you call it) as to who is on his roster. Some mysterious person made a business decision and Reid is gone. It makes no difference if you and every person on this board thought it was wise to let him go. The fact is Kyle wanted him and didn’t get him. I do not believe that this is an isolated incident. I’m not going to argue this any more. You can believe what you want.

              1. WC,

                I’m not a believe what I want kind of guy. Like Joe Friday, it’s just the facts for me. You should really go back and educate yourself on what was said when these guys were hired because you have either forgotten or just choose to live in your own reality. To suggest that Shanahan is simply told who the 90 men are that he’ll be choosing from is absurd. They work in tandem to get players he wants who fit his system and preferences. Straight from an article written when they were hired:

                Shanahan is the central focus—he’s the one who obviously pointed Lynch towards York and Marathe, he’s the one who believes that Lynch fits in with his blueprint for the 49ers, and he’s the one who will control the 53-man roster, while Lynch and his staff gathers up players to meet Shanahan’s standards.

                As far as your conspiracy level paranoia regarding Paraage Marathe:

                Also, one specific thing: I asked Lynch if Marathe is his boss, and Lynch said Marathe is there in a supporting role, to do the contracts, and Lynch said the GM reports to Jed York and only Jed York.

                Both have also said there no restrictions put on them as far as who they can sign or how much they can spend and that has been on display when they made a QB with 7 career starts the highest paid player in the league for a few days and signing other players to top of the market contracts. They don’t have the cap room they do because they aren’t allowed to spend it. They have it because they’ve had no one to spend it on due to missing on so many picks during the Baalke era.

                We’ve discussed Eric Reid around here quite a bit and everybody knows or should know that Eric Reid would still be a Niner if he had agreed to a backup role and contract:


                Instead of coming on here and making yourself miserable with beliefs that aren’t supported, why don’t you actually read what the people involved have said and done?

          1. Whine,
            Do you have the full quote and the question that prompted it? I would need it to understand the context and relation to what was being asked.

              1. Here it is.


                “Yeah, I definitely would like him in it,” Shanahan said, per 49ers.com. “Like I’ve said throughout, all of our free agents and stuff, there’s a business aspect to that. We do have some depth there, but Eric Reid is a very good player and I like how he handles himself. I really respect the person. I thought Eric, he’s battled some stuff this year through his injury, trying to get back. I thought Eric had probably his best game on Sunday and I hope that continues and he finishes strong. We’ll see how this offseason goes, but I know based off the player and person he’s definitely a guy I would like back here.”

                What else would he say though? Reid was the starting S at the time after Tartt got hurt. Does Reid start to make business decisions by playing timid if KS says he doesn’t want him back? Like I said last week, it was coach speak.

              2. Thanks 80,

                In this scenario I believe the business decision was related to roster spots. Reid certainly wouldn’t have cost the team very much but they wanted to move forward with the younger safeties they had that looked promising at the time.

              3. Thanks #80. I did find it finally but it took me a while. Don’t disagree it had to do with roster spots but one of the basic principles of KS system (according to him) is competition. You see the practical results of the decision. Reid starting for a contending team and we have no depth. At the end of the year Tartt was injured and did not play the last game. So they announced the decision to start him next year while he was injured. This year same old same old. Musical safeties. If the bean counters are running the show and not the football people you get what we see each week. (I do understand there has to be some balance but not this). They say a camel is a horse designed by a committee. We have a camel for a football team.

                So KS has final say except for “roster spots”. And who might be in charge of “roster spots”. Paraag? Naah. Football decision or financial decision? You tell me.

  16. This game was just another in a long list of disappointing outings for the 49ers this season. They have some serious talent issues/ deficiencies, and probably have some coaching deficiencies as well (though there is an argument that the lack of talent is exposing “issues” that may not be that significant with at least average talent).

    The team obviously started at a low base of talent in 2017, so it is understandable they aren’t a good team just yet, especially with their star QB going down in week 3. But even with that caveat the dearth of talent is a big concern. They really couldn’t afford to whiff on many of their top picks the past two years if they wanted to turn things around in a reasonably quick timeframe. But whiff they have, on too many of them. I’m not going to count 2018 atm as it is too soon to tell, and yes, you can argue its still too early for 2017 too. But Foster is definitely a whiff. Joe Williams is definitely a whiff. And none of the other guys taken in the first 4 rounds are really doing anything to suggest they aren’t going to be whiffs either. Kittle is the only guy that this year has looked like he was a good pick (a great pick, to be fair). Hopefully some of the other guys will still develop, but if they aren’t significantly improved next season that draft is going to go down as a very bad one.

    The 2018 draft return so far has had some encouraging aspects, with McGlinchey looking good and Warner ok. JG should probably be counted as part of this draft haul, and while he had his struggles this season he still shows a lot of promise as the future franchise QB. The rest are yet to really do much. The 49ers are going to need a bunch of those guys to step up in 2019.

    Overall, the draft returns of the new regime are leaving much to be desired. The rebuild could still take some time if the 49ers don’t start really nailing some of these drafts.

    1. We’ve got some unreliable sub contractors working on this rebuild. This offseason is critical to putting an improved product on the field next year. If they don’t, construction may be halted….

        1. In total agreement regarding your last and this post.

          I was amazed how they did not wisely use the draft capital nor some of the cap money.

          It’s not that they didn’t have lots of picks or that they didn’t have lots of money to play with, but if you continually give it to people who aren’t worth it, it will quickly dry up. And then…

        1. Doubt it. The 49ers have had to eliminate some of their passing concepts and limit the offense due to BDN’s lack of arm strength. Tampa did what I’ve been expecting teams to do and sit on the horizontal routes. I expect we’ll see Beathard from here on out….

          1. If the OL blocks like they did against TB, Beathard will be back until….he goes to the hospital. That was by far the worst defense we will see until next year.

    2. The 2017 draft is not looking good overall, and we’ll have to wait on 2018, but it is now imperative they get an elite talent with that first pick imo. They have players who can compete, now they need players who can carry them to the next level. FA will be big but they have to come away with a true blue chip talent with their likely top 3 pick – possibly #1 overall – and that player has to be on defense and if humanly possible, an Edge rusher. You can’t let a QB in this league be as comfortable in the pocket as Winston was yesterday. Any QB in this league will carve you up with that kind of time and space.

      I knew this was a lost season once JG went down and my focus became about the compete level of the team and the development over the rest of the season. I saw a lot of promise in a few areas until yesterday. There was no fight yesterday and that is concerning. The Foster debacle may have had something to do with it and it’s never easy playing the early game on the East Coast but they have to be better than that. Will be interesting to see how they come out against Seattle.

      1. Well said. I know we disagree a bit on whether the 49ers should trade back or not if they have a shot at Bosa, but you are right that they need to add an elite edge rusher in round 1.

        1. As long as we continue to lose, (I know it leaves a bad taste in the mouth), Nick Bosa will be a 49er! It would take an inordinate offer for me to even consider giving him up….

          1. I can’t see an offer that would be worth passing on him for. I doubt anybody offers what they would for a QB in a normal year, so the best course of action to me is to take the best player in the draft who just so happens to fit your biggest need.

          2. All these injuries to key players have me spooked. Bosa seems injury prone. I wonder if it wouldn’t be better to have the next best guy who has little to no injury history. Trading back might provide the ammunition to also draft another edge rusher either at the bottom of the first or top of the 2nd. I also want to pickup a very good edge rusher in FA, but the competition will be high.

            We do need elite players, but we need top backups at the key positions as well (so maybe rather than Bosa, trade back and get the next top edge rusher). Look at how the season has gone once Jimmy went down. I think we also need a better backup QB – which is complicated by the fact that KS’ offense has such a large learning curve for QBs.

            1. Cubus,

              He injured a knee late in his high school career but was playing right out of the gate for the Buckeyes the following season. He missed one game in his College career before this season. I don’t see any evidence of him being injury prone.

              1. Rocket:

                I am projecting somewhat in that his brother Joey seems to be injury prone – figure it might run in the family. I’ve seen mention of character concerns as well. I believe these are mostly regarding a “me” first attitude; however, I have not followed up on these.

        2. Thanks Scooter. I think we are in the same general area with what we want the draft plan to be. The only difference is how we view the gap between Bosa and everybody else who figures to be available. If they can’t get Bosa, I agree with you that a trade down is probably best if they can get the right assets in return and don’t move too far down.

          1. Hear hear and there has to be a bona fide Edge player in the first couple of picks. If not Bosa, then Ferrell if possible. Next I would go CB.

      2. Rocket,
        We should draft the best Edge in the draft. There have been many times in games that our defense were inches from making a sack that could have changed the course of the game. An elite Edge will close the (inches) gap.

        Even though Foster’ play was spotty and uninspired, we will need to address the position in the draft now that he’s gone.

        I see our drafting sequence taking on this look.
        1. EDGE
        2. WR
        3. LB
        4. CB
        5. OL
        These positions (with exception of EDGE) can be shuffled imo, but Lynch / Shanahan / scouts need to hit on all of them.
        If they don’t they may not see year four.

        What record does Shanahan and Lynch need in 2019 to ensure they continue on the payroll?

        1. I see it very similar.

          1. Edge
          2. XWR/CB whichever represents the best value
          3. XWR/CB whichever one we didn’t take in round 2
          4. Edge

          Sign Earl Thomas, Dee Ford, Sheldon Richardson
          Release Ward, Armstead, Marsh

          1. Razor,
            That scenario would be nice.
            The FO may be a little gun shy in big money contracts that your said FAs would likely demand in the wake of the Garopolo and McKinnon injuries.

            Personally, I would look for an Edge in FA over Thomas.
            If the core (Dline) is strong it will greatly help the secondary.
            Are you still high on Solomon Thomas?

            1. FS is critical to the success of this defense, and there’s really only one center fielder in the draft; Thompson from Alabammy. So Earl Thomas is 1a priority. Dee Ford will be our vet edge presence opposite Bosa. Yes, I think Solomon will improve his pass rushing technique next year….

        2. AES,

          Agree 100% but I would add FS to your list as a high priority also. They have to come out of this FA and Draft with at least two starting Edge players imo. Then I would be looking at the secondary as next priority. The rest can come in no particular order but are big needs in their own right.

          My expectation for next year (if they don’t experience the run of injuries they have this season) is a 9-10 win team with a shot at the playoffs, but I think their job security will be strong as long as they show a marked improvement in the win column. There has to be an indication of improvement, but they got 6 year deals for a reason. York guaranteed they would get a long leash to rebuild this thing and it’s still too early in the process to pass judgement.

          1. Rocket
            I see the FO giving the regime another year of grace especially given the key injuries this season. But I’m concerned (except for a few players) that there has not been discernable development in many of our starting players.

            On defense, the only player who has been better than last year is Big Buck. All other starters on defense have been average or below average. This season (for me) was about seeing our young players developing into productive players to build on. What I’ve so far gives me pause.
            This off-season moves will either solidify or sully the current regimes future.

          2. Don’t share your optimism for next year but agree on draft. 2 Edge guys and secondary. Defense has to take priority.

            WRs may have to come through FA as will LBs.

  17. Overlord

    1. We are basically starting over – again.
    2. Lynch must go. I have never heard of a scenario in which a rookie GM calls a newly hired rookie HC and offers his services and the HC agrees. WTF???? And of course Jed was like – “sure sounds fine”
    3. I dont blame Lynch for Sol Thomas. There are at least 20 other GMS who would have taken him top 5. I blame Lynch for allowing KS to draft pet projects at relatively high positions – CJ, Joe williams, Pettis .
    4. We need a GM who can asses talent and does not report to the headcoach.
    5. I have not independently corroborated this, but it is my understanding that McCloughan praised both the Sol Thomas pick and Foster.
    6. Beginning of the season I posed the question, who carries the ball in a goal line or 4 and 1 scenario. Who is our short yardage bruiser. I guess no one.
    7. Seems like a trade back of 1.1 or 1.2 is more likely. But what is the point if we keep drafting poorly.

  18. 1. Sign Kaep? He already has shown what he is. An inaccurate passer that peaked early in his NFL career. But the biggest reason to not sign him…it would keep the 9ers from signing another QB. Sure, Kaep could suck as well as the current active crew. I’d rather experiment on some other UFA or a QB sitting on the couch we haven’t already seen.
    2. The 1st round of the most recent draft is now a legit complete failure for Lynch. I feel for “Solly” in his personal situation. Maybe he should take the rest of the year off, come back next year and see what he can do. Lynch must be the only one that thinks Solly and Spoon can ever rise to good NFL players.
    3. It could be interesting to do an analysis on other GM’ s after their first 2 years. Such as # Draft picks, # still on team, # on 1st team, # on other teams now, # out of league. The 9ers lack of depth is alarming,
    4. Bad teams show a lot of players missing games, season ending IR. The injuries are real, but good teams see less injury situations…because players want to play. Jimmy G would never admit, but this was a good year for him to miss.

    I had so much expectation and confidence with Shanny and Lynch.
    What happened? They really weren’t ready?

    What a disaster. I kind of wish Shanny would get a little pi$$ed at the podium, the way Chucky was today post Raiders. That would be refreshing, at least to this fan….

  19. The loss of Garoppolo is no excuse for this season as Grant has pointed out. In ’86 Walsh won games with Jeff Kemp and even Mike Moroski when Joe was hurt. Mariucci won a game with Druckenmiller at QB and got the best out of Grbac. Those two coaches knew how to lead. The current coach does not.

  20. They already have Savage, but he is inferior to Kaep, too.
    Maybe you want the Butt Fumbler, but he just signed with the Skins.

  21. Please stop this bullcrap of signing Kaepernick. YOU are embarassing yourself this way. Keep writing good articles, that’s what you are good at.

  22. Kaep is not talented, he can’t throw accurately, can’t read defenses and not a student of the game. KS. And JL will be here for at least 3 more years and finally this is a rebuild, get used to it. Lots of players are on IR and Lynch has only made a couple of good picks other suspects. The losing does not bother me but do want to see improvement next season.

  23. Oy, the freak out by the fan base is ridiculous. I get that the 49ers are not where we want them to be, but the team has experienced a severe amount of circumstances this season.

    1. They lost their starting QB and RB to injury very early.
    2. Sans Kittle, all of the 2017 draft selections are enduring a sophomore slump.
    3. The FS position has dealt with poor play and injuries.
    4. The team has been pounded with injuries.
    5. Foster continued to channel his inner Aldon Smith.

    Is it time to panic? No, especially since this is only the second year of a long term rebuild. With that said, the upcoming off-season is going to be critical for the 49ers because they now have two large gaping holes on the defense at LEO and WILL that they need to address. The LEO and pass rush in general will need to be addressed in free agency and the draft, while the WILL is probably going to have to come from the draft. Some other areas that need to be tackled are FS, WR (preferably a red zone target), CB depth, and SAM. Currently, this is my best educated guess at what the 49ers will do in the off-season.


    Sign FS Thomas or Mathieu
    Sign WR Benjamin, Funchess, or Conley
    Sign pass rusher Ford

    Take Bosa with the first pick
    Take Polite with their second round pick
    Take Oruwariye with their thid round pick

    1. If the 49ers got Ford in free agency, Bosa, Polite and a safety /corner after day one of the draft?

      I’d take that deal every day!

      I’m not panicking about anything this team does for the next 5 games.
      It will be a brand new team next year anyways.

    2. Just about 33% of that rebuild is in place. By next year it will be 50%. Are we 33% better?

      Are you ok with the current results? Or are you saying, “We’ll get them next year!” Because that is a losers mentality.

      1. No I am not okay with the results, but I understand the reasons behind those results, with one of the reasons being that Baalke left the team a mere shell of itself due in part to Jed York allowing it to happen. It is going to take at least another season before the team can become a competitor again. Do I like that outlook? Again, the answer is no. But in order to build something, you have to start from the ground up and deal with any unforseen setbacks in stride.

        1. What you may not see is that the team doesn’t seem to be getting any better than in the Baalke years.

          The coaching seems to not bring out the best in players. The only factor that has had a positive impact on this team is JG.

          He practically fell from the sky, too! So most of the personnel moves since the Baalke years have been pretty bad.

          I have heard wait 6 games before you judge, then it’s a complex offense, then it was it’s an evaluation year, now it’s injuries and still evaluation.

          Prime just recently stated that next year it will be a brand new team. Well, at some point you have to evaluate the product on the field and not just our desired outcome!

          We are a bad team which cannot compete with anyone except Oakland and they are deliberately losing.

          What I saw yesterday was not an improving team, but one that cannot seem to get its own footing.

          1. Too much expectation and not enough patience East. The 49ers now are a better team than the scatter minded lot under Tomsula and the team who didn’t appear to care whilst playing for Kelly. Neither case seems to be occurring with the current bunch.
            Your comment on the personnel moves seems more based on what you want(ed). Lynch tried to acquire Mack, and it is too early to pass judgment on the 2017 draft class. The free agent acquisitions and trades have had mixed results, but that is something that any team can deal with.
            I don’t know where you heard that six games was the waiting period to see what this offense can be like, because it has always been a year is needed for players to acclimate to it. And yes, it is still in the evaluation period due to the team losing Garoppolo early on and having to rely on obvious backup QBs. However, there are flashes of what the offense can be, with Kittle and Bredia currently thriving in it; finding another red zone target will help it even more.
            Of course we should evaluate the current product on the field, but we also need keep our expectations as only a small part of the equation and not allow them to outweigh the other factors.
            To say this team can only compete with the Raiders is an erroneous statement since they have managed to stay in several of their games this season; the main issue is that the team needs to finish the job, and it will be interesting to see if the coaching staff and players can correct the issue during the last part of this season and throughout the 2019 season.
            What you saw yesterday was a team that has been hit with several problems this season, and that alone can overshadow any improvement.

            1. That scattered minded lot also won more games! Mid with all the focus and determination this team has, what exactly has it brought us?

              “Your comment on the personnel moves seems more based on what you want(ed). Lynch tried to acquire Mack, and it is too early to pass judgment on the 2017 draft class.”

              You’re right! I wanted to draft an Edge rusher and what the team did is ignore it and then the team said you have to be pretty good to beat out Marsh!! What they try to do doesn’t matter regarding Mack. The Cleveland Browns tried for JG too! What matters are results!

              And in regards to the 2017 draft. You are right too early to tell, but it isn’t looking promising! Two of the top picks for this team are off the team already one looks likes really poor choice for Defensive Lineman!

              Keep whistling by the graveyard though!

          2. East – I’m beginning to wonder if Baalke was a scapegoat and really wasn’t the main problem. Word now is that Jed wanted to keep him but Denise overruled him. Maybe Baalke had a come to Jesus with Jed and told him they can’t be so cheap and hope to win. Then Denise get wind and said no way. I’d be interested in other theories as to why she intervened. My theory is that Paarag is Denise and John’s man in the building so that Jed doesn’t get Eddie D disease and spend whatever it takes to win. Provides a good answer as to why the Yorks are the kiss of death to the team. Interesting how things are turning out. The cap grows along with our desperation for spending it but all of our recent stabs at good FA’s have gone over like a fart in church. When Jimmy G was hot property we got lucky. Now, with his future not 100 percent certain, who wants to jump on the ship of fools.

              1. He took the blame for the tightwads and at the end he said I ain’t doing it anymore. Baalke is a survivor but got tired of taking the blame for what, at the end of the day, were decisions the Yorks and their bean counters were making. Like I’ve said, this is all speculation, and unless you are willing to cite some authoritative sources your speculation is not any better than mine.

            1. I have long suspected the York’s were cheap and that Baalke was a company man.

              Ask yourself why so many avoided this organization after cleaning house? What was the common factor?

              1. Baalke was a company man until the end. He finally got tired of taking all the heat from the cheapskates. We saw decisions that he allegedly made but have no way of knowing if he did so as ordered. When they get rid of the deadwood, their cap space will be around $100 Mil. I want to see how much of that they spend. They haven’t exactly been spending like there is any urgency and now they have the additional problem that no will want to play for this team. Everyone here thinks JG will return to 100% and be able to deliver wins like last year. He was 100% this year and 1 and 2. FAs don’t want to go to lousy programs. It’s going to take at least one more year to get any blue chip FA to sign on. I’d like to see a little less talk and a little more action.

      2. Of course I am not ok with losing but I understand the process. The process of rebuilding a roster is not a 1 or 2 year thing. There is a reason both coach and GM got 6 year deals. That’s not to say its gonna take 6 years to rebuild but the point is it takes time.

        For all the misses in the draft there has also been some good picks. Next year with a edge presence and pass rush the defense will be better. With Jimmy G and Jet back, and the acquisition of a WR, the offense will be better.
        With over 60 million in cap space, the team will be able to add more pieces and be better.

        The panic and hot seat takes are just emotional release for some. This is an organization that is not as good as we thought last year and not as bad as people are saying this year.

        ““We’ll get them next year!” Because that is a losers mentality.
        Not sure we will “get them next year”, but what I do know is that it will be a completely different team next year with a better chance at winning because of what I said above.

        1. “This is an organization that is not as good as we thought last year”

          No kidding. A few of us kept saying that and the responses we kept getting were about how they won 5 in a row and it was going to help the team this year.

          “not as bad as people are saying this year.”

          I somewhat agree with this. When you look across the league there’s a lot of flawed teams, including many in the playoff race right now in both conferences.

          This 49ers team is better than 2-9, just like last years team was better than 1-10.

          1. Its really hard to win when you don’t have a quarterback. The wins last year gave the team a blueprint of what winning entailed. When the guy who basically drew up the blueprints and orchestrated those wins went down, so did the entire season.

            I said the day after Jimmy G went down that the rest of the season was a glorified identification camp. People disagreed but now the 49ers know exactly what to add.

            1. “The wins last year gave the team a blueprint of what winning entailed.”

              What’s that? Play against 3 terrible teams and a couple that are looking past you?

              I agree that winning is more difficult without your starting QB, which is why them going with Beathard as the only other QB on the active roster last year and this year made no sense.

    3. Mid,

      Nicely written, but there are few things I have different opinions on. 1. The loss of McKinnon shouldn’t have affected the team that much… I believe Breida is a much better running back, who isn’t quite the receiver McKinnon was. However, he appears to have improved dramatically there.
      The loss of Jimmy was devastating. I believe he adds 4 more wins.
      Due to mismanagement, we are essentially redoing year 2 of the rebuild. We now can add linebacker to this list of positions of need to go with Edge, CB, Safety, LT, OG, WR.
      2. Can Mathieu play single high safety? Thomas is a big risk due to age and durability questions.
      Bosa, Polite, and Ford? Thats a huge investment at one position… I like double dipping but thats a lot of capital in one area and do you really expect Polite to be there in the second?
      Overall, I agree with the thought process… just maybe differ in its execution but its well thought out.

      1. Thanks for the response Shoup. I believe the loss of McKinnon had a bigger impact thank you think given his skill set which allows him to be a dual threat. Imagine lining up Bredia in the backfield and McKinnon at WR on the same play, and then reversing that order on another play. It would keep defenses guessing.
        Why do you think LT is a need? I know Staley is getting up there in age, but the position isn’t a big concern unless he retires. RG is potentially an area that will need to be addressed if Person is not resigned, so I agree with you on that.
        I really have not seen any mismanagement yet on Shanahan or Lynch’s part. The only truly bad move was trading up to get Foster, but that could have just easily have happened to the Saints since they were also trying to trade up for him.
        I think Mathieu could play single high safety if asked to do so.
        Signing Thomas would be a risk, but there aren’t that many good options available, and I do not think the team can count on Colbert going forward.
        I think Ford would be able to slide in at the WILL on the team, leaving Bosa and Polite to handle the edge. I think it is possible for Poilte to fall out of the first round due to the depth at the position. That said, he could just as easily be a top ten pick. Right now I put him in the same group as Derwin James, meaning that he could be drafted within the first ten picks or experience an inexplicable fall.

        1. In terms of mismanagement by them.
          1. Drafting Solomon Thomas when they had multiple players on the roster that could play the same roll.
          2. Signing Juice to a contract that essentially pays him the same amount as the 3 next best FB’s
          3. Signing McKinnon, a backup to a contract that paid him like a top 5 running back
          4. Addressing the edge role by signing aged castoffs and unproven backups.
          5. Trading up for and drafting a receiver like Petis rather than drafting a better player at a position of need like Oliver.
          6. Anointing starters based on their play down the stretch of last year.
          7. Drafting a player they took off their board as he was known to be lazy, a quitter, and person who was willing to steal from a teammate.
          8. Ignoring the guard positions and trying to get by with players that had failed in their stints elsewhere.

          *Note* I do not mean to state that they have been terrible and hindsight is 20-20 as they say… However 3 of these mistakes were repeated ones. Points 1 and 5 are similar as are 2 and 3, and 4 and 8… that is an issue that gives me pause for concern. Additionally I believe they should be given another year, but if their players don’t start to pan out and the results are similar… then they have to look to move on next year.

          Additionally, it could be argued that they should have gone through with the Talib deal regardless of how he “felt” about the trade. In theory they could have gone into the season with both Talib and Sherman at corner.

          1. I have seen that comment on Thomas, but it seems to keep being forgotten that Armstead and Blair had not distinguished themselves at the time, with the former spending more time being out with an injury than on the field. The run defense had also been abysmal in 2016, and adding Thomas was supposed to address it and the lack of a pass rush. While Thomas has yet to establish his self as a pass rusher, he did help to improve the shoddy run defense.
            It is on record that Juice was offered more money by another team. He is also currently on track for his third straight Pro Bowl, so I am failing to see how his signing was mismanagement.
            It is way too early to consider McKinnon’s contract as mismanagement since we have not seen him in Shanahan’s offense during the regular season.
            Lynch attempted to acquire Mack in order to address the edge, but the Raiders weren’t willing to trade him across the Bay. Aside from that, there really hasn’t been an opportunity to acquire a quality edge rusher.
            Time will tell if trading up for Pettis was a bad move, but I agree that the 49ers could have addressed another position with the pick.
            The drafting of Joe Williams is similar to what happens with every other team; there is always going to be a miss.
            I assume you are talking about Tomlinson, Fusco, and Person. Tomlinson and Person have actually done a commendable at LG and RG, and Fusco did as well last season.
            In regards to Talib, it was reported that he threatened to not show up at all if the Broncos-49ers trade went through, so why complete the trade if Talib was going to make sure that he was a no-show?

            1. The 49ers would have been much smarter to have continued to trade down in round 1 and gone after Derek Barnett or Jonathan Allen.

              The increase in efficiency by the defense against the run in 2017 had quite a bit to do with the change in scheme.

              The first 4 rounds of the 2017 draft for the team was a huge swing and miss.

              1. Yep, but he’s by far the more productive player with 2 more sacks and 3 more QB hits in 9 less games.

                Throw in the other picks accumulated while trading down and it’s a better player at much better value.

              2. He’s got one of the better dl coach’s in the league too. We’ll see who ends up with the better career when it’s all said and done….

            2. Mid, a lot of valid points in there that many people don’t want to hear.

              However, re: Thomas, they did a poor job of evaluating their own talent ahead of that draft, and a poor job of evaluating Thomas. Thinking Armstead could play Leo was a mistake, and resulted in a 300+lb DT that could push the pocket slimming down and being mostly ineffective. Thankfully they realised their error and got him to put some weight back on this offseason. While Thomas just isn’t the pass rusher they envisaged. These mistakes do happen, but so far looking like they made six mistakes in a row to start that 2017 draft.

              1. While I agree that moving Armstead to LEO was a bad idea and they took Thomas too high, I do not agree with the notion that they did not evaluate their talent before the draft poorly. At that point, Armstead could not stay on the field and had produced middling results, while Blair has not done anything to inspire confidence.
                Right now I think it is too early to grade Thomas. He isn’t an edge rusher, but I think he can be a presence in the interior if the coaching staff keeps him there instead of moving him to the outside. I also have to wonder how his mindset is right now due to losing his younger sister to depression earlier in the year and if it is affecting his play.

              2. Armstead played a full season as a rookie and half his second season. They had sufficient game film to recognise that the 6’7″, 300+lbs DT they inherited was best at pushing the guy in front of him backwards, but had limited hand usage and was too big to turn the corner effectively. They had sufficient game film to recognise that in terms of skill set, his was a bit of a tweener DT/DE skillset, like a 3-4 DE, which is like a big end in this scheme. Instead they decided he looked like a potential Leo. That was clearly a misjudgement on their part that came about due to not properly evaluating his skillset.

              3. I’ve no idea who is responsible for making those types of decisions, though I suspect it is something of a team effort. But however it happened, it was an error.

              4. I think Zgonina has some culpability because one of his pillars is cross training. I understand the theory, however in application it may be causing more problems in the interim….

              5. It could have been a move of desperation as well considering they had no one on the roster that was ideal for the Leo role. Whatever the case, the DL combinations have been mismanaged far too often. Armstead is what he is and is playing where he should be although he’s invisible far too often, but that is a different subject. Thomas is a 3T and they have to play him inside full time if they ever want to get anything close to what they expected when they drafted him. It may not work out, but playing him out of position guarantees his failure.

            3. Mid,
              As Jack said the scheme would largely have addressed the run game issue.

              The previous year the 49ers were running a base 3-4 without a NT, this was complicated even further when Bowman was injured again, thus leaving a gaping hole in the center of the defense. The selection of Thomas didn’t really address the problems that the defense faced the year before. If a run defender was all they wanted they could have basically drafted any quick, undersized DT and it would have had the same effect.

              “It is on record that Juice was offered more money by another team. He is also currently on track for his third straight Pro Bowl, so I am failing to see how his signing was mismanagement.”

              So another team wanted to overpay also and that makes it ok? As far as making the Probowl, only about 1/3 of nfl teams had a fullback record 100 snaps and only about 7 of those reached 250 snaps. If they didn’t require a FB I do not believe he would make the Pro Bowl.

              It’s true they said they went after Mack hard… but this came after 2 drafts and 2 nfl offseasons in which they ignored the need. And while the guards have been better than expected they are still below average and get no push when it is needed.

              As for Talib, I understand he preferred going to LA… however I hadn’t heard he would not report nor would I believe it.. he was signed through 2020 and was scheduled to make 11 million, then 8 million. That’s too much money to give up, IMO. *note* I’m not saying forcing the trade would have been the right move, just speculating it could have been a mistake.

              1. As I stated to Scooter earlier, I think it is too early to assess Thomas as solely being a run defender. We need to wait and see if the coaching staff moves him to the interior and keeps him there. If they choose not to do so or he fails to become a better interior pass rusher, then I will concede that he was a bad pick.
                That still doesn’t justify that signing Juice was mismanagement Shoup. Juice is a dual threat that is also great at pass and rush protection, so I believe it is money well spent.
                Two drafts and offseasons where they did not see anyone worth taking or were unable to sign anyone.
                Believe it.

              2. Juice is a dual threat that is also great at pass and rush protection, so I believe it is money well spent.

                A dual threat?
                He has 77 Career rushing yards.
                He will add something in passing game around 300 yards per season but he’s not exactly helping them get the tough yards when they need it.

                As I said with Talib I knew he objected but didn’t know how strong it was. I still think they could have forced the issue had they wanted to, as I don’t see him turning down 19 million. Does anyone know what happens if a healthy player just decides not to show up for a physical? I’m genuinely curious.

                As for Thomas, I believe Armstead showed more ability in his limited playing time early on than Thomas has in his first 2 years. As for the injury history… he had 2 separate injuries that were not likely to be lingering or lead to future injuries, so I believe that is often overstated. I still have no clue why they wanted to play him on the Edge.

        2. Why do you think LT is a need? I know Staley is getting up there in age, but the position isn’t a big concern unless he retires. RG is potentially an area that will need to be addressed if Person is not resigned, so I agree with you on that.

          Because, I don’t believe he will stick around for a full rebuild, which I think the niners are obviously in. Additionally, he is on the downside of his career… I would like someone in the wings at either LT or RT.

          I think Mathieu could play single high safety if asked to do so.
          He certainly has some good instincts… so thats an interesting possibility I will have to ponder.

          As for Ford… I care more about their sub package… and I’m guessing he will play LDE and Bosa would play RDE in those. Arik and Defo in the middle that could provide a very nice pass rush.

  24. https://www.pressdemocrat.com/sports/6624773-181/where-colin-kaepernick-might-land

    “His biggest negatives are his words and his attitude. He’s addicted to himself. Has the “Disease of Me.” Thinks he has all the answers in football and society and life.”

    “He thinks he can play quarterback devoid of mechanics and fundamentals, and he thinks he knows more than his coaches. He doesn’t want to change the way he plays. He wants to prove his recreational style works. Wants to prove the “haters” wrong. Everyone who disagrees with him is a hater.”

    “Kaepernick is not coachable. That’s because he’s the coach. He’s the expert. How can anyone turn around a quarterback who thinks he’s leading himself, his team and his country in the right direction? Bill Walsh couldn’t resurrect Kaepernick’s career.”

    “Johnny Manziel has a better chance to turn things around than Kaepernick does.”

    1. More.

      “The best thing Kaepernick could do would be to admit he has a problem as well. He should hold a press conference and say, “I’ve been acting like I know everything, and I really don’t. I want to be a student again. I want to listen and learn. I’ve shined on a lot of coaches and made them look foolish for believing in me. I don’t want to do that again. I don’t want be a problem.”

      “Until he does that, NFL teams will define him by his negatives. And most teams that need quarterbacks won’t want him.”

      “The Bears won’t want him. Their defensive coordinator is Vic Fangio, who knows firsthand what a problem Kaepernick is.”

      “Who will want Kaepernick? Maybe the Browns if they can’t get someone better. But they have two first-round picks — they can draft a quarterback. Or they can trade for Jimmy Garoppolo, the best QB available this offseason.”

      1. Kaep, by not saying a word, or holding press conferences, is being smart. Whatever he says, will be twisted and parsed, so by being silent, he is not giving his detractors any ammunition.
        All of those quotes are just opinions, or more specifically, screeds. However, he just said that the Niners should sign Kaep tomorrow, so he must have changed his mind.
        Like Juan says, teams would rather lose without Kaep, than win with Kaep.

        1. “However, he just said that the Niners should sign Kaep tomorrow, so he must have changed his mind.”

          Nope. He ‘ripped’ Kap while he was here. Now he’s acting like Kap was the one that got away. What’s changed since then? Nothing, he’s got older and hasn’t played in two years

          The real question is whether Grant’s newfound sign Kap schtick is clickbait or yet another way to troll the organization and the coach that he hates. It’s probably both.

            1. No one wants or needs the headache. Especially, the 49ers. We don’t need Trump tweeting or half our fans jumping. Keep made his choice. He chose social activism over an NFL career. Good for him, but there are consequences. Especially, when it was t a clear cut decision to kneel

              What the 49ers need to do, is draft better, not sign old, has been players. Pretty simple fix, they are just incapable of executing on it.

            2. Kap 90.7
              Mullens 89.6

              You’d think the gap would be larger considering their TD/INT ratios (16 and 4 Vs 5 and 4). But look deeper.

              Kap: Comp% 59.2, TD% 4.8, Y/A 6.8, Y/G 186.8, QBR 49.5, sack% 9.8
              Mullens: Comp% 65.6, TD% 5.4, Y/A 7.9, Y/G 244.3, QBR 61.6, sack% 4.1

            3. “The 49ers should sign Kaepernick tomorrow. They never should have cut him in the first place.”


              “Still, Gabbert was better than Kaepernick, which isn’t saying much. The Niners must not bring back either quarterback next season. They’re both terrible.”

              After his final game.

              “And now, he can say he ended his career on a high note if he retires in a couple weeks as he should.”

          1. I’ll never buy that Grant hates the 49ers. His promotion of Kaep is purely a business decision he’s made to express his frustration with the incompetence we see each week. Like, why not Kaep, we all know he’s terrible and no on wants him but, really, how could anyone do any worse sailing on this ship of fools? Or more simply stated, clickbait, as you say. Only someone very close to Grant, like his father, knows what he really thinks. What we see is theater. Stagecraft. At the end of the day, a journalist in the position that Grant is in is an entertainer and nothing more. He entertains with his “scoops”, with his wild speculations and he referees the food fight among posters that ensues. Agree or disagree with him. That’s his goal and he cares not which one. IMO it’s a waste of time to try to find deeper motives.

  25. Think some of these takes are off base. Signing Kap is lol-worthy – he isn’t the guy to take this team forward and at this stage of the season isn’t going to pickup the playbook and play in more than a couple games which at that point serves no purpose even if we assume 2 years out of football have done nothing to his abilities.

    Firing GM and HC is also pretty lol-worthy, but only because they need a full year with Jimmy. Obviously if Jimmy gets injured again they’re not going to keep getting passes but this is the last one. I don’t think the team is playoff-caliber next year but as long as it shows substantial progression it will be enough to get a fourth year. Firing this front office now achieves nothing except tacking on another 3 years onto a rebuild that has consistently been rebooted. Now I know there is no guarantee that this front office is the one that will take the Niners to the promised land, but giving them a third year and if that is moderately successful a fourth year would be fantastic in terms of recruiting candidates to take Shanny and Lynch’s job. Firing them now leaves you with a 2-14 team with a QB coming off an ACL, very little talent elsewhere and a front office fired 2 years into a 6 year deal. That is how you recruit candidates like Chip Kelly and experiments like this one currently is. Now after a third year, if it goes bad and Shanny and Lynch are fired as long as Jimmy G looks okay then you’ve got a team already set at QB (which is appealing for many reasons) that has some talent and potential candidates know that they’d get at least a few years to get their system and players in place. That would make the Niners a good prospect for anyone.

    As for the upcoming 3rd draft, IMO Niners can’t draft Bosa. A first or even second overall pick has too much value to be used on a player with potential injury concerns and character concerns too. Not when there are multiple places the team needs an injection of talent in. Team needs to go hard after Ramsey in FA, Clowney and/or Fowler and pick up either Greedy if they trade back a few spots or go for whomever is the BPA wherever they trade back too. Edge rusher and cornerback are IMO the main issues here, with Safety, WR and LB being the next set. O-line too but I don’t want to see another first round pick on lineman.

  26. Nice piece Renas. Your right on the money. I’d say a dominant pass rusher is by far the most important along with WR. Your tight end can’t be your best and frankly only receiver of any threat. CB, LB, S next. Firing JL or KS at this point is idiotic and would only set the organization back again. Agree that the whole Kap nonsense is click bait. He’s fools gold and done.

    1. Kaep would help them win games, but they are in full tank mode. This last game proved that they do not have the expertise or will to win.
      Jed must be giddy with delight.

  27. This team is in the same discussion with the Lions as having the worst talent and depth in the league. Other bottom feeders like the Giants, Bucs, Jags and even the Bills have more overall talent than the Niners.

    The only team with less talent is the Raiders.

    The Niners need the number one pick and hope like hell that some team falls in love with Nick Bosa, maybe the Raiders and grab two of their first round picks and then trade back and secure some twos and threes.

    They need to trade some players as well.

    I am not impressed with Lynch. He looks good in a suit and sounds better than Baalke, but quite frankly, his drafts have sucked, especially 2017.

    If I’m Jed, I go out and hire a really smart underling from another team, someone who is an assistant personnel
    director, or a highly touted, young, regional scout and bring him in and start the grooming process.

    Number one, it’ll get Lynch’s attention and hopefully light a fire under his ass.

    There’s a reason Lynch is the GM. Guys like Chris Ballard and Nick Casserio declined interviews. Find a young gun and bring him in.

    Shanny and Lynch will get this season and the next, that’ll be four years out of six on their contracts and if they don’t get extensions, they are lame ducks and likely gone.

    I agree with Grant about Shanahan not being a NFL head coach. I haven’t seen it. Kyle is a scheme geek, a coach with a pocket protector. He’s not a leader of men. They need someone on that staff that is.

    But for now, Lynch has got to make some moves and bring in better talent, and please, not guys that have played for Kyle before. Season one or two, maybe, but that ship has sailed.

  28. +1 Slamd. I would also address the staff. I agree with others that Kyle needs an OC, and I’d look to get a more experienced DC. Saleh is in over his head. I think the jury is still out on Kyle. I still believe he is a leader, but he needs to step it up.

  29. In two years, we are no more talented than we were when Lynch and Shanahan started. In contrast, look at the Bears. Good drafting and FA moves have made them a payoff contender in same amount of time. What’s worse, we were markedly better than they were last year. From top to bottom, this is a another failed and failing regime. Jed is the common problem. He really needs to sell the team. He won’t because, who would if they owned their own team, but he should. He’s a piece of s**t.

  30. The 9ers should keep around for 2019.
    Breida, McKinnon, Mosert, Garoppolo, Jusczcyk, James, Pettis, T. Taylor, Kittle, McGlinchey, Staley, Armstead, Buckner, Blair, Day, Jones, Street, J. Taylor, Warner, Watson, Reed, Sherman, Williams, Moore, Gould, Pinion and Nelson.
    They should fire Saleh and most if not all of his staff. Lynch and Shanahan get a one year reprieve, they must win at least 7 games to be kept after 2019. They need to draft or sign in FA 2 CB’s, 2 pass rushers and 4 interior O linemen. If There is a franchise QB available in this years draft they should trade back twice to get multiple picks in the first 3 rounds ( this team needs more than 1 great player, they need multiple “good” players) and finally they should bring back CK…….no wait a minute they should bring back Steve Young no wait a minute how bout Montana no my final choice bring back Brodie………Wait a minute is Frankie Albert still alive?

  31. Lol! Grant and Seb keep bringing up Kraeps 2016 QB rating. 90.2? Big deal. The league average was over 92! More importantly, he was 1-10 and lost a record 9 in a row! Fact.

    1. I think a bigger indictment is the offence was more productive under Gabbert, lost by a smaller margin and Gabbert had the same number of wins with almost half the games played. IMO Chip lost his job when he pulled Gabbert after 5 weeks despite him clearly not being the main problem. There was no talent on that team, and both QB’s were the best offensive players when they were on the field.

    2. Juan, CJB has a rating of 81.8, and Mullens just had a QBR of 61.6. However, the overall team defense is 11th in yards per game.
      Kaep had a defense that was 32nd in team defense. Even Joe, Steve, John or Frankie could not win with that defense, either. Fact.
      I just want the Niners to win, even if it means losing out on the number one pick. Why? Because losing is a disease that is only cured by winning. Winning will attract decent FAs. Losing makes them avoid the Niners like the plague.
      Like you said. The Niners and other teams in the league would rather lose without Kaep than win with him.
      I hope some playoff bound team has the guts to defy the haters and give Kaep a chance, so he can prove his detractors wrong.

  32. Nick Mullens had zero sacks in his first two games. Nick Mullens had four sacks yesterday. Nick Mullens with proper pass protection can be a capable backup. Nick Mullens with our OL will end up in the hospital. You can substitute CJ for Nick Mullens and nothing is changed. Not sure about JG just now.

    1. Person got beat a lot. They should start Garnett, and run the ball.
      Best way to protect the QB is having a strong running game. JG also got bludgeoned a lot.

  33. Two drafts, two Free Agencies and what do you have at this point? Let’s look at 2017 Draft selections….
    1. Thomas, the No. 3 overall pick, mediocre impact on the defensive line.
    2. Foster is gone.
    3. Third-round cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon , dismal.
    4. Third-round quarterback C.J. Beathard beaten out by undrafted free agent Nick Mullens
    5. Fourth-round running back Joe Williams was released.
    6. 49ers trade the 67th overall pick in the 2017 draft to the New Orleans Saints, who used it to take star running back Alvin Kamara….

    If Lynch hadn’t grabbed Pro Bowl-caliber tight end George Kittle in the fifth round, signed UFDA, Matt Brieda his first draft would be a dumpster fire..

  34. There is a creditability problem when it is suggested that Kaep should come back. Too soon to be calling for Lynch/Shanny’s head but that doesn’t mean they are above criticism and they should be picked apart for the performance of the team this year. I don’t see the Niners winning anymore games this year. Lots of holes to fill, Edge, CB, OT, LB, Safety, WR, and maybe a running back. That doesn’t include interior lineman which is suspect in the pass game.

    Next year baby, next year, its always next year……….

    1. Constructive criticism is always welcome. I think running back is our strongest position with Jet/Cheetah/Mostert, and one of the best coaches in the business, Mr. Turner.

      1. Tell that to the Bucs defense.

        Lowell Cohn tweet:

        “I love Jeff Garcia. Asked why 49ers couldn’t run it in from 1-yard line, Jeff explained 9ers lack a power running game. Right! It explains their poor running in red ”

        1. Under, I thought Wilson looked like he belonged in the limited runs he got. I’d like to see more of him. Should be a very competitive backfield next year….

  35. This next game will be a cake walk for the Seahawks, if the Niners do not learn from their mistakes.
    Even Winston, who Razor calls a pure pocket passer, was mobile enough to roll out and complete passes to convert third downs. Imagine what Wilson will do if he is allowed to roll out with impunity.
    KS will be schooled again. His team was shaped, and Pete Carroll is licking his lips and rubbing his hands together with glee over another easy win. PC will stack the box and dare the Niners to beat them with the pass. Niners will counter with bunch sets, and try nifty shifts that will only result in fooling themselves. Saleh will be in full Simpletary mode, with a bludgeoned look on his face, after Seahawk receivers look uncovered all game.
    Wilson will run wild, and make the pass rushers look like Keystone Cops. The Niner Offense already looks like Keystone Cops, with a stumbling QB, and them marching backwards on second down.
    The Niner coaches will waste more time outs, then helplessly watch the clock run down at the end of each half. The Niner offense will stumble up to the line, and waste more time trying to get in a play, when they should have been more prepared by having a play called before the game to run automatically.
    The Niners may try to go bold, mess up, then go timid. They will run into the teeth of the defense.
    Of course, the Niners will be in full tank mode, so they will act lethargically, with their heads down, like KS last game.
    Afterwards, toadies will rip fans who are the least bit critical, and call KS a genius, above reproach. They will scoff at the notion of getting a decent QB, and drink the Koolaide with a smile on their face.
    The Seahawks will be gearing up for a playoff run, so they will not take this game lightly. KS will try to cover up his failures by yelling at his players.
    Meanwhile, I will grind my teeth, and yearn for a return to the Glory Years.

  36. I don’t see Grant as a respectable journalist because he is so obviously biased and emotional in his writing against the Niners. He’s lost all sense of good judgement. He seems more like an anti fan than a anti biased journalist.

    As for all the calls about firing Shanahan and Lynch, I think this is just ridiculous. It’s too early to judge the draft. Citing Thomas and foster as examples of a bad draft is crazy. Everyone rated Thomas as a top 5 pick and he might yet earn that position. Fosters talent was undeniable and someone else would have taken a a chance if Lynch hadn’t gotten him first. You also have to look not only at the draft but free agency when evaluating them.

    Injuries have been a major factor this year. How many practice squad players and 3 rd string players where on the field and even starting Sunday. I think that one of the biggest mistakes owners make I’d firing coaches too soon. You loose so much when you do this. You’ve brought in guys to play in a certain system and trained them to that system, then you bring in a coach with a completely different system and expect immediate improvement. How crazy is that. Lynch and shanhan have 6 year contracts and I think they will @nd should be here for all 6 years.

      1. The Niners could have hired McVay. They had him in the office and as soon as he was done, Les Snead got him on the phone and brought him to LA. They had a shot. If Wolf was out then Gutenkunst should have been next up.

        1. You’re basing your thought process on McVay’s success with a team that was not in need of a massive overhaul.
          Gutekust withdrew his name for consideration shortly after Wolf did.

          1. I’m basing McVay’s success on who he is, not what he’s done. McVay is an innovator and a motivator. Kyle is an innovator and a bowl of cold oatmeal.

            Those guys pulled out because they figured out that Jed and P were going in a different direction.

    1. McVay wouldn’t be doing any better in this situation than Shanahan is. This team is starting a 3rd string QB with 3rd and 4th string WR’s. Defensively they have no outside pass rush and a lack of talent and injuries in the secondary. It doesn’t matter who you hire if you have no players to put on the field each week.

      Shanahan is not getting fired in a season like this. If he doesn’t win some games with a healthy roster then the speculation can begin in earnest, but no HC is going to overcome the personnel issues this team has had this year.

        1. How am I overstating it? Garcon and Goodwin are the starters. They were starting the 3rd and 4th guys on the depth chart. As it is there is no #1 caliber WR on the roster, but when the top 2 guys are out it’s a long way down.

            1. Goodwin and Bourne had to start and are the 3rd and 4th string guys on the depth chart. Not sure what you are confused about but it seems pretty clear to me.

        1. Yeah Grant tends to overreact both good and bad to what he sees sometimes. Brohm is on no NFL teams radar and won’t be until he gets to a big school and does better than 500. Brohm could wind up being a pretty good NFL option one day, but it’s a ways down the road yet.

      1. I didn’t say he was getting fired. I think they have two years left of getting a free pass, and unless they get extended, they are dead men walking after the 2020 season.

  37. The elephant in the room right now is Foster, and how JL failed to properly monitor him.
    Is that a fireable offense, and did any coaches know of their relationship?
    JL must have told Foster to end the relationship, so it is all on Foster, but they had to be talking to him. I would be concerned if they did not ask him about his present social contacts.
    Foster failed, but the front office is either incompetent, or enabling. Both are not admirable. JL owns that.
    JL should stop with the puff pieces like his friendly chat with MM. He needs to face a bonafide journalist that will ask the tough questions. JL cannot gloss this over. He needs to step up and take his medicine.
    JL should conduct an interview with Grant. JL should say his mea culpas, and get past this fiasco. It would be the manly thing to do, and I would be proud of him. JL needs to eat crow, while we all got the pie in our faces. Only then, will JL be changing the culture of the San Francisco 49ers.

    1. The elephant in the room right now is Foster, and how JL failed to properly monitor him.

      Why are so many people blaming someone other than Foster? Reuben stayed in contact with the girl. Rueban left the team monitored area. Rueban chose to engage with the girl rather than walk away. Should Lynch insist he wears an ankle bracelet? Should he hire a team of 5 former CIA agents to trail and monitor him?
      You can’t monitor a guy 24/7 who doesn’t want to be monitored outside of prison. More importantly, if you have to do that, you don’t want that player on your team anyways. Blame Shanahan and Lynch for the pick, blame them for keeping him on the roster after this offseason, but this one is on Foster.

        1. Jack,
          That was reported however it has never been substantiated and Dallas has denied it. I believe it was tried with Pacman Jones. However, even if they wanted to, I would argue it wouldn’t be worth the risk for a team and that if they felt they needed to do that they should just release him.

      1. Spot on, shoup. Plenty of blame to go around on picking Foster in the first place, but the blame for this incident falls squarely on Foster. If ne needs to be treated like a baby 24/7 he’s not worth the trouble.

          1. Yes Mr Lynch. Its 20/20 hindsight, but obviously he wasn’t. I understand why they made the pick, and if he hadn’t been a complete moron he may have turned out to be a good player. But looking back now, in a massive rebuild the 49ers really needed to make sure to the extent possible the guys they chose early would be cornerstone pieces. That means reducing risks of failure. Their first two picks instead were guys with relatively high risk factors. One was a tweener that relied on his explosiveness but was raw from a technique standpoint, the other a headcase coming off a debilitating injury, and there was evidence of both these issues leading up to the draft.

              1. Not sure I understand the love for Warner. He’s a decent player who gives them about the same level of play as the guy they picked up off the Minnesota practice squad that was a 7th round pick.

              2. I liked him coming out of BYU. I knew he was athletic and intuitive. Didn’t know how smart he was. He’s a bonafide keeper for mine….

              3. “Not sure I understand the love for Warner.”


                “Among the 55 off-ball linebackers with at least 150 defensive snaps played in Weeks 8-12, Warner ranks third in overall grade (85.1) and, more impressively, first in coverage grade (88.6). Most recently, Warner earned an 86.9 single-game grade in the 49ers’ loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, picking up two defensive stops and allowing just 13 yards in coverage in the process.”

                “Though he ranks just 24th in run-defense grade (63.3) on the season, he ranks third among qualifiers in run-stop percentage at 10.7%.”

                “Talented coverage linebackers are as hard to come by as they are important in today’s NFL, and early returns point to Warner joining the league’s elite at the position with his ability to positively impact the passing game.”

              4. Warner has been pretty good this year. Some of the communication issues the D has had can probably be put on his shoulders, but in terms of individual play he has been pretty good.

                In terms of covering grass occasionally, he’s not alone. Which suggests the players may not be getting taught properly. That may be one of the biggest arguments as to why some changes are needed on the defensive coaching staff.

              5. He seems to take the right angles but yea, sometimes he misses tackles. He’s a rook playing a brand new position. Still a steal in the 3rd round….

              6. “Yeah I saw the PFF puff piece.”

                At least you can’t claim that PFF are biased homers. There’s no motivation for them to write a “puff piece”.

                “There’s plenty of times that Warner is caught covering grass.”

                What do expect from a rookie, perfection? I saw that Warner had good coverage against OBJ twice last week. Warner’s erratic play should be expected for a rookie, a 3rd round rookie no less. The good news is that he’s playing better/trending up.

              7. Jack Hammer says:
                November 26, 2018 at 1:49 pm
                He stays on the field! Give him a gold helmet.

                They gave him a gold helmet with a little green dot!

              8. “LOL. Who is calling PFF homers?”

                Nobody. The point is that you can’t call them homers for being impressed with Warner. Impartial observers are impressed with Warner, that should answer your original comment. “Not sure I understand the love for Warner.”

              9. On Warner, “He’s a decent player who gives them about the same level of play as the guy they picked up off the Minnesota practice squad that was a 7th round pick.”

                Warner in 722 snaps has 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovery and 6 passes defensed.

                Lee in 190 snaps has 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovery and 1 pass defended with 1 sack.

                One was a 3rd round pick. The other off a practice squad for nothing.

              10. I’m not a believer in PFF’s grading system which was a big part of how they’re showing his improvement.

                Also not sure I agree with how PFF puts together their passer ratings for players. There is a lot of room for judgement calls. Especially when guys are in zone.

                And as I said, Warner is a decent player. Will he become a difference maker? We’ll see. His college stats show flashes of it, very similar to those by Lee who probably should have stayed in school for his senior year.

              11. “Warner in 722 snaps has 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovery and 6 passes defensed.”

                You don’t have as many chances to defend passes when a QB doesn’t challenge you because your coverage is good.

                I like Lee, he was in my final mock draft last year. A good signing by the regime.

              12. “You don’t have as many chances to defend passes when a QB doesn’t challenge you because your coverage is good.”

                HAHAHA!!! Or if the QB just drops it over your head because you’re covering no one.

            1. But looking back now, in a massive rebuild the 49ers really needed to make sure to the extent possible the guys they chose early would be cornerstone pieces. That means reducing risks of failure.

              Yeah I agree with that. They can’t miss on anymore high picks. If that means passing on a questionable character, then so be it. It can also go the other way too as we saw with Thomas. He was selected based in large part on his character, so you have to weigh the value of it in that regard too. It’s time to just focus on talent and need imo. I’m all for BPA in most cases, but they cannot take another DT at the expense of a need.

      2. ‘ Foster failed, but the front office is either incompetent or enabling.’ I blamed Foster. I just think others could have prevented this fiasco.

  38. Seb, nobody wants them to win more than me. I’m not happy with 3rd string QB’s any more than you . Kaps current QB rating is 0. His QB rating for 2017 is 0. His 2016 QB rating was 90.2, 2 points below the league average (that’s called) mediocre. His record as a starter was 1-10 on a team that was better than the current team on the field. His record for 2014-2016 was 11-24 as a starter. Neither you or I really know how he would perform now, but I think it is more logical and intelligent to presume he would continue where he left off, not suddenly revert back to how he played 5-6 years ago. He would be no better than Mullens or CJ and probably worse. I want a great QB, not another lousy one. Like it or not, Gabbert was statistically better than Kap. Kelly benched him thinking Kap could do better. He didn’t. He was worse. Facts are a bitch aren’t they?

  39. Juan, you can have your opinion, and I am not hurling expletives at you for having a different opinion. I am glad we can be civil, and I think you have a very good football mind, with a good grasp of strategies and tactics. You also sound like a good coach, even if you are not an NFL HC.
    I also like that you can present an argument bolstered with facts, and can articulate a cogent point of view.
    So please understand my point of view. Maybe you should look at it coming from this perspective. Since you think Kaep is worthless, If the Niners sign him and start him, he will lose, according to you. That would be the elegant tank, because I would be happy that the Niners are at least TRYING to win. Sure, it would be desperate, but at 2-9, that is the very definition of being desperate.
    I agree with you. I, too, am not happy with the present QBs, and think there are superior alternatives out there. We just disagree with your assessment of Kaep. I concede all your facts, but hope you can accept some of mine.

  40. What’s obvious is that the 49ers will end up with the 1st pick unless a miracle happens…. I thought they might have a chance at beating the Broncos but after yesterday yeah right. Regardless if they trade back or take the first pick it’s more than likely going to be a defensive player… Shanahan better improve the defensive coaching or god help us all.

    1. That brings up an interesting point, how many wins will this team produce going forward?

      For the record I predicted 4-6 wins. I think they will be under that by a factor of 1. The team will win one more and put themselves out of the Bosa sweepstakes, which may be a blessing in disguise.

      1. I think the Raiders win is the last one they will have in 2018, this placing them as the front runners in the Bosa sweepstakes.

        1. There is no other winnable game for SF on the schedule. Seattle x2 is losses, Broncos at SF is a Loss. Bears, Rams, are losses. Rams should be fighting for the #1 seed with Saints. The Niners will finish 2-14 which means Niners win out on strength of schedule. Niners will hold the first pick.

  41. Making excuses for Shanny-lynch on the grounds that the roster was a weak one is like the classical definition of chutzpah. Someone kills his parents and then asks for mercy on the grounds that he is an orphan.

    Yes indeed this is a worthless roster, particularly at the wide receiver, corner back, safety, and edge rush positions. But who put together this roster? Shanahan and Lynch. They have to own this roster. Nobody else to blame.

    I am also not willing to excuse this season on the grounds of injuries to McKinnon and Garopollo. If both had remained healthy, it still would not have made any difference on the defensive side of the ball. Given the weak WR core I am not sure even with Garopollo and McKinnon healthy we would be looking at more than 3 or 4 wins at this point.

    Mind you, I am not saying lets get rid of Shanahan and Lynch. You have to give these guys at least 3 or 4 years before giving up on them. However, I do want to see improvement on a year by year basis. Another wasted draft by Lynch in 2019 will be a major red flag. Lynch better hit a home run with the draft in 2019. Probably his last chance.

    Walsh had his share of duds the first two drafts (names like James Owens, Earl Cooper, Craig Puki, and Jim Stucky come to mind), but in year 3 Walsh drafted Ronnie Lott, Eric Wright, and Carleton Williamson and the team was on its way.

    1. Welcome to the dark side Rick.

      For those who keep harping on the fact the 49ers are on their third string QB have to remember that this is largely by choice, not necessity. CJB, the hand chosen player of Shanahan has not performed to expectations.

      So far, by my count, the chosen QBs of Shanahan are Hoyer, CJB have been anything but decent. Mullens has shined in one game. JG was decided for Shanahan, by all reports, and he’s been the best of the bunch. What does that say about the QB whisperer? What about the receivers?

      1. “For those who keep harping on the fact the 49ers are on their third string QB have to remember that this is largely by choice,”

        It would be their choice if they started CJ/Mullens over a healthy JG. Or started CJ/Mullens over a healthy Cousins if we didn’t get JG. CJ and Mullens are backups, hence their backup plans, not the preferred “choice”. The JG injury necessitated CJ/Mullens seeing the field this year.

        “What about the receivers?”

        Goodwin got better under KS.
        Garcon was playing well before the neck injury.
        The jury is still out on Pettis unless you’re already calling him a bust.
        Taylor was decent last year, but his back injury has hampered his second season.

        1. Here are Garcon’s stats in 2017 and 2018.

          2018: Min 2 rec for 21yards, Det 4/57, KC 1/11, LAC 4/52, Ari 5/47, GB 4/37, LAR 1/5, Oak 3/57 (1TD).

          2017: Played in 8 games. 40 Receptions for 500 yards. Zero Touchdowns.

          By what metric was he playing well? When?

          1. “By what metric was he playing well? When?”

            You posted it yourself. He was on pace for 1000 yards. He hasn’t played well since the neck injury, exactly as I said.

            1. He was also on pace for Zero touchdowns. A way more important metric than yards.

              You can dress up a pig all you want but it is still an oinker. Garcon’s best days were left behind in Indy and Washington. As far as I am concerned, the fact that Lynch and Shanny thought Garcon had anything left in the tank is a huge red flag. Even casual football fans like us could see he was done. There was a reason Washington got rid of him. With his age it was just a matter of time before he broke down.

              1. 1000 yards is generally considered good. The regime didn’t expect Garcon to be a top 5 WR in the league and Garcon’s contract reflects that.

                Garcon average salary 9.5 million, 24th most expensive WR contract in the league.

                “With his age it was just a matter of time before he broke down.”

                Good thing his contract has a team option after this year.

        2. Nope there were opportunities they could have perused prior to the start of the year for backups, plus started nv the third stringer has been a choice. They weren’t forced into it by injuries like with JG.

          And Pettis has been somewhat of a disappointment. Taylor is small so getting hurt had to be expected.

          And who is leading in catches again?

          1. Before this last game I would have agreed with you on Pettis. But I thought he had a good game against the Bucs. Of course he needs to continue to show improvement. His slight frame is also a concern. I wonder how he’ll physically look next year after an offseason of NFL strength conditioning.

          2. “Nope there were opportunities they could have perused prior to the start of the year for backups”

            Who would you have acquired to be JG’s backup?

            “And Pettis has been somewhat of a disappointment.”

            Looked good in the first game. Was hurt for a stretch. A healthy Pettis played well yesterday.

            “And who is leading in catches again?”

            Kittle. Really good pick isn’t it? Again, their starting WR’s have missed a lot of games and our TE happens to be one of the best at his position. Kittle leading the team in receptions shouldn’t surprise anyone.

            1. “A healthy Pettis played well yesterday.”

              Against the 2nd worst pass defense in the league. Let’s see him back it up.

              1. He’s gonna be good once he has a decent QB throwing him the ball, and once he has a full grasp of the playbook.

            2. When your TE is your leading receiver, your WR corps have a problem.

              I echo Hammer’s comment with regard to Pettis. That 2nd round pick could have been used elsewhere and to better effect.

              Btw, I’m on record saying that Kittle is a good pick.

      2. For those who keep harping on the fact the 49ers are on their third string QB have to remember that this is largely by choice, not necessity. CJB, the hand chosen player of Shanahan has not performed to expectations.

        Most teams in this league are done if they lose their starting QB, so who the backup is really isn’t as relevant as you might think. The only guy they possibly could have had who would have been a better option is Bridgewater but it would have taken a 3rd round pick to get it done and he would have been here for one season. I don’t see a lot of alternatives when it comes to backup QB’s.

        1. Finding a good backup QB within the salary cap is not easy and even more difficult because of the difficulty and time required to learn KS’ offense. I’m gonna throw out a name for backup QB and expect a lot of pushback: Ryan Fitzpatrick (Bridgewater would be better, but I don’t think we can get him within the salary cap and also I don’t know if his current contract with the Saints makes him a FA in 2019). We all know he is not a consistent starting QB. However, he graduated from Harvard and hopefully he could pick up KS’ offense fairly quickly (no small feat). Also, he typically throws a good, accurate deep ball and that would provide a wrinkle, if he would need to come in, that opposing defenses might not be ready for. He isn’t mobile, but KS’ defense doesn’t require a mobile QB, just one who can get through his progressions quickly and will pull the trigger. So just to be clear, I’m talking about a backup QB. Ryan might work out okay for a couple of games, but if Jimmy G is out for the season, kiss it goodbye.

          If you don’t like this suggestion, offer up a reasonable suggestion.

          1. “Finding a good backup QB within the salary cap is not easy”

            That’s not really true. They had one in their building when they took over but didn’t want him.

            Bridgewater will be an unrestricted free agent. His salary for this year was $6 mil.

            1. Do you mean Kap? Let’s be serious. He would never have taken to KS’ complex system. After the Kurt Warner sessions he admitted that he didn’t really want to work on his craft; which I take to include the grueling mental side of it as well.

              If we could get Teddy for around 6 mil, I say do it.

              1. “Do you mean Kap?”

                No. I mean the guy who beat both Jacksonville and Tennessee last year as a backup.

        2. Most teams in this league are done if they lose their starting QB, so who the backup is really isn’t as relevant as you might think.

          It was relevant to the eagles and the rest of the world last year

      1. Conley is really good at getting open and can play the possession WR as well. He’s versatile. Can play inside and outside and he’s young.

    1. Is that meant to improve our WR corps?

      Conley is just a guy, and Funchess doesn’t fit the type of WR this offense uses – he’s a contested catch WR and only ok at that.

      1. I disagree with both assessments.
        Conley is a guy whose competitive. He gets open and can play probably every WR position.

        Funchess is a big body guy and he can run. Perfect fit in the red zone.

        Both guys would be an upgrade over Goodwin and Garçon.

        1. Conley is so good he has all of 94 receptions in four seasons. Funchess is a big guy that isn’t fast or agile. He doesn’t fit this offense. And sure, at his size he’s a red zone threat. But he only has 20 TDs in four seasons, three this year.

          1. I’m not understanding how you guys think that adding a wide receiver in the draft with the current crop of wide receivers that we have is good enough?
            Never mind scheme fit for a minute, we need guys that are going to be physical at the point of contact in the air and after the catch. We need big body receivers in the red zone to box out defenders. Both Conley and Funchess do this.
            You can’t just look at the prior stats because those guys are running completely different offences than Kyle Shanahan would be running. We don’t have a possession receiver and both guys fit that mold. And Conley can do more for you in the sense of he can play the XY and Z positions at any time.

      2. The problem though is that Benjamin, Funchess, or Conley may be the best options available to the team Scooter due to the 49ers only having five picks in the draft and OLB skyrocketing to the second biggest need on the team.

        1. Its a deep year for WRs in the draft. That early 2nd round pick looks a good spot to get a WR.

          Getting guys because they are the “best available” without thinking about scheme fit makes no sense. Benjamin and Funchess don’t fit.

          1. Guys that can catch and run and are competitive fit any scheme.
            Currently we have no one that fits that criteria.

            The draft this year needs to be spent at edge, corner, safety. Yes we should take a WR but adding 2 guys like Conley and Funchess makes the unit legit.

            1. No it wouldn’t. Neither of those guys would make this WR group legit.

              Given how Garcon has played I would probably take Funchess over him right now, but he’s hardly a massive improvement. And Conley just isn’t as good as you are making out. He’s a combine superstar that has never really developed into much of a WR. Goodwin is a better WR than Conley, and its not actually close. The problem with Goodwin is he gets hurt too often.

              I agree that just taking a WR in the draft won’t fix everything. But it definitely needs to be the positions they look at early. They should also add someone in FA, I agree, and Garcon should be let go. But there aren’t many good FA WRs looking like they will be available, so whoever they get will just be a place holder until the rookie develops. If that’s Funchess then fine, but he’s not a long term answer.

              1. “Given how Garcon has played I would probably take Funchess over him right now, but he’s hardly a massive improvement.”

                Garçon red zone TD rate over last 4 years: 11% (none as a 49er)

                Funchess red zone TD rate over last 4 years: 30%

                It’s absolutely a massive improvement.

              2. Yes. One stat. One stat that the 49ers really need to improve. His yards per reception is also an improvement over Bourne and Garçon.

              3. Funchess and Bourne are both at a 20% TD rate for this season.

                That doesn’t really change the fact that adding him wouldn’t help in this area. Funchess has excelled throughout his career in the redzone and having multiple options down there is a good thing.

              4. “Funchess and Bourne are both at a 20% TD rate for this season.”

                More evidence that it would be more of a lateral move if he replaces Bourne.

                You could sign him for depth and to primarily be a RZ guy. It wouldn’t be the worst move, but it’s meh IMO.

              1. If Metcalf is there after pick 22, I’d like to Make The Move up to secure his services. If not, there should be a X at the top of round two that would do nicely. I think that’s the sweet spot for WR….

              2. With only 5 picks and holes everywhere we have no ammunition to move up. If anything, we have to move back and probably more than once.

            1. Sadly I agree. They just have so many holes they could easily forgot the position in the draft.
              They desperately need, de,cb’s, safeties, and could choose to add lineman, lb and even running back but those promise to be later round picks.

              1. The problem isn’t just the needs or positional depth… its also the number of pics SF has… 5.
                Assuming they select an Edge Rusher, and CB that leaves 3 selections… their needs in the area are so dire… they might well double up one of those groups.
                That leaves 2 selections, and here is where BPA comes heavily into play. If there is a run on receivers, it could easily make the talent discrepancy too much.

                That said… SF could regain some of these picks by doing something different than posted by most board members… taking Bosa with the first pick, and trading back with their second rounder. If they start doing that… than WR comes back into play imo.

        2. “OLB skyrocketing to the second biggest need on the team.”

          Nah. They have 4 guys on their roster already who should form the core of their linebacker unit.

      3. “Funchess doesn’t fit the type of WR this offense uses”

        That’s true. This offense doesn’t like to score touchdowns in the redzone.

          1. Funchess catches a TD on 31% of his redzone targets, a marked improvement over any receiver on the 49ers roster. That’s 15 in 3+ years and 20 total.

            He’d be a nice upgrade for an area that they struggle with.

            1. I hate going into 2019 with a band aid in Goodwin, a streaky Bourne, a over the hill Garçon, another china doll in Taylor and one bright spot in Pettis.
              That’s not good enough even with drafting 2 rookie WR’s in the draft.

  42. Neither one of those WRs are a fit with Kyles system. He wants WRs who separate. Those Wrs you mentioned are bigger bodies that don’t separate. Goodwin is a keeper and Garcion is going to get cut for sure. Goodwin, Pettis WRs part of the core moving forward. They should add two more WRs. A #1 for JG is important. Plus another Wr who can step in if called upon. I think if we add 2 WRs, 1 RB and a #2 TE this offense with JG and Mckinnion will be very good. Just my opinion though. A couple WRs who are a fit but would make some sense. Golden Tate and Tyrell Williams from Chargers. Both free agents as well.

    1. Garcon can separate? He was the big FA WR acquisition in 2017. I think we need more diversity among our WRs. I think as Jeff Garcia alluded to, RZ problems are due to a lack of the types of players need to score in the WR. Power backs and tall tough WRs.

  43. I don’t want to delve into politics, but the Repubs and Trump did not do the 49ers and the SF Giants any favors with their tax bill when it comes to signing free agents. Even a regular Joe like me is going to be hit hard by the $ 10,000 limit on State and Local tax deduction. Imagine the impact on a NFL player. My guess is the 49ers will have to sweeten the pot a bit to entice any top line free agents into coming here because of the tax bill.

    1. Common mis-perception. Very high earners, like top end athletes, will definitely be impacted by the tax cuts due to the $10k limit. Unless you make over $1M per year you will come out way ahead on your taxes next year. I guarantee you.

      1. I guess you have not been looking at housing prices in the Bay Area. My wife and I have two professional incomes and we bought a new house in 2007. Our tax bill will be almost $ 10000 higher based on an analysis by my tax guy.

        Now you know why every single Republican congressional candidate lost in a onetime Repub stronghold of Orange County.

        Any way, my point was not about my taxes but those of someone signing with the 49ers or the Giants. As you yourself said, a high salaried athlete will definitely be impacted. California and New York teams will need to pay more to sign players. No getting around it.

        1. Hire a tax accountant to do your taxes. It will pay for itself. If you are middle income and pay higher taxes, Fire your accountant. I own houses near the Bay Area. I may be hurt by the tax laws but for the vast majority of Americans the tax law is a very very very good thing.

        2. Football players aren’t necessarily residents of the state their team is located in so the potential additional tax can be somewhat mitigated. Like most things, the devil is in the details.

  44. Shanahan did pretty well with a big body in Atlanta named Julio Jones. (6-3 225 Lbs).

    Of course Jones is an anomaly. A big body who separates.

  45. Niners should target some big bodied grizzled veteran FAs like-
    Kelvin Benjamin
    Cody Latimer
    Quincy Enunwa
    Sammie Coates
    Michael Floyd.
    They need a big bodied receiver that can high point the ball in the red zone, to go along with a small fast WR like Goodwin.
    WRs who may go from the second to fourth round, who the Niners should target are-
    JJ Arcega- Whiteside
    Juwan Johnson
    Colin Johnson
    Hakeem Butler, the guy Mid likes.
    They first need a pass rusher, but a DB may be just as big a need. WR would come next, but with Foster evaporating, they need an ILB.

      1. Didn’t KS say there is virtually no difference between Will and MLB in their defensive scheme? Or am I misremembering. If so, Warner could move to Will esp if they can find a good FA to play MLB. You have to wonder how much of the defensive struggles are due to Warner not getting the calls right.

      1. Well, he is last on my list, so one of the others would be preferable.
        Instead of Michael Floyd, target Conley, although he might want to stay with a contender.

    1. Interesting that the Rams are in the bottom half. Similar scheme to Shanahan’s but they have better personnel. Is there a flaw in the scheme (strategy) when it comes to RZ success?

      1. Rams almost always 11 personnel and subsequent scheme is totally different than little Shanny’s 21 personnel and eons away in terms of creativity.

      2. When you get inside the 5 it’s tough to run it in with the zone blocking scheme. You need to be able to run power when you are in that situation.

  46. It’s quite obvious to me that the Niners need first and foremost a dominant pass rusher. Bill Walsh knew this way back in 1981 and in my opinion won them their first SB (See Fred Dean). Since then the rules have even further favored the offensive receivers. If you can’t consistently get to the QB in today’s pass happy, QB driven NFL, your going to lose. When will the Niners get this? Just having this will solve some of the back end problems. Second, they need a dominant wide receiver. I’d get rid of the entire current crew with the exception of Pettis and of course Kittle. I include Kittle in the WR position only because he pretty much is right now. Third, I’d draft a corner or two. I wouldn’t give up on AW yet because of the lousy pass rush, but I’d definitely bring in competition. Fourth, they need a bigger, stronger running back. Brieda is a great change of pace back and an overachiever. He’s not an every down, power back that can score in the red zone. He’s a damn good player though, and inspiring to watch. He’s a keeper. Kyle needs to bring in an OC so he can concentrate more on managing and leading the entire team. They need to let Saleh go and bring in an experienced DC. They need to cull the rest of the staff. Not enough experience currently. That’s it from an old softball coach and rabid Niner fan. Juan out!

  47. The Niners are done for the next 5 years at least. Shanahan is a total fraud. Basically a two bit OC. Way over his head. Half the team is on IR. How many broken arms has this team had in the past two years? ARM TACKLERS! So, much for JOHN LYNCH on DEFENSE! My goodness they are so poorly coached. From the Conditioning to the DEFENSE! HORRIBLE! So many paper players! Put a fork in them for at least 5 years! Jimmy T did better then SHANAHAN! BTW the media like COHN are hacks. They never call out the poor play calling of Shanahan!

  48. I see your trying to make friends with the 49er organization again. The only world in which Lynch and Shanahan get fired is in your dreams. it just ain’t happening. Shanahan is an exceptional coach. He will turn it around. Jury is out on Lynch. IMO it was a flawed plan by Jed York from the beginning to pair a 1st time head coach with a GM with absolutely no experience. I also think it was a mistake for Shanahan to hire a DC with no experience. The pain the organization is feeling right now is directly attributable to growing pains from guys with little experience. But I am with you on Jeff Brohm being a good coach. He has done a phenomenal job at Purdue. I absolutely love the guys offense. BUT he’s not going to the pros. He’ll end up at Louisville before he ends up in the NFL. Lincoln Riley will be the next college coach the NFL goes after. I’m not sure either one of those guys will be good NFL coaches. I think both of their offenses work much better in college. At any rate, good job pointing out Brohm. He’s great.

  49. There was a play in the 2nd quarter where Soloman Thomas was completely turned around on the play.His back was to the QB 1.5 seconds after the ball was snapped and he was lined up on the inside!
    Soloman Thomas is a straight trash Roody Poo..
    I’m thinking that John Lynch is just Trent Baalke in a mask..
    Hell Kentwan Balmer showed more promise than Thomas has..

  50. Lol! Nobody calls out the entire Niner organization more, including and especially Shanahan, than Coach/GM Grant Cohn. Ad nauseam I might ad. Any suggestion otherwise is laughable.

  51. Regarding pass rushers in Free Agency I have a couple of questions:

    1) What do you all think of Clay Matthews from GB Packers? McCarthy will mostly get fired after this season and a new coach will probably move on from all the vets on the roster.
    2) For any high profile Free agent pass rusher like Clowney or Lawrence or Ansah or Ford…..what would be their incentive to come to the 49ers… I mean except for the weather, why would they sign with a rebuilding team rather than go to a contender?

    1. No one is gonna want to come here,as fans we are the only ones who look at the 49ers as a iconic franchise.This team has been garbage for almost twenty years,and not just bad but horrible.Thats what most people think of the 49ers now,we are the same level as the Browns.Plus add in all the taxes here we would have to massively over pay in free agency to get anyone to come here

      1. “Plus add in all the taxes here we would have to massively over pay in free agency to get anyone to come here”.

        Yep, I agree with that statement. That is why I think we should also go after corners like Bradley Roby from Denver, even with his character concerns. I know this regime got burned with Foster, but I don’t see any other decent corners becoming available in FA.

      2. Sad but true. The guy with the most insight is the guy from the east coast. Like the saying, many here have their nose too close to the chalk board. Re: the 49er FO and staff: Stupid is as stupid does.

  52. If Clay can get there and knock the crap out of opposing QB’s, consistently, and threaten on every down? Hell yes. Maybe they can get a package deal and sign McCarthy if he’s fired, and come in as the OC! He has Niner roots after all, and maybe he’ll want to step back into a secondary position for a bit. There’s only one reason I can think of for a star to come to a rebuild like the Niners have going on. Money. The Niners have plenty.

    1. Yeah, all those “Stars” might think we stink and there might not be enough money in the world to sign them. Only people we can entice may be the so called 2nd tier edge rushers. Clay Matthews should be a good stop-gap for the next year at least.

      IMHO, I think Kyle Shanahan is a better play caller than Mike McCarthy.

  53. I wish to differ. The Niners are not total trash. When JG came aboard, he made the struggling offensive line perform better. Heck, he even made the defense play better, because his sustained drives allowed the defense to rest. That 5 game wining streak gave me hope.
    Some have dissed this area, saying it is too expensive. So what, they are making millions. The Bay Area is a very desirable place to live. The cultural diversity, and lack of overt racism, make the BA a great place to raise a family. Many areas in the South are bastions of institutional prejudice, and not too hidden discrimination. Here, inter racial couples do not face ostracism and hate as much as other areas. Of course, there are Barbecue Bettys everywhere, and this is not a utopia, but people here seem more laid back and tolerant, compared to other parts of the country.
    Yes, other parts of America are beautiful, but I love the Bay Area, and its climate. Instead of dripping in sweat, sweltering during a heat wave, I look out of my window and see a wall of fog, cooling the air. Spring and fall are sublime. The winters have a few days of freezing weather, and mostly rain instead of sleet and snow. Scraping ice off my windshield just does not seem like fun. Glad I have never done that here. I have only put on chains up in Tahoe, so I guess I am lucky.
    The Niner are a storied franchise, and those Glory Years will sustain me through these trying times. I remember when the Niners were so loaded, the Niner second string would beat their first string during the preseason games. Back then, the Niners were dreaded opponents, and they were feared and envied. During those years, the Super Bowl was a perennial goal, and those 5 rings brought joy and jubilation. For 3 seasons not too long ago, the Niners were once again made relevant. With JG, and a better supporting cast, they can return to relevance, and elite Free agents will take less to come here, despite the taxes.

  54. sebnynah says:
    November 25, 2018 at 5:09 pm
    Kaep could….

    Reply: My old coach used to say: “If if’s and but’s were candy and nuts, we’d all have a Merry Christmas.”
    Quit making excuses.

    Fans hate snivellers.

    Reading is fundamental Seb. Why don’t we start today’s reading lesson with the word, sniveller.

    Definition of Sniveller: Noun. 1. sniveller – a person given to excessive complaints and crying and whining. grumbler, moaner, squawker, whiner, bellyacher, complainer, crybaby. disagreeable person, unpleasant person – a person who is not pleasant or agreeable.

    Via Freedictionary.com

  55. The only kind thing one can say about Grant is that he has chosen to be a complete idiot on the topic of a single sport, unlike his father, who was an idiot on the subject of all sports.

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