49ers acquire QB Jimmy Garoppolo, backup to Tom Brady in New England

SANTA CLARA — The 49ers traded a 2018 second-round draft pick to the New England Patriots Monday evening for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.Garoppolo was the backup for Tom Brady with the Patriots. The 49ers did not immediately confirm or deny the report.

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    1. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and make a crazy prediction…..Skins coveted Jimmy-Shanahan nabbed him to trade for cousins.
      We’ll see-maybe I’m crazy…..

      1. White Wiz

        Odds are on you being crazy….This might be a Yankees / Red Sox trade…. Go Yankees….Go Niners

        Now, believe in him and PLAY HIM !

  1. In a season full of disappointments I must say this comes at a time when the team needed some infusion of something good. Lynch the rookie that he is just showed he is not afraid to be bold. Hopefully we have a QB to build around. Time will tell.

      1. Wait, I thought all you Shanahanas were very positive about how things were going? This is a move that smacks of desperation and bad teams do that! Wonder where York was during all this?

          1. Right! A conversation that started this Monday! I’ll sell you a bridge for your desert.

            How’s that Shanahan honesty, given what he publicly stated about CJB all the while this was in the works? Not that I care mind you, I know coaches aren’t straight shooters, they can’t be. I harbor no illusions about them.

            If this is a part of their plan, why wait till the eleventh hour to pull off? The mental contortions you guys make sometimes makes my head spin.

            1. Maybe you’re right. Maybe they Just GotLucky. Or maybe, they knew there was a couple avenues of opportunity down the road. Certainly plausible with the hire of Hoyer/Barkley, and the drafting of a backup quarterback. Odds were none of them would be the long term answer, but it didn’t hurt to find out. So maybe it was a convergence of a little luck, and a little planning….

              1. Maybe they got pressure from an embarrassed York and went with a splashy but ultimately poor move too! That’s another possibility.

                Didn’t Hoyer back up Brady? He certainly made a pretty penny playing half a season. Seven million for 8 games. That’s 14 for a full year. Was he worth that? Who brought him in and pumped him up?

              2. They’ve got 6 year deals. How much pressure can York really exert on them?

                Coaches say a lot of things. Case in point, Harbaugh talked up A.J. Jenkins….

              3. What was Chip Kelley’s deal? How long did he last? Owners are owners and they don’t get to be the people they are by being quiet, especially when money is on the line. Given the drop off in attendance, priorities change.

                I think your Harbaugh example actually proves my point about HCs. I never thought Shanahan was on the level.

              4. Looking back, I think Chip Kelly was a place holder. He got your typical 4 year deal. There wasn’t anyone available that was a home run hire. Right now, York is in a box as an owner. He gave them 6 year deals, coming off sacking two HC’s back to back.

                All coaches are disingenuous. You just have to learn to read between the lines.

        1. Or, despite what a lot of people might be willing to accept, maybe it smacks of an organization and regime making a very astute move while the opportunity presented itself. I know it’s far more gratifying and self stimulating to beat the increasingly popular drum that York is a cheapskate who is not interested in winning, and that Shanahan and Lynch are no better than Kelly and Baalke, but maybe, just maybe this is indicative of a long-term plan, and the powers that be making what many actual football experts are calling a good move. Now it’ll be interesting to see whether some of the critics are actually willing and able to admit that.

          1. Hey those same experts were saying that because Shanahan picked Hoyer things would be OK too, even if he was a placeholder. Weren’t the experts the ones who thought Cleveland did really well picking Kizer too?

            1. Ok Eastcoast, Enlighten us with your clear heightened level of expertise that the rest of us are lacking. What should they have done, and what should they be doing moving forward?

            2. Hmmm… maybe in part, but overall… no, I don’t think so. I do think a lot of people (myself included) expected Hoyer to play better than he did. That said, I’m not sure I heard many people say that Kizer was a fantastic pick. That he was worth the risk in the second round, maybe, but not that he was a savior. And what would you rather have, a regime that is willing to admit that what they’re doing isn’t working and make moves to rectify the situation, or something like you see Cleveland where they don’t do much of anything, and just go back and forth and remain in perpetual limbo?

              1. I think you guys are missing my point. I’m not the one that stated that all was well in Niner land. I rang that bell back in camp, but many posters said give them time (takes time to get Shanahan’s system, etc). When things started to go south, people started to say it’s all part of the long term plan and that losing doesn’t matter. Now, they get in fits of ecstasy over an unproven QB thinking he will be the savior.

                I think that rebuilding a team takes time, but you do it the unpopular way. By getting good solid linemen to protect your QB, by getting defensive players that can have an impact on games (like solid pass rushers). The new regime went after people but they didn’t do what was most beneficial to helping their team win now or in the future. That is why I am not fully on board with this regime. They haven’t done the things I thought would have the best impact for the team.

                Building good teams is tough hard work and you will get lots of flak along the way from pundits and fans but if you go about it methodically, you will have a good system in place (sadly Dallas is an example).

                Now, I am willing to wait and see and be wrong, but I think that so far, I’m unimpressed.

                This move doesn’t change that. I was wondering why we didn’t do the move like Seattle did and then I saw this…

                Seattle will be in better shape today and tomorrow because of their move. We will still have a very bad OL that can’t protect their old new QB (CJB), and May get him killed soon, and the new shiny toy may need to play sooner rather than later will have to play behind a line that might have sent Steve Young to early retirement.

                Go back and read what experts said about Cleveland’s draft and how they got a steal with Kizer. Don’t kid yourself. We are doing what Cleveland does. That’s what I take issue with. We drafted a bunch of ok players missing out on players that could have had a great impact but been less sexy.

              2. I agree….rebuilding takes time sometimes the unpopular way by getting solid lineman hopefully from the draft to protect the most important player the QB so he has 3-4 seconds to throw and time for accurate passes, doesn’t get hit 20+ times and lands on his back all day or on the IR. The foundation can’t be weak or porous. The OL helps move the chains, the clock, with less 3’s and out and in scoring, plus gives the D time to rest.

                The OG from Norte Dame Quenton Nelson fits perfect, maybe now they can trade trade down, mid 1st and 2nd round pick and get a tackle for Staley, hopefully add a pro bowl type FA. Garnett is a avg., Fusco and the others suck, Brown is a question mark, ect. Can’t see sending Jimmy G in right now until the OL is changed for the better.

        2. Why do you do that? York doesn’t interfere the roster. It just makes you look petty. Move on and deal the reality of the issues not your imaginary fears.

    1. Desperation? Hardly…this is a lost season and everyone know it…the Patriots tried to get a first rounder for him and couldn’t..they would get nothing for him at the end of the season when he could walk as a free agent, they dropped their asking price and the 49ers acquired exactly what they need. Great trade all the way around.

  2. This is the best news that the 49ers have had in years. Jimmy G is great pre-snap, super quick release, more mobile than Hoyer. This is a homerun and I honestly think in 2 years he will be one of the best QBs in the league.

    1. Agreed!! This is fantastic news. A QB you can build around for a SECOND Rd pick. Very encouraging. We have to get this guy a line tho. His numbers were great in limited action yes but that’s playing behind the brick wall they enjoy in NE. Be a way different story here. Why even play him this year? He might get hurt. Hell, what if he wins 5 games, all that does is screw us. Let him play back up learn the system and get ready for next year….. too bad we couldn’t have gotten this done to start the year.

  3. Other possible trades.

    Reid: Less likely after the Ward injury.
    Hyde: More likely as Lynch probably wants his extra 2nd back. He might have to settle for a 3rd, which would be OK with me.

  4. I dunno .. guys …

    What if ….
    JG turns out to be …. Matt Cassel 2.0 ??

    I mean… “Bell-a-Cheat” .. coulda .. just
    fleeced a rookie GM and HC

    Besides … prepare yourself to be seein’ CJB
    for awhile anyhoo… until JG gets up to speed …
    (Extended terminology and all)

    1. Cassel was a 7th round pick I believe. At least JG has some pedigree. He was a late 2nd pick who some believed was a first rd talent. It’s a better start at least. How many late Rd QBs turn out to even be starters??? (Ironic question given the team but still you get the point)

      1. Cubus sez …

        You’re harshing my buzz, man. :)
        Check out this article that #80 linked earlier. I’ve been listening to some reports and everyone seems to agree that it is a win-win for both sides….”

        Yeah … I know … and … I’m sorry for the buzz-kill … but ..
        I read somewhere that Jimmy G ..only has about 5 quarters
        of playing tape .. on which to judge him by …

        And that’s what I’m concerned about …

        howsomever… on the flip side …

        I sure hope yer right … and I’m wrong !

        1. MW I am skeptical as well when people are already saying things on this blog like “in two years he’ll be in the top 10 QB’s in the league.” I’d love for him to be great and hope he is, but we’re so desperate around here we’re reaching for anything to get out of this awful pit. He’s unproven with only 5 quarters of play ending in an injury. If he’s top 10 caliber, seems like he’d be starting somewhere.

          1. “If he’s top 10 caliber, seems like he’d be starting somewhere.”

            He’s on his rookie deal so he doesn’t have a choice until he becomes a FA or is traded. He was traded and will at some point in the near future be starting for the 49ers.

            1. Cubus, not entirely true. If he was top ten talent and NFL teams thought so they would have offered a better trade package for him giving him a chance to start. Top ten talent is worth first round picks. If the NFL thought he was top ten teams would have offered more for him. You guys are drinking the coolaid again. No matter what you say two games is unproven. He could be great but he’s still unproven.

              1. They had offers from the Browns and probably others that we don’t know about. It’s no stretch to think that BB wanted to keep him in case Brady went down or retired with the thought that JG could be their next franchise QB.

              2. according to BB Belichick said he couldn’t find any feasible way to make that happen, however, and wanted to make a trade before Tuesday afternoon’s deadline because it was their last chance to do so.

                Belichick said. “It is just not sustainable given the way that things are set up. Definitely not something we wanted to walk away from and I felt we rode it out as long as we could. We’ve, over a period of time, explored every option possible to sustain it but, at this point, it felt like we had to make a decision. It’s a very complex situation on multiple levels. This is really the last window that we had and we did what we felt was best for the team.”

                confirm BB did want to trade him…..

          2. I think that is reasonable, but do you think spending the 1st or 2nd overall pick on a QB with 0 snaps in the league and no time studying under someone like Brady represents less of a risk? And, as Cubus points out, he has never had a chance to start anywhere.

            1. Has any QB under Brady turned out to be great? Hoyer, Mallet, Kassel? 94 snaps is basically zero in the league. He has some practice time which is good but he’s a slightly more experienced version of the guys coming out this year.

          1. Moses generally you’d shut someone down here for basing career potential off of 94 passing attempts. I am not saying he doesn’t have potential, rather he’s no lock for top 10 performance. Let’s see him play first.

            1. You mis-understand. That’s his NFL resume and is merely data presented that I felt might be germane for the discussion not an opinion or projection. I would never proclaim anything about QB who has thrown just 94 passes and I never actually watched play football.

    2. That’s a definite possibility MWNiner. Nobody can predict how good this guy will be based on how little he’s played. He’s guaranteed to make 20 mill plus no matter what happens in contract talks and cost them a very good draft pick. That’s a lot for somebody who has played all of 6 quarters with a great team around him. I’m not a fan of the deal. Jimmy G may work out but there was no need to do a trade now.

      1. What’s there not to like? We have a ton of money, that’s not an issue. I think people get too attached to draft picks. How many 2nd rounds picks work out? 40-50%? We don’t think JG has at least a 50% chance of being good. Based on his college film, the little bit of NFL film he has (which is more more than any guy still in college) and 4 years learning in NE he isn’t worth a second rd pick? I disagree. Plus we can spend our first rd pick on either a monster pass rusher or the best WR in college football now.
        Also you can argue guys who go in the top 3 only have a 50/50 shot of being good. I’ll take my chances with JimmyG

        1. I wouldn’t, but I don’t think they will franchise him again. If they don’t then he walks for nothing… if they do he is the highest paid qb in the NFL next year and they most certainly wouldn’t franchise him again or he would be far and away the most highly painf an in football. With that being the case I think they would trade him for less than 2 firsts as they would look terrible if they got nothing for a top 10 QB.

    3. Well, I’m not a Garoppolo guy but it’s a good trade. A 2nd rounder for a QB who has potential is not a bad gamble. My personal opinion is JG is not the answer but it’s still a good trade. BUT I wouldn’t put him behind this line. Let Beathard take the beating while you teach JG the offense for next year.

  5. What we kept our 1st round pick??? What??? Are you kiddin me??? That’s flippin fantastic news!!!! John Lynch you f’n stud you!!! We have a franchise QB!!!! Let’s f’n party all night….Hennessy shots all night!!!! Jimmy G!!! We kept our 1st round pick???? What???

  6. This is terrific news! A franchise QB WOW!!!!! I would also like to say congrats to Prime! Helluva Call all off season long!!!!! Well done man. You still want Mitch?! :)

  7. Since the Niner players are more interested in taking knees than winning games, it would have been brilliant to sign Kaepernick for another try. This would have been a great unifier for the team and solved the employment crisis of the last QB to take the Niners to the Super Bowl.

      1. Hopefully sooner than later. Funny how some folks who seem to have the most blind ardent support for the flag, actually understand what it stands for least.

  8. “…then the offensive coordinator with the Cleveland Browns, placed a high grade on Garoppolo. In fact, Shanahan said his top two quarterbacks in that draft were Derek Carr and Garoppolo.” – Courtesy of Matt Maiocco

    Shanahan last January
    “He was a very good thrower”
    “Tough guy, kept his eyes down the field, could get rid of the ball fast”
    “Really liked the person. Had a chance to go out to dinner with him and stuff.”
    “But I really thought he was a very intelligent, tough player with a good throwing motion.”
    – Also from the Maiocco column

  9. First, I must address the Cousins situation which I was a proponent of. The question was never why would Cousins want to come to SF? The question was what was SF willing to do to entice Cousins to come – fix oline (duh), draft impact WR , etc.

    Now we have JG. We still need to fix oline and and acquire a WR . We have a lot of holes on D. We have many needs. I am hopeful this is step 1 in the right direction.

        1. Didn’t say he was, but you can’t have everything. As of now, I would say priority one is getting the best guard, Nelson, Notre Dame, followed by cornerback. Maybe Carlton Davis, Auburn….

          1. Oh in that I agree build inside out! I definitely want a guard, a center, a tackle a pass rusher and corner. Garçon with a good 1 would look quite well out there. Right now he’s overwhelmed.

        2. Indeed. We have a bunch of pretty good #2 wr. We need that true number 1. I was flipping back and forth between world series and Pit Det last night. I caught a play in which Rothlesberger threw an up for grab ball which was caught by antonio. Collinsworth noted that it was a play in which Rothlesberger gambled his guy was a better athlete than the Det CB. We need our own Antonio, or Julio, or Dez from 4 years ago, or Mike Evans, AJ …. We need an athlete who can outmuscle a CB. We need an athlete who can draw double coverage and then beat that double coverage. We need an athlete who is a red zone beast.

          That has been lacking for many years. Yes, we also need G, C, OLB, CB etc. We have a lot of needs. We are 0-8

  10. The first things that popped into my head when I heard about the trade
    1) What picks did we give up?
    2) Is the outline of a long term deal in place?
    3) How much draft flexibility does this give us?

    This is great news for the draft. We can grab any player we want, I trade back for a kings ransom to a quarterback needy team. If we draft 2nd again, we could easily regain the value of a pick 34 by trading back just a few spots.

    Drafting high when you already have a quarterback is almost a license to steal. There is no better draft leverage.

    1. I disagree. Only because I think the niners will go for linemen via free agency. I’m guessing the 1. Trade back. 1. edge, 2. oline 3. Cb. 4. Oline

      1. Man, I’m really conflicted about how the 49ers should handle the draft. I personally don’t view Garropolo as a franchise QB. Could be wrong but I just dont see it. Sustained success can not be achieved without a franchise QB so it will be interesting to see how Shanahan/Lynch handle the draft. If they also see Garropolo as good but not great, I would hope they would keep the top end QBs in their draft plans if one grades out well enough. I also think upgrading the o-line is critical but that can be achieved through free agency, especially with all the money the 49ers have available under the cap. We already know both Guards need to be upgraded but watching Kilgore on Sunday was painful. He was absolutely awful so the 49ers must replace the entire interior of the o-line. This team has so many holes that they are years away from being respectable. I’d like to see Lynch hire some very experienced personnel men since he’s a newby. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to put McCloughan on retainer as an advisor to Lynch.

        1. Houston 9er

          You hit on the perfect solution that we could have….the only fly in that soup is would McCloughan accept a retainer position ? We did treat him very shabbily when we did have him…. MAN ! that was a stupid move…I see this as a bonus move (the trade), We complain about Aaron Rogers having the advantage of growing on the bench behind Bret Farve….Look what we have…! Behind Tom Brady….All we need now is some creative draft manipulation and Free agency. And DON”T skip lightly over the players presently on our roster….Jimmy G just might be the glue that brings out the best in our roster….THERE ARE 15-20 QUALITY PLAYERS WAITING FOR DIRECTION. Yeah, I know that it’s Halloween….

        2. Houston,
          One of the main reasons I like FA olinemen, is that they don’t really get fully developed in college and take far more development than usual. With the exception of a few notable programs, this is largly due to the influx of spread offenses in which the qb’s get rid of the ball so quickly that the linemen don’t really learn how to kickstep or anchor properly.
          With that said I still believe that the niners should draft some to develop but they also need some solid vets to help mentor them.

          1. Totally agree. As I sit here today, my best guess is the starting o-line next year is Brown & Staley at tackle, Garnett at guard, and the center & opposite guard are not on the roster. Not out of the realm of possibility that both of those positions are filled in FA with 2nd & 3rd round picks also used on o-lineman. That doesn’t sound like a bad plan to me.

            1. That’s a good plan.
              Once the line is shored up the team can honestly evaluate its skill position players. Until then its hard to evaluate what we have that can be worked with.

              1. @19er

                Oh really? Which O-lineman did the 49ers draft last year?

                I’ll wait…

                Dude, you are an absolute imbecile. Stop embarrassing yourself.

              2. Uhhh what linemen did we draft or sign last offseason that were more than an afterthought?
                We gave up a 6th or whatever for a center that we cut… did the plans get lost?
                Come on One, you’re normally one of the more intelligent posters but that required almost no research to know.

              1. Well I would need to do a bit of research but I will say I’d love to get Travis Swanson at C. I know his family so I’ve followed his career pretty closely. He’s a really good player. 4 year starter at Center at Arkansas. Very interesting story on how he was recruited. A recruiter stopped by the school to look at someone else. Swanson was working out for track and the recruiter loved his size & footwork. He was also actually a d pole at lacrosse. Kid had amazing agility for a guy his size. Lions initially had him playing out of position but he hit his groove when they moved him back to Center.

  11. While not apples to apples, it’s interesting to compare our trade with the Patriots with the other big trade of the day:

    Seattle sent a 2nd round, 5th round, and starting nickel corner for Houston’s starting left tackle, Duane Brown.

      1. Brown is a very talented player but he became a cancer in the locker room. His political views and activism became more important than his football career. Last year he was one of the players who raised a fist in protest during the Anthem. Bob McNair actually supported him and helped coordinate meetings with the mayor and even made donations to various charities based on Brown’s guidance. None of that mattered to Brown. He didn’t like that the owner was not an Obama supporter and that seriously impacted Brown’s judgement. Brown has become a very toxic individual to people in the locker room who aren’t fully in support of BLM and all the Kaepernick crap. Brown had to go and Seattle is probably the perfect place for him to spew his nonsense.

            1. hopefully soon you will realize your talking points and ideas kinda align with a group closely related to deranged lunacy……

              at your age, its sad you will never get…..

          1. I would. Free speech, even for the most vile, is one of most important Enlightenment Values we’ve incorporated into our Constitution. I also support Kaepernick’s right to protest. And it goes well beyond on that, I support the right to speak/protest (peacefully) everyone, from The Socialist Party, THe American Nazi Party, PETA and every and any other special interest group and individual.

            And I think people who are so weak-minded that they get the vapors because someone might say something they don’t like, don’t count. It’s man-up or go-home in my book.

            1. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what looks like happened with Duane Brown. A few former players told stories about a meeting several years ago where McNair simply said in a meeting that he wasn’t an Obama supporter and from that time on Brown has been unhappy with the Texans. Last year, McNair supported players rights to protest but let it be known that he didn’t like it during the National Anthem. Then Brown held out and only came back only in time for the trade deadline. In this case, it appears that Brown is only tolerant of people who share his opinions and those that don’t share his opinions are automatically the enemy. According to at least 2 former players, Brown has been divisive in the locker room and actively tried to separate players by those that were “down with the cause” from those that were not supportive of the “cause.” Whatever that means.

  12. Bold move. I would hope that this move will finally extinguish the idiotic thoughts of Kaep returning to the Niners. It’s very simple. When building a team, you actually want players that will make you better, not worse. Welcome JG!!

    1. Juan, guess the Kaep scenario has finally closed the door. This was so unexpected, KS was talking up his players, then the trade went through.
      I hope you will have noticed that I originally thought Kaep would stay, but when he opted out, I felt like he had made his decision. He was obviously hurt by all the leaks, smears and backstabbing. Baalke poisoned the well, and tainted Jed.
      I may have advocated for his return, but knew about Kaep’s original decision. He has a strong sense of right and wrong, and he was wronged too much by the FO. I surmised many teams he may want to play for, especially the ones with good offensive weapons and a stout defense. The teams with good talent, but with an injured QB, or lacking a competent QB.
      I still expect him to play, because the NFL wants that grievance to disappear. Otherwise, if they can prove collusion, it may void the CBA 3 years early, and threaten Roger Goodell’s power. Letting some desperate team to sign him will negate the claim of blackballing.

      Kaep will play because QBs are dropping like flies. Green Bay is on a 2 game losing streak without Rodgers. Siemian just threw 3 picks, Miami has never recovered from losing Tannehill, Flacco got his brains scrambled, They want to send Bortles to the Moon. Niners used to have a huge QB need. Heck, Patriots need a backup QB. It is only halfway through the season, so some team may be confronted with the possibility of missing out on the playoffs, due to QB issues, with Kaep waiting patiently.
      The Niners used to be a desperate team, so I thought that Kaep could be an improvement. You would obviously disagree, but the team is 0-8, so your preferred QBs did not do well, and we will never know if Kaep could have pulled out some victories during those close games.
      Niners were desperate, and they did a desperate move. They acquired JG for a second round pick, when previously, BB stated he wanted 4 first round picks for him. It was a major Coup for Lynch, and he pulled off a big blockbuster trade at a very reasonable price.
      I am happy. JG is an upgrade. That is what I really wanted, because he now gives the Niners their best chance to win, compared to the past 2 QBs. Hoyer is gone, again, and I wish him well.
      You seemed to delight in needling me about Kaep, and I returned the favor. I still think I will get the last laugh because Kaep will play, and hopefully do well, making all your slights against him, specious.
      I will move on, and root hard for JG to succeed, because if he succeeds, the Niners will win games.

  13. Found the last paragraph in this article interesting:

    “So why would Shanahan want Garoppolo over Cousins? Even if the 49ers have to tag Garoppolo as a precursor to signing him to a long-term deal, it’ll cost a lot less to keep him than it would to sign Cousins on the open market.
    There’s also a chance that, after a few months with Garoppolo, Shanahan decides to let Garoppolo walk, collect the third-round compensatory pick in 2019, and pursue Cousins. It’s not likely, but it’s far more likely than the move that came out of the blue on Monday night.”


    1. Its a chance, but a really unlikely one. I don’t think they would give up a 2nd round pick to have a QB for just 8 games in a season where they are already out of the playoff picture. They must have visions of keeping Garoppolo beyond this season. Whether that be using the franchise tag or signing him to a long term deal.

  14. Garoppolo is not Cassel 2.0 He was a much better prospect coming out of college.

    In 2007, Brady set records with the Pats. In 2008, Cassel with the same roster, didn’t have the same production. It wasn’t even close.

    Last year, Garoppolo put up numbers that were comparable to Brady with the same roster.

    2007 Brady: 68.9 comp%, 50 TDs, 8 INTs, 8.3 Y/A, 117.2 rating.
    2008 Cassel: 63.4 comp%, 21 TDs, 11 INTs, 7.2 Y/A, 89.4 rating.

    2016 Brady: 67.4 comp%, 28 TDs, 2 INTs, 8.2 Y/A, 112.2 rating.
    2016 Garoppolo: 68.3 comp%, 4 TDs, 0 INTs, 8.0 Y/A, 113.3 rating.

    1. “Garoppolo is not Cassel 2.0 He was a much better prospect coming out of college.”

      Exactly. I have been saying this ever since his 1.5 game audition in 2016 made him a potential trade target. Likening him to Cassel because Cassel also had success in relief duty at the Patriots completely ignores the fact that Garoppolo has been considered a good QB prospect since before he was drafted. His impressive performance in relief duty should be seen as some kind of evidence he has the capacity to translate his potential into reality, not simply that the system made him look good. Good QBs can also be made to look good by good systems.

  15. I would have preferred that the 49ers draft a QB develop and have him for multiple years on his rookie contract. However, this move is better than making a competitive bid for Cousins in free agency. I hope that they have some sort of agreement in place for a resign with him. Well at worst they end up franchising him next season.

  16. “Kyle Shanahan’s two favorite QBs in the 2014 draft were Derek Carr and Jimmy Garoppolo. The Browns drafted Manziel instead.” – Benjamin Allbright

    1. “Source close to Garoppolo says “this is a match made in heaven. These two (Shanahan & Garoppolo) are going to love each other.”” Michael Giardi, NB Sports – Boston

  17. Everybody loves the backup.

    Another move that reeks of needing to infuse positivity into a fan base that is getting tired of losing but doesn’t address the real need.

    Get your running shoes and flack jacket on Jimmy. You’re going to need them.

    1. Regardless of other needs, I don’t think there was any doubting the 49ers needed to acquire a potential franchise QB ahead of next season. So I think yes, this was addressing a real need. That there are also other things that need addressing is also a given.

          1. I know you didn’t say exactly that, and no I don’t disagree that a franchise QB is needed. I just don’t think this is the guy.

            1. “I know you didn’t say exactly that”

              Sorry, not wanting to belabour the point, but just want to point out its not what I said at all. No need for the exactly. I completely agree the team has major needs in other areas, one of which is the OL as you allude to. And I agree the QB position is not the main reason the team is 0-8. But that doesn’t mean trading for a QB now is a bad move if they believe he could be the future franchise QB.

              As to your point you don’t believe he is the guy, that is fair enough. We all have our own opinions on who looks good and who doesn’t.

              1. Jack – You said it well yesterday – with the new CBA it takes the draft, FREE AGENTS and coaching. (My emphasis). I’d like to think that this move helps us with the free agents issue. Can you imagine a first class free agent WR or TE that would want to sign with the 49ers? It’s where they go to die now. I think this is a good move to “change the culture” and build along the lines you correctly laid out.

              2. FA’s will just flock to sign on now that the team has signed a guy with 2 starts under his belt. Sure.

                They’ll go where the money or rings are. In SF it’s “show me the money”.

        1. Of course not, but QB is a major need and the most difficult position to fill. An opportunity with low to moderate risk presented itself and the team took it. All of the analysts I’ve read and listened to like the trade. Aren’t you a Scott Mccloughan fan – he really likes the trade.

        2. But a lot is. We’ve lost multiple games we could have won because the QB turned the ball over or badly executed plays that, but for the unforced errors, would have been successful.

          There are other reasons. Those stupid rub-routes for example. But when Hoyer was throwing passes straight into the hands of linebackers camping in a zone… And they’re subsequently turned into points…

          It’s a big part.

  18. “Another move that reeks of needing to infuse positivity into a fan base that is getting tired of losing but doesn’t address the real need.”

    Companies do this all the time. Preannouncements of big products, making turnaround plans public, hiring big-name CEOs. These types of things are done across all businesses including sports teams. After all, when you distill it down, sports teams provide a product to the consuming fans.

    What is it that you don’t like about Jimmy G?

    1. I’ll turn that question around.

      What is it that you’ve seen him do in the league that makes this a good trade?

      Yeah he had a good 6 quarters in 4 years on a team stacked with talent. That’s not the case with this team.

      1. I must see a different NE team. Stacked with talent?
        NE is not stavked with talent. They have a phenominal QB who could also be the OC with little to no drop off.
        Outside of that the team doesnt have any healthy receiving threats. Their TE can’t finish a season.
        They rotate RBs like safeway rotates chchee-its.
        NE is a top notch team due to coaching. They extract the most out of each player. Players leaving NE do not put up HOF numbers anywhere.

    2. “What is it that you don’t like about Jimmy G?”

      Boom! That is the question. The nay sayers have said Cassel 2.0, desperate move, Belicheat fleeced us. Please tell us what’s not to like about his actual game.

      Good mechanics, accurate, good placement, good vision, tough in the pocket, goes through his progressions, quick release. He is a perfect WCO QB and he’s had success at the pro level.

          1. He looked great playing with a stacked team around him and almost no film for the opposing coaches to scheme from.

            He’s done nothing to show he is a franchise level QB, and they’ll be paying him like that from the get go.

            Yeah I know they have a ton of cap space to waste, but that goes quick.

          2. “That’s 94 more than Rosen, Darnold, etc.”

            Again, another argument I made during this offseason. 49ers need a QB of the future. Garoppolo was a talented prospect when he entered the draft, and the main knock on him was the level of competition and whether he could translate his skills to the pro level. So far he has shown that isn’t a problem, albeit in limited exposure.

          3. 80 we lose a high draft pick for a player that may never pan out. That is what most of us don’t like about the deal. JG is not going to help this team today nor tomorrow. Building a good OL will.

            He may be a franchise QB but the people that knew him best just let him walk away for little (after wanting so much for him). That doesn’t raise a flag for you?

            You know what they say about if a deal is too good to be true…

            1. “80 we lose a high draft pick for a player that may never pan out.”

              Same thing with the draft. The Pats were trying to sign him to an extension, so they liked him.

              1. They like him some but not enough to give him what he likely will get somewhere else. Heck, the Niners also liked Kap but let him go…

              2. If the Pats don’t have Brady they pay JG what he wants. No team can afford to pay for a franchise QB plus a starting QB under the cap.

              3. If the Patriots don’t have Brady then JG is their starter and this is all a moot point.

                However, the FO of NE are not stupid either. They know that Brady has a freshness dating that will expire and he will quickly go sour (an injury could do it too). If they have such a great prospect in JG, why allow him to walk. Consider all the arguments made of why we should take him. The draft is risky, he has pedigree, hot prospect, great tape. Doesn’t it seem foolish to let someone like that walk? Unless…BB has never struck me as a fool. They have constantly hyped JG and now find that they can get practically a late 1st rounder for a prospect. Good trade for them.

                They’ll even get a decent backup in the deal, Hoyer. One they didn’t have to give up anything for. And he’ll be itching to rectify his bad outing with the 49ers with a very fine offensive team.

                The more I think about this, the less I like it.

              4. Sorry Eastcost. I think this an agree to disagree situation. Nothing personal, but I would put more stock in the information and opinions of people like Adam Schefter and the MMQB folks. If they are right, the Patriots front office wanted very much to keep Jimmy G, but finally realized that wasn’t going to happen. If that is the case, then I would far rather risk a second round pick on someone like that then an entirely unproven draft pick.

              5. A rebuilt O-line takes high draft picks. The team couldn’t afford to use a high pick on a QB, then trade back into the 1st round to take the OL they need now. This affords them trading back into the 1st round while only giving up a 2nd round pick – much cheaper maneuvering. The team’s top 3 pick will be leveraged to trade back by one of these teams that thought they’d sign JG and SF will get more 1st round picks to fill the line.

              6. @East

                They couldn’t re-sign him because he wanted to be a starter, not a back-up. The Patriots, literally, had no chance.

              7. Ec9er

                You’d bellyache about giving up a #2 pick for Garroppolo and be satisfied with using a #3 overall pick on Solomon Thomas …? I think that you’re missing something…

      1. #80….

        I know who you directed that to … but ..really .. I
        wasn’t trying to be a naysayer …
        Just voiced my concern over the lack of game tape on him..

        And I ..DID … say …..“… What IF..”

        Hope he does turn out to be great … b/c …

        So far this season … I’ve had my heart broken .. about
        EIGHT TIMES ! … :-[

    3. Cubus, I have heard Gabbert and Hoyer would earn pro bowl honors on this board and that another QB would be the prototype for the NFL. We’ve also heard Shannahan is the second coming of Walsh. We have a trend of overhyping people who don’t deserve it yet. Potential is all we have with Jimmy right now. I truly hope he’s what everyone wishes him to be.

  19. Very accurate, Mobile, strong arm, smart… 25 years old learning behind the G.O.A.T at QB. What’s there not to like? Played in only 6 quarters but played outstanding. Patriots did not want to trade him. They attempted to keep him but he told them he wanted to start right away. This kid is legit. This year he is in a bad situation. Next year he will have more around him… I’m excited because I watched this guy play those 6 quarters and I came away impressed..

  20. And let’s not forget what a move like bringing JG on board means for signing FAs in 2018. Knowing that the team has made a major upgrade in QB talent and has one of the best offensive minds in the game calling plays, might lure more FAs to this team without the need to pay substantially over fair value.

    1. Yep yep yep. This is very important. Top FAs need to believe a bad team is going to rise before they sign on. Raiders and Jags had to wait until their young QBs looked like they were ready before big FA hauls. Unfortunately for Jags Bortles then regressed.

  21. Jack Hammer –
    Watch the tape…The tape doesn’t lie. Look at his cannon arm, look at the pinpoint accuracy, look at the footwork. The dude is tough too.
    Jimmy G has learned from 2 of the best of all time Brady & Belichick…For 3 years!
    The other pieces (O-line, DB, WR) are easier to acquire than a stud QB….Like HoferFan67 used to say “all arrows up!”

        1. Ah, the pedigree argument. The argument was how people naturally soak up greatness being in NE. Not that JG was a good prospect coming out of school. My point was that being on NE behind Brady doesn’t necessarily make you a good QB.

          Remember you guys are all saying the draft is a crapshoot, so the pedigree argument is a bit silly too given your argument that we shouldn’t draft a QB in the first round.

          Heck, right now Mahones looks like a pro bowler but the thing is he hasn’t really been tested. Neither has JG.

          In SF, with our line, he and anyone else would struggle. That’s a fact. He is now the backup and only one hit away from starting.

          Can he learn Shanahan’s great system so fast, without training camp? I think we will find this out sooner, rather than later. Didn’t it take so long to learn his system that that’s why he went with Hoyer. Well, that argument seems a bit overblown now, don’t you think?

          I would much rather be wrong on this. I would love if he turns into what we all wish. I have watched too much poor management and foolish moves by this team to have optimism. Until proven otherwise, the team is just behind the Cleveland Browns in ineptitude and putting a poor product on the field.

          I am not swayed by splashy head coaching hires or splashy moves in the draft or of splashy moves trading.

          I remember many of you were saying Williams would make Hyde irrelevant, that Juice would be pro bowl caliber and that Kittle would be similar In production to Jordan Reed. The fact was and still is, this team is far from being competitive. The Raiders languished for years coming close but then falling apart. Now they are moderately competitive but still need lots of work. The close games, the one or two bounces argument is an argument losers in the contest make.

          Harbaugh, for all his faults, brought a bit of confidence with him, that no one had it better. We are currently making arguments that we could be 2 and or 3 and something. Harbaugh wanted to win. No matter what. Didn’t have to be fancy but it had to be the right side if the equation. I don’t see Shanahan with the same fire and the fact he wasn’t p-ssed after the SB but shrugged it off was very troubling to me. BB would have been livid. B.B. May still be getting the better of Shanahan.

          I would like to see more from a team that has high expectations such as multiple championships. That’s what I loved about Walsh and his players and Edie D. Now we have questionnaires about game day experience.

    1. Wow. That’s very interesting. Is a side handshake deal to release a player so another team can sign him in a way that avoids compensatory picks a legal move? Could this deal be voided by the NFL?

      1. I don’t see why. These are all offers aren’t they. I offer to sell you my house with the furniture. You say you’ll take the house but not the furniture. We make the deal. I know we’re talking about people and I don’t mean to be callous, but that’s how I think it would work.

        1. There are several ways to look at that scenario. I don’t think there’s an issue if it’s a straight up furniture sale separate from the home sale. BUT, if you agree to reduce the price of your house (like say from a 1st round draft pick to a 2nd round draft pick) so you don’t have to pay a high real estate commission (or have an impact to compensatory picks) then we have a problem. I invest a little so I know enough just to be dangerous. BUT I believe reducing your home price in exchange for a side cash deal is highly illegal. In terms of the NFL, I’m not sure how they would view a trade that incorporates a side deal to release a player rather than trade him in exchange for accepting a lower level draft pick. I recall a huge outcry from NFL teams when the 49ers signed Deion Sanders for a low amount of money. I think there was some talk that Sanders accepted less money in the 49ers contract but they set him up with big endorsement deals to make up for the lower amount the 49ers took on their salary cap hit.

          I honestly don’t think the NFL will have a problem with the trade but you never know with the NFL. They seem to have run off the rails lately.

            1. You’re probably right. The only thing I’m thinking is that part of the “deal” is for the 49ers to take an action (release Hoyer) that is not actually part of the transaction. If the Patriots accepted lower compensation in a trade deal but the deal also hinged on the 49ers releasing a player then I wonder how the NFL would view that deal in its totality.

              1. Now if the 49ers in fact did agree to release Hoyer in order to make the deal work (i.e. the Patriots were in full agreement), then I could see there might be a problem. Is there any evidence that the 49ers agreed to do that? The fact that Hoyer was released isn’t enough evidence, because the team had two QBs on the active roster before and now they still have two. There would have to be some other kind of other evidence, imo.

                JPN likes this kind of stuff, maybe he’ll chime in on whether he thinks releasing Hoyer as part of the deal could present a problem.

      1. GEEP,

        I’m aware of that. Scroll up and you will see that I started this conversation and cited that very information.

        #80 says:
        October 30, 2017 at 11:42 pm

        “New England requested Hoyer to be removed from the deal. The decision wasn’t because they did not want the quarterback. A reunion with Hoyer makes a lot of sense for both sides. The Patriots did not want to risk the potential impact when it comes to compensatory picks. To make it easier on New England, the 49ers simply released Hoyer.”

    1. Staley, Brown and Garnett. I expect them to be active in FA to get some serviceable guard and center upgrade from Kilgore. Then picks on first two draft days,

      1. That’s the best possible scenario that I can think of too. It’s been a while since the “best possible scenario” for the 49ers has been the one that took place. Given JimmyG’s physical stature, we better be on a massive winning streak finding a very strong OL for both running and pass protection. He won’t last long if he’s being hit before his receivers are five yards down field with their backs still turned to him.

        Happy Holidays

  22. This is a great trade because the Niners picked up a very good QB who is accurate and can make all the throws.
    The Niners also acquired a very important attribute. JG has won 2 rings backing up Brady, so he brings that winning Mojo. He also has been groomed by BB, so the intel from him is incalculable.
    The most important thing is, he wants to be here. They could have gotten multiple picks from Cleveland, but he turned that down. In 2 days, BB would have gotten nothing for him. Now BB has a possible 34 pick.
    JG will not be constantly blitzed like CJB was, because he will invite the blitz, then burn them. Sure, he may struggle, but he also may make the players around him better.
    I hope KS strategizes to his strengths,and does not force a whole new scheme upon him. Of course, they need to keep it simple but I hope they will let him play against the Cards.

  23. Would anyone here have Garrapolo play behind this offensive line? The thing is, he may have to! Will he look as accurate with DL draped around him, will his footwork be as precise as the line crashes around him, will his cannon become a peashooter once the protection breaks down? Think about that for awhile.

    No QB looks good behind cruddy offensive lines.

    1. JG has a strong arm, and learned behind the master. He has a quick release, but more importantly, he has enough pocket awareness to get rid of the ball before the pass rushers can get to him.
      I think he will make his O line better.

      1. Seb – You are right on with your point here. The 49ers QBs have failed miserably (unfortunately including your boy) in getting the ball out quick and making the D pay for blitzing. The O line get’s no help in that regard. The only exception was your boy who at first could use his playground skills to keep the D off balance. When the D figured it out it was lights out. In order to either make the blitz work or neutralize it on D, the coverage and pass rushers have to be in sync. When you try to rush the QB, you have to take away the quick routes and vice versa. The 49ers have consistently been one of the worst in the game since Harbaugh.

      1. Do you think that CJB will withstand the punishment? You saw how the rest of team fared with physical play. Garappolo May likely play this year. Behind this offensive line. So yes, it is about this year too.

        1. He will play this year, no doubt. But the move was made with the future in mind, not this season. Arguing against the move because they haven’t fixed the OL therefore makes no sense.

  24. In the NFL you build your team around a stud QB not a guard, tackle or db!
    Anyone who compares Hoyer to Jimmy G is clueless and does not know Jack about football. Don’t waste my time on that hideous comparison. That’s insanely grotesque!
    Jimmy G will have 6-7 games to learn Hoodie Shanny’s system and will be ready to kick ass and take no prisoners week #1 in 2018!

  25. Put aside your fears of failure fans… Prolonged years of Jed & Balke have made all of us gun shy and doubters of anything SF has done. 25 years old, 4 years learning the game with one of the top org in FB behind a unanimous 1st Round HOF QB… Sounds exactly like a back up QB by the name of Aaron Rodgers… SF keeps 1st round pick, young OL and DL players mature, tons of cash, picks in all upcoming draft rounds… Hell yeah, I will be happy with this deal until proven wrong, not fearful of an unknown outcome.

    1. Niners can swing it, but I’m seriously hoping a long term deal.

      The escalation for franchise tag usually goes something like 2018 $20m … 2019 $24m … 2020 $34m

      I was hoping the outline of a deal was in place between Lynch and Jimmy’s agent, but a recent Pats insider reported the deal was a complete surprise to Garoppolo. I’m hoping something gets done soon.

      The combination of having a quarterback in place + high draft pick provides massive draft leverage.

  26. Couple of takeaways.
    1. I dont think this is a move of desperation. We all know the qbotf was not on the roster so the niners gave up a second rounder for that guy. Taking that into account what you have to do is rank Jimmy traits and film vs Rosen, Allen, Darnold, Mayfield and the like. He is not proven, so he is like an older slightly more proven draft pick.
    Personally I like it, he has been accurate in the NFL games he has played in, and that matches with his college tape. Second, he comes from a complex Pro system, so his learning curve should be better than any of the rookies.
    This is not to say he is the answer, but he has the necessary traits to succeed and is still relatively young.
    2. The niners didn’t mortgage the future on this. They still have most likely, a top 3 pick and a second rounder. The number 1 overall pick should be worth a bit if someone falls in love with a qb in this draft which would allow the niners to parley a 1, into potentially 2 first rounders. Which in turn could allow the niners to get a needed edge rusher, cb, or olineman depending on who is the best available player at a needed position.
    3. This FA offseason should have better olinemen available and expect the niners to be heavy players given their cap space and the fact that they don’t have to pay as much for Jimmy as they would have for Cousins.

    All in all, I like the move due to the flexibility it gives the niners.

  27. None of the new England backup QBs have been successful in the NFL and Jimmy G will be the same. Its a huge mistake by the Niners. They should have waited for Cousins or gotten Kap back. Losing faith in Lynch as GM. We should have taken Scot McCloughan back

  28. It should be noted, he will be a free agent and unless we franchise him which we won’t, gonna have to negotiate a contract with this guy. No easy task. Yes he has potential, but not a sure thing by any means especially behind this oline with mediocre wr and te group. Pats will turn that pick into a pro
    bowler, if we can’t resign Jimmy G it will be a fleecing by NE. This guy played at E. Illinois, alma mater of big shanny, not a coincidence.

    Door isn’t closed on Kaep until he signs with another team, bring him in to compete with our current qbs….isn’t that what a rebuilding squad does? I believe that was one of the biggest tools Harbs used was creating competition at just about every position, helping turn that team around quickly. Kaeps coming home soon, like it or not haters…..it’s only logical if you think about it.

  29. QB, or not QB, that is the question
    Whether ’tis nobler in the league to suffer
    The Kap’s and Hoyer’s of outrageous misfortune,
    Or to take Garoppolo’s arm against a seahawk of troubles

    1. “There are tides in the affairs of franchise QBs
      Which taken with a trade, leads on to Lombardis.
      Omitted, all the voyage of their career is bound in shallows and in miseries.
      On such a full sea are we now afloat.
      And we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures.”


    I was all aboard the negative train this season. But this right here seriously injects life back into the fan base at a minimum. It most likely won’t win us any games this year. (who knows maybe a few toward the end?)

    But if he ends up the franchise guy for a high 2nd round pick? Count me the frick in! And even if he sucks we just cut bait.

    But just wait Grant the real magic has yet to come! If our draft pick stays in that top 1-3 range you could see Lynch flip that first round pick into multiple first round picks in the coming years + additional picks. Lots of “hype” around this QB draft class. A lot more then there was last year and we still got an additional first round pick just for trading back one spot. AHAHAHAHA.

    This really frees up our first few picks in the draft to focus on Best Offensive Player Available preferably some linemen (we will need a few linemen if we dont get any in FA) and an impact WR would do wonders. Maybe even *shocker alert* a new RB.

    On top of our likely high draft capital we have an insane amount of monetary capital too! Isn’t our cap space like ~74+ ml? + whatever increase there is this offseason?

    This is shaping up to be one of the most interesting offseason ever. And we are barely 1/2 way through the season.

    1. Good stuff mcniner. I am surprised more posters around here aren’t talking about how this affects the draft.

      ShanaLynch will likely be the big dogs in Dallas (2018 draft location), regardless of whether they end up with the first or second overall pick. It’s a rare situation indeed, when a team loses 15 or 16 games, but doesn’t desperately need a QB. The Rams thought they were in the same position back in 2012, and they ended up with an incredible bounty of draft picks in exchange for their #2 pick, but it ends up Bradford never became their long term answer. Every draft is different, so I am not drawing parallels, but the 49ers are now in a much stronger position heading into the draft, AND have a potential franchise QB who seems like a very good fit for Kyle Shanahan’s offense. And I’ll be honest, I thought it would take more than a high 2nd round pick to acquire Garoppolo. But ShanaLynch pulled it off and getting a jump start on auditioning Garoppolo is good for free agency, good for receiver chemistry and good for the team’s younger players to get half a season in with their projected 2018 starter before the close of the 2017 season.

      The 49ers can now concentrate their efforts a draft capitol on other positions of need. What a difference a few months can make? Everybody was talking about how talented the 2018 QB draft class was heading into the season, and, while it certainly seems like a deep crop of talent, after the 49ers made this move you have to wonder if anyone is willing to spend the first or second overall pick in the draft on a QB? My biggest fear moving forward was that ShanaLynch would spend a #1 or #2 overall pick on a QB, and that QB would bust. That’s the kind of mistake that would send this 49ers franchise off into the cold, damp wilderness for the next decade or longer.

    1. Of course not. I don’t think he’ll be ready for weeks. He has to learn all the terminology and basic route/play concepts. And that’s with very limited practice time available since the new CBA came in.

  31. Jimmy Garoppolo has wanted to be some team’s franchise quarterback long before he was drafted by the New England Patriots back in the spring of 2014. On Halloween eve, he’s been granted that opportunity. The soon to be 26-year old (his birthday is Thursday) has been dealt to San Francisco for the 49ers own 2nd round pick. The move has sent shockwaves across the NFL landscape but closer to home “surprised” the signal caller, according to a source close to him.

    Ready to roll. Can’t get on a plane fast enough. He’s waited for this for a long time,” a source close to him said.

    Funny how fans think vs how players think.


  32. And counter-point to the incessent negativity:

    Patriots players agree: Jimmy Garoppolo is the real deal

    “Oh man, Jimmy is really good. Lot of times, you can’t tell the difference (between Garoppolo and Tom Brady),” Malcolm Butler added, echoing something Bill Belichick said late in the year, catching many off guard.

    Garoppolo and Brady? Well if Garoppolo is the sponge they say he is, and he absorbed three years worth of intel from Brady and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, then maybe he can at least be a good player in this league for a long time.

    “I learned a ton, a ton (from Brady and McDaniels),” said Garoppolo. “The knowledge between the two of them, they’ve been doing it for 17 years in the same offense. It’s helped me a ton and it will only help me going forward.”

    Julian Edelman gets to be on Garoppolo’s side for many a practice, and was in the huddle at the start of the season when the 3rd year pro had to step in for the suspended Brady. He told NFL Network that the Eastern Illinois product has something you can’t coach.

    “I’m not a paid GM, so I don’t know the whole value thing, but as far as a guy I get to play with every single day, Jimmy Garoppolo, the guy’s a stud,” Edelman said on NFL Network’s “NFL Total Access.” “He went out and played in the regular season, and he played very well. He’s got that kind of gunslinger kind of confidence, that Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers-kind of confidence. He practices hard, he prepares hard, he’s a good kid, he’s young. I think he’s a good player.”

    We’ll see. But for those who are already ****ing on the trade, the process and proclaiming bust… Give it a rest. He was a legit talent coming out of college, he’s spent three years behind a great QB learning his job (like Rodgers did) and is now ready to spread his wings and see if he can become a great starter.

    All at no more risk than any second rounder.


    1. And counter-point to the incessant negativity:

      Patriots players agree: Jimmy Garoppolo is the real deal

      “Oh man, Jimmy is really good. Lot of times, you can’t tell the difference (between Garoppolo and Tom Brady),” Malcolm Butler added, echoing something Bill Belichick said late in the year, catching many off guard.

      Garoppolo and Brady? Well if Garoppolo is the sponge they say he is, and he absorbed three years worth of intel from Brady and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, then maybe he can at least be a good player in this league for a long time.

      “I learned a ton, a ton (from Brady and McDaniels),” said Garoppolo. “The knowledge between the two of them, they’ve been doing it for 17 years in the same offense. It’s helped me a ton and it will only help me going forward.”

      Julian Edelman gets to be on Garoppolo’s side for many a practice, and was in the huddle at the start of the season when the 3rd year pro had to step in for the suspended Brady. He told NFL Network that the Eastern Illinois product has something you can’t coach.

      “I’m not a paid GM, so I don’t know the whole value thing, but as far as a guy I get to play with every single day, Jimmy Garoppolo, the guy’s a stud,” Edelman said on NFL Network’s “NFL Total Access.” “He went out and played in the regular season, and he played very well. He’s got that kind of gunslinger kind of confidence, that Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers-kind of confidence. He practices hard, he prepares hard, he’s a good kid, he’s young. I think he’s a good player.”
      We’ll see. But for those who are already ****ing on the trade, the process and proclaiming bust… Give it a rest. He was a legit talent coming out of college, he’s spent three years behind a great QB learning his job (like Rodgers did) and is now ready to spread his wings and see if he can become a great starter.

      All at no more risk than any second rounder.

      Apparently putting the link to this moderated it.

  33. Wow. As noted earlier in this topic, the off season will be interesting. Among other things, the O line needs attention.


  34. so what were the options:

    Draft a QB in 1st – 3rd round
    Sign overrated cousins to an overrated contract / possible lose draft picks in the process
    Sign unknown but “not rookie” JG in the FA to an overrated contract


    trade one of our 2nd picks for unknown but “not rookie” JG.

    So what happens if he plays terrible behind this terrible o-line and decides to walk
    We get a 3rd RD pick next yr
    His bargaining power in the FA decreases

    If he plays well…..
    we get a franchise QB

    1. if he decides to walk after playing in 6 games we will just franchise tag him. we might just franchise tag him anyways tbh.

  35. It’s “America” month in my mail-order craft beer subscription, and there was a particularly intriguing looking bottle in the crate this time round called Backwoods B*stard from the Founders Brewing Company in Michigan.

    Its 11%+ so i’ve been saving it for a special occasion…. think it might get cracked open tonight…

    Bye bye Hoyer. Dont let the door knock you on your ass on the way out!

      1. Will do Razor.

        I’ve had Trooper on a couple of occasions in the past, its a good beer, but a little too “English Ale” for my liking. Hadn’t heard of Hallowed, must be a new one. I do like a good wheat beer/Belgian every now and again – will keep my eye out for it, thanks for the tip!

  36. Great move.

    For those who are wondering why Belichick would trade this guy when Brady is on the wrong side of 40, the answer is simple. The man was going to be a free agent next season. To keep him in 2018 and beyond they would have to pay him starter money. Brady is still playing at a high level and has committed to playing for another three years. New England was not going to pay two starting QB salaries in 2018.

    It came down to a choice between Brady or Grappolo in 2018. New England chose Brady and who can blame them. It was the Favre / Rodgers situation all over again but with a different outcome.

    Thank goodness Grappolo vetoed a trade to Cleveland. Now we have a franchise QB and still have a bunch of picks to build a team around him. Go Niners

  37. Nice move Mr. Lynch. I noticed the broadcast showing him reviewing plays and taking notes with Adam Peters from their suite in Philly. This all reaffirms the Niners made the right choice for GM me thinks….. Just do us a favor coach and wait to play Jimmy G until Brown and Staley return :/

  38. This is defiantly a win for the Patriots as BB loves his second rounders’. I may caution that the five QB’s that BB has dealt away none of them have a winning record. As far as the Niners go we wont know for awhile if this is a good trade. I wasn’t on board with Cousins for the same reason as JG, you just never know. If the Niners got Cousins and he flopped which is quite possible due to the make up of the team it would set us back further. If JG flops we can recover without to much of a loss. JG is a safer pickup then a draft choice. To me this is a good trade and probably the safest move the Niners can make in trying to improve the position.

    I am all for franchising the guy and using the time as a probation period both for the Niners and JG. The major problem with franchising him if he turns out to be viable then the cost of the contract could be enormous where as signing him now maybe not so bad.

    The big thing I see with the trade is that Lynch and KS are not sitting on their hands and doing nothing. It also frees up the draft process allowing for more flexibility in acquiring prospects. All and all its a wait and see what happens trade.

  39. I wonder if signing Norwell, OG, Panthers, and drafting McGlinchey, OT, ND is an avenue of approach the 49ers might consider to revamp their offensive line….

    1. There are several good FA tackles and guards available during the 2018 FA period. The emphasis should be to obtain a couple O linemen by out bidding other teams, and not settle for second tier players who could be obtained cheaply. like Fusco, Gilliam, Barnes, Beadles and Devey.
      Targeting Norwell and McGlinchey sounds like a sound strategy.

      1. Sebber says, “There are several good FA tackles and guards available during the 2018 FA period”.

        Can you list them, because I sure as hell can’t find any worth a crap other than Norwell.

        1. Trai Turner, Ryan Jensen, Cyrus Kouandijo, Travis Swanson, Chris Clark, Xavier Su’a- Filo, Evan Smith, Gabe Jackson, Nate Solder, Morgan Moses.
          Do not know their stats, but they will be available, and the Niners should look closely at every one of them.

          1. Turner, who would have been no. 1 on the list, signed an extension with the Panthers. The only other person I like off your list is Gabe Jackson.

          2. Turner signed, sealed and delivered as a Panther.

            Kouandijo not impressive.
            Swanson not impressive.
            Clark too old.
            Filo seems like a bust.
            Smith has yet to win starting job.
            Jackson is decent but nothing special.
            Solder isn’t going anywhere.
            Moses has two bad ankles.

  40. Guys to fill the most difficult position to play in all of sports aren’t just hanging around out on the streets. An opportunity presented itself at this time to get a QB who has shown a lot of potential albeit in limited play. I think the team was right to jump on the opportunity and the compensation paid was reasonable and fair. The NFL is no different than anyone’s life. Sure it would be nice to build methodically the OL first and then other pieces and then bring in that franchise QB so he doesn’t get killed. But it’s about seizing opportunities when they present themselves and then rearranging the plan. There are 32 teams out there constantly competing to upgrade their personnel; when you’re 0-8 you have to take some risk.

    Further, nothing is 100% guaranteed. Those who don’t like the Jimmy G acquisition can’t provide a foolproof plan for acquiring a guy who is guaranteed to be a franchise QB. If Jimmy G doesn’t work out, I won’t be happy, but I’m not going to blame either KS or JL for taking what in my opinion is a well-advised risk. I think it’s also important to note that even if Jimmy G doesn’t work out for some reason, the FO is in no way crippled in its efforts to rebuild the team. It’ll be a setback, but the rebuild will continue.

    1. i agree, it was a perfect opportunity…

      Note: NE could have received more for JG in the pre-season……..from the browns

      Looking more like we got a steal for 2nd rd pick…….

    2. Right, we can’t give a foolproof plan but those who are so in on the JG deal don’t have one either. All of us are speculating one way or the other.

      Losing a high 2nd round pick is an opportunity cost and having to pay him 20+ Million per is also an opportunity cost that could go to securing LBs, CBs, DEs, DL and OL.

  41. The Colts have it right. When you’re a talent void team that needs to re-tool you become a seller at the trade deadline, not a buyer. When they still could have the team should have moved Hyde, Armstead and Staley.

    1. While the rules allow it, I have never in all my years of paying attention to the non-field aspects of football come across an IR player being traded. I’ve known of a few ‘waived/injured’ from IR that have caught on to other teams. But never one traded.

  42. Hey East

    With all of your wisdom on why not, could you enlighten us on how you would proceed in upgrading the position. I have know idea if JG will succeed with this organization but I tend to find this as the safest move of all the possibilities that I can think of. I am not sold on the trade but I find it very intriguing with a reasonable chance for success.

    1. I would have waited until the offseason to see if the skins let Cousins become a FA before I did anything. He is far and away the best possible FA they could sign. I don’t dislike Garoppolo, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to part with a high second round pick for what likely will amount to 6 games. Then they either franchise him or sign him long term to a contract worth 23 mill (the projected franchise tag) per year. Considering Cousins will sign something in the same neighborhood most likely (25-26 mill per) it doesn’t make a lot of sense to part with the pick and take the lesser player as of now.

      If Cousins was franchised, I would then explore a deal with Garoppolo but not for franchise tag money. Ultimately I would end up drafting one of the good young prospects available in the event Cousins stayed with the skins. This is a huge gamble based on a kid who has played 6 quarters of live action.

  43. Personally, I would develop through the draft. But, I would do it after developing a strong OL first. This team doesn’t have that. Any QB will get killed out there. Guys, the Alex Smith years aren’t that distant in the past. Heck, we saw how poorly QBs played last year behind a similarly inept blocking line. This kid looked great and confident in NE. Sure, now put him in SF and see if he looks that great, or if he survives. Already I see Beathard losing accuracy and confidence behind this line. It’s inevitable.

    But hey, everyone likes a shiny new toy…

    1. There is no doubt the o-line is a huge problem, I find with this acquisition will allow flexibility for moving down in the draft will provide us with more picks to upgrade not just the o-line but the many other needs. I think most of us realize that there are no guarantees that JG is going to be successful. I view JG pretty much as a draftee with little knowledge on how to play in the NFL. He does come with BB’s imprint on him so he is not completely raw, but far from experience too. I am not caught up with the limited production he has displayed for the Patriots as it seems most of their backups play well as Patriots and fail miserable elsewhere.

        1. UC, that is what I wonder and don’t think I like the tarnish on the team now. Everyone tells me this opens possibilities but there are lots of ifs in any of those scenarios. I stick with what is there. And what is there is a poor OL that has not been upgraded since losing Upati. That is a sure way to lose a lot of football games and the team has proven this. New QB won’t matter on a team that can’t give you enough time to set.

          The big news were the RB for Philly and OT for Seattle, but ours is the sexy trade so that is the focus of everyone at the moment.

  44. I already know I’m going to get blasted for this, but this has got to be one of the stupidest moves ever. This is a team that has both offensive and defensive line issues. A pure panic move out of desperation when there will be help to be had in this coming draft and free agency given the room we’ve got. If we were the Broncos…. I could see the logic in taking a risk such as this. But fact is… we are not on that talent level. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, no New England back up QB since Brady has ever worked out as a starter long term….. anywhere! The other point I want to make is that if anything, we needed to cultivate more picks….not lose one. Also, Garoppolo for a back up on a good team….got injured. That doesn’t raise durability issues with any of you? Given our 2nd round is going to be = to a late 1st…. stupid move for Matt Flynn 2.0… we all know how that deal worked out for the She-Hawks and what ended up being Matt Flynn’s future as well. We would of been far better served with getting a guy that can get results rushing the passer from the defensive end position or begin the makeover of the offensive line. Look what a solid O-line yielded in Dallas and the freaking turnstile we got on the field.

    1. ‘Pure panic move out of desperation’.
      Yup. The Niners are 0-8, they benched their starter, and the backup rookie is getting pummeled. That sure sounds like they have good reasons to be desperate.
      I do not know if JG will win the franchise QB job, but at least, Lynch is TRYING to improve the QB position.
      The fact that the Niners got a potential franchise QB for only a second round pick is a huge bonus. They still have 4 picks in the first 3 rounds. Many were thinking getting a QB from another team would have cost 2 first round picks.
      Sounds like Lynch donned his Trader Bill Hat again, and I am jumping for joy.

    2. You live in DC what is the view of Shanahan up there? I have talked to a couple of Skins fans and they were not impressed.

      1. dc…. lol = Daly City in northern california … Can’t speak to anyone else’s opinion, but there have been some things Grant has pointed out I tend to agree with. The lack of a disciplined team being the #1 prime concern from my view point.

  45. I also see this as a blessing in disguise……

    With JG signing……we are forced to or can accumulate a handful of picks and build the talent base with some solid offensive linemen, some wide receivers, some defensive backs.

    Lets assume JG turns out to be a bust……..at least we will have the other areas filled up…….

    1. Also, I mentioned it last night in a post above, but signing a likely franchise QB will make it easier to sign FAs in 2018 at fair value because it helps bolster the belief that a bad team is on the rise. The timing of FA and the draft is important. Drafting a top QB in 2018 could potentially bolster a similar belief in free agents, but that won’t happen until 2019 because the 2018 free agency has passed. The team has to spend 89% of the cumulative salary cap over the four-year period 2017 through 2020. There is a significant (although not substantial) benefit here in that they can take more time to spend that money on some good free agents that are willing to come here at fair value starting in 2018 and not waiting until 2019.

  46. Go hiking for two days come home and WOW.

    I like the trade. We have half the season to see if JG is the real deal. I am optimistic that he will be our qb going forward. I love the quick release, the accuracy and the good footwork. By all accounts his teammates play hard for him and he is competitive and shows he has leadership skills.

    What we don’t know about him is his toughness. We will soon find out as he plays behind this offensive line. We don’t know much about Beathard except that he can take a hit. If our qbs aren’t flinching by the end of the season then both of them will be real men.

    When will he start? I’d guess after the bye.

    1. Where did you go hiking?

      Agree with all of your observations. Two areas where he’s definitely better than Beathard is his quick release and footwork. Beathard can improve in both areas, but from scouting reports, it seems JG has had those attributes coming into the league. Below is a link to the Pats fans survey of JG’s draft scouting reports around the Deflator was about to start his sentence.

  47. I re watched the Eagles game and watched every play by Fusco. I can see why the coaches like him and play him. He is never out of position and he always know his assignment. Also, he is tough and will not leave the game even when injured. It is a shame that he is no good and over matched.

  48. Here’s what Lynch has to say:

    “We are thrilled for Jimmy to join the 49ers family. Jimmy is a player we have researched extensively since Kyle and I joined the 49ers. I am extremely pleased this came together today and we all think it is a big win for our organization. Albeit in limited game action, Jimmy has displayed the characteristics and traits that we believe are vital to being a successful quarterback in this league. He has had the rare opportunity to sit and learn from a future Hall of Fame quarterback in a championship atmosphere. We look forward to Jimmy joining the team tomorrow and hitting the ground running.”


    1. Aaron Donald, Chandler Jones and Michael Bennett agree with Lynch on “hitting the ground”. However, they would like to end it with “hard” rather than “running”…..

        1. Hi Cubus,

          No, I was so (positively!) excited about the trade and very busy last evening that I did not post. But Scooter and Razor pretty articulated what I feel about the trade.

          Since it now appears that JG was the desired franchise QB that Niners were after in the off-season, I cannot think of even one good reason to be critical of this trade. I thought that Vinny Iyer’s column was right on the money that this was a good trade for both franchises. It’s too bad how of these happen in the NFL.

          Over the last 10 months I have listened to or read over a dozen hours of interviews with Shanny (as Greg Cossell would say!) He has stated more than once that he has a fundamental problem with the process correctly evaluating current college QBs. Shanny relies only on game tape for his evaluations. He finds that with few QBs playing pro style offenses, there is insufficient tape of them making the “NFL throws under NFL conditions” (collapsing pocket, pressure in their face, throws into tight windows, throwing receivers open, etc.).

          If there is so little hard data to base franchise QB draft decisions, the chances of failure for him are high with first-round QB picks. Note that the percentage of first-round QB-hits will not change overall, but with the lack of data, Shanny may have only slightly higher chances at success or failure as Baalke on QBs. JG seems to be a sweet spot between Josh Allen and Cousins.

  49. Prime,

    Cheers ! Applause ! I have to second Rebuild…..Great Call !

    And Shanny/Lynch threw us a Bonus….It ended Seb’s Kap rants.

    Rebuild A Winner says:
    October 30, 2017 at 9:03 pm
    This is terrific news! A franchise QB WOW!!!!! I would also like to say congrats to Prime! Helluva Call all off season long!!!!! Well done man. You still want Mitch?! :)

  50. Two rookie New England QB’s.

    One goes 19-27 for 142. The other goes 19-27 for 182.

    One is thought of as a bum, the other a savior.

  51. Trey Adams Profile by Walter Football

    Having a rock-solid left tackle to protect the quarterback is a necessity for any successful aerial offense given the importance of the passing game in the modern NFL. While defenses move their pass-rushers around, having the cornerstone of a standout left tackle makes the rest of an offensive line’s job easier by making double-team help an option for other blockers.

    In pass protection, Adams shows serious athletic ability for a big-bodied offensive tackle. He is quick, agile, and very athletic playing in space.

    As a run blocker, Adams can get a push at the point of attack. He is a true bull who overwhelms defenders at the point of attack, and he is able to knock defenders back to open holes

  52. Just when you thought the bad news would end, comes this trade.

    John Lynch got fleeced.

    How do you give up a 2nd round pick for an unproven backup QB?

    1. JG is proven, because BB wanted him, and coached him for 3 years.
      Lynch did not give up 2 first round picks. If he had done that, he would have been fleeced.
      JG is not bad news, he is not good news, he is GREAT news, and he has given me hope.
      Doing nothing would have resulted in a possible winless season.

    2. “How do you give up a 2nd round pick for an unproven backup QB?”
      As opposed to “giving up” a first round pick for an unproven college QB in the draft? Right on….

    3. It’s interesting you say that. See, I don’t live in California anymore. So I’m exposed to other thought processes.

      Every. Single. Talking. Head. Thought. This. Was. A. Great. Move.

      Every. Single. One.

      On multiple levels, too. Not just getting a QB but the reality we were going to have a hard time competing for Cousins and/or Garoppolo in FA. There are a lot of teams far more talented than the 49ers that are missing that element:

      Jacksonville. Dynamic defense. Absolutely solid everywhere but QB.
      Vikings. Another outstanding team without a QB.
      Broncos. A third outstanding team without a QB.
      Buffalo. A good team, needs someone better than Taylor to take them to the next level.
      Miami. Tannehill has never been better than some-what above average.
      Browns. They were MAD WE GOT GAROPPOLO!!! They wanted him. They already think Kizer is a bust.
      Jets. They have no QB.
      Cardinals. Palmer is done.

      Nine teams including the 49ers. So there was no guarantee that we could get either one. And they were going to be the two best prospects in next year’s FA. Now we have one of the two. And we options going forward:

      1. New contract.
      2. Franchise tag.
      3. Let him go for a 3rd round compensation pick and sign Cousins or draft a #1 QB.

      1. I disagree. Cousins was coveted by Shanahan and the feeling was mutual. Apparently the Niners feared Cousins could be franchised again even though that is unlikely due to how much it would cripple the skins cap. Either way both could have been on the Niners radar in the offseason and considering this is a league where money talks, and the Niners have the most available, they definitely would have had a great chance to get one of them. Failing that you take one of the top prospects in the draft for a fraction of the cost it will take to sign Garoppolo. That’s the part I think many are missing here. They are going to have to pay JG a massive amount of money to keep him. If they had waited for Cousins they would have had to pay him a ton too, but he has the resume to warrant it; JG doesn’t.

        The part that really concerns me is the Niners didn’t take any time to think this through. Belichick called and they pretty much accepted. There is a reason Belichick rarely loses a deal. Inexperienced front office getting schooled because the Pats had no takers one day before the deadline and wound up getting a sudo first round pick from the Niners. I sure hope Garoppolo can play because if he can’t, the Niners have screwed themselves for the foreseeable future.

  53. Well, before the season, I predicted an 8-8 season. I thought the Niners would go 3-5 in the first half, and 5-3 in the easier second half. Too bad they missed out on 4 winnable games in the first half, but with JG, they could go 5-3 to end the season, because the second half has a softer schedule.
    Yes, the O line is deficient, but with JG’s Patriot training and his quick release, he may be able to elevate their play. The Niners do have some talent, just look at those winnable games. Now, it is the job for the coaches to devise schemes that play to the player’s strengths. Coaches need to be innovative, adaptable, unpredictable and make quick adjustments.
    Finally, with competent leadership, the Niners can win a damn game.

        1. I hope he plays in the Cards game. Maybe not start, but he asked to be traded so he can play. There have been many instances of a player getting signed and playing right away. Look at Bowman.
          Sure, he will not have total command of the playbook, but he should be able to have a good grasp of the system, and handing off does not take long to master.
          The Cards plan on blitzing CJB like crazy, so he might not be able to finish the game, so JG may get to play, anyways.

  54. Trey Adams, Huskies would be nice.

    If they can get a few more years out of Staley we could go for a big time WR in ’18.

    We also need a left guard , but those are usually acquired in the 3rd round.

    1. Seb,

      Get a clue.

      If you haven’t figured out that Beathard is the sacrificial lamb (which is why Shanny preached toughness) you need to re-read your Football for Dummies.

      No way the Niners put Garoppolo within 10 yards of that O-Line this season—to big of an investment for the future to trust with Beadles, Magnuson, Gilliam or Fusco……Go smoke another tumbleweed, and don’t bring your daughter along.

      Remember that horrific drug deal gone bad with those dealers you subjected her to in search for one more bong hit (and you told us this story–no one can make this stuff up Seb)…..

      I need more laughs, can you regale us with chapter 2 of this escapade, Ha, Ha, Ha !

  55. I absolutely love this trade. I like Garoppolo and going into the off season with our QB in place will be a huge advantage. They can use free agency to rebuild their O line then trade back in the 1st rd to collect as many extra picks as we can. Did the 49ers get a pick from Chi in the 18 draft?

      1. Coach,

        Yeah, you’re right. Niner’s did get a pick from the Bears–a 3rd Rounder.

        What made the trade great and feasible was that additional 2nd Rounder they got from New Orleans.

  56. I like the move, but am hesitant. I like that we still have another 2nd round pick to work with. This is obviously Kyle’s guy and it must be for good reason. I look forward to seeing those 2 in the future.

    What I am interested to see is how they handle the rest of the season. My best guess is they insert him after the bye and see what he can do. My fear is that our O-line has been terrible and is only getting worse with injury. I would fear for his well being out there, but there’s not much of choice, you need to see what you have.

    1. Leo,
      It wouldn’t surprise me if they ended up with a number of extra picks including a 2nd rounder. I believe there are enough teams out there who need a QB who will be willing to trade up. I would love to see them with the #10 pick in the 1st round and 3 or 4 extra picks. Lynch seems to know how to work the draft.

      1. That’s a really good point OC….I didn’t even think about that….that a very savvy move on Lynch’s part.

        That definitely speeds up the rebuild process exponentially.

  57. Whether you agree or not with the trade, Lynch’s quote tells you all you need to know about how serious the team was in obtaining Garappolo. He had been on their radar for quite some time.

    “We studied him hard,” Lynch said. “We studied him hard this offseason. We tried to do a deal this offseason. It didn’t come to fruition. It presented itself now and we felt like it was an opportunity we had to jump at.”


  58. Whether you agree or not with the trade, Lynch’s quote tells you all you need to know about how serious the team was in obtaining Garappolo. He had been on their radar for quite some time.

    “We studied him hard,” Lynch said. “We studied him hard this offseason. We tried to do a deal this offseason. It didn’t come to fruition. It presented itself now and we felt like it was an opportunity we had to jump at.”


      1. I think it stayed the same.

        Ian Rapoport‏
        Verified account
         @RapSheet 18h
        18 hours ago

        When #Browns made an offer for Jimmy Garoppolo during the draft, they didn’t offer a 1st. Just a 2nd & change. Pats wait & take this deal.

        1. If thats the case it sounds like the Pat’s price went down.
          The browns had the number 1 overall pick. They offered their 2nd and some other picks. So the Browns offered a second rounder of the same value at best plus some other pics and the Pats turned it down.

          However the pats did get some insurance in the event that Brady was injured early in the season and they did trade him outside of their conference… so they got a minor win that way.

  59. I hope with all the injuries along the O line that they activate Darrell Williams of of the practice squad. I believe he would be a perfect fit at OT in Shanahan’ system

  60. Lots of 2nd guessing today—fans thinking Belichick picked our pockets they say.

    Well, remember this. Shanahan wanted to draft Garoppolo before Belichick…..The fact that Garoppolo’s studied under Belichick (a defensive mastermind) what to be aware of defensively saved the 49ers years of coaching.

    A ready made QB coached up by a defensive mastermind, bringing the Pat’s playbook to integrate into the 49er’s for a 2nd rounder….Are you joking….

    Additionally, the Niners still retain their 2nd rounder via New Orleans from ’17

    Great work Shanny/Lynch

  61. Great move, for all the reasons all the posters have already noted. Bill Barnwell, who offers excellent analysis, also adds some interesting thoughts in his ESPN.com article: http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/21231197/all-jimmy-garoppolo-trade-dominoes-new-england-patriots-san-francisco-49ers-affected-2017-deadline.

    This really opens up our first pick into either taking the best player available, or trading down for more picks to a team looking for a Quarterback.

    In terms of free agency, Spotrac has a pretty comprehensive list of who’s available: http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/. Among offensive lineman, the crop is thinner than I would like (at least in the age range the Niners would like so they can grow with the team).

  62. .
    Kendrick Bourne gives jersey number to Jimmy Garoppolo
    1 minute ago • 0 comments

    San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Kendrick Bourne announced on Twitter that he is switching his jersey number from 10 to 84.
    That means the number 10 is now available for newly acquired quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

  63. This imbroglio sounds like the Montana/Young drama of yesteryear. Only the Pat’s went with the older guy:

    “Know this—the Patriots tried.

    They knew what they had with their sweetheart of a quarterback situation, with the greatest of all time as their starter and a 25-year-old star-in-waiting behind him, and they wanted to keep it going. They were willing to pay to make it happen. They were willing to wait on him to close the deal.”

    But late on Monday night, the Patriots finally gave up hope, because they couldn’t give Jimmy Garoppolo what he really wanted: playing time.”


  64. You guys are missing the salient point here. Garoppolo: Italian-American. Who was the last Niners Italian-American QB? (and I’ll clock the smart@ss that says Steve Bono!) The clincher would be if JG came out of western Pennsylvania, alas eastern Illinois will have to do.

      1. Prime,

        It’s hard to be a Cleveland fan climbing out of bed today, going to the front porch with your coffee cup in hand, AND, right there BAM, on page 1—-GAROPPOLO TO 49ers.

        Upchuck city.

        1. I had a little giddy up in my step today knowing this organization is doing everything it can to get better. Jimmy G is a great start to finally having a legit QB!

      2. More to the point: How furious are the Browns fans today.

        The Brownies could have drafted Garoppolo the year he came out and went with Manziel instead. Then they traded away a chance to draft Carson Wentz, and drafted Cody Kesseler when Dak Prescott was available. Then they did not pull the trigger on a trade for Garoppolo in the off season, and bypassed Deshaun Watson in the draft.

        Now that is a baaaaad front office.

      3. I heard on ESPN they were seriously bent out of shape. They were still trying to make the trade when the 49ers got him. They, apparently, are already giving up on Kizer.

              1. Steve Young wasn’t brought in to be a starter right away, and the 49ers at that time were LOADED.

                At least you got one I guess. Too bad that was 30 years ago.

              2. Hammer, it was a win for the organization and if you want to be critical of it, wait till he has played a couple games.

                Its ok to be skeptical, but all things considered, Jimmy G was a highly rated QB coming out of Eastern Illinois, a lot of people including your hero Harbaugh wanted him.

                Today, on paper,he is better than any than any prospect coming out.

            1. Jack I would agree with you if we gave up a ton for him but we didn’t.
              I don’t see Rosen, Darnold, Allen or Mayfield as being a significantly better prospect than Garrapolo. So the question is would you rather give up a first for one of those unproven players or a 2nd for for a more expensive more proven project that can be dumped in a year and half with minimal loss?
              The niners essentially had 3 options to get their qbotf… 1. Draft a qb, keep their second, spend big in FA’s to pick up solid players. 2. Spend BIG on cousins, Keep all their pics, Use their one on a blue chipper or trade back for more pics, but have less to spend on FA’s. 3. Trade a second for Garapolo, Use their one on a blue chipper or trade back for more pics, and spend big in FA’s to pick up solid players
              I like this option quite a bit even if I was a Cousins fan, the risk reward is a bit more manageable in this scenario than the others.

              1. Shoup,

                I don’t care really about what they gave up. I’m just not expecting as much from this as maybe some others.

              2. Jack,
                That is reasonable. I don’t love Jimmy G. either, I just don’t see any of the other options being significantly better. Drafting a rookie has the biggest upside but also has a significant chance to blow up in their. Getting Cousins, has the lowest upside but the highest floor. This gives the niners slightly lower upside than the draft but has a much higher floor, as at the very least Jimmy has proven he is a solid NFL backup.

          1. He’s been mad Every since he found out that it’s not the coaches fault that dummies like Robinson commit stupid penalties. According to Jack the coaches make them do it, because it’s what’s being taught in the atmosphere

            1. “According to Jack the coaches make them do it, because it’s what’s being taught in the atmosphere”

              Try again. That’s not what I said.

          2. one,

            The team has won 7 games in 2 1/2 years. They suck. I’m sorry if I’m not overjoyed by a trade for a guy who has 6 quarters under his belt as a starter.

            What’s funny about this board is how when a differing point of view is stated there are some who feel the need to resort to personal attacks.

            1. easy Jack….you are a vet on this blog…..you know how it gets….

              but cmon we just got the best option when it comes to QB choices

              Cousins is horrible and would have cost us more
              a rookie was not going to be better
              no other back up in the league had the kind of upside Jimmy brought to the table

              If the losing record has you down…I get it……but remember we are not the browns and we once had Bill walsh, Joe montana, steve young, jerry rice………lol

              1. Cousins is far more proven, no draft pick given up, and the $$$ he eventually gets won’t be that much more than Garoppolo will get.

              2. Cousins has averaged Top-5 over the last three years. That you think he’s horrible and twenty other QBs are better is one of bigger laughs I’ve gotten on this board.

              3. I don’t care if they pull players out of the stands. Watching the same fools play like the same old fools every week is too much to take any more. I’m waiting for them to do like Bill Walsh and have try outs. Nothing personal to Hoyer or Robinson but just the fact that they have been removed is encouraging rather than watch the same clowns screw up every week and HOPE for a better outcome. Jack can be a self-proclaimed negative realist but instead of harping on who we got, the subject should be WTF they don’t get rid of a bunch more of the players who can’t find their ass with both hands. Playing like they are, the 49ers couldn’t compete in the SEC. The only thing missing from this season is the Draft Bowl – a game between the 49ers and the Browns which we would probably win…by losing to them!

    1. Good article but these guys don’t want to hear it. Just want to bask in the belief that a guy who has played a grand total of 6 quarters in 3 and a half years is the messiah.

  65. “This is certainly a great deal for the 49ers. With a new coaching staff and front office, the 49ers now have a quarterback that they will be able to groom. Head coach Kyle Shanahan has had a lot of success with quarterbacks in the NFL, but San Francisco clearly didn’t have their future franchise quarterback on the roster.

    While Garoppolo is a free agent at the end of the season, the 49ers will likely be looking to sign him to a long-term deal. Even though the sample size is very small for Garoppolo, he looked good as the starting quarterback for the Patriots last season. In a game and a half, Garoppolo played well and his value went through the roof.

    Musket Fire – A New England Patriots Fan Site – News, Blogs, Opinion …

  66. Of course this move is risky but so is every move in the NFL from draft picks to free agency. The difference here is that the 49ers and the rest of league had Garropolo highly rated before he was drafted.

    He has had the opportunity to learn how to be a pro and his game is tailored to what Shanny wants in his offense.
    This is a good trade for both teams and I can wait to see Jimmy G, mio paesano play!

      1. That’s what they said about 2011:

        Newton — So-so read-option guy who is loved for his big plays even as he struggles to make the routine ones.
        Locker — Retired after completing his rookie contract.
        Gabbert — There’s a winner! Of the ‘Crappy QB Trophy.’
        Ponder — Cut before he finished his rooikie contract.
        Dalton — One great year and six ‘meh.’ Not a bust. But never developed like Cincinnati hoped.
        Kaepernick — Yeah…
        Mallet — Projected to be a Round 1 guy, fell hard in the draft (Round 3) Replaced Hoyer in NE. Replaced by Garalappo.

        And it’s tough. No matter how good the QB class loos, it’s still mostly failures. Going back to 2005:

        2005: 3 – 1st rounders. 2 succeeded: Smith & Rogers.
        2006: 3 – 1st rounders. 1 succeeded: Cutler (and that’s marginal success)
        2007: 2 – 1st rounders. No success.
        2008: 2 – 1st rounders. 2 successful: Ryan and the vastly over-rated Flacco.
        2009: 3 – 1st rounders. 1 successful: Stafford.
        2010: 2 – 1st rounders. 1 successful: Bradford (and he’s been pretty marginal).
        2011: 4 – 1st rounders. 1 successful. The over-rated Newton.
        2012: 4 – 1st rounders. 2 successful: Tannehill & Luck.
        2013: 1 – 1st rounder. No success.
        2014: 3 – 1st rounders. No success.

        27 Round 1 QBs. Ten ‘made it.’ They’re not all great. Some are, despite the hype train around them, not much better than average.

        And even the current looks like a mixed bag:

        2015: 2 – 1st rounders. Jury Still Out: Winston isn’t developing. Mariota is regressing and injury prone.
        2016: 3 – 1st rounders. Jury Still Out: Wentz has taken his game up. Lynch looks like a bust. Goff is improving.

        Now we’re at 32 Round 1 QBs. I think Wentz & Goff are your best bets to be successful. I think Winston can’t read defenses very well. I think Mariota is going to break and never reach his full potential.

        A dozen out of 32…

        So, yeah, the talking heads are always pumping up one draft class over another. But even the ones they pump up routinely fail. QBing is the hardest skill position in all of professional sports. And there are few people suited for it.

    1. Thx, 80.

      Only yesterday someone on this site said Shanny needed an OC and was not very bright for not resigning Kap…..Wonder if he’ll still be a fan after this slap (signing Garoppolo) in his and Kap’s face ? (# 80, this is exactly why I said S_B needed to re-read his football for dummies book).

      I had faith that Shanny/Lynch would turn the tables on S_B, making him the fool and find a franchise QB.


  67. Josh Sitton 31, is on the block. He would be a good fit. He might cost us a 3rd or a 4th, but we have extra picks. Something to consider when Garoppolo does start after this next game or the bye week. We got 20 minutes to make it happen. Be proactive and address the interior OL to keep Jimmy G upright.

      1. Can’t play the ball, can’t be a shutdown corner. Too many penalties. Got demoted for Witherspoon last game, and he played well. Kinda surprising, but not really….

        1. As TomD notes, 49ers got a 5th rounder. At least they recovered value. Trade deadline has passed, so will will know of there are any more.

  68. I believe the first move the 9ers will make in the off season to rebuild their O line is cut Kilgore and move Garnett to center. He is very intelligent and very strong at the point of attack. I believe he would make an outstanding center. That could be the first move and it wouldn’t cost a draft pick or a dime of FA money.

    1. Garnett to Center

      I speculated on that couple of months ago and cited his smarts as a reason he could make the change.

      1. Good call, Dave too. Never crossed my mind. I wonder if they do indeed try him there, because Kilgore ain’t the answer. We need a badass on the field, and a professor in the classroom right smack in the center of this offense….

  69. Matt Maiocco‏Verified account @MaioccoNBCS 10s10 seconds ago

    Source: The #49ers receive a 2018 fifth-round pick from the Jets for CB Rashard Robinson.

  70. unlike most, I actually see Rashard Robinson developing into a top corner…..

    for a 5th rd pick…..I would have kept him

        1. Like Marcus Peters, take just after the Armstead pick. That was a big gamble by KC, but it paid off for them.

          Niner-land was (and is) spooked by off field issues and injured players. It really narrows the choices though. Only 6 of the projected top 20 in this years draft class was free of injury or off field concerns.

          1. i think this an accurate review on Robinson…..”Penalty machine who talks and acts like he’s a pro bowl corner, reality is he gets burned constantly and doesn’t like to tackle”

            1. We also don’t know what he is like in the lockeroom when his playing time was reduced. I think they are looking for ballers who don’t whine.

  71. Josh Edwards‏Verified account @JEdwar247 14m14 minutes ago
    The #NFL trade deadline has officially passed. Trades can still be reported as long as they were completed prior to 4 PM ET.

  72. Redmond released. He was a high 3rd rounder. Pick 68 overall. I hated that pick. That draft was deep. 68 way too high for another ACL pick.

  73. He will never be a top corner. He’s Brandon Browner. Big body, heavy on penalties and would be a good zone cb with good players around him.

  74. No matter what you think of the trades, you have to admit John Lynch is not afraid to make a deal.
    It also sends a message to the rest of the team, that very few of them are safe and the Niners intend to improve by addition and subtraction.

  75. Another NFL receiver arrested on felony domestic violence charges…
    McNair might be on to something…The inmates are running the prison.

    Perhaps he should have botrowed a line from Jim Carey’s Liar Liar:
    Stop breaking the law @$#hole!

    1. Easy Faux news……you mean Ex-NFL player

      and please spare us ….Didn’t hear you whine when owners and coaches were breaking the law

      1. that is too much information for them to read……give em a bud light and Rush Limbaugh, so they can feel they belong….

      2. I am really surprised you’d cherry pick such a fallacy. It undermines the very argument so many minorities cling to: Money runs the criminal justice system.

        It’s absolutely amazing to me that in one sentence so many can write that the rich get away with crimes, then in the next sentence the same group argue that the arrest record per capita of NFL players is lower than the average citizen
        Let me shed some light here.

        First, as I said, money does make certain charges disappear and to be fair, money makes certain players a victim of crime as well. Money also moves players out of the neighborhoods that crime typically occurs in. So, if you’re going to tout crime numbers, you then have to adjust for the crime rates where these players live. If you then compare the per capita of residents in those areas to criminal charges, you once again see that NFL players exceed that per capita number.

        Now some of that can be explained be age. Typically your 50+ year old isn’t engaging in activity after 2 a.m., domestic disturbances are less frequent or reported (generational stereotypes), etc. based on maturity. There is less incentive to report crime in these neighborhoods.

        But trying to hide that the NFL has a lower per capita crime rate than the general public is like saying African Americans are great at Basketball and dancing. It’s too general an assertion that doesn’t give an accurate assessment.

        1. I’m sorry the actual numbers don’t fit you narrative.

          Cherry picking? Your whole response is about cherry picking to get “your” desired result.

          1. Comparing per capita is an argument you may not have thought of before.

            It is not fair to any group to compare the NFL mean income of 1.9 million dollars to the genral public whose mean income is $59,000.

            Some of the crime in the U.S. is about survival. A homeless man stealing food. A mom charged with bouncing checks because she is living paycheck to paycheck writing beat it to the bank checks.

            The justice system railroads these individials. Plea deals are reached and conviction rates are upwards of 96% .

            NFL players aren’t commiting survival crimes. They aren’t coming home to the projects where robbery and murder are just a part of every day life. Carrying an unregistered gun is a felony but it is the only way to safely traverse the road to school or work.

            So comparing per capita based only on population is a complete joke.

            I work in EMS and my family works in LE. There are many sad situations that don’t deserve to be grouped in a population per capita.

            1. Twice as high. Not a percentage point or two. Use whatever parameters you want and you will see that your knee jerk reaction was wrong and based on nothing but your personal belief.

              1. “you will see that your knee jerk reaction was wrong and based on nothing but your personal belief.” Hmmm – that statement is based on…..nothing but your personal belief” Come on man.

                #80 I enjoy your input regarding football in general and the 49ers in particular but rarely comment. I’m surprised by your responding to this kind of stuff. Would be nice if everyone tried to reduce the pollution on the board instead of the opposite.

  76. So turns out JG was indeed a guy they tried hard to get this offseason, which is something I said they should be doing. I have wanted JG at the 49ers ever since he entered the draft, so have to say I am stoked to have gotten him for a 2nd round pick.

    My main concern is it sounds like no long term deal is in place or been talked about with JG’s agent at this point. While they can hold onto him with the tag, I would be far more comfortable if they had a long term deal in place.

    I understand the argument people make about trading for an unproven talent. But as I argued during the offseason, trading for JG should be viewed no differently than drafting a high round rookie QB, with the exception that we at least have some evidence he can play in the NFL and he comes with an understanding of NFL concepts. Because that is what JG is – a talented QB prospect (thus why he was drafted high in the first place) with a bit of NFL experience.

    Trading away Robinson is a bit of a surprise, but is further evidence this FO is willing to move on from guys they don’t see as fits for the team. Witherspoon will get an extended trial as a starting CB and some much needed experience as a result. But CB will be a high priority this offseason, just a notch below OL.

    1. Scooter – My take exactly. My mellow harshed (just a little) when I found out no contract outline was in place. I big gamble.

      I liked Garoppolo and Carr. I was hoping 49ers would trade back into the late 2nd for Garoppolo. The Pats snagged him.

      1. Could be for the best. Although they trust each other, they both want some verification before locking into each other long term….

      1. I would actually have RB ahead of WR, but not by much. Good thing for 49ers though is Shanahan has a history of turning lower round RBs into decent starters.

          1. Yeah, that’s needed too, but I think a top CB is a dire need, and I think getting protection and weapons to support JG is also more important than another pass rusher right now. Basically, the front 7 on D isn’t far away from being decent, so the need for an upgrade at the edge spot I see as a little lower on the list than the other positions I mentioned. Though that could change if they lose players at the end of the season.

  77. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports the Browns attempted to trade for Bengals No. 2 QB A.J. McCarron before Tuesday’s deadline.

    1. According to one report the deal was done at 12:55, Bengals called it into the league but Browns were so busy celebrating they lost track of the time and called in late.

  78. Grant,

    I know its Halloween, and you probably had this day penciled in as a day off.

    But man this could end up the biggest trade in NFL history.

    Where is the article with your opinion on it?

    I need to know here and now if I agree with you or disagree with you.

    This is BS Grant just publish it all ready.

      1. Where in that article does it say if he agrees with the trade or not?

        That article clearly only states where Garopolo has been and what he has done. No where does it state if Grant agrees with the trade or not.

        Go back and read my original post and ask yourself. Read much? @oneniner

    1. I’m assuming Grant’s at 49er HQ, getting ready for the presser. So much is changing so fast. The Robinson and Redmond stories are worthy of their own column. Maybe he will to a pre-presser Periscope.

    1. Redmond hurts. He was pick 68 overall. I’m not philosophically against injury picks, but hated this one. It’s overshadowed by the Robinson trade, but to me a bigger story on Baalke’s poor draft picks. Redmond felt like Baalke’s middle finger to those that disapproved of his picks.

    2. 13 unofficially – Buckner, Armstead, Hyde, Reid, Ward, Brown, Pinion, Tartt, Kilgore, Celek, Harold, Johnson, Garnett

  79. Discussion of Baalke players on Halloween (watching Robinson beat on an 80 yarder) gives me chills on Halloween.
    Can we talk about something eles ?

  80. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Jimmy Garoppolo has wanted to be some team’s franchise quarterback long before he was drafted by the New England Patriots back in the spring of 2014. On Halloween eve, he’s been granted that opportunity. The soon to be 26-year old (his birthday is Thursday) has been dealt to San Francisco for the 49ers own 2nd round pick. The move has sent shockwaves across the NFL landscape but closer to home “surprised” the signal caller, according to a source close to him.

    “Ready to roll. Can’t get on a plane fast enough. He’s waited for this for a long time,” a source close to him said.
    Funny how fans think vs how players think.

    Apparently everything I linked this AM went into moderation. Y’all need to work on that.

  81. Will a new contract with Garoppolo be signed…
    1 – in the next few weeks
    2 – before the end of the regular season
    3 – before the 2018 draft
    4 – or franchise tagged in 2018

      1. He wants to start. And since Brady has (apparently) decided to play until he dies, he was never going to start in NE….

  82. Just caught some of the presser. Jimmy G seems to be very excited (but in truth what else could he say in front of a room full of journalists and his new bosses). He says that the biggest challenge will be learning the play calling language. Kyle seemed to indicate that there is no timetable for getting him on the field.

    1. I like the way the 49ers went about this. Give up the 2nd Rounder to show their belief, and leave the onus on Jimmy The Kid to validate that belief….

    2. I think he will start after the bye week. He will have had a couple of weeks to learn, and maybe more importantly, Staley will be back.

  83. More evidence of the sheer incompetence of the Browns front office:

    At 3:55 PM (5 minutes before the trade deadline) Browns and Bengals agreed on a trade sending McCarron to Browns. The Bengals sent their paperwork to the league office before the deadline but the Browns paperwork did not reach the league office until after the 4:00 PM deadline. So no trade. The Browns begged and pleaded with the league office to let the trade go through but to no avail.

    What a bunch of clowns.

  84. Well the Browns ineptitude just made me feel easier about the Jimmy G trade. If Jimmy doesn’t look to the coaching staff like the answer by the end of the season, the FO can always flip him and some celebratory Dom Perignon to the Browns for a first round draft pick.

    1. The reason why Jimmy G is the real deal is because he has that quality you want in your QB, quick release and accuracy.
      He gets the ball out quick and with velocity.
      Watch his highlights, the ball has speed to it and it gets there where it should be.
      There is no long wind up, the ball does not hang in the air, and he has mobility.
      Can’t wait. Hopefully against the Giants!

      1. I agree, Prime. My post was more of a dig at the Browns. Man, I really feel sorry for those fans. There doesn’t seem to be any hope there at all.

        1. Poor leadership there. Sloppy from what it sounds like how they do business.
          I mean how do you take Manziel over Carr?

          As bad as our season is going, this signing is like 2 back to back wins! In my mind at least!

          1. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but I’ve posted a lot about this trade. I’m as happy as you are to have Jimmy G in the house.

            With regards to the Browns, it seems like they are run solely by analytics – a bunch of PhDs who couldn’t make it in derivatives and who are instead now studying if their models can be used to build an NFL team – oblivious to both the fans and winning.

            1. Oh yeah. I usually agree with your takes and don’t disagree with too much from you.
              Do you think the 49ers sign him long term before the end of the season or wait till the offseason?
              I guess the risk is he hates it in SF?

  85. If by “hating it in SF” you mean just living in the Bay Area, I doubt it. It’s a great place to live especially if you have money. I’ve known a number of people from Boston who have moved to the Bay Area and although they really liked Beantown, they prefer the Bay Area, if for no other reason than the weather.

    In terms of when they sign him to an extension, I really don’t know. I think you can make a case for any of the options. It seems to make sense to take him for a “test drive” but if they like the way he handles, they’ll probably pay more down the road. I know we have the cap space, but I have to admit that $25 million or so for a franchise tag would make me choke a bit. I have a bit of hope that once Jimmy and Kyle start working together that he might be willing to give a discount for a three or four year deal.

    1. Good post Cubus. There seems to be a history with Shanny.
      My only concern is the surrounding personnel around Jimmy that might turn him off, the oline?
      No one can survive behind what we have right now.
      On the plus, I bet Garçon and Goodwin are happy, as probably is Hyde.

    2. cubus – good post. He’s still on his rookie contract. South bay housing will make him wince. That could work two ways. it could motivate him to extend sooner, or scare him to another city where he can get a palace and pay little or no state taxes. His agent is from Sacramento, so he might gives him a head up.

  86. Question to all – What do you think of our new quarterback as a player? Strengths? Weaknesses?

    I like him. In 2014 I wanted the 49ers to trade back into the 2nd for him. I was happy with CK in 2013, but worried he was taking alot of hits. I wanted a starter quality backup capable of running from a pro set.

    Loved Garoppolo’s college footage. Quick release jumped out. Also nimble feet. Since the Pats took him, he’s been mostly off my radar.

    Last night I reviewed his two pro games vs Dolphins and Cards, and his preseason games. I’m even more impressed. His quick pocket feet now match his quick release. He’s athletic enough to evade the rush and make off schedule plays.

    The only thing that keeps him from being the perfect prototype is he’s “only” 6’2″. But that’s nit picking. He has the pocket stills to find throwing lanes. And he’s thick bodied and very strong. Surprisingly hard to sack.

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