49ers aim for playoffs? It isn’t as farfetched as you think


I want to tweak my opinion of the 49ers moves this offseason.

I’ve been hard on the team since free agency started. Coming into it, I automatically thought long-term. I figured John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan would take the patient approach to rebuilding the roster. They inherited a two-win team, and both signed six-year contracts, removing the pressure to win right away. It seemed only natural they would go with a young roster the first season or two and lose a lot of games.

Then, they started signing players who will be in their 30s next season — six of them — and I criticized Lynch and Shanahan. Wrote they were trying to be a more respectable last-place team and foolishly not building for the future.

I was wrong.

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  1. Good mea culpa article, Grant. Writing about a winnable schedule next season, I think is something I haven’t seen written yet. Nice recovery.

    1. Mea culpa? How about ‘My nickname is Barry BiPolar?’

      Seriously, I mean it’s been close to unremitting criticism for the FA signings, for Shanahan’s play-calling, etc., etc., etc. Now playoffs?

      If I were a doctor, I’d be suggesting something like lithium and lamotrigine to keep him emotionally stable…

      1. I’m willing to believe that he has learned something from the beatdown he took on his criticism of the FA signing. See hightop’s post below for the rest of my response.

      2. NFL writers have the niners ranked 30th out of 32 teams when they rank free agency moves. I’d say Grant wasn’t far off with his criticism. You can always find what you want to hear in the news.
        I don’t agree with Grant, but at least he is willing to take a stance and stand behind it.

        1. NFL writers are reactionary. How many of them correctly predicted the Harbaugh bounce in his 1st year as head coach?

            1. Yep, and there were the ones who said Fangio’s defenses regressed, with the implication being not to expect him to last either….

      3. Nah, Somebody got to Grant and he may be in trouble. Grant if you need help, type the word Draft three times in the first paragraph of your next post. If you do, we will know you need help and we will send Colin Kaepernick to save you.

    2. NoCoast MiddleWest March 15, 2017 at 3:16 pm
      8-8 this year, which can easily become 10-6. I said it previously in the Cousins frenzy that Kyle feels this team can get to the playoffs if they catch a couple breaks.

      Niners are coming off of playing the hardest schedule last year.

      I love the move. Proven players make a difference. Check please.

      I can’t imagine how he could have had such a profound change of heart….

    3. I don’t see it this year. NFC East is a powerhouse. AFC South can give the 49ers problems, Houston has an issue with the 49ers thanks to Kap. Car/Chi 1-1 is possible, but I don’t know. Division looks like 0 and 6 easy. I see 2 to 6 wins.

  2. As the old adage goes “it takes a big man to admit he is wrong”,and it certainly is a rarity on sports blogs.My respect for you just moved up a notch.Bravo young sir!

    1. I agree hightop. I thought the article blasting them was WAY over the top. This is a much more well thought out and middle of the road piece and I give Grant credit for that. He’s not saying we’re going to win the Lombardi… he’s just saying there is a slimmer we could eek into the playoffs. Happy St Pattys Day!!!

  3. Good read Grant. 9 wins could happen if we stay healthy and hit on some draft picks. The offense greatly improved with the loss of Kap/Gab and the addition of Garcon.

    Both sides of the ball improved by installing better schemes. We also have teaching coaches and players. Adding Cousins to this team next year with another off season could put us in SB contention in 2018.

    Go 49ers!!!!!!

        1. #80

          …not even then…still too expensive…our system will be in place…Hoyer will have more wins in ’17 than Cousins…

          1. OregoNiner, you couldn’t be more wrong on this one. I have no idea why you think the 49ers aren’t willing to give Cousins a market rate value contract when he’s a proven talent, and finding a quality QB is the hardest position to fill in all of professional sports. The 49ers have got to be feeling very fortunate that the stars have lined up for Cousins, and the timing really couldn’t be better.

            Cousins wants to play for only one Head Coach in 2018, and that’s Kyle Shanahan. Nothing is a done deal before the contracts are signed on the dotted line, but the chances of Kirk Cousins playing in Santa Clara next season is, IMO, better than 90%. In fact, the only way I see a different QB starting for the 49ers in 2018 is if they hit the lottery with one of these 2017 draft prospects, or Cousins wants to be tyhe highest paid QB in the NFL.

            Hoyer is nothing more than a quality place holder for the Niners. Shanahan knows he’s likely not good enough to give him an opportunity to redeem himself by getting back to, and winning a Super Bowl.

            The 49ers are in excellent shape when it comes to the salary cap. They have the money to secure their long term QB, so why wouldn’t they unless Kirk gets greedy, which I don’t see happening. In fact, I could easily see Kirk taking a little less money to play for Kyle, than he might be offered

            1. 49reasons

              I’ll accept that we agree to disagree on this one…Cousins has already declared that he’d be happy to be franchised every year because of the increased money…other teams will be involved if he proves himself in ’17. In that he doesn’t have any Lombardis or even SB appearances to his credit yet, even Kaep has a stronger resume~ (GAGH)! I believe that Lynch and Shannahan are going to draft our QB of the future this year, and will develop him (them) under Hoyer and Barkley…let’s see how it plays out….

              1. I could see us drafting one this year and developing him. What if Cousins has a mediocre or lousy year in 2017? He lost his top 2 receivers and the Redskins front office is a disaster. He won’t be able to command nearly as much in 2018 as what he could have this year. He’ll be much more affordable. If he is going to cost a prohibitive amount in 2018, next year’s draft will be loaded with possible franchise QBs. Shanahan will figure it out and we’ll have our franchise QB in the next 2 years, either way.

      1. Yup. I hate to tell Grant this but the AFC South is where the NFC West was about 5-6 years ago. Sort of laughing stock of the league but man there is talent in that division. Houston’s defense is getting older and the offense has never been good. I expect Indi will have another down year. Both teams can beat the 9ers though. Jacksonville’s defense really came on last year and they have talent on offense. The Jags are going to be a tough team to beat next year. They will have one of the best defenses in the league next year. The Titans will be a top 7 or 8 team in the league next year if Mariota can stay healthy. They are absolutely loaded as well. I suspect the AFC South will be a division that could sweep the 9ers next year.

        1. Titans have a solid core group. A smart draft this year and next and they’ll be poised for a run.

    1. I challenge you. Where are these 9 wins? You think AFC SOuth? Get real, Indy beat us 4 years ago, we’re going to Indy. Hou, Tenn, Jax, they could all be losses. NFC East will sweep the 49ers easy. Chi/Car 1-1 maybe. Division could be 0 and 6. Next year maybe we’ll get 8 wins if we get Cousins.

      QB needs to throw the ball 300 yards to win.

  4. It must be StPatricks day & Grant has started drinking already:). Welcome to the power of positive thoughts Grant.

  5. Lol I have not had a chance to finish the article yet.

    But the part that goes “Drew Stanton is just a guy” had ma laugh out loud literally haha

  6. LOL, Grant is trolling us. From F grades during the FA period to the playoffs.

    Dang, I wanted him to double down. ;p

  7. Interesting take Grant. But if I didn’t know any better I’d say you are admitting you were wrong…. but I do know better. There’s something behind this, I’m just not sure what yet. You’re baiting us here for some reason, I just don’t know why….hhhmmm

    Anyway good article. Even if we miss the playoffs but get 7 to 8 wins we can at least begin to draw more FA’s, in theory.

  8. From one extreme to another. While I respect you admitting your mistake, getting to nine wins is a major hurdle for a team without a winning culture. Eight wins for me is a more realistic expectation, and one they could springboard off of in 2018 to reach that nine win milestone. With that, here is my Mach 4.0 draft:

    (1)1. King Solomon QB Killer
    (2)34. Zach Cunningham LB
    (3)66. John Johnson FS
    (4)109. Brad Kaaya QB
    (4)143. Jeremy McNichols RB
    (5)146. Jon Toth C
    (5)161. Jeremy Cutrer CB
    (6)198. Michael Roberts TE
    (6)202. Damore’ea Stringfellow WR *Got in a kerfuffle with Seahawks fans ’14
    (7)219. Samson Ebukam OLB

      1. “I would be happy with 6 wins.”

        Not me. That’s the mentality of a loser. Winners aren’t satisfied with anything other than success.

        1. Niners would be tripling their win total from last year. That is improvement. Just being realistic. None of the FA signings will make me declare they are SB bound.

          Winning is important, but when the Niners were losing 13 in a row, that attitude would have been ludicrous. Of course I would want them to win, but pragmatically thinking, 4 more wins than last year is a realistic goal.

          The problem is, while the Niners have improved, every other team has also improved. Counting on beating the Rams is pie in the sky. They now have a young, innovative coach. He will get the QB, whoever he is, to function properly. I fully expect the Niners to split their games with the Rams. Both the Cards and the Seahawks are superior in talent. I say that speaking honestly and frankly. Both their coaches are grizzled veterans, while KS is a novice who just lost a SB.

          You can go unicorns and rainbows, I foresee a storm on the horizon.

          The Niners will be fortunate to win 6 games. If Kaep returns, maybe they can avoid a losing season.

          Playoffs? With this present team? In your dreams.

          1. I agree with Jack and I’ve said it before. It’s impossible for me to believe that Shanny and Lynch accept a plan to win only a few games and wait for time. That is not either of them’s mentality. I believe they will plan, prepare and have the team believing that they can win each and every game, unlike those before them. The country club run by Tomsula and Kelly will not return any time soon. Shanny and Lynch expect to win at day one. We’ll see if they can pull it off.

          2. Last time i watched the Seachickens didn’t make the SB with their Cheaten Pete coach. But you put down KS because he lost one.

          3. Kap……..Ha!

            Nobody has picked him up. Casserly is right-he can only beat you one way. Take that away by stacking the box, and ol windup gets worn down!

            1. Casserly got fired a decade ago because he is clueless about talent. He ‘s always blustering about something but how often is he right? I wouldn’t put any stock into what he says.

          4. You can’t bet on tomorrow, its not guaranteed. Having a goal of 6 wins (with goals to win more the next seasons) is not a mentality I would want from my coach. If I were York, as I am a fan, I want the coach, the gm, the players, everyone, to want to win every single game, to do everything within their power to win as much as possible as soon as possible.

            If at the end of the season they walk away 6-10, you shouldn’t be happy but you can say “yes, there was progress”. But being pragmatic, being practical, being satisfied with small improvements is not the mindset this team (or any) should have.

            You do realize that there have been countless teams that have gone from worst to first in one off season (and vice versa as well). The 2013 Chiefs went from 2-14 to 11-5 in one off season. 2008 Dolphins went from winning 1 game to 11 games in one off season. To say it can’t happen is idiotic. Winning 6 games will not get 1st place, and neither will 9, but 9 wins would be a hell of a lot better than 6, so why aim low?

            1. Sometimes 9 wins will win a division; The Texans have done it 3 years in a row. Granted that it’s unlikely to happen in the NFC West, but stranger things have happened. The Seahawks could have a slew of injuries. Russell Wilson missing the season makes them a so-so team. Winning the division with a 9-7 record will probably lead to a one and out in the playoffs but it’s still great to get there and let your young players have that experience.

        2. I think there’s a middle road here. None of us are happy with six wins. We weren’t happy with just playoffs, we want champions. We will appreciate improvements though and that’s what 6 wins is.

          1. Thank you, Wilson. The odds for a team going from 2 wins to the playoffs are very long.

            I do not know if it has been done before.

            Bill Walsh went from 2-14 to 6-10 then the SB. That may be the best optimistic scenario.

            1. But if the 49ers resign Kap, a storm might carry them to 15-1!
              Lynch said he is not closing the door.

    1. I like your Jeremy McNichols pick, but John Toth is rated 234 on the Draftek board, and they just picked up Zuttah.

      Maybe Derek Rivers might be a better choice at 146, since he was rated 145.

      1. CBS has him at 185, Rounds 5-6. Some don’t feel he’s a fit schematically, however I feel they might be underestimating him. He’s said to be smart, and has called all the line adjustments for the last 48 games he’s started at the position. So, he’s extremely durable as well. He’s not the most athletic center, but his toughness, length(34″ arms), strength, and consistency on tape makes me think he’d be an excellent value and one that could be developed into an eventual starter. Which is all you can ask for in the 5th or 6th round….

        1. That is still 39 spots away from his draft number.

          Probably could wait a round for him, and the mock of yours does not have an edge rusher. Derek Rivers has a 4.61 40 time and had an excellent Senior Bowl. He also benched 34 times.

    2. Razor,
      I’m warming to Solomon but must admit I’m a bit concerned that most of his qb pressures came from inside. As an edge rusher I would see him as a 8 sack guy who occasionally gets you 10. I guess I’m just worried he is just like Ahmad Brooks with more discipline.
      In terms of production where do you see him? And from.a scouting standpoint where does he when lines up outside strengths and weaknesses?

      1. Shoup, in the base defense, King Solomon might play the role of 6T, Strong/Weak DE in their sub or where ever they feel they can get a match up advantage. Dudes an athletically superior prospect and therefore versatility is one of his calling cards. In my view, he’s a relentless wrecking ball that grows stronger in the 4th quarter….

        1. Thanks for the info. I was just worried because it seemed like he consistently won on the inside but I didn’t see much on the outside.
          I’m not as worried about the base defense because today’s nfl is played in the sub packages more often than not.

    3. Raz

      I do like your Mach 4 draft…and the changes they go through from one to the next. I’m going to post one myself in the coming weeks, but I don’t see a need for one until the draft takes place. I’m somewhat surprised that you haven’t included Zack Brown in this one…I thought you liked him…?

      Gonna’ be interesting….

  9. Good to think outside the box, young Padawan. It was pretty clear from the first day of FA that they were thinking this year. Both these guys, and apparently most of the staff they hired, are way too edgy to be thinking win later, they intend to win now and still build for the future.

          1. Almost every year, the talk is about how none of the QBs coming out of college are franchise QBs and that they shouldn’t be drafted in the top 10. As the draft gets closer, that changes. (See 2016 NFL draft). The top 2 QBs last year weren’t any better than what is coming out this year, IMO. Wentz was a risk because he played at a lower level. The best we can hope for is that several teams fall in love with certain players. If we don’t want to draft a QB in the 1st round and other teams do, we can keep on trading back until we see the value in a player that we want. Between Trubisky, Watson, and Kizer at QB, Fournette, and Dalvin Cook at RB and Hooker and Jamal Adams at S, all of the edge rushers and DLs, and 3 top WRs, we can trade back numerous times, get a stockpile of early picks and still get an outstanding player.

            Maybe we should even start getting earlier picks for next year so that we can trade up for a top QB. Now that Grant says that we are making the playoffs in 2017, we’ll be picking later in the 2018 draft and we’ll need some ammunition to move up!

            People say I’m a dreamer…….

            1. Very true, and every year people point to next year’s draft and say the qb’s will be better.
              The reality is top qb prospects aren’t produced in college that often. So teams are forced to gamble on traits.
              Sure fire prospects are exceptionally rare. Elway, Peyton, Luck are once in a decade prospects.

              1. At the end of the day you can’t wait for future draft classes to produce what you want.
                It’s up to the organization to draft and develop. This is why Shannahan was brought in. He has to be able to draft a guy and mold him to what he needs in his offense. If that takes 1-3 years so be it.
                What assurance is there that a guy in 2018 will be better? Now you’ve lost a year at strengthening the position.
                The 49ers HAVE TO draft a QB this year.

            2. I’m not saying to not draft a QB this year, (At least I’ve said it in other posts) just don’t draft one too early if they aren’t worthy of the pick. Pick one later and see if Shanahan can develop them over the next couple of years. It still leaves the possibility of Cousins or another more highly valued QB in the 2018 draft. I eventually see Shanahan picking a QB just about every year, developing them and then trading them for draft picks. Green Bay used to do that in the past.

      1. Grant

        I disagree…I think that at this point in their development, Watson would be the most attractive bait….

    1. I wrote in previous thread the Glennon signing might eliminate the Browns trade back scenario. The Bills seem to have their man too. Jets seem to be our olny flimsy hope for a lucrative trade back.

      Still room for a modest trade back a few spots for teams targeting a non QB. Won’t get much. Maybe thoird rounder. Way, way below chart.

      The other option is to undercut the Bears trade up price. Would you accept 2 for the Browns 12+52?

  10. Rotoworld
    Colin Kaepernick – QB – Free Agent
    49ers GM John Lynch said free agent Colin Kaepernick nearly signed with another team at the start of free agency.
    “He was in everyone’s mind in this league very close to signing a deal with a team at a really good number,” said Lynch. “And it fell through, apparently.” Kaepernick’s market has been nonexistent with some reports suggesting teams are avoiding him due to his political views. The 29-year-old didn’t move the needle much last year but his supporting cast in San Francisco was abysmal. He’d make sense for the Jets, though they seem to be zeroing in on Jay Cutler and Josh McCown. It goes without saying that Kaepernick won’t be back with the 49ers.

  11. They looked at the tape and didn’t see a 2 win team … most of it was bad coaching , offense & defense a lot of it was bad QB play . And don’t forget the stink of Baalke was permeating the building . All these things are history

  12. Rotoworld:

    “According to Jordan Schultz of the Huffington Post, Marshawn Lynch asked for his release Thursday in a meeting with Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and GM John Schneider.
    Despite retiring last year, the Seahawks still hold Lynch’s rights. Schultz also added that Lynch has been wearing Raiders gear around his friends. NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo confirmed that Lynch was at the Seahawks facility on Thursday, though Garafolo called it “more of a personal visit than anything.” Garafolo went on to say that Lynch is in a “holding pattern” right now and is still weighing his options. Lynch is an Oakland native and the Raiders need a running back after losing Latavius Murray to the Vikings. It doesn’t look like this story is going away. “

  13. Nice turnaround, Grant. Nothing wrong with changing one’s opinion. Much better than stubbornly clinging to an idea of which you are no longer convinced. But do you think Hoyer can get this team into the playoffs?

    1. Thank you. Good question. I think the Niners intend to be a run-first, play-action-pass-second team. They’ll work around Hoyer’s limitations.

    1. lol. Harbaugh has no room- to talk. His hand prints are over many of the bad personnel decisions that caused the downfall, Kaepernick being drafted and Smith being traded is the biggest. But his hands were deep in the AJ Jenkins & Jonathon Martin debacles:

      “I’m responsible for helping pick the draft picks, fully responsible for coaching the players up, and I willingly accept those responsibilities,” Harbaugh said.

      Harbaugh said: “I know a lot of people have kind of made some sport of A.J. and Jonathan, and my comments and that type of thing. I feel the same as I did a year ago when I made those comments.”

      In case you forgot, he told everyone they were morons and that AJ Jenkins was a great WR and had all the tools — physical and mental — to make it in the NFL. And kept saying it in 2013 which is the year those quotes were delivered. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him make them again.

      Anyway, while everyone gives Harbaugh a p***y-pass and blames just Baalke, I don’t.. That’s because that’s not how it works. There’s no single-point dictator in the chair doing it all like some mock drafter sitting at home.

      It’s a team effort and Harbaugh was part of the draft team that gave us this mess. Yet he keeps acting like he was above it all. Even though he has a long, long, long history of being a major problem with every team he’s been with since he got Mike Ditka fired in Chicago.

      1. x2 Moses………… I am glad Harbaugh is gone. And Baalke now too as it has come to light that he was responsible for the Gase debacle.

        I don’t mind the acl picks- our roster was deep and I would have done the same absent Lattimore.

        VERY happy w Shanahan and a move to a modern offense.

      2. Wait Harbaugh defended a player that was on his roster? Wow that’s a shocker! I can’t imagine another coach doing that. Smh

      3. The whole debacle started when Jed chose a suit over a coach. JH should have been signed up long term, because he would have provided continuity and strong leadership.

        This present coaching carousel is exactly what the Niners should not have done. Too bad Jed was immature, and let his emotions dictate his actions.

        Ideally, the Niners should have kept JH, fired Roman, and hired KS as OC. Expecting a rookie HC to make the playoffs is Pollyannish.

          1. Tony Sparano inherited a 1-15 Dolphins team and they went 11-5 in his maiden year as an NFL HC in 2008. He was also only the 2nd coach in history to ever lead a team to a 10-win turnaround from one season to the next. So it has happened. Besides, Grant’s predicting it!

          2. Seb

            I think that you’re skipping over the fact that Kyle Shannahan is a rookie HC in name only….he has more HC moxie and experience than probably 75% of the non-rookie coaches in the NFL….

      4. Moses, +1. Coaches like Harbaugh have a 2-4 year shelf life.
        How he handled the Smith-Kap scenario was his downfall.
        Regardless if Kap was better or not, you never lose a job because of injury.

  14. Very solid rebound, Grant. I commend you on this fresh writing and your revised appraisal of what Lynch/Shanahan are doing. They’re actually taking both approaches — augmenting what limited talent we have on the roster with key free agents to compete now, and building dynasty through the next two drafts. The 49ers can feasibly snatch a wild card spot this season. The schedule favors them, as you astutely point out, and they’ve definitely strengthened their roster. The skill positions will be much better and the dreadful QB play of Kaep and Gabbert will be eliminated. This new team can quite feasibly win 7 games, even, with a few favorable rolls of the on-field dice, up to 10 games. This is the most promising time for 49er fans in a long time and it’s been a long time coming (with respect to the brief Harbs period).

  15. It scares me when Grant is positive…… I would take 8 wins and maybe Kirk Cousins nest year….
    Honestly I would take a watchable football team that doesn’t surrender 20 yard runs on 3rd down!

  16. Interesting article Grant. I think I’m still more gloomy than you on this topic at the moment. I need to see that the defense can do basic things well like tackle at every position, hold basic gap integrity (omg horrible) and stop the run, mount a credible pass rush, and run competent cover 1/ cover 3 coverages.

    We mostly sucked at all of those things last year and it directly cost us wins. (There were other problems on offense and coaching too but I’m assuming those will significantly improve in 2017.)

  17. The reality is probably somewhere between Grant’s two positions — a 6-7 win team in 2017.
    Rather than critiquing every move by the F.O., it may be worthwhile to try to understand what they are trying to achieve in the first season. Seems to me that they are trying to put together the competent personnel pieces that will allow the coaches to implement the system of choice in offense and defense. Some of these players from FA will be overpaid as is the nature of FA acquisition, and some will be replaced in 2018. The key is that the F.O. is trying to assemble Niners will field a team that will competitive in every game in 2017, not necessarily win most of them

  18. So basically so many people told you that you don’t now what the hell your talking about that you actually changed your mind. Good.

  19. I still think its more about putting a competitive team on the field. Yes, it gives them a chance at the playoffs, of course they were always hoping for a shot at the playoffs, but first and foremost want a competitive team.

  20. Grant,

    I hadn’t really thought that far ahead, but thanks for the breakdown of the schedule and how it could shake out positive for the 49ers.

    As bad as this team was last year they were close in a lot of games to start the second half. The improvements they’ve made on offense might be enough to make your read on things fairly accurate.

      1. True, but having an offense that can stay on the field after halftime might help improve the defense as well.

        1. They can’t really go too wrong. Both sides of the ball weren’t good last year. Improving either side will help the team as a whole.

      2. That’s the key!! The difference between a 3-13 and 9-7 season. I think they will be closer to 4-12.

      3. I actually think the defense is in better shape than the offense tallent wise.
        Last year they had a DC who complicated things to much and they were trying to run a 3-4 without a NT on the roster. The run D improved immensely once Dorsey came back.
        The offensive line likely doesnt fit Shanahan’s O and they still need an RB that can be a 1 because Hyde can’t stay healthy to save his life.

  21. 49ers continue to do a lot of homework on the top QB prospects. As much as I don’t want it to happen, really can’t rule out drafting a QB early.

      1. I guarantee you it won’t be Watson at two. After throwing 49 mph, I wouldn’t be surprised if he drops precipitously. No quarterback has been successful in the NFL throwing less than 50 mph. 55 mph is usually the cut off for projected success. Russell Wilson, Jameis Winston, Cam Newton, Marcus Mariota, Andy Dalton, and Joe Flacco all threw 55 or 56. Captain Kirk Cousins was hand selected by Full Shanny, and he threw 59 mph….

        60 – Mahomes
        59 – Webb
        56 – Kizer
        55 – Trubisky, Evans
        53 – Peterman, Kaaya
        49 – Watson

            1. Ha! For all you Christian Ponder dreamers out there, 51 mph. Whoever drafted him in the first round should be sacked. No way he should have gone until the 3rd round. I think Ponder was the quarterback Baalke was enamored with. Tyrod Taylor threw 50 mph. Somewhat surprising is the success he’s enjoyed in a climate like Buffalo….

              1. Going to be interesting to see how Glennon, and his 49 mph does in the Windy City of Chicago….

              1. EC9er

                At this point, I agree with you about Keizer or Watson….BUT we really won’t know until the last week before the draft…when HCs and GMs finally quit trying to jack each other around and begin giving real hints as to who they want….that’s when the games begin….

            1. I hope so. Could also be they are putting this effort in in case one of them slides towards the 2nd round.

              1. I could see that, but Kiser is Kap 2.0 and not sold on Watson. Prefer Mahones or Peterman or Kelly

            1. Careful to not get too lost in numbers. You’re a Golden Domer, remember how Joe (Barry Manilow) Montana had a noodle arm coming out of college? Was called inconsistent as well.
              Just sayin’

              1. I never considered Joe to have a “noodle” arm. If I had to guess, he’s probably a 56 mph arm. Remember, he played here in South Bend where the weather isn’t as kind to weak armed quarterbacks as it is in California….

              2. He dropped to where he did because of a perception of lack of arm strength, which turned out to be exaggerated. BW said he recognized some issues but was swayed by Joe’s comeback win in the Cotton Bowl.

              3. Me and Bill never bought into that perception;>)That Cotton Bowl was an outstanding game, and a major upset to everyone else in the country. We never doubted Joe….

              4. That’s correct BroT. We saw teams make the same mistake with Brady.

                Both guys can make all the throws out there but know how to throw with great “touch”.

                I’m way too young for this, but my dad used to tell me about George Mira and how he had a great arm, but didn’t know how to throw with “touch”.

              5. I have a metaphor for the arm strength issue. At one time I drove a carborated Isuzu Trooper. Rather under-powered, but I learned that if I used anticipation for passing, I could stomp the pedal down a second before I pulled out to make my move (get the revs up), and I’d do fine.
                Guys with moderate arm strength have been big time winners in the NFL if they have the right stuff overall. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Druckenmiller had a big arm.

              6. All true, Brotha. But there is a threshold for recorded success since they started measuring it in the NFL, and that’s 55 mph. Now, would you be as apt to draft a weaker armed quarterback if your home was in a windy and inclement weather stadium? Probably not, but as I did point out, Taylor has had some success in Buffalo at 50 mph. We’ll see how Glennon does in Chicago with his 49 mph arm. I still maintain guys with that weak of an arm, including Watson, I personally wouldn’t draft until round 3. That’s just me….

              7. Razor, there are a bunch of top QBs playing that don’t have a recorded ball velocity, some of which are generally considered to have weak arms. Brady, Alex Smith, Bridgewater. I wouldn’t get too caught up in the ‘analysis’ that was done.

              8. To me, 49 is a really bad number. I couldn’t draft him before the 3rd round and feel good about it, especially if I played in inclement weather….

              9. As I posted the other day, my understanding is they measure velocity on the deep ball sessions, about 30 yards downfield using a radar gun. Watson lofts his deep balls rather than driving them. So of course he gas a lower velocity. At his pro day apparently Watson was putting more drive into his deep passes. Doubt he measured 49 that day.

              10. That may be, Scooter. I’m merely pointing out that everyone since 2008 has been measured the same, regardless of how they do it. The fact is during this time period, only 2 quarterbacks that have thrown below the threshold have had any success. That’s Taylor and Prescott. Again, I’m only referring to the time frame during which they recorded the measurements. I fully understand there are exceptions, circumstances and ultimately restrictions that go into that evaluation. I just feel strongly that I’d feel much more comfortable with a quarterback that can make every throw, to include the ability to challenge deep in less than optimum conditions. A quarterback can strengthen their arm to some degree through programs that focus on functional strength and conditioning, mechanics and motion analysis, mental and emotional management, and nutrition….

              11. “I’m merely pointing out that everyone since 2008 has been measured the same, regardless of how they do it.”

                No, they haven’t. Only guys that throw at the combine have been.

                Throwing a lofted deep ball in those conditions does not mean they can’t throw with greater velocity when needed. The main questions you want to ask are whether Watson has nay trouble getting the ball deep, and whether he can throw with sufficient velocity over the middle. I’m no expert but he doesn’t appear to struggle noticeably in these areas, other than some accuracy issues.

                A good example is Glennon. His 49 mph velocity at the combine contrasts starkly with the generally held belief he has a big arm.

              12. Only guys as the combine. That’s fine. I never considered Glennon a big armed quarterback in the few games I’ve seen him play. Cousins on the other hand has the ball jump from his hand, and I’ve rarely ever seen him throw short on deep routes. That fact remains that ball velocity is a factor in evaluation, and as there’s only been two players with modest success with less than 55 mph, and the rest have been backups or out of the league. You say you don’t believe Watson throws 49 mph in the games you’ve watched, but I would contend that it contributed in part to his high interception rate. You combine that with the smaller windows in the NFL and you have a recipe for concern. I would not touch him until round three….

              13. “You say you don’t believe Watson throws 49 mph in the games you’ve watched”

                No, I said I doubt he threw at 49 mph at his pro day when he was said to have been driving the ball more on deep balls. In college he almost always threw deep balls with loft on them.

                Throwing with more loft on his deep passes did lead to some INTs. It also led to some big plays for his team.

                You are either ahead of the curve on Glennon, or seeing something that isn’t there. Most experts seem to think he has a big arm. Despite only throwing at 49 mph at the combine.

              14. I’m not saying I’m an expert, Scooter. By no means;>)All I’m saying is there’s some smoke there with respect to ball velocity. I think Shanny puts some stock in it as well, because he did say he likes a quarterback where the ball jumps out upon release. Given what we know about how Full Shanny felt about Cousins, and the fact he threw 59 mph, I think it’s safe to assume he prefers a stronger armed quarterback….

              15. Variation on this topic. Do you think that QBs that have a big arm work less on developing the art of throwing with anticipation relative to their colleagues that don’t have a big arm?

              16. Sounds like you’re describing Colin Kaepernick. I don’t subscribe that it’s inherent to arm strength, because that is a work ethic powered by humility. Sure, the stronger armed ones tend to have that Alpha mentality or gunslinger attitude, but what I’m looking for are those types with a semblance of humility, work ethic and the capacity to be coached….

              17. Do you think Notre Dame tends to produce relatively more of such players with humility and high work ethic or do you think it’s just as likely that high school players who select Notre Dame already have these attributes.

              18. Honestly, I think it starts at home and then it’s about keeping them on an even keel through high school. Developing those good habits and surrounding yourself with the right coaching. I feel like Brian Kelly coached his worst year last year, and really think he’s going to be gone in a year or two. As far as Kizer, I’m worried about his slow eyes but was encouraged by his chalkboard performance. His arm isn’t as strong as advertised, but it’s strong enough. I still wouldn’t take him unless he was there at 34. I’m not convinced Shanny would take him, but Lynch did go out of his way to embellish his interview. I truly believe they won’t take a quarterback with pick #2. Gonna be a long 39 days;>)

              19. Cubus, regarding arm strength leading to poor anticipation, I think it can for some QBs in that they trust their ability to squeeze it in, but certainly doesn’t always. However I don’t think it is coincidence that most of the QBs that are considered to have the best anticipation are guys that don’t necessarily have a cannon for an arm. Basically, if you don’t have a cannon, you definitely need to have great anticipation and ball placement.

              20. Agree, Scooter. When he hit his thirties, Steve Young said that the game was really beginning to slow down for him. This is the kind of QB I would like to have. He doesn’t need to have a big arm because he almost always understands exactly what is going on around him and knows, with a high probability, what will happen (so he can throw with anticipation). These types of guys generally continue to work on their craft because they don’t have that elite athleticism.

  22. Honestly, predictions are a mug’s game. I say, every year, Same As Last Year because that’s who you are until you prove differently. So if we go 16-0 next year, then that’s my prediction for the year after. If we go 2-14 next year, that’s my prediction for the year after.

    The reason is that football has too much chance and variability. Not only with injuries, but with effectiveness and stability. These are back-to-back seasons for the 49ers:

    Year 1: 367 Points For, 351 Points against — 10-6 record.
    Year 2: 384 Points For, 337 Points Against — 7-9 record.

    In Year 1 we narrowly won some close games, but weren’t really that good. In Year 2 we were better in many aspects, but we were more variable on offense. We had more high-scoring games, but we had more low-scoring games too. So while our differential increased, whether you win by 1 or 20 doesn’t matter, you just have to win.

    Anyway, I’ll wait in see because in the end I think it’s pointless to speculate. So “Same as Last Year.”

  23. 49er injury rates have been much higher than average 2014-15-16. And they weren’t the “ACL” picks getting hurt. It was the regulars. For three years in a row we’ve finished the season starting virtual strangers at HB, ILB and O-line.

    Law of averages swings the other way, I could see a winning record. 9 wins maybe. But the injury luck would have to be better than average to pull it off.

    1. The “Law of Averages” doesn’t swing at all. The probability that a particular thing will happen is always the same unless unless conditions change. If conditions change, then the probability will be different and will predict a different outcome.

      1. HT – While the theoretical probability never changes, the Law of Large Numbers does come into play so that the actual probability of an event changes from time to time. Unfortunately mathematicians haven’t been able to quantify exactly how the two interrelate. Brodie is actually correct in his statement.

        1. NFL player heath is extremely complex with no way to control for changing conditions. I don’t know any more about the Law of Large Numbers than Brodie does. ;-}

          I was addressing the idea that if you flip a coin a number (any number) of times and it come up heads every time, the “law of averages” somehow predicts that the next flip is much more likely than 50% to be tails. It’s still 50% and for a very large number of samples, heads does hold a measurable advantage given it’s twenty flip lead given that all variables are held constant.

          If there is no unknown factor causing the 49er injury record to be worse than the norm, then one can conclude that the coming season could be closer to the norm than it has been the last three years. Brodie is certainly correct in that assumption, but it’s an assumption not a given. That assumption was true after the first bad injury year, the second bad injury year, and now after the third injury year. The odds in favor of a health year were the same all three years.

          The 49ers were better than the norm in 2011 and up until the second half of the Patriots game in 2012. I don’t recall how close to the norm they were in 2013, but we know that since the Seattle NFC championship game, all hell has broken loose.

          I hope that Brodie is right and the 49ers don’t have to add bad health to the list of mountains to climb.

  24. Part of me being OK with veteran signins is I think the 49ers already “blew” a top two 2018 pick as soon as they hired Shanahan.

    So you might as well not suck.

    1. B2W

      ?? Sorry for being so dense, but who is the top two ’18 pick that we blew in hiring Shannahan ? and why…?

      1. 2018 is Rumored to be a good quarterback draft. Darnold and Rosen for starters.

        I put “blew” in quotation marks because I think the new GM/HC will produce a record good enough to keep up from picking top two in 2018.

        1. Meh, people (myself included) were saying the same thing this time last year about this year’s QB class. We’ll have to wait and see just how good the 2018 QB class shapes up next year.

          1. I wasn’t predicting next year will be a better QB class. Hence the quotation marks.

            I was commenting on the ongoing narrative that (was) in this blog stating signing old-ish veterans was bad because its better to have higher 2018 draft picks… a narrative I don’t entirely agree with.

            1. All good Brodie, I was just highlighting one of the reasons such thinking is misplaced.

              I don’t agree with the narrative of deliberately sucking for a higher pick next year at all. Never did. Its crazy. But not sure that was really what Grant was getting at. He was saying they should only be planning for the long term, thus a bunch of older players that aren’t likely to be here in 3-4 years time didn’t make sense. And as the team is considered widely to be far away from being a contender, it also didn’t make a lot of sense to bring in lots of high priced FAs. Basically, he was saying they were better off letting the young guys play and develop, and save the money for when they can bring in guys to make them a legitimate contender.

              I get where he is coming from, but I also disagree with it. Losing breeds a losing culture. Losing big semi-regularly breeds a culture of dissatisfaction and poor effort when things start to go wrong. And having a losing team without strong veteran leaders leads to young guys learning bad habits that can be hard to break long term.

              1. But if they are competitive next year, they probably won’t be in a position to draft a top QB, without giving up massive draft capital. The demand is extremely high and there will be a lot of other teams wanting to draft the top QB talent.

                My point is that this could be the last time for a while that the team has a draft selection in the top 3. Speculation of course, but probable, especially if you believe, as you do, that the team is working hard in FA to be competitive next year.

                So, if that’s the situation, then I think a case could be made for drafting a QB early in 2017. Maybe not with #2, but either by trade down in the 1st or trade up into the first.

              2. I completely agree they should take a QB reasonably high this year cubus. Hoyer and Barkley aren’t likely to be the long term answer. Though I wouldn’t force it. If there isn’t someone they think is worth taking high available, don’t take a QB until a bit later.

                Basically, I wouldn’t be surprised if they take a QB at #2 or #34, or trade around those picks to get one. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if they skipped a QB at #2, then skipped again with pick #34 if the top 4 guys are all taken in round 1 and they can’t find a reasonable trade up option.

                When I say I think they are trying to be competitive, that doesn’t mean I think they will have a winning season per se. It is possible, and what they should be aiming for. But in all likelihood this will still be a 4-6 win team unless some of the young guys from this and previous drafts really come on.

              3. Shanny was able to assist in finding Cousins in the 4th, and I don’t think he’s going to take one early unless he’s convinced he can be a franchise quarterback. A lot can happen in a year, but it seems he’s planning on getting Cousins next year barring Snyder utilizing a poison pill of some kind. I expect him to build the team with BPA, and maybe taking one in the 4th round….

  25. Grant,
    Great article. I have been waiting for someone to see this team like I do. The D was far better than their stats showed last year. They were in games at half time against better teams quite often. Then they fell apart after half not because they were terrible players but because they were terribly exhausted. I’ve been saying for a while that this D is quite a bit closer to being good to very good than last years stats seemed to show.
    I think KS will make the O better than last year.
    I think Hoyer will make the O better than last year.
    I believe our FA signings will make the team stronger than last year and hopefully the same thing can be said after the draft. Like Grant I don’t believe they will be a great team but they will be better and the schedule sets up that with a lot of luck this team could win 8 to 10 games next year and just might slip into the playoffs.
    Great job Grant.

    1. OC

      I am with you on KS making the O better;
      I am with you that make the O betterHoyer and our FAs better as well as deeper off the bench….I’m still at 10-6

  26. It’s not far-fetched but I was optimistic this time last year too. Heck, I was optimistic after I got used to Tomsula replacing Harbaugh. Seeing is believing. However, at this stage we do have a proven QB and WR corps, and there’s more to go, so I strongly doubt we’ll stink.

    1. Yes , George, I also swallowed the Kelly tavallasis Lolly Pop! I still think every thing is much better now, and lynch seems like an extension of Shannon and they won’t undercut each other like harbaugh and balke did! Creative tension is good like others have discussed but not the level that went on good to see fresh air and the redskins be the dysfunctional franchise!

  27. Old Coach, as I stated above, I agree with this assessment of yours completely. Things are much brighter than they might seem. There are solid reasons to be optimistic now and moving forward.

  28. Lynch failed to mention that the team interested in signing Kraep was the Antarctica Snowdrifters of the Southern Hemisphere League. LOL! What a joke! Lynch is just being the classy guy he is and is not going to kick the guy when he is down. He has about as much chance of signing with the Niners as Joe Montana has. Actually, even at 60, I’d still take Joe!

    1. Gnomo, Kaep probably told the Niners that he was going to play for the Cards, so they told him that they would match their offer.

      In the end, the deal fell through, but other teams have not solidified their QB positions, so many scenarios are possible.

      The Cards, Browns, Jets, Broncos, Texans and even the Rams could be looking to upgrade the QB position. The Vikings provide a cautionary tale of what may happen with QB injuries.

      The Niners have signed Hoyer for backup money, and Barkley for third string money. Since Lynch has left open the door for Kaep to return, he could easily out compete both those players.

      While I love Joe Montana and had his poster on my wall, I would never want him to return, because he would never be able to avoid those massive hits QBs take.

      This is a game of attrition, so I fully expect Kaep to get an opportunity, even if he is initially blackballed, because teams who are desperate, will acknowledge that a SB QB will give their team the best chance to win .

      Yes, Lynch is being diplomatic, but if he truly wants to win, he should just pay Kaep his salary because he failed to use all that cap space, and can easily afford him.

      1. But how does a “SB QB who rushed for 180 yards in a playoff game” have zero interest?
        Like Seb, he is not even visiting teams?

        1. Every team knows how Kaep can play with a good supporting cast, just like they saw how he performed with little help.

          He does not need to visit teams, and since he stated he would stand, that obstruction is lifted from their doubts.

          Still think he may go to the Cards. Ariens called him scary good, and Palmer is just regressing.

          1. He so good and accomplished so much he does not need to sit down with anyone in management and discuss what he brings?
            It’s day 11 Seb. No job offers?

            1. Lynch kindly pointed out that he did have an offer, for a substantial amount, but the deal fell through. It was interesting to point that out, along with the fact that he is keeping the door open to his returning. Maybe he was negotiating with some other teams in a subtle way.

              Kaep opted out, so he is moving on. I will move on too, and wish him well. Before, I was lamenting the fact that now Kaep is gone, they would have to spend a high draft pick on a QB, which would set back fixing the defense. Now, though, with Cousins available next year, the Niners may want to just wait.

              Guess we will have to wait until after the draft to see where all the QBs land, Kaep included.

          2. Sure, he can play with a “good supporting class”…………like the ’76 Steelers, ’85 Bears, 84 Niners, ’80 Raiders, etc., etc., etc

      2. Sebbers, such foolish drivel. Stop muttering to yourself, put on your dunce cap, that’s your stool over in the corner with the Kaepernick bobbleheads for you to play fantasy touchdown with . . .

        1. Actually, I wonder why Lynch made those comments. Maybe he has thought it through, and realizes that he could either have Kaep play for him, or Kaep play against him. If Kaep went to the Cards, he would have Johnson to hand the ball off to and Fitzgerald to throw to. He would also have a Top 5 defense instead of a bottom 31 defense.

          GnomoD, your dunce cap comments just point out how much of a light weight you are. That is 5th grade drivel. Try harder, because right now, I pity you.

              1. Weak, as usual. The snark is earned and actually understated in regards to the gallons of manure you post. This entire thread is a self-immolation on your part. You’re the laughing stock, and not just here. Get some of your good buddies from NN to come on here to defend you, cuz folks here got you figured.
                BTW, Jets are negotiating with McKown right now……NOT your lover boy. What’s that tell you? Oh, but never mind, you don’t deal in facts.

              2. BT, you seem to be feeling your oats. Too bad your snark is misdirected. I was referring to your snark being endless, but I guess that went over your head. Self immolation? I am just posting on a blog during the off season, not writing proverbs. You are the one being too easily affected by what I write. It really is kinda pathetic how hard you try, but fail.

                I gotta laugh. You may diss Kaep, but McCown has an 18-42 win loss record, and last season he had a 35 QBR. He threw 6 TDs and 6 picks. Try to swallow those facts.

                Jets are welcome to him.

            1. Kaep opted out. Sounds like he had been stabbed in the back too many times. Lynch left the door open, but he will not beg, and Kaep is patient, waiting for the best deal. Sounds like teams are trying to lowball him, but if a QB becomes injured, Kaep may land in a better situation.

              Both the Broncos and Texans may be in play, since their present QBs do not have much experience or have accomplished much.

              1. Considering that Glennon got 15 mil Osweiler got 18 mil and Cousins got 24 mil, somewhere in between.

              2. Because at best he will be a camp arm or 3rd string back up.
                If teams thought he was a viable option and could help them, they would not wait this long.
                Seb is in puff puff land!

              3. If they asked him for a pay cut, Kaep probably told them to spend every penny of the salary cap before he would accept a pay cut.

                Looks like all the big name and big cost FAs did not sign with the Niners, so they still have a boatload of cap space.

                If they do not want to pay him, they are just being cheap, and will appear like they do not want to win that badly.

                It was interesting to hear Lynch praise Paraag. Sounds like they are choosing a suit over a player..

              4. You really believe this? Or are you joking? Seb, please tell me you are joking because you can’t possibly be serious. Kap was is essentially being overlooked by teams because he hasn’t been playing well and is over priced. His value isn’t good.

              5. East, I am resigned for Kaep moving on, but if he is blackballed, the best option may be for the return of Kaep, probably for a little less due to the market forces.

                Posters on this site tend to diss Kaep and his accomplishments, but I will flat out state that Kaep is better than Hoyer and Barkley, so there is the open door possibility. Hoyer threw the ball in the KC playoff game like the DBs were the intended receivers, and Barkley was a third string behind Cutler.

                Still think he will move on, and find a situation where the coaches will utilize him properly. He probably could go to a playoff team that has a good RB, good WRs and a top 10 defense.

            2. Yup, your reality is thinking that a 2-14 team will be in the playoffs next season.

              Jack, you think that posters who would be content with a 6 win season are a bunch of losers.

              1. Seb Barkley out played Kap last year. Oh wait, blame Kelly. The coach who you said would reinvent Kap.
                See how this goes. For every result you have an excuse. It’s called pathetic!

              2. I think a 4-12 season is more likely, btw. I also have repeatedly stated that Kap has limited capabilities. His mechanics and inability to properly read the field are his major issues in addition to slow delivery. He isn’t being blackballed any more than Cutler is being blackballed. NFL market forces are at play.

              3. Yep, Chip used his time outs to help the Bears, and his whole game plan was atrocious.

                Weather did play a part, but the coaching was not deficient, it was incompetent.

              4. East, if you stick to tangible defects and shortcomings, I will not vehemently counter your arguments.

                However, The slow wind up criticism is unwarranted since he was not getting the ball knocked down at the line of scrimmage last year. He was getting the passes off on time, but maybe the receivers were not doing their job.

                Through the magic of replay, I saw Kaep go through his progressions, but too many times the receivers were blanketed, and he was constantly blitzed.

                I said before the games that they should assume they the defense would blitz, and either roll him away from the blitz, or invite the blitz, and target the area the blitzer left. Sure did not see any adjustments, or innovation.

                The ironic thing is that posters are dissing his performance, but he had a 16-4 TD to pick ratio with a 90.7 QBR. QBs who suck usually have more picks than TDs, and a much lower QBR.

                Denying Kaep is being blackballed is denying the fact that 60% of the league hates Kaep for his protests while only 20% think he is a poor QB.

              5. “your reality is thinking that a 2-14 team will be in the playoffs next season.”

                I never said that I think the 49ers will be in the playoffs next season.

                “you think that posters who would be content with a 6 win season are a bunch of losers”

                Yes. I said being happy with 6 wins is a losers mentality, and I won’t back off of that. No one should ever be happy with anything less than a championship.

                Your lack of being able to accept reality about The Kaeptain is hilarious. That the Jets are pursuing McCown tells you everything you need to know about what teams think of him. And yes, I know that McCown isn’t good. That’s the point.

              6. Jack, so now you are stating that anyone who does not expect a SB championship has a loser’s mentality?

                I am hoping for an improvement of tripling the win total from last year, but that is a loser’s mentality? No, it is being realistic.

                My position on Kaep is that he is being blackballed for being ‘uppity’.

                If you think McCown is a superior QB with his 35 QBR last season, it just confirms my assessment of your football knowledge.

                Jets can have him, and deserve him.

          1. Just stack the box on Kap………specifically how is he going to beat you? Cuz I haven’t seen him make anyone better in two + yrs.

            1. I have not seen anyone help him in 2 years. In 2015, the O line acted like turnstiles. In 2016, the coaching failed to make adjustments and he was throwing to cut third string players in the end.players.

              Just stack the box? Sounds like the defense shaped the offense. Maybe the offense should have shaped the defense by spreading them out with 4 receiver sets and attack the edges.. Maybe the offense should have rolled Kaep out, thus making the defense adjust to what Kaep was doing.

              1. Maybe a more accurate QB who could deliver the ball on time would have helped the receivers too might have helped the offense as well, don’t you think, or do you think that Crabtree stunk it up and all of the sudden became better once he left? Did Smith become worse once he came to SF or was it QB play perhaps?

              2. woulda, coulda, shoulda…….if, maybe, could be…….

                Just what the H__l is Kap responsible for????????
                I guess nothing.

              3. East, Crabtree did better with the Raiders because he was no longer the number one receiver. Amari Cooper drew the double teams, so Crabtree was left with single coverage. Also, the Raider O line gave Carr time to throw.

                Torrey did not do well when Gabbert was playing QB either. Upon replaying the games, I did not see Torrey wide open all the time.

                I will admit that Kaep could have improved, but he was not helped with the 18 drops, and the coaching rarely made the proper adjustments.

  29. Grant, great article, a stud center is important, especially for a Kyle Shannon o to get in the play offs! I agree with you about doing both things now and latter. So I know you liked a qb in the late rounds, any thoughts on Keizer or some one else 2nd or third round, or wait until next year, I liked lynch this morning on KNBR, he talks pleasant, but does not give out trade secrets but we can see their is a plan and every one is working together!

          1. Razor, I’m sure you get all the news on Krapernick. That’s all the news he’s going to get, getting involved in a humanitarian activity . His professional football career might be over.

              1. Puh-leez! Rocket and Seb were witnesses. The bet was the 49ers would draft Goff, and that he would beat out Kaepernick. Jamaican used to do drive-bys, and drop a Kaepernick piss off bomb. That’s what precipitated the bet by myself…;>)

              2. Razor, I won’t go further on name calling and war of words with you. I know better not to argue with a person that’s not thinking right :)

              3. Didn’t matter when it comes to your word, so I’m not surprised with your deceptive name calling….

              4. I do remember engaging Jam, and distinctly remember that bet with Razor.

                Just like I remember Prime declaring he was leaving, and never coming back.

      1. Oldcoach, you’ll never know in the past Qb’s from the 49ers that are reaching the end of their respective career end up playing for the Oakland Raiders :)

    1. Yes, CK is a good man with a good heart, and yes, his pro football career might be over (or on the verge). He’s pretty much plateaued himself out with miserably consistent mediocre performance.. What did that phenomena used to be called? The Peter Principle or some such thing.

      1. I called it at the beginning of the year when he failed to beat out Gabbertt, that he would retire and become a full time activist. I knew his heart belonged to Nessa, and no longer to the game of football….

        1. In A Bronx Tale, Lorenzo the bus driver told his son Cologero: “Sometimes in the heat of passion, the little head tells the big head what to do, and the big head should think twice about what you are doing.”

          Great flick. Kaep must have missed it.

  30. Grant sez:

    “….including Torrey Smith,
    but he isn’t good anymore….”

    Grant … just curious .. since you
    eat, sleep and breathe stats .. I wonder
    if you know just how many times Torrey
    was targeted, last season … ?

    1. You’re right MW. Grant threw out a lot of hyperbole in this article. Think how he based our wins over the Cardinals, Calais thinks the Jags are better and he was their best player. He called Mariotta terrific. He also called Luck terrific. I keep wondering when his golden boy mantra will wear off and he actually performs like an elite QB? I thought maybe April Fools day came early this year when I read it. Yes those should be winnable games if our defense isn’t the worst in the NFL and we can score more than 17 points per game. It’s possible just not probable.

  31. Of course George is right. The idea of forgetting this year while “looking to the future” is, ummm let’s see, how would our resident walking thesaurus put it, pollyannaish. JL’s and KS’s mentality is to go 16-0. Now in reality, they know that’s not going to happen but you strive for that. If you think there’s no chance of them making the playoffs, then you don’t know the NFL. It’s a parody league. But the naysayers will always be present. I’ll repeat what I’ve stated many times. 6-10 minimum, but more like 8-8 to 10-6. Bank it.

    1. I think you meant that the NFL is a parity league, but given all of the new rules, it sometimes is a parody of football.

      1. I was his dorm mother for his first two years at San Jose State before it was a University. He’s a significant figure in the history of sports in the Bay Area and beyond.

        1. Yea, as I recall his position with the 49ers was cutting edge, and ended up being a model for the other teams to maintain players mental health and well being….

          1. … mental health, well being, standing up for rights etc.

            Since the 1968 Mexico City Olympics he has also been a major figure in human rights.

  32. LOL Jamaican! Oh I’m sure we’ll all here from Sebby with another 14 paragraph diatribe of baseless factoids filled with mind numbingly borish vocabulary that’s supposed to impress all with his incredible versatility of the English language. What a pompous snob.

    1. Hey Juan…..

      I used to think that, too…………….but I am convinced he’s laughing at us as he makes these insane comments, watching us all get worked up..which is kind of funny in itself.
      On the other hand, anyone who disagrees with him is a “hater”, as he calls dissenting opinion……
      I chalk a lot of it up to a dive bar I believe he frequents where he lives called “Reds Recovery Room”…………could be wrong, tho…………

      1. Saw, I did not bring up Kaep at all, until the haters started on their screeds. Then I felt perfectly justified in defending him, even though I am resigned to see him play elsewhere.

        I almost wish he would return just to kick his detractors in the teeth.

        However, he made his choice, and I am moving on.

        It is amusing to see posters worked up into a lather, while I am calmly refuting all their points with facts and logic.

        No, I do not call any one a hater, except those that hurl hate filled screeds. I call you a hater because you called me a Nazi by saying I sounded like a Nazi.

        1. Seb–

          And you are a zealot!!!!!!!!!……just like a nazi. Real nazi’s can not be reasoned with. On their best days, they were completely irrational about their fuhrer.
          So are you.

          But I’ll tell you one thing……..your going to be sending ME to “Reds Recovery Room” with more of your snowflake victim speach!!!!!!!!!!
          Even your other haunt, “Marty’s Top ‘O The Hill” would do!!!!!!

          1. Saw, there you go again. Calling some one a Nazi is reprehensible, especially if that some one is just a fan of a football player.

            Maybe you should be referring the Trump supporters as Nazis under your definition. They sure cannot be reasoned with, and are irrational about the facts. Next you be accusing me of bugging Trump Tower.

            Equating my fandom for a player with adulation of Hitler says more about you than it does about me.

        2. …….”refuting all their points with fact and logic”.

          Okaaaaaay Perfessor!

          When are you gonna give me that P.o.b. in Sebastapol?????
          I figure by now, I may owe you several hundred.

          1. One last thing, Sebs……….

            Were telling the truth, right? The truth……as it is defined by Webster??

            You called me a “hater” years ago, for some foolish reason. I think I really had you believing I do kill baby kittens, or baby seals, or some of your touchy-feely nonsense–I cant specifically remember which.

            So lets not start one of your fantasys that you just started calling me-and the rest of the human race for that matter-your favorite word.
            Doesnt bother me……….but let us be accurate.

            1. I knew you were a gadfly from NN.

              Spew hate and you will be called a hater. Calling me a Nazi, when you are the one with Nazi like intentions, is one of the oldest tricks in the book.

              Too bad you gave yourself away when you stated-‘ adults who wanted to make babies, then do not care for or love them’. That is code words for insidious racial implications.

              I may have called you a hater first, because you are the one with hate in his heart. I truly love my fellow man and yearn for peace and justice. I want freedom and tolerance, 2 very un-Nazi like sentiments.

  33. Great article Grant.
    The probability of the Niners making the playoffs in 2017 is low. But the talent level has been improved and hopefully the draft will improve it even more.
    On the other hand when Harbaugh came to the team there was a significant improvement the first year, I just think the talent level has dropped so low it will take more than a year to turn the team around.

  34. Grant, great work today. Shanahan said up front it was going to take time to be a serious contender but that he would also work to win ASP. As you’ve concluded, he was serious.

    Unfortunately, I was at Kezar when the Lombardy’s first year Packers came to Kezar as a young and promising team. The game was a mud bowl played between the forty yard lines in heavy rain. The Pack won 13-0 but the killer was a Jim Taylor run off the right tackle down the hash marks untouched. I think the score was 0-0 at the time, but there was no hope left in Mudville after Lombardi signature play.

    When the game ended Jim’s cleat marks were still clear in little bit of grass in that untouched part of the field. Two seasons later they had their first championship.

      1. HT,
        I remember those days at Kezar. If it was a rainy week Misson HS would play on fri night sat there would either be another high school game or USF by sun 1:00 the whole field would be a mud bowl. I remember a game where it was so muddy Brodie couldn’t find a solid spot to put the ball down for a field goal so he put his foot down in the mud and set the ball on his foot. Tommy Davis kicked him right in the foot Brodie couldn’t play for 2 weeks.

        1. You forgot the paint that they used to cover the mud!

          I missed the Brodie injury. LOL

          I got out of the Air Force in 1956 and saw John play several games at Stanford. I was also at Kezar for his first game (exhibition 1957) as a 49er.

          After we came back from Thailand and Germany I took my wife to see the Brodie’s playoff loss to Dallas when the defense and the kickoff team allowed three fourth quarter touchdowns. At the end, when Dallas recovered the onside kick, my wife turned to me and said “We’re going to lose.”

          I replied “Yes dear.”

          On the way into Candlestick we heard the Steelers beat the Raiders on the Emasculate Reception. Football can be a downer at times. ;-}

          1. I remember the 81′ season playoff game against the Cowboys and season ticket holders surrounding me were lamenting how the Niners gave them too much time, and they fully expected Dallas to come back. Dallas completed a long pass into Niner territory, and the guy next to me said ‘here we go again’.

            Then, when the Niners recovered the fumble, he hugged me and started to cry.

        2. I played there Coach. They put some kind of green colored material in the middle to make it look like grass. George Allen once described it as the worst football field in the history of the game.

  35. Seahawks have brought in Clady for a visit. They already signed Joeckel. We need King Solomon to kill Russell Smurph….

  36. 49ers play at Washington this year. Hopefully it won’t be a cross country trip on a short week in December. Shanny will pull out all the stops to beat Snyder. I hope Mike Shanahan is in attendance.

  37. My first NFL game I attended was at Kezar, Coach, against the Packers when I was probably 10 years old, give or take. Then I played there in HS in the early seventies for Riordan. Classic field. The bench seats killed my dad. Always complained his back was killing him!

    1. The bench seats were numbered and as I recall the numbers were about 12″ inches apart. Get their early or fight. I was always early, because I’m no fighter. ;-}

        1. htwaits,
          Me and a couple of my friends used to save Berkeley Farms milk cartons. And take a bus from yes, Berkeley from 6th and University St.
          Hard to believe now that Kezar only holds about 12,000 seat capacity that it once was a stadium that held about 60,000.
          I enjoyed watching Brodie to Gene Washington, Ken Willard, Jimmy Johnson, Kermit Alexander and Dave Wilcox among others.

          Me and my friends would wait by the players entrance tunnel and believe me, these guys looked like modern day gladiators.
          Love the 49ers then and I love them now – regardless of the score, I guess I’m in to deep now (lol).

          1. We were in the small pizza joint that was across Stanyan Street from where the players lockers were after a game and Howard Mudd walked in. He stopped at the front register near where we were and said: “Give me 2 six packs of anything that’s cold”. (With the 49ers, self-medication is not only for the fans.) We got a kick out of seeing this. In todays game, the players enter and leave in a security area so they don’t have to mix with us reglar folks. Back then it was not unusual to be walking around and seeing any number of the players just living like us.

            1. I like these old stories.
              Way, way, back my older brother and I went to the Avalon Ballroom in Philly to see Ray Charles (opening act was Little Stevie Wonder). Not surprisingly we were two of maybe two dozen white folks in the whole place. At intermission a couple of guys got up in our chests because they were in their mid twenties and my brother was 18 and I was 14.
              Then a deep voice behind us said ” Hey, leave those white boys alone they gots good sense in music.”
              We turned around to see this gigantic black man standing there grinning. It was a guy named Ed Baker from the Eagles. He was no pro bowler, but at 6’8″ he was a fight preventer. He told us to stay close and we enjoyed the show. Walked us out to our car. My brother was 6’3″ but I remember Ed patting him on the head like a puppy.
              : -)

            2. Yup, these guys were paid well (for that era) but many still had to work during the off season.
              Old school players were part of a burgeoning game that has become America’s passion.
              The game owes them a great amount of respect.

  38. Good for you Grant. Being wrong is inherently human, and to admit it takes fortitude, and demonstrates two admirable personality traits …… humility and wisdom.

    By the way, I like your latest Mock draft, with the exception of your first pick. I simply think John Ross’ durability issues makes him too risky to draft in the first half of round one. I’d rather draft Corey Davis at #12, if the 49ers insist on drafting a WR with their first pick. In fact, I’d rather stand pat and take Mike Williams at #2 now that he’s answered the questions regarding his top end speed, rather than draft Ross at #12.

    Other than that, I’m giving your draft an overall B grade.

    My favorite picks: Zach Cunningham, who would be a very valuable defender on this defense. Jonnu Smith, who would give the 49ers something McDonald and Paulsen don’t …… AGILITY at the TE position. McDonald is clearly the teams best TE, thanks to his very strong blocking combined with outstanding long speed. Paulsen is a blocking machine. But Jonnu Smith would be a good addition as a situational TE, and would likely beat out Bell for a roster spot. And Joe Williams would be another, even though I have Williams rated lower (#136) on my board. Williams would be a great compliment to Hyde, and thanks to his ability in pass protection, could likely contribute right away.

    My least favorites: Eddie Vanderdoes & Josh Carraway. Both those players are “MEH” in my book.

    1. Now, if only a certain person who makes news headlines on a daily basis, could learn by your example, and admit when he’s wrong, and show some of the humility and wisdom you have here.

  39. B2W:
    LB Dekoda Watson:
    * OLB, Florida State Selected: Round 7, Pick 10, Overall Pick 217 by Bucs
    Name: Dekoda Watson (+) Coming off elbow injury
    College: Florida State Number: 36
    Height: 6-1 Weight: 240
    Position: OLB Pos2: SS
    Class/Draft Year: Sr/2010

    * The San Francisco 49ers announced they have signed LB Dekoda Watson to a three-year deal.

    Watson (6-2, 245): seven-year veteran, played in 89 games (seven starts) and registered 88 tackles, four sacks, four passes defensed, four fumble recoveries and three forced fumbles to go along with 50 special teams tackles. In 2016, he played in nine games for the Denver Broncos where he finished with six tackles and a team-high 11 special teams tackles.

  40. This proves how intellectually honest you are, Mr. Cohn. Right or wrong, does not matter. You jave the guts to express yourself and change your opinion. Kudos to you

  41. Saw some good ones at the Riordan vs SI and SH games. The pavilion was a great venue for basketball also.

  42. Hey Grant,

    I’m glad you came around to… just stealing my thoughts :-) I’m pretty sure I was the only crazy person playing that angle on the whole blog? I don’t recall any other 8-8 or playoff posts out there. I’m sure there were a few others that I missed on the optimal format.

    Thanks for the warm welcome and good conversation. Jusr reach out when you need original content. Call me!

    NoCoast MiddleWest March 15, 2017 at 3:16 pm
    8-8 this year, which can easily become 10-6. I said it previously in the Cousins frenzy that Kyle feels this team can get to the playoffs if they catch a couple breaks.

    Niners are coming off of playing the hardest schedule last year.

    I love the move. Proven players make a difference. Check please.

    1. Grant is reflecting his understanding of the intent of Shanahan and Lynch, not their expectations. One player, practice and game at a time. :-}

  43. I am going to make a LOT of money when the niners win the stupor bowl, at 300:1 odds. I want to kiss you!

  44. I am content. Niners are signing free agents, and even overpaid to get a couple. Glad they signed 3 WRs, because I said that they should fix the WR squad by signing free agents who have proven to be durable, are battle tested and not gamble on unproven rookies who need to sit, get stronger and study.

    I am glad Lynch is picking up players from playoff teams, because it not only weakens the other team, the Niners will get good intel from them. Do not know how they will turn out, but it is light years better than Baalke who declared that he did not think he needed to get more ILBs because he was content with who they had.

    Interesting to see Grant make a strategic pivot, and now declare the Niners may be playoff bound. He previously said that they might only win 4 games.

    As a long suffering die hard faithful Niner fan, I will be content with 6 wins. If they manage to trade back several times and can hit a Grand slam in the draft, they may win 7. If the improbable happens and Lynch re signs Kaep, they may avoid a losing season.

    This draft is deep in talent. I see starting talent even in the third round. The Niners should pass on the elite early talent, trade back as much as possible, and garner as many picks in the top 100 as they can.

    While some are singing ‘Happy days are here again’, I will pump the brakes and hope for slowly building a solid foundation.

    Brick by brick.

  45. I’m interested to see how Rogers from the CFL last year will perform. He has good film, just don’t know if there’s going to be room for him.

    Speaking of cfl what’s up with Vernon Adams. Everyone was in love with that guy last year around this time.

  46. Grant already made the declaration it’s done, fork inserted. But hypothetically if they did bring Kaep in to be a body bag, do they even need to re-sign him? Can they simply invite players to camp for , say , a couple week try-out? Evaluate linebackers tackling skills as Kaep is sent through the cones time after time?

    1. All players in camp have to have a contract. They could invite him to a tryout, but why would Kaepernick accept?

  47. The strategy is clear. This year the goal is to draft strong and get wins, but not at the expense of the franchise. Lets be honest, no budding star is going to sign here to rebuild besides people attached to GM and HC. To attract grade A free agents, you need wins to show you arent going to waste away here like tory. So considering the strength of schedule, the depleated roster, and need for the team to learn a complicated offense, what’s the best way to do this. Bring in key people who know the offense and defense who may be on the back end of an career that have juice left in the tank to teach and perhaps catch teams sleeping thinking we suck. Most contracts are like 2-3 year contracts. Giving the draftees a chance to learn and grow in a system. Overplaying for a shutdown corner and or a probowler linebacker with a third of the free agency money doesn’t accomplish **** if the foundation isnt there. Win 10 games this year and it will show the tier 1 talent that the 49ers are a place to go and you wont have to overpay as much. It will validate the culture change and that what the GM and HC aren’t just blowing smoke. If they can manage take a 2 win team and put them on the verge of or in the playoffs, you will have FAs wanting to play here, not just because they respect the head coach.

  48. I don’t know the Niners will make the playoffs this year but I do know the team is in much better hands. No more distractions combined with a gimmick offense/QB. Better FO cohesion, less BS drama. So far they’ve done a good job of cutting the dead wood…. The offense and STs will be in good hands; my only question is the defense under Saleh. Hard to imagine it not being better vs O’Neil but still a question in my mind… Adding some more talent there in the draft will certainly help although I can see it taking a couple years before that unit gels. 7-9 or 8-8 seems about right while the optimism increases by the year…

  49. Rotoworld:

    Free agent WR Quinton Patton visited the Jets.
    It’s his first known visit. Jets OC John Morton was Patton’s WR coach for two years in San Francisco. His scheme familiarity makes him a potential fit in a subpackage role. Patton is coming off a career high 37 catches and 408 yards in 2016.

  50. “If the improbable happens and Lynch re-signs Kraep, they may avoid a losing season”. This idiotic statement was buried in another yawner of a screed. The delusion continues. Wally aka MBH, Colon stinks. Everyone in the world knows he stinks. I think he should re direct his philanthropy to our own starving children, and maybe all the starving, homeless veterans that put their life on the line to protect the freedom he has to protest. You claim to be a big protester. Don’t you think that would be a worthy cause for our country and our needy?

      1. If we could restrict members of Congress to the same health service entitlements that they legislate for the masses, we might all get a better deal.

        1. There is a petition going around now, demanding just that. The petition has over 350,000 signatures in less than a week.

        2. BT…..

          THAT is a statement of fact. They dont have any chips in the game. But historians are going to blame us for letting them get away with their………..jeez, where do I start?

          Plato said it…..the price of apathy is to be ruled by evil men. Oh well……subject for another discussion.

    1. Gnomo, the hate continues. Hate him for helping starving children while not lifting a finger to help those children, just defines you.

      Kaep also has helps children with heart problems. Why dont you hate him for that, too?

      1. I think you are in love with him. Does it hurt knowing you have dedicated a good fraction of your life to being his faithful wife and he doesn’t even know who you are?

        Would you cry tears of joy if he hugged you? Is that the moment you are trying to build up to?

        1. Yup, thanks for bringing up another ugly truth about the NFL. They openly persecute gays. They are intolerant of basic human rights, and the biggest slur for them is to be in any way associated with gay and homosexual references. There have been gay players for years, but they had to hide it because they would be targeted and banned if the knowledge leaked out.

          So, by you insinuating that I would have gay feelings, when in actuality, I have been happily married with 3 kids, is another hate filled slur.

          I generally leave celebrities alone, because I do not have idol worship and I would want to respect their privacy. However, if he walked up and engaged me in conversation , I would thank him for his social activism and would shake his hand. I would then take the opportunity to tell him that I wish he would return to play with the Niners, but would also tell him I understand if he left.

          1. Seb says “I generally leave celebrities alone, because I do not have idol worship”

            No just the last 12 months sniffing Kaps jock strap!

      1. Believe it or not, there are safety nets so no child in America needs to go hungry. SNAP, WIC, CSFP. TEFAP

        Those children he is helping have no social safety nets.

        1. And who gets the food to all these children? The adults who wanted to make them, but not care and love them? Millions fall thru the cracks, many several million………

          Kaps thoughts about this nation, especially relative to the workers paradise Cuba, are a matter of record………….and he can’t play a lick anymore.

          1. Gotcha. “The adults who wanted to make them but not care and love them.”

            That statement is dripping in racial overtones.

            1. Careful, you are the one making assumptions, jumping to conclusions about things here along racial lines….

              1. East, I did not say those words, but if you had not noticed before, I have a good memory. I will use that sentence against him ad infinitum.

                He is the one who went from talking about Hitler being on the cover of time to me sounding like a Nazi, which is the same thing as using the straw man argument to say I am a Nazi.

                This is not my first rodeo.

            2. Wearing your sunglasses that you filter everything through……………………..yes, Seb. You got me.

  51. RIP- Chuck Berry
    A legend, a monster heritage hero of rock-and-freakin’-roll. Elvis Presley hisself is derivative of CB. All rockers owe him homage. The Man.

    1. Well said, Brotha. He will be missed. Quite the entertainer, hell of a guitar player and million dollar smile….

      1. Thanks to all for those links. I’d love to see the R&RHoF put together a tribute concert for him.

      2. AES

        MANKIND has lost a legend….I just recently read that he and his wife had been married for 67 years….that’s 331/2 ‘successful’ marriages in the US today…WOW!

    2. American Hot Wax was one of my favorite all time movies. Chuck rocked the house in that one and broke some taboos doing it. RIP

  52. Oh Sebby, your such a crybaby! Do you need a box of cleanex to wipe the tears? Jeesh, what a sissy. Are all the Waldorf folk as soft as you? Colon is such humanitarian. He should devote all of his time to his philanthropy because he’s not exactly in demand in his other occupation. Kraeppy quarterback. LOL! Your nothing but a “liker”. How weak.

    1. Gnomo, that is the difference between you and me. I am just a fan, who liked the starting QB.

      You are a foul mouthed hater that brings nothing to this site. No, I am not crying at all, I am just resigned to being afflicted with more of your hate filled diatribes.

      1. But Seb why can’t you simply admit that it’s best for both Kap and the 49ers to go their own ways?
        You pretend too much. You act like there is still hope of him returning without any fact or reasoning to back up your argument. So in return the blog calls you on your BS and then you question the back lash? What did you expect?

        1. Prime, you seem to relish egging me on then whine if I am mean to you. Backlash? What, for defending a QB who had the guts to advocate for social justice? Yet posters will defend players guilty domestic abuse, rape, manslaughter, dog killing, PED use, drunk driving and even child beating, but heaven forbid some one who wants the police to stop shooting unarmed civilians.

          What a bunch of sanctimonious hypocrites.

          Kaep was protesting because the anthem’s last words are not being honored. ‘The land of the free, and the home of the brave.’ People should be free from the possibility of being shot in the back, and the home of the brave are ones who do not use guns against unarmed civilians.

          1. Freekin Seb!!!!!!!!!!!

            Give your Kap mantra a rest……..just let it go. He’s done with the 9ers.

            “Social Justice”………….thats why he made sure everyone knew he donated money, rather than doing it quietly. And now that he’s leaving the 9ers, he’s decided not to kneel during the anthem anymore, because he’s made his point–and we all better listen to him!!!!!!

            False idolatry……………

            1. Saw, he was accused of just paying lip service to the cause. He had to publicly donate a million dollars to counter that accusation.

              If he had done it quietly, they would have continued to lambaste him. Just like you are lambasting him for donating, but not doing it quietly.

              He did make his point, and he did effect change by initiating a dialogue. He was put on the cover of Time, just like Gandhi, Mother Theresa, and MLK.

              People talked about the subject for a whole week, and the number of police shootings of unarmed civilians did decline.

              Now, he is focusing his energies in more productive channels. Saving starving kids seems like an admirable endeavor, but his haters keep hating.

              1. “He had to publicly donate a million dollars to counter that accusation”. So what people think of him is more important than doing the righteous thing?? A fake and a phony………..

                Again, your subjective interpretation…looking and filtering thru your glasses.

                Ya know Seb, your going to send us all to the Recovery Room!!!!

          2. Perhaps, Seb, the moment of truth is here for you……….sell all that you have, all that you’ve worked for in this despicable nation, and give all of your money to Castro’s brother and his govt…and live in Cuba.

            Because we all know communist Cuba is without issues, and Kap did extoll its many virtues..

            1. Naw, that is another straw man argument.

              Sounds like you are getting desperate, to try and pull that card.

              Typical reactionary screed.

          3. You are such an ignorant silly-billy.

            You have a greater chance of being killed by lighting (1:170,000) than a cop (1:310,000). And of those that are killed, according to the Washington Post (a liberal paper of record that has gone into this in detail) 96% of all shootings are justified (self-defense or to protect the lives of others) with the vast majority being armed and resisting arrest.

            The reality is there are less than 50 unarmed (or even armed) innocents shot-and-killed by the police every year. Which means Joe Average Innocent Guy on the street has a 1:6,200,000 chance of being shot-and-killed by a cop.

            I have, literally, nothing to compare those odds to they’re so slim that nobody keeps track of them. In fact I would hazard to guess that the odds of a Browns/49ers Superbowl are probably better.

            So, in reality, it’s hardly a plague of death and destruction wreaked against individuals. Despite the propaganda around the issue. Rather, the occasional (and rare) screw-up by one of America’s 1,000,000+ cops.

            But the SJWs who scream and yell and have created this Moral Panic don’t care about the facts. It’s all about virtue signaling that they are ‘More Moral Than You.’ And, of course, trashing the very law enforcement that keeps their worthless ***es safe.

            And this is not the first moral panic where people have ignored the facts for the narrative. John Walsh created one in the 1980s when his son was kidnapped and murdered. He testified in Congress that there were over 10,000 child abductions every year and it a dangerous plague of stranger danger.

            The FBI pointed out (and was ignored) that the actual number was under 100. So we got milk cartons, and stranger-danger crap and parents living in fear their precious child would get kidnapped and murdered, etc… Which caused a lot of problems. All on a lie.

            In short, you (and Kaepernick) got sucked into yet another fact-free moral panic because you never bothered to Check The Facts or Do The Math.

            1. Moses, equating Cops shooting unarmed civilians to lightning strikes is silly billy.

              Your post sounds like delusional raving, with false equivalencies.

              1. “Delusional raving, with false equivilencies.”
                That should seem familiar to you, since it’s all that you do.

              2. Moses is right, Seb-skov. You need to stop calling people names, mis-representing facts and have a snickers bar.

                And put the Thesauras down. It is brevity that is the soul of wit. Not your long winded name calling.

                Why, someone would think your full of hate!

  53. Waaaaaaaaaa! Wally, you LIKED Kraep? Oh come on! You are obsessed with the guy to the point of nausea! You continue to talk about this guy like he’s a Hall of Famer with illogical, baseless facts that defy intelligence. Here’s the catch. You practice everything you admonish. Your a “hater”. You are a name caller. You call myself and others names, you insult people that criticize your obsession with names like “hack”, and phrases like “master of the obvious”. You insult present players that have actually signed a contract with a team by insinuating that they won’t win. You bring nothing to this site but annoyance with your pompous, redundant, baseless marathon screeds. I would guess to say most on this site can’t stand you and your long winded, over obvious opines. Your such a phony. Practice what you preach. You say you’ve moved on from your love child but you can’t help yourself and you throw in little lines within your screeds proclaiming idiotic ideas like the team will only have a winning record if they were to re sign Kraep. As long as you continue your love fest with this overrated flash in the pan and post ridiculous statements concerning him, you’ll continue to get a response. Grow up.

    1. Still name calling. My posts do eviscerate you, but I do not need to be a foul mouthed hater to do that.

      What a crybaby. You like to dish it, but sure cannot take it.

      1. Hahaha. Best you got? A guy calls you out (correctly) as a crybaby, and you retort by calling him a…….(wait for it)…….crybaby. Wooooo-wee! Brilliant.

        ‘Every step that you take, every move that you make…..’

        1. BT, I just responded to his hate filled diatribe by stating that- ‘Gnomo, the hate continues. Hate him for helping starving children while not lifting a finger to help those children just defines you’ No where in my posts do I sound like I am crying at all, yet here is what Gnomo wrote- ” Waaaaa, you LIKED Kraep? Oh come on.You are obsessed with the guy to the point of Nausea!”

          That sounds like crying to me.

            1. Kaep is smart to avoid the Jets, even though he bought a place in NY.

              Jets are owned by Woody Johnson, a Trump supporter, Kaep learned from his experience with Jed. Jed may be immature and clueless, WJ is something else.

              Jets are so desperate, they are courting a 38 year old QB that lost 20 of his last 22 starts.

              1. He’s avoiding 31 other teams like that too it seems though. Is he being smart to do that?

                Seb, your Kap obsession has gone off the rails buddy. It can’t be defended. It is one thing to like a player because he is on the team and has few defenders, but it now is reminiscent of some of the obsessions that people had with Alex Smith after he was long gone.

                Kap is a limited QB. Coaching and clinics have borne this out. I know you have watched tape on him but so have we and all I can tell you is I see what I have always seen a limited QB who makes me wince often. I do not nor have ever have had confidence in him. When my son wanted to get a jersey of his during the championship run I said let’s wait till next year because I thought he wasn’t that great.

                I’m not sorry to see him go,I don’t think he has been great for the franchise. His protest was in my opinion style over substance but he is allowed to it. I thought his protest was niaive and petulant though it gained some semblance of dignity thanks to Eric Reid stepping in and being an adult. I also understood the counter criticicism as the National Anthem is representative of much more than a single thing to many people (armed service personnel for example who take great pride in the service of their country – refugees from places where Freedom is not as easy to access as it is here). In regards to his sporting an image of Malcolm X with Castro. I understand that this is sensitive to the African American experience in the US but to Latin Americans it can be insulting and to those who fled communist regimes, and were under the thumb of real oppressive police states, not just media created ones, an insult! I tell you this so you can be sensitive to others on the board and remember to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before you say somemething about their intentions.

                I know you are a passionate man and you have strong feelings. Just remember your tone when you reply to people and remember you don’t have to defend the player. They make millions. They will be ok.

              2. East – you raise the point of the year in this post. I wish Seb could explain to us why he believes that he has a mission from God (like the Blues Brothers) to defend this one guy from all comers. Personally, I wish that I did not have to know anything about the personal lives of any professional athletes. IMHO, they have removed themselves from the world in which the vast majority of all of us live (unlike in earlier times) and I don’t care to know about their personal lives or causes. This is not only true of the players but it is true of the game. I have a friend who took his daughter to Levi’s for her birthday and at the end of the day he dropped almost $3 grand. I was a season ticket holder from 1971 to 1994 and today I am only a TV fan because I will not shell out the outrageous prices they now demand. I still love the game and I still love the team but I cannot stand the circus that they have created and which Seb seems to be on a mission to defend. I like read the guys here who talk football and I can read a lot of wisdom (including you). But I hate the BS which, with all due respect, Grant seems to love and encourage. That’s my $.02

              3. I’d point out that Cutler, Fitzpatrick, RGIII are all in the same boat. And none of them took a knee.

              4. Whine Country – “Personally, I wish that I did not have to know anything about the personal lives of any professional athletes. IMHO, they have removed themselves from the world in which the vast majority of all of us live (unlike in earlier times)”


              5. Whine,

                Thanks for the approbation though my post is merely cautionary for all. I try to stay away from the political as much as I can, not because i have no stake but rather because I value everyone’s ability to freely self express and do not wish to give any false impression. Nevertheless, I think the atheletes would be best served if their self-expression we’d done outside the confines of the stadium where they have a captive audience who have no choice in being there because of NFL seat rules.

                In all things, though civility and respect should reign. I know this is largely one of the reasons for the protests. A portion of our population is being treated as an underclass automatically, garnering suspicion and without regard to their basic humanity. I have seen this first hand at the hands of INS (not under Trump mind you – under Obama administration officials). My daughter who travelled with me once saw it and was so upset she started crying and I had to calm her down. I have grown accustomed to the treatment as I have a surname common to drug dealers. I miss flights and have to pay for hotels on my own dime but the treatment is not pretty. The officials could be far more cooperative as I am and they could treat others with far more civility. They do not. I also know their job is an impossible one, so I also appreciate the pressure they are under. Nevertheless we can do better,as other officials in other countiries officials are just as thorough but far more civil.

                We have developed a siege mentality which is not helpful. The public and the authorities. Our republic only works if we work in cooperation.

              6. East, I defend Kaep because he has a 4-2 road playoff record, has set playoff rushing records and he is a SB QB. Last season, he had a 16-4 ratio and a 90.7 QBR. While he could improve, he showed flashes of his old self.

                We both saw those jaw dropping throws when he had good support, and we saw the futility when Baalke dismantled the team.

                If you want to claim that Hoyer is a better QB than Kaep, that is your opinion. However, I see Kaep as a potent weapon if utilized properly, and he is way better than Hoyer or Barkley. Glad Lynch has left the door open for his return, but think he wants to flee Jed and the FO.

                Being a regular on this site, I dislike the tone of some of the rhetoric. While I do have a sharp tongue, I feel like I have just returned posts at the same level from which they were delivered.

            2. Because he sucks. We have his well understood inability to handle pressure without caving/running. (One of Montana’s criticisms of him.) His inability to be accurate (most everyone not named Seb sees this). His lack of work-ethic when it comes to film study (but let’s pump that iron baby!). His inability to read defenses which causes him to wait until he can see the WR vs ‘throwing him open’ as Steve Young says.

              The fact his he’s a driving killing machine. For two reasons:

              1. He’s dink-and-dunk but lacks the high accuracy you need in a dink-and-dunk QB like Brady or Brees. His lack of accuracy not only causes an excess of driving killing incompletions, but it kills YAC as receivers have to slow-down and adjust to the ball.

              2. The biggest drive killing problem with Kaepernick is he holds the ball longer than almost ever QB in the NFL. He was 2nd in 3.6+ holds in 2013. Yet 16th in attempts. And it’s that negative ratio that drives the sacks more than any ‘line problems’ the 49ers may experience.

              n 2013 (Peak Kaepernick) he dropped back 455 times. Of those 455 times, 138 were over 3.5 seconds. He was sacked 39 times. Of those sacks 29 came at over 3.5 seconds. That’s 21% and that 21% sack rate is NFL average. (758/3460 = 21.9%) Average line. But yet high sack rate qualifying the line in at #23 in sacks/attempt.

              He has only gotten worse every year since then. And NFL GMs aren’t stupid. They see he can’t function in the pocket, make NFL-speed decisions and that he brings nothing positive to over-come these deficiencies. (And no, running for 5 yards while ignoring a WR open 15-yards down field is not a positive. Most those scramble runs actually hurt the team.)

              1. ‘Most of those scramble runs hurt the team.’

                I saw many times last season where those scramble runs led to third down conversions. His running helped the Niners be the 4th best running team in the league. That was the only category where the Niners were in the top 5 in offense.

                An inaccurate QB will not throw for 400 yards, and in that Jets game, in the first half, he was perfect in passing, except for one pass that hit the receiver in both his hands and he dropped it.

            3. From the article Prime linked:

              “Let’s not forget about owner Woody Johnson, a prominent Republican fundraiser whom President Trump has nominated to be ambassador to Britain. Johnson shared his feelings on the Kaepernick controversy last fall. Asked how he’d feel if one of his players took a knee during the anthem to protest racial and social issues, Johnson said, “It wouldn’t be my first choice.”

              No Woody, your first choice is cozy up to the guy, our so-called president, who morally equated *our* country to the one run by a thuggish, murderous kleptomaniac dictator. And you say Kaep is the one disrespecting America?

              Far be it for me to come anywhere close to agreeing with Seb, but the Jets could do much worse than signing Kaep to an offer sheet.

              1. Who gives…..who cares about politics? Statements like that could be said of nearly every living soul, to one extent or the other. Every one of us fall short.
                But those who would have us think they are something else…..they deserve the scorn.

  54. To reiterate older free agent thoughts

    – You have to field a team with certain core players knowing the system. Otherwise you have chaos. Makes it harder to sign 2018 free agents. Makes it harder to teach younger players.

    – Age = Youth. If you go into the draft with as few gaping needs as possible, you have the luxury of taking BPA. Better young players.

    More trade flexibility too. From a front office standpoint, you’re exchanging a little cap capital for alot of draft capital.

    – The 27-ish version of these players just wasn’t there.

    – Already blew the 2018 first and second picks by hiring Shanahan and Lynch. Might as well not suck.

    – Some players are signed because of “traits”, not necessarily past performance. Dekoda Watson and Malcolm Smith may look like head scratchers at first glance, but they both have speed. The 49ers look to be building towards a speed model.

    – Many of the long contracts have options years and front loaded contracts. Less risky than the headlines suggest.

    – There were no big ticket silly signings. The 49ers should be near the top for cap space in 2018.

    1. Smith has traits. They’re called ‘missed tackles.’ Something he’s been #2 in the NFL during his Raider years. Don’t know what happened in Seattle besides Carroll, a defensive genius in his own right, thought (correctly) he was perfectly disposable.

      That’s still a head-scratcher and the fact that he’s fast doesn’t mean a whole heck of a lot. Most everyone in the NFL is fast. Doesn’t mean they’re good.

      1. The Smith signing was (and remains) a “head scratcher.” ( said that exact same thing when he was signed)

        The “traits” was exploring the motivations behind his signing along with the optimism that’s part of the new regime’s honeymoon period.

        I think the 49ers intend to draft a speedy linebacker, just not sure when. Trade back and get Foster (if his healthy and noodle checks out). Or maybe Cunningham at 34 or Reddick in modest trade-up.

  55. Another self-enamored quote from the blog’s resident Dunce —

    “Jets are so desperate, they are courting a 38 year old QB that lost 20 of his last 22 starts”

    Hah, sounds remarkably like an older version of Kaepernick himself, another NFL pretender. .

    1. I’ve seen worse. There’s columnist at The Sporting News who says you must “Prove” that his not being signed is racism/punishment for ‘doing the right thing.’

      If he had comments I’d ask him how he can prove he’s not a pedophile. Because you can’t. Even if you documented every second of your life on film, there’d be some idiot saying ‘well, he thinks about buggering children.’

      Yet, of course, he ignores that over half the QBs in FA are still not signed. And many are as good as Kaepernick. Only they didn’t have the luxury of an elite NFL defense to carry them to the playoffs.

  56. “resident dunce” is a bit strong. That poster is actually, IMHO, very articulate. But the incessant backing of the controversial QB, well it tells me this is a highly emotional, not objective, position. What is not revealed is the posters’ emotional, almost co-dependent, connection to Kaep or probably, in reality, some sort of self-created icon that Kaep has been assigned to. Plus (maybe most importantly), the poster appears to enjoy being in the “me against the world” role, so said poster perpetuates that role by dredging up commentary that will rekindle the energy he feeds on. It’s harmless, even if illogical. If anything can get a person into “me against the world”, supporting Kaep is Mission Accomplished. Let him have his fun!

    1. I am defending Kaep because I root for the under dog, and the malevolence and hate against him is so over the the top.

      I am also a football fan, and I want the Niners to win more rings.

      In my humble opinion, Kaep gives them the best chance to win, but the personal hate against Kaep skews and twists their opinion. They ignore play during the first half of the Jets game when he helped build up a 17-3 point lead, and focus on

      I really hope he leaves and has great success because it would be a kick in the teeth to his denigraters. What would upset them even more is for Kaep to return, and lead the Niners back to the playoffs.

      However, he has had enough, and I do not blame him for wanting to play elsewhere.
      I wish him well. Do not know where the insistence that I only want him to stay comes from. I have speculated that he could go to several teams.

      1. “They ignore play during the first half of the Jets game when he helped build up a 17-3 point lead,”

        People ignore how he played in the first half because he played so poorly in the second half, and that’s been a theme for him through the better part of his career.

      2. *and focus on the second half when the Jets made adjustments, and the Niners refused to make adjustments.

        1. Well, according to Lynch, he almost signed at a good figure with another team but that fell through.

          Maybe you did not know this, but several teams are in flux with their QB situation.
          Niners, Cards, Broncos, Texans, Browns, Jets and even the Rams.

          1. Key word being “almost”

            Kaeptain almost signed with a team and last night I almost won the Lottery.

          2. Almost works in horseshoes!

            I almost had a date with that beautiful blonde in HS too, except I only talked on the phone. Maybe that’s all that happened here too!

            Lynch also has stated that the window has almost closed on Kap resigning with the team. I think this is the key part of the statement.

      3. As I have said, Seb..

        You live thru Kap. You like the Don Quihote life. And you like the attention.
        You see yourself as a sort of Spencer Tracy guy in “Bad day at Black Rock”.
        You think your fighting off the evil hordes and standing up for a Seb world of Seb righteousness…….but this is all just a reflection of your ego.

  57. IMO three rules for this blog were established a while ago: everyone is free to express an opinion, there’s no name calling, and there’s no talking about politics. Please enlighten me if I am wrong about this.

    1. George, I do agree that posters who call Kaep “Kraep or Colon” are name callers.

      I do agree that posters who call others “Morons and DBs” are name callers.

      However, when some one spews out a hate filled screed, calling him a hater is just defining him and his actions. Like I said before, some sure like to dish it out, but sure cannot take it.

      To me, personally, I have been called everything under the sun and more. Some poster has even called me a racist Nazi. Thankfully, I have thick skin and do not let their screeds get to me.

      I would be happy to be able to discuss the team I love with similar fans, but some think they can bully and shout me down. They should learn their lesson like you, Scooter and others have done, and stop becoming ballistic over my posts. You know I could be a lot worse, but have shown restraint.

      1. Agree Seb… Posters should learn how to get along with you, a resolute as you are. They should accept you, come to you. Learn lessons about coexisting with Seb. Indeed. You get worse? Never.

        1. Cassie, we have been through this so many times, yet it always ends up the same way.

          How is the bait shop doing? With 3.5 mil, I bet he can afford TWO bait tanks.

          1. For clarity of your intent, would you mind explaining whether you do or do not believe that Cassie Baalke is truly Trent Baalke’s daughter?
            Inquiring minds want to know.

      2. And you are, Seb………….

        A true zealot, like a Nazi…..irrational, me against the world mentality…

        And your earlier statement–“And you don’t think a white cop shooting a black person isn’t racist?” Make of that what you will………………

    2. George,

      i don’t ever remember anything about name calling, if so half of the commenters would have been banned during the “Battle of Smither”.

      It’s mostly about not bringing anyone’s family into things, and do not use foul language. Everything else is up free game.

      1. Jack, ok then. Will the a-holes who are shi–ing up this blog with their unconstructive disagreements take a long breather? You know who you are.

    1. some interesting rankings…….. not sure why Hodges is so high.

      I am surprised Cutler hasn’t been signed- I know I am one of the few fans. I would have preferred a Cutler/Foles combo vs Hoyer/Barkley, but I assume I am in the minority there as well.

    2. Options are dwindling. Heard Hankins wants huge money. I’m wondering if there’s another Jeremy Zuttah type trade opportunity with a cap strapped club.

      Any know if a team that’s on the fence about releasing a (still viable) player because of contract concerns?

  58. Your right George. I personally would rather just talk about the team now, and what they are going to do to return to greatness. But when there is someone who calls people out for name calling, when he does the very same thing repeatedly, disparages law enforcement and the military haphazardly in his obsession for a former player and his obvious similar political stance, he’s going to get called out on it, not just by me, but by others. It’s disgraceful and won’t be tolerated. If you say your going to move on, then move on. Don’t throw out continuous opines about your obsession hidden in long winded, over the top articles and not expect a response. He’ll read excellent posts by Moses, Eastcoast, Whine and Brodie and others, including myself and discard them as bloviators while putting forth nonsense to defend his obsession. He’ll call out professionals who express negative opinions of his obsession with name calling and factless, baseless scribe. I would just assume never mention the obsession again on this site. We don’t discuss any other former player do this degree. Why this insignificant player? Move on I say. But if you don’t, expect a response in kind. Thanks George.

  59. I like Zach Brown on that list. Only guy in his 20’s at a position where we still need depth. It would also block the Raiders from him which is always a plus.

    1. Highly unlikely at this point they will sign any of the ‘big’ names remaining. They identified who they wanted early and went hard after them.

      With Brown, it is important to understand there have always been question marks over his work ethic. That isn’t the culture Shanahan and Lynch are trying to establish. Which is probably why they haven’t shown any interest.

        1. Roy Miller would make a lot of sense in my opinion, so long as he is physically recovered from his injury. I have no dramas with Tim Hightower being added either.

          At this point though I don’t expect any guys to be signed that will be sure fire starters. Anyone signed at this point will be depth and competition guys. I expect they might wait until after the draft to sign some guys too, once they have a better idea of what the remaining holes are.

            1. I mentioned Brown earlier. His work ethic has been questioned a number of times in the past, so really don’t see him as a guy they will look to sign. As much as anything else they have looked to sign high character guys with a professional approach to preparation and the game.

              I get the impression from what Maiocco has said the 49ers are quite content to go with Ward and Tartt at safety. Not sure what that means for Reid, but he’s good depth at worst. So don’t really see them looking at McDonald.

              Claiborne just signed with the Jets. But I don’t think they would have been overly interested anyway. As you say, his health is a question mark. They might add another CB through FA at some point (in addition to K’Wuan Williams), but the fact they haven’t yet makes me think they are reasonably happy with the depth they have and will probably look to draft a CB high to compete for a starting role.

  60. George, I also agree that posters that call other posters and commentators in other forms of media haters, hacks, gnomo’s, and other silly phrases are guilty of the very think they are whining about. I think the phrase that comes to mind for me reading those names used by the obsessionist is “Takes one to know one”!

    1. Pity poor Gnomo, what a sniveling crybaby. Sounds like I am hurting his feelings.

      There is another saying- If the shoe fits……

      1. Seb,

        The only pity on this site is for those I fear, who disagreed with your Kap affair, and are no longer among us after you broke into your families gun safe.

  61. …And to get to the playoffs, a front office with draft season “smoke and mirrors” is a necessity…TomD

    I don’t think San Francisco should take a quarterback or Leonard Fournette. I’m not as high on Fournette as others. It feels like the chatter linking him to San Francisco with that pick is either a smoke screen or an attempt to leverage the trade market. Moving back certainly makes sense

  62. NN is keeping track of the #2 pick in 31 mock drafts:

    “We currently have 31 mock drafts listed. From that, we have eight Trubisky picks and seven Thomas picks. We also have six safety picks, with three each of LSU’s Jamal Adams and Ohio State’s Malik Hooker. There is one more QB pick, with Peter Schrager mocking DeShone Kizer to the 49ers.”


    1. Draft chatter is starting to heat up.

      For Grant’s 9-7 scenario to materialize, his as well as the other mocks on this site would have to happen.

      That necessitates a trade back for more picks.

  63. Grant’s 9-7 schedule-based prediction is spot on.

    I’ll throw in this Las Vegas underdog bet, free of charge….

    The Niners will take one from Seattle this season (book it).

  64. Awww Waldorf, Is everyone hurting your feelings with the truth about your obsession? I just want to give you a hug and tell you all right, don’t cry! Look at the positive. Maybe when your obsession realizes that nobody wants him and retires and continues his phony plight for the oppressed, and eventually runs for mayor of Compton, you can be his campaign manager! Perfect! Your slogan can be “I may be Kraep but I got your back”! Good luck!

  65. I don’t think their going to trade back Tom. It’ll either be Cousins in a trade (hopefully), Thomas or Solomon.

  66. Juanhunglo,

    Now that Seb’s personal Kap festival has calmed, I’ll state my reasons, along with a good draft + favorable scheduling, that the Niner’s take one from Seattle.

    Seattle will be forced to defend the entire field vs. a Shanahan offense, due to speed threats on the outside, and for once, a QB capable of going through all his reads.

    Here’s an example of why Kap was so easily defended by NFL teams (tunnel vision–to cite one of his many flaws).


  67. 49ers: The End of the “Baalkileaks” Era Brought On by GM John Lynch

    The 49ers’ new chain of command, general manager John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan, have ushered a new era of hope.

    During Baalke’s reign, the 49ers saw extreme highs but also plotting, corrosive depths. Depths that left even the most loyal of the Faithful with a deep distrust of the man in charge of managing the team.


    The man who was once an executive of the year was also now the most hated man in Santa Clara.

    It would start with his inability to put his ego aside to work with one of the most gifted football minds at the time — former 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh.

    1. The leaks meant to distract from managements flaws led to mistrust by players resulting in gifted players basically running away or retiring.

  68. Next on new 49ers GM John Lynch’s checklist: Scour country for his quarterback

    After an impressive start to free agency, Lynch will team with rookie coach Kyle Shanahan to lead the San Francisco 49ers contingent for glimpses next week at arguably the three best passing prospects in the draft. They will hit North Carolina’s pro day Tuesday for a look at Mitchell Trubisky, then head to Clemson and collaborate with another (undisclosed) team to put Deshaun Watson through a workout Wednesday. Then it’s off to Notre Dame, where DeShone Kizer will be on display.

    Jarrett Bell , USA TODAY Published 12:39 p.m. ET March 18, 2017 | Updated 18 hours ago

  69. Yes Tom, we all know the reasons why he is nothing more than a mediocre NFL QB, if that. We’ve spent the majority of our lifetime playing, watching, and studying football. It doesn’t take a genius to analyze and critique CK’s obvious flaws, to which they’re are many. Most notably, his inability to read defenses and go through his progressions cost us not only the Super Bowl, but also the Championship in Seattle. In both those games the defense left receivers wide open, in the end zone no less, to cover the one receiver they knew he was targeting. This has been a hallmark of his career. It is indisputable. And even in targeting only one receiver, his accuracy over the career is not much over 50%. Couple this and many other flaws conveyed on this blog many times, including yours, and add the kneeling down which alienated at least 50% of the fan base from every team, not just the Niners, and it’s beyond obvious why there is no interest in him so far. Does that mean he won’t get signed by someone? No. We’ve seen others considered villains by many of the fans ultimately given contracts, not just in football, but other sports. Michael Vick comes to mind. All the HGH alleged users in baseball. There are many examples.

      1. What I can’t understand about the Seb, psychological state of mind, is why he defends his own protest stances while aligning himself with a sellout like Kap ?

        We know that obsessive compulsive behavior, defines Seb. Could there be another unknown malaise?

        This Robert DeNiro character is the one I believe defines Seb.
        Incidentally, in the film, Seb is a knifesalesman.


  70. Don’t give up on Deshaun Watson. WCO coaches draft intelligence as much as athletic ability:

    Watson was named to the All-ACC Academic football team after posting a 4.0 GPA

  71. I just can’t understand why Lynch and Co. is searching under every rock across this great country for a QB when they had their “best chance to win” right under their nose? What are they missing? Or just maybe they didn’t miss anything, and that’s why our “best chance to win” is unemployed! ;)

    1. Yes,

      That quote did not originate in Sebastopol. To find more info. on it visit Napa.

      Seb often speaks of his fondness for wine. Napa is the most famous region in the USA for winegrowers.

      Unfortunately, Seb’s knowledge of the wine industry stems from the direct view of the vinyards he gets from his Napa State Sanitarium bedroom window.

  72. I would be happy with any of the top six QB’s to be honest, but I wouldn’t use the #2 for any of them. I would use the pick in a trade with Washington for Cousins. Otherwise, use rounds 2-4 to get one of those guys, all of which can be successful I believe at the NFL level with some seasoning.

  73. Well, there’s also an old saying up this way that says, “Sonoma makes wine, Napa makes auto parts”! ))

  74. Hmmmm, I wonder if he knows Jim Gordon, former drummer for Derrick and the Dominoes” (one of my alltime favorite bands) who in a schizophrenic rage stabbed and beat his mother with a hammer to death. Sad story. Hopefully they’re not roomies!

  75. Home games; Arizona (W), Seattle (W), Los Angeles (W), Carolina (L), Dallas (L), Jacksonville (W), Giants (L), Titans (W). Away games; Arizona (L), Seattle (L), Los Angeles (W), Bears (W), Texans (L), Colts (L), Eagles (L), Redskins (W) That’s 8-8 with the Eagle game in my view being a possible win which if everything holds is 9-7. Throw in an upset at home and the Eagle win and it’s 10-6 and a playoff possibility.

  76. Of course, looking at that schedule, they’re all upset wins except maybe the two LA games and the bears. ;)

  77. Of course, if “The obsession” we’re at the helm, it would be 11-5, 12-4 and a trip to the SB. Why why why doesn’t John and Kyle see that???? I just don’t understand! I don’t get it! :-/

  78. I’ll stick to the long held theory that the kneeling started as a brooding, sulking protest to being best out by Blaine Gabbert for the starting job (Major slap in the face to him) and when he started getting negative feedback for his selfish actions, he concocted his sudden passion for the racially oppressed. Then with that overwhelming negative reaction, his new agents advised him to proclaim that he will no longer kneel, and also to send food, water, etc. to the starving Sudanese children. All in an effort to re-establish his persona as the great humanitarian. You can see through it like a plate glass window. Kudos to the agents. It was really their only move. But phony none the less.

    1. You are brim full of compassion and love for your fellow man. Why do you need to concoct a background explanation for someone else’s actions. I’m surprised you didn’t include bugging Trump Tower.

    2. Really stupid theory with zero thought put in other than your own preconceived notions. The whole protest has been misunderstood and misrepresented from the outset and comments like this just show that people will believe what they want to believe regardless of what actually transpires.

  79. Good article Cubus. There’s no question that his activism has severely dampened his ability to attract interest, but if it were Tom, Ben, Russell, or Cam, some owners might be willing to suffer the backlash. But a mediocre QB? Not so much.

  80. Just heard Dwight Clark has ALS. That stinks. I really feel for him, and hope he does as well as he possibly can. Best wishes DC!

      1. Dwight Clark – “I’ve been asked if playing football caused this.I don’t know for sure.But I certainly suspect it did.”

  81. I didn’t make that story up waits. It’s been around for quite some time and thoroughly believable in my view. If you don’t, then good for you. That’s your right. I actually think Trump is a nutcase, and as far from a supporter as one can be, and the supposed bugging is far from reality, so no, I wouldn’t bring that fantasy up. Sorry to hear about DC. Football is a brutal game with horrible consequences for the players in many cases. It’s great to hear that he has support.

    1. The story that Obama ordered wire taps at Trump Tower during and after the election and that he’s staying in Washington to run a “Deep Government” has been around for a while.

      The story that Obama faked his birth certificate has been around a very long time.

      The point is why do you need your story about Kaepernick’s motives to be true?

      1. “I actually think Trump is a nutcase, and as far from a supporter as one can be, and the supposed bugging is far from reality, so no, I wouldn’t bring that fantasy up.”

        If you’re not susceptible to the type of information that Trump needs to believe that’s great.

        Kaepernick has been exhibiting social consciousness since he first came into what he felt was discretionary income. A lot of people have been mad at him since his last pass in the 2013 NFC championship game was intercepted by our new special teams player.

  82. So sorry to hear about Dwight. What a horrible disease to get. All Niners fans thoughts,prayers and hope for the best go out to Dwight and his family.
    Opening home game should be Dwight Clark day.

  83. I feel bad For DC but this is going to get linked to football – he’s already doing it himself – and there is no evidence for it, nor a high percentage of football players linked to the disease. It’s just a terrible tragedy that strikes people in all walks of life. A successful animator just made the same horrible announcement last week and my guess is he didn’t play a lot of football:


    1. Do we have any medically qualified readers on this blog? JPN has been wildly useful in false balloon popping on legal issues, we’d do well to have some professional debunkers (yes, I believe in “Science.”) on health issues.
      Perhaps as an interested party, DC has some insight into ALS that I don’t. The connection to football violence isn’t obvious to me, but I’m an uninformed layman.

    2. +1 Rocket

      My father passed away from ALS a couple years ago. He never played a down of football, but was a heck of a baseball player.

      That being said, my thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family.

      1. Sorry you and your family had to go through that Jack. It’s a terrible disease and there aren’t many things in this life that can destroy someone the way this can.

        I just know that this is going to be used by the Anti Football factions as Propaganda and it does a disservice to all the victims of the disease who weren’t affiliated with the sport.

        I truly hope DC experiences as much happiness as possible with the time he has left.

      2. Jack, I am sorry for your loss.

        Maybe the causative effect was not due to concussive blows, but more subtle reasons like the indiscriminate use of pesticides on the fields. Many pesticides have neurotoxic effects, that may not have immediate impacts, but could have long range cumulative effects.

        I am not saying that your circumstance was due to only pesticides, but they are considering many different scenarios with different symptoms and different effects. Being in the Landscape business, I know of many chemicals applied to playing fields that were freely used in the 70s, 80s and 90s, that are no longer used. Carbamates, chlordane and diazinon are all chemicals that affect the nervous system, were in use for years on fields and are presently banned.

        1. Rocket
          I assume you read the linked article. We have there a suggestion of a link to a syndrome. Scientists use such suggestions as a possible avenue of deeper investigation. It is not shown to be a causal relationship, but worthy of further study.
          It’s not as though it’s football, or it’s left handedness, or it’s too much (or too little) fat in the diet, or ANY random thing. There’s a hint.

          As a Vietnam Vet, let me assure you that the notion that Agent Orange did damage to US troops and Vietnamese civilians was greeted with scorn and derision. It was totally dismissed by government paid experts. Professionals at CDC lost their jobs for questioning that narrative.
          After the CDC and independent researchers began establishing links to causality, the docs and administrators at the VA persisted for years in vehement denials of the possibility of causality. Those years meant no treatment for victims.
          Yeah, now I’m on 3/4 Disability for Agent Orange poisoning that the VA admits was likely the cause of my diabetes, liver and kidney function ailments, a few bouts of gout years ago, arthritis, and a currently unidentifiable neuropathy that is never the less acknowledged as likely to have been caused by that ailment as well.
          The scientific suggestions were there all along. Some guys died, a lot of guys suffered because the guvmint didn’t want unwelcome news.
          How long until CTE was acknowledged?
          Let’s not dismiss things we don’t know about.

          1. BT,

            I’m not dismissing it. I’m saying that there will be some who will link this directly to football with no categorical evidence to do so. The fact people from very different backgrounds get ALS should be an indication that the causes of the disease are not that easily discernible and there are many factors involved. We already know any kind of head trauma is harmful but making declarations without significant testing gets us nowhere and certainly doesn’t increase the odds of finding out the truth.

            I’m truly saddened to hear what you have had to endure in your service to this country. The lack of attention and action regarding the effects of Agent Orange on Vietnam Vets was an egregious mishandling of information and gross neglect and incompetence. Should never have reached the point it did and good people like yourself have had to suffer for it.

          2. BT, sorry to hear about your Agent Orange exposure.

            You probably know all about this, but the main ingredient in Agent Orange was 2-4-D, which is relatively benign, but the main culprit was the Dioxin, which was a contaminant from the production process.

            Dow and Monsanto could have made a more pure Agent Orange, but it was more expensive. The Dioxin laden Agent Orange was cheaper to make, and since they did not want to deal with the contaminants, they just shipped the contaminated mix overseas, not caring that they were spraying it on their own troops. They reaped huge profits while ignoring the risks and side effects.

            The most egregious injustice was the settlement out of court of the Agent Orange claims, which paid out a pittance, and shielded the chemical companies from further lawsuits.

  84. Sorry to hear about Dwight and his ALS diagnosis. At this time it is premature to speculate. Either way, it is a time to rally around one of our own.

    1. Dwight Clark has embarked on that final journey. It is a slow insidious disease, but I am glad he will be surrounded by his friends and family. Bet Eddie will be there every step of the way.

      Dwight has brought so much joy to us Niner fans.

      THE CATCH is his legendary accomplishment. I think he was even associated with the John Taylor SB game winner because John Taylor almost leaped into Dwight’s arms after he made that catch.

  85. Horrible for DC. While you can’t say definitively it is football related, common sense would suggest a strong potential exists. If you get hit hard in the head many times starting in high school, I mean seriously no good can come of that and time will tell, but many bad things could well be causal. It looks pretty suspicious that there is a pretty good chance the many hits played a significant roll.

  86. I think more people are angry and deeply disappointed at him for disparaging the great people of law enforcement and our military who put there lives on the line everyday to protect the very freedom that he uses to express his social consciousness. His throwing an interception in a game of that magnitude, or frankly any game was anything but surprising. That’s his game. The pigs in police uniform socks he has worn tell the truth about his true feelings. That’s what people are angry at, along with kneeling during the National Anthem, not a stupid interception. He paints his own hatred towards those entities with a mile wide brush. Also, he sure gave up on his convictions quickly when he was advised that it would affect in a negative way that very said “discretionary income” you mentioned. I would have respect for him if he stayed committed to his cause rather than giving up rather quickly at the thought of losing the almighty dollar. Why do you need your story about his motives to be true? I personally don’t need them to be true, but I certainly believe they are true. That’s the point.

    1. That was a really good breakdown…thanks Scoot

      Wouldn’t mind picking him up in the 3rd. It will be interesting to see who kyle falls for in this draft.

  87. Rotoworld:

    The Cleveland Plain Dealer believes the Browns have “come to the conclusion” that Texas A&M DE/OLB Myles Garrett can be an “immediate franchise-changer.”
    ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported something similar in December. Reporter Mary Kay Cabot believes the Browns are “fairly confident” they can select Garrett at No. 1 overall and still land UNC QB Mitch Trubisky or Clemson’s Deshaun Watson at No. 12. Garrett is definitely the odds-on favorite to be the draft’s top pick.

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