49ers analysis: High-priced defenders may stick around

For the first time in years, the 49ers enter free agency with hardly any cap space. Maybe that’s a good thing.

Last year, the 49ers were $67 million under the cap when free agency began and spent most of their money on two linebackers with injury histories — Dee Ford and Kwon Alexander. Now, the 49ers have just $13 million in cap space, which means they can’t throw money around like they did last year. They have to be prudent.

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  1. Alexander and Ford were key parts of the 49ers 8-0 start, which gave the team the belief they were great. Highly doubtful the team starts the way they did without them, which also means it is highly doubtful they make the SB. Both guys are also very good locker room presences, in particular Alexander.

    Greenlaw was excellent in place of Alexander. But no, Greenlaw will not retain the WILL role next year. Alexander played SAM on his return because he wasn’t fully healthy and they didn’t want to disrupt a rookie in Greenlaw by making him play multiple positions down the stretch.

    Of Armstead’s 12 sacks this past season, including playoffs, 10 came in games in which Ford, Bosa and Buckner all played. He only had two in games without Ford, and they all came in one game. He didn’t have a sack in the final 5 games of the regular season, all games that Ford missed. Sure is nice being the 4th guy in terms of getting favourable matchups.

    Fact of the matter is, the DL was consistently far more disruptive when Ford played.

    I highly doubt the team regrets signing either of them.

    1. Interesting analysis. Do you think Armstead is replaceable then if Ford is healthy enough to contribute?

      Agree with everything else.

      These articles are starting to resemble throwing stuff at a wall and seeing what sticks.

        1. But if the 49ers could go back in time, they probably wouldn’t sign those two (Ford, Alexander).

          First of all … the idea of going back in time is just a silly concept. We all know that’s not the way things work. Every free agent comes with a risk, as NFL football is a violent sport. Each and every time they lace up their cleats and take the field, it could be their last.

          Secondly, I agree with Scooter on this one. I don’t think ShanaLynch are second guessing these free agent signings. These 2 players were vital in the first half of the season, and instrumental in putting this team on a postseason trajectory, as the team finished the first half of their schedule with an undefeated record. It was the defensive front seven who set the tone early in the season, and the defense clearly fed off of the energy these two guys brought with them. Do the 49ers win the NFC without their 8-0 start? I doubt it.

          Dee Ford is a fantastic bookend opposite Bosa, as their contrasting play styles have a dynamic synergy while the two are lined up together on opposite sides of the DL. Kwon Alexander’s energy and athleticism was unmatched among the rest of their linebacking corp, and helped elevate both Warner and Greenlaw. Kwon should be nothing short of 100% healthy as soon as OTA’s, and in fact healthier than he was at this time last year. Dee Ford’s knee may very well be chronic, but it might also be something the team is able to manage moving forward. There’s no question that the 49ers defense is a different beast with those two guys on the field, and there’s a very good chance that both players are even healthier, and more productive in 2020.

      1. Comparing a healthy Ford to a healthy Armstead, Armstead’s impact is easier to replace. Maybe not in one player, but a run setting DE and a decent pass rushing DT are easier to find than a dynamic pass rusher off the edge. The only real concern for me is whether Ford can stay healthy.

        Worth noting though that while his knee may have limited him a little through the season, he was still able to play, get sacks and be highly disruptive. It wasn’t until he did his hamstring that he missed time.

        1. I expected him (Ford) to have off season surgery to clear up his knee. I’m concerned he hasn’t. For that reason I wouldn’t be opposed to trading him.

          1. Sounds like his knee issue is more to do with arthritis, which is not something that you can get cleared up through surgery. He can get treatment and some medications to assist in managing it, and he probably is doing just that (and has likely been doing that a for a number of years). End of the day though it is a chronic issue and rest is the best medicine for it when it flares up.

              1. Yes and no. At the moment from the initial 53 roster last year the team is slated to lose Armstead, Blair and Day. But they still have Buck, Bosa, Ford, Thomas, Jones, Street and Taylor. Plus everyone’s darling UDFA from last year Givens. They need some extra depth behind Bosa and Ford, but DaMontre Moore can probably be brought back on the cheap and he looked good replacing Blair last year, albeit only a brief stint. I don’t think the DL is in as bad a situation as you suggest.

              2. Street – Ended up on IR and I have to go into F/A and the draft as if he won’t be available.
                Jones – Coming off IR and you cannot count on him being back to form.
                Taylor – Coming off IR and again a history of injuries and you must proceed as if he’s not available.
                Moore – Coming off IR
                Blair – Coming off IR

                It’s bad enough that I’m concerned our Nascar unit will again run outta gas at the finish line….

  2. I don’t think it’s Greenlaw earning the starting spot as much as It’s Injury to Alexander.
    Greenlaw played well, but let’s keep it real, he didn’t play as well as KA did when he was on the field.

  3. I have never seen a columnist talk out of his a## more then this guy. It is incredible how wrong he has been about everything since he started. I really enjoy a lot of the people who post on this blog. That’s what keeps me coming back. Its just foolish writing and TMZ type of information. There is a reason players don’t give him the time of day. Show respect=gain respect! Something he has never learned. Too bad.

  4. 49ers almost won the SB after many horrible seasons!!!! and Grant thinks there having buyers remorse?? Thinks they made bad moves!!!!??? What…..the…..******! your delusional grant! You bring the heavy criticism…..but comparing apples to apples…..your FAR WORSE at your job than any player on the 49ers roster!!!!!!!!!
    You just posted a pic. of Tevin Coleman and claimed it was Jerrick Mckinnon playing in a play off game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An error like that is purely inexcusable for someone in your field!! You should have been shown the door. At the very least, you should have been humbled by your incompetence!!!!!! But not you….your right back to firing shots at people! your hubris knows no bounds! CLOWN!

      1. hey barf, i mean ralph…you would never say an fing thing to my face bud so piss off, clown. Always a cowardly Dbag like you who never says ANYTHING about football but wants to knock someone…..at least im not scared to voice my opinion dip$hi!. Funny thing is….real members of this blog agree with me……and then there is you! So how about you contribute something to this blog before you you vomit your asinine insults ya chooch!

  5. The Niners should keep them, because with their injury histories, they are untradable. The best move would be to play them, showcase their talents, and wait for another team to have a defender go down due to injury, at the positions Ford and Alexander play. Then, the other team may be desperate enough to accept the risk, especially if they are fighting to get into the playoffs. Pulling off a midseason trade before the trade deadline, may be the best way to get as much as possible in trade value.
    Of course, that is assuming they keep Armstead, and the pass rush does well even without Ford. With Greenlaw, they have a ready replacement for Alexander.
    The best ability is availability, and both defenders are lacking in that department. The Niners need fully healthy players who are durable. Too many injuries doomed past defenses. I like the skillsets of both players, but they are not dependable, due to injuries.
    The Niners should move on from them, but they should not cut them, or give them away. They should be patient, and wait for attrition to create a need for another team.

    1. Renegotiate>DOWN on both Ford and Alexander…and Sherman into a coaching position….cut Verrit, and Thomas, Goodwin, trade Ward,

      1. They will not be amenable to renegotiating down, because the Niners will not cut them otherwise. Can’t trade Ward. He is an UFA. They should keep playing Sherman, but move him to safety, like they did with Ronnie Lott.
        They should try to trade Thomas, Goodwin, Person and Witherspoon, either separately, or by bundling them.
        If they manage to trade away Person, maybe they could use that pick to select Shane Lemieux.

    2. Seb: you seem to have missed the part about the dead cap money the Niners would incur trading Alexander. You do nothing to help the Niners in terms of salary cap by trading Alexander.

      1. Sorry, I have not thoroughly studied that part of it. You are right. That is a big factor. Armstead may be another difficult situation. They want to lock him up into a long term deal, but other teams will be throwing money at him. Will he allow for a home discount because he likes the team so much? Some were commenting that if he left, the Niners might get a good compensatory pick, so that factors in the equation.
        Actually, I would like Kwon to play at his peak performance without injury, and allow him to thrive and help the team win. I just wonder if he will make it through a season, unscathed.

          1. I am perfectly OK admitting when I was wrong or uninformed, unlike some others.
            I had just assumed Paraag wrote similar contracts with Kwon and Ford.

      2. Looking at the Over the Cap numbers, I see where Kwon’s dead cap is 14 mil. Guess they will just hope he plays well and stays healthy. Ford has 6.4 mil dead cap, but 9.5 mil in cap savings.
        Solomon Thomas may have too big a dead cap hit, so they may not consider trading him. However, Tevin Coleman and Mike Person have zero dead cap, so they may be good trade candidates.
        Trading Goodwin could save 3.6 mil, and Pettis and Witherspoon could also be considered.

  6. Seems like an article he wrote 3-4 weeks ago and published now. This is something we have known about and been considering since the end of the season. The majority of the talk has been about Armstead, Sanders, and Ward, and mostly Armstead. Nice to see something new!

    Anyway when we move on from Kwon I will not be worried. LB’s are easy to replace especially when our defensive front is as good as it is.

    I am also interested to see what happens with Warner once he is due for a new contract. He will get what Kwon is getting now.

  7. I don’t know how you can say that armstead is better than dee ford when armstead didn’t do crap when ford went out with injury. I’m not banking on armstead to repeat what he did because this was his only season when he actually did anything decent. You forgot he was trash the other 4 years.

    Franchise and trade armstead. We need picks and some lowly team will give up some goods for him.

    1. He wasn’t trash when Dee went out he just wasn’t played the same. That is also why the comparison isn’t really fair.

      He’s a very good interior pass rusher but when Ford went out they didn’t have another edge rusher that would allow him to kick inside. That is part of the reason I think Blair’s injury was more harmful to the team than it would seem. He was rotating with Bosa and Armstead to spell them and would have allowed them to continue kicking Arik inside on passing downs.

    1. oregon- going back to Kap’s contract…..Paraag began designing contracts that are essential a string of one year deals ….with a team option for the following year. And making them even more team friendly is the fact that the team has A LOT of time to decide weather or not to pick it up….after free agency, sometime in mid April i believe. in fact, Paraag has mastered this to the point agents are starting to complain.
      With DF and KA…..our biggest FA signings in years….we had to give a little, hence not being able to get out of these contracts after 1 year.
      Grant is just too lazy to write anything, especially something informative……so he’s stirring the pot and creating drama for blog hits . Hes probably the one insulting me via burner accounts because he knows ill defend myself and he’ll get mote hits.
      I guess he and most people on here would rather be 5-11 and have more cap space! That would be exciting! That would make a lot of sense!

  8. Both Dee Ford and Kwon Alexander went down due to injuries before the Niners played their hardest part of the schedule. The Niners played well, even with those losses, which were all close. Both Kwon and Ford did not excel in the SB.
    Kwon and Ford were not indispensable, so it would not be a disaster if the Niners moved on from them. With their injury histories, the Niners just cannot count on them to be available to play. However, they will not be tradable until they play, and are productive. If they play, and are productive, then the Niners could just keep them, but they should be open to trades to other teams that need their skills. Moving on from Ford and Kwon would certainly help the cap situation.

      1. Posters come, and posters go. Some, even pass away. I miss MWN. I hope to hear from htwaits, to know his heart is still ticking. I really wanted the Niners to have won another ring, so he could have felt some joy in his life, at least one last time. It sounded like he had some health issues, like us all, who are becoming older.
        There are 2 big reasons why there are less posters.
        1- This is the off season, and baseball is gearing up.
        2. The Niners just suffered a heart breaking loss, AGAIN, losing in the SB. All the band wagon fans have hopped off. We are left with the die hard faithful fans, who like to speculate about prospects, Free Agency and the draft.
        The Niners just snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.
        Next, you will be blaming Grant and me for that loss.

        1. It IS your fault, Sebs-and my tell-all book is coming out soon………..much to your chagrin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Well, when I advocated for the Niner D linemen to get into the passing lane with a hand up to bat down the ball, I did not expect Chris Jones to employ that strategy, instead. Too bad KS did not let JG roll out to avoid that situation. Instead, he had Kittle, the best receiver on the Niners, to stay in to block.
            When I advocated the Third Down Bomb, then saw Mahomes execute the play on third and 14, it was frustrating. It was even more frustrating to see JG miss on his Third Down Bomb.

            1. All kidding aside, I agree with you. Personally, I dont think Shanny calls enough deep throws during the course of a season so that Grapps gets conditioned to connect on those…….but what can I say about it, guy was Coach of the Year.
              I’ll bet you on this, Sebs–we’ll be back inside of 3 yrs. You dont raise the Titanic in 3 yrs like they did without having some extremely sharp people in key spots. It’s not a coincedence we draft well, typically, in the late rounds……………Lynch sees a problem on defense consistently-one being, we need closers. This will be addressed, either mentally or physically/schematically.

              1. Do I think they have created a dynasty? No, the planets aligned, they caught lightning in a bottle, and it will be hard to repeat getting back to the SB. SB losers tend to have a SB hangover.
                Do I think they are heading in the right direction? Yup. Lynch assembled a talented squad, with enough depth to get to the SB, despite all the injuries.
                However, he went all out, pedal to the metal, to get there, and the Niners do not have a second, 3rd or 4th round pick to help restock. They have little cap room to sign elite FAs, and need every penny to retain as many players as possible.
                I agree, the Niners have drafted well since Baalke. Only 2 out of 11 players drafted are still on the team from Baalke’s 2016 draft class. Many have dissed the 2017 draft, but 6 out of 10 players drafted are still on the team from JL’s first draft. All 9 players are still on the team from the 2018 draft class, and 7 out of 8 are still on the team from the 2019 draft class. Locking up those players into rookie contracts, then retaining them, have really helped build the team.
                Signing FAs like Juice, Sherman and Kwon helped. Trading for players like JG, Ford and Sanders helped a lot, too, but the most pleasant surprise was finding golden nuggets like UDFAs Breida, Mostert, Moseley, Wilson, Bourne, Brunskill, Al-Shaair, Mullens, Garland and Dwelley.

  9. LMAO– You properly figure Thomas was a great pick. Won’t don’t you understand Lynch should have an Armstead replacement and an L.B under rookie contracts. So he misses 2 1rst round picks and spends the salary cap $ for 2 players that missed 14 games between them in 1 season.
    Come on Man–In 2017 he missed on his first 5 players. Then hit on Kittle. People like you don’t have the faintest idea of why they drafted Kittle. Kittle was the best run-blocking T.E in college football. He fit Shannohan to run the scheme. Do you even know that Kittle caught 48 passes in 49 games while in College? I doubt it.
    I’ve got to admit as I couldn’t stand Lowell, but his kid proved that he’s not stupid to the fact that the Niners sold out and went all in to win a S.B and loss. Lynch had everything to make this team a dynasty. Where are they going to get the $$ he spent to cover up his bad draft picks? Oh, that’s right Kittle and Buckner well play for 50 cents on the dollar.
    Good article Grant as I can see. W.T.H is going on. It’s to bad your RAH_RAH niner cheerleaders doesn’t have a clue.

    1. Dude, we didnt sell out to win a SB!!!!! If we get rid of a 28 yr old qb for a 42 yr old…..then thats EXACTLY what we’d be doing! And yes, Lynch missed big on Thomas and Foster…..but in that 1st draft you saw improvement and Kittle salvaged the draft by himself…and by 2019…..Lynch had the best draft in the nfl and thats a fact! Won an award for it! The guy has grown into a very good GM in a short time…..and right out of the gate he brought respect back to the organization!
      For years this team had tons of $$ to spend and no one would even take it! No one wanted to come here under Baalke!!! Well, Lynch finally got ppl to take it!!! And now we finally face the problems most good teams have……..MANY GOOD PLAYERS and barely enough $$ to go around! And some ppl are crying about that!!!????? W T *???!!! Our cap situation isnt half as bad as most of you think…..most these deals can be voided with little to no cap penalty after a couple years…..so if DF and KA cant stay healthy and contribute in 2020……it will be far easier and cheaper to get out of the contracts in 12 months.
      Not to mention Sherm, Solomon and Staley will have expiring contracts next year as well ….and those 3 alone will free up at least $35 mill

    2. Come on Man

      Yeah, come on man. How tf did this team ever win a single game, let alone a winning season, let alone NFC #1 seed, let alone 1/2 a quarter from world champions?

    1. hey Larry, at least im man enough to watch sports and form my own opinions! You on the other hand do and think what your told by a pessimistic troll who thinks hes this top flight New York reporter when really he’s just a kid who got a job based off of his dad’s reputation….A guy who criticizes others as if he’s perfect ….but cant even name the correct player who’s pic. is gracing the cover of his article!!!!!! And you take this guys opinion seriously…..??!!

      What i say is fact!!!!!! And even though not one person who follows this blog likes me….they dont argue because %99 of them have the common sense to know im right!!! But theres always a moron who decides to personally insult me…. thanks for volunteering to be the moron today!!

      Iet me school Mo ( short for moron)……free agency is ALWAYS a gamble…you NEVER get your moneys worth…..and you ALWAYS overpay a player based on what they did in the past!
      THERE IS A REASON TEAMS ARE LETTING THESE PLAYERS LEAVE!!!! Reasons like age, production, injury history. character issues ect.
      I hope your still paying attention Mo…..
      Teams that suck are the teams that end up overpaying in free agency!!! Because they dont have ANY good players to give their $$ to. They knowingly make bad investments hoping to drum up interest from the fans/sponsors ect….. to sell tickets and luxury boxes etc..
      They HOPE these overpaid players help win games……and thats EXACTLY what happened this last year! We went from having bad team problems…….to having good team problems.

    2. It’s to bad your RAH_RAH niner cheerleaders doesn’t have a clue.

      Dude, we were in the SUPERBOWL, we’ll be favored to repeat despite Grant’s lifelong attempts of shade throwing left and right. If that doesn’t make you a rah-rah fan then GTFO. Go sh*t on the fan sites of the 30 other also-ran teams.

  10. public service announcement

    if you follow this blog, a football blog, but never comment about anything football……..and instead only speak solely to insult other people……your a cowardly DB! A real P.o.S. You have serious personal issues. If you disagree or dislike something someone says……then be an adult and state your case….voice your opinion!!!
    Lowell even stated the “name of the serious personal issue” those who ATTACK people personally, over difference of opinion, have in Cohn Zohn #10 ( i believe it was)! You should go listen to it and begin cleansing your wretched souls!

  11. Ford and Alexander will be back next season. It’s not debatable. I had no idea Alexander tore a bicep in the postseason. Both of their injury histories are definitely concerning. A huge % of the defense’s salary cap allocation is tied up in players who missed significant time. I thought one of the major reasons the 49ers signed Alexander was due to his coverage ability. I firmly believe if Alexander played against the Ravens game the 49ers would have won that game. Greenlaw totally blew the coverage on the TE which led to a TD. That’s also the play Witherspoon refused to hit the TE during the catch which was one of the most cowardly plays I’ve seen from an NFL player. At any rate, Greenlaw is not better than Alexander when both are healthy. Greenlaw consistently bites on play action and blows his coverage assignments. For Ford, I thought he was supposed to have a surgery to clean up his knee this offseason. Has that happened? Is he going to be available for OTAs?

    1. I beg to differ. Greenlaw played great. He stopped the Seahawks one inch from scoring in their last game, which gave the Niners the number one seed. If he had not done that, the Niners would have been relegated to the 5th seed. He filled in admirably, when Kwon went down due to his shoulder injury.
      A little hyperbolic about cowardly plays methinks. I remember a player stomping another while he lay on the ground. Recently some player ripped off a helmet, and beat that player over the head with it. Those were more cowardly.

      1. I’m not saying Greenlaw is a bad player. I think Alexander is better when healthy.

        Fighting on a football field and losing your cool is not cowardly. It’s a lack of control. Refusing to make contact with a player as they fall backward into the end zone during a catch is cowardly. Your mind works in bizarre ways.

        1. We will just have to agree to disagree. If I can remember that play correctly, I did not think he refused to make contact. He just was in a bad position to prevent the player from scoring, and did not want to make a late hit, which could have drawn a late hit penalty.
          In the Seahawk game, he was plenty willing to make contact, and prevent the TE from scoring. Greenlaw was not a coward on that play, he was a hero.
          I will agree with you that Kwon is a better player…..when healthy.

  12. Thanks for the injury info. Strategy is paramount when short cap space!

    Adam Peters/John Lynch. .. Your time to shine. W/O the cap space of recent years lets see if you can pull off what Seahawks, VP/Gm, John Schneider, did in trading out of the 1st Rd for multiple picks to rebuild their team…..Good Luck!

      1. TomD
        * I think you’ll agree?
        * Lynch won’t draft, Ohio State RB JK Dobbins in the 2nd round, but he may draft a day 3 RB?
        * Iowa DE AJ Epenesa will be gone before the 9ers # 31st draft pick.
        * Baylor WR Denzel Mims: I can see Lynch drafting him if he’s available in 3rd round. I could be wrong, but I think Lynch will draft a CB before a WR.
        * Cal S Ashtyn Davis: He’s an early 2nd Rd pick. IMO Lynch should take Jeremy Chinn. Safety, S. Illi. in the 3rd Rd.
        * TCU CB Jeff Gladney: Draft status, early 2nd round.  Checks all boxes except one! His height 5″101/8″. Do you think Lynch will draft him. Do you?
        * Florida DE Jonathan Greenard: A 3rd Rd. draft prospect: His 4.87-s 40 Y/D combine didn’t impress, but the rest of his combine was OK. His 7.13-s three-cone and 4.34-s 20 yard shuttle were good. If the 9ers like what they see on his tape, Maybe?
        Question: If the 9ers don’t trade back at #31, who do you see them drafting? I’d go with CB A.J. Terrell, Clemson.

        1. I love Chinn and Mims (I had actually written about Mims before the Combine, but it didn’t post…c’est la vie). But I think you are optimistic about them being available as late as the 3rd (assuming the Niners can get a 3rd rounder if they trade back). I think Mims is top of the 2nd round at the latest, and Chinn is late 2nd, especially given Chinn’s numbers at the Combine.

          Jason Strowbridge, North Carolina, is someone to consider in terms of strong-side DE/interior pass rusher if we get a 3rd round pick.

          1. Pot Kettle
            As we all know, It only takes one team to decide to draft a player early. I tend to respect Lance Zierlein’s scouting report on NFL prospects and why I see him as a 3rd Rd pick. Zierleins analysis on WR Mims:

            * Mims is a long-striding outside target with excellent height, weight and speed and an insane catch-radius. He’s a touchdown threat anytime he’s near the red zone, with the focus and body control to finesse and finish catches above the rim. He struggles to release and separate from physical press corners, and he doesn’t consistently compete and outwork opponents for positioning on contested catches. If the route work and intensity catch up with his natural athletic ability, he could become a dangerous “Z” receiver in a vertical offense, but the floor might be lower than some teams are comfortable with.
            * * Shanahan favors WR’s that run great stems and have the ability cut and get separation.

            1. I get it. Zierlein does great work, and Mims may only be a 3rd rounder. I like The Draft Network, and their analysis notes Mims’ issues with the route tree; they think his ability to cut will help with separation. https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/denzel-mims/ZbRV713pev.

              Before his showing at the Combine, I thought he was someone who could be a dark horse that the Niners could get in the 3rd round if they traded back; I have a feeling he is going to go sooner.

  13. Can someone tell me the sense in trading back in the draft to acquire more picks of rookie players who will be hard pressed to make this championship caliber team? Why not stay put and draft a plug and play guy at a need position ie…Center Guard Corner Safety?

    1. Because the Niners have only one selection in the first 155 picks. They will not be able to tap into that deep, talented draft class with only one early pick. They may draft a center, guard or CB/S, but if they trade back, they could draft a center, guard AND CB/S.
      I hope the Niners can manage to trade away players to gain more draft picks. Trading back like the Seahawks did last draft, garnered 6 picks.
      Carolina may be a good trade partner. They may covet Isaiah Simmons to replace Kuechly, then move up to 31 to select a QB before other teams can select one, who are ahead of them. By trading back 7 spots, the Niners could gain a 4th round pick. It almost balances out on the trade value chart.

        1. Yup. Carolina picks 7, but I have seen mocks with the Giants selecting him at 4. If he survives 4, the Dolphins and Chargers pick next, with QBs as their targets, and Simmons might fall in their lap at 7. If not Simmons, they can get a top notch O lineman or defensive lineman.
          Then, even with Cam coming back, they should select a QB, because the present backups have been very mediocre. Cam may also be traded to Washington, to re-unite with Rivera, so a QB should be high on their list after finding a replacement for Kuechley.
          My guess would be that Rhule would like to get an accurate and mobile QB, and Hurts may be the one he covets at the end of the first round. There may be teams ahead of them who may want to select a QB before they do, so the Panthers may want to leapfrog ahead of them, to get first choice. Exchanging the Niner 31st pick for the 38th and 110th picks, sounds like a good benefit for both teams. Rhule gets the QB he covets, and the Niners move back 7 spots and get another pick.

      1. Understood. My question is can a late round pick even make this team? It’s already pretty deep. I’d rather stay put and draft the best available player at a need position. The scouting department has already shown its chops drafting late round gems so why panick?

        1. George Kittle, Trent Taylor, DJ Reed and Dre Greenlaw were 5th round picks.
          DJ Jones, Justin Skule and Marcel Harris were 6th round picks.
          Julian Taylor was a 7th round pick. Only Kittle, Jones and Greenlaw became starters. 3 out of 8.
          Yes, they have found late round picks that have worked out, but they have 17 Free Agents, and cannot re-sign them all. They have one pick early, and 5 picks late, so they will not be able to replace all of the players lost to Free Agency. Yes, this team has talent, but they will also have many needs.
          The Niners need picks in the second, third and 4th rounds. It is not a question of panicking, it is just being shrewd enough to tap into the sweet spot of this deep draft.

    2. BangBang: WHY?
      * Because the 9ers only have pick #31, then no picks until the 5th Rd. 2020 is one of the deepest draft class for WR’s and DB’s. Both are 9er needs.
      * OC and OG have back ups. At OG, Daniel Brunskill will compete with Mike Person for the starting job. At OC, Ben Garland showed he’s capable of starting, until Weston Richburg recovers. “IF” the 9ers draft int O-Line, it will be a late round pick.
      * I could see the 9ers drafting a 2nd or 3rd round OT. Staley won’t play forever. Same with Sherman.

      1. Staley was a first round pick. The 9ers won’t be able to replace him w some kid from Middle Tennessee state in the 4th round.

        1. Christopher Okunfolami
          * When Staley was inured he was replaced by Daniel Brunskill. Brunskill played for San Diego St. and was an undrafted free agent.
          * When RT Mike McGlinchey was injured, he was replaced by a 6th Rd. Vanderbilt rookie, Justin Skule.
          * When Center Weston Richburg was injured, he was replaced by an undrafted free agent, Ben Garland.
          No doubt you’re correct, the 9ers won’t replaced him with “some kid” from middle Tennessee! How could I be so foolish?

          1. So you trust those players to replace Staley long term then? Key word is long term not a stop gap player you scheme around for a few games.

            1. BangBang
              * It’s not my job to trust 9er player(s) or not, that’s up to Lynch and Shanahan. But when they were asked to play, their play speaks for itself. If you don’t think they’re capable, show me tape that says they’re not. With the exception of the game Justin Skule was replaced by Brunskill, his play was good. Also, Staley said he was playing hurt. Here’s what Shanahan had to say about him, “We wouldn’t have kept Skule on our roster if we didn’t think he was an NFL player. “You always want to give those guys more time, because the more time they have, the better they get. But that time ran out.” (Staley went down, and Skule was the next man up)!
              * With Respect to replacing Staley at LT. My suggestion would be wait to see if the 9ers resign free agent Shon Coleman. Since the 9ers though enough of him to make him the swing tackle, that suggest to me they think he was capable of being Staley’s replacement.

  14. People who think Ford and Alexander had disappointing debut seasons in Santa Clara either have an agenda or don’t understand football.

    1. WHOever didn’t know Sanders would be a one year rental when they traded for him won’t get fooled again.

    2. It seems unlikely he will be back, regardless of the change in his instagram account. Too expensive.

      I do wish people would stop saying he cost two draft picks though. He cost a 3rd round pick, plus a swap of a 4th for a 5th. They only lost one pick.

      A largely untalked about cost of Sanders was the lost carryover cap space from having his expensive salary on the roster. That carryover would have been very beneficial right now (as would a 3rd round draft pick). But then without him it is doubtful the team makes the SB, so hard to see it as a bad move even if it was a half season rental.

    3. Straight from Sanders twitter account, he has confirmed no talks have occurred with, or offers have been made by, the 49ers as yet.

      His tweet was in response to someone else’s tweet that the 49ers had made an offer well below what Sanders is seeking.

  15. Watching the WRs in this draft has made me realise that it won’t just be 2020 with a good WR class. Next year could be just as good at the top, if not better, with the likes of Ja’Marr Chase, Rashod Bateman, DeVonta Smith, Jaylen Waddle, Justyn Ross, Amon-Ra St Brown. Those are just the guys I saw that kept flashing while watching this year’s prospects – there are no doubt others.

    Makes me wonder if the 49ers will try and bet on the young guys they currently have developing (and staying healthy), a cheaper vet, with maybe a later round prospect that falls, rather than take a WR early. Given the limited draft capital and some needs for depth and future starters at other positions.

  16. Geep.

    49ers need bigger targets for JG in the Redzone and somebody who is a beast on 3rd and 5 and can just smash a Db in his face out of the way to get open.

    Notre Dame’s Chase Claypool fits that bill and could be had in the 2-3rd rounds and is 6-4, 238, but with the salary cap situation, I believe the 49ers draft a CB as its a very deep draft there.

    Greenard looks like a player–he could be drafted there as you mentioned, but with Armstead still a question mark Niners could draft Oaklahoma’s DT, Neville Gallimore or Iowa’s DE, AJ Epenesa , who I expect will slide to Rd 2.

    I like your CB, Jeff Gladney–a position of need with an aging Sherman and unreliable Witherspoon, CB may be their choice.

    Remember Geep, Shany got the 49ers to the frickin Superbowl with a stable of RB’s and WR’s nobody’s heard of…Gut feeling tells me the 49ers are reloading the D first, leaving Shany to work his miracles again with the UDFA WR class.

    1. TomD
      * I agree with you on ND WR Chase Claypool. I had that conversation with Scooter yesterday, or the day before. Scooter made some good observation, but we agreed to disagree.
      * I believe both Jalen Hurd and Kendrick Bourne, if healthy, are capable of providing JG bigger targets in the RZ and as you say, are capable of smashing a Db in his face out of the way to get open. It’s also possible that Shawn Poindexter will contribute?
      * RB’s? All depends on what they decide to do with Matt Breida and Jerick McKinnon. IMO they should keep Tevin Coleman and give more reps to Jeff Wilson in the pre season and see if he’s a keeper?

  17. on the eve of free agency and for the first time in many years…..we are NOT sitting here dreaming about the cream of the crop in the 2020 FA class …..with $50 mil or more cap space to spend. Instead our thoughts are on our own free agents and the draft. We only have 3 URFA’s……most restricted free agents will/ have been tendered……and all or most team options have been picked up. So even if all the URFAs leave…….we still dont have more than 1-2 roster spots to fill!
    Hurd or TT could fill Sanders spot and Street, i believe started on the IR, would have Armstead’s. So we have just Wards spot…..1 spot! Hurd, TT, Street and Mckinnon are 4 guys…..if we lose ALL 3 URFA’s……we still have an extra body!!!
    And i think we will sing most, if not all 3 of our free agents! Not to mention Coleman at OT coming back.

    The point is clear to some by now…….if it is not…….you sure as heck better NEVER be insulting to ANYONE on this blog, EVER!
    Why the heck would we trade back for more picks!!!!!!!!!! Sure, some of you DON’T L IKE certain players…..but that’s too bad! The roster is more than full of talented players under contract! Sure, we all have our own wish list of what we want or think this team needs. for me, i want a 6’4 230+ lb. rb who runs a 4.40! Or a big , fast wr…..or another stud TE. Some want a cb even though we have 4 good ones……

    This is a year where we try to return the team we had and try to add 1-2 more REALLY good players! At 31 is where we might get one. Next year is the year we are gonna have to churn a good portion of the roster over…..and i know some of you will say we have to get out in front of it and start this year……but who would we cut!!??? The answer- the stinking draft picks! 4th, 5th 6th and 7th rounders aint making this team! No way!
    The only way i trade back is for two 2nds or a 2nd and a 3rd and a pick next year or something……and /or if we lose more than 1 of our 3 URFAs

      1. thanks rib. I was willing to go along with the “trade back” scenario…..but after reviewing the data…..we simply dont have the roster spots available!
        This team is talented and deep….and returning almost everyone. Were getting back more players than we’ll lose. Cuts will have to be made as it sits right now, even if we lose Ward, Armstead and ES….were getting back TT, Hurd, Shonn Coleman , Street and Mckinnon.
        So i dont see more than a few rookies making this team. Things could change and i could end up being wrong….

          1. Not to mention the guys “we’re getting back”, have major questions.
            Trent Taylor – Has suffered multiple injures in his career already and had 5 foot surgeries this off-season for his latest one.

            Hurd – Suffered a back injury in the preseason and he still isn’t medically cleared to return… given that he couldn’t fly to the superbowl… I’m guessing that one could be awhile to return from. Some reporters have questioned if he will ever play again.

            McKinnon – hasn’t played for a 2 seasons and carries a cap hit of 8.5 M, He will not be on the roster without a major contract rework. Given that he wasn’t a great runner before the injury and his game was based around speed and quickness, can SF afford to hold a roster spot for him?

            Street – Suffered a second major knee injury and likely will start next season on the pup list.

            Coleman – is a free agent.

            None of those guys look like players the team can rely on going forward at this point in time.

    1. Only 1 or 2 roster spots to fill? More like 10, at least. With 13 mil in cap space, they cannot re-sign them all, and extend Buckner and Kittle.
      Trading away players, and trading back in the draft, is the best way to keep the cap under control, while replenishing the roster.
      No one should be insulting to ANYONE on this blog, EVER? Good luck with that, although I would like a kinder, gentler Ameri-…. er, I mean blog. ;p

      1. alright seb, ill bite! you say 10 roster spots!!!??? did you not read my whole post? even if we lose all 3 of our free agents ( i dont think we will) we have 5 guys who started the season on IR, 4 of em never played a down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Im no math genius…but losing 2-3 and gaining 5 is a net of positive2-3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        We only have 3 free agents dude!!! Where are you getting your numbers????? or is this just one millionth case of you refusing to listen to the facts??!!
        How the hell do you figure we have 10 roster spots out of 53 open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????
        This is your problem, you just open your mouth and spew things out…..ignoring logic and facts!

        1. j, I will just say that the Niners will improve the roster. In 2017, they changed 40 players. In 2019, about 15 players were added.
          I did not declare they were starters. They were players who made the roster. There will be churn every year.They will sign at least 5 FAs or UDFAs. They will resign maybe one of Armstead, Ward or Sanders. They might draft 5 players who make the roster. They still have 3 players on RFA. They will try to re-sign as many players as possible.
          This team can improve. They could move on from McKinnon, Goodwin, Coleman, Person, Pettis, CJB, Nzeocha, Chris Thompson, Shawn Poindexter, Andrew Lauderdale, Jaryd Jones- Smith, Leonard Webster, Daniel Helm, Ray Smith, Willie Henry, Alex Barrett, Teez Tabor, Tim Harris, Chris Edwards. Jermaine Kelly .
          Those are 20 players who may not be on the roster, because JL has found superior players. This is not a loaded SB juggernaut like the Niners of the 80’s. In those teams, the rookies had to sit, study and work out to get stronger, and wait a couple years before playing. Aging Pro Bowl players would take less, just to get a backup spot, in order to win a ring. In the preseason, the Niner second stringers were often better than the other team’s first string. How I yearn for a return to the Glory Years, but I am a realist, who looks at the NFL League, and accepts the cold hard facts. The Niners are not one or 2 players away from returning to the SB. They need to improve in many areas, because all the other teams will have improved, too.

          1. seb says” the niners are NOT 1-2 players away from returning to the SB”

            I couldnt disagree more bud! we should have WON the SB!!! and were one of the, if not the youngest team in the NFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we have 2 old players, Sherm and Staley!
            Most players on that roster haven’t even hit their prime yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            We are the best team in the NFC! We dominated both play off games! Of the NFC teams …Dallas may emerge…..N.O only getting older…G.B and Minn. are a class below us. Sea. lost to us at home with EVERYTHING on the line……we have far more talent….just needed confidence to push past them…and we did! Do not see regression there.

            In the AFC- K.C and Bal. will lose talent due to having to pay young qbs soon!!!

            Our team will only get better as key players develop and enter their prime years! Id say were exactly 1-2 players from being a dynasty!
            And i didnt shoot down the idea of trading back altogether…..i said i’d love to end up with two 2nd rounders or a 2nd and a 3rd…….
            My point was- 6 trades to get a bunch of 5th, 6th and 7th round picks would be asinine because those players are unlikely to even make the team.
            NEXT year is the year we need to stockpile picks

            1. Guess what? Other than the 31st pick, all of the other Niner picks are 5th, 6th and 7th round picks. According to you, they are unlikely to even make the team.
              I sure wish the Niners could become a dynasty, but they did not consistently blow away the other teams. Maybe we should wait until they win a couple SBs, before declaring they are a dynasty.
              You are blithely ignoring the fact that the Niners have 15 players who are UFAs. They need to retain some of them, but they have only 13 mil in cap space, and want to re-negotiate Buckner and Kittle. The Niners will need to fill at least 10 roster spots, not 1 or 2. They need to improve the roster, because every opponent will have improved their roster, too.
              You think Dallas may emerge? Are you a fan of the Cowboys? I hope they lose every game. The Saints barely got beat by the Niners, and did not get past the Vikings, because I think they were looking ahead. The Seahawks were decimated by injuries. If one of their RBs had stayed healthy, they could have gained that extra inch, and the Niners would have had to have played an extra game on the road. GB and Minnesota were playoff teams, so I will not denigrate them as totally inferior opponents. This NFC is not going to be a cakewalk.
              The Niners will not surprise anybody, and as a SB competitor, every team they play will bring their A game, and make every game a dogfight. After going 13-3, the Niners will have one of the hardest schedules.

      2. Sebs-

        Your attempting your debbie-downer way of looking at things again. u tried that last year, and it didn’t work for you-from the draft to their play on the field.
        This team has solid mgmt who largely know what their doing–they put a quality product on the field………..
        Debbie Downer that u be, here’s your chance to let me have it later on; I will bet you they make the playoffs next year……50 dollar credit at the Gravenstein Grill……there it is. Will you pick up the gauntlet?????????????

        Or more political double-speak?

        1. Saw, Debbie Downer? I am just repeating statistics. Many teams who lose the SB have a hard time returning the next season. I will hope for a Threepeat, but mainly just want a ring, and did not want to wait a quarter century since the last one.
          I find a monetary bet can lead to hard feelings, especially when one welches on it. Let’s just make a gentlemen’s bet. If you are correct, I will acknowledge your football acumen. If I am correct, and I do not want to be correct, you will acknowledge my football knowledge. I have lost bets before, and acknowledged his football acumen.
          Let me make one thing very clear, I did not call for this bet, and hope that I am wrong. I hope the Niners pick last every year. However, statistics are on my side, so it may be unfair that I am letting you make a very hard bet to accomplish. The Seahawks were snakebit with all their RB injuries. They were one inch from securing the number one seed. They did make the playoffs, anyways, so they are a playoff team and could be a daunting challenge next season. The Rams still have Donald, a new DC, but more importantly, McVay wised up and hired an OC. The Cards will be able to draft that elite O lineman to protect Murray, so they may also improve. Winning this division may be no easy task. If the Niners do make the playoffs, it might be with a Wild Card spot.

  18. Last week, President Trump saw fit to issue a commutation to prolific Medicare fraudster Judith Negron, who had served only 8 years of an appropriate 35-year sentence, handed down in one of the largest Medicare frauds in history. South Florida, the epicenter of health care fraud, each year, has seen countless health care professionals like Negron willfully engage in elaborate schemes to bilk a system created to provide care to millions of elderly Americans.

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  19. It’s because of the level of depth at positions in that front seven that the defense was able to remain so competitive even with the loss of key individuals throughout the season. There’s absolutely no regret in the signing of those two because you can easily argue that the team doesn’t make the SuperBowl without them.

    When you consider the overall impact of everyone considered Armstead is the one most easily replaced. Let him free and spend the money in an area of the team that doesn’t already have an embarrassment of riches. It would be the same if the team went out and signed another RB to a top contract. Money better spent elsewhere for this team.

    1. There is a scenario where SF drafts another DT with their first pick.
      Armstead is a tag and trade, Ward and Sanders are resigned. One of the better DT’s slips due to a runs on db’s, o linemen, and wr’s coupled with some QBs being over-drafted.
      In this scenario I don’t think Armstead would be missed much at all.

      1. I really don’t think Armstead will be missed in any scenario that involves him leaving. The tag and trade is always the best case, we’ll see how many suitors he actually has. If he’s actually a hot ticket then great, we’ll get something decent for him. I have my doubts the market is really going to be there for him but who knows.

        I’d like to have Sanders back but almost simply for principle of the 3rd round pick used on him. If he can’t be had at a reasonable number then forget it. Hate the bad value for the high draft stock but what can you do?

        I was ready to be done with Ward last year. They should stick with Moore for this year.

        God help us if we use our first pick this year on another defensive lineman.

        1. Assuming the plan is to tag and trade Armstead, what happens if he is tagged and no team is willing to trade for him – because of high salary demands as well as giving up draft pick(s). Doesn’t the team have to pay him then for the year if he is franchised tagged? Or are they allowed to release him after determining that there are no trade partners.

          1. 1. Someone would trade for him period it may be as low as a third, but, yes, they would trade for him.
            2. Per my understanding, They can’t really negotiate with him if he’s under another teams ownership shall I say. There are generalities in the conversation, yes. However, so much of contract news is fake, it’s ridiculous.
            We have been consistently told how Jimmy was massively “over paid”, and we heard the same with CK before that. However, the guaranteed money is what really matters, and no injury guarantees are not the same.
            So, even a owning his rights for a year, to see if he can keep up with his current numbers is worth a fair amount.

    2. Captain “K” I do agree with your assessment Keep both Pettis AND Witherspoon…call it a ‘proving season’

    3. C4C

      Somewhere along the way, you began dreaming terrible things about
      Arik Armstead…. You should probably get excorcised…let it go…He’s one of the best DLinemen in the entire league and you keep coming up with dumb reasons to give him to another team to come back and play AGAINST the niners I really don’t get you….

  20. It amazes me how few think on here….we just spent multiple seasons seeing how hard it is to get a rookie up to speed or to play on a high level.

    I could think of only 2 -3 players drafted in the last 3 yrs that have been able to come in and give the team a decent contribution in their rookie season – let’s not even mention the fall in production in their 2yr.

    And still few on here are clamoring for Veterans to be traded or cut in favor of a rookie they have no idea would be better.

    If they let go Armstead, Emmanuel there is NO DOUBT there would be a drop off in production by rookies replacing them…..again NO DOUBT…….even if Moore replaces Ward there will be a drop off.

    1 game does make a difference, 49ers playing at home in the playoffs rather than travelling to GB does make a difference….

    use your brain and think of better scenarios instead of dumbing down the blog with your useless scenarios…..

    1. I make scenarios that will hopefully help the Niners win.
      You apparently are oblivious about past 49er history. Bill Walsh drafted 3 players to fill their defensive backfield and went from 6-10 to winning their first Super Bowl. Nick Bosa, Deebo Samuel and Dre Greenlaw blows up your theory. They were instrumental to their success last season, even though they were only rookies. With those rookies, they went from 4-12 to being in the SB.
      Believe it or not, the draft is really important. Very few teams have built a team solely through Free Agency and won a SB.
      It is a shrewd strategy to trade away players to get draft picks, rather than letting them walk in Free Agency due to their high price tag. Belichick employed that strategy with Chandler Jones, and won a SB.
      Winning football is not an immediate gratification sport. It takes long term planning, strategizing and building for the future. It is inherently advantageous to lock up players under rookie contracts, because that is the best way to manage the salary cap.
      Sounds like you are another poster who thinks it is smart to make it twice as hard to win. In the 80’s, the team that hosted the NFCC Game, usually went on to win the SB.
      Sure, it would be nice to re-sign all their players, but with 13 mil in cap space, that is just delusional thinking to think they can re-sign Armstead, Ward and Sanders, along with 14 other Free agents.
      Many pundits have claimed that this is a very deep and talented draft. Being content to get only one player from the first 155 picks, may be being content to losing. I want the Niners to win.

  21. The rumor mill is starting to heat up. I just read that niners trade JG and sign Brady then next offseason sign Kirk. Then also you hear JG Traded to the Pats and Brady to niners. I wouldnt trade JG to the Pats unless they trade alot back. Why do them any favors. If they wanted to trade JG for a 2nd round pick only thats on them.

    My logic which I doubt will happen would be if they really want Brady and he wants to sign and they really want to let JG go why not see what the Bengals want for the number 1 pick or even the redskins. You would assume the bengals would take Burrows but need a QB wouldnt hurt to ask. If they say no ask the redskins and the draft Chase Young. Pair him and Bosa then sign Brady. Im sure Shanny would change the playbook for Brady then sign his QB next year in Kirk.

    Trade JG, future picks and maybe Arik or another young player

    1. If Brady does sign with the Niners , the Niners should trade JG to the Dolphins for 2 of their 3- first round picks.
      Then the Niners will have Brady, and 3 first round picks, including the 5th overall pick.
      I agree, they should do nothing to help the Pats win another ring. They should learn from past history. They traded Trent Brown to the Pats, and he helped them win a ring.

    2. There’s no guarantee that Brady will win a SB if he dons a 49er uni. The same goes for Jimmy and Kirk.

      I believe that our current roster is SB ready. We only lost the SB because our defense was worn out by the 4th Qtr. Losing players like Blair, Taylor and maybe even possibly Street may have played a big reason for our loss.
      Our defense (especially front line) ran out of gas and we had no one to spell them.
      Dee Ford played like he wasn’t fully healed and the same could be said of Alexander.
      I believe in our current roster, staying healthy is our nemesis.

  22. This guy is one of my favorite players this year. Can’t really see him landing with us but he’s going to be a heck of a player.

    Jeremy Chinn, S, Southern Illinois
    Entering the combine, team sources called Chinn a player who could rise because he is a size/speed freak who impressed teams during the Senior Bowl interviews. As expected, Chinn had an excellent workout at the combine, ripping off a 4.46-second yard 40-yard dash at 6-foot-3, 221 pounds. Team sources view Chinn as being a potential hybrid linebacker and safety who can be utilized in a variety of ways. He could go as early as the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

  23. OG/C, CB, WR, S, OT are how I see the top 5 needs of the team.

    I rank them as:

    1. CB
    2. OG/C
    3. S
    4. WR
    5. OT

    I struggle with the S/WR ranking. I could easily swap those and might the next time I rank them.

  24. A guy who has seen all of Brady’s games the last few years, Scott Zolak, thinks the 49ers should stick with Garoppolo.

  25. Geep, I agree with you about Herd, haven’t seen enough of Poindexter.

    Yeah, Hurd is talented and maybe a D11 product or lesser known player like Bourne can be found saving our picks for the Defense.

  26. Razor
    * Blacklock is a good NT that’s played as a 1 and 3 tech, but don’t believe he’s ever played 5 tech, or DE?
    * He should be on the board at pick #31, but may not be if 9ers trade down? I doubt the 9ers would take him at #31. What’s your opinion?
    * Suffered an Achilles injury in August 2018 and missed entire season. Is 2 years removed and shouldn’t be a problem, but will need to pass medical exam.
    * 9er needs in 2020 draft:

    1. I’ve got a 3rd round grade on him. I think they’ll draft a defensive lineman to replenish the depth that was decimated last year, but not with their 31st pick….

  27. Coronavirus is revealing the depths of Trump’s incompetence…..
    Trump facing revolt from senior GOP officials over ‘incompetent’…..

    1. I care:
      . They can smoke weed now
      . More players added to the roster
      . Favors the low paying athlete
      . Insurance for retired players

        1. I am going to assume the link has something to do with Eric Reid.

          Reid lost all credibility to talk when he started attacking those currently supporting the NFL community outreach programs…..

          I am tired of those that just want to be angry and bitter about everything without bring anything positive to the table……Kap, Reid and co…..

          This also applies to those that whine or give lame excuses about Dems and Repubs are the same (which they are not) – so they refuse to participant in bringing change….

            1. First you ask if we care – then you post a dumb link – and then say educate yourself…..

              If you have something to say about it – say it – stop being a coward hiding behind Eric Reid……

              And why the F…k do we care about the CBA – like it or not we fans have NO say about it…….maybe you are the one that needs the education on priorities…..

              1. So you care in one comment, and then ask why we care?

                I’m not hiding behind Eric Reid. You parroted the owners talking points. The link from Reid goes into how those talking points are incorrect.

                I don’t care about it. If these guys don’t want to sign it that’s fine. The owners can move on with other players just like they did in 87.

              2. You say I should educate myself – then you claim I parroted the owners talking points……..

                So far it looks like the majority of the players are going to vote for it…

                which one is it…..what do you want?

                The truth is I have only followed the points mentioned on NFL rumors sites…..I am not wasting my time reading a document that has nothing to do with me as a fan……

                I already pointed out about the points I care about, if you and Eric Reid feel they are incorrect please correct/educate us instead of wasting our time whining and assuming we care…

              3. If you choose not to open the link there’s zero ability to educate and you are doing exactly what you often call out Trumpians for not doing.

                What was posted had zero to do with being angry or bitter. It was a detailed document stating why the proposed CBA is not a positive for the players.

            2. Jack Hammer is this you?

              The link is Eric Reid’s point of view.

              I don’t trust Eric Reid anymore after seeing his actions and reactions over the years.

              You think by reading Eric Reid’s point of view I will be educating myself on the CBA?

              No – dude …..like I said earlier – it is really not my fight, so I really have nothing to gain.

              You on the other hand keep saying educate yourself – all you did was post a link to twitter (I don’t tweet or click on tweets)

              You brought up the issue and have not written one thing about the CBA you want to discuss.

              unlike Trumpians – I am for freedom of debate…..I mention 4 things I read on NFL sites about the CBA I like…..you have not mentioned any……..dude – where is the beef?

              It was a detailed document stating why the proposed CBA is not a positive for the players. = So why are they voting for it?……Dude I can’t fight all the battles
              (especially ones that are none of my biz)- the players are voting for it, who am I to question them?

              1. Yes. I changed it a while ago.

                No. The link is what he received from his attorneys. There’s a lot of what they wrote which we’ve been hearing from the guys who are going into the details of the proposal.

                It is likely that it will pass because many will see only a few data points and not realize the devil is in the details.

              2. From a Fan of the game

                I think it’s a crime not to allow players to use Med MJ. – less suspensions

                Team gets more players on the depth chart.- less thinkin into who makes it on gameday

                More money to the mid – low players – good for the nfl overall

                HOF and retired players are all for it – they deserve it..

                From my angle – it’s all good.

                The idea that employees can dictate what to Employers…..is all good too but not happening.

    2. Of course. Tweets like this from Reid are just one side of the story though.

      One thing that seems to be getting swept under the rug a bit in trying to make everything “fair and equitable” (which from a players perspective seems to mean they should get 50% of the revenue) is whether this deal is better for the players than the previous CBA. In some areas it is not, and that is the thing I would be most concerned about as a player. I know you often need to make concessions in some areas to get improvements in others, but the players will need to figure out if those concessions are worth it.

    3. J.P., would you be interested in typing up an article on how the new CBA will affect the players and letting me post it on my blog? I thought about doing one myself, but I think you could do more justice to the subject matter.

  28. oneniner says:
    March 11, 2020 at 8:47 am
    Coronavirus is revealing the depths of Trump’s incompetence…..
    Trump facing revolt from senior GOP officials over ‘incompetent’…..

    Reply: Can’t blame them. The first person Trump Admin cleared off Grand Princess, docked in Oakland, is now here in Utah attending BYU basketball games. We’ve had to check everyone in the arena who was within 6’….Thank god for the whistle blower below:


      1. WHO declares coronavirus outbreak a pandemic, ……Local leaders take coronavirus fight into own hands absent federal direction.

        Trump voter (ninermd, Razoreater, Houston , AES) – We don’t want big government – get the government out of our lives….

        Coronavirus enter scene……

        Trump voter (ninermd, Razoreater, Houston , AES) – Where is the government to help us…..we need a government big enough to protect us all….

        1. One9
          I hear the roar for 4more my friend.
          Looks like your socialist Bernie is on his way out. Uncle Joe doesn’t stand a chance, and Pocahontas lost in her own state.

          Who else are you going to trot out?
          Just come over to the Right side, lol.
          But in the meantime just keep being divisive that seems to be your best quality.

          1. lol….nice to hear from you my Red friend….

            I can feel the nervousness in your comment…..Uncle Joe is exactly what we need to beat Krump………Repubs are so scared they want to subpoena Biden’s son…..

            I am sure you saw the blue wave passing through the south and up north in Michigan – and Krump is drunk on Corona……stay tuned…..the change is coming….

            1. We ALL want to be like Argentina………..Cuba………….North Korea………Soviet Union…………failed communist states in Africa…………Nazi Germany, a Socialist state…etc., etc………..because some people have things that other people do not–and I want free stuff!!!

              Except the loud ones will never admit-operative word here being “never”- you reap what you sow-there is no free lunch-somebody somewhere worked hard to pay for it.

        2. oneniner – I am also a member of the Trump cult, I know I haven’t been around much lately but please count me as a member.

  29. This blog is a dubious source for reliable and accurate football analysis from commenters or the host. There’s just too much nonsense and gibberish to wade through in search of the occasional good insight. And that’s on football.
    This blog and it’s collective discussions are even WORSE with respect to politics and reliable statements with regard to infectious disease.
    Our ideas about football are pretty harmless. The other stuff is laughably ignorant. I don’t expect anything to change.

    1. Well, did anyone see the Christine Anapour & Company show on PBS last night?

      Christine asked Adam Schiff if he would endorse Biden or Sanders on her show. Schiff said he couldn’t because of ongoing impeachment technicalities, “but I would tell the American people to vote for the person with the best public health care plan.”….

      Sounds like this House Intelligence Security Council Chairman has heard more than we know in his daily security breafings about Covid-19 and that Medicare for all is the safest strategy to stop a pandemic

      1. cmon…how is medicare for ALL a safe strategy…….

        Safer strategy is to have a ready to go command center whenever these viruses come up and to have an competent leader who cares about science and funds research on stuff like this………

        1. oneniner says:
          March 11, 2020 at 12:27 pm
          cmon…how is medicare for ALL a safe strategy…….

          Many books have been written on the subject. Most state that the United States would be the number one country for a pandemic because of a medical charge for doctor visitations.

          Countries with Universal HC can stop into a clinic at anytime, so can be tested, and the virus stopped with quick medical treatment. Those countries that subject poorer citizens to pay, who can’t, spread the pandemic.

          You’re witnessing the unraveling of the mantra: “I’ve run my own buisness, the other candidates haven’t, therefore, I’m most qualified to be president.”

          Unfortunately, viruses don’t care about the stock market; amount of wealth one accumulates; or businessmen–they do what they want until stopped.

          This administrations response to the corona virus has been to minimize its potency for fear of a stock market crash (typical buisnessman move); is two months late producing test kits and demolished the pandemic response team that GW Bush started, then was continued under President Obama.


            1. Medicare for all-regardless of who pays into the system? What would the budget for that be? How much of my take home pay goes to me? And how much of my pay that I worked for goes to professional, career politicians?
              There are also MANY other books that have proven that these same career politicians used Social Security as their “General Fund”-monies to dip into and use as they see fit.
              Medicare, as we all know has been grossly mis-managed by the Feds, such that if these people worked in the private sector-where results are expected-they would be in jail for malfeasance, miss-appropriation of funds, or some combination of both. But these same politicians that Crazy Bernie and his socialist followers want us to trust see no jail time-ever. They do it with impunity.

              And now were supposed to give these same people even MORE money-many who have never lifted a shovel or met a payroll??
              I’ll go to jail before I let these crooks handle any more of my money………….

  30. Pot…Kettle
    * Reference DE Jason Strowbridge, North Carolina.
    Finally found time to watch some of his tape. Watched the Clemson, S. Carolina, Virginia Tech and Duke games. He also flashed at the Senior Bowl.
    * IMO, he has good length, toughness and hand usage at the point of attack, but lacks the suddenness and short area directional change to be an elite pass rusher. A year of NFL coaching and weight program, should help him become a starter. His NFL combine results (40 = 4.89s, 3 cone drill = 7.45s and 20 Yd shuttle = 4.37s) back up that assessment.
    * Some NFL scouts are projecting him as early as late first RD., or early second Rd. If the 9ers drafted him in early 3rd Rd. I’d rate him with some of the other 9er’s top mid round draft picks.

  31. I make it my policy to never comment on religion or politics, since I consider it nobody’s business but mine! But this is the one time I’ll break that policy!
    “Exclusive: White House told federal health agency to classify coronavirus deliberations – sources”
    * The White House has ordered federal health officials to treat top-level coronavirus meetings as classified, an unusual step that has restricted information and hampered the U.S. government’s response to the contagion, according to four Trump administration officials. The officials said that dozens of classified discussions about such topics as the scope of infections, quarantines and travel restrictions have been held since mid-January in a high-security meeting room at the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), a key player in the fight against the coronavirus.
    * Staffers without security clearances, including government experts, were excluded from the interagency meetings, which included video conference calls, the sources said. “We had some very critical people who did not have security clearances who could not go,” one official said. “These should not be classified meetings. It was unnecessary.”

    I don’t care if you’re a Dem. or a GOP, this is the definition of INSANITY and epitome of shooting oneself in the foot!
    It’s past time to end the whining about it being a Dem. conspiracy to bring the administration down. The need for absolute transparency, at all levels of Government, is of paramount importance if the US is going to be successful at ending a Corona-19 Pandemic. What ever your political dogma, this is about National Security and the well being of America. It is NOT about Trump, the GOP, Dems, or politics!

    1. Transparency……………….like when Obama told the nation, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”!
      We now know that he knew that was a lie before he told that to the nation…………….but the Bernie gang never said a word.
      Critical thinking in this Nation has been shouted down for so long that we prefer a lie to the truth–as long as its what we want to hear-at that moment. So did the Germans in the 20’s and 30’s.

      How about we outlaw both of these political parties and discuss the issues only?

  32. 12,000 have died from the flu since Oct 1 with an expected 20,000 +, are the estimated deaths at the end of the season..

    27 have died from the virus.

    neither one has a cure as of yet.

    1. am going to bet you did not go or finish college……true or false?

      WHO declares coronavirus outbreak a pandemic……

      undercenter just to clarify the WHO is not a person…..I know I just blew your brain cells…

      1. oneniner
        * “am going to bet you did not go or finish college” OK, how much can you afford to lose?
        Yea, you’re right…just a dumb ass MSEE, Stanford grad! But hey, who’s counting?
        “WHO is not a person” Yep, who( no pun intended), knew it’s the World Health Organization?
        * There’s a reason Trump loves grade school dropout, oneniner….HAVE YOU FIGURED OUT WHY?

  33. BREAKING NEWS: The NBA season has been suspended effective immediately due to a player on the Utah Jazz tests positive for Covid-19.

    1. Rudy Gobert jokingly touched all of the reporter’s microphones. The jokes on him, now that he has the Corona Virus.
      I thought basketball players were smarter than that. Guess he proved me wrong.

  34. Nigel Kilby, TE, Southern Illinois

    Height 6’7 1/2
    Weight 254
    83 wingspan
    Hand size 10 4/8
    40 yd dash 4.66
    Broad 10’6

  35. Raz,
    Back (way back) in the day the old real non-gypsy raiders used to scour the small colleges to find talent.
    Players like Willie Brown, Gene Upshaw and Raymond Chester, just to name a few, were AFL stalwarts that played a huge part in the AFL solidifying their talent pool.

    There are definitely some players under the radar that have and will make a name for themselves. I certainly hope that the 49ers can find them this year and beyond.

  36. Raz,
    Back (way back) in the day the old real non-gypsy raiders used to scour the small colleges to find talent.
    Players like Willie Brown, Gene Upshaw and Raymond Chester, just to name a few, were AFL stalwarts that played a huge part in the AFL solidifying their talent pool.

    There are definitely some players under the radar that have and will make a name for themselves. I certainly hope that the 49ers can find them this year and beyond.

  37. Questions to all…

    – Will the NFL draft event in Las Vegas go as usual, with huge throngs watching the draft in person, players hugging Roger Goodell and so on?

    – Will next season have games played in front of empty stands?

    – Is there a reasonable possibility there will be no 2020 season? If so how will the 2021 draft order be determined?

    – It’s almost certain the Coronavirus will change NFL revenues one way or another. How will this impact the CBA? What about roster and game bonuses?

    – Will too many Americans continue to labor under the false impression Eddie Haskell (of Leave It To Beaver fame) and Alice Cooper are the same person?

      1. Just don’t tell Mrs. Cleaver her hair smells nice… at least until you’re over three feet tall.

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