49ers analysis: What to do with Richard Sherman

Should the 49ers give Richard Sherman the Ronnie Lott treatment?

Lott was the best defensive back of his generation and perhaps ever. But in March of 1991 — 29 years ago — the 49ers chose not to re-sign him. Chose to let him leave during free agency. He was 31 years old and had just made the All-Pro team. But at the time, the 49ers’ motto was to release a player a year too soon rather than a year too late, so they let Lott sign with the Raiders.

Sherman will turn 32 on March 30. He’s still a good cornerback — he made the Pro Bowl last season. But he’s getting old, and he’s expensive, and cutting him would roughly double the 49ers’ cap space. They currently have less than $13 million to spend.

The 1991 49ers probably would have cut 32-year-old Sherman. Should the current 49ers cut him or keep him? Let’s examine both possibilities.

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  1. Ahkello Witherspoon gave up a 52.1 completion percentage and Sherman gave up a 59.2 completion percentage.

    Yikes. Grant, if your inference is that the Niners already have a player on the roster that could take Sherman’s place, then again…. Yikes.

  2. Love to move on from him………but letting him go would affect morale in the locker room….

    They need to draft a replacement now

  3. I wonder how healthy he was in the playoffs? He had the hamstring late in the regular season and considering that type of injury and his age I wouldn’t be surprised if he was not 100%.

    Moving him to safety is not the answer. They will cut him along with Ford next year. They can add some talent next year when they have more picks and cap flexibility.

    1. james, your constant criticism of and desire to cut Ford is pissing me off! Has been for months. and second….We wont be cutting Sherm next year either ‘cuz his contract will be up!! You act as if you know it all when you dont even know the basics, like RS contract being up in a year.
      I get D. Ford being a disappointment based on his salary….but there is a lot left to be determined still. If he can get and stay healthy….he brings a lot to this team! An elite pass rusher at $15mil a year is almost a bargain.
      The guy who, based on salary is killing us….is Solomon! Hes making $9 mil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      The cap panic is just that, unnecessary panic ! Armstead is getting singed, Sanders will walk…..Ward is 50/50

      Next year we have Staley, Sherm and Solomon coming off the book and freeing up around $35 mil just between those 3! So we dont have to cut Ford unless we want to.
      This year, Mckinnon wont be counting $8mil against the cap no matter what….so 13 goes to 21….and when we cut Tevin coleman…well have at LEAST $25 MIL!!! Combine that with another player or 2 getting cut here and a restructure or 2 there….and we’ll be alright.

      Lastly, idk about moving RS to safety! Everyone acts as if its soooo easy. maybe it is, but i dont know. The criticism is his speed…..a slow FS could be a nightmare!! He has ideal size and superior intelligence/instincts…..so its a maybe…..but $13 mil is a whole lot for a FS that is anything less than an All-Pro

  4. Isn’t his contract guaranteed for next year after making the pro bowl? I don’t think we can cut him without a heavy financial repercussion.

      1. I guess he gets more clicks when he writes from a negative angle. That is the only reason I can think of as to why he would continue with dumb ideas like this and Garoppolo being replaced by Brady.

    1. Exactly! Let’s get rid of a cornerback who gave up the lowest yards per attempt and one of the lowest QBR ratings in the league…


  5. Cut his A$$. Can’t stand the guy. BUT only do it if you have a better, younger, less expensive option. Otherwise. Stupid effing idea.

    1. Houston,
      They are not going to get anyone better, younger or cheaper this off season so I think you’re going to have to put up with him one more year. You may not be able to stand him but it seems that his team mates love him and at least thats a positive.

      1. I’m sure you’re right but the Baker Mayfield debacle and several other instances where Sherman appeared to manufacture drama from thin air must have hurt his credibility with some of his teammates. I don’t disagree with your statement. Just saying if that guy were my friend I would lose a little respect for him after it became painfully obvious he lied.

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              6. Where did he stated he hasn’t picked a side? Ridiculous comments one. Now back to football. The team still needs RS’ leadership; the fact that he still plays at a high level and will probably do so for at least another year, makes this a no-brainer. Except to Grant.

  6. “Would it be smart to lose all three of those players or any of those players just to keep Sherman one more season?”

    No, but unfortunately Sherman is the best cornerback on the team right now with Moseley behind him.

    Should have included the passer rating allowed by each of the 3 listed, or maybe the number of touchdowns allowed.

  7. ‘The Niners should give him the Ronnie Lott treatment.’
    Yes, they should move Sherman to safety, so he can prolong his career, just like they did with Ronnie Lott.
    Yes, Walsh cut Ronnie Lott and Roger Craig, but he had players in place to replace them.
    JL will not pull a Baalke, and dismantle a SB team, jettisoning veteran talent and leadership.

    1. You really are clueless about 49er football if you think Sherman can play safety in this defense….

      1. You are really clueless to think no CB has ever moved to safety.
        Ronnie Lott did it, and won SBs.
        You obviously think Pro Bowl players are busts and cannot play.

        1. dumbzz….. nobody said Corners don’t move to Safety…..we are talking about average speed Sherman who will need to tackle 100% of the time…..be the last person on defense to stop the ball…..

              1. Scooter,
                I am not saying he can’t play safety in this defense. I AM saying if you don’t think he’s fast enough to play corner in this defense then you also wouldn’t want him playing safety in this defense either.
                The traditional seattle defense is essentially a 3 safety defense, each corner covers deep to shallow on their respective zone (this also explains why the completion percentage can be higher against this defense). The Single high safety though has to be able to cover more ground, change directions quickly, and give corners over top help on deep balls and he doesn’t have the benefit of the sideline to help him. This means they have to cover a lot more ground and do on most plays.
                So in this defense, he either has the speed to play corner or not, and if not, then also doesn’t have the speed to play safety. From what I saw and from what the data showed he was one of the best corners in the NFL in this system… so I would leave him alone.
                I’ve always said if the niners need salary cap space then its there… just renegotiate Jimmy’s salary and give him a bit more guaranteed money later and they should have all the space they need.

            1. @SEB – Prime is right, you are a dunderhead……

              you do know the strong safety is mostly responsible for the stopping the run game and covering TE’s ……..

              1. You have less football knowledge than Prime, to declare that Sherman cannot play safety.
                Tartt and Sherman would make a strong duo as safeties. Like Jack says, they will disguise the coverages, and use them interchangeably.
                Ward may walk. Emmanuel Moseley and Tarvarius Moore might be the CBs, if they can manage to trade Witherspoon to the Dolphins for a 4th round pick.

              2. Sherman isn’t a free safety or a strong safety. Besides that, it makes zero sense to move your best CB to a position he’s never played to make room for a guy who isn’t as good to begin with.

                « Emmanuel Moseley and Tarvarius Moore might be the CBs »

                That’s just awful.

                Push the keyboard away and go do something you know.

              3. Yes, take our best cover corner and make him a single high safety where he will he will have to cover more ground and not have the boundaries to help him. Or make him an in the box safety where he will be chasing TE’s and tacking on blockers.
                The reality is, the cover 3 defense is basically a 3 safety defense anyway. So he’s always kind of played in that roll.

              4. Did you watch Sherman get burned twice in the playoffs? In the NFCC Game against the Packers, and in the SB against the Chiefs, Sherman let the receiver run past him, and he did not have enough recovery speed. That does not sound best to me. Even Grant states that Sherman has lost a step.
                Emmanuel Moseley started at CB in the SB.
                Tarvarius Moore was drafted as a CB, and with his 4.32 forty speed, he could stay with the receivers. Moore was not good enough to beat out Ward at safety, but his blazing speed could help at CB.
                Still, they may draft a CB, so Moseley, Moore and the rookie could compete for the starting jobs.

              5. In the SB, when they went with the trips formation to one side, and put Kelce alone on the other side, Sherman covered Kelce, the TE.

              6. “Did you watch Sherman get burned twice in the playoffs? In the NFCC Game against the Packers, and in the SB against the Chiefs, Sherman let the receiver run past him, and he did not have enough recovery speed.“

                And you want to put him in a position where speed is even more important?

              7. « Even Grant states that Sherman has lost a step. »

                LOL. Even Grant. Oh boy. Pretty much everyone says the guy has lost a step. He’s still their best CB.

                « Emmanuel Moseley started at CB in the SB. »

                Right. Because he’s their 2nd best CB.

                « Tarvarius Moore was drafted as a CB, and with his 4.32 forty speed, he could stay with the receivers.
                Moore was not good enough to beat out Ward at safety, but his blazing speed could help at CB. »

                That speed is why they want him at FS. In cover 3 there’s a lot of grass for that position to cover.

                « Still, they may draft a CB, so Moseley, Moore and the rookie could compete for the starting jobs. »

                They should draft a CB. They could use an upgrade for Witherspoon that could step in and replace Sherman in 2021.

                « In the SB, when they went with the trips formation to one side, and put Kelce alone on the other side, Sherman covered Kelce, the TE. »

                Right, because they were playing Kelce like a WR in that situation.

              8. Seb, I said RS was going to get exposed after watching the first GB game. He did in the playoffs. But even at that, I am not for cutting or trading Sherman. The collapse was complete from officiating, to coaching, to the pass rush.

                The team and the coaches knew better than anyone their own weaknesses. They got exposed in a perfect storm. The lack of a holding call. The lackluster effort by Ford and the poor angle by Buckner.

                I don’t think it makes any sense at all to move on from Sherman. The team was literally 8 minutes from winning a super bowl and you want to overhaul the team. A team that lost 3 games by 6 or less. Relax. You’re overthinking things.

                Changing gears, I think Carr ends up in New England if Brady walks.

              9. Shoup, when CBs lose a step, they can be converted to the Safety position.
                Sherman did play at CB, where speed is essential.
                I would like the Niners to trade back, get picks in the second, third and 4th rounds, and possibly pick a player like Antoine Winfield, Terrell Burgess, Kyle Dugger or Jeremy Chinn.
                They are fast enough to become that single high safety. Maybe Moore might win the job, but Ward out competed Moore for that FS spot. Then have Sherman at SS and use Tartt in the Nickle as that Hybrid LB.
                Sherman could play for 4 more years as the SS, instead of being cut after this season. They do like his leadership on the field, and in the locker room.
                JP, that reference was for oneniner and him doubting that Sherman would be able to cover the TE.
                Matt, I do not want to move on from Sherman. I want him to extend his career by moving to safety, like Ronnie Lott did with the Niners. I want the coaches to accentuate his strengths, and disguise his weaknesses.
                Yes, I may be insistent on moving Sherman to safety, but we do not know what the new DB coach will do.
                Carr, to the Patriots? What are you smokin’? ;p
                If the Patriots do move on from Brady, they might look closely at Taysom Hill. The Saints cannot afford both Brees and Hill. Belichick may even prefer Tannehill over Carr.

              10. “ Shoup, when CBs lose a step, they can be converted to the Safety position“

                Says the moron who has never laced up a football cleat in his life.
                Whatever the 49ers did decades ago Seb thinks will work in today’s NFL.
                Delusional from stupidity or the purple haze? I say both!

              11. Quit denigrating Ronnie Lott. He converted to safety from the CB position, won SBs and is in the HOF.
                Why try to claim something is impossible, when it happens all the time, and it has gone on for over 30 years.
                You bet 200 bucks the Niners would draft Trubisky, then welched on the bet. You should be the last person in the world to claim he knows football.

              12. “Shoup, when CBs lose a step, they can be converted to the Safety position.“

                Seb, that might be true if SF ran a different defense. In this defense the safety has more ground to cover, not less. So his lack of speed would be exposed even more.

                Not all defenses are the same. When’s Lott moved to Safety, sf ran a lot of man with a split or kind of a robber safety. This meant the safety didn’t have to be as fast. The Seattle D asks the safety to cover the middle of the field and the corners to cover the boundaries… meaning speed and change of direction is more important for the safety than for the corners.

              13. Shoup, if you think Sherman is too slow to be a strong safety, he is certainly too slow to be CB.
                In this past Combine, 22 WRs ran 4.5 or less seconds in the 40 yard dash. 6 ran sub 4.4 second forties. CBs will need to have enough speed to keep up with them.

              14. Seb,
                see J.P. ‘s comment…
                “The safeties are interchangeable in this defense.”

                You need to look at the type of defense we run and what we ask our safeties to do before simply saying convert him to safety. That would be fine if we ran a traditional 2 deep zone where speed wasn’t important. Look at our Safeties speed.
                Tartt – 40-yard dash: 4.53 and 4.47 seconds – pro day
                Ward – 40-yard dash: 4.47 s – pro day
                Moore – 40-yard dash: 4.32 – combine

                Are you starting to notice the theme there? Hint those are all very fast times for safety and they are all faster Sherman’s 40 time coming out of college.

              15. This whole conversation is kind of odd. It certainly should not be just assumed Sherman can transition to safety, as while some players have done it in the past at the back end of their careers not many have. They are different positions. Not many players can excel at both.

                However, Sherman is probably a guy that could play safety pretty well, as he is a very intelligent player that understands the game very well. Yeah, he’s slow, but he’s slow regardless of which DB spot he plays. He makes it work at CB, he can probably make it work at safety. Tre Boston is slow. He has played single high safety and played well because he knows where to be.

                To make matters more odd though, Sherman is still clearly the best CB on the team. In fact, he’s still one of the best CBs in the NFL. Why move him off the back of an excellent season? Why would he want to move? If he was coming off a down year it would make more sense, but that isn’t the case. Plus Sherman is considerably more expensive than any other DB on the roster, on top end CB money. You would be replacing Ward with a guy that is much more expensive, uncertain as to whether he’s good there, and need to find a CB to replace Sherman.

                But then you have Seb saying to move him to SS. Huh? Tartt is at SS. He’s very good at it. Why replace him with a guy that is still a good CB? I assume the plan would be to move Tartt to FS, but why? He’s better at SS, and not as good a FS as Ward. You would be weakening 3 positions in one go, not just two. While Sherman is a generally sound tackler for a CB, he’s not a forceful hitter like you want your SS to be.

                To be frank, if you think Sherman isn’t capable of playing CB at a high level anymore just cut him. Re-sign Ward to play FS rather than move the untried Sherman and his expensive contract there. Find a replacement for Sherman in FA and/ or the draft. But then if you think Sherman can’t play CB at a high level anymore I really don’t know what you were watching last season.

              16. I agree with Scooter and Shoup. I believe the 49ers want Moore speed at the FS position.

              17. I would like to have the Niners find and draft that fast FS who can play as the single high safety like Earl Thomas. Then, if Sherman becomes the strong safety, Tartt can be the hybrid nickle LB, which the Niner defense goes into about a third of the time.
                Maybe Moore can be that FS, but he was supplanted by Ward. With Ward possibly leaving, he may have another chance. They originally drafted Moore to play corner, but he played safety in college.
                This is just an example of the type of player the Niners want. They want a DB who can be versatile, and play different positions, so they can disguise the coverages and keep the offense guessing.
                I have no doubt that Sherman could play safety. Then he will not be seen trailing the WR in the SB, allowing the catch that helped the Chiefs win the game. As CB, that is what happened to Sherman, and it also happened in the Green Bay game.
                Over the years, every player loses a step. Instead of denying reality, the Niners need to confront that fact and make prudent adjustments.
                At least I am not calling for the Niners to cut Sherman, and save 13 mil in the cap. I want him to extend his career as a safety, just like Ronnie Lott. I think he has leadership skills, and his experience has helped teach the young DBs.

              18. I generally leave a conversation involving Shoup, Hammer, and Scooter with a deeper more rationalized understanding of the game. While also getting a better grasp of why a projected move would not work.
                It’s like a google translation service to all the hyperbole of the off season. Much appreciated.

                I hadn’t thought of Hill to NE. Makes sense. Would be interesting to see how that unfolds long term.

              19. Matt, do not get me wrong. I firmly believe Brady will test the waters, then return to the Patriots. It is just a carefully orchestrated dance. Yee is the agent for both Brady and JG, so he may be stoking the fires to obtain the most for his client. JG understands it is just business, and will not get upset about the speculation.
                However, Brady has very short term prospects, so Hill seems to be a logical alternative for the future. He is one of the better FAs available.
                Belichick will most likely be drafting a QB, too. Two prospects he might like since they can be obtained later is Jalen Hurts or Cole McDonald. They are both mobile QBs with good arms.

              20. Seb, I could be missing something, but When I look at Belichick’s body of work, his backup QBs behind Brady haven’t been mobile. I could be missing someone.

              21. Matt, he had great success with Brady, but there is a new wave of mobile, yet accurate QBs evolving around the league, Mahomes, Jackson, Wilson, Watson, Prescott, Murray, Hill and others are presenting a dual threat, which gives them an inherent advantage. If a QB is mobile enough to elude the pass rush, that is a good skill to have.
                Both Hurts and McDonald have fast 40 times, and they look accurate on tape. Belichick is smart, and will adapt with the times.

    2. Why weaken CB and FS in one offseason, all while increasing the $$ being paid the the FS? If the want to let one position go, cut Sherman and re-sign Ward. It would be cheaper and you’d be getting a proven quality FS.

      Sherman moving to FS to prolong his career makes sense – for him, longer term. But not at his current cap hit.

      1. QUESTION: Why do we argue with a fool?
        * Because we foolishly believe we can educate him? WRONG! His history proves we can’t
        1) Why not ignore him? We only enable him, when we try correcting him!
        2) How many times does a fool have to prove he does NOT know what he’s talking about?
        3) We know his narcissistic ego won’t let him admit he’s wrong, so why waste our time?
        4) Mark Twain: “Never Argue With a Fool, Onlookers May Not Be Able To Tell the Difference.”

  8. Regardless of stats Sherman is twice the CB that Witherspoon is. Sherman may give up the occasional deep ball but most of the yards he gives up are underneath. Witherspoon gets beat over the top constantly. If Witherspoon is going to be Shermans replacement I say absolutely not. I wonder who replaced Lott? Did they have someone waiting in the wings to replace Lott? That is not the case with Sherman.

    1. Between 1983 and 1998 the 49ers missed the playoffs one time. That year, 1991, their first year after Lott and Craig were let go by Seifert and Carmen Policy.

      And to specifically answer your question OC, no, they didn’t have a guy waiting in the wings. They tried unsuccessfully to replace Lott with a guy named Todd Bowles. Yeah, the guy who has since become a coach. He lasted only that one season in SF.

      1. J.P.,
        Todd Bowles WOW I don’t even remember him playing for the 9ers. Sounds like it might not have been the best move the FO ever made.

        1. Walsh left and Policy tried to be like him, but wasn’t close. The only thing that kept the franchise winning for so long was that they had Montana followed by Young, and then even at the end it was the poor roster moves that ended Young’s career.

      2. Wasn’t Dana Hall the guy the 49ers drafted to be Ronnie Lott’s replacement? Ended up being an absolute bust.

          1. Dude, stop embarrasing yourself. Fuller played with Lott on the same defense for Fuller’s entire career. Fuller played the elephant position which was totally different than Lott’s spot. Fuller was NEVER EVER intended to take Lott’s position.

            1. Of course, that was 30 years ago, but I distinctly remember Ronnie Lott stating that Fuller was the hardest hitting safety that he ever saw. Sure, while Lott was playing, Fuller could not take his position, but he was groomed to be a safety, until his unfortunate injury.

          1. I know that but I believe Bowles was signed as a stop gap to replace Lott and then the 49ers drafted Hall to be the long term answer. Or it could have been that the 49ers signed Bowles and then quickly realized he wasn’t up to par and then drafted Hall. Either way, Dana Hall was drafted to play in the spot vacated by Lott.

            1. Yes. Hall was drafted to play FS, but that didn’t happen until a year later. Don’t think we can really say he was drafted to replace Lott since by that point Lott had already been a Raider for a year.

              If Hall had been drafted in 91 and sat that year behind Bowles I’d agree with you.

              Regardless, they made the move without a player who was ready to step in.

  9. I don’t think you dismantle a team a quarter away from a Super Bowl Win. I think you make 1 to 2 tweaks. Then, you ask the remaining guys to pick up the slack. This is champion caliber roster.

    Your short list is :
    Dee Ford(232 snaps/ 22.7%).
    Richard Sherman (911 snaps/ 89.2%)
    Deforest Buckner(824 snaps/ 80.7%).
    Arik Armstead(788 snaps/77.2%).
    Jimmy Ward(819 snaps/80.2%).
    Joe Staley(445 snaps/ 41%).

    If it’s a numbers game with cap space and cap hit you’ve got your two casualties. Sign the remaining.

  10. Let him play his contract out
    They aren’t going to find anybody better.
    Win the Superbowl next season and retool for a year while a rookie is playing his spot.

    It’s time we as fans start trusting the front office and the players they bring in.

  11. Instead of Brady….why not just cut JimmyG – save a huge lot of money and play Mullens at QB

    I mean if the offense is a run first scheme……and we need more $$ to keep the defense strong…….why not just play Mullens….

    If everyone is saying your HC does not trust you and your HC is mute and not shutting down the rumors…….maybe there is something to it…..

    I just don’t see how KS or JL think all this news is good for JimmyG……or the team…….shut down the rumors or the devil will creep in…..

    All they had to do was put out a tweet – saying “JimmyG is our future QB please stop the fake news”….

    1. They said exactly how they feel at the combine. Both said Garoppolo was their guy. What else do you want them to do? They aren’t going to respond to rumors every time they come up. It’s up to you whether you listen to what they are saying or continue to believe media speculation from Pats writers and a gossip columnist on PFT.

  12. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s much of a choice: The Niners have to move on from Sherman.

    Speed and Age: Over-30 player are getting slower; new receivers and tight ends are faster and bigger.
    Locker room: Do the other DBs have a chance to breathe? Sherman casts a long, wide shadow.
    Attitude: There’s too much swagger for a team without a ring. The defense “team photo” after at the middle of the fourth quarter was bad eff fling ju ju. Reminded me of Dusty Baker letting a replaced pitcher keep the ball as a memento. Step on their eff fling throats!

  13. Is there a reason to suspect Sherman’s level of play is about to fall off a cliff? He was already slow – is being another year older (at all of 32) really going to affect his athleticism so much his play will be declining? I find it hard to imagine.

    Let him see out his contract. The team doesn’t have any long term definitive solutions to the position on the roster. Maybe Moseley and/ or Witherspoon can be, but need to see more. They need to draft a CB fairly early this year for Sherman to help groom.

  14. Couple conclusions thus far:

    The depth sweet spot for the wr position looks like rounds 3-5. The 49ers shouldn’t use a high pick on the position.

    Derrick Brown>Quinnen Williams

    1. At WR, I think the top 4 are a clear top 4, but you can get guys on day 2 that will be very good pros, and day 3 will have some potential. I think the sweet spot though will be round 2.

      1. Scooter / Razor
        Do you think the combine changed the draft order for these day 2-3 WR’s? Who would you add?
        1) Justin Jefferson, LSU
        2) Brandon Aiyuk, Arizona State
        3) Denzel Mims, Baylor
        4) K.J. Hamler, WR, Penn State
        5) Jalen Reagor, TCU
        6) Chase Claypool, WR, Notre Dame

        1. I would say to wait until after the pro day results come in. At that point you should have all the necessary data.

          1. Shoup
            True…..But that requires patience and will likely only change the draft order for players that were injured, or didn’t participate in the combine.

        2. Mims moved from round 3 to round 2 for me.

          Claypool moved from round 4 to round 3 for me. Reminds me a lot of Myles Boykin’s draft status.

          Reagor ran 14 pounds heavier. Pay attention to what he weighs when he runs his pro day.

          Jefferson moved from round 2 to round 1 for me.

          No movement for me regarding Hamler or Aiyuk, both of which are day 2 for mine.

          7) Pittman moved from round 3 to round 2 for me.

        3. Not much. Claypool maybe – some teams might over value that combo of physical skills. Reagor perhaps hurt his stock a bit if teams were looking at him as a true deep threat.

          In terms of the order guys end up going it will more just be based on what individual teams like and want. If you want a steady, productive slot guy then Jefferson is your man. Nothing he did at the combine changed that. If you want a vertical outside receiver with decent speed, length and hands, take Mims. Again, people were already on that train. If you want an outside receiver that can do a bit of everything, take Aiyuk. Want a big possession WR that can also threaten the intermediate and deep levels, take Pittman. If you want a guy that is explosive with the ball in hands and can threaten deep from the slot or outside, maybe Reagor is your cup of tea.

  15. I covered this to an extent on Justthe49ers. The best option is to extend Sherman for an additional season or two. He is easily still the top CB on the team and the defacto leader of the secondary. Cutting or trading him leaves the secondary without either, thus making the secondary weaker and vulnerable unless the 49ers nail a top tier zone coverage CB in the draft. Extending Sherman would also be a good move because the team currently stands to lose Sherman, Tartt, and Witherspoon from their secondary in 2021.

    1. It would also likely lower his 2020 cap hit.

      But tbh, I would let it ride this season and move on from him at the end of the year. While I think he is still a very good CB, he is getting to a point in his career where he will continue to gradually decline. But his salary demands likely won’t.

      What they need to do is find some younger guys to take over.

      1. The problem with letting Sherman play out the season and allowing him leave in 2021 is he is currently not the only one scheduled to do so. The team has a total of four members of their secondary scheduled to be free agents; of the four, Sherman makes the most sense to extend due to how hard it is to find a #1 CB.
        I do agree the team needs to find younger players to take over, but that is going to probably take more at least a couple of years to do so.

        1. I disagree. Tartt makes the most sense imo. Don’t extend 32 year old CBs at top dollar. If he is happy to extend and take less then sure, but why would he do that after a great season?

          1. I have Tartt nipping on Sherman’s heels in terms of importance and think he should be extended as well. I would also only extend Sherman if a deal can be reached where the dead cap hit is minimal if the 49ers decide to move on from him.

  16. reading through comments and what stands out is- the idiocy of Seb knows no bounds!!
    he’s proposed the 131 st trade for the Dolphins 4th round pick! he clearly has a hard on for said pick….and he clearly thinks the Dolphins are the dumbest franchise in the history of sports and ran by bumbling idiots from top to bottom!
    He also proposes we swap RS old slow butt to FS and switch TM to cb “‘cuz hes fast” and he used to play cb…..but dosent the logic suggest that the FO covets SPEED AT FS!!!!!? I MEAN…..WHY DID THEY SWITCH TM FROM CB IN THE FIRST PLACE? And why hamper a guys development by flip flopping his position every year!!? Makes no sense! didnt we learn this lesson with Ward??!!
    Lets just switch Breida to wr and Skule to TE! then we’ll move Pettis to cb…. and Tevin Coleman can take D.Ford’s spot….they both run 4.5 forty, Coleman can be the speed rusher for 1/3 the price! lmfao

    1. First of all, I was merely advocating a trade that is based on reality. The Broncos gave up a 4th round pick to obtain Bouye.
      Sherman could follow the example of Ronnie Lott. This is another move based on reality. CBs who lose a step have changed positions, and become safeties. CBs should be fast, and Sherman showed why speed is important in the playoffs. If Sherman would be too slow for a safety, he certainly has shown he is too slow to be a CB. Guess you want to cut Sherman. I want to extend Sherman’s playing career, by having him move to safety.
      Do not blame me for the coaching of Tavarius Moore. He played safety in college, but the Niners drafted him and moved him to CB. That happens all the time in the NFL. Players are drafted, and are asked to play a different position. The Coaches then asked Moore to play free safety, but Jimmy Ward won the starting job. Moving him to CB just means they think he is versatile enough to do that. Ward was moved from safety to being the Nickle Back. After he healed from his injury, he was moved to FS. Nowadays, the coaches like players who can switch positions, because it allows them to be flexible, and adaptable to counter any scheme.
      Breida to WR? Yes, they should involve him in the passing game. Skule to TE? Well, Staley has shown that he can catch the ball. Pettis to CB? No, he does not like to hit, or be hit. Coleman can play DE? Sure, he just needs to gain 47 lbs so he would weigh as much as Dee Ford.

  17. Quinnen Williams arrested for trying to fly with a gun! As if picking Beast Boy Bosa could look any better!!!
    All those who were beating the drum to draft QW 12 months ago raise your hand!!! Grant……wasn’t that you!?

    1. No, he wanted Josh Allen. He had 10.5 sacks last season, so he might have done just as well as Bosa, if Allen had played on this Niner defense. Bosa had 9 sacks.

      1. after i typed this….it dawned on me that Grant wanted Allen. My only issue with Allen is that he was too similar to Ford ( probably a better version) more of a stand up- OLB type pass rusher. And since we had one already in Ford, and a DT ( Buckner> QW) i wanted the more traditional DE in Bosa.

        And Moore played cb in college….the FO moved him to S ‘cuz they covet the speed. Your not insane for trying to move RS to S…and yes, cb lose a step and sometimes are moved to S…..but in this D, single high FS is asked to cover a lot of ground!!! And IMO, a slower player isnt the answer! plus the $$ thing……$13 mil for an experimental FS??? ill pass! Let Sherm play out his contract then reassess.

  18. “the 49ers’ motto was to release a player a year too soon rather than a year too late”

    The motto actually came from Bill Walsh’s philosophy, and the Lott situation is a poor use of it in that they let him go without having a suitable replacement on the roster. This move was part of sending a team that had just been a FG short of reaching its 3rd straight Super Bowl to one that missed the playoffs. Lott also wasn’t cut. His contract had expired and they let him move on. Sherman is still under contract.

    The 49ers currently don’t have a better player on the roster at CB. Can someone share with me an example of when Walsh “released a player a year too soon rather than a year to late” and he didn’t already have his replacement lined up?

    1. Actually, Lott had signed a 3 year contract, but was then informed he would be placed on the Plan B list.
      Roster churn happens all the time. Players are replaced all the time. Sure, they did not have some one groomed to replace Lott, but it was a business decision, and they had to move on from there. The salary cap codifies that reality.
      ‘The 49ers motto was to release a player a year too soon than a year too late.’ I think the proof of that is demonstrated by what happened to those players after they left. Look at the Raiders. Al Davis loved former 49ers. Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott, Roger Craig, Cedrick Hardman, Ted Washington, Dana Stubblefield, Tom Rathman, Bill Romanowki, Charlie Garner, Michael Crabtree and Jamie Williams. The Niners released them, and they went on to play for years.

      1. It was a bad business decision, and the “motto” came about because that’s what Walsh would do. The difference between Walsh and what the team did in 1991 was that they didn’t already have his replacement on the roster. That is why Walsh was successful using it.

        1. Explaining or reasoning an argument with Seb just results in more verbal diarrhoea.
          Just watch how he will spin this one.

        2. It was a real business decision, and Walsh did it, but the players continued their careers elsewhere. In any roster decision, the salary will be balanced against age, and his worth. The problem with perennial playoff teams like the Niners in the 80’s, was that their success inflated their worth. This season, the SB Niners may have a hard time keeping Armstead, because other teams will be bidding high for him.
          I certainly did not imply that not having a replacement available and in place, would be a wise strategy. Of course, having a succession plan should be formulated for every position. I did not applaud the fact that they were put on Plan B, I was just stating what had happened. I actually lamented their release, and wanted the Niners to have retained veteran talent and leadership.
          Prime. there really is no disagreement. Maybe he is trying too hard to make a point. It is a straw man argument to imply I was celebrating Lott and Craig’s release, and thought it was a good idea. I was like many other faithful fans back then; I was upset and mad.
          Bill Walsh watched the Steelers hang onto their aging players too long, and did not want to repeat the same mistake. Maybe it was harder for Bill, because he was the HC and GM. If he had just been the HC, he could have avoided the headaches and painful personnel decisions, and just concentrated on coaching the team.
          In the present situation, releasing Sherman would not be a good idea, because of his talent and leadership. The coaches need to put him in the best position to succeed, that will accentuate his strengths, and disguise his weaknesses.
          However, moving on from Ward by letting him sign with another team , may be OK because they have Tarvarius Moore as an able replacement.
          Moving on from Sanders may work out because Taylor and Hurd are returning from IR, and this is a very talented WR class in this draft.

  19. According to MDS over at PFT, there are ongoing trade talks regarding Marquise Goodwin. What do you think he could fetch with regards to a draft pick? 4th round would seem to be the highest to me, but I’m usually too optimistic.

    1. Yea, I think you’re being too generous with a 4th rounder and quite frankly, I’m not so sure there’s a real team out there wanting to trade for him. Tbh, it sounds to me as if it’s your classic agent play to generate buzz where there is none….

    2. cubus
      * What, if anything, does Goodwin bring to the 9ers 2020 season? Will he be one of the 46 players that dress for a game? IMO, only if someone gets hurt.
      * If the 9ers get an offer for a 7th round draft pick for Goodwin, they should take it. Then use the cap savings to help sign either DE Armstead, or WR Emmanuel Sanders.

    3. At best the 49ers could get a 7th round pick for Goodwin or exchange for a player with a similar contract hit.

    4. Getting anything in return for Goodwin would be a win for the 49ers. Doubt anyone bites.

      I’m sure Seb will have a good trade scenario involving bundling him in with a bunch of other guys though.

      1. Yeah, this one smacks of the 49ers leaking info in an attempt to drum up interest that most likely isn’t there.

        1. Dissing a player will not help make a trade. Goodwin was very productive. In 2017, he caught 56 passes for 962 yards and a 17.2 yard average. He may have not been on top of his game because he suffered family tragedies, which clearly affected him so he was distracted from playing well. Now that they are past, and he had time to grieve and heal, he may have moved on, and he may get back his love for the game. Goodwin would provide a lot of speed to the Bronco receivers, and give Lock a good downfield target. They still may draft a WR, but with Goodwin, they may use their first pick to select an elite O lineman to help protect Lock. There are plenty of good WRs who can be selected later on in the draft.
          I will note that Elway did trade a pick for a player. He wants to get better, and used one of his 12 picks to fill a need. Now he has 11 picks, and AJ Bouye. This means that Witherspoon may not be needed there.
          However, they still have needs. On MHR, there is an article that lists WR, IOL, DL and CB as the 4 major needs for the Broncos. They traded away Sanders, so they need a WR. They are looking to upgrade from Ronald Leary at guard, and Connor McGovern the center is an UFA, so they need IOL help. Shelby Harris and Adam Gotsis could both leave, and Derek Wolfe may be the only one re-signed, so they need D line help. They traded for Bouye, so he covers the CB need.
          The Niners could trade Marquise Goodwin, Mike Person and Solomon Thomas to the Broncos for 3 draft picks. Ideally, they could get 2nd, 3rd and 4th round picks for them, but the Broncos could offer a lot less. Maybe they would counter with 5th, 6th and 7th round picks. The Niners could possibly settle for 3rd, 5th and 7th round picks. Maybe the Niners could sweeten the deal by offering to offset some of their salaries, or even throw in Dante Pettis who might thrive with a new opportunity.
          Elway knows that he will have a very difficult time in the AFC West. The Chiefs are SB champs, the Chargers have talent, but seemed snake bit. The Raiders just need better QB play and they could possibly get to a non losing season. He sees the need to obtain veteran talent, and did that by obtaining Bouye. Instead of a growth and development rookie, Bouye could start right away. Elway could see the advantages of spending draft picks to gain veterans who immediately help the team, instead of gambling on rookies who have no guarantees for success.
          They will not have a ton of cap space, because they need a lot to re-sign players like Wolfe and 14 other Bronco Free Agents, and the Flacco 23 mil cap hit is like a millstone around their neck.
          Elway, with the ownership turmoil, is on the hot seat, especially after last season. Like Paxton Lynch, Joe Flacco was not the answer. Lock looks promising, but could regress. Elway need to be bold, and make trades to infuse veteran talent and leadership into the team. Even then, with the Chiefs ahead of them as SB Champs, the Broncos best wish may be to secure a Wild Card berth.
          The Broncos and 49ers have a history of collaboration. The Niners traded Dekota Watson and a sixth round pick to the Broncos for the Broncos 5th round pick. The Broncos just traded Emmanuel Sanders to the Niners for the 3rd and 4th round picks, with a swap of 5th round picks. John Lynch and Elway need to get together and formulate some good trades that benefit both sides. They need to be clever, innovative, creative, bold and decisive.
          If Dekota Watson was worth a 5th round pick, Goodwin should be, too.
          I hope the Niners could trade Solomon Thomas, Mike Person, and Marquise Goodwin to the Broncos for their 3rd, 4th and 5th round picks. Throw in Dante Pettis to facilitate the trade.
          I hope the Niners tag and trade Arik Armstead to the Dolphins for a second round pick. I hope they trade Tevin Coleman also to the Dolphins for a 5th round pick.
          With those 2 trades with 2 teams, the Niners could end up with pick numbers 31, 39, 83, 115, 153, 156, 178, 210, 217 and 245. One in every round except 3 in the 5th and 2 in the 7th rounds.
          This is just by trading away 6 players, and does not speculate on trading back, which could garner even more picks.

            1. That’s funny. I didn’t read it either. But I did go back and count the paragraphs after your post Prime.

              1. I did not write this for you. You probably could not understand what I wrote.
                I wrote this for Scooter, since he wanted a good trade that involves bundling players.
                I formulated a draft where the Niners have a pick in every round, so they can mine the sweet spot in the draft. There will be talent even into the 5th round, so having 3 picks in the 5th round could allow the Niners to possibly find another George Kittle.

              2. Then please address your stupidity to the designated person.
                It’s bad enough it takes about 15 scrolls to get past your crap.
                Give the board a break!

            2. Mock draft 4 -Post Combine.
              Using 2 trades with the Broncos and Dolphins, the Niners end up with pick numbers 31,39, 83, 115, 153, 156, 178, 210, 217 and 245.
              Used the Draftek Big Board and tried selecting within 5 of each ranking.
              31- Cesar Ruiz C
              39- AJ Terrell CB
              83- Chase Claypool WR
              115- AJ Dillon RB
              153- Willie Gaye Jr OLB
              156- Terrence Steel OT
              178- Terrell Burgess S
              210- Joe Reed WR
              217- James Smith-Williams EDGE
              245- Khalil Tate QB.

        2. “Dissing a player will not help make a trade.”

          If the Broncos or any GM in the league is monitoring board postings to determine a players value, they should be fired immediately as should the person who hired him.

          Yeah, Maybe SF can pull off a trade and get a late round pick for Goodwin. However, let’s be clear he’s not a number 1 or 2 he’s a borderline 3 who struggles to stay on the field. Whether it be from injuries or personal problems, he’s not a guy a team can rely on to show up on most Sundays.
          Maybe someone will take a flier on him in the 6th or 7th round. If the shoes were reversed and he was not on the 49ers, and we needed a wr, I’m not sure I’d give up the last pick in the draft for him.

  20. I tried real hard to embrace Sherman on this team. I just cant seem to get behind the guy, unlike the receivers he tries to cover. I am of the opinion that Sherman needs to go but not till they have a suitable replacement.

    1. For all this talk of Sherman being garbage….he only gave up 2 big plays all year!! One was in the play offs vs Green Bay….when the game was already won! And when they tried him a 2nd time…..he picked it!
      The 2nd big play he gave up was in the SB…..and that one did hurt.

  21. Report: Marquise Goodwin has been discussed in potential trade talks
    I’m curious to see what the 49ers can get back for Goodwin
    By Kyle Posey@KP_Show Mar 6, 2020, 8:19am PST

    He has 91 receptions, 1,543 yards and seven touchdowns since signing with San Francisco prior to the start of the 2017 season.
    On Friday morning, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported that “one name that has been discussed in trade talks is Goodwin:
    “Goodwin is owed $10.2 million over the next two years on his current contract.”


  22. Film From the Field House: The 49ers’ Case for Upgrading the Interior Offensive Line
    Bret Rumbeck
    By Bret Rumbeck follow
    Mar 5, 2020 at 7:00 AM • 1

    As much as the 49ers could use a deep threat in the receiver corps, the team must upgrade and replace Person at right guard. Here are a few reasons why from the 2019 season.

    (Grant has mentioned Person’s bad blocking. Some video below).

    The protection called for center Weston Richburg and Person to double team Joseph-Day, with Richburg keeping an eye on the Plug linebacker.

    At the snap, Joseph-Day engaged the double team block on his second step and exploded to spin around Person on his third step.


    1. Tom D
      * Daniel Brunskill will compete, to replace Pearson at RG in 2020.
      * Ben Garland can replace Weston Richburg at Center, if he’s slow to recover from his leg injury.
      * Question: Will the 9ers resign F/A Shon Coleman as Joe Staley’s backup at LT?

  23. I like 2020’s CB class. It’s deep, and the 49ers draft deep…I honestly believe the 49ers will draft a CB in the 2nd Rd after trading down for additional picks.

    “Given the infusion of talented pass-catchers about to enter the league, it’s fortunate that the cornerback class is deep as well. My latest 2020 NFL mock draft has five cornerbacks selected in Round 1 and there are 10 to 12 that could be off the board by the end of Round 2.”


  24. TomD
    * If the 9ers don’t trade down. CB CJ Henderson, Fl., If he’s still available at pick #31
    * If the 9ers trade down, the position of greatest need. WR or CB?
    WR Justin Jefferson LSU, or CB AJ Terrell, Clemson
    I would also draft Safety Jeremy Chin, Southern Illinois.

  25. Tee Higgins- 3.7 receiving yards per route run ranked him 3rd best in the FBS last season. 12 TD’s on passes of 10+ air yards was also good for 3rd best in the FBS last season.

    1. Geep,

      I believe the answer to the O-Line could already be on the 49er roster. They tend to like the Iowa football program…Here’s a Hawkeye to pay attention to in summer camp:

      “The San Francisco 49ers picked up a potential steal, Iowa offensive guard Ross Reynolds, as an undrafted free agent in 2019. Can he crack the roster his rookie year?
      Rarely do undrafted free agents receive a fair level of hype their rookie seasons. But for the San Francisco 49ers‘ Ross Reynolds, he could wind up being a potential gem find after going undrafted in the 2019 NFL Draft.”

      Geep, I believe the 49ers will trade down to get that WR they need, and/or free up cap space and sign a vetran.

      “Which is more important, WR or CB?”…CB is more important. The 49ers will not veer from their playbook that won the NFC Chapionship—draft top players for defense, give the genius (shany) the UDFA’s (like Bourne and Breida) to develop….Geep, the 49ers will always have a top defense under Shany, but one day, he will get JG his Jerry Rice!


    2. Tbh, I find it somewhat baffling that Higgins is consistently talked about as outside the top tier WR prospects this year. It is almost universally Jeudy, Lamb and Ruggs as top 3, then Higgins in the conversation for #4.

      For mine he is right up there with the other three. I think some people still question his speed and overall athleticism, but I don’t get that – while not a burner he looks plenty fast enough on film, and has excellent body control, fluid movement and coordination for a big guy. Very good tracking the ball as well. I have also seen some people question his route running ability, which makes some sense given the relatively limited route tree he was asked to run, but most college WRs aren’t great route runners. Thing is, he shows some nous in what he does do. He knows how to leverage the DB and create space for himself. He gets it. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if at the end of their respective careers Higgins out performs the other three.

      1. Agreed. Any other draft and he’s going top ten. I don’t expect it will be a long wait after pick #20 before he hears his name called.

      2. It is a bit disconcerting though that he didn’t want to do anything at the combine though. I hope his pro day show he hits all the benchmarks and doesn’t run like a 4,7 40 or have a 7.5 3 cone drill.

  26. For those of you still thinking old man Brady to the 49ers can get it done in a two year max deal:

    Matt Barrows @mattbarrows 45m
    RT @LombardiHimself: The basic data says Jimmy Garoppolo is a more accurate and efficient QB than Tom Brady now. It’s also important to factor in OL and receiver strength. So I did, using some more advanced data.

    Via The Athletic

  27. Eric Crocker just posted his breakdown of Parnell Motley, Oklahoma CB, on his Twitter feed. Man, how did that guy not get invited to the combine? He looks very good.

      1. Check out CrockTime on twitter.

        Doing some googling, seems he had a very impressive senior campaign. Basically shut down Mims and Reagor, and held up well against LSU too. Gave up only 23 catches for around 250 yards on the year, including College Playoffs. Then was lights out at the EW Shrine week and game.

        But this was after giving up nearly 1,500 yards over the past two seasons. A much improved senior year. Would be interesting to understand why he was so much better this season. Maybe it was a case of putting it all together, maybe he got a bit stronger… or maybe he’s a bit like Witherspoon and confidence levels really impact him. I don’t know.

        1. Interviews, along with talking to his coaches and teammates will be key in determining a true evaluation.

  28. I think the bigger question is whether Sherman wants to stay a 49er and would feel comfortable switching to safety ……whether thats free safety or strong safety. As both a fan and from a practical stand point….. if he can transition from CB to Safety and contribute at a top tier level you have something invaluable, especially with his leadership skills and ability to mesh well with his teammates. An emergency CB, a safety with the smarts of a CB who’s used to playing on an “island”, a pro bowler that can mentor any incoming CB ….. plus he’s his own agent. Talk about a complete football player….. and yes I was among the haters when he was a seahawk because …. well …. he’s always been formidable and motivated. In this day and age of salary cap, I think allowing one of the younger guys to get away…. in this case Ward (nothing against him…. he truly earned a starting safety position wherever he ends up) … I just think it would be a mistake to let that kind of influence both on the field and locker room go. I whole heartedly disagree that the 1991 49ers were better off without Ronnie Lott. I remember a significant drop in play from the secondary without him. Does anyone remember who his replacement was between the time he left and when Merton Hanks and Tim McDonald came aboard? This style of defense needs a safety that can anticipate, make solid tackles, be oppurtunistic and get interceptions. My choice would be Richard Sherman, not just because of his ability, but his unselfishness when it comes to teaching and being a teammate. ……barring that … the only other value would be a trade from a team that really wants him to get both salary cap relief and a draft pick. ….just sayin.

    1. Sherman’s far too slow to play FS, especially if the Niners continue to play a mostly single- high Scheme.

      And from the way he fell apart at tackling over the latter point of the season, he’s the last player you want at SS.

      Either he retires, or he steps the effort up and earns the role of first CB off the bench ( in case of injury. He’s obviously not playing in the slot)

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