49ers sign CB Richard Sherman to three-year, $39 million contract

Injured Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, right, walks on crutches as he watches his teammates take the field for warmups before an NFL football game against the Los Angeles Rams, Sunday, Dec. 17, 2017, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

The day after the Seattle Seahawks cut Richard Sherman, the 49ers signed him to a three-year contract.

Here’s a statement from GM John Lynch: “Richard is one of the premier competitors (head coach) Kyle (Shanahan) and I have ever encountered. We look forward to him sharing his wealth of experience and his passion for the game of football with our team. Richard has long been looked at as the prototypical corner in our scheme and the opportunity to have him mentor our players was one we needed to attack. Most importantly, we are excited to have a championship caliber corner on the field for the 49ers.”

Sherman’s deal is worth up to $39 million. That’s a lot of money to give a cornerback who tore his Achilles tendon in November and had two Achilles surgeries since then and will turn 30 on March 30. Sherman earned roughly $12 million per season the past four years, and that when he was young and healthy.

The 49ers are paying for what he used to be, not what he currently is.

Last year, the 49ers convinced themselves 29-year-old NaVorro Bowman could return to form after suffering a ruptured Achilles the previous October. Bowman did not return to form — he could hardly move. The 49ers cut him after Week 5.

I expect the 49ers will cut Sherman, too. And soon.

Cornerbacks have to plant and drive toward the ball when they’re in coverage. It’s awfully hard to plant and drive with 30-year-old surgically-repaired Achilles tendons.

The Niners still need a starting corner.

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  1. As others have noted, it depends on the guarantees and whether it is front-loaded, when the Niners have salary cap space to spend. I still favor Sherman at $12 million this year over Trumaine Johnson for $14-15 million a year with probably $30 million guaranteed over the next 3 years.

  2. Grant cohn, your forcing your negative angle again! You don’t know for sure if Sherman is injured goods. Nobody does! Stop trying to sound like the smartest guy in the room. Try being objective and open minded. Know it all knows nothing

    1. He will never sound open minded. He won’t ever admit it but he loves playing the Devil’s Advocate. If you have read Lou’s articles over the years he is just following in Daddies foot steps.

      1. Plus, I guarantee you that, if Sherman does recover and is healthy by training camp, you will hear a different Grant Cohn talk about how great Sherman is when he’s back to his old self, pick off passes and being a thorn in garrapolo’s side. And don’t act like it’s impossible to recover from an Achilles tear. If Crabtree and Bowman could recover from it, why can’t Sherman?

    2. Yoy are asking this guy Grant Cohn to be objective or say anything about the 49ers. After all he knows more than Kyle and John in his mind. Thank God he works for a small paper.

  3. As long that he isn’t toxic in the locker room…..not a big fan of this signing.

    1. Me and the wife hate this move. I agree with, Grant. Although Ferg obviously cleared Sherm medically, I’ll believe it when I see it. I expect he will be a shell of his former self….

        1. Crabtree was a lot younger when he injured his achilles, and it took him a long time to return to form.

          1. Crabtree injured his Achilles at the end of May, was playing Dec 1, averaged just under 15 yards per reception, and had a 100+ yard performance in the playoffs.

            Sherman will have been off 3+ months more by the time the season starts.

            This signing should not change the way they go after the position in the draft.

            1. Even though he played he still wasn’t close to 100% the remainder of the season.

        2. Bowman’s coverage grade actually increased as the season went along. Which makes sense as he moved further away from the injury. Your just pissed because he intimidates you and you won’t be able to ask him stupid questions.

        3. Grant, you’ve missed on two points.

          1) The structure of Sherman’s contract.

          2) Bowman was never the same guy after he blew up his knee in Seattle. And the knee developed a lot of scar tissue and he said that it was a constant struggle just to keep it flexible “enough”, on game days. His agility dropped off steadily after the knee injury, and we saw it, the achilles was merely the final straw. I think there is a good chance that Sherman comes back at a 90-95% ability range and plays just under his current all-pro level, which means he’ll still be good, he’ll bring swagger, and he’ll also be cheap, because he won’t earn the highest bonuses. And if he does earn them, even better.

        4. Grant, it’s too bad you cannot go back and change some of the substance of this article.

          The 49ers are paying for what he used to be, not what he currently is.

          Now that his contract details have come to light, I think we all agree this statement is entirely off base.


          *The 49ers will only be paying Sherman for what he used to be, if in fact, he still is what he used to be.

          Seeing that it appears Sherman is getting a little flack for acting as his own agent, because of the lack of guarantees in this deal. Sure, if he continues to play at the standard he’s set, he will be paid market rate. However, the far more likely scenario of him coming back at 90-95% of his former self, makes this signing one of the best bargains in NFL football!

          Can we at least get a follow up post from you?

    2. yeah, i’m more concerned about his mouth than his Achilles; assuming the Niners did their diligence on that with a physical

    3. Every report I’ve ever heard is that he was an excellent, hard-working teammate in Seattle, so there is that. His work ethic and approach may be a positive influence for our younger secondary. Something to consider.

  4. Bowman was already slowed by torn ACL, MCL before he ruptured his Achilles; not the most accurate comparison

  5. Didn’t the 49ers cut Bowman because he could not mentality handle being a part time player? I thought the 49ers wanted to keep him otherwise.

    As far as Sherman, the doctors must have been satisfied with how his Achilles is healing. And Sherman’s technique was so good he was able to cover guys last year with the bum Achilles. Let’s see how this plays out before panning it.

        1. Welcome to the 49ers blog family, and please be free to post any time you want to.

  6. Excellent signing. With only $5M signing bonus there is a good chance this is basically three 1 year deals. If he recovers well from surgery then he is just the CB they need. If not, they can afford the gamble. Still need to take a CB relatively high in the draft as insurance, and likely sign a lower tier FA, but a good signing nonetheless.

    1. Honestly, I don’t think the signing of Sherman rules the 49ers out of signing one of the other top CBs in free agency.

      1. I think it does. They will want Witherspoon to remain a starter. And they aren’t going to sign a big money CB to be a backup.

        1. But isn’t it a “Three Starteing CB League” now with 60% Nickel?
          Having 3 ‘Starters’ makes some sense. 3 Edges as well.

      1. I’d be surprised if Oliver lasts until the 3rd round. More than likely the 49ers would need to trade up near the top of round 2 for him….

  7. Problem with Grant is he tends to knee jerk with hot takes before doing much, if any, careful consideration . There’s an interesting piece about Sherman’s Achilles surgery that’s circulating on the interwebs that paints his recovery in a positive light. Selectively using the Bowman example isn’t exactly thorough journalism either, but to each his own. Let’s place this signing in its proper context,
    that is: Sherman is a significant upgrade over Dontae Johnson and he knows this defense like he knows the back of his hand. Furthermore, this in no way precludes the 49ers from drafting a solid CB prospect next month. This is a smart signging that also gives the 49ers increased flexibility with that #9 pick. Nice work, ShanaLynch!

  8. We need another CB to keep Sherman fresh. Jimmie Ward or a draft pick could be that guy. He had a physical today. I’ll let the doctors have the final say on his injuries. I’m cautiously optimistic.

  9. I had my Achilles cut last November too (removing bone spurs in heel). But stitch area infection is delaying my recovery many months. Still on crutches with walking boot. And I’m 57. I can’t compare to his operation.

    But I think it takes a long time to get 100% Not sure when he’s scheduled to be back to football.

    1. B2W,
      Hope you have a full recovery my friend.
      I personally know that Achilles injuries can effect your body over a span of many years. I snapped mine back in 1986 and it sometimes still tightens up on me.

      Also, I’m not a big Sherman fan, but if he can help make us better i’m sure that I can adjust.
      Dontea Johnson fit all the measurables listed by Grant last week for a CB but he consistently got toasted in almost every game he played. We definitely needed to address this area and perhaps Sherman can give us a few years of steady play.

  10. Yeah, I’m not liking this one bit. I don’t like the health aspect. I don’t like the contract.

    1. countering the Rams moves too. Wondering if that’s why the niners were lukewarm on signing Peters and Talib, maybe they were targeting Sherman all along

      1. or a panic move. They dilly dallyed with Amerson, peters , talib and then hit the panic button.

      2. Those 2 were traded for not signed as free agents. The Rams give away draft picks like water.

    1. Sherman would just need to scowl at him and Ward would tear it off his own back in a second out of fear alone.

  11. The 49ers should still draft a corner this year.
    This deal cannot be determined as good or bad till he plays.
    On paper it could be looked at as either or

    1. And you know they didn’t evaluate him? You really think they signed him without an evaluation of his injury?

      1. Perhaps there are a lot of conditions written into the contract. Sherman might be banking a lot on himself. He also might have an issue with the Seachickens he wants to avenge. What better way than with the Niners.

  12. Brent Grimes tore his and played great when he went to Miami. I believe he was the same age too.

  13. Long time follower of the Niners…as much as I disliked the guy as a Seahawk, we should welcome him to the Niners

    1. I suppose that picture of his pain after the SB interception will be history on 49er sites. I just think I will head over to the Hawks site after reading all these posts. It should be interesting. Just wait till Wilson gets signed as Jimmies back up. By the way what ever happened to that lady sea hawk fan who used to post on this site?

  14. Grant, I usually don’t see eye to eye with you but I am 100% in agreement on this one, buddy. Maybe I should give you more credit. I am betting he doesn’t last the season if he even starts at all.

  15. Lot of Drama Queens emotionally proffering their worst little fears about this signing. Take a deep breath. It’s going to be ok.

          1. + 4

            (+ 9)

            A Sherman still in a walking boot is miles better than that imposter Robinson who started for much of last season.

            Too bad Crabtree won’t still be with the Raiders when the teams meet. ???

            1. I visit once in a while when there is something interesting going on. I have been working out every day to get into condition for my seventy second 49er season. I’ve also been teaching Alexa to run our home. Otherwise, no where much.

  16. I’m willing to see how this plays out before rounding up pitch forks and torches and sacking 9ers HQ. Interested in discovering if Sherman–with his acquired experience and moxie–can be a positive force with the rest of the DB corps as a savvy teacher/leader.

    Maybe Grant could do some digging and learn about Sherman’s ability to teach and lead–then share that with us. Maybe……

    1. Cassie, Grant won’t do what you intelligently suggested regarding Sherman’s background as a mentor because it doesn’t fit his narrative.

      1. Indeed. May have to look elsewhere to get a sense for Sherman’s ability as a mentor. One would think Grant would be interested in shedding light on that aspect. Sigh, Grant (at times) can’t get past the straight jacket formed by his narrative. Has he gotten beyond the ‘Shanahan is a glorified OC’ dig he issued a ways back?

          1. I have never bought into the notion that players will automatically be good mentors.

    2. Sherman will be familiar with the defense Saleh runs–not a bad thing.

      If Sherman flames out, so be it, and I’ll be right there questioning the move with most others. If Sherman is a strong contributor this year, I’m confident today’s angry voices–including Grant–will give him (and the 9ers) credit.

  17. Boy oh boy I can not stand little dick sherman but I will root for the uniform. It sounds like his contract won’t put the team in any kind of cap bind, I believe they wont sign a CB in FA or draft one in the first or second round but look for them to draft one in the third. I believe this moves locks in a pass rusher in the first round while they will address the O line in free agency.

    1. Wonder what the guaranteed money is? It has to be way more than the $5M signing bonus.

  18. Honestly if we can get Sherman close to the form he was, as a team we win this. If not, then we cut him as soon as the CB we draft becomes ready. Shanahan and Lynch have already proven this is what they will do. If he succeeds then great, if not… well if a broke down version of Richard Sherman is better than Dontae Johnson. Not to mention I think that the niners snag Malcolm Butler at a bargain before free agency ends. JMHO though

    1. +1

      Even if he plays at half the level that he was before injury, he is an upgrade over Dontae Johnson!

      Plus, he can be a good mentor to Akhello and Greg Mabin.

  19. I say if the niners snag Johnson and Robinson in free agency and draft a guard, they are an automatic playoff team

  20. Grant will be proved wrong again like always.
    Sherman will teach Witherspoon all the tricks of the trade and Sherman will share all Seahawk info to Niner coaches.
    Sherman is one of the top 3 corners of the decade and he’s got 3-4 more good years left in the tank. Anyone who thinks this is a bad move is clueless…You’ll see….Sherman’s intangibles are off the charts.
    Sherman is a warrior! He has the heart of a champion. Most warriors overcome injuries.
    Playoffs baby!!!! All arrows up!!!

    1. Grant will be proved wrong again like always.
      Bowman will teach Foster all the tricks of the trade.
      Bowman is one of the top 3 linebackers of the decade and he’s got 3-4 more good years left in the tank.
      You’ll see….Bowman’s intangibles are off the charts.
      Bowman is a warrior! He has the heart of a champion. Most warriors overcome injuries.
      Playoffs baby!!!! All arrows up!!!

      1. Foster! Foster! Foster!
        What size jersey do wear Grant…xtra small? I will have a Foster jersey sent to Press Democrat c/o Grant Cohn.

        1. Wonder if the Press Democrat would spring for the production of a Grant bobble head–a limited run, with all proceeds going to Grant’s favorite charity? I’d buy one.

          1. We’ll need a factory in China to make enough as targets at the shooting galleries in the Carney areas of all the NorCal County Fairs. Then too, all the NAPA auto parts stores for rear window or dash mounted versions. Scooters and mtocycles too. Somebody call Shark Tank; QUICK!

            1. BT!!!
              Free agency is almost here bro! Then we have the NFL schedules coming out about a week before the draft….Can’t wait for the draft!
              Let’s go Bro Tuna!!

              1. Watching McClouhan was like GoPro on BMX.
                Watching Baalke was like GoPro on a plow horse.
                Watching Lynchahan is like watching GoPro on a snowboard.
                F! Dogma! These boyz understand opportunity. Thay know how to strike.
                They’ll miss on some. But Hell Yeah! Go down swinging!

              2. You’re right Bro Tuna…Lynch/Shanny know when to strike. At least they’re busting moves.

      2. Grant you aren’t being Intellectually honest if you’re really comparing Bowman to Sherman. They have the exact same injury history, if you ignore Bowmans knee getting blown to pieces. But besides that they’re exactly the same.

      3. First off Grant don’t go Trump. You never go full Trump.

        Second, it all comes down to the guaranteed money. If it’s 30 million guaranteed I completely agree with you. If it’s 10 or less it’s a good deal.

      4. Funny ha ha. Want some of that? The only person person talking playoffs around here last year was you, Grant. Hoyer throws a beautiful long ball! He’s in for his best season! Sound familiar?

      5. Grant, for someone who is so bad at their job you are so pretentious. You constantly act as if you know a lick about football. How many times have you been wrong. Your reporting is awful and your analysis has no fact behind it. This is a genius move. If Sherman is not recovered the niners can cut losses at a cheap price and if he is good they can easily pay him a top corners salary. Btw the way I can’t wait for your draft grades. Any player that you say the 49ers should draft will get an a and all others will get a C

  21. Grant, since you are not a medical doctor and you have not revealed the particulars of the contract; we do not know the extent of his injury or how his recovery is progressing, nor his projected return date. We do not have the nuances of the contract relative to performance metrics, guaranteed dollars or length, or any associated limitations on his play as a result to the surgery. Therefore, way too early to float your negativity. Based upon his performance historically, I am supportive of the signing.

  22. Does anyone know how good Sherman did against , Larry fitz . And who did he cover against the rams .
    If he’s healthy , our secondary just got alot better .

    Keeping mouth closed ,is a Master card moment , priceless .

    Didn’t like him in Seattle ,
    Let’s see what Sherman shows up .

  23. It’s a big gamble, I’m still on the fence. I don’t think Grants Bowman comparison is fair. Bowman had his knee eviscerated and surgically rebuilt. I’m surprised he signed with so fast. I’m hoping it’s a year to year type deal like Scoot suggest. It’s a gamble but huge reward potential.

      1. The first two things that popped into my mind as soon as I heard Sherman was having dinner with Shanahan
        1) Sherman having turkey on the 50 yard line
        2) Your avatar. I love that moment when Wilson threw the goal line pick.

        1. Haha… Yeah I completely forgot about my avatar until just now. I gotta think of something creative.

  24. It sounds like the risk is $5M, which is not much.
    If Sherman plays at 80% of his old self , he is a big upgrade.
    His game was not based on speed so I think the odds are he will do just fine.

    1. Eighty percent of self on the field and 100% of self in the film room with his DB cohorts…..just might work.

    2. I heard $5m is only the signing bonus of the guaranteed money. Hoping to hear what the actual guaranteed money is.

        1. Cassie –
          I regret my avatar lol…I’ve had it in this blog since Crabtree got drafted. Long before Grant was here.
          I admit I choked on that one. I thought he was a bargain (10th pick 2009).

          1. Crab15

            We all choked on that one…It’s Sunday; and Pacific Daylight Savings time…YOU’RE fORGIVEN !


          2. Will you keep your avatar Crab if they sign Alan Robinson? I know Rocket is not a big fan but I think he could be Julio Jones light who shannahan had in Atlanta. I want Robinson so your Avatar would be relevant!

            1. Rebel –
              Are you forgetting Pierre is #15? ?..He won’t give it up to Alan Robinson.
              If Niners land Robinson we’ll be stacked at WR! I hope it happens but he won’t be cheap.

              1. Boy do I have egg on my face! Good catch. I will blame my screw up on getting old and little league practice!

            2. I think you have me confused with somebody else Reb. I’ve been calling for a WR to be signed in FA for awhile now (preferred Devante Adams before he was extended by GB) and Robinson would be a great add if they can pull it off.

              1. Sorry Rocket, I thought a few weeks back you liked other wrs over Robinson! I guess I am losing it! Is Robinson your top choice or is Sammy Watkins more valuable in your eyes? Fun talking ball. September can not get here fast enough!

              2. I am fine with either or neither, meaning they are options but so are some others like Taylor Gabriel and John Brown etc. Lynch said they likely aren’t going to sign the splash names so Robinson and Watkins probably aren’t on their radar unfortunately.

  25. At the very least it brings even more legitimacy to what they are doing at 4949 centennial……if we know one thing about paraage, he never gets fleeced. He makes sure when they sign deals like this that they have the yearly opt-out clause built in. Similar to JG deal, it could end up being a steal on part of the Niners.
    A highly motivated Sherman vs arch nemesis Sea 2x, also Sherms beach Mr. Crabs coming to town wearing silver and black, yes please!!! As if oak vs sf rivalry needed anymore juice, can’t frign wait!
    Sherm at 75% is still light years better than Dontae could ever dream of being….factor in Wards switch bk to cb from fs, and likelihood they still go cb early in draft but don’t have to go first round now. Reports out of Sea were he spent countless hours before and after practice mentoring the young cbs that would eventually make him expendable. He’s a filmroom genius to boot, there’s nothing to not like about this signing. Typical low risk high reward deals SF has become known for since Marathe took over contract negotiations.

    Good going Grant, gonna be an awkward interview for ya bruh…..

    1. Nothing to not like? I respectfully disagree. Sherman is a loud mouthed Delta Bravo with the sportsmanship instincts of a rattlesnake. Not worthy of wearing the Red and Gold, IMO. WIN WITH CLASS? Not in Sherman’s repertoire.

  26. My ice here ?

    Lambs are reeling in a long line . Cap woes .
    Seattle not even looking the same or a playoff team.
    Arizona in complete rebuild or reload mode .

    49ers make the playoffs ?

    Leo , offensive linemen, lb , wr ,RB,
    Which one is next on the list ?

  27. I want to hire Richard Sherman as my agent. Lynch certainly likes spending Jed’s money.

    The biggest problem with this signing is that it doesn’t solve anything. We still have a hole at CB because Sherman is not certain to recover. But now, other FA cornerbacks will be less likely to sign. If they do sign, then we wasted money on Sherman. If they do sign and Sherman is good to go, then we are wasting a good CB on the bench. Either way, we still need to draft a CB. If we don’t bring in another FA, then if neither the rookie CB is ready nor Sherman, then we still have a hole at CB to start the season. This signing solves nothing.

    1. Sign Jeremy Lane or Byron Maxwell as the backup or just to keep him fresh. Lane could also backup Williams at slot CB. Still draft a CB too.

    2. Lynch certainly likes spending Jed’s money.

      Admit it, you miss Baalke and his FA inactivity…

    3. Perhaps they never intended to sign a long term CB in free agency and just wanted one in place while the develop a rookie. I mean they never seemed to really go after the two that were traded to the Rams.

    4. CHRobinson

      Pretty strange that we hit on Jimmy G, and his play is credited with making the whole Offense better…we sign Sherman, a four time pro-bowler to a “me too” contract and don’t believe that he’ll make the whole Defense better ? Ironic isn’t it ? We just got better…live with it

  28. If Sherman does get back to form, he’s going to need Derwin James to help him out over the top.

    1. I am getting intrigued with the guy, he just might be the pick at nine. Am getting the feeling the Niners wont be there at nine.

    2. If we drafted James, I am guessing that it would be Tartt helping out over the top.

      1. James isn’t a traditional free safety but when you rotate safeties, he can cover deep just as well as he can near the line of scrimmage. James can do a lot of things, and do them well. Money backer, hang defender, and edge blitzing juggernaut. I’ve got my round 1 draft preference as follows: Nelson/James/Landry/Edmunds/Smith.

        1. Is safety really a position of need when we have 3 very capable interchangeable ones?
          Just curious if you think James is that good to spend a high first on when the team could go LB in Smith or Edmunds?

          1. James would allow us to cut Ward and his $8 million dollar salary, and he can do more than Smith or Edmunds, plus he brings leadership and violence to our secondary. He’s also got a high ceiling, and I’ve seen him blitz off the edge, knocking an offensive lineman on his ass in the process….

        2. I have Nelson/Landry/Smith/Edmunds.
          James is much lower for me as I see him more as a Kam Chancelor type player than a single high player due to his instincts.

  29. Brady, AP, Gronk, Von Miller, and perhaps the closest comp I could find age and position wise…. Revis Island. All guys that came bk from acl tears and played at a high level. Revis suffered his in 2012, returned the following year and was rated top cb by pft and voted all pro. Neither guy particularly swift, but make up for it with wits.

    1. Tom Pelissero – Richard Sherman’s deal includes a $5M signing bonus, plus $2M base salary, $2M in 46-man roster bonuses, $1M playtime incentive and $3M Pro Bowl incentive in 2018. So 49ers get protection, and Sherman gets upside to beat his Seahawks deal if he plays well. Win-win.

      I count this as very good news if the only guaranteed by week one is the $5m signing bonus.

      1. Also, if Sherman — who’s coming off a torn Achilles — makes the Pro Bowl in 2018, my understanding is another $16M in base salary for 2019-20 becomes guaranteed. Creative structure from Paraag Marathe and Sherman’s agent … Sherman.

        1. Beat me to it. Interesting way to structure a contract. Good for the player. Gives him the chance to bet on his own capabilities. Also covers the 49ers if his heel never recovers.

        2. Interesting… say Sherman’s a a pro bowl alternate. Does he call an NFC pro bowl cornerback and say “hey, want to make a little money?”

          1. I think we should start giving a more credit to Paraag Marathe. He is doing a nice job with contracts.

            1. I suspected this sort of contract. As I posted earlier- Sherman is banking on his total recovery and return to normal.

      2. With those sorts of numbers, 49ers are nicely covered if Sherman doesn’t work out. Worth the gamble.

      3. Got to respect the man’s confidence. He’s betting on himself and Niners aren’t on the hook for a lot of money unless he plays at a high level again. Love this signing.

      4. Praage is the salary cap guru! Was Seb seriously on here this morning criticizing him? What a moron!

        1. Reading is fundamental. I wrote that he should stick to areas of his expertise, which is contracts and the salary cap. RS did not sign because of PM. He signed because KS wined and dined him to show how much the Niners wanted him. JL sealed the deal with his 3 hour meeting. I am glad PM helped JL, and that JL was so appreciative of the teamwork involved in making the deal.
          I absolved PM for all the leaks because Baalke was the real culprit, even though PM did leak at Baalke’e behest. Notice now, that the leaks have stopped, because Baalke is gone and JL is the new sheriff in town.
          Glad he helped write a fair contract for both sides, not only a team friendly deal. Like TP says, it is a win/win situation.
          To those of you who are ripping Grant for pointing out the pitfalls of signing a player with an Achilles, all I can say is that 36% of all players with an Achilles injury never play again. Many, if not most, never recover to pre injury status. Being over 30 does not help, either. Time will tell.
          Another salient factor is the intel that RS will bring from the Seahawks. Pete Carroll will need to totally change his system, because RS knew that defense frontwards and backwards. Cant wait to see the reception RS will receive at the Clink.
          Like Ken Norton from the Cowboys and Deion from the Falcons, sometimes getting a rival’s player is a shrewd move. Not only does it help the Niners, it weakens the other team. That is why I hope they spend some of the salary cap and obtain Sammy Watkins, who used to play for the Rams.

          1. Long time no see sebs, nice to see u around……don’t be a stranger sir.
            Id prefer Moncrief, a cheaper option.

          2. Does your wife know you’re sneaking onto the blog while she’s sleeping?

      5. This is why it’s prudent to wait and see how the deal is structured to understand the risk. The original $39 million over 3 years sounds excessive, until you realize a lot of it is performance based. This is exactly the kind of contract you want to write for an aging veteran, all be it, one of the league’s best. If Sherman comes close to maximizing this deal, he’ll have to fully recover from his achilles issues and play at a high level.

        I’m sold.

  30. For all those worried Grant will be right, rest assure he won’t be. It doesn’t happen much LOL. I take this article as an Omen that Richard will work out Great because Grant says it won’t.

    1. So true this Cohn head is so over himself. He knows squat about football . Probably never played the game . I wish I could be a writer and just spew illogical smack whenever I wanted . Idiot

      1. While he had reason to be concerned with the Sherman signing he should have allowed for this sort of scenario as an alternative. I actually posted earlier that this sort of contract might be the case. Grant might improve if he would only consider and acknowledge alternate options in respect to his own perspectives. It would make his opinions more credible. He is often right. The problem is that he always posts his opinions like they are the “Word of God” rather than mere possibilities. Its like every now and then we are greeted with a vision of Grant coming down from a mountain carrying his column carved onto two stone tablets

  31. This is an excellent signing. Lynch will have the Niners contending for NFC West title once FA and draft is over.

    Sherman is the best player not named Earl Thomas to help execute Pete’s scheme. He has very good study habits that will influence the younger DBs.

    Niners may still sign another CB in FA and will certainly draft one — probably a prototypical one for the scheme, in the mid-rounds.

    I don’t understand why folks bother to challenge Grant’s views. Does he have any special access to the Niners medical doctor’s exam records of Sherman’s injury recovery from earlier today? Does he know more of the details of the contract than we do? Grant’s MO is to take a stand based on information that is barely more than the average fan. He is entitled to his opinion, however.

    Recovery from Achilles tear appears to be now a well-studied and predictably routine process. I’d expect Sherman to be ready for the first game but somewhat rusty because of limited participation in TC.

    Sherman negotiated the deal with Marathe personally without an agent which shows trust between the two parties. I can’t wait for Sherman’s first pick off the Smurf…

    1. People are still locked into crediting position. And Grant is a columnist after all.

      I suspect that Sherman is also looking forward to picking off the Smurf.

      We also need to consider the possibility that this will not work out and Sherman won’t return to form.

  32. Perhaps Sherman is motivated to compete against Russell Wilson? Also tidbit about connection between Akhello and Sherman, from Barrows:
    “Furthermore, there have long been reports of resentment between Seattle’s defensive players — Sherman in particular — and quarterback Russell Wilson, who takes on an even more pivotal role with every major departure from the Seahawks defense. That promises to be a big storyline during the teams’ two meetings this year as does the fact that Crabtree and the Oakland Raiders will visit Levi’s Stadium.

    Witherspoon said last year that he models his game after the similarly tall, long Sherman, and he’s worked in the past with Sherman’s trainers.”

    1. IYou cats should read comments above before posting, gets old reading regurgitated points and opinions. I swear I just read my exact post only slightly reworded…..smh.
      Anyhow, we just blew up every mock draft and nobody has a clue who we are after. I love that there are zero leaks these days, what a refreshing change. The oval office might wanna take notes how to squash that issue…..sorry couldn’t resist.

      1. Yes! Now when someone in the organizations says they are going to take a leak they are really on the way to the bathroom.

  33. The bravado he brings is going to make him an instant leader on defense. Exactly what this young team needs. A Super Bowl winning voice. Great addition.

  34. Love the signing – Every position needs a mentor and Sherman is as smart as they come. His brash approach to the game is what every defense needs…. He punked Crabtree and Kapernick and he WAS RIGHT ….. “bring that shxxt to me” as they say …. WE need smart players in the game and on the team …. maybe he even grabs Reuben Foster by the neck and asks him “hey bruddah WTF” quit being a dumb axx because you are being selfish and hurting the team – Like Ronnie Lott, Eric Wright, Dwight Hicks and Carlton Williamson back in the day …. it starts with now and you just begin … close the problems on the back side and the pressure up front will come …. BTW where are Jack Reynolds, Justin Smith, Dana Stubblefield, Cedrick Hardman, Riki Ellison, and Charlie Krueger (yes I am aware of the lawsuit and he is probably not excited about coming back to help the Niners) , Patrick Willis, and Fred Dean ….. These guys played Ball the right way …. bring them in and mentor the players today ….. probably missed some greats …. point is ….. just shut up and play the game boys!! And to all you “experts” …. some of us stopped listening LONG ago …. WHATEVER ….

  35. How did Bowman do over in Raider land? I recall you blasting the Witherspoon draft. You reamed the team and the player. Basically you absolutely don’t know what you are talking about. And you do it so poorly.

    1. that sounds like the Woody Allen joke —
      customer 1: ” that diner has such crappy food”
      customer 2: “…and such small portions too…”

  36. Based on my faith in the current regime, I am making 2 assumptions . 1. They believe with a high degree of certainty that he will be at least an above average starting corner and 2. That the contract is structured in a way that limits their financial risk to an acceptable level. Taking those 2 assumptions into account, I believe this was a good signing.

  37. This certainly adds even more intrigue to the Raiders game, and they should put it on MNF.

    1. Is there any doubt?? Sf vs Oak will be primetime, and I’ll say it rt now…….quite possibly a super bowl preview.

    2. Less so with a probable Crabtree-less Raider squad. The two Seattle games will even more must see than usual.

    1. I agree with it. A couple of things there people don’t give enough credence to. One, for all his brashness, Sherman is a highly intelligent and hard working person. Those two traits are a large part of why he has been successful, and those traits will be a good addition to help teach a young 49ers secondary. Second, the 49ers do still miss a strong, winning culture and attitude. That is something else Sherman brings. Yes, his brashness rubs people the wrong way, but then most highly successful teams have a swagger that many find annoying and cocky.

      1. Many years ago, I read an article that described how, for winning consistently on the road, it’s helpful to have a brash player on defense with an attitude and a reputation to match. The NFL doesn’t have many of those folks any more.
        In Walsh’s years, Haley (under medication and under Ronnie Lott’s handling) played that role. Niners haven’t had one for years. Players feared and respected Justin Smith, but he was a quiet leader-by-example. Sherman is not nasty enough for that role, but is better than not having any confident and aggressive leader on D.

      2. “Brash” is what we’re calling it now? Never was a fan of Crabtree, but calling a guy out, humiliating him, kicking him when he’s down, on national television in front of the whole country at undoubtedly one of the worst moments of his life isn’t what I call brash. It’s a no-class cheap shot that I never want to see from a Forty Niner.

    2. The author states the following about Jimmy G:

      “……there’s little about his personality that changes the culture of the 49ers.”

      I disagree. In my opinion he’s already changed the culture of the offense. It isn’t just lip service any more; they truly believe they can win against any team because Jimmy G has given them that confidence. Just look at the last drive of the game against Tennessee and the beat down of the best defense in football to the point where the opposing defensive players were arguing amongst themselves.

      Not all leaders have to be brash, loud and hyper opinionated. In fact, I contend that most such individuals, while successful, tend to flame out fast. Guys like Jimmy G, who lead more by quite confidence, example and result, tend to have a period of success that is much more steady and less prone to violent ups and downs. Just my opinion of course.

      Having said that I have no problem with signing Richard Sherman and can see the benefits. But if he has a problem with Jimmy G (like he had with RW), then I would want him off the team. I don’t think it will be an issue because he is older and hopefully wiser now. I also, don’t think that JL and KS would let it get anywhere near to being a problem.

      1. Yeah Cubus, I’m guessing Shanny touched lightly on some stuff over dinner. I think RS can recognize that he’ll be in new surroundings here (or anywhere). Pete ran a loosely-goosey clubhouse that allowed expression.
        You’re in Seattle area, aren’t you? I’d read that a lot of guys on the Defense thought the team and coaches over-favored RW. Sherman was just the loudest.
        Even though it requires an adjustment to my Tribal World View, I’m good with this signing. Deion helped Seifert’s team bigly. Sherman will help less, but it’s worth a shot.
        I remember when Matt Millen signed. In Preseason he made a big hit on the sideline and like a boxing ref he counted the guy out. A Niner coach told him:
        We don’t do that here. He said: I do that wherever I am.

        1. Yes, it’s my understanding that the defense did feel that way. With all the departures on the Seahawk’s defense it’s definitely Wilson’s team now.

          Had dinner last night in Belltown (Seattle) with a group that included the boyfriend of my wife’s granddaughter. He’s an ardent Seahawk fan and played football in HS. Tragic story in that he received a scholarship from Cal to play defensive end and shortly thereafter was in a car accident that left him a paraplegic. We spar when it comes to the 49ers and Seahawks. He has a lot of friends who are Seahawk’s fans and he told me that everyone of them is upset with Sherman and that they all feel betrayed. He acknowledged that the defense is now a former shell of itself, but added that “we still have RW”. It seems like Seattle has become quite a bit like Green Bay to me, but without as good an offensive line.

          1. Thx. But that sense of betrayal is because of where he landed, right? Salt in the wound. I’d guess if he’d signed with the RayDuhs it might not have tasted so bitter.
            It was a bummer when Joe went to the Chiefs; but it wasn’t the Rams!

            1. I didn’t actually ask, but got the sense it was because of where he landed. After all, once he was released, he had to go somewhere. I guess I inherently assumed Seahawks fans would understand that, so figured the betrayal was due to him signing with SF.

      2. I think the main reason we don’t have to worry about Sherman having a gripe with JG is that JG isn’t a self entitled git.

  38. I think it’s a great signing – from what I read, Sherman’s betting on himself, if he can’t play, it won’t cost much, if he plays we get a top shelf cb for a relatively modest deal.
    New front office continually, continually impressing me.

  39. I am for the signing. I just hope they protected themselves in case of medical setbacks or decline in skills. They had to do something to keep pace with the Rams. Look what they did with their secondary. The price is a little steep, but at least Lynch is doing something, which is what Baalke did’nt do as he passed on one good free agent after another.

  40. Not a fan……this is too risky….unecessary move……

    The SB hype is getting to FO head…..

    1. Lol!!!! Seriously? Who says that? The only “hype” is coming from bloggers and commentor. The front office is doing their job. They aren’t depending on this man to be the piece that takes them over the top. They are bringing him here for leadership and knowledge of the position, especially in this scheme. If our young CB’s can learn the game from this man, then great freaking job. Stanford educated with his head on his shoulders off the field. A nightmare on the field. I’ll take 70 percent of Sherman over half the league. Again, nobody said he was a savior. He’s just one of the “Bricks”

  41. I don’t like this signing just because he always will be a Seahawk, are the Niners really that desperate?
    This reminds me of Balke. Getting injured players hoping they will play the game at a high level.
    I hope when he plays against his former team he won’t pretend to be hurt..

  42. You have got me to be kidding. Bowman was not our best LB at the time he was waived, at his request by the way. Sherman is our best corner hands down. The front office wanted to reduce Bowman’s snaps. He was not cut due to performance.

  43. I read that the guaranteed money was only 5 million and the rest were incentives. If that’s the case this is a great deal in the Niners favor.

  44. I think it’s a good signing. Especially the way the terms of the contract are. And I’m sure when the terms come out there will be a way out for the niners that won’t put them in cap hell. This man is a master in this scheme, he can teach it and hell he can still play it. Of course he talks crap, he earned that right by backing it up on the field. He wasn’t a headache in the locker room until he realized the Hawks cared more about Russel Wilson than the defense. Even then he wasn’t a head case in the locker room, he just let the front office know that Wilson wasn’t the reason they won the championship. Bottom line, this man will help on and off the field. Great signing.

    1. I for one agree that his issue with Wilson was legit. Perhaps a bit of jealousy but still Wilson got a bit to much credit. You could see that when everyone was going out of their way to try to blame everyone else but Wilson on that SB interceptions that he never should have thrown. That was a total knuckle headed play yet he was never called out for it. I think that is why Sherman and others on the defense were ticked off. It was about the teflon attitude show towards Wilson.

  45. I like the signing, if nothing else because it adds some strong defensive leadership to match the offensive leadership we now have with Jimmy.


    I do think Sherman should get out there on the half way line and make amends. Go some to try and erase the sour memories. Maybe they could film him eating some burritos or something. Or doing some press ups. Or rub some of the hallowed turf into his jersey, get him properly blooded in! They could film it for charity! I’d pay to see that, Ha!

  46. Grant Cohn is psychologically disturbed after being raised by Lowell Cohn. “The apple…”

  47. I like the signing. Grant is underestimating the leadership aspect Sherman brings to the DB group. I believe the 49ers should go OL or Pass Rusher in rd 1-2 then CB in rd 3. I am interested to see their plans at Safety. I am not sure Colbert is ready to start. I would bring back Reid and have him start with Tartt.

  48. As a cryptocurrency investor, I see this capital asset acquisition as a highly speculative investment due to Shermans recent injuries. But this financial risk was probably mitigated in his contract. Player-wise, the team will surely draft or acquire another alpha defensive back.

    Based on Richard regaining form, this could be a tremendous acquisition for our team for these reasons:

    a) highly skilled and disruptive CB who will help the team win games
    b) source of competitive intelligence
    c) mentor for existing and new players
    d) a hedge against the emerging LA Rams

    As long as the team has covered the risks in this deal somewhere in the contract, I love this agreement. And like buying 20,000 Ripple (XRP) tokens, it is a play that could produce immediate and longer term profits.

    The team still needs a few more tokens like Wanchain, Power Ledger and Cardano in its portfolio, which hopefully, we can acquire next month in the draft.

  49. It’s a fun and exciting move. I like it.

    But … Grant , have you written at all your opinion as to why the 49ers didn’t make those trades for CBs that the Rams did? (did they not want those guys? Or were the Rams just more agressive?)

  50. Found this hilarious. Pretty much speaks for the fan base too. Lol

    Kyle Juszczyk

    I take back anything disrespectful I might have said to you in our games before @RSherman_25 ? Welcome to the squad!!

  51. Grant, we know your deal. You’re a contrarian when it comes to anything 49ers related. Something your dad taught you? Does Press Demo encourage you? We all know your deal so you might as well just admit it. There’s a media guy just like you in every regional market–the guy who wants to be the Skip Bayless of their media market.

  52. Grant thinks he can make us forget about the real Richard Sherman by posting a photo of him on crutches lol.
    Here is the real Richard Sherman the 49ers are getting and he’s 29 years old not 39!

  53. I expect the 49ers will cut Sherman, too. And soon.

    Way to jump to a hot take before the contract details come out.

    The contract is an expensive flyer on a former great player…..a one year try out with essentially two option years should Sherman miraculously prove to return to his former Pro Bowl self. In the very least he’s a coach/mentor that counts against the salary cap and as a roster spot.

    1. BUt kills the opportunity to sign two other good cb’s in free agency this year.
      Sonia better work out!

      1. They could always sign a cost effective player like T.J. Carrie to bolster the secondary, and then draft Holton Hill or Yiadom in round 4 or 5….

      2. I don’t think it necessarily prevents them from signing another FA CB, though it does take them out of the realm of having to overpay for one of the perceived top guys.

        I like FA CB Aaron Colvin, a third round pick of the Jags back in 2014, who is likely going to be available next week. He’s a great system fit, he knows the system, and he’s graded out very well as a free agent CB, with PFF giving him a 80.0 score heading into FA. He should come relatively cheaply compared to the top tier free agent CB’s.

        And I would draft at least one CB on day 2 of the draft, if the right guy falls to us, depending on how the 49ers board shakes out. It’s a deep class for middle round picks.

        1. Sherman will be getting a $5 million signing bonus and a $2 million base salary for 2018, but he’s basically going to have to earn everything else after that. According to NFL.com, Sherman will be making $125,000 per week in 46-man roster bonuses, which means, if Sherman is on the active roster for all 16 games in 2018, he’ll get a total of $2 million.

          That active roster bonus is likely due to the fact that the 49ers have no way of knowing if he’ll be ready for the 2018 season. Besides the active roster bonus, Sherman is scheduled to get a $1 million playing-time incentive. Although it’s not clear what the incentive is yet, it could be something as simple as, if he’s on the field for 80 percent of the 49ers’ defensive plays in 2018 then he gets the $1 million. Playing time incentives are simply tied to the percentage of snaps when a player is on the field during the regular season.

          1. Another thing worth bearing in mind, Sherman’s singing won’t count against the 49ers compensatory picks next year, because he was released by the Seahawks, as opposed to being a scheduled free agent.

              1. Reasons –
                Lol you can’t get anything past Bro Tuna…I’ve never seen Tuna drop emoji’s! :-)

        2. Before you get too carried away with signing Colvin, you should note he was a NCB for the Jags. The 49ers already have that spot covered. I doubt the 49ers go for him, but never know. Regardless, they would still need additional depth at perimeter CB.

  54. Grant learned from daddy a long time ago that negativity draws attention. Pay no attention to him. If we all can ignore him he will go away.

  55. Grant, you’re such a lucky sod having the Sherm story fall into your lap!
    The draft day Nostradamus stuff was getting boring…
    Now, where’s the “NFC west is scared of Jimmy and Kyle” narrative???

  56. “I️ will do everything in my Power to come back faster and stronger than ever.”
    – Richard Sherman (Nov 10, 2017 Twitter quote)

    1. that’s because ” this time it’s personal”

      would love to hear Kyle’s debrief of Sherm about Wilson’s tendencies!!!

  57. I think Sherman will be used as a FS, just like Lott was. With his insight and feel for the ball he can control the backfield!

  58. SEB!!!!!!! Nice to see your still kicking! Hope all is well with yourself and your family! I agree with Steele!! Great move, if not for just the locker room presence, knowledge, and leadership! He’s a super intelligent, consummate professional who will add another coach to the sidelines at a minimum. Don’t discount the “Chip on the shoulder” aspect also. Nothing motivates an athlete more than being discarded by a team when they feel they can still play. He’ll rebound from the achilles injury. I’d also take him at 70% over most of the DB’s in the league. I give the move a +1000.

    1. Juan, I agree. RS could be a big asset and leader. Lynch probably played up the Stanford angle as his trump card.
      If he can walk the walk, he can talk the talk. What he said about Crab was true. MC did not shine as a No. 1 WR. When MC had single coverage as a secondary WR, he has done well with the Raiders. Still, his propensity for drops make him a liability.
      Some think it is a team friendly deal, but it is also a contract that gives RS the possibility to make 39.5 mil. Seahawks sure as heck did not want to so that. This is also a player friendly deal, with some risks for both sides.

      The Niners are gambling on a player with Achilles issues to BOTH legs. Sure, there are degrees of severity to those injuries, but modern medical advancements also mean that he could fully recover. Even if he is only 95% recovered, RS improves the team.
      Some Niner fans will allow emotions to sway their opinion, but to me, RS and the Niners, this is just business.

  59. Craziness… Never ever would have imagined Sherman in the red and gold although it seems he still hasn’t signed his contract otherwise you would think the 49ers would have made it official by now. Regardless, it’s a low risk/high reward signing and if he’s still his old self pre-achilles then this should be fun to watch (even if it will take some time getting used to).

    1. No released player can sign a new contract until Wednesday.

      Note: Alex Smith can’t sign his new contract until Wednesday either.

      1. Released players can sign any time. Only players whose contracts are lapsing have to wait.

        Smith can’t sign his contract because his rights are still retained by the Chiefs currently. Trades can’t be made official until the start of FA.

  60. “It’s a bit of a setback for a couple weeks because he’s in the boot on the other leg,” his former head coach, Pete Carroll, said at the NFL Scouting Combine on March 1, according to Kevin Patra of NFL.com. “But he is not slowing down. He’s working like crazy. He’s having a fantastic offseason. His mentality is good. He’s competing like crazy.”

    TomD’s Take: Edge rusher could happen, but it’s looking like Sherman is a mentor for their 2018 1st Rd pick, Derwin James and Witherspoon:

    James dominated the combine, putting up a 4.47 40 at 215 pounds and great numbers across the board, including an 11-foot broad jump and 40-inch vertical. He also shined during the on-field drills.

    Before free agency our mocks are just guesses. Post FA mocks are a little more accurate

  61. No doubt, it’s a gamble…but not financially. The 49ers have more than enough cap space to accommodate such a move and, more than likely, a large chunk of that $39 million will be tied to hard-to-reach incentives anyway. It may not be as big of a financial risk as it first may seem, if the contract is any way similar to what we’ve seen in the past from Chief Contract Negotiator, Paraag Marathe. We’ll know more once the details of the contract are made public.


  62. Ahkello Witherspoon

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    More Ahkello Witherspoon Retweeted Adam Schefter
    @RSherman_25 welcome big dawg!! Let’s get this work

  63. The defensive concept is a 4-3 Under base with Cover 3 coverage schemes. It calls for as many as eight defenders in the box, with three defensive backs patrolling the secondary — a single-high safety and two corners.

    Sherman thrived in this defense in Seattle. The transition should be an easy one.

    When loaded with talent, this kind of defense can lock down opponents’ offenses. It’s why the Seahawks defense was one of the best in the NFL from 2011 through 2015. The Jaguars are experiencing that success right now.

    The 49ers lack enough elite-level defenders to be at that level. But Sherman helps answer that. When he’s on, he locks down an entire section of the field. That forces offenses to shift their attack elsewhere.

    And it’s always easier for a defense to focus on a smaller area.

    TomD’s Take: Now that Sherman has signed, Derwin James Anybody?
    Sherman’s mentorship helps Derwin James and Witherspoon not turn into another Reuben Foster, that alone is worth the price of a contract.


  64. @Mr_KevinJones
    Richard Sherman can change this entire SF defense. DeForest Buckner and the front 7 will get more pressure up front. This young secondary is getting a coach on the field. 25 is now the leader of the 49ers. If it pans out, huge day for this organization

    7:00 PM – Mar 10, 2018

  65. mike freeman

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    The 49ers signing Richard Sherman, to me, is one of the best free agent signings of the past decade.

  66. Browns QB DeShone Kizer is now a GB Packer..

    and in other news ….

    Dallas DE Benson Mayowa .. and ..
    NY Giants DRC are both scheduled to be cut ..

    Anyone think the Niners should kick the tires on either (or both)
    of these guys ?

  67. Which is the greater likelihood?

    A) 49ers sign a big name, high price free agent

    B) 49ers make an off the radar trade with a cap strapped team for a high profile player (like Boldin and Garoppolo)

    C) 49ers are done with splashy off season deals until draft day.

    I’m thinking B or C are the higher likelihoods

    1. I would be very surprised if they don’t add a good interior OL in FA. And I am hoping they can convince the Eagles to part with Graham. So hopefully A and B.

        1. Probably a 3rd. Not sure they can get it though. They are hard against the cap. And Graham is in the last year of his contract.

            1. If I was the 49ers I would happily give up a 3rd round pick for Graham, then give him a nice 4 to 5 year deal. If they can get for less than a 3rd then all the better.

      1. I’m hoping for interior line too. Patches a hole, gives more draft day flexibility. But who?

        I’d like Norwell. But he will cost major bucks. Also sounds Like he’s a NYG already.
        Josh Sitton is also mentioned among 49er fans, but at 32 years old he’s a patch or a win now signing. A short contract provide draft flexibility could work.

  68. Wow, I am still in shock! I have rooted against this guy for so long, that it will be a strange to see him in Red and Gold. I like this signing for several reasons: 1. I think he is a tough S.O.B. and still has a chip on his shoulder. I can see him going hard against Seattle to prove them wrong for cutting him.. should produce some classic games . 2. He is a significant upgrade over anyone currently on the roster. I don’t like Grant’s comparison to Bowman due to the fact Sherman did not suffer a major knee injury in addition to the Achilles like Bowman. I am feeling optimistic about this signing, and like seeing a lot of the money is incentive based. It certainly looks like we will have our first shutdown CB since… Nate Clements?? I do think that they should go after a top flight CB early in the draft though. Wouldn’t be mad at another FA signing either..

  69. With cutting Elvis and signing RS so quickly it appears Lynch’s plan is as he said; sign plug and play FAs and draft BPA.
    I expect to see a quick FA signing or a trade for a pass rusher in the next week or so. Cutting Elvis probably means they have something in the works.

  70. Okay, it seems strange to root for someone who I have hated since day one. How does one go from hate to love. Its the football player that I hate nothing personal here. His antics speak for themselves, his disrespect to his former QB doesn’t go unmentioned, his dinner thing pissed me off, I questioned his manhood, now I got to root for him. Well sometimes you have to make piece with your enemies. So be it, I don’t question the positives that he brings its just that he was always the enemy – till now. I hope he excels we shall see.

        1. Hey British Niner,
          IIRC when Andy Rooney was thought to be switching in-town clubs Man U to Man City, the fans were lining up with pitchforks at his home…

    1. The Thin Line Between Love And Hate/Iron Maiden


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      Part of things at any cost, at what price a life is lost

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      There’s a thin line between love and hate
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      We all like to put the blame on society these days
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      Sometimes take just more than that to survive be good at heart
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      At what age begin to learn of which way out we will turn
      There’s a long and winding road and the trail is there to burn

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      I will hope, my soul will fly, so I will live forever
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      I will hope, my soul will fly, so I will live forever
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      The thin line between love and hate

      The thin line between love and hate

    1. “I expect that they’ll cut Sherman too. And soon”

      Translation: If I don’t put a negative angle on this, no one will reply and that means fewer blog entries. See, I’ve been fooling these fools for years and they keep falling for it. Like a moth to a flame.

  71. 4I don’t hate him . I just don’t like him….still think it’s unnecessary signing…..with alot of cap space the contract is not something we needed….they could have traded or signed a young solid CB for a good price….

    The contract speaks volume….FO is getting into an uncertainty…. It’s pretty much like paying an injured backup …….why is that I don’t get….plz stop all the nonsense about grooming the younger talent….he didnt do that in Seattle why do it here….

  72. Final 4.

    South: Virginia
    West: Michigan
    East: Villanova
    Midwest: Kansas

    Virgina beats Kansas 63-58 for the championship.

      1. Thanks East. Virgina has been making big shots all year to go with that defense. They’re going to be tough to beat.

        1. Certainly look good. I tend to think it could be Virginia v. Villanova, but that is minor.

    1. That’s an incredibly team friendly deal. Basically Sherman is gambling on himself coming back fine, while the 49ers have some easy outs if he doesn’t with minimal financial loss.

      1. I’m actually surprised how little the 49ers are risking once you get into the details.

        The signing bonus is $3 million , not $5 million .

        There’s a $2 million roster bonus on the first day of training camp if he passes a physical. If he’s on PUP or NFI he gets nothing.

        “To get the full $39.15 million, Sherman will need to play all 48 regular-season games over the next three years, be on the field for at least 90 percent of the snaps, make it to the Pro Bowl every year, and qualify for the All-Pro team every year”

        1. These sorts of deals have the added benefit of actually increasing the chance a player remains employed as well. Normally if they paid Sherman like an All Pro CB and he didn’t perform like one then the team would be almost required to let him go. But this contract means that so long as he performs at a decent level he is still worth keeping around as they will pay him like a decent CB.

          Of course from the player’s perspective you can argue they may rather be released and provided the opportunity to try and get a better contract than be paid like a decent starting CB.

          1. Good point — but it’s not a long-term contract for Sherman either. I don’t see Sherman being an All-Pro again, but it won’t surprise me at all to see him in the Pro Bowl if he recovers as scheduled.

  73. Giant pitcher Juan Marichal hit Dodger catcher John Roseboro over the head with a baseball bat and years later became an LA Dodger. If that happens, anything can happen.

  74. The NFC wezt demands strong corners with Rams,Seattle. Sherman is 50/50 risk, but we know his heart, and it is strong. I see him as wanting to do whatever he can to show the world he is still The Man. And at this point, Lynch and Kyle have earned a lot of rope. Not every move will pan out, but I give them the benefit of the doubt.

    1. Once again, SI’s Peter King, shed some fascination insight into the inter-workings of the 49ers new regime. I absolutely love the way this front office seems to be approaching each individual free agent differently when it comes to structuring their contracts. I do sense a theme though. The 49ers are hesitant to sign long term deals without protections in place. They are wisely leveraging their cap space now, without mortgaging future cap flexibility. Having a bonafide franchise QB has helped tremendously! One can make a case that the 49ers FO is now operating as one of the most efficient FO’s in the league.

  75. Been gone for a while guess I should change my profile pic kap thinks he’s Malcom x and aldon turned into a woman beater look how things has changed. Got Sherman tho let’s gooo!!!

    1. So much for that Stanford education. What that saying regarding people who hire themselves as representatives…?

    2. No o team was going to offer him 39 mil. He got more money than any agent would have gotten him. He bet on himself. He felt he won. Otherwise your talking a 1 year, 8 mil contact. Just sayin.

    3. Yeah, who better suited to lecture Sherman on contract negotiations than Mike Florio. There are a lot of outright silly arguments in that article which is typical of a Florio piece. For example, on one hand he makes a case for Lynch cutting him before 4/1/19 for no better reason than to save money despite Sherman having a very good season, and OTOH questions Sherman’s quibbling about Pro-Bowl-vs.-Super Bowl asserting that Marathe would not hold back the bonus just in order to save money.

      I’d rather wait for someone with actual contracts experience like Joel Corry to comment on the details.

      1. Florio also cherry picked topics from the King article. He didn’t mention that Sherman had been in contact with several other teams apparently none of which would meet the 49ers offer. The only useful thing I learned from Florio’s coverage is that the maximum agent commission is 3% (I always thought it was around 10%).

        1. Yeah, I learned that 3% number for Corry last year.

          Well, the Pats’ beat guy, Volin, has taken Florio’s take and run with it — I guess is channeling the fans’ collective disappointment in Sherman not signing with the Pats.

          I can think of one other opionionator with whom we are familiar, and who may be writing an article on Sherm’s contractual faux pas even as I type this, can you? ;-)

      2. Florio’s entire premise is based on information he isn’t privy to. Complete speculation on what other teams might offer with no regard to whether Sherman had been given an idea of what they were willing to do financially or how interested they might have been. It seemed more like an ad for agents than a credible info piece.

    1. Sherman signed the contract he wanted to sign with a young, rising team with a good QB in the division he wanted to play. He clearly is just not out there to make the maximum money. He probably could have gotten a 3-year/$27M/$12M guaranteed over the first season with the Raiders or the Lions. But he was very loyal to the Seahawks and he wants to show them twice a year that he is still a Pro Bowl CB and that they made a mistake in letting him go. I understand that the Seahawks did not offer to renegotiate his deal.

  76. The Broncos only tendered Shaq Barrett at a second round designation. I’d be very tempted to offer him a deal.

  77. Saw a report on a 49ers website stating that Seattle is meeting with Ndamukong Suh. If Suh signs on with Seattle the 49ers may have no option but to make a move for a top flight O-lineman. If the star’s align for us then perhaps Q. Nelson falls to us. But if not, will they make a deal for Nelson if he goes before 9?

    1. It will be interesting to see if the 49ers have not one, but two new starting OGs in 2018.

      1. New OG’s are the desired result as far as I’m concerned, along with a C upgrade over Kilgore…
        most guys here are assuming Garnett will do well in OZ work…
        the Jimmy G experience won’t really take flight till there’s a productive OZ run game, along with some high quality pass catching from the RB corps…

  78. Alan Robinson was just on NFL Network (free agency frenzy). He said his rehab is going great. He talked to his agent earlier today and the agent was going to give him a breakdown of the situation a little bit later today.
    Robinson did not mention any teams but he said he can play pretty much in any scheme, he can play outside, he can play inside, can play the quick game and he said he can do it all.

  79. 5 minutes ago Steve Wyche (NFL Network) after just speaking to John Lynch:
    “John Lynch made it sound like…remeber the Niners have a boatload of money under the salary cap to pursue free agents but they are not going to go after any of what Lynch liked to say… the splash names.” “Maybe that includes Robinson just not sure, but they’re going to try and build this roster with seemingly some more marginal type of free agents.”

    1. Perhaps Lynch’s goal is to go into draft day with as few roster holes as possible.

      I’m not expecting splash free agents. Kind of wondering is he doesn’t have a splash trade in place with a cap strapped team for an edge rusher.

    2. Could be a case of trying to temper 49er fan expectations. But he is probably telling the truth. I don’t see the 49ers spending big on a WR given they are already paying Garcon and Goodwin good money. The only really big money FA I think they could be in play for is Norwell, and it sounds like he is going to the Giants.

      I think they will be quite active in the next tier of FAs though. Guys like Pugh, Crowell, John Brown/ Taylor Gabriel for instance.

    3. Lynch didn’t say they wouldn’t sign splashy names. Here’s the quote he gave to Wyche:

      “Is it a short sample size? Sure, and we all know that,” Lynch said. “But I can just tell you from the response that we got from Richard and from other people around the league, it’s a game changer for us. We’re going to make good upon that and we’re going to use it to our advantage. But we’re going to make sure we’re just not doing splashy names. We’re getting guys that are really a great fit for the culture we’ve helped establish here in the first year and for a roster that we’re going to continue to try to improve. The ultimate goal is to compete for championships on a year-in, year-out basis. And we’ve got a lot of work to do but we feel like we’re well on our way.”

      1. It always amazes me how quotes gets misinterpreted. It’s pretty clear that he didn’t say they wouldn’t make splashy acquisitions.

      2. Rocket –
        I only posted exactly what Wyche said that Lynch said live on NFL Network.
        They must have aired the actual interview the two had later in the day.

        1. Just to be clear, Crab, I wasn’t referring to you. Wyche is the guy that needs to take a reading comprehension class. Cheers!

        2. Rocket –
          I just double checked my dvr tape and Wyche said exactly what I posted. Wyche must have misinterpreted the splashy comment.

          1. Hey Crab,

            I wasn’t trying to rip on you, just saw the quote in an article and posted it. I haven’t seen the footage of the actual conversation so I’ll take your word for it.

  80. A “splash” name could refer to someone like Norwell. Unless the 49ers plan to make a move for Nelson, Norwell should be a top priority.

  81. Question for former Redskin GM Charley Casserly today on NFL Network.
    Charley how does Richard Sherman fit 49ers scheme wise?
    “Perfectly… two things jump out to you, playing zone and press. He’s an excellent press player because he uses his hands, he physically takes the guy out of the game at the line of scrimmage. Most cornerbacks don’t do that when they press.”
    “As far as playing zone, he’s very instinctive as far as reading the route, reading the quarterback and knowing where his other players are and he’s got great hands.”
    “People come back from achilles injuries, that fire is ignited… watch out because I’ll tell you what, he’s going to raise that level of defense.”

  82. what’s up with the rumors of Dion Lewis signing on to the cause?
    would be a pass rcvr RB upgrade for sure…
    heard Steinmetz bloviating about this today…

    1. Saw that. There goes one of many 49ers fans hopes for shaking the Bills down in a huge trade.

      Opens a moderate trade possibility to garner a 3rd rounder. Also opens the possibility of Bills moving into top 8 (bumping BPA down)

    2. Now I’m rooting for Cousins to go to the Vikings. A 4 QB in the top 8 scenario is possible.

  83. Grant… Don’t know if this question has ever been asked, but can you turn on a notification feature on your blog? The kind you get when someone comments on your particular entry? Like if I say, I hate grapes. And someone replies, I love apples, can I get a notification on my phone. That way I’m not searching through 400 comments just for my one entry to see if someone replied?

  84. Brodie2Washington says:
    March 11, 2018 at 1:54 pm
    Which is the greater likelihood?

    A) 49ers sign a big name, high price free agent

    B) 49ers make an off the radar trade with a cap strapped team for a high profile player (like Boldin and Garoppolo)

    Scooter_McG says:
    March 11, 2018 at 2:21 pm
    I would be very surprised if they don’t add a good interior OL in FA. And I am hoping they can convince the Eagles to part with Graham. So hopefully A and B.

    TomD’s Take:
    I agree with Scooter–both A & B. You don’t sign RS unless Graham or another edge player follows. RS will be a mentor because of his age and knowledge of Seattle’s defense SF’s installing…To complete this look-a-like defense the next Kam Chancellor will be drafted in Florida State’s Derwin James !….Also, since missing out on a guard could hurt the team, the 49ers add Andrew Norwell, Carolina.

  85. Jeff Locke, Det. punter signed, Avg., 45.3 yds, Pinion 43.7 yds

    In his report of UCLA’s pro day, NFL.com senior analyst Gil Brandt says that Locke — a left-footed kicker — is every bit as good as Bryan Anger, the punter selected in the third round by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 2012 NFL Draft.

  86. There are going to be a ton of rumors thrown out over the next couple of days. Until a signing is actually announced, I would suggest taking them with a grain of salt. Lots of misdirection and lying will be rampant.

  87. My 1st Rd. Mock
    #1 Browns: Saquan Barkley. Generational talent and they will still get their QB
    #2 Giants: Chubb. Still have some faith in Eli and they want to see Webb develop. The great Giants teams always had pass rushers
    #3 Indy: Nelson. Could look to trade but grab Nelson as a LT mauler. Luck and Mack are popping champagne.
    #4 Browns: Allen. Tons of arm talent, good workouts and while raw, Rosen and Darnold aren’t without issues.
    #5 Denver: Sam Darnold. A little more upside than Rosen.
    #6 Jets: Rosen. Assuming the Vikings get Cousins, the Jets pick Rosen over B Mayfield.
    #7 Bucs: D James. Close call between he and Minkah, but ultimately they go for the bigger, stronger version. This guy will be a leader for their D for a decade.
    #8 Bears. D Ward. Yes Fangio would like him to bigger, but he’s smooth as silk and fast as lighting.
    #9 49ers. Davenport. Maybe a bit of a reach, but Leo is the top need and in short supply. Brock Coyle will play Mike in Reuben’s absence, with Malcolm Smith handling Will.
    #10 Raiders. Vita Vea. Yes they need help at LB and there are two very good ones available. But ultimately they go with Vea as he is an exceptional talent and will make it much harder for opponents to double team Mack.
    #11 Miami. Baker Mayfield. Tannehill is expensive and hasn’t delivered. Miami takes their chance at a franchise QB that will be cheap for the next 5 years.
    #12 Cinci. Mike McGlinchey. They need help on the oline and get the best OT in a mediocre class.
    #13 Wash. Trumaine Edmunds. Freak athlete. The new breed of LBs that can cover the new breed of TE.
    #14 GB. Minkah Fitzpatrick. They can’t believe Minkah fell this far. He won’t fall any further.
    #15 Ari. Roquan Smith. No need to reach for a QB now that the top 4 are off the board.
    #16 Balt. Will Hernandez. More talented than the OGs or WRs available. Best available and a need.
    #17 Chargers. Leighton Vander Esch. Showed his success was a result of athletics, not competition at combine.
    #18 Seahawks. Kolton Miller. Oline is a big problem. Miller is an athlete and allows them to slide underperforming Ifedi into the RG position.
    #19 Dallas. Da’Ron Payne. Yes they need help at LB, but a better interior Dline will help to that end.
    #20 Lions. Derrius Guice. Great player and fills a big void.
    #21 Bills. Courtland Sutton. First WR off the board is the big target who was fast enough at the combine.
    #22 Bills. Rashaan Evans. A good D gets better.
    #23 Rams. Harold Landry – Dammit!
    #24 Panthers. Mike Gesicki. TE, but will line up outside a lot. Tremendous athlete.
    #25 Titans. Isaiah Wynn Very good G in a strong class.
    #26 Falcons. Harrison Phillips. Strong and makes tackles. Just what they need.
    #27 Saints. Calvin Ridley. Smooth Route Runner to complement Michael Thomas.
    #28 Steelers. Ronnie Harrison. 6 3″ athlete that fills a need.
    #29 Jaguars. DJ Chark. 6 3″, 4.34 40. Allen Robinson’s replacement
    #30 Viking. Orlando Brown. Combine hit his draft stock, but the guy can play.
    #31 Patriots. Josh Jackson. Slides on 40, but good value for a team that gave up too many yds to the Eagles
    #32 Eagles. Connor Williams. Looks like they’ll resign Patrick Robinson, making OT the clear need.

      1. hah, so I did. I guess if that was the only comment, it was a nearly flawless projection given nobody else chimed in!

  88. Scooter:

    Any intel on this guy? Apparently he runs the 40 in 5 seconds flat. I don’t believe that rugby players have had much success in making the transition – certainly Hayne didn’t.

    CollegeFootball 24/7

    Verified account

    3h3 hours ago
    6-foot-8, 345 lbs
    Runs 40 yards in 5 flat

    Is Australian rugby convert Jordan Mailata the NFL’s next BIG thing?

    1. Fantastic of hear 49ers are still in the running for Norwell. Protect that quarterback investment.

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