49ers announce 1st round of roster cuts

The San Francisco 49ers just announced they have released the following players:

  1. WR DiAndre Campbell
  2. RB Kendall Gaskins
  3. DL Darren Lake
  4. K John Lunsford
  5. LB Wynton McManis
  6. OL Blake Muir
  7. OL Ian Silberman
  8. WR Jerome Simpson
  9. CB Cleveland Williams

What do you think of these cuts? Do any of them surprise you? Why or why not?

The Niners still must cut four more players to trim the roster to 75.

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    1. I thought Campbell would survive the 1st cutdown. I hadn’t seen much of the freshmen OL, but draftees probably aren’t cut this early. Silberman got plenty of reps to show what he has. Simpson’s departure can’t hurt Andersen’s chances of sticking.

  1. I think it’s going to be a long season.

    These cuts just remind you of how much work needs to be done to get back to a competitive level.

  2. Only surprises are Ian Silberman and Jerome Simpson.

    Official team optimist Ryan Sakamoto says Kelly released Simpson early to give him a better chance to catch on with another team.

    I was hearing some nice things about Silberman. Either they were wrong, or Silberman could be a PS candidate.

    1. Yes, I think PS could be in store for Silberman. Sometimes the releases at this point are crafty, knowing other teams are more likely to look harder at picking up players during cut downs to the 53 than to 75.

  3. I am not surprised Simpson was cut. Patton showed last night that he has the ability to stretch the field, and the offense looks like it will focus more on the TEs and RBs.

    1. What about your hero? Will he? Or will he join Trump’s campaign? Maybe the both of you can start a new political party, call it the Storm Crusaders!

        1. And you have fallen with sword in hand. Have you checked forecast lately Seb, where is the storm? Sitting on the bench in protest? What a loser!

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    1. I can’t speak for them but I’ve got 4more months of this waving in me. Sorry Rib. Seb picked the wrong guy to mess with

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