49ers move Bowman to PUP, Lattimore to NFI

The 49ers just announced that they waived Jewel Hampton, David Reed, Devon Wylie, McLeod Bethel-Thompson, Kion Wilson, D.J. Campbell, Kevin Greene and Colton Schmidt.

Other roster moves:

Marcus Lattimore, Brandon Thomas, Keith Reaser and Trey Millard were moved to the NFI list.

Blake Costanzo was released from IR.

NaVorro Bowman, Garrett Celek and Kaleb Ramsey were moved to the PUP list.

Players on the NFI list and the PUP list will miss at least the first six games of the season.

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  1. Hampton must really be garbage. Had plenty of time and camp the last 2 years and he still couldn’t pull off a spot after an injury, so much for diamonds in the rough. Prime example of “coaching up” doesn’t always work

    1. “Garbage” is a crap term. He’s better at what he does than what you are capable of. He just wasn’t a good enough player for the Niners. That’s all that needs to be said…

      1. Ghost, I’m with you. We might be disappointed with someone, but we don’t have call them names.

          1. Exert bloggers is a guy like you and the other 2 above saying teams like the niners “Should” make certin moves. This is a blog i gave my opinion about something, wich is what blogs are for. And my opinion is still hamptons play and practice was garbage. Its what i see, especially with the chances he had.

            1. he was just 1 of 330 pieces of garbage on the planet cut from the nfl today….gotta be at least 7 billion people better than those guys,eh…….gotta get there to get cut

        1. Totally agree Ghost. Hampton was a good rusher but he had one weakness that prevented him from making the team. He was not a good blocker. You simply can’t have that in the NFL. You don’t have to call the player garbage. Just say he had a weakness in his game.

      2. Sorry ghost and George the way you two talk about our players and have the nerve to say anything, oh and i seriously doubt hes better at what he does than what i do. Ive never been cut from anything, except my mom at birth

  2. No surprise with those moves, especially with Hampton. The man had several chances to leapfrog an injured James and Lattimore but severely failed at doing so.
    Glad Skov made it past the first wave of cuts.

    1. I like Skov and hope there is room on the team for him. He may not have great physical tools, but his heart and relentless motor may gain him a spot.

  3. I saw that you stated “Blake Costanzo was released from IR”. So, what does that mean? Is he back on the team or is he waived and gone or what?

      1. What is the rationale behind releasing Costanzo from IR? On IR he doesnt count toward the 53 man roster and we could have kept him safe for his ST ability next year.

        1. Time to move on. He wasn’t going to make this team and with all the younger guys there was no need.

  4. I cringe every time I see Lattimore’s name on the injury list. He was a wasted draft pick when he was picked up. Many said he’d come on strong this season and replace Gore. I think he is still a wasted pick. I love the pick up of Hyde and I don’t think Lattimore ever makes it in the NFL. Chalk this one up to just a risk taken that didn’t work out.

  5. Has anyone checked to see how many players from the early preseason cut wind up on a NFL practice squad compared to the final cut.

  6. Colin is a very strong QB…Here’s the problem… He needs to play more… Coaches & media are too concerned about “making” him a pocket passer. He is not playing FREE he is tense. Plus… what the hell is going on with the O-line? NO holes for running game. NO protection to give ANY QB time. Kap is good enough to get us to a super bowl…Let’s go Niners!

  7. I’m going to double down on M&M. I said he’d win the job, but injuries loomed. I’m betting he emerges from Mr. Uyeyama’s Gym, a lean, mean, middle of the field machine in 8-10 weeks…..

    1. I’m glad it wasn’t a season ender. I think Kilgore wins thee job anyways, but at least this gives us some well needed depth in the middle of the season.

      So who will be behind Kilgore? Seymour? Snyder?

  8. With Celek on the PUP list who do you guys think fills the 3rd TE spot, or do they go with only 2?

    1. I think they go with only two TEs in order to carry one extra CB (Acker) or WR (Lloyd) and stash Carrier for one more year on the practice squad if he is still eligible.

  9. If you hover over Miner Lee’s name (post above) you can click on it.
    I did (yes I know) I thought it was a new feature
    it leads to spam and possible a virus or spy-ware.
    Grant can you ck this out and KICK HIS BUTT!!!

    1. D Phiant – Good work!…Miner Lee is a concealed devil…..The dude in the phony avatar looks like he just scored with Rowdy Ronda Rousey.

  10. I must say I was really surprised by how poor Hampton looked in preseason. I liked him coming out of college, and thought he had a chance of sticking on this team once Hunter went down.

  11. Just finished watching the replay of the game since I missed it due to work yesterday and these are my observations:

    The starters for the right side of the OL played better than the guys on the left. Iupati is expected to get a big contract after this season, and right now I’m more than willing to see him go. He was constantly getting outmuscled and outmaneuvered by Liuget in the passing game, and his awareness left something to be desired. The team may have to give in to Boones’ contract demands just so they can move Looney to LG so that Staley can have some help and Kaep can keep from getting constantly pounded when passing. Seriously, I thought Iupati was trying to channel Chilo Rachal.

    I saw zero improvement in the areas that Kaep needed to work on, which included game management, pocket awareness, putting some touch on the ball, and staring down his target. He does appear to be going through his progressions better so that’s a plus, but that will be a moot point if he can’t improve in the other areas. But it didn’t help that the field was absolutely dreadful for footing and that the OL (primarily the left side) was like a sieve, so I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt and believe that he will get better when it matters.

    What is up with Aldon Smith? He lacked the explosive step that he usually has and looked tentative while playing. Is he playing with an injury, focused too much on his impending suspension, or both?

    Culliver may be starting opposite of Brock when the season begins. but he needs to be more consistent than what he was against the Chargers. Sure he made a great play on a deep ball, but he was up and down in regards to his tackling. That won’t cut it during the season and could also potentially wind up costing him his starting job.

    I think the team has Ellington playing in the wrong spot. If he truly does have a second gear, then that would be better served outside and not in the slot. The reason I say this is because of the current influx of hybrid CB/S coming into the NFL playing at NCB. These guys can only be beat by a big or fast WR. I maintain that Ellington is quicker than fast, but I have see seen him go into that second gear and…what can I say? Color me impressed. But I feel that intangible is being wasted where he is currently playing and would be better suited on the outside where he has a better chance to showcase that second gear.

    Aside from his improved pass blocking, James has been awful. He has trouble finding the holes and getting through them, and the game against the Chargers was no exception. It doesn’t matter whether you have lightning fast speed if you can’t execute, which is why the 49ers drafted Hyde this year. BECAUSE HE CAN EXECUTE.

    First crow down the hatch. Bleh! I was 100% wrong about Aaron Lynch. The man looked like a beast and a potential starter one year from now. He kept getting pressure on the QB and knocking down passes like a humongous flyswatter smacking at a defenseless fly. Yes it was against backups, but he thoroughly dominated those backups and that is no joke. I thought this cat was a wasted pick because of the lack of motivation at USF, but it looks like he paid attention to how the vets on the 49ers DL do their thing and decided to follow suit. And I’m so glad that he did. I like it when I can peg a player for what he is good or bad, but I love it when a player proves me utterly wrong by exceeding what I expected of him. The crow tastes nasty going down, but eating it lets me get ready for the main course.

    What the heck was Patton celebrating that much for? I know that he caught a difficult pass plus took a licking and kept on ticking, but jumping up and throwing your arms out like you just made the game winning catch? C’mon.

    It’s going to be very difficult for Davis to get a new contract from the 49ers if McDonald keeps playing like he has been.

    Wilhoite appears to have won the job to start opposite of Willis.

    Craig Dahl was up and down against the Chargers but not enough to be in any type of danger in losing a roster spot. He made a couple of key plays on defense (including a crucial stop on 3rd down when the Chargers first visited the red zone) and on special teams.
    In regards to the Gates TD, I feel like that was more on Borland trusting too much in his instincts hence blowing the coverage.

    Gabbert all but took hold of the backup QB postion. He gave Johnson plenty of chances to snatch it away from him during the first two preseason games. He didn’t in this one.

    The team is going to doing a face palm if they release Kenneth Acker or Dontae Johnson. Same goes with Shayne Skov.

    The pecking order at WR will look like this:
    Anquan Boldin
    Michael Crabtree
    Brandon Lloyd
    Stevie Johnson
    Quinton Patton
    Bruce Ellington
    …but won’t stay that way.

    Winston could be the diamond in the rough that Hampton was supposed to be.

    I literally saw a strip of sod move underneath the players during one of the Chargers’ punts. They snapped the ball and the whole strip move right along with them.

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