49ers announce the signing of WR Jerome Simpson

The 49ers just announced they’ve signed 29-year-old wide receiver Jerome Simpson to a two-year deal.

Simpson was out of the league in 2014, but in 2013 he caught 48 passes for 726 yards. He was a decent deep threat.

Do you think Simpson will make the 49ers’ final roster, or do you think he’s just a placeholder until the 49er draft a couple of receivers in May?

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  1. He’s a backup plan in case the young guys (including whoever they draft) don’t pan out.

    1. If they cut Stevie, we have boldin, Ellington, Simpson, Patton.. We need 2 more recievers. Draft one and maybe a quality free agent. We will see.

  2. This is Strange,I did not see this coming,What doe this mean for Stevie Johnson? I guess He becomes the Fastest Receiver on the team Now.

    1. Not just substance abuse…drug TRAFFICKING.
      He should have signed with Denver….could have had a nice little side business going.
      Way to do your homework, Trent!

  3. This gives them Stevie-like production potential for probably 1/7th the cost.

    Anybody remember Simpson’s standing front flip for a touchdown a couple of years ago in Cincy? Here it is:

    And since Grant forgot to list measurables, Simpson was drafted #46 in the 2008 draft. Currently 29 years old, he stands 6’2″ and ran the 40 in 4.42 seconds.

    He is an instant upgrade as a downfield threat over anything the Niners had yesterday, and the fact that they can “win with class” while signing a guy with his track record makes it plausible that they might indeed consider drafting Randy Moss in the upcoming 2015 draft. Er, DGB.

    1. Thanks for listing the measurables – saved me from having to look them up. So he was the front flip guy. I’d forgotten about that.

    2. Just to add on to Simpson’s stats. From Barrows:

      “He ran a 4.42-second 40-yard dash at the scouting combine in 2008 and averaged more than 15 yards per catch in 2013 with Minnesota. According to Pro Football Focus, 21.5 percent of Simpson’s targets during his two years in Minnesota were 20 or more yards downfield.

      Said Trent Baalke at the combine last month: “I think it’s no mystery we’re looking for guys that can run and get down the field”

  4. Simpson has speed,I hope it works out for him ,this might be his last chance.

  5. Another bad move like Brandon Lloyd for Baalke trying to be Hoodini. Why can’t he just draft and sign regular guys that have good character, injury free and not on one year hiatuses.
    For every good move he makes, he follows it up with a brain cramp!

    1. Hey Prime….Grabbing Brandon Lloyd off the FA pile last season was one of the smartest things that Harbaugh did, IMO. If he had only opened his offense up and put both Lloyd and Stevie on the field more often, perhaps he wouldn’t be freezing his butt off in Michigan. I don’t understand just why when one player leaves, that he gets the axe from the bloggers on here….Lloyd was and still is a very good WR….

  6. All those people out there who expect to see Boldin and only 1 other guy on the field 90% of the time while our rookies and young players are left on the bench to whither and die are still operating under the affectation of Harbaugh’s rule. Those days are done!

    It’s pretty clear that Baalke will continue to lead the direction of the roster, but if all the words of Steve Logan and Geep Chryst mean anything, it’s that the 49ers offense will be adapted to its players. Also, pair this with the concept of firing Harbaugh because the Brass wanted a “teacher,” and it’s pretty clear that the new coaching staff has been assembled with player development in mind.

    So, no, Prime, and all you other sad sacks out there, this is not Harbaugh’s 49ers, where Frank Gore and Boldin and other “trusted agents” get to play all day and young guys with obvious promise, guys like Ellington, Hyde, Patton, McDonald, and LaMike just get stuck in purgatory.

    The 2015 49ers are going to be a joy to behold, largely because we’ll get to see what the last 2-3 drafts have yielded.

    1. Nice rant, but your argument went out the window when you mentioned McDonald and James.

      1. MW Dynasty

        Yeah, I knew someone would probably point that out, ad we’ll probably never know with LaM. But Vance has a chance this year to show wha he’s made of. He was pretty good at Rice and has a nice big frame.

        1. E,
          Your rant may have a modicum of truth, but in the case of VMac, LMJ, and Gore you may want to re-evaluate.

          VMac has had plenty of opportunity to upgrade his game and has not taken advantage of it thus far.

          LMJ also had his chances during the SB run and did well, but he was not going to usurp Gore’ starting spot and his blocking was lacking. LMJ has not really made an impact with his new scenario which can’t be blamed on Harbaugh.

          And if you think that Patton and Ellington should take snaps away from Boldin, I wonder who really is the sad sack around here.
          Also, if Patton and Ellington (who are Baalke’ picks) are great players in waiting, why did they go after Stevie Johnson and Brandon Lloyd?

          And btw, the signing today of J.Simpson still does not satisfy the team’s obvious need of a deep threat and redzone player that will likely come in the draft. Does that really show Baalke’ confidence is Patton and Ellington?

          Harbaugh’ MO was to put the best players on the field that gave us the best chance at winning.
          All and all, he didn’t do a bad job at that.

        2. So far LaM did more with the 49ers than he has since he was cut.

          The idea that there will be significantly more “teaching” now than in the past four years is probably wishful dreaming. What will happen is that “hints” from the FO about playing time will be seen on the field. How that works will be interesting to watch.

          Most teams have a small number of players each year who make a noticeable improvement.

      2. Excuse me, but what’s the beef with LaMike? All he did was lead the league in Punt returns and show up for work everyday….Not good enough stats…? How many plays did he get in for…he asked to be released, and he was. Quit defending Harbaughs dumb decisions…he’s gone too…

        1. Quit using Harbaugh as an excuse. James went to the Dolphins and STILL did nothing. Case closed.

          1. MWD…If you think about it, it’s difficult to make yards from the practice squad, No? Right now LaMike is on the 53 at Miami, and looking forward to this season.He’s not stupid, you know…he could see that he wasn’t going to get playing time with Harbaugh, so he went out on his own terms. It will be interesting to see if we play Miami sometime soon.

            1. Poor excuse. The RB situation with the Dolphins was terrible, so if James was really all that, he would have received plenty of minutes. You can keep going back to the HARBAUGH WAS MEAN bull all you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that James went elsewhere and still did nothing.

        2. LMJ’ was drafted to be the COP RB.
          But he couldn’t even beat out KHunt and played when Hunter got hurt. LMJ did a good job as a RB and his average was decent but he never showed the burst and breakaway speed we drafted him for. He was good as a Return Specialist but he was drafted to do much more and he never reached that level.
          Kid was great at Oregon, but as has been proven since, he benefited from their system which many draft analyst are now saying about Mariota, but that’s a subject for a later date.

          1. AES

            Your retort lacks real thought. Pete Carroll, Bill Belichick, and Bruce Arians are known to play their entire rosters to the fullest extent possible, and as a result, the young players on the Seahawks, Patriots, and Cardinals are known quantities.

            LaM was a good punt returner and a good RB threat during the SB run, but he didn’t fit in Harbaugh’s rigid system, so he wasn’t used. VMac always had Vernon ahead of him, and so was never developed as a receiving threat (instead he was maniacally transformed into a blocker, despite his role at Rice as a WR/TE known more for his soft hands than his blocking).

            Ellington is an obvious talent who showed what he could do with the ball repeatedly during the preseason, but then mysteriously sat until game 15. Should he have taken reps from Boldin? No, I don’t think so. But he certainly could have taken them from any of the other WRs, and also could have probably taken about 3-5 snaps a game from Gore, in a role similar to Andre Ellington in Arizona. Patton also showed up in preseason games, and in one big play late in the 2013 season, but of course he never played either.

            Hyde is the clearest example of Harbaugh’s fatal flaw. Even the writers, like Grant and his dad, knew from the very beginning that Gore couldn’t handle his usual load, and praised the Niners for taking Carlos Hyde in Rd2 last year, for that very reason. Then Hyde flashed some pretty good skills. And almost every analyst in football would point out that a big back like Hyde, 235 lbs, gets more effective as the game wears on, he finds his rhythm, and the defense tires. So what did Harbaugh do? Meh, just sprinkled him in here and there, and watched Gore be largely ineffective in the second half of games.

            Oh, and did Harbaugh, with the 49ers standing at 4-4, ever rethink his arrogant ways? Of course not. Just kept feeding the ball to Gore, Boldin, Crab, Lloyd, Johnson, and Davis, all the while allowing their backups to remain hidden from spectators’ eyes and underdeveloped. These guys have been underdeveloped. Face it. They haven’t had meaningful exposure in games, and therefore you cannot judge their value to the team. What is obvious, however, is that the team lost 8 games last year and missed the playoffs while none of those guys saw the field, none had even the chance to contribute. What is also obvious is that Harbaugh was fired in part for the lackluster offense he continued to field; and that is because he wasn’t interested in developing players.

            And maybe you look at Borland and Dontae Johnson, and you say, “No, that’s ridiculous.” Well, those guys were under the watch of Fangio and his staff, and I don’t think either Harbaugh or anybody else ever really had any real say over that side of the ball, over Fangio. But you could also argue that Carradine and Dial should have seen a lot more action a lot earlier…

            Point is, Harbaugh is out, the whole not-quite-champion model he brings everywhere he goes is out, and the team appears to be operating under a more aggressive ethos. I for one can’t wait to see how this plays out in FA, the draft, and especially on the field.

            Good riddance, Harbaugh! Like Peyton, you’re a regular season Dynamo. Thanks, but no thanks. I think I’ll keep trying to find a Tom or Joe.

              1. Miner49er….yeah, and in another 100 years, he’ll STILL be one play from winning the Super Bowl…YOU stfu

              2. Yeah, and he called an ill-advised timeout on 2nd down to stop what would have been a walk-in touchdown run on that play. STFU

            1. E from everything I remember regarding McDonald in college the biggest knock on him was his hands, they were the furthest thing from “soft”. In fact I think I remember a few Roberto Duran comparisons.

              1. You’re right Old Coach. McDonald has always struggled catching the ball cleanly.

                The frustrating thing though is that in college he was quite good at getting open and presenting the QB with a target. With the 49ers he’s not really been used much as a receiver – and its not really been his bad hands letting him down but that he isn’t getting targeted. Not sure if that is because he’s struggling to get open in the pros, or because he was an afterthought the past two years.

                Hopefully we’ll get a better idea this year.

            2. E,
              You were actually starting to get my attention until you mentioned this:

              “But he certainly could have taken them from any of the other WRs, and also could have probably taken about 3-5 snaps a game from Gore,”

              Yup, that was really thought out as you like to say.
              Look, your dislike of Harbaugh is one thing, but comparing him to other coaches around the league just to add any validity to your rant is a stretch.
              while your Harbaugh Scope only looks at last year’s record, I prefer to view him during his tenure as the 49ers coach.
              Taking a team to the playoffs (often deep) 3 of 4 years ain’t to shabby in my book.
              Perhaps you prefer shuffling players in and out the lineup like Ericsson, Nolan, and Singletary.

              1. I understand there is no love lost between you two, but I’m not sure why you disagree with Ellington potentially taking a few snaps from the backfield. He’s a Randall Cobb type player and I think could work well operating out of the backfield in place of the RB a few snaps a game like the Packers did with Cobb.

              2. Here’s the irony of it all: after Harbaugh was informed by Baalke after the second Seahawks game that he would not return, the offense incorporated Ellington into their system. Ironic. So the question is whether Harbaugh’s hands were tied in those first 14 games and was finally give free gratis after he had been told he would not return.

              3. Harbaugh was informed by Jed, not Baalke.

                I don’t think the use of Patton and Ellington the last couple of weeks was about Harbaugh being given greater reign to make such a decision.

              4. Scooter,
                Nah, I have no love lost for anyone around here. At the end of the day it’s only sports with players that come and go.

                My best sports era was back in the 60′ thru late 70′ when most players started and almost finished their career’s with one team, but I digress.

                To your point, I never said I was upset with the Harbaugh’ stance on not integrating younger players into the lineup. I was stating that players like LMJ (in particular) was never the type of COP player that he was drafted to be. There likely was long rage future for LMJ as a 49er even if he were still here and team possibly losing Gore.

                To blame this on Harbaugh is ridiculous imo. You (or anyone) don’t have to look too far to see that LMJ has not flourished in Miami either where he didn’t have to compete with a potential HOF RB.

                Would LMJ have beaten out C.Hyde this year if he was on the team? Doubt it.
                I believe that James was drafted with the idea of eventually taking over for FG. But he would have had to have a huge breakout year for him to leapfrog Gore which he was not able to do. Harbaugh made the correct decision with LMJ.
                I’m willing to trust Harbaugh’ judgment based on watching players everyday in practice as opposed to fans who only see Sunday games.

              5. AES, you highlighted a paragraph from E that was talking about Ellington potentially taking some snaps from some of the vet WRs last year, and maybe some snaps in the backfield. Seemed a perfectly reasonable idea from E to me.

                I do think E has a point, even if he was over the top. I do believe some of the young guys weren’t given as much of an opportunity as they should have been under the previous coaching staff. It seemed pretty clear that the coaching staff preferred to go with veteran guys that were assignment sound. I’m not saying this wasn’t a successful plan in the short term, it clearly was. But long term you need to get your young guys involved to develop them.

                As a result of getting very limited playing time I think some of the younger guys on this roster have been under-developed. Of course it could just be that these young guys aren’t any good, but I don’t think that is the case. I think some of these guys can develop into pretty good players if given an opportunity.

                With LMJ, I don’t think he’s a particularly good player, and shouldn’t have been a second round pick. However, I do think he is a better RB than a guy like Alphonso Smith, and I do think a creative offensive staff could have been used him a bit more as a COP back and as a receiver out of the backfield. As a rookie he showed some promise in that role when Hunter went down.

              6. Scooter,
                I believe that there is a big difference between developing a young player for a particular position vs using him for a few plays as a RB just to throw a twist in the offense hoping for a spark.

                Ellington was drafted as a WR not a running back. I would venture that Ellington’ future in the NFL is not going to be as a COP RB. But that’s just one man’ opinion.

                I’m not particularly a fan of every Harbaugh decision but using young players (ahead of veterans) in a year where the team struggled just to go 8-8 was not a bad choice imo. The team was not officially eliminated from the playoffs until the 14th game of the season and after the loss to the c-hawks Harbaugh was a lame-duck coach.

                I think Harbaugh put the best players on the field and when viewing that philosophy through playoffs and total wins lenses I can’t fault him.
                Also, he played Aldon as a rookie and the same goes for Reid, A.Lynch, Ward and Hyde.
                If players like Patton, Ellington, Lemoneir, Tank, Dial and other young players were really good they would have played more.

                We’ll soon see what the new regime can do in developing the young players – but I certainly hope that their development is not predicated based on a losing record at the midway point of the season.

              7. “Ellington was drafted as a WR not a running back. I would venture that Ellington’ future in the NFL is not going to be as a COP RB.”

                AES, I think this may be where the misunderstanding of what I (and I believe E) mean. I don’t think Ellington should be used as a COP RB. I do however think he can be used out of the backfield a few times a game, like Cobb was used at the Packers. He would effectively still be a receiver, but running routes from out of the backfield and with some potential to take the occasional hand-off. He was already being used on sweeps, so it isn’t as if they didn’t use him to run the ball every now and then anyway.

                You are correct that some young guys did see the field. Typically the first round picks saw the field as rookies. However, it is worth noting that the competition for the starting spot for these first round picks was also typically pretty weak. Harbaugh and co. didn’t have much choice.

                This past season they used rookies a lot more than usual, but that was largely a result of injury forcing their hand.

                It is no surprise that veterans out-perform the young guys through training camp and win these jobs. They’ve got a better understanding of what to do because they’ve had the opportunity to become battle tested. When guys like Borland, Lynch, Dial and Johnson were given the opportunity this past season they showed they could handle it, and in many instances (Borland, Lynch, Johnson) were upgrades over the guys that were ahead of them initially (Wilhoite, Lemonier/ Brooks, Cook). It is a worry the coaching staff needed to be forced into playing these guys.

              8. AES

                Well, I wasn’t talking about shuffling players for shuffling’s sake, I’m talking about Harbaugh’s dismal track record for developing players. Dismal. And taking 80 snaps away from Gore over the course of a season would have made him fresher in the games that actually mattered.

                But if you want to talk about Niners coaches who “shuffled” players (i.e. developed them), look no further than Walsh and Seifert.

    2. That’s not going to help Kaepernick find an open receiver, teach accuracy or recover our First and second round bust draft picks or for that matter an entire failed NFL 2012 Draft that year… Even Mike Ditka, who gave up his entire draft- –
      (13) picks in 1999 at least got Ricky Williams….Whatever happened to (WR) Ronald Johnson, USC…another bust…People might say, so what, he was a #6 pick…Well, Dwight Clark (The Catch) was a 10th rounder, All pro C/G Jesse Sapolu, a # 11 round pick. Unless Baalke can stop swinging and missing on draft picks say goodbye.

  7. Simpson will at best be the backup to whomever the 49ers draft for their deep threat.

    1. What he did was have 2.5 pounds of weed mailed to his home in Kentucky. He also got stopped for a traffic violation with an open bottle and weed in his car. He was driving with a restricted license from a previous DUI that had been reduced to reckless driving.

      He seems like there may be some gaps in his understanding of cause and effect.

      1. Yup, if we can add Josh Gordon next year in a joint venture with Simpson we will literally blow teams away.
        It’s all about winning with class now boys and girls.

  8. Interesting. 49ers have apparently re-structured Aldon Smith’s deal. They haven’t extended him beyond this year, just restructured the deal so his $9.75M this year is no longer fully guaranteed and will allow them to cut him without financial penalty if he messes up again.

    1. Wonder what they (both sides) gave up in return for getting this done. There was some notion last year that he’d actually have to, in effect, pay to play this year, due to all of his missed games and off-field transgressions.

    2. That’s good news in case Aldon turns into a pumpkin. Says Aldon and the team are in pretty good standing. Makes an extension at some (a little) point more likely?

      1. Good on Aldon to agreeing to the deal. It looks like he was the only one giving something up here.

        1. Maiocco:

          Doug Hendrickson (Smith’s agent)
          “It wasn’t like they said, ‘If you don’t do this, you’re cut”

          “The thought behind it is that Aldon realizes he’s been his own worst enemy. He has come a long way since he was suspended. His ultimately his goal, my goal and the team’s goal is for him to sign a long-term contract with the Niners.”

          “Ultimately, he’s loyal and he appreciates all the 49ers have done for him”

          “They have supported him. He recognizes that, and he doesn’t want to go anywhere. He wants to continue to build trust and show them who he is.

          “He’s basically saying, “‘I’m willing to bet on myself that I will not do anything stupid.'”

        1. I doubt that he wouldn’t get paid if he is injured. That would be a really bad contract for any sport, especially the one he plays.

    3. Kudos to the 49ers. The 49ers have gone over and beyond in helping Aldon.
      It’s all on him now. If he messes up again he doesn’t deserve a paycheck.

      1. When he talks, it sounds like he’s trying to hold in the good stuff.

          1. Too bad there’s no snow in the sierras, fresh powder works the best…at least that’s what I’ve been told.

              1. Yeah Brotha, unfortunately no advice for you on your “bat issue” – I had much more experience in college with bongs than with bats. : )

  9. “He was a decent deep threat.”

    Compared to what the 49ers had in 2014, Simpson could be a great deep threat.

    Just over 60% of Simpson’s targets in 2013 were on routes 10+ yards downfield. The 49ers top two receiving targets last season were at 34% (MC), and 35% (AB).

    1. Jack

      Do you think that Simpson will be the primary deep threat or the backup to someone they plan to draft?

  10. Just viewed some vids of Simpson. He leaps and high-points very well. Like Parker, his style seems to be a good fit for Adam Henry’s coaching.

    What I can’t tell from the 49er website, is Ronald Curry or Adam Henry the primary WR coach? Are they co-WR coaches?

    1. One mans garbage is another mans treasure….

      Feel free to keep the idioms and phrases coming-

      1. Will do, I’ll be sure to give you enough time to Google what they mean before expecting another witty response as well.

        1. That is unless of course you’re too busy posting material you search for as your own.

        2. Does this mean you’re still butt sore Mr. Turners’ performance in the 2012 NFC Championship game? Google Monistat Complete Care Chafing Relief Powder Gel….

        3. Does this mean you’re still butt sore about Mr. Turners’ performance in the 2012 NFC Championship game? Google Monistat Complete Care Chafing Relief Powder Gel….

          1. I know you’ve mentioned being married and having kids but you seriously sound like a 12 year old when you try to argue with someone. First of all nice job on the double post edit and the Monistat joke is about your level so I guess shame on me for expecting anything actually clever at of you.

            1. I think we’re all guilty of sounding like a 12 year old at times. You might want to watch out you don’t fall off that high horse of yours….

              1. Well in that line of thinking I’ll just say you’ve always started it.

              2. How can I start anything when everything I start you ignore? Doesn’t make any sense….

          2. I’ve said it before but I don’t know why you are compelled to respond to my posts. I’ve ignored yours and yet you still can’t control yourself and always feel like you have to chime in with some sophomoric comment. It would be so much easier if you could simply extend me the same courtesy I do for you and pretend like the other doesn’t exist.

            1. OR you could drop the comments and play nice but I’m not holding my breath.

            2. Why do you presume what you do is what everyone else should do? Are you really that narcissistic?

              1. If that’s your response to what I said then there’s nothing else I can possibly say to you Razor.

  11. Not much to get excited about. In 6 years he’s played all 16 games only twice. Didn’t play at all last year and before that he was only averaging 36 catches a year for 500 yards IF you exclude his rookie season that he only caught one pass. If you include the rookie season he’s only averaged 29 catches a year for 400 yards for his career.

    As long as he’s cheap and easy to cut then it’s a no lose scenario. But still, nothing to get excited about.

    1. Have to agree. Its the same as with Lloyd last year.

      He’s got some talent so if he stays clean he can fill a role as a deep threat and #3/ #4 WR, but he’s not shown in the past to be anything more than a role WR in the NFL.

      To me he’s insurance.

      1. Yea, there’s been several players through the years that didn’t show much. Then late in their careers the right situation comes along and the light comes on. He could just be a role player which is most likely or he could surprise and actually become one of Kaepernicks’ go to weapons….

      2. On a 0-100% scale how much of this signing was aimed at getting SJ to take a pay cut?

        1. Hmmm, not sure, but I tend to think not much if any. Mainly because I don’t think Stevie Johnson would see signing a guy that has never been more than a role WR and spent last year out of football as really changing much of anything in terms of where he stands with the team.

          I think this is more a low cost, low risk ‘just in case’ signing. Just in case they miss out on the WR(s) they want to draft or sign in FA, just in case the young guys don’t develop, just in case of injury, just in case they end up needing to cut SJ to free up salary cap space.

          I think it is also about providing competition, which is something Baalke believes in doing, and simply looking to find potential valuable contributors wherever possible.

        2. If it was, then it’ was a dumb idea. Johnson would say no, get released, and still get paid. By another team I mean.

    1. But not White? Really? I think he shows good RAC potential; aggressive first step after catch. Even more so than Parker from what (limited) tape I’ve seen.

  12. Here’s Mike Florio’s take on the Aldon restructuring (from PFT):

    “It’s possible Smith already did something stupid by betting on himself. What does he gain if the bet pays off? Nothing more than he would have been entitled to as of Tuesday.

    Smith’s decision suggests that something other than a “bet on himself” is happening. The fact that Smith will start collecting portions of money he otherwise wouldn’t have seen until the regular season starts suggests that Smith may have wanted (or perhaps needed) to trade financial security for cold, hard cash. The fact that he gave up $9.754 million guaranteed for $9.754 million non-guaranteed suggests that, even without an ultimatum from the team, Smith may have been concerned that he would have been released before Tuesday.

    It’s possible that the payoff will be a long-term deal with the 49ers before his rookie deal expires and Smith becomes eligible for unrestricted free agency. Based on the grossly team-friendly deal that the 49ers foisted upon Colin Kaepernick last year, however, Smith could be better off forcing his way to the open market, where pass rushers who have racked up 44 career sacks in 50 career games don’t have to bet on themselves in order to get paid.”

    1. By Aldon doing this is its basically saying that he believes he will stay out of trouble. He wants to resign long term with the niners because they have always supported him. IF Aldon stays out of trouble expect a big deal coming his way from the niners. That’s an agreement im sure has been discussed.

    2. “Based on the grossly team-friendly deal that the 49ers foisted upon Colin Kaepernick…”

      Ha ha!! Now, Mike Florio, tell how you REALLY feel about the Niners F.O.?

      If the Niners were a public company, I’d buy their stock. Despite the immature and obtuse statements and actions of Jed, Baalke, Marathe and company are masters of asset management. Now that the team ownership has precipitated the Harbaugh disaster, they will have to work extra hard and rebuilding value.

      What Niners F.O. seems to have succeeded is building good working relationships with key player agents. They must be honest and upfront in their negotiations. I have been impressed how well they have worked with Rosenhaus who has a reputation for being difficult. It seems like the Niners have been quite accurate with their player evaluation from market price standpoint. They have also built trust with their key players (despite a few leaky malcontents, probably on their way out) so much so that players like Justin Smith have fired their agents and negotiated contracts on their own.

      1. Another good post from Mood. Someone should ask Florio about P.Manning. Yeah, he signed a big cool deal with Denver and now had to give some back and make less than his brother and several other QBs.
        The CK deal in particular helps avoid the Archie Manning Syndrome wherein a talented QB has insufficient supporting cast to thrive.

        1. Thanks, Brotha. What’s impressive to me is not just that the Niners front office manages money well, but how they have gotten their player to successfully buy into the shared sacrifice of taking a bit less and signing team-friendly contracts. This is top-notch negotiating skill at work.

      2. Mood, I think Justin is just that kind of guy, and I think that the contract work the 49ers do is also solid. Win, win.

        But when it came to parting ways with a winning coach, the wheels fell off and they made themselves look devious. That part fits with the soccer field agreement and age discrimination messes.

        1. I don’t care much for how they look or say. I just care about what they do.

  13. I don’t care about the pot or the selling of the pot, I don’t care if he is drinking, what I do care about is DWI and not manning up to take the breath test. Might as well draft DGB and hire a babysitter and a shrink and a parole officer.

    1. taking a breathe test has nothing to do with being a man. Lawyers will tell you all the time, do not take the test.

      1. KY – there is a difference between legal right and moral right. I was raised with different standards – you do something wrong, you own up to it, pay the price, get over it and don’t let it happen it again. When you weasel out of something you become a weasel not a man. Win with class – ya right, just another disappointing rhetoric coming from the front office.

        1. Well Theres nothing wrong with admitting you’re wrong. I never read he denied being drunk. He denied taking a breathalyzer. That doesn’t mean he denying it. In reality it’s an admission of guilt.

      2. KY: I saw that there were some up to 24 hour long waits on the interstates in KY. Did you get stuck in any of that traffic?

        1. No sir. I was home when that snow hit. That is the main interstate in KY for the most part. I thank God I was not on that road.

  14. Simpson is big and aggressive. He’s more explosive than Crabtree. Great signing but we still need to address the WR position in the draft.

  15. Looks like Dwayne Bowe might be on the trading block as well. He has a $14 million cap hit in 2015. If Bowe is cut (who would take on that cap hit), it seems even more probable that the Chiefs will want to take a WR in the first round. They’ve already cut Donnie Avery and AJ Jenkins. There’s always free agency, but if they don’t make a big splash there, then I think they’ve pretty much telegraphed their intentions for the draft – which means they might try to move up. It might be a very interesting first round draft with the Eagles rumoured to trade draft places with the Jets in order to get Mariotta.


    1. The trade value chart would suggest that for the Chiefs to move from 18th to 15th, they would need to give up their first and third round picks.

    2. Wow they just got rid of pretty much every WR on that team, which goes to show how bad their WRs are.

      As for the Niners, they need OL and RB, because they’ve already said they are going to run the ball. Kaep won’t be able to hit t]he WR anyway!

    3. There’s always free agency, but if they don’t make a big splash there, then I think they’ve pretty much telegraphed their intentions for the draft – which means they might try to move up.

      Not necessarily Cubus. Their OL and secondary need to be addressed as well. There’s also the fact that WR was viewed by many as a key need for the Chiefs in the last draft and they stood pat.

  16. This is basically the Brandon Lloyd signing all over again. I’m sure it was fairly cheap.

  17. All the publicity is about his trouble with weed but he’s been generous with his time and money in both Cincy and Minnesota and his North Carolina hometown. You never read about that. Let’s hope he makes the right decisions going forward and takes advantage of this opportunity given by the 49ers.

  18. This one is MILES & MILES OFF TOPIC:
    OK, every once in a while life pitches one of those weird screwballs at you……. Neighbor lady calls me up at dinner. She’s a widow and checks in now and then for help/advice. So she’s got two bats flying around in her house. I open up all the doors and I’m running around chasing these little flickers with a tennis racquet trying to shoo them towards a door but they’re having none of it. Finally they get wise to me and fly up to the ceiling where I can’t bother them because her house has those 18 foot ceilings. Okay, now I’m stuck and Greta is like totally freaked out. Animal Control is closed until 11am and the Exterminators she tries are all closed. I advise against calling the Fire Department. Finally I convinced her to come spend the night at our house and we’ll make some calls in the morning.
    I dunno, Man. Not in the Manual. You can’t make this stuff up; Life is way too weird, LOL!!!

      1. Yeah, very married. And she didn’t make this s— up, I was swatting at those things! About the size of my fist, without wings.

    1. Bats fly into my house alot. You did what I always do. I open all the doors. Then I stand in a corner and wave a towel to shoo them towards the door.

      But I don’t have high ceilings. Maybe tomorrow you can open the doors, then try squirting water from a little water bottle. Best of luck.

      1. Thanks Brodie!
        Cool idea, squirting water. I’ve got a Super Soaker I use in my 100 Years War with the Piegeons. I’m all over that idea. I found out that they came in through her garage so I figure their expecting to get out that way. I’ll try that angle manana.
        Best tip I ever got on this blog! Hahaha!

          1. Last time I had a bat in the house I just through a sheet over it, but I have 8′ ceilings. Had a raccoon that had babies in my attic before and had to go up and destroy them….

          2. Bro Tuna….You might try some wasp and hornet spray, that stuff will reach the ceiling….throw a towel over them when theyhit the deck

            1. Thanks guys. Animal Control dude had an extension handle for his net and did a smooth catch and release.

              1. Bats in your houses?
                Where in Heaven’s name do you people live…Gotham City???
                I’m pissed if a mosquito gets through the screen.

              2. K Robert
                They used to live in SF but it’s cheaper up here in Sonoma County. ;-)

  19. One of the treats I’ve had over recent years has been watching Baalke in free agency. I’m sure several of you share my sentiments. By the way, yesterday Barrows called the period now “pre-agency,” the period before free agency “when teams typically unload pricey or older veterans who then can be scooped up at relatively bargain prices.” Of course pre-agency will be ending shortly. I wonder if Baalke can/will squeeze anyone else in.

  20. Niners Nation has an article regarding the potential salary cap implications of Aldon Smith’s contract restructuring. It looks like the team could actually free up cap space for the time being and use it during free agency. However, if Aldon plays the entire year, then they’ll need to find that cap space again. Until the season starts, the niners will save just under $4 million. This is pretty clever and kudos to Marathe and team. However, one still has to wonder why Aldon agreed to this. According to the article, if Aldon needed cash now, he could have elected “to get paid on a normal pay schedule over the full calendar year. Most do not, but it is an option.”


    1. I guess this buys them time to make some moves now, and either cut, restructure, or sign some long term contracts and free-up the cap space to cover the $4mil when it comes time to pay up.

      Very interesting and creative way to free-up some cap space.

  21. I predict he will have a cult following in the Mendocino/Humboldt County region…

    1. If you are thinking we might go after him, anything is possible, but I hope we don’t.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if his next contract is relatively low. We might even be able to offer him a contract, in theory. But I wouldn’t. If he has to accept a low contract he will be even more of a malcontent than he already is. Let him go to another team.

        1. I loved him as a Gator but not sure that I feel the same way as a 49er,he has too many problems. Jacoby Jones is going to the Chargers on a 2 year deal.

  22. @CK=Elite
    This is not an “I told you so”, but rather “I seem to have guessed right”, but Brandon Marshall to the Jets for a 5th Rounder. Brutal competition at this level; no sentimentality. Looks worth it to the Jets as long as he doesn’t get frustrated by erratic QB play or by the NYC media.

    1. All I stated was I would trade a fourth string middle linebacker and a back up outside linebacker who are very familiar with Fangio for Brandon Marshall in a second.. I would also throw in a 5th rnd pick. Jets are getting a number 1 Wr while we gave up a fourth for a number 2-3 reciever in Stevie. I don’t understand the logic to that. Balke missed the boat on that one..

    1. Cubus If the 9ers are still in need of a WR after FA I could see them trading back to the end of the 1st or the top of the 2nd rd and drafting DGB. If they could get an early 1st rd talent and extra picks i could see them taking the chance.

      1. Do you believe the Seahawks will let him slide Into the 2nd round? I don’t know what their immediate needs are but they need a true #1 just as bad as we do.

  23. End of an era:
    Rotoworld: The Colts announced they will not re-sign free agent Reggie Wayne.

    1. AirIndy was something else w/ him and Harrison and PM, but they were most dangerous with an ace RB (Faulk, James).

    1. Not sure if you’re joking (I hope you are)..but he ‘s referring to Marshall and Edgerrin.

  24. I saw somewhere on ESPN that Baylor is moving an OG over to play TE. LaQuan McGowan, 6-7, 410 lbs. A Slot Corner’s nightmare.

    1. Huge target. He could be a Rugby superstar if they’re not allowed to tackle low….

  25. First Little Jed threw Harbaugh under the bus , I guess Baalke is next. Last night Ann Killion reported when asked about his team signing problem child Jerome Simpson he stated he had no idea what Baalke was thinking when he signed Simpson.

    1. Dysfunction Junction 2.0. Been predicting 11-5 record based on the depth of talent is enough to overcome managerial instability. Maybe I’ll revise that figure.

    2. I don’t think he was throwing Baalke under the bus. Just stating that he wasn’t sure of everything that went into the decision.

      At least that’s how i read it.

      1. Jack i think you could realisticily read it either way but with a passive agressive little guy like Jed i’m betting he is setting up his defense in case the Simpson signing goes south.

    1. I disagree. Borland is the better player you keep the better player. If they can get a 6th or 7th for a guy who is a UDFA and career backup that’s a profit.

    2. Trading Borland for a 1st or 2nd would be nice from a draft capital point of view, but Borland showed last season he is a play-maker.

      Yes, he had some bad plays. Yes, he is a little slower than Willis and Bowman. But they absolutely can work with one ILB like him, that has good anticipation and does his best work making plays through the middle of the field. The same way the Ravens used Ray Lewis in his later years.

      Willis and Bowman are on huge contracts. Willis is the wrong side of 30 and Bowman is coming back from a serious knee injury. Getting rid of a play-making ILB that could take over from one of those guys either this year if there is an injury or some time in the future doesn’t make a lot of sense right now.

              1. Having trouble measuring age in units other than years there Grant?

                Its pretty simple. Once you turn 30 you are in your 30s, you are over 30, and you are on the wrong side of 30.

              2. If you take away the month and half he’s been 30, then he’s on the right side of 30.

        1. Out of curiosity, what are your thoughts on Nick Moody? You call him a quality backup in your article. Does that mean you liked what you saw at the end of last year from him?

    3. I disagree as well. When a stock is rising you don’t dump it. Wilhoite did well filling in but if it was between those 2, Borland stays. The mistakes he made can be corrected. The numbers he put up we crazy. Plus he fills holes like no other in the NFL currently.

      1. When a stock is at its peak, you sell it. I happen to agree with Grant on this: Borland’s value will never again be as high as it is right now.

    4. Grant I agree with you that if the 9ers run the same defensive scheme as last yr Borland could become a liability but if they change their scheme to one closer to the one they ran when Ken Norton and Gary Plummer were their inside LB’s Borland can excell like Plummer did. As to Nick Moody being a quality back up I would have agreed with you after last yrs preseason games but i thought he looked terrible in the regular season games he played in late in the year.

        1. Like Ray Lewis was in the latter part of his career?

          Borland’s not a fast LB, but he does have pretty good quickness. He’s already got good instincts, and with age and experience he’ll develop his awareness and learn to read offenses better to get in position faster. He’ll never be a guy you want covering the slot WR or an athletic TE man-to-man, but you can give him other responsibilities.

          He’s a good fit as a strong side ILB for a 3-4.

          1. “He’ll never be a guy you want covering the slot WR or an athletic TE man-to-man”

            Or a running back.

            So your sentence should read: “He’ll never be a guy you want covering almost anyone.”

            1. Not in man coverage, no. At least not regularly. Like I said, he can be given other responsibilities.

              1. He didn’t do a lot of that in college. He’s learning coverage and how to recognize routes. Won’t take him long because he has the natural instincts of a football player….

              2. Razor – “has the natural instincts of a football player….”

                Some of the best I have ever seen, it just oozes out of him, slow a foot is his Achilles Heel.

              3. If Borland can contribute half of what Ellison has after football, he’ll be a Hall Of Famer to me….

          2. Coverage for a LB is two different things. 1st recognizing pass, then taking the correct angle. Borland will be alright in coverage. He’s a LB. I’ll take him flying through holes and slacking on coverage all day. He’ll learn how to cover guys later. Once he learns the angles picking up his man will not looks so bad.

        2. Also, though, when either Bowman or Willis need to be replaced, Borland will be on his 2nd NFL contract. He needs to be traded NOW.

    5. Grant

      I believe I was the first to write this about 2 months ago, and to your credit, you said at the time that it was a great idea.

      I’m glad you have now written a feature on it. I hope the idea gains traction. Borland is pure (fools) gold as trade bait, and I’m sure GMs and fans around the league would believe that he’s worthy of a 1st Rd pick.

      Perhaps the only flaw in your argument is mentioning Jaelen Strong. He’s not the guy. Niners need Cooper, Parker, or DGB.

      1. If they could get a first rounder for Borland then sure, take the deal. But no team would give up a first rounder for an ILB with average athletic talent that has flashed for half a season. They’d be lucky to get a second rounder for him.

        1. Only a few of us were sure the 49ers could get a 2nd Round pick for Alex Smith. There’s a chance an enamored GM/Coach might be enticed by an injury circumstance….

          1. Big difference between a QB and an ILB. How many ILBs are drafted in the first round each year? Not many. And those that are are special athletes with sideline to sideline ability.

            Anyone expecting a team to part with a first rounder for a limited athlete like Borland that has flashed for only half a season I think is dreaming. I think even a second rounder for him this year is high hopes. If he plays extensively this season and shows he can play at a high level consistently then sure, next year they might be able to trade him for a high pick.

            1. Yea, the speed thing is a wee bit overblown. He’s compensated for that by his incredible football instincts throughout his career. My only concern regarding Borland are his shoulders and how long they’ll allow him to play. As for the position, I would remind you no one but Kansas City was interested in Alex Smith….

          1. I can’t find one. Borland was second only to Kuechly in PFF’s ILB ratings if memory serves me….

            1. Yeah, I think you guys are over rating the attraction of Borland to other teams. If the 49ers needed an ILB, would you think it was a good idea to trade a first rounder for Borland?

              Borland has played well for half a season. No team felt Borland was better than a 3rd round pick last year, and I can’t see any team feeling after half a season of play he is now worth a first rounder. Not for an ILB that has size and speed limitations. Not for a position than isn’t typically considered a premium position. You might get a team willing to give up a 2nd rounder.

              1. I might add that the reason he lasted until the 3rd Round was because teams put too much emphasis on his combine numbers rather than the tape. It happens frequently for some odd reason. Baalke had balls of steel waiting to go get him. I sure didn’t anticipate him sitting there in the 3rd Round, did you?

              2. I wouldn’t accept less than a 2nd rounder either razor. But if I was in need of an ILB I wouldn’t give up a 2nd rounder for him.

                Yes, I thought Borland would be available in the third round. He’s a very good player when used to his strengths but Grant is correct that he has limitations. To get the best out of him you need to cover his weaknesses, which are getting to the edge and playing man-coverage.

              3. If you thought he would be available in the 3rd Round Scooter, maybe you’ve got GM blood flowing through your veins. He debuted on Kipers’ Big Board at 25….

              4. I might add that’s pretty high for plodding ILB who’s unable to hold up in man to man coverage; > )

              5. I didn’t know that about Kiper’s big board, but yeah, I remember having some discussions about ILBs and Borland being a guy that might be worth a look in the 3rd round. That was post combine though.

                From memory most draft “gurus” thought he’d be available in the third round, so its not as if I was bucking the trend.

                I really like the way Borland plays the game, the intensity he brings, and the play-making ability he has in the middle of the field. But there is no point ignoring that he does have weaknesses to his game. He is pretty ordinary in man coverage because he lacks speed and length, he does get beaten to the edge by RBs, and he can get overpowered if he lets blockers get into his body.

                Personnel departments of other teams scouted this guy last year and will know that what he brought to the 49ers last year was exactly what they saw from him in college. If you let him play to his strengths, he can be a guy that makes a lot of plays for you. If you don’t cover his weaknesses, he’s a guy that let big plays happen against you.

                In the right setting, he can be excellent, and the right setting for him is in a 3-4 as the strongside ILB (where he doesn’t need to have sideline to sideline ability) playing behind a DL that is good at eating up blockers with an athletic weakside ILB next to him that has good sideline to sideline range and can cover. I think he’d be great playing next to Willis or Bowman, and behind Williams/ Dorsey at NT and Dorsey/ Dial at DE.

                An ILB with Borland’s limitations is not a guy you give up a first or second round pick for, in my opinion.

              6. Scooter, I still think you have GM blood. Mayock had him rated as his second best ILB behind Mosley; > )

              7. Or more likely I am too heavily influenced by draft projections I read on player scouting reports!

    1. “It’s worth noting that Maiocco also reported that the 49ers are “not actively trying to trade Wilhoite,” but that teams have been making calls.”

  26. Trading Borland is a stupendous idea if we can get a first or second round pick, or as bait to move high up in the draft. Even if only one of Willis or Bowman returns to form, our backers would stilll be good-to-great. I liked what little I saw of Moody last year. Tim Ryan made favorable comments. And Wilhoite is competent. Willis said that he had been favoring his toe for two years and adjusting his play accordingly, which maybe explains the slight slippage those two seasons. So, he might be better that when he left! Definitely think that Borland has been figured out, not only because he’s slow, but also, because he’s susceptible to play-action because he has to commit so quickly to compensate.

    1. Not as long as Harbaugh and Roman were in charge of player development or play design/calling.

  27. So, the Jet’s get Brandon Marshall from Chicago. Many of the mock drafts that have 3 WR’s going before the 9ers, have the Jet’s taking one of those 3.

    What are the chances only 2 WRs have been picked when we pick? Does the trade meaningfully change the chances Chicago picks a WR in the 1st round ahead of us or is defense still a much needed priority?

  28. I played ball with this guy. He’ll make any roster as long as he’s given the opportunity. Wait for the season, you all will be impressed.

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