49ers-Bears postgame report

San Francisco 49ers kicker Robbie Gould (9) kicks a game winning field goal during the second half of an NFL football game against the Chicago Bears, Sunday, Dec. 3, 2017, in Chicago. The 49ers won 15-14. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

Check out my 49ers-Bears postgame report below.

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  1. So who will win? I think this is as close to a push as you can get. However, I think the 49ers will prevail in an ugly 17-10 win.

    Well I was close. Have yet to see the game but it looks like JG had a decent afternoon.

    1. Grant, I cannot understand why you can’t watch a QB performance and judge it by taking all factors into account. You brought up statistics, which, once again, didn’t really paint an accurate picture, considering all of the factors involved.

      What are the chances that Jimmy would have made a couple TD passes if the rest of the offense hadn’t made so many silly mistakes and self inflicted wounds inside the redzone? Probably a couple at least. The fact that they didn’t score TD’s in the redzone had very little, if anything to do with Garoppolo, and that should factor into your analysis.

      Sorry, but Garoppolo deserves, at worst, a B+ grade when you consider all factors involved, and the 49ers almost certainly lose this game, like all of the other close games they have lost this season, if Hoyer or Beathard were still the 49ers starting QB.

      1. For what it’s worth, PFF gave Jimmy Garoppolo a 86.7 Overall Grade and gave him their Game Ball!

        And Pro Football Focus had this to say: In his first start with the San Francisco 49ers, Jimmy Garoppolo put on a very good overall performance. Although the 49ers were unable to connect on any big plays down the field, Garoppolo engineered long sustained drives with his efficient passing. Other than his fumbled snap, he did not put the ball in any danger. His one interception came when the ball was ripped from Louis Murphy’s hands and was not Garoppolo’s fault. Garoppolo was at his best in a clean pocket, posting a 95.7 passer rating when he was not pressured.

        His counterpart, Mitchell Trubisky received a 56.5 Overall Grade and: Trubisky’s conservatism has limited his production early in his NFL career. He failed to attempt a single pass longer than 19 yards in the air, and threw only two passes beyond ten yards. Trubisky looked gun-shy on a couple of occasions in the pocket, inviting pressure through an inability to pull the trigger. As well as taking a couple of sacks, he also scrambled early on a couple third downs, allowing the 49ers to get off the field. Accounting for the two drops and throwaway, Trubisky ended up perfect on all 15 of his attempts. It was the throws he didn’t attempt, however, that represent a concern.

        Advantage GAROPPOLO!

        1. But of course Grant is smarter then all these football people. Lets just admit that Grant will never say anything very good about the Niners. His dad taught him well. Just my opinion. He would be the same with Montana if he had been around.

  2. My breakfast buddy T. Taylor was great today. I believe that with a healthy Garcon, Goodwin and Taylor this WR corp only needs the addition of a big #1 to become a great group. I hope we do it through free agency and use the draft for O linemen.

              1. Seb see what a big deal quick release, eyes down field and accuracy can do?

                He made our oline look like pros today.

                This is why your storm will never come!

              2. They still are playing him in totally meaningless games , risking injury to their investment.
                Kaep with a healthy Hyde, and these better receivers, and with a better rated O line, could do just as well. JG had a QBR of 82.4. Kaep had a QBR of 90.7.
                Looks like your draft crush just lost another game. Trubisky led a team that gained only 147 yards.

              3. Jimmy G, my guy. Trubisky was my draft guy. Your guy no where to be found.

                Are you seriously trying to poke me with your guy could’ve done just as well as Jimmy G today?


              4. Prime, King Solomon played well, pressured the QB and almost got a sack on your draft crush.
                Cant wait to hear Razor’s post game report.

              5. With Kaep being blackballed, we will never know. However, with continued poor QB play, some team will be desperate enough to play him. Then we will see.

            1. Sebs
              This O-line is light years better??????????????? Honestly, without any sarcasm intended….What are you smoking on that love and peace bong of yours???????????????? If you know 1/10 the football you are saying you know, then you know that this is a seriously flawed O-line~among the very worst in the NFL.
              Graps is just a superior player…………

              1. Same oline that went 1-9 looked pretty good today.

                Jimmy G makes people around him better.

                John Mahlkovich voice: “pay da man his money”

  3. I hope the Niner Coaching gets an A-.
    KS was not shaped, and his game management was solid. Still too many unforced errors.

  4. Grant is criticizing JG for not finishing drives. At least he did not fault JG for that pick.
    JG had 5 times in the red zone, and could not punch it in, but there were too many penalties, and that non catch call.

    1. Penalties – not Jimmy – screwed us in the redzone…. Aside from Murphy giving up his lunch and some drops by Hyde, etc. Jimmy played a great 1st game. Anyone saying otherwise is a fool.

        1. I was responding to your comment about Grant criticizing Jimmy for finishing drives but I should have realized who I’m talking to here lol…..

        2. Sebs
          Your sour grapes and bitterness are leaking out, just weeping out of your bark like an old maple tree………….

  5. Some things:

    1. Just seven points given up by the defense. And while the Bears don’t have a good offense, it’s a sight-lot better than giving up 28…
    2. Saint Jimmy hit 70% of his passes and didn’t make a bunch of dumb mistakes despite the ‘take-away’ INT.
    3. The Red Zone offense was pretty ‘so-so.’ But I suspect that he’s not been practicing that as much as the ‘standard’ offense.
    4. Garoppolo has excellent passing mechanics, takes a good drop, stands tall in the pocket and has a good internal timer.

  6. Criticising JG for the red zone woes is fair enough. He had a hand in that as much as anyone. Definitely an area he needs to improve. But the rest of his game was impressive.

    1. Reid will be gone. The guy has nowhere lived up to his rookie year potential. Protests aside, his play just sucks. Much like Kaepernick.

    2. I have not been high on Hyde, but have changed my mind. He has really has grown as a pass protector. That was his biggest weakness, he now sticks his head in and often picks up the blitzer.

    1. 3.5 YPC this year (long of 21). 3.9 last year (long of 22). 3.7 the year before (long of 37). He’s done, it’s just the Colts don’t have anyone else. Kind of like the 49ers during the OJ Simpson days. He was terrible, but he got the rock because he was OJ.

  7. I hope they re-sign Hyde and sign Frank Gore, then with Williams coming back and Breida, they will be set at RB.
    Then, they can concentrate on getting O line help and another big tall fast WR.

      1. I think Lynch would appreciate what Gore would bring to the Niners. He is solid in all phases of the game, but he may be more important as an inspirational leader. Gore would accept his reduced role, and would be content to retire as a Niner. Even though Hyde blocked well, Frank Gore is a superior blocker.
        Frank Gore bleeds red and gold, and I am one fan who would love to see Gore return. Baalke kicked him to the curb, and insulted him by not even offering him a decent contract.
        Since the stench of Baalke is gone, it would be a classy move to bring him back, and I have no doubt that he could help them win.

  8. Usually agree with you Grant but this was a solid B performance.
    There is a lot of things that he did that were exceptional. Considering the O line situation, lack of playbook knowledge and being on the road etc….
    Lack of TD was more on officials and dumb mistakes. He also didn’t just throw short passes. That last long one to Taylor was beautiful.
    Red zone play always suffers with a sub par O line.
    They need a guard and Center and a big time no 1 receiver and tight end. Kittle looks like a solid number 2.

  9. Jimmy G showed skills the 49ers have not seen in a while, quick release, accuracy into small windows and good movement in the pocket. These are skills that you either have or do not have, he has them.

    1. Ariens ripped the past Niner squads, and pontificated that Gabbert was held back by the lack of talent. Guess the same thing happened to Kaep, too, on that drek team.

          1. No. Because RGIII, his clone (for all game-play purposes) is also out of the NFL. They both suck. They’re both gone.

            1. No, Kaep is being blackballed, even if you deny it. QBs who suck do not have 16-4 TD to pick ratios and 90.7 QBRs.

              1. Tell me again how Kap could have done just as well as Jimmy G yesterday Seb, come on make me laugh again!

              2. “QBs who suck do not have 16-4 TD to pick ratios and 90.7 QBRs”

                All in the past. Sorry no storm. Boo hoo!

  10. Not in agreement with Grant’s assessment on JG. Also didn’t like the manipulative quote: “He was 0-5 in the red zone”. No, the team was 0-5 in the red zone. Penalties, a porous o-line and zero legitimate red zone targets need to be taken into account here. Bottom line, this guy has the kind of poise and command we’ve been missing since Garcia. He moves extremely well in the pocket, keeps his eyes downfield, and has a lightening quick release. You can see the Bellicheck/Brady influence. Watch what he’ll do with some roster upgrades and a complete knowledge of Shanahan’s playbook. I’m sold. I just hope he doesn’t get injured in these last few games of the season.

  11. HE had FOUR passes for better than 15 yards.
    You said maybe 1 or two?
    And stop trying to dismiss the penalties in the red zone.
    And Beathard and Hoyer has all off season with this system. Not 4 weeks.
    He MADE this offense look respectable.
    You’re a hater Grant. Period!

  12. Kaep will return soon enough, only question is where……JG looked good today, but worth 25 mil? Feels great to get a dub, but Bears aren’t much of a team either. Let’s see vs Hou, I think JG might go down field a bit more….27-17 SF.
    Kilgore, a much maligned player this year, graded out 2nd highest behind JG today. Maybe he’s finally digesting the scheme……

  13. Except for the Int, Polo looked good today. Hoping we are seeing the start of good QBing in 49er nation.
    Still a couple of drafts away from making some serious noise and possibly becoming a force, but for now, a win is a win.

    Since its looking like we have our QB, the org should be strongly considering drafting high on O-lineman and signing FA O-lineman as well. The best protection for our QB is having O-lineman who can actually block!

  14. Today’s game reminded me of Walsh’s 2 and 14 season. JG hit a lot of 3rd down passes that moved the chains in spite of CH not gaining many yards. It was an exciting game between the twenties. Once again they killed themselves with bad judgement and penalties. Patience and self control are required to be consistent. On a whole, I believe that JG proved himself with this game. If it continues and he has time to dissect a defense he will do well. How healthy are the tackles, or are they playing because there is no one else to put in there. The performed better for pass defense. Part of that was the JG got rid of the ball in a hurry and only got sacked twice. He was decisive in his throws and the interception never should have been called. the Ref didn’t see the ball hit the ground or the ball dropped. The ball was hidden from him and that was a bad call.

    1. This felt more like a JH game, Settling for FGs, and eking out the wins.Solid defense.
      Walsh in 79 had Deberg, who would score TDs, but in the 4th quarter, the defense would always let them score, so they kept losing.
      This win was like a breath of fresh air.

  15. And multiple huge 3rd and Long conversions.
    When was the last time we’ve seen that?
    Axe Hyde, and get a faster shifty rb
    Add a real threat as a receiver, Center and guard and this offense will be top 5 easily with Garapolo running Shanahans offense. Bank on that!

  16. Per Chris Biderman

    “Jimmy Garoppolo’s 293 yards passing were the most ever by a #49ers QB in his first start.”

  17. The only one who called this was ME! Last week I told you JIMMY G played and was dead on while 98% of you radio talk show idiots said sit him he will get killed! He was nearly clean today a few hits but nothing like you tools predicted! Now we win out that is my next prediction. We got young guys wanting it and we will be shocking the league here on out! Now the rest of you losers can go back to your talk radio!

    1. The opinions on whether or not to start Garoppolo were about 50/50 on this blog. Scooter and I have probably been the most vocal about why JG should play, and we’ve been saying it for weeks.

      Go back to your sports radio show if you think we’re all idiots. Enjoy being on hold for an hour so you can get 30 seconds of air time.

      1. 80,
        I was in the “don’t start” category. But it had nothing to do with JG’ skills, it has everything to do with our porous O-line.

        I saw some very good qualities in Jimmy’ game of which I’m not surprised. Big question is if our current O-line can provide protection.

    2. Shannahan blows

      Naw, you’re not even close to “the only one”….Might watch that elbow for dislocation from backslapping yourself so hard….

  18. Jimmy G taking us to the first team with 10 SUPERBOWLS!

    Who’d he look like…..TOMMY BRADY BABY!!! Stood tall, didn’t flinch and moved around just enough like Tom does. Pats are kicking themselves now!! Now all we need is a coach that won’t CALL RUN RUN PASS!!! Stupid Shanahan needs to work that first down…..quit running it every time!

  19. From Chris Biderman:

    “Draft position is low on the list of priorities for a 49ers team littered with young players who need to learn to win together under Kyle Shanahan. The experience they’ll take from gritty wins like Sunday against the Bears will pay dividends moving forward as the team finds its identity.”


    This this this! He is exactly right. Learning to win is far more important than draft position right now. Regardless of what happens the 49ers will likely be picking top 5 anyway barring some kind of miraculous turn around for this team that sees them win out. Being able to win 2 or 3 games with Jimmy G at QB to finish out the season will be a good thing, even if it impacts draft position.

    1. A win against the Rams to finish off the year would be nice and have the #2 pick in the draft would be good enough for me.

  20. The difference today was good play calling and 3rd down conversions.

    Chicago should be ashamed for not letting Trubisky throw the ball. Especially when our secondary is awful.

    The Jimmy G era is here. Can’t wait till next week and to see Seb say Kap could do the same as #10.

  21. It took Top Jimmy one start this year to achieve what it took Kaep 10 starts to do last year. Win a game. Enough said.

      1. Oh man I love seeing Seb weasel his way out Kap excuses.

        Anyone could do what Jimmy G today. That’s why Kap is wearing slippers and Jimmy G is wearing cleats.

  22. Wouldn’t it be great as an athlete if you could be judged on what you could do 5 years ago rather than what you have done recently? Kaep had two good years playing on the best team in football. Since then his digression has been dramatic and well documented. In simple terms, the league figured out his limited skill set as they do to many players. Those of us who have actually played the game understand this. That’s the difference between being “book smart” and being “game smart”. Seb, with all due respect, is “book smart” when in comes to the game. It’s just so obvious. As Clint said in Dirty Harry, “A man’s got to know his limitations”!

  23. Hoyer – Cowers under pressure.
    Beathard – Tough, but plays in slow motion. Arm strength isn’t there.
    W/L 1-10.

    Garoppolo – Accurate, throws a catchable ball, goes through progressions, good zip, calm under pressure, mechanics are sound, quck release, elusive.
    W/L 1-0.

  24. Been reading this site for 2-3 years and started following the Niners in 1950 or so…and even met and talked to Joe Perry at our grocery store. We compared muscles. I came in second place.

    So….for the first time in years, I felt calm and even a bit confident watching the game. I had the feeling that a winning FG was coming. After pre-season. my BHalf predicted 2-14 record. I said 6-10. Don’t think they will get 6 wins. I predict 1-3 in the last 4 games.

  25. Guys I know we need oline but looking at what Gurley is doing for Goff, Barkley and Jimmy G could be good for one another.

  26. Bandwidth slow at recovery hospital. Couldn’t get periscope to work. Here’s my Breakdown.

    – Garoppolo was good. Better than good considering the sum of his NFL experience, short time to learn the offense, the fact that the run game wasn’t clicking, lack of familiarity with the receivers. The INT was more on the receiver.

    – TPS almost cost the game. TPS was the key issue in the red zone. The holding call on Brown looked borderline (little replay to tell), but too many mistakes non the less. Hyde blew an easy 3rd down conversation by bouncing it outside.

    Despite mistakes Hyde was tough, Brown was a welcome return.

    – No blatant dropped passes. Nice routes. Goodwin catching those move the sticks passes was a welcome development.

    – Defense played solid and smart. I think the TD was vs a subbed CB. The edge rush got them off the field.

    – 49ers won 3rd downs on both sides of the ball.

    I’m at 25% pressure on repaired Achilles. Hope to be 50% with walking boot and crutches in 10 days or so. The new Speed Bridge Achilles repair is a faster recover compared to totally severing it, but it’s still a slog. Should be 100% for OTAs.

    Want to be grossed out? Google Speed Bridge Achilles.

  27. One more thing for you losers. Carlos Hyde needs to go! That guy is a complete waste of money! Draft Barkley! Then we are set!

  28. Hey – we’ve equaled Chip Kelly’s wins with 4 games to go. It’s still possible to equal the legendary Tomsula’s record. How can anyone not call that progress. This is also the first year since 2012 that a HC didn’t win less than the previous year. I might not be as good as MosesZD in gathering those hard to find stats but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong here. I will also repeat my previous observation: Goodwin is young and improving right before our eyes. I could go on…

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