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  1. You make too much sense Grant. I want to see good solid QB play with good instincts and traits. Do I expect the second coming of Joe at this point? No, not with this offensively offensive line and his short time to get fully prepared . I agree with your assessment of C.J. Raising the bar shouldn’t be that difficult and I am confident he will, Fangio or not. It will be a close one today. Defenses will both play well. If you still have time to call in, take the Niners +3 and the under (41). I did both.

    Final: SF 17 CH 13

    1. So happy Trent Brown is playing.
      Still think they should draft another FS, but Colbert looks like he is as good as Ward.

    2. He’s looked better than Ward there for sure. He definitely flashed against the Giants so hopefully he keeps it going. Ward never impressed much when he could actually stay on the field…

  2. When you were talking about Lynch you summed up my feelings completely. His refusal to complete the hill was the final straw for me. Wish they had cut him right then and there. If KS had cut him that would of shown some leadership to me. The book is still out on KS but after these first eleven games there seems to be some pages missing so the story becomes muddled and raises lots of questions.

  3. Trubisky is not as quick and elusive as Wilson, but he does have speed. Hope they send Reid on a safety blitz, and a delayed blitz up the middle by Foster.

  4. Jim Trotter

    49ers players were so impressed with Jimmy Garoppolo yesterday after their 15-14 win at Chicago that wide receiver Marquise Goodwin – with other players cheering – offered to get up and give Garoppolo his first-row seat on the team bus when Garoppolo boarded it. #49ers
    12:48 PM – Dec 4, 2017

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