49ers-Bengals film session

San Francisco 49ers running back Raheem Mostert (31) runs the ball against Cincinnati Bengals free safety Jessie Bates (30) during the second half an NFL football game Sunday, Sept. 15, 2019, in Cincinnati. (AP Photo/Gary Landers)

Check out the best and worst plays from the 49ers’ 41-17 win over the Bengals.

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  1. TomD says:
    September 17, 2019 at 4:35 pm
    Freakin Robot Moron,
    Would Seb approve of Will Holden—he would call it an “intel factor” signing wouldn’t he???

    Freakin Robot Moron
    Seattle Seahawks —
    On August 27, 2019, Holden was signed by the Seattle Seahawks. He was waived on August 31, 2019.

    Seb gathering Intel

    1. I like some of your stuff Grant, but you may very well be the KING OF OVERREACTION, which I find surprising for a guy who’s been covering football for a while.

      1. I do agree with one of your analysis in the above video – Justin Skule needs to hit the weight room.

        As for Bosa, despite his limmitted ability to practice, he leads all rookie DL in QB pressures with 10, and 2 of those pressures have already resulted in INT’s, something the Niners simply weren’t able to force out of their opponents prior to Bosa and Ford’s arrival.

        First, let me preface the following point, by reminding everyone that we are only 2 games in, so just about any proper analysis would have to be considered incomplete at this point, especially in terms of long term potential. It’s just possible to draw any firm conclusions this early in the season. For instance, the Denver Broncos extraordinary pass rushing duo of Bradley Chubb and Von Miller have yet to record a single sack through the first 2 games of the season, while the Broncos are 0-2.

        With that said, let’s contrast DE Nick Bosa’s production as compared to Grant’s guy – OLB/DE Josh Allen, whom some felt would have been a better pick for the 49ers at the top of the draft. Unlike Bosa, who’s ankle injury cost him a large portion of training camp, the entire preseason, and has severely limited his ability to practice up until this week, Josh Allen has been relatively healthy. Despite being healthy, and thus having had an opportunity to work himself into game shape, Jax’s Josh Allen is yet to record a sack through the first 2 regular season games. Not only that, he’s recorded only half as many QB pressures as Bosa despite playing 42 more defensive snaps, and he has yet to make a play that has directly resulted in an opponents turnover (Bosa has 2 defensive plays that helped lead to INT’s).

        To summarize: While the season is obviously still in it’s infancy, Nick Bosa, despite being hobbled by a fairly serious ankle injury, has been more productive, and his play has had a much bigger impact for his team, than a healthy Josh Allen. All of this despite Allen’s health allowing him to work himself into game shape (Nick is clearly not 100%, nor does he have is sea legs under him just yet) and average 21 more defensive snaps PER GAME, than Nick Bosa.

        When you factor all of these important details in, it becomes glaringly apparent that, up to this point, Nick Bosa has been far more impressive than Josh Allen, and it’s really not even close. However, before we jump to any silly conclusions, let’s find out what Nick Bosa can do once he’s fully healthy, has his sea legs under him, and is firing on all cylinders … shall we?

        1. Six different 49ers defensive linemen have combined for seven sacks through the first 2 games, led by Arik Armstead with two. Nick Bosa has one sack and has produced 10 quarterback pressures, which ranks tops among all NFL rookies, according to Pro Football Focus.

          Mike Tomlin: “He’s (Nick Bosa) been in some good situations,” Tomlin said. “They’ve been in some good situations being up in their football games and his (Bosa) talents are able to show. I got a lot of respect for him as a rusher, and I have a lot of respect for them as rushers. Not only the talented individuals within the group, but how they work collectively together, Dee Ford, and everyone else.”

          My take: If Nick Bosa is finally full-go throughout this week, I expect we’re going to see a different Nick Bosa on Sunday, and if I’m Mike Tomlin, I’m nervous AF for my young QB making his first NFL start!

          Take the 49ERS -6.5, and OVER 44!

          Steelers – 16
          49ERS – 30

          Go NINERS!

            1. A quick word on pre-snap penalties, and a big reason as to why Kyle Shanahan’s offense typically takes a while to hit it’s stride:

              The 49ers used pre-snap motion on 58% of their snaps Week 1, well above league average. Week 2 saw the 49ers use pre-snap motion on a mind-blowing 71% of their plays. This constant movement has a tendency to lead to big plays on offense, as we saw against the Bengals on Sunday. However, this kind of pre-snap motion can also lead to penalties, and generally takes time and repetition to master. In terms of repetition, a lack of continuity in terms of personnel, mainly due to all of the injuries they’ve suffered early on over the course of the last couple of seasons, is one of the main reason the 49ers have struggled to string together wins on a consistant basis. While the offense is still committing more penalties than you’d like to see, continuity on the offensive side of the ball this season is already paying huge dividends for the 49ers. Let’s hope they can remain relatively healthy, because it’s looking like the 49ers have enough talent on offense this season, in order for Kyle Shanahan to do what he does better than any other play caller in the league, IMO, and that’s the way he utilizes pre-snap motion, integrated within his outside-zone run blocking scheme, in order to set up his lethal play-action passing attack, and vise versa.

              The Genius – Bill Walsh, on play-action: “I truly believe it is the single best tool available to take advantage of a disciplined defense. By using the play-pass as an integral pant of your offense you are trying to take advantage of a defensive team that is very anxious, very intense and very fired-up to play football. The play-pass is one of the best ways to cool all of that emotion and intensity down because the object of the play-pass is to get the defensive team to commit to a fake run and then throw behind them. Once you get the defensive team distracted and disoriented, they begin to think about options and, therefore, are susceptible to the running game.”

        2. Sebby is NOT going to like what you just said………………there’s going to be hell to pay………..for all of us…………and future generations.

        3. To be fair, you’re comparing what Bosa has done as part of the 49ers’ defense to what Allen has done as part of the Jags defense. A realistic contrast of the two players is impossible because Allen doesn’t play for the 49ers. Allen may well be a worse player than Bosa on the 49ers defense, but there’s no way to know that for sure. Pointing at the stats in completely different situations and saying they’re similar is flawed, though.

        4. Nick Bosa is the SMALLER BEAR

          Beg your pardon SMALLER BEAR….but I’m one of the Josh Allen ‘better pick’ fans….What you are skipping over, is the fact that J-ville’s opponents have had to play against Allen being on the field for EVERY Defensive play which includes double-teams, and runs to the opposite side of the formation….He gets double coverage almost every play….whereas our ‘Diva’ is on the field not half as often…he’s injured most of the time, can’t make practices for different reasons, so who is the more effective…one who you have to play (or scheme) against for every defensive play, …or some lazy toad warming the bench, collecting bandages half of the D-snaps he could be playing….We finally got rid of Garnett for doing the same thing for 4 seasons…Fortunately, Jimmy Ward hasn’t had to play yet, so he’s not broken yet…Solomon Thomas is still depending on Lynch to keep him in the Stanford club while eating up minutes that should be going to deserving players who keep his bench seat warm….Celek is the only remaining ‘hangnail’ …more concussion ‘protocol’….

          No, Bosa was not the best choice for the niners….

    1. And then there’s Kwon Alexander, who registered an interception, two pass breakups, six tackles while allowing only three catches on six targets for 19 yards, and a 17.4 Passer Rating allowed.

      SAM – Dre Greenlaw, Mark Nzeocha
      MIKE – Fred Warner, Azeez Al-Shaair
      WILL – Kwon Alexander

      Yes sir, that’s a deep & talented young group of stack linebackers right there!

  2. Much better on the big screen, Grant. I hope you do these every week.

    It seems Saleh makes one boneheaded call per game. If it’s not lining up 20 yards downfield, it’s dropping defensive lineman into coverage. Both of which should be filed in file 13, never to be used again….

    1. I like the commentary and analysis while watching in slow motion.
      I must say, Breida and Mostert have quick hips.
      Next time, I hope Grant has a pointer.

  3. Nice breakdown Grant.

    Glad to see Spoon becoming a good corner. Credit should go to Joe Woods. Massive signing along with Kocurek.

  4. Niners better not take M . Rudolph lightly or else there gonna get beat … 87 sunny at game time , gonna be half empty , they really have no home advantage

    1. I disagree. There will be lots of excitement for this undefeated team, and JG will help fill the stands.
      Maybe Jed should cut beer prices to 5 bucks. That will help fill the stadium.

      1. That will fill the stadium up with too many drunk fans….winning games brings them in. Thought they were going to put some type of awning up??.. And maybe cut ticket prices by 10%, 15% off for food and $10 off parking?

        1. Arthur Blank of the Falcons has instituted 5 dollar beers and 2 dollar hot dogs, and increased attendance and sales.Those other ideas sound good, too.
          The Niners are already winning. They go into their home opener, undefeated.
          Sure hope the crowd noise will be loud. The Steelers will be desperate, and their defense is strong.

        2. Yeah they are already winning…but they are ‘just starting’, only 2-0, and like Sam said..winning in general will naturally bring fans in. Continously losing makes people and fans think twice about attending unless the team tries some tricks/ideas like lowering ticket prices and also lowering parking prices which can be $50-$80 or so.

          You really don’t want $5 for beer, it’s a good deal yes, and yes that might bring in more people. But then lots of people drinking lots of beer may get too many drunk fans and people just attending that aren’t true good fans, trouble makers, can get rowdy and fights can start up like they did 5-6 years ago or so with raider fans. No bueno.

          1. Imagine, a football fan wanting to pay more for beer…..Oooookkkkkkaaayyyy.
            I never said that lowering ticket prices, food costs or parking fees was a bad idea.
            Jed should just consider lowering prices in general, to attract more people.
            I miss the Stick, with 15 dollar parking, and beer hawkers in the stands.

        3. Its not that easy to put an awning up. And it wont help when the sun is coming across from them…not above or behind (geometry my friend). This isn’t the simpsons.


          What they could do that might help a bit, but mostly with crowd noise, is to close off the gaps between the endzones and the luxury box tower. Either put seats up there, which would be expensive and require some legit construction, or for cheap put up banners like they have on the front and sides of the stadium.

          But for now, just bring your sunblock, wear light clothes, and they offer free water filling stations, so hydrate. I was at the Cowboys game in 2011 at candlestick, it was over 90 and everyone was in the sun (maybe except for the last 2 rows). Did people complain? Nah.

          1. I once proposed to build a house in Petaluma and the neighbors to the south said that they we’re concerned that it was too tall and would block their sun. How does that work? People complain simply because people complain.

          2. Jed could put an awning up, but thats money away from his cabana. Even the Roman Coliseum had an awning for hot days, but in one of Jed’s luxury box’s its not an issue.
            Rottenstick was a dump, but it was our dump.

        1. Who would think that too much alcohol would lead to violence…unthinkable!!

          I’m sure that our human piñata wouldn’t want there to be too much violence….perhaps too many drunks would clock one another!

        2. Meh doubtful,
          The truth, is by having upper class fans the 49ers of quiet stands. KC, Seattle, GB, Chi all have have more of a working class fan base. They tailgate and drink during the game… maybe there’s a fight more on game day but it’s not crazy. And their opponents can’t hear the snap count. While niner opponents snap counts can be heard audibly on tv… with the exception of the occasional hated rival game.

            1. True enough Coach,
              However, if I am being honest, I hate the new stadium. It’s obvious that it was build for corporations as not fans. They could have easily moved the luxury boxes to the other side and tinted the windows. Then people could actually watch and enjoy the game.

              Funny story, when I took my father there last time, one of the other fans was yelling at everyone to get up and cheer louder for the 49ers… then about 3 of us yelled back at him… “were on offense.”
              Sigh, He still didn’t get it .

              1. Yes, Levi’s leaves much to be desired. Looks to me–as I’ve said before–like a beached off-shore oil rig. Even more ironic, the Yorks–having considerable experience in construction and property development–couldn’t seem to secure the services of a top-flight, inspired venue architect. So its seems, anyway. Would love to see the designs which were not selected. Unsure how much Santa Clara County and the communities therein influenced the design–from the aesthetic/functional aspect. Perhaps the Yorks and a few other stakeholders were happy with dumbing down the final option. Inspired it isn’t. Levi’s is what it is…

          1. Its winning is all.

            When the team had that 5 game streak in 2017, people were getting loud.

            When the stadium is full and people are loud like that, it will be rocking.

        3. Old Coach, there may be more beer consumed, but there are always idiots who want to fight, even with they present costs.
          Guess you are assuming the Niners will lose, and people will be mad at losing.
          I am hoping the stands are filled, and I assume people can enjoy a refreshing libation without turning into a street brawler.
          With a filled stadium, the crowd noise will disrupt the opposition, so the Niners win.
          Then , everyone will be happy, and there will be less fights. Fans can consume beer, and have a good time. They will be even happier, because they are paying less for beer. With the savings, they can buy food, which will be good because they will not be drinking on an empty stomach.
          I wonder how the Falcons home games are doing. Is there a quintupling of fights?

    2. Might want to check your forecast again…currently trending at a high of 84 (hard to get to 87 if its only 84).

      And if people are complaining about mid-80s temperature, they are soft.

  5. That double pass play was as creative as it gets. It’s hard enough to set up a gd screen play, but they had a screen set up on both sides of the field. Hate to see Wilson go bk to practice squad when Coleman returns. Coleman and Pettis should b packaged in a deal for a LT.

  6. Grant Awesome man….thanks….you rock man…..well team has strengths and obvious weakness’s…..thanks for the insight!

  7. Grant you have to admit the irony of last week when you crowned Bosa and Ford as having transformed the pass rush. This week they’re both mistakes. Not much over reacting on either statement right?

    1. It is mainly about injuries. Ford, with his chronic gimpy knee, may not be worth a second round pick.
      Bosa did not practice. Generally, if a player does not practice, he does not play. Thankfully, Bosa did play, and helped the defense.
      I was leery of Kwon, and he did not play in the OTAs, or much in TC. Thankfully, he appears to be fully recovered from his injury, and shined last game.
      Verrett is another injured player. He has not contributed at all, so that injury strategy has backfired on the Niners.
      I know injuries are part of the game, but why borrow trouble? Maybe their new strategy should be to acquire fully healthy players.
      The main irony, is that a 4-12 team has transformed into an undefeated playoff contender. One pundit was predicting a 3 win season.

      1. Maybe their new strategy should be to acquire fully healthy players.

        We’re 2-0 with the injury strategy. Wouldn’t be fair to the other 31 teams if we were to implement your new strategy….

      2. Seb your post is nonsense. Grant literally said Bosa and Ford transformed the pass rush and now they’re mistakes. Classic overreacting on both statements.

            1. I wonder if The Robot Moron formally known as Cassie has compiled a list of habitual words used but the aforementioned poster with an index on number of instances and popular groupings.

              1. Neat idea… Could construct a database of Sebbie’s lexicon (words, clichés , etc.), allowing for stats on frequency and timing of usage, groupings, etc. Database could be expanded to include Sebbie’s foundational maxims. The database would support the generation of info-graphics….tables, histograms, pie charts, scatter diagrams, etc.

                With an artificial intelligence (AI) enhancement, an interactive, web-based Sebbie dialog generator could be produced–for harmless fun of course. Just enter a few variables, select context, and bingo….a 600-1000 essay.

              2. I like it. We could use it to get a back and forth with the real Sebbie going and see who could put Sebbie the other in a real world Turing test!

        1. He is just keeping it real. In that first game, they both did well. In this last game, Ford ‘s knee gave out and they pulled him. Bosa did not get a sack, and was on the ground WAY too much.
          Ford, with his chronic knee tendinitis, is damaged goods. No wonder KC traded him away.
          Bosa could have had 3 sacks his first game. He over ran Winston twice. This last game, he was easily pushed to the ground, and had a bone head play lining up offsides. I sure hope Bosa improves, but he did not shine last game. However, Grant did say Bosa applied pressure so Kwon could get his interception.
          Of the 2, I think Bosa will get better, but Ford may be limited due to his chronic knee. Maybe they should sit Ford until mid season. If he still has pain, shut him down for the playoffs. I would call the medical staff having made a mistake, missing out on his left knee.

            1. ‘Do you ever stop babbling and complaining?’
              Have you looked in a mirror?
              Crab does not know me, but some day, he will learn his lesson.
              Like the real Crabtree, Crab15 tends to drop the ball.

              1. Nobody knows you and pretty sure no one wants to know you.

                The team is 2-0. 2 great road wins and you are complaining about anything you can.
                Like I told CFC, you need a drink or some human interaction if you know what I mean, which I’m guaranteeing you don’t cause just listen to yourself!

              2. Prime, your problem is I know you too well. A blustering bombastic bellicose belligerent buffoon.
                You bring nothing to this site except your foul mouth, insults, and screeds.

          1. Don’t look at the stat line to judge a players performance all the time. Bosa played well and had a positive influence on the game.

        2. It is Grant’s prerogative to change his assessments as situations change.
          I do the same thing. When JG threw 5 straight picks in practice, one interception and almost a pick six in the Bronco preseason game, I said Mullens may be the better option if JG continues to regress. Thankfully, JG improved greatly, so I am happy he is starting, and leading this team to victory.
          Some may rip Solomon Thomas, but he is stout against the run, and actually had a sack last game. I think they should have given him a sack during the first game, too. Many here are calling him a bust, but I think he is contributing, and helping this team to win. Maybe he is under performing for a number 3 pick, but he certainly is not a bust.
          Witherspoon got lots of shade from last season. Now Grant is calling him Sherman-esque. Things change. Nothing is set in stone, except maybe my detractors.
          Many were ragging on Kwon, because we did not see him before the season started. Now, he is producing, and he deserves to be called the best defender in the Bengals game.
          Many had high hopes for Verrett. Too bad he has disappeared. However, maybe next game, he can replace K’Waun Williams, and make an interception. Everything is fluid and dynamic. There will be over reaction, and under reaction. That’s football.

          1. And then there’s this poster boy for the argument that wisdom and perspective don’t automatically come with age. Daft for life.

      3. Ford made a boneheaded play in the playoffs that cost the team a win .. He jumped offsides does anybody remember that? Now we find out that he has chronic knee issues…WTF …I was pissed when they gave up a 2nd rounder but hey its not my team I am just a fan.

        Bosa IMHO was a bad pick, injuries and a one trick pony. He is constantly picking grass out of his helmet. Shades of AJJenkins.

        Seems as though this team does well with later draft picks and undrafted players.

        1. First of all, Ford didn’t “jump” offside. He lined up in the neutral zone. So it appears you don’t remember it either.
          And yeah, that’s a boneheaded play, but it hardly overshadows his great season and his talent. Sucks that he’s dealing with knee tendinitis, but he can play through it. They took him out as precaution.
          As for Bosa being “shades of AJ Jenkins”, this is proof you’re either just a Seahawks fan trying to troll or a complete moron. If you’re a troll I respect and admire your commitment. If not, wow.
          Bosa was an absolute beast week one. Week two he still crashed the pocket and played well. Was it a perfect display of dominance? No, but pretty solid for a guy in his second game ever in the NFL. He doesn’t get a sack and now he’s a bust or a “one trick pony”!?! That’s a comment that someone would make if they had never seen or heard of football before today would make. He’s literally praised for how versatile his pass rush is by EVERY scout and analyst.
          Please learn more things.

      4. Wrong, Sebs-he provides excellent depth. He’s not injured, I believe, at this moment-and they got him relatively cheap.
        They are looking like a team with serious promise…………….for cryin out loud, you’d give your stink eye to the ’84 9ers………

    2. Wilson,
      Grant is young so he is prone to a lot prisoner of the moment comments.
      Calling Alexander the best player in the defense after one game, insinuating that Jimmy wasn’t smart, and saying Deebo wasn’t ready then claiming him as the number 1 two weeks later are just a few examples of this.

      The older reports like Barrows are much more reserved in terms judgement.

      That said, Grants primarily a blogger and that media lends itself quick judgements reactionary statements more than accuracy. Ie He provides the debate topics.

        1. If that’s what meant that’s fine… but on periscope at the 20 minute mark you said “best player in the defense” then repeated it. There were no qualifiers saying “on Sunday”. If you walked it back later I apologize because I didn’t have the time to watch the whole thing.

          1. I made it clear I was talking about Sunday. Buckner is the best player on the defense. You’re trying too hard to criticize me.

      1. I find the Matt’s boring in their articles. I like Grant taking the time to explain plays and coverages as well as schemes. Grant is entertaining. He delves into things no other reporters do. That’s great.

        And he tells Saleh will be fired, even at the beginning of the season he was questioning if the new coaches had more control over scheme than Saleh and if Saleh would be around next year. He’s now saying “he thinks Saleh is a Genius and will be a head coach.” He adds “you heard it here first and he’s been a Saleh fan for a while.” He may be tongue in cheek about it. I know he’s prone to hyperbolic descriptions. I get annoyed with the flip flop statements.

        Is Blair really the best edge on the team? Or did he have a good game last week? Should he be starting? We don’t know after one game.

              1. So you want me to post and cite your commentary from a periscope? It’s there for everyone to see.

                If you think Saleh is so great why did you think he might be put out of business?

                Grant Cohn
                Pete Carroll might have put Robert Saleh out of business today.
                6:46 PM · Dec 2, 2018·Twitter Web Client

              2. A bit more…

                Posted By Grant Cohn on December 2, 2018

                COACHES: F-MINUS-MINUS. Pete Carroll may have put Robert Saleh of business. Saleh runs Carroll’s defense, and Carroll knows exactly how to attack it because Carroll created it. Saleh merely imitates it. The imitator never catches the innovator, because the innovator constantly creates new wrinkles while the imitator still tries to master the basics. Fire Robert Saleh. Fire Kyle Shanahan, too. He challenged his players to play hard after the Bye week and they quit on him. Got blown out two weeks in a row. Made the same mistakes they’ve made since Shanahan became the coach almost two years ago. Committed 13 penalties, converted only one-of-four trips to the red zone, gave the ball away three times, took the ball away zero times and played soft, because that’s what Shanahan’s 49ers are. Soft. Jimmy Garoppolo can’t fix this mess.

          1. Grant, you shouldn’t have asked for quotes unless you were 100% sure they didn’t exist. Lordy, there is the internet.

            Why not just say that you made harsh judgment in the past and so far this season the play of the team leads you to believe that judgement was premature. No one is right 100% of the time.

        1. Remember, Grant predicted a 6 win season. He said Saleh may be the sacrificial goat. However, after the stellar play of the defense this last game, Grant praised Saleh.
          Grant says he will eat crow, but is still sticking to his 6 game prediction.
          If I say the Niners could lose, but if they win, I will be happy to be proven wrong.
          I wanted the Niners to trade away Blair or Day. They were bubble players, and I wanted the Niners to trade one of them away, so they would get something for him, instead of cutting him, and getting nothing. The regression of Street made them both safe.
          Right now, I would be happy to see Blair start. Let Ford rest his knee, and hope it gets better.

        2. “Is Blair really the best edge on the team?”

          I’m not sure if I’d say he’s the best, but as I pointed out prior to the draft this year, his production on a per snap basis nearly matched that of Dee Ford.

          1. 2019

            Ford: 66 snaps, 1 sack, 2 tackles, 1 tackle for loss, 1 QB hit

            Blair: 64 snaps, 1.5 sacks, 6 tackles, 3 tackle for loss, 1 QB hit

            1. It’s nice to have a coach and GM recognize the value of depth at the DL position.
              Those 2 guys are doing a great job rebuilding this organization.

              1. Blair was a 5th round draft pick of Trent Baalke and has an expiring contract which pays him $720k.

                Ford cost the team a 2nd round pick and $14.6 mil against the cap, and has injury issues.

              2. Again great recognition by Shanny /Lynch to identify talent and work it into their rebuild. They’ve been able to identify talent and develop it.
                We don’t have cap issues and Ford has been fine. Sure he’s banged up but he’s young and will bounce back.
                Overall a great job in year 3 of a rebuild.
                2-0 and that’s the proof things are coming along.

              3. So you see Jack, they were anticipating the future!!! They knew Blair would command big money and brought in Ford to replace him!

                The justification for some things never stops. 😂

                I posted mine before I saw the above! ^^^ 😂 😂 😂

              4. “We don’t have cap issues”

                They have $27.8 mil in cap space with only 43 players signed, about $10 mil of that needs to go to the 6 draft picks, leaving $17.8 mil for re-signing their own guys and free agents.

                It’s not a bad cap situation at all, but it’s not great either.

                “and Ford has been fine. Sure he’s banged up but he’s young and will bounce back.”

                Yeah he’s been fine, playing at the same level as a 5th round pick making a fraction of what he does.

                I do like Ford, but the injuries aren’t anything new for him and it’s a concern.

                This is another situation where a guy with a big name is favored over the lower drafted unknown with no mind paid to production. Kinda like we see with running backs. 😉

              5. Doesn’t that cap number of $27.8 million rollover to 2020?
                Still they will have plenty in 2020.
                Praage truly is the best manager of the cap in the NFL.

                Spending a 2nd round pick on a guy whose an elite pass rusher like Ford was a great deal.
                Until he starts missing multiple games and they are losing because of their pass rush, there should not be any concern.

              6. Yes, and they’ll have about $17 mil after signing their draft picks. It’s why calling for them to trade for guys like Williams, Gordon, Ramsey, etc is mostly coming from those who are uninformed.

              7. That’s not true. Our cap situation will allow the 49ers to go out and sign a big name like Ramsey or Gordon.
                As we have seen, Praage has been able to manage the cap very efficiently.
                If they believe they are ready to win now, have the cap flexibility and draft picks to give up, they should pursue a big name to help the team win now.

              8. They have to sign their draft picks and re-sign some of their own too guys like Buckner, Kittle, etc.

                They have a few guys they can cut to save some $, but the savings there is minimal due to dead cap, and that adds to the number of guys needed to bring in.

                With all that and about $17-30 mill there’s not much space for a guy like Gordon or Ramsey who would take about half.

                You don’t want to hear it, that’s cool. This lines up with pretty much every person covering the team on a regular basis and is pretty basic understanding of their situation now and in the next 3-4 years.

              9. The fact is this regime has set themselves up to be in contention via the cap and talent acquisition for years to come. Something Harbaugh and Baalke never did.
                They just rode the coattails of McCloughins work.
                Now with Shanny having the guys he needs on offense, things are rolling and rolling well.

                As for bringing in a big name, with the way you can structure contracts and defer money, it’s very capable.

              10. “you can structure contracts and defer money”

                Right, and that’s what they did back in the early days of the cap under DeBartolo, and it worked, in the short term but ended up catching up to them eventually which led to the talent purge.

                Baalke did a good job in 2010 and 2011 of finishing out the build and adding pieces that led to the 3 straight NFCCG and 1 SB.

                It was around 2013/2014 that we saw the cap number start to expand because they weren’t signing big name free agents. That thriftiness during the last couple years under Baalke set the cap up very favorably for Lynch/Shanahan.

                The current regime has handed out some serious dough in FA, and with re-signing guys which is why the cap is tightening on them.

                They’re still in a good position, but don’t have room for big dollar acquisitions without running the risk of losing their own guys. This is why, as Maiocco reported this morning, they aren’t in on Ramsey at all.

              11. The point is wether they want Ramsey or not, they have the draft and salary cap flexibility to do it.
                That’s why the rebuild was necessary and why in year 3, it’s working well.

                “Baalke set the cap up very favorably for Lynch/Shanahan”
                Well when you miss on so many drafts and don’t have to pay anyone that helps.
                And when you hire incompetent coaches, no one wants to come play for you. That’s a great set up? I don’t think so!

                Until we see guys walking away cause the Niners are not paying them and the cap number shrink, all signs indicate Shanny, Lynch and Praage and Jed have set this thing up for many more years in being competitive.
                Something Harbaugh and Baalke never did.

              12. “the cap number shrink”

                It is shrinking for them. When Lynch/Shanahan took over in 2017 they had $58.3 mil in cap room to spend, and that was with a full 53 man roster.

                They head into 2020 with $27.8 mil in cap room with only 43 guys signed.

                “all signs indicate Shanny, Lynch and Praage and Jed have set this thing up for many more years in being competitive.
                Something Harbaugh and Baalke never did.”

                We will see how it plays out for them. There was a time between 2011/2012 when the thought was the team was headed in the right way for years to come as well.

              13. We will see how it plays out and as we are witnessing, it’s playing out real well.
                Your projections of doom and gloom and uncertainty around this regime is unjustified.
                The reason it got ugly in 2012/13 was because the guys in charge could not get along.
                Now it seems, everyone is in perfect harmony.
                Point is you keep trying to find fault like you did all offseason.
                And based on the 3 years of work this regime has done, its body of work is paying off to one of the best organizations in the NFL.

              14. “Your projections of doom and gloom and uncertainty around this regime is unjustified.”

                “Point is you keep trying to find fault”

                Actually it’s just a frank conversation about their current cap situation and how they don’t have the space to make a big splash signing without taking from someone already on the roster that they’d want to keep.

            2. Jack, Blair could be the best edge on the team. I think we need a few more games to play that out. He’s very consistent.

              It is disappointing that Ford is injured.

              1. Wilson,

                Blair needs opportunities.

                He’s played only 1,049 snaps and has 11.5 sacks compared to 2,682 snaps and 31.5 sacks for Ford.

                If you take Blair’s ratios and give him Fords snap count you get,

                Sacks: Ford 31.5 Blair 29.4
                Tackles: Ford 138 Blair 186
                Tackles for loss: Ford 36 Blair 46
                QB Hits: Ford 70 Blair 64

                He is a really good player.

            3. Yes I prefer Blair….I didn’t care for Ford= during the Playoffs lining up offsides and getting the penalty in a crucial situation….It cost the Chiefs the game…I remember throwing a Coors Lite at my TV when he did that……then they the Chiefs unloaded him..prob pissed them off too

            4. “Actually it’s just a frank conversation about their current cap situation and how they don’t have the space to make a big splash signing without taking from someone already on the roster that they’d want to keep.

              That’s pure speculation on your part. Based on the cap number and the salary of let’s say Ramsey, mathematically it could work.
              You said yourself they could release some players, the cap goes up, defer money and front load or restructure contracts.
              Point is you are not just being frank. Your being pessimistic because based on your recent commentary all offseason, you don’t like Shanny and Lynch. The problem is, they are doing a great job setting this organization up for success. That’s how this is playing out.

              1. “Your being pessimistic“

                Bro, stop being silly.

                Matt Maiocco ~ Twitter “If you’re a #49ers fan and wanted the club to trade for Fitzpatrick and you now want them to acquire Ramsey and Williams, do you also want them to sign Buckner and Kittle to extensions and continue to build through the draft?” I guess Maiocco is being pessimistic too.

              2. You never have anything good to say about the beat writers in the Bay Area and now you use them as a resource?
                Again, you talk out both sides of your mouth.
                You predict a 11-5 record but previously tell the board Shanny is all about the yards and not points. Trashing his redzone offense and everywhere he’s been he hasn’t been good. Then Lynch’s and all his draft picks haven’t developed.
                So by the grace of God you have a team win 11 games with a lousy coach and zero draft picks.
                Funny how that works.

              3. Maiocco is a mouthpiece for the organization and is in tune with what they’re doing. That’s why he chooses his words so well when it comes to criticism.

                I predicted an 11-5 win record based on the talent on the team, primarily due to the Ford acquisition. The year previous they were a 7-9 win team That underperformed and I said as much.

                Shanahan’s track record isn’t pretty. I’m sorry that pointing it out has bothered you so.

                Now back to the conversation of the salary cap…

                I’ll end with the following:

                You like to come on here and make fun of Seb for his endless mock drafts during the offseason.

                Then you come on here and say the team should go after big name guys that want out of their current situations.

                The best part is you don’t see the similarities.

              4. What does making fun of piñata boy and going after available big time players have to do with your commentary?
                Never mind!

                Ill end this conversation with saying you are full of it!
                Tell me again how you trash Shanny and Lynch all offseason then predict they win 11 games?
                Yeah, full of it!

              5. “I predicted an 11-5 win record based on the talent on the team, primarily due to the Ford acquisition. The year previous they were a 7-9 win team That underperformed and I said as much”

                Who acquired that talent? Shanny and Lynch!
                Earlier you said Ford was good but his injuries are a concern?

                So based on your argument, you can win 11 games in the NFL with a coach with a not so good track record, a GM who can’t draft and signs guys like Ford whose injuries are concerning?

                You have a real imagination there Jacky boy!

              6. Prime just thinks bullying makes him look smart. It does the opposite.
                He disparages me, but will not provide his own bona fides.
                He, like Cassie, refuse to present a mock, because they do not want to be on record. Then we can point out how wrong they were. Still, they diss away. Snark is their MO.
                Prime now seems to want to engage Jack, but amply demonstrates his lack of knowledge and vacuous intellect. When losing, he resorts to insults.
                Now, he is advocating for Jalen Ramsey. JL needs Jalen Ramsey like he needs a hole in his head. Ramsey is the antithesis of the culture JL is trying to build. Did you watch the tantrum on the side line? Prime can relate, because that is how he acts on this site.

          2. This one’s for you Jack Hammer

            BLEACHER REPORT, 9/18: The San Francisco 49ers have denied they tried to move defensive end Solomon Thomas in the offseason. However, they should consider changing their stance now that it’s becoming apparent they don’t need him. Thomas was an afterthought in their season opener, logging just 12 defensive snaps. He was more active in Week 2 against the Cincinnati Bengals, finishing with three tackles and a sack. The defensive end rotation of Arik Armstead, Dee Ford, Nick Bosa, (and Ronald Blair III), however, is more than capable of surviving without Thomas. As the third overall pick in the 2017 draft, Thomas has the sort of potential teams should be willing to take a chance on. The 49ers don’t need potential. They are ready to contend now, and they should consider sending Thomas to a rebuilding team such as the Arizona Cardinals or a contending team in need of a run-stuffing end (like the KC Chiefs).

            1. Send Thomas to a future opponent the Niners have to play 2 times? Imagine the intel he could divulge.
              Imagine his motivation to seek revenge on a team that traded him away.
              Why the heck would the Niners aid another team to win a SB? That would be like trading Trent Brown to the Pats.

    3. You are exaggerating a bit there….Grant is spot on, doing a great job and accurate whether he’s a blogger, reporter, whatever you want to call him. Older people are sometimes a little slow and too reserved, not as fluid to see changes in players playing abilities and call like it is, which can happen after a couple weeks.

      1. As probably one of the youngest people on this blog, if not the youngest, I don’t think it’s as simple as older people being slow to come to conclusions here. I think the whole hot take culture we have around sports discussion means we are a lot more emotional when it comes to analysis. But I think the same can apply to older people, especially those fortunate enough to see the glory days, and hold the franchise to that standard. What I like about Grant is that he and his blog offers an outlet where emotional reactions can be made, and despite people like Rib being here, most aren’t going to crash down on it. The tradeoff is that opinions often change and conflict with one another, but I prefer that to someone repeating the same arguments over and over over.

        The only take Grant has made that I think is insane is the notion that Beathard could have done what Jimmy did on Sunday. That was just ridiculous lol, I hope even Grant feels sheepish over that one, Good Lord.

        1. Those of us who were fans through the glory days know a couple things beyond “holding the franchise to that standard”. First, is no one predicted those glory days. The team had been utterly destroyed by the likes of Joe Thomas and his ridiculous OJ trades, a string of forgettable coaches. Even the mild success of the mid-70s crashed at the end of the season. Walsh’s first season was 2-14, the next was 6-10 (people can talk about the historic comeback against the Saints, the team was also getting run off the field by the Rams), he was waffling with the QB position, and we can only imagine what Grant’s take would have been following that ’80 season. We don’t have to imagine, just look at at what Cohn Sr was writing at the time.

          The second is that there were some mediocre seasons and really bad losses during that run. It seems like the NY Giants had our number in the post-season during the Montana years and GB during the Young years. Take the good with the bad, kiddies.

          The third is we had an owner willing to throw huge amounts of money at free agent signings in that pre-cap era. Those days are gone, despite NE’s dominance in recent years. Let’s see how they’d fared without Brady these last two decades.

          So for people to come on this blog, declare the defense sucks one stupid quarter into the season, JG needs to sit for the backup, you aren’t looking “excitable”, “passionate”, or “emotional”. Just silly and ridiculous.

          1. “The second is that there were some mediocre seasons and really bad losses during that run.”

            They won 10 or more games from 81-98 with only the strike shortened season of ‘82 being the exception. Mediocre. Ha! We would kill for that type of mediocrity again.

            1. If you include the run going into the early 2000s, yeah some mediocrity mixed in there. And can you blame me for not forgetting those strings of consecutive seasons bounced out of the playoffs first round even in the glory years?

              We would kill for that type of mediocrity again.

              No we wouldn’t. We’d continue to nitpick all the shortcomings.

              1. I saw many of our optimistic posters nit picking Harbaugh, even as it was the most successful coach since Mooch.

                And Mooch and Garcia were practically run out on rails because they weren’t Walsh and Montana. Even Seifert and Young got plenty of flack.

                Even so, the mediocrity you allude to is far better than what we have seen around here the last couple of decades (save the Harbaugh years – see above).

                Shanalynch have been elevated before they have proved anything. I’m as happy as anyone with our current success and am glad the team’s 2019 season’s outlook looks very promising. If the team can sustain what they did through the year, then I will join in giving Shanahan and Lynch the praise they will then merit.

              2. “And can you blame me for not forgetting those strings of consecutive seasons bounced out of the playoffs first round even in the glory years?”

                Yeah I can. It’s on the same level as calling out Harbaugh for not winning a SB.

                From 81-98 they were good year in and year out. Yes they bowed out early a few years and those losses were frustrating, but in no way were they mediocre. That was 15 trips to the playoffs in 17 years.

                Compare that to the last 20 years which have seen only 5 trips to the playoffs. That’s mediocrity.

              3. I saw many of our optimistic posters nit picking Harbaugh, even as it was the most successful coach since Mooch.

                I was in the Harbaugh we trust group. Until he checked out that last season, with the thanksgiving game the last straw.

              4. “Until he checked out that last season, with the thanksgiving game the last straw.l

                Checked out. That’s funny.

              5. What do you call losing 6 of the last 10, some by embarrassing large margins, out of playoff contention by week 15, a team that had been 12-4 the season before? It’s not funny, it’s pathetic.

              6. I call it the result of having an owner who tried to trade the head coach prior to the season, and then basically made him a lame duck following the Thanksgiving game.

                As for being pathetic, meh, frustrating for sure but it’s still the best record put up by this organization in the last 5 years.

              7. I call it the result of an ego maniac coach who burns bridges every where he coaches, has a shelf life and can’t win when it matters most.
                That pretty much sums up Harbaughs coaching career.

              8. I love how some fans trash Harbaugh while excusing Shanahan! Best record since. And 8-8 was very respectable given the challenges of that year.

              9. Sour, what kind of team did Harbaugh inherit versus the one Shanny did?
                Is that an excuse or is that the reality that most knowledgeable 49er fans contemplate when addressing the history of the last 10 years?
                Ask yourself that question.

              10. Sour,

                The argument against Harbaugh is the same as what we hear against McVay, they inherited talented teams. Nevermind the fact that the teams, even with the talent, sucked before their arrival.

              11. McVay got schooled in the SB. Just like Harbaugh.
                Both guys inherited ready to win rosters full of talent and leadership. All they had to do was come up with some coach speak and rallying cry and those players would have run through walls for them. And they did.

                Harbaughs voice only lasted so long as it always does and the players tuned him out.

                As for McVay, we will see if he can get his team back up the mountain.
                They look very beatable this year. Maybe the league will follow old Bills blue print on how to beat them.

                As for Shanny. They had to strip it all down right to the studs. Invest in pretty much every single position. And now look. Winning.
                You can’t even compare the two scenarios.
                Anyone who does, doesn’t understand the NFL.

              12. “McVay got schooled in the SB. Just like Harbaugh.”

                This is a stupid comeback. Shanahan lost to Belichick in the Super Bowl as well.

                Last I check there’s no award for style points.

                “Both guys inherited ready to win rosters full of talent and leadership.”

                Both guys inherited talented rosters that couldn’t get to a winning record until they took over.

              13. Shanahan wasn’t the head coach in ATL. Your memory has failed you again. That loss is on Dan Quinn and his defense laying a 27 point egg in the 2nd half.
                The fact you and Seb putthat on Shanny is funny.

                “Both guys inherited talented rosters that couldn’t get to a winning record until they took over”
                And both guys failed in the big game. They both got out coached by better coaches.

                Now McVay gets another crack. Harbaughs took his big mouth and tail between his legs back to the NCAA and hasn’t done much yet again.

                The thing with you Hammer that makes you so incompetent is that you compare entities that are not comparable. Then you think a stat line gives you some sort or credence.
                It’s so weak and you know what they say about stats. For losers!

              14. “And both guys failed in the big game.”

                Yes. All 3 failed.

                “They both got out coached by better coaches.”

                16 plays for 44 yards

                Atlanta’s offensive output over the final 27 minutes of that Super Bowl.

              15. For some reason you keep playing that Shanny card from a SB that was years ago. And he wasn’t even the head coach.
                You have no idea what he was told maybe to call by Quinn. And what about Quinn’s defense giving up all those points? That’s on the offensive coordinator?
                You are really reaching there. In fact all day you’ve been trying and looking really bad while doing it.

              16. It is clear that this will fall on deaf ears, but here goes.. The defense was on the field for 20 of the final 27 minutes. The Falcons offense went 3 and out on 3 of its last 4 possessions.

                On the one possession in which they did move the ball they got into field goal position for one of the best kickers in the game that season. Instead of running the ball and kicking the field goal to go up 11 and put the game away Shanahan called back to back passes on 2nd and 3rd down leading to a punt. Yes, the defense then gave up a touchdown, but it wouldn’t have mattered if the OC had managed the situation properly instead of being over aggressive.

              17. My point still stands, why must you trash a coach who had success in this franchise only to build up a current coach who has yet to find success (I haven’t said that Shanahan is incapable of getting there, btw – merely criticized some of the decisions made)?

                It seems to me, that those that clamor about being real fans, are quick to rip up the past just so the present doesn’t look so bad.

                And to be clear, I am not saying this is a lost season or that Shanahan is awful. I am simply saying we don’t know what he is yet. Same for Garoppolo.

              18. I guess winning is the only thing that will shut you guys up and demonstrate what truly was brick by brick.
                Enjoy the ride doubters and fair weather fans!

          2. So for people to come on this blog, declare the defense sucks one stupid quarter into the season, JG needs to sit for the backup, you aren’t looking “excitable”, “passionate”, or “emotional”. Just silly and ridiculous.

            Except what that is is exactly what you would expect from someone who is acting exitable, passionate, and specifically, emotional. Silly and ridiculous isn’t really mutually exclusive here. In the moment, some people are going to react, without really meaning any of it beyond the show of frustration. You don’t get to police how people experience sport, nor do you get to tell them how they should be reacting. For some reason, that really seems to upset something at your core. You’re a strange guy, Rib.

            1. You don’t get to police how people experience sport, nor do you get to tell them how they should be reacting.

              I certainly don’t and wouldn’t even try. Hey, if you want to appear silly and ridiculous with silly and ridiculous hot takes, bring it!

              1. The difference between you and I Rib, is that I don’t really care if some of my takes come off as silly and ridiculous. I like to think, outside of the live game threads, I’m fairly measured in my responses, but even if that isn’t the case, oh well. I certainly won’t be losing any sleep over it. You, on the other hand, seem rather concerned about how one appears to anonymous strangers on a 49er fan blog. Like I said, strange guy.

            2. Renas:

              I don’t mean to sound patronizing, but it’s a question of experience. Us older guys and gals have just seen a lot more and naturally react in a more tempered manner due to that experience.

              1. Matters little when considered within the context of the deep cosmos, but would be fun to hear what a few leading behavioral scientists would say after identifying and breaking down the dynamics in play on a sports blog like this one.

      2. Older people are sometimes….

        Not to the extent you may wish to believe. Many of us saw the dynamic evolution of many, many careers–Scott Bull, Freddy Solomon, Montana, Craig, Fahnhorst, Doug DuBose, Dexter Carter, Milt McColl, Lott, Rice, Druckenmiller, Gino Carmazzi, Stokes, etc., etc. We’ve seen stars rise and mature, and hyped newcomers flop, and flop badly. And everything in between. Many of us tend to have a long-view perspective. Not all, but many.

        Shucks, Grant had Foster off to prison back on 15 April, 2018… “I predict the 49ers will release Foster or a week or two after the [’18] draft, probably on a Friday, just to bury the news. And I predict Foster will go to prison.” Grant also slapped the 9ers with an F for acquiring Kwon Alezander. And on and on.

        Suggest you try breaking down this blog’s diversity of thought and perspective along other dimensions–age may be one aspect, there are many more.

        1. There are as many different points of views as there are…posters on this site. Each of us carries a unique outlook (despite the habitual posting of a certain blogger as a singular voice).

          Some are married to the past, others looking forward, still others optimistic beyond the reasonable, and others who have a more dismal view of the franchise, while others are cautious to the extreme.

          It’s ok by me, I look at everyone as a fan (I’ve had the pleasure of knowing lots of Jets, Bills, Giants, Steelers, Redskins, and even Cowboys and Raiders fans throughout the year and have learned a lot about fandom, both up and down from them), whether they agree with my POV or went to see the 1st game of the team back in the Mesozoic.

          What I’ve always enjoyed about the blog are the differing perspectives and the heartfelt arguments people make. I miss some of the regulars who always added levity and knowledge to the discussions.

          Many posters forget the thing they posted last week that was wrong and remember the one that is correct.

          Grant, reflects his audience. His mistakes and over reactions are magnified because of his position and role. He does state things that are deliberately provocative and we bite.

              1. Most everyone thinks I selected undercenter as a football term. It isn’t, I was talking politics with a friend and he kept telling me I was in the center of the pendulum, which is true, the under comes from me being a rebel all my life, fighting the government, left or right. Kind of the underground thing. The funny thing is somewhere around the turn of the century for two years I got phone calls from Washington DC, they wanted me to represent the state of Oregon for small businesses, ha! me, get out of here. I come from a political family, Dad was a Mayor of a bay area city and has had Ronald Reagan to the house couple of times (as governor). I know more about political manure then I care to know.

              2. Great story UC. I was just playing on the words of your name. Didn’t know where the name came from, just thought is was funny given your post on reasonableness (and deviations from the mean as an extension).

                I bet you have seen a lot of the manure slinging. That probably gave you great preparation for dealing with this blog. 😂

          1. Grant, reflects his audience. His mistakes and over reactions are magnified because of his position and role. He does state things that are deliberately provocative and we bite.

            It’s Grants job to put out opinions. If I’m feeling iffy about a player or topic I hold my tongue, Grant doesn’t have that option. It’s like a batter. If you fail 2/3s of the time you are doing great!

            1. Yes, doesn’t change the fact that fans will remember some at bats more than others. And they will clamor that their grandma can do better too.

          2. ‘Each of us carries a unique outlook (including) the habitual posting of a certain blogger as a singular voice.’
            And proud of it.

          3. There are as many different points of views as there are…posters on this site. Each of us carries a unique outlook (despite the habitual posting of a certain blogger as a singular voice).

            Well said Sour….great analogy..wait a minute..are you referring to the certain blogger as a narcissistic Slebbish imp? LOL

      3. Al wow this is ignorant. First Grant actually said those things without any exaggeration. Second it has nothing to do with age. So so arrogant. It’s so much more complicated than players performance in a box score. There are factors like did the Bengals adjust there scheme for Bosa and Ford based on something they saw on tape last week? Do the Bengals have better tackles and blocking tightends than the Bucs? Injuries also play a part in their performance. Did they both just have a bad game? Braggadocios people make claims without all the facts. To make two such polar opposite judgements based on two games is ludicrous. Let’s see 5-6.

        1. Let’s see 5-6 (games)

          Good advice. In addition to just reading the posts each day it’s interesting to me to see how they evolve over the course of a season. To paraphrase a term the finance guys use: They tend to trend in a fairly large optimism channel.

  8. Excellent stuff, Grant. Wish I had the time to see the whole 47 minutes of it.

    One thing I noticed is the absence of 3-and-outs in either of the two games. Is that correct? Did the Niners have a single 3-and-out in the two games?

    David Lombardi at the Athletic did an analysis of the 3-and-out situation for the Niners in recent years. Shanahan’s 2017 and 2018 49ers teams registered an overall season three-and-out rate of about 20 percent, which falls at roughly the NFL median, much better than 31% under Chip and 34% under Singletary in 2009. The 2001 Rams had the best record at 10.5%. In the five games that Jimmy G played in 2017, the Niners were just under 6%!

    1. How strange the first couple of weeks has this season been?

      Who would have predicted that:

      Ravens: 2-0
      Bills: 2-0
      49ers: 2-0
      Steelers: 0-2

      NFC West teams with only one loss. Baltimore as the leading team in Offense.

      Having said that, it is difficult to gauge the impact the new Steelers will have. I will go with the trend though and say that the 49ers will have a WR field day.

      34-10 49ers

  9. More fun in DB land…

    A precedent has been set for the Jets that no matter how large your paycheck or how impressive your resume, if you’re not up to the task you could find yourself riding the pine.

    Though it was only for five snaps, Jets Pro Bowl safety Jamal Adams was benched during his team’s 23-3 loss to the Browns on Monday.

    A day later, he clarified that it was some anticipatory play that resulted in his unexpected breather.

    “Yeah, I was benched. They benched me. I tried to anticipate a play … and I anticipated wrong,” Adams told WFAN Sports Radio on Tuesday via Manish Mehta. “It happens.”

    The standout safety had five tackles in the loss, just as he did in a Week 1 defeat against the Bills.

  10. Thinking sideways…

    Imagine if the 9ers had acted on all the ‘trade for so and so’ demands–Gordon, Fitzpatrick, Clowney, Williams, Ramsey, etc. Would that have triggered another ‘9ers are panicking’ assertion?

    1. If you look at the film closely Seb you see Kittle throwing a lot of great blocks….I also liked the way he “trucked” that DB on his long gainer…..loved it…that’s real football

  11. Good videos and analysis.

    1. I believe the Pats have used the quick screen to Edelman who in turn throws a pass downfield play a few times. JE is a former QB.
    2. Grant, you may want to use a laser pointer . Your hand blocks the screen.
    3. A critical play was JG scrambling 10 yards for a first down on 3 and 8. He did slide but head first. I had a mini panic attack.
    4. Jeff Deeney : When using play action yesterday Jimmy Garoppolo was 10-10, 213 yards, 2 TD, and a perfect passer rating of 158.3. #49ers

    5. Steelers D has been awful so far .

      1. That’s what Steve Young asserts but other QBs have disagreed. I think Jimmy G on that occasion lunged forward on that slide to get the first down, else he probably would have been a yard short

            1. No, I said the RB should go down after first contact, and not struggle upright for every inch. Staying upright would allow the defense to gang tackle him and strip the ball away.
              The QB should go down feet first so the defenders cannot touch him. Going head first is just an invitation to get a concussion. Once past the first down marker, I would like JG to slide down, and not risk injury to his ACL knee. He should slide on his uninjured leg, and keep his ACL knee in the air.

              1. Wait a minute…. Keep the ACL leg/knee in the air? Would be just Jimmy’s luck to have his raised leg clipped by a 235lb linebacker diving hard over Jimmy’s body–LB trying to minimize contact on a sliding Jimmy, only to make violent (!) contact with Jimmy’s raised leg. Brilliant.

                Force = Mass x Acceleration….

              2. JG could tear his ACL getting out of the shower, or walking to his car.
                Keeping it in the air is better than risking getting a cleat stuck in the turf.
                Remember, I am an expert on sod. ;p

              3. Not sodding off anyway…

                Wonder if horticulture school teaches how to keep from sustaining aggregated injuries on Bermuda v. Zoysia?

  12. Grant, thank you for sharing your knowledge. What a joy.

    Grammar police: You’ve been continually saying “I” when you should be saying “Me” as the object of a preposition.
    For example: “With my father and I” “For my father and I’

      1. More on Condo’s past…

        High school career
        Condo played high school football at Philipsburg-Osceola Area High School. There he was an All-State linebacker. He also played as a running back and punter. He participated in the Big 33 Football Classic and still holds many of school’s football records.

        He was an All-State selection in baseball, as a catcher on the P-O baseball squad, and in his senior year he won the PIAA Wrestling AAA classification 275 lb weight limit championship. He finished the year with only one blemish on his record.

        College career
        Condo attended the University of Maryland, where he played for the Maryland Terrapins football team. He became the team’s long snapper as a sophomore and also served as a backup defensive end.

      2. I’ve been doing a little digging, and talking to my peeps in the streets. Seems Holba’s snaps were not arriving in the fashion Gould would like….

        1. Any verifiable information on this Razor? Not challenging just wondering. Would like to see a bit of additional information on this even as it bears the mark of correct thinking.

          1. I imagine this is razor’s take based on something KS said about it, which was pretty similar (though I don’t think Gould was mentioned by KS).

            1. I think it’s highly plausible given the timing and circumstances. Just wondering where Razor’s sources are gleaming information. Do they have people within the organization? Is it merely bar room/internet speculation or have basis on a story of some sort?

              1. Lots of gut stuff going around. Wonder if the Steelers will sign our departed long-snapper to mercilessly interrogate him–get him to spill his guts for the upcoming game…

  13. If the 9ers come away with a victory on Sunday, this blog will be alive with love (mostly) for 36-48 hrs. Three days in and most of us will be scuffling, nitpicking, puking, etc.

    Can’t wait.

    1. Taco’s combine info…


      SOURCES TELL US “Really, really talented player. You won’t always see it on every play so that is going to be a coach’s job to get that out of him. Rushers with his size and athleticism are hard to find and they usually go very early in the draft.” — AFC executive

      NFL COMPARISON Chandler Jones

      BOTTOM LINE “Inconsistent” has been the buzzword that has followed Charlton since coming to Michigan, but he began the process of shaking it during his senior season. Charlton is an ascending prospect with the size, length, athleticism and pass-rushing potential that NFL general managers dream of. What you see today might not be what you get. While his production coming out of college will be modest, he could become a substantially better player as a pro if he’s committed to the weight room and willing to absorb coaching. High-impact defensive end with all-pro potential is his ceiling. His floor is solid starter.

  14. This is so bad it’s funny. A know nothing, never played a down, relying on his dad for employment waffler pretending he knows something about football. Not to mention he changes his mind by the day based on the latest highlight reel he sees. Good ol’ Waffle Cohn the hot take guy. Lmfao.

    1. Wow.
      I would say it was a terrible decision that was made correct by an amazing pass. Only Mahomes and Rodgers are capable of making that pass imo.

  15. Injury report. Niners/Steelers…

    San Francisco 49ers Wednesday Practice

    Did Not Participate In Practice
    RB Tevin Coleman (ankle), DE Dee Ford (quadricep), WR Jalen Hurd (back), T Joe Staley (fibula), S Jaquiski Tartt (toe), WR Trent Taylor (foot)

    Limited Participation in Practice
    DE Nick Bosa (ankle), S Jimmie Ward (hand)

    Pittsburgh Steelers Wednesday Practice

    Did Not Participate In Practice
    LB Anthony Chickillo (foot), RB James Conner (knee), CB Joe Haden (shoulder), RB Roosevelt Nix (knee), LB Vince Williams (hamstring)

    Limited Participation in Practice
    TE Vance McDonald (back)

    1. Sebbie… If Vance McDonald spilled his guts, how fresh would they be, given Vance hasn’t been on the 9er roster of late?

      1. The Niners have had a major turnover. Only 6 players are from the same team VM played with. The intel from 3 years ago with a totally different coach and scheme, is dated.
        Still, VM will be motivated to do well, and since he caught 2 TD passes last game, the Niners should be scheming to shut him down.
        I am hoping to see a pass dropped by VM, but am really rooting for a pass that will bounce off his stone hands, into a pick six.

    2. It’s Vance’s revenge game. He will drop an extra pass out of spite just to give chills to the Niners fans who remember…

  16. “And Mooch and Garcia were practically run out on rails because they weren’t Walsh and Montana. Even Seifert and Young got plenty of flack.” – SY

    All good points, but Mooch, Garcia and even Seifert (no fault of their own) had a tough act to follow. Garcia finished 1st on some QB awards but he played in the shadow of Montana and Young.
    Same could be said for Mooch and Seifert. Even after GS won the SB many said it was the team that Walsh built.

    The criticism Shanahan and Lynch received was robotic in the sense that some here did not or conveniently tucked away the fact that the new regime had to build from ground zero. The new regime had a rookie head coach and GM that were going to make mistakes. But the critics expected the new regime to win right away.

    Even after Garoppolo went down, the robotic critics felt that the team should still win. A month ago some were saying that Mullens would/should start over Jimmy G.
    Criticism that is constructive is good.
    Non-constructive criticism is merely nitpicking and fault finding.

    Even with the last two wins there has been the usual nitpicking. Instead of the 49ers winning as a team, it’s the 49ers winning because of the defense or the team winning because they played a bad team.
    Complainers going to complain.

    1. Not sure that applies to either Hammer or myself. Both of us have challenged the Shanahan Messiah complex that has been a feature of this blog for a few years. Doesn’t mean we complain incessantly about wins or losses. We don’t buy into some of the excuses made for them or other members of the team and when they win we celebrate it.

      I have always enjoyed Hammer’s take even when I disagreed with it because he backed it up with sound reasoning and data. Similar to Rocket. Didn’t mean I agreed with everything they post, but it would make me check my position.

      1. SY,
        If I lived alone on an island without a TV, I guess that I would probably be interested in reading stats and data.

        But after watching football on TV since the 60’s I know when a team plays good or bad – sans the stats and data. If the team has a bad outing I don’t need stats to convince me of it.
        That is why I call it analysis by paralysis. Or just plain overkill.

        Now we have technology to show us how fast a baseball moves off the bat. I guess I’m just old school and have missed the age of modern technology. But for now I’m trusting my eyes.

        1. Whew. It seems to really bother you that the struggles of the offense in week 1 were pointed out.

          Should be noted, their increased level of play in week 2 was also pointed out.

          Carry on.

          1. “It seems to really bother you that the struggles of the offense in week 1 were pointed out.”

            Nah, I would have appreciated the win even we won by a field goal.
            I don’t feel that I need to magnify the teams poor play by stats and data. Correcting issues on the field is the coaches job not mine.

            At the end of the day, whether we win or lose my critique or praise is (umm, as someone once said) meaningless.
            I enjoy the game of football in its raw sense of speed, strength, agility, physicality and strategy. If I were a gambling man maybe I’d be more interested in stats and data. But I’m not.
            I’ve come to take Belichick’ philosophy: “on to the next game.”

  17. Grant…

    One of the traditions within the sports media universe has local media pros covering one team ‘interview’ an opposing team’s local media pro–as the game in question draws close.

    Question — In your time covering the 9ers for The Press Democrat, have local media covering other NFL teams interviewed you about an upcoming 9er game? If so, any fun stories to share?

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