49ers – Bengals Live Blog

This is the live blog for the San Francisco 49ers week 14 matchup with the Cincinnati Bengals from Paul Brown Stadium in the “Chili Capital of America.”

5:05 Big win for the 49ers’ playoff hopes. Will be back soon with my five burning questions answered.

4:49 The 49ers drive down and Jimmy Garoppolo hits Brandon Aiyuk who makes a terrific dive into the endzone to give San Francisco the win. 49ers 26 Bengals 23

4;38 Nick Bosa comes up with a big sack to stop the Bengals first drive in overtime, however McPherson hits the 41-yard field goal to give Cincinnati a 23-20 lead. The 49ers offense now needs to score to win or tie.

4:29 49ers drive it down to set up a 47-yard field goal from Robbie Gould to win the game. He misses it wide right.

4:18 Nick Bosa comes up with a sack on first down, then Cincinnati goes right down the field. Burrow with big throw after big throw hits Ja’Marr Chase with a deep throw over Ambry Thomas to tie this game up at 20.

4:10 The 49ers offense is able to get one first down, but it will be on their defense to finish this one out. Bengals will take over on their own 13 with 2:40 left to play.

4:05 Huge sack by K’Waun Williams on a secondary blitz on 3rd and 5 to force a Cincinnati punt. 

4:02 49ers offense picks up a quick first down on a 13-yard reception by Kittle, but Cincinnati’s defense stiffens and sacks Garoppolo on 3rd and 9 to force a punt. Big series for the 49ers defense coming up.

3:54 And just like that Joe Mixon makes a play, opening the Bengals possession with a 17-yard burst up the middle. Burrow then hits Tee Higgins for 27-yards before finding Ja’Marr Chase in the back of the endzone for a 17-yard touchdown on 4th and 5. 49ers 20 Bengals 13

3:47 After picking up a first down on a run by Deebo Samuel, Garoppolo drops the ball without being hit and takes a 10-yard sack killing the possession. That was about as bad as it gets. 

3:40 Heading to the fourth quarter, 49ers are in control of this one 20-6.

3:36 The 49ers defense is doing exactly what we talked about in the preview show, taking away Joe Mixon. Without much of a run game, Cincinnati is being forced to throw underneath.

On 3rd and 5, Samson Ebukam and Nick Bosa get to Burrow to drop him for a loss of 9. McPherson then misses the field goal. 49ers 20 Bengals 6

3:24 49ers offense gets two big completions from Garoppolo; one for 22 yards, another for 20, but Garoppolo throws incomplete on third down and San Francisco is forced to settle for a field goal. 49ers 20 Bengals 6

3:11 Cincinnati opens the second half with three runs and the 49ers defense holds. Terrific start to the second half for the San Francisco defense.

3:05 49ers passing offense in the first half of 1st down, 7-7, 56 yards, 1 touchdown.

2:55 Cincinnati has done a terrific job of helping out San Francisco today. After going 3 and out, San Francisco recovers a second Bengal punt return fumble to get the ball back. Then, after being held on third down, Cincinnati is called for taunting, giving the 49ers first down on the 14-yard line. On the next play Jimmy Garoppolo finds George Kittle for a 14-yard touchdown. 

San Francisco goes in at halftime up 17-6.

2:35 Bengal’s offense doing a good job of taking what the 49ers defense is giving them, but also getting some breaks as well. 

An interception by Burrow is wiped away due to an illegal hands to the face penalty on Ambry Thomas. Then a 3rd and 3 passes ricochets off the hands of Azeez Al-Shaair into the hands of Ja’Marr Chase. The 49ers defense holds to force another Cincinnati field goal. 49ers 10 Bengals 6

2:18 Jimmy Garoppolo puts it right into George Kittle’s chest deep down the right sideline, but the tight end is unable to make the grab. It looked like the defender had Kittle’s arm tied up.

2:13 Nice defensive effort for San Francisco. After allowing a 16-yard completion to open, San Francisco shuts Cincinnati down with terrific coverage on second and third down to force a punt.

2:07 There’s the explosion this team missed last week. After the completion on first down, the 49ers get the run game going with two strong runs from Jeff Wilson Jr and then Deebo Samuel takes the ball in from 27-yards out on a sweep around right end. 49ers 10 Bengals 3

2:01 Jimmy Garoppolo hits Brandon Aiyuk on a quick slant for 21 yards to get out to the 46-yard line on the final play of the first quarter. 49ers finding success throwing on first down so far.

1:56 Bengals put together a nice drive, but it stalls out at the 49ers 19-yard line and they settle for a field goal to tie the game at 3.

Looked like San Francisco was playing a lot of zone coverage on that drive and Joe Burrow was able to pick it apart until Charles Omenihu batted a throw down. If the pass rush can’t get home, defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans may need to use more man coverage.

1:44 Trent Williams is going to have his hands full with Trey Hendrickson today. The left tackle gets called for a hold, wiping out a third down conversion. Garoppolo then beats the rush, getting the ball to Jauan Jennings for a gain of 12. Jennings lost the ball when hit, but recovered his own fumble.

Robbie Gould puts the 49ers up 3-0.

1:37 49ers offense picked up a first down on back-to-back passes by Garoppolo, but they are forced to punt. The return is muffed and River Cracraft recovers for the 49ers deep in Cincinnati territory. Huge break for San Francisco early.

1:31 Big stop for the 49ers defense. Cincinnati started from the 49ers 44-yard line, but go three and out. Joe Mixon lost two yards on first down and then Joe Burrow threw back-to-back incompletions. 49ers will get the ball back on their 20 after the punt goes into the end zone. 

The offense may need to try throwing on first down here.

1:29 No room to run on first and second down for Jeff Wilson Jr and Deebo Samuel, then Bengals defensive end Trey Hendrickson comes through the middle untouched on a stunt to sack Jimmy Garoppolo for a loss of 10 yards.

1:25 49ers get the ball to start the game.

1:00 Look for rookie Ambry Thomas to start at cornerback opposite Josh Norman today. Thomas drew praise this week from Kyle Shanahan for his play on special teams. “I think he’s come very far on special teams and I think it showed the most last week with his three tackles,” said Shanahan. “And that’s how he’s been looking on defense too in practice.”

12:40 Having Deebo Samuel active today should provide a shot in the arm for the 49ers offense. Something to keep an eye on his how often they try to get the ball into his hands. He’s averaged just over 7 touches per game this season. 

Samuel told Bay Area media this week that his groin strain was similar to his injury from 2019 that caused him to miss the game in Washington. He came back the next week to record 5 touches for 48 yards, 3 receptions and 2 rushing attempts, in a 51-13 blowout victory over Carolina.

12:35 Running back Joe Mixon is active for Cincinnati. Mixon did not practice due to illness this week. He is a key component of the Bengals run game, averaging over 4.8 yards per carry during their seven victories and averaging over 4 yards only once during their five losses. 

12:00 49ers inactive list: CB Dontae Johnson, LB Dre Greenlaw, DL Maurice Hurst, RB Elijah Mitchell, LB Tyrell Adams, OL Colton McKivitz

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  1. What remains of the 49ers are hanging in there.

    Is or me or did both teams come out for this game a little lethargic. Energy is heating since then.

  2. Damn Jimmy so badly underthrew that pass, if he leads the receiver it’s a TD. But the underthrow let the defender make a play.

      1. That’s because the ball was underthrown and Benjamin had to camp out and have a sandwich while waiting for it. That allowed the defender, who was badly beat, to make up ground. It wasn’t a good pass.

  3. Benjamin had the nerve to walk to the sideline with a smile on his face. Waste of a roster spot.

  4. Lol… Bengals giving this game away… we will take it though😊
    BTW, JG has all day to throw but outside of the last TD offense has not done anything inspiring… maybe put Lance in some plays in the 2nd half???

    1. Agree with it or not, we’ve all heard Shannies rationale for him not swapping QBs. Unless the game is out of reach, I doubt a Lance sighting.

  5. “ He (Mixon) is a key component of the Bengals run game, averaging over 4.8 yards per carry during their seven victories and averaging over 4 yards only once during their five losses. ”

    Niners have him at 2.3

      1. Happier, I don’t mind a run here and there for Deebo, but don’t go to the well too much. Plus Wilson is doing ok today, feed him the ball more.

  6. Shame Jimmy didn’t throw that pass to an open Juice. Jimmy seems to have these inexplicable moments where he can’t pull the trigger.

    1. But lots of good things. The defense has played very well considering their corners. Great game plan.

  7. Maybe we just snap the ball directly to Deebo the remainder of the game… its Deebo show anyway..

    1. Hopefully they can coach him up and he ca learn from his mistakes going forward. We need him to get better.

  8. Quite similar situation between Burrows and Garoppolo, but Burrows finds the open receiver (20:13)

  9. The corners can’t hold up. Burrows had plenty of pressure but has made some spectacular throws.

  10. So can Jimmy get anything going now? Is he capable of responding with a competent drive? Burrow has made plays with the game on the line. Jimmy, not so much.

  11. I haven’t been this frustrated watching the 49ers in a long time. Jimmy G ain’t the guy. Omg. How frustrating. DeMeco Ryans must be fired. Before the snap I turned to my wife and said OMG Chase is 1 on 1 with Ambry Thomas. This is a TD for Chase. I mean that was unforgivable. How do you leave Ambry Thomas one on one with Jamarr Chase?

    1. It isn’t Ryans fault that this franchise had ZERO interest in drafting quality corners. Ryans has no corners to work with. All all-pro corners are drafted in the first 2 rounds, it has been a generation since the Niners spent real draft capital on a corner.

      1. Must agree with you. If the defense holds them to 20 points it’s done its job. It’s another game in which we’ve been held scoreless in the 2nd half.

    2. My biggest disappointment is the offense! The talents on this offense alone should carry the team. We have palymalers and supposedly the best paly caller in the leauge and yet we are not scoring enough…

      1. So you agree that JG is the problem if the playcalling is outstanding and we have playmakers? The offense didnt do crap again in the 2nd half!

        1. I don’t think Jimmy is the only player on offense but then I understand you are either going to hate on Jimmy or Kyle because that’s what people who don’t understand the game do.

          1. Who is hating on JG? You mean the people that stating the obvious, the obvious that JG is just a serviceable QB. So KS is a hater of JG too coz he traded 3 1st and 3rd for a raw talent? Or he is telling us what most of us know already. Stop making excuses for him, this team already made that clear for the whole world to see when they gave up a ton of capital for Lance. That’s a fact.

      1. Neah bro dont feel sorry for me, I feel sorry for you all you do here is make excuses to this offense. This offense is littered with talent and with supposedly with the best play caller in the league and again struggled to put points in the 2nd half. Stop making excuses or shup up!

      2. So an offense that’s littered with talent gives up 5 sacks? Niners won a game the whiners said they couldn’t. Negligible rushing game, no ball control. Whiners must be PO’d they can’t whine about Jimmy’s INTs.

        1. WTH happened to this fanbase that had Joe and Steve… the standard of acceptable QB play around here has really gone down where mediocre is acceptable. JG is a servicable QB and that is all he will be. Ask KS why they traded 3 1st and a 3rd to draft a very raw QB.

          1. Way to live 30-40 years in the past, dude. Gee I wonder if Bears fans still pine for Bronko Nagurski too.

            1. So Steve is wrong when he recently said that JG needs to play to a level of a pro bowler if this team has a chance to win games in the playoff (assuming they make it to the playoff) when the running game is not as dominant like in 2019? That the likes of Brady and Rogers and even Stafford (yes he said Stafford) is hard to beat if he continues to play like he has been playing. Or should we just tell Steve to shut up since he’s been long retired?

              1. Steve has his gig, and is paid to not shut up so far be it from us to deprive him of his livelihood. But with all due respect to Steve, we already beat Stafford once, nearly beat Rodgers and any QB has to play to a level of a pro bowler in order to beat a Brady team.

                Niners get into the playoffs, they have a punchers chance against anyone. But it will be a gauntlet to run, that’s for sure.

    1. Jesus… this game should not even made it to OT had JG was decent in the 2nd half! He has talents around him and one of the best caller and yet the offense is anemic again in the 2nd half.

  12. whaoooo – we win – what a game

    Please who ever said to draft CB 20 should be fired- From the 1st time I saw him play this season he has no confidence – play the Lenoir – he is way better.

    1. I have heard from some that watched Thomas’ college stuff. There was nothing there, he only looked good against guys that aren’t in the NFL. Chase Claypool apparently torched his ass in college. So he may just be a steaming pile of crap as a player.

      1. #20 Thomas has always lacked confidence – you can see it in his eyes and body language – and mentally he just does not have it.

        Key play – The long pass he gave – Why did he bite on the fake by the WR when a LB was already covering flat. There was no need to try and jump the play, all he had to do was prevent the pass over the top.

        DC gave you safety help all game – meaning all you have to do is run side by side and allow the safety to help you.

        Currently I will bet #20 will not be on the team after his rookie contract expires.

        #38 Lenoir looked better in pre-season – you can tell he has good awareness and does not lack that mental confidence. – he is very impressive on the sidelines – he struggles at NCB

        Key play – I can’t recall early in the season, where he pinned the WR to the sidelines – using the out of bounds as advantage during coverage. He is more disciplined than #20

        1. “#20 Thomas has always lacked confidence – you can see it in his eyes”

          How much NFL eye time let alone huddle NFL time do you have?

          1. @htwaits, don’t you know certain Niner fans have developed extra-human capabilities, apparently including x-ray vision? I remember a few years back a poster here claimed he could see the terror in Alex Smiths eyes from his vantage point in the stands at Candlestick, likely the upper deck.

  13. The Bengals are a very good team and Burrows is impressive. This was a great game and a great victory.

    1. The Bengals was giving away the game until the 4th quarter. Again this offense did not do crap in the 2nd half. The game should not even made it to OT. Stop making excuses! A better play that was an interception on JG before the OT!

      1. It must be miserable being so negative. Maybe you didn’t see the pressure he was under for much of the second half. Yes we got a couple of turnovers but didn’t give up any and we were playing with an extremely weak secondary and prevailed. Are the Niners perfect? No but that was a very good victory. It sound like you were hoping for Jimmy to have an interception.

        1. Some people can’t find happiness even when the Niners win. I feel sorry for those who thrive on negativity.

        2. Dude even whe he had time he was not doing anything. He has talent around him and the one of the best paly caller in the league and when the running game is not working is pretty much like this. Nothing wrong pointing out what is obvious. Why the hell you think this team traded 3 1st and a 3rd for a QB?!

          1. You must love Grant Cone’s take on all things Niners. Keep on hating if it makes you happy, I just enjoy the wins.

            1. Huh? Pointing out the obvious is hating? What are you 12 years old? Hey if you are happy with his play then be my guess but don’t stop me for pointing out the obvious that JG is just a serviceable QB. You must watch Grant more than me coz I have no idea what he says about this team and frankly who gives a crap about what he says about the Niners.

          2. when the running game is not working is pretty much like this.

            Pretty much like beating a playoff caliber team on the road? That’s what you mean?

            1. Lol… Stop the JG love. He is a serviceable QB nothing more. Any decent QB this game won’t even be in the OT.

              1. Remember when Cohnhead and others used to say Shannie could do just as well with Mullins or any other “serviceable “ QBs? I find it curious that coach has a sub .500 record while the not decent QB who plays for him has a .670 record.

              2. JimmyG sucks – there is enough tape to just leave him among the average QB’s in the league.

                I still don’t get why defenses just don’t seat in the middle of field – why blitz him – I gave up on JimmyG this season

                I don’t care if he racks up stats for the rest of season or wins a super bowl – I am done with JimmyG – I am tired of not knowing what he his doing – I need a QB that can do more than the play called.

        3. The Bengals are not a very good team, like the Niners they are mediocre. What a joke.

          Jimmy’s inability to make plays puts a cap on what the Niners can do offensively. He isn’t awful, but he is limited and it stops the offense from being great. Lots of talented skill players on the offense, but they can’t seem to use them all in any game. Only one guy can get the ball in any given week, early in the year it was Deebo (who Shanahan has taken from record setting to receiver to not even part of the passing game), then it was Aiyuk for a couple weeks, and now Kittle for the last two weeks. It would be amazing to see all three working with a QB capable of distributing the ball around the field.

          1. Maybe your dream will come true next season, maybe not. In the meantime enjoy this season’s ride. That is if enjoyment is in your wheelhouse.

          2. The excuses of some of the fans in a team that had Joe and Steve is baffling to say the least. JG is mediocre at best. He has playmakers and one of the best playcaller in the game and yet the offense is anemic again in the 2nd half. SMH

    2. A very good team, battling in the playoff chase. A win would have put them 1st in the division. Yet Niners pulled out a big road win, final drive score or lose.

      Whiners, go cry somewhere else

  14. Hard fought game, good win. Despite getting stuffed by the Bengals D in the 2nd half, the team fought back hard. Jimmy has his issues, but he was clutch on that game winning drive. What a play by Aiyuk!

    Jeff Deeney
    Garoppolo finishes 27/41 for 296 yards, 2 TDs, and a passer rating of 103.3. He was money in OT going 6-6 for 77 yards and the TD on the game-winning drive. #49ers

  15. Great clutch win. Jimmy led 2 game winning drives. Thankfully Gould was not needed on drive #2. Gould is overrated and overpaid. I dont care that he he is guaranteed 5M next year. Release him.

    I dont usually comment on other contributors here but this 1.6 person is an !d!ot. “Jimmy G ain’t the guy. Omg. How frustrating. DeMeco Ryans must be fired. “

  16. JimmyG sucks – there is enough tape to just leave him among the average QB’s in the league.

    I still don’t get why defenses just don’t seat in the middle of field – why blitz him – I gave up on JimmyG this season

    I don’t care if he racks up stats for the rest of season or wins a super bowl – I am done with JimmyG – I am tired of not knowing what he his doing – I need a QB that can do more than the play called.

    1. Quit your bellyaching. You have a minimum of 4 and and a maximum of 8 more games, then you are done with JG. Some other team will have his .670 winning %

    2. You’re done with Jimmy G – like anyone gives a crap. Does that mean you are going to find another team to hate on?

  17. Big win for the 49ers’ playoff hopes. Will be back soon with my five burning questions answered.

    Long story short, Hammer :)

    1. Can the 49ers get the run game going?

    2. Will Jimmy Garoppolo make enough plays?

    3. Will the 49ers’ secondary overcome injury to Emmanuel Moseley?
    3 quarters yes, 1 1/2 quarters no

    4. Can the 49ers defense stop Joe Mixon?

    5. Can the 49ers hold on to the football?

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