49ers biggest game of the year, a discussion

Mark Purdy wrote a column on Tuesday arguing Sunday’s game against the Seahawks is the biggest game of the season for the 49ers. Mark is a good friend of the Cohn Zohn, but I have to disagree with my elder in this case.

Beating the Patriots in New England was the biggest game of the season for the 49ers, for a lot of reasons.

First of all, that game very well could have been a Super Bowl preview.

Next, so many things were going against the 49ers – the weather, the travel, the fact that New England killed Houston on national television the week before.

And then, the way it unfolded. The 49ers beat up the Patriots in one half, the first half, worse than any team has beaten up Tom Brady’s Patriots in an entire game in Foxboro in December ever. And then the 49ers gave it all up, a 28-point lead, in fewer than 12 minutes. And then, just when it looked like they were going to lose, the 49ers landed the knockout punch – Kaepernick to Crabtree for the touchdown – and the 49ers won by 7.

It was a three act play: Part comedy, part tragedy, and finally a tragicomedy.

The game against Seattle is important for the 49ers – if they win they probably get a first-round Bye in the playoffs.

But the New England game was the biggest and best football game in years.

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